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Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
Tonight is the annual Atlantis holiday party to ring in the new year of 2401! We gather on the holodeck, but upon entering, you find yourself in a clearing in a snowy forest, though the temperature is not actually cold. Aurora silently dance in the night sky, but there is no sign of a party...
After 05-Jan-2022 00:00:00
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 21:15:09
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 21:15:45
:: looking around the forested scene, knowing that la capitana has something planned, but this is a nice spot to wait in the meantime ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 21:16:26
:: walks into the holodeck, now seeing why the announcement mentioned wearing boots ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 21:16:31
:: arrived with Navarro, looking around as he does and following by his side as they search for the party ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 21:17:19
:: on Zorro's other arm, wearing something slinky and wishing she'd pregamed ::
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 21:18:55
:: walks into the holodeck, hands deep in her pockets, not expecting the ambient temperature to be so warm compared to what it appears to be ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 21:18:57
ACTION> A jingling is heard in the distance...
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 21:19:39
:: raises eyebrows and follows the direction of the jingling sound ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 21:20:22
:: perks and looks over at the sound, pointing to indicate the direction she thought it came from to Navarro and Suzuki ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 21:20:24
:: looks toward the sky once he hears the jingling ::
Emily/Jester: It's coming from above.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 21:21:01
:: peers in the direction Emily indicates, then looks up ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 21:21:08
:: follows the others, wondering what level of festiveness goes on around here—having just missed the event last year ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 21:21:22
ACTION> From the night sky, a red glowing point grows brighter...
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 21:21:27
:: looks upwards into the sky, squinting to find where it is coming from, slowly shuffling forward ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 21:22:42
:: squints up at the sky, smirking at what she senses there ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 21:22:45
:: points at the red dot in the sky :: There!
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 21:22:49
Oh, is she doing a Дед Мороз thing?
What do they call him in the Western Earth countries again?
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 21:23:37
:: turns around, overhearing Zoe :: CEO: The what? You mean Weihnachtsmann?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 21:24:10
Rike: If Weihnachtsmann is the same as Дед Мороз, then yes.
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 21:24:44
ACTION> Kuari, her nose glowing a bright red, can be seen leading a team of eight reindeer pulling a large red sleigh that's about to land in the clearing!
Ryleigh Grey 05-Jan-2022 21:24:58
:: walks into the holodeck, immediately noticing the red glow above and grinning. Inspiration from Rudolph! ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 21:25:15
:: cannot help but laugh ::
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 21:25:18
:: gives a big nod :: CEO: Ja! Appears so!
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 21:25:27
:: breaks out into laughter ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Jan-2022 21:25:48
:: is at the front of the reindeer train, her green color in contrast to the brown of the reindeer behind her. She's longer but not taller than them, wearing the reindeer tack and sporting her own antlers, and the glow seen from far off can now be seen as coming from a bright red ball at the tip of her snout! ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 21:25:48
:: grins as she watches the approach, laughing a bit as well ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 21:25:59
:: struggles to suppress a smirk ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 21:26:33
:: all grins as he watches the sleigh approach ::
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 21:27:00
:: claps loudly for Kuari, giggling slightly ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 21:27:20
:: wearing a classic Santa hat with her hair down and spilling out from under it onto the white fur trim of a dashing red cloak, she's at the reins of the sleigh as it comes to a snowy landing:: Ho! Ho! Ho! All aboard for the Atlantis holiday party! Squeeze in!
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 21:27:58
:: claps as Kate lands, then looks at the others before beginning to approach the sleigh ::
Ryleigh Grey 05-Jan-2022 21:28:21
:: waits for everyone to board before taking a seat on the very edge, holding herself strictly ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 21:28:26
:: nods eagerly and piles into the sleigh with everyone ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Jan-2022 21:28:40
:: gallops to a snow-crunching stop, her head and bright nose held high, having actually used her wings because she can, looking proud of herself ::
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 21:29:03
:: rushes forward, hopping into the sleigh, gripping onto one of the sides of it ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 21:29:10
:: has to actually suppress a giggle as she hurries into the sleigh ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 21:29:34
:: squeezes in close with Emily and Jester and puts an arm around each of them ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 21:30:11
:: settles in and pats the sleigh seat, leaning into Doc's side ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 21:30:45
:: wonders about the aerial maneuverability of a sleigh ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Jan-2022 21:31:03
:: mimics the reindeer sounds, looking back at those piled in the sleigh, feeling on top of the world ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 21:31:27
:: beams at Kuari as everyone climbs aboard ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Jan-2022 21:31:55
:: beams back a white zipper smile ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 21:32:44
:: notices the throuple vibes going with Emily, Zorro, and the pilot she still hasn't officially met :: :: thinks :: Huh.
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 21:32:52
:: once everyone is aboard, she takes the reins once more and calls out in her captain's voice :: Now Flasher, now Lancer, now Fencer, and Licksem, on Vomit, on Stupid, on Connor, and Hitsem! Kuari, away!
ACTION> The sleigh takes flight once more, over the snowy treetops and into the aurora-painted sky!
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 21:33:33
:: blinks :: Kate: Now, I admit I am not the best at this language but even I can tell that those names aren't right!
Ryleigh Grey 05-Jan-2022 21:33:57
:: breaks into loud cackles at the Captain's naming of the reindeer, clenching her hold tighter ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 21:33:59
Rike: They are not? :: shrugs :: Hm.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 21:34:19
Rike/Kate: Yeah, even I know that song.
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Jan-2022 21:34:37
:: rears and bellows out a loud reindeer call, then runs and flaps with vigor, lifting the train and sleigh into the sky ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 21:34:37
:: laughs out loud, then covers her mouth ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 21:34:46
:: laughs mirthfully ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 21:35:00
:: smirks at Rike, a glint in her eye ::
Ryleigh Grey 05-Jan-2022 21:35:02
Kate/Rike/D'bryn: Ethan would've been laughing his ass off... me, I'm more of a traditionalist when it comes to reindeer names.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 21:35:08
:: doesn't really know the names of the reindeer or understand why everyone is laughing but tries to play it cool ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 21:36:05
ACTION> Ahead, a manor and attached workshop can be seen growing larger as we descend to land!
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 21:36:33
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 21:37:23
:: brings the sleigh to a landing, being careful to spray the snow away from the door ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Jan-2022 21:37:47
:: lands perfectly, the sled sliding gracefully and unjarring across the snow ::
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 21:38:07
:: the huge double doors swing open as the sleigh lands and Lexy stands in the open doorway at the top of the steps, wearing a red velvet dress with straps over the shoulders and white furry trim around the bodice and off the shoulders as well as the flouncy bottom hem that hits at mid-thigh. A black leather belt with a gold buckle sits at the waist. Her chocolate tresses are speckled with glitter and pulled back away from her face, but left long down her back. Her lips are tinted to match her dress, and her cheeks are slightly flushed with the pleasure of her friends arriving. Smiling, she proffers her customary tray. :: All: Welcome! Wright Family Traditional Holiday Rumballs, anyone?
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 21:38:45
:: braces herself, then relaxes at a surprisingly smooth landing. She looks over at where Wright appeared and grins, waiting for the others to get up so she can get out of the sleigh ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 21:38:58
:: eyebrows perk at 'rumballs' :: Wright: Boozy sweets? :: raises hand ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 21:39:02
:: claps for Kuari as she dismounts from the sleigh :: Ho ho ho! Mrs. Santa's hospitality is unmatched!
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 21:39:21
Self: Rumballs. Those sound perfect right about now.
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 21:39:38
:: offers the tray to everyone as they come to the door ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 21:39:43
:: makes her way over as soon as she's up and plucks a rumball off the tray :: Mrs. Santa: Thanks!
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 21:39:52
:: grabs a rumball ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 21:40:10
:: goes along with everyone and grabs a rumball ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 21:40:24
:: takes two, mouthing her thanks to Wright ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 21:40:27
Lexy: Thanks!
Ryleigh Grey 05-Jan-2022 21:40:50
:: grins, holding up a hand to pass on the rumballs :: Mrs. Santa: I'll pass, but thank you.
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 21:41:13
Lexy: Ah! Rumballs! Of course! :: pauses :: Lexy: What are those?
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 21:41:27
:: hefts a big red sack from the sleigh over her shoulder and looks to Kuari who is still a reindeer ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 21:41:48
:: takes a bite :: :: mouth full :: Oh y ob.
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 21:41:49
Rike: They're the traditional Famous Wright Family Rumballs! :: whispers :: They're little boozy cakey things.
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Jan-2022 21:42:14
Comes in, minus the tack, but still sports her red nose, the glow not as bright now for show ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 21:42:15
:: takes little bites to really savor her rumball, beginning to wander to check out this manor ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 21:42:39
:: carries the sack inside with a pause to give Mrs. Santa a kiss and to take a rumball! ::
Ryleigh Grey 05-Jan-2022 21:43:14
:: hurries to join her friend, falling into pace with Acacia :: Emily: Hey
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 21:44:04
:: grins as Ryleigh appears, continuing to look around :: Ryleigh: Hey! How are you?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 21:44:09
:: shoves the other half of the rumball into her mouth, gazes around the manor :: Vih fayf iv ife.
Ryleigh Grey 05-Jan-2022 21:44:59
:: snaps her head around at hearing D'bryn's muffled voice :: D'bryn: Goddamnit! Speak English, lady! Not... mumble, or whatever you just said! :: before turning back to Acacia:: Emily: I'm good... tired. Too many requests for aid in whatever the Marine Academy wants.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 21:45:16
:: swallows rumball :: I said, 'This place is nice.'
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 21:45:47
:: blinks, looking at Grey a bit dubiously. She taps her translator to turn it off, looks at Ryleigh, and says :: Ryleigh: D'akshim mori tanis.
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 21:45:54
ACTION> Mrs. Santa gestures everyone inside past the roaring fireplace and into the bar and lounge, in the center of which is a soaring ice sculpture of Atlantis. Other ice sculptures decorate the adjacent dance floor and the entryway to the glass-enclosed conservatory that holds a small ice rink. Across the way is the entrance to the workshop, where anyone can request any manner of toy. Swags of greenery and mistletoe hang from the ceiling.
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 21:45:55
:: offers a smile in greeting to Ryleigh ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 21:46:09
:: pops the rumball into her mouth and places the sack by the door as she chews ::
Ryleigh Grey 05-Jan-2022 21:46:30
:: raises an eyebrow at Acacia :: Emily: English. I don't speak off-Earth languages for a damn good reason.
Linxi Party Sweets 05-Jan-2022 21:46:37
:: upon a table inside are a tray of chocolate dipped brownies! except they appear to be in a unique shape... of... logs? they have festive red and green sprinkles on them, as though it was an attempt to "save" the sweets from their rather... "unique" appearance. in front of them is a note: ~Happy Holidays Atlantis! Sorry about the shape. -Linxi ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 21:46:51
:: raises a brow at the explanation, then shrugs :: Ryleigh: I said, 'that was rude'. You should get some rest if you're so tired.
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 21:47:16
:: furrows his brow at Ryleigh ::
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 21:47:44
Lexy: Ah! Good! :: takes one of the rumballs and starts eating it as she follows the rest into the place ::
Ryleigh Grey 05-Jan-2022 21:48:23
:: snorts, returning the grin at Navarro before turning attention back to Acacia :: Emily: Perks of CTO. Lots of damn paperwork on top of making sure security and tactical stay in shape. I can rest when I'm dead.
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 21:48:30
:: she then sheds the fancy cloak to reveal that underneath, she's wearing an off-the-shoulder red velvet crop-top trimmed on the bodice and cuffs with white fur, tight black pants topped by a black leather belt with a golden square buckle, and shiny black leather boots with matching gold buckles ::
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 21:48:41
:: follows everyone inside and places the tray on the bar, then claps her hands ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 21:48:59
:: hangs the cloak up, but keeps the Santa hat! ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Jan-2022 21:49:17
:: licks up a few rumballs and makes her way into the lounge, enjoying the ambiance, gazing for a while at the ice sculpture of Atlantis ::
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 21:49:28
ACTION> A group of festively-dressed carolers emerges from an adjacent room and begins to sing, providing lovely harmonies at just the right volume ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 21:49:28
:: smiles at Grey, pats a friendly hand on her shoulder :: Grey: Иди на хуй. :: smiles even wider, goes back to the rumball tray ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 21:49:59
:: steps into the lounge and joins in the caroling ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 21:50:00
:: acquires another rumball, smirking slightly at D'bryn :: Ryleigh: You know, as a marine, you should know it's not wise to let people know what annoys you.
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 21:50:18
:: looks around, marveling at the decoration, then at the carolers before continuing with the rumball ::
Ryleigh Grey 05-Jan-2022 21:50:57
:: rolls her eyes at D'bryn's words, snorting lightly. :: Emily: Oh, trust me, around enemies, I don't. It's with friends that I feel safe enough ::
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 21:51:50
:: catches Santa Kate caroling under the mistletoe and grabs her for a surprise kiss, laughing ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Jan-2022 21:51:58
:: sings with the carolers at a low volume, more like humming along, watching those participating on the ice rink ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 21:52:04
:: is kissed! ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 21:52:33
:: is kind of stuck on this :: Ryleigh: I mean I can understand no off-Earth languages, I guess, but you really only speak English?
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 21:53:05
:: quickly loses interest in the discussion with Ryleigh, being multilingual ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 21:53:20
:: noms another rumball, leans on the bar, chewing ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 21:53:29
:: smiles playfully at her wife once the kiss ends :: Why, Mrs. Santa!
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 21:53:52
ACTION> Elves appear, holding aloft trays of drinks and wandering around conveniently.
:: giggles ::
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 21:54:08
:: looks back to Ryleigh, finished with her current rumball :: Ryleigh: Es tut gut, mehrere Sprachen zu beherrschen. It does well to know more than one language!
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 21:54:17
:: wraps her arm around Lexy's waist and keeps it there as they mingle ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 21:54:23
:: takes a drink from an elf, watching him go and wondering what size shoe he wears ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 21:54:44
:: takes a mulled wine from a tray, and another rumball! ::
Ryleigh Grey 05-Jan-2022 21:54:52
:: nods :: Emily: Yeah. I can speak a quite few of Earth-languages, but off-Earth... that's a no-go. Full human capabilities, so any off-earth is either physically impossible, or too much work for a full-time Marine captain.
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Jan-2022 21:55:18
:: also snatches a drink, downing it instantly, then finds her Rucara-made skates in the fitting area and straps them on ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 21:55:25
:: eyes the drinks the elves are carrying ::
Elf: Whatcha got there?
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 21:55:55
:: tsks :: Ryleigh: You have yet to experience the HONOR and GLORY of speaking the language of the Klingon empire?
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 21:56:24
Elf> D'bryn: I have mulled wine and hot toddies!
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 21:56:41
:: gives a thoughtful 'hm' and a slow nod, then chuckles to herself :: Ryleigh: Right.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 21:56:45
Elf: I'll grab one of the toddies, thank you.
Elf: They got any hard egg nog in this joint?
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 21:57:00
:: snorts at Rike's comment ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 21:57:12
:: smirks and says something to Emily in Betazese ::
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 21:57:30
Elf> :: grins at D'bryn :: Oh yeah! My cousin over there has some on his tray, or you can get it at the bar.
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 21:57:56
:: replies in the tribal language reflexively, taking a bite of her rumball ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 21:58:32
:: says something in Japanese and then translates it back to the original Klingon ::
Ryleigh Grey 05-Jan-2022 21:58:45
:: blinks at Rike :: Rike: Uh... I can speak German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Dutch, on top of English.
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 21:58:50
:: answers Jester in a bit of Japanese ::
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 21:59:06
:: looks over to Suzuki, nodding and responding in Klingon with a grin on her face ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 21:59:21
:: gives him an impressed nod :: Zorro: You honor me.
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 21:59:21
:: has picked up a lot just from listening to these two ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Jan-2022 21:59:32
:: feels out her skates, mostly fitted in the way of gripping the platforms on either side of the metal rails on all four claws, then tromps awkwardly to the rink and pushes out onto the simulated ice, having no idea what she's doing but makes do ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 21:59:41
:: laughs and gives Jester a Klingon salute ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 21:59:45
:: also says something in Japanese, though a bit clumsily as it's one she's less practiced in ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 21:59:47
:: cheers with the toddy :: Elf: Thank you kindly. Весёлых праздников.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 21:59:58
:: cannot help but laugh heartily at what Rike said ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 22:00:01
:: after finishing the rumball and washing it down with a drink of wine, she grins at Lexy :: Would you care to go for a skate?
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 22:00:21
:: takes a second to get the Klingon joke, then smiles ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 22:00:29
:: gives Emily a rare smile :: Emily: You honor me as well.
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 22:00:43
Kate: Yes! I'm not very good, though.
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 22:00:52
:: is struck by Jester's smile, knowing how rare it is. She bows her head as thanks for the thanks ::
Ryleigh Grey 05-Jan-2022 22:01:10
:: blinks, sipping at the non-alcoholic egg-nog in her hand, remaining silent and watching the interactions ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 22:01:30
:: hears people speaking Japanese, remembers her Tokyo trip that one summer :: :: looks down at the hot toddy :: Self: I'm gonna need a lot of these tonight.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 22:01:42
:: truly respects Emily, but also knows she can't hide her feelings from her, so why try? ::
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 22:01:42
Suzuki/Emily: maquvchuqmoH!
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 22:02:23
:: inclines her head respectfully to Rike's sentiment ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 22:02:32
:: also nods in agreement ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 22:03:01
:: takes a second, but joins in the nodding to Rike ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 22:03:11
:: shrugs at Lexy :: Being from a tropical beach, I only learned when I got to Earth, but I can do it. We should be fine together!
Ryleigh Grey 05-Jan-2022 22:03:54
:: blinks in confusion at the various languages being thrown around her ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Jan-2022 22:04:24
:: stumbles multiple times, a wing pushing off the ice to right herself, feeling out the right amount of force to impress on each skate before finding a groove ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 22:04:30
:: switches back easily :: Ryleigh: You know, knowing Klingon could save your life one day.
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 22:05:00
:: giggles and grabs Kate's hands, putting on ice skates through holodeck magic and wobbling out onto the ice under the aurora-curtained sky ::
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 22:05:48
Ryleigh: Agreed with Emily here. I was once stuck on a Klingon colony planet for longer than I cared for at the time. Knowing basic Klingon got me out of a particularly sticky situation. :: gives her a wise, serious look ::
Ryleigh Grey 05-Jan-2022 22:06:03
:: sips at her drink slowly :: Emily: I can read it, I just can't speak it. Same with other off-Earth languages. I can read it, I just can't speak it.
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 22:06:12
:: keeps one of Lexy's hands, she pushes off to skate ::
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 22:06:53
Ryleigh: If I may suggest taking a few basic language courses of other languages, that will be immensely helpful in the future.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 22:07:06
:: wishes she had spent more of her lifetimes learning new languages, but is grateful she spent a couple of them doing that ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 22:07:10
:: shrugs :: Ryleigh: Vocal chords don't vary as much as you might think. It's one thing to not be confident, but if you can read a language you're half way to speaking it anyway.
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 22:07:26
:: looks to Emily, nodding in agreement ::
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 22:08:56
:: starts to glide along, then stumbles and has to cling to Kate's arm for balance, laughing ::
Ryleigh Grey 05-Jan-2022 22:09:22
:: pauses, mentally considering the addition to her schedule from extra language courses :: Rike: Dep...Depends on my availability of scheduling. :: switches to Acacia :: Emily: Really?
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 22:09:25
:: doesn't laugh, but just grins and catches Lexy's arm to help her stay upright ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 22:10:17
Ryleigh: Yeah, it sounds like you're just holding yourself back with some of this 'I can't' business. If you're reading Klingon but just not confident enough to speak it, you're doing better than you think.
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 22:10:28
:: nods in agreement :
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 22:10:38
Ryleigh: Try Klingon audiobooks or something.
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 22:10:51
:: leads them in the direction of Kuari ::
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 22:10:57
Ryleigh: If you want, I could tutor you in some basic conversational Klingon! I'm more than happy to do so!
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 22:11:07
:: wobbles but stays upright ::
Ryleigh Grey 05-Jan-2022 22:11:14
:: blinks with a raised eyebrow :: Emily: That's a thing?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 22:11:39
:: finishes the hot toddy, immediately starts looking around for the elf's cousin with the egg nog ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 22:11:39
Ryleigh: Oh yeah, for sure. Really helped me get the cadence of the way the language is spoken.
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 22:12:12
Egg Nog Elf> :: can tell when he's wanted and wanders toward D'bryn ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 22:12:44
:: lets go for just long enough to do a basic twirl as they approach Kuari ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 22:12:56
:: takes another glass of wine and reclines comfortably, looking up appreciatively at the Atlantis sculpture ::
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 22:13:07
Kate: Ooo!
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Jan-2022 22:13:07
:: seems to have figured out the amount of force needed with all limbs, and has to keep her tail fairly level behind her for balance. She makes a couple of laps around the rink, smiling at her accomplishment ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 22:13:29
Jester: The nacelles must have been hard, at least if this were done for real.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 22:13:50
Elf: You guys are magic. :: takes the egg nog :: Thankee sai.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 22:13:50
:: nods at him :: Zorro: I was thinking the same.
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 22:13:53
:: encouraged, she twirls again, a little faster this time ::
Ryleigh Grey 05-Jan-2022 22:14:03
:: snaps her attention to Rike's offer, glancing down to her PADD and checking her schedule quickly, ignoring it was at a holiday party :: Rike: So... I'm pretty much full-scheduled for the next two months, but I can make time in about eight-ten weeks for a few Klingon lessons, if that can work?
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 22:15:09
:: also looks up at the sculpture when she hears it being discussed, marveling at the nacelles ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 22:15:31
:: grabs a few mulled wines from an elf and passes them out to Jester and Emily ::
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 22:15:39
:: is suitably impressed :: Kate: Wow!
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 22:15:41
Ryleigh: Of course! :: pulls out paper and pen, jotting down a note, and putting it back into a pocket ::
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 22:15:52
Self: Oh, the time. :: claps her hands again ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 22:15:56
:: takes the wine with an appreciative nod, taking a sip ::
Ryleigh: There you go. Good for you!
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 22:16:24
:: skates back to Lexy's side :: That is about as fancy as I can get.
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 22:16:29
ACTION> The carolers finish their tune and withdraw, and a jazz band takes the stage and begins to play.
Ryleigh Grey 05-Jan-2022 22:17:26
:: clocks her schedule, sliding her PADD into a small pocket on her formal pants and sipping at her drink once again with a shy smile at Acacia :: Emily: Why thank you.
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Jan-2022 22:18:02
:: slows to a stop, distracted by the new music and listens, balancing easily on her skates ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 22:18:07
:: does a bit of dancing to the jazz while she skates past Kuari ::
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 22:18:09
:: notices she has yet to have a drink in hand, and glances around for an elf ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Jan-2022 22:18:29
:: watches Kate skate past and smiles ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 22:18:48
:: looks around, spotting the skating rink :: Doc/Ryleigh/Kimiko: Kuari and Kate are skating!
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 22:19:04
Psychic Elf> :: approaches Rike with a tray ::
Ryleigh Grey 05-Jan-2022 22:19:29
:: turns her head towards the rink, noting that :: Emily/Doc/Kimiko: Oh yeah, I guess they are.
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 22:20:18
Emily/Jester: Would you like to skate?
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 22:20:40
:: blinks rapidly at the sudden appearance of an elf :: Oh! Thank you. :: takes a beverage ::
Ryleigh Grey 05-Jan-2022 22:21:07
:: would follow her friends to the edge of the rink, but wouldn't step onto the ice, knowing she was dangerously ungraceful ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 22:21:29
Doc: I think so, looks fun. :: she finishes off her drink, handing the empty glass to one of the psychic elves ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 22:21:49
:: looks down at her floor-length slinky dress and wonders how she's going to skate in it ::
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 22:22:32
:: follows the others to the ice rink, not getting on. she would instantly fall and somehow skate over her own fingers, but she is more than happy to encourage from the sidelines! ::
Ryleigh Grey 05-Jan-2022 22:22:51
:: having worn a fitted blouse and dark formal pants, she was fine, but she had chosen to not go on the ice ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 22:23:51
Zorro/Emily: It's okay, you two go on ahead, but I'd like a dance when you're done.
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 22:23:52
:: downs the wine and heads to the rink ::
Jester: Of course, but I bet you're a good skater.
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 22:24:19
:: wore a medium-ugly Christmas sweater and a nice pair of black pants, and now dons a pair of holodeck skates ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 22:24:37
:: in a flowing white shirt and black pants, he's already dressed like a figure skater ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Jan-2022 22:24:49
:: continues skating, eyes able to watch the other skaters now that she's not so wobbly ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 22:24:55
:: skates backward to observe others getting on the ice ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 22:25:08
:: smirks at Zorro :: Zorro: See, I'd go, but it'd just be another competition between us.
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 22:25:32
:: grins and waves to Kate, then tentatively steps on the ice. She flails her arms and squats at first, then clings to the wall for a moment ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 22:25:51
Jester: It would end up in another tie. :: grins before stepping onto the ice and swooping in to steady Emily ::
Ryleigh Grey 05-Jan-2022 22:26:02
:: is watching, giving a slight salute to Kuari and Kate with her glass before turning attention back to Navarro and Acacia ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 22:26:14
:: wore a modest dark grey jacket, brown pants, black shirt—and no, dear readers, she is not conscious of how much of Hannah's fashion sense she has absorbed ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 22:26:16
:: waves back to Emily once her friend is upright again ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 22:26:17
:: mock indignation ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 22:26:25
:: clings to Doc as they slide away from the wall, then slowly begins to stand up and adopt the proper posture ::
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 22:26:58
:: is wearing her usual hippie maxi-dress, but in a rather festive fabric of poinsettias ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 22:27:27
:: looks at those who are joining her in not skating ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 22:28:04
:: skating along, his arm out for Emily to use as she needs ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 22:29:46
:: nearly falls a few times, then actually does fall down. She chuckles as Doc is helping her back up, squatting to steady herself again ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 22:30:37
:: helps Emily to her skates and offers a few pointers ::
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 22:31:01
:: glides along next to Kate, slowly getting the hang of turning ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 22:31:28
:: picks up on skating fairly well with the help of Doc's pointers, managing to do a few laps without bumping into anyone ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 22:31:49
:: Really hopes Lexy doesn't fall in that skirt ::
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 22:32:00
:: also really hopes this ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 22:32:02
:: watches the others skate, doesn't realize how fast she's suckin down that egg nog ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 22:32:24
CEO: I've never had egg nog. Should I try it?
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 22:32:44
:: don't jinx it ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 22:33:11
Emily: Now you've got it.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 22:33:20
:: almost jumps at the sudden presence of the pilot :: NAV2: Uh, do you like sweet drinks?
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 22:33:21
:: Lexy seems steady and something from her lessons makes its way back into her head, so she skates ahead a bit, speeding up into a jump! ::
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 22:33:36
:: the décolletage situation may become excessive if she falls, as well ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 22:33:42
Doc: Yeah! It's all in the ankles. :: promptly falls on her ass again, then starts laughing ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 22:34:07
:: laughs and picks her up :: Yep.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 22:34:12
:: shrugs :: CEO: Not too sweet, I guess.
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 22:34:26
:: does a half-twirl in the air and lands skating backwards ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 22:34:48
NAV2: Might not be for you, then. :: sips a good sip :: It's like creamy candy with rum in it.
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 22:35:13
:: dusts off the back of her pants, watching Kate and giving a quiet 'wow' :: Doc: What lesson is that?
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Jan-2022 22:35:27
:: catches Kate's fancy move, approving but doubts she could copy it ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 22:35:48
Emily: Hm, not bad. Second semester in that Academy PE elective, I would say.
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 22:36:07
:: then turns and swooshes back over to Lexy to take her hand once more ::
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 22:36:29
Kate: I feel like I'm holding you back!
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 22:36:59
:: nods, thinking he's probably right. She clings to Doc's arms for a minute, then gets her feet back under her again and is off for another few laps ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 22:37:42
Lexy: Of course not! I am just remembering things I learned 25 years ago!
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 22:38:06
:: claps at the skaters on the rink :: Whoo!
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 22:38:08
:: now flying solo as Emily has her legs under her, he launches into a bit of figure skating of his own ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 22:39:32
:: watches Doc go off on his own, keeping her own speed slow so she doesn't run into anyone ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 22:40:16
:: does a jump into a single axel ::
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 22:40:25
:: glides over to the edge of the rink and stops by running into it, tries to act natural as she watches the show-offs ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 22:40:57
Wright: Graceful dismount. :: cheers, downs last quarter of nog ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 22:40:59
:: stops with Lexy and leans on the half-wall ::
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 22:41:16
Doc: NICE! :: claps ::
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 22:41:21
:: giggles at D'bryn :: CEO: I was hoping no one would notice.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 22:41:33
:: shrugs, smiles ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 22:41:39
:: bows as he skates by Rike ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 22:41:47
Wright: You did a lot better than I woulda.
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 22:41:55
:: claps and whoops for Navarro ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 22:41:56
CEO: She did not even fall!
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 22:42:15
:: claps along with the crowd, coming to a slow stop ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 22:42:50
:: tries some egg nog quietly, and finds it way too sweet for her tastes ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Jan-2022 22:42:52
:: missed Navarro's move, but hears and sees the response, smiling anyway ::
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 22:43:24
:: looks over to Wright :: Alexis: Ditto with Zoe! You did better than I could!
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 22:43:45
::: skating backwards, he lauches off of one leg into a single lutz ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 22:43:57
:: watches Zorro showboating ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 22:44:00
:: lands the jump and sweeps his other leg out for flair ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 22:44:36
:: once again claps, then checks the time. As he's coming by she waves a hand to get his attention :: Doc: I think I'm done skating.
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 22:44:36
:: gives another clap for doc :: Doc: Huzzah!
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 22:44:58
:: bows and skates up to Emily, coming to a precise stop at her side ::
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 22:45:00
:: looks over at Kate :: Kate: You wanna skate more?
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Jan-2022 22:45:05
:: witnesses Navarro's move this time, yipping in appreciation, skating slowly and steadily along ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 22:45:15
:: watching Zorro :: That's one graceful dude.
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 22:45:18
:: shakes her head :: Lexy: 15 minutes to midnight, love.
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 22:45:38
:: sighs in quiet relief ::
Kate: Dance, then?
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 22:45:42
:: takes Doc's offered arm and slides to the exit, tromping over to the bench to get her virtual skates off ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 22:46:01
D'bryn: You have no idea.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 22:46:28
:: raises eyebrows, gives NAV2 an awkward side-eye ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 22:46:33
Lexy: Always!
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 22:47:09
Kate: Yay! :: gets her holo-skates off, replacing them with the pair of black satin pumps she was wearing before ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 22:47:22
:: loses the skates and finds another elf for a quick drink ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 22:47:31
:: gets back to her shiny black leather boots ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 22:47:36
:: gives Zoe a sly smile as she takes another sip of wine ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 22:48:26
:: grabs an eggnog from one of the elves and takes a few minutes to finish it as she makes her way to the dancefloor ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 22:49:20
:: stands as Zorro approaches, feeling much more comfortable in her slinky emerald-green satin dress after a few glasses of wine ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Jan-2022 22:49:29
:: glides to the gap in the wall, plonking her skates off to the side, eager to take a break from the unfamiliar muscle usage, and plods over awkwardly for more rumballs ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 22:50:07
:: offers a hand to Jester :: As promised.
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 22:50:47
:: takes a quick drink after the skating, but of water, and heads to the dance floor with Lexy ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 22:51:00
:: takes the proffered hand :: Zorro: Let the competition commence.
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 22:51:43
:: finishes her eggnog and somehow convinces one of the elves to put down his tray for a little while and dance with her ::
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 22:51:54
:: practically drags Kate to the dance floor and snuggles up with her, her feet following Kate's ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 22:52:29
:: quietly, with intent to disarm as he pulls Jester into the dance :: That dress looks incredible on you.
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 22:53:18
:: glances over Kate's shoulder at D'bryn and wonders where Hannah is, then looks at Grey and wonders where Ethan is, then looks at Emily and glances over at Zorro and Suzuki and wonders how that works... questions she would never ask aloud, but wonders to herself ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 22:53:29
:: grabs a second nog from the nog elf before he waddles off somewhere else ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 22:53:34
:: pulls Lexy close as they dance and sighs contentedly ::
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 22:54:21
:: hums a German Christmas carol to herself as she watches the others, still taking sips of her drink ::
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 22:54:22
:: shakes off her thoughts :: Kate: I have a gift for you to unwrap when we get home. Welll... two gifts.
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 22:54:56
:: is having a great time dancing with one of the holo-elves in her ugly Christmas sweater, all she ever wanted out of this holiday ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 22:55:02
Rike: Hey Rike. Can you dance?
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 22:55:33
:: whispers back in Lexy's ear :: There is only one gift I want to unwrap tonight.
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 22:55:58
:: looks over to Zoe :: CEO: Well, better than some people I know, but that isn't saying too much!
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Jan-2022 22:56:21
:: happily munches a few more rumballs, then finds a convenient elf for another drink, enjoying the music and festive atmosphere ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 22:56:34
Rike: Well, I can't at all, but you wanna?
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 22:56:35
:: immediately blushes like fire ::
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 22:57:23
:: finishes off her drink and looks for a place to put the empty glass :: CEO: Why not! Two left feet is better than none at all, eh?
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 22:57:46
:: once the song ends, they've danced their way near Emily and the elf, so he offers her his hand to join them ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 22:58:04
Rike: Make that four left feet. :: sets the nog down on the bar, grabs Rike's hand :: Alright, who's leadin? You leadin?
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 22:58:14
ACTION> Two minutes to midnight!
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 22:58:20
:: let the elf get back to his work and joins Doc and Kimiko's dancing, big grin on her face ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 22:59:01
ACTION> One minute to midnight!
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 22:59:09
CEO: Absolutely no idea but I suppose I can try! :: listens to the music for a moment, scrunching eyebrows in concentration before starting to move ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 22:59:27
:: welcomes Emily, surprised as she had been ready to step aside ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 22:59:42
:: is led ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 22:59:51
ACTION> 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5...
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 22:59:53
Rike: I am very sorry.
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Jan-2022 22:59:54
:: feels a bit woozy, happily watching skaters in one direction, dancing people on the floor, and imbibing people at the bar ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 23:00:01
ACTION> 4, 3, 2, 1, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2401!
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 23:00:04
:: knows that Emily can sense her surprise ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 23:00:14
Rike: Quick, fistbump me into the New Year. :: offers fist ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 23:00:22
:: joins the countdown, then jumps excitedly and pumps a fist in the air ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 23:00:29
:: kisses Emily, then Jester as the band plays Auld Lang Syne ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Jan-2022 23:00:33
:: bellows loudly :: Happy New Year!
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 23:00:36
:: pulls Kate down to kiss her ::
Ryleigh Grey 05-Jan-2022 23:00:41
:: holds her glass up with a grin :: Happy New Year!
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 23:00:45
Ah! Happy new year! :: fist bumps Zoe, but not before reaching into her pocket and giving her a literal chocolate kiss :: CEO: Eh?
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 23:01:17
:: leans down to lay a long kiss on her wife, oblivious to anyone around ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 23:01:34
:: big grin :: Rike: Droll, mein Schatz. :: takes chocolate kiss ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 23:02:24
ACTION> Streamers and confetti fill the air!
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 23:02:49
:: looks around at the confetti and joins in the clapping ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 23:03:12
:: hugs them both to him as the new year rings in ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 23:03:28
:: fetches her eggnog, chases the chocolate kiss with it ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 23:03:43
:: wraps an arm around Emily as well, feeling a bit nervous but acting confident ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 23:04:06
:: hug Doc back, one arm wrapping around Kimiko as well, giving her a slight squeeze as if to say it's okay ::
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 23:04:06
:: grins, giving a nod :: CEO: Möge dein Jahr fröhlich und hell sein.
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 23:04:21
:: smiles at Jester, knowing that's awkward for her ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Jan-2022 23:04:21
:: pounces on some of the falling streamers ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 23:04:55
:: still kissing Lexy, not even noticing that her hair is full of confetti ::
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 23:05:18
:: doesn't care about anything but this kiss at this point, is melted into Kate's arms ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 23:05:52
ACTION> Auld Lang Syne ends, and the band goes back into its set.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 23:05:54
:: squints trying to remember German, picks up on context from knowing just Jahr and fröhlich :: Rike: You...too?
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 23:06:31
Jester/Emily: We have a few together at this point. May 2401 be a good one.
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 23:06:35
:: finally comes up for air, trying to regain her composure as Captain's Wife ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 23:07:12
:: hungrily catches her wife's blue-hazel eyes for a long moment before regaining her composure as Captain ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 23:07:43
:: grins :: Doc: I'll toast to that.
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 23:07:45
:: though he's had one more with Emily because of the lost year on the planet ::
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 23:07:48
:: suddenly remembers she needs to mentally translate :: CEO: Oh! Yes- apologies. As I tried to say: May your year be joyous and bright.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 23:07:52
Zorro/Emily: Hear, hear.
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 23:08:02
:: which actually is still unsettling, but he raises a glass anyway ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 23:08:44
Rike: I thought it was something along those lines! So, once more with feeling, you too. :: cheers with drink, goes in for hug ::
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 23:09:26
:: though she may be physically tiny, Rike is one of those people that gives giant hugs ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 23:10:35
: clinks glasses with Emily and Jester ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 23:11:09
:: clinks glasses then takes a big swig ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 23:11:13
: clinks glasses with Zorro and Emily, making meaningful eye contact with each as she does so ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 23:12:20
:: meets Suzuki's eyes with a genuine warmth, happy to see her feeling more comfortable ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Jan-2022 23:12:21
:: hears the clinking of glasses and looks around at her crewmates, feeling fuzzy ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 23:12:38
ACTION> The band strikes into a lively tune!
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 23:13:02
:: gestures to the band :: CEO: Eh?
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 23:13:25
:: looks over and sees Kuari and rushes over to hug her as the music changes :: Kuari: Happy New Year, my dear friend!
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 23:13:37
:: joins in the glomping of Kuari ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 23:13:43
:: downs the rest of the nog, slams the glass down on the bar :: Rike: I'm three drinks in on New Year's, I'll dance all night.
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Jan-2022 23:14:44
:: bellows again and glomps :: Happy New Year!
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 23:14:54
Kuari: Happy New Year!
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 23:15:43
:: bops to the music as she's sipping her drink ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 23:15:57
:: then rushes over to Emily and after a couple of smiles to Zorro and Jester, gives her a hug ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Jan-2022 23:16:09
:: looks around for someone else to glomp ::
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 23:16:15
:: crosses the floor and warmly hugs Doc and Emily, nodding pleasantly at Suzuki ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 23:16:55
:: picks Kate up in the hug and spins in a circle before setting her back down, then gives Lexy a regular hug as her arms can't take that again ::
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 23:17:12
CEO: Aye then, let's go! :: leads Zoe over to the dance floor and despite not having great moves, she still is very sprightly for her age ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 23:17:36
:: hugs Lexy back and whispers a quick compliment on her dancing, since he had given her lessons ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 23:17:43
:: beams at Emily ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 23:17:52
:: grins :: Kate/Lexy: Happy New Year!
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 23:17:53
:: grins at Zorro ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 23:18:46
Emily: Happy New Year! :: senses a warm vibe and smiles ::
:: still getting used to sensing things in this way ::
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 23:21:04
:: crosses to offer a hug to Rike and Zoe, both of whom she's hoping to befriend ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 23:21:31
:: gets hugged ::
Wright: Happy New Year, Commander!
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 23:21:45
:: follows along to Rike and Zoe, all smiles ::
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 23:22:10
:: dances terribly up to Wright, pulls her into a spin, and then hugs her, and continues to terribly dance :: frohes neues Jahr!
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 23:22:16
:: offers them hugs as well, having grown fond of her newer crewmates ::
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 23:22:29
:: laughs hysterically as she is spun ::
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 23:23:09
:: does a terrible dance around Kate and then hugs her ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 23:23:21
:: laughs and hugs Rike ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 23:23:39
:: hands an empty glass to one of the elves and gets back to dancing, basically just vibing to the beat ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 23:23:50
:: dances along with Emily and Jester ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 23:24:18
:: idly wonders if she can convince the band to play a tango ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 23:24:24
:: then finds Zoe and hugs her too :: Rike/Zoe: Happy New Year!
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 23:25:11
:: gets hugged :: Harper: Happy New Year, Captain!
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 23:25:12
Kate: AYE! frohes neues Jahr! :: continues other celebratory shouts in German, doing some odd dance in a squat ::
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 23:25:38
:: looks over at Grey and is intimidated by her ::
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 23:26:29
:: spins Jester, then Emily ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Jan-2022 23:26:38
:: finds several others to glomp, but is reserved with anyone that doesn't invite it and refrains, smiling a lot though ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 23:26:44
:: takes a glass and speaks up over the band in her captain's tone, which quiets down in response :: A toast! :: raises her glass ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 05-Jan-2022 23:26:59
:: twirls so that her skirt flares flatteringly as she is spun ::
Ryleigh Grey 05-Jan-2022 23:27:00
:: remains leaning against the rail of the ice rink, sipping her drink slowly, and watching the rest of the crew carefully; noting Wright's glance over, and returns the look squarely ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 23:27:39
:: is spun and laughs mirthfully, enjoying dancing with the two ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 23:27:40
May 2401 be a year of peace and friendship, exploration and science!
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 23:27:51
:: grunts slightly as she stands up from her very low squat dance :: CEO: That was not my best idea... Oh mein. :: listens to Harper ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Jan-2022 23:28:23
:: bellows in loud agreement with Kate's toast ::
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 23:28:43
ACTION> Fireworks burst forth into the sky against the backdrop of dancing aurora!
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 23:28:53
:: shouts :: Here, here!
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 23:28:53
:: holds up her drink and cheers ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 23:29:04
:: raises her glass in a toast, feeling very tipsy :: Rike: No bad ideas tonight, Rike!
Doc Navarro 05-Jan-2022 23:29:09
:: cheers! ::
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 23:29:09
:: holds hand up as she is lacking a drink :: Prost!
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Jan-2022 23:29:43
:: takes a running leap and bounds into the sky, remembering partway up to turn her nose on bright and flies around amongst the aurora ::
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 23:29:48
:: jokes :: CEO: It's a bad idea if I break a hip prematurely!
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 23:30:07
:: watches Kuari flying through the fireworks and aurora ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 05-Jan-2022 23:30:11
Rike: Good thing Emily's, like, right there. :: points ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 23:30:35
:: hears her name and spins around. Seeing no one's meant to call her she smiles and waves anyway ::
Mrs. Santa 05-Jan-2022 23:30:36
:: whoops loudly at Kuari, loving being her with her friends ::
Rike Herschel 05-Jan-2022 23:30:43
Emily: Oi! Would you save me if I broke a hip dancing tonight? :: puts back of hand on forehead, pretending to be a damsel in distress ::
Emily Acacia 05-Jan-2022 23:30:51
:: snorts :: Rike: Nope! Walk it off!
Santa Kate 05-Jan-2022 23:30:59
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