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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
Our long, but well-earned shore leave is coming to an end. The recall order has been sent, and all crew are expected to report back aboard ship for departure.
After 10-Nov-2021 00:00:00
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 21:20:55
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 21:22:04
:: standing on the Presidio ::
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 21:22:23
:: wrapping up some business at SFHQ ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 21:22:36
:: looks at Weston :: Wes: I gotta go.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 10-Nov-2021 21:22:44
:: is running a crew roster report as her engineers return to their posts ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 21:23:05
:: sits at the table at her family farm. Her bags are packed behind her, and she’s chatting with Tori who also sits at the table :: Tori: I’m so glad you were finally able to graduate and start your practice. I don’t say it enough, I’m proud of you.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 21:23:07
Weston> Scott: I know.
CAG LCdr T’Lira 10-Nov-2021 21:23:56
:: checking up on the latest reports from the launch bay in regards to fighter status, as well as checking her inbox for a handful of additional helmsman training exercises an old acquaintance had agreed to send ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 10-Nov-2021 21:24:02
:: knows that she's distant and short with her crew, but being functionally cordial is the most she can do ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 21:24:05
Wes: Last ditch... come with me? Transfer?
Weston> Scott: Just don't, okay?
ENG Ens Archer 10-Nov-2021 21:24:49
:: materializes on the transporter pad on Atlantis, when she finishes, she releases a short sigh::
Torinessa Acacia 10-Nov-2021 21:25:11
:: blushes :: Emily: Aww. You’re too sweet~
CTO Cpt Grey 10-Nov-2021 21:25:14
:: is checking in with the other marines, still on space-dock while Ethan was off doing his things ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Nov-2021 21:25:17
:: hugs her mother in her parents' high-rise in San Francisco :: Ruari: I wish I could've seen Father off. He's never home, and I was looking forward to spending more time with him.
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 21:25:25
:: gets out of a meeting with the flag support staff who have been setting her up with things she didn't even know flag officers had ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 21:26:02
:: smiles and thanks her mother as she brings in one last homemade smoothie ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 21:26:05
Wes: Things went haywire... I need grounding...
Weston> Scott: You'll figure it out.
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 21:26:44
:: wags a finger :: Janessa: Oh, give me a tin of coffee. I’ve gotten so used to the real deal, I ought to have a stash of my own.
Janessa Acacia 10-Nov-2021 21:27:02
:: laughs :: Emily: Of course. :: she goes to the pantry ::
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Nov-2021 21:27:17
:: back home in Spain, saying goodbye to his parents and what siblings still live at home, plus a couple that came to visit while he was on Earth ::
ENG Ens Archer 10-Nov-2021 21:28:14
::drops her small bag on her bed in her quarters before pulling on her uniform::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Nov-2021 21:28:22
Ruari> :: after a long hug, lets her daughter go :: Kuari: I know. You know how it is with him, though, always running off to the next planet or station.
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 21:28:35
:: walks outside onto a patio overlooking the Golden Gate, and finally finds herself being left alone for a moment of peace for the first time since returning to Earth from Risa after accepting the promotion ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 21:29:38
:: gets up and hugs her mother and sister together, finally starting to say her goodbyes ::
Hannah Ziredac 10-Nov-2021 21:30:18
Replicator: Ziredac coffee recipe number 2, hot, with a side of 3% hydrocortilene and pistachio biscotti.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 21:30:47
Weston> Scott: Life deals us weird hands. You're going to fight with your fellow Marines. Your CO. You're going to want to make amends with friends. At the end of the day, you tried.
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 21:31:16
:: spends a moment contemplating the whirlwind of activity since sending that fateful message to the Admiral ::
Torinessa Acacia 10-Nov-2021 21:31:17
Emily: Send me more messages!
Hannah Ziredac 10-Nov-2021 21:31:18
Replicator: Cancel. Ziredac coffee recipe number 2, hot; pistachio biscotti. Also would like, separate from those things, a hypospray of 3% hydrocortilene.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 21:31:37
Weston: Hannah shot down my apology. I haven't reached out to Zoe.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 10-Nov-2021 21:33:14
Esse> Zoë: Lieutenant D'bryn?
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 21:33:22
Tori: I will. :: she made a mental note, trying her best to remember ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 10-Nov-2021 21:33:59
Esse: Mm? :: turns, looks down at datapad when she sees an unfamiliar face :: Hi. Which one are you?
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 21:34:43
:: smiles warmly at the memory of buying the home on Risa that she and Lexy will eventually retire to ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Nov-2021 21:34:51
:: distractedly grabs an apple off the bowl in the center of the kitchenette countertop, but shows no interest in eating it and puts it back down again :: Ruari: Where's he off to this time? Or can he not say?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 10-Nov-2021 21:34:52
Esse> Ensign Larami Esse, transferring from the Talisman.
Janessa Acacia 10-Nov-2021 21:35:49
Emily: And me, of course. But you know we want you to stay in touch. :: lays on the guilt ::
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Nov-2021 21:35:54
:: packs up a few bottles of wine that his mother insists on giving him ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 21:36:15
Weston> Scott: You're a complex individual. But you'll figure it out.
Weston: I'm thankful we had this time.
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 21:36:44
:: sighs, somewhat happily, at the memory of the parade her hometown threw her for being the first Risan flag officer, the attention somewhat embarrassing, but she hoped that the children present found it inspiring ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 10-Nov-2021 21:36:49
Esse: Oh, right. Okay. :: taps Esse as reporting on the padd :: Whyn't you join Ensign Davis's crew over there? They're gonna be running gel pack diagnostics. :: points ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 21:37:08
Weston> Scott: You always find yourself in the most... awkward situations.
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Nov-2021 21:37:36
Ruari> Kuari: Can he ever? :: gazes at her daughter with a twinkle in her eye :: When is your next leave?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 10-Nov-2021 21:38:04
Esse> Aye, Chief. :: stops, turns :: Lieutenant, I have to ask: You're D'bryn Sauëdeyan, right?
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 21:38:15
:: shakes her head as she smirks at having been picked up by the USS Endeavour to go back to Refuge, as the new Xovul Ykavosh had specifically requested that she be present at the treaty signing with the Free Fleets ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 10-Nov-2021 21:38:20
Esse: :: furrows her brow :: Yeah...?
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 21:38:37
Weston: Yeah...
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Nov-2021 21:39:31
:: smiles a little :: Ruari: It is the same with me, isn't it? I couldn't tell you that, either, because I don't know!
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 21:40:04
:: pats Tori on the shoulder :: Tori: Take care of mom, okay?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 10-Nov-2021 21:40:13
Esse> :: smiles :: I worked briefly with Lieutenant Neil Garrison, a couple months ago. When I mentioned I was transferring here, he said he knew the Chief Engineer.
Janessa Acacia 10-Nov-2021 21:40:16
:: makes an indignant face ::
Torinessa Acacia 10-Nov-2021 21:40:30
:: smiles :: Emily: I will.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 21:40:35
Weston> Scott: Just keep being you. It seems to be working.
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 21:41:09
:: her reverie is interrupted by a shiver from the biting San Francisco wind cutting through her uniform ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 10-Nov-2021 21:41:21
:: her heart does the equivalence of an orchestral sting :: Esse: Oh yeah, I know Neil. How is he?
Esse> Zoë: Far as I could see, he seems to be doing well. You went to Academy together?
Esse: Yeah.
Esse> Right on. Alright, I'll get to work. Thanks for having me, Chief. :: waves, turns, heads off ::
:: gives the middle distance the ol what-for ::
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 21:42:43
Self: Better get used to it. The wind is like this at our future home.
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Nov-2021 21:43:26
Ruari: Well, I look forward to my next visit. I hope Father will be here. I'm glad things are going well at Starfleet Medical!
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 21:44:28
Weston: I'm not sure I wanna go back.
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 21:44:38
:: pats the pet carrier that Apollo, her cat, is in :: Janessa: And thank you as always for looking after my son.
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 21:44:47
:: as she starts to walk back inside, the memory of the dream of her potential children at that house surfaces and, seeing those eyes looking up at her, she smiles and whispers :: Self: Maybe I will meet you in a few years, Diana and Billy, or whatever your names might be.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 21:45:17
Weston> Scott: This is what you wanted.
Hannah Ziredac 10-Nov-2021 21:45:19
:: downs her coffee, biscotti, hyposprays herself :: :: sits down at pilot's seat on the Skylark, preps for launch ::
Janessa Acacia 10-Nov-2021 21:46:21
:: resists the urge to comment :: Emily: Of course. Any time.
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Nov-2021 21:46:27
Ruari> Kuari: I hope so, too. Take care of yourself out there. I will miss you. :: wraps her daughter up in another hug ::
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 21:46:37
:: once inside, she heads toward the shuttle facilities, smiling and nodding at familiar faces as she passes ::
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Nov-2021 21:46:59
:: finally peels away from all the family hugs and goodbyes, and taps his commbadge to signal Atlantis for a beamup ::
Hannah Ziredac 10-Nov-2021 21:47:16
+Atlantis+ Uh, hey, I forgot who I have to talk to for this, but, uh, can I take off? From the shuttlebay? Can, like, the doors open?
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 21:47:27
Weston: No, I wanted adventure. I didn't want to almost die three times. I didn't want to be in a place where half my fellow marines either hate me or don't trust me. And I certainly didn't want to be in a place where the few people that do interact with me merely tolerate me!
Hannah Ziredac 10-Nov-2021 21:47:30
+Atlantis+ Uh, please.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 21:48:24
Weston> Scott: Be careful what you wish for.
Weston: Not helping...
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Nov-2021 21:48:38
:: finishes her goodbye to her mother and perches on the kitchen windowsill, bracing herself against the brisk wind, and sets her sights on SFHQ and flies off ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 21:49:35
:: sighs and bobs her head :: Tori/Janessa: Alright. I better get going.
CAG LCdr T’Lira 10-Nov-2021 21:50:10
:: notes the communication from her temporary seat at Ops and opens the channel, passing the message along to open the shuttlebay doors as she does :: +Skylark+ Skylark, you are cleared for departure.
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 21:50:12
:: passes by Blackthorne's office and smiles ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 21:50:55
:: says her final goodbyes, grabs her bags, and combadges Atlantis for transport ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 21:50:55
Weston> :: grabs Scott by the face :: Scott: Listen to me. You are Scott Ammora. You are strong, independent, fierce, and the love of my life. You're a marine. You will deal with people that don't like you, that question you, that downright hate you. But you are a great officer. Your CO will see that. Your friends will know that. Zoe, who was it - Emily? - will see that. You are so embroiled in your adventure and making it perfect that you don't realize that the adventure will NEVER be perfect.
Hannah Ziredac 10-Nov-2021 21:51:37
+CAG+ Ah, cool, thanks. :: engages Skylark's propulsion systems, lifts from the shuttlebay, and notices with honey-like slowness that she's in a space dock ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 21:51:42
Weston: It would be if you were here with me.
Hannah Ziredac 10-Nov-2021 21:51:44
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 21:51:58
Weston> Scott: I will throw up on you right now. :: kisses him ::
Hannah Ziredac 10-Nov-2021 21:52:05
:: sighs :: +Starbase+ Hey, uhhh....
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 21:52:13
:: then checks the time and makes her way out to the shuttle launch/landing facilities, looking around for Kuari, who had planned to meet her here for a ride up ::
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Nov-2021 21:52:34
:: shimmers away from his smiling, waving family and back to the familiar transporter room ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Nov-2021 21:52:47
:: approaches the transportation center and lands, looking around for Harper ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 21:52:47
Weston> Scott: Try again with Zoe, with Hannah. Try taking your pride and ambition and realizing that EVERYONE has the same kind of goals, but different. You try too hard, Scooter.
Weston: Don't call me that.
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 21:53:06
:: appears in the transporter room after Doc. She laughs and greets him :: Doc: What timing!
Hannah Ziredac 10-Nov-2021 21:53:11
+Starbase+ Uhh, Skylark to Starbase uh :: mumbles something that sounds like a number :: can I, um, get out of here. Where I am. Wherever that is.
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 21:53:13
:: sees Kuari land, so she raises up and waves ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Nov-2021 21:53:52
:: spots the wave and smiles, trotting over to Harper ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 21:54:03
Weston> :: kisses Scott again :: You need to go.
Weston: I don't want to.
Weston> Scott: You have to.
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 21:54:19
Starbase One Control> +Skylark+ Skylark, this is Starbase One Control. We do not show you as having been docked, were you embarked on another, larger ship?
:: greets Kuari with a smile :: XO: Hello!
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Nov-2021 21:55:02
:: heads to his quarters to drop his bags ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 21:55:11
Weston: I love you.
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Nov-2021 21:55:16
:: stops next to her :: CO: Hi! Ready to go?
Hannah Ziredac 10-Nov-2021 21:55:45
+SB1 Control+ Yeah. I was on the Atlantis. And now I'm not. And I'm in a big ol space dock now.
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 21:55:45
:: heads to her quarters to unpack as well ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 21:56:01
Weston> Scott: I love you too. Be smart.
Weston: Call you soon.
Weston> Scott: You'd better.
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 21:56:27
:: nods :: XO: So much paperwork, but it is all done. It will be good to be back aboard our ship! :: walks with her to the Seraphim and opens the hatch ::
Starbase One Control> +Skylark+ Understood, Skylark. The Spacedoors are open and you are clear to depart.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 21:57:12
:: taps his combadge :: +Atlantis+ Ammora to Atlantis, one to beam up.
:: beams ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Nov-2021 21:57:22
:: trots on board next to Harper :: CO: So! You have so much to tell me! I want to hear it all!
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 21:58:01
:: closes the hatch behind them and takes the pilot's seat, powering up the Seraphim and running through pre-flight :: XO: Would you believe I had to go all the way back to Refuge? The new Ykavosh wanted me there.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 21:58:04
Weston> Scott: :: as he shimmers away :: Go get 'em, Scooter.
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 21:58:16
XO: You know, to preside over the treaty-signing with the Queen and Lady Venya.
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Nov-2021 21:58:36
:: makes his way up to the bridge ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Nov-2021 21:58:37
:: stops and stares :: CO: What! Really?
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 21:58:54
:: lets her cat out of his carrier in her room, and lets Vinny out of his carrier as well ::
Hannah Ziredac 10-Nov-2021 21:59:11
+SB1 Control+ Thanks. :: closes channel :: Self: We've been in space for centuries and we still call em spacedoors. :: moves the Skylark forward, flying along the Atlantis's port side* ::
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 21:59:21
:: nods back at her as she signals for launch clearance :: XO: Yes! The Endeavour came to pick us up. But, it went well, and now there is a real treaty that the Xovul will actually honor.
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 22:00:45
:: unpacks her slim collection of clothing, tucking the empty suitcases under her bed ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Nov-2021 22:00:55
:: reminds herself in her shock to sit and prepare for departure, still staring at her friend and commanding officer :: CO: Wow. I look forward to reading it.
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:01:36
:: gets launch clearance and lifts Seraphim off the deck :: XO: I hope that is all behind us now.
Hannah Ziredac 10-Nov-2021 22:02:17
:: watches the Atlantis stream past the forward view, hating that a fucking Federation Starship started to mean something to her ::
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:02:33
:: lifts the nose skyward and climbs ::
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Nov-2021 22:03:01
:: arrives on the bridge and takes the helm, nodding to T'Lira :: CAG: Commander.
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Nov-2021 22:03:05
CO: Me, too. War is awful. I wish more cultures would become as enlightened as our peoples and pursue peace. Imagine, an entire galaxy at peace!
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:03:21
:: smiles :: XO: That is a wonderful thought.
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 22:03:21
:: lays down in bed and stretches out, still in her civvies. She takes a minute to rest before she’s formally back on duty ::
Hannah Ziredac 10-Nov-2021 22:03:24
:: scoffs, eyes forward, stares out at the waiting void :: Fuck it. Fuck this.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 22:03:42
:: appears on the transporter pad on the Atlantis ::
:: bites his lip, missing Weston already ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 22:04:40
:: oofs as Vinny jumps up onto her stomach. She smiles, giving him some scritches. The unholy chicken-like creature closes its eyes, leaning into the scritches ::
CAG LCdr T’Lira 10-Nov-2021 22:05:47
:: looks over, giving the slightest nod :: NAV: Lieutenant.
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Nov-2021 22:06:12
:: checks the helm and finds everything to be in order ::
Hannah Ziredac 10-Nov-2021 22:07:00
:: pilots the Skylark past the stern, is almost at the doors ::
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Nov-2021 22:07:23
:: then smiles over at T'Lira :: CAG: Commander, would you care to try flying the departure? You are qualified now, after all.
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:08:03
:: a few minutes later, the sky blackens, and the giant spacedock is now visible ahead ::
CAG LCdr T’Lira 10-Nov-2021 22:08:30
:: were she a member of a more illogical species, that might have provoked a reaction. However, she is most certainly not, so the only thing that occurs is The Eyebrow Goes Up :: NAV: If you are certain, I am open to the opportunity.
Hannah Ziredac 10-Nov-2021 22:09:08
:: passes into space :: Universe: Really? Nothing? No hallucination or anything? No divine intervention to tell me what I need to do?
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Nov-2021 22:09:16
CAG: Of course. If it's alright with la comodora, after all. :: stands and offers the helm ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 22:09:26
:: jolts upright as she nearly falls asleep, rubbing her eyes and patting Vinny, who still sits in her lap ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 22:09:56
:: arrives in his quarters ::
CTO Cpt Grey 10-Nov-2021 22:10:15
:: is already back on the bridge, out of civvies, and checking in on the systems ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 22:10:19
Self: You're fine. You can figure this out. If Wes says you can, then you can.
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:10:28
:: quietly, as the Starbase comes into view :: XO: Thank you, for coming to my promotion. It meant a lot for me that you were there.
CAG LCdr T’Lira 10-Nov-2021 22:11:14
:: rises, and though she is only moderately uncertain, the likelihood of anything untoward happening in Spacedock is extremely low, so she is content with the odds. She takes the helm, looking over the console briefly, as if refamiliarizing herself :: NAV: I will endeavour to not damage the ship.
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 22:11:48
:: gets up and changes into her uniform. Over the standard Starfleet blue, she tries on the CMO long blue coat, examining herself from different angles ::
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Nov-2021 22:11:55
:: chuckles :: CAG: That's a good plan! :: takes the Ops station, which he is qualfied to do, in order to be nearby in the unlikely event that T'Lira needs assistance ::
Hannah Ziredac 10-Nov-2021 22:11:57
:: spins Skylark around to face SB1, puts her at full stop, stares at the dock where Atlantis sits ::
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Nov-2021 22:13:43
CAG: After all, I imagine someone might be quite upset if you scratch the paint.
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 22:14:02
:: decides on keeping the blue coat, taking a moment to check her messages at her desk console before heading out ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Nov-2021 22:14:24
:: looks over from the orbital vista to Harper in surprise :: CO: Of course! I wouldn't miss it for anything! You're my closest friend, and we've been through so much...much of how you earned that promotion. It was such a special moment for you! You deserve it, and I'm so proud to have been with you through it all!
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:14:58
:: puts the autopilot on for a moment to hug Kuari :: XO: I could not have done it without you.
CAG LCdr T’Lira 10-Nov-2021 22:16:01
NAV: I can imagine it would be quite... distressing.
Hannah Ziredac 10-Nov-2021 22:16:09
:: Somewhere on that ship is a walking, breathing source of light, of heat, of the kind of extrasensory shimmer that rests beyond the reaches of your consciousness. And you're unsure of what the human concept of Love means; you're unsure if that's even applicable; you're unsure of anything that is supposed to mean anything, but on that fucking ship is a capsule of consciousness that sees you, that loves you. And even though that scares every last particle of your being, it has to mean something. Because it's observable. You sensed it. You were there. You felt that person's touch; you heard that person's words; you stared into that person's eyes, and it was the realest thing you've felt in a long, long time. ::
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:16:18
Starbase One Control> +Skylark+ Skylark, Control, are you in distress?
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Nov-2021 22:16:29
:: smiles warmly :: CO: I think you could have. But, we do make a good team.
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Nov-2021 22:16:40
:: grins, having intentionally talked about something so as silly as paint scratching to mess with the Vulcan, but the Vulcan was not messed with ::
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:17:11
:: returns the smile :: XO: We do indeed, my friend, we do indeed.
Hannah Ziredac 10-Nov-2021 22:17:17
+SB1 Control+ No. Just forgot something. Comin back in. Uh, if that's cool.
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:17:46
Starbase One Control> +Skylark+ :: in a slightly annoyed tone :: Proceed.
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 22:18:46
:: finally heads for the turbolift, taking her sweet time in the hallways ::
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:19:00
:: taps the console to get approach clearance all the way to Atlantis ::
Hannah Ziredac 10-Nov-2021 22:19:48
:: proceeds :: +CAG+ Hey. Skylark here. Can I get take-backsies?
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Nov-2021 22:20:21
:: is now at Ops, so he answers the comm :: +Skylark+ Is that Skylark?
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:20:58
:: gets the clearance, and sighs contentedly as they approach the spacedoors and fly through ::
Hannah Ziredac 10-Nov-2021 22:21:32
+NAV+ Oh hey. Yeah, this is Skylark.
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 22:21:32
:: stops into Sickbay first, checking up on the staff who had already returned, and the readiness reports for the day ::
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Nov-2021 22:22:02
+Skylark+ Sorry to see you leaving, but you're not now? Go ahead and land.
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:22:34
:: a smile spreads across her face as Atlantis comes into view, especially with how incredibly close she was to not returning ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Nov-2021 22:23:02
:: smiles also, the sight of Atlantis from the outside, their home always beautiful to behold ::
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Nov-2021 22:23:03
:: receives forwarded clearance from SB1 about the Seraphim's approach ::
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:23:10
XO: We are home.
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 22:24:13
:: takes a report, hands off the report, takes another report, and repeats. Eventually, she is satisfied that everything is functioning as normal ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Nov-2021 22:24:37
:: nods smartly, pride for their crew and ship making her heart buoyant, and is ready to get back to work making the Galaxy a better place ::
Hannah Ziredac 10-Nov-2021 22:25:08
+NAV+ What can I say? I'm a leaf on the wind. :: beat :: Wait, isn't that an extremely unlucky thing for space pilots to say?
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:25:12
:: glides the Seraphim to a gentle landing in Atlantis's shuttlebay and powers down :: XO: Now we are home.
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Nov-2021 22:25:30
+Skylark+ I had not heard that one. But, come on back if that's what you want, you're clear.
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 22:26:25
:: heads back to the turbolift ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Nov-2021 22:26:27
:: hops up and helps with any shutdown necessary, opening the hatch into the shuttlebay ::
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:27:00
:: heads out once her shuttle is secure ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Nov-2021 22:28:08
:: stands in the shuttlebay, looking around, her thoughts already towards checking on any repair and restock reports from the bridge ::
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:28:17
XO: To the bridge? Or do you need to go to your quarters first?
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 22:28:30
:: arrives on the bridge and looks around as she heads for her station, nodding to those who return her glance ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Nov-2021 22:28:31
CO: No, I'm ready to go to the bridge.
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:28:37
:: grins :: XO: Me, too.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 22:28:37
:: gets into his uniform, not really wanting to ::
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:28:46
:: heads to the TL with Kuari and directs it to the bridge ::
Hannah Ziredac 10-Nov-2021 22:29:51
:: lands in the shuttlebay, spins down Skylark's systems, takes a big breath in the new silence ::
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Nov-2021 22:30:36
:: smiles back from the Ops station at Emily as she enters ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 22:30:43
:: pulls everything taut ::
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:30:58
:: arrives on the bridge with Kuari ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 22:31:01
Self: Okay, here we go again.
:: heads out into the hallway ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Nov-2021 22:31:22
:: follows Harper onto the bridge, looking around and checking status ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 22:31:23
:: smiles at Doc, then at Kate and Kuari as they enter ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 22:31:35
:: enters the TL :: Bridge.
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Nov-2021 22:31:51
Bridge: Commodore on the bridge!
Hannah Ziredac 10-Nov-2021 22:31:56
Self: Okay. Just...get up, go talk to Zoë. Easy as pie. :: does not stand up :: Easy as pie. Very simple. Can't be easier. :: doesn't stand up :: Like falling off a log. Easiest thing you've ever done.
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:32:09
NAV: That is not necessary, Zorro.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 22:32:19
:: rides the TL up, steps off, cross and moves to the TAC2 station ::
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:33:00
:: pauses near the doors to take in the bridge, now wearing her hair in a double lace-braid updo, a bit more casual than her old captainly updo, but perhaps more formal than the side-twist ponytail ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 22:33:02
:: almost stands up, but then doesn’t ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 22:33:09
:: nods to Grey as he assumes his post ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Nov-2021 22:33:18
:: smiles at Navarro's announcement just the same, taking in all who are present ::
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Nov-2021 22:33:29
:: nods and smiles as he turns back to the station, appreciating that ::
Hannah Ziredac 10-Nov-2021 22:33:34
:: is not standing up at all :: Self: I can't just turn around and ask all those dingdongs to open the doors again. I'm already here; I might as well do it. Come on. :: does not stand up ::
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:34:45
:: finally walks toward her chair after a deep breath :: XO: What is the status of the crew recall, Kuari? Is everyone back aboard?
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 22:34:50
:: can’t help but smile at Harper’s braided up-do, reminding her of one of her own styles ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 10-Nov-2021 22:35:38
:: enters the bridge as the commodore sits down, absorbed in completing the roster and assigning checkup crews on her PADD, heads for her station ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 22:36:06
:: glances at Zoe ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Nov-2021 22:36:14
:: takes her seat, waking up her console and checking on the request :: CO: Almost everyone. I'll let you know.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 10-Nov-2021 22:36:36
:: absently :: CO: Engineering's all checked up, Captain. We're good to go. :: sits down ::
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:37:30
:: smiles at D'bryn, not bothering to correct the rank gaffe :: CEO: Thank you, Zoë! Any interesting upgrades while we were in port?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 10-Nov-2021 22:39:15
CO: Nothing major, Captain, just little component replacements here and there. Biggest thing was a manifold upgrade in the replicator matrix. Like, upgrade from point-one-point-one-point-two, to point-one-point-one-point-three.
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:40:23
:: smirks with an exaggerated nod of feigned appreciation ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Nov-2021 22:40:58
:: looks up with finality :: CO: I'm happy to report, Captain, all hands aboard, ready to depart.
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:41:18
XO: Wonderful! Before that, though... NAV: Give me shipwide comm.
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Nov-2021 22:41:36
CO: Yes ma'am. :: puts her on shipwide and gives the universal "you're on" sign ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 22:41:53
:: looks up expectantly ::
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:41:54
+Shipwide+ All hands, this is the captain speaking.
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Nov-2021 22:42:16
:: sits back, listening ::
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:42:26
+Shipwide+ I am certain that, by now, the news of my promotion has spread through the gossip channels.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 22:42:47
:: looks up, smiles ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 10-Nov-2021 22:42:52
:: breaks away from what she's doing and looks back at the captain—or whatever she is now—with shock and alarm ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 22:43:00
:: blinks, having not noticed. How did she not notice!? ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 10-Nov-2021 22:43:07
:: tries to make out the pips from here ::
CAG LCdr T’Lira 10-Nov-2021 22:44:00
:: does not pay any heed to the gossip channels and was thus, unaware ::
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:44:30
+Shipwide+ I first want to say that I would not have received it without such a fine crew. I owe it to you, so it is appropriate that you all are receiving a Presidential Unit Citation for Exceptional Service to the Federation, also awarded to this ship's service history.
:: now wears a single pip in a box on both sides of her collar, for the unobservant/unaware ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Nov-2021 22:44:57
:: is inclined to peek at bridge crew reactions, but keeps her eyes trained dutifully on her captain ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 22:45:10
:: eyes widen ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 22:45:13
:: sits up a bit straighter, her eyes widening with surprise ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 10-Nov-2021 22:45:43
:: mouth falls slightly ajar ::
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:45:46
+Shipwide+ I am incredibly proud of all of you, the finest crew a captain could have for her ship.
CTO Cpt Grey 10-Nov-2021 22:45:47
:: straightens, turning to face the Captain with a wide-eyed expression ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 22:45:48
:: stifles any more reaction, nods in appreciation ::
:: can't wait to tell his parents and Wes ::
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:46:44
:: smiles and Picard-maneuvers as she continues talking ::
Hannah Ziredac 10-Nov-2021 22:47:17
:: hears Starfleet hullabaloo over the shipwide :: :: wank motion with hand / poot sound from mouth ::
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:47:39
+Shipwide+ Additionally, I want to emphasize that this changes nothing in terms of our interactions on a daily basis. I am still me.
+Shipwide+ Since I am still the Captain of this ship, you may even still refer to me as captain. My door is still always open for any reason.
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Nov-2021 22:49:01
:: reduces her toothy smile as the ship and her crew is commended, into closed-mouthed grin of pride for her captain ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 22:49:27
:: smiles widely, nodding her approval of the message ::
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:50:10
+Shipwide+ Now, with that said, we have work to do, and I am confident that you will all see to it with the efficiency and attention that earned you a commendation. Harper out. :: nods to Doc ::
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Nov-2021 22:50:14
:: cuts the comm ::
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:50:27
:: turns to take in the bridge ::
:: notes T'Lira at helm and smiles ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 10-Nov-2021 22:50:49
:: spirals into quiet anxiety that the cap—commodore only said that bit about still calling her captain because Zoë was an idiot a few minutes ago ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Nov-2021 22:50:49
:: gazes back at Harper ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 22:50:57
:: smiles back at Harper ::
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:51:13
Bridge: Shall we get to work, then?
NAV: Departure clearance please, Mr. Navarro.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 22:51:58
:: resumes his station, checking weapons, shields, and other tactical systems ::
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Nov-2021 22:52:00
CO: Sí, capitana. :: sends off for the clearance, and gets it back almost immediately :: Hm. We are clear.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 10-Nov-2021 22:52:21
CO: Aye Commodore, yes. Sorry about the 'captain' thing, Commodore. :: big anxiety breath :: sorryaboutthecaptainthing
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 22:52:35
:: gets the all-clear from sickbay, sitting back in her chair and taking in the departure ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 22:52:51
:: smirks at Zoe's mishap ::
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:53:02
:: confused look at Zoë :: CEO: I meant it, Zoë, captain is fine!
NAV: Transfer to internal power.
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Nov-2021 22:53:25
:: hits the cutover :: CO: Transfer complete.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 10-Nov-2021 22:53:34
CO: Understood, C— :: just doesn't finish the word, nods ::
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:53:59
CEO: You know, either one is fine, whatever you are comfortable with. :: offers a friendly smile ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 10-Nov-2021 22:54:20
:: mumbling :: Self: I don't remember her getting a promotion while I was still onboard in any of my lifetimes.
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:54:28
:: turns to face forward :: CAG: Alright, Commander. Clear all moorings and back us out of our berth, thrusters only until we clear spacedoors.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 10-Nov-2021 22:54:50
CO: Sure thing! Requesting a minute to unscramble my brain!
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:55:11
CEO: Granted! :: smirks as she takes her seat ::
CAG LCdr T’Lira 10-Nov-2021 22:55:42
:: nods once :: CO: Aye, sir. :: clears the moorings and engages thrusters, treating it as nothing more than another simulation, backing the ship out of its berth ::
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 22:56:11
:: watches their departure, maybe a little more closely than usual, but she trusts T'Lira ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 10-Nov-2021 22:56:42
Self: Yeah, no, there were definitely Rear Admiral Harper, Admiral Harper...yeah, also a couple Commodore Harpers, but... I was always gone by then. Wasn't I...?
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Nov-2021 22:56:43
:: also monitors the departure from the Ops console, but T'Lira's right down the middle so far ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 22:57:08
:: gives D’bryn a quizzical look ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 10-Nov-2021 22:58:48
:: happens to notice Acacia's look, becomes somehow more self-conscious :: CMO: What? What'd I say?
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 22:59:30
:: gives her a stern look, then sighs and shakes her head :: CEO: Nothing. We’ll talk later.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 10-Nov-2021 23:00:31
:: thinks :: Brain> Brain: Yeah, it's probably about time for Emily to start picking up some weirdness from me. She always does.
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 23:00:50
:: watches the open spacedoors grow larger on the main viewer, but T'Lira's flying is precise ::
Hannah Ziredac 10-Nov-2021 23:01:41
:: is still not standing up :: Well. At least I'm here.
CAG LCdr T’Lira 10-Nov-2021 23:01:53
:: keeps her eyes on her console as she sends the ship on approach to the spacedoors, adusting ever so slightly to make a clean exit that doesn't involve "scratching the paint" as Navarro put it ::
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 23:02:16
ACTION> Atlantis does, in fact, fly cleanly through the spacedoors without scratching the paint.
CAG: Well done, Commander! I would never have guessed that was your first departure from spacedock.
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 23:02:41
:: resists the urge to clap, and smiles widely at the achievement ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 10-Nov-2021 23:02:49
:: nods and smiles ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Nov-2021 23:03:13
:: smiles proudly, distracted momentarily while reviewing departmental reports ::
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Nov-2021 23:03:24
:: nods appreciatively, proud of his student ::
CAG LCdr T’Lira 10-Nov-2021 23:04:19
:: gives the slightest of nods as she gazes ahead at the darkness of space, the tiniest sigh slipping free as she resumes checking the readouts ::
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 23:04:21
CAG: Set a course for these coordinates :: taps her chair arm and sends them to the helm :: at warp speed, and stand by for slipstream when the computer has a solution.
CMO LCdr Acacia 10-Nov-2021 23:05:06
:: is really internally rooting for T’Lira, very proud of her flying ::
CAG LCdr T’Lira 10-Nov-2021 23:06:24
:: receives the coordinates, plugging them in :: CO: Yes, Commodore. :: sends the coordinates to the slipstream drive, preparing it for activation as she engages the warp drive ::
CO Cdor Harper 10-Nov-2021 23:06:53
ACTION> Atlantis warps off into the black, entering slipstream minutes later.
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