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Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
The war is over, and Atlantis has returned to Earth so that her crew can indulge in some well-earned and necessary shore leave. Along with all that Earth has to offer, quantum slipstream transport ships are available to ferry passengers to the major worlds of the Federation.
After 03-Nov-2021 00:00:00
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 21:20:36
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 21:21:17
:: sits in the lobby of the hot spring she’s rented out for the day, wondering if anyone will be interested or show up after she put out a general invitation ::
Doc Navarro 03-Nov-2021 21:21:53
:: walks in to the onsen and takes off his sunglasses ::
MED2 LtJG Jasper 03-Nov-2021 21:22:34
:: is the only one to arrive to the onsen, having that day off while his wife was guest-lecturing :: Emily/Doc: Hey!
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 21:22:36
:: back-floating in the dream house's heated infinity pool, wearing only her aviator-frame sunglasses ::
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 21:22:56
:: smiles and rises from her seat, greeting Doc with a quick kiss :: Doc/Ethan: Hello! Welcome!
Doc Navarro 03-Nov-2021 21:23:44
:: smiles warmly at Emily after the kiss, and nods at Ethan :: ¡Hola!
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Nov-2021 21:23:49
:: sees Emily, Doc and Ethan, approaching :: Hi guys!
MED2 LtJG Jasper 03-Nov-2021 21:24:05
All: Ryleigh sends her apologies; she volunteered for guest-lecturing today. ::
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 21:24:21
:: grins, greeting Kuari as well :: Kuari: Hi! Glad you could all make it~
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 21:24:30
:: comes out of the kitchen onto the deck :: Kate: Lunch is ready! :: after they'd spent the morning down at the farmer's market ::
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 21:24:48
Ethan: Oh, that’s okay. She’s busy, that’s understandable.
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Nov-2021 21:24:53
:: nods happily, looking around :: Emily: Thank you for inviting, it sounds interesting!
Doc Navarro 03-Nov-2021 21:25:11
:: greets Kuari when she arrives ::
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 21:25:47
:: lifts her head out of the water when she hears Lexy speak :: What was that, love?
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 21:26:12
:: smiles :: Kuari: Oh, it is. Kimiko actually introduced me to the onsen, so it’s not native to me but something I really enjoy.
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 21:26:35
:: laughs :: Kate: I said, lunch is ready! :: wiping her hands on a kitchen towel ::
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 21:26:35
:: looks around :: All: Well, shall we?
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 21:27:17
:: swims over to the shallows to stand, then wrings out her hair ::
Doc Navarro 03-Nov-2021 21:27:52
:: nods, having been there for Jester's onsen introduction ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 03-Nov-2021 21:28:22
:: grouchily fixes more shit on the Atlantis, only somewhat ameliorated by the visit from Mom ::
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 21:28:27
:: walks up the stairs out of the water and grabs a towel to dry, her thoughts still jumbled from the back-floating reverie ::
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 21:29:03
Kate: Are you okay? You've seemed pensive all morning. :: starts untying her apron ::
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 21:29:10
:: leads the group into the back where there is a locker room with showers and towels, for them to wash off before entering the bath. Emily takes the lead and turns on a shower, pulling the curtain closed ::
Hannah Ziredac 03-Nov-2021 21:29:45
:: continues to self-medicate on the Skylark, fearful of what new horrors the Light will show her ::
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 21:31:22
:: dries herself :: Lexy: Mm? Oh, yes, you know, the usual sorts of thoughts about everything we have been through. But lunch!
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Nov-2021 21:31:33
:: follows Emily, then finds herself a stall and rinses off ::
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 21:31:54
:: does her hair up in a towel turban and smiles ::
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 21:32:06
:: pulls off her apron and tosses it over her shoulder, then reaches down to pick up Kate's robe to hand to her, but feels something odd :: Self: Is there something in the pocket? :: moves as if to look in the pocket ::
Cannon Everett 03-Nov-2021 21:32:09
:: kicks back in the onsen, tries some 'a this here june-my die-ginja or whatever the guy at the thing said it was ::
Doc Navarro 03-Nov-2021 21:32:34
:: gets into a shower and cleans up before the onsen proper ::
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 21:33:37
:: then undoes it just as quickly, the towel being too wet to help, so she tosses it aside to let the suns do their work ::
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 21:33:43
:: emerges wearing a towel and heads into the onsen, not waiting and letting the others catch up. She sheds her towel as she’s getting into the water, smiling at Cannon :: Cannon: Hello! I’m Emily, I don’t believe we’ve met?
Cannon Everett 03-Nov-2021 21:33:46
:: shivers, motorboats his lips :: Randy: Not exackly whut Ah was expectin, but, well, Ah kinda like it!
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 21:34:26
:: finds a box in the robe pocket :: Kate: What's this? Is it jewelry?? :: excitedly begins to fish it out ::
Cannon Everett 03-Nov-2021 21:34:41
Emily: Why howdy! Cannon Everett, pleased ta meetcha.
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 21:34:50
:: her breath catches in her throat as she realizes what she left in the robe's pocket ::
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 21:35:46
:: pulls it out and cocks her head in confusion when she sees the box :: Kate: ... not jewelry?
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 21:36:09
:: smiles warmly :: Cannon: Emily Acacia, :: she responded, not having expected a last name :: I’m CMO. What department are you from?
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 21:36:23
Lexy: No, not exactly. :: sighs ::
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 21:37:05
:: hesitates, then holds it out to Kate, this box not being hers to open :: Kate: Wh-what is it?
Doc Navarro 03-Nov-2021 21:37:06
:: drops his towel and gets in the onsen, nodding in greeting to Cannon ::
Cannon Everett 03-Nov-2021 21:37:58
Emily: D'partment? :: runs this through his thinker for a too-long clump of seconds :: Oh-oh-oh, ri-ri-right. You mean Starfleet. No d'partments for me anymore; I retired about...oh,
:: turns to the empty space next to him :: Randy: Randy, how long's it been? :: pauses for response :: Emily: Eight 'n 'a half years ago.
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 21:38:53
:: tilts her head, but smiles nonetheless :: Cannon: Oh, I see! Well, welcome to the party anyway.
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 21:39:00
:: takes the robe and puts it on, since although the suns do help, she does notice being out of the heated pool while not in her usual tropical climate, and this wasn't really the sort of conversation one wanted to be naked for ::
Cannon Everett 03-Nov-2021 21:39:35
Emily: Party? There's a party? Oh crud, did y'all privately reserve this hot spring?
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 21:39:55
:: she then takes the box and hesitates a moment before opening it, then places it on the table and turns it toward her wife :: Lexy: I have not said yes.
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 21:40:00
:: chuckles :: Cannon: Sure did. But what’s a party without a crasher, eh?
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 21:40:22
:: frowns :: Kate: Yes? ... Is it a promotion??
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Nov-2021 21:40:35
:: emerges from the locker area into the onsen, taking in the environment and its inhabitants. Water has mostly shed from her fur, but it drips some from her wings to either side. The water looks inviting, and she manages to find an open enough space to enter ::
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 21:40:53
:: nods :: Lexy: Ian offered it to me, along with formal command of Third Fleet, before we left for Risa.
Cannon Everett 03-Nov-2021 21:41:34
Emily: Well ain't that jus classic me? Just bargin in where Ah don't b'long, and none the wiser for it. Randy: I tol ya that gate back there weren't the entrance. Emily: I tol him that gate back there was probably just for staff, or what-have-ya.
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 21:41:56
:: says nothing for a long moment, then pats her thighs and turns to go inside :: Kate: Lunch isn't going to eat itself.
Doc Navarro 03-Nov-2021 21:42:02
:: chuckles at the situation, and nods to Kuari as the Rucara enters the onsen ::
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 21:43:05
:: laughs, shrugging :: Cannon: Really, it’s okay! These things happen. :: she gratefully accepts a cup of sake from a waiter that passes by, leaving it by the side of the spring :: Cannon: So where are you from?
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 21:44:00
:: picks the box back up and follows her :: Lexy: I... you know I meant what I said, about our life here, yes? This changes nothing for me.
Cannon Everett 03-Nov-2021 21:44:09
Emily: Freeport, Texas! How bout yerself?
Doc Navarro 03-Nov-2021 21:44:21
:: also takes some sake from the waiter ::
MED2 LtJG Jasper 03-Nov-2021 21:44:46
:: he heard Texas, turning his attention to the stranger :: Cannon: Same, though San Antonio for me!
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 21:45:23
:: smiles :: Cannon: Kentucky! Although the fam now lives in Iowa. My dad’s a Betazoid, though, from a small island.
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 21:45:39
Kate: Sure, of course. I spent an hour working on this lunch, and I'm not going to let it sit around any longer. :: crosses to the cupboard and hands Kate plates and utensils to put on the table ::
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 21:45:47
:: looks from Jasper to Cannon, smiling ::
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 21:46:31
:: wordlessly sets the table ::
:: places the box on the table as well ::
Doc Navarro 03-Nov-2021 21:47:31
:: leans back and sips at the sake while taking in the conversation ::
Cannon Everett 03-Nov-2021 21:47:47
Jasper: Got two uncles from up round those parts! Emily: Kentucky, huh? Wouldn't a guessed; you don't got a trace a Kentucky accent on ya.
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 21:48:16
:: approaches the table with a large bowl filled with salad and another filled with a primavera sort of pasta, both fresh Risian produce and based on recipes learned from Jhnal ::
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Nov-2021 21:48:22
:: listens to the conversation idly, having missed the start of it, but is focused on how warm the water is as she absorbs it, her eyes closed, up to her shoulders ::
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 21:48:27
:: nods in agreement :: Cannon: My mom’s accent is from California, between her and my dad and Kentucky I guess I ended up with no accent.
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 21:49:18
Lexy: This looks delicious!
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 21:49:22
:: sinks in the water, closing her eyes and taking a moment to enjoy it ::
Cannon Everett 03-Nov-2021 21:50:03
Emily/anyone else nearby: So what ship y'all from?
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 21:50:31
:: brings over some dressing, bread, and a carafe of chilled water as well before taking her seat and beginning to dish salad onto her plate ::
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 21:50:34
:: cracks an eyelid, wondering if she has to answer or if someone else will ::
Doc Navarro 03-Nov-2021 21:50:39
Cannon: Atlantis.
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 21:51:31
:: also goes for the salad, but with one eye on Lexy ::
MED2 LtJG Jasper 03-Nov-2021 21:51:48
Cannon: Atlantis. You're looking at the XO, Navigator, and CMO and researcher. :: gestures at each person as he speaks. ::
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Nov-2021 21:51:59
:: opens her eyes and looks at Cannon as Doc answers, wearing a polite smile ::
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 21:52:30
:: pours her homemade vinaigrette dressing over her salad before handing the bottle wordlessly to Kate ::
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 21:53:13
:: takes the bottle and pours some on her salad, then pours them both water from the carafe ::
Cannon Everett 03-Nov-2021 21:53:47
:: juts a lip, nods :: Well I'll be damned! I've ackshually heard 'a that one! Oh, whut's er cap'n's name? Blackstone? Black... Black-sum'm, right?
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 21:54:11
:: stabs at her salad with her fork and takes a bit, looking thoughtfully at the ceiling as she chews ::
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 21:54:51
:: nervously sips at her water and finally says :: ...Rosie?
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 21:54:51
:: shakes her head :: Cannon: Used to be, I think. Current Captain is Harper, though.
Doc Navarro 03-Nov-2021 21:56:25
Cannon: Admiral Blackthorne was promoted to a big desk in San Francisco.
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 21:56:39
:: swallows her salad :: Self: Good. A little spicy. But good. :: then looks up at Kate and gestures at the box with her fork :: Kate: This changes everything, obviously.
Cannon Everett 03-Nov-2021 21:56:54
Emily: Ah, gotcher. Ah used to know a guy—well, kinda used to know a guy—who was on the Atlantis eons ago. Ah'm pretty sure he ain't on Atlantis anymore.
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Nov-2021 21:57:23
:: nods at Doc's explanation, interest piqued :: Cannon: Who was it you knew on Atlantis?
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 21:57:29
Lexy: How? I am still in love with the idea of a life here, with you.
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 21:57:33
:: sips her sake ::
Cannon Everett 03-Nov-2021 21:57:48
Navarro: -thorne, that's right. Well, good for him!
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 21:58:03
Kate: If it were that simple, you would've already said no. :: takes another bite of salad ::
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 21:58:27
:: she starts to talk, but pauses, realizing that she's right ::
:: takes a bite to buy time to think ::
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 21:58:56
:: swallows :: Kate: And I would've been furious.
Cannon Everett 03-Nov-2021 21:59:56
Kuari: Feller name 'a Jack Leirone. Ring a bell?
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:00:10
:: looks confused :: Lexy: Why? Captain, Commodore, what is the difference if we retire?
Doc Navarro 03-Nov-2021 22:01:18
:: shrugs, having never heard of a Leirone ::
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 22:01:40
:: frowns at Kate :: Kate: Captain Kathryn Harper has already inspired a generation of Risian children, at the very least. You would be a fool to not even entertain a promotion to become the first Risian fucking flag officer, Kate.
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 22:02:01
:: shrugs as well ::
Cannon Everett 03-Nov-2021 22:02:14
:: gauging the [lack of] reaction :: All: Yeah, he weren't around fer long.
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:02:15
:: winces ::
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Nov-2021 22:03:10
:: frowns, her eyes turning down towards the water in thought :: Cannon: The name is vaguely familiar. I don't remember meeting them, however.
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:04:09
:: quietly :: Lexy: I entertained it, believe me. When Ian and T'Kirr offered it, I was excited, at first... but after we talked in Fiji, I, well...
Lexy: I had already made plans to surprise you with this place.
Cannon Everett 03-Nov-2021 22:04:25
Kuari: Ol Jack can fade into the background like one 'a them chameleons. Part 'a his prior vocation, from what Ah reckon.
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:05:21
Lexy: And after I saw your excitement over the idea, it was infectious. I am excited by what we are dreaming up for our future together, here.
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 22:06:02
:: finishes what's left of her salad in silence ::
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Nov-2021 22:06:21
Cannon: You mean he was quiet, not very outgoing?
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:06:49
:: finishes her salad as well, then diverts, slightly :: Lexy: I had a dream about it last night, even.
Doc Navarro 03-Nov-2021 22:07:34
:: takes another sake from the waiter and returns his empty cup ::
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 22:07:47
:: cleaning the salad leavings off her plate with a slice of bread that she'd bought at the bakery down in the town that morning -- doesn't look up :: Kate: Oh?
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 22:08:22
:: also exchanges her empty sake for a full cup, smiling at the waiter :: Waiter: Thanks!
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:09:06
:: smiles at the memory, as fuzzy and dreamlike as it is, as she begins to narrate :: Lexy: I saw our children, a boy and girl. They were about eight. The girl had my hair and your eyes, and the boy the other way around.
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Nov-2021 22:09:21
:: takes a glass of water from the waiter and drinks it instantly, setting the container on the side of the tub ::
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 22:09:31
:: pauses, appearing to consider that, then eats her bread ::
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:10:17
:: continues when Lexy doesn't speak :: Lexy: His name was Billy, after your dad. The girl was Diana, but I do not know why that name. Does it mean anything to you?
Cannon Everett 03-Nov-2021 22:10:31
Kuari: Well, all Ah can say's that he's the type 'a feller who ain't seen unless he wants ta be seen. :: is distracted by the nothing to his left :: Randy: Oh whut, it's not like they actually know the guy, Randy.
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 22:11:29
Kate: It's easier to spell than Artemis.
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:11:53
:: tilts her head :: Lexy: From your mythology, yes?
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 22:12:26
Kate: Earth mythology, yes. Diana is the goddess of the hunt.
Doc Navarro 03-Nov-2021 22:12:29
:: does find it odd to be in such a Japanese place without Jester, but he enjoys himself, regardless ::
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 22:12:46
:: begins to dish pasta and veggies onto her plate ::
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:12:46
Hm. :: wonders if that has any psychological meaning ::
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 22:13:13
Kate: We haven't even decided if children is what we want.
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:13:31
Lexy: I know, but dreams are weird.
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 22:13:54
:: nods idly, sipping her sake :: Cannon: I don’t really know anyone from Blackthorne’s time. I’m new.. ish. In the scheme of things.
Doc Navarro 03-Nov-2021 22:14:07
Cannon: Same here, really.
Cannon: I came aboard when la capitana took command, actually. She was the previous helm officer, and I her replacement.
Cannon Everett 03-Nov-2021 22:17:08
Emily/Navarro: Yep, spose that's the way 'a things. Everyone on their ter-ject'ries, bouncin in 'n out like particles on their infinite journey. Outright hard to parse, the older ya get. I doubt there's anyone on my ol ship who even knows someone who knew me. We're such ephem'ral creatures.
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Nov-2021 22:17:16
:: is somewhat intrigued by Cannon's description of Jack, but continues to listen and not pay it much attention, since the crew member likely isn't aboard anymore ::
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 22:19:15
:: begins eating her pasta ::
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 22:19:16
:: nods, sipping her sake with a pensive look :: Cannon: It is crazy, how people bounce around.
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:19:30
:: dishes herself up some of the pasta ::
Doc Navarro 03-Nov-2021 22:19:45
:: nods to Cannon :: That's deep.
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 22:20:02
Kate: All of this is me attempting your mother's recipes, so you'll have to let me know how I did.
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:20:36
:: had not even been really tasting the food, given the weight of their conversation ::
Cannon Everett 03-Nov-2021 22:20:39
Emily: Oh, you've no idear. :: sips and winces at his sake :: Hoo boy, this socky stuff's got a real kick to it.
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:20:59
:: but she tries the pasta and nods eagerly :: Lexy: That is close!
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 22:21:27
:: allows herself a small smile of pride ::
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 22:21:40
:: laughs, nodding :: Cannon: It’s heavy on the alcohol. Very efficient!
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Nov-2021 22:21:46
:: knows all too well how people come and go, having been alive more than most, but keeps it to herself, chuckling a little to herself as she finds Cannon's antics entertaining ::
Doc Navarro 03-Nov-2021 22:22:00
Cannon: If you can be one thing, be efficient. :: raises his glass ::
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:22:22
Lexy: I will be sure to tell her. I think she would be proud.
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 22:22:22
:: cheerses the group, then downs her cup ::
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 22:23:23
:: directs her smile at Kate briefly, then returns to her pasta in silence for a few bites before remarking, :: Kate: So the way I see it, you have two options.
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:23:45
:: listens to her wife ::
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 22:24:10
:: gets a new cup from the waiter, with an increasingly emphatic thanks ::
Doc Navarro 03-Nov-2021 22:24:31
:: also gets another cup! ::
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 22:24:32
Kate: You could have this life, here, with me... but I think you would be bored to tears, Kitty. Especially when your other option is commanding the Third Fleet as a history-making first ever Risian Flag Officer.
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:25:08
:: her chin trembles ::
Cannon Everett 03-Nov-2021 22:25:20
Emily/Navarro: Efficiency's nice when it's a drink or yer job, as Ah'm sure all y'all know. Sometimes—present time included—it's nice to be an inefficient particle. :: adds his cheers to the air ::
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:26:06
:: quietly :: I am willing to do it, you know.
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 22:26:20
:: nods sagely at Cannon’s wisdom, smirking with amusement ::
Doc Navarro 03-Nov-2021 22:26:40
Kuari: Ever try sake, Commander?
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 22:27:12
:: finishes her pasta and sets down her fork, folding her hands in her lap and looking down at them for a moment before meeting Kate's eyes :: Kate: I know. You would do it for me.
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Nov-2021 22:27:42
:: blinks at the drink Doc is referencing :: Doc: No, but I've sniffed it before. I wouldn't like it.
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 22:28:04
:: chuckles :: Kuari: Not a fan of alcohol?
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:28:18
:: meets Lexy's eyes in return :: In a heartbeat, without looking back. :: blinks at ever-increasing moisture in her eyes ::
Doc Navarro 03-Nov-2021 22:28:42
Kuari: Oh well, there's plenty of other good things to drink here!
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Nov-2021 22:28:48
:: smiles at Emily :: Only in small amounts, a part of something else.
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 22:29:21
:: nods, calling the waiter over and asking for a Japanese soda, which the waiter brings out for Kuari to try ::
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 22:29:22
:: closes her eyes and nods, responding softly :: Kate: I know, Kitty. I know if I asked this of you right now, you would do it.
Cannon Everett 03-Nov-2021 22:30:23
Kuari: Well, forch-nately, C'mmander, socky seems to only come in small amounts. :: sips his again, quivers ::
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:31:13
:: blinks quickly several times to clear her eyes, then deflects into her meal, taking a bite as she waits for what her wife will say next ::
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 22:32:09
Kate: You have no idea how much I want to ask for this. :: her eyes are still closed, and a tear slides down her cheek :: And if I did, I would never be able to forgive myself.
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Nov-2021 22:32:31
:: glances over at Cannon at his comment, then notices Emily ordering her something, curious ::
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:33:27
:: quietly, her voice wavering :: What are you saying, Rosie?
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 22:33:30
:: waves a finger :: Kuari: Try it! It’s melon flavored, a local melon. Kinda fruity, kinda bubbly. Good stuff.
Doc Navarro 03-Nov-2021 22:33:41
:: watches the Rucara for her reaction to the soda ::
:: as he tips back another sake ::
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 22:34:38
:: looks up, more tears sliding down her cheeks, which she quickly wipes away in frustration :: Kate: First, we are buying this house. Today.
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:35:22
:: takes in a sharp breath and wipes at her eyes before nodding eagerly :: Yes, yes!
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 22:35:49
:: throws back her sake, and the waiter obliges with yet another round for everyone ::
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 22:36:04
Kate: Second, if a large part of you wants that promotion, you should accept it. Today.
Doc Navarro 03-Nov-2021 22:36:07
:: finishes the sake and smiles stupidly as he takes another ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 03-Nov-2021 22:36:31
:: finishes the last bit of work she could possibly do on Atlantis ::
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Nov-2021 22:36:36
:: takes the offered drink carefully, sniffing at the top, then tipping the glass into her mouth. She smiles at the flavor, and nods to her companions :: Good!
CEO LtJG D’bryn 03-Nov-2021 22:37:07
:: looks around Main Engineering, has only the ambient hum for company ::
Doc Navarro 03-Nov-2021 22:37:08
:: cheers! ::
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 22:37:16
Kate: I will, of course, return to Atlantis with you and keep my commission.
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 22:37:37
:: cheers as well :: Kuari: I’m glad! See? Something for everyone!
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:37:38
:: nods, somewhat less eagerly ::
:: and pauses before finally saying, softly, and perhaps more to herself than Lexy :: I do want it.
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 22:38:26
:: nods :: Kate: Then take it and make history, baby.
Cannon Everett 03-Nov-2021 22:38:35
:: cheerses :: Kuari: There ya go! :: finishes off his junmai daiginjo :: All: Now, ya said there's a melon-flavored one? Ah gotta get me summa that.
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 22:38:48
Kate: The inspiration you bring to your home planet is bigger than you and me.
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Nov-2021 22:39:07
Emily: Yeah! :: takes another sip, attempting to savor the flavor by drinking it slowly ::
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:39:11
:: looks back at her wife and melts, her eyes full of adoration for this incredible woman that inspires her to do what she does ::
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 22:40:29
:: summons the waiter to bring Cannon a melon soda to try :: Cannon/Kuari: It’s a local melon called yubari. Good stuff. Nice and sweet~
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 22:40:44
:: still wiping away tears, but otherwise all business :: Kate: We can ask your folks to help us rent this place out for however long we decide... a year, two years... but before too many years pass, we will retire and spend the rest of our lives together in peace with this as our home.
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Nov-2021 22:41:05
:: mimicks the word perfectly :: yubari yum.
Doc Navarro 03-Nov-2021 22:41:06
:: has actually tried it before, along with having tasted plenty of other Japanese delicacies, from spending time with Jester ::
Cannon Everett 03-Nov-2021 22:41:32
Emily: That's what Ah need! Ah like the stuff Ah got, but Ah ordered it by sayin, 'Gimme the best socky y'all got.' Shoulda said, 'Gimme the best socky for dumb ol Texans what ain't had socky afore.'
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:42:11
:: nods again, eager once more, and wipes at her eyes as she laughs :: Lexy: And I can tell my parents to stop asking about grandchildren for a while longer!
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 22:42:34
Kate: Yes. We'll have to talk about that.
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 22:42:55
:: laughs at that :: Cannon: This place has good sake, at least. It does vary, I think.
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:42:58
Lexy: Well, mamá, mostly, you know how she is.
:: smiles and leans forward to take both of Lexy's hands, giving them a good squeeze :: Thank you, Rosie. I love you, so, so much.
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 22:44:36
Kate: I want to warn you, though.
Doc Navarro 03-Nov-2021 22:44:45
:: takes a second to decipher what Cannon said ::
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 22:44:50
Kate: If there is another war, I might be done.
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:45:31
Lexy: That makes two of us. It turns out that I am not a perfect diplomat, but I will try to keep us out of any more wars.
Lexy: I do not think I did too badly at commanding the fleet, though. I never imagined myself doing it until I had to.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 03-Nov-2021 22:46:49
:: returns to her quarters, takes a sonic shower ::
Doc Navarro 03-Nov-2021 22:47:12
:: quietly asks the waiter for some mochi for everyone ::
Hannah Ziredac 03-Nov-2021 22:47:24
:: can't take anymore, gets up, stomps to her sleeping cubby, fishes in her dirty laundry for her little metal box ::
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 22:47:56
:: shakes her head :: Kate: I wasn't surprised in the least that you were good at it. You are tremendously skilled.
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 22:47:57
:: gasps and grins, taking a mochi appreciatively :: All: Who ordered mochi?
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Nov-2021 22:48:04
:: sets her drink down on the rim of the pool and carefully crawls out, lying down along the edge ::
Doc Navarro 03-Nov-2021 22:48:05
Emily: I did!
Hannah Ziredac 03-Nov-2021 22:48:30
:: in a huff, sets her Light on the floor of the forward cabin, goes to her terminal ::
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 22:48:39
:: grins, mock-clapping for him as one hand was holding the sweet treat ::
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:49:16
Lexy: You are biased. :: grins :: But thank you. :: finishes her pasta, glad for this after the mostly-sleepless previous night ::
Hannah Ziredac 03-Nov-2021 22:49:39
:: configures the Skylark's transporter to transport the Light out into space ::
Doc Navarro 03-Nov-2021 22:49:55
:: offers a mochi ball to Kuari :: XO: Now this, I think you'll like.
Hannah Ziredac 03-Nov-2021 22:50:04
:: turns around and looks at the little box once more, thinking of all the gains it brought her, thinking of all it could bring her in the future ::
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 22:50:13
:: watches Kuari expectantly as she finishes her own mochi ball ::
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Nov-2021 22:50:30
:: shifts her weight onto an elbow and reaches for the offered mochi ball :: Doc: Probably!
Hannah Ziredac 03-Nov-2021 22:50:32
:: can't unsee the many faces of Jane as she dies violent deaths, can't unfeel the blade going through her own abdomen ::
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 22:51:00
:: internally mourns the loss of this life for the time being, but says nothing about it to Kate :: Kate: Are you almost ready for dessert?
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:51:25
:: nods :: Yes!
Hannah Ziredac 03-Nov-2021 22:51:55
:: sneers at the box, transports the fucker into Whomever-knows-where ::
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:52:11
:: grabs her PADD while Lexy fetches dessert, and sends two quick messages ::
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 22:52:20
:: stands up and moves to the counter to cut up fresh fruit and replicate ice cream to put underneath it ::
Hannah Ziredac 03-Nov-2021 22:52:27
:: tries to hold back tears, can't; tries to hide them from even herself by repping up some more self-medication ::
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Nov-2021 22:52:31
:: pops the mochi ball into her mouth, tasting it for a moment before nodding at Doc and Emily at the rich flavor ::
Doc Navarro 03-Nov-2021 22:52:46
:: cheers, probably a bit too loudly ::
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 22:53:02
:: grins, nodding approvingly and clapping with her now empty hands ::
HQ1 Adm Blackthorne 03-Nov-2021 22:53:44
:: gets Kate's message and smiles before forwarding it to T'Kirr ::
Doc Navarro 03-Nov-2021 22:55:33
:: wonders if he should order a bit more mochi, since that little treat looked tiny disappearing into Kuari's maw ::
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Nov-2021 22:55:53
:: giggles a bit at Doc's enthusiasm ::
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 22:56:01
:: returns to the table with fruit and ice cream treats ::
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 22:56:14
:: orders another round of mochi, strawberry this time ::
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:56:28
:: brightens at the dessert :: Lexy: Oh! This looks wonderful!
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 22:57:26
:: smiles to hide the fact that she's slightly dead inside :: Kate: I've never had this fruit before! Is it good?
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:58:25
:: nods eagerly :: Lexy: Yes, it is more native to this region of Risa. Kind of like... a peach, but not as sweet and a bit more tangy?
Doc Navarro 03-Nov-2021 22:58:56
:: watches Kuari when the mochi arrives as he finishes his sake ::
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 22:59:21
:: takes her strawberry mochi and savors it as much as she can, loving the Japanese treat ::
Lexy Wright 03-Nov-2021 22:59:25
:: sits and digs into her dessert with a spoon, finding it delicious ::
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:59:39
Lexy: It is done, by the way. :: pokes at the PADD ::
Emily Acacia 03-Nov-2021 22:59:46
:: also kind of watches for Kuari’s reaction, hoping she’ll like it ::
Kate Harper 03-Nov-2021 22:59:53
Lexy: I sent messages to Admiral Blackthorne and to my agent here.
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