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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
The war is over, and Atlantis has returned to Earth so that her crew can indulge in some well-earned and necessary shore leave. Along with all that Earth has to offer, quantum slipstream transport ships are available to ferry passengers to the major worlds of the Federation.
After 27-Oct-2021 00:00:00
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 21:10:58
:: piloting the shuttle Seraphim in a wide arc over Risa, flying in such a way that intentionally obscures the view of their actual destination ::
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 21:11:32
:: brings a shuttle in for a gentle landing on the island of Betazese :: All: Thank you for flying ZorroSpace.
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 21:12:23
:: turns in her seat to look at those who joined her. She told everyone to dress casually, but she wears a tribal garb. It’s a green wrap embroidered with intricate gold leaves, in addition to a chan shawl over one shoulder and some feathers on her leather belt. She looks at those who chose to join her, and smiles ::
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 21:13:17
:: has just turned away from Scott Ammora's ludicrous idea of singing in front of people, shut the door of the Skylark, and loaded up the holo-program for The Grove ::
:: orders a cheerleader drink at the bar, puts her name down on the karaoke signups, and sits amongst the holographic hipsters ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 21:14:52
:: gets up first, and goes to open the shuttle door :: All: Thanks for coming. This should be a lot of fun!
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 21:15:09
:: runs the shuttle through post-flight and powers down before getting up to exit ::
Amylla Isaev 27-Oct-2021 21:15:16
Zoë: When did you start drinking, lyalya? I thought you didn't drink.
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 21:15:58
:: is flying far from their normal range on Risa, a few thousand kilometers north of her tropical hometown ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 27-Oct-2021 21:16:01
:: shrugs :: Amylla: Eighteen? Nineteen? I dunno. Later than most but not that late.
Ryleigh Grey 27-Oct-2021 21:16:48
:: smiles at her friend, a flash of the fact that her husband couldn't have joined them this time around, having been roped into a particularly difficult case at the academy hospital ringing her emotions carefully :: Emily: This'll be weird without Ethan, but thanks for inviting us!
Amylla Isaev 27-Oct-2021 21:17:14
:: hums :: Zoë: I could've sworn that you were tee-totals. I'm starting to forget a lot of things. Part of getting old.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 27-Oct-2021 21:17:27
Amylla: You're not that old.
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Oct-2021 21:17:27
:: gets up from her position on the floor of the shuttle, choosing not to dress, a big smile on her face towards Acacia ::
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 21:17:56
Kate: Okay, surely now you can tell me where we are going.
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 21:17:59
:: leads the way out of the shuttle and down towards the beach, where the fire is already brewing. There’s a central stage with rings of seats around it, and half the seats are already taken when they get there :: All: Sit anywhere! The stories start at sundown. :: she looked up, the sun beginning to set ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 21:18:30
:: looks over to her wife, wearing a shit-eating grin :: Lexy: Or... I could show you.
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 21:18:40
:: rolls her eyes ::
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 21:18:46
KJ> Alright, next up is Hannah. Hannah, you're up. :: gets up, takes the stage :: :: the bass, the guitars, and the drums build up to that synth line ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 21:18:50
:: she dips the nose of the shuttle and dives through a cloud, engineered to be there by the weather control system ::
Torinessa Acacia 27-Oct-2021 21:19:08
:: spots Emily and her friends and waves, having been on the island for a few days already ::
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 21:19:35
:: wearing a white linen shirt sporting pearl buttons, a panama hat, khaki shorts, and sandals, he waves when he sees Emily's sister ::
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 21:20:04
:: takes big drink before singing :: Mic: When routine bites hard and ambitions are low and resentment rides high but emotions won't grow and we're changing our ways, taking different roads Love, love will tear us apart again. Love, love will tear us apart again.
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 21:20:08
:: the Seraphim emerges from the cloud's bottom, and a house perched on a sheer, rocky cliff comes into view, surrounded by a lush coniferous forest ::
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 21:20:47
:: looks out the window and takes in the view :: Kate: Oooooh. Whoever lives there has an amazing view!
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 21:20:48
:: keeps one eye on Lexy while she flies ::
:: keeps flying directly toward the house's landing pad ::
Lexy: I am sure that they do!
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 21:21:28
Kate: It looks a bit like home, actually. The trees aren't quite the same... wait, where are we going?
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 21:21:30
:: on the central stage around the fire were a few key figures. One was an old lady next to a bog box of craft supplies. One was a young man who wandered around assessing the crowd, an one was a young girl in a purple cape engrossed in writing in a small journal ::
Amylla Isaev 27-Oct-2021 21:21:40
:: sits with Zoë at a table in the lounge :: Zoë: So. This person who has stepped on heart. What's her problem?
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 21:21:47
:: the house can now be seen to have giant windows overlooking the sea battering the rocky cliff on one side, and the forest on the other ::
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 21:21:55
Kate: Do you know the people that live there?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 27-Oct-2021 21:22:12
:: sighs, deflates :: Amylla: Mama, I really don't wanna talk about it. It's too fresh.
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 21:22:21
Lexy: Well, kind of... but that is where we are staying! They rent it out when they travel.
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 21:22:45
Kate: Ooh! :: her eyes sparkle, and she claps her hands excitedly ::
Amylla Isaev 27-Oct-2021 21:23:08
Zoë: We don't have to talk about it. I just think anyone who doesn't want you has no brain.
Ryleigh Grey 27-Oct-2021 21:23:17
:: is settling on a stool, watching everything wordlessly ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 21:23:20
:: starts out greeting people, then sits down as the sun is setting. The young man on stage grabs a microphone, and speaks into it ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 21:23:31
:: beams she she sees Lexy's reaction, maybe even a little too much :: Lexy: I thought it might remind you of your home while on my home!
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 21:23:47
Falgar> I am Fagar, kreshai for the night. We may begin, who wishes to go first?
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 21:23:51
Mic: Why is the bedrooms o cold, turned away on your side? Is my timing that flawed, our respect run so dry?
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 21:24:11
:: settles in, this being his second campfire ::
Torinessa Acacia 27-Oct-2021 21:24:12
:: raises a hand, along with a few others ::
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 21:24:16
:: carefully flings her arms around Kate so as not to disrupt the whole piloting thing she's got going on ::
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 21:24:29
Mic: Yet there's still this appeal that we've kept through our lives Love, love will tear us apart again. Love, love will tear us apart again.
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 21:24:39
:: giggles as she is carefully glomped while flying ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 21:24:44
Falgar> :: points at a random man :: Man: You!
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Oct-2021 21:24:50
:: trots down from the shuttle to the beach with the group, feeling the sand under her feet and gazes at the gathering of people. The fire is warm in the cooling air, and she finds a seat, all smiles, studying the people on the stage ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 21:25:25
:: lifts her chin at the front windows :: Lexy: There is a little town nearby, too.
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 21:25:59
Kate: How cute! :: peers out, looking for it through the trees ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 21:26:23
:: the man takes the stage, and begins a story. His daughter had been having nightmares, and his family had taken every effort to solve them. Finally he came up with putting water in a spray bottle, and spraying her room for monsters before bed. A few in the crowd laughed, some cheered. He knelt before the old woman in her rocking chair, and she tied a rock charm shaped like a spray bottle to one of his shoulder tassels ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 21:26:37
:: the town fades from view as the trees dominate the windows once they are low enough, and she sets the Seraphim down on the landing pad ::
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 21:28:12
Mic: Do you cry out in your sleep, all my fallings exposed? Get a taste in my mouth as desperation takes hold Is it something so good, just can't function no more? But love, love will tear us apart again. Love, love will tear us apart again.
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 21:28:27
:: bounces giddily as she shuts down her console and unbuckles her seatbelt ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 21:28:58
:: powers down their shuttle's main systems and does likewise ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 21:29:22
:: looks around, then steps up. She gets on stage and begins with the tale of their battle, and how she had done almost fifty surgeries in one night. As she spoke, the old woman added chains to her chain-link shoulder piece, then gave it back when she was done. She smiled gesturing at her friends :: All: And any of our visitors could tell you what it was like, I’m sure.
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 21:29:55
:: takes in the stories, interested in each one ::
Ryleigh Grey 27-Oct-2021 21:30:26
:: listens to the stories, holding her hands up at Emily's mention :: Emily> Oh heavens' sake, absolutely not. No stories from me.
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 21:30:53
:: raises his hand to volunteer ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 21:31:08
:: gets up and opens the hatch ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 21:31:22
:: chuckles at Ryleigh’s words and gets off stage, stopping at the food table for a pastry and some wine before going to sit back down. When she spots Doc’s hand up she gasps excitedly and pushes his back gently :: Doc: Yeah, go!
:: the man on stage offers the mic to Doc ::
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 21:31:39
:: bounces along behind her :: Kate: So your friends are away?
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 21:32:33
:: chuckles and takes the mic, then tells the story of the final battle with the Xovul from the perspective of a fighter pilot, and one that was flying in a great chaotic scrum with all sorts of allies, from the Free Fleets, to the Kvolir drones, to even other Xovul, and how their alliance triumphed ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 21:33:20
:: grabs their bags and steps out into the somewhat cooler air than she's used to on Risa, then turns to grin at Lexy :: Oh yes. They are not even on the planet.
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 21:33:33
:: the audience oohs and ahhs, cheering for Doc’s success. When his tale ends, the old woman on stage offers him a small clay charm in the shape of a fighter ship, a little off but the right general shape ::
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 21:34:11
:: steps out of the shuttle and looks around, smiling as she breathes in the fresh ocean air intermingled with the earthy scent of the forest ::
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Oct-2021 21:34:21
:: listens to the stories from her seat, loving to hear of the experiences of others, especially when someone has learned something from them that they are passing on. She looks over at Navarro as he takes the stage, then whoops a bit when he is done telling his tale ::
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 21:34:32
:: gratefully takes the little fighter charm, with reverence for its cultural signficance ::
:: then heads over to the buffet ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 21:34:56
:: claps for Doc, obviously excited for his first story ::
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 21:34:57
Kate: The landscaping is beautiful!
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 21:35:19
Lexy: I have not actually gotten to come here before. It is awe-inspiringly gorgeous!
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 21:35:19
Kate: I am so envious of people who get to live here.
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 21:35:39
:: nods and smiles :: Lexy: Right?!
Ryleigh Grey 27-Oct-2021 21:35:56
:: remains quiet, listening and clapping at the end of every story ::
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 21:36:12
:: nodding and smiling to his felllow crew members as he exits the stage ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 21:36:23
:: the stories continue, the audience cheering for each one. ::
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 21:36:28
:: steps out onto the deck, bounding over to the railing that overlooks the crashing sea below ::
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 21:37:09
:: on her next turn, with a new drink in her hand—this one in a 32-oz mason jar, bright pink, and just riddled with two different liquors :: :: the guitars build up :: Mic: Loving you—isn't the right thing to do How can I—ever change things that I feel If could—baby, I'd give you my world How can I—when you won't take it from me? You can go your own way, go your own way You can call it another lonely day You can go your own way, go your own way
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 21:37:20
:: steps up beside her, taking deep breaths of the sea air :: Lexy: It is not as warm as I am used to, but the sunshine helps.
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 21:37:57
Kate: Oh, it feels just like home to me. I'll bet that water is pretty cold, though. Oh, look, a hot tub!
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 21:38:00
:: listens to a woman tell the story of her battle with an infectious disease, which she fortunately won. As the sky grows fully dark, it becomes obvious from the light that the vendor stalls had opened, lit tents selling everything from street food to fabric to trinkets on the beach ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 21:38:13
Lexy: Of course!
Lexy: Shall we check out the inside?
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 21:38:52
:: tears herself away from checking out the elaborate deck :: Kate: Okay!
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 21:39:15
:: gets up at one point and returns with two sticks of fried meat, offering one to Doc :: Doc: Okash!
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 21:39:46
:: leads her wife through the doors from the deck into the cavernous great room, arranged solely to show off the view through the floor-to-ceiling windows ::
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 21:40:01
Self: Whooooa.
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 21:40:20
:: takes the meat :: Emily: Thank you! :: hungrily starts tearing it off the stick with his teeth ::
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Oct-2021 21:40:35
:: continues listening to stories, thinking about what story she could tell, then smells food being carried over and sniffs the air ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 21:40:43
It is even more incredible than I imagined from the pictures.
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 21:41:04
Kate: It's amazing!
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 21:41:05
:: spots Kuari sniffing and actually offers her the other stick, figuring she can get more :: Kuari: Okash!
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Oct-2021 21:41:46
:: smiles and takes the offered stick :: Emily: Thanks!
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 21:42:00
:: remembers the name now :: Kuari: Okash is delicious.
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 21:42:42
:: wanders around the room, looking up at the high ceilings and majestic windows ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 21:42:42
:: grins, getting up to get more but agreeing in passing :: Doc: It’s one of my favorites~
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 21:43:08
:: sloshes her way through the rest of Fleetwood Mac, then butchers 'I Will Always Love You', does better at 'Skinny Love', kinda works her way through Still Smoke's 'You Deserve', Will Thornwell's 'Bolero', whips out the old crowd-pleaser 'Torn' ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 21:43:21
:: flits about, her sandals echoing when she's not on the plushly carpeted areas ::
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 21:43:23
:: is quite kershnockered at this point ::
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Oct-2021 21:44:41
:: bites at the stick with the side of her jaws, pulling a chunk of meat off ::
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 21:44:56
:: watches Kuari, having not seen her eat much more than fruit and chocolate ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 21:45:04
:: comes back with another stick of fried meat and digs in ::
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Oct-2021 21:45:25
:: points her nose at Navarro and nods. She swallows, not being much for chewing ::
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 21:45:27
Kate: Would your friends mind if I took my shoes off? It feels like a sin to wear shoes on these carpets.
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 21:45:59
Lexy: Not at all! The place is ours to enjoy for our stay.
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 21:46:08
:: actually starts crying during 'With or Without You' ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 21:46:19
:: smiles as her friends enjoy the local food, feeling like a successful cultural ambassador ::
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 21:46:44
:: removes her shoes and sets them next to the door they entered through, then pads around in her stocking feet :: Kate: Ooh, I found the kitchen!
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Oct-2021 21:47:00
:: looks over at the stalls, noticing they're selling, enjoying the atmosphere ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 21:48:28
:: having flown from her parents' house, she's wearing a loose, gauzy, diaphanous traditional Risan dress, she sheds her sandals and follows Lexy into the kitchen, now barefoot ::
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 21:48:44
:: cleanses the palette with Barenaked Ladies' 'One Week', prefacing it with :: Crowd: This is still teggnigly on-topic but we need a pick-me-up affer that lass one.
:: cannot keep up with the fast part ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 21:49:25
:: gets up again and comes back with a few fruits, orange and red and like a mango but smaller. She comes to the fire with four and offers one to Ryleigh, Kuari, and Doc, keeping one for herself ::
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 21:49:55
:: takes the fruit and digs in, thinking it compliments the meat well ::
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 21:51:11
:: marvels at the gorgeous, spacious kitchen - twirls around, the polka-dot dress she is wearing swirling around her :: Kate: It's so perfect! :: goes to the replicator and orders a fruity, fizzy drink ::
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 21:51:20
Crowd: Alright, how-bow a kinda...a kinda thing where... where iss like a li'l more hopeful but still fucks, if ya nawmean? Crowd> :: applauds, cheers ::
Ryleigh Grey 27-Oct-2021 21:51:31
:: takes a fruit, nibbling at it carefully ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 21:52:11
:: chows down on her own fruit, skin and seeds and all. It’s sweet, but not too juicy ::
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Oct-2021 21:52:28
:: takes the fruit from Emily gratefully, watching her be the ever-attentive host, and enjoys the fruit :: Emily: Thanks!
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 21:52:43
Emily: Hm, this one's like a kiwi. Almost.
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 21:52:51
:: sighs contentedly :: Lexy: I am so happy that you like the place, Rosie. :: orders a drink for herself ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 21:53:20
:: nods lightly :: Doc: I’d compare it to the dragonfruit. Maybe dragonfruit spliced with pumpkin. :: she shrugs ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 21:53:23
:: sips at her drink and glances appraisingly around the kitchen ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 21:53:38
:: gives Kuari a thumbs-up at her thanks ::
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 21:53:45
:: sips her drink as well, nosily opening a cupboard here and there ::
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 21:53:46
:: nods is agreement :: Emily: Sí, that's the one.
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 21:53:46
KJ: Hey KJ. KJ. Make it the John Lennon virgin. Vergon. ...version.
Ryleigh Grey 27-Oct-2021 21:54:37
Emily: Thank you! This is great, very much like... uh, starfruit?
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 21:54:38
:: steps up behind Lexy and slips her arms around her wife's waist, leaving the half-finished drink on the counter, and whispers :: Lexy: Do you want to check out the bedroom?
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 21:55:22
:: smiles and nods :: All: It’s called an akja. It grows like weeds here.
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 21:55:27
:: guitars start up :: Mic: When the night has come, and the land is dark and the moon is the only light we
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 21:55:54
Emily: Good thing it's tasty, then.
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 21:56:02
:: is suddenly standing in a familiar valley at night ::
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 21:56:02
:: shivers a little at that whisper and giggles :: Kate: What, already? Hehehe, okaaay!
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 21:56:27
:: nods in agreement as she finishes her own fruit off :: Doc: Mm-hm!
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 21:56:30
:: takes her hand and starts toward the owner's suite ::
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Oct-2021 21:56:54
:: decides on a story and makes her way to the stage as someone walks down. From the stage she charismatically tells the crowd of a great evil Gorn who threatened the life of her commanding officer. He was brave, but the Gorn was overpowering him. As his life was threatened, she found bravery within herself to attack the creature stronger than herself, twisting its head in her jaws until it fell dead. Kuari insists to everyone watching her that one can find power they did not know they had and do great things for those that they love ::
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 21:56:56
:: allows herself to be led :: Kate: I thought you'd never been here?
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 21:56:57
:: thinks for a moment her holo emitters have malfunctioned :: Whathefuh, what... :: it dawns on her :: Oh, this is some Light shit. Okay. Alright, Light. Get it outta yer system.
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 21:57:34
:: the crowd cheers especially loud for Kuari, having hung on her every word for the whole story ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 21:57:48
Lexy: I have not, but I did see a holo of the place. And besides... :: leads her up the stairs toward the opulently-carved double doors :: Where else could it be?
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 21:58:10
:: cheers for Kuari bitin' hedz ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 21:58:25
:: claps along with the crowd, proud of her friends for getting up there! ::
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 21:58:30
Kate: Fair enough!
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 21:58:35
:: this time it's unlike anything she has seen before (somehow). She sees two shapes come out of the house where she and Erika lived many lifetimes, their silhouettes dancing against the moonlit grass, up toward the little hill a couple hundred feet from the house ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 21:59:23
:: the old woman on stage offers Kuari a small obsidian glass tooth before she leaves ::
Ryleigh Grey 27-Oct-2021 21:59:26
:: Is mentally trying to figure out which story to tell, reeling the various events throughout her memories ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 21:59:52
:: pushes through the doors with one hand, the other still holding Lexy's, to reveal the massive suite, complete with sitting area, replicator, luxurious bathroom, and set off by a centerpiece of a giant bed with a private view of the ocean through the huge windows ::
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 22:00:24
:: It's not the two shapes she thought they'd be though. She draws closer, unseen, perhaps unable to be seen, and sees that one of them is her brother, Jason Ziredac, and he's much younger—maybe Hannah's current age ::
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Oct-2021 22:00:37
:: sits on the stage and takes the tooth, bowing her head o the old woman gratefully. She smiles to the crowd and steps down from the stage, taking her seat and greeting those that reach out to her ::
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 22:00:43
:: and he looks...the fuck is this? He's happy? ::
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:00:48
:: actually audibly gasps ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 22:01:05
:: claps Kuari’s shoulder as she passes by :: Kuari: That was great!
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:01:38
:: pauses for a moment too, her drive to the bed momentarily overwhelmed by the perfection of this place ::
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Oct-2021 22:01:38
Emily: Thank you! It's a story that should be told!
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 22:02:00
:: raises the stick of meat in salute to Kuari ::
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 22:02:31
:: Doesn't recognize the woman he's with. It's not Destiny. It's not anyone Hannah has ever seen before. ::
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Oct-2021 22:02:51
:: nods back to Navarro ::
Ryleigh Grey 27-Oct-2021 22:02:56
:: gives a slight salute to Kuari, frowning and going back to her memory-wheel to figure out which story to tell ::
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Oct-2021 22:03:06
:: studies her little tooth charm ::
:: nods curtly back to Grey in Marine solidarity ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 22:03:51
:: the tooth charm is a chipped piece of obsidian glass with faint rainbow flecks in it in the right light. The tooth resembles one of her own ::
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 22:03:51
:: is impressed by the tales of his commander's exploits ::
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:04:23
:: really, really wants to look at the master bath... but can wait ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 22:04:29
:: nods :: Doc: Another reason to stay on her good side, eh?
Capt Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 22:04:38
Mystery Woman> Jason, I still can't believe it. Neither can I. MW> We're finally married! Yeah. :: smiles :: MW> I love you, Jason. I love you, Jane.
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:04:50
:: shakes her head in disbelief, then licks her lips and locks eyes with her wife :: Lexy: Shall we, how do you say on Earth, christen it?
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 22:05:06
:: out loud :: Who the fuck is Jane?
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:05:12
Kate: ... you're sure your friends won't mind??
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 22:05:29
Emily: That is for sure! :: chuckles, giving Kuari a mock wary eye ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:05:50
Lexy: This is Risa, my love. They would be offended if we did not.
Capt Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 22:05:53
:: Jason and the MW don't respond; Hannah isn't real to them ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 22:06:24
:: the stories start to grow further apart as fewer people are volunteering, indicating the night is slowing down ::
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:06:28
:: laughs and strikes herself lightly on the forehead :: Kate: Of course. Well... if you're sure.......
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 22:06:31
Why are you showing me this bullshit?
Ryleigh Grey 27-Oct-2021 22:06:48
:: leans over to Emily :: Emily: I'm debating whether to tell a story tonight or not...
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Oct-2021 22:06:53
:: smiles to herself, a slight upturn at the corners of her mouth, and stashes the little charm in her pouch ::
Capt Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 22:07:14
:: kisses Jane, and they hold each other in the moonlight for a while :: :: begins to sing :: When the night has come, and the land is dark...
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 22:07:27
:: grins, drumming her fingers together :: Ryleigh: Do it! It doesn’t even have to be from this cycle, any interesting story will do!
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:07:28
:: whispers, with a hint of a hungry growl :: Lexy: Oh, I am... :: pulls her wife into a kiss ::
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 22:07:44
What, because we have the same taste in karaoke bangers? The hell kinda significance is that?
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 22:07:50
:: overhears :: Ryleigh: Do it, Ry!
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:08:08
:: squeaks in dismay/delight ::
Ryleigh Grey 27-Oct-2021 22:08:41
:: sighs, snapping her attention to Navarro and throwing her empty core at the pilot :: Doc: Don't call me that! :: squeaks in protest, laughing ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 22:08:50
:: chuckles ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:08:51
:: some time later, she's laying in a tangle of limbs, sheets, and skin with her wife, and finds her eyes again, this time contentedly ::
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 22:09:14
:: deftly dodges the core and cackles ::
Capt Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 22:09:53
:: finishes the song :: You think we should go inside? Jane> :: gasps, quickly spins them 90 degrees clockwise so her back is to the mouth of Paradise Canyon :: :: a phaser goes off, striking Jane in the back :: Jane? Jane?
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:11:04
:: in a similar state, feeling somewhat self-conscious now that the moment is over ::
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 22:11:09
:: turns, sees the shooter: Jason's friend from high school, Steven Eagle, much more gaunt and crazed, holding a phaser—which he turns on himself and fires :: Jesus Christ, dude!
Ryleigh Grey 27-Oct-2021 22:11:09
:: fixes Doc with a stare :: Doc: I'm calling you down for hand-to-hand training back on the ship after this for that. :: sighs, and stands to make her way to the stage ::
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 22:11:32
:: shrugs, having no idea what the marine's on about ::
Capt Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 22:11:33
:: weeps over his wife's body ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 22:11:51
:: claps to encourage Ryleigh ::
:: the man on stage offers her the mic ::
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 22:12:18
:: loudly cheers for Ry ::
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 22:12:42
What the jumping fuck is this? This shit didn't happen. Jason, married? Mom and Dad wouldn't'a been able to shut the fuck about it. And Steve, doing...that? He's the most boring turd in the quadrant, and you're gonna tell me he pulled some soap opera shit?
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:13:11
:: licks her lips :: Lexy: That was incredible, even for us. Maybe it is something about this place.
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:14:02
:: makes meek noises and covers herself with the sheet ::
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 22:14:12
:: turns back around and Jane is standing right there :: :: yelps, stumbles, falls back ::
Jane> Into the dark.
Okay, Light, I want off. Veto. Veto on corpse-bride shit. Ding-ding, timeout.
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:15:54
:: snickers, well-accustomed to Lexy's shyness, then wraps herself around her wife to be the big spoon ::
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 22:16:34
Jane> Into the dark with the Light. All Light must return to the dark. :: advances on Hannah :: Fuck me! :: scrambles away ::
Ryleigh Grey 27-Oct-2021 22:17:07
:: takes the mic, taking a deep breath before launching into the story of their first encounter with the Xovul, particularly the encounter on the planet of the bears, particularly the attack on the captain and the defense of both herself and Wolffe, the former CTO; which led straight into the story Navarro had told earlier in the evening ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:17:11
:: whispers :: Lexy: So, you like the house, I think?
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 22:17:19
:: rights herself to sprint away into the darkness, slams face-first into the upstage wall at The Grove ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 22:17:57
:: the crowd cheers for Ryleigh, and the old woman on stage offers her a chipped piece of grey rock that looks like a scale ::
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:18:07
:: nods :: Kate: I like it a lot. I really want to see the master bathroom, though. Now for multiple reasons. :: giggles ::
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 22:18:16
:: cheers loudly once again for Ry, the RY audible above the din ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 22:19:11
:: laughs and cheers along, Ry! Ry! ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:19:31
:: giggles along with her, for those same multiple reasons ::
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:20:03
:: gets up slowly, wrapping the sheet around herself, and replicates a big fluffy robe :: Kate: Do you want one?
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Oct-2021 22:20:06
:: listens to Grey's story with a smile, and can tell the crowd enjoys hearing more to the story. She whoops as the others cheer, then tries to tell what the old woman is giving her from afar ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:20:49
:: follows along :: Lexy: No, thank you.
Ryleigh Grey 27-Oct-2021 22:21:40
:: glowers at her friends, taking the token with a quick bow, and stepping back down to retake her seat next to Navarro and Emily :: Doc/Emily: You two are asking for it. I'm stealing the pair of you away back on the ship to make sure you stay up to date on hand-to-hand and inter-ship combat protocols.
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:21:58
:: wraps herself in the robe - which the replicator delivered warm - and then pops into the master bath to look around - a moment later, excited noises can be heard echoing off the tile ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 22:22:23
:: pats Grey on the back when she returns, peering at what she got with a grin :: Ryleigh: I’m so up to date. :: she punches the air jokingly :: I could throw down!
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:22:29
:: follows the excited noise and peeks her head in :: Lexy: What did you find?
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 22:22:31
:: snorts and waves a dismissive hand at Ryleigh ::
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:23:32
:: somewhat breathlessly :: Kate: There's a jacuzzi tub for two, and a double vanity, and a huge walk-in water shower! And a sonic shower, too!
Ryleigh Grey 27-Oct-2021 22:23:48
Emily/Doc: Either one of you to pin me when we're back on-ship in ten minutes gets to skip the training. If not accomplished, both of you get to run through the training. Marine-style.
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 22:24:33
:: raises an eyebrow :: Ryleigh: You think? :: she laughs ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:24:35
Lexy: Oh, my. :: takes in the opulent bathroom :: . Oh, my!
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Oct-2021 22:24:37
:: hops off her seat and approaches Grey, eyes towards her hand, looking for the charm ::
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 22:24:44
Ryleigh: Nahhhhh.
:: chuckles and finishes his drink :: Ryleigh: Now, a game of pool, that's a much better way to settle things.
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:26:01
:: wordlessly points to the corner jacuzzi tub with a wraparound window looking out to the forest ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:26:15
:: activates the computer to fill the tub ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 22:26:23
:: Ryleigh’s charm is a piece of grey rock with some white shimmer to it, in the shape of a scale, teardrop shaped but more angular ::
Ryleigh Grey 27-Oct-2021 22:26:51
:: passes the charm over to Kuari for her to look at :: Doc/Emily: Don't try me. :: fixes a look at the two :: Doc: Pool doesn't help keep you combat ready, Navarro. Training does.
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Oct-2021 22:27:21
:: studies the charm, then gives it back to Grey :: These charms are so pretty.
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 22:27:30
:: laughs :: Ryleigh: We’ll see about that.
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:27:43
Kate: I just... I can't. This place, so far, is almost perfection.
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 22:27:55
:: laughs :: Ryleigh: You wouldn't believe how much combat I've gotten in because of pool.
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 22:27:55
:: smiles :: Kuari: They’re supposed to help you remember your stories. I’m glad you like them.
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:29:00
:: steps up to her as the tub fills, and wraps her arms around Lexy's back :: Lexy: What would you think about retiring here? It is for sale, Rosie.
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 22:29:04
:: comes to :: End program.
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:29:22
:: eyes widen :: Kate: You're kidding!
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 22:30:04
:: struggles to her feet in the Skylark cabin :: That just don't make sense. What the fuck was that supposed to be?
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 22:30:32
:: shakes her head :: Ryleigh: You really crack me up sometimes...
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:30:34
Lexy: I am not! :: beams, this having been one of the surprises she'd planned :: The owners are leaving Risa to travel permanently.
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Oct-2021 22:30:49
:: nods to Acacia :: They're made with such care. I remember you have very interesting stones and minerals here.
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 22:31:08
:: looks out the front of the Skylark, sees what looks like that same younger Jason Ziredac at the far end of the hangar :: :: scrambles out of the Skylark, rushes over ::
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:31:24
:: is visibly stunned :: Kate: I... we... but... this...
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 22:31:58
:: nods, going off on a small spiel :: Kuari: We’re on a huge deposit of magnesite, it mixes in with the rocks and makes them shimmer rainbow.
Capt Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 22:32:35
:: holds Jane as if they hadn't seen each other for a very long time :: :: they part with a kiss and a warm smile :: :: Jason turns to say something, but Steven Eagle materializes behind Jane, and puts a phaser bolt through her skull :: JANE!
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 22:32:44
What the fuck is this now?
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:32:59
Lexy: We can manage it! My parents have even offered to help. And, if we do not immediately retire, we can always rent the place to vacationers like the current owners do.
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 22:33:17
:: Jane's voice suddenly comes from far behind her :: Jane> Into the dark. Far, far into the dark.
:: turns, there's nothing there ::
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Oct-2021 22:34:00
:: smiles and nods :: Acacia: I remember, from last time I was here! We went up the mountain.
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:34:02
:: the words tumble out of her in a rush :: Kate: I want to see the rest of the house and I want to see the town and I need to see these things because it's so perfect it might not be true, I want this to work out more than I've wanted anything since marrying you!
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:34:27
Lexy: Then, come on! :: grabs her hand and pulls her along, out of the suite and into the home proper again ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 22:34:45
:: smiles back, reminiscing :: Kuari: Oh, yes! I remember. And I’m so glad you could join us again!
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:35:21
:: trots along behind, her feet now bare on the sumptuous floors ::
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 22:35:25
Emily: That was a good trip.
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Oct-2021 22:35:52
:: nods excitedly, happy to be back ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:35:54
:: runs naked through the house, showing off various things that she noted in the holopics ::
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 22:36:04
:: turns back, and Steven Eagle is right fucking there :: :: feels a sharp, unimaginable pain in her gut :: :: looks down to see a blade jammed in her gut, up to the hilt :: Steven> :: smiles a sickening, malicious smile with bright teeth ::
:: screams, screams, pushes away, screams, screams, screams, and then screams ::
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:36:37
:: is thrilled about the guest rooms and the library - it has a library! - and even the small workshop that she can turn into a lab ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 22:36:41
:: nods, looking around :: All: And everything’s ready for you all to sleep at my grandmother’s tonight, rather than fly back immediately.
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 22:37:11
:: paws frantically at her stomach, then realizes there is no wound, no blood, no blade :: :: there's no Jason, Jane, Steven, or anyone ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:37:17
:: leads Lexy up spiral stairs to an observatory on the roof, sporting a large telescope ::
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:37:41
:: actually sobs with joy ::
Ryleigh Grey 27-Oct-2021 22:38:25
:: shrugs :: Emily: I'm not picky; Ethan said he probably would be sleeping at the hospital tonight before we left... he wanted to keep an eye on the patient he was consulting for.
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 22:39:00
:: nods in agreement :: Ryleigh: Shame he was busy, on his shore leave ‘n all.
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:39:06
:: then pauses by a bedroom, still decorated for a child that has long-since moved on :: Lexy: If we are no longer living on Atlantis, we could even have kids if we wanted to. :: gestures into the room :: What a place to grow up, yes?
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:39:39
Kate: Children... I never imagined the possibility.
Ryleigh Grey 27-Oct-2021 22:40:03
Emily: He may be no longer an active hospital staff, but he consults when necessary, especially on pediatric cases. :: shrugs with a quirk of her lips :: Emily: It's expected.
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:40:17
:: trails her fingertips down Lexy's cheek :: Lexy: Here, it is one of many possible futures for us.
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:40:44
Kate: ... I want this. It's... almost perfect.
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 22:40:55
:: nods solemnly :: Ryleigh: Occupational hazard. I’ve consulted, I know how it can be.
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:41:00
:: quirks her lips :: Lexy: Almost? Hm, then I forgot one thing...
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Oct-2021 22:41:01
:: listens to Grey sympathetically, then focuses on Acacia :: I would love to sleep here, thank you.
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:41:06
:: leads her to the basement ::
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:41:39
:: follows, questions on her lips ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:41:45
:: then taps on a keypad, and motorized double doors open, revealing the familiar yellow and black grid of a holosuite! ::
Lexy: It has a holosuite!
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:41:58
:: eyes widen somehow even more than before ::
:: looks at Kate, just completely blown away ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 22:42:50
:: does get up and shop for a bit as the stories begin to dwindle, picking up some fabric for a project ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:42:54
:: beams in response to Lexy's look ::
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 22:43:09
:: picks out something nice for Emily and Jester in the shops ::
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:43:22
:: whispers :: Kate: Even more almost perfect. It's... wow.
:: blushes a bit, thinking briefly of the holoprogram that she suspects Kate is probably thinking of ::
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 22:44:27
:: can't catch her breath, can only remember the feeling of being run through :: Nope. Nope, no. No-no-no-no-no. Nope. Big nope. I'm done. Fuck this. :: marches back toward the Skylark ::
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Oct-2021 22:44:43
:: follows Acacia's lead and walks out amonst the stalls, loving a good bazaar, looking at and sniffing everything ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:44:49
:: grins and bites her lip for a moment at Lexy's blush, then steps up to her wife again, her eyes a bit wet with happiness :: Lexy: A bit of your home on my homeworld, and far enough that my parents are close, but not too close, you know?
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:45:25
:: nods :: Kate: There's only really one thing that keeps it from being absolute perfection. But it's something we can fix.
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:45:41
Lexy: What is that, love?
Hannah Ziredac 27-Oct-2021 22:45:47
:: the Skylark explodes in her face, wreathing her in fire for a tenth of a second—before everything returns to normal and the Skylark is fine :: Light: Knock off this haunted house malarkey, you fuckin thing! Jesus, can I get ten steps without a horrifying hallucination, please?
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:45:47
Kate: Not enough cats.
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 22:45:56
:: browses the various tables, multicolored fabric hanging between tree branches forming tents over the vendors. She makes sure to stop at the stalls of people she knows to say hello ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:46:01
:: laughs :: Lexy: Easily fixable!
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:46:11
Kate: Anna would LOVE it here.
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:46:32
Lexy: Oh, absolutely, and so many places to perch, and to hide!
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 22:46:59
:: finds her friends as the night is dying down :: Doc/Kuari/Ryleigh: Alright, we ready to go to grandma’s?
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:47:28
:: looks resolutely at Kate :: Kate: Let's do it. It's almost like this place was made for us.
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 22:47:34
:: nods to Emily, planning to give her the gift he picked out later ::
Ryleigh Grey 27-Oct-2021 22:47:34
All: Sure!
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:47:47
Kate: Think of the cello and flute concerts we could put on for Anna in the library.
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Oct-2021 22:48:02
:: nods at Acacia, not having bought anything, but is happy to have browsed ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:48:11
Lexy: Right? I bet the acoustics in there are delightful!
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:48:51
Kate: And there are plenty of rooms for our families and friends to come and visit.
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 22:48:52
:: leads the group down a somewhat familiar path through the brush, opening the door to her grandma’s house and inviting them in. Joszia Akosai, who they’ve all met before, greets them all with hugs ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:49:33
Lexy: Yes... and privacy from them while they are here! :: offers a sly grin ::
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:49:50
Kate: Kuari would probably enjoy flying around here! :: swats playfully at her insatiable wife ::
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 22:49:58
:: once again greets Emily's grandmother, glad to get to meet her again ::
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Oct-2021 22:50:21
:: follows and is hugged, hugging back with a forearm ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 22:50:47
Joszia> All: Y’all eat your fill at the campfire? Anyone hungry before bed?
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:50:48
Lexy: I am sure she would! You know, if we did have kids, I bet she would even take them up, while they are light enough.
Ryleigh Grey 27-Oct-2021 22:50:57
:: follows in, giving Emily's grandmother a careful hug ::
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:51:06
:: ponders that with a smile ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:51:18
Lexy: They would be the envy of their school, if they were even believed in the first place.
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:51:42
Kate: Whatever future we choose, it all starts here. Today.
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Oct-2021 22:52:18
:: shakes her head :: Joszia: No, all full here, thank you though! Your hospitality is heartwarming!
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:52:20
:: nods eagerly, then leads her back upstairs ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 22:52:30
:: pats her stomach :: Joszia: I’m full too!
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:52:32
:: follows Kate out of the basement ::
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 22:52:36
Joszia: Same here, but thank you!
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:52:53
:: heads out to the hot tub ::
Ryleigh Grey 27-Oct-2021 22:52:58
Joszia: I'm good here, thank you, ma'am.
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:53:04
:: forgetting that she filled the tub in the owner's suite ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 22:53:14
Joszia> All: Oh, well, thought I’d offer. Rooms are down that hallway, :: she points :: just like last time.
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:53:24
:: pads barefoot across the deck, thinking of the jacuzzi tub then deciding not to mention it ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 22:53:44
:: nods, stretching :: All: I don’t know about you guys, but I’m beat.
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Oct-2021 22:53:50
:: feels like she's returning to a familiar camping cabin and trots down the hall to find her room ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:53:53
:: still naked, she opens the hot tub and climbs in to wait for Lexy ::
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 22:54:05
Emily: It was quite a day.
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:54:21
:: looks around, then sheds her robe and hangs it on the handy nearby hook, then quickly slips into the tub ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 22:54:25
:: chuckles as Kuari trots past and reaches out to take Doc’s hand :: Doc: Indeed. Bedtime.
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:54:40
:: grins, then gestures at the view of the ocean from the hot tub ::
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 22:54:52
:: takes Emily's hand and follows along ::
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:54:58
:: looks out at the view :: Kate: Retiring. Here. Us.
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:55:17
:: nods :: Lexy: Atlantis is home, but this will be, too.
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:56:11
Kate: We'll make a home here. No more battles, no more war...
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 22:56:33
:: heads into one of the rooms, of which there are many—it was a big family, but they’ve all grown up and moved out—and changes into a long white dress nightgown ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:56:39
:: snuggles up with her wife :: Lexy: That does sound wonderful, does it not?
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:57:09
:: snuggles back, smiling :: Kate: It sounds like a dream.
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 22:57:31
:: normally sleeps in boxers, but when he shares a bed with Emily, he wears pajamas, which he changes into ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 22:58:16
Lexy: Yes... what will we do to pass the time? I know that you will have a science lab, of course, but how about me? Hm, I could guide tourists on dives back home, it is a quick flight... :: rambles ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 22:58:46
:: sits down on the bed, smiling warmly :: Doc: This was nice. I’m glad a few people decided to come, and you even told stories! Did you enjoy yourself?
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 22:59:05
:: frowns, suddenly uncertain ::
Kate: You can science with me, too, if you like.
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 22:59:43
:: smiles at Emily :: I did, even better than last time! :: reaches into his bag and pulls out a necklace, crafted from shell and silver :: I found this at the market and thought you might like it.
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 23:00:02
Lexy: I will try! Though I tend to break glass. :: grins sheepishly ::
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Oct-2021 23:00:02
:: finds a very comfy room all made up for a guest, enjoying the hospitality of Emily's family, her thoughts of Betazed warm forever and settles onto the bed ::
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 23:00:20
:: gasps, taking the necklace and admiring it :: Doc: Wow! This is beautiful, thank you so much!
Lexy Wright 27-Oct-2021 23:00:25
Kate: That's what replicators are for.
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 23:00:37
:: nods, smiling :: Emily: I'm glad you like it.
Emily Acacia 27-Oct-2021 23:01:01
:: sets it with her things to wear tomorrow, and stretches before laying down in bed ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 23:01:15
Lexy: True! Then I will definitely try! But I can see myself dabbling in many things.
Ryleigh Grey 27-Oct-2021 23:01:31
:: settles into the room she was occupying, stretching out in bed with a sigh. She missed her husband, and sleeping without him felt... weird. ::
Doc Navarro 27-Oct-2021 23:01:35
:: joins her for a nice sleep ::
Kate Harper 27-Oct-2021 23:02:09
:: still snuggled against her wife, she settles into the luxuriously hot water and looks to the ocean's horizon while she contemplates their exciting future here, together ::
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