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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
The war is over, and Atlantis has returned to Earth so that her crew can indulge in some well-earned and necessary shore leave. Along with all that Earth has to offer, quantum slipstream transport ships are available to ferry passengers to the major worlds of the Federation.
After 20-Oct-2021 00:00:00
Kate Harper 20-Oct-2021 21:15:24
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 21:16:14
:: is on the Atlantis, distracting herself by just working in Main Engineering ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:17:02
:: sees Weston's note that he'll be there tomorrow ::
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:17:03
:: is setting up the long dining table with the help of her mother, putting out snacks and drinks from Earth and Betazed ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:17:44
:: paces around his quarters, debating going down to the surface ::
Kate Harper 20-Oct-2021 21:18:04
SCENE> Atlantis is a strange place to everyone but an engineer when she's docked, with power supplied by the Starbase. Unused sections of the ship are dark, and the very hum of the decks feels quietened.
Janessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:18:26
Emily: So how many people did you say are coming?
XO Cdr Kuari 20-Oct-2021 21:18:32
:: is chatting with her father and mother in her parents' high-rise condo near Starfleet HQ, that she will return after a fellow crewmate's party ::
Torinessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:18:49
:: looks at Emily, then her mother :: Janessa: She doesn’t know.
Ryleigh Grey 20-Oct-2021 21:19:04
:: is checking in with the current senior class of the Marine Academy, dressed in dress uniform; looking for those that could fill the Atlantis' marine crew after graduation ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:20:24
+CEO+ Ammora to D'Bryn
Hannah Ziredac 20-Oct-2021 21:20:41
:: is not drunk, for once, but only because of a dreadful hangover that no amount of hair of any species of canid can cure ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 21:21:06
+TAC+ :: distantly :: D'bryn here.
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:21:39
:: smooths down her dark blue dress with floral print, smiling at her sister :: Tori: They’ll be here any minute.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:21:39
+CEO+ Long time no chat. Appetizers and a drink? Catch up?
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 21:21:44
:: is rolling out a wagon of beer and various other booze :: Ada: Danke Mutter! :: gives a two finger salute to her mother, before going off to the shuttle nearby ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-Oct-2021 21:22:02
Karwayin> :: an impressive male Rucara who is rarely home, usually on diplomacy trips across Federation space, his resonant voice echoing through the kitchen :: Kuari: That's wonderful, Kuari, that you fit in so well with your crew. I'm happy for you, and you do your family proud.
Hannah Ziredac 20-Oct-2021 21:22:25
:: is nevertheless lying flat on the floor of the Skylark's cabin, listening to—surprise, surprise—music from the early 21st century. Sad music from the early 21st century ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 21:22:55
+TAC+ No thanks. Got a bunch of work to do.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:23:12
:: down trodden ::
Torinessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:23:20
:: walks around the table slowly with the help of her carved wooden cane, sitting at the dining table to get some rest ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:23:36
+CEO+ Are you sure, I could use the company and we're on shore leave.
Doc Navarro 20-Oct-2021 21:23:46
:: beams to the Acacia farm, holding several bags of homemade food ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-Oct-2021 21:23:55
:: alights on a barstool in the kitchenette, her tail wrapping around the base :: Karwayin: Thank you. We've been through a lot. They' extension of my family, really. We really should get together.
Karwayin: :: smirks :: You know, when you're actually home...
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:24:33
:: turns around and faces the door just before Doc comes in, smiling and stepping forward to greet him ::
Ryleigh Grey 20-Oct-2021 21:24:51
:: leaves the Academy, calling for a beam-up, then meeting Ethan up on the Atlantis with their dog leashed up, before beaming back down to the Acacia farm. She hadn't had time to change out of her uniform, having to bring along a change of clothes ::
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 21:25:01
:: has her hands all over the wagon to prevent it from rolling about on the shuttle to Iowa ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 21:25:02
+TAC+ Yeah, sorry. I'm not making up the 'busy' part, but I'm also the opposite of good company right now.
Doc Navarro 20-Oct-2021 21:25:12
Hello! :: returns Emily's smile :: My mother insisted on sending all of this along with me. :: raises the bags of home-cooked Spanish fare ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:25:38
+CEO+ No, I get it. All good.
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:25:45
:: grins, helping him carry it to the counter to set it out :: NAV: Well, send her our regards. This will help!
XO Cdr Kuari 20-Oct-2021 21:26:06
Ruari> :: smiles in a motherly way at her as she walks to the other side of the table :: Kuari: I am in agreement. From what you've said though, you really should get going, don't want to be late. We'll have plenty of time when you get back.
MED2 LtJG Jasper 20-Oct-2021 21:26:26
:: is straining to hold back Sol, who is straining at her leash to get off and meet all the new people as they walk up to the farm house, knocking on the doorframe with one hand :: CMO: Anyone home?
Hannah Ziredac 20-Oct-2021 21:26:31
:: finally scares up the bare minimum of motivation to get up and shower for the first time in— :: :: immediately stops thinking about how long it's been since she's taken a shower, just goes and gets in ::
Janessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:27:12
:: gets the door this time, greeting the new arrivals :: MED2: Hello!
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 21:27:29
+TAC+ Thanks. Have fun. :: switches out for the hyperspanner, goes back to work ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:27:55
:: paces a bit more ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-Oct-2021 21:28:16
Karwayin/Ruari: Agreed! Love you both, see you tonight...probably! :: bounds towards the open kitchen window and perches on the sill, jumping off and making a practiced turn towards Starfleet HQ for a transporter trip to Iowa ::
Torinessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:28:19
:: waves from the table, smiling at the new arrivals ::
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 21:28:29
Bob> :: pokes his head out of Rike's shirt ::
Doc Navarro 20-Oct-2021 21:28:29
CMO: I certainly will. :: adds the food to the spread ::
MED2 LtJG Jasper 20-Oct-2021 21:28:31
Janessa: Nice to meet you, ma'am. :: Sol is barking and still straining at her leash to greet Acacia and Navarro ::
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 21:28:50
Shhhhh. Down. :: pats the ferret's head ::
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:29:21
:: the Acacia family dogs swarm into the room to play with Sol, a black lab and a newfoundland ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:29:44
:: is bored :: Computer, where is Lieutenant D'Bryn?
Janessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:29:55
:: chuckles :: MED2: You can let him roam the house.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 20-Oct-2021 21:30:26
:: looks confident but feels extremely self-conscious as she is beamed to Iowa holding a large potted plant with a bow tied around it ::
MED2 LtJG Jasper 20-Oct-2021 21:30:44
Janessa: I'm glad. She doesn't get to play with dogs often, especially dogs her own size. :: bends to release Sol from her leash, watching with a laugh as she immediately charges the Newfie ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 20-Oct-2021 21:31:14
:: looks around, taking in her surroundings ::
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:31:18
:: grins as she sees the dogs jumping around excitedly :: MED2: Oh! Who’s this?
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 21:31:35
:: shuttle lands and Rike lugs out the wagon of booze down the road ::
MED2 LtJG Jasper 20-Oct-2021 21:32:46
CMO: This is Sol, Ryleigh and I's German Shepherd! :: whistles to catch her attention, gesturing for her to go greet Acacia and Navarro ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 21:32:55
:: almost hits a flow state with her work ::
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:33:01
:: pats the doggo as he passes by ::
Torinessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:33:16
:: also pats the doggo as he makes his rounds ::
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 21:33:33
:: makes it to the house and goes up to knock on the door ::
Janessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:33:34
All: How was your trip? No trouble I hope.
Ryleigh Grey 20-Oct-2021 21:34:02
:: takes the small bag of clothes change, looking to Acacia :: CMO: Is... there an place I can change out of the monkey suit? :: gestures to her dress uniform with a grin ::
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:34:10
:: gets the door again, greeting Rike with a grin and waving her in :: SCI: Hello!
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:34:19
Computer> Lieutenant D'Bryn is is Main Engineering.
Amylla Isaev 20-Oct-2021 21:34:31
:: steps out of the turbolift into Main Engineering, spots Zoë :: Sauëdeyan?
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:34:31
Self: Perfect
Torinessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:34:37
:: slowly gets up, waving for Grey to follow her :: CTO: The rooms are this way, you can change there.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 20-Oct-2021 21:34:56
:: approaches the house, looking for Zorro and Emily ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 21:35:23
:: is shocked by the first use of her legal name in months, turns :: Amylla: Mom?
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:35:23
:: leaves his quarters and heads to the turbolift ::
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 21:35:28
CMO: Ahh, Emily! Hallo! Wie sind- :: doubles takes herself and blinks :: Ahem... CMO: How are you? I bring thy gifts. :: gestures to the wagon of excessive booze ::
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:35:34
:: is still at the door when she spots Suzuki, waving her in enthusiastically ::
SCI: I’m good! This is so nice of you, wow. Just unload in there. :: she points to the kitchen ::
Amylla Isaev 20-Oct-2021 21:36:17
Zoë: Hi lyalya. How are you?
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 20-Oct-2021 21:36:59
:: waves back as best as she can while carrying the large potted plant; decides to set it down next to the table. Potted plants are a totally normal hostess gift, right? Right. ::
Kate Harper 20-Oct-2021 21:37:18
:: back-floating in an infinity pool in Fiji, looking up at the sky from behind a pair of aviator-frame sunglasses, wondering if she's really, actually here after everything that's happened ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:37:39
:: enters the TL :: Engineering.
Hannah Ziredac 20-Oct-2021 21:37:57
:: singing along with the music as she sonic-showers :: I see people on the floor / They slide into the sea / Can't stay here anymore / we're turning into fiends
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:37:58
:: waves and smiles :: All: Welcome, welcome. Food is all out in the kitchen, help yourselves.
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 21:37:58
Natürlich! :: drags wagon in, setting down the beer keg, then the smaller containers ::
Ryleigh Grey 20-Oct-2021 21:38:01
:: follows Torinessa towards the rooms with a thankful sound, ducking into the open room to change into a pale-blue peasant-style top and jeans, paired with western-style boots, stuffing her uniform into the bag and exiting the room to rejoin the party :: All: Okay, out of monkey-suit for today... what's everyone been up to?
XO Cdr Kuari 20-Oct-2021 21:38:11
:: flies into view of the Acacia farm, recognizing the address from the map she studied, from the direction of the nearest large city, and lands a respectable distance away ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 21:38:38
:: goes to her mother, hugs her hard :: Amylla: It's good to see you, Mama.
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:38:54
:: makes herself and her sister a plate, handing Tori her plate as the younger sister comes back to sit down ::
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 21:39:23
CTO: Grey! Ich habe meiner Mutter geholfen, das Bier auszutrinken! :: grins, blinks, then curses excessively in German to herself :: I MEAN... CTO: I finished this beer today with my mother! Prost!
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:39:28
:: TL stops, he exits ::
Lexy Wright 20-Oct-2021 21:39:44
:: sitting on the edge of the pool, slowly kicking her legs back and forth through the cool water, wearing a bikini and a big sun hat over her stylish square-framed sunglasses through which she is watching the swirling water around her calves :: Kate: This. This is great.
Amylla Isaev 20-Oct-2021 21:39:50
:: hugs back :: The person, the security person, he said the crew is on shore leave. Is this your idea of shore leave?
Janessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:39:51
SCI: What is that, German?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 21:40:01
Amylla: :: shrugs :: Kinda, yeah.
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 21:40:16
Janessa: Ja! I actually grew up on a farm over in Bavaria!
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:40:38
:: walks into Main Engineering ::
Janessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:40:46
SCI: Oh? Fancy that, another farm girl on my daughter’s ship!
Amylla Isaev 20-Oct-2021 21:41:05
Is not good for you, being cooped up in the ship. Is good for brain, seeing things you're not accustomed to seeing.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 20-Oct-2021 21:41:16
:: turns the pot a little bit to display the bamboo leaves more elegantly ::
Kate Harper 20-Oct-2021 21:41:21
:: with her ears in the water, she only hears that Lexy said something, so she lifts her head :: CSO: What was that, love?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 21:41:25
Amylla: I know. I kinda gotta stay onboard though, Mama.
MED2 LtJG Jasper 20-Oct-2021 21:41:26
:: laughs :: SCI: Ryleigh's allergic to alcohol!
Janessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:41:45
NAV2: Oh, thank you. That is lovely. Is it bamboo?
Lexy Wright 20-Oct-2021 21:42:03
Kate: Oh... sorry. Nothing important. :: waves her hand dismissively at her own words ::
Amylla Isaev 20-Oct-2021 21:42:13
Zoë: Is because you get in trouble? You tell keptin, go fuck himself?
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:42:15
:: stops abruptly ::
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:42:16
:: laughs along :: MED2: We’ll have to keep her away from it!
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 21:42:28
MED2: Ah, dang! Well, I also have handmade small batch cola as well. :: lifts up the 6 pack of cola ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 21:43:09
:: laughs :: Amylla: No! And it's herself; captain's a woman.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 20-Oct-2021 21:43:12
:: turns and notes the Spanish food on the table ::
Torinessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:43:13
SCI: Ooh, soda.
Ryleigh Grey 20-Oct-2021 21:43:28
:: glowers at her friends, laughing slightly as well ::
Doc Navarro 20-Oct-2021 21:43:41
:: sees that Jester's arrived so he makes his way over as she's noting the food :: NAV2: Mom insisted. Nice plant!
Amylla Isaev 20-Oct-2021 21:43:46
Zoë: I thought keptin was a man. Had weird, stupid name. Sounded made-up.
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:43:46
:: pours herself a drink, and grabs Tori a soda ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 20-Oct-2021 21:44:20
NAV: Thanks. I brought it from Japan. I had a hard time deciding between bamboo and orchids.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:44:24
: sees Zoe and someone else ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-Oct-2021 21:44:26
:: trots up to the party, grateful to recognize Acacia and Grey immediately ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:44:32
:: looks around, very comfortably ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 21:44:35
Amylla: Oh, that was my previous captain. He should go fuck himself. No, different captain.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 20-Oct-2021 21:44:48
:: is silently relieved to see his familiar face ::
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:45:00
:: greets Kuari with a grin and lets her in :: XO: Welcome! Glad you could make it!
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:45:04
:: then uncomfortably ::
Kate Harper 20-Oct-2021 21:45:25
:: lazily kicks her feet and floats over and pulls her sunglasses down as Lexy's face comes into view, upside down, as her head nudges against her legs ::
MED2 LtJG Jasper 20-Oct-2021 21:45:27
:: gets Grey a soda, and beer for himself; knowing that if she consumed any bit of alcohol, it would not end well. :: SCI: Tell me you make the cola in a different vat than you do alcohol. ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:45:28
Self: Who is that? Doesn't matter. Go, you fool!
Lexy Wright 20-Oct-2021 21:45:48
:: stops kicking, so she doesn't kick Kate in the head, and looks down at her ::
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 21:45:50
XO: Herzlich Willkommen!
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:46:27
CEO: :: shouts :: Hey Zoe!
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 21:46:29
MED2: Oh, we didn't make the cola, a man from another nearby village did though! It is 100% alcohol free!
Kate Harper 20-Oct-2021 21:46:30
Lexy: We are really here... right?
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:46:39
Self: You're a freakin' idiot
Amylla Isaev 20-Oct-2021 21:46:43
Zoë: Good. Female keptins are better anyway. They don't think the ship is their хуй.
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:46:51
:: makes an effort to bounce around and socialize with everyone ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-Oct-2021 21:46:58
:: beams a white zipper of a smile, and looks to Herschel's greeting, now recognizing her but not understanding the greeting, although the second word tells her it's a welcome :: SCI: Oh, hi!
Lexy Wright 20-Oct-2021 21:47:09
:: looks up at the sun, then pats the pavers that she's sitting on, as if assessing them :: Kate: Feels real to me.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 21:47:19
:: snorts :: Amylla: Mama! :: sees Scott :: TAC: Hey.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:47:51
CEO: I thought you were busy. Thought I'd lend a hand. I got nothing going on.
Janessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:48:01
:: goes to the stereo and puts on some music, a mix of classical and jazz ::
MED2 LtJG Jasper 20-Oct-2021 21:48:07
:: nods with approval at her response, giving his wife a quick nod to tell her it was clear to drink :: SCI: Perfect, thank you.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 21:48:34
TAC: I am busy. My mom dropped in. Can we do something another time?
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:49:27
:: takes a seat at the table next to her sister to pick at her food ::
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 21:49:35
:: gestures at the assortment of beverages ::XO: Help yourself!
Kate Harper 20-Oct-2021 21:49:49
:: pulls her arms up above her head and wraps them around Lexy's legs for a squeeze as she rolls over in the water ::
Amylla Isaev 20-Oct-2021 21:49:57
:: turns to see the nervous boy behind her :: Zoë: You going to introduce me to your boyfriend, lyalya?
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:50:18
:: looks at Zoe and her mom ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-Oct-2021 21:50:23
:: comes closer, looking at the presented assortment :: Rike: Thanks!
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 21:50:32
:: snorts the loudest she's ever snorted :: Amylla: Mama. Please. Please.
Lexy Wright 20-Oct-2021 21:50:34
:: raises her hand toward a passing server to indicate that they'd both like another drink ::
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:50:50
NAV: So, any shore leave plans?
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:51:13
CEO: I didn't mean to interrupt... whatever this is. I can help another time. Drinks another time. Anything another time.
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 21:51:41
:: walks closer towards the source of the music and squints her eyesbrows together, trying to figure out what pieces are playing... ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:51:45
Amylla: :: nods :: Ma'am.
Doc Navarro 20-Oct-2021 21:52:03
:: chuckles :: CMO: Aside from the family time in Spain, I figured that I'd keep my plans flexible.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 20-Oct-2021 21:52:19
:: looks over as Emily speaks :: Emily: Ah. I brought a gift. :: gestures to the large potted bamboo with the stalks woven together :: I hope this is okay.
Amylla Isaev 20-Oct-2021 21:52:31
Zoë: :: but loud enough for Scott to hear :: If he's not your boyfriend, why is he so nervous to talk to you in front of your mother?
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:52:56
:: stops short of leaving ::
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:53:12
:: looks over and smiles, seeing the plant fits in among all the others hanging and sitting by the window-wall :: NAV2: Lovely! And very thoughtful. Thank you.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:53:15
:: turns and sends a look to Zoe ::
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 21:53:20
:: makes an odd face of concentration, then shakes her head :: Ach was auch immer. Wer gibt einen Scheiß?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 21:53:40
Amylla: Probably because he saw a stranger on the ship when there's not really supposed to be anyone here? Leave him alone, Mama.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 20-Oct-2021 21:53:41
:: looks very satisfied with that response... this kind of socialization is new to her. ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:54:56
Amylla: Ma'am, I'm a friend of Zoe's. We haven't spoken in a bit and I wanted to make sure she's okay. I apologize profusely if I came off disingenuous.
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:55:22
:: offers a reassuring smile as she senses Suzuki’s tension, but keeps the conversation going :: NAV: I tried not to make any big plans, other than this. Mom was thrilled to be hosting, she loves guests.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:55:24
Self: You're going to make whatever is happening worse...
Janessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:55:31
:: shrugs, guilty ::
Kate Harper 20-Oct-2021 21:55:34
:: still holding on to Lexy's legs, her gaze turns out to sea, over the pool's edge :: Lexy: Then we really did get through all of that...
Lexy Wright 20-Oct-2021 21:56:16
:: closes her eyes behind her stylish sunglasses and says in a somewhat defeated tone :: Kate: We did.
Amylla Isaev 20-Oct-2021 21:56:28
:: nods, smiles wryly :: TAC: No need for sorries.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 21:56:41
TAC: :: pointedly :: I'll see you later, Scott.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:56:42
:: nods absently ::
CEO: Zoe, we'll catch up later.
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 21:57:02
:: walks away from the stero, and sees Suzuki, and tries to figure out if she knows her... which at present seems to be a no ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 21:57:04
Amylla: Ma'am, pleasure to meet you.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 20-Oct-2021 21:57:07
:: raises a hand in greeting to Emily's mother, who she has just become aware of ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-Oct-2021 21:57:40
:: sniffs out the choices, but decides to look around and finds some bottled water near a table, deciding she will grab one later, then recognizes Suzuki nearby ::
Janessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:57:43
:: returns the wave :: NAV2: And you are?
Doc Navarro 20-Oct-2021 21:58:05
:: dips his head in a polite bow to Emily's mother ::
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:58:18
:: jumps in and introduces :: Mom: That’s Kimiko Suzuki, Doc’s other girlfriend. :: she says it as casually as she can ::
Amylla Isaev 20-Oct-2021 21:58:43
:: turns wry smile to Zoë, speaks softly so only she can hear :: Zoë: I love messing with the young boys. They're like, er...caramel-filled nut-truffle. So rough on the outside, nothing but goo on the inside.
Janessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:58:47
NAV2: Oh! Nice to meet you!
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 21:59:03
:: Ahh, so that's her name. nods to self and goes to get food ::
Doc Navarro 20-Oct-2021 21:59:17
:: quite happy that introduction wasn't awkward ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 20-Oct-2021 21:59:20
Janessa: Er... yes. We have a... It's a... Yes. :: actually appears a little flustered ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-Oct-2021 21:59:33
:: approaches next to Acacia as she introduces ::
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 21:59:53
:: smiles and shrugs, not bothered. Janessa seems to have been prepared for this moment, and plays it as smooth as can be ::
:: introduces Kuari to her mom next :: XO: My mother, Janessa Acacia. Mom: My XO, Kuari.
Amylla Isaev 20-Oct-2021 22:00:40
Zoë: So, what's new with you, lyalya?
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 20-Oct-2021 22:00:59
:: looks at Zorro with slightly widened eyes, having not been prepared for that ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-Oct-2021 22:01:29
:: smiles and bows her head briefly :: Janessa: It is an honor to meet you. Your daughter is very talented.
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:01:47
:: waves a hand :: XO: Oh, stop.
Ryleigh Grey 20-Oct-2021 22:01:48
:: is sipping at her soda, standing next to Ethan quietly ::
Janessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:02:13
:: grins :: XO: We know.
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 22:02:28
:: walks back over to Acacia, holding a plate of food ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-Oct-2021 22:02:38
:: catches sight of Navarro in her extensive peripheral vision, giving him a smile of recognition, her main focus on Janessa ::
Doc Navarro 20-Oct-2021 22:02:56
:: returns Jester's look with a reassuring smile ::
:: then dips his head to Kuari ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-Oct-2021 22:03:25
Janessa: You have a lovely home!
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 22:03:28
Amylla: :: shrugs :: Just workin. Running diagnostics, repairing the power distribution systems, watching scientists discover new microbial life, ending wars. The yoozh.
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:03:42
:: grins and offers a cheers with her half-finished drink :: Rike: This stuff is great!
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 20-Oct-2021 22:03:53
:: is still internally reeling a bit from the use of the g-word, but tries to play it cool ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 22:03:57
:: enters the hallway outside ME ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-Oct-2021 22:04:02
:: quickly smells the food and turns her head at the nearby plate ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 22:04:04
:: grins ::
:: moves back into Main Engineering ::
Janessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:04:25
XO: Why thank you. We try. Oh, are you hungry? There’s plenty of food. :: she points to the kitchen ::
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 22:04:32
CMO: Oh ja! Es ist alles!
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 22:04:32
CEO: Hey Zoe! Where's Hannah these days?
Amylla Isaev 20-Oct-2021 22:04:42
So, why're you not out celebrating with crew?
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:04:50
:: turns to Suzuki and offers a crooked smile and mouths ‘sorry’, having not intended to jar her ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 22:05:30
:: red :: :: nothing but red :: :: cold, dark weight beneath her sternum :: :: jaw tight :: :: eyes burning ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 20-Oct-2021 22:05:47
:: notes the "sorry" and remembers for the umpteenth time that Emily can read her mind ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 22:06:03
TAC: I'll. See. You. Later. Scott.
XO Cdr Kuari 20-Oct-2021 22:06:10
Janessa: Thank you for the hospitality! :: nods to Acacia, meets Suzuki's and Navarro's eyes, then turns her attention to the presented foods ::
Kate Harper 20-Oct-2021 22:06:23
:: unnoticed, the drinks arrived, at some point, so she takes the coconut filled with something fruity and drinks from the bamboo straw, eyeing her wife from above the sunglasses, still down at the end of her nose :: Lexy: Are you alright, Rosie? You sound a bit down.
Janessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:06:55
:: has put out a charcuterie spread of fruits, cheeses, and meats from both Earth and Betazed. Doc contributed Spanish foods, and Rike brought beer! ::
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 22:07:03
:: gestures at Janessa with her hand :: CMO: Ach wer ist das?
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 22:07:15
CEO: On her ship in the shuttlebay, got it. Thanks!
XO Cdr Kuari 20-Oct-2021 22:07:23
:: samples the fruits first ::
Hannah Ziredac 20-Oct-2021 22:07:29
:: now out of shower, back to lying on the floor, still singing :: You didn't see me, I was falling apart / I was a television version of a person with a broken heart
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:07:49
:: thinks she got the gist :: Rike: My mother, Janessa Acacia. Mom: Rike Herschel.
Janessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:08:06
:: offers her hand for a handshake ::
Torinessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:08:31
:: can’t help but gawk a bit at Kuari from the table, never having seen something like her before ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 22:08:36
:: moves into the hallway again, heads towards the turbolift ::
Amylla Isaev 20-Oct-2021 22:08:41
:: turns her deadpan from Scott to Zoë to Scott to Zoë :: Zoë: Are you sure he's not boyfriend? He's about as insufferable as boyfriends are.
Lexy Wright 20-Oct-2021 22:08:54
:: takes a long drink of something fruity herself, but it just tastes like ashes in her mouth, and she sets it down with a distasteful expression and sighs a long sigh, pulling off her sunglasses to look at Kate :: Kate: I'm tired, Kate. :: she takes a deep breath to collect herself :: I'm tired of all the death, of all the fighting, of all the times I've almost lost you.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 22:09:04
Amylla: Oh. I'm sure.
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 22:09:20
:: gives a very firm handshake :: Janessa:Schön- ... Nice to meet you.
Amylla Isaev 20-Oct-2021 22:09:21
Zoë: Are you okay, lyalya?
Janessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:09:48
:: smiles and returns the firm handshake :: Rike: You as well!
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 22:10:22
:: tears welling up :: Amylla: No.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 22:11:49
:: heads back to his quarters, stops ::
Self: I bet she still is in the shuttlebay.
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:12:13
:: claps her hands together :: All: Oh, I love this song. My mom has such an interesting collection of classics, feel free to peruse.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 22:12:29
:: enters the TL :: Shuttlebay.
Janessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:12:40
All: Mostly twenty-second-and-third century. I like old stuff.
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 22:12:45
Janessa: Apologies for all the switching. I keep forgetting to speak this cursed language that makes no sense whatsoever.
Kate Harper 20-Oct-2021 22:13:07
:: as she puts her drink on the poolside, she suddenly finds herself incredibly grateful that Lexy wasn't there that last day on the Gencodian world, so long ago, to see her actually die, in agonizing fashion :: Lexy: It could have been far worse, but yes. I tire of the fighting, as well.
Janessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:13:21
:: chuckles :: Rike: You should hear my husband. Really, I don’t mind.
Lexy Wright 20-Oct-2021 22:13:42
:: tears well up in her eyes, unbidden ::
Kate Harper 20-Oct-2021 22:15:00
:: she stands up in the water and puts her head in Lexy's lap, arms around her body, as she quietly continues :: Lexy: I was afraid of losing you, too. When I was shot, that was the last thing I remember.
Amylla Isaev 20-Oct-2021 22:15:14
:: taking Zoë into her arms :: Oh moye solnyshkuh, what's wrong?
Lexy Wright 20-Oct-2021 22:16:27
:: brushes wet rivulets of hair away from Kate's face, trying hard not to sob :: Kate: I don't know how much longer I can do this.
Doc Navarro 20-Oct-2021 22:16:35
: listens to the music as he bits into a roll of salami and cheese, making a note of the song ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 22:16:54
:: can't answer just yet, just cries ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 22:17:07
:: steps out of the turbolift and heads to the shuttlebay ::
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:17:14
:: picks at her food, keeping a close eye on her quiet younger sister ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 20-Oct-2021 22:17:22
:: composes herself and starts to fix herself a plate ::
Amylla Isaev 20-Oct-2021 22:17:59
So, annoying mosquito-boy is not boyfriend, but used to be, eh? Won't leave my lyalya alone? I know some tricks we can pull on him. He'll never know what hit him.
Torinessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:18:08
:: finally pipes up :: NAV: So you’re the pilot, right?
Doc Navarro 20-Oct-2021 22:18:37
Tori: I am, yes. Well, one of them. She is too. :: nods at Jester ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 20-Oct-2021 22:19:09
:: gives Tori a small wave, her mouth full of something yummy and Spanish ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 22:19:38
Amylla: No, :: chuckles through the sob; sniffs :: god, no. No, it''s someone else. We just, uh... :: shakes her head like really this isn't all a big deal after all :: ...we just broke up, is all.
Kate Harper 20-Oct-2021 22:19:42
:: sheds the sunglasses and rests her head on Lexy's thigh, looking up at her :: Lexy: I know the feeling.
Torinessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:19:47
:: leans in, interested :: Doc: Emily’s told me about the Sharks. So you really go out there, during battle, like a fighter pilot? How much training did that take?
Doc Navarro 20-Oct-2021 22:20:44
Tori: We do, sí. In addition to the regular Academy courses, there's an extra course afterwards for fighter pilots.
Amylla Isaev 20-Oct-2021 22:20:45
Zoë: Is that this 'Hannah' person the mosquito-boy mentioned?
XO Cdr Kuari 20-Oct-2021 22:21:35
:: enjoys the fruits, some she considers exotic but all of them fresh, then turns her attention to picking carefully at the cheeses, clumsily using the serving utensils to poke at them and listens to the nearby conversations ::
Torinessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:21:40
:: breathes :: Doc: Wow. :: she pauses, then realizes she’s started a conversation :: Doc/Kimiko: I’m a practicing therapist, here on Earth.
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 22:21:52
Doc: Oooh, so you and uh... Kimiko are fighter pilots?
Doc Navarro 20-Oct-2021 22:22:13
Tori: Yes, Emily has told me about you, so you must be Torinessa!
:: nods to Rike ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 20-Oct-2021 22:22:25
:: swallows what she had in her mouth and nods at Rike :: Rike: We are.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 22:22:34
:: walks into the shuttlebay ::
Torinessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:22:40
:: smiles and nods, then bows her head :: Doc: That’s me. Tori is fine, though.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 22:22:41
:: stares at the Skylark ::
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 22:22:41
Self: Ooh, ok!
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 20-Oct-2021 22:23:01
Rike: And you are...?
Hannah Ziredac 20-Oct-2021 22:23:04
:: singing along :: The day I die, the day I die, where will we be?
Doc Navarro 20-Oct-2021 22:23:17
Tori: Call me Doc.
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 22:23:24
NAV2: Science officer. Supervisor of the botany lab.
Torinessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:23:29
:: smiles and nods ::
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:24:01
:: is relieved to see Tori having a good time, getting up to make herself and her sister another plate ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 20-Oct-2021 22:24:05
Rike: Oh. So, you like plants? :: gestures to the plant she brought, trying valiantly to make conversation ::
MED2 LtJG Jasper 20-Oct-2021 22:24:36
:: remembers the food, and takes Ryleigh's soda from her, giving a gentle nudge for her to go towards the food ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 22:24:42
:: nods :: Amylla: Yeah. I thought she was the one, you know?
Janessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:24:50
Ryleigh: Have you tried the food?
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 22:25:24
NAV2: Love them! I have an entire wall of plants in my personal quarters. But that's all not as exciting as going out flying around in space all... pew pew.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 22:25:35
:: hears Hannah's voice ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 20-Oct-2021 22:26:23
Rike: Zorro and I watch each other's backs out there. Sometimes he distracts targets and I :: makes torpedo noise :: blow 'em out of the sky.
Ryleigh Grey 20-Oct-2021 22:26:35
:: huffs, doing what Ethan nudged her for, before turning to Janessa :: Janessa> I... have not yet. I had lunch at the Academy before I came. :: grins slightly :: I'm not sure if Emily's introduced us, but I'm Ryleigh, Chief tactical Officer and current Marine captain; this is Ethan, second Medical staff for medbay shit.
Kate Harper 20-Oct-2021 22:26:50
:: blindly retrieves her coconut and grasps for the bamboo straw with her lips :: Lexy: We could just retire now. Leave it all behind and run away together.
Lexy Wright 20-Oct-2021 22:27:07
:: looks hopefully at Kate :: Kate: Can we?
Doc Navarro 20-Oct-2021 22:27:36
:: nods, embellishing Jester's story :: Rike: And sometimes, it's the other way round. Pew pew.
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 22:27:56
Doc/NAV2: Ahh! Pew pew! :: raises the drink she has dangling in a hand ::
Amylla Isaev 20-Oct-2021 22:28:05
Zoë: We always think they're the one. I thought your father was the one, once upon a time. 'The One' is a myth.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 22:28:16
Amylla: I don't wanna believe that.
Janessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:28:17
:: offers a handshake to both of the two :: Ethan/Ryleigh: Well it’s nice to meet you! I’m Emily’s mother, just a farmer at the moment. Used to be a groundskeeper at Iowa State, but I outgrew it. You two are Emily’s friends?
MED2 LtJG Jasper 20-Oct-2021 22:28:21
Doc/NAV2: And sometimes I have to patch up your two idiots' asses. :: calls over, expression teasing lightly ::
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:28:46
:: snorts, then covers her mouth and nose and flushes red ::
Kate Harper 20-Oct-2021 22:28:56
:: finds the straw and slurps before answering :: Lexy: If that is what you want to do, I am willing, love.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 20-Oct-2021 22:28:56
Rike: It doesn't always go as planned, though. Sometimes the pew pew gets you.
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 22:29:16
NAV2: Ahh... a bad pew pew.
Doc Navarro 20-Oct-2021 22:29:16
:: snorts at Jasper ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 20-Oct-2021 22:29:48
Rike: This one time, Zorro got shot down and Sehlat had to save him.
Ryleigh Grey 20-Oct-2021 22:29:54
:: nods :: Janessa> Yeah. It was actually her doing that got Ethan out of his position as a Pediatric Research Specialist at the Academy and onboard the Atlantis.
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 22:30:01
NAV2: And Sehlat is...?
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:30:11
:: gasps :: NAV2: Oh, I remember that. I was watching from the bridge.
Doc Navarro 20-Oct-2021 22:30:20
Rike: That did happen, yes. Commander T'Lira is Sehlat, the CAG.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 20-Oct-2021 22:30:23
Rike: Umm... serious Vulcan lady.
Amylla Isaev 20-Oct-2021 22:30:35
:: sticks out ponderous lip :: Zoë: Don't mistake, Sauëdeyan, I don't think Love is a myth. Is... what's the word. Destiny is a myth. You don't find 'The One' and then it just works. No, is like piece of art: is always work in progress.
MED2 LtJG Jasper 20-Oct-2021 22:30:55
:: shoots a fake-stern look at Navarro :: Doc: Watch it, sir. I'll gladly make your next physical one of the worse ones. :: tone is completely teasing, but he is fully serious ::
Janessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:31:12
Ryleigh: Well I’m glad you made it. :: she tunes into the conversation, interested ::
Lexy Wright 20-Oct-2021 22:31:18
:: frowns at Kate :: Kate: Are you... serious?
Doc Navarro 20-Oct-2021 22:31:26
MED2: And you wonder why pilots avoid sickbay.
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:31:38
:: wags a finger :: MED2: Hey, only I get to authorize making patients miserable!
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 22:31:39
:: sighs, wipes tears with sleeve :: Amylla: Yeah, I think I get what you're saying.
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 22:31:49
:: adverts her eyes as she purses her lips and stands on her toes for a moment :: Doc/NAV2: Oh. Yes. Her. :: clears throat :: Doc/NAV2: I've been teaching her son about botany, actually.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 22:32:00
:: climbs up on some cargo containers to try and see into the Skylark ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 20-Oct-2021 22:32:07
:: raises a brow :: Rike: Oh?
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:32:23
:: leans in, listening to Rike ::
MED2 LtJG Jasper 20-Oct-2021 22:32:32
Doc: Of course, with the Chief's permission. :: glances at Acacia playfully :: CMO: Don't forget who gets you the good coffee in the mornings.
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:33:06
:: chuckles :: MED2: You’ve inspired me to keep my own stash of beans! Nothing beats the real deal.
Ryleigh Grey 20-Oct-2021 22:33:18
:: snorts, hiding a grin behind her hand at her husband's banter :: Janessa> Our parents live in Washington, so we get good coffee beans on shore-leave... none of that replicated stuff.
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 22:33:50
NAV2: Yes! We actually met each other on the way to grab some deliveries from a cargo bay, and ended up catching Taril hiding in the botany lab. We do holodeck lessons and we are replicating the pea plant experiments right now.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 20-Oct-2021 22:34:41
Rike: Mm, Mendel's experiments? :: taps her chin :: Interesting.
Janessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:34:46
Ryleigh: Oh, yes. I hardly replicate anything if I can help it.
Kate Harper 20-Oct-2021 22:34:57
:: hops up out of the pool to sit beside her wife, and takes a moment to adjust her bright floral-print bikini and to slick her hair back before answering :: Lexy: Yes, I am. Do not get me wrong, I love what we do. We make a difference out there. But, I think that we have done our part, and seeing what all of this has done to you... if you want to move on, I would be alright with it.
Amylla Isaev 20-Oct-2021 22:35:11
:: dismissively waves hand at imaginary person off to the right :: Zoë: So this Hannah болван, just... pah. Don't let her break your heart. And I know: sounds simple, isn't simple, da. Took me five fuckink years to get over your father. But it only took two years to get over Jim, one year to get over Nevin, and about three months to get over Cannon.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 22:36:07
:: furrows brow :: Amylla: Wait, Cannon? Who's... okay, two questions: Who's Cannon, why didn't—three questions: Who's Cannon, why didn't you tell me about Cannon, and who names their child Cannon?
MED2 LtJG Jasper 20-Oct-2021 22:36:07
:: his eyes widen in fake amusement, hearing his wife talking to Janessa, before turning attention to Rike's conversation :: Rike: How old's Taril now?
Lexy Wright 20-Oct-2021 22:36:18
:: looks deeply into Kate's eyes for any hint of hesitation ::
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 22:36:39
NAV2: Yup! Plant genetics. I figured if he wants to steal plants out of the lab... he can reproduce some for himself. Perhaps he can have his own Wand aus Pflanzen some day. MED2: I believe he is 13 now?
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 20-Oct-2021 22:37:10
Rike: ...His own what, now?
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 22:37:20
NAV2: Wall of plants!
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:37:20
:: picks at her food, listening to the conversation with a pleased grin, glad everyone is enjoying each other’s company ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 22:37:48
:: glances hastily to where he hit the Skylark with tracker ::
Kate Harper 20-Oct-2021 22:37:49
:: her eyes do betray her despite her best efforts; she does not really want to retire, but would, in time, be alright with it — after all, how many times should one captain be expected to lead what the Atlantis has accomplished? ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 20-Oct-2021 22:38:00
Rike: I like plants. I have several in my quarters. They help me meditate.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 22:38:14
:: hears music ::
Amylla Isaev 20-Oct-2021 22:38:16
Zoë: I never told you about Cannon? Oh. Hm. Thought I did. Nice boy. Younger boy. :: smirk :: Not that young, but... Sweetest but dumbest man I've ever met. Terrible singing voice, worse karaoke choices.
MED2 LtJG Jasper 20-Oct-2021 22:38:18
Rike: Well, if anything goes wrong, I do keep my pediatric specialization up to date for potential emergencies.
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:38:32
:: perks an ear at the idea of Suzuki meditating, raising an eyebrow ::
Lexy Wright 20-Oct-2021 22:38:33
:: sighs :: Kate: You know I love what we do... except for the violence.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 22:38:40
:: whistles openly ::
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 22:39:09
NAV2: Ah! I extend you an invite to my quarters for a plant tour when we return to Atlantis!
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 20-Oct-2021 22:39:42
:: is oddly pleased by this :: Rike: I would like that.
Doc Navarro 20-Oct-2021 22:40:03
:: chuckles as he goes in search of something to drink ::
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:40:09
:: smiles faintly :: Mom: I still have the orchids you gave me when I shipped out. Actually managed to keep them alive!
Janessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:40:20
Emily: Oh? I’m impressed.
Kate Harper 20-Oct-2021 22:40:42
Lexy: I hate it, too. I do everything I can to avoid it.
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 22:41:01
:: if she didnt have food and booze occupying her hands she would otherwise clasp them together :: NAV2: Lovely!
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 22:41:55
Amylla: Sounds like a fun time while it lasted, right?
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 22:41:55
Oh! NAV2: Do you know if T'Lira enjoys any particular plants?
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:42:21
:: gets herself another drink, remaining planted at the table with her sister and friends while her mother paced the floor entertaining ::
Doc Navarro 20-Oct-2021 22:42:23
:: returns with a couple of German beers, hands one to Jester ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-Oct-2021 22:42:26
:: has had enough of the cheese and sniffs at Navarro's offerings, but doesn't sample any and looks at those around her, deciding where to wander ::
Doc Navarro 20-Oct-2021 22:42:47
:: sees Kuari sniffing at the Spanish food :: XO: Try the chili chocolate!
Amylla Isaev 20-Oct-2021 22:43:09
:: shrugs :: Zoë: Couldn't sing, but could dance like crazy.
XO Cdr Kuari 20-Oct-2021 22:43:14
Navarro: The...what? :: looks back at the food ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 22:43:29
:: shouts at the Skylark :: HEY HANNAH!
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:43:46
:: takes a bite of her portion of chili chocolate on cue ::
Doc Navarro 20-Oct-2021 22:43:52
:: gets back up and walks over, pointing out the spicy chocolate :: XO: This!
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 20-Oct-2021 22:44:03
:: shakes her head :: Rike: I don't know much about Sehlat, I'm afraid. She's a very private person.
XO Cdr Kuari 20-Oct-2021 22:44:41
:: furrows her heavy eye ridges :: Navarro: I don't think I will like it, it smells spicy.
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:45:19
:: looks over :: XO: Not a fan of spicy?
Lexy Wright 20-Oct-2021 22:45:51
:: sighs again :: Kate: I know you do. And you did everything you could to protect all those people. But they're still dead, you know?
Doc Navarro 20-Oct-2021 22:45:54
:: nods, somewhat disappointed :: XO: It is, yes.
Rike: She seems to work a lot. I ran into her once in the assault bay in the middle of the night.
XO Cdr Kuari 20-Oct-2021 22:46:17
:: shakes her head at Acacia ::
:: checks Navarro's face :: I'm sure it's delicious though, if one can handle spice!
Janessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:47:13
:: quickly whips together a smoothie that mixes Betazese and Earth fruits, offering it to Kuari :: XO: Try this! It’s naturally sweet.
Kate Harper 20-Oct-2021 22:47:22
:: looks down into the water where her legs enter it, quiet for a long several seconds ::
Lexy Wright 20-Oct-2021 22:47:47
Kate: And it could have been us, Kate.
XO Cdr Kuari 20-Oct-2021 22:47:59
:: grabs for the offered smoothie :: Janessa: Thank you! Although I've had quite a bit of the fruit already, a blend would taste good I bet!
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 22:48:20
NAV2/Doc: Ah, dang. She seems like such an interesting person. I swear I'll crack those walls one at a time.
Kate Harper 20-Oct-2021 22:48:53
:: her voice wavers :: Lexy: I know.
Janessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:48:55
:: nods enthusiastically :: XO: You like fruit? We grow a good bit here.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 20-Oct-2021 22:49:05
Rike: Somehow, I would not be surprised if you actually managed to do it.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 22:49:24
Skylark> Perimeter alert. Human male, Starfleet. Recorded audio determined to be addressing Hannah Ziredac.
Doc Navarro 20-Oct-2021 22:49:25
Rike: Good luck to you! :: raises his beer ::
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 22:49:34
Doc/NAV2: Wouldn't be the first Vulcan I've cracked!
Hannah Ziredac 20-Oct-2021 22:50:07
:: sighs :: Let me fucking guess. :: stands up, throws a robe on, opens the hatch, leans out, sees Scott ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-Oct-2021 22:50:11
:: tips the smoothie carefully into her mouth and smiles :: Janessa: I do. Very good!
Hannah Ziredac 20-Oct-2021 22:50:18
TAC: What's up, Ammora?
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 22:50:36
Hannah: I heard you singing!
Janessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:51:01
:: seems quite pleased :: XO: Good! I hope you enjoy.
Hannah Ziredac 20-Oct-2021 22:51:15
TAC: Are you some kind of dog? How the hell'd you hear me through the hull?
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:51:22
:: raises her beer as well :: Rike: I hope you manage it.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 22:51:44
Hannah: Perfect pitch resonates. :: shrugs ::
Lexy Wright 20-Oct-2021 22:52:41
Kate: I know you're not ready to retire yet, Kate, as much as you're trying to convince me otherwise.
Hannah Ziredac 20-Oct-2021 22:52:47
:: scrunches face :: TAC: You need somethin? I'm hungover like fuck, and the lights out here are literally ending my life.
Lexy Wright 20-Oct-2021 22:53:06
Kate: And I made a promise to stay with you and support you, so I'm going to fucking do that.
Kate: But you know how I feel. And one day, when you're ready, we can leave this life behind.
Amylla Isaev 20-Oct-2021 22:55:17
Zoë: Well, it was okay time. Sauëdeyan, why don't you put down the hydrospanner, and we can go have some food? Maybe a drink too. I don't think you and I've had a proper drink together.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 22:55:35
Amylla: Yeah, we can hit the forward lounge, and—
Emily Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:55:41
:: looks around at the party as she picks at her food, considering this night a success ::
Kate Harper 20-Oct-2021 22:55:42
:: takes a deep breath and blinks at the moisture in her eyes, then looks from the water back to her wife :: Lexy: I would though, you know that... right? I mean it. I might not be ready, but how many times do I need to almost die before I get to be done?
Amylla Isaev 20-Oct-2021 22:56:01
Zoë: No, let's go to surface. Get some sunshine. Fresh atmosphere.
Rike Herschel 20-Oct-2021 22:56:07
:: lifts her own drink :: Aye!
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 22:56:08
Amylla: I...I can't.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 22:56:11
Hannah: You know what's good for a hangover? Appetizers and a bloody mary at Troyo's. San Francisco's best breakfast place.
Janessa Acacia 20-Oct-2021 22:56:16
:: finally sits down at the table to eat something as everyone else has been served ::
Lexy Wright 20-Oct-2021 22:56:26
Kate: You say that, but you would hate retirement. And you would resent me for making you do it.
Amylla Isaev 20-Oct-2021 22:56:35
Zoë: Why can't? You have better place to be?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 22:57:06
Amylla: No, it's... Look, I can't explain. Just trust me, please, Mama? I can't leave the ship. I'm not in trouble, I'm fine, but... I just can't.
Amylla Isaev 20-Oct-2021 22:57:52
:: shrugs :: Zoë: No skin off my ass. Is what they make holodeck for, anyway. Pretend sunshine, then?
Kate Harper 20-Oct-2021 22:58:17
Lexy: Maybe at first. But I would get over it, when we are knee-deep in whatever our next adventure might be.
XO Cdr Kuari 20-Oct-2021 22:58:18
:: enjoys mingling with those she knows and those she doesn't yet in the fresh Earth country air ::
Hannah Ziredac 20-Oct-2021 22:58:45
:: stomach lurches :: Hair of the dog ain't workin for this one, buddy. And I gotta stay onboard, anyway.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 20-Oct-2021 22:59:29
Hannah: I play piano! Wanna sing?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 20-Oct-2021 22:59:51
Amylla: Pretend sunshine sounds great, Mama. :: walks with Amylla toward the turbolift ::
Hannah Ziredac 20-Oct-2021 23:00:17
TAC: Where other sentient beings can hear me? :: shivers ::
Lexy Wright 20-Oct-2021 23:00:39
Kate: Don't do that. Don't tempt me, Kitty.
Kate Harper 20-Oct-2021 23:00:49
Lexy: Well, if you are willing to keep going... :: finds her hand and squeezes it :: I would like to.
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