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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
The memorial services are over, and all of the letters to the families of the fallen have been sent. Debris, mostly Xovul, litters the surface of Refuge near the port. Starfleet Intelligence has recently reported that the Vash whose forces helped us in defense of Refuge against the Xovul has toppled the Ykavosh and assumed that title. Queen Ashexana has confirmed that the Xovul triumvirate has contacted her to formally cease hostility. The war is over, and now we celebrate; Lady Venya Kashar has turned Refuge into a massive party for all of the allied forces that made this day possible, with all of the facility's hospitality available to everyone along with a large gathering on the promenade.
After 06-Oct-2021 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 06-Oct-2021 21:15:33
Venya Kashar 06-Oct-2021 21:17:02
:: ever the vigilant hostess, she's floating through the promenade, making sure that her guests are taken care of ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 21:17:20
:: enters the party and looks around, heading for the bar to pick up a drink ::
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 21:18:31
:: takes a deep breath as she enters the party, anxious to be so far out of her comfort zone::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 21:18:33
:: wears a simple dark blue dress, her hair down, a rare sight. She orders a fruity mixed drink off the recommended menu, smiling warmly at the bartender ::
MED2 LtJG Jasper 06-Oct-2021 21:18:44
:: both enter the party, dressed in their dress uniforms, and starting to make the rounds with the other tactical officers and marines, Ethan remaining silent as his wife handled the conversations ::
Ashexana 06-Oct-2021 21:18:53
:: seated at a table overlooking the promenade, she's taking in the crowd and still marveling that it's somehow all real ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 21:19:06
:: stands in his quarters, smoothing out his dress uniform ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 21:19:21
:: squeezes Hannah's hand, nudges in closer :: Hannah: Wanna know somethin?
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Oct-2021 21:20:01
:: finds herself milling about the promenade at first, not wearing anything but her skin a brilliant green. She has had time to mourn the lost crew, overseeing most repairs behind her, and is in a state of moving on, determined to let the party lift her spirits and celebrate what they had accomplished: Peace ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Oct-2021 21:20:04
:: still doesn't feel much like partying, but has tried to dress for the occasion in a navy blue vintage-style dress with black and white polka-dot accents and her hair down in loose curls ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 21:20:10
:: takes a big sip of some of Venya's wine :: Zoë: What?
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Oct-2021 21:20:26
:: dressed in a tuxedo with a deep burgundy sash across his chest, he slides up to the bar next to Emily and places his drink order ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 21:20:31
Hannah: You make a cute old lady.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 21:21:11
:: sips her fruity drink and smiles at Doc, nodding her head toward some of the marines :: NAV: I didn’t realize this would be a dress uniform occasion.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 21:21:35
Self: I look like a penguin.
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 21:21:42
:: gulps, looks out over the party :: Zoë: Oh yeah? Thought I looked pretty scrawny and weatherworn.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Oct-2021 21:21:51
CMO: They're marines. :: chuckles :: That's casual for them.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 21:22:11
Hannah: Well I think you were really cute. :: pushes in for a kiss ::
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 21:22:15
:: is sitting awkwardly at a chair, a leg dangling over the arm, sipping at a rather large beer ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 21:22:20
:: gets kissed ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 21:22:31
Hannah: What about me?
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 21:22:43
Zoë: Hm?
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 21:22:47
:: chuckles :: NAV: Have you tried the food?
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 21:22:47
Self: Just do it. You're fine.
:: nods to himself ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 21:23:09
Hannah: Did I make a cute old lady?
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 21:23:13
:: heads out of his quarters ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Oct-2021 21:23:34
CMO: Not yet. There's so much of it, and from so many worlds.
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 21:23:36
:: notices SCI and is relieved to see someone she's familiar with::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 06-Oct-2021 21:23:37
:: sips her drink and observes the party from an inconspicuous spot, wearing an ivory silk slip dress that hits the floor and a long, simple ponytail ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 21:23:46
Zoë: Oh. :: forces a chuckle :: Oh yeah, no, totally. Very cute old lady.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 21:24:07
:: arrives on the promenade, feeling awkward as ever ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 21:24:40
:: grins, heading towards one of the food tables :: NAV: That’s part of the beauty of this place. I’ll have a bite of everything!
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Oct-2021 21:24:53
:: is wearing a dark green coat, done with a few medals on her left breast, paired with a knee-high skirt and black heels; matching the other female Marines scattered around the area, currently engaged in conversation with other tactical officers ::
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 21:25:03
:: walks over:: SCI: Mind if I join you Lieutenant?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 21:25:12
Hannah: I wanna hear all about your lives. What you did, what we did, everything.
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 21:25:30
Yeah, totally.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 21:25:40
Hannah: Well?
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 21:25:50
:: adjusts her cardigan, putting the slipping fabric back over her shoulder. she sits up straight , removing her leg off the arm of the chair :: ENG: Ja! Of course.
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 21:26:03
Zoë: What?
CAG LCdr T’Lira 06-Oct-2021 21:26:05
:: is not, nor will ever be, a celebratory person, but she understands the customs involved in such an occasion and thus has chosen a plain tunic and trousers instead of any sort of uniform. Having found a table out of the way, she is content to look over information on a PADD and sip a glass of water. She is present, that is sufficient ::
MED2 LtJG Jasper 06-Oct-2021 21:26:22
:: splits off from her, moving towards Acacia and Navarro with a grin :: CMO/NAV: Good party?
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 21:26:22
:: moves over to the bar and grabs a drink ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 21:26:45
Hannah: Tell me! You said you started the same day every time, right? When you were ten?
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 21:27:11
Zoë: Yeah. Wait, did you not start at the same day every time?
CO Capt Harper 06-Oct-2021 21:27:35
:: wearing a rather simple black dress, with her hair up in the captainly updo, she mills through the crowd at Lexy's side ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 21:27:42
:: picks at the various food options, making a plate for herself with plenty of variety :: MED2/NAV: I’d say so. Venya knows what she’s doing, it seems.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Oct-2021 21:28:00
:: hooks her arm through Kate's, taking in the crowd ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Oct-2021 21:28:04
:: chuckles as he picks through the buffet ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 21:28:16
:: takes a sip, moves over to a banister to watch the festivities ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 21:28:48
:: shakes head :: Hannah: It was always before Atlantis, before you. Couple times in school, couple times at the Academy, once it was literally the day I rendezvoused with Atlantis. But yeah. Weird.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Oct-2021 21:28:53
:: stops and speaks to a marine she used to work closely with, speaking briefly of crewmen lost. The marine suggests they would want their sacrifice to be meaningful, and that celebration of peace was the best way they could appreciate it. Kuari heartily agrees, and they part ways with a smile ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 21:29:30
:: looks around ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Oct-2021 21:29:52
:: graciously accepts a flute of wine from a waiter's tray ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 21:30:05
Look, Zo, I wanna talk about it for sure, but right now I'm still kinda overstimulated know, still kinda shaken. Going from living several lifetimes right into a battle then right into a fucking afterparty... I need to not use my brain.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Oct-2021 21:30:44
:: spots Harper and Wright, moves closer ::
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 21:30:59
:: looks across the room, spotting T'Lira, and puts her arm up, waving over at her ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Oct-2021 21:31:07
:: takes a drink of the wine and smiles as she sees Kuari approaching ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 21:31:10
:: takes her plate and drink and makes her way to the tables, finding an empty one and sitting down ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 21:31:13
Hannah: Totally. :: snags some wine from a passing tray, clinks it against Hannah's glass :: Cheers, my love.
Venya Kashar 06-Oct-2021 21:31:35
:: pauses by the band and subtly directs a change in the tone of their music ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 21:32:04
:: looks across the promenade and sees Zoe and Hannah ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Oct-2021 21:32:18
:: also takes some wine, then greets Kuari ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 21:32:29
:: takes a sip of his drink ::
MED2 LtJG Jasper 06-Oct-2021 21:32:34
:: follows suit, picking out bits of food for both him and Grey, who was still talking ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 21:32:35
:: takes a breath ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Oct-2021 21:32:39
:: notes their drinks and looks around, now within speaking distance :: CO/CSO: Hey, that's a good idea. I wonder if they have chocolate.
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 21:32:46
:: goes to the bar, orders a diet cola and tries to not look uncomfortable::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 21:32:52
:: greedily downs the rest of her wine and starts looking around for one of those waiters ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Oct-2021 21:33:01
XO: I could not imagine a party of Venya's not having chocolate!
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 21:33:11
:: spots Scott, has a faint memory that they're not on good terms, can't remember specifics why ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 21:33:41
:: samples the food as she chats with Doc and Ethan, and whoever else wanders by the table ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Oct-2021 21:33:44
:: beams a smile at Kate ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 21:34:06
:: also spots Scott :: TAC: Oh hey, Scott!
CAG LCdr T’Lira 06-Oct-2021 21:34:25
:: flips through the material on her PADD, pausing to take a sip of water and catches sight of Lieutenant Herschel waving at her. She is uncertain of the response custom in this situation, so she politely puts a hand up and moves it back and forth for a moment before putting it down again. Human customs... ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 21:34:29
CEO: :: smiles :: Hey Zoe!
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 21:34:33
Zoë: I'm gonna go grab another drink.
:: nods to Scott, walks off ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Oct-2021 21:34:48
:: this all seems surreal after the stress of the battles and all of the preparations, but she tries her best to look the part of a leader ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 21:35:03
Hannah: Hey, no, wait!
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 21:35:14
:: stops, turns ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Oct-2021 21:35:23
:: not to mention the nearly-successful attempt on her life ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 21:35:26
Hannah: I'm sorry.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Oct-2021 21:35:28
:: looks a bit sad when she thinks no one is looking ::
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 21:35:42
Ens Johnson> :: walks into the room, holding a package. he walks towards the captain :: CO: Err. Captain. Delivery from a... Linxi Jude.
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 21:35:52
:: at a loss :: TAC: For what?
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 21:36:09
Hannah: For being an asshole.
CO Capt Harper 06-Oct-2021 21:37:05
:: surprise is evident in her facial expression as she takes the package :: Johnson: Oh, I hope Linxi is well!
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 21:37:20
:: nursing her soda, begins wandering aimlessly::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Oct-2021 21:37:22
:: looks curiously at the package ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 21:37:26
:: knows she brings out the worst in people and fails in all manner of relationships, so figures she'll roll with it :: TAC: Don't mention it. I'm sorry too. :: figures that's also a safe bet ::
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 21:37:43
Ens Johnson> :: nods, then leaves once the package is taken... and said package is full of... fiddly bit cupcakes ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 21:37:46
:: raises her eyebrows, takes a drink ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 21:38:02
:: looks around the party, spotting familiar faces. She waves at a few people, but definitely not at D’bryn, who she tries to avoid staring at ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Oct-2021 21:38:02
:: watches Johnson hand over the package and looks at it, pushing her nose in for a quick curious sniff ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Oct-2021 21:38:10
:: laughs when she sees the cupcakes, and offers them to Lexy and Kuari ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Oct-2021 21:38:19
: grins and takes one ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Oct-2021 21:38:30
:: covers her mouth, laughing in spite of herself, and takes one as well ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 21:38:42
Hannah: I saw your moves out there. Nice work.
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 21:39:24
TAC: Oh, thanks. Lotta guesswork. Didn't even know my ship could do a couple of those things til I did em.
CO Capt Harper 06-Oct-2021 21:39:32
:: takes a cupcake and dives in, the thoughtful gesture from Linxi having buoyed her mood ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Oct-2021 21:39:52
:: licks off the frosting first, as is her custom with cupcakes ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 21:40:10
TAC/Self: Especially that 'Instant Kill Mode'. :: shudders ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 21:40:20
Hannah: You handle the ship well.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Oct-2021 21:40:33
:: finds a chili-chocolate dessert and points it out to Emily :: Now this, this is excellent.
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 21:40:36
:: spies T'Lira sitting alone, walks up:: CAG: Mind if I join you Commander?
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Oct-2021 21:40:45
:: easily makes the cupcake disappear :: CO/CSO: I'm off to find more chocolate! I might be back.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 21:40:45
Hannah: Can I have a moment with Zoe? :: motions to D'Bryn ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 21:41:05
TAC: Oh, yeah, I was gonna go get another one of these. :: shakes her wine glass ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Oct-2021 21:41:05
XO: Leave some for us!
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 21:41:18
:: takes a small bite, considers for a moment, then nods :: NAV: Ooh, very interesting. Where’s that one from?
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 21:41:19
:: quickly jumps out of her chair, nearly knocking it over, and follows behind Archer towards T'Lira ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 21:41:22
Hannah: :: smiles and nods ::
CAG LCdr T’Lira 06-Oct-2021 21:41:39
:: an eyebrow goes up, but she nods :: ENG: Certainly, Ensign. :: for a moment, she had forgotten this was a custom at these engagements, for people to congregate :: SCI: And greetings to you as well, Lieutenant.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Oct-2021 21:41:42
:: chuckles :: CMO: Mexico.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 21:41:55
TAC: What's up, Scott?
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 21:42:04
:: blinks, then laughs :: NAV: Shows how cultured I am!
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Oct-2021 21:42:30
:: grins and makes his way back to the bar ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 21:42:43
:: looks to Zoe, bobs his head :: CEO: I'm sorry.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Oct-2021 21:42:56
:: still thoughtfully licking off frosting as she watches Kuari go ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 21:43:05
:: passes by the table where people are sampling food, spots Navarro :: NAV: Hey, Zorro, thanks for the assists out there.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Oct-2021 21:43:08
:: follows her nose, Kate's demand in her ears, and easily finds the closest bar. They definitely have chocolate ::
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 21:43:23
:: can't tell how T'Lira is feeling about the gathering, decides to just ask:: CAG: What do you think of this get together?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 21:43:41
:: half-smirks :: TAC: You don't need to apologize, Scott.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Oct-2021 21:43:45
Hannah: Likewise! That little ship of yours packs a punch.
Venya Kashar 06-Oct-2021 21:44:02
:: floats up to Harper and Wright as they're devouring cupcakes and offers a grin :: CO/CSO: And aren't you two the very picture of beauty!
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Oct-2021 21:44:18
:: was so not ready for this ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Oct-2021 21:44:21
:: offers Venya the box of cupcakes :: You know you want one.
CAG LCdr T’Lira 06-Oct-2021 21:44:35
:: the eyebrow barely slips as she blinks :: ENG: It is certainly an example of shipboard bonding traditions among the more... illogical species.
Venya Kashar 06-Oct-2021 21:44:38
:: peers into the box and looks around before selecting one ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 21:44:41
:: notes the interaction and nods in agreement, but says nothing, mouth full of some interesting cheese ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 21:44:43
CEO: No, I do. I really do. I just felt... I just saw... there were things... and we stopped talking... and I was doing what I do and you were doing what you do, and then there was...
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Oct-2021 21:45:01
:: practically stuffs the cupcake into her mouth so she doesn't have to say anything ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 21:45:10
:: pantomimes a punch in the air, finger-guns at Navarro :: :: continues toward the bar ::
Venya Kashar 06-Oct-2021 21:45:35
:: bites into the cupcake and nods, then nods again, more enthusiastically ::
MED2 LtJG Jasper 06-Oct-2021 21:45:42
:: excuses himself to bring the plate over to his wife, getting pulled into the conversation again ::
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 21:45:48
:: barely stifles a grin. she was always fond of the Vulcans' way of cutting through to the core of a concept:: CAG: Surely you don't believe developing a rapport and familiarity with your shipmates to be illogical?
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 21:46:53
:: pffths and waves her hand :: CAG: Surely you don't think I'm illogical.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 21:46:57
:: sits alone at the table for a moment as Navarro heads to the bar, people-watching, one of her favorite activities ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 21:47:20
TAC: Scott, we all have undertows beneath the surface. We get thrashed around by things no one else can see, and that we can't escape. I make no judgments, and I don't hold grudges.
CAG LCdr T’Lira 06-Oct-2021 21:47:26
:: the eyebrow lifts once more, but her voice is still utterly flat as she replies :: SCI: Hardly.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 21:48:09
TAC: Plus, I experienced several centuries' worth of my own life since we last talked, so I honestly don't remember what even happened. :: smiles ::
Venya Kashar 06-Oct-2021 21:48:19
:: wipes at her mouth with a napkin :: CO/CSO: I really can't thank you enough. None of this would even still be here if not for Starfleet... but also, if not for Atlantis, specifically.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 21:48:30
:: blinks ::
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 21:48:40
CAG: I will take it as a compliment!
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 21:48:53
TAC :: at the blink :: Yeah.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 21:49:03
:: looks at D'Bryn :: CEO: You lost me. Centuries?
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 21:49:04
:: glances to Hershchel:: SCI: Thanks for joining us. I spoke to you earlier, but you must not have heard me.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Oct-2021 21:49:20
:: nods graciously, still chewing ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Oct-2021 21:49:27
:: finds a creative new combination of chocolate and an alien herb she has never heard about and walks away from the bar with it, walking upright so as to carry it properly, making her taller than most, sips it and nods a greeting to those she passes ::
CAG LCdr T’Lira 06-Oct-2021 21:50:08
ENG: While a rapport is critical to shipboard function, such can be developed simply from close proximity to one's colleagues on a routine basis, without the need for such... extraneous activities.
CO Capt Harper 06-Oct-2021 21:50:46
:: raises her glass :: Venya: The friendship between us was hard-won, but turned out to be truly wonderful.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 21:50:47
:: finds herself vibe-checking random people as they walk by, piecing together hypothetical stories about them based on a combination of their mood and appearance ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Oct-2021 21:51:21
:: finds Harper and Wright in the same location, now with the addition of Venya, and pauses for just a moment to judge whether it's a private conversation. It doesn't appear to be, so she approaches ::
Venya Kashar 06-Oct-2021 21:51:25
:: a glass appears in her hand from a nearby waiter, and she clinks it to Kate's ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 21:51:32
:: at the bar :: Bartender: Hey, can I get... :: stops dead :: Bartender> :: is a familiar half-Klingon :: Yes?
:: blinks :: Uh... Sorry, um. :: sets her wine glass aside :: Actually can I get a double shot of Parnassus single malt? Bartender> I'll have to replicate that.
As long as it gets me where I need to go.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 21:51:53
:: right hand trembles ::
:: shakes it off ::
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 21:52:08
CAG: Could it be said that in a more casual setting, without, for example, an armada of ships shooting at us, it would be easier to develop that rapport?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 21:52:25
TAC: Oh, I had one of those things happen. You know, those things that happen to Starfleet officers that no one can explain? Lived my own life nineteen times.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Oct-2021 21:52:28
:: drops by Emily's table with a fresh drink for her before moving back to the buffet ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 21:53:04
:: takes the drink with a grateful :: NAV: Thanks! :: she resumes her people-watching, still picking at her food ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 21:53:10
CEO: :: perks n eyebrow ::
CAG LCdr T’Lira 06-Oct-2021 21:53:21
ENG: Indeed it could. Although I have noted that in situations such as a combat scenario, there is a propensity for rapid bonding between individuals who must work together to survive.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 21:53:46
TAC: :: sips drink :: It was pretty weird.
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 21:53:49
CAG: But hey, it must be more fun to not have to focus on survival, eh?
Venya Kashar 06-Oct-2021 21:54:00
:: whispers a quiet and sincere thank-you to Kate and Lexy as Kuari approaches :: XO: Kuari! It's wonderful to see you again!
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Oct-2021 21:54:00
:: looks wistfully toward the buffet, trying not to look at Venya ::
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 21:54:05
:: sips her soda thoughtfully:: SCI: Agreed.
CAG LCdr T’Lira 06-Oct-2021 21:54:09
SCI: I do not believe "fun" is an applicable term, but it is preferable.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 21:54:27
CEO: Sounds like it.
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 21:54:38
:: gets her whiskey, can't help but keep looking over her shoulder at the bartender ::
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 21:54:46
CAG: Oh yes... I forgot. Fun isn't in the vocabulary of Vulcans. :: gives T'Lira a wink ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 21:54:57
TAC: How are you doing? In the wake of the battle, I mean.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Oct-2021 21:55:17
:: grins toothily at Venya, not so much because she likes or trusts her, but out of shared victory :: Venya: I'm glad to see you are well. Congratulations!
CAG LCdr T’Lira 06-Oct-2021 21:55:28
:: blinks :: SCI: Is there something in your eye, Lieutenant?
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 21:55:44
:: openly laughs::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 21:56:19
:: spots Venya and wonders what she and the Captain are talking about, popping another chocolate in her mouth ::
Venya Kashar 06-Oct-2021 21:56:33
:: dips her head :: XO: Thank you. It is all thanks to our friendship with the Federation, and the Kvolir, that we are able to celebrate like this.
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 21:56:34
:: also laughs out loud :: CAG: No! No- its- :: keeps laughing ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 21:56:37
:: suddenly feels antisocial, puts in her earpieces, puts on her folk/folk-rock playlist :: :: tries to subtly gravitate to a part of the promenade where Zoë won't see her ::
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 21:57:03
:: laughs at Herschel's laughter::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 21:57:07
CEO: I'm okay.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Oct-2021 21:57:14
:: glances over at the outburst of laughter to her left ::
CAG LCdr T’Lira 06-Oct-2021 21:57:15
:: the eyebrow goes up again :: SCI/ENG: Are you well? I was not aware there was anything humorous in this situation...
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 21:57:29
:: looks back at the bartender one more time, thinking, Couldn't be... :: :: bumps into ENG Ens Archer, almost spilling her whiskey ::
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 21:57:43
:: glances at Archer, mouthing while laughing, I don't even know! ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 21:57:48
ENG: Oh, shit, sorry.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Oct-2021 21:57:52
:: brings over a selection of food to Jester, along with a drink he thinks she'd like ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 21:58:04
:: looks over at the raucous laughter, smirking at T’Lira’s confusion ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Oct-2021 21:58:13
:: nods readily in response and sits on the floor, holding her mysterious chocolate/herb drink in one hand, to be more eye level :: Venya: Yes, our combined forces were mighty enough, but the Kvolir and Xovul allies were too much for our enemies. The outcome was very fortunate!
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 21:58:14
TAC: Yeah?
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 21:58:20
:: between laughs:: CAG: Don't tell me that you've been around humans for as long as you have, and haven't encountered the concept of a wink.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 21:58:35
CEO: Yeah.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 06-Oct-2021 21:58:36
:: is surprised when Zorro approaches her, having been unaware that he'd seen her ::
Venya Kashar 06-Oct-2021 21:58:38
XO: Indeed! I hope you are enjoying our hospitality?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 21:58:52
TAC: :: narrows eyes, grins :: You sure?
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Oct-2021 21:58:59
Venya: Of course! You always know how to throw a good party.
CAG LCdr T’Lira 06-Oct-2021 21:59:03
ENG: A... wink? It is intentional?
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 21:59:34
CEO: :: smiles :: Life. Feeling a bit lonely these days.
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 21:59:44
CAG: Yes! Intentional. It's supposed to ahh.. :: snaps fingers :: Dang it, I don't know how to explain it in this language.
Venya Kashar 06-Oct-2021 21:59:47
XO: Thank you! Please, let me know if there's anything I can do to make your time here more enjoyable! :: dips her head again, and moves off into the crowd to see to other guests ::
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 21:59:52
:: laughs harder:: CEO: Oh my god, you haven't!
CO Capt Harper 06-Oct-2021 21:59:57
:: smiles at Venya as she leaves ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Oct-2021 22:00:12
:: makes an effort not to look at Wright, knowing of her discomfort around Venya, not drawing attention to Alexis with her eyes, until Venya leaves, then finally looks at her ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 22:00:34
:: gets up to get more food, sampling the more desert-ish options this time ::
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 22:00:53
:: mutters to herself :: Aha! CAG: It is to indicate... teasing, or a joke.
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 22:00:56
:: through tears of laughter:: Hannah: It's fine.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Oct-2021 22:01:19
:: turns back to Kate and Kuari :: Sounds like they're having fun over there.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 22:01:24
TAC: I'm sorry, Scott. We can hang out, though. You checked out the food yet? Looks like a good spread.
CO Capt Harper 06-Oct-2021 22:01:42
:: takes another bite of the cupcake and nods eagerly :: CSO: Mmmhmm!
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:01:57
:: nods :: CEO: I saw that. I should check it out. Good to see you. :: moves away ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Oct-2021 22:02:04
:: perks an ear towards the laughing and looks ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 22:02:15
:: eyes everyone laughing :: ENG/SCI/CAG: Havin a good night, y'all?
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 22:02:25
:: gets a refill on her drink as well then returns to her lone table and her people watching, vicariously amused through Archer as she laughs ::
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 22:02:54
:: laughs slowing to chuckles:: Hannah: It's beginning to look up. How about you?
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 22:02:59
Hannah: Well, I certainly am now! :: takes a sip of her beer, grinning widely ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 22:03:04
:: steps away with him :: TAC: That was a cue, Scotty. Let's go see what kinda grub they got.
CAG LCdr T’Lira 06-Oct-2021 22:03:42
SCI: A joke? Ah. I do not know what the joke was, but I understand the gesture now. :: looks over :: Hannah: Greetings.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:03:49
CEO: Yeah, of course.
:: left hand trembles, shakes it off ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 22:04:23
:: shrugs :: ENG: Fine as can be, I guess. SCI: I know you... CAG: And I know of you... ENG: But not you. :: offers hand :: Hannah Ziredac.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Oct-2021 22:04:27
CSO: I'm glad they are. A rest well deserved. :: takes a sniff and sip of her drink ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Oct-2021 22:05:03
XO: After what we just went through, definitely.
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 22:05:05
:: tilts her head :: Hannah: Know me? ...How do you know me?
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:05:07
CEO: So, you and Hannah...?
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Oct-2021 22:05:12
:: looks over at the laughing group again, curiously, but keeps her arm linked with Kate's ::
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 22:05:16
:: extends hand to Hannah:: Hannah: Ericka Archer. Aren't you Lieutenant D'bryn's...?
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 22:06:04
:: Simon & Garfunkel's 'The Sound of Silence' plays from her playlist right as the name Ericka registers in her brain ::
SCI: :: quickly :: We met on the bridge for like a half-second. ENG: 'Ericka', you said?
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 22:06:58
:: watches Hannah for a moment, curious about her vibes. She tries not to stare, sipping her drink ::
CAG LCdr T’Lira 06-Oct-2021 22:07:31
Hannah: I do not believe we have been officially introduced, but I am familiar with you, yes. Your assistance in the battle was invaluable.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 22:07:35
TAC: Me and Hannah...?
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 22:07:42
:: squints for a moment, then nods :: Hannah: Ah! Yes. That makes sense. Apologies if I forgot.
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 22:07:45
Hannah: Uh, yes.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:07:53
CEO: :: levels his gaze :: Come on...
CO Capt Harper 06-Oct-2021 22:07:57
:: finally gets to finish her cupcake ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:08:14
CEO: :: bumps his eyebrows up and down, followed by a wink ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Oct-2021 22:08:28
:: hums appreciatively at her drink, then looks around at the crowd ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 22:09:15
:: blinks, thinks, Of course I meet another Eri(c)ka right away.:: ENG: Just makin sure I heard it right. CAG: I'm just glad I could help. Thanks for havin me out there.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 22:09:28
:: finds one of the deserts particularly pleasing and grabs a waiter, asking him what it’s called and where it’s from ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 22:09:54
:: gives a what the fuck face :: TAC: Are you asking me if my girlfriend of several months and I are dating?
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 22:09:57
:: unevenly :: Hannah: Okay...
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Oct-2021 22:10:13
:: spends a while chatting and drinking with Jester ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:10:32
CEO: We haven't talked! :: laughs ::
CEO: Take a breath, Lieutenant. :: winks ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Oct-2021 22:11:06
:: takes in the scene and genuinely smiles to herself ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 22:11:32
TAC: We have since the anniversary party! Remember, the ferris wheel, the roller coasters, the gravitron? Hannah and I were all over each other.
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 22:11:43
:: glances down at the floor and takes a sip of her beer ::
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 22:12:00
:: without realizing she's doing it, runs fingers over her nose ridges, more directly this time:: Hannah: You're involved with Lieutenant D'bryn, right?
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 22:12:24
:: takes a drink from one of the waiters, sniffing it before going in ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 06-Oct-2021 22:12:27
:: Enjoys Zorro's company, as always ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:12:31
:: tilts his head :: CEO: What?
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 22:12:50
ENG: Oh yeah. Thick as thieves.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Oct-2021 22:12:59
:: looks back at Harper and Wright, turning her attention to Wright specifically :: CSO: How are you doing, Alexis?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 22:13:02
TAC: Were you not at the anniversary party?
Venya Kashar 06-Oct-2021 22:13:07
:: stops by the buffet and gets a few of the dishes replaced by her staff ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 22:13:26
:: stares a bit too long at one of the marines, getting caught and looking away with a slight blush ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:13:32
:: blinks :: CEO: Uh, yeah, but I didn't know or think.. uh... yeah.. totally.
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 22:13:47
ENG/SCI/CAG: Welp, don't let me keep ya. Have a good night. :: raises her whiskey glass, drinks, escapes ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Oct-2021 22:13:53
:: all of this reminds her of why they do what they do, and she starts to feel even better ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Oct-2021 22:14:03
:: looks at Kuari for a moment and sighs, then speaks quietly :: XO: I won't lie to you, my friend, I have been better. But time will help.
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 22:14:10
:: still running her fingers over her nose ridges absently:: Hannah: Yeah. Thanks. Take care.
:: is visibly less comfortable than before::
Venya Kashar 06-Oct-2021 22:14:47
:: then returns to the band and makes another adjustment to their musical selection ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 22:14:54
TAC: I mean, not to be self-centered. I just thought everybody would've noticed since her asshole brother kidnapped her right out of our holodeck.
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 22:15:25
:: blinks, wondering if her memory has gone to shit, considering she doesn't remember Hannah at the moment... she then leans towards T'Lira and whispers aside :: CAG: I can see what you mean now.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:15:25
:: nods :: CEO: Oh, yeah, that...
CEO: Rough go.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Oct-2021 22:15:40
:: nods, her smile tempered in understanding :: CSO: Yes, it will. The galaxy is a dangerous place...and it's all we can do to help make it a little better, right?
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Oct-2021 22:16:33
:: nods in response :: XO: I just don't know if I'm cut out for doing that in this way.
Capt Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 22:16:41
:: putting food on a plate, right behind Zoë :: CEO: I can only assume that this 'asshole brother' you're talking about is the captain of the Meridian.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 22:16:57
:: watches a couple arguing for a while, wondering why they don’t just talk to other people ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 22:17:23
Voice Behind Her: Yeah, this guy's a total fuh— :: turns and sees him ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:17:26
:: looks up at Capt Ziredac, looks to Zoe, has no words and sips his drink ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 06-Oct-2021 22:17:39
:: teasingly steals a bite of whatever Zorro is eating ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Oct-2021 22:18:10
:: half-assedly tries to stop her and laughs ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:18:11
Self, internally: Oh, fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck.
CAG LCdr T’Lira 06-Oct-2021 22:18:12
SCI: Oh?
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:18:27
:: sips his drink ::
Capt Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 22:18:31
Zoë: Relax, Lieutenant. :: takes a bite of stuffed mushroom :: Her brother is an asshole.
Venya Kashar 06-Oct-2021 22:18:42
:: pauses as she glides through the crowd and graciously accepts the request of a dance from General Jaire of the Kvolir ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 22:18:50
:: spots Captain Ziredac and raises an eyebrow ::
Capt Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 22:19:06
Zoë: Our fair lady is here, I presume?
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 22:19:17
CAG: Either I am going crazy or my memory is slipping, because I do not remember who she was. :: gestures head towards Hannah ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:19:22
:: sips harder ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 22:19:37
:: sniffs, straightens, can't seem to answer ::
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 22:20:07
:: tensely follows Herschel's gesture, takes a tiny sip from her soda::
CAG LCdr T’Lira 06-Oct-2021 22:20:14
SCI: It is possible your first meeting was brief enough that you are unable to recall it immediately.
Capt Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 22:20:21
Zoë: I'm not here to get her. Not here to do anything with her. Would rather we not see each other, actually.
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 22:20:37
SCI/CAG: Has she not been here long?
Capt Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 22:20:44
TAC: You're Ammora, right?
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 22:20:48
ENG: I genuinely have no idea.
Venya Kashar 06-Oct-2021 22:20:49
:: dances with the giant Kvolir man ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 22:21:26
:: watches Venya dance with a Kvolir, smiling into her drink ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:21:31
:: eyes dart to Captain Ziredac's, then back to his drink :: Ziredac: Yes, Captain, just enjoying the, uh, festivities...
CAG LCdr T’Lira 06-Oct-2021 22:21:36
ENG: I have not had occasion to interact with her before, so I could not say. I believe she has been aboard the ship for some time, though I cannot say how long that is.
Capt Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 22:21:54
TAC: Old friend of mine knows your dad, it seems.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Oct-2021 22:22:07
:: gestures back toward the main gathering of the crew, but specifically toward Emily :: NAV2: Care to join me?
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:22:28
:: nods absently :: Ziredac: Yeah, I'm sure. My dad knows lots of people.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Oct-2021 22:22:51
:: stops in thought at Wright's admission, considering. She lowers her unoccupied hand to the floor, leaning closer :: CSO: Not everyone is supposed to be one who attacks. If you enjoyed it, I would worry. I can't imagine doing what we do without you, as you fulfill an important place with us. None of us may like doing what we have to do, but you are strong enough.
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 22:23:00
CAG/ENG: Mm. So many people on this ship. Impossible to know all of them.
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Oct-2021 22:23:03
:: catches the Captain wandering around near Ammora, and makes a quick way over in heels :: Ziredac: We did not expect to see you around here, sir.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 06-Oct-2021 22:23:08
:: looks where he is indicating, then downs the rest of her drink and stands, smoothing her gown :: NAV: Ready.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:23:24
:: sees Grey approach ::
CTO: :: nods :: Captain.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Oct-2021 22:23:44
:: walks with Jester over to Emily's table, stopping by the bar for fresh drinks along the way ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Oct-2021 22:23:46
:: looks at the floor, considering Kuari's words ::
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 22:24:02
:: realizes that she's still messaging her nose ridges, and snaps both hands to her drink::
CO Capt Harper 06-Oct-2021 22:24:09
CSO: We have a wise XO. You should listen to her. :: grins ::
Capt Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 22:24:25
:: nods, takes another bite :: CTO: I didn't expect to be seen. When Venya Kashar throws a party, though, it's hard to decline. Don't worry though, Captain. I'm only here to be gracious for ten, fifteen minutes.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 22:24:34
:: grins and greets them both :: NAV/NAV2: Hey! Enjoying the party? They have like... forty kinds of chocolate.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Oct-2021 22:24:43
:: looks at them both in turn :: XO/CO: I'll think on it.
Venya Kashar 06-Oct-2021 22:24:55
:: finishes the dance with General Jaire and offers a gracious curtsy, then returns to her duties seeing to her guests ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 22:25:00
:: might as well be at attention, she's so stiff and silent ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Oct-2021 22:25:02
CSO/XO: I think... that it has been far too long since the three of us have been swimming — or, flying — together in the holodeck.
CAG LCdr T’Lira 06-Oct-2021 22:25:08
SCI: Indeed it would be.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Oct-2021 22:25:25
CMO: I still haven't found any I like better than the spicy variety.
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 22:25:33
:: takes a deep breath and tries to focus on the conversation:: SCI: I'm glad you joined us Lieutenant. With all the hell that's been raining on us the past several weeks, I haven't had much down time to get to know anyone. You're really the only person that I've spent any time with off duty.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:25:35
:: sips his drink, even though it's empty, the gurgling sound resonating ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 06-Oct-2021 22:25:45
:: smiles internally, shaking her head about how nervous and yet also at ease Emily makes her :: CMO: Have you tried them all yet?
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Oct-2021 22:26:23
:: nods at Ammora, noting his dress uniform as well, and turning to face the other Captain. :: Ziredac: Let's hope you keep that promise, sir. :: Her tone is icy, but polite ::
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 22:26:24
:: raises eyebrows :: ENG: Oh really? Well hopefully now that this mess is done with, you'll get more opportunities to interact with the rest of the crew.
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 22:26:27
:: finds a quiet spot on the promenade to lean and stare out into the lights of Refuge ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 22:26:32
:: gestures with her thumb :: NAV2: Spanish taste buds. :: she then smiles and shakes her head :: NAV2: I’ve gotten through maybe a third. I’m almost full, so the last selection is critical. :: she playfully feigns drama ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:26:53
:: keeps his eyes averted from Ziredac's ::
:: wishes he had another drink ::
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 22:27:16
:: nods:: SCI: Really, and I sincerely hope so...
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Oct-2021 22:27:40
:: shrugs, guilty as charged ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 06-Oct-2021 22:27:44
CMO: Well, perhaps I can be of assistance. My stomach has room. :: pats it gently ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Oct-2021 22:27:45
:: smiles a little at Kate's words :: CO/CSO: I can definitely agree with that.
Capt Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 22:27:55
:: nods, finishes a stuffed mushroom :: CEO/TAC/CTO: Good food she's got for us here. :: subtly at TAC :: See you around. :: wanders away ::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Oct-2021 22:28:26
:: turns to Ammora, gaze intense :: TAC: What the hell was that about?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 22:28:36
TAC/CTO: I can't believe I served under that son of a bitch.
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 22:28:46
ENG: Well hey, maybe just stick around me because I seem to end up everywhere. Heck, I have a friend of 30 years who is a Klingon.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 22:28:50
:: grins, getting up and gesturing for Suzuki to follow her to the food table to fill up on more deserts ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:29:05
:: nods :: CTO: He's, uh, Captain of the Meridian...
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 22:29:21
:: grins :: SCI: Deal. I haven't met many Klingons.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:29:46
:: watches Ziredac as he leaves ::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Oct-2021 22:29:56
:: groans :: TAC/CEO: Some assholes don't deserve Captain. :: grimaces with a sigh ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 06-Oct-2021 22:30:02
:: shrugs at Zorro and follows Emily ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Oct-2021 22:30:15
:: leans back and sips at his drink ::
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 22:30:18
ENG: Which reminds me, I must write back to him this week! I wonder if he'd have time for dinner... hm...
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 22:30:42
CTO: Or any other position in Starfleet.
Venya Kashar 06-Oct-2021 22:30:49
:: stops by Ashexana's table and talks with her for a few minutes ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:31:06
CTO/CEO: He doesn't seem so bad...
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 22:31:08
:: smiles wanly:: SCI: Can I ask you a question?
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 22:31:29
ENG: Of course, anything.
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Oct-2021 22:31:36
CEO/TAC: Damn right. Did he do anything to you, D'bryn during your service on his ship? :: looks to the engineer with concern ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 22:32:04
:: picks out a plate, pointing out some of her favorites so far for Kimiko to try, as well as where the spicy Mexican chocolates that Doc liked were ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:32:10
:: eyes still on Ziredac, moving across the room ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 22:32:20
TAC: Are you kidding? He broke so many laws, pulling Hannah off the Atlantis!
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:32:42
:: nods absently :: CEO: Oh, no, I get it, but he must have had a reason, right?
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 22:32:43
:: glances in Hannah's direction briefly before darting her eyes back:: SCI: How well do you know Lieutenant D'bryn?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 22:32:43
CTO: He was one of the more impulsive Captains I've met, but never anything like what he did to Hannah.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 06-Oct-2021 22:32:48
:: grabs a plate of her own and fills it up as directed, a small smile on her lips ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 22:33:26
:: ignores what Scott just said ::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Oct-2021 22:33:27
:: straightens, expression shifting into a dangerous one :: CEO: He did... WHAT?! How come I never heard of this? :: her voice shot up, loud enough to draw attention ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:33:28
:: left hand trembles, shakes it off ::
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 22:33:37
ENG: Err, not well. Called her into the science lab once to fix a PADD.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 22:33:52
:: grins as they head back toward the table :: NAV2: The waiter told me that the Galortian one actually has caffeine!
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:34:04
:: looks to Zoe and Grey :: CEO/CTO: I'm going to let you both talk about this. I'm going to get another drink. :: walks away ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 06-Oct-2021 22:34:52
CMO: I thought all chocolate did.
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 22:34:54
:: nods :: Self: Mmm... SCI: That's unfortunate.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 22:34:56
CTO: What? Really? During our anniversary party, he broke protocol and snatched Hannah right off the ferris wheel. From what I hear, he got relieved of duty by his XO, the whole spread.
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 22:35:10
:: raises an eyebrow :: ENG: Why do you ask?
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 22:35:24
SCI: She's been the person that I've been most anxious about getting to know.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 22:35:26
CTO: And if you want a personal note, he apparently was really abusive to Hannah when she was a kid.
CTO: He's a fucking monster.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:35:40
:: moves across the room to the bar to order another drink, his eyes still directed on Captain Ziredac ::
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 22:36:35
ENG: Mmm... I see. Would it be easier for you to interact with her if I was near?
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Oct-2021 22:36:47
:: raises an eyebrow at D'bryn :: CEO: I was throwing up most of the later part of the anniversary party thanks to my husband's actions. So, no, I didn't know. :: sighs, pressing fingers to the bridge of her nose :: CEO: Once... shipboard, could you and Hannah come to my office so a report can be filed against him?
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 22:36:56
:: waves a hand :: NAV2: Yes, a negligible amount. But one of those squares is equivalent to a cup of coffee! The Galortian atmosphere somehow kicked their cocoa beans’ caffeine production up by a factor of ten. :: she pops a square in her mouth and smiles :: Or so he told me.
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 22:36:57
SCI: Oh, I don't know.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:37:10
Self, internally: You did what you needed to do...
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 06-Oct-2021 22:37:47
:: pops a square into her own mouth, marveling at how it melts on her tongue :: Mmm....
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 22:38:23
CTO: I think he already had everything filed on him that can be filed. I'm not sure, though. You'd have to ask the captain. Harper, I mean; our captain.
Venya Kashar 06-Oct-2021 22:38:29
:: glides through the crowd and catches Lexy's eyes as she passes, and winks before Lexy inevitably averts her gaze ::
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 22:38:56
SCI: I don't know if you remember our conversation in Ten Forward well. I tend to have contentious relationships with most Bajorans, due to the fact that I'm an atheist, and tend to have trouble relating to humans due to the fact that these nose ridges tend to out me as half Bajoran, pretty clearly.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 22:39:03
:: sits back down at the table, smiling and looking between Doc and Kimiko :: NAV/NAV2: I’m glad Refuge made it. It’s not everywhere you can get so much random variety.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Oct-2021 22:39:22
:: averts her gaze quickly, but not quickly enough, and a flush of pink rises to her cheeks ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:39:25
:: gets his drink ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Oct-2021 22:39:36
CMO/NAV2: Me, too. They're good people here, even if a bit unorthodox.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:39:49
:: eyes Captain Ziredac still ::
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 22:40:09
SCI: So I'm in this position where, not only is my senior officer not only one of the only other Bajorans on board, but she's fucking half human, too.
Venya Kashar 06-Oct-2021 22:40:11
:: grins to herself and moves away, noticing people noticing her, and enjoying it, as always ::
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 22:40:27
ENG: Yes... I remember. Like I said then, this crew is very accepting. You know what, just come with me. :: chugs the rest of her beer, sets it down confidently on a table, and saunters over to Zoe ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 06-Oct-2021 22:40:36
NAV/CMO: The ordinary does get a bit boring after a while.
CO Capt Harper 06-Oct-2021 22:41:05
CSO/XO: We should schedule it, then! We kept putting it off, for so long, when things got more stressful. How about tomorrow, after our shift?
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Oct-2021 22:41:06
:: is talking with D'bryn still about Hannah and Captain Ziredac, glancing over to the side at seeing Herschel and Archer approaching ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:41:10
:: takes a breath, takes another sip ::
CAG LCdr T’Lira 06-Oct-2021 22:41:19
:: watches the lieutenant depart :: ENG: You will find that this crew is not particularly intent upon judgement for one's race or religious beliefs.
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 22:41:21
:: stares agape at Herchel, and her blood runs cold, trepidly gets up to follow her::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Oct-2021 22:41:27
:: nods along :: CO: Sounds good to me.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:41:27
Self: Just do it.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Oct-2021 22:41:44
:: nods :: CO: okay.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 22:41:49
:: salutes with her glass, nodding :: NAV/NAV2: Cheers!
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 22:41:55
CEO: Hey! How you doing?
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 22:42:01
:: glances back to T'Lira:: CAG: I hope that's true. It's not ben my experience, though...
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:42:09
:: grabs his drink, moves across the bar, towards Captain Ziredac ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 06-Oct-2021 22:42:16
:: clinks her glass with theirs ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Oct-2021 22:42:26
:: raises his glass and clinks :: ¡Salud!
CAG LCdr T’Lira 06-Oct-2021 22:42:29
ENG: I believe it will be a satisfactory experience.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 22:42:30
SCI: :: shaken by her encounter with Captain Ziredac :: Oh, I'm... :: not convincingly :: fine.
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 22:43:08
:: rigidly nods at D'bryn:: CEO: Lieutenant.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Oct-2021 22:43:09
:: smiles, happy to look forward to their next off-shift time together ::
Capt Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 22:43:17
:: is chatting with some of his crew ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 22:43:27
:: digs into some interesting chocolate deserts, sharing bites and opinions with the other two ::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Oct-2021 22:43:38
:: gives a slight nod to Archer and Herschel, carefully remaining silent ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:43:44
:: steps up next to Captain Ziredac :: Ziredac: Captain, may I have a moment of your time?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 22:43:57
ENG: Ensign. Excellent work, by the way. During the, uh...
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 06-Oct-2021 22:44:21
:: is enjoying the camaraderie, normally spending much of her time alone, but truly enjoys these two people ::
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 22:44:26
:: raises eyebrow :: CEO: You sure? :: pulls out a chocolate she had hoarded in a pocket and handed it to Zoe :: CEO: It doesn't seem all dandy over here.
Capt Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 22:44:55
:: stops, chews his food, eyes TAC :: TAC: What is it, marine?
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:45:22
Ziredac: Captain, a moment? :: motions off to the right for a private chat ::
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 22:45:26
:: stiffly, formally:: CEO: Thank you. I was just doing my job... sir.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:45:32
:: swallows hard ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 22:45:35
SCI: :: weakly :: No. :: absently takes the chocolate :: Thank you.
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 22:45:51
CEO: You wanna talk about it?
Capt Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 22:46:14
:: turns to fully face Ammora, but doesn't move in that direction :: TAC: Nothing wrong with this spot, Lieutenant.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:46:31
:: doesn't know what to do ::
Ziredac: I, uh, I just had a question...
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 22:46:59
:: finds another spicy chocolate and gives half of it to Doc to try ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 22:47:09
SCI: :: shakes her head :: Not particularly. :: comes out of orbit :: Thanks, Lieutenant. I appreciate it, but... Yeah, not right now. How are you?
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Oct-2021 22:47:13
:: takes the chocolate and pops it into his mouth ::
:: nods appreciatively ::
Capt Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 22:47:22
TAC: Shoot.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 06-Oct-2021 22:47:26
:: crunches into some kind of chocolate-filled cookie ::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Oct-2021 22:47:32
:: lightly touches D'bryn's shoulder :: CEO: Let me know. :: moves off towards Ammora and the Captain intensely :: Ziredac: Captain. Is my Tactical Officer bothering you? :: asks politely, interrupting ::
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 22:47:43
:: is slightly relieved that Zoe hasn't taken much notice of her::
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 22:47:54
:: looks to Archer :: CEO/ENG: Well I figured we could all have a drink, eh?
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Oct-2021 22:47:57
:: stands, finishing the last of her drink :: CO/CSO: See you later! There's so much to do here, gotta take advantage while we're here!
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:48:07
Ziredac: Mmmmm, I just wanted to know... uh... your thoughts on... :: punches the words :: ...starship tracking technology...
CO Capt Harper 06-Oct-2021 22:48:16
:: grins and nods at Kuari as she leaves ::
Capt Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 22:48:36
CTO: Not at all. Just was asking me about... TAC: What was that? Starship tracking technology?
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Oct-2021 22:48:50
:: trots off in a random direction ::
Capt Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 22:48:57
TAC: What about it, Mr. Ammora?
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 22:49:19
:: pulls a waiter aside and asks him about the spicy chocolate, as well as a chocolate cream-filled pastry she had particularly liked. The waiter spouts off the fun facts he knows ::
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 22:49:27
:: looks to hands and realizes that she left her drink on T'Lira's table, under her breath:: Self: Shit.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:49:43
Ziredac/CTO: I just know that the Meridian has a higher prowess of tactical capabilities with regards to tracking... I, uh, wanted your insight, if you'd be willing to share... sir... Captain.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 22:49:47
SCI: Yeah, that sounds good. What are you drinking?
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Oct-2021 22:50:09
CMO/NAV2: For being so far out, she certainly has the delicacies of Earth covered. :: gestures at his latest wine glass :: Picard.
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 22:50:34
:: subtly pats Archer's arm as a you're fine :: CEO/ENG: How does a fine German beer sound? I had already finished mine just now.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 06-Oct-2021 22:50:59
:: arches a brow in surprise ::
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 22:51:34
SCI: No thanks. ::looks back at her drink, slightly embarrassed:: SCI: Diet cola for me.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 22:51:37
:: nods approvingly :: NAV/NAV2: Know your audience, I suppose.
Capt Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 22:51:43
TAC: The technical specifications of the Prometheus Mk. II are, last I checked, available in Starfleet's database. If you want a personal insight, I'd recommend reaching out to Lieutenant Emari Stilton.
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 22:52:09
ENG: Diet cola's just fine. CEO: You?
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 06-Oct-2021 22:52:13
:: signals a waiter for a glass of Picard to try ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:52:21
:: nods :: Ziredac: Of course, sure, sorry to have bothered you. Enjoy the party.
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 22:52:25
:: makes that two ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 22:52:41
SCI: You know, my stomach doesn't agree with beer, sadly.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Oct-2021 22:53:06
:: stops and stares at a small stage show, watching the dancers wearing glowing dots and wispy tendrils that float in the air, fascinated ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 22:53:35
ENG: :: smiling, trying to make it clear she's joking around :: Diet cola? You face death and destruction and you want diet cola?
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:54:03
:: nods to both Ziredac and Grey :: Ziredac/CTO: Excuse me... :: moves away ::
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 22:54:19
:: uncomfortably:: CEO: I don't drink alcohol.
Capt Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 22:54:27
Take care, Mr. Ammora.
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 22:54:28
CEO: Does your stomach agree with wine? I happen to have let the bartender store a bottle of Klingon blood wine.
ENG: And that is perfectly valid.
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:54:57
:: nods at Ziredac :: Ziredac: And you too, Captain.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 06-Oct-2021 22:55:05
:: accepts the glass and swirls the dark liquid around in the it before taking a taste ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Oct-2021 22:55:35
:: watches for Jester's reaction ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 22:55:39
:: thanks the waiter that brings their drinks, also sampling the Picard ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:55:41
:: bile rises up into his throat ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 22:56:00
ENG: Oh, gotcha! Nothing wrong with that! SCI: I actually haven't ever had blood wine before. Is actually blood? I've always been scared to ask that.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Oct-2021 22:56:20
:: and now Emily's too ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 06-Oct-2021 22:56:24
:: closes her eyes to focus on the flavor and aroma :: NAV/ CMO: Lovely.
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 22:56:24
:: actually grins slightly at Zoe::
Capt Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 22:56:41
CTO: Hope he's not that nervous at his tactical station.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Oct-2021 22:57:01
:: sits and continues to watch the show. For as much violence and greed there is, there is joy and creativity such as this, and she would be remiss if she did not appreciate it ::
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 22:57:33
:: takes a moment to think, and another sip before nodding approvingly :: NAV/NAV2: Good. I like it.
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 22:57:33
CEO: That is actually very unclear. Apparently it remains a mystery to non-Klingons. But eh... Booze!
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Oct-2021 22:57:47
Ziredac: He's learning still, as I'm sure everyone is at any point in their lives. :: responds, meeting his eyes with a faux-relaxed expression ::
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:57:50
:: throws a look at Ziredac over his shoulder ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Oct-2021 22:57:59
CMO/NAV2: It's not bad, for French wine.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 06-Oct-2021 22:58:06
SCI: My thoughts exactly!
CMO LCdr Acacia 06-Oct-2021 22:58:14
:: chuckles ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 06-Oct-2021 22:58:45
:: smirks ::
Capt Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 22:58:48
CTO: Ain't that the truth. I better be off. Enjoy your evening, Captain.
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 22:59:14
:: raises hand at the bartender, steeping towards the bar :: A diet cola and two glasses of the bloodwine, please!
TAC 1Lt Ammora 06-Oct-2021 22:59:17
:: lingers on the edge of the promenade, finishing his drink ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 22:59:51
Half-Klingon Bartender> SCI: Bloodwine? You sure?
CO Capt Harper 06-Oct-2021 22:59:52
:: leads Lexy to the dance floor ::
ENG Ens Archer 06-Oct-2021 22:59:58
:: chuckles at how absurd Herschel sounds making her order ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Oct-2021 23:00:03
:: follows ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Oct-2021 23:00:19
:: tunes out the din of the party as she falls into a dance with her wife ::
SCI Lt Herschel 06-Oct-2021 23:00:24
Bartender: Absolutely. :: whispers to him :: And I'll be taking the bottle back with me. :: clicks tongue ::
Hannah Ziredac 06-Oct-2021 23:00:50
H-K B> :: shrugs :: SCI: Comin right up.
Venya Kashar 06-Oct-2021 23:00:58
:: smiles as she takes in the view of her promenade and all gathered within ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Oct-2021 23:01:00
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