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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
A full day and a half has passed since the attempted assassination of Captain Harper. Although she is recovering well in her quarters and the ship is under Commander Kuari's capable command, Harper's absence is conspicuous, both on the bridge and across the fleet; the Xovul's ability to make even an attempt on the life of the field commander has cast a nervous pall over daily operations that must continue. This afternoon, repairs proceed as does the waiting game; Captain Finley of the Columbia has kept the fleet as-is after considering the intelligence reports that have been provided to him.
After 28-Jul-2021 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 21:15:02
:: in her quarters in bed, reading the end of the report from Captain Travax, and fidgeting restlessly ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 21:15:31
:: in the security offices, drop down area, reviewing tactical information ::
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 21:15:59
:: sitting at Main Sci/Ops after a somewhat sleepless night due to Kate's struggles to get comfortable ::
XO Cdr Kuari 28-Jul-2021 21:16:13
:: on the bridge, of course, still doing her best to captain in Harper's place ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 21:16:30
Self: Standard assault patterns, movement on left, hole to the right... but ignored to focus forces to the left.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 28-Jul-2021 21:17:01
:: having finished all ordered repairs, is now doing her favorite thing in the galaxy: diagnostics ::
NAV Lt Navarro 28-Jul-2021 21:17:03
:: at the helm, ready to take us wherever we need to go whenever we need to go there, but he occasionally glances back at the empty center seat ::
MED LCdr Acacia 28-Jul-2021 21:17:15
:: sits in Sickbay, working on a report, happy that rounds are taking less and less time as Sickbay is emptying ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 21:17:40
:: rubs his eyes ::
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 21:17:48
:: drops the PADD on the bed and pinches the bridge of her nose ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 28-Jul-2021 21:17:57
:: would accept unmedicated skeleton-replacement surgery over of shipwide diagnostics, if she were to be honest ::
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 21:18:22
:: stifles a yawn - due to exhaustion, not boredom - as she flips through operations reports ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 21:19:11
Self: You know, sleep would be good.
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 21:19:17
:: closes her eyes and tries to sleep, but fails ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 21:19:34
:: stands up, moves to the door ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 28-Jul-2021 21:19:44
Self: Okay, let’s see what could use some tightening up. :: looks at diagnostics reports ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 21:19:55
:: moves into the main security offices, looks at the duty roster ::
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 21:20:22
:: kicks at the light sheet ::
MED LCdr Acacia 28-Jul-2021 21:20:31
:: glances up as a nurse hands her a chart :: Nurse: Oh, he’s awake? Let’s go see. :: she gets up to follow the nurse ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 21:20:41
:: runs down the assignments :: Self: Nothing?
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 21:20:59
:: gives up on sleeping and sits up — slowly ::
MED LCdr Acacia 28-Jul-2021 21:21:38
:: greets her patient and begins her battery of scans ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 28-Jul-2021 21:21:46
Self: Okay, deflectors are looking good, matter/antimatter looking good, alright, okay, uh-huh, yes, good, great…
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 21:21:50
:: gives Anna scritchies when she comes over to investigate ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 21:22:02
:: looks around ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 28-Jul-2021 21:22:20
:: the fucking plasma injectors do not look good :: Self: Ugh, the fucking plasma injectors. Those don’t look good.
MED LCdr Acacia 28-Jul-2021 21:22:34
:: glances at the door occasionally as if expecting someone ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 21:22:51
All in the Security Offices: Anyone need help with anything?
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 21:22:57
Anna: I cannot stay in bed any longer when there is work to be done. I am going purr-crazy!
CEO LtJG D’bryn 28-Jul-2021 21:23:13
Self: Welp.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 21:23:43
:: is met with silence :: Self: Okay then. :: exits the security offices ::
+CEO+ Ammora to D'bryn.
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 21:24:35
:: sends the most recent operations reports off to Kuari, showing that the repairs and cleanup work are nearly complete ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 28-Jul-2021 21:24:43
+TAC2+ D’bryn here.
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 21:24:53
:: swings her legs off the side of the bed and tries to pull her tank top over her head, and is stopped by a chorus of protests from the deep bruising in her torso that has yet to heal ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 21:24:58
+CEO+ What are you doing right now?
XO Cdr Kuari 28-Jul-2021 21:25:19
:: receives a console boop and opens the latest reports from Operations ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 21:25:26
:: sees two security officers move past him into the offices, giving him a polite nod but nothing more ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 28-Jul-2021 21:25:27
+TAC2+ About to get elbows-deep in fixing the plasma injectors. Why, what’s up?
MED LCdr Acacia 28-Jul-2021 21:25:31
:: tries to focus on her patient while something nags at the back of her mind :: Patient: Now, follow my finger with your eyes...
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 21:25:57
Zok eetee!
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 21:26:11
+CEO+ Uh, nothing. Just checking in.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 28-Jul-2021 21:26:41
:: makes a WTF face :: +TAC2+ Weird, but okay. You sure?
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 21:27:07
Anna: No, it is alright... I just need help. :: sighs and calls her wife :: +CSO+ Harper to Wright.
MED LCdr Acacia 28-Jul-2021 21:27:13
:: smiles warmly :: Patient: Alright, mister... :: she checks the chart quickly to be sure she doesn’t bungle it :: ...Ottenforu. You’re cleared for duty.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 21:27:26
+CEO+ Haven't seen you... no, no worries. Enjoy your injectors.
XO Cdr Kuari 28-Jul-2021 21:27:26
:: smiles a bit at the report's results, happy for the news and the distraction from worrying about Harper. It looks like both the captain and her ship are well on the mend ::
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 21:28:04
:: is startled by the chirp from her commbadge :: +CO+ Wright here.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 21:28:25
:: runs his hands through his hair ::
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 21:28:59
+CSO+ Please come to our quarters when you have a minute, Commander.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 28-Jul-2021 21:29:33
:: makes the next permutation of WTF face :: +TAC2+ Okay. You too. :: makes third permutation, thinks, Yeah, you enjoy your plasma injectors too. ::
NAV Lt Navarro 28-Jul-2021 21:29:37
:: glances over at Alexis ::
MED LCdr Acacia 28-Jul-2021 21:29:53
:: goes back to the desk by the sickbay wall where she’d been working on her report :: Nurse: Thank you, I’ll be over here.
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 21:30:01
:: comes around a corner and bumps into her favorite TAC officer ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 21:30:02
:: nods absently ::
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 21:30:19
TAC2: Oh, hey.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 21:30:51
:: bumps into Hannah :: Hannah: Oh, sorry, I didn't... :: realizes who it is :: Hey.
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 21:30:57
:: looks back at Kuari :: XO: Permission to vacate my station for a while, Commander? The Captain is asking for me.
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 21:31:49
:: settles back down into bed to wait for Lexy ::
XO Cdr Kuari 28-Jul-2021 21:31:59
:: looks up :: CSO: Of course.
MED LCdr Acacia 28-Jul-2021 21:32:01
:: finishes the report and heads to her office to check up on some of her experiments ::
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 21:32:02
TAC2: What’s got you lookin all anxious?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 21:32:45
Hannah: And who are you again? :: deadpan expression, knowing full well who she is ::
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 21:32:49
:: pets Anna some more, who has been enjoying having company during day shift ::
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 21:33:15
+CO+ On my way, Captain. :: hands her station off to a waiting Ensign; things are mostly running on auto-pilot anyway ::
XO Cdr Kuari 28-Jul-2021 21:33:53
:: watches after Wright in thought, the distraction she had found now failing, her thoughts on the captain ::
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 21:34:34
:: finds a forgotten half-full cup of drakberry tea by the bed, which she downs ::
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 21:35:10
:: rolls her eyes :: TAC2: Fuck me for being friendly, I guess. Is everyone in tactical irrationally grouchy, are you and your boss lady special?
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 21:35:16
:: enters the turbolift, worrying that Kate might have hurt herself :: TL: Deck Eight.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 21:35:58
Hannah: :: smirks :: You get what you give.
MED LCdr Acacia 28-Jul-2021 21:36:11
:: leans over a terrarium full of scrambling isopods in various colors. She pulls out a purple one and sets it in a smaller container, putting the container on her desk. ::
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 21:37:22
:: laughs :: TAC2: If I recall correctly, I smiled and waved at y’all, then that lady yelled at me. Though, fuck, maybe yelling at people is that lady’s version of smiling and waving.
TAC2: You, though, you don’t strike me the same way.
MED LCdr Acacia 28-Jul-2021 21:38:02
:: pulls up a scanner attachment arm from her desk, maneuvering it over and getting a good angle on the bug, smiling at the magnified image and reading the scan results ::
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 21:38:04
:: sighs as Anna wanders away to attend to some important kitty business ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 21:38:11
Hannah: You threw me off your ship when I was trying to help fix it. But, I guess you forgot me like I forgot you.
Hannah: :: shrug :: Kindness only goes so far when it isn't genuine.
:: turns and heads down the corridor ::
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 21:39:48
:: comes down the corridor and pauses briefly in front of the door to their quarters as it swishes open for her, then swishes closed after she steps inside :: CO: Kate?
MED LCdr Acacia 28-Jul-2021 21:40:26
:: flicks through a file on the computer terminal built into her desk, checking off the bug’s purple color in her genetic chart. She grabs another bug, scanning it in turn ::
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 21:41:46
:: she perks up when she hears Lexy return home :: CSO: Still in bed!
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 21:42:42
:: follows Scott :: TAC2: Oh come on, how do you know I wasn’t being genuine? And back on my ship, what did you expect, hiding something behind your back and failing to be coy about it? TAC2: :: smirks :: Plus, there’s that whole thing of me just wanting to be alone with the hot engineer who was also working on my ship at the time.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 21:43:39
Hannah: So then it wasn't genuine if you had ulterior motives. Checkmate. So kindness works with you only when you want something? :: keeps walking ::
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 21:43:39
:: crosses the living room and into the open doorway to the bedroom, relieved to find Kate still in bed and looking okay :: CO: What's wrong? Are you okay?
NAV Lt Navarro 28-Jul-2021 21:43:56
:: runs a few more simulations through the coordination network of potential slipstream destinations ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 28-Jul-2021 21:44:27
:: wants to scream every fuck-word at the plasma injector she’s working on ::
MED LCdr Acacia 28-Jul-2021 21:45:11
:: continues scanning isopod after isopod, checking off their colors, mostly shades of blue and purple. She smiles faintly, enjoying this thoroughly ::
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 21:45:20
:: looks up at her wife in the doorway, her appearance rather disheveled :: CSO: Hey Rosie. I am fine, I just—I want to... no, I have to get back to work. I cannot sit here any longer.
XO Cdr Kuari 28-Jul-2021 21:45:37
:: turns her attention to the latest intel on the Xovul, studying them in an attempt to predict what they will do next ::
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 21:46:09
TAC2: I was talking about being genuinely friendly on the bridge, but okay, yeah, I see what you’re saying. I was genuinely annoyed you were being coy with part of my ship, despite whatever ulterior motives I had.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 21:46:56
:: stops ::
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 21:46:58
:: frowns at Kate, shaking her head :: CO: You should rest, darling. You're still injured.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 21:47:10
:: stares at Hannah ::
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 21:48:08
:: shrugs amicably :: TAC2: Sue me for being protective of my baby!
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 21:48:43
:: folds his arms :: Hannah: Do you trust Zoe?
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 21:49:23
:: looks down, then around the room, then back up at Lexy, her eyes pleading :: CSO: I know, but it is just bruising. It hurts, yes. I am more sore than after the most intense workout of my life, but I can bear it. They need to see that I am alright, Rosie, and I need to be there for them to see.
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 21:50:09
TAC2: World’s most innocent engineering nerd? I’ve no reason not to. Why?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 21:50:45
Hannah: Do you trust Starfleet?
MED LCdr Acacia 28-Jul-2021 21:50:52
:: moves each bug from terrarium, to dish, to the secondary container. Eventually she gets through them all, dumping the bugs back into their habitat on her office shelf ::
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 21:50:55
:: puts her hands on her hips and gives Kate a stern look for a long moment, then sighs and is the one to pinch the bridge of her nose for a change ::
NAV Lt Navarro 28-Jul-2021 21:51:25
:: sends off another readiness reportt to the XO, that slipstream solutions are pre-calculated to various nearby potential destinations and the coordiination matrix has simulated them repeatedly ::
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 21:51:53
CSO: I need your help, love. It hurts too much to lift my arms over my head.
XO Cdr Kuari 28-Jul-2021 21:52:10
:: opens up the latest in her inbox, then smiles over at Navarro, always prepared ::
CTO Cpt Grey 28-Jul-2021 21:52:48
:: is at her console, working on weapons calculations ::
NAV Lt Navarro 28-Jul-2021 21:53:11
:: returns the smile and nod to Kuari, then brings up the latest on the Rocinante ::
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 21:53:23
:: folds her arms across her chest :: CO: Are you ordering me to do this as your subordinate, or do I get a say in this?
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 21:53:49
TAC2: What’s next, ‘What are your feelings about your father?’ Whatcha gettin at, Scotty?
MED LCdr Acacia 28-Jul-2021 21:53:55
:: flips through the data, plotting the colors of her bugs on an interesting chart ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 21:54:46
Hannah: Why are you here?
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 21:55:02
:: chuckles a bit, wincing :: CSO: I do not think I have the authority to give such an order, captain or no. A wife can supercede a captain in many cases. Please, tell me what you think.
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 21:55:48
:: ah-ha face, smirk :: TAC2: Oh, okay, that’s what it is. Starfleet’s y’all’s little club, and I don’t belong. Is that it?
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 21:56:12
:: presses her lips together :: CO: I think you're being foolish, but I also think it's going to be impossible to talk you out of it.
NAV Lt Navarro 28-Jul-2021 21:56:21
:: gets the deck chief's report that his bird is ready to fly, which he reviews before signing off on pending personal inspection, and sends that off to the CAG ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 21:56:40
Hannah: Oooh, defensive. I asked you a simple question.
MED LCdr Acacia 28-Jul-2021 21:58:30
:: finishes up and tosses the food flakes in the terrarium, lovingly watching the bugs scurry for a minute ::
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 21:58:37
CSO: It may be foolish, yes. :: lowers her head :: But I know I can manage the pain, and I believe it is important for morale that the crew sees me back sooner, rather than later. :: gestures to the PADD, still on the bed :: And I really do have work to do, acting on this report and the latest intel.
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 21:58:39
TAC2: You know why I’m here, dude! Ship was damaged, Atlantis agreed to help me fix her, I fell in love with the chick who did the fixin, now I’m here on kind of a, uh… independent contractor sorta basis. :: afterthought :: I thought y’all security folks all get rundowns on civvies on your ship, or whatever.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 22:00:38
Hannah: :: nods:: That's the story. Atlantis agreed to help you fix her... and when I tried to help... you kicked me off. Your bridge antics and your kindness seem hollow to me. There's something else going on with you. And I think it's deeper than 'falling in love'. Security folk? Yeah, we know when someone is being fake.
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 22:01:58
:: sighs again :: CO: Okay. I have some ground rules. But okay.
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 22:02:26
TAC2: Okay, Scotty. So what’s really going on with me? Why would I want to be anywhere near Starfleet when I could be literally anywhere else? Let’s hear it, Columbo.
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 22:02:37
:: looks back up, her eyes full of hope :: CSO: Name them!
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 22:03:08
:: laughs :: Hannah: That's the rub, huh? That is the ultimate question. Why would you want to be here when you could be anywhere else? Yet, here you are.
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 22:03:52
TAC2: Alright, let me counter that with a reversal on your own question. Do you trust Captain Harper?
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 22:04:04
CO: You will not push yourself. If you're in much pain, we pull the plug. You will only go out there for a couple hours, and then you will come back here and rest like you are supposed to.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 22:04:18
:: blinks, that being an unexpected turn :: Hannah: She's the Captain, of course.
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 22:04:32
:: nods eagerly :: CSO: The day is half gone anyway.
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 22:04:52
CO: When was the last time you took your pain meds?
MED LCdr Acacia 28-Jul-2021 22:05:06
:: carefully closes the terrarium lid, then checks up on the data from another one of her experiments, looking for patterns ::
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 22:05:14
CSO: A few hours. It has not been bad, just sitting in bed reading.
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 22:05:41
:: smirks, gives a come the fuck on face :: TAC2: Scotty. That’s like answering the question, ‘What do you think of the band Still Smoke?’ with, ‘Well, they’re certainly a band.’
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 22:06:12
CO: Yes, well, getting you cleaned up and dressed is probably going to hurt. It's time for another dose anyway. We'll do that first.
:: obviously disapproves of this plan ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 22:06:56
Hannah: Captain Harper has always shown her fortitude. And when I... :: pauses, remembering the moment in the ready room :: ...and when I... yes, I trust her completely.
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 22:07:25
CSO: Alright, yes. I just want out of here. And love... thank you for doing this. I know you just want me to rest until I am fully recovered.
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 22:08:29
CO: I can't help but try to be the voice of reason, Kitty, but I know you well enough to know that once you've set your mind on something you'll not waver.
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 22:09:54
TAC2: Okay, I’ll ignore your obscenely obvious tells that you don’t believe what you’re saying, and ask you this: Do you think Captain Harper is so shortsighted as to just let anyfuckingbody onto her ship? Do you think Captain Harper is, alternatively, so weak-willed that she could be pressured into doing something she doesn’t want to do? Alternatively, do you think Captain Harper would knowingly and willingly expose her ship and crew to someone who she thought posed some degree or manner of threat?
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 22:10:12
CSO: Still, I have put you through a lot, I know. :: swings her legs over the side of the bed again and catches her eyes :: When this stupid war is finally over, we will have the best shore leave together.
MED LCdr Acacia 28-Jul-2021 22:10:44
:: jots down a few notes and sends in a request for additional samples from a few of the study participants ::
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 22:12:16
CO: Uh-huh. Come on, let's get you up. :: moves over to the side of the bed to help Kate stand ::
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 22:12:38
:: gingerly stands with Lexy's help ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 22:13:54
:: leans against the bulkhead :: Hannah: In the tactical world, we call this misdirection. You think by getting me to think my CO approves of you, to allude to you being all sunshine and rainbows, that I'll not continue to think you don't have something to hide with the idea of that notion being I don't trust her? I trust Captain Harper. I don't trust you.
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 22:14:10
:: slowly walks Kate out to the kitchen area and lets her lean against the counter while she goes to prepare the pain medication hypospray :: CO: Have you eaten anything?
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 22:15:28
CSO: Yes, I had lunch before I called you. :: sheepishly :: I, uh, left the plate by the bed. Sorry, I know you hate that.
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 22:15:38
TAC2: I don’t expect you to trust me, Scotty. You don’t even know me. So. Why don’t you trust Harper?
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 22:16:13
CO: I suppose I can give you a pass this once. :: presses the hypospray to Kate's neck ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 22:16:13
Hannah: You don't know me. So why should I trust you? Seems to me that with your hyperbole, that's what you should really be asking.
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 22:17:47
:: inclines her neck to take the hypospray :: CSO: Thanks, Rosie.
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 22:18:03
:: reaches over and knocks gingerly on top of Ammora’s noggin :: Anybody home, McFly? I just said I don’t expect you to trust me. Now answer me: Why don’t you trust Harper? What, did she promote someone ahead of you? Did she make a bad judgment call that went against your ethics? Did she break y’all’s Primary Direction thingy?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 22:18:39
:: slaps Hannah's hand away from his head ::
MED LCdr Acacia 28-Jul-2021 22:21:46
:: works on revising her contribution to another study, quietly reading the writing out loud to make sure it flows correctly ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 22:22:19
Hannah: I think that's the problem. I'm not infatuated by your charm, your quote-unquote kindness, your shoot-from-the-hip-thanks-for-the-help mentality. From the moment you threw me off your ship, when I was being as genuine as anyone could possibly be as a member from Starfleet, from what you JUST said Atlantis was doing - fix your ship - I realized something was off. You can hide behind this infatuation with Zoe, but you'd never use that as an argument with Harper!
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 22:22:46
:: sets down the hypospray and gently leads Kate to the bathroom - one of the few places they've taken some of the indulgences of rank, because there is a full-sized working bathtub in there ::
:: slowly helps Kate strip off her tank top and panties and then get into the tub while it's dry, so she won't need to stabilize on a slippery wet surface ::
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 22:24:31
TAC2: Bein mighty dodgy about this Harper business. Come on, Scotty, dish: What’d she do? I’m not askin for the sake of gossip; I wanna make sure my boo is in good hands.
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 22:25:19
:: wonders why she's being led into an empty tub, but figures it out and nods appreciatively ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 22:26:44
:: rolls his eyes :: Hannah: Sounds like you have a big gripe with Harper. So, what did she do to you?
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 22:26:48
:: begins drawing a hot bath once she gets Kate settled ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 22:27:21
:: feels his anger mounting ::
XO Cdr Kuari 28-Jul-2021 22:29:14
:: takes in a deep breath, breaking eye contact from her console after reading everything they have on the Xovul, then walks off her seat base near center bridge to stretch, carefully as her injury is still healing ::
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 22:29:40
:: laughs :: TAC2: I have nothing against Harper! She gave me port in a storm, has been highly understanding about everything, and Zoë holds her in high regard. It’s you who sta…uh…um…stammered when I asked you if you trusted her.
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 22:29:58
:: settles into the soothing hot water ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 22:30:35
:: bites his lip, takes a breath ::
MED LCdr Acacia 28-Jul-2021 22:30:43
:: finishes up work on her projects and begins recording a personal log about her day ::
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 22:30:59
CO: Does the hot water hurt, or is it okay?
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 22:31:02
:: leans in :: TAC2: In the being a human world, we call that ‘projecting’. :: winks ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 22:31:36
:: through gritted teeth :: Hannah: Walk. Away.
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 22:32:15
CSO: No, it feels great, actually. :: looks down at her chest and stomach and sees that the outward signs of her injuries have completely faded :: At least I look like myself again.
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 22:33:24
:: shrugs :: No skin off my ass. I’m not the one you should be bringing these issues to. But thanks for answering my initial question of what’s got you lookin so anxious. :: blows kiss, walks away ::
:: back over her shoulder :: TAC2: Thanks for curing my boredom, Scotty! :: ta-ta wave ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 22:34:14
:: slumps down on the bulkhead ::
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 22:34:38
CO: Oh, sure, you look great, until you move. :: laughs and reaches for the shower head, pulling it down and using it to wet Kate's long, bed-heady hair ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 28-Jul-2021 22:35:00
+TAC2+ D’bryn to Ammora.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 22:35:07
:: looks up ::
Self, internally: Are you fucking kidding me?
+CEO+ Ammora here.
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 22:35:59
:: closes her eyes and luxuriates as her hair soaked in the hot water :: CSO: I will be back to looking great while moving quite soon, I promise.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 28-Jul-2021 22:36:03
+TAC2+ Job didn’t take as long as I thought. And I used my acting chief powers of delegation. :: tongue click :: What were you calling me about earlier?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 22:36:25
:: puts his head in his hands ::
:: thinks ::
+CEO+ Uh... like I said, checking in. Nothing... important.
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 22:37:23
:: says nothing as she finishes liberally wetting through Kate's hair, then replaces the shower head and turns off the spigot as the tub is now full ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 28-Jul-2021 22:38:18
+TAC2+ Well, I have time for unimportant things. What’s up? You sound stressed. Or like you just got out of Acacia’s stamina test. I can’t tell with only audio.
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 22:38:22
:: reaches for a bottle and squirts some rose-scented shampoo into her palm, then begins lathering it through Kate's hair :: CO: How high can you lift your arms before it starts to hurt?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 22:38:46
+CEO+ No, I'm good, I'm just... you know... working... and stuff.
Self, internally: And stuff?!
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 22:39:14
:: demonstrates, getting her elbows no higher than her shoulders before the bruises in her upper chest start to twinge :: CSO: There.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 28-Jul-2021 22:39:55
+TAC2+ Uh, okay. If you say so. I’ll get back to delegating. D’bryn out.
MED LCdr Acacia 28-Jul-2021 22:40:19
Computer: End log. :: she cringes at a few of her odd choices of phrase, but ultimately saves the log and goes back into main sickbay to do rounds ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 22:40:35
Self, but to the CEO's closing comm: Yeah, later.
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 22:42:12
:: sucks air through her teeth :: CO: Yikes. Getting you into a uniform is going to be fun. I might see if I can replicate one with a zipper. :: continues to lather through Kate's hair, massaging the scalp, with her special rose-scented shampoo - Kate usually uses something with a more generic clean smell, but Lexy's in charge right now ::
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 22:43:04
:: takes a deep breath of the scent and lolls her head a bit at the scalp massage ::
XO Cdr Kuari 28-Jul-2021 22:43:16
:: finishes stretching and mills around the bridge in thought, checking on stations ::
CTO Cpt Grey 28-Jul-2021 22:43:58
:: glances up at Kuari as she mills around the bridge, turning attention back to her calculations ::
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 22:44:23
:: then opens her eyes and lifts her arms again, a bit farther this time :: I can manage a standard uniform, with your help.
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 22:45:21
CO: What did I say about pushing yourself, hmm? :: reaches for the shower head again and rinses out the shampoo ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 22:45:43
:: gets up ::
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 22:46:33
:: gets back to the Skylark, finger-guns at Landeskog :: Lando, my man.
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 22:46:50
Landeskog> :: grunts at Hannah ::
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 22:47:57
::hands Kate a bar of soap, then starts working through some conditioner ::
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 22:47:58
:: gets in, plops down into the pilot’s seat, one leg up over an armrest, sees she has a message that came in on a secure subspace channel :: :: it’s from Prendor Maundi, and it just says, ‘Chat when you can.’ ::
CMO Lt Tailor 28-Jul-2021 22:48:15
::off duty today in her quarters, desperately needing some time to herself, perhaps, now that the majority of patients are released or only need minor care that the nurses can provide. Doctors need to take care of themselves sometimes, too...::
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 22:48:37
:: opens a secure channel to Prendor fucking Maundi, of all people, who answers promptly ::
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 22:49:32
:: smiles and closes her eyes, head back as her hair is rinsed, then accepts the soap as the conditioning starts :: CSO: Something about not pushing myself, I am sure. But hey, I did not try to do any of this without calling for your help.
MED LCdr Acacia 28-Jul-2021 22:49:40
:: finds rounds to be a breeze now that sickbay is mostly empty ::
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 22:49:49
:: starts washing herself while Lexy conditions her hair ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 22:50:25
:: looks down the hallway that Hannah walked down ::
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 22:50:47
Prendor> The elusive Lady Z. Prendor: Still with the ‘Lady Z’ shit. What do you want? Prendor> What do I always want? Prendor: I don’t have the time, nor am I in the right place for the job.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 22:50:49
:: moves down the hallway to the shuttlebay ::
:: enters and sees the Skylark ::
XO Cdr Kuari 28-Jul-2021 22:51:23
:: returns to her seat, her blood moving better, and checks over her own station ::
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 22:51:25
:: piles the conditioned hair on top of Kate's head and lets it sit for a moment while she steps out to replicate a uniform for her (with a zipper) ::
MED2 LtJG Jasper 28-Jul-2021 22:51:41
:: is bent over a desk, working on extra charting, humming softly to himself ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 22:51:47
:: slowly climbs in, concealing himself behind the back console ::
:: listens intently ::
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 22:52:30
Prendor> Why? Where are you? Prendor: On a Starfleet ship. Prendor> Yuck. Why? Prendor: They’re fixing the Skylark. Prendor> They can’t help themselves, can they?
:: intruder alert lights up on her console, she turns around ::
MED LCdr Acacia 28-Jul-2021 22:53:06
:: finishes up rounds, heading back into her office to take a break ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 22:53:08
:: ducks down ::
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 22:53:26
Prendor: Ugh. Gotta go. :: closes channel :: TAC2: Really, Scotty?
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 22:53:39
:: finishes rinsing her body off, but she is unable to get to her hair ::
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 22:53:55
:: spins around in her chair, tries to look like a cross high school principal ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 22:53:56
:: stands up, taking on the fact that he's there ::
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 22:54:00
:: returns with clothing and sets it on the counter, then rinses the conditioner out of Kate's hair since her arms don't go that far right now ::
MED LCdr Acacia 28-Jul-2021 22:54:40
:: kicks up her feet and plays the audiobook she’s currently reading, taking some time to unwind ::
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 22:54:59
TAC: Fella, you gotta talk to somebody, and that somebody ain’t me. I’m a few psych degrees short of what you need.
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 22:55:31
CO: All clean? Need to soak more, or ready to get out?
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 22:56:01
:: smiles :: CSO: Definitely ready to get out.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 22:57:02
Hannah: What was that?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 28-Jul-2021 22:57:22
:: gets out of turbolift, heads for shuttlebay ::
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 22:58:08
:: pulls the plug on the tub and carefully helps Kate to stand as it drains, using the showerhead to rinse off the last vestiges of soapy water, then helping Kate out of the tub and handing her a towel for her body, reaching for a second towel to dry Kate's hair ::
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 22:58:29
:: dries off as best she can ::
CMO Lt Tailor 28-Jul-2021 22:58:41
::gets up after a bit, eventually making her way to a holodeck.:: HD: Play Tailor Gallatin River five. ::steps inside, finding herself in a Montana landscape, dressed in riding clothes, and a saddled horse waiting for her::
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 22:58:42
TAC2: A private conversation. What’s all… :: gestures vaguely at him :: …this? You’re lucky I’m a lover and not a fighter, else I’d be exercising captain’s prerogative right now.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 28-Jul-2021 22:59:18
:: approaches the Skylark, waves and smiles and Landeskog ::
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 22:59:30
:: helps with the drying ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 22:59:44
:: nods, smirking ::
MED LCdr Acacia 28-Jul-2021 23:00:01
:: closes her eyes, but tells herself she’s not going to fall asleep ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 23:00:17
Hannah: Have a good one, Hannah.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 28-Jul-2021 23:00:42
:: walks onboard the Skylark, sees Ammora, runs headlong into a palpably firm field of tension between him and Hannah :: Scott/Hannah: What’s up?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 23:01:09
CEO: Hannah and I were just chatting about the Skylark's communications systems.
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 23:01:21
:: finds herself feeling immeasurably better after the bath, until a twinge intrudes to remind her of her status, but she's still significantly buoyed overall ::
CMO Lt Tailor 28-Jul-2021 23:01:24
::swings onto the horse, and a few minutes later, gallops along a path by the river, mountains rising nearby::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 23:01:39
CEO: She has some interesting friends, from what I've heard on it. Great equipment.
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 23:01:42
:: combs through Kate's wet, tangled hair while she cleans her teeth, then uses the rapid dryer to dry her long tresses ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 23:02:29
CEO: I hear the playback system is spot on in this day and age. You should have her show you the last file. Very interesting. Have a great night.
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 23:02:30
TAC2: Okay, Cumberbatch, let’s hear it: What did you deduce from the five seconds of innocuous dialog you eavesdropped on?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 28-Jul-2021 23:02:48
TAC2: Eavesdropped? What’s going on?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 28-Jul-2021 23:02:49
Hannah: Good audio. I'm sure that Zoe would love to hear it.
Zoe/Hannah: We'll chat later. :: jumps out of the Skylark and heads out into the corridor ::
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 23:03:18
:: spins around, plays back the file, stares Scott down while it plays ::
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 23:03:24
CO: It would take more time than we probably have to do your captainly updo. But I can braid it real quick.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 28-Jul-2021 23:04:25
:: watches the exchange between Hannah and this other person, furrows her brow ::
Hannah Ziredac 28-Jul-2021 23:04:59
:: shrugs when the video ends :: Zoë: Lock me up in the brig, I guess?
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 23:05:01
:: finishes with her teeth :: CSO: Yes, that will be fine. The side-twist ponytail is rather quick and easy.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 28-Jul-2021 23:05:14
:: rolls her eyes :: Hannah: The hell is that guy’s deal?
MED LCdr Acacia 28-Jul-2021 23:05:43
:: dozes off in her office chair while her audiobook plays, the moment of peace too potent to resist ::
CSO Cdr Wright 28-Jul-2021 23:06:51
:: nods and guides the taller woman to sit on the stool in front of the vanity, then executes a passable side-twist pony with a little effort :: CO: Okay. Let's get you dressed.
CO Capt Harper 28-Jul-2021 23:07:16
:: stands and nods appreciatively at the mirror :: CSO: I am really starting to feel more like myself.
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