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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
A couple of days after the brief respite from the stress of a potential war that was the ship's launch anniversary celebration, the tense waiting game continues. With the larger fleet still massed at Refuge in hopes of preventing another Xovul attack there, a smaller joint Starfleet/Free Fleets flotilla awaits field commander Captain Harper's departure orders to defend a different Free Fleets holding that may be more vulnerable to attack.
After 23-Jun-2021 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 21:15:47
:: in her ready room, going over the latest intelligence reports from HQ ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 21:16:18
Hannah: Okay, try it now!
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Jun-2021 21:16:40
:: holds the bridge per usual when Harper is in her RR ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 21:17:03
:: she pinches the bridge of her nose as she feels another headache coming on ::
Hannah Ziredac 23-Jun-2021 21:17:09
:: initiates the Skylark’s power transfer, but it doesn’t take :: Zoë: Nope, nothin.
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Jun-2021 21:17:26
:: is on the bridge, sitting at the auxiliary sci console, typing replies to messages from the science lab ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 21:17:40
:: sitting at main SCI/OPS, keeping herself as busy as possible so she doesn't have time to think ::
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Jun-2021 21:17:53
:: at the helm, running another coordination simulation of the departure formation with the other four Starfleet ships and five Free Fleets ships ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 21:18:02
:: spews a string of likely inaccurate Russian swear words ::
CMO Lt Tailor 23-Jun-2021 21:18:09
::has been prepping sickbay for battle, now chilling in the TL on the way to the bridge, before the storm eventually hits::
CTO Cpt Grey 23-Jun-2021 21:18:26
:: is at main TAC, also keeping her focus on the console to not give her mind the time to wander ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 21:18:29
Hannah: I swear I know what I’m doing!
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Jun-2021 21:18:56
:: gets a feeling that she maybe forgot to tell Wright something. hmm. oh well ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 21:19:19
:: looks over at the flashing indicator and taps it to read the details :: Self, internally: Oh hell.
MED LCdr Acacia 23-Jun-2021 21:19:30
:: is in the medical research lab, helping some of the techs get through their standard research samples for the next few days ::
CAG LCdr T’Lira 23-Jun-2021 21:19:34
:: in the fighter bay, checking on each of the fighters one by one to ensure that everything is as it should be, assuming that they'll likely be needed at some point ::
Hannah Ziredac 23-Jun-2021 21:19:37
Zoë: Sure you do.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 21:20:15
+CO+ Bridge to Harper. We have just received a classified message for you from Starfleet Headquarters.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 21:20:20
:: configures another transfer sequence :: Hannah: Okay, one more time.
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 21:20:40
+CSO+ Put it through to the ready room, Commander.
CMO Lt Tailor 23-Jun-2021 21:20:42
::lift dings and she steps out to the bridge behind a couple of rando redshirts::
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Jun-2021 21:20:49
:: perks up, overhearing Wright's comm ::
Hannah Ziredac 23-Jun-2021 21:20:59
:: initiates :: Zoë: Hey! Hey, we got it!
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 21:21:05
:: grabs an analgesic from the replicator, washes it down with coffee, and returns to her desk ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 21:21:16
:: taps the keys to put it through to the ready room ::
MED LCdr Acacia 23-Jun-2021 21:21:34
:: pats Ethan on the shoulder as she looks at what he’s doing :: Ethan: Nice job. You just have two cases left, and you’re all done.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 21:21:39
:: looks back at Kuari, wondering if the Commander is as worried as she is ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 21:21:43
:: starts looking through the report, which is an urgent update to SF Intelligence's last on the Xovul fleet ::
This is it...
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Jun-2021 21:21:57
:: returns the look to Wright, but doesn't say anything, knowing they'll both be left wondering ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 21:22:09
Hannah: Really? :: sits up, forgets she’s prone in the Skylark’s guts, bonks her head on a pipe :: :: more Russian swear words ::
MED LtJG Jasper 23-Jun-2021 21:22:10
:: lets out a groan and drops his head to the desk at Acacia's words :: MED: You suck.
MED LCdr Acacia 23-Jun-2021 21:22:46
:: chuckles, teasing :: MED2: If you don’t finish before shit hits the fan, it’s fine.
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Jun-2021 21:23:05
:: raises eyebrow as she remembers and turns in her chair towards Wright :: CSO: Oh, Commander, I forgot that I had meant to tell you something before the party.
Hannah Ziredac 23-Jun-2021 21:23:48
Oh-ho-ho, look at my baby lighting up. Oh man… Zoë: We got the reactor, we have life support, we have computer, we have sensor array, weapons, shields, auxiliary…
MED LtJG Jasper 23-Jun-2021 21:23:53
:: turns to fix his lead with an eyebrow-raised :: MED: Oh... that's a challenge. I'll get this done before shit hits the fan.
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 21:24:05
:: wonders if it is a feint, and considers that possibility for several minutes ::
CMO Lt Tailor 23-Jun-2021 21:24:19
::takes a detour to the replicator:: Computer: Mint cappucino and an everything bagel. ::waits until her breakfast materializes, and settles in at her station, connecting to the other SF ships in the area to link with their medical departments::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 21:24:23
:: double-takes as she realizes Rike is talking to her :: SCI: Oh?
MED LCdr Acacia 23-Jun-2021 21:25:11
:: nods, smirking :: MED2: Attaboy. :: she moves on to check up on the next lab tech ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 21:25:26
:: slides out of the access hatch :: Hannah: All of it? They’re all getting power? :: gets over to the pilot’s seat, looks at the display over Hannah’s shoulder ::
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Jun-2021 21:25:45
CSO: Yes. We had a series of missing specimens from the Botany lab, but T'Lira helped figure out the culprit. Happened to be her son who was wanting to look at the plants, but we got them all back to the lab.
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 21:25:52
No, a feint would be a larger force... this is small enough that they do not believe we will notice it. Yes. Yes.
CMO Lt Tailor 23-Jun-2021 21:26:09
::hums, signing in and munching on her bagel::
Hannah Ziredac 23-Jun-2021 21:26:10
:: looks up at Zoë over her shoulder :: Zoë: You did it, babe. :: can’t believe she just called someone babe for the first time in years ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 21:26:17
:: clasps her hands and leans her forehead against them, taking a deep breath ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 21:26:32
:: can’t believe someone just called her babe for the first time in forever ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 21:27:08
:: finding this to be a welcome distraction :: SCI: Oh! Taril is becoming a budding botanist, is he? Hmm. I wonder if we can do anything to encourage his participation with less specimen theft.
MED LCdr Acacia 23-Jun-2021 21:27:26
:: takes a box of samples into her office and tucks them away, idly checking the bridge feed ::
MED LtJG Jasper 23-Jun-2021 21:27:40
:: grins and turns his attention back to his work ::
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Jun-2021 21:28:10
CSO: Yes! I actually introduced him to botanical illustrations and let him look around my personal collection.
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 21:28:29
:: verifies the encryption on the message itself, including the rotating daily markers, and the hidden authorizations ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 21:28:52
:: finds herself almost smiling in spite of the situation :: SCI: Well. That's definitely a good start.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Jun-2021 21:28:53
:: looks from the science personnel to the ready room door, wondering ::
CTO Cpt Grey 23-Jun-2021 21:29:38
:: glances to the ready room door, before turning her attention back to her console with a quiet breath ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 21:29:38
:: would not imagine that the Xovul could have compromised their comms, but is rewarded for her diligence with the verification that the transmission is legitimate ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 21:29:42
Hannah: Alright, awesome. Now that we have power, we can get Skylark up to a hundred percent. I gotta go work on Atlantis right now, but we’ll do some more, tomor—
Hannah Ziredac 23-Jun-2021 21:29:49
Zoë: This evening?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 21:30:31
Hannah: Uhhhh….sure? We’ll see where my power levels are at when I’m off-duty, but I’ll at least come by.
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 21:31:11
There is nothing left to check. The intel is good, and it is what you have been waiting for. The plan is sound and the fleet is ready. You can do this, Kate.
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Jun-2021 21:31:14
CSO: I'm wondering if he would be interested in plant genetics... Replicating Gregor Mendel's pea plant experiment should be simple enough for someone his age.
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 21:31:24
:: takes another deep breath and finishes the coffee, then stands and Picard-maneuvers ::
Hannah Ziredac 23-Jun-2021 21:31:29
Zoë: Ooh, I hope you will. :: stands up, puts her arms around Zoë :: You can kiss while on duty, right?
MED LCdr Acacia 23-Jun-2021 21:31:30
:: helps another doctor carry a few sample boxes into his office, slowly getting everything loose in the lab squared away ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 21:32:04
Hannah: I literally don’t kno— :: is cut off by a kiss; does not care a whit ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 21:32:04
:: nods at Rike :: SCI: That's a good idea. Add it to your official list of work assignments and keep me updated. :: actually manages a small smile ::
Hannah Ziredac 23-Jun-2021 21:32:33
Zoë: Don’t work yourself to death.
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 21:32:50
:: checks her captainly updo in the mirror, nods to herself, then strides purposefully out onto the bridge ::
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Jun-2021 21:33:01
:: perks her ears upwards expectantly when Harper emerges, following her with her large eyes as she approaches ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 21:33:02
Hannah: Okay. See ya tonight. :: floats two inches off the ground out of the Skylark and out of the shuttlebay ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 21:33:06
CSO: Signal the flotilla to form up for departure.
CTO Cpt Grey 23-Jun-2021 21:33:32
:: turns from her console to see Harper ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 21:33:34
:: looks up at Kate as she enters, and then nods at the command, her lips forming a grim line :: CO: Aye, Captain.
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Jun-2021 21:33:46
:: looks to Harper as she types her console, adding a reminder ::
MED LCdr Acacia 23-Jun-2021 21:33:55
:: does another check of the lab, finds one last loose hypospray, and puts it in its place ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 21:34:29
:: taps out a message to the rest of the flotilla, knowing that they were expecting these orders sooner or later ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 21:34:40
:: gets in turbolift :: Bridge.
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Jun-2021 21:35:04
:: having simulated this at least ten times already, he starts interfacing with the other 9 helm officers ::
MED LCdr Acacia 23-Jun-2021 21:35:35
:: leaves the lab techs to the last of the work, heading through sickbay out the door towards the turbolift ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 21:36:08
:: pops out of the turbolift, heads for the Engineering station on the Bridge ::
MED LtJG Jasper 23-Jun-2021 21:36:13
:: finishes with his counting and sorting, packing up the hypospray cartidges and rising to put them back in their place before poking his head into Acacia's office and comming her once he saw the office empty :: + MED: All cartidges are accounted for, sorted, and ready for the shit to hit the fan +
CMO Lt Tailor 23-Jun-2021 21:36:13
+MED+ Everything prepped in sickbay? ::takes a swig of cappucino::
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Jun-2021 21:36:45
Nobody in particular: Wait, what is happening now?
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 21:37:33
ACTION> One of the informal sub-fleets within Third Fleet begins to join up as the Sovereign-class USS Columbia, the Galaxy-class USS Discovery, the Galaxy-class USS Challenger. and the Prometheus-class USS Endeavour join the Atlantis, forming a straight line.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 21:37:36
SCI, quietly: We are preparing to depart.
CAG LCdr T’Lira 23-Jun-2021 21:37:45
:: so far, all the fighters are in top shape, even if she personally does wish to run another diagnostic on her own, just for safety's sake ::
MED LCdr Acacia 23-Jun-2021 21:37:48
:: waves and nods to Ethan on her way out :: MED2: Thanks. :: she taps her combadge as the doors swish shut :: +CMO+ We’re ready to go. On my way up now.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Jun-2021 21:38:47
:: checks her console, verifying department readiness ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 21:38:52
ACTION> Behind each ship in the informal "Orbiter" fleet, a Free Fleets ship joins the formation, with the HMS Syrinx behind the Atlantis.
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Jun-2021 21:39:29
:: oh no christ alive ::
CMO Lt Tailor 23-Jun-2021 21:39:29
+MED+ Sounds good, see you in a bit. ::closes the comm and munches a bite of bagel::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 21:39:45
:; takes her seat :: XO: Yellow alert. Make the ship ready for slipstream flight.
CSO: Poll all ships for departure readiness.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 21:40:13
:: triple-checks that the slipstream drive is as fine-tuned as when she last left it ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 21:40:29
:: nods and taps :: CO: Initiating poll.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Jun-2021 21:40:31
CTO: Captain Grey, configure shield geometry for slipstream flight.
MED LCdr Acacia 23-Jun-2021 21:41:15
:: arrives on the bridge in short time, looking around, wary of the mood. She makes her way to her station, nodding to Tailor on her way ::
CTO Cpt Grey 23-Jun-2021 21:41:36
:: nods, doing exactly that and pulling up the shield geometry and triggering the yellow alert :: XO: Ready.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 21:41:59
CO: All ships report ready, Captain.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Jun-2021 21:42:03
:: checks her console :: CO: Ready for slipstream, Captain.
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 21:42:10
CSO/XO: Thank you, Commanders.
NAV: Initiate coordinated warp one departure.
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Jun-2021 21:43:16
CO: Sí, capitana. :: sends the command through the coordination system, and all ten ships warp into the black ::
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Jun-2021 21:43:45
:: is just sitting at her console like o_o' ::
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Jun-2021 21:43:57
CO: The flotilla is at warp speed, ma'am.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 21:44:16
:: fears what she’s going to see at the other end of the slipstream ::
MED LCdr Acacia 23-Jun-2021 21:44:23
:: settles into her seat, watching the viewer warily ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 21:44:43
NAV: Coordinate the predefined slipstream solution and engage.
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Jun-2021 21:45:18
CO: Sí, capitana. :: issues the command through the system to the other four slipstream-capable ships ::
CO: Slipstream flight in one minute.
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 21:45:49
:: sits back in her chair ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 21:46:05
:: makes the standard shipwide slipstream announcements ::
MED LCdr Acacia 23-Jun-2021 21:46:05
:: catches her mood and offers Rike what she hopes is an encouraging smile ::
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Jun-2021 21:46:48
:: is definitely not encouraged ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 21:46:50
:: as the slipstream entry approaches, she finds herself thinking of the talk she had with her parents this morning ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 21:47:01
:: thinks :: I could just turn something off. Just switch something off, say, ‘Oh, oops, we have a problem, we can’t go to war right now, let’s try again never.’ I could do that. Would just be a couple taps. Nothing much.
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Jun-2021 21:47:03
Bridge: Slipstream in ten seconds...
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 21:47:24
:: thinks :: What’s a little court martial in exchange for continuing life?
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 21:47:58
ACTION> The five lead Starfleet vessels smoothly and simultaneously enter slipstream, pulling the Free Fleets ships behind them in their wakes.
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Jun-2021 21:48:12
:: checks the readings, fleet-wide ::
MED LCdr Acacia 23-Jun-2021 21:48:22
:: glances at D’bryn, coincidentally timed as if she’d heard the engineer’s thoughts. Again, she offers an awkward half-smile ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 21:48:32
:: closes her eyes as they enter slipstream, trying to center herself and stay calm ::
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Jun-2021 21:48:34
CO: Slipstream flight achieved... and all ten ships are stable.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Jun-2021 21:48:47
:: checks Harper's face, not sure if she's prepared to confide in her just yet, but looks at the main viewer, assuming she'll know soon enough ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 21:49:11
:: nervously looks around at the rest of the bridge crew, sees Acacia’s half-smile, returns one of her own ::
MED LCdr Acacia 23-Jun-2021 21:49:40
:: wishes she could lift the mood, but now’s not really the time for... happiness ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 21:49:45
NAV: Well done, lieutenant.
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Jun-2021 21:49:54
:: nods to la capitana, still checking readings ::
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Jun-2021 21:50:15
:: why can't this be a normal starship? with the Harper? No way! ::
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Jun-2021 21:50:30
:: smiles at Navarro's job well done ::
Hannah Ziredac 23-Jun-2021 21:50:45
:: doesn’t like that she’s prioritizing weapons and shields on the Skylark, but is doing it anyway ::
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Jun-2021 21:51:19
All: Flight time will be less than twenty minutes.
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 21:52:29
CTO: Tactical overlay of the destination star system on the main viewer please, Captain Grey.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 21:52:33
:: quietly :: Self: Oh, good, plenty of time to sit and think about it.
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Jun-2021 21:53:21
:: enough time to think about the probability of Starfleet officers surviving wars... ::
CTO Cpt Grey 23-Jun-2021 21:53:22
CO: Yes ma'am. :: triggers the tactical overlay and flicks it up onto the main viewer ::
Hannah Ziredac 23-Jun-2021 21:53:58
:: checks her phaser pistol ::
CMO Lt Tailor 23-Jun-2021 21:54:09
::saunters over to get another cup of coffee, wondering why everyone looks so tense::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 21:54:40
ACTION> A red dwarf system with six planets, all within two-thirds an AU of the host star, appears on the main viewer. The second planet, class M, is indicated as a Free Fleets shipyard with both orbital and surface facilities.
CTO Cpt Grey 23-Jun-2021 21:55:29
:: looks up at the main viewer ::
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Jun-2021 21:55:39
:: looks at where they are, studying the viewscreen ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 21:55:40
All: Our slipstream drives give us a tremendous advantage in mobility over the Xovul, coupled with the technique we developed to tow non-slipstream vessels through the quantum tunnel.
MED LCdr Acacia 23-Jun-2021 21:55:47
:: is impressed :: Self: Wow.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 21:56:01
:: also looks up at the main viewer, listening to Kate speak as well ::
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Jun-2021 21:56:12
:: nods at Harper's statement, in full agreement ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 21:56:54
All: We will likely arrive at least a day ahead of the Xovul attack force that is on its way to this system. Knowing that we also have the advantage in long-range sensor technology, we will conceal ourselves and lie in wait.
All: Should the Xovul detect such a large defense force, they would undoubtedly abort their attack. In order to discourage this conflict from escalating, we must not allow that to happen.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 21:58:05
:: closes her eyes again to process the information that the Xovul are inbound to this system ::
MED LCdr Acacia 23-Jun-2021 21:58:30
:: takes a cue from Tailor and gets up to grab a coffee of her own, needing a bit of caffeine ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 21:58:58
All: We will conceal ourselves in an artificial orbit in the star's corona, using our engines to keep the star between us and the second planet.
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Jun-2021 21:58:59
:: oh god I shouldn't have done a good enough job to get promoted. whyyy ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 21:59:06
CO: :: voice shaking :: Wait, why do we not want them to abort their attack?
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Jun-2021 21:59:35
:: from her prone position on her backless seat, manages to puff up her chest proudly at Harper's plan ::
CMO Lt Tailor 23-Jun-2021 21:59:51
Self: So... it's hurry up and wait. No problem. ::takes a sip::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 22:00:46
:: pauses her briefing to turn to Zoë :: CEO: I know that this is a terrifying, daunting proposition.
MED LCdr Acacia 23-Jun-2021 22:01:19
:: sits back in her seat and sips her coffee, wondering if Harper misspoke. She watches the exchange with a raised brow ::
SCI Lt Herschel 23-Jun-2021 22:01:53
:: how much trouble would I be in if I stole a shuttle and ran away? no- no, that's silly internally screams instead ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 22:02:39
Self, internally: You can do this. You can handle this. You've done this kind of thing before. It's going to be okay.
CMO Lt Tailor 23-Jun-2021 22:02:48
::listens, wondering if she mis-heard also::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 22:02:49
CEO: I do not want them to attack at all. Our intelligence has delivered this advantage to us, and unfortunately, the cold calculus of war dictates that when you can strike with overwhelming force, you must.
CEO: And knowing what we do about the Xovul, so far, the only way that we have been able to get them to cease their aggressions was to send such a message.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 22:03:20
CO: :: almost no voice :: Oh. Okay.
MED LCdr Acacia 23-Jun-2021 22:04:11
:: blinks, thinking: Damn. ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 22:04:37
:: returns to speaking to the group :: All: If it were not here, it would be elsewhere, and this bat-and-mouse game would continue for months. If we succeed here, the Xovul may reconsider their hostility.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Jun-2021 22:05:09
CEO: Also, with us being hidden, they don't know how large a force we have. They could expect more to come into sensor range and will most likely not risk an attack.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 22:05:13
:: reflexively mentally notes to correct Kate's idiom later ::
MED LCdr Acacia 23-Jun-2021 22:06:04
:: nods, taking it in. Not if, when. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 22:06:28
:: knows that this is the best plan, but still doesn't like it ::
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Jun-2021 22:08:40
:: starts planning ahead by calculating an algorithm to maintain the artificial orbit in the star's corona opposite the planet while at considerably lower altitude ::
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Jun-2021 22:09:38
:: peers at her side console, looking over the tactical advantages of the area ::
CMO Lt Tailor 23-Jun-2021 22:09:46
::leans back in her seat some, it sounds like they're going to be here a while::
MED LCdr Acacia 23-Jun-2021 22:10:19
:: settles in, pulling up a report to work on for some sense of normalcy ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 22:11:24
All: Although we strike with overwhelming force, nothing is guaranteed, and even the victory we expect will be diminished by all of the life that will be lost, regardless of which side that life fought for.
All: Regardless, I am confident in this ship and my crew. If I must go into this battle, I can think of no finer crew to lead into it.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Jun-2021 22:12:45
:: attempts to puff up her chest a little more ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 22:12:51
:: turns and offers Kate a tight smile ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 22:13:02
All: Do what I know you are all capable of, and we will get through this. Together.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 22:13:02
:: really wants to talk to her mom ::
MED LCdr Acacia 23-Jun-2021 22:13:31
:: sits up a bit straighter, trying to project confidence instead of dread ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 22:13:35
:: returns an attempt at a reassuring look to Lexy ::
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Jun-2021 22:13:55
:: quietly interjects :: CO: Normal space in one minute, capitana.
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 22:14:22
:: nods to Doc ::
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Jun-2021 22:14:55
:: looks around the bridge :: All: If anyone wishes to brush up on combat training while we wait, duties permitting, I would be happy to have it arranged. Nothing helps more than practicing.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 22:15:02
CO: Captain, will it be possible to perform standard scans of the system and the star once we arrive?
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 22:15:32
CSO: It will. They are expecting us at the shipyard and we are arriving at least a day ahead of the Xovul.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 22:15:58
:: nods, happy to have that degree of normalcy ::
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Jun-2021 22:16:12
All: Normal space in ten... nine...
MED LCdr Acacia 23-Jun-2021 22:16:22
:: works on her report, keeping an ear to the bridge ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 22:16:30
:: announces the slipstream exit ::
CTO Cpt Grey 23-Jun-2021 22:16:51
:: turns her attention up to the screen without a sound ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 22:16:58
ACTION> The Orbiter Fleet simultaneously exits slipstream and pulls the five Free Fleets ships along with them.
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Jun-2021 22:17:34
CO: All ten ships report nominal slipstream exit. Drift is... 49 light-seconds.
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 22:17:52
NAV: Well done, Mr. Navarro. That may be a new record for lowest drift.
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Jun-2021 22:18:18
CO: Simulating the coordination so many times helped. :: grins ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 22:18:39
CSO: Inform the shipyard of our arrival and initiate standard scans of the system.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 22:19:09
CO: Aye, Captain. :: first hails the shipyard to announce their arrival ::
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Jun-2021 22:20:29
:: notes that drift is also proportional to the size of the target star system, but feels no need to further qualify the praise from la capitana ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 22:21:05
CO: The shipyard expresses its gratitude, Captain. Initiating scans.
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 22:22:39
:: is mildly curious how close our scans of this system match the data on it provided by Queen Ashexana ::
NAV: Take us to the shipyard, for now.
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Jun-2021 22:24:40
CO: Aye aye. :: starts to coordinate the short flight over at high impulse, but realizes that's unncessary and just sends the order out to all ten helms ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 22:25:27
:: comes out of her reverie with a thought :: Self: Wait a minute…
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 22:25:38
ACTION> Another three Free Fleets ships here that act as the standard defense force join us as we approach.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 22:25:51
:: taps at her console, pulling up information on thoron radiation ::
MED LCdr Acacia 23-Jun-2021 22:26:34
:: idly works on her report and sips her coffee, enjoying the calm before whatever busy storm she’ll inevitably face ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 22:27:31
:: pulls up the specifications of the other Starfleet vessels in the fleet ::
CO/All: Captain, I have an idea on how we can minimize or even avoid casualties.
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 22:30:48
CEO: By all means, lieutenant.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 22:32:23
CO/All: In the battle at Refuge, Hannah Ziredac used a specialized thoron radiation pulse emitter to disrupt the weapons systems on one of the smaller Xovul ships. Thing is, hers is so small that it’s really only effective against the small ones, and leaves small ships vulnerable.
CO/All: But if all of the ships here can copy the pulse pattern and coordinate the radiation, we could zap the Xovul fleet’s weapons before they can even fire them.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Jun-2021 22:33:21
:: listens closely to D'bryn's explanation, especially interested in a tactical advantage ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 22:33:42
:: looks up from her scans to listen, wondering if this is too good to be true ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 22:33:52
CO/All: :: suddenly nervous, suddenly the most Imposter Syndromy of the Imposter Syndromes :: Or, you know, at least one or two of em. Or one of em. Or something.
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 22:34:34
CEO: An excellent idea, lieutenant. However, from our stolen schematics for their dreadnoughts, we know that their capital ships have weapons hardened against such disruption that the smaller ships may not possess.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Jun-2021 22:35:05
:: nods along ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 22:35:17
CEO: However, when it comes to unorthodox tactics like that, I want to hear them, from any of you.
MED LCdr Acacia 23-Jun-2021 22:35:26
:: raises an eyebrow and smiles faintly at D’bryn stepping up in her new role. Her smile fades as Harper replies, and she nods pensively ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 22:35:44
:: finds herself missing Ilaihr and his unorthodox tactics as well ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 22:36:12
CO: Do we know the composition of the incoming fleet? If they have smaller-than-capital ships with the big ones, we could take em out of the game.
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 22:36:45
CEO: Our intelligence believes it to consist of five dreadnoughts.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 22:37:49
CO: :: nods :: If you don’t mind me asking, Captain… Do we have specs on their weapons systems? Maybe there’s something else I can cook up.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 22:38:38
:: allows herself to feel some hope ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 22:39:11
CEO: We have the complete schematics for their dreadnoughts. The victory over the Xovul that led to the treaty was our destruction of one of their shipyards, and that was one of the spoils we were able to capture.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 22:39:50
CO: I’ll take a gander. Thank you, Captain.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Jun-2021 22:40:13
:: smiles approvingly at D'bryn ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 22:40:13
CEO: And thank you, lieutenant. Keep those ideas coming, everyone.
MED LCdr Acacia 23-Jun-2021 22:40:34
:: manages a small smile, encouraged by D’bryn’s enthusiasm ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 22:40:50
CO: Captain, I have the basic results from our initial scans of the system if you'd like to hear them.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 22:40:56
:: takes to her console, accesses the schematics, starts pounding her brain for ideas ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 22:41:01
CSO: Yes, Commander.
MED LCdr Acacia 23-Jun-2021 22:42:52
:: checks the feed from sickbay, finding everything just as ready as she left if. She takes a deep breath, and reopens her report ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 22:42:54
Self: Weapons systems, weapons systems, weap…there you are. Okay. Okay, yeah, there’s the radiation countermeasures. Ooh, I actually like what they did there. Okay… :: reduces to technomumbling ::
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Jun-2021 22:43:00
:: focuses on listening to Wright's report ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 22:43:15
CO: The star is a fairly typical red dwarf with 6 planets, the innermost 5 of which are terrestrial. The innermost planet is a sun-blasted rock, planet 2 is of course Class M, planet 3 is a smallish desert planet with minimal atmosphere, planet 4 is a snowball planet but with a breathable atmosphere, planet 5 is mostly just an ice-covered rock, and planet 6 is a relatively small ice giant.
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 22:44:37
CSO: It sounds like a nice place. I hope we can take a look around when we are not here to fight.
:: looks upon the lovely class-M now filling the main viewer ::
Hannah Ziredac 23-Jun-2021 22:46:25
:: kicks back, one leg over an armrest of her chair, leaning at a weird angle :: :: watches the power returning to her ship :: :: thinks :: Could just bounce. Harper gave me leave to do that. Could just dip right out of Federation space for a few weeks. Or a few years. Easy as pie.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 22:46:30
CO: There are a few satellites around some of the planets as well, mostly concentrated around the ice giant. The Class M planet has no moons.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Jun-2021 22:47:03
:: looks at the main viewer, admiring the choice planet ::
MED LCdr Acacia 23-Jun-2021 22:47:33
:: takes a moment to admire the planet on the viewer ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 22:48:20
:: nods along to Lexy's report as she sees the orbital shipyard crest over the planet's limb on their approach ::
Hannah Ziredac 23-Jun-2021 22:49:39
:: thinks :: Yeah, but then I’d have to deal with all that guilt, blah blah blah. And Zoë’d never forgive me. But I could deal with that, right? I’ve broken hearts before. What’s one more? :: rethinks :: And I felt guilty for each one, ugh. Fine.
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 22:49:41
:: and actually would like the chance to see how the Free Fleets build their ships, and to take a look around the planet below, since it seems strangely empty of cities, really only containing the shipyard's ground facility ::
CSO: Thank you, Commander.
:: stands and looks around the bridge again ::
All: As for the battle plan, we expect no more than five Xovul dreadnoughts against thirteen of us. Prior to their arrival, we will stage Marines on the ground to defend against any troop dropships, and the three regular Free Fleets defenders will be out in the open, as they usually would be. When we detect the Xovul fleet, we will warp from the star's corona and engage, jamming their communications. As we arrive, we will launch fighters, some of which will target their dropships while others engage their escort fighters.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 22:52:26
:: wishes she could concentrate on the planets in the system, but is calculating possible advantages ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 22:53:03
:: looks at the scans harder as if they will somehow reveal a tactical advantage to her ::
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Jun-2021 22:53:38
:: listens to Harper dutifully ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 22:54:04
All: We will coordinate our fire on each dreadnought, using our superior numbers to ensure they are unable to assume any protective formation, and focusing on the known weaknesses of the design, seeking to quickly eliminate them one after another.
MED LCdr Acacia 23-Jun-2021 22:54:48
:: nods, listening quietly ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 22:55:01
All: If any of our ships suffer significant damage, we will use that numeric superiority to protect them, and allow for their retreat if necessary.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Jun-2021 22:55:49
:: nods ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 22:56:57
In the meantime... NAV: Take us to the star and assume the lowest safe orbit opposite the second planet.
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Jun-2021 22:57:22
CO: Sí, capitana. :: sends out the order to the fleet, and ten ships move toward the red dwarf star ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Jun-2021 22:58:05
:: watches the Class M planet move off the screen with some regret as their course points them toward the star instead ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 22:58:39
ACTION> The red glare from the dwarf star grows brighter and brighter as we approach...
CEO LtJG D’bryn 23-Jun-2021 22:59:53
:: still technomumbling, her hands propping her head up as she stares at the screen :: Okay, okay, sensors…Alright, sensors are… Oh, what if…
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Jun-2021 23:00:14
CO: Approaching the star and engaging automatic maintenance of the artificial orbit.
CO Capt Harper 23-Jun-2021 23:00:37
ACTION> The red dwarf fills the screen as the flotilla settles within its corona.
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