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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
For an evening, Atlantis's crew gets to take a break from worrying about the potential advent of war in favor of celebrating the beginning of our ship's twenty-fifth year in space. In the holodeck, on a cloudless summer night under Earth's bright full moon, the scene is a local county fair with a somewhat bohemian flair. Around a festively-lit central square with a dance floor and live music, there are carnival rides, games offering prizes, and food and drink stalls of all sorts, from cotton candy and kettle corn to beer and cocktails. Happy 24th birthday, Atlantis!
After 16-Jun-2021 00:00:00
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 21:15:35
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 21:18:12
:: walks through the arch and into the fair :: Hannah: Look, it’s simple. When something is about to come out of your mouth that’ll get you punched in the head, just don’t say it. Say something else. Or don’t say anything at all.
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 21:19:09
Zoë: Thanks, Thumper. It occur to you that maybe I like getting punched in the head?
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 21:19:32
:: wearing her thin white Bohemian-style off-the-shoulder high-low dress patterned in branching fanned leaves of red and blue, with a cinched waist and an intricate design on the hem, this time having added a flower crown atop her braided hair, she's thoroughly enjoying the ambience of this party ::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 21:19:49
:: wearing a flowy bohemian summer-chic dress and a pair of espadrille sandals, her hair piled atop her head in a calculatedly messy updo, holding hands with Kate and taking in the sights as she nibbles on some cotton candy ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 21:20:09
Zoë: Also, ain’t this a party? Why are you in your little Space Team uniform?
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 21:21:11
:: enters the holodeck wearing a simple blue floral sundress, by Navarro’s side with her arm wrapped around his. She smiles, taking in the scene ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 21:21:25
:: squeezes Lexy's hand :: I patterned the program after rural Oregon!
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 21:21:49
:: looks down at self, looks around and spots the captain and CSO who aren’t in uniform, becomes a living vessel of anxiety :: Oh for fuck’s sake. I’m That Nerd.
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 21:22:07
:: grins at Kate :: It feels like home!
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 21:22:44
:: returns the grin :: I am glad. Do you want to ride something?
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 21:23:02
Zoë: Not too late to go back and change.
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 21:23:16
:: snorts :: Kate: Something? More like everything.
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 21:23:37
:: is wearing a floral maxi dress, and a flower crown made of actual flowers. she looks around for the tiny her size Romulan and maybe even an accompanying Vulcan ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 21:24:04
:: sighs, lets out a short exasperated growl :: Hannah: Alright, come on. :: turns to go ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 21:24:09
:: looks around at all the rides, trying to decide what's first as she idly scratches at the flowers in her hair ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 21:24:23
:: trots down a flattened-grass lane between the Whirly-Fun and Space-Coaster rides, smiling at everything and everyone and not wearing anything at all ::
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 21:24:42
Emily: Hey, nice scene this year, isn't it? :: looks around, taking it in ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 21:24:59
Zoë: Nah, you catch up. I’ll hang here. :: before Zoë can respond :: And I won’t get punched in the head.
CAG LCdr T’Lira 16-Jun-2021 21:25:03
:: is being dragged from booth to booth by Taril, in uniform because what else would she wear? However, she is getting the distinct sense that this is more of a... casual event. Her train of thought is interrupted by Taril running off in another direction entirely, forcing her to follow ::
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 21:25:04
:: tugs Navarro along towards the rides, cheerfully pointing out which ones look interesting :: Doc: Oh, we have to try some of these!
Ilaihr 16-Jun-2021 21:25:22
::Steps onto the holodeck, and wanders through; wearing a resplendent almost regal looking robe, with the head of his cane glowing a soothing violet colour.::
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 21:25:40
:: chuckles as they pass one that is pretending to be fighter planes ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 21:25:49
:: looks around for perhaps a map of the rides and attractions ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 21:26:01
:: narrows eyes :: Hannah: I’ll hold you to that. If I come back here and Captain Grey’s turning your face into hamburger, I’m not helping you.
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 21:26:32
:: straps in for one of the rides, a small roller coaster. She takes a deep breath, determined not to scream ::
Ilaihr 16-Jun-2021 21:26:39
<Amber Sun> ::Bounds about following behind Ilaihr; before launching head first into some hay.:: Ilaihr: The grass is yeeeelllooooowwww!
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 21:26:50
Kate: Wanna play this shooty game?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 21:26:50
:: sprints back to her quarters ::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 21:27:20
:: points helpfully at the shooty game ::
CTO Cpt Grey 16-Jun-2021 21:27:20
:: is wearing a pale blue sundress with darker blue embroidery, strolling about with Ethan contentedly ::
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 21:27:56
:: settles in next to Emily, pretty sure that this will be tame ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 21:27:59
Lexy: Oh, sure! I bet you are pretty good at it, too.
:: thinking back to finding out that Lexy's a surprisingly good shot some years ago ::
Velina Tailor 16-Jun-2021 21:28:44
::is busy staring in awe at the giant rides that launch you 50 feet into the air, not looking in front of her as she nearly trips over a group of people crowded around a funnel cake booth::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 21:29:00
:: gives Kate a sly grin and approaches the booth, giving one of her tokens to the woman behind the counter :: I'd like to try, please.
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 21:29:12
:: hands in pockets, strolls down the main path, past the carnival games ::
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 21:29:33
:: puts her arms in the air for the few intense moments of the ride, enjoying the forces. She grins at Navarro as they get off :: Doc: Your turn. What’s next?
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 21:29:42
:: stands to her side to watch, wondering if Lexy's gonna win her a prize ::
MED LtJG Jasper 16-Jun-2021 21:29:54
:: spots Hannah through the crowd, and breaks away from Ryleigh to stalk towards Hannah :: Hannah: Ziredac!
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 21:30:03
:: wanders into the holodeck ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 21:30:04
Barker> :: holds up a crudely-sewn bean bag in front of a wall of balloons :: Every popped balloon wins a prize!
Ilaihr 16-Jun-2021 21:30:05
Amber Sun: Its called hay, my dear boy.
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 21:30:26
:: manages to find a large map/sign and looks at it, squinting. ooh, a 360 looping coaster! ::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 21:30:27
:: picks up the rifle and inspects it, looking at the moving targets ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 21:30:47
:: turns at her name, surprised it’s coming from someone she doesn’t know :: Jasper: Hey, what’s good?
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 21:31:18
:: cracks his back :: Emily: Well, what about that one? :: points to a spinning teacup ride ::
Ilaihr 16-Jun-2021 21:31:22
Ilaihr: Its... spikey! ::Crawls deeper into the bale, and starts spinning on the spot.:: It get scratch, good!
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 21:31:33
:: looks up at the prizes and sees a cute stuffed unicorn :: Barker: What do I need to hit to win that? :: points at it ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 21:31:55
:: looks at the rides, looks at the booths ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 21:31:58
:: stops along one lane, watching a car loop in the air along its rails on a ride she doesn't know the name of in the distance, hearing the riders' screams from where she is ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 21:32:04
:: changes into a pair of black denim shorts and a black-on-white T-shirt for the band Rock Slope, bounds back out of her quarters toward the turbolift ::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 21:32:07
Barker> Well, miss, you need to hit these targets right here. :: points them out ::
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 21:32:14
:: follows along, heading for the teacups with a smile :: Doc: Oh, my older sister loves the teacups.
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 21:33:09
:: chuckles and eyes the concessions as they approach the teacups, thinking that they're poorly placed near a ride famous for inducing nausea ::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 21:33:36
:: smiles and takes aim, missing her first shot but hitting with the second two ::
MED LtJG Jasper 16-Jun-2021 21:33:48
:: slows to a stop in front of Hannah, expression dangerous :: Hannah: I heard you took lip with my wife on the bridge. Might I remind you that she is a Marine Captain for more reasons than her own determination. Don't repeat your actions. Again. Enjoy the party. :: turns to rejoin Ryleigh, who was looking at a booth intently ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 21:33:49
:: cheers at the hits ::
Ilaihr 16-Jun-2021 21:34:12
::Chuckles.:: Amber Sun: Perhaps you should enjoy some of the rides, and festivities, my boy. ::Nods to deeper into fete, at all the lights and sounds.::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 21:34:15
:: blushes sheepishly :: Kate: That was a practice run. :: slides another token to the barker and tries again, this time hitting all three targets ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 21:34:18
:: spots the ridiculously tall Vulcan in the crowd and make a beeline to her :: T'Lira: Ahh! T'Lira! and Taril! Hello!
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 21:34:45
:: cheers again, louder this time! ::
CAG LCdr T’Lira 16-Jun-2021 21:35:05
:: is distinctly wondering just how many booths and activities there are here, as Taril is continuously finding new ones, so she gives him directions to stay put while she attempts to find some sort of directory, but is sidetracked by the sudden greeting :: Rike: Greetings.
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 21:35:28
Barker> The lady wins the prize! :: pulls down the stuffed unicorn and presents it to Lexy ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 21:35:37
:: instead of holding back a smartass remark, she holds back laughter :: :: shrugs, turns to the Barker :: Alright, dude, let’s see those beanbags.
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 21:35:48
:: beams with pleasure, accepting the unicorn and turning to present it to Kate ::
Ilaihr 16-Jun-2021 21:36:00
<Amber Sun> Ilaihr: Eduda, follow? ::Grins a toothy grin.::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 21:36:06
:: sees Hannah, moves the other way ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 21:36:10
:: beams as she accepts the unicorn :: Lexy: Thank you! I love it! :: squeezes it, causing its eyes to bulge ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 21:36:33
T'Lira: How are you tonight? Not getting up to trouble, eh? :: fully aware the answer is going to be a blank faced no ::
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 21:36:48
:: gets on the teacups and spins her hardest, having a grand time ::
Ilaihr 16-Jun-2021 21:36:53
Amber Sun: I will be right behind you. ::Smiles to the bear.::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 21:36:54
:: gets back to the holodeck arch out of breath, enters ::
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 21:37:04
:: whirls around the teacups with Emily ::
CAG LCdr T’Lira 16-Jun-2021 21:37:05
:: the eyebrow goes up :: Rike: Not at present.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 21:37:06
:: grabs some cotton candy ::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 21:37:32
:: takes her cotton candy back from Kate and looks around, munching ::
Velina Tailor 16-Jun-2021 21:37:37
::stops, considering what kind of funnel cake to get:: Self: Raspberry chocolate... chili lime... Mango with white chocolate... Blue pop rocks... No idea. ::just randomly picks one, and wanders towards the games booths::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 21:37:42
:: thinks on whether she would enjoy a ride that pulls her through the air on a circuit, then decides to decline as she would find it much more restricting than actually flying, then looks around at the stalls nearby. The nearest one has rods floating on weighted discs in water, a messy pile of rings lying on the counter. She walks up and asks to play ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 21:37:47
:: may have eaten a bit of the cotton candy ::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 21:38:03
:: may have politely declined to notice this ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 21:38:06
:: watches everyone, smirks ::
:: feels slightly lonely ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 21:38:25
Taril: Well how aboutcha?
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 21:38:34
:: steps up to another game, this time involving tossing rings ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 21:38:48
Barker> :: hands over beanbags :: All four balloons gets the top row of prizes. No leaning over the barrier, no baseball pitches. Good luck! :: Hannah throws; two hits, two misses :: Barker> Alright, that’s this row of prizes here. Which one would you like?
CTO Cpt Grey 16-Jun-2021 21:39:04
:: shakes her head at her husband's return, taking his hand and leading him towards the food booths ::
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 21:39:06
:: teeters back and forth when the ride is over, her equilibrium still spinning :: Doc: How about some cotton candy? It’s a classic.
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 21:39:29
:: picks up one ring at a time, tossing it towards the rods, but misses capturing a rod with her ring every time. She should have known she wouldn't be good at this, her hand-eye coordination never being great, and grumbles walking away, looking for something else ::
Taril 16-Jun-2021 21:39:30
:: thinks about his answer for a moment before grinning :: Rike: Not as much as usual, but there's still time!
CAG LCdr T’Lira 16-Jun-2021 21:39:44
:: the eyebrow goes further up ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 21:39:49
:: finds Hannah at the beanbag/balloon thing :: Hannah: Hey.
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 21:40:10
:: follows Kate, somehow making headway against the wad of pink cotton candy the size of her head ::
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 21:40:17
Emily: Definitely. Oh, and there's a drink stand right here too.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 21:40:21
:: sees a ride that looks enticing ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 21:40:31
Taril: Yknow... I was just thinking of heading to the 360 looping coaster and then the bumper cars. :: glances to T'Lira ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 21:40:44
:: walks down a lane, approaching Ammora to one side and smiles at him ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 21:41:04
:: looks at Kuari ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 21:41:05
:: presents a token and starts tossing rings, missing a few before dialing it in ::
Ilaihr 16-Jun-2021 21:41:06
<Amber Sun> ::Gallops off into the fair, running passed Rike and T'lira like a bullet.::
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 21:41:14
:: steps up and orders a pink cotton candy and a fruity soda, turning to Doc for his order ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 21:41:15
XO: Commander. :: nods ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 21:41:28
:: suddenly pulls limbs in as the giant ass bear runs past :: OH GOLLY!
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 21:41:36
Zoë: Hey. Look at you, all punky with your little band shirt and black denim. Barker: Uh, that one. The fuzzy black cat. Yeah, perfect. :: takes the cat, hands it over to Zoë :: Zoë: Y’like cats?
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 21:41:53
TAC: Having fun, Mr. Ammora? :: politely asks, not knowing him well and her executive-officer kicking in ::
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 21:42:00
Ahhhh, one of those giant pretzels, por favor.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 21:42:18
XO: It's a good time for all.
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 21:42:30
:: doesn't win, but she wrote the damn program and has it dialed in, and presents another token ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 21:42:32
:: takes the cat :: Hannah: For me?
CAG LCdr T’Lira 16-Jun-2021 21:42:36
:: simply steps a bit to the side as Amber Sun goes past :: Rike: I am not one for... games such as those, but I shall observe.
Velina Tailor 16-Jun-2021 21:43:05
::tears off a bite of funnel cake and experimentally touches her tongue into the pop rocks coating:: Self: Oh! ::startles a bit as they tickle her toungue::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 21:43:08
:: nods :: TAC: I hope so, that's the idea! What you doing?
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 21:43:18
:: stands to the side, watching Kate play this game of skill ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 21:43:23
Like I’m gonna win a stuffed cat for myself. C’mon, let’s hit a ride before we get an appetite. You didn’t eat recently, did you?
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 21:43:28
:: tosses ten rings and lands all of them! ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 21:43:43
XO: I have no clue.
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 21:43:46
:: claps excitedly :: Kate: Yaaay!
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 21:43:47
:: wanders away with her food, looking around :: Doc: This is quite the party. Reminds me of the fairs in Iowa.
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 21:44:05
Taril: Well... if your mom is ok with it, maybe we could do some rides together?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 21:44:05
Hannah: Oh, you mean that thing I always forget to do? No, I’m empty. Nothin to spew.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 21:44:08
XO: I don't have a ... group... so to speak.
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 21:44:15
:: grins and scans the list of prizes, then points out a stuffed dinosaur, which the barker pulls down and hands over ::
:: presents the dinosaur to Lexy with as much pride as a hunter bringing home a kill ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 21:44:42
TAC: Me neither, but it's fun being here at least, lots to look at. :: finds her gaze lingering on a big sign claiming to have "elephant ears" and frowns, curious ::
Taril 16-Jun-2021 21:44:44
Rike: That sounds awesome!
Ilaihr 16-Jun-2021 21:44:48
::Follows slowly behind, his cane scrunching in the grass beneath his feet. Nods to Rike and T'lira as he goes.::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 21:45:10
:: accepts it with reverence :: Kate: This will sustain us through the long winter ahead.
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 21:45:28
:: blinks multiple times and gives a nod back at Ilaihr as he walks by ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 21:45:41
:: laughs :::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 21:46:34
Perfect. Let’s do the Gravitron. :: spots Ammora and the XO :: TAC: Hey Ammora, we’re gonna hit the Gravitron. You down?
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 21:46:37
Emily: Yes, it is! Not much like the local parties back home, but the spirit is the same.
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 21:46:37
:: hands her cotton candy to Kate again as she attempts to fit the dinosaur plushie into her side pouch so he can ride in style ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 21:47:00
XO: Yeah, true.
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 21:47:04
:: takes the cotton candy and noms, the unicorn now poking out of her purse ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 21:47:05
TAC: Hey Scott! XO: Commander!
CTO Cpt Grey 16-Jun-2021 21:47:23
:: catches sight of Ammora and Kuari, raising a hand to catch their attention as Ethan took the elephant ear and snagged a bite happily :: TAC/XO: Hey!
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 21:47:37
:: turns as head she hears Hannah addressing Ammora, and smiles at Grey's and D'bryn's greetings :: CTO/CEO: Hello!
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 21:48:02
:: turns to look at Zoe :: CEO: Hey there.
Hannah: Hi.
Grey: Hey there!
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 21:48:40
T'Lira: If that is alright with you?
CAG LCdr T’Lira 16-Jun-2021 21:49:04
Rike: I do not see why not. As I said, I shall observe.
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 21:49:19
:: spots other crewmen she knows and waves to them, then lowers her hand apprehensively as she spots Hannah ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 21:49:31
Landeskog> :: exits the Space Coaster and grunts, not impressed ::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 21:49:42
:: shows off her ride-along dinosaur with a wide grin, then notices something across the way :: Self: Oooh! :: grabs Kate's free hand :: Kate: Come with me! :: pulls Kate over to the old-timey photo booth tucked in a corner across the promenade ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 21:49:46
Taril: Great! :: clasps hands together :: Taril: How does the 360 looping coaster sound? It should be over there. :: points in the direction ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 21:50:06
Hannah: Uh, gravitron? The vomit-inducing, spinning thing?
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 21:50:09
:: is pulled along to the photo booth! ::
:: feigns surprise :: Lexy: 2-D photographs!?
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 21:50:47
TAC: Yeah. If you didn’t just eat, you should come with us.
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 21:50:49
Kate: C'mon, it'll be fun!
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 21:51:03
TAC: I promise you won’t get spewed on.
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 21:51:08
:: thinks whatever-it-is sounds fun, but her smile drops at Ammora's description, second-guessing ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 21:51:17
Lexy: Well, alright then!
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 21:51:22
Hannah: Uh, sure.
Taril 16-Jun-2021 21:51:33
:: his eyes go wide :: Rike: I've never been on anything like that. It sounds wicked.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 21:51:36
CEO: I don't think you can promise that.
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 21:51:36
:: ducks into the photo booth ::
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 21:52:07
:: munches happily on her cotton candy, watching a group of people decide what to do next ::
CTO Cpt Grey 16-Jun-2021 21:52:27
:: blinks :: TAC/XO: You can walk with Ethan and I if you want
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 21:52:27
TAC: Well I can promise it on my account. I’m actually fu— :: remembers she’s still in front of superior officers, on or off duty :: —fuh-riggin starving.
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 21:52:39
:: takes Ammora's lead and makes to follow, uncertain but willing to give whatever the Gravitron is a try, more happy to do something with someone than anything else :: CEO/CTO: Sure, why not.
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 21:52:43
:: begins to walks towards it :: Taril: Come on, then! I've been on one when I was younger and they hold you completely upside down! Feels like you are about to fall out of the seat sometimes. But that is the fun part!
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 21:53:03
:: follows Lexy into the photo booth ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 21:53:08
XO: It'll be fun, or messy.
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 21:53:46
:: notices the games and what's going on with the trend :: Emily: So, if I'm getting this right, I'm supposed to win you a prize, sí?
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 21:54:00
:: leads Zoë and Scott to the Gravitron line :: Zoë/Scott: You guys ever have fairs roll through where you grew up? Like, real ones?
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 21:54:01
TAC: Is this anything like...G-force training?
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 21:54:20
:: pulls Kate snugly against her in the small photo booth and mugs for the camera ::
CTO Cpt Grey 16-Jun-2021 21:54:37
:: walks with the group, frowning :: XO: Worse. Even I can't do the Gravitron...
Taril 16-Jun-2021 21:54:46
:: is now very interested by the prospect of the ride and definitely has to try it. Mom said it's okay, so he is one hundred percent behind this idea ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 21:54:52
:: swallows nervously ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 21:54:52
:: smiles for the camera, right up against Lexy ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 21:54:53
XO: Very similar, without having to do... uh... anything...
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 21:55:01
Hannah: If they did, I wasn’t around to see them.
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 21:55:08
:: raises an eyebrow, then nods, following his gaze :: Doc: Right. It’s an old Midwestern courtship ritual. :: deadpan ::
MED LtJG Jasper 16-Jun-2021 21:55:41
XO: Ryleigh's right. She doesn't do rides well... yet she's a captain. We'll wait out here for you guys. Can we get anything for you? Maybe ginger for afterwards?
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 21:56:09
:: practically speed runs to the ride, faster than one might expect out of a middle aged human ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 21:56:30
:: begins to pass Jasper and hesitates, looking back at him :: MED: I, um...I don't know.
CAG LCdr T’Lira 16-Jun-2021 21:56:48
:: follows at a much more sedate pace while Taril keeps up easily. Although, given the height difference, she doesn't need to move terribly fast to keep up. ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 21:57:02
:: starting to relax ::
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 21:57:09
Well, then, when in Rome... or Iowa, or whereever we are. :: chuckles and walks up to the rifle game ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 21:57:20
:: ah yes, the legs of a 6 foot tall person. unfortunately rike's 5'3 butt has to scurry to keep the same speed ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 21:57:29
Zoë/TAC/XO: Alright, I think we’re up! :: follows the ride operator into the Gravitron ::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 21:57:31
:: giggles, collecting the photographs as they exit the booth :: Kate: Oh, these are great.
Ilaihr 16-Jun-2021 21:57:33
<Amber Sun> Aloud: RIIIIIIIIIDES!!!! RIIIIIDDDDDES!!! RIIIDDDEEESSS!!! ::Moves like a bearing in a pinball machine.::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 21:57:43
:: laughs at the one where she's biting Lexy's nose ::
CTO Cpt Grey 16-Jun-2021 21:57:46
XO: We'll get some just in case. Ginger helps settle nausea... :: smiles in sympathy ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 21:57:48
:: takes a breath :: Hannah: Let's do this.
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 21:58:04
:: moves ahead, really not sure now what she's being prompted into ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 21:58:07
:: moves into the gravitron ::
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 21:58:17
:: follows behind, taking up position to watch and cheer him on :: Doc: You got this! It’s a simulation, so it should only be a little rigged.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 21:58:25
:: follows Hannah, stands against a panel next to her ::
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 21:58:45
:: misses the first shot, but figures out in what direction the rifle is off ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 21:58:51
:: gets up to the front of the line and greets the ride operator :: Taril: Come on! :: shuffles over to a seat in the middle ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 21:59:04
Self: There aren’t any belts. There’s no…like…safety thing.
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 21:59:14
:: surreptitiously taps the keys necessary to send real copies of these to their replicator ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 21:59:36
:: stands up against a panel that leans backwards, tucking her wings to her side with her tail on the floor towards the center of the ride, looking around trying to figure out how it works ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 21:59:37
Zoë: Centrifugal force, baby! That’s all the securement you need.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 21:59:40
:: throws himself on the nearest panel, slowly pushing it up and down :: Awww... yeah....
Taril 16-Jun-2021 21:59:46
:: follows along quickly, grinning widely, almost bouncing as he shuffles into a seat :: Rike: This is so cool!
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 21:59:51
:: having figured out the rifle, he nails the rest of the shots ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 22:00:14
:: gulp ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 22:00:33
CEO/TAC: It just...spins? People do this for fun?
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 22:00:56
:: claps :: Doc: Woo! Nice!
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:01:07
:: nudges Kate :: Kate: What do you want to do next?
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 22:01:10
:: dips his head and scans the prizes ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:01:11
XO: Yeah. Spin, spin, spin... what did you eat for dinner?
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 22:01:31
Operator 1> :: buckles each rider in, and pushes the restraints down :: Operator 2> :: double checks the belts and restraints ::
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 22:01:41
:: grins, curious which he’ll pick ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 22:01:55
Ride Operator> Alright, everybody welcome to the Gravitron! Keep your arms and legs on the panels, hold on to the bars to the sides if you need, and have fun! :: starts the ride ::
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 22:01:57
:: picks out a stuffed parrot, the tropical bird reminding him of their trip to Betazese, and brings it to Emily ::
Ilaihr 16-Jun-2021 22:02:00
::Plods along before stopping, and turning around a corner.:: Tailor: Hello, Velina. ::Smiles at the half-Bolian.::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 22:02:11
TAC: Hopefully none of us will find out!
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:02:25
:: laughs ::
Velina Tailor 16-Jun-2021 22:02:43
::blinks:: Ilaihr? I thought you left the ship. Good to see you. ::smiles::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 22:02:43
Gravitron> :: slowly begins to spin, then faster and faster ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:02:46
:: looks around at the scene, knowing what's here, but actually has to think about it since there's so much ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 22:02:55
:: attempts to tuck her wings in tighter to her sides ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:02:59
:: unclips his belt ::
:: spins on the panel as it slides up to the ceiling, putting his feet on the roof ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 22:03:23
Operators> :: walks up to the control panels and stick their thumbs up :: Operator 1> :: pushes a few buttons to begin the ride ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:03:36
What about that one? :: grins and points at a boat disappearing into an archway labeled "Tunnel of Love" ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 22:03:44
Gravitron> :: reaches maximum spinning speed, begins to rise and tilt from side to side ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:03:54
:: laughs ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 22:04:31
:: overjoyed scream ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 22:04:56
:: screams :: Wooo! :: laughs ::
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 22:05:15
:: admires the stuffed parrot, hugging it to her chest with a grin :: Doc: Very cute. Reminds me of Alkorhari. :: she uses the island’s tribal name occasionally, though had yet to explain the discrepancy ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 22:05:34
:: feels a sense of floating upwards, her tail dragging on the floor away from the center. She focuses on breathing normally as trained, attempting to enjoy the "ride" ::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:05:37
:: blushes and looks around :: Kate: You're sure you want to do something so... squishy? And not something more exciting?
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 22:05:38
:: has figured it out from context :: Emily: That's why I picked it!
Ilaihr 16-Jun-2021 22:05:56
Tailor: I am soon. Much to prepare before then... And I am still awaiting my transport.
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 22:05:58
Ride> :: moves back and fourth, picking up height and speed ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:06:01
Lexy: Well, how about the Spaaaaaaace Coaster, then?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:06:17
:: is in a crouched position, inverted, looking down at everyone else ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 22:06:23
Gravitron> :: does a few more tilts, then evens out, and begins to lower to its original position ::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:07:03
Kate: Sure! But... I would like to do the Love thing maybe later. And definitely the Ferris Wheel. Later.
CTO Cpt Grey 16-Jun-2021 22:07:07
:: outside the Gravitron, both Grey and Ethan are waiting with packets of candied ginger, something Grey was snacking on herself as they waited ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 22:07:19
Gravitron> :: reaches original position, begins to slow down ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:07:20
Alright! :: makes her way over to the Space Coaster with Lexy ::
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 22:07:40
:: finishes her soda and tosses the cup into one of trash bins, looking around for something to do :: Doc: How about the ferris wheel?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:07:40
:: feels the ride lower, spins on his back and puts his feet on the floor :: Hoo-raw!
MED LtJG Jasper 16-Jun-2021 22:07:54
:: is holding a large packet and a bottle of water for Kuari, knowing the chances of her needing it was high... ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 22:08:11
:: smiles, at least noting Ammora's having a good time, waiting for the ride to finish ::
Velina Tailor 16-Jun-2021 22:08:30
::nods:: Ilaihr: Ah, I see. Word got around the ship that you were leaving, I heard you were going back to live with the bears.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:08:31
XO: Not bad, right Commander?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 22:08:35
Gravitron> :: comes to a complete stop :: Ride Operator> :: motions people to the exit ::
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 22:08:42
:: looks at the big wheel and wonders what the fuss is about :: Emily: Sure, looks like a nice view from up there, at least.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:09:17
:: starts to move off the platform towards the exit ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:09:20
:: gets into the front car and straps herself in ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 22:09:24
:: cackles as they start getting up to the top of the ride, hovering upside down before it loops around again ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 22:09:26
TAC: I don’t see any vom. Looks like you won this round.
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:09:43
:: straps herself in next to Kate ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:09:57
Lexy: Hang on!
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:10:02
Hannah: It comes later. :: winks ::
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 22:10:08
:: makes her way over to the boarding platform and gets on the ferris wheel with Navarro, watching out the window as they begin their slow ascent ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 22:10:19
:: giddy like child :: Oh man, that was fun! Are there more? Can we go on more?
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 22:10:23
:: stands back on all fours, following Ammora out :: TAC: No, not bad, had far worse. It's like...flying really, really badly, but in a controlled way.
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:10:32
:: to her dinosaur :: Hang on, little guy!
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:10:48
:: waits as the Space Coaster simulates the noise of a rocket launch before shooting them up the first hill with a catapult-style launcher, right toward the stars! ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 22:11:06
:: smiles at D'bryn's enthusiasm ::
Ilaihr 16-Jun-2021 22:11:11
::Nods.:: Tailor: Indeed. If War is to break out, then Trondheim and the Salbjorn will need me, more than Atlantis will.
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 22:11:31
Zoë/TAC/XO: How do we feel about roller coasters? That Space Coaster looks fun.
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:11:35
:: holds on to the grab bar, excited ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:11:46
XO: Yeah! Badly flying... every amusement park's dream.
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 22:11:48
:: figures out what this ride's all about and puts his arm around Emily ::
Taril 16-Jun-2021 22:11:51
:: laughing as the ride continues, a huge grin as his face ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 22:11:51
:: beaming :: Hannah: Yeah!
MED LtJG Jasper 16-Jun-2021 22:12:01
:: offers the packet to Kuari as they exit, expression concerned :: XO: You okay?
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:12:14
:: screams happily as they crest the hill and dive, then go into a loop ::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:12:27
:: holding her arms above her head, screaming with glee ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 22:12:36
:: despite the feeling of nearly falling out of her seat, she puts her arms in the air, laughing wildly as they hang upside down for longer ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:13:13
:: this reminds her to keep her qualification on the Mustangs up, useless as it may now be ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 22:13:13
:: smiles at Jasper and takes a packet :: MED: Yeah, thank you. Ooh, ginger.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:13:34
I'm down for a roller coaster.
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:13:37
:: the coaster shoots out of the loop and back up another hill, slower this time ::
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 22:13:44
:: leans over and shares a brief kiss with Doc, but spends most of her time watching out the window :: Doc: It’ll never cease to impress me how the holodeck can do this.
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:13:48
:: cackling with laughter as the coaster rockets along ::
MED LtJG Jasper 16-Jun-2021 22:14:03
:: smiles and nods, offering small packets of ginger to Ammora and D'bryn as well, notably not to Hannah ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 22:14:17
Ride> :: starts to slow down, going back and fourth until it stops ::
Velina Tailor 16-Jun-2021 22:14:19
Ilaihr: Yes, the Salbjorn would need protection. I think you made a good decision, although we will miss you. ::sighs:: I'm not sure if I want to get caught up in another war either. I've been through the one with the Tzenkethi, and the war with section 31.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:14:22
:: waves off Jasper :: Jasper: I'm good, but thanks.
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 22:14:29
Emily I know! It definitely helps to deal with being cooped up on a ship for so long at a time.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 22:14:54
:: smiles :: Japser: Oh, thanks, but I’m okay.
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 22:14:55
:: drops the contents of the ginger packet into her mouth ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:14:56
:: puts her arms up and screams again as the coaster dives into a corkscrew ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 22:15:37
All: Alright, everyone who’s down for the Space Coaster, let’s go get in line!
Ilaihr 16-Jun-2021 22:16:01
::Rests his hand on her shoulder.:: Tailor: You are strong, Velina.
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 22:16:34
:: trots after, still not convinced she is willing to do a coaster, but wants to go where everyone else is going ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 22:16:51
:: puts her arms down and as the restraints are released she stands and exhales :: Whoo!
CTO Cpt Grey 16-Jun-2021 22:17:10
:: knows she won't be doing any rides, far too not in the mood, but follows with the group nonetheless ::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:17:12
:: giggles, giddy :: Kate: I love roller coasters! :: but her words are lost to the wind ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:17:22
:: the Space Coaster rockets out of the corkscrew and through a laser light show! ::
:: yells something back to Lexy ::
Taril 16-Jun-2021 22:17:36
:: is now very energetic and excited, practically bouncing :: Rike: That was fun!
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 22:17:38
:: watches the people below, wondering which are real and which are simulated. She rests her head on Doc’s shoulder as they begin their descent :: Doc: What’s the next ride? You can see them all from here, so pick now.
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 22:17:50
:: thinks she hears a particularly familiar scream and looks up at the Space Coaster ::
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 22:18:15
Emily: Everyone seemed to be having fun on that spinning one that gives you G-forces.
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:19:04
:: after the light show, the Space Coaster does one more smaller hill and dive, then returns to the "launch pad" ::
CTO Cpt Grey 16-Jun-2021 22:19:23
:: follows Kuari's gaze to the Space Coaster and visibly shudders :: All: Fucking hell... I am not a fan of rides. I'll wait out here
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 22:19:29
:: chuckles :: Doc: I love a good G-force. Sounds great.
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 22:20:12
Taril: Heck yeah! Ooh! Look over there. Looks like a drop ride! Have you been on one of those?
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 22:20:21
:: holds back a barrage of snippy things to say to Grey, and mentally pats herself on the back for her restraint ::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:20:42
:: attempts to reassemble her hair :: Kate: Whew! That was fun!
Taril 16-Jun-2021 22:21:01
Rike: I've never been on any rides, honestly. I love it so far! We have to try more.
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:21:04
:: has completely lost her flower crown :: Lexy: Right?!
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 22:21:37
:: laughs, thinking it'll be light compared to what he flies through ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:22:15
Lexy: Do you want to go again?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 22:22:32
:: bounds ahead of the group when they reach the line for the Space Coaster :: All: Look at the short line!
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 22:22:35
:: feels somewhat like Grey does, but keeps looking back at the Space Coaster, her curiosity as to why it's named "Space" prompting her onwards ::
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 22:22:37
:: gets up when their cart reaches the bottom, heading towards the gravitron :: Doc: Wow, lots of familiar faces.
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 22:22:51
Taril: Ooh! You're in for one then! :: starts to make a beeline for the drop tower ::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:22:53
Kate: Yes! It looks like many others are in line, maybe we can go together?
Velina Tailor 16-Jun-2021 22:22:59
::chuckles, shaking her head:: Ilaihr: I don't know, but I'll get through it I guess. There's going to be more casualties to take care of in sickbay, hospital ships to coordinate with, I suppose I'll be too busy to be worried about things too much. Whatever happens, will happen.
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:23:25
Lexy: I think our first ride was juuuust in time.
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 22:23:33
TAC: :: nods toward Zoë :: Someone’s inner-child woke up tonight, huh?
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:23:40
:: nods in agreement ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:23:54
:: greets everyone as they join the crowd at the Space Coaster ::
Taril 16-Jun-2021 22:23:55
:: follows along eagerly. His mom keeps pace as usual, the eyebrow up as she observes everything. Probably mildly disapproving of all the shenanigans ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 22:24:05
:: files into the line behind D'bryn, what's the worst that can happen? ::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:24:06
:: waves at everyone ::
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 22:24:30
Emily: Everyone is at the Space Coaster. But that means no line at the Gravitron.
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 22:24:38
:: smiles at Kate and Lexy :: CO/CSO: Hi!
CTO Cpt Grey 16-Jun-2021 22:24:45
:: returns the wave lightly to Wright and Harper, her and Ethan standing off to the side in solidarity to wait for the group ::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:24:54
XO: This ride is suuuuper fun! :: gushes ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 22:25:02
:: walks by a booth with turkey legs and comes to a screeching halt :: Ooooh!
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:25:12
XO: Hi Kuari! I hope you like it! There's even a custom car with Rucara seating.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 22:25:24
CO/CSO: Captain! Commander!
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 22:25:28
:: lifts her ears, hopeful, Lexy's enthusiasm infectious :: CSO: Really?
Taril 16-Jun-2021 22:25:39
:: he almost runs into Rike, but slows at the last minute :: Rike: What is it? Ohhhhh what are those?
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 22:25:40
:: grins, leaving the parrot plushie with the virtual ride attendant :: Doc: This is probably nothing for you, but it should be fun.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:25:44
:: stares up at the ride ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 22:25:46
CO: Wait, really?
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:25:51
:: grins excitedly at D'Bryn, giving her a small wave ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 22:25:52
:: nods a quiet, friendly hello to the CO/SO ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:26:08
CEO: Hi Zoë!
XO: Of course!
MED LtJG Jasper 16-Jun-2021 22:26:25
:: nods in greeting as well, sipping at a bottle of water snagged from Grey ::
Ilaihr 16-Jun-2021 22:26:30
::Gives the young girl a hug.:: Tailor: I believe. ::Pats her on the back.::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 22:26:41
Taril: Turkey legs! A staple of carnival food! They are smoked to perfection and are just... uuurg so good.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 22:26:43
CO: Did you guys just get off the Space Coaster? It looks so fun!
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:26:51
CEO: It is!
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:27:10
CEO: It was so fun, we were gonna go again!
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:27:18
CO: Captain! Nice to see you!
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 22:27:42
:: does a tippy-tap dance, more excited now ::
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 22:27:43
:: shrugs :: Emily: It may not be like riding Rocinante, but that isn't the point of it.
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 22:28:02
CO/CSO: Nobody’s behind us; skip the rope and join us. Think we can all fit on one car-train-thingy.
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:28:04
:: nods to Ammora :: Likewise!
Taril 16-Jun-2021 22:28:04
Rike: What's a turkey? I mean, I'll take your word for it, but I have no idea what a turkey is. Is it something from Earth? :: frowns as he tries to remember if he's even heard of a turkey before ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:28:45
:: has surreptitiously sprouted another flower crown, thanks to the magic of the holodeck ::
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 22:29:27
:: gets up against the gravitron panel and grabs the handles ::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:29:36
:: ducks into the line with her friends and colleagues and whoever this Hannah person is ::
Velina Tailor 16-Jun-2021 22:29:42
::smiles, returning the hug:: Ilaihr: The bears will like having you there, you're part of their family now.
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 22:29:42
:: checks Ammora's face, hoping he's excited ::
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 22:29:46
:: gets into the thing and hangs on ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:29:55
:: joins Lexy ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 22:29:59
Taril: A turkey is a type of poultry. It's a large bird from Earth. North America, actually.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:30:19
All: So, are we doing this?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 22:30:29
Space Coaster Operator> Alright, next group! :: waves the group in ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:30:38
TAC: You bet we are!
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:30:45
:: cheers ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:30:49
:: files onto a train with the group ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 22:30:54
:: holds in a squeal and races through the gate ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:30:57
CO: Let's do it! :: steps up ::
MED LtJG Jasper 16-Jun-2021 22:31:03
:: has ideas stirring and nearly shoves Grey into the group :: All: Go, I'll be back! ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 22:31:06
:: trots in, looking for the Rucara seat ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 22:31:14
:: turns back :: Hannah: Hannah! Up at the front!
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 22:31:28
:: grips the handles tightly as the ride spins up, then spins some more. She lets out a strained laugh, enjoying the moment ::
Taril 16-Jun-2021 22:31:32
Rike: So... a bird that has legs? That sounds wierd but I guess?
Ilaihr 16-Jun-2021 22:31:34
Tailor: Yes... Being their, Eduda is a responsibility I didn't foresee. But it is one that humbly accept.
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 22:31:39
:: grins as the light Gs hit ::
CTO Cpt Grey 16-Jun-2021 22:31:40
:: yelps at her husband's actions and scowls, but follows the group obidently ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 22:32:01
Self: This chick is gonna wear me out. :: goes up and takes the seat next to Zoë at the front of the train ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:32:11
:: straps in next to Lexy ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:32:19
CTO: Here, Captain! :: motions to the empty seat next to him ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:32:35
:: waves at Ryleigh as she passes ::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:32:40
:: grins at everyone as she straps in ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 22:32:51
:: finds her seat, an extra-long seat in the back of the car (but not wide) slightly raised to account for concave tracks and tucks in her limbs comfortably, smiling at everyone ::
CTO Cpt Grey 16-Jun-2021 22:33:29
:: slumps over to Ammora, plopping ungracefully in the seat next to him :: All: Ethan's going to have to run tonight. And possibly sleep on the couch too.
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 22:33:41
Taril: Well, all birds have legs. It's just that on a turkey they are much bigger.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:33:59
CTO: Unless you enjoy this.
Ilaihr 16-Jun-2021 22:34:10
<Amber Sun> ::Followed along all stealthy like behind the crew and joined them on the Coaster.:: Aloud: Can go? ::Bounces in his seat.::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:34:18
ACTION> The Space Coaster gets ready for launch, rumbling like a rocket!
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:34:37
Oh yeah!
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 22:34:38
:: takes a deep breath as the ride comes to an end brushing her hair, which she wore down, out of her face :: Doc: Whew! That was fun~
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 22:34:42
:: smiles so wide and clenches her teeth so tightly her face starts to hurt ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:34:44
:: really glad she put a bear seat next to the Rucara seat, waves at Amber Sun ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 22:34:51
:: takes Hannah’s hand ::
Taril 16-Jun-2021 22:34:52
:: He's not sure how the tiny twig legs he's seen on birds could be enough to be meat, but he supposes it would work. The combination of the raised eyebrow and slight frown on his mom indicates her confusion as well ::
Ilaihr 16-Jun-2021 22:35:05
<Amber Sun> ::Waves with his big paw.:: CO: HIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 22:35:06
:: smiles, even though the rocket-sound is coming through little half-blown speakers ::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:35:12
:: waves gleefully at Amber Sun :: Bear: AMBER SUN I feel like I haven't seen you in forever!
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 22:35:15
:: walks up to the counter :: Worker: Two turkey legs please!
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 22:35:21
:: looks down at Zoë’s hand in hers; heart goes aflutter ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:35:25
ACTION> The Space Coaster launches toward the stars!
Velina Tailor 16-Jun-2021 22:35:44
::watches Amber sun hop on the rollercoaster ride:: Ilaihr: Yes, they do need you. ::grins:: I'm sure you'll take good care of them.
CTO Cpt Grey 16-Jun-2021 22:35:47
:: harrumphs and yelps at the sudden upwards motion ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:35:56
:: laughs ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 22:35:59
:: excited scream ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:36:10
:: throws his hands up ::
Ilaihr 16-Jun-2021 22:36:15
Tailor: In all honesty... it is they who will be helping me, more.
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 22:36:15
Worker> :: turns around and reaches into a window and grabs two turkey legs with the bottoms of them wrapped in foil. they reach out and hand them to Rike ::
:: turns and hands one of them to Taril ::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:36:26
:: holds her hands above her head, screaming joyfully ::
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 22:36:37
Emily: Let me add a second seat in the holodeck simulation of our fighters sometime. :: grins ::
Taril 16-Jun-2021 22:36:47
:: accepts the turkey leg with some hesitance, sniffing it first :: Rike: It smells okay?
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 22:36:51
:: is shocked at first at how fast the coaster takes off, tucking her wings in closer so that they don't catch air ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:36:52
:: hands above her head, she joins in the screaming ::
Ilaihr 16-Jun-2021 22:37:06
<Amber Sun> ::Roars, a long trail of thick saliva being pulled along with him.::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:37:06
ACTION> The coaster crests the first hill and dives into the loop!
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 22:37:34
:: grins back :: Doc: Oh, that sounds like even more fun. :: she points and starts walking towards the space coaster ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 22:37:40
:: marries the excitement of the roller coaster with the excitement of Zoë holding her hand; closes her eyes, smiles ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 22:37:55
Taril: It's just meat. Well, replicated meat since its the holodeck. :: takes a bite of her own turkey leg ::
MED LtJG Jasper 16-Jun-2021 22:38:01
:: he knows his wife well, and has headed over to the ferris wheel, talking with the operation manager to set an idea into motion ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 22:38:03
:: grips the bar in her seat more tightly, trying very hard not to compensate for the pushing and pulling of the car as it takes them all for a ride! ::
CTO Cpt Grey 16-Jun-2021 22:38:28
:: gags, not happy with the fast movements or the loop, and groans, dropping her head towards her knees ::
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 22:38:41
:: wonders why he's never offered that to her before ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:39:07
:: places his hand on Grey's back :: CTO: You okay? :: jostled from side to side ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 22:39:13
:: is overcome with adrenaline and joy ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:39:25
ACTION> The coaster exits the loop onto the second hill, approaching the corkscrew....
Taril 16-Jun-2021 22:39:29
:: is hesitant but tries it anyway and it's actually pretty good? He's confused, but enjoys it anyway ::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:40:01
:: is so thrilled being able to do this with her friends, colleagues, and whoever this Hannah person is ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 22:40:02
:: turns as best she can to watch Zoë’s face as she enjoys the ride ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:40:16
ACTION> The coaster crests the hill and dives into the corkscrew!
CAG LCdr T’Lira 16-Jun-2021 22:40:45
:: only vaguely knows what a turkey is, but has deduced that it is apparently edible. That's all she knows about it ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 22:41:00
:: screams :: Hooooooooooly shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! :: laughs ::
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 22:41:01
:: isn’t too worried about it, she’d never thought of it either. She makes her way up to the space coaster, waiting as it’s already running when they arrive ::
CTO Cpt Grey 16-Jun-2021 22:41:24
:: cheeks have taken on a very pale green tint, struggling to keep even breaths with the corkscrew ::
Velina Tailor 16-Jun-2021 22:41:25
::nods:: Ilaihr: Ah, can they heal you, or just help you manage things?
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 22:41:26
Emily: Oh my, the train is full of our people.
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:41:40
:: clings to Kate's arm as well as she can, still squealing joyfully ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 22:41:45
:: shrinks down even more, imagining herself diving like a torpedo and wills herself to allow the car to take her where it will ::
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 22:41:47
Emily: Ryleigh isn't usually that green...
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:41:49
CTO: Deep breaths! Keep your head down!
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 22:42:05
:: chuckles :: Doc: She’ll hold it in.
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:42:22
:: grabs Lexy's arm with one hand and waves the other wildly through the corkscrew ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 22:42:46
Taril: There is also a lot of deep fried food. Such as deep fried pie, fried pickles, fried green tomatoes, fried bacon, fried cheekcake. Too many to name.
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:42:51
ACTION> The coaster exits the corkscrew and crests the final hill...
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 22:43:23
Emily: Let's hope, that'll go all over the place if she doesn't!
Ilaihr 16-Jun-2021 22:43:42
Tailor: Both. I had a cane before this... ::Nods at his cane.:: That helped me control my powers, to channel and store psionic energies. This one that the Salbjorn gave me, does much the same... but not as well as my old one. But their planet... Trondheim, is made of psionic crystals like this.
CTO Cpt Grey 16-Jun-2021 22:43:50
:: is still struggling to keep the movement-induced nausea down, not entirely happy with her husband right now, and even the ginger doesn't help... ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:43:59
ACTION> At the top of the final hill, a fireworks display begins, lighting up the sky with vibrant bursts of color!
Taril 16-Jun-2021 22:44:14
:: is blank on most of that, but he does know what pie is, at the very least. :: Rike: That sounds like a lot. Why's it all fried?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 22:44:21
:: eyes go wide, mouth agape, at the firework display ::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:44:23
:: looks up in awe at the fireworks ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 22:44:24
:: is surprised by the fireworks and smiles happily ::
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 22:44:36
:: blinks, then smiles :: Self: Ooh.
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:45:00
ACTION> The coaster dives into its final run and approaches the station.
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 22:45:14
:: thinks :: Well if this isn’t the most cliché romantic moment—that I am totally falling for…
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 22:45:15
Taril: Just the carnival culture. It's all supposed to be unhealthy. :: takes another bite of the turkey leg as she starts walking towards the drop tower again ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:45:15
:: grabs Grey, pulling her into his body :: CTO: Breathe, relax, breathe...
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:45:20
:: her throat is raw from screaming, but she's still laughing with pleasure ::
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 22:45:25
:: grins, waving at those on the cart as it comes in ::
Velina Tailor 16-Jun-2021 22:45:39
::nods:: Ilaihr: That sounds like you were meant to be there then. ::smiles::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:45:45
:: waves and laughs as the coaster arrives ::
Ilaihr 16-Jun-2021 22:45:46
<Amber Sun> ::Eyes roll in his head.:: Aloud: Wanna go again! Wanna go again!
Taril 16-Jun-2021 22:45:58
Rike: Then why do people eat it? If it isn't healthy, I mean. Like... that's weird.
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:46:02
:: waves at Emily and Navarro ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:46:12
Amber Sun: No one else can use your seat, so please do!
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 22:46:12
:: waves to Acacia, her smile still making her face hurt ::
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 22:46:25
:: waves back at Alexis ::
CTO Cpt Grey 16-Jun-2021 22:46:30
:: barely catches sight of the fireworks, feeling her stomach twist, and as soon as the cart comes to a halt, she's off to the closest trash can.... unfortunately giving a sacrifice to the bag inside ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 22:46:49
Hannah: Ohmygodcanwegoagain?!
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:46:52
:: bolts out of the cart, following Grey ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 22:47:04
Taril: Uhh. Fun, I guess. It's not something that is done every day so when it's just an occasional thing... why not go to all the extremes?
MED LtJG Jasper 16-Jun-2021 22:47:05
:: returns and winces at seeing Ryleigh bent double :: All: I fucked up... didn't I?
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 22:47:09
:: gasps, going to check on Grey ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:47:10
:: ignores the fireworks ::
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 22:47:20
Ethan: Mmmmhmmm. :: follows along ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:47:41
CTO: Deep breaths, mind over matter...
Ilaihr 16-Jun-2021 22:47:46
Tailor: I will miss this place. Perhaps, in time, I will return. When I am needed again. ::Smiles.:: Take care of yourself Velina. Watch out for the others.
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 22:47:50
:: climbs out of her seat onto solid ground, still taking in her experience, the happy? screams and Grey running off to a bin :: Self: So...that's what wingless people do for excitement. Makes sense.
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 22:47:51
Zoë: Actually I— :: sees Grey doing the ‘bout-to-barf’ speed-walk toward the trash can :: —Heh.
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:47:58
:: looks at the unfortunate Grey with a piteous frown ::
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 22:48:16
:: pats Grey’s back, holding her hair out of the way ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 22:48:24
:: notices Grey :: Uh oh.
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:48:31
ACTION> The fireworks show continues, not even close to its grand finale.
CTO Cpt Grey 16-Jun-2021 22:48:32
:: finishes and straightens with a grumble, turning to glare at Ethan :: Ethan: Five. Fucking. Seconds to run, idiot. AND YOU'RE SLEEPING ON THE COUCH TONIGHT!
Taril 16-Jun-2021 22:48:45
Rike: That just seems strange though. I dunno. Oh, there's the ride, I think!
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 22:48:53
:: looks back up to the fireworks, enjoying the show ::
MED LtJG Jasper 16-Jun-2021 22:48:56
:: gulps and takes off running, knows he in deep shit ::
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 22:48:59
:: just shakes his head at Ethan ::
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 22:49:03
:: chuckles, shaking her head ::
Velina Tailor 16-Jun-2021 22:49:13
Ilaihr: I will. ::smiles, lifting her gaze to the fireworks as they burst in the sky above the fair::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:49:51
:: looks at Grey, decides not to wade into that pool of animosity ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 22:49:53
:: quiet enough so only Zoë can hear :: Zoë: Man, that marine lady’s got some rage. But hey, had another idea. Whyn’t you and me go do the ferris wheel?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 22:50:32
Hannah: Which one’s that? Is it like this one?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:51:09
:: looks up at the fireworks ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 22:51:17
:: smirks :: Nah. Little slower. But we’ll do more fast stuff, promise.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:51:21
:: again, feels that loneliness ::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:51:31
:: sees that Grey is amply taken care of and looks back up at the fireworks ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 22:51:33
Taril: Yes! :: goes up to the ride, staring at all 315 feet of it :: Self: Oh god.
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 22:51:35
:: has procured a couple of glasses of rioja and patiently waits for the doctor to be done doctoring ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:51:44
:: moves away from the group, lost in his thoughts ::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:51:45
Kate: Should we go see them from the Ferris Wheel?
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 22:52:03
Hannah: Uh, sure, yeah!
Taril 16-Jun-2021 22:52:08
Rike: It's... really tall. :: tries to see to the top, but the angle is super awkward ::
CTO Cpt Grey 16-Jun-2021 22:52:09
:: finishes with a final spit and braces herself on Acacia's supporting hands :: All: someone gimme something to drink, I don't care what. I have a husband I need to hunt down and possibly murder.
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 22:52:18
:: takes Zoë’s hand, and walks with her toward the ferris wheel ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:52:29
Lexy: Sure! :: notes where they are in the display ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 22:53:01
Taril: ......very. :: steps up to the chairs once the operator signals them over and stares up at them. she waves over an operator for a step stool to get up ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:53:18
:: watches a couple more explosions of bright light ::
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 22:53:20
:: waves on Navarro on that cue :: Grey: Just take it easy on the G-forces for now, alright? :: she smiles apologetically, knowing her advice is redundant ::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:53:20
:: pitches the trash from her cotton candy into a nearby receptacle and walks hand-in-hand with Kate toward the huge Ferris Wheel ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 22:53:47
Operator> :: brings a stool for Rike and Taril then locks them in the restraints ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:53:47
:: squeezes Lexy's hand as they walk, and notices Zoë holding hands with their guest, and smiles to herself ::
Taril 16-Jun-2021 22:53:56
Rike: It looks super fun, though.
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 22:53:58
:: notes everyone wandering off, following the larger crowd distractedly with her eyes mostly to the sky ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:54:03
:: sits cross-legged in the grass, staring up at the light show ::
CTO Cpt Grey 16-Jun-2021 22:54:08
:: shoots a look at Acacia :: Acacia: Don't worry. It's a simple manhunt... for someone who should know better. ::
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 22:54:32
:: brings the wine to Emily ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 22:54:50
Taril: Yes. Fun. :: blinks to self multiple times, remembering that one time that her shoes fell off and ended up hitting someone in the head ::
:: as such, she kicks her shoes off onto the ground :: Taril: Might wanna get the shoes off before the ride starts. Just... experience.
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 22:55:41
:: and hands Ryleigh a glass of water ::
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 22:55:47
:: takes one glass from Navarro :: Ryleigh: He just wants you to have a good time. He got carried away, sure, but call it a learning experience.
Taril 16-Jun-2021 22:56:17
:: looks down at his shoes :: Rike: Why? Is it customary?
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 22:56:52
Taril: Uhh. If they aren't on tight enough lets just say they might go flying off into the air.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 22:56:55
:: gets in a ferris wheel car with Hannah :: Hannah: So this is the ferris wheel. Okay. I knew what this was, just didn’t know the name.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 22:57:21
Self: I miss you.
Taril 16-Jun-2021 22:57:28
Rike: I mean, I put them on so they should be tight enough? They fit and everything...
CTO Cpt Grey 16-Jun-2021 22:57:45
:: takes the water, drains it with a few big chugs, and starts off in pursuit of her husband before pausing to glance back at the others :: Emily: We've known each other since birth. He should fucking know better that I don't do well with fast activities like that. It's why I'm a field-specialized versus flight. ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:57:48
:: boards the ferris wheel with Lexy, one eye on the fireworks ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 22:57:50
Zoë: A staple of the carnival experience. Even the tiny ones had em, back in the day.
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 22:58:19
:: waits her turn to get onto the Ferris Wheel, knowing what this looks like when it's moving and waits patiently ::
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 22:58:20
:: chuckles as he sips at his wine ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 22:58:21
:: nods to self and squeaks and response :: Taril: Okay! Operator> :: puts thumb up and goes to control panel to start the ride ::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:58:44
:: joins Kate in the ferris wheel car, smiling at the operator as he closes the door behind them ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 22:59:16
:: snuggles up contentedly with Lexy, still watching the sky ::
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 22:59:50
:: rolls her eyes and shrugs, having done her best. She smiles and waves as Ryleigh chases after Ethan, draining her wine pointedly and discarding the glass by tossing it as hard as she can over the edge of the ride platform into the woods. She chuckles, then finally boards the space coaster and waves for Doc to do the same ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 22:59:55
Operator> :: sings a song as the seats move up and around the tower ::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 22:59:56
:: snuggles up as well, making sure her dinosaur can see out the window ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 23:00:13
:: peers back at the CO and CSO’s car, smiles to herself :: Don’t look now, but your captain and main science lady are being cute.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 23:00:35
:: looks back surreptitiously :: Aww…
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 23:00:41
:: hurriedly pounds the wine and boards the Space Coaster with Emily! ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 23:01:04
:: watches the show ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 23:01:08
:: rises into the air on the Ferris Wheel, a car necessarily to herself, and watches the fireworks, very much enjoying this ride ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 23:01:17
:: unaware that anyone sees them, but wouldn't care if she knew ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 23:01:23
Zoë: Not like it’s a competition, but that only means we should probably be cute too. :: lifts up an arm in invitation ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 23:01:51
:: scoots closer to Hannah, cuddles up :: Hannah: Don’t get many chances for this.
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 23:02:01
:: nuzzles into Kate's arm to watch the fireworks ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 23:02:06
:: clenches the arms of the restraint ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 23:02:15
Zoë: Same.
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 23:02:45
ACTION> As the occupied cars of the ferris wheel begin to rise, the fireworks show swells toward its finale...
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 23:02:59
:: smirks ::
Taril 16-Jun-2021 23:03:00
:: grinning widely as the ride goes up ::
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 23:03:31
:: keeps one eye on the fireworks as she rides the Space Coaster, hands in the air :: Self: Woo!
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 23:03:31
Self: I love you, Weston.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 23:03:32
:: leans her head on Hannah’s shoulder, sighs, takes Hannah’s hand again ::
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 23:04:02
:: likes this ride a lot more than the gravitron, hands in the air as they loop and corkscrew ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 23:04:03
Ride> :: gets to the top and the seats tilt forward to force the riders to look at the ground ::
Operator> :: cracks jokes at the riders over the speakers ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 23:04:26
Hannah: I’m lucky that I was the one to get your repair request.
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 23:04:27
:: snuggles closer to Lexy as the fireworks become more frequent ::
Ilaihr 16-Jun-2021 23:04:45
::Smiles to himself.:: Self: Its good to see everyone, so happy. ::Pats Tailor's hand, before he wanders off.::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 23:04:47
Zoë: I’m lucky it was the Atlantis that came to my rescue.
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 23:05:25
Self: Oh god. Oh god. Oh no. Ohh noo.
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 23:05:44
ACTION> As the occupied cars of the wheel approach the top, the fireworks burst into words: "<3 HAPPY 24TH BIRTHDAY, ATLANTIS! <3" A Starfleet logo then fills the sky!
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 23:05:55
:: whispers to Kate :: Kate: This was a great party. I loved it. I love you.
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 23:06:01
Operator> Aaand we are dropping iiiinnnnn... Five... Four.. Three...
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 23:06:03
:: smiles, laughs :: Woooooo!
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 23:06:07
:: repositions, turns to look up into Hannah’s eyes, sees her face lit by the array of flashing colors in the sky ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 23:06:13
Ride> :: drops before the countdown is over ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 16-Jun-2021 23:06:25
:: claps and cheers, by himself ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 23:06:37
:: grins, happy in the car of a Ferris Wheel, watching fireworks, even though it's on a holodeck surrounded by her crew ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 23:06:44
:: leans in and gently kisses Zoë ::
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 23:06:45
:: cheers :: Self: Wow!
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 23:06:48
Lexy: I love you too, Rosie... and thank you.
CAG LCdr T’Lira 16-Jun-2021 23:06:57
:: she's not entirely certain about this particular activity and keeps her eyes on it as it goes, almost missing the display, but catching it in time ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 23:07:02
:: screams bloody murder ::
CTO Cpt Grey 16-Jun-2021 23:07:10
:: a masculine shriek split the air, Ethan having been clearly caught by his pissed-off wife, and consquently being yelled at ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 23:07:36
Zoë: You know, I think we— :: shimmers out of sight ::
Taril 16-Jun-2021 23:07:39
:: laughing the entire way down ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 23:07:56
:: stomach sinks :: Hannah?
Velina Tailor 16-Jun-2021 23:08:04
Ilaihr: Be well, Ilaihr. ::smiles to the old Andorian as he takes his leave, before sampling another bite of funnel cake as she watches the fireworks finale::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 23:08:22
:: gasps for air as the ride is stopped and restraints are released ::
CAG LCdr T’Lira 16-Jun-2021 23:08:48
:: steps forward :: Rike: Are you well?
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 23:08:50
:: materializes on a transporter pad, where four armed Security officers have their Type-2s trained on her ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 23:09:40
T'Lira: I am fine. :: not ::
CAG LCdr T’Lira 16-Jun-2021 23:09:56
Rike: Are you certain?
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 23:10:20
:: watches the fireworks as their cart comes back into the station :: Doc: Amazing. Something they could only do here.
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 23:10:33
T'Lira: Yup. :: slides off the chair and stands up, taking a few breaths before she grabs her shoes ::
Capt Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 23:10:36
:: enters transporter room :: Hello Hannah.
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 23:10:39
Emily: La capitana puts a lot of thought into these programs.
Taril 16-Jun-2021 23:11:01
:: still grinning :: Rike/T'Lira: That. Was. Awesome!
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 23:11:36
:: knows it makes no sense, but moves to the side of the ferris wheel car and peers down to the ground, searching for Hannah :: Hannah?
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 23:11:44
:: grins :: Doc: She does. Remind me to give my compliments to the chef!
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 23:11:46
Taril: Yup. Totally was! :: never. doing that. again. ::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 23:11:52
:: hears Zoe calling out for Hannah from the car in front of them :: ...?
:: looks at Kate to see if she heard it too ::
Hannah Ziredac 16-Jun-2021 23:12:41
:: sighs, half-winces :: Jason: Oh, fuck you. Security Officers> :: grab Hannah, take her to the brig ::
CAG LCdr T’Lira 16-Jun-2021 23:12:55
:: it certainly did not look entertaining from her perspective, but that is simply her own opinion on that matter :: Taril: So it appeared.
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 23:13:12
:: narrows her eyebrows and nods as their car approaches the ground ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 23:13:20
:: squeaks :: Mmmhmm!
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 23:14:11
:: partially sits up, suddenly more alert ::
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 23:14:23
:: badge :: Computer, locate Hannah Ziredac. Computer> Hannah Ziredac is not on the Atlantis. Search transporter logs. Where did she go? Computer> Most recent transport was initiated by the USS Meridian.
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 23:14:53
Self: Anyway... Taril: So... bumper cars? It's less. Height-y.
Taril 16-Jun-2021 23:15:22
Rike: It all sounds super fun, honestly! This is all so cool.
CEO LtJG D’bryn 16-Jun-2021 23:16:02
:: her car reaches ground level, and the operator lets her out :: :: hurriedly walks out of the fair, not making eye contact with anyone :: Arch. :: arch appears, Zoë leaves ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 23:16:26
:: watches Zoë leave with some concern ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 23:16:28
:: hops off of the Ferris Wheel onto the ground, having had to restrain herself from flying off of it, and looks around ::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 23:16:55
Kate: What.... did you hear that?
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 23:17:24
:: starts heading to the bumper cars ::
Taril 16-Jun-2021 23:17:44
:: follows along eagerly, still as energetic as ever ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 23:17:55
:: notes Kate and Lexy's expressions, wondering what's going on ::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 23:17:59
Lexy: Something about a transport?
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 23:19:03
:: looks at the entrance of the bumper cars :: Taril: I bet I could beatcha!
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 23:19:05
:: quietly :: Kate: And Hannah is... gone? Shall I check the transporter logs?
Taril 16-Jun-2021 23:19:34
:: frowns :: Rike: At what?
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 23:19:35
Lexy: Yes, please do. As our guest, her safety is our responsibility.
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 23:20:08
:: is now alarmed at the idea of a security issue ::
Lexy Wright 16-Jun-2021 23:20:25
:: nods :: Kate: Right away. :: steps away from the crowd and quietly calls for an arch, exiting the holodeck ::
Emily Acacia 16-Jun-2021 23:20:33
:: orders a funnel cake and splits it with Doc, glancing over at some weird vibes but not thinking too much of it ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Jun-2021 23:20:47
:: shares a concerned look with Harper ::
Doc Navarro 16-Jun-2021 23:20:52
:: chows down on the funnel cake, unaware of the issue ::
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 23:21:11
Taril: Bumper cars! The goal is to race each other. Although like the name suggests, bumping the other can happen.
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 23:21:14
:: stays close to Kuari :: XO: I could swear I caught the shimmer of a transporter out of the corner of my eye...
Taril 16-Jun-2021 23:21:49
:: grins :: Rike: Sweet! I'm good at racing games on my PADD and stuff.
Rike Herschel 16-Jun-2021 23:22:21
Taril: It's different actually doing it as opposed to games on the PADD!
Velina Tailor 16-Jun-2021 23:22:34
::wanders the fairway a bit more, noticing the party seems to be a bit thinned out, but thinks people have probably just gone to their quarters::
Kate Harper 16-Jun-2021 23:23:03
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