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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
A week after the Xovul attack on Refuge, repairs are underway in earnest, and Atlantis has been joined by the Challenger and the Columbia. Starfleet engineers work alongside Free Fleets crews, some having to work in EVA suits, some using heavy equipment, to return Refuge to its former state. The promenade is partially open for business, but some of the merchant traders are instead using their ships to bring supplies in to aid the repair efforts. Morale is high, despite the losses and constant reminders of them, with news of Queen Ashexana's address to the Federation Council giving the people here hope that powerful allies will assist them the next time the Xovul attack.
After 19-May-2021 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 21:16:33
:: in her ready room, going through a steady stream of reports from the surface, the other ships present, and aboard Atlantis ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:17:54
:: on the surface of Refuge, in an EVA suit, moving through the security pylons ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-May-2021 21:17:56
:: sits with a patient in sickbay, talking to him about his medical history and taking her time ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-May-2021 21:17:58
:: at main Sci/Ops, coordinating communications among the ships present ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 21:18:34
:: is down on Refuge, tasked with getting replicator matrices up and running ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:19:17
:: takes a minute to look around, relishing in his surroundings :: Self: This is so cool
Damien> TAC: It's just another planet, man.
XO Cdr Kuari 19-May-2021 21:20:08
:: is holding the bridge per usual when Harper is in her ready room, monitoring ship functions and fleet cooperation efforts from her side console ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:20:33
Damien: Yeah, I know, but I've never been in an EV suit in reality.
CTO Cpt Grey 19-May-2021 21:20:34
:: is checking consoles, weapons systems, everything as necessary ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-May-2021 21:20:54
:: takes notes in the man’s chart, listening attentively :: Patient: So the last time this happened to you was two years ago now...
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:20:56
Damien> :: rolls his eyes and goes back to working on their current security pylon ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 21:21:07
Self: Alright, stabilizing matter transfusion… bada boom. Rerouting power to local unit… ba-boom.
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 21:21:32
SCENE> The surface of Refuge, outside the domes and underground areas of the port and its supporting facilities, is an airless dwarf planet, stark and beautiful in its desolation. The surface is mostly dark, sharp regolith, but occasional brighter spots of salts are visible.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:22:16
:: snaps what would be considered a 'selfie', utilizing the EV suit's camera ::
Damien> TAC2: Pylon 4 recalibrated and repaired.
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 21:23:07
:: moving through the various Refuge repair sites, of little help, but offering encouragement for her people ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:23:14
:: leaps over Damien ::
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 21:23:38
:: steps through Security, happy to be free of Landskag for a while ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:23:41
:: the lack of gravity allows him to float over his co-worker and onto the soil beyond him with ease ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-May-2021 21:23:50
:: thinks, taking notes :: Patient: And your mother had something similar?
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 21:24:02
Landeskog> :: glad to be free of babysitting duties ::
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 21:24:12
:: on Refuge, by the way ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:24:32
Damien> TAC2: Having fun? You know we have work to do, right?
CSO Cdr Wright 19-May-2021 21:24:43
:: becoming more than a little frazzled trying to manage communications and traffic control at the same time :: +SCI+ Wright to Herschel. Can you come to the Bridge, please? I need help managing traffic control for Refuge.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:25:12
Damien: I fixed the first three. Let me enjoy this, would you?
MED Lt Acacia 19-May-2021 21:25:53
:: nods, jotting down her theories :: Patient: Alright, well let me get your samples to the lab then.
SCI Lt Herschel 19-May-2021 21:25:58
:: clenches her jaw and taps combadge :: +CSO+ Of course. :: nooooooo she stands up, adjusts her shirt, and leaves the botany lab, heading for the turbolift ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 21:26:07
:: gets a local replicator matrix back online :: Self: Okay, let’s test you out. :: activates replicator :: Replicator: Oatmeal raisin cookie, fresh out of the oven and cooled for five minutes.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:26:18
Damien> TAC2: :: through gritted teeth :: Sure. This will be in my report.
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 21:26:29
:: actually does help at one site, handing an engineer the correct tool ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:26:33
Damien: Then I guess we need to measure the jump, huh?
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 21:26:50
Replicator> :: shimmers an oatmeal cookie into existence, complete with a wisp of steam ::
:: grabs cookie, takes a bite; while chewing, reaches back with open hand and pats own self on the shoulder :: Good job, Zoë. Thanks, Other Zoë.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:27:53
Damien> TAC2: You're unbelievable, you know that?
SCI Lt Herschel 19-May-2021 21:28:04
:: steps onto turbolift and sighs :: Bridge.
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 21:28:12
:: spots Venya at the repair site, handing something to an engineer ::
:: heads over ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:28:21
Damien: That's what all the guys tell me. Race you to the next pylon?
MED Lt Acacia 19-May-2021 21:28:33
:: takes the patient’s samples to the lab, taking a small break from sickbay by processing them herself ::
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 21:28:44
:: finishes that load of reports, and then smiles upon seeing the latest messages from Command ::
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 21:29:22
Venya: Lady Kashar. Good to see you up and about. :: smiles ::
SCI Lt Herschel 19-May-2021 21:29:51
:: steps onto bridge and makes her way to the other sci/ops console and gives Wright a nod ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 21:29:52
Davis: Alright, Con, let’s do the next one.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:29:53
Damien> Sure. :: taps his comm :: Hill to Atlantis, transport to pylon five, please. :: shimmers away ::
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 21:30:08
:: greets Hannah with a pleasant smile :: Likewise, Hannah! I certainly appreciate everything you did for Refuge during the battle. Thank you, truly.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 21:30:10
Davis> :: grabs tools, follows Zoë ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-May-2021 21:30:18
:: returns the nod and transfers Refuge traffic control over to Rike's console ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:30:29
Self: How the hell did I get stuck on this assignment with this douche?
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 21:30:33
:: grabs something from the desk, and takes a PADD along with her ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-May-2021 21:30:54
:: puts the blood sample into the analyzer, humming to herself as she waits for the results ::
XO Cdr Kuari 19-May-2021 21:31:15
:: idly watches Wright and Herschel ::
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 21:31:16
:: shrugs :: Glad I could help. Wish I’d been able to do more, but… The Xovul really pack a wallop.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:31:19
:: taps his own comm :: Ammora to Atlantis, request transport to pylon five. :: shimmers ::
SCI Lt Herschel 19-May-2021 21:31:21
:: blinks multiple times and stares at the console, taking in information to get up to date before beginning ::
NAV Lt Navarro 19-May-2021 21:31:31
:: not at the helm, since there isn't much to do, but is in the assault bay going over the Rocinante ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:32:00
:: arrives at pylon five :: Damien: You're kind of an asshole, you know that, right?
Damien> TAC2: Well, the feeling is mutual. This pylon has a degraded sensor matrix, but the integrity is sound.
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 21:32:38
Venya: Was wondering if there was anything I could do to help right now. Kinda got no real expertise in repair work, but I’m a pair of hands, I guess.
SCI Lt Herschel 19-May-2021 21:32:53
:: is in her silent bridge-stressed mode, making thoughtful deliberate movements, in fear of absolutely fucking shit up ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-May-2021 21:33:08
:: takes notes in the man’s chart as the results come in, nodding attentively ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:33:09
Damien: Then replace it.
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 21:33:51
:: nods, having received that wallop personally :: Yes, they do. But, we are well on our way to being operational again. As for what you could do... hmm. I'm not much good at repairs, either, it would seem. That job I mentioned still needs to be done, but now may not be the time.
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 21:34:25
:: straightens her tunic and exits to the bridge ::
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 21:34:41
Venya: Oh, I’m down for it, believe me—just as soon as my ship is spaceworthy again. Took all week just to get her power systems up to snuff.
CSO Cdr Wright 19-May-2021 21:34:47
:: glances up as Kate exits the ready room ::
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 21:35:14
:: smiles at Lexy and Kuari :: XO: I am going to visit sickbay, to see how they are holding up.
MED Lt Acacia 19-May-2021 21:35:24
:: idles back into sickbay with her test results, sitting back down to talk to her patient ::
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 21:35:53
I certainly understand that feeling, Hannah. :: looks around her facility ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:36:11
Damien> TAC2: I would, except the fuses and surrounding circuitry are compromised. If I remove it, it jeopardizes the integrity of the grid and we don't have that equipment.
SCI Lt Herschel 19-May-2021 21:36:16
:: taps console to the sing-songy pattern of her mental thoughts I do not like this one little bit. This is quite something else. I am not used to this at all. I need to stop shaking like a chihuahua. ::
XO Cdr Kuari 19-May-2021 21:36:16
:: looks up at Harper as she enters, giving a small smile and nodding at being informed ::
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 21:36:37
:: sees a yellow-shirted person with green hair in her peripheral; heart skips a beat; turns and sees Zoë heading somewhere with her Engineering team ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:37:21
Damien: Are you saying we need a new pylon?
CSO Cdr Wright 19-May-2021 21:37:24
:: surreptitiously monitoring how Herschel is doing at handling the controls, ready to step in if needed ::
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 21:37:33
:: remembers what plane of existence she’s on, and aimlessly wanders after Venya :: I heard about your friend. Wanted to express my condolences too.
MED Lt Acacia 19-May-2021 21:37:35
:: smiles softly as she talks :: Patient: Well good news, it’s curable.
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 21:37:43
If that’s not too presumptuous.
SCI Lt Herschel 19-May-2021 21:37:54
:: tap this, then that. go to this and then proceed to do that... err- is it this button or- oh yes it's that one ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:38:18
Damien> TAC2: No, I'm saying that the... I'm saying I don't have this knowledge. We're here for security updates and structure, this is more engineering. Our preliminary scans didn't show this being an issue.
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 21:38:34
Oh, not at all, dear, and thank you. Mr. Oolot defended me to his last breath, and yes, became a dear friend. I had thought of putting up a statue to him, perhaps over there... :: gestures ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:38:35
Damien: Let me look. :: moves to the pylon ::
Damien> TAC2: By all means, tell me what I already know.
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 21:38:55
:: enters the TL, directing it to sickbay ::
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 21:39:13
:: looks to the spot Venya points at :: Yeah, that looks like a good spot.
MED Lt Acacia 19-May-2021 21:39:56
:: nods, explaining the process :: Patient: You’ll go through a number of treatments in the coming month. Refuge facilities should be able to accommodate the rest.
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 21:40:17
Hm, you know, I could use a bit of help putting my office back together, if you would care to join me?
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 21:40:28
:: comes across probably the most damaged a local replicator matrix can be before you’d just scrap the whole thing and replace it :: Yeesh and a half.
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 21:40:38
:: exits the TL and enters sickbay, still carrying the PADD, and looks around to assess the state of the place ::
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 21:41:06
That sounds like something I can do.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:41:19
:: looks at the pylon :: Self: You're right, circuits are compromised, fuses are... well... fused...
CSO Cdr Wright 19-May-2021 21:41:20
:: looks away from what Herschel is doing for a few moments to answer a query from the Challenger ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-May-2021 21:41:23
:: perks up at the Captain’s arrival, excusing herself from her patient :: CO: Captain! It’s nice to see you.
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 21:42:06
Thank you! I couldn't divert anyone from something more important, but it will be nice to have the place in order again.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:42:15
Damien> TAC2: I told you.
Damien: Wasn't talking to you. Thinking out loud.
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 21:42:28
:: smiles :: Lead the way.
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 21:42:30
:: smiles in greeting at Emily :: MED: And you, doctor! I came to check in, to see how everyone here was holding up.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:42:56
Damien> TAC2: Mark it as dead and send an engineering team?
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 21:43:34
:: leads Hannah to her office, past a shirtless, muscular Orion man standing guard where Oolot once did, younger than his predecessor ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:43:55
:: stares intently at the panel ::
SCI Lt Herschel 19-May-2021 21:43:59
:: as she manages to get used to this task, she relaxes her shoulders ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-May-2021 21:44:29
:: smiles, holding the chart PADD she’s got with both hands :: CO: Much better than it was. We’re back to giving the personalized touch, as far as that goes as a measure of care. I believe the last of the equipment from the popup clinic in the cargo bay just made it back.
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 21:44:31
:: eyes the Orion guard :: Brain> Hel-lo.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:44:44
Damien> TAC2: Uh, hello?
:: holds up a hand :: Damien: Give me a second, would you?
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 21:46:13
:: catches Hannah's look :: Isn't he beautiful, dear? He was Mr. Oolot's second, and has received a promotion.
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 21:47:28
MED: That is a relief, I am sure. That personal touch has been a staple of this sickbay and its staff for a long time, and I even received comments on it during the rush, even if you may think you neglected it.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 21:47:28
:: has to swap out conductors :: Self: One of these days , they’re gonna start building multifaceted systems like this with failsafes for power drains and overloads. It’s the 25th century, people; we can transport entire living beings several hundred kilometers in the matter of seconds; we can make it so shit like this doesn’t burn out from being looked at funny.
Davis> :: overhearing Zoë’s self-talk :: 24th century.
Davis: What?
Davis> 25th century doesn’t start until 2401.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:48:15
:: mumbles to himself about variances, inputs, etc. :: Damien: It's not fused, just overworked. Blown out, kind of, but not entirely destroyed.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 21:48:36
Davis: Oh, my mistake. Antiquated, easily-fucked-up power systems are perfectly excusable then.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:49:15
:: opens the toolkit, catching one of the instruments before it floats away :: A little adjustment on the conduction coil, match the resonance back to the security grid's frequency... and... viola!
:: sparks fly onto the globe of his EV suit's helmet ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-May-2021 21:49:36
:: smiles warmly :: CO: Well I’m glad. It’s nice when people notice those things. :: she checks her notes :: It’s actually good you stopped by, you’ve come due for your contraceptive shot. Let me grab that for you real quick. :: she goes for a hypospray ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:49:39
Damien: Yeah, mark this one as needing to be replaced.
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 21:49:46
Beautiful does him some service, yeah. :: fans self ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:50:13
Damien> :: laughs :: TAC2: First you were thinking you knew better than a doctor, and now you think you're better than an engineer?
:: stares at Damien ::
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 21:50:55
:: laughs softly as they arrive in the office proper, more of a lounge, usually full of plush furniture, draped silks, and incense, now a fucking mess ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 21:51:09
:: gets the new conductors installed :: Davis: Okay, let’s get the power to this matrix. Can you do the reroute?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:51:11
Damien> :: taps his comm :: Atlantis, pylon six, please. :: shimmers ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 21:51:30
Davis> Yeah. :: pulls out PADD :: One sec.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:51:32
Self: I fucking loathe this tool.
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 21:52:00
:: shrugs as she waits, the doctor is right, after all ::
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 21:52:45
:: surveys the ruined office :: Woof.
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 21:53:09
I apologize for the state of the place. Normally, when I entertain, it's a much more comfortable affair. Would you like some wine, nevertheless?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:53:16
:: taps his arm readout, sending a notice back to Atlantis to replace Pylon 5 ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-May-2021 21:53:23
:: gives the Captain her shot and hands the used hypospray off to a nurse for cleaning, it’s over in just a second :: CO: Alright. Did you want to talk to any of the patients?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:53:32
:: taps his comm :: Ammora to Atlantis, transport to Pylon 7 please.
:: shimmers ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 21:53:53
Davis> :: reroutes the power:: Davis: Whoa, we’re getting too much; cut back a little. Davis> :: scrambles to regulate power flow from a fucking PADD :: Davis: Okay, good.
CSO Cdr Wright 19-May-2021 21:53:56
:: nods to herself as she watches Rike handle the transports flawlessly ::
SCI Lt Herschel 19-May-2021 21:54:25
:: starts humming ever so quietly to the rhythm of the console tapping ::
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 21:54:30
:: lowers her chin from receiving the shot, with a hint of a smile :: MED: Certainly!
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 21:55:28
I believe it. If you entertain guests anywhere near as well as you give massages, I can’t wait to get this place back in order. :: beat :: And yes, what kinda wine you got?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 21:55:58
:: arrives at Pylon 7 and goes to work ::
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 21:56:52
:: dips her head at the compliment, the corner of her black lips perking up, slightly :: All sorts! :: she claps her hands, and another Orion man, also shirtless but less muscular, appears with a tray of bottles ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-May-2021 21:57:15
:: goes over the list of patients and picks a recently arrived woman in the refuge political sphere, leading the Captain over :: CO: Captain, say hello to Joanna Hillsborough.
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 21:57:59
Damn, Lady. Never let anyone doubt y’all’s resilience on Refuge. Place is in ruins and you can still get a hot shirtless dude to bring you wine.
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 21:58:01
:: greets Joanna warmly, asking about her situation with empathy ::
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 21:58:32
:: quietly :: What is the point if I can't, dear Hannah?
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 21:58:43
:: eyes bottles :: I’m far from being a snob, but I do have to applaud you for not being so basic as to have a bottle of Picard here. :: golf-claps ::
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 21:59:31
Do you have any idea who I have impressed with a bottle of Picard? It is all about anticipating the tastes of my guests.
MED Lt Acacia 19-May-2021 22:00:16
Joanna> :: tells the Captain about where she was during the attack, and how her leg hasn’t been the same since ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 22:00:17
Damien> +TAC2+ Hill to Ammora, where are you? I'm at Pylon 6.
MED Lt Acacia 19-May-2021 22:00:27
:: stands by politely ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 22:00:38
+Damien+ Ammora to Hill, you fix that one, I'll take this. Let's do odds and evens, huh?
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 22:00:46
Well consider my tastes anticipated. I like an old-ass red, and there are three here I haven’t tried. What do you suggest? What do you pair with piecing someone’s space back together?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 22:00:55
Damien> +TAC2+ We shouldn't split up.
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 22:01:24
:: considers a moment, both what she believes Hannah will like, along with her own knowledge, then points at a bottle ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 22:01:44
:: replicator matrix is back online; tests with another oatmeal raisin cookie ::
Davis> Ooh, rep me one too.
Replicator: Repeat last order.
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 22:02:12
:: the shirtless sommelier uncorks the bottle and pours it for them ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 22:02:14
+Damien+ It's a couple more pylons, and most of the rest are simple fixes. Need me to hold your hand?
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 22:02:19
Cookie> :: shimmers ::
SCI Lt Herschel 19-May-2021 22:02:23
:: does a little shimmy as she taps multiple things in a row ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 22:02:49
Davis: Attention! Davis> :: AA :: Davis: Here you go. :: tosses him the cookie ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 22:03:00
Damien> +TAC2+ Well, the last one exploded in your face... I figured someone should be around to haul your lifeless carcass back to the ship if that happens again.
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:03:07
:: finally turns away from Joanna after concluding the conversation by clasping one of Joanna's hands in both of hers and giving it a squeeze ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-May-2021 22:04:21
:: smiles, taking a few steps away from Joanna :: CO: Well, thank you for stopping by.
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 22:04:28
:: does the wine-snob thing she learned from her aunt ::
:: tastes :: Ooh. Yeah.
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 22:05:20
:: follows suit, pleased that Ziredac seems to like her selection ::
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:05:23
MED: Of course! I certainly appreciate you keeping me up-to-date on my shots.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 22:05:33
Davis: I think that does it for the replicator matrices. Let’s see what else is up.
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 22:06:00
Alright, Venya, what’s first? :: looks around at the office ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-May-2021 22:06:06
:: chuckles :: CO: Just doin’ my job.
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:06:33
MED: Of course. It is important, after all. Would you mind having a word with me in your office, Emily?
MED Lt Acacia 19-May-2021 22:07:35
:: blinks, then gestures towards the medical research lab and begins leading the way to her office :: CO: Sure. :: she says, but can’t help but be nervous ::
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 22:07:40
:: picks up a ruined drape and tosses in the recycler :: A pity. That was expensive. We'll just have to replicate replacements until the real replacements can arrive.
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:07:55
:: follows Emily to her office, greeting patients and medical staff as she goes ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-May-2021 22:09:29
:: shuts the door and takes a seat behind her desk, gesturing for the Captain to take the seat in front of her desk. She takes a deep breath :: CO: Alright... what is it?
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:10:09
:: offers a comforting smile :: MED: Relax, Emily! And seats will not be necessary.
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 22:10:35
:: rights what appears to be Venya’s office chair :: This actually doesn’t look beyond repair. What do you think?
SCI Lt Herschel 19-May-2021 22:11:20
:: cracks her own neck and shakes her arms to loosen up before continuing again. good posture, Rike! ::
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 22:11:28
Mm, yes, I think you're right, now that I see it upright again. I have some people who can take care of that. :: throwing away an incense burner that had been trampled by a Xovul ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-May-2021 22:11:36
:: pops back up out of her seat, dusting herself off :: CO: Oh! Alright. :: she chuckles :: Guess I’m just nervous. What’s up?
CSO Cdr Wright 19-May-2021 22:12:10
:: looks over at Herschel as she shakes her arms and chuckles softly to herself, remembering what it was like to be new to the Bridge ::
XO Cdr Kuari 19-May-2021 22:12:23
:: walks forward off her chair base, standing in the center of the bridge and stretches, one wing and leg at a time, her mind busy over staffing and timetables and other minutia she had just been looking over ::
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:12:50
Doctor Acacia, the medical staff has been exemplary throughout this crisis. As a whole, the entire department deserves a medal, but you in particular, have been especially outstanding.
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 22:13:11
:: looks closer at the chair, feels it :: This is the softest material I’ve ever felt. What’s it made out of, angel dreams?
SCI Lt Herschel 19-May-2021 22:13:30
:: she doesn't want to end up like the Hunchback of Notre Dame when she retires due to bad posture. straight up! ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-May-2021 22:13:48
:: blinks, then smiles warmly :: CO: Oh, thank you.
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 22:15:06
It might as well be. The material is Deltan leather, and the filling is from the down of Risian birds.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-May-2021 22:15:35
::Types away silently at his console, monitoring the real-time status of repairs.::
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:15:46
:: approaches Emily, leaving the PADD on the desk and producing something small from the palm that carried it ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-May-2021 22:15:50
:: taps out a quick text note to Herschel letting her know that she'd doing a great job ::
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 22:15:52
:: adds those things to a mental shopping list :: Damn. Nice.
SCI Lt Herschel 19-May-2021 22:16:13
:: looks up and gives Wright a double thumbs up ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-May-2021 22:16:22
:: stands up a bit straighter, watching the Captain’s hand ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 22:16:32
:: scrolls PADD for work orders that don’t have enough assigned Engineers ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 22:17:12
:: looks at the pylon ::
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:17:12
Doctor Emilaina Acacia, it is my profound pleasure, and one of my favorite duties as Captain, to promote you to the rank of Lieutenant Commander! :: the item from her palm is revealed to be a half-pip ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-May-2021 22:17:33
:: looks over at Herschel and gives her a quick wink in response, then feels awkward about it for the next 2-3 minutes ::
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 22:17:47
:: she turns after throwing away a ripped cushion :: I'm told you helped the medical staff on Atlantis with me when I was hurt. Thank you, Hannah.
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:18:06
:: steps closer once more and pins the pip on Emily's collar ::
MED LCdr Acacia 19-May-2021 22:18:24
:: gasps happily, holding still for her pip bestowal ::
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 22:18:45
:: rights the guest chairs on the opposite side of the desk :: Don’t mention it. You helped me, so it’s only natural I help you, right?
SCI Lt Herschel 19-May-2021 22:20:08
:: blinks to self wot ::
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:20:25
:: backs away once the new pip is secure :: You are a credit to this ship and that uniform, and I couldn't be more proud of you, Emily, having seen you rise from fresh Ensign to where you are now.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 22:20:42
:: sees that life support filtration and oxygenation systems in a couple sectors are bleeding power — nothing serious yet, but needs to be zipped up ::
MED LCdr Acacia 19-May-2021 22:21:12
:: smiles tearfully :: CO: Thank you so much, Captain. It means a lot to have my efforts recognized.
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 22:21:18
That is, of course, the best way to be, especially out here, yes. But that doesn't mean I am not grateful. :: pauses for a moment by the computer terminal, which somehow still works ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-May-2021 22:21:44
:: busies herself with calls from the Columbia and Challenger :: Self: Why did I wink? You don't just wink!
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:22:57
:: returns the smile, almost starting to well up herself :: MED: It means a lot to a captain to have an officer like you aboard, and it also means a lot to have made a friend like you. :: opens her arms to offer Emily a hug ::
SCI Lt Herschel 19-May-2021 22:23:01
:: what was that wink for? don't people usually wink when flirting? she wouldn't be flirting she is married and I'm old ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-May-2021 22:23:16
:: briefly considers changing her name and moving away ::
MED LCdr Acacia 19-May-2021 22:23:49
:: jumps into Kate’s hug, overwhelmed with emotion in the moment ::
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 22:23:50
:: smiles :: Anytime.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 22:24:09
Self: This doesn't seem blown out, it just seems... crossed...
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 22:24:33
:: heads out toward the life support control hubs ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 22:24:42
+ENG Zoe+ Ammora to D'Bryn.
CSO Cdr Wright 19-May-2021 22:25:04
Self: It was just a conspiratorial wink. That's a totally normal thing to do, right? To set her at ease and let her know that I'm on her side? It's not weird. It's not. ....Right?
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 22:25:12
:: gets a message and a smile spreads across her face ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 22:25:18
+TAC2+ D’bryn here. What’s up, Scott?
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 22:25:34
Good news?
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 22:26:04
See for yourself, dear. :: her perfectly-manicured finger presses a button ::
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:26:28
:: laughs a bit as she hugs Emily, her own smiling eyes a bit leaky ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 22:26:35
+ENG+ I'm at Pylon 7. We're working on the security grid. I'm looking at a power unit that looks crossed. Can I give you my video feed and have you walk me through an adjustment?
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:26:41
ACTION> Tom Wilson of FNN fills every screen in Refuge.
SCI Lt Herschel 19-May-2021 22:26:47
:: what other reasons for a wink are there? am I just not getting something? I wish I was a betazoid. sure would be easier than awkward. ::
MED LCdr Acacia 19-May-2021 22:27:09
:: holds the hug for a long moment before pulling back and wiping her eyes :: CO: Thank you!
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 22:27:39
+TAC2+ Sure, go— :: sees the FNN broadcast start :: …ahead.
XO Cdr Kuari 19-May-2021 22:27:52
:: finishes stretching and walking around a bit, getting her blood moving, then sits back down on her seat, peeking at her console to see if there is any new information displayed ::
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:27:59
Tom Wilson> We have breaking news from the Federation Council, who have just voted to condemn the Xovul hostilities against the Free Fleets, and made a bold proclamation that any further aggression against a Federation ally would be considered a violation of the terms of the treaty.
:: wipes at her own eyes :: MED: Of course! Thank you!
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 22:28:24
+ENG+ :: hears the interrupted response :: Everything okay?
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:28:48
ACTION> Refuge erupts in cheers from the news broadcast!
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 22:29:18
+TAC2+ The, uh… the Council just voted to condemn the Xovul attack on the Fleets.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 22:30:46
+ENG+ That's... great...?
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 22:31:00
:: eyes widen :: Whoa! Y’all got the Federation at your back now!
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 22:31:04
+ENG+ Can I patch you into my video feed?
MED LCdr Acacia 19-May-2021 22:31:13
:: touches her new half-pip lovingly, taking a deep breath. She pats her face down, gesturing for the Captain to get the door as she’s closer ::
CTO Cpt Grey 19-May-2021 22:31:21
:: taps her console with a breath, searching through the databases out of boredom ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 22:31:30
+TAC2+ They ruled it was a violation of the treaty. You think this’ll mean a new war?
CSO Cdr Wright 19-May-2021 22:31:37
:: can't look at Herschel, so keeps herself busy even when she's not actually busy and will talk about this during a therapy session later ::
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 22:31:39
Oh, that certainly changes things, doesn't it? :: chuckles to herself :: From essentially fugitives, to adversaries fighting for recognition, to allies. How things change.
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:31:58
:: picks up her PADD and gets the door, still all smiles ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 22:32:06
+ENG+ We can discuss all of that later, I'm working on the security field. If there's a war, we're going to need this grid operational.
Damien> +TAC2+ Hill to Ammora, I'm moving to Pylon 8.
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 22:32:40
Yeah. :: heart suddenly sinks :: Uh…you don’t think this’ll bring, uh…more Starfleet here, will it? Like…the more battle-y ships?
MED LCdr Acacia 19-May-2021 22:32:57
:: fixes her hair as she makes her way back out into the main area of the medical research lab. The lab techs can’t help but stare, so she excitedly points to her new pip, earning a few cheers from the lab ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 22:33:07
+Damien+ Don't let me stop you. Four to go.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 22:33:13
+TAC2+ :: shakes her head to bring herself back to reality :: Yeah, show me the feed.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 22:33:44
:: hit his feed, sending it to Zoe ::
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 22:33:49
I'm sure it will, dear. But, Hannah, don't you worry a hair on that lovely head of yours, because, having proven yourself, you are under my protection.
MED LtJG Jasper 19-May-2021 22:33:58
:: turns to greet Acacia, leaving his station to pull the other into a hug :: MED: Congratulations, Lieutenant Commander.
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:34:07
:: following along, grinning ::
SCI Lt Herschel 19-May-2021 22:34:12
:: what is it with humans and non-verbal communication? why non-verbal? we have vocal cords ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 22:34:19
+ENG+ I see crossed wires. Maybe it was built wrong, but the power levels don't match the specs.
+ENG+ How do I compensate for the level fluctuations?
MED LCdr Acacia 19-May-2021 22:34:53
:: bounces from hug to hug, patting her friends’ backs as they congratulate her :: Lab: Thanks guys!
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:35:27
ACTION> A priority communication from Admiral Blackthorne arrives for Captain Harper.
SCI Lt Herschel 19-May-2021 22:35:37
:: I'm sure that bear I saw walking down a hallway one morning has better communication than humans ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-May-2021 22:36:04
:: sees the communication come in :: +CO+ Captain, there's an incoming priority communication from the Admiral.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 22:36:37
:: looks at Scott’s feed :: +TAC2+ If you’re equipped to get a conduction limiter installed, that’ll do it until the system can be rebuilt. If not, a rebuild wouldn’t take that long, comparatively.
MED LCdr Acacia 19-May-2021 22:36:39
:: looks over and raises an eyebrow, waving to say goodbye as Harper gets called away ::
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:36:44
:: taps her commbadge :: +CSO+ On my way. :: hopes that the news is good, whatever good even would mean in this situation ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 22:36:55
+TAC2+ What are you doing repairing pylons anyway?
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:37:09
:: waves and smiles to Emily once more, having thoroughly enjoyed that promotion ::
SCI Lt Herschel 19-May-2021 22:37:12
:: awkwardly taps at her console ::
XO Cdr Kuari 19-May-2021 22:37:23
:: listens to the comm from Wright to Harper, wondering what it is ::
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 22:37:32
That’s… that’s very reassuring, Venya. Thank you. Can I ask you a teeny-tiny favor, nonetheless?
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:37:33
:: leaves sickbay and enters the TL, directing it to the bridge ::
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 22:37:44
Of course, Hannah. How can I help?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 22:37:49
+ENG+ Security standard. The grid matches most normal protection parameters. This is just more in-depth than anticipated.
CSO Cdr Wright 19-May-2021 22:37:50
:: decides to just act natural, like she doesn't feel awkward about the wink, and project confidence she doesn't feel ::
MED LCdr Acacia 19-May-2021 22:38:08
:: grabs a chart for another patient, continuing her rounds with a new pep in her step ::
SCI Lt Herschel 19-May-2021 22:38:40
:: Rike has absolutely no confidence on the bridge so that does not help at all ::
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:38:58
:: exits the TL to the bridge and makes for the ready room door, nodding to Kuari and Lexy ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 22:39:01
+ENG+ I have a conduction limiter. But the phasing of the circuitry doesn't look compatible.
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 22:39:10
Um…could you just give me a heads-up if a certain ship shows up? There’s a specific person I’m kinda wanting to avoid.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 22:39:26
:: pulls the conduction limiter out of his satchel, grabbing it before it too floats away ::
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 22:39:29
Of course! Which ship would that be?
CSO Cdr Wright 19-May-2021 22:39:35
:: nods back at Kate, shaking off her awkward feelings as much as possible, and routes the priority communication to the ready room ::
XO Cdr Kuari 19-May-2021 22:39:58
:: nods back, knowing where she's going and doesn't say a word ::
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:40:03
:: enters the ready room and takes a moment to make sure she's still presentable before answering the comm from the Admiral ::
SCI Lt Herschel 19-May-2021 22:40:30
:: stares down at her console wishing she was in the botany lab watering plants ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 22:40:56
+TAC2+ Nab the phasing data and send it to me, and I’ll have a conduction limiter replicated in fab and beamed down to you.
CSO Cdr Wright 19-May-2021 22:40:59
:: looks over at Navarro's empty seat next to her, wishing he were here ::
NAV Lt Navarro 19-May-2021 22:41:42
:: exits the TL on to the bridge and after a smile and nod to Kuari, he slides into the empty helm ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 22:41:53
:: taps his arm console, pulling the data ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-May-2021 22:41:58
:: brightens as Navarro arrives ::
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 22:42:03
The USS Meridian. Prometheus-class Mk. II. Since you’ll find out anyways when you look it up, the captain is my brother. And he’s an asshole.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 22:42:08
:: sends it to D'bryn :: +ENG+ Phasing data headed your way.
XO Cdr Kuari 19-May-2021 22:42:32
:: notes Navarro's return and nods as he takes his station ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 22:42:51
+TAC2+ Got it. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 22:43:22
So noted! Once Control is back up, I will have them make you aware the moment the Meridian arrives. And of course, Hannah, I never divulge information about those under my protection. You have found, shall we say, a refuge? :: smiles ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 22:43:34
+Iesius+ D’bryn to Iesius.
NAV Lt Navarro 19-May-2021 22:43:45
CSO: ¡Hola!
MED LCdr Acacia 19-May-2021 22:44:25
:: smiles, thanking the nurse who stops to congratulate her ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-May-2021 22:44:28
:: gives him what she thinks is a confident little wave ::
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 22:44:50
Thank you, Venya. I’ll make it up to you.
NAV Lt Navarro 19-May-2021 22:45:17
:: waves back, but as the king of confidence, he's not fooled ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 22:45:27
Damien> +TAC2+ Moving onto Pylon 8.
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:45:29
:: is briefed by the Admiral on the Council's decision on its ramifications ::
SCI Lt Herschel 19-May-2021 22:46:00
:: avoids eye contact with everyone at this point, still mentally trying to figure out what that damn wink meant ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 22:46:20
Iesius> +D’bryn+ Iesius here. What’s up, Zoë? +Iesius+ I’m sending you some phasing data from the security pylons down here. Can you guys fab an appropriate conduction limiter for it? Iesius> +D’bryn+ Sure. Gimme twenty minutes.
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 22:46:37
Not at all, dear, consider it a benefit of your newfound status here. :: attempts to power on her manicure arch, and finds that it's broken ::
MED LCdr Acacia 19-May-2021 22:47:20
:: sits down with her patient, taking the time to talk through what her treatment will be like ::
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:47:50
:: pauses once the briefing concludes and takes a moment to process it ::
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 22:48:12
:: sadly tosses the manicure arch into the recycler ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-May-2021 22:48:53
::Pauses what he's doing, tilting his head, sweeping his head side to side like he's reading, before going back to typing away.::
SCI Lt Herschel 19-May-2021 22:49:27
:: glances at Ilaihr ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 22:49:37
+Damien+ I'm still working on seven.
CSO Cdr Wright 19-May-2021 22:50:08
:: wonders what the message from the Admiral was ::
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:50:24
:: finds herself hoping against all hope that the Council's statement will deter the Xovul from continuing their aggressions, knowing that means war ::
:: takes a deep breath as she stands and puts her Captain Face back on, Picard-maneuvers, and exits to the bridge ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-May-2021 22:51:27
:: looks up at Kate as she enters and sees Captain Face :: Self: Uh-oh.
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:51:39
CSO: Put me on shipwide, Commander.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 22:51:47
+Iesius+ Oh, Ema? Sorry, D’bryn to Iesius. Iesius> Yeah, Zoë? +Iesius+ When you’ve fabbed that limiter, can you beam it to Scott Ammora’s location? He’s gonna be using it. Iesius> Copy that.
SCI Lt Herschel 19-May-2021 22:52:10
:: looks up at the Captain, scrunching eyebrows together in curiosity ::
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:52:31
:: walks to the center of the bridge in preparation of her speech ::
XO Cdr Kuari 19-May-2021 22:52:45
:: watches Harper, solemn, and waits to hear what she announces to the crew ::
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 22:52:53
:: finishes her wine as she cleans blood off her desk ::
MED LCdr Acacia 19-May-2021 22:52:59
:: hears the hum of the intercom and pauses to listen to the announcement ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-May-2021 22:53:08
:: becomes very serious, all traces of the awkwardness forgotten for the moment, and turns to her console to open the shipwide channel, then nods to Kate when it's ready ::
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:54:04
+Atlantis+ This is Captain Harper. The Federation Council has just issued a condemnation of the Xovul attacks against the Free Fleets, and a statement to them that any further aggression against our allies will be considered a treaty violation.
CSO Cdr Wright 19-May-2021 22:55:03
:: winces ever so slightly as the words are spoken, feeling that sick feeling in the pit of her stomach again ::
XO Cdr Kuari 19-May-2021 22:55:11
:: closes her eyes briefly, but opens them with resolve and a deep bracing breath, knowing that the Council's decision is for the best, and that the Xovul had it coming and it is the right thing to do ::
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 22:55:51
:: thinks it’s wine that Venya is cleaning off her desk, but is choosing to focus on cleaning up something on the other side of the office ::
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:56:16
+Atlantis+ Although I was in de facto command here from the Atlantis's flagship status, I have been given official command of the fleet here, both of the efforts to repair and bolster Refuge, and of any resulting confrontations with the Xovul.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 22:56:19
Damien> +TAC2+ Moving on to Pylon 10.
:: stares at Pylon 7 ::
SCI Lt Herschel 19-May-2021 22:56:54
Self: Ooh.
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:56:55
+Atlantis+ We may be soon be dragged in to war, against all of our efforts to avoid it.
SCI Lt Herschel 19-May-2021 22:57:04
Self: Oh.
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 22:57:07
:: moves on to a rug, also bloody, and realizes that it's her blood ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 22:57:09
+Damien+ I'm working on an internal problem. If you want to circle back to Pylon 9, it would be appreciated.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 22:57:14
:: feels suddenly very sad about the possibility of another war ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-May-2021 22:57:18
:: silently recalls her vow to support Kate through anything that she faces and recommits to it, knowing this will be hard for Kate ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 22:57:33
Damien> +TAC2+ Are you asking me for help, Ammora?
SCI Lt Herschel 19-May-2021 22:57:50
:: ohh no. what- oooh. nooooooo- ::
XO Cdr Kuari 19-May-2021 22:57:50
:: puffs out her chest, ready to defend their allies and fight, lowering her heavy eye ridges into her mean face ::
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:57:52
+Atlantis+ I am not going to lie and say that we will all be alright. Even those who are uninjured suffer the trauma of war.
MED LCdr Acacia 19-May-2021 22:58:17
:: keeps a small smile, knowing Kate is going through a lot but managing to keep a Captainly face ::
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 22:58:20
Just to make conversation, it’s okay if you don’t wanna talk business, but just curious: What’s the job you had in mind?
SCI Lt Herschel 19-May-2021 22:58:22
:: I did not sign up for this ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 22:58:38
+Damien+ I'm asking you to do your job.
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:58:48
+Atlantis+ But I promise you all, my crew, and this family that we will fight our hardest to defend the values that our uniform represents, each other, and this ship that we call home. I will personally do my best to get you home.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 22:59:01
:: looks around at the damage here on Refuge, thinks about the injured she saw in Sickbay last week, thinks about Hannah’s burned arm, about those who died::
:: fights back tears when she thinks about having to experience more ::
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 22:59:18
:: slightly shook as she picks up the rug and heads for the recycler, despite the rug being incredibly valuable :: Not... not now, Hannah.
CSO Cdr Wright 19-May-2021 22:59:25
:: knows this is the right thing to do and is happy to be protecting their allies, but is fearful of another war with a foe as fearsome as the Xovul ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-May-2021 22:59:43
::Just quietly sighs.::
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 22:59:57
+Atlantis+ If it comes to war, it will be a hard-fought one. But I would not want to go into it aboard any other ship, or with any other crew. Harper out.
SCI Lt Herschel 19-May-2021 23:00:02
:: internally screams ::
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 23:00:08
Sure. :: sees the rug about to go into the recycler :: You sure a particle evaporator won’t work on the stain damage there?
CSO Cdr Wright 19-May-2021 23:00:09
:: closes the shipwide channel ::
CO: Channel closed.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-May-2021 23:00:32
::Put his hand on his head, at the sudden rush of intense emotions.::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 23:00:32
:: grits his eyes closed :: +Damien+ We're going to have to be friends sooner rather than later if the Captain's words are true.
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 23:00:33
It might... :: hesitates ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 19-May-2021 23:00:37
:: finds a place to sit down ::
MED LCdr Acacia 19-May-2021 23:00:53
:: sighs, touching her new half-pip again and taking a moment to think ::
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 23:00:53
Here, lemme take a gander.
CTO Cpt Grey 19-May-2021 23:00:55
:: exhales sharply at the news, checking the weapons systems over again ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 23:00:59
:: gets the unit he needs, and installs it ::
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 23:00:59
:: looks around the bridge :: CSO: I will have a message for the fleet prepared shortly.
MED LtJG Jasper 19-May-2021 23:01:17
:: looks to Acacia, expression worried. :: MED: The announcement?
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 23:01:26
:: pauses, holding the rug ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-May-2021 23:01:31
CO: Aye, Captain. I'll coordinate a fleetwide channel to be ready when you are.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 19-May-2021 23:01:34
:: taps his comm :: Atlantis, one to beam back. :: shimmers ::
MED LCdr Acacia 19-May-2021 23:01:52
:: nods, glancing at Ethan :: MED2: War.
XO Cdr Kuari 19-May-2021 23:01:58
:: nods dutifully wearing her mean face when Harper makes eye contact ::
SCI Lt Herschel 19-May-2021 23:02:20
:: glances up, still internally panic screaming ::
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 23:02:27
CSO: No need for a channel, just orders for the captains. My speech was for us, and their captains will make similar ones for them.
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 23:02:43
Yeah, speaking of my brother, he gave me a bloody nose once when we were kids, and he forced me to clean it up so our parents wouldn’t find out. I got pretty good at it.
CSO Cdr Wright 19-May-2021 23:02:54
CO: Aye, Captain.
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 23:02:56
:: knows for a fact that some of the captains already here are more qualified to be leading the fleet than she is, and doesn't want to step on their toes ::
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 23:03:44
:: hands Hannah the rug :: It... is unfortunate how many people here are good at cleaning up blood. I try to avoid it.
MED LtJG Jasper 19-May-2021 23:03:49
:: he nods, leaving his station to come around and gently press his hands to Acacia's shoulders :: MED: We'll be in good hands. Ryleigh'll put up a good fight.
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 23:04:12
Same. :: takes the rug :: I’ll get this thing spotless.
MED LCdr Acacia 19-May-2021 23:04:31
:: reaches up and holds Ethan’s hand on her shoulder. She manages a small smile, nodding. ::
Venya Kashar 19-May-2021 23:04:54
Thank you, Hannah. :: tries to begin to re-assume her usual character after being shaken ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-May-2021 23:05:02
::The intensity eases of as he controls the intake; he breathes deeply for a moment, before composing himself. He places his hand on his console, before slowly turning in his seat and looking around the bridge. He sighs again.::
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 23:05:17
:: takes her seat and looks around the bridge ::
Hannah Ziredac 19-May-2021 23:05:22
:: finger-gun / tongue-click combo :: Anytime.
SCI Lt Herschel 19-May-2021 23:05:33
:: takes a deep breath staring at nothing oh this is new pure panic, that is ::
MED LtJG Jasper 19-May-2021 23:05:54
:: squeezes her shoulders lightly, rubbing at her back carefully before stepping back and heading back towards his station ::
CO Capt Harper 19-May-2021 23:05:56
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