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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
With the Syrinx hitching a ride in our slipstream wake, Atlantis made haste to Refuge in response to the news of a Xovul attack. Arriving on site, we found evidence of a large battle, with debris of Xovul and Free Fleets ships forming an expanding cloud around Refuge. Refuge itself has taken moderate damage, with some sections depressurized, while also having suffered an invasion by Xovul ground forces. Two hours after our arrival, with both ships acting as hospitals along with some recent Free Fleets arrivals, the initial surge in casualties has passed, but a steady stream of wounded continue to arrive with no respite in sight.
After 12-May-2021 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 21:15:31
:: on the bridge, signing off on another PADD requesting her approval for aid ::
CTO Cpt Grey 12-May-2021 21:16:12
:: is checking all the sensors, muttering under her breath as she works ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 21:16:26
:: in sickbay, bouncing from patient to patient as they come in ::
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 21:17:18
:: is looking over Ensign Barrett's shoulder, watching as the computer is searching Region E with specific parameters ::
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 21:17:33
:: awakens in sickbay and begins to return to lucidity, but still battered and bruised since her superficial injuries were not bad enough to be treated ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 21:17:35
:: at her station, coordinating patient transports ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 21:17:47
:: receives a request for assistance in repairing a civilian ship in the shuttlebay ::
MED LtJG Jasper 12-May-2021 21:17:56
:: is hurrying from patient to patient, checking signs and medications as necessary ::
XO Cdr Kuari 12-May-2021 21:18:14
:: sits next to Harper on the bridge, busy receiving reports from department heads that don't need the captain's approval, taking some of the weight off her back ::
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 21:18:36
:: wipes at her face, remembering that she had been crying, and remembers why, but now is not the time to continue that ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 21:18:45
:: checks her patient’s chart, ordering the nurse to bring a hypospray ::
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 21:18:54
:: passes another PADD back to Kuari ::
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 21:18:54
:: is elbows-deep in the Skylark's main console :: :: kinda knows what she's doing, ish ::
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 21:19:09
Landeskog> :: standing guard by the Skylark, bored ::
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 21:19:22
:: pages a doctor ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 21:19:28
:: checks the armory rifles to make sure their charges are good ::
XO Cdr Kuari 12-May-2021 21:20:10
:: takes the PADD, glances over it, then taps a response back to engineering ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 21:20:16
Self: Civvie ship, huh? :: looks around at Main Engineering :: Got nothin better to do, I guess. :: hops up, heads for turbolift ::
MED LtJG Jasper 12-May-2021 21:20:19
:: hears the page, and moves towards Venya, knocking lightly on the doorframe :: Venya: What's up?
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 21:20:35
:: notes the page. She finishes up with her patient, heading into surgical recovery to check on Venya :: Venya: Good morning!
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 21:20:55
:: smiles at Jasper and starts to talk, but when Acacia enters the room, she diverts ::
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 21:21:12
:: as the computer finalizes it's scan, she grasps her PADD, ready to whip up a quick report, not realizing her knuckles turned white ::
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 21:21:29
MED: Doctor, thank you for coming. I need to speak with Kat — mm, I mean, Captain Harper.
MED LtJG Jasper 12-May-2021 21:21:29
:: ducks his head slightly and steps to the side to let Acacia enter :: MED: I'll let you two be. I'll cover your patients for now, Acacia. :: smiles and turns back into the bustling medbay
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 21:22:03
:: wonders how she'll conceal or explain some of her less-than-legal tech ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 21:22:15
:: checks his PADD, looks at the next location - the shuttlebay ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 21:22:18
:: smiles warmly :: MED: Thank you, Ethan.
Venya: I’ll see if I can get her for you.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 21:23:17
:: gets off at Deck 18, heads for shuttlebay ::
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 21:23:27
MED: Thank you, dear. :: instinctively goes to check her appearance, but finds herself glad to not have a mirror ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 21:23:38
:: moves to the turbolift :: Shuttlebay, Deck 18.
MED LtJG Jasper 12-May-2021 21:24:07
:: nods, snagging his PADD and sliding into the busy main area ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 21:24:19
:: steps back out of the recovery room, tapping her combadge :: +CO+: Lady Kashar is awake and wants to speak to you, Captain.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 21:24:33
:: rides to Deck 18 ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 21:24:33
:: gets to shuttlebay, spots the only civilian ship there, and the SEC officer standing by it ::
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 21:24:39
:: perks up at the comm :: +MED+ Ah, thank you doctor. I will be down shortly.
Landeskog> :: nods boredly at D'bryn ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 21:25:05
:: pokes her head back into recovery :: Venya: She’s on her way down.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 21:25:06
:: approaching :: SEC: Hi, did you file the request for help on this ship?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 21:25:09
:: exits and walks down the corridor, enters the shuttlebay ::
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 21:25:32
Landeskog> :: jerks his thumb back into the Skylark :: ENG: The civilian in there did.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 21:25:48
:: sees Zoe, and gazes up at the ship :: Whoa.
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 21:25:50
MED: Thank you, doctor. :: settles back against the pillows ::
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 21:26:01
:: hears the new voice from outside ::
XO Cdr Kuari 12-May-2021 21:26:15
:: looks up at the comm and shares a smile with Harper ::
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 21:26:27
:: stands and returns Kuari's smile :: XO: You have the bridge, Kuari.
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 21:26:29
:: resumes her work, picking up on the patient whose chart Ethan has made it to ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 21:26:30
:: hears the comm and turns to look at Kate ::
XO Cdr Kuari 12-May-2021 21:26:44
:: nods dutifully and resumes what she was doing ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 21:26:52
:: gives thumbs-up to Landeskog :: SEC: Cool, thanks!
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 21:26:56
:: catches the look from her wife :: CSO: Would you like to join me?
Landeskog> :: nods boredly again ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 21:27:34
:: heads over to the starboard hatch; calls inside :: Hello?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 21:28:23
:: tries to motion to Zoe as she enters the ship ::
:: looks at his PADD ::
Self: Armory cabinet Beta 3. :: looks across the shuttlebay, crosses to the panel and opens it ::
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 21:30:01
:: looks toward the entrance, sees that babe she met in Sickbay; hurriedly gets up and makes herself presentable :: Well well well, looks like we've officially upgraded this tragedy to a meet-cute. Hope you know your way around tech you've probably never seen before.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 12-May-2021 21:30:06
::Types away quietly at his station, running repair simulations in his head as he stares at the telemetry; figuring out more rapid and efficient repair strategies.::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 21:30:48
:: is perhaps not that surprised that it's that Hannah lady from Sickbay; rolls her eyes as subtly as she can :: Hannah, right?
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 21:31:03
:: sits down by a patient’s bed and gets to work with a dermal regenerator, having some time to start on more minor injuries now that the flow of severely injured has slowed down ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 21:31:20
:: looks down at the business of her console, then back up at Kate :: CO: I hate to leave at a time like this, but... on a personal level, I could use a break. And I'm concerned about Lady Venya. :: quickly adds :: But I'm totally okay with staying with my duties as well.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 21:31:35
:: catalogs the compression rifles in the shuttlebay's storage unit ::
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 21:31:47
:: performs a soap-opera gasp :: You remembered! :: resumes cocky aloofness :: Yeah, and you're Zoë.
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 21:31:51
:: gestures toward the TL :: CSO: Come on, then, and call for relief.
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 21:32:23
:: looks over for Gunnarsdottir and remembers that she'd already assigned the woman to do something else ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 21:32:24
:: finishes his inventory ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 21:32:38
:: talks to the patient, calming his fears as she works on his burned chest ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 21:32:57
:: turns and gazes at the ship in the shuttlebay::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 21:33:00
:: looks around :: I like the ship. I recognize the basic scout-ship framework, but I haven't seen such extensive modifications on one before.
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 21:33:06
+SCI+ Lieutenant Herschel, please report to the Bridge to take over main Sci/Ops.
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 21:33:49
Wish I could say the mods were all me, but they were reportedly, uh... :: leans in :: Section 31.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 21:34:11
:: widens eyes :: How'd you get a Section 31 ship?
NAV Lt Navarro 12-May-2021 21:34:29
:: directing traffic from the helm in the absence of Refuge Control ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 21:34:39
:: moves towards the starboard side of the strange ship, looking at the markings and the configuration ::
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 21:35:08
Had enough GPL at the auction that was selling it after the Section went belly-up.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 21:35:16
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 21:35:20
:: bends over to pick up PADD :: +CSO+ Yes Ma'am. :: blinks, looking at the ensign sitting down :: Barrett: Not a word until I write up the report. :: quickly copies the results over to her PADD before practically running out of the lab ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 12-May-2021 21:35:53
::Startles for a moment, seemingly at nothing; before shrugging it off, and continuing with what he was doing. Although now either mumbling to himself under his breath or quietly chanting in an alien tongue.::
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 21:36:17
:: moves on to the next worst patient :: Nurse: 20ccs Lexorin, and get a neural stimulator.
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 21:36:23
Don't get any ideas, though. Every nut and bolt on the Skylark is mine. Don't be copying anything or filing any schematics or whatever Starfleet regulations has you guys do. :: motions to the CONN :: Shall we?
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 21:36:25
:: leaves quick instructions for the lieutenant and then stands, self-consciously straightening her uniform and walking toward the TL ::
XO Cdr Kuari 12-May-2021 21:36:41
:: takes note of Wright covering her position and watches she and Harper depart ::
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 21:36:44
:: enters the TL with Lexy and directs it to sickbay ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 21:36:45
:: places his hand on the side of the hull :: Self: Nice design. Nothing special.
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 21:36:47
:: starts to type up a report on her PADD while making her way to turbo lift, trying not to run into people :: Oi, excuse me. Sorry, sorry about that. Excuse me. Yes, hold the door! Thank you! Bridge.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 21:37:29
:: thinks she hears something behind her, in the direction of the sleeping quarters in the back: like an autumnal dry leaf shaking from a spindly twig ::
Uh, yeah. I didn't notice any hull damage, so what's the trouble?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 21:38:43
:: continues to walk around the craft ::
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 21:38:55
:: rides in silence, her own worries keeping her quiet ::
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 21:39:10
:: as she manages to be alone on the turbo lift, she gives a squeal of glee as she continues to the report as the lift goes up to the bridge ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 21:39:23
:: feeling increasingly nervous ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 21:39:24
:: checks all the patient’s vitals and scans, unsure why he hasn’t woken up yet ::
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 21:39:35
:: scoffs :: Just about everything else. The entire propulsion system went black, right before the CONN exploded and made chicharrones out of my arm. Basically everything but life support and communications went done-zo.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 21:39:44
:: gauges the weaponry ::
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 21:39:53
:: the TL arrives and they exit for sickbay ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 21:40:11
Yikes. Well, let's start with your power systems. :: under breath :: As per usual.
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 21:40:18
:: straightening her uniform and smoothing her hair ::
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 21:40:45
:: gives Lexy's hand a reassuring squeeze before they enter ::
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 21:41:00
:: spots a grunt poking around the Skylark from the windshield ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 21:41:13
:: takes a moment and swoops in as Harper and Wright arrive, innoculating them against Orion hormones on their way in :: CO: Hi!
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 21:41:28
:: inclines her neck for the hypo :: MED: Thank you, Emily.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 21:41:29
:: keeps moving to the port side ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 21:41:41
:: accepts the inoculation with a bit of relief ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 21:41:56
:: points towards surgical recovery :: CO: No problem. That way!
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 21:41:57
:: puts her PADD down as the doors open and steps onto the bridge. she looks around awkwardly, feeling quite out of place up there but makes her way to what she believes is the correct console ::
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 21:42:11
:: nods and heads toward surgical recovery ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 21:42:37
:: follows behind ::
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 21:42:50
:: rushes out the starboard hatch and shouts :: TAC2: Hey! Lookin's free, but touchin's 50 slips latinum per grope!
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 21:43:05
:: perks up as Kate and Lexy enter, and offers a battered smile :: Oh, Lexy, Katy-Kat, thank you so much for coming.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 21:43:24
HZ: :: startled ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 21:43:24
:: hears the shout as she crouches down and accesses the CONN panel ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 21:43:41
HZ: Just admiring the ship!
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 21:44:05
:: takes in Venya's injured form and feels a deep twinge of sadness over what's happened to her and Refuge as a whole ::
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 21:44:06
:: smiles at Venya, it still a shock to see her looking like this :: Lady Kashar, welcome aboard. I wish it were in more pleasant circumstances.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 21:44:41
HZ: :: doesn't know what to say :: Nice... uh... phaser banks!
Self: You're an idiot.
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 21:45:02
:: comes around the bow, eyes Landeskog :: SEC: Come on, Lando, you're lettin the oglers through. :: comes around to port :: TAC2: Well, unless you know your way around a small-systems power grid, you can get behind the velvet rope.
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 21:45:05
:: reads the note Wright left her as she stares down at the console :: Self: Oh good god. :: clears throat ::
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 21:45:06
As do I, dear, as do I. But, mark my words, we will recover.
NAV Lt Navarro 12-May-2021 21:45:27
:: smiles his charming smile at Herschel as she sits :: SCI: Welcome, Lieutenant.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 21:46:07
HZ: I know my way around small ship weaponry... power grids are kind of in the same wheelhouse.
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 21:46:08
:: moves on to the next patient, a never-ending stream still cycling through sickbay ::
XO Cdr Kuari 12-May-2021 21:46:15
:: notes Herschel's arrival, not thinking much over it, but her gaze lingers a moment even though her mind is occupied with her console's data ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 21:46:21
:: licks her lips, her mouth suddenly dry, not sure what to say so defaults to a not-entirely-convincing smile ::
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 21:46:23
I have been informed that Mr. Oolot was lost. Please accept my deepest sympathy.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 21:46:38
:: rolls her eyes, keeps working :: Sheesh.
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 21:46:39
:: smile fades quickly ::
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 21:47:38
:: nods soberly, still not entirely in-character :: Yes. He went down fighting, though, and defended me until the end, refusing to fall until there were no more of them.
MED LtJG Jasper 12-May-2021 21:47:39
:: is checking in with another patient, quietly checking in with them, while issuing orders to another nurse ::
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 21:47:43
:: gives Navarro a clearly nervous grin :: NAV: Thank you. :: hovers her fingers over the console, thinking in her head the process that she must do, before slowly but surely starting. oh god oh god oh god ::
CTO Cpt Grey 12-May-2021 21:48:11
:: glances back to Herschel :: SCI: It feels odd, doesn't it?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 21:48:39
HZ: :: gazes at her :: Uh, do you need help with any... uh... tactical stuff?
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 21:48:45
TAC2: Well, I already got one of your cute Engineers onboard, so kitchen's full. If you wanna take over for Corporal Wet Blanket over there, :: motions at Landeskog :: you can ogle all you want.
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 21:48:57
I am certain that his loss must hurt you deeply. We are at your disposal, both in our current capacity as a hospital, and for future repairs. I have requested additional ships, as well.
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 21:49:28
:: checks a chart :: Nurse: Lectrazine, 30ccs. Keep an eye on his cardiovascular readouts for me.
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 21:49:33
:: turns away, heads back to starboard to enter :: SEC: Honestly, Lando.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 21:49:38
:: smirks :: HZ: I'm pretty sure I'm better on your ammunition systems than... uh... Wet Blanket!
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 21:49:54
:: nods again at the mention of the loss of Oolot, then starts to smile as Harper talks about repairs :: Thank you, Katie, dear. You're a true friend of Refuge.
NAV Lt Navarro 12-May-2021 21:50:26
SCI: I'm Lt. Navarro, but you can call me Doc, most do. :: as he's directing traffic ::
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 21:51:22
It is our pleasure as allies of the Free Fleets, Lady Kashar.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 21:51:35
:: is able to access power systems, sees that the Skylark is in bad shape :: :: as Hannah comes back in :: What the hell hit you? A planet? From what I'm reading, your power systems took such a blowback surge that the conduits almost physically fused.
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 21:51:38
:: shifts uncomfortably, but nods in support of Kate's statements ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 21:51:55
:: watches HZ dismiss him ::
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 21:52:10
CTO: Odd is one way of putting it. :: terrifying is more like it... :: NAV: Ah. Lt. Herschel. :: gives a small nod before glancing back down at the console, taking slow but deliberate movements ::
CTO Cpt Grey 12-May-2021 21:52:19
SCI: Captain Grey, but Grey's what everyone calls me. :: smiles at Herschel before turning back to her station ::
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 21:53:07
:: almost laughs :: So formal! I would think that by now, we could speak a little more casually, among friends.
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 21:53:13
:: shrugs :: Well, she's not meant for pickin fights with battleships, so a couple good blasts put me down once they saw me.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 21:53:23
I'm glad you're okay.
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 21:53:51
:: talks to a nurse :: Nurse: He’s not out of the wheelhouse yet. Call me the minute he wakes up.
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 21:54:05
:: does the chin-resting-on-hand move :: You'll make me blush.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 21:54:13
:: walks over to Landeskog :: Lando: So, uh, what's the power on these babies?
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 21:54:19
It is our responsibility to treat a foreign dignitary with respect, but if you wish us to be less formal, we can.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 21:54:23
:: pulls a muscle rolling her eyes ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 12-May-2021 21:54:37
::Continues to mumble and chant to himself, in a hypnotic manner. Decreasing material requirements in one area, to redistribute them to others as he does so, typing along rhythmically with his chanting; detailing even the order that the repairs should be made by way of priority, anticipating a Xovul second wave.::
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 21:55:19
:: somehow, despite her battered visage, she manages a charming look, her violet eyes finding theirs :: Please do!
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 21:55:25
:: detects that Zoë might be a bit of a cold one :: So what are we looking at, timeframe-wise?
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 21:56:17
:: colors faintly, then clears her throat lightly and straightens her already-straight uniform... again ::
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 21:56:33
Lady Kashar — Venya. We have been unable to locate Queen Ashexana or her ship. Do you know what became of her?
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 21:56:42
:: sits with a patient, looking over his chart and performing a full scan :: Patient: Well, mister Hobbs, looks like you’re good to get out of here.
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 21:56:44
:: turns to stare at Ilaihr, then looks between Navarro and Grey, mouthing silently :: NAV/CTO: Is he ok?
NAV Lt Navarro 12-May-2021 21:57:01
:: nods and chuckles :: SCI: It's his way.
CTO Cpt Grey 12-May-2021 21:57:18
:: glances back at Herschel, grinning slightly :: SCI: He's alright. Just being an old man. :: tone is laced with humor ::
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 21:57:20
:: manages a weak chuckle :: Oh, I certainly do.
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 21:57:31
:: looks to Lexy and back to Venya ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 21:57:54
:: sighs :: Few days, maybe?
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 21:57:55
:: blinks multiple times in concern, and continues patient transport ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 21:58:03
:: is so frustrated with herself that she can't string two coherent thoughts together, but is glad that Kate can, and meets her eyes briefly before looking back at Venya to learn Ashexana's fate ::
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 21:58:08
Few days? The hell you need a few days for?
XO Cdr Kuari 12-May-2021 21:58:08
:: note Ilaihr, but doesn't even look, used to his ways ::
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 21:58:13
Would you believe, dear Katie, that she's off actually being a proper Queen?
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 21:58:57
:: knows that Venya doesn't have much regard for Ashexana, but tilts her head slightly, waiting for her to continue ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 21:59:18
:: moves on to the next patient, working on her burns with a dermal regenerator :: Patient: It’s alright, now.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 21:59:26
:: hears the thing coming from the sleeping quarts again; ignores it :: We're gonna need to full-on replace some of your power conduits, and after that we're gonna need to get a boost from Atlantis. That takes time.
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 21:59:37
You have to jumpstart my ship?
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 21:59:57
:: sits up in the biobed, straightening herself and clearing her throat before continuing :: Queen Ashexana took the Rixx to Earth, to address your Federation Council.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 22:00:25
:: purses lips, nods :: Yeah. Not only will that take some time to configure, since your system is so heavily modified, but I have to file the request to actually do that. If you were Starfleet, I wouldn't have to, but...
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:00:25
Landoskog: High-powered start-up? Low-recoil on ignition? What's the recharge rate?
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 22:00:55
:: blinks in surprise ::
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 22:01:07
Landeskog> :: blinks at Ammora :: Like I know.
:: her eyes widen slightly, betraying her surprise ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 22:01:26
:: hears Ammora's voice from outside, looks out the windshield and spots him :: Was that Scott you were yelling at just then?
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 22:02:03
Who, the cutie-patootie who looks like he takes himself too seriously?
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 22:02:08
:: finishes up on that patient quickly, taking the next chart that’d handed to her ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 12-May-2021 22:02:23
::Goes dead silent, slowly turning his head to look at Grey; his face occluded in shadow under his hood. His head tilts slightly:: CTO: Thank you, my dear girl.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:02:34
:: gazes at 'Lando' :: Lando: Uh, no insight on the weaponry systems?
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 22:02:58
The Xovul played you with that treaty. They used it to keep you out of the fight they wanted to pick with us. Ashe means to remedy that by actually acting as a head-of-state and convincing the Federation to protect their allies.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 22:03:10
The marine?
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 22:03:27
:: nods slowly, understanding the reasoning but skeptical that it will actually work ::
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 22:03:28
Landeskog> It's just some civilian scout, man, I don't give a shit.
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 22:03:33
Yeah. You know him?
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 22:03:48
Yeah. He's okay, he won't hurt your ship.
CTO Cpt Grey 12-May-2021 22:03:56
:: startles, but turns to Ilaihr with a slight nod :: CEO: You're... welcome, sir."
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 22:03:56
He single?
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 22:04:05
That... is certainly some news.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:04:13
Lando: But, uh, you know, knowledge?
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 22:04:26
:: furrows her brow at Hannah harder than she's furrowed her brow at anyone :: I know I just met you, but do you have an off-button?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:04:29
Lando: Sorry, sorry, just interested in ships...
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 22:04:37
Landeskog> :: snorts and shrugs ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 22:04:49
:: reads the chart and performs a scan, releasing another patient just as the next one comes in ::
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 22:05:01
Haven't found one. So? Is he?
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 22:05:13
I think he's married.
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 22:05:49
I actually called you down here to tell you that. Thought you might want to know... especially if she succeeds.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:06:05
Lando: Come on, what can this thing do?
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 22:06:12
It's the 25th century, kitten, that doesn't stop anyone.
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 22:06:23
:: considers the ramifications of Ashexana's success or failure ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 12-May-2021 22:06:41
::Sighs.:: CTO: When you make it to my age, I hope you are as sound of mind and body. ::Chuckles to himself, as his head slowly turns back, and he returns to what he was doing; typing and chanting.::
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 22:06:53
You understand, of course, that her success means a war.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 22:07:03
:: hears the sound from the sleeping quarters again :: Can we just fix your ship please? Also, what is this noise coming from back here? :: heads aftward ::
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 22:07:17
Landeskog> Lieutenant. Pay attention. I don't care.
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 22:07:26
:: drops the chart she’s working on and scurries over to check on a patient who’s just waking up, relieved to see him conscious ::
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 22:07:47
:: continues to work on the patient transports as she speaks :: CEO: If you don't mind me asking, how old are you?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:08:11
Lando: Fair enough.
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 22:08:29
I'm already at war, darling. :: sighs and clutches at the sheet for a moment :: But your lovely faces in it with me will make it possibly to actually survive it.
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 22:08:32
Hey, if I'm gonna be trapped on this Nerd-Can, I can at least see if there's any fun to be had. :: sees that Zoë is going into her sleeping quarters; immediately becomes guarded :: That's the sleeping quarters. Nothing happened in there. :: thinks, Yet. Hue hue. ::
CTO Cpt Grey 12-May-2021 22:08:46
:: turns to look at Ilaihr in confusion :: CEO: I'd be lucky if I do active duty until I fully retire.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:09:06
:: steps back, admiring the construction ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 22:09:06
Do you not hear that noise?
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 22:09:13
What noise?
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 22:09:30
Landeskog> :: snorts with relief, glad that the annoyance has left so he can go back to guarding in peace ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 22:09:38
:: hears it again :: That.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 12-May-2021 22:10:02
::Pauses again, laughing heartily; reaching up and pulling his hood down.:: SCI: Would you like to know how long I have lived? Or to to know when I was born? Or even, perhaps, the length of time I have perceived with the explorations of the mind and soul?
NAV Lt Navarro 12-May-2021 22:10:14
:: chuckles to himself ::
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 22:10:29
This a pretty flimsy excuse to get into my boudoir, Zoë.
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 22:10:33
:: releases one patient as two come in, communicating occasionally with the cargo bay being used as a second infirmary ::
CTO Cpt Grey 12-May-2021 22:10:47
CEO: Don't play mental games, sir. Just say your physical age for Herschel. :: retorts with a sigh ::
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 22:11:00
:: blinks ::
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 22:11:02
I... I will need to talk to the Admiral, at the very least.
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 22:11:18
:: feels that sickness in her stomach again, thinking about war ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:11:22
:: taps his PADD ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 22:11:25
:: the noise intensifies :: Will you shut up? :: listens, locates the source of the noise as a pile of clothes at the far end of the room :: :: points :: It's coming from there.
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 22:11:25
Oh, I think Ian will want to talk to you, too. Especially once Ashe arrives.
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 22:12:28
:: puts 2 and 2 together, steps in between Zoë and the pile :: Oh that noise. Oh, that's just a...don't worry about it. Not related to the ship.
How about you and me take a look at the power, huh?
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 22:12:54
:: nods, deciding to get back on track, since this is all above her pay grade ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 12-May-2021 22:12:56
CTO: It is not a game, my dear girl. For I was not born; but created. I spent a century frozen entombed within a mechanical coffin. And my mind, has seen things... been places by body could not follow.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 22:13:17
We're gonna need a little help with that. I'll—
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 22:13:40
:: works on a patient’s burned face very carefully, wanting to get the nose just right ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:13:59
:: looks at the phaser banks ::
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 22:14:05
In the meantime, we will do our best to get your people and your facility taken care of as best we can, Venya. While aboard Atlantis, you are our honored guest, and I hope we can grant you the hospitality you have shown us in the past.
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 22:14:08
Well there's that dork outside. :: calls outside :: Hey ogler!
CTO Cpt Grey 12-May-2021 22:14:33
:: jerks her head around to stare at Ilaihr in disbelief :: CEO: That's... not in your file, sir! Godfuckingdamnit...
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:14:39
:: hears Hannah's call ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 22:14:56
Who, Scott? I meant an Engineer.
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 22:14:56
Oh I am very confused now.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:15:02
:: rushes in to Hannah and Zoe's side ::
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 22:15:13
I appreciate that, dear Katie, Lexy. You are too kind to me, as always.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 12-May-2021 22:15:57
SCI: My genesis was before the Coalition of Planets. I am over... 230 years old by that count. But my body has weathered the passing of 130 years of that time. And through my many explorations and endeavours... I have experienced the passage of time of ages that... I cannot begin to estimate.
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 22:16:01
ENG: Hush, you. TAC2: Hey. I'm Hannah. Can you give us a hand with my power conduits? I apparently got hit so hard some of my parts fused.
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 22:17:11
:: releases another patient to some protest, security having to show him out ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:17:14
:: looks at Zoe, concerned :: HZ: Yes, yes of course. Fusing is pretty standard, uh... uh... what's the point? I mean, what is the goal?
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 22:17:36
:: offers a kind smile, lessening the formality a bit once again :: Of course, Venya. Our doctors will have you fully recovered soon, I am sure.
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 22:18:10
:: unsure what to say without stepping on toes, so says nothing, but offers a smile ::
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 22:18:38
To get my power back online, duh. Bonus points: sooner you get the power back online, sooner I can fire up my replicator and get us some of my aunt's famous margaritas.
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 22:19:02
:: blinks again :: CEO: How... interesting.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:19:12
:: looks at HZ :: So... power back online, got it.
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 22:19:32
Oh, I know they will, your doctors are fabulous, just like you. :: smiles at them both, and winks at Lexy :: What's the matter? Kat got your tongue?
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 22:19:42
:: sighs, rolls her eyes again :: Okay, well, hand me that decoupler over there.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:19:54
:: gets on his knees and pulls the closest panel open ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 22:20:24
:: blushes :: Venya: I-I'm just glad that you're okay and so sorry for everything that has happened.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:20:28
:: stares into the circuitry :: Self: Fuck Me
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 22:20:40
:: checks her patient’s chart, not giving him more medicine as she sees he’s had it :: Patient: How are you feeling now?
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 22:20:58
TAC2: You're telling me. This isn't a combat ship in the slightest. I don't know what she was doing in a battle.
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 22:21:51
Oh, that blush is adorable, I love it. Thank you, dear, I certainly appreciate it. But you should both know that I have survived worse.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 22:22:24
:: works at decoupling fried conduits ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 12-May-2021 22:22:43
::Pulls up an image of Sagittarius A* on his console.:: SCI: Within that ::He points.:: I saw the birth of time, I saw stars flicker and die, within the blink of an eye. ::Chuckles.:: Among other things, I cannot describe, as they are ineffable to lower beings like ourselves.
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 22:22:48
:: nods as they turn for the door :: Call me if you need anything, Venya.
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 22:23:01
:: blushes harder somehow, relieved by Kate's turn to the door ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 22:23:16
:: pulls one out, scans it with her tricorder for the dimensions :: +Davis+ D'bryn to Davis.
Davis> +D'bryn+ Davis here, what's up?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:23:31
Zoe: No, no, this is fine...
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 22:24:17
+Davis+ I'm sending you some specifications on non-Starfleet-regulation power conduits, and I need fab to replicate, oh...probably a dozen of them.
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 22:24:27
:: sensing that her wife needs a rescue, so she mercifully exits ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:24:38
Zoe: Half dozen!
Self: I think.
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 22:24:49
:: follows behind, willing her face to return to a normal shade ::
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 22:25:30
:: chuckles to herself as she settles back down into the biobed ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 22:25:37
TAC2: Yeah, if you don't account for the possibility of overload when we :: tries to remember Hannah's term for it :: jumpstart it. Better safe than sorry.
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 22:25:45
:: nods politely :: CEO: Must be absolutely... enchanting :: for the lack of a better word... curse this limited language :: CEO: to have seen so much.
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 22:26:05
:: notes Wright and Harper leaving and ducks in to check on Venya, whipping out the dermal regenerator to work on her superficial injuries now they there’s a bit of time :: Venya: How are you feeling?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:26:27
:: looks at Zoe, incredulous :: ENG: 'Jumpstart?' Why don't you just fix it the right way and start it with standard ops?
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 22:27:24
:: is frantically trying to find a secure place to hide her Light, settles on under her mattress ::
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 22:27:25
:: smiles at Acacia :: MED: Much better, thank you, doctor. And even better still, knowing that you're working on getting me back to at least looking like myself.
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 22:27:40
:: walks out of sickbay to the turbolift and enters, directing it to the bridge ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:27:41
:: sparks hit him in the face ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 22:28:12
:: sags against Kate in the TL :: CO: I was hoping it would be a break, but being around that woman is exhausting.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:28:14
ENG: Okay, regardless, maybe a dozen is appropriate.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 22:28:15
TAC2: Scott, look at this stuff. :: gestures at everything :: There's nothing standard about the way this ship was built. She said it was— :: looks to see if Hannah's within earshot; whispers :: —she said it used to be Section 31.
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 22:28:33
:: blinks to self to mentally reset herself, continuing with her assigned task ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:28:41
:: slams his head on the bottom of the console ::
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 22:28:48
She is... a presence. :: pulls Lexy into a quick hug as they ride ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 22:29:06
:: smiles warmly, taking a bit of time to clean up the bruises and scrapes, taking extra care on Venya’s face :: Venya: Well we’d like to get you out of here soon. Nobody likes to stay in sickbay long, as charming as our facilities are.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 22:29:07
:: winces at Scott's physical gag :: Y'okay, Scott?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:29:15
:: stands up quickly ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 12-May-2021 22:29:16
SCI: Oh indeed. And maddening. ::Smirks, as his hood seems to raise back over his head without input; but doing it with a faint flicker.:: Self: Most maddening indeed.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:29:27
ENG: Zoe, are you serious?
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 22:29:37
:: hugs back, tightly ::
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 22:29:46
MED: Indeed, no offense, of course. And besides... I have a port to rebuild.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 22:30:06
TAC2: I mean, I just met this chick so I don't know her bullshit ratio, but that's what she said. It explains how utterly wackadoo some of these mods are.
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 22:30:10
:: quietly :: CSO: I love you, Rosie.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:30:30
:: stares at Zoe, without flinching ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 22:30:42
:: quietly :: CO: I love you too, darling.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:30:50
ENG: Who else knows what she said?
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 22:31:04
:: lingers in the hug for a moment before letting go, just before the doors open and they return to the bridge ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:31:14
ENG: Who else knows!?
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 22:31:36
:: straightens her uniform again as she exits to the Bridge ::
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 22:31:50
:: looks over at Wright and sighs in relief to herself. please let me go back to the lab by golly this place is terrifying ::
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 22:32:05
:: she walks to the center of the bridge, but does not take her seat :: XO: Anything new, Kuari?
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 22:32:31
:: approaches the Lieutenant :: SCI: Thank you for coming so quickly. How did everything go?
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 22:32:36
:: looks at Scott askance :: TAC2: Whoa, dude, what's it to you?
XO Cdr Kuari 12-May-2021 22:32:46
:: turns her head towards Harper :: CO: The usual speed of repairs, nothing of note. How was Venya?
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 22:32:52
:: takes her time getting Venya cleaned up, offering a hand mirror as she does a scan to check for anything she missed. She gives Venya a shot of a hypospray, noting it in her chart :: Venya: We’ll keep you for another fifteen minutes or so to be sure the swelling is going down, but you’re almost done. Sound good?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:33:12
:: glares at Zoe :: ENG: What's it to me? What's it to me? What's it to... uh... this!?
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 22:33:21
XO: Battered and bruised, but much better. She is incredibly grateful for our help. :: leaves out the bit about Ashexana, for now, not wanting to alarm the bridge ::
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 22:33:21
:: reappears :: Any progress yet, loves?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:33:36
:: puts his hands behind his back ::
HZ: Working on the, uh... power conduits... :: throws a sideways glance at Zoe ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 22:34:05
:: hears the omission, but says nothing ::
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 22:34:07
:: shakes head side to side :: CSO: Well the place is not on fire. :: as best as I could do... ::
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 22:34:08
MED: Oh, that sounds lovely, doctor. :: sighs with relief :: Be sure to avail yourself of our spa when it re-opens.
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 22:34:11
TAC2: Whatcha got there, Pyle?
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 22:34:23
MED: The pampering is on me, dear.
XO Cdr Kuari 12-May-2021 22:34:39
:: nods, accepting of the good news ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 22:34:42
:: manages a genuine smile at that :: Venya: That sounds nice. I think I’ll take you up on that.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:34:54
HZ: :: motions to the open panel :: Fused inversion relays. Easy fix.
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 22:35:01
:: laughs :: SCI: You are right, it's not on fire. Good work, Lieutenant Herschel.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 12-May-2021 22:35:24
::Chuckles to himself, under his hood.::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 22:35:25
SCI: You're welcome to work from the Science console over there... :: gestures :: ...unless you'd prefer to return to the lab?
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 22:35:25
:: gives Wright a clearly nervous smile, not hiding it whatsoever ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 22:35:28
:: nods and sees herself out, taking the next patient’s chart as it’s handed to her ::
NAV Lt Navarro 12-May-2021 22:35:42
:: chuckles to himself and offers Wright a sideways grin ::
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 22:35:56
:: points; smiles :: Behind your back, slick.
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 22:36:12
CSO: Oh thank god, yes please. :: lowers shoulders from the tension she was unknowingly holding :: CSO: I do have an exciting report to write!
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 22:36:13
MED: Be sure that you do! I must repay you for your wonderful treatment.
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 22:36:40
:: steps forward, imposing on Scott as he is half-under the console ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 22:36:48
:: gives Navarro a brief but pleasantly confused look before turning back to Rike :: SCI: Oooh, I look forward to reading it!
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 22:37:11
:: still smiling a gotcha smile ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 22:37:33
:: finds Venya’s attitude to be an encouraging sign, pleased that most of her patients have been kind today ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 22:37:46
:: is frozen, and anxious as hell ::
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 22:38:08
:: settles down again and waits for the swelling to subside ::
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 22:38:09
:: suddenly perks up as she picks her PADD up with the incomplete report :: CSO: I shall get it to you shortly! Schatzmond has certainly surprised me!
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:38:15
:: gets pinned down under the console :: HZ: Yeah, I know the.. uh.. parts are there... I'm just... uh, you know, working...
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 22:39:13
:: puts herself in a position of towering over and trapping Scott :: Hand-check.
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 22:39:17
SCI: Schatzmond? Is that what you've decided to call the moon? I like it.
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 22:39:34
:: checks over her face in the hand mirror that Acacia offered, pleased at the trend ::
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 22:39:40
ENG: You too, Ramona.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:39:56
:: throws up his hands, instinctively, dropping a hydrospanner on his face ::
HZ: What the hell?!
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 22:40:24
:: smiles at her next patient :: Patient: Let’s get you patched up.
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 22:40:37
CSO: Ah, yes! Mond means moon, and Schatz means treasure or darling.
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 22:40:59
TAC2: Okay, out. You blew it. Out from under there, off my ship. Gawn, git.
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 22:41:19
:: grins :: SCI: A fitting name! I'll see that it gets recommended as the official name.
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 22:41:49
:: starts to sit, but decides against it :: CSO: Please get me a secure channel to Admiral Blackthorne.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:42:04
HZ: :: pulls himself out from under the console :: What the hell are you talking about?
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 22:42:20
:: grins wildly, containing the squeak of glee she felt arise :: CSO: I'll go off and finish that report then!
XO Cdr Kuari 12-May-2021 22:43:09
:: looks from Harper to Wright, curious ::
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 22:43:18
I'm the only one who gets to pull shady shit on the Skylark. Off, before I go get Landskag to drag you out.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 22:43:34
HZ: Jesus, dude. What the hell is going on?
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 22:43:36
:: can't help but grin broadly at the excited scientist :: SCI: Sounds good. Thanks again, Lieutenant. :: slides into her seat and acknowledges Kate's request :: CO: Aye, Captain. To your ready room?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:43:50
:: points to Zoe :: HZ: See?
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 22:44:02
:: nods to Lexy, also smiling at Rike's enthusiasm :: CSO: Yes, please.
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 22:44:05
:: finishes up with another patient, humming to herself as she finalizes his chart ::
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 22:44:19
:: shuffle runs to the turbolift, and as soon as she gets on and the doors close, she fist pumps to herself ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 22:44:24
:: nods and begins tapping the keys to make the secure connection ::
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 22:44:49
:: crosses to the ready room doors and disappears within ::
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 22:45:03
TAC2: :: pointing at starboard hatch, hyper-annunciating :: OW-TUH.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:45:28
HZ: I'm two couplings away from fixing your power cells.
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 22:46:00
:: leans against the doors as they close, pinching the bridge of her nose as a headache comes on ::
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 22:46:39
:: tries to fix her hair to at least look somewhat presentable, but lacks the tools ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 22:46:40
:: coordinating more patient transports as she waits for the acknowledgement of the secure channel from the other end ::
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 22:46:42
Deck six! :: looks down at her PADD, continuing to write the report ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 22:47:30
:: releases a patient, another shimmering into the biobed shortly after, a bed never empty for long ::
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 22:47:35
:: finally gets off the doors and makes her way to the desk, terrified at the prospect of another war with the Xovul, but she understands the position the Free Fleets are in, fighting for their very survival ::
XO Cdr Kuari 12-May-2021 22:47:40
:: watches Harper disappear into the ready room, left wondering, but knows it's part of the captain's burden to keep things to herself ::
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 22:47:43
TAC2: And I'm sure Zoë and I will pick up your slack. :: claps him on the back and starts to yank him toward the hatch :: Excellent work today, Full-Metal Jacket, but the lady and I can take it from here.
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 22:48:24
Landeskog> :: snorts ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 22:48:40
:: tries hard not to think about what may be coming ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:48:45
:: sluffs off her pseudo-embrace :::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 22:49:06
:: gets the acknowledgement that a secure channel has been established, and routes it to the ready room ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:49:12
HZ: I need three minutes and your weapons systems will be back online.
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 22:49:32
:: gets off the turbolift and practically runs to the science lab, letting out her gleeful squeals :: Barrett> Uh, what is happening now? Barrett: SCHATZMOND!
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 22:50:00
:: scans her next patient, ordering :: Nurse: 20ccs terakine for this one.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:50:13
:: has a flash of nostalgia with her Full Metal Jacket reference ::
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 22:50:27
:: gets the notification and puts herself together to talk to Blackthorne ::
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 22:51:30
:: drags him hatchward more :: Three minutes better spent wandering the corridor in a haze wondering where it all went wrong. God, you Starfleet are a stubborn bunch.
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 22:52:06
Barrett> :: stares at Rike :: Ok.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:52:09
:: again, brushes off her grasp :: HZ: What the hell is wrong with you?!
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 22:52:47
:: works carefully on a man’s black eye, keeping her focus to keep her hands steady ::
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 22:53:44
:: checks the mirror again, and finds that her face is almost back to normal ::
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 22:53:57
TAC2: Currently, that my ship has an intruder. Brush up on private property laws while you're being dodgy somewhere else.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:54:41
:: stops, narrows his eyes, poignantly :: HZ: Let me do this... let me help you... please...
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 22:54:42
TAC2: Scott, it's her ship. Just take a walk, alright?
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 22:54:51
:: checks back in on Venya, running another scan :: Venya: Looking good, Lady Kashar. I think I can release you whenever you’re ready to transport.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:54:54
:: puts a hand up to Zoe ::
HZ: Three minutes...
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 22:56:05
:: widens eyes :: And they call me pushy. SEC: Hey Landeskog, I'm pronouncing your name correctly and everything, will you come get your dude off my ship?
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 22:56:11
:: smiles at Acacia and stands, checking her footing, then realizes that her clothes are still shredded and a mess :: MED: Um, doctor... can I trouble you? I have a certain, well, look that I must maintain, you see.
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 22:56:51
:: nods, leading Venya to the replicator by the wall :: Venya: Please, make anything you need.
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 22:56:52
:: proof reads her report of the acrylonitrile-based single cells organisms found in one of the deep hydrocarbon lakes on the moon and smiles even more ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:56:52
:: looks at Zoe, asking for help ::
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 22:57:01
Landeskog> :: nods, appreciating that she actually got it right :: TAC: C'mon, move it, lieutenant.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 22:57:07
TAC2: :: shrugs :: :: mouths :: It's her ship, what do you want me to do?
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 22:57:25
MED: Oh, thank you! You are a treasure, truly.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:57:35
:: looks at Lando, nodding :: No need for force, my friend.
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 22:57:53
:: bows her head respectfully :: Venya: Thank you.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:57:55
:: stares daggers at Zoe :: We're all friends here.
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 22:58:04
:: fixes a few grammar errors before taking a breath and sending it off to Wright. possibly the fastest she has ever written a brief report ::
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 22:58:39
TAC2: Buh-bye.
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 22:58:42
Landeskog> Then move it! I shouldn't have to say it twice, fuck.
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 22:59:30
:: replicates a new set of clothing to her specifications, along with a hair brush and a few other sundries, then looks around for a place to take them ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 22:59:51
:: the beep of Rike's report arriving is a welcome distraction from her worried thoughts, and she reads it over thoroughly ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 22:59:51
HZ: Reconnect the alternate inputs from the port and starboard relays. Then reset the manifolds with a polar variance that matches the warp core variance. You'll be good to go.
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 23:00:18
:: groans with the eye-rollest eye-roll ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 23:00:21
:: steps down out of the ship :: Lando: Calm down or you'll strain something.
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 23:00:33
:: gets back to work, Venya’s bed quickly filled by another patient. A nurse waves Venya into one of the doctors’ offices for a place to change ::
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 23:00:58
:: does a little shimmy-dance to herself in the lab, not GAF as the ensign stares at her :: HECK YEAH!
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 23:01:08
:: enters the office and changes, discarding the torn and bloody clothes into the resequencer - that being a shame, since they were not replicated and rather expensive ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 23:01:12
:: moves to the console he was working on before, double checks his work, throws a gaze to the ship, and exits the shuttlebay ::
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 23:01:23
Landeskog> :: grunts ::
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 23:01:23
I'm stealing this right from a hot Orion lady I just met, but Rule #1 on the Skylark: Do not fuck with Hannah Ziredac.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 23:01:41
:: record scratch :: Did you say 'Ziredac'?
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 23:01:54
:: begins briefing Admiral Blackthorne on what has happened since her last message ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 23:01:55
:: is really excited by the contents of the report, and sends a note back to Rike saying so and encouraging her to keep up the good work ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 23:02:33
:: sits with a patient and works on cleaning up his bruises, keeping busy ::
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 23:02:50
Yeah, weird one, I know. Supposedly French? Or something? Our ancestry is thin. Why?
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 23:03:06
:: begins drafting her own report based on Rike's findings ::
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 23:03:13
:: spends a bit of time fixing her hair and makeup as best she can given the circumstances ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 23:03:14
I once had a captain named Ziredac.
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 23:03:29
:: record scratch :: Did you.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 23:03:39
:: steps back into the shuttlebay ::
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 23:03:57
:: sends a note back to Wright saying that it is the moon who is doing the good work ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 23:03:59
Yeah. You have any loved ones in Starfleet?
CSO Cdr Wright 12-May-2021 23:04:20
:: chuckles to herself when she sees Rike's reply ::
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 23:04:22
:: turning away:: No loved ones, no.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 23:04:25
:: looks at the ship ::
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 23:04:42
Hey, get that power back up so we can get those margs, huh?
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 23:05:00
:: finishes up one patient and is on to the next, no downtime in sickbay ::
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 23:05:07
:: begins to expand her report using prior research she has read ::
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 23:05:27
:: finally emerges from the office, looking much more like herself, and again projecting her presence ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 23:05:46
:: stares at Lando ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 23:06:07
:: rolls her eyes again; makes mental note to do eye exercises before spending any time around this woman ::
Scott really isn't that bad, you know.
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 23:06:34
Landeskog> :: catches the stare :: TAC: Whaaaaaaaat.
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 23:06:44
You're gonna have to convince me of that. I weep for the Missus.
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 23:06:46
:: catches a glimpse of Venya and smiles at her, happy to see her moving around after the day Refuge had ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 23:07:14
Lando: You know you're kind of cute when you aren't all 'bad-ass' stoic, statue guy. :: winks ::
:: exits in a hurry ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 12-May-2021 23:07:35
He just wants to prove himself. Maybe a little too much. He means well, though.
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 23:07:37
Landeskog> :: snorts :: TAC: Shut up, I know it.
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 23:08:05
:: returns Acacia's smile as she makes her way toward the doors ::
SCI Lt Herschel 12-May-2021 23:08:20
Barrett> :: stares blankly ahead as Rike paces excitedly around him, presumably at an invisible wall towards potentially non-existent viewers, and sighs ::
Hannah Ziredac 12-May-2021 23:08:23
Honey pie, if I had a slip of latinum for every well-meaning ding-dong I've come across, I'd buy Risa.
MED Lt Acacia 12-May-2021 23:08:40
:: refocuses on her patient, working on his twisted arm and carefully resetting it ::
Venya Kashar 12-May-2021 23:09:47
:: notices that she acquires a security escort as she exits sickbay, and starts toying with them ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 12-May-2021 23:10:19
:: makes a note to talk to Zoe ::
:: chuckles at his last encounter with Lando ::
XO Cdr Kuari 12-May-2021 23:10:53
:: takes a deep breath, moving on from one repair situation report to another, watching as one thing at a time gets completed ::
CO Capt Harper 12-May-2021 23:10:55
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