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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
With the Syrinx hitching a ride in our slipstream wake, Atlantis has made haste to Refuge in response to the news of a Xovul attack. Some time later, our arrival is imminent, and the anticipation of what we will find upon our return to normal space is palpable.
After 05-May-2021 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:15:47
:: has already returned to the bridge from the ready room based on the projected arrival time, and takes her seat ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 05-May-2021 21:17:20
:: stands at the Tactical 2 console on the bridge, monitoring sensors ::
CTO Cpt Grey 05-May-2021 21:17:22
:: watches and signals the systems into action, checking them over once more ::
NAV Lt Navarro 05-May-2021 21:17:22
CO: Normal space in three minutes, capitana.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 05-May-2021 21:17:26
:: is in Main Engineering, monitoring the quantum field of the slipstream drive ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-May-2021 21:17:57
:: sits on her backless chair base just off center of the bridge, tending to her console and monitoring shipwide preparations, not having much time to wait in anticipation but the pink tip of her thrice-forked tail flops from side to side on the thin carpet in front of her ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 21:18:26
:: has taken her usual spot on the bridge, working on reports on the console ::
CSO Cdr Wright 05-May-2021 21:18:41
:: buckled in at her station, somewhat sick to her stomach as she anticipates the worst ::
SCI Lt Herschel 05-May-2021 21:19:07
:: still sitting in the chair with a seatbelt, she spends her time on the PADD looking up prior methane life form research ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:19:07
:: simply nods ::
NAV Lt Navarro 05-May-2021 21:19:33
CO: One minute...
ENG LtJG D'bryn 05-May-2021 21:19:58
:: checks the deflector array and power systems, ready to pump energy to the shields and weapons if necessary ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:20:16
Bridge: All hands, be ready for battle. Red alert!
ENG LtJG D'bryn 05-May-2021 21:20:53
:: sees red alert, stretches her neck to either side until she hears the light pop ::
NAV Lt Navarro 05-May-2021 21:20:57
CO: Normal space in ten, nine, eight...
CSO Cdr Wright 05-May-2021 21:21:04
:: pushes down a wave of nausea ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 21:21:06
:: closes the chart she was working on, pulling up the lifesign readings for the ship and looking up to watch the viewscreen ::
CTO Cpt Grey 05-May-2021 21:21:07
:: switches the yellow alert to red, looking over to Ammora :: TAC2: Check shields, run final checks.
XO Cdr Kuari 05-May-2021 21:21:15
:: grips her seat against her belly ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:21:16
ACTION> Atlantis and Syrinx pop into normal space in the Refuge system...
NAV Lt Navarro 05-May-2021 21:21:32
CO: Normal space achieved, drift is 353 light-seconds.
SCI Lt Herschel 05-May-2021 21:21:36
:: stares up at the red lights flashing and sighs :: Self: Oh lovely.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 05-May-2021 21:21:36
:: takes a breath, sits down and straps himself in ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:21:46
CTO: Scan the system for hostiles.
NAV: Take us toward Refuge.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 05-May-2021 21:22:01
:: monitors slipstream power-down and the impact on the inertial dampeners ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 05-May-2021 21:22:03
CTO: Shields nominal, no irregularities.
CTO Cpt Grey 05-May-2021 21:22:23
:: triggers the scan, keeping an eye on the result :: TAC2: Good, weapon systems green?
NAV Lt Navarro 05-May-2021 21:22:46
CO: Aye, capitana. :: turns toward Refuge and sends Atlantis that way ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 05-May-2021 21:22:59
:: taps the console quickly:: CTO: Weapon systems online and ready.
XO Cdr Kuari 05-May-2021 21:23:36
:: takes a deep breath. They are prepared for this ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 05-May-2021 21:23:54
:: gets a strange sensation of lightness in her head ::
SCI Lt Herschel 05-May-2021 21:24:00
Barrett: Does this mean that we are about to have a space battle? Barrett> Pretty much. Barrett: I've never actually been in one. The last ship I served was a science vessel that did it's darnedest to stay away from well- this.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 05-May-2021 21:24:08
:: furrows her brow, checks to make sure she isn't wearing her Light pendant ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:24:23
ACTION> Scans reveal no hostile ships, but the evidence of a hard-fought battle is clear. As we approach Refuge, it becomes even more apparent; an ever-expanding cloud of debris, both of Xovul and Free Fleets ships, is obvious.
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 21:25:07
:: watches the viewscreen in horror, eyes wide ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 05-May-2021 21:25:08
CTO: No hostile targets apparent.
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 21:25:21
:: comes to next to the pilot's seat on the Skylark ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:25:37
ACTION> There are, however, other Free Fleets ships on sensors, around Refuge.
CSO Cdr Wright 05-May-2021 21:25:39
:: closes her eyes briefly when she sees the debris field -- so much death ::
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 21:26:04
:: pushes herself to get up, winces at the searing pain in her left arm ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:26:22
:: stands, eyes wide at the scene on the. main viewer ::
CSO: Hail Refuge Control.
CTO Cpt Grey 05-May-2021 21:26:39
:: nods, triggering the lifescanning next :: TAC2: Acknowledged. Deactivate torpedo systems, but keep phasers online. :: glances up to Harper :: CO: Scanning for lifesigns, Captain.
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 21:26:50
:: looks; her entire arm is a sleeve of third-degree plasma burns from an exploding console from when the Skylark took a nasty hit ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-May-2021 21:26:54
:: lets out her breath, relieved at least that the danger seems to have passed for now, but also dismayed that they appear to be too late and closes her eyes briefly ::
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 21:27:33
:: is speechless for a moment, then... :: Fucking ow!
TAC 2Lt Ammora 05-May-2021 21:27:34
CTO: Understood. Deactivating torpedo systems.
CSO Cdr Wright 05-May-2021 21:27:50
:: swallows :: CO: Aye, Captain. :: taps at her console :: +RC+ Refuge Control, this is the Federation Starship USS Atlantis. Do you copy?
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 21:27:52
:: long, nigh-unprintable string of curses ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:28:08
ACTION> No response from Refuge Control.
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 21:28:20
:: shakes her head grimly, watching the viewscreen ::
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 21:28:29
:: feels a strange lightness in her head ::
CSO Cdr Wright 05-May-2021 21:28:34
:: waits a moment longer, then turns to Kate and shakes her head :: CO: No response, Captain.
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:28:45
:: a pained look crosses her face ::
CTO Cpt Grey 05-May-2021 21:29:06
:: is watching the lifescanning darkly, fingers mentally crossed that at least someone pinged it ::
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 21:29:07
:: attention drawn to her Light box, but unsure why ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:29:11
NAV: Take us closer.
CSO Cdr Wright 05-May-2021 21:29:21
:: pushes down another wave of nausea as she turns back to her console ::
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 21:29:41
:: takes seat, one-handedly tries to hail Refuge Control—to no avail ::
NAV Lt Navarro 05-May-2021 21:29:44
CO: Aye. :: flies Atlantis on an approach that Refuge Control has given him in the past ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 21:30:07
:: pulls up the lifescan feed on her console to watch the results come in ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 05-May-2021 21:30:07
:: feels a knot in this throat ::
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 21:30:20
:: tries hailing Venya directly ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:30:58
ACTION> On the main viewer, the asteroid base of Refuge comes into view, and it is plain that the place has taken moderate to heavy damage. Some parts are clearly depressurized, but the central dome is intact.
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 21:31:13
:: gets no response from there either ::
CTO Cpt Grey 05-May-2021 21:31:18
:: lets out a sharp sigh of relief at seeing the scans come back :: CO/CSO: Lifesigns are present at Refuge!
TAC 2Lt Ammora 05-May-2021 21:31:36
:: his eyes open wide at what he sees, stifles his concern ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:32:05
:: encouraged by that, at least, but she knows that there used to be many more lifesigns ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-May-2021 21:32:07
:: smiles a bit at the good news ::
CSO Cdr Wright 05-May-2021 21:32:14
:: covertly swipes at the corners of her eyes ::
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 21:32:18
:: knows the Skylark is already dead in the water, so has no idea what to do...until sensors pick up a Federation starship :: :: her heart skips a beat, but she realizes it's not the Meridian ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:32:20
ACTION> A hail arrives from Refuge.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 05-May-2021 21:32:24
:: checks to see the phasers are still at the ready, the photon torpedo banks are powered down, but ready to be recharged when necessary ::
CSO Cdr Wright 05-May-2021 21:32:43
CO: C-Captain, Refuge is hailing us.
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:32:52
CSO: On screen!
XO Cdr Kuari 05-May-2021 21:32:56
:: looks from Wright to Harper, finned ears perked ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 21:33:04
:: sighs softly with something between relief and exasperation ::
SCI Lt Herschel 05-May-2021 21:33:06
:: taps fingers on arm of chair as red alert continues :: Barrett: This seems awfully quiet. Barrett> Yup. :: purses lips and nods to self ::
CSO Cdr Wright 05-May-2021 21:33:12
:: puts it on the screen with a practiced motion and a flutter of hope in her heart ::
CTO Cpt Grey 05-May-2021 21:33:26
:: turns her attention to the viewscreen ::
CSO Cdr Wright 05-May-2021 21:33:31
:: looks up ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 05-May-2021 21:34:04
:: lightness continues and intensifies in her head; is now certain the Light is calling to her ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:34:23
ACTION> Lady Venya Kashar appears on the main viewer... but not as we are accustomed to seeing her. She is battered, bruised, and burnt, and is clearly in pain as she hunches over the communications terminal that her aide normally answers these calls on, instead of the opulent backdrop of her office.
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 21:34:54
:: finds herself holding her breath ::
CSO Cdr Wright 05-May-2021 21:35:20
:: winces, but is also glad to see Venya alive ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 05-May-2021 21:35:22
:: his hands flicker, moving instinctively to the weapons controls ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:35:23
:: gasps :: Venya! If you will allow transport, we can get you to our sickbay!
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 21:35:59
:: knows her only hope for medical attention and ship repairs is to hail this Atlantis, but isn't thrilled about it ::
CTO Cpt Grey 05-May-2021 21:36:03
:: catches Ammora's flicker and holds out a steadying hand :: TAC2: At ease.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 05-May-2021 21:36:33
CTO: Aye, ma'am. :: relaxes, but only slightly ::
Venya Kashar 05-May-2021 21:36:51
+CO+ Ka- Katie... Lexy... :: manages a smile :: I did not imagine that you would be my rescuers. I wish you had been able to arrive sooner, but, yes, please... help. The transporter inhibitor is already— :: slumps ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:37:04
CSO: Beam her to sickbay.
CSO Cdr Wright 05-May-2021 21:37:21
:: already locking on to her signal :: CO: Aye, Captain. Initiating transport.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 05-May-2021 21:37:26
:: looks to Grey ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-May-2021 21:37:39
CO: We should check for other survivors to transport as well.
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:37:55
XO: Yes, definitely. We are now on a humanitarian aid mission.
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 21:38:12
:: swallows pride, hails Atlantis ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 21:38:17
:: takes that as her cue and signs out of her station, gets up, and heads for the turbolift ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:38:32
ACTION> Venya appears in sickbay, unconscious and clutching a gaping stab wound in her abdomen, dark green blood seeping through her fingers.
XO Cdr Kuari 05-May-2021 21:38:48
:: looks over to Acacia, but she's already getting up to leave and nods approvingly ::
CSO Cdr Wright 05-May-2021 21:38:52
CO: We are being hailed by a small vessel.
SCI Lt Herschel 05-May-2021 21:38:56
:: stares at the ensign in silence, then shrugs to self and decides to get up and begin working again ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:39:17
MED: Remember to take precautions against Orion pheromones.
CSO: On screen.
CSO Cdr Wright 05-May-2021 21:39:37
:: tap taps and looks up ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 21:39:52
:: snaps her fingers as the doors to the turbolift are shutting :: CO/Self: Right!
TAC 2Lt Ammora 05-May-2021 21:40:17
:: looks up at the screen ::
CTO Cpt Grey 05-May-2021 21:40:48
:: nods :: TAC2: At ease. If the medbay is in need of security, they will contact us. :: turns her attention to the screen as well ::
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 21:40:49
+Atlantis+ Hey. :: waves with good hand :: You guys wouldn't happen to have a biobed for a burn victim and hangar space for a busted scout ship, would ya?
XO Cdr Kuari 05-May-2021 21:40:59
:: turns her head to look at Grey, her voice carrying to Tactical but not loud enough to interrupt the comm conversation :: CTO: Scan for the weakest lifesigns and begin transporting to Sickbay.
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 21:41:37
:: arrives in sickbay as nurses are rolling Venya onto a stretcher to move her to a biobed. She stops to take a shot of the Orion pheromone neutralizer, and she goes around inoculating the nurses as they’re shifting Venya from the stretcher to the biobed ::
CTO Cpt Grey 05-May-2021 21:42:32
:: turns to Kuari, nodding :: XO: On it. :: mentally plans on using this as a good training exercise for Ammora :: TAC2: Scan for the weakest lifesigns, then tag them for the Transporter crew to get to medbay. I'll be right here if you need help.
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:42:41
:: nods to the person on the main viewer :: +Skylark+ Yes, we can offer aid to all who need it.
Venya Kashar 05-May-2021 21:43:06
:: mercifully still unconscious ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 05-May-2021 21:43:16
:: nods, his hands moving across the console :: CTO: Aye. Scanning for lifesigns.
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:43:36
CTO: Stand down red alert and prepare to tractor that ship in to the shuttlebay.
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 21:43:43
+Atlantis+ :: gives thumbs-up with good hand :: Gellish. I'm ready for transport when you are.
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:43:54
CTO: Post security there and in sickbay.
CSO: Beam her to sickbay, Commander.
CSO Cdr Wright 05-May-2021 21:44:19
CO: Aye, Captain. :: locks on to her signal :: Initiating transport.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 05-May-2021 21:44:27
CTO: Two, three, six... all tagged, transporting as ordered.
CTO Cpt Grey 05-May-2021 21:44:32
:: triggers off red alert, and switches focus to tractoring the strange ship, before comming Everly to send security to escort the new arrival in the hanger and sickbay ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:44:39
ACTION> Ziredac appears in sickbay, along with several other wounded from Refuge.
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 21:44:48
:: gets shimmered ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 21:44:49
:: starts by giving her a drug to keep her that way, knocking her out twice over. She begins with a scan, finding the stab wound and grabbing a dermal regenerator to quickly start patching Venya up ::
SCI Lt Herschel 05-May-2021 21:44:50
:: looks up at red alert stops :: Barrett: Well that was uneventful eh? Barrett> For us, maybe. :: the ensign finally gets up and also resumes work ::
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 21:45:34
:: already hates that she's on a Starfleet vessel :: :: head-lightness intensifies ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:45:36
CTO: Oh, and Captain Grey. Despite the unsavory sort that can sometimes be found here, this is a humanitarian aid mission. We are not here to be the police, so do not start checking their identities.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 05-May-2021 21:45:48
:: head-lightness makes her swoon ::
CTO Cpt Grey 05-May-2021 21:46:35
TAC2: Excellent job, Ammora. :: turns to Harper :: CO: Yes ma'am. :: inwardly doesn't like it, but knows that she better listen... after all, Refuge is called Refuge for a reason. ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 05-May-2021 21:47:07
:: takes a deep breath ::
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 21:47:24
:: waits in Sickbay as patiently as she can with the searing pain in her arm ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:48:24
ACTION> Among the wounded from Refuge is a towering muscular shirtless Orion man that has always been seen at Venya's side during our visits. He is in critical condition, with several deep lacerations, broken bones, and head trauma.
XO Cdr Kuari 05-May-2021 21:48:27
MED Nolan> :: having been innoculated, finds the closest unattended patient, a young male Orion with burn injuries, and begins scanning and treating vitals ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 21:49:07
:: is focused on Venya, who is in really bad shape. Doctors and nurses begin triaging the new arrivals, getting to the worst first ::
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 21:49:14
:: watches as the more severely-injured are beamed aboard and tended to; feels sorrow she couldn't have done more ::
:: spots Venya; guilt doubles ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:49:30
CSO: Begin contacting the other vessels here, offering our assistance.
CSO Cdr Wright 05-May-2021 21:50:00
CO: Aye, Captain. :: begins hailing the other vessels one by one ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 05-May-2021 21:50:34
:: looks at long-range sensors ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:50:45
CTO: Scan the system for the Rixx, as well. We need to know if the Queen is here.
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 21:50:59
:: lightheadedness intensifies to the point that she seeks the nearest-by place to sit ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 21:51:12
:: wipes sweat from her brow and keeps working, finding every color of injury on her VIP patient ::
CTO Cpt Grey 05-May-2021 21:51:16
:: nods, triggering the scan for the Rixx ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 05-May-2021 21:51:36
:: monitors Grey's scans on his console, not really knowing what he's looking at ::
SCI Lt Herschel 05-May-2021 21:52:00
:: continues re-scans for methane life forms ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:52:00
ACTION> The Rixx, last seen being towed to Refuge in horrible condition following a Xovul attack, is nowhere to be found.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 05-May-2021 21:52:07
:: is hit with a Light-like 'memory', only this one's a bit strange ::
:: this time she's sitting somewhere in Sickbay on the Atlantis, watching Medical scurry about tending to the wounded ::
CTO Cpt Grey 05-May-2021 21:52:38
:: sighs :: CO: No sign of the Rixx. :: turns to look up at Harper, expression dark ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:52:58
CTO: Maybe she got away. The Rixx can cloak, after all.
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 21:53:16
:: is hit with a Light-like 'memory', only this one's a bit strange:: :: this time she's sitting at an Engineering station on a Starfleet ship ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:53:20
:: hopes that's true, because she doesn't like how she sees this playing out if the Free Fleets have lost their leader ::
ACTION> Several ships accept our offers for help and have transports awaiting our acceptance.
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 21:54:41
:: gets Venya stabilized and manages to close all of her wounds and stop the bleeding. She sighs softly and takes a single beat to recover before going back in with the dermal regenerator to work on her extensive burns ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 05-May-2021 21:54:41
:: hears the acceptance of other ships, just awaits orders ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 05-May-2021 21:54:51
:: stands up :: Davis: Hey, Connor, I'm heading up to Sickbay real quick. I'll be right back.
Davis> Y'okay, Zo?
SCI Lt Herschel 05-May-2021 21:55:17
:: idly begins rattling off information she read in research journals about methane life forms :: :: ensign Barrett sighs in response. just can't get any silence with the lieutenant around ::
CSO Cdr Wright 05-May-2021 21:55:22
CO: Captain, several ships have accepted our offer of assistance. I have transports standing by on your orders.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 05-May-2021 21:55:25
:: doesn't answer, heads for the turbolift, gets in :: Deck 15.
CTO Cpt Grey 05-May-2021 21:55:35
:: raises a disbelieving eyebrow at Harper, turning away from her station slightly :: TAC2: Keep running the scan for the Rixx, trigger in for cloaking as well. CO: Pardon my language ma'am, but are you serious? The Rixx was in shitty condition last time we brought them back here, and even then, with the way the Xovul attack? I hate to say it, but the chances of it being one of the debris fields... is quite high. We'll keep scanning, but don't get your hopes up.
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:55:37
ACTION> Syrinx sends a hail, telling us to send some patients their way, as their sickbay is ready.
CSO Cdr Wright 05-May-2021 21:56:07
CO: Syrinx is also offering to accept patients.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 05-May-2021 21:56:12
:: nods affirmatively, following Grey's orders ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-May-2021 21:56:12
MED Nolan> :: manages to stabilize the vitals of his patient and begins treating his burns with a dermal regenerator, but only takes enough time to seal him from infection as there are other patients in worse shape, the vanity passes can wait for later ::
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 21:56:16
:: comes out of the 'memory'; quietly, to self :: Well that one was fuckin boring.
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 21:56:16
:: hands the dermal regenerator off to a nurse, seeing to the next critically wounded patient ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:56:29
CSO: Good, we will need the help.
CSO: Begin preparations to convert a cargo bay to an infirmary.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 05-May-2021 21:57:02
:: steps out of turbolift, almost jogs to Sickbay ::
CSO Cdr Wright 05-May-2021 21:57:11
:: tries to ignore Grey's comment, but the sickness is still roiling in her belly ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 05-May-2021 21:57:26
:: scans continuously, looking for anything resembling a cloaked ship ::
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 21:57:30
:: head still swimming, she winces as another wave of pain rolls over her burned arm ::
CSO Cdr Wright 05-May-2021 21:57:37
CO: Aye, Captain.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 05-May-2021 21:57:40
::Sits at his station, monitoring the situation, but continues quietly doing what he does.::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:57:59
:: does ignore Grey's comment; has enough of her own fears about this situation that she doesn't need that ::
CMO Lt Tailor 05-May-2021 21:58:12
::jumps into the fray after rushing back to sickbay from tenforward; she's gotta eat sometime::
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 21:58:24
:: shakes her head, looking to one of the nurses :: Nurse: Prep this one for surgery.
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:58:50
ACTION> The muscular Orion man wakes up and roars, raising his torso off the biobed...
CTO Cpt Grey 05-May-2021 21:58:53
:: turns back to her station, triggering a more in-depth scan, focused particularly on the debris fields for any signs of the Rixx :: TAC2: Keep searching, widen the field if you have to.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 05-May-2021 21:58:58
:: gets to Sickbay, is hit with sadness and fear at seeing all the injured people inside—but realizes it definitely was what she saw in her 'memory' ::
:: starts at the Orion man roaring ::
CSO Cdr Wright 05-May-2021 21:59:27
+CMO+ Wright to Tailor. I have orders to convert the cargo bay on Deck 17 to an infirmary. I have Operations teams on their way down to handle the logistics, but we'll need medical staff.
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 21:59:45
:: hand goes to phaser pistol, realizes she took it off before she transported ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 05-May-2021 21:59:52
:: widens the field to maximum :: CTO: I will keep trying.
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 21:59:54
ACTION> The muscular Orion man then collapses onto the biobed as his lifesigns fade away.
TAC 1Lt Everly 05-May-2021 21:59:54
:: startles into action, hurrying to the Orion man with another marine, both innoculated, and immediately pressing the man back into the biobed ::
Venya Kashar 05-May-2021 22:00:49
:: starts awake at the roar, but is still rather incoherent :: Oolot?
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 22:00:55
:: turns to the man who roared and waves the marines away, scanning him :: Nurse: Tetrazine, 30ccs.
CTO Cpt Grey 05-May-2021 22:01:00
:: sighs, continuing to watch the scans, and constantly editing the inputs... but she knows to not get her hopes up ::
CMO Lt Tailor 05-May-2021 22:01:03
MED: Sitrep? ... hangon. ::taps her badge, a bit distracted by the hunk in the biobed that just roared:: +CSO+ Ok, got it. We'll get a team down there.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 05-May-2021 22:01:12
:: doesn't know the Orion's lifesigns faded, but feels slight relief that he's not roaring and has laid back down ::
:: sighs, looks down to her right ::
TAC 1Lt Everly 05-May-2021 22:01:28
:: gestures to the other marine to back off, watching the patients cautiously ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:01:42
Oolot> :: has no response to the tetrazine ::
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 22:01:46
:: alarm settles; she noticed the lifesign readings; guilt triples :: :: looks up to her left ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 22:02:04
:: shakes her head, huffing :: Nurse: Crash cart! :: the nurse nods, running to grab it ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 05-May-2021 22:02:24
:: sees a woman around her age, arm badly burned, sitting on the floor with her back against a wall, waiting for a biobed to open up once the more critical patients are seen to ::
Venya Kashar 05-May-2021 22:02:26
You must save Oolot... :: to anyone nearby ::
CTO Cpt Grey 05-May-2021 22:02:41
+TAC2+ Anything yet? Even the slightest counts for something. :: sends the comment to Ammora's console, not wanting to speak unless there was something to say ::
CSO Cdr Wright 05-May-2021 22:03:03
CO: Operations will have the cargo bay converted into an infirmary in 20 minutes.
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 22:03:13
:: sees an incredibly lovely Bajoran chick looking down at her, and for a moment she feels no pain in her arm ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:03:19
CSO: Efficient work, thank you. I am certain that it will help.
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 22:03:20
:: grabs the defibrillator and rubs the paddles together :: All: Clear. :: she checks that she’s clear, and delivers shocks ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 05-May-2021 22:03:45
+CTO+ Ma'am, I have nothing. I'm sorry. I'm trying. I'm not getting anything.
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:04:19
Oolot> :: after the jolt, his lifesigns do not recover ::
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 22:04:20
Hi. :: manages a weak smile ::
CSO Cdr Wright 05-May-2021 22:04:28
CO: The patients who can't wait that long are being diverted to the Syrinx.
CTO Cpt Grey 05-May-2021 22:04:50
+TAC2+ It's okay; keep trying. I'll update the Captain. :: casts a emotional side-glance up to Harper and Wright with a sigh ::
CMO Lt Tailor 05-May-2021 22:05:16
::assembles a triage team and sends them down to the cargo bay::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:05:43
:: takes her seat, looking somewhat pale ::
CTO Cpt Grey 05-May-2021 22:05:44
CO: Captain? :: her voice is dark, turning fully away from her console to take a step closer to the Captain's chair ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 05-May-2021 22:05:47
Uhhh, hi. What are you doing, just sitting here? My god, your arm...
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:05:59
CTO: Yes, Captain?
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 22:06:06
:: tries a few more times, but eventually calls it. She sighs, setting the paddles back on the crash cart :: Nurse: Time of death...
CTO Cpt Grey 05-May-2021 22:07:11
:: keeps her expression fairly unreadable :: CO: I'm sorry to say this, but the scans aren't picking up anything... that could read as the Rixx. We'll keep trying, but... at this point.... I'm sorry.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 05-May-2021 22:07:11
::Lets out a deep sigh, the feeling of so my death nearby saddening him.::
Venya Kashar 05-May-2021 22:07:18
Oolot? :: looking around in a daze ::
CMO Lt Tailor 05-May-2021 22:07:30
::takes one look at Ziridec's arm and flags her for the ICU burn unit::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:07:41
Oolot> :: dies a warrior's death, comfortable with having done his duty ::
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 22:07:52
Bein tough as hell's what I'm doin. This? :: scrunches nose, shakes head :: Nothin. You, uh, got a headache or something, Button-Nose? Cuz I think you might've picked a bad time to pop in.
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:08:51
:: meets Grey's eyes :: CTO: I would not count Ashexana out just yet. Cease your scans, though; we have more important matters to attend to.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 05-May-2021 22:09:00
:: almost reaches up to touch her own nose to check its shape, but stops herself :: Um, no, I... I just... I had a minor concern and I... I better get out of here.
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 22:09:07
:: moves on to the next patient as nurses cart the body to the morgue ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-May-2021 22:09:32
MED Nolan> :: finishes with his patient and is very much aware of the roaring Orion, but his superiors are on him quickly and he makes an assessment, aware of the cargo bay conversion by his peers, moves to join them. As he makes to leave Sickbay with the triage team, he sees a woman from Engineering looking over a burned woman, quickly assesses her condition with his eyes but sees no reason for her to be here, but discounts it as he has more immediate concerns ::
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 22:09:33
:: smirks :: You sure? Could use an emotional support babe at my bedside.
ENG LtJG D'bryn 05-May-2021 22:10:10
:: has 0% idea how to respond to that :: I better get out of the way. :: turns to leave ::
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 22:10:23
It's Hannah.
CTO Cpt Grey 05-May-2021 22:10:35
:: nods, turning back to her console :: CO: Understood. TAC2: Stop scanning, send security down to the makeshift infirmary. :: looks square at Ammora ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 05-May-2021 22:10:37
:: stops :: Um, Zoë.
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:11:04
CSO: Scan... scan for Xovul lifesigns on Refuge.
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 22:11:06
See you round, Zoë.
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 22:11:18
:: works on stabilizing her next critical patient, no end in sight ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 05-May-2021 22:11:25
:: meets Grey's gaze :: CTO: Scanning has ceased, ma'am. I will send a security detachment down per your orders.
CSO Cdr Wright 05-May-2021 22:11:32
:: nods :: CO: Initiating scans.
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:12:03
:: after having seen Venya's condition, she realizes that the Xovul must have boarded Refuge ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-May-2021 22:12:08
:: looks from Harper to Wright, curious of the scan results ::
CSO Cdr Wright 05-May-2021 22:12:18
:: scans a second time ::
Venya Kashar 05-May-2021 22:12:45
:: starts to rise from her bed, still wondering about Oolot ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 05-May-2021 22:12:57
:: leaves Sickbay with the distinct feeling that this Hannah person is the person whose memory she just had ::
SCI Lt Herschel 05-May-2021 22:12:59
:: begins asking the ensign about himself once she runs out of methane life facts ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-May-2021 22:13:02
MED Nolan> :: leaves Sickbay, making for the converted cargo bay ::
CSO Cdr Wright 05-May-2021 22:13:52
:: turns and shakes her head at Kate, rather relieved :: CO: None, Captain. I scanned twice, just to be sure.
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:14:20
:: lets out a breath she was not aware that she was holding :: CSO: Refuge's security forces fought well, then.
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 22:14:23
:: leans head back against the wall, fighting every impulse to be impatient for treatment, given the circumstances ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 22:14:26
:: spots Venya and nearly drops the chart she’s holding. She goes over to her and tries to coax her to sit back down :: Venya: It’s alright, you’re in the Atlantis’s sickbay.
CSO Cdr Wright 05-May-2021 22:15:04
:: nods solemnly ::
Venya Kashar 05-May-2021 22:15:08
:: look at Acacia with unfocused eyes, uncharacteristically vulnerable :: MED: I heard Oolot's roar... is he alright?
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:15:49
CEO: Commander Ilaihr, begin detailed scans of Refuge with an eye for repairs, assuming they have the heavy equipment that I am certain will be necessary.
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 22:15:52
:: can hear Venya and Acacia talking, hangs her head with even more guilt ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 22:15:54
:: her eyes immediately betray what happened, her words following after a pause for thought :: Venya: I’m sorry. He didn’t make it.
Venya Kashar 05-May-2021 22:16:12
:: slumps, catching herself on the biobed ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 22:16:31
:: jumps to try and catch her as well, but she has it ::
Venya Kashar 05-May-2021 22:17:21
:: slides off the bed to the floor, coughing as sobs wrack her ::
ENG LtJG D'bryn 05-May-2021 22:17:28
:: gets back in turbolift, heads back down to Main Engineering ::
SCI Lt Herschel 05-May-2021 22:17:39
Barrett> Ma'am, I can't focus on the life forms if I'm talking about... literally anything else. Barrett: Ah, sorry. I know I tend to get talkative. I just like sharing information and learning about other people- Barrett> Ma'am. Barrett: Yes. Right.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 05-May-2021 22:18:12
::Nods.:: CO: Aye, Captain. ::Types away at his console, scanning the station.::
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 22:18:29
:: hopes Venya doesn't blame her, or herself ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:18:40
:: hopes that the heavy equipment wasn't destroyed, but that is out of her control ::
ACTION> Another Free Fleets ship arrives and begins taking on wounded.
XO Cdr Kuari 05-May-2021 22:19:18
MED Nolan> :: arrives at the cargo bay, a mess of personnel unloading transported cases, and immediately throws himself into the fray, making sure medical equipment is put where it is needed ::
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 22:19:33
:: pain in her arm is becoming more intense; winces, tries to hold it in ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 22:19:41
:: pulls Venya into a hug, then shifts to pull Venya’s arm around her shoulder to pull her up, getting her on her feet long enough to get her into one of the chairs by the wall to clear the biobed. She looks at the crying woman with pained sympathy ::
Venya Kashar 05-May-2021 22:22:48
:: accepts the help from Acacia without knowing what is going on :: MED: He was... my stalwart defender for 15 years or so... :: still coughing between sobs ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-May-2021 22:23:06
MED Nolan> :: before long, judges with his team enough biobeds are set up properly to start receiving patients :: CTO: Cargo Bay to Bridge. We're ready to start receiving patients.
CMO Lt Tailor 05-May-2021 22:24:33
::looks over, and Ziridec is somehow still where she was sat five minutes ago:: Nurse: Get this patient to the burn unit, now! ::huffs impatiently as she deals with another fifteen things at once::
CTO Cpt Grey 05-May-2021 22:25:14
:: nods :: MED> Acknowledged. CSO: Cargo Bay is ready to recieve.
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 22:25:18
:: squeezes Venya’s shoulder and rubs her back a bit before leaving her to see to the next patient. She rubs her arm and looks around the room, spotting Hannah standing by the wall. As Tailor speaks she waves for Hannah to follow her to the burn unit ::
Venya Kashar 05-May-2021 22:25:28
:: settles into the chair, dark green blood flecking her hand and face from her coughs ::
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 22:25:51
:: pushes herself up, follows Acacia ::
SCI Lt Herschel 05-May-2021 22:25:58
:: stares at the screen in silence, tapping her foot against the floor as scans continue. Gosh, it is quiet in here. Is it normally this quiet? Oh, what's that beeping? Is it always beeping? Odd. Ooh the splashing from the filter of that observation tank is calming. Hmm. My nails are clicking very loudly on this PADD. I need to get them cut. Come on wee Schatzmond. I know you have lifeforms somewhere! Sooner we find you, the sooner I can move back to the botany lab. Ahh, plants! Lovely, I've been working on a cross of- oh what is that? ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:26:00
ACTION> The intake of patients is steady to all three ships providing medical assistance, eventually filling all available space in their sickbays, and the overflow begins.
CSO Cdr Wright 05-May-2021 22:26:07
:: gets the same notification from the Ops team at the same time, and begins beaming patients to the makeshift infirmary, weakest lifesigns first ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-May-2021 22:27:33
MED Nolan> :: immediately moves to assess the first beamed patient and begins triage from there ::
SCI Lt Herschel 05-May-2021 22:27:43
:: scrolls through scan results, sending a copy to Barrett to also go through ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:28:00
:: starts trying to imagine how she will describe this to the Admiral, in hopes of getting the point across that something must be done ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 05-May-2021 22:28:37
::Letting out a low grumble as he reads the telemetry, he slowly drops his hood, and retrieves his spectacles from his pocket; looking closer for a moment.:: Self: Hmmmm..... Extensive.
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 22:28:40
:: begins by giving Hannah a shot of the good pain meds, then goes to cut off her sleeve and carefully remove what’s around the burns ::
Venya Kashar 05-May-2021 22:29:41
:: to anyone around, since she's still not particularly coherent :: Oolot killed... so many of them... defending me until the last of them was dead before he fell...
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 22:29:58
:: immediately feels the relief from the pain meds :: MED: Ooh, that's the good stuff.
:: watches Acacia cut off her sleeve :: MED: Not the undressing I'm used to, but I'll take what I can get.
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 22:31:23
:: looks her over and assesses, patting the burn unit bed :: Hannah: Lay down.
:: rolls her eyes, smirking ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 05-May-2021 22:31:42
::Magnifies on particular areas of the scan data, swiping along on the console to look at another.:: Self: Not good, at all.
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 22:31:56
:: salutes with good hand, lies down ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-May-2021 22:32:07
MED Nolan> :: fights to concentrate on the worst off of the casualties being transported and begins to focus on that patient's condition only to be interrupted by the next transport and a fresh moaning coming from the newly-occupied biobed nearby ::
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 22:32:27
MED: Rough day, huh.
XO Cdr Kuari 05-May-2021 22:32:58
MED Nolan> :: begins stabilizing his patient, muttering :: Self: If you can moan, you're better off than this can wait.
Venya Kashar 05-May-2021 22:33:44
:: slumps in the chair once she can't sob anymore, losing consciousness ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 22:34:19
:: works quickly, not wanting to waste much time getting this patient out of here. She works on the burn bed, blue light in a checker pattern shining on Hannah and beginning to repair her arm :: Hannah: Yeah. Busy.
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:35:07
CTO: Keep a close eye on long-range sensors in case the Xovul intend to finish what they started.
CTO Cpt Grey 05-May-2021 22:35:42
:: nods, turning full focus to long-range sensors ::
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 22:36:04
:: watches the blue light do its thing :: Well, I appreciate you 'Fleet folk helping out. Don't think Refuge is in any shape to treat wounded.
XO Cdr Kuari 05-May-2021 22:36:17
MED Nolan> :: sees his patient responding to his treatment and moves on to assessing his other needs, but is interrupted by shouts from his peer about the freshest transport needing immediate attention and fights to decide if he should stay or go. Self: Fuck.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 05-May-2021 22:37:07
::Types out the list of repair requirements, in order of importance, with his left hand, as he continues to scroll through the telemetry with his right; before sending the file Kuari and Harper for their viewing later.::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:37:13
XO: Kuari... you have the bridge.
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 22:37:26
:: finishes up rather quickly and opens the bed top, scanning Hannah’s fresh arm skin for abnormalities :: Hannah: No problem. You’re good to go.
XO Cdr Kuari 05-May-2021 22:37:39
:: raises her head in response, nodding dutifully to Harper ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:37:50
:: calmly walks into the ready room ::
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 22:38:22
:: tests out her left arm, everything works smoothly :: MED: Thanks. Hey, which way to the shuttlebay? Got my ship in there, hopefully.
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:38:26
:: sits behind her desk and starts a report for Blackthorne ::
:: carefully chooses her words to communicate the gravity of the situation ::
:: but stops halfway through, unable to continue, and hangs her head, catching it in her cupped hands ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 22:40:33
:: nods :: Hannah: Deck 18. :: she moves on to the next patient ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-May-2021 22:40:34
:: sighs in worry, gleaning from her console what she can, triage situations stressful as every minute counts as to who they can save ::
CSO Cdr Wright 05-May-2021 22:41:28
:: still coordinating the transport of wounded as beds become available ::
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 22:41:45
:: finger-guns and tongue-clicks Acacia's way, heads out of the burn unit ::
:: stops upon spotting Venya, asleep in a chair ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 22:43:05
:: goes back to check on Venya and finds her out cold. She runs another scan to see how she’s doing ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:43:09
:: wipes at her eyes, having no time for this right now, and finishes the damn report, sending it ::
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 22:44:05
MED: Is there a place I can take her to lie down?
MED: She deserves peace and quiet, after what she's been through.
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 22:45:31
:: goes to pull Venya’s arm over her shoulder, expecting Hannah to take her other side :: Hannah: We’ll put her in surgical recover. It’s quiet in there, and there should be a bed.
XO Cdr Kuari 05-May-2021 22:46:08
MED Nolan> :: takes a chance and leaves his patient with a cortical monitor attached, his readings showing stability and improvement but knows that can take a downturn and rushes to a woman barely clinging to life ::
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 22:46:10
MED: Okay, good. Can you do me a favor, and let her know I'm onboard too, when she wakes up?
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:46:43
:: stands and composes herself before returning to the bridge ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 22:47:11
:: looks at Hannah quizzically, taking a moment to remember who she is :: Hannah: Right. Sure.
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 22:48:03
:: gives another finger-gun and tongue-click :: Thanks, Doc. :: exits Sickbay, blindly looking for a turbolift ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-May-2021 22:48:04
:: sees Harper returning, looking over to Wright hopefully :: CSO: How many left waiting for transport that you can determine?
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:48:29
ACTION> A security officer escorts Ziredac.
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 22:48:30
:: gets help from a nurse and moves Venya to a bed in surgical recovery ::
Venya Kashar 05-May-2021 22:48:37
:: her violet eyes open as she's helped to stand, but she's still quite groggy from the drugs and everything that's happened ::
CSO Cdr Wright 05-May-2021 22:48:47
XO: Only a few dozen, mostly with minor injuries.
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:49:15
:: takes in the status report in progress as she returns to her seat ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-May-2021 22:49:23
:: nods with a small smile, happy at least for that good bit of news that they are at least caring for the worst ::
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 22:49:30
:: suddenly notices a security officer :: Oh, hi.
XO Cdr Kuari 05-May-2021 22:49:57
CSO: Well done, triage is an unpleasant business.
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:50:05
Sec> :: grunts :: This is the way.
CSO Cdr Wright 05-May-2021 22:50:19
:: nods in gratitude, her expression still troubled ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:50:48
:: is at least somewhat gratified that her crew is helping so effectively ::
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 22:50:56
SEC: There's that Starfleet moxie y'all're known for.
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 22:51:04
:: leaves Venya with the nurse, going back to see to the worst patient not yet being seen ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:51:08
Sec> :: grunts and leads the way to the TL ::
XO: I am going to sickbay. I need to see this for myself.
Venya Kashar 05-May-2021 22:52:30
:: settles onto the bed, still half-awake ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-May-2021 22:52:30
CO: Yes...I understand.
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 22:52:55
SEC: I'm Hannah. What do you go by, when you're at home?
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:53:22
CTO: With me, Captain Grey. :: enters the TL ::
SCI Lt Herschel 05-May-2021 22:53:45
:: continues reading results of the re-scan of Region E :: Are you seeing this? It looks like there's Acrylonitrile, which can form structures similar to cell membranes and vesicles. There also seems to be some ice under the surface here... Methane, hydrogen, ammonia, and water can form amino acids! This is brilliant!
CTO Cpt Grey 05-May-2021 22:54:00
:: nods, falling into pace with Harper ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:54:15
SEC> HZ: Landeskog.
:: directs the TL to sickbay, and they arrive shortly afterwards ::
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 22:55:14
SEC: Geshundheit.
XO Cdr Kuari 05-May-2021 22:55:16
MED: Nolan> :: swears again after losing the latest patient. They were too far gone. Breathing heavily, he steels himself to not stop and have a tantrum, moving to another patient, forced to put the last one behind him ::
CTO Cpt Grey 05-May-2021 22:55:21
:: trusts Ammora can handle things, and she hurries after Harper ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:55:41
SEC> :: snorts, never having heard that one before ::
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 22:55:57
SEC: Well, it's an absolutely effulgent experience meeting you, Landskag.
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:56:06
:: enters sickbay and takes in the scene ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 22:56:16
:: stabilizes her patient and hands him off to the nurses; moving on to the next one after just a moment to breathe ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:56:55
SEC> :: leads her to the shuttlebay containing the Skylark :: HZ: Don't worry, you won't be able to be rid of me quite that easily. I'm your escort while you're aboard.
CTO Cpt Grey 05-May-2021 22:57:01
:: remains close to Harper's heels, glancing around the infirmary ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:57:39
:: sees Acacia and approaches when she takes a moment to breathe :: MED: How is it, Emily?
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 22:57:52
SEC: No, that's terrific. I can't wait.
SCI Lt Herschel 05-May-2021 22:58:46
Barrett> Oh. OH. OH! Barrett: I KNOW! :: giggles in glee ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 22:58:49
:: pauses, looking Harper over for injuries reflexively but finding none :: CO: Oh, well, pretty busy. We’ve lost a few, you’ll get a count when the rush is over. A lot of critically wounded.
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 22:58:54
:: sees the Skylark, and its visibly banged up :: Skylark: Oh, honey babe, what did those Xovul assholes do to you?
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 22:59:17
:: returns a somber nod ::
MED: And Lady Kashar?
Hannah Ziredac 05-May-2021 23:00:02
SEC: Hey Landskag, you guys got a good Engineer who can give me a hand with patching the ol girl up? I think it's above my paygrade.
SCI Lt Herschel 05-May-2021 23:00:33
Self: Schatzmond, you've done brilliantly. Good job, you. :: pats the display of the moon with pride ::
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 23:00:41
SEC> :: snorts :: HZ: I'll make a call. And since you can't say my name, call me Erik.
MED Lt Acacia 05-May-2021 23:00:43
:: points :: CO: Surgical recovery, half-sleeping. She didn’t have surgery, though only just. She was in rough shape, she’s still beaten up but she’s stable.
CO Capt Harper 05-May-2021 23:00:54
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