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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
While dealing with the immediate aftermath of defending the Free Fleets cruiser HMS Syrinx from Xovul attack, we received a distress call from the enemy's wreckage, originating from an escape pod containing one lifesign that we beamed aboard: an injured human woman called Anastasia Stecker. After receiving medical care and regaining consciousness, she asked to talk to Admiral Blackthorne, claiming to be his half-sister. Her request was granted by the Admiral, and after the remote family reunion, she was granted guest quarters. Repairs to both ships have gone well over the past day since the battle, and we now prepare to part ways with the Syrinx.
After 21-Apr-2021 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 21:16:00
:: approaches the door to the guest quarters assigned to Stecker and rings the chime ::
Anastasia Stecker 21-Apr-2021 21:17:00
CO: Come in!
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 21:17:37
:: sits in sickbay, working on a chart from the last physical she performed ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 21:17:52
:: clasps her hands and enters, wearing a friendly smile ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 21-Apr-2021 21:18:01
:: moves around his quarters, cleaning with abandon ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 21:18:12
Ana: Hello, Ms. Stecker. I hope you found everything you needed?
SCI Lt Herschel 21-Apr-2021 21:18:13
:: has spent time narrowing down areas where lifeforms are more likely to be found on the methane moon, which she has upgraded to calling Schatzmond ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 21:18:59
:: in Main Engineering, writing up reports of power distribution repairs and nacelle inspections ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 21-Apr-2021 21:19:03
Self: You got this, you got this, you got this
Anastasia Stecker 21-Apr-2021 21:19:45
:: smiles, making a show of looking around :: CO: Yes. It's...still sinking in, the differences between the Federation's accommodations and the Xovul's.
NAV Lt Navarro 21-Apr-2021 21:19:48
:: on the bridge, sitting at the helm and going over the latest report from the deck hand that attended to the Rocinante ::
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 21:19:54
:: checks the time, then keeps working ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 21:21:07
Ana: Yes, I would imagine they are quite different. :: follows her gaze around before getting to the point :: The Admiral contacted me this morning with news.
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 21:21:40
:: rubs eyes, blinks hard; has been staring at a console for an hour ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 21:21:52
:: still smiling, to indicate that the news is good ;:
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 21:22:07
:: also on the bridge, looking through operations reports ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 21:22:28
Ana: Admiral Blackthorne said that you had no desire to return to Earth, and since we are not a passenger ship, he found a place for you, if you are interested.
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 21:22:58
:: checks her list, then checks the bridge feed to see if they’re busy ::
SCI Lt Herschel 21-Apr-2021 21:23:09
:: asks another science officer in the lap to look closer at a few regions while she looks at the other, to split up the workload ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 21-Apr-2021 21:23:31
:: readjusts the sofa for the third time ::
Self: Leave it, Scott...
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 21:24:53
:: finishes up report on power distributors, moves on to finishing touches of nacelle diagnostics ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 21-Apr-2021 21:25:00
Talk to Grey. No, don't. It's not gonna help you.
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 21:25:03
:: wants to scream ::
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 21:25:10
:: taps her combadge :: +CSO+ Are you available for your physical at the moment?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 21-Apr-2021 21:25:31
Maybe see what Acacia is doing?
Zoe may be smarter.
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 21:26:01
:: internally groans before answering :: +MED+ Aye, Doctor. I'll be down in a few minutes.
Anastasia Stecker 21-Apr-2021 21:26:08
:: snaps her attention from the room to Harper, then looks to the side in thought :: CO: Yes...I see. I suppose there wouldn't be a place for me here, would there? Yes...that's fine then, I have a lot of thinking to do, what to do with myself... :: crosses her arms, thinning her smile in acceptance :: Yes, thank you. I appreciate your help.
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 21:26:39
:: smiles faintly, getting a new chart ready on her PADD ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 21-Apr-2021 21:26:40
Acacia saw you at your worst, she'll get it.
Zoe saw you drunk, she's the better choice.
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 21:27:52
:: hands her station off to Ensign Gunnarsdottir and straightens her uniform, heading to the turbolift :: Self: Might as well get it over with...
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 21:27:53
:: gets up and preps the full body scanner, humming ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 21:27:59
:: finishes the report, looks up around Main Engineering, sees all the other ensigns bouncing about, checking on all of the things, repairing all of the things ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 21:28:37
:: offers an apologetic look :: Ana: Perhaps there would have been, had you graduated. I am sorry; that must be difficult to hear, since this is the ship your parents once commanded... But, Captain Travax of the Syrinx has offered you a spot on his crew.
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 21:29:10
Davis > :: appearing suddenly at Zoë's side :: Hey Zo. I—
TAC 2Lt Ammora 21-Apr-2021 21:29:40
:: hears the chime on his quarters ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 21:29:48
:: jumps :: Davis: Jesus, Davis!
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 21:30:24
:: rides the turbolift alone, doing some stretches to limber herself up while no one can see her ::
Anastasia Stecker 21-Apr-2021 21:30:31
:: takes a hand out of her crossed arms and rubs the back of her neck :: Yeah, yeah, I know...that's what I meant. It was my fault. The Syrinx sounds fine, for now at least.
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 21:30:31
Davis> Sorry, Zo. Didn't mean to scare ya. Just wanted to let you know we finished the diagnostic on the bio-neural network. Everything looks good.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 21-Apr-2021 21:30:50
Come in!
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 21:30:58
:: catches her breath :: Davis: Good. Thanks.
Davis> Y'alright?
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 21:31:14
:: gets ready and waits patiently for Wright to arrive ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 21-Apr-2021 21:31:20
Rodney Styles> :: parts the doors :: Heya. Am I intruding?
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 21:31:30
Davis: Yeah. Just lost in thought.
Davis> Like my dad used to say, 'Decaf!'
TAC 2Lt Ammora 21-Apr-2021 21:32:00
Rodney: Uh, no, not at all. Rodney the Wise.
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 21:32:09
:: exits the turbolift when the doors swish open and heads down the corridor to Sickbay ::
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 21:32:43
:: taps at her PADD idly, adding some information that she knows ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 21:32:46
Ana: I think that, from your Academy records at least, you will succeed there. The Free Fleets are welcoming to those who wish to join them, and Travax was once Starfleet and values the training you received.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 21-Apr-2021 21:32:58
Rodney> Scott: I wanted to apologize for the words the other day.
Rodney: I don't know what you mean.
Anastasia Stecker 21-Apr-2021 21:34:22
CO: You...may be right. I'm definitely willing to give it a go. Hell, I gave the Xovul a chance, surely I can make this work. :: laughs ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 21-Apr-2021 21:34:25
Rodney> Scott: Okay. I felt I needed to... okay... yeah... it's nothing....
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 21:34:33
:: enters Sickbay, looking for Acacia ::
SCI Lt Herschel 21-Apr-2021 21:35:03
:: looks over to the ensign in the lab :: Barrett: Have you checked Region B yet? I think it and Region D have promise. Barrett> No Ma'am. Still on A.
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 21:35:04
:: smiles widely :: Ana: I am certain that you can! They are preparing to depart soon, though. So, if you are ready, I would be happy to walk with you to the transporter room.
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 21:36:26
:: waves Wright over, patting the bed for the full body scanner :: CSO: Welcome. I’ll be quick, so you can get back to work. How are you?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 21-Apr-2021 21:36:52
Rodney: It's fine.
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 21:37:12
:: smiles at her friend :: MED: No complaints! :: hops onto the biobed for her scan ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 21-Apr-2021 21:37:13
Rodney> Scott: Uh, thanks.
Anastasia Stecker 21-Apr-2021 21:37:27
:: looks around again, attached to nothing, then nods to Harper :: CO: Now is as good a time as any, I suppose.
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 21:37:37
:: starts running over the checklist of all the things she could be doing right now ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 21-Apr-2021 21:37:54
Rodney: Yeah, thanks for your input.
Rodney> Any time. I'm gonna go.
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 21:38:32
:: smiles back :: CSO: Good.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 21-Apr-2021 21:38:33
Rodney: Thanks for stopping by.
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 21:38:37
Nacelles, check. Power distributor, check. Warp core, check. Fusion reactor, check. Bio-neural network, check.
CTO Cpt Grey 21-Apr-2021 21:38:40
:: is at her station, attention fixed on her console as she ran calculations on tactical plans for the future ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 21-Apr-2021 21:38:49
Rodney> Sure, keep up the good work. :: heads to the door ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 21:38:54
:: starts walking with her toward the turbolift :: Ana: I do not mean to run you out, but it is their schedule.
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 21:39:01
:: looks around to see if the Chief might come around to give her some direction ::
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 21:39:19
:: slides the biobed into the scanner, the chamber bathing Wright in a blue light. She works at the panel outside the chamber, taking notes on her PADD ::
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 21:39:33
:: closes her eyes while the scan is in progress ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 21:39:38
Transporter systems... No check. Alright, transporter diagnostics it is, I guess. :: gets up ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 21-Apr-2021 21:39:53
Rodney: I appreciate your guidance!
Self: The hell are you doing?
Rodney> Scott: :: turns slowly :: I'm always willing to help out a fellow crewmate.
Anastasia Stecker 21-Apr-2021 21:40:56
CO: Of course. It would only delay the inevitable anyway, better that I not get attached. I'm ready to settle in and rest somewhere. :: steps into the turbolift ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 21-Apr-2021 21:41:01
Rodney: It's appreciated, honestly. I'd like to hear more of what you have to say.
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 21:41:01
:: enters the TL and directs it appropriately ::
Ana: Ms. Stecker... if you want to, please feel free to keep in touch with me and let me know how you are doing? I know that your brother would want the same.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 21-Apr-2021 21:41:59
Rodney> Scott: Do you want to have dinner with me tomorrow?
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 21:42:05
:: heads for TR 5 ::
Anastasia Stecker 21-Apr-2021 21:42:55
:: smiles genuinely, the gratitude reaching her eyes :: CO: That would be wonderful, thank you. I'll take you up on that offer! Besides, I owe you for saving my life, don't I?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 21-Apr-2021 21:43:02
Rodney: I have a... I mean... I have a thing...
Rodney> :: looks disheartened :: Scott: I understand.
Rodney: I'd love to! I mean, if you're free...
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 21:43:49
:: chuckles :: Ana: Of course you do not owe me. But I would like to know how you are getting along. :: the doors swoosh open and they proceed to the TR ::
SCI Lt Herschel 21-Apr-2021 21:44:31
:: hums quietly as she continues to scan her current region for lifeforms ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 21-Apr-2021 21:45:00
Rodney> Scott: My place, tomorrow? 1900 hours?
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 21:45:10
:: takes a few minutes then finishes up, slowly pulling Wright back out in an effort not to disorient her :: CSO: You’re doing great. Next is the stamina test, everybody’s favorite. :: she pushes the biobed over to the pedals on the wall ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 21-Apr-2021 21:45:27
Rodney: Yeah, sounds, uh, good... tomorrow.
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 21:45:44
:: knew this was coming, and is glad she did those deep knee bends in the turbolift :: MED: Oof.
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 21:46:09
:: gets to TR 5, waves to the operator :: TR Operator: I'm just running a diagnostic on the transporter systems. I'll be out of your hair in a jiff.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 21-Apr-2021 21:46:10
Rodney> :: flashes the smile :: Scott: I look forward to it.
:: watches Rodney go ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 21:46:23
TRO> :: bilnks :: Why? There something wrong?
TRO: No, just a routine check.
Anastasia Stecker 21-Apr-2021 21:46:44
CO: You really do have an amazing ship...and it's an honor to have a connection here, even if it's just my birth. :: looks up at the transporter pad ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 21:46:52
TRO> :: juts lip, shrugs :: Whatever.
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 21:47:07
:: gets Wright set up then sits down on the stool next to the biobed, taking notes on her chart ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 21:47:31
Ana: I am quite proud of her. And when we cross paths again, you are welcome to visit.
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 21:47:53
:: steps up next to the operator, accesses the terminal, begins diagnostic ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 21:48:20
TRC: To the Syrinx, Chief. They are expecting the transport.
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 21:48:27
:: makes awkward face :: TRO: Diagnostics, am I right?
Anastasia Stecker 21-Apr-2021 21:48:31
CO: I'll take you up on that, too. :: smiles and steps up onto the pad ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 21:48:49
TRO> :: nods, barely paying attention :: Totally.
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 21:49:31
:: once it appears that Emily is ready, begins pedaling at a sustainable pace ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 21:49:35
:: smiles at her, genuinely hoping she finds a place that she feels accepted :: Ana: Farewell, then, Anastasia, and best of luck to you, from all of us.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 21-Apr-2021 21:49:36
Self: What the hell are you doing? Dinner?!
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 21:49:38
TRO: My whole life is diagnostics.
Anastasia Stecker 21-Apr-2021 21:50:53
CO: Good journey, Captain Harper, to you and Atlantis. Until we meet again. :: stands by, waiting for transport ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 21:50:59
TRO> You're right. Life is just diagnostics.
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 21:51:12
:: waits and watches, occasionally offering encouragement. The pedals would slowly begin to offer resistance, the test getting harder over time ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 21:51:14
:: nods once more to Ana, still smiling :: TRC: Energize.
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 21:51:17
:: stops, stares into space for a minute :: TRO: Yeah.
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 21:51:23
:: watches her shimmer away ::
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 21:51:26
MED: So what do you think of this whole "human with the Xovul" thing? :: keeps pedaling, feeling the resistance ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 21:51:30
:: both stare into space for a long pause ::
:: diagnostic finishes ::
TRO: Welp. See ya later.
:: leaves as fast as she can ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 21:52:06
:: stands there for a moment once she's gone, then thanks the Chief before exiting ::
SCI Lt Herschel 21-Apr-2021 21:52:08
:: sighs as she finds nothing in Region E, and moves onto F ::
XO Cdr Kuari 21-Apr-2021 21:52:28
:: commands the bridge, doing her usual perusing of her side console, waiting for Harper to appear ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 21:53:03
:: enters the TL and directs it to the bridge ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 21-Apr-2021 21:54:22
Self: Okay, you got this.
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 21:54:26
:: crosses her arms, tucking the PADD under one arm :: CSO: I think it means they really stick to their principles, the xov or whatever they called it, if she could live among them unharmed. :: she rubs her neck, grimacing ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 21:54:28
:: listens the elevator muzak while she rides, then steps out onto the bridge ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 21:54:38
:: sighs heavily before entering TR 6 ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 21:55:36
:: walks down center, noticing Lexy's not on the Ops console before turning to Kuari :: XO: Our passenger accepted the offer from Travax.
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 21:55:43
:: TR 6 is empty ::
:: closes eyes :: Self: Thank you.
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 21:56:04
:: begins to really have to pump her legs and says quietly to Emily :: MED: I'm not sure how much such a person should be trusted.
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 21:57:36
:: begins the diagnostic ::
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 21:57:53
:: chuckles, lowering her voice a bit :: CSO: Trusted? God, no, I don’t think so. I’d like to know more about her experience with the Xovul, but that’s it.
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 21:58:01
:: doesn't even want to think the word 'diagnostic' anymore ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 21:58:29
ACTION> The Syrinx hails.
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 21:58:46
:: tries to think of some kind of scenario where someone would say, 'Die, agnostic!' but just shakes her head at herself ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 21-Apr-2021 21:58:50
:: sits on the edge of his bed ::
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 21:59:13
Gunnarsdottir> CO: The Syrinx is hailing, Captain.
SCI Lt Herschel 21-Apr-2021 21:59:30
:: picks up her PADD to look something up, only it is frozen :: Self: Err... :: taps combadge :: +ENG+ Could someone come run a diagnostic on my PADD? It's frozen.
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 21:59:37
OPS: On screen. :: Picard-maneuvers and stands center ::
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 21:59:55
OPS> :: pushes the buttons, a bit nervous ::
XO Cdr Kuari 21-Apr-2021 22:00:10
:: smiles as she is informed, but hears the incoming hail ::
Capt Travax 21-Apr-2021 22:00:23
:: appears on the main viewer, sitting confidently in his center seat ::
+CO+ Captain Harper! From the crew of the Syrinx, thank you once more for your assistance, both in battle and for remaining at our side as we made repairs.
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 22:01:23
:: mouths a fuck-word :: +SCI+ Ensign D'bryn here. Uh, yeah, I can do that. Where are you?
SCI Lt Herschel 21-Apr-2021 22:01:53
+ENG+ I am in science lab one.
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 22:02:11
:: continues to pedal :: MED: Right? puff Others apparently puff don't see it that way, puff but....
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 22:02:12
+SCI+ On my way, see ya in a few.
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 22:02:24
:: nods, returning the smile :: +Travax+ We are happy to help our friends in the Free Fleets! And we thank you for graciously accepting your newest crewmember. Take good care of her, Captain.
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 22:03:29
:: heads out, thrilled that she has something specific to do, and relieved it's something as simple as a malfunctioning PADD ::
XO Cdr Kuari 21-Apr-2021 22:03:36
:: watches Travax on the main viewer, dutifully smiling back ::
Capt Travax 21-Apr-2021 22:03:47
+CO+ I imagine that she will fit in quite well here. We will be on our way now, so fair winds and following seas to you, as they say on Earth.
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 22:04:12
+Travax+ Safe journeys to the Syrinx and her crew, Captain Travax.
Capt Travax 21-Apr-2021 22:04:32
+CO+ Thank you, Captain Harper. Syrinx out.
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 22:04:54
ACTION> The screen returns to the view of the gas giant and its moons, and the Syrinx warps away a few moments later.
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 22:05:03
:: gets in turbolift :: Deck 6.
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 22:05:03
:: shrugs, taking notes on her PADD :: CSO: You’re doing good, just passed your last time.
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 22:05:38
:: pedals harder, really working for it :: MED: She's just... huff ...joining the... puff ...Free Fleets?
SCI Lt Herschel 21-Apr-2021 22:06:18
:: sighs, and looks to the science ensign :: Barrett: How is Region A looking? Barrett> Barren so far, Ma'am. Barrett: Really? Aww poo. What do you think is the possibility that we will find life forms on Schatzmond? Barrett> ...Ma'am, with all due respect, I can't focus on this and have a conversation at the same time. Barrett: Yes... right. :: clears throat and turns away, looking at the frozen PADD ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 22:06:40
:: steps out of TL, heads for Science Lab 1 ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 22:07:02
:: turns back to Kuari :: XO: Well, with that, it would seem that our job here is done.
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 22:07:04
:: nods lightly :: CSO: Seems so. I’m not sure why she wouldn’t at least be questioned, but I’m just a Doctor. :: she shrugs again ::
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 22:07:31
:: stops pedaling with surprise and exhaustion when she processes that she's already beaten her last time ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 22:07:43
:: walks into Science Lab 1, looks around for who might have called her ::
XO Cdr Kuari 21-Apr-2021 22:08:16
:: nods, looking the map on her console :: CO: Yeah. More science?
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 22:08:19
:: hears someone speaking in a similar accent to her caller, approaches ::
SCI Lt Herschel 21-Apr-2021 22:08:20
:: taps on the screen of the frozen PADD to no avail ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 22:08:46
SCI: Lieutenant? Ensign D'bryn. Did you call about a frozen PADD?
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 22:09:13
XO: That is what we are out here for. What is the next star system on the list? :: takes her seat and brings it up on her chair arm ::
SCI Lt Herschel 21-Apr-2021 22:09:16
:: turns around swiftly :: ENG: Ah, yes Ensign. :: hands over the PADD ::
NAV Lt Navarro 21-Apr-2021 22:09:38
:: starts prepping potential slipstream solutions to the nearest stars in anticipation of the captain's order ::
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 22:09:38
:: smiles, getting up and preparing a pair of hyposprays :: CSO: Good job. You can sit up. Now, anything to report? How have you been?
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 22:10:48
:: scrolls through the potential candidate systems to visit ::
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 22:12:07
:: takes a deep breath before sitting up, trying to get her breathing back to normal :: MED: I'm glad we're on the same page. I was beginning to think I was the only one who felt that way. As for how I've been... nothing serious, some muscle tension and tension headaches, but they're manageable.
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 22:13:09
XO: How about this one? It is relatively close by. :: gestures to her chair arm ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 22:13:36
:: smiles, takes PADD, looks it over :: SCI: Oh, okay, this'll just take a minute. Second-to-last software patch had a bit of a glitch that caused an exception loop. I'll just do a cache-wipe, update it, and you should be good to go.
SCI: All your data will be intact, just FYI.
XO Cdr Kuari 21-Apr-2021 22:13:51
CO: :: arcs her neck to peer at Harper's console :: Good as any.
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 22:14:47
:: swipes the coordinates over to the helm :: NAV: I think that one is close enough to forgo slipstream.
SCI Lt Herschel 21-Apr-2021 22:15:06
ENG: Oh lovely. I barely used these until I joined Starfleet. It's been quite a journey learning to navigate all of this. :: gestures at the lab ::
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 22:15:37
:: nods, smiling :: CSO: I’m glad we agree. Well, that’s good. If your headaches ever get hard to deal with, we can give you something to take for them. Just let us know.
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 22:15:46
:: remote-connects with her own PADD, downloads and installs the update ::
NAV Lt Navarro 21-Apr-2021 22:15:48
:: almost looks disappointed as he chuckles and enters the coordinates :: CO: Course laid in and ready, capitana.
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 22:16:19
SCI: Oh, I hear you. Before I joined the Academy, all I knew were civilian engine rooms. Starfleet has some unbelievably fancy tech.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 21-Apr-2021 22:16:25
::Steps off the turbolift onto the bridge, stride across like a ghost to take his station. As he takes his seat, he fumbles in his pocket, and removes a pink crystal that he places on the console before him. He rubs his chin as he ponders a moment, before typing into his console, and going into his usual trance.::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 22:16:32
NAV: Warp eight.
NAV Lt Navarro 21-Apr-2021 22:16:43
:: activates the warp drive ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 22:16:52
ACTION> Atlantis warps off into the black.
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 22:16:57
:: takes the first hypospray :: CSO: Just need a blood sample. :: she goes for Wright’s neck with the hypospray ::
SCI Lt Herschel 21-Apr-2021 22:17:20
ENG: I was raised in an agricultural region on Earth, and ended up traveling for years before becoming a gardener and shop owner. This was certainly a learning curve.
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 22:17:21
MED: I was thinking about starting a yoga program on the holodeck, might help with the tension. :: angles her chin for they hypospray ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 22:17:39
SCI: Oh wow! Where are you from, on Earth?
:: update finishes; hands the PADD back over ::
SCI Lt Herschel 21-Apr-2021 22:18:35
ENG: Bavaria, Germany. :: takes PADD back, grinning over it's operational status :: ENG: Just a small farming town.
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 22:19:26
:: hands the blood sample off to a lab tech and goes for the second hypospray :: CSO: Aaand you’re due for your contraceptive shot. :: she goes for Wright’s neck again, this time only for a second :: I should get into yoga. It’s one of those things I’ve always meant to do, but never done.
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 22:20:09
SCI: I never got around to much of Europe during my time on Earth. One of these days I really should. At the risk of being too familiar, Lieutenant, I didn't catch your name. :: smiles ::
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 22:20:17
:: accepts the contraceptive shot :: MED: Well, you're welcome to join me sometime if you like!
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 22:20:26
XO: I need to report in to the Admiral. :: stands :: You have the bridge. :: heads into the ready room ::
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 22:20:59
:: smiles :: CSO: I think I’d like that. Let me know when and I’ll be there.
SCI Lt Herschel 21-Apr-2021 22:21:03
ENG: Apologies Ensign D'bryn. The name is Rike Herschel.
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 22:21:40
:: smiles brightly in return, happy to have successfully done a social thing :: MED: Will do!
XO Cdr Kuari 21-Apr-2021 22:21:58
:: takes the bridge easily ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 22:22:05
:: settles in behind her desk and writes more of a letter to Blackthorne than a report, informing him that Anastasia accepted Travax's offer ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 22:22:15
SCI: Pleasure, Lieutenant Herschel. There anything else I can assist you with?
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 22:22:22
:: pats her knees :: CSO: Alright, Commander, you’ve completed your physical. Thanks for coming.
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 22:23:08
MED: That was pretty easy, I don't know why I always put these off. They're really not so bad. :: stands, still smiling :: Thank you, Doctor.
NAV Lt Navarro 21-Apr-2021 22:23:21
:: monitors the warp drive performance, wishing they were in slipstream instead ::
SCI Lt Herschel 21-Apr-2021 22:23:44
ENG: No- that will be it. And as for Germany, you should visit during Oktoberfest. It is a very exciting folk festival lasting over two weeks in late September.
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 22:23:54
CSO: I get it. Nobody wants to be in sickbay. :: she chuckles :: No problem! See you around~
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 22:24:48
:: waves as she departs, heading out the doors and back up the corridor to the TL :: Self: I didn't say too much, did I...?
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 22:25:28
SCI: I like a good festival!
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 22:25:44
:: wishes that they had been able to get more information about the Xovul from Ana, but the Admiral's instructions were clear, and Travax had been embedded with them for so much longer comparatively that she was unlikely to have new information ::
SCI Lt Herschel 21-Apr-2021 22:26:07
ENG: Nothing beats roller coasters and beer!
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 22:26:25
:: waves back, then sits at one of the desks in sickbay and works on Wright’s chart, finishing it up.
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 22:26:33
SCI: But not the latter too soon before the former.
SCI Lt Herschel 21-Apr-2021 22:27:13
:: puts a finger up to her mouth in a shh motion, smiling at the ensign ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 22:28:06
SCI: :: nods :: Alright, Lieutenant, I best be heading back to my diag—check-ups of the transporter systems. Let me know if you need anything.
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 22:28:32
:: enters the Turbolift, suddenly feeling somewhat awkward about the encounter :: TL: Bridge...
SCI Lt Herschel 21-Apr-2021 22:28:51
ENG: Of course. :: gives her a nod ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 22:29:00
:: heads out ::
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 22:29:50
:: can't decide if Emily really wants to join in on the yoga thing or if she was just being nice, but shakes her head to attempt to dispel the thoughts as the TL arrives at the bridge ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 22:30:39
:: satisfied with her writing, she sends the letter off to Blackthorne ::
SCI Lt Herschel 21-Apr-2021 22:30:42
:: turns back and looks up what she was going to look up before the PADD froze ::
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 22:31:21
:: actually gets excited thinking about the yoga thing, looking over Wright’s finished chart again before setting it aside and calling in the next crewman ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 22:31:23
:: gets in TL :: Deck 16.
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 22:31:39
:: crosses to her station, relieving Ensign Gunnarsdottir ::
XO Cdr Kuari 21-Apr-2021 22:31:42
:: gets an itch behind her ear, angling her head down and to one side to scratch it with her back foot, then raises her head noticing Wright enter the bridge and smiles at her ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 21-Apr-2021 22:32:01
::Types away at his console, mumbling to himself; tilting and shuffling his head as he reads, pausing to stare at the crystal again. He then holds the head of his cane up to his face; examining the crystal it now contains. He removes something from the tray under his console, quickly placing it under his hood; as he swaps from the cane to the random crystal again.::
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 22:32:46
:: notes Kuari smiling at her and smiles back ::
NAV Lt Navarro 21-Apr-2021 22:32:53
:: grins at Wright as she returns :: CSO: I trust la doctora was not too mean?
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 22:33:37
NAV: No, it wasn't bad at all, I don't know why I always put it off. :: slides into her seat ::
NAV Lt Navarro 21-Apr-2021 22:34:25
CSO: Oh, I'm the same way. :: chuckles :: Pilots tend to like to stay out of sickbay since doctors find reasons to stop us from flying.
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 22:34:45
:: steps out, heads back to TR 6 to find the diagnostic finished, showing a 17% dip in efficiency in the matter-energy conversion ::
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 22:35:12
:: nods at him :: NAV: Ah, yes, that makes a lot of sense. I feel like you would want to keep flying even if you had a ruptured spleen or something.
SCI Lt Herschel 21-Apr-2021 22:35:13
:: continues working on Region F, as the science ensign next to her moves onto B ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 22:35:27
Self: Oh, good. Something to do. :: accesses the matter-energy conversion matrix, starts examining it for sources of the inefficiency ::
NAV Lt Navarro 21-Apr-2021 22:35:33
CSO: It's but a scratch!
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 22:35:45
:: chuckles at him ::
CTO Cpt Grey 21-Apr-2021 22:36:21
:: can't help but overhear, hiding her smile behind her hand at the conversation they had ongoing ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 22:36:38
ACTION> The tactical console detects the Syrinx approaching at warp 9+ from behind us, and as it comes into range, Ops receives repeated hails.
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 22:37:02
XO: Commander, the Syrinx is hailing us... repeatedly.
NAV Lt Navarro 21-Apr-2021 22:38:06
:: snaps back to business ::
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 22:38:23
:: does the same, finding this concerning ::
XO Cdr Kuari 21-Apr-2021 22:38:37
:: frowns :: CSO: On screen.
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 22:38:48
:: taptaps and looks up at the screen expectantly ::
Capt Travax 21-Apr-2021 22:39:18
:: appears on the screen, looking troubled :: +XO+ Commander. No offense, but I need to speak with your captain.
XO Cdr Kuari 21-Apr-2021 22:39:44
Capt Travax: No offense taken.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 21-Apr-2021 22:39:51
::Oooohs and Hmmms from his corner, paying no mind to the Free Fleets message.::
XO Cdr Kuari 21-Apr-2021 22:40:18
+CO+ Bridge to Harper. Captain Travax is hailing, do you want it in your ready room?
SCI Lt Herschel 21-Apr-2021 22:41:17
:: very quickly finds nothing in Region F. F for F. ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 22:41:19
+XO+ No, I am on my way. :: darts from behind the desk and walks briskly out to the bridge, knowing that this is probably bad news ::
XO Cdr Kuari 21-Apr-2021 22:41:39
:: watches dutifully ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 22:41:57
:: turns to the main viewer and dips her head before speaking :: +Travax+ How can we help you, Captain?
Capt Travax 21-Apr-2021 22:42:14
+CO+ We have received a distress call from Refuge. They are under attack by the Xovul.
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 22:42:30
:: immediately looks worried ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 22:42:41
:: her facial expression immediately shows her concern, despite her need to remain captainly ::
XO Cdr Kuari 21-Apr-2021 22:43:30
:: raises her head high in surprise ::
SCI Lt Herschel 21-Apr-2021 22:43:30
:: goes back to double check Region D ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 22:44:09
+Travax+ At this distance... there is no way that we can arrive in time to help, even with our slipstream. And... we are bound by treaty.
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 22:44:41
:: runs another crewman through the full body scanner, unaware of the bridge happenings ::
CTO Cpt Grey 21-Apr-2021 22:44:41
:: turns from her console, watching the captain carefully and waiting for instructions ::
Capt Travax 21-Apr-2021 22:44:56
+CO+ I am well aware of those facts. What I am asking... :: sighs ::
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 22:45:04
:: stomach churns anxiously ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 22:45:20
ACTION> The Syrinx catches Atlantis and forms up alongside, both ships at warp eight.
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 22:45:52
:: manages to improve the little matter-energy conversion matrix on the little lesser-used transporter room, blissfully unaware of the goings-on, political and otherwise ::
Capt Travax 21-Apr-2021 22:46:00
+CO+ I ask that you allow us to follow you there through your slipstream so that we can render aid, should Refuge have been victorious.
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 22:47:09
:: looks down and pinches her chin, thinking about what the rules allow her to do in such a situation ::
+Travax+ Captain... we must consider the possibility that Refuge may fall.
XO Cdr Kuari 21-Apr-2021 22:47:51
:: looks from Travax to Harper, anxious and considering herself ::
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 22:47:52
:: sits as the crewman works on the wall pedals, offering him encouragement as he goes ::
Capt Travax 21-Apr-2021 22:48:20
+CO+ If we get there and the place is crawling with Xovul, we leave the same way we came in. They can't keep up with slipstream.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 21-Apr-2021 22:48:30
::Pauses for a moment at the news, before he quickly continues with whatever he was doing; only silently, as he listens in.::
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 22:48:32
:: resists the urge to look back at Kate... barely ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 22:49:56
:: lets out a long breath that she wasn't aware that she was holding and looks up at Travax :: Alright. Stand by to follow us into slipstream.
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 22:50:08
:: chats with the crewman about his insomnia, prescribing him some sleeping pills ::
Capt Travax 21-Apr-2021 22:51:14
+CO+ Thank you, Captain... though I admit that I am unfamiliar with this procedure, as it was developed during my time under cover among the Xovul.
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 22:52:20
+Travax+ We will drop to warp one. Raise your shields and follow in our wake through the slipstream. Please coordinate with our helm.
Capt Travax 21-Apr-2021 22:52:43
+CO+ Aye, Captain. Syrinx out, for now. :: closes the comm ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 22:53:23
:: heads back to Main Engineering ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 22:53:25
:: takes her seat :: CTO: Yellow alert.
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 22:53:40
:: sees the yellow alert, puts some extra pep in her step ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 22:54:00
XO: Make the ship ready for slipstream flight. NAV: Calculate a slipstream solution for Refuge, and interface with Syrinx to coordinate a drop to warp one and their course through the slipstream.
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 22:54:23
:: raises an eyebrow at the yellow alert, holding off on calling in another person, instead working on her charts ::
XO Cdr Kuari 21-Apr-2021 22:54:48
CTO: Captain Grey, please prepare shields for slipstream.
SCI Lt Herschel 21-Apr-2021 22:54:49
:: looks up and sighs at the yellow alert :: Barrett: Should I put a seatbelt on? Barrett> should have a seatbelt on anyway, Ma'am.
NAV Lt Navarro 21-Apr-2021 22:54:52
:: links up with the Syrinx's helm officer, and enters their destination into the slipstream systems ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 21-Apr-2021 22:55:20
:: looks up, sees the yellow alert ::
SCI Lt Herschel 21-Apr-2021 22:55:39
:: sits down and puts seatbelt on ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 22:55:44
:: gets to Main Engineering, takes her station, sees the slipstream systems on standby ::
CTO Cpt Grey 21-Apr-2021 22:56:07
:: nods, shifting her calculations to the side and triggering yellow alert before turning her attention into the slipstream shield calculations :: XO: Slipstream configuration is set.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 21-Apr-2021 22:56:13
::Sighs to himself.::
XO Cdr Kuari 21-Apr-2021 22:56:18
:: checks her console and acknowledges Grey :: CO: Ship ready for slipstream flight, Captain.
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Apr-2021 22:56:27
:: puts on her seatbelt, because you never know, and issues the slipstream warnings ::
NAV Lt Navarro 21-Apr-2021 22:56:34
CO: Dropping us to warp one now, capitana. Syrinx is ready to join us.
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 22:56:45
:: monitors the energy diversion ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 22:57:01
:: nods to Kuari, trying to not worry about those at Refuge, at least, not yet - after all, we helped them fortify :: XO: Thank you.
MED Lt Acacia 21-Apr-2021 22:57:08
:: sits at a desk in sickbay working on reports. She checks if the chair has a seatbelt and to her surprise it does, so she fastens it ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 22:57:32
ACTION> Both ships slow to warp one.
NAV Lt Navarro 21-Apr-2021 22:57:44
:: gets the ding from the computer :: CO: Slipstream solution is ready.
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 22:58:15
:: prepares to generate the quantum field ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 22:58:31
NAV: Activate the slipstream drive.
NAV Lt Navarro 21-Apr-2021 22:58:45
:: engages the slipstream drive and watches :: CO: One minute.
SCI Lt Herschel 21-Apr-2021 22:59:11
Barrett: So how often does this happen on this ship? Barrett> Often enough, Ma'am. Barrett: Lovely.
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 22:59:24
:: closely monitors the quantum field generation ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 22:59:27
ACTION> The slipstream starts to form ahead of us, visible on the main viewer.
XO Cdr Kuari 21-Apr-2021 22:59:48
:: watches, ready and waiting ::
NAV Lt Navarro 21-Apr-2021 22:59:50
:: sends a precise course to the Syrinx that will get them through the slipstream safely in Atlantis's wake ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 21-Apr-2021 22:59:51
Self: Hi-yo, Silver.
NAV Lt Navarro 21-Apr-2021 22:59:55
CO: Ten seconds.
NAV: Entering slipstream.
CO Capt Harper 21-Apr-2021 23:00:32
ACTION> Atlantis is smoothly pulled into the slipstream with Syrinx in her wake.
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