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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
While dealing with the immediate aftermath of defending the Free Fleets cruiser HMS Syrinx from Xovul attack, we received a distress call from the enemy's wreckage, originating from an escape pod containing one lifesign: an injured human woman, suffering from burns and blunt-force trauma. After beaming her to sickbay under guard, we have learned that she's called Anastasia Stecker, and that she claims to not be our enemy, despite coming from a Xovul dreadnought. After receiving medical care and regaining consciousness, she asked to talk to Admiral Blackthorne, claiming to be his half-sister...
After 14-Apr-2021 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 21:15:01
:: in sickbay, blinking at Ana, then shares a look with Lexy before replying ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 21:16:16
:: is carting power node replacement parts to Deck 8 ::
CTO Cpt Grey 14-Apr-2021 21:16:40
:: straightens with a soft harrumph, remaining tucked against the wall to watch and listen ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 14-Apr-2021 21:16:47
:: standing on the bridge at the tactical two terminal, watching his hands, breathing heavily ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 21:16:51
:: is seeing to the last of the injured as the energy in sickbay begins to calm down ::
SCI Lt Herschel 14-Apr-2021 21:16:52
Self: Ahhh! :: looks at what looks to be glaciers made of ammonia on the methane based moon ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 21:16:57
Ana: You understand, of course, that we will need to verify your identity. Please know that we mean no offense.
XO Cdr Kuari 14-Apr-2021 21:16:58
:: on the bridge, looking over department updates ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 21:17:47
:: steps out of turbolift onto Deck 8 ::
CMO Lt Tailor 14-Apr-2021 21:17:48
::listening quietly a few feet away while she tends to another patient::
Anastasia Stecker 14-Apr-2021 21:17:50
CO: No, none taken at all. I wouldn't expect anything different.
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 21:19:35
:: looks to Dr. Tailor :: CMO: Please check the Academy medical records for a match, doctor.
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 21:19:51
:: finds Davis with his team at the power node :: Hey Con. Got those parts.
Davis> Thanks, Zoë.
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 21:20:32
:: waves a tool with a blue light over a crewman’s wrist, then watches him twist his wrist experimentally with an approving nod ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Apr-2021 21:20:37
:: looks at the search results on her PADD ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 21:20:40
You need a hand?
CMO Lt Tailor 14-Apr-2021 21:20:48
CO: Will do. ::steps to a console to send a message to the Academy::
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 21:21:12
Davis> :: furrows brow, looks at node, looks at parts, looks at node :: Nah, I don't think so. Thanks.
:: shrugs :: Alright.
Davis> Y'alright there, Zoë?
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 21:21:54
Ana: Identity and familial connections aside, why do you need to speak with Admiral Blackthorne?
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 21:22:31
:: turns, walks backward to answer, doesn't slow or alter trajectory :: Yeah, doing fine.
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Apr-2021 21:23:00
CO: According to records, there is a former Starfleet cadet by that name. Daughter of Commander Kristiana Stecker, former XO of the Atlantis. Hence being born here.
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 21:23:55
:: lists back to the turbolift, steps in :: Deck 16.
SCI Lt Herschel 14-Apr-2021 21:25:13
:: opens a texts and mutters out loud to herself :: Self: might encounter living creatures absorbing hydrocarbon gas which are relatively common in the atmosphere and releasing hydrogen which will recombine again with nitrogen or hydrocarbon molecules in the atmosphere to form other hydrocarbon molecules or ammonia under the action of ultraviolet light that splits the molecules. :: nods and continues to mutter to self as she continues to go over scan data ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 21:25:28
:: turns to Lexy and steps back a step from the bed, speaking more quietly :: CSO: But that cadet did not graduate?
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 21:25:36
:: steps out onto Main Engineering, heads for her terminal ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Apr-2021 21:25:56
:: looks up at Kate and gives her a subtle nod ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 21:26:42
:: steps back up and waits for Ana's answer to her question before pressing that issue ::
CMO Lt Tailor 14-Apr-2021 21:26:53
CO: Captain, I've got something. ::passes a PADD over with a cadet's records from the academy::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 21:27:08
:: helps up a crewman who had come in with a twisted ankle, holding her steady for her first steps on the newly repaired joint ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 21:27:58
:: looks down at the PADD and back to Ana, then hands it back :: CMO: Verify that this is the same person.
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 21:29:40
:: checks the log for work orders ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 21:29:53
:: looks around, satisfied with the state of sickbay. She grabs the log for the crew physicals, checking who hasn’t had one yet ::
CMO Lt Tailor 14-Apr-2021 21:30:33
::nods, sending another note back to the Academy with current biological data::
Anastasia Stecker 14-Apr-2021 21:31:20
:: notes the exchange between Harper and Wright, but ignores it, immediately answering Harper :: CO: I...need to warn him. About the Xovul. There's...dissension amongst them. ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 21:32:25
:: finds nothing but routine diagnostics, all of which were last completed within the week ::
:: sighs, long and heavy ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 21:33:02
:: nods, certainly finding that news to be interesting ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 21:33:09
Self: Alright, starboard nacelle it is.
:: grabs interphasic compensator, heads out ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 21:35:02
:: spots a name she recognizes on the to do list, taps her combadge :: +ENG+ This is Sickbay. Are you free for your routine physical examination?
Anastasia Stecker 14-Apr-2021 21:35:20
:: purses her lips, looking at Harper :: CO:'s urgent.
SCI Lt Herschel 14-Apr-2021 21:35:36
:: returns to the text and continues to read :: Self: ...the species would be very limited and their development and adaptation capabilities would be slowed down. :: looks over the temperatures of the moon ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 21:35:41
Ana: If we verify that you are who you say you are, I will contact the Admiral.
Anastasia Stecker 14-Apr-2021 21:36:37
:: swallows, nodding after a moment, resigning to the delay and glances sidelong at Tailor ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 21:37:00
Ana: You said that you are an Academy graduate?
CMO Lt Tailor 14-Apr-2021 21:37:31
Ana/CO: Nothing from them quite yet...
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 21:37:52
CMO: Can you run the tests here?
CTO Cpt Grey 14-Apr-2021 21:38:29
:: is listening, remaining silent ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 21:39:05
:: stops just before the turbolift, taps badge, but not before sighing where no one can hear her :: +MED+ D'bryn here. I'm free. On my way up.
CMO Lt Tailor 14-Apr-2021 21:39:32
CO: I should be able to, give me a few minutes. ::takes the PADD with the information from the Academy and begins verifying Ana's DNA and other biomarkers against the records::
Anastasia Stecker 14-Apr-2021 21:39:47
:: sighs, realizing this is only delaying her meeting :: CO: Yes. Well...almost? Not really important...
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 21:40:05
:: nods lightly, grabbing a PADD with a fresh chart and heading over to prepare the full body scanner ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 21:40:19
:: gets into turbolift, forgetting that she's still holding the interphasic compensator :: Deck 15.
:: turblift goes quick because it's one deck; Zoë steps out ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 21:41:11
Ana: We have records of a Cadet Stecker that did not finish her senior year, so yes, it is important.
CMO Lt Tailor 14-Apr-2021 21:41:53
Ana: It should be just a few more minutes.
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 21:42:04
:: finishes her prep and stands around waiting for Zoë ::
Anastasia Stecker 14-Apr-2021 21:42:59
:: swallows again, averting her eyes :: CO: Y-yes, that's me.
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 21:43:12
Ana: Why lie to us? You had to know that we would check.
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 21:43:20
:: walks into Sickbay, and then realizes she's still holding the compensator::
:: sighs ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 21:44:02
:: raises an eyebrow as Zoë enters with something in her hand :: ENG: I didn’t mean to pull you from anything.
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 21:44:47
MED: You didn't. I'll just, uh... :: finds a surface that looks least likely be in use, sets the compensator there :: I'll get that on my way out.
Anastasia Stecker 14-Apr-2021 21:44:57
:: throws up a hand, but it doesn't go as far as she expects, her arm still heavy from recovering :: CO: I...didn't think about it, honestly. It' what I told the Xovul, I... :: sighs again, pausing, then meets Harper's eyes again :: You know when you tell yourself something enough, you start to believe it?
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 21:45:17
:: meets Stecker's eyes, evaluating her honesty ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 21:45:43
:: chuckles, patting the bed for the full body scanner :: ENG: Alright. Lay down here and we’ll get started.
SCI Lt Herschel 14-Apr-2021 21:46:04
:: hums to self as she looks for the decently warmer areas of the moon, which is more favorable for sustaining life than extreme cold ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Apr-2021 21:46:30
:: frowns slightly ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 21:46:59
:: hops up on the biobed ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 14-Apr-2021 21:47:16
:: taps the tactical console ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 21:47:39
MED: On my last ship there was a myth that one of the biobeds would eat you if you got too close.
CMO Lt Tailor 14-Apr-2021 21:48:08
::hits a button as the console beeps:: Ana/CO: And it's done. ::at the same time, gets a message back from the academy:: CO/Ana: The records are a match.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Apr-2021 21:48:18
::Wanders down the corridor with Amber Sun in tow, coming to the doors to engineering.:: ~Amber~: Now, beyond here; is engineering. Its is the... heart of the ship.
Anastasia Stecker 14-Apr-2021 21:48:38
:: closes her eyes a moment, then looks back at Harper, hoping they can just move past this ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 21:48:48
:: slowly pushes the bed into the scanner, the chamber bathing Zoë in a blue light from all sides while the Doctor works on the screen outside the chamber :: ENG: Well, would it? :: she chuckles :: I wonder how things like that start.
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 21:48:48
:: finishes her long look at Ana, then looks up and nods at the doctor :: CMO: Thank you, doctor.
Ana: I will contact the Admiral and call for you when he can speak with you.
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 21:49:40
MED: It was one of those in-jokes from before my time. I never understood it. Anytime anyone said, 'Biobed 3,' everyone would laugh and mock-scream.
:: gets scanned ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Apr-2021 21:50:31
<Amber Sun> ::Nods along with the analogy, before pawsing, and looking to Ilaihr quizzically.:: CEO: If Atalantees have heart... will wall bleed if I break? ::Gives the old man a toothy grin.::
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 21:51:04
Ana: And welcome back aboard the Atlantis, Anastasia. :: smiles at Stecker ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Apr-2021 21:51:35
:: folds her hands behind her back, still holding the PADD ::
Anastasia Stecker 14-Apr-2021 21:51:36
:: nods, this sigh of relief, and glances at those around her, taking a fresh look at her surroundings ::
:: smiles at Harper ::
CTO Cpt Grey 14-Apr-2021 21:51:58
:: looks at Anastasia, keeping expression unreadable ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 21:52:06
:: taps at the screen, running scans on each of Zoë’s body systems one after the other :: ENG: That sounds funny, but I’m glad we don’t do that here.
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 21:52:25
:: turns away and nods at Lexy, then heads toward the doors :: CTO: Escort her up when I call, please, Captain Grey.
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 21:52:45
MED: Yeah, I'm glad I grew out of private jokes.
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Apr-2021 21:53:19
:: takes one last look at Stecker, then nods at Dr. Tailor and turns to follow Kate ::
CTO Cpt Grey 14-Apr-2021 21:53:22
:: nods :: CO: If... I may ask a favor, could you ask Ammora to comm me when you return to the bridge, ma'am? This is his first time manning... alone, and I'm hestiant that he's... not doing well.
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 21:54:05
CTO: Certainly. :: exits with Lexy and enters the TL, directing it to the bridge ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 21:54:23
:: finishes up, the light in the chamber dimming to its passive white as the Doctor pulls the bed back out. She slides it over to the wall where the stamina test device is :: ENG: Alright, now for the fun part. Put your feet on these pedals and go until you can’t go anymore.
CTO Cpt Grey 14-Apr-2021 21:54:45
:: nods, turning back to look at Anastasia squarely ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 21:55:21
:: thinks:: Everyone on this ship wants me to exercise. :: out loud :: MED: Be prepared to be underwhelmed.
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Apr-2021 21:55:33
:: looks at her PADD again as they ride the TL :: CO: Do you trust her?
Anastasia Stecker 14-Apr-2021 21:55:44
:: looking around at everyone, lingers a moment on Grey who is watching her intensely ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 21:55:56
:: smiles :: ENG: Don’t worry, you’re only compared to yourself.
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 21:55:56
:: starts pedaling ::
CTO Cpt Grey 14-Apr-2021 21:56:04
:: returns the look :: Stecker: Yes?
SCI Lt Herschel 14-Apr-2021 21:56:18
:: finds regions of the moon that tends to average about 2-3 degrees higher than the rest of it. :: Self: Ja! Schöner Mond. :: pats the display of the moon in front of her ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 21:56:44
:: squeezes Lexy's hand as they ride :: CSO: So far, yes. Why would she drop out so close to graduation, though? Regardless, I am certain that the Admiral will have something to say.
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 21:57:07
:: already she feels the burn in her thighs ::
CMO Lt Tailor 14-Apr-2021 21:57:14
::doesn't want to pass judgement on Ana just yet, but would love to know what exactly she was thinking when she went to join the Xovul::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Apr-2021 21:57:31
::Doesn't turn to the young bear, only smirking under his hood, before he strides through the doors. The warp core sits in the centre of view, gently thrumming away and emitting the pulsating light of pure energy.::
Anastasia Stecker 14-Apr-2021 21:57:39
:: has a flash of a Xovul judging her and frowns :: CTO: Yes, what? You were looking at me is all.
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Apr-2021 21:57:51
:: squeezes back and silently wishes she could hear that conversation ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Apr-2021 21:58:41
<Amber Sun> ::Stares at the construct amazed; letting out a strange roar, shaking his head.:: CEO: It.... it.... What is?
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 21:58:48
:: exits to the bridge once the doors swoosh open :: CSO: Priority one channel to the Admiral, please, straight to my ready room.
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 21:58:57
:: takes notes in Zoë’s chart as she goes, offering occasional words of encouragement :: ENG: You’re doing great.
CTO Cpt Grey 14-Apr-2021 21:59:00
Stecker: I am head of Security of this ship, and the Captain has put you under my watch until she calls for you. Therefore, I keep an eye on you.
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Apr-2021 22:00:01
CO: Aye, Captain. :: takes her station back from Gunnarsdottir and begins tapping the screen ::
Anastasia Stecker 14-Apr-2021 22:00:15
CTO: Of course. That's fine. I have no questions. :: makes a point of looking elsewhere, peering around, finding herself eventually thinking about all the history that's happened on this ship since she has been away ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 22:00:52
:: blows out a labored breath :: MED: Glad someone thinks so.
CMO Lt Tailor 14-Apr-2021 22:00:59
Ana: So, do you remember living on this ship when you were young?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Apr-2021 22:01:26
Amber: That, is the warp core, my dear boy. It is what gives Atlantis power, what allows us to... chase the stars. ::Chuckles.::
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 22:01:55
XO: Our passenger is apparently the half-sister of Admiral Blackthorne, born to the first XO of Atlantis in our sickbay. :: pauses by her seat but doesn't sit down, knowing that the ready room is her next stop ::
SCI Lt Herschel 14-Apr-2021 22:02:06
:: continues to complement the methane moon in German, as she goes through more data ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 22:02:10
:: chuckles :: ENG: Don’t sell yourself short! You’ve almost beat your previous time, you can do it!
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Apr-2021 22:02:39
<Amber Sun> ::Barks excitedly.:: CEO: Me... Me Chase Celestial Trails!
XO Cdr Kuari 14-Apr-2021 22:02:53
:: watches Harper and Wright enter, the latter taking her station and looks at Harper as she's confided in, reacting in surprise :: CO: That's...not anything like I was expecting.
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 22:03:00
:: another heavy exhale; closes eyes :: Self/MED: I am a leaf on the wind.
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 22:03:49
XO: Me neither. :: chuckles :: But it is hardly the strangest thing that has ever happened here.
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 22:04:00
:: smiles, sitting on her stool next to the biobed patiently and occasionally taking notes ::
Anastasia Stecker 14-Apr-2021 22:04:08
CMO: I was very young, I was just told it was here. :: frowns as if trying to remember ::
XO Cdr Kuari 14-Apr-2021 22:04:46
:: nods :: CO: This is very true.
CMO Lt Tailor 14-Apr-2021 22:05:06
::nods:: Ana: I understand, it's ok if you can't remember just now.
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 22:05:15
:: tries a meditation trick Ori taught her: relocating her consciousness to specific parts of her body ::
:: transfers all conscious thought to her shoulders and arms ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Apr-2021 22:07:02
:: finally gets notice that the secure channel has been established :: CO: Captain, the channel you requested is ready. I'm transferring it to your ready room.
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 22:07:15
:: makes a note :: ENG: You’ve passed your previous time, keep going!
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 22:07:17
:: begins feeling the tightness in her chest as she runs out of breath ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 22:07:22
CSO: Thank you, Commander. :: exits to the ready room ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 22:07:36
:: thinks :: Just a little more... Then just a little more than that... Then just a little more than that...
XO Cdr Kuari 14-Apr-2021 22:08:08
:: watches Harper go, wondering what will come of this ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 22:08:33
:: hands, forearms, upper arms, shoulders, neck—all start to get hot ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 22:08:35
:: takes her seat behind her desk and explains the situation to Ian ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 22:08:59
:: strains, reaches limit, stops ::
:: heaves in air ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 22:09:35
:: continues diligently taking notes, clapping lightly for Zoë :: ENG: Nice work! You can sit up when you’re ready.
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 22:10:09
MED: Noted. :: doesn't sit up yet ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Apr-2021 22:11:04
<Amber Sun> ::Seems to be enthralled by the warp core, his eyes glazing over as he stares as it; slowly wandering towards it.:: Self: Chasing... Celestial... Trails...
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 22:11:22
:: finishes up her notes from the test and prepares two hyposprays for the next part, sitting back on the bedside stool to wait for Zoë to recover ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 22:12:03
:: nods to the Admiral, then taps her commbadge :: +CTO+ Captain, please escort Ms. Stecker to my ready room.
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 22:12:49
:: pushes herself up :: MED: Well, how do I look? Any diagnostics or repairs I need to run? :: winces at own on-the-nose symbolism ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Apr-2021 22:12:49
:: checks her inbox and sees the note from Lieutenant Herschel, who she put in charge of the study of the new life form; nods approvingly and sends back a congratulatory note for a job well done ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Apr-2021 22:13:05
<Amber Sun> Self: Pretty.... ::Keeps creeping closer.::
CTO Cpt Grey 14-Apr-2021 22:13:12
+CO+ Understood. :: straightens, stepping to withdraw a pair of cuffs from her belt and securing them around Anastasia's wrists. :: Stecker: The Captain's calling for you. March.
Anastasia Stecker 14-Apr-2021 22:13:31
:: perks up at Grey's combadge and starts to get up, slowly swinging her legs off the biobed ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 22:13:55
:: chuckles, picking up the first hypospray :: ENG: I was just going to ask you that, actually. I know we spoke recently about your insomnia, how has your sleep been?
Anastasia Stecker 14-Apr-2021 22:14:25
:: frowns :: CTO: Wait, am I a prisoner?
SCI Lt Herschel 14-Apr-2021 22:14:27
:: relays the congrats :: Moon Display: You are doing so well, little Schatz!
CMO Lt Tailor 14-Apr-2021 22:15:20
CTO: Why not just do a site to site? She's been through alot, physically.
CTO: No need to make her walk through the entire ship.
CTO Cpt Grey 14-Apr-2021 22:15:37
:: looks to Tailor :: CMO: Can that be done?
CMO Lt Tailor 14-Apr-2021 22:15:45
CTO: I don't see why not.
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 22:15:49
MED: Oh, that was a one-off. I don't really struggle with insomnia often. Every once in a while my brain won't turn off. Twice a year, maybe? Three times a year, tops? :: shrugs :: I slept alright the past couple nights.
CMO Lt Tailor 14-Apr-2021 22:16:18
CTO: I'll authorize it if you need that.
CTO Cpt Grey 14-Apr-2021 22:16:51
:: nods :: CMO: Let's do it, please. :: uncuffs Stecker just as quickly, but keeps a hand wrapped around her upper arm ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 22:16:57
:: nods happily :: ENG: Just need a blood sample... :: she presses the hypospray to Zoë’s neck, swooping out some of her blood :: How have you been feeling overall? Anything to report?
Anastasia Stecker 14-Apr-2021 22:17:00
:: looks gratefully at Tailor ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Apr-2021 22:17:40
::::Watches Amber Sun approaching the warp core, surprised by his reaction to it.:: Amber: Are you alright, my dear boy?
CMO Lt Tailor 14-Apr-2021 22:18:17
::Nods:: TR: I need a site to site transport for Captain Grey and Anastasia Stecker to Captain's ready room.
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 22:18:19
:: juts bottom lip in faux-thought :: MED: Not that I can think of.
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 22:19:23
ACTION> Grey and Stecker shimmer out of sickbay and into the ready room.
CTO Cpt Grey 14-Apr-2021 22:19:54
:: releases the hold she had on Stecker's upper arm once they appear in the ready room, stepping back to flank the door and watch ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Apr-2021 22:19:58
<Amber Sun> ::Keeps walking towards the core, almost mindlessly, not responding to Ilaihr.::
Anastasia Stecker 14-Apr-2021 22:20:08
:: looks around in surprise, the smaller, more dimly-lit cozy atmosphere of the ready room a change from sickbay ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 22:20:10
:: stands as they appear, not expecting the site-to-site, but she didn't specify how they should get here ::
Ana: Welcome, Anastasia, to what was once your father's office.
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 22:20:35
:: nods attentively, then smiles :: ENG: Well that’s good. As always, just let us know if that changes. Last thing, you’re due for your contraceptive shot. :: she grabs the second hypospray and again goes for Zoë’s neck ::
Anastasia Stecker 14-Apr-2021 22:20:58
:: smiles and takes another look around with more informed eyes, a slight expression of wonder on her face ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 22:21:32
:: takes the shot :: MED: Still not entirely sure why I still get these.
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 22:22:08
:: walks out from behind the desk and gestures at the terminal :: Ana: Your brother is on the screen there. We will give you some privacy. Just come out to the bridge when you are done talking, and take all the time you need.
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 22:22:53
:: nods, understanding the concern :: ENG: Everybody does, it’s just standard procedure unless you’re actively trying.
Anastasia Stecker 14-Apr-2021 22:23:16
:: smiles more widely, the wait finally over, feeling accomplished and relieved :: CO: Thank you, Captain!
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 22:23:36
:: offers a gentle smile and exits, gesturing for Grey to follow ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 22:23:38
MED: Yeah, I get it. It's just neither here nor there for folks like me. Not that I mind; it's always just weird whenever I get one.
CTO Cpt Grey 14-Apr-2021 22:23:42
:: looks hesitantly at Harper before following her out ::
Anastasia Stecker 14-Apr-2021 22:24:03
:: carefully sits, regarding the terminal and begins her conversation with Ian Blackthorne ::
XO Cdr Kuari 14-Apr-2021 22:24:17
:: notes Harper and Grey exiting the ready room, confused as to how Grey got there ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 22:25:04
:: notes Kuari's confused look :: XO: Stecker and Grey beamed in from sickbay.
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 22:25:07
:: nods, then chuckles wryly :: ENG: Oh, believe me, I’m right there with you. But even I get it.
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 22:26:09
:: gives a look of mild surprise :: MED: Oh yeah? You're...? :: is completely unsure if it's an appropriate question ::
SCI Lt Herschel 14-Apr-2021 22:26:11
:: mutters again :: Self: Only need... amino acids. Wee little ones... Something. Anything? I need something from you, Schatz.
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Apr-2021 22:26:12
:: also receives that explanation, as she was also wondering ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Apr-2021 22:26:47
Amber: Amber Sun? ::Watches the Sarlbjorn with some concern, as he raises his paw up to touch the core; feeling something: strange,:: ~Amber~: AMBER SUN! ::Slams his cane to the deck, ringing out across engineering.::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 22:26:55
:: finishes her sentence smoothly, not having been closeted for a long time :: ENG: Asexual, yes.
XO Cdr Kuari 14-Apr-2021 22:27:02
:: nods in understanding ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 22:28:04
:: almost visibly breathes a sigh of relief :: MED: Okay, wasn't sure if that was appropriate to ask on-duty.
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 22:28:27
XO: The Admiral had not heard from his sister in many years, so they may be talking for a while. How are our repairs coming along?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Apr-2021 22:28:48
<Amber Sun> ::Is wrenched out of his reverie; he shudders, pulling his paw away from the warp core, and backing away from it. He groans, padding at his face.:: CEO: Eduda? Head hurt. How come?
XO Cdr Kuari 14-Apr-2021 22:29:15
:: smiles :: CO: Good! We're almost back to full operation.
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 22:29:23
:: chuckles, waving a hand dismissively :: ENG: I certainly don’t mind. It’s not something I keep quiet, really.
CTO Cpt Grey 14-Apr-2021 22:29:55
:: steps over to her station, checking in on everything ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Apr-2021 22:31:38
::Looks from Amber Sun to the warp core, and back again; his face hidden in the shadow of his hood.:: Amber: I do not know. ::Tilts his head.:: Curious.
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 22:31:40
MED: Me neither. :: smiles :: Well, is there any more of this physical, or was the Tour de France the finale?
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 22:31:46
:: returns the smile :: XO: Wonderful! I am curious to how the Syrinx is coming along, I admit.
XO Cdr Kuari 14-Apr-2021 22:32:03
CO: Should we ask?
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 22:33:01
:: waves her hand toward the used hyposprays on the tray beside the bed :: ENG: Nope, you’re all done. Not too bad, eh?
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 22:33:12
XO: Probably not yet. :: takes her seat ::
NAV Lt Navarro 14-Apr-2021 22:33:27
:: idly checks their orbital parameters ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Apr-2021 22:33:31
<Amber Sun> CEO: Was staring at Korr. Mind felt floaty. Do Korr make Eduda feel like that?
XO Cdr Kuari 14-Apr-2021 22:34:20
:: nods and returns her eyes to her console ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Apr-2021 22:34:22
::Shakes his head.::
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 22:34:59
:: wobbles off the biobed :: MED: Once I get the feeling back into my thighs, no, it won't have been too bad. Thanks for curing me of some momentary boredom, Doc.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Apr-2021 22:35:44
<Amber Sun> ::Steadies himself, groaning a little.:: CEO: Feel like, when home... but different.
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 22:36:22
:: smiles, working on the PADD containing her chart :: ENG: No problem. Enjoy whatever you’re getting back to. :: she waves ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 22:36:32
:: didn't think Travax was the sort to enjoy being pestered ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Apr-2021 22:36:51
:: continuing to go through her inbox, acknowledging resolutions to her ops tickets ::
XO Cdr Kuari 14-Apr-2021 22:37:12
:: finds her console isn't a suitable distraction :: CO: So this guest...knows a lot about the Xovul, I would assume? It's at least interesting, more than we may know.
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 22:37:41
XO: She was not with them for very long, but she does have some knowledge, yes.
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 22:38:15
:: grabs the interphasic compensator, shakes it demonstratively :: MED: You know it. See ya. :: heads out ::
XO Cdr Kuari 14-Apr-2021 22:39:00
CO: Hard to say if she actually left of her own free will, or had no choice since her ship was being destroyed?
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 22:39:26
XO: Perhaps a bit of both, I think.
XO Cdr Kuari 14-Apr-2021 22:39:47
CO: If she was a prisoner, I doubt she would have been able to escape, unless she was being transferred during the fight.
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 22:39:49
:: finishes up the chart and transfers the file to Zoë’s records, going back to the list of those who haven’t received a physical and picking a name at random ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Apr-2021 22:39:51
:: listening to the conversation going on behind her; if she was a cat, both ears would be pointed backward ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Apr-2021 22:40:10
<Amber Sun> ::Bares his teeth, making a whimper sound, backing up.:: CEO: Me no like Korr. ::Shudders, his fur and quills spiking up.:: Pretty, but... not right!
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 22:41:03
:: heads for starboard nacelle ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 22:41:56
XO: Exactly. But, we provided the opportunity she needed.
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 22:42:23
:: takes Zoë’s blood to the lab and hands it off to a tech while she’s waiting for the next crewman she’s summoned to arrive ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 22:42:27
:: realizes she hasn't really talked about her asexuality with anyone for three, no, four years ::
XO Cdr Kuari 14-Apr-2021 22:43:11
CO: Yeah. Interesting that she also happened to be born on our ship.
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 22:43:17
:: tries not to think about how not-social she can be; thinks :: Has it really not come up since Academy? Weird.
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 22:43:52
XO: Yes, of all the ships that they could have run into, it was ours. It is a small galaxy?
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 22:44:14
:: thinks about Neil; feels sad ::
XO Cdr Kuari 14-Apr-2021 22:44:22
:: smiles, recognizing the saying and finding it fitting ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 22:45:23
:: guides the crewman to the full body scanner to begin his physical, in a rhythm ::
Anastasia Stecker 14-Apr-2021 22:45:45
:: steps tentatively from between the ready room's opening doors, stopping to look all around, not letting the doors close ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Apr-2021 22:46:11
::Looks at Amber Sun with some concern; able to feel his discomfort. He places his hand to the back of the Bear's head.:: Amber: There is a disturbance... hmmm... ::Tilts his head.:: An... unforeseen interaction of your abilities, perhaps?
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 22:46:15
:: stands as Ana emerges :: Ana: I hope your conversation went well?
SCI Lt Herschel 14-Apr-2021 22:46:18
:: continues working on moon data ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 22:46:25
:: remember's Ori's advice about not taking on other people's sadness, and how that doesn't always necessarily equate to empathy ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Apr-2021 22:46:44
<Amber Sun> CEO: No know. No like. Can help?
CTO Cpt Grey 14-Apr-2021 22:46:44
:: turns away from her station to look at Anastasia ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Apr-2021 22:47:45
:: also turns briefly to regard Anastasia, then turns back to her console ::
:: notes that the channel is still open ::
Anastasia Stecker 14-Apr-2021 22:49:01
:: steps out, still looking around some with marveling eyes but tries to focus on the people she needs to walk towards :: CO: Yes, I...well, we have much to catch up on still, but I did do what I needed to. :: comes to stand closer to the center, gazing at the large main viewer at the stars, wondering if that was where the Xovul ship had been ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Apr-2021 22:49:44
CO: Captain, the channel is still open.
Anastasia Stecker 14-Apr-2021 22:49:54
:: looks to Harper, suddenly :: CO: Oh! He wanted to talk to you again.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Apr-2021 22:50:04
Amber: I... do know know.
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 22:50:16
:: asks the crewman how he’s been feeling and takes notes, always listening carefully ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 22:50:23
:: nods to Lexy and Anastasia ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Apr-2021 22:50:36
<Amber Sun> CEO: Eduda wise. Will find answer.
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 22:50:54
CSO: Assign our guest quarters, please.
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Apr-2021 22:51:03
CO: Aye, Captain.
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 22:51:07
:: passes by Grey and quietly adds :: CTO: But keep her under guard.
:: smiles pleasantly to Ana as she disappears into the ready room to talk with the Admiral once more ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Apr-2021 22:52:10
Amber: Until then, my dear boy, I think you should retreat from here. We shall resume your lesson another time... I will require more deliberation on this matter. You hadn't had such issues until you came within engineering, so it should be safe to assume there is a proximity to the effect.
Anastasia Stecker 14-Apr-2021 22:52:36
:: smiles back at Harper, thinking of quarters and how she would very much like to rest, now that her mission is complete ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Apr-2021 22:52:41
<Amber Sun> ::Nods.:: CEO: Ok. Me go...
SCI Lt Herschel 14-Apr-2021 22:52:54
:: summarizes discoveries and data thus far in her PADD ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Apr-2021 22:53:52
Amber: Drink water, and visit the arboretum; breathe some fresh, non-recycled air.
<Amber Sun> ::Nods again, as he slowly backs up to the door; exiting engineering with a suspicious glare at the Korr.::
NAV Lt Navarro 14-Apr-2021 22:54:49
:: finding this situation to be quite odd, but doesn't say anything ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Apr-2021 22:54:52
:: assigns an open guest quarters on deck 13 to one Anastasia Stecker and sends the information up to Grey at Tactical ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 22:55:55
:: talks with the Admiral, relaying additional information about their situation after talking about Stecker ::
XO Cdr Kuari 14-Apr-2021 22:55:59
:: watches Harper return to the ready room and smiles pleasantly at Stecker while Wright and Grey prepare ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Apr-2021 22:56:28
:: Feels... uncomfortable with this situation. Too much coincidence. ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Apr-2021 22:56:29
::Waits for Amber Sun to leave, before approaching the warp core himself. He closes his eyes, waving his hand just beyond the core's containment field.::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Apr-2021 22:56:38
:: finishes up another physical and sends the patient on his way, taking her time to finish up his chart ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 22:56:52
:: gets to starboard nacelle, stares it down :: Nacelle: Alright, li'l lady. Let's, you and me, have a sit-down.
CTO Cpt Grey 14-Apr-2021 22:56:54
:: gets the information and nods slowly, comming Everly to send a marine up to the turbolift to come get the guest :: Stecker: Your... escort should be here in just a minute.
Anastasia Stecker 14-Apr-2021 22:57:58
:: regards Kuari warily, as many do when seeing a Rucara for the first time, then forces her gaze away to acknowledge Grey as best she can considering her distraction :: CTO: Y-yes, thank you.
ENG Ens D'bryn 14-Apr-2021 22:58:09
:: interfaces the local terminal with her PADD, gets to work on the checkup ::
:: cartoonish German accent :: Nacelle: So, let's staht vith ze relationship vith your muzzah...
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 22:59:53
:: closes the channel with Blackthorne and stands to gaze out at the gas giant, wondering how this will all turn out ::
CTO Cpt Grey 14-Apr-2021 23:00:29
Marine> :: enters the bridge, saluting sharply to Grey before turning to look at Anastasia :: Stecker: Ready to go?
Anastasia Stecker 14-Apr-2021 23:00:45
:: imagines her mother sitting in that very chair, or at least a version of it, before her escort arrives and she is taken to her quarters ::
SCI Lt Herschel 14-Apr-2021 23:00:50
:: if only Rike heard D'bryn's cartoonish German accent, she would be staring her down ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Apr-2021 23:00:53
Self: Containment calibration within acceptable parameters ... intermix ratio normal... ::Turns to a nearby ensign.:: aENG: Once we are clear of these Free Fleets, and the Xovul, run a diagnostic on the Core control systems.
CO Capt Harper 14-Apr-2021 23:00:55
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