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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
After spending several more days studying the moon where we may have discovered methane-based life, we are preparing to move on from the contact-binary system that provided so much scientific intrigue. While still in orbit around the fascinating moon, our long-range sensors alert us of two incoming ships...
After 31-Mar-2021 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 21:15:56
:: in the center seat, looking over a PADD with the next bit of their mission on it ::
CSO Cdr Wright 31-Mar-2021 21:17:03
:: finishing up final scans and data collection ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 21:17:05
:: steps out of turbolift on Deck 15, heading toward Sickbay ::
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 21:17:29
:: on the bridge on her chair base, idly wrapping the tip of her tail around its spindle where it chair attaches to the floor, studying her side console, wondering what new discoveries await ::
CTO Cpt Grey 31-Mar-2021 21:18:44
:: re-enters the bridge, fighting with her wet hair again, grumbling :: Bridge: Long hair fucking sucks after showers. :: speaks around a ponytail holder held between her teeth ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:18:55
:: working in the armory, checking all inventories ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 21:19:31
:: gets to Sickbay door, hesitates outside; she isn't sure about protocol with her issue ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:19:50
I swear to everything right in this galaxy... SAFETIES ON. :: set four rifles' safeties ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 21:20:20
:: feels the weight behind her tired eyes, decides to go ahead ::
:: enters Sickbay ::
CMO Lt Tailor 31-Mar-2021 21:20:27
::is deftly avoiding doing physicals, in the science lab off of sickbay finishing up doing a daily routine of experiments on the bacteria that she brought back from the arctic lake a few planets back::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 21:20:33
:: raises an eyebrow at Grey :: CTO: I only take a water shower when I have time for it.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:21:04
:: replaces a battery on a rifle, grumbles ::
MED Lt Acacia 31-Mar-2021 21:21:30
:: is in sickbay, working on a chart from one of the crew physicals. She spots D’bryn and looks up, smiling :: ENG: Here for your physical?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:22:30
Howlitz> Scott: Hey, that was my rifle, what are you doing?
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 21:22:40
:: thinks :: Cripes, the physicals. :: says :: MED: Ah, no, actually. Have a slight issue I was hoping to get some help with. Nothing big and bad at all.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 31-Mar-2021 21:22:53
::Is sat in his usual seat, silently monitoring the ships systems; his hands gliding over his console, as he glazed over eyes sweep side to side.::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:22:57
Howlitz: Well, the battery was dead and not connected properly. So, I'm replacing it.
CMO Lt Tailor 31-Mar-2021 21:23:05
::finishes up one last bit of testing:: Self: Aaaand done. ::logs her work and leaves the lab, steps into the main ward::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:23:13
Howlitz> Scott: I connected it perfectly.
Howlitz: Oh, did you? :: disconnects the battery and tosses it to him :: Connector ports corroded, charge dead, and expiration date so far past due it might as well be a paperweight. Unless you have a different assessment?
CSO Cdr Wright 31-Mar-2021 21:24:15
:: belatedly notices the blinking light on the corner of her console, looks back and realizes that Grey hasn't taken her station yet :: CO: Erm, I know tactical scanners are not my area generally, but I'm seeing ships approaching on long range scanners...?
MED Lt Acacia 31-Mar-2021 21:24:36
:: nods, turning off the PADD she was working on. She gestures to one of the biobeds near the back of sickbay and leads D’bryn over to it for some privacy. :: ENG: What’s up?
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 21:25:01
:: sits up straight and looks to Grey :: Report, Captain Grey.
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 21:25:50
:: straightens her neck and looks over at Grey expectantly ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:26:08
Howlitz> :: looks at at the battery :: Scott: I think it looks fine.
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 21:26:28
:: follows Emily :: MED: Well, to be honest I'm not even sure if this is something Medical usually helps out with, but I figured it'd be worth a shot. Uh, I, uh... :: leans in, tries to play it like it's no big deal :: I had a bit of insomnia last night. Didn't sleep a wink. I'm still riding the caffeine wave right now, but that's gonna hit the shore sooner or later.
MED: Was wondering if there was anything I could take to get me through the day.
CTO Cpt Grey 31-Mar-2021 21:26:52
:: glances to the Captain, stepping over to her station and tapping in :: CO: HMS Syrinx and another Xovul Dreadnought, both incoming. :: presses her commbadge :: +TAC2: Ammora, get your skinny ass up to the bridge, on the double. +
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 21:27:05
CTO: Red alert!
CMO Lt Tailor 31-Mar-2021 21:27:15
::swishes out of sickbay doors towards the turbolift, escaping before someone can flag her down::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:27:39
:: looks up, smirks at Howlitz ::
+CTO+ On my way, Captain Grey.
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 21:27:54
:: sees the red alert :: Or I guess just a big internal shot of adrenaline could do the trick...
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:27:57
Howlitz: Duty calls...
MED Lt Acacia 31-Mar-2021 21:27:58
:: pulls out her tricorder and begins a scan of D’bryn from top to bottom :: ENG: Any particular reason why?
CSO Cdr Wright 31-Mar-2021 21:27:58
:: grimaces at the words "Xovul Dreadnought" and buckles her seatbelt ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:28:23
:: bolts out of the armory to the turbolift :: Bridge!
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 21:28:29
:: also buckles in :: Bridge: Strap in.
MED Lt Acacia 31-Mar-2021 21:28:49
:: looks around with a frown, then shakes her head ::
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 21:28:49
:: perks up her ears in alarm and gives Harper big eyes ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 21:29:13
NAV: Take us down into a low orbit of the planet. The radiation should mask us for a bit.
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 21:29:34
:: heads for the door, turns to Emily :: MED: Rain check?
NAV Lt Navarro 31-Mar-2021 21:29:37
CO: Aye aye. :: breaks orbit from the moon and descends toward the gas giant's cloudtops ::
CTO Cpt Grey 31-Mar-2021 21:29:39
:: shifts into Red Alert preparations, tapping the shields and checking weapons systems ::
CMO Lt Tailor 31-Mar-2021 21:29:44
::heads to her station, you know the drill... looks to the viewer:: All: What's going on?
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 21:29:49
:: doesn't wait for an answer, bolts for turbolift ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:30:34
:: steps out of the turbolift and assumes the second tactical console ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 21:30:47
ACTION> The planet looms large on the main viewer as our orbit seems to skim the cloudtops.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:30:48
:: looks at Grey :: CTO: Reporting as ordered, ma'am.
MED Lt Acacia 31-Mar-2021 21:30:50
:: nods at D’bryn, following close behind her ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 21:30:59
:: gets in turbolift :: Deck 16.
CMO Lt Tailor 31-Mar-2021 21:31:16
::straps into her seat as the red alert blares::
MED Lt Acacia 31-Mar-2021 21:31:36
:: rides the turbolift with D’bryn, but is too anxious to make small talk ::
CTO Cpt Grey 31-Mar-2021 21:31:51
:: nods curtly at Ammora :: TAC2: We have the HMS Syrinx and an Xovul dreadnought coming in, so be prepared ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 21:32:14
:: steps out into main Engineering :: MED: Good luck, Lieutenant.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:32:45
:: stares at the console, not entirely confident :: CTO: Yes, ma'am.
MED Lt Acacia 31-Mar-2021 21:32:52
:: salutes, then directs the turbolift to the bridge ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 31-Mar-2021 21:33:31
~ENG~: All repair teams, report to your emergency positions. ::His voice sounds echoey; as he speaks over the comms and through his telepathic abilities.::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:33:47
:: phaser alignment, torpedo targeting, interface with helm, secondary support from main tactical console ::
Self: Breathe...
:: sits in the newly installed chair, shifts uncomfortably ::
MED Lt Acacia 31-Mar-2021 21:34:44
:: steps onto the bridge and takes her usual position. She begins by buckling her seatbelt, then logs into the console ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:34:52
:: looks to see if it shifts back if he wants to stand ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 21:34:54
ACTION> The HMS Syrinx, a Free Fleets cruiser, pops out of warp near the snowball world.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:35:06
:: watches the screen ::
Self, Internally: Oh hell, oh hell, oh hell...
CMO Lt Tailor 31-Mar-2021 21:35:37
+Sickbay+ Prep for battle protocols.
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 21:35:48
ACTION> The Syrinx bolts for the gas giant as the Xovul ship exits warp behind it.
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 21:35:48
:: straps into her seat in Main Engineering, pulls up the interface for Power Distribution and the deflector for all shield output readings ::
CSO Cdr Wright 31-Mar-2021 21:35:55
:: sits at her console, focusing on keeping her breathing calm and measured with limited success ::
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 21:36:10
:: looks around the bridge, thankful her crewmates have safety belts this time, hopeful they won't have to use them ::
CMO Lt Tailor 31-Mar-2021 21:36:48
::feels oddly calm, like this is just a normal Tuesday::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 21:36:55
ACTION> The Xovul dreadnought opens fire on the Syrinx!
CSO: Tactical overlay of the system on the main viewer.
MED Lt Acacia 31-Mar-2021 21:37:34
:: pulls up internal sensor feeds, monitoring the crew. She grimaces, gripping the edge of her seat ::
CSO Cdr Wright 31-Mar-2021 21:37:40
CO: Aye, Captain. :: wills her hands to do the thing ::
CMO Lt Tailor 31-Mar-2021 21:38:03
Self: Well... shit. ::runs a lifesign scan on the Syrinx::
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 21:39:10
:: watches the overlay :: CO: We have to defend the Syrinx!
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 21:39:32
:: watching the tactical display :: XO: Agreed. I do not believe we have been seen yet.
CTO Cpt Grey 31-Mar-2021 21:39:40
:: breathes, preparing the weapons systems while keeping her eyes on the scans ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:39:50
:: looks to the CTO for guidance, his hands hovering steadily over the weapons ::
CSO Cdr Wright 31-Mar-2021 21:40:04
:: winces as the Syrinx is fired upon ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:40:10
:: a bead of sweat drips off his face on to the console ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 21:40:23
ACTION> The Syrinx approaches the gas giant, making evasive maneuvers and returning fire, but is clearly outmatched.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:41:31
:: looks at the screen, at the targeting sensors ::
CTO Cpt Grey 31-Mar-2021 21:41:33
:: signals to Ammora to hold, watching and fingers posed for action ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:41:55
Self, internally: Fuck, fuck, fuck...
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 21:42:06
ACTION> The Syrinx changes course, heading straight for us, sending a request for help in response to the life-sign scan!
CSO Cdr Wright 31-Mar-2021 21:42:31
Self: What.... what happened?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:42:38
:: instinctively stands, pushing his chair back ::
CSO Cdr Wright 31-Mar-2021 21:42:44
CO: We're being hailed, Captain, the Syrinx requests aid.
CTO Cpt Grey 31-Mar-2021 21:43:12
CO: They're coming straight towards us! :: shifts in her chair with a grumble before also standing and checking the systems for action ::
CMO Lt Tailor 31-Mar-2021 21:43:15
CSO: Prep to beam injured survivors to sickbay.
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 21:43:25
:: swears sharply in Tellarite :: CTO: Jam all subspace communications, now!
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 21:43:26
:: having slowly been lowering her head as if trying to hide, raises it up with ears perked upwards as she watches the main viewer ::
CSO Cdr Wright 31-Mar-2021 21:43:44
CMO: I can't do that with the shields up.
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 21:43:58
XO: Launch Mustangs!
MED Lt Acacia 31-Mar-2021 21:44:05
:: watches the viewer with concern, occasionally checking the ship’s internal lifesign scans. No injuries yet... ::
CMO Lt Tailor 31-Mar-2021 21:44:20
CSO: Of course not. Once they're lowered...
CTO Cpt Grey 31-Mar-2021 21:44:22
:: activates the jamming systems for subspace communications, glancing up from her console ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 21:44:23
:: unbuckles and darts for the helm ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:44:30
:: looks at his console, trying to find where the jamming controls are ::
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 21:44:31
+Sharks+ All Sharks pilots, to the Assault bay immediately. I repeat, all Sharks pilots!
NAV Lt Navarro 31-Mar-2021 21:44:42
:: hears that and heads for the turbolift, handing the helm off to Harper ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:45:02
:: sees already that the CTO has engaged them ::
Self, internally: Shit.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 31-Mar-2021 21:45:28
:: leaps to her feet, not yet asleep -- still, in fact, in her uniform -- and darts out into the corridor, running for the turbolift ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 21:45:35
:: slides into the helm and buckles in, then immediately breaks orbit for an attack heading on the dreadnought ::
NAV Lt Navarro 31-Mar-2021 21:45:49
:: arrives in the assault bay and rushes to the locker room ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:46:17
CTO: Captain, suppression support is warranted?
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 21:46:26
CTO: Weapons are free when we are in range.
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 21:46:35
Ash> :: hurries to the Assault Bay and gets suited in record time ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 21:46:54
ACTION> Syrinx takes a solid hit, but comes about to engage the dreadnought upon seeing our response.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 31-Mar-2021 21:47:01
:: sprints from the turbolift and skids into the Assault Bay, racing into the locker room ::
CTO Cpt Grey 31-Mar-2021 21:47:09
TAC2: Yes. Fire at will when in range. :: nods briskly to the Captain :: CO: Understood. Weapons are ready and hot.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:47:43
:: stares at the console :: Self: My Little Aunt Lila Targets Targs...
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 31-Mar-2021 21:47:59
::Sighs to himself.::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:48:17
:: uses his learning device to deftly spread suppression fire as the Sharks launch ::
NAV Lt Navarro 31-Mar-2021 21:48:56
:: runs out of the locker room and jumps into the Rocinante, powering her up and moving througjh combat pre-flight ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 21:48:59
:: rolls the Atlantis as they approach ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 31-Mar-2021 21:49:20
:: races through her pre-flight on the Shinigami and seals herself into her cockpit :: +Sharks+ Jester ready.
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 21:49:31
Ash> :: darts from the locker room to her fighter, struggling to zip up, her helmet dangling from an albow by its chinstrap ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 21:49:32
ACTION> As the two ships loom larger, Syrinx bravely fights back against the superior foe.
CTO Cpt Grey 31-Mar-2021 21:49:37
:: braces herself for the roll, firing phasers towards the attacking dreadnought ::
NAV Lt Navarro 31-Mar-2021 21:49:42
+Sharks+ Zorro's ready.
MED Lt Acacia 31-Mar-2021 21:50:36
:: keeps an eye on internal sensors, gripping her seatbelt as they roll ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 21:50:47
ACTION> As we join the fight, the dreadnought's attention is split... but wisely focuses more fire on the larger threat, namely, us.
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 21:50:49
Ash> :: races through preflight :: +Sharks+ Spitfire, ready! :: shoves her helmet on ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:50:50
:: watches torpedo compliments ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 21:51:10
:: waits for the hits to start throwing people around Engineering; checks her seatbelt ::
NAV Lt Navarro 31-Mar-2021 21:51:12
+CSO+ Atlantis, Sharks, ready to launch.
CSO Cdr Wright 31-Mar-2021 21:51:23
CO: Sharks are ready, Captain.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:51:35
:: continues suppression fire, waiting for the Shark's launch ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 21:51:39
CSO: Good hunting to them.
CSO Cdr Wright 31-Mar-2021 21:52:08
+Sharks+ You are go for launch. Good hunting and come home safe.
CTO Cpt Grey 31-Mar-2021 21:52:10
:: alternates between torpedoes and phasers, muttering softly under her breath ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 21:52:11
ACTION> A plasma torpedo impacts our shields and disperses, but it certainly makes its presence known before it goes.
CMO Lt Tailor 31-Mar-2021 21:52:25
::rolls with the impact::
NAV Lt Navarro 31-Mar-2021 21:52:25
+CSO+ Roger that. +Sharks+ Go! Go! Go!
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:52:39
:: grabs his console, holding onto his position ::
NAV Lt Navarro 31-Mar-2021 21:52:40
:: lifts the Rocinante off the assault bay deck and shoots out into the black ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 21:52:47
:: feels the impact, checks shields, starts diverting power from auxiliary systems ::
CSO Cdr Wright 31-Mar-2021 21:52:49
:: still trying to keep her breathing calm as the Sharks launch into the fray ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 31-Mar-2021 21:53:09
:: follows close behind in the Shinigami ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 21:53:38
ACTION> Several squat fighters pour out of the dreadnought.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:53:54
That's not good.
MED Lt Acacia 31-Mar-2021 21:53:59
:: pulls up the lifesign readings on the Sharks, watching the viewer with concern ::
NAV Lt Navarro 31-Mar-2021 21:54:17
+Sharks+ Enemy fighters! Look sharp!
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:54:28
:: looks at his console, taking in all the different positions of the Sharks, the phaser arcs, the torpedo parameters ::
CTO Cpt Grey 31-Mar-2021 21:55:08
:: grabs hold of her console, also checking in on all the factors before firing another surge of phaser shots towards the dreadnought ::
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 21:55:11
:: grips her seat more tightly ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 31-Mar-2021 21:55:21
:: grins menacingly at the oncoming fighters :: Self: Dance partners. Lovely.
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 21:55:24
:: brings the ship about once the Sharks are clear and on a spiraling trajectory toward a known weakness in the dreadnought's considerable armor ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 21:55:46
:: monitors weapon systems output, makes sure they have all the power they need ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 21:55:50
:: lights it on the the tactical console :: CTO: Quantum torpedoes, there!
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 21:55:51
Ash> :: shoots out of the Assault Bay and starts planning her attack ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:56:04
:: watches Harper's moves at helm, intrigued and terrified at the same time ::
NAV Lt Navarro 31-Mar-2021 21:56:23
:: locks a microquantum on an incoming fighter and holds... holds... holds... fire! ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:56:38
:: checks the quantum torpedo processes ::
CTO Cpt Grey 31-Mar-2021 21:57:26
:: grins and nods, firing the quantum torpedoes at the pointed out weak point :: TAC2: Focus all fire on the weak point.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 31-Mar-2021 21:57:38
:: pelts a small group of enemy fighters with phaser fire and watches them scatter; chooses the one that goes off to her left as her prey and follows it, trying to achieve torpedo lock ::
NAV Lt Navarro 31-Mar-2021 21:57:59
:: grins as the target explodes, then spins away as he is targeted by its allies ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:58:06
:: doesn't know what the weak point is, matches the CTO's console :: Aye, Captain... :: fires weapons ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 21:58:52
ACTION> Though it is a weaker point in the dreadnought's armor, it's still relatively strong, and absorbs the incoming fire.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 21:59:08
CTO: No effect!
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:00:10
:: as she has to arc the ship away, she also lowers the bow back toward the "weak point" and then thrusts Atlantis into a hard sliding yaw, essentially circle strafing to keep their weapons on target ::
NAV Lt Navarro 31-Mar-2021 22:00:31
:: loops up and around, dropping in behind a Xovul fighter ::
CTO Cpt Grey 31-Mar-2021 22:00:39
TAC2: Doesn't matter, hit that thing with all we got! :: releases more quantum torpedoes at the weak point ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 22:01:39
:: looks at the torpedo compliment again :: CTO and Bridge: Firing torpedoes! :: sends a full barrage ::
:: realizes Grey did it already ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 31-Mar-2021 22:02:14
:: finally gets a torpedo lock on her prey and fires - it explodes, her hunt successful, but at what cost? She belatedly notices the enemy fighter on her tail :: Self: Shit. :: Takes evasive maneuvers just as it opens fire on her, barely dancing out of the way ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:02:33
ACTION> Some of the dreadnought's weapon fire misses as we enter the maneuver, but the plasma torpedoes and disruptors do eventually hit home, our shields absorbing them, but complaining as they do.
ACTION> Systems overloads and minor injuries start to be reported from around the ship.
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 22:03:33
:: sees the strain in the shields, runs a little more auxiliary power into them ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 22:03:34
Bridge: Shields holding, down to 68%
CSO Cdr Wright 31-Mar-2021 22:03:39
:: holds on to her seat, listening anxiously to the Sharks and watching the combat unfold on the main viewer ::
NAV Lt Navarro 31-Mar-2021 22:03:57
:: drops in behind the fighter that was harassing Jester :: Oh no no no.
MED Lt Acacia 31-Mar-2021 22:04:27
:: coordinates the injury reports, directing those who can walk to sickbay and sending a medical team to respond to the report of a possible twisted ankle ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:04:38
CTO: Breaking off for another run, aft weaponry as we come about!
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 22:04:55
:: looks quickly to the CTO, then back at his console ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:05:04
:: forced to pull away, she arcs the ship away from the Xovul for a bit of distance ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 22:05:09
Self: Aft weaponry?
:: eyes scan his console ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 22:05:19
:: watches as Power Distribution gets overloaded and goes into a lower-power diagnostic mode :: Oh, shit!
CTO Cpt Grey 31-Mar-2021 22:05:28
CO: Understood! :: glances to Ammora :: TAC2: You heard her, all weapons systems hot and ready for action ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 22:06:00
CTO: Uh, yeah, got it... :: finally seeing the aft controls ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:06:05
ACTION> The Syrinx takes advantage of our attack and scores several solid hits on the Xovul with photon torpedoes and phasers.
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 22:06:33
:: tries some things from the console, but it won't work :: God damn it. Oh god damn it!
NAV Lt Navarro 31-Mar-2021 22:07:11
:: gets MQ lock on it and fires, then avoids the explosion ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 31-Mar-2021 22:07:37
+Sharks+ Thanks, Zorro. I got greedy.
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 22:07:41
:: unbuckles, heads for turbolift ::
NAV Lt Navarro 31-Mar-2021 22:07:57
+Shark+ Ay, leave some for the rest of us!
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 22:08:47
+Bridge+ D'bryn to Bridge! Power Distribution's overloaded and won't respond to console demands. I'm heading up there with a team to fix it. We'll get more power ASAP.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 31-Mar-2021 22:09:27
:: tips her wings at him before peeling off to begin another hunt ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:09:56
:: brings Atlantis about for another attack run on the same general target area ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 22:10:12
:: stands at his console, having NOT been flung ::
MED Lt Acacia 31-Mar-2021 22:10:13
:: keeps in touch with sickbay as they begin receiving patients ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:10:22
CTO: Keep at it! I have a clear shot for you coming up.
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 22:10:30
:: motions to Byrne, Iesius, and Hanson to follow her ::
:: gets into turbolift :: Deck 3.
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:11:37
ACTION> The dreadnought's focus continues to be on us, and despite Harper's efforts, a Sovereign is a big target. Our shields continue to take a beating from their plasma torpedoes and disruptors.
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 22:11:46
+D'bryn+ Bridge acknowledges!
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 22:11:56
CTO: Shields down to 44%!
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:12:26
:: feints breaking off their attack run, then flip-turns the ship to bring the main weaponry to bear as they "retreat" ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 22:12:33
:: steps out of TL with team, beats feet toward the PD center ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 31-Mar-2021 22:12:51
:: harrying another enemy fighter with phasers while she tries to get into lock position :: Self: Come here, you ugly thing.
NAV Lt Navarro 31-Mar-2021 22:12:56
:: enters in a deadly dance with a skilled enemy pilot, fighting for advantage ::
CTO Cpt Grey 31-Mar-2021 22:13:00
: nods :: CO: Clear. :: focuses on the weapons systems, firing everything they got on the Dreadnought :: TAC2: Engineering's working on the power distrubition, we just need to focus on the dreadnought
ENG Ens Byrne 31-Mar-2021 22:13:02
Weren't we just here?
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:14:14
:: as a golden opportunity slips by, she finds herself missing the rapport she had built with Wolfe on the weapons console while she flew ::
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 22:14:17
:: checks her console in an attempt to see power distribution for herself, distracted between watching the fight and analyzing the ship's state ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 22:14:17
Byrne: You complaining? :: takes the PD console as the others pop open the wall panel ::
ENG Ens Byrne 31-Mar-2021 22:15:04
I live by the saying, 'Variety is the spice of life.' :: gets into the wall panel ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:15:14
:: twists the ship back around, angling a weaker bit of the shields away ::
CMO Lt Tailor 31-Mar-2021 22:15:46
::directs emergency medteams to the more damaged areas of the ship to do a search and rescue::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 22:15:51
:: watches the shield levels ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 22:16:01
Byrne: How about you live by the saying, 'Get the fucking shields back online,' Liam?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 22:16:04
:: prays that the CEO knows what he's doing ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:16:18
ACTION> Under the assault of the two ships, the dreadnought's shields start to fail.
CTO Cpt Grey 31-Mar-2021 22:16:30
:: focuses on the weapons' systems, continuing the ongoing attack ::
NAV Lt Navarro 31-Mar-2021 22:16:45
:: fighting for every ounce of the Mustang's performance, he outmanevers the stocky Xovul fighter and gets torpedo lock ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 31-Mar-2021 22:17:13
:: takes out another target and looks around, seeing Ash being hassled by a baddie and Zorro locked in mortal combat with another baddie ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 22:17:14
CTO: Dreadnought's shields are failing...
NAV Lt Navarro 31-Mar-2021 22:17:18
¡Adiós, pendejo!
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 22:17:25
ENG team> :: tap at consoles, switch out those transparent rectangley things, engineerificate the power distributor ::
NAV Lt Navarro 31-Mar-2021 22:17:37
:: fires then arcs away from the ensuing explosion ::
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 22:17:42
Ash> :: glances at her remaining micro-torp complement, then notices the Xovul's dreadnought taking heavy damage by the two ships and decides it's as good a time as any to unload them as fast as she can reload them ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:17:48
CTO: Keep it up, we almost have them!
ACTION> The Xovul's fighter complement is almost exhausted, being fewer in number than Atlantis's.
CTO Cpt Grey 31-Mar-2021 22:18:37
:: sharply sighs in relief at the news of the shields falling :: CO: Yes ma'am! :: focuses on the torpedoes, sending a wave of attacks towards the dreadnought ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 22:18:54
:: watches the Shark's integrity signatures ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 22:19:02
Alright, bam, diagnostics mode disengaged. We're back in business.
:: starts diverting power like crazy to the shields ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:19:46
:: engages in another inertial dampener straining maneuver, looping the ship in an arc while pitching at the same rate to keep the main weaponry on target ::
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 22:20:05
:: finds herself focusing on the main viewer, lowering her head with a soft growl escaping from between her jagged teeth at the picture of their enemy ::
CSO Cdr Wright 31-Mar-2021 22:20:26
:: tentatively allows herself to begin to hope that they'll emerge from this largely unscathed ::
CTO Cpt Grey 31-Mar-2021 22:20:59
:: types in the command for the quantum torpedoes this time, unleashing them at the dreadnought ::
MED Lt Acacia 31-Mar-2021 22:21:02
:: sighs softly as the first reports of people being released from sickbay start coming in, switching between watching the viewer and watching the sensor feeds ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 22:21:03
+Bridge+ D'bryn to Bridge, power distribution's back online; you should start getting more power to the shields.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 31-Mar-2021 22:21:11
:: looking for another target, spots one and breaks for it ::
CMO Lt Tailor 31-Mar-2021 22:21:21
::wonders why the Xovul have nothing better to do than pick fights with the Atlantis and her allies, constantly::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:21:32
ACTION> The dreadnought's shields fall, but it is still significantly armored and continues its assault. Our shields are holding, buoyed by D'bryn's efforts.
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 22:21:39
+D'bryn+ Good work, Ensign! :: may have a bit of growl left in her voice ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:22:41
CTO: Concentrate all fire on the previously-identified weak point in their armor!
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 22:22:48
+XO+ Aye, Commander! I'm gonna keep working at the distributor to get it back up to where it should be. Let me know if things start going back down!
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 22:23:30
+ENG+ You probably notice when they do.
NAV Lt Navarro 31-Mar-2021 22:23:31
:: zeroes in on one of the few remaining fighters, letting it have repeated shots from his phasers ::
CTO Cpt Grey 31-Mar-2021 22:23:51
:: nods, focusing the targeting systems back onto the weak points on the dreadnought and unleashing a surge of torpedoes ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 31-Mar-2021 22:23:54
:: does the same with her target, playing a bit of cat and mouse ::
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 22:24:36
Ash> :: focuses her torpedoes on the Xovul's armored hull, which is what torpedoes are good at. Her torpedoes may be micro, but she has many of them ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 22:24:38
:: helps the team with the configurations, trying to find the best setup to prevent such easy power overloads ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:25:31
ACTION> As we swoop away, Syrinx dives in, resuming the assault on that particular spot in the Xovul armor. The dreadnought is clearly maneuvering to protect it, but that tactic cannot work against two adversaries.
:: brings the ship about hard, intending to resume when Syrinx breaks off ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 22:26:10
CTO: Phaser banks holding integrity!
CTO Cpt Grey 31-Mar-2021 22:26:48
:: watches for the signals to attack :: TAC2: Good. Hold until the Syrinx backs off, then focus on all fire on the weak point ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:26:58
ACTION> Desperately, the dreadnought slams its remaining plasma torpedoes into our shields. The shields can absorb a lot of energy, but it has to go somewhere, and random things explode all over the ship, resulting in injuries starting to make their way to sickbay.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 31-Mar-2021 22:27:17
:: finishes her target off after a prolonged chase and looks around for more targets ::
NAV Lt Navarro 31-Mar-2021 22:27:28
:: starts herding his target toward Jester ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:27:40
:: brings the bow over on the dreadnought just as the Syrinx is forced to break away ::
CTO: Now, Ryleigh!
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 22:27:54
CTO: Already prepared, ma'am. Ready when ordered. :: at least THINKS he has the targeting sensors focused on the right place ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 22:28:10
ENG team> :: is thrown across the PD center, but no serious injuries yet ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 22:28:23
:: doesn't even wait, anticipates the CTO's order and fires what he has control of ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 22:28:29
:: stands up :: Ow.
Everyone good?
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 22:28:37
:: holds onto her chair with all six limbs and tail as the ship shudders under the impact of so many torpedoes on their shields ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 31-Mar-2021 22:28:39
:: notes what Zorro is doing and grins inside her helmet :: +Zorro+ You brought me a present.
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 22:28:58
Engineers: :: grumble affirmatives ::
NAV Lt Navarro 31-Mar-2021 22:29:16
:: laughs, seeing that this is actually the last fighter :: +Jester+ ¡Si!
CSO Cdr Wright 31-Mar-2021 22:29:21
:: sparks fly from her console, and she shields her face with her arms with a small yelp ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:29:55
:: can't help herself from glancing over when her wife yelps but returns to her focus on the helm when she sees that Lexy is alright ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 22:30:17
:: gets back to the distribution console :: Okay, we gotta be on the right track, because we didn't overload that time. Let's get this battened down.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 31-Mar-2021 22:30:50
:: turns the Shinigami to face the last fighter and locks torpedos easily thanks to Zorro's herding :: Self: Bye, bitch. :: fires ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:30:55
ACTION> Syrinx is able to come about and join in the assault on the targeted area.
CTO: Finish them!
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 22:31:38
:: blinks ::
Self, internally: She means disable, right?
NAV Lt Navarro 31-Mar-2021 22:32:01
:: laughs, then sees the status of the dreadnought :: +Sharks+ Back away from the big one!
CTO Cpt Grey 31-Mar-2021 22:32:06
:: nods, unleashing the full attack that the Atlantis could handle on the dreadnought with a focused expression ::
CMO Lt Tailor 31-Mar-2021 22:32:09
::pats out some wayward sparks from the nearest consoles::
MED Lt Acacia 31-Mar-2021 22:32:49
:: sends medical teams to respond to some of the reports of more serious injuries, directing others who can to walk themselves to sickbay ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:32:58
ACTION> Under the combined assault of Atlantis and Syrinx, the dreadnought begins to break apart, first into large chunks, which then give way to smaller ones.
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 22:33:12
Ash> :: hauls ass away from the Xovul ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 31-Mar-2021 22:33:30
:: speeds away from the ailing dreadnought ::
NAV Lt Navarro 31-Mar-2021 22:33:32
:: cheers as he flies away from the exploding dreadnought ::
CMO Lt Tailor 31-Mar-2021 22:33:44
::watches the lightshow:: Self: And that's another one down....
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 22:33:47
:: looks at the screen, and at the readings ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:34:10
:: takes a deep breath and then looks around her bridge :: Bridge: Is everyone alright?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 22:34:20
CO: :: nods ::
CSO Cdr Wright 31-Mar-2021 22:34:25
:: nods ::
CMO Lt Tailor 31-Mar-2021 22:34:26
MED Lt Acacia 31-Mar-2021 22:34:34
:: looks around as Harper asks that, then nods ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:34:58
XO: Damage report, as soon as you can get it.
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 22:34:59
:: sees from the console that the shields aren't getting hit anymore ::
CTO Cpt Grey 31-Mar-2021 22:35:08
:: nods with a deep sigh, sinking into her chair with a frown ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:35:14
CSO: Recall the Sharks.
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 22:35:29
:: nods, realizing she's gripping her chair very tightly and forces herself to relax ::
CMO Lt Tailor 31-Mar-2021 22:35:56
::unclicks her seatbelt:: CO: I'd better get down to sickbay for triage.
CSO Cdr Wright 31-Mar-2021 22:35:56
+Sharks+ Good work out there, Sharks. Come on home.
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 22:36:27
CTO: Stand down red alert.
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:36:28
CMO: Go. Casualty report as soon as you have it, doctor.
NAV Lt Navarro 31-Mar-2021 22:36:42
+CSO+ Roger that. +Sharks+ Bravo Zulu, Sharks.
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 22:36:53
:: sees the red alert get canceled ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:36:54
ACTION> The Syrinx hails.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 31-Mar-2021 22:36:56
:: points her fighter toward Atlantis and guns it ::
CTO Cpt Grey 31-Mar-2021 22:36:58
:: nods, stands down red alert ::
MED Lt Acacia 31-Mar-2021 22:37:00
:: also rises to her feet, following behind Tailor on her way to the turbolift ::
NAV Lt Navarro 31-Mar-2021 22:37:03
:: makes for the assault bay ::
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 22:37:06
:: turns her attention to her side console, looking for incoming reports ::
CSO Cdr Wright 31-Mar-2021 22:37:07
CO: The Syrinx is hailing, Captain.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 22:37:11
:: sits in his chair ::
CMO Lt Tailor 31-Mar-2021 22:37:23
::nods, fastwalking it to the 'lift:: TL: Sickbay. ::doors swish shut after Acacia gets on::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:37:28
:: settles the ship into an orbit and stands :: CSO: On screen.
CSO Cdr Wright 31-Mar-2021 22:37:48
:: puts it on screen ::
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 22:37:52
Ash> +Sharks+ Roger, Spitfire returning home. :: flies back easy, but with purpose ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:38:10
ACTION> A betazoid man known to some here as Commander Vance appears on the screen.
:: blinks :: +Vance+ Commander Vance?
MED Lt Acacia 31-Mar-2021 22:39:00
:: rides the turbolift silently with Tailor, not having anything to say for the short time ::
Capt Travax 31-Mar-2021 22:39:08
+CO+ It's Captain Travax now. Vance was just an operational alias.
CMO Lt Tailor 31-Mar-2021 22:39:55
::gives a sigh, glad that's over with. It's starting to feel like a war lately::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 22:40:00
:: stands again, not knowing in the slightest what's going on ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:40:11
:: nods :: +Travax+ I thought you retired, Captain... but perhaps you did, being in command of a Free Fleets vessel.
CSO Cdr Wright 31-Mar-2021 22:40:22
:: looks up at Vance...Travax in surprise ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 22:40:33
:: continues to work on the power distributor, but as the adrenaline wears off, feels herself crashing ::
MED Lt Acacia 31-Mar-2021 22:41:07
:: steps out as they arrive on the correct deck, heading for the sickbay doors ::
Capt Travax 31-Mar-2021 22:41:17
+CO+ Indeed I did retire! But even on the lovely shores of your homeworld, retirement just didn't suit me. So I went looking for other work, and the Free Fleets made me an offer I couldn't refuse.
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 22:41:23
Byrne: Hey Liam, you guys got this? I was actually on my way to Sickbay right when this started. Nothing serious, I should be back in a jiffy.
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 22:41:34
:: looks from Harper to Travax on the screen, the conversation having her full attention ::
ENG Ens Byrne 31-Mar-2021 22:41:55
Yeah, we're good, Zoë. You alright?
CMO Lt Tailor 31-Mar-2021 22:41:59
::enters sickbay:: MED: It's not as bad as a couple of weeks ago, but I'm getting a little tired of being followed around by Xovul.
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:42:17
:: never really did trust this guy, but is unsure why :: +T+ I see. Well, are you alright over there?
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 22:42:22
Byrne: I'm operational. No need to worry. :: exits, heads for turbolift ::
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 22:42:31
Ash> :: settles down onto the fighter bay floor and powers down, sighing with relief and a sense of accomplishment ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 31-Mar-2021 22:42:48
:: touches down in the Assault Bay and powers down the Shinigami, popping open the cockpit and hopping out ::
MED Lt Acacia 31-Mar-2021 22:42:49
CMO: Me too. :: she agrees, grabbing a PADD that’s handed to her by a nurse and reading the chart within ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 22:42:51
:: scans the debris of the dreadnought for life signs ::
CMO Lt Tailor 31-Mar-2021 22:43:07
::enters the fray of triage, and grabs her own padd, separating out the dying from the hangnails::
Capt Travax 31-Mar-2021 22:43:24
+CO+ We have some damage to repair, but are remarkably intact, all things considered. The crew, along with the captain, of the HMS Syrinx, cruiser of the Queen's Fleet, sends gratitude!
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 22:43:48
:: can't contain the ppppfffffhhhh ::
NAV Lt Navarro 31-Mar-2021 22:43:58
:: lands and powers down the Rocinante, hopping out after post-fight ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 22:44:19
:: gets into turbolift :: Deck 15. Let's try this again.
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:44:46
:: dips her head :: +T+ Atlantis is happy to help our friends in the Free Fleets.
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 22:44:58
:: slumps against the wall from the adrenaline crash :: Is my thing too minor now, with injuries coming in from all over the ship?
CTO Cpt Grey 31-Mar-2021 22:45:13
:: looks up at the viewscreen, watching carefully ::
Capt Travax 31-Mar-2021 22:45:22
+CO+ We do, however, have some damage to repair before we can set off again. Would you mind lingering while we do so, Captain?
CSO Cdr Wright 31-Mar-2021 22:45:36
:: hears a "ppppfffffhhhh" from somewhere behind her, and keeps herself from turning to look for the source ::
MED Lt Acacia 31-Mar-2021 22:45:43
:: works on a crewman’s broken wrist with a tool that bathes his skin in blue light :: Patient: You’re doin’ great, just keep holding still.
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 22:46:00
:: also heard the sound, perking an ear, but not giving it attention as they are in a video call ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 22:46:03
:: looks diligently at his console ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:46:07
+T+ Of course, Captain. Let us know if you need any assistance with repairs.
Capt Travax 31-Mar-2021 22:46:34
+CO+ Thank you again, Captain Harper! Syrinx out. :: closes the comm ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 22:46:36
:: exits TL and heads for Sickbay ::
CTO Cpt Grey 31-Mar-2021 22:46:36
:: has a feeling she knew where the raspberry-sound came from, and barely looked to Ammora ::
NAV Lt Navarro 31-Mar-2021 22:47:16
:: heads into the locker room with a spring in his step - another successful mission ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 22:47:42
:: enters Sickbay, consciously tries to look like she is not an emergency patient ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 31-Mar-2021 22:48:05
:: also heads into the locker room, tucking her helmet under her left arm and smoothing her ponytail with her right hand ::
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 22:48:12
Ash> :: smiles at Navarro in passing, also unsuiting ::
NAV Lt Navarro 31-Mar-2021 22:48:26
:: grins at Ash as he peels off his flightsuit ::
CTO Cpt Grey 31-Mar-2021 22:48:31
:: taps a text message to Ammora's console :: Lieutanent, I hope I don't have to remind you to behave yourself here, and that includes not making weird noises while on the bridge
CMO Lt Tailor 31-Mar-2021 22:48:42
::tackles an abdominal injury, siphoning out blood from the peritoneal cavity::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:48:50
:: spins on her heel, wondering who made that noise while they were talking to a friendly captain ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 22:49:03
:: taps a text message back to Grey :: I have no idea what you're talking about, Captain.
MED Lt Acacia 31-Mar-2021 22:49:21
:: glances up at D’bryn and waves her over to the open biobed by the wall :: ENG: So, I was just asking if there’s a reason you’re having trouble sleeping.
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:49:46
ACTION> A distress beacon, targeted only at Atlantis, is received... from a Xovul escape pod.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 31-Mar-2021 22:50:08
:: strips out of her flight suit and puts on her uniform, since that's all she has to change into :: Zorro/Ash: I could use a drink after that.
CSO Cdr Wright 31-Mar-2021 22:50:19
:: gapes at her console ::
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 22:50:38
Ash> NAV/NAV2: Battles like that are what drinks are for!
NAV Lt Navarro 31-Mar-2021 22:50:39
NAV2: I'll drink to that. But I doubt we're clear yet.
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:50:43
:: looks around the bridge with sharp green pilot's eyes ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 22:50:55
:: hears the beeping, sees the distress call :: Captain, we're receiving a distress call from the debris field.
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 22:50:56
MED: Yeah, it was just one of those nights, you know, when your brain won't shut up? I couldn't calm down no matter how much I tried. And now, after that whole business, I'm crashing from the adrenaline.
CSO Cdr Wright 31-Mar-2021 22:50:58
CO: Captain... we're receiving a narrow beam distress call from a Xovul escape pod.
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 22:51:10
:: looks to Wright in surprise ::
CTO Cpt Grey 31-Mar-2021 22:51:26
:: turns to glare at Ammora, switching over to voice this time :: TAC2: Cut the bullshit, Lieutanent. I swear. :: turns to check her station, frowning at the scan coming in ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:51:43
:: forgets the noise, for now, then almost does a double take ::
CSO: Life signs on the pod?
CSO Cdr Wright 31-Mar-2021 22:52:25
:: scans the pod :: CO: One. Injured. A human woman.
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:52:39
CTO: Security to sickbay.
XO Cdr Kuari 31-Mar-2021 22:52:40
Self: Human...
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:53:37
:: taps her commbadge :: +CMO+ Harper to Tailor. Stand by to receive an enemy survivor. Security is en route.
MED Lt Acacia 31-Mar-2021 22:54:17
:: nods, grabbing a bottle of pills from the medicine case :: ENG: Well I can give you these, take one and you will sleep eight hours. :: she offers the pills :: And I recommend a meeting with the ship’s counselor.
CTO Cpt Grey 31-Mar-2021 22:54:24
:: nods :: TAC2: Stay here. You're still banned from sickbay until further notice. :: contacts Everly for backup, turning to exit the bridge and making her way down to the infirmary ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 31-Mar-2021 22:54:44
Self, internally: Tell me something I don't know.
CTO: Yes, ma'am, of course, ma'am.
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:55:00
CSO: Beam her to sickbay when Grey gets down there.
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 22:55:07
MED: I appreciate that. Additionally, do you have anything that might help me get through today? I'm running on fumes, here.
CMO Lt Tailor 31-Mar-2021 22:55:08
::finishes sealing up the patient's wound:: +CO+ Understood. MED: Prep a biobed with a level 8 forcefield. Standby for beam-in.
CSO Cdr Wright 31-Mar-2021 22:55:19
CO: Aye, Captain. CTO: Call me when you get there.
CMO Lt Tailor 31-Mar-2021 22:56:02
MED: Enemy survivor on their way.
MED Lt Acacia 31-Mar-2021 22:56:37
:: glances at Tailor and nods. She quickly grabs a hypospray and gives D’bryn a shot of a stimulant, giving her a smile before going to prep a forcefield around one of the biobeds as ordered ::
CTO Cpt Grey 31-Mar-2021 22:57:08
:: arrives down at the medbay :: +CSO> I'm at medbay. Ready for survivor.+
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 22:57:29
:: rubs the spot where she was hypo'd, feels a rush :: MED: Thanks, Lieutenant. :: waves as she heads off for more important business ::
CMO Lt Tailor 31-Mar-2021 22:57:30
::waits for beam-in::
CSO Cdr Wright 31-Mar-2021 22:57:44
+CTO+ Acknowledged, Captain. Stand by for transport.
MED Lt Acacia 31-Mar-2021 22:57:46
CMO: Got it. :: she has the forcefield ready, curious about what to expect ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 22:57:56
:: hops up and heads out of Sickbay, blinking as the surge of energy clears the cobwebs of fatigue away ::
CSO Cdr Wright 31-Mar-2021 22:58:07
:: locks onto the life sign in the pod and beams it into the forcefield ::
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 22:58:40
ACTION> A human woman in her early twenties with short brown hair, green eyes, and fair skin appears on the biobed.
CTO Cpt Grey 31-Mar-2021 22:59:28
:: straightens, watching carefully ::
MED Lt Acacia 31-Mar-2021 22:59:32
:: looks between Tailor and the enemy/patient ::
CMO Lt Tailor 31-Mar-2021 22:59:36
::blinks:: MED: And she came from the Xovul ship?
MED Lt Acacia 31-Mar-2021 23:00:04
:: shrugs :: CMO: You said she did, right?
Anastasia Stecker 31-Mar-2021 23:00:25
CMO: This is Atlantis...? :: voice weary, yet in a slight German accent, looking singed and bruised ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 31-Mar-2021 23:01:04
:: enters turbolift :: Deck 16.
CMO Lt Tailor 31-Mar-2021 23:01:31
MED: I guess I was expecting a Xovul... Stecker: Hello. Yes, you're aboard the Atlantis.
Anastasia Stecker 31-Mar-2021 23:01:36
CMO: I am Anastasia Stecker...I am not your enemy...
CO Capt Harper 31-Mar-2021 23:02:48
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