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Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
Having returned from the ice-covered terrestrial world, we now arrive at the one remaining planet in this system that we have yet to catalog. A massive gas giant with an expansive ring system looms on the main viewer as we approach with whorls of cerulean and pearl dancing across a backdrop of rose-tinged gold. Well over a hundred moons of all sorts are locked into a clockwork procession around the behemoth; closer in, volcanic moons are powered by the incessant tidal stretching from the giant planet, while a new ring is being created from the geysers of others farther away. A few of the moons even have atmospheres, lending further intrigue to the display of celestial wonder before us.
After 24-Mar-2021 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 21:15:32
:: sitting in the center seat, she watches the main viewer with great interest as the giant planet gets ever larger during their approach ::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Mar-2021 21:16:51
:: is on the bridge as they approach the massive gas giant, marveling at the sight and looking forward to their next adventure ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Mar-2021 21:17:13
:: is at the Engineering station on the bridge, double-tasking normal bridge duties and a diagnostic on the turbolifts—still wigged the hell out about the drafts she’s been feeling ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Mar-2021 21:17:14
:: watching the helm closely, letting the computer calculate several potential stable orbits at various distances, taking into account the gravitational perturbations of all the moons ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 21:17:17
:: glad to be out of that environmental suit, moves to the turbolift ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 21:17:19
:: peers at the viewer, looking for the lunar wonderland described by the scans ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 21:17:26
MED Lt Acacia 24-Mar-2021 21:17:52
:: is finishing up her notes in sickbay, checking who’s still on the list for their physicals ::
ENG Ens Byrne 24-Mar-2021 21:17:54
+D’bryn+ Byrne to D’bryn.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 21:18:11
:: rides up, not excited ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Mar-2021 21:18:21
+Byrne+ D’bryn here. What’d you find, Liam?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 21:18:45
:: steps off the turbolift and assumes his station ::
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Mar-2021 21:18:50
:: is at her station, grumbling quietly to herself as her fingers flew over the console ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 21:19:37
:: glances over at Kuari :: XO: That might be the biggest gas giant I have ever seen.
ENG Ens Byrne 24-Mar-2021 21:19:44
+D’bryn+ Whole lotta nothin. Every turbolift is panning out tip-top.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 21:19:47
:: looks at the console, taking it all in ::
CMO Lt Tailor 24-Mar-2021 21:19:48
::having put away the suit, and the microbial samples in the lab, is now moseying back to the bridge via the turbolift::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Mar-2021 21:19:56
:: still staring at the main viewer with big eyes, nods ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 21:20:12
Self: You got this, just be smart.
CMO Lt Tailor 24-Mar-2021 21:20:35
::swooshes through the bridge doors, then to her station::
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Mar-2021 21:20:49
+Byrne+ Weird. Well, let’s get a notice out to the whole department just so they can keep their eyes open. Can I ask you another favor?
ENG Ens Byrne 24-Mar-2021 21:21:04
:: minds, but what are you gonna say, ‘No’? ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 21:21:08
:: looks at the CMO as she entered the bridge ::
ENG Ens Byrne 24-Mar-2021 21:21:17
+D’bryn+ What’s up?
CMO Lt Tailor 24-Mar-2021 21:21:23
::studiously ignores the Ammora::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 21:21:37
CO: It's exceptionally large, probably about at the upper limit of size for gas giants. Greedy, too - over 130 satellites.
MED Lt Acacia 24-Mar-2021 21:22:06
:: checks the bridge feed to see who’s on the bridge. She figures Wright is busy, so she picks at random :: +CTO+ Acacia to Grey, are you free for your physical?
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 21:22:17
CSO: That is a bit excessive. Who needs that many moons? :: grins ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 21:22:17
:: makes a mental note of the CMO's disposition ::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Mar-2021 21:22:28
CO: :: quietly :: Amazing.
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Mar-2021 21:22:42
+Byrne+ Can you do a full diagnostic on the EV suits? And by full, I mean every square inch on those things. There are a couple that need maintenance anyway, which I’ve already logged, but I wanna do a complete integrity check.
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 21:23:52
XO: It never gets old, seeing something like that.
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 21:23:53
CO/XO: One of the larger ones is responsible for this new ring, sending geysers of water ice out into space. Tidal friction is responsible for that, obviously.
ENG Ens Byrne 24-Mar-2021 21:23:59
:: rolls his eyes, glad Zoë can’t see him :: +D’bryn+ Ema and I’ll get right on it.
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Mar-2021 21:24:11
+Byrne+ Thanks, Liam. D’bryn out.
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 21:24:16
:: nods :: CSO: Obviously, yes.
CMO Lt Tailor 24-Mar-2021 21:24:51
::taps away at her console, doing busywork, while keeping an eye on sickbay feeds::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 21:25:24
CO/XO: Another of the larger moons features hydrocarbon lakes, which are interesting in their own right.
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Mar-2021 21:25:48
:: slows their approach as he has yet to receive an indication of their desired orbit ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Mar-2021 21:25:54
:: starts paying closer attention to the moon-encrusted planet ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 21:25:58
CSO: Oh, like on Titan, yes?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 21:26:27
:: steps over to Grey :: CTO: Ma'am, with your permission, I have a quantum torpedo inventory I need to finish. If I'm not needed here I'd like to resume that duty.
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 21:26:35
:: turns back to nod at Kate :: CO: Indeed.
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Mar-2021 21:27:43
:: startles :: +MED+ Grey to Acacia, certainly. Let me assign to Ammora then I'll be right down. :: turns to Ammora :: TAC2: Can it wait until I return? You're manning the station. :: turns to the turbolift, heading down to the medbay ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Mar-2021 21:28:29
:: nods, forgetting for a moment that Grey can’t see that. She begins prepping a chart and powers up the full body scanner, humming to herself ::
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Mar-2021 21:29:56
:: arrives down at the medbay, stepping into the bay with a slight smile aimed at Acacia :: MED: You called?
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 21:30:01
CSO: Where would you like to go first? Shall we orbit the planet, or one of the moons?
MED Lt Acacia 24-Mar-2021 21:30:37
:: smiles, patting the bed for the full body scanner to indicate that Grey should lay on it :: CTO: Always nice to see you. How’ve you been?
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 21:31:30
CO: Well, if it's up to me, I'd like to start with a planetary survey.
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 21:32:16
:: nods to Lexy :: NAV: Standard science orbit... or at least as standard as possible with all of those moons.
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Mar-2021 21:32:55
:: moves towards the bed, hoisting herself up onto the bed and laying down with a breath :: MED: I've been good, you? Any signs of anyone causing trouble?
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Mar-2021 21:33:04
:: changes course to the orbit that he had calcuated :: CO: Si, capitana. The computer has accounted for them.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 21:33:21
:: blinks, mans the station ::
:: stares at the console, takes a deep breath ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 21:34:11
ACTION> Atlantis eases into a high polar orbit, outside the rings.
MED Lt Acacia 24-Mar-2021 21:34:35
:: chuckles :: CTO: No, not since Ammora. I think that whole thing spooked some folks, sickbay has been extra quiet and relaxed lately. :: she slowly pushes the bed into the full body scanner, the device bathing Grey in a blue light from all sides while Acacia works on a screen outside the chamber ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Mar-2021 21:34:36
:: watching the viewscreen :: Self: Pretty...
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Mar-2021 21:34:38
:: feels at ease in orbit, liking the idea of watching everything while Science sciences ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 21:34:50
:: as they achieve orbit, initiates a full scan of the swirling giant ::
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Mar-2021 21:35:28
:: hums quietly, remaining still for the scanner ::
CMO Lt Tailor 24-Mar-2021 21:35:31
::gets up after a bit and goes to the replicator:: Computer: Chai tea, hot with honey. ::stares at the viewer while the tea shimmers into existence::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 21:35:40
Self: Targeting sensors there. Phaser arcs there...
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 21:35:57
:: stands as the ring plane comes back in to view as they approach from north to south ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 21:36:19
:: gazes at the viewscreen ::
CMO Lt Tailor 24-Mar-2021 21:36:45
::grabs the tea and sips, going back to her station::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 21:37:07
:: runs a data report on the chemical compositions of the rings as it relates to tactical parameters ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Mar-2021 21:37:08
:: taps away at the screen for a few minutes, taking readings of all of Grey’s various systems :: CTO: You’re doing great, almost done...
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 21:37:22
ACTION> Atlantis passes over the ring plane toward the south pole.
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 21:37:44
CO/XO: The planet is composed mostly of a hydrogen/helium mixture, with traces of methane and ammonia.
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Mar-2021 21:37:57
:: smiles faintly at hearing Acacia's encouragement, keeping her breathing pattern even
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Mar-2021 21:38:36
:: periodically taking holos as he watches their orbit ::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Mar-2021 21:38:41
:: nods at Wright's scan results, thinking ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 21:38:51
CO/XO: The atmosphere is, as one would expect, rather turbulent, despite the calm appearance from up here.
MED Lt Acacia 24-Mar-2021 21:39:09
:: finishes up and transfers all the results into Grey’s chart. She slowly pulls the bed back out of the scanner, the light turning off :: CTO: So how have you been feeling? Anything to report?
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Mar-2021 21:39:09
CSO: Unfriendly place.
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 21:39:16
:: still standing as she watches the show :: CSO: Aw, no dive down to visit floating gasbags?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 21:39:44
:: chuckles at the CO's comment ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 21:40:03
XO: Pretty, though. CO: I'm not detecting any lifeforms in the atmosphere, I'm afraid.
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 21:41:17
:: does not even look disappointed, since she knows that finding life in that previous gas giant was a rarity ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 21:41:37
:: scans the outer gas layer to make sure there are no engine signatures ::
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Mar-2021 21:42:57
:: hums as she straightens from the bed :: MED: I've been feeling fine, albeit taking some early shifts to help manage the Marines and Security, you know. If they're not assigned to something, they... can sometimes get into things they shouldn't be involved in. :: blinks at Acacia curiously :: MED: What about you?
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 21:43:50
ACTION> Atlantis passes over the south pole and into the planet's shadow. The rings are illuminated from behind by the contact binary stars.
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 21:44:18
:: breathes :: Self: Now that's a view. :: snaps some holos ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 21:44:37
:: looks at the viewscreen :: Beautiful.
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 21:44:41
:: marvels at the sight on display on the main viewer ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Mar-2021 21:44:45
:: is awestruck ::
I honestly could take living on a methane moon if it meant getting a view like that.
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 21:45:35
:: counts several moons that can be seen more easily with the planet occulting the giant stars ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Mar-2021 21:45:47
:: raises an eyebrow, taking notes on the PADD containing Grey’s chart :: CTO: I’ve been good. But this is about you, :: she smiles :: have you been getting enough sleep?
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Mar-2021 21:45:54
:: somehow feels even more dwarfed when in the huge planet's shadow, even though any planet would dwarf a starship, watching the moving image on the main viewer ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Mar-2021 21:47:24
:: sets a holo of those backlit rings as the new wallpaper on his PADD ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 21:48:12
CO/XO: Okay, the planetary survey is complete. I'd like to stay where we are while I complete a survey of the rings and satellites.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 21:48:18
:: scans the available areas of the shadow for energy signatures ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 21:48:21
CO/XO: In this orbit, I mean.
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Mar-2021 21:48:47
:: smiles, looking to Harper for her response, assuming no problems with this ::
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Mar-2021 21:49:04
:: chokes on laughter :: MED: I've been working on about six-seven hours of sleep ever since I graduated. So... technically, less than I should be?
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 21:49:28
:: chuckles :: CSO: Yes, I think we can look at the gorgeous display for a bit longer.
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 21:50:30
:: initiates a broad-beam scan, reaching out to the rings and moons with the fingers of science :: Self, softly: Let's see what we find, shall we?
MED Lt Acacia 24-Mar-2021 21:50:47
:: nods :: CTO: Less than you should be. You should shoot for eight, but your body may be used to less sleep at this point. :: she shrugs :: I can offer you a sleep aid if you’d like.
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 21:51:34
ACTION> Atlantis approaches the ring plane from below on the night side of the planet, which is not visible in the dark, but the backlit portion flattens out as we close in.
ACTION> As we cross the equator, the visible portion of the rings almost disappears completely, the majestic ring system reduced to a knife's edge.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 21:53:51
:: runs scans of the rings ::
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Mar-2021 21:54:37
:: looks at Acacia carefully :: MED: True to the fact that my body is used to less sleep, but I haven't needed a sleep aid in years, actually, ever since I graduated high school. But there's nothing else bothering me right now ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 21:55:30
:: she finally sits back down but doesn't settle in, instead staying perched on the front edge of the captain's chair ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Mar-2021 21:56:27
:: nods slowly, understanding :: CTO: Well let me know if you change your mind. :: she rolls Grey’s bed over to the stress test pedals on the wall, gesturing for her to put her feet on the pedals ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 21:56:28
:: gazes into the blackness of the planet's night side, imagining the murky depths ::
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Mar-2021 21:57:54
:: takes a deep breath, putting her feet up on the pedals and waiting for the go-ahead ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Mar-2021 21:58:56
:: taps at the screen for the wall device, taps at the PADD with Grey’s chart on it, then smiles :: CTO: Alright, go ahead when you’re ready.
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Mar-2021 21:59:24
:: finds her thoughts lost in the mysteries of discovery, wondering what wonders are hidden in the gases below, if any life has managed to find a way. Even without life, she knows there are other scientific marvels that await study, loving the natural beauty ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 21:59:29
ACTION> As Atlantis approaches the north pole, a spectrum of light can be seen refracting through the atmosphere...
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Mar-2021 22:00:10
:: starts pedaling, maintaining an easy pace ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Mar-2021 22:00:16
:: feels a reactivation of what it’s like when the Light sends her a new memory ::
:: feels momentarily lightheaded ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 22:00:37
ACTION> And then, moments later, we start to crest the pole and are greeted with a bright blue orbital sunrise.
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Mar-2021 22:01:28
Self: Wow...
MED Lt Acacia 24-Mar-2021 22:01:37
:: pulls up a stool, expecting the marine to go a bit longer than others, and takes notes on her PADD ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 22:01:48
Just lovely... :: smiles to herself ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Mar-2021 22:02:41
:: has been snapping away on the holoimager ::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Mar-2021 22:03:07
CO: Such sights make wars seem...what's the word?
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 22:03:32
XO: Petty.
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Mar-2021 22:03:41
CO: Yeah. That.
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 22:03:50
:: nods in agreement ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 22:04:16
XO: Fighting for momentary mastery over a fraction of a dot, as Sagan said.
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 22:05:18
CO/XO: One hundred and thirty-three moons. Most are fairly small, but some are nearly large enough to be small planets in their own right. One of the large ones is incredibly mineral-rich.
ENG Ens Byrne 24-Mar-2021 22:05:36
+D’bryn+ Byrne to D’bryn.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 22:05:50
:: looks at the targeting sensors, breath catches in his throat ::
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Mar-2021 22:06:07
:: continues pedaling, staying to the even pace she had set at the beginning, but slowly increasing her speed, not even looking out of breath ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 22:06:12
CO/XO: Signs of microbial life on the moon with the ice geysers and some interesting readings from the hydrocarbon world, as well.
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Mar-2021 22:06:15
+Byrne+ :: transfixed by the orbital sunrise :: D’bryn here.
ENG Ens Byrne 24-Mar-2021 22:07:06
+D’bryn+ We’re looking at these EV suits and, again, we’re seeing a bunch of fully functional equipment here. There something specific you’re looking for?
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 22:07:06
CSO: Would you like to sample the geyser for life? A fly-through should not be too much trouble.
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 22:07:50
:: brightens :: CO: Absolutely!
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Mar-2021 22:08:07
+Byrne+ :: trying not to tip her hand :: Uh, no, not really. I mean, something did seem a bit, uh... loose when I unfastened the helmet.
ENG Ens Byrne 24-Mar-2021 22:08:42
+D’bryn+ Those were the first things we checked, being the most common breach point. Nada.
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Mar-2021 22:09:01
+Byrne+ Alright, well, thanks Liam.
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 22:09:02
ENG: Ensign, configure the Bussard collectors to quarantine and store their samples for Science.
NAV: Zorro, prepare to take us on a dive through a geyser.
MED Lt Acacia 24-Mar-2021 22:09:56
:: plants herself on the stool and waits, taking notes occasionally and just watching. Over time the resistance of the device would increase, and Acacia would take a note ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 22:10:08
:: blinks, wondering if the weapons capability will work through the CO's request ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Mar-2021 22:10:11
CO: Aye, Captain. :: pulls up the command ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Mar-2021 22:10:26
:: grins :: CO: With pleasure, ma'am.
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Mar-2021 22:10:53
:: smiles, eager for the chosen route ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Mar-2021 22:10:55
:: angles the ship toward the geyser moon and calculates their approach vector ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Mar-2021 22:11:09
:: configures Bussard collectors for quarantine and storage ::
CO/CSO: Bussard collectors ready.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 22:11:32
:: watches what Navarro is doing, looks at the tactical parameters ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 22:11:36
ENG: Thank you!
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 22:11:52
ENG: Thank you, ensign. NAV: Take us in, Doc.
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Mar-2021 22:12:13
CO: Aye! :: engages along the best flight path ::
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Mar-2021 22:12:32
:: notes the resistance slowly increasing, and slowly is beginning to show it, but keeping the same even pace ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 22:12:57
:: watches the gradients to ensure the weapons systems maintain their integrity ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 22:12:59
ACTION> The planet gets a bit larger on the main viewer as we approach the outer edge of the ring plane, and a white moon with a plume extending out into the rings comes into view.
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Mar-2021 22:13:23
Self: That’s...a big ol geyser.
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 22:13:42
:: stands and takes a few steps forward, unable to help herself ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 22:13:45
:: adjusts the targeting sensors as the rings come into the sensor range ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 22:14:55
ACTION> The moon and its plume grow ever larger on the main viewer...
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Mar-2021 22:15:29
:: rotates the ship so that the warp nacelles pass through the densest part of the plume for optimum sampling ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Mar-2021 22:15:33
:: ensures there’s enough power in the main deflector in case that geyser has any ideas ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Mar-2021 22:16:19
:: occasionally tells Grey how long she’s been going, and offers encouragement :: CTO: You’re doin’ great.
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 22:17:04
ACTION> Atlantis passes through the plume, less than a hundred kilometers over the moon's frozen surface!
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Mar-2021 22:17:34
:: if there's something that all marines held in common, it was competitiveness... she knew she needed to beat Kuari's time, and she kept her focus on doing exactly that ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Mar-2021 22:17:52
:: watches as the Bussard collectors gather the particles :: Geyser: We’ll be taking some of that, thank you much.
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 22:18:12
:: watches with excitement as the samples are collected ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 22:18:14
NAV: Nice flying, Zorro!
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Mar-2021 22:18:42
CO: Gracias. :: bends their trajectory, which the moon altered in the flyby, back into planetary orbit ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 22:19:22
ENG: Did the collectors get the samples, Zoë?
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Mar-2021 22:19:59
:: double-checks the collectors’ readings:: CO: Looks like they got plenty, Captain.
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 22:20:13
ENG: Wonderful! Send those to the science labs, please.
MED Lt Acacia 24-Mar-2021 22:20:34
:: takes a note and smiles :: CTO: You’re past your previous time, good job!
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 22:20:41
:: notifies the biologists that they've got a sample incoming ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Mar-2021 22:21:13
CO: On it!
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Mar-2021 22:21:54
:: barely gives a nod of affirmation, focused on keeping her pace ::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Mar-2021 22:22:23
:: checks her side console, wondering what kinds of discoveries will be made in from their scans ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 22:22:31
:: adjusts the targeting scanners to adjust for the new interference ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 22:24:26
NAV: Take us to the moon with the hydrocarbon lakes. I would like to get a closer look at it.
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 22:24:52
CO/NAV: As would I. Some interesting readings.
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Mar-2021 22:25:03
:: has the Bussard collectors filter the gathered particles into containers for transport to the Science labs ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Mar-2021 22:25:04
:: idly flips through the results from the full body scan to be sure she didn’t miss anything, keeping herself occupied as she waits for Grey to tire ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Mar-2021 22:26:09
:: once containers are sealed, vents collectors of all stray particles that escaped containment ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Mar-2021 22:26:16
CO/CSO: As you wish! :: brings the ship about in a flagrant disregard of orbital mechanics only made possible by having impulse engines ::
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Mar-2021 22:26:28
:: hasn't even made signs of tiring yet, even with the resistance ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Mar-2021 22:26:41
CSO: Commander, to which Science labs would you like the particles sent?
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 22:27:15
:: checks her console :: ENG: Go ahead and send them to Science Lab 3. They're ready for them.
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Mar-2021 22:27:40
CSO: Aye, Commander. Transporting them over momentarily.
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 22:28:49
ACTION> A moon covered in dense orange haze starts to become prominent on the main viewer.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 22:29:18
:: looks at the new moon ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Mar-2021 22:29:30
:: watches Grey, impressed as the machine gets harder and harder ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Mar-2021 22:29:43
+TR Chief + D’bryn to Transporter Room. Please transport particle containers in Bussard collectors to Science Lab 3.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 22:30:04
:: calculates the composition as it relates to tactical parameters ::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Mar-2021 22:30:13
:: notes the next bright, colorful moon and checks the diagram of all the moons out of curiosity ::
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Mar-2021 22:30:17
:: signs of tiring was definitely appearing, but she continued to push through with a shift of breathing patterns ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Mar-2021 22:30:18
TR Chief Knope> +D’bryn+ Right away, Ensign.
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 22:31:40
All: It even looks like Titan, but a bit more orange.
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Mar-2021 22:31:44
Knope> :: shimmers the canisters to Science Lab 3 ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 22:32:20
:: initiates scans ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Mar-2021 22:32:54
:: settles the ship into orbit around the orange moon ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Mar-2021 22:33:35
:: cheers Grey on occasionally :: CTO: Good job!
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Mar-2021 22:35:03
:: takes a breath to continue pushing the pedals ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 22:35:29
:: runs another tactical scan ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 22:36:24
:: watches Lexy do her thing ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Mar-2021 22:38:04
:: notes that on his external views, the hull appears cleaner after flying through the geyser ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 22:38:41
:: taps at the console, reading through scan results :: CO/XO: Nitrogen atmosphere. Dense. On the surface, there are hydrocarbon lakes. Tholins in the atmosphere and on the surface. And, it appears, some methane-based microorganisms.
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 22:39:21
:: brightens and then shares a look with Kuari :: XO: More life!
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Mar-2021 22:39:38
:: perks her ears and straightens her neck, looking at Wright then Harper :: CO/CSO: Methane-based?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 22:40:20
:: assesses to make sure that the weapons can cut through methane ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 22:40:23
:: turns back to look at Kuari :: XO: That's what the scans are telling me. It's truly fascinating.
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 22:41:04
CSO: Has methane-based life ever been found before?
MED Lt Acacia 24-Mar-2021 22:41:07
:: can’t help but compare Grey to others in her head, wondering if she’d gone the longest ::
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Mar-2021 22:41:44
:: is clearly tiring, breathing heavy with effort, but continuing to put up a good showing ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 22:43:58
:: visibly trying to remain very calm :: CO/XO: If these scans are indeed correct, then no, this would be a new discovery.
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Mar-2021 22:44:36
:: shares a wide-eyed look ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 22:44:44
:: taps his console ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 22:44:46
CSO: Then we need to verify. We can transport a sample aboard to avoid potential contamination via away team.
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Mar-2021 22:44:59
:: doesn’t even know what scientifically constitutes being a carbon-based lifeform, and is absolutely floored that there’s an alternative ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 22:45:19
:: nods :: CO: Good idea. I'll have my team set up containment in Science Lab 1.
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 22:46:01
:: the prospect of a new scientific discovery of this magnitude is evident as a subtext of her demeanor, but she remains mostly outwardly professional ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 22:46:35
:: her hands are shaking as she calls down to the Science Lab to explain what is about to happen ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Mar-2021 22:46:55
:: checks the time every thirty seconds or so, waiting for Grey to run out of juice ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 22:47:01
:: then flashes a grin at Kuari :: XO: Seeking out new life!
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Mar-2021 22:48:01
:: smiles widely, showing lots of teeth :: CO: New life!
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Mar-2021 22:48:31
:: is struggling, but pushing herself because she knew she could do this ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 22:48:38
:: looks at the XO's excitement, smirks ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 22:49:33
:: almost grows impatient waiting for word of the containment to be ready, but steadies herself, wanting to get this right ::
:: meanders over to gawk over Lexy's shoulder at the readings on the Science/Ops console while she waits ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 22:50:50
:: runs a shield diagnostic, everything in normal parameters ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 22:51:07
:: looks apologetically at the CO and XO :: CO/XO: Sorry for the delay, these things take time... they want to make sure it's absolutely perfect.
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 22:51:40
CSO: As well it must be. This is too important to rush.
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Mar-2021 22:52:43
CSO: Of course. :: nods, somewhat to herself ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 22:52:52
:: a few minutes later, word finally arrives :: CO/XO: Science Lab 1.... is ready.
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 22:53:29
CSO: Engage transport of a suitable sample when you are ready.
MED Lt Acacia 24-Mar-2021 22:53:55
:: yawns as the minutes pass by, Grey proving formidable on the stress test ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Mar-2021 22:54:04
:: crosses fingers, closes eyes :: Methane Guys: Please don’t mutate into something that lays eggs in people, please don’t mutate into something that lays egg in people...
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 22:54:06
:: checks the torpedo inventory... knows that the quantity isn't accurate ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 22:54:41
:: has spent the intervening time locating a sample, so has the coordinates already plugged in and ready to go :: CO/XO/+SL1+: Energizing.
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 22:55:31
ACTION> About a half a cubic meter of hydrocarbon-infused muck from the shore of one of the lakes below appears in the containment field.
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Mar-2021 22:56:11
:: finally hits her end, dropping her head back with a groan and sharp exhale, exhausted from her pushing herself so fricking hard ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 22:56:43
CO: Captain, with your permission, I'd like to go down to the lab...
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 22:56:53
CSO: By all means!
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Mar-2021 22:57:17
:: grins again at Wright's clearly contained excitement ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 22:57:30
:: absolutely cannot wait to see the results that come from this ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 22:57:36
:: still shaking a bit, hands off her station to Ensign Gunnarsdottir and practically leaps toward the turbolift ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Mar-2021 22:57:42
:: takes down a note with a smile :: CTO: You did great. Now the last thing I need is a blood sample. :: she readies an empty hypospray ::
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Mar-2021 22:58:16
:: gives an exhausted thumbs-up, pushing herself up from the bed with a groan :: MED: Alright.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Mar-2021 22:58:51
:: taps his console some more ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 22:59:03
:: sits down in the center seat with a contented exhalation as she leans her head back ::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Mar-2021 22:59:12
CO: Medical will want to know about this as well!
MED Lt Acacia 24-Mar-2021 22:59:20
:: presses the hypospray to Grey’s neck, the pod filling with blood. She pats Grey on the shoulder :: CTO: Great job, thanks for coming down. You’re all good to go.
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 22:59:45
TL: Deck 6.
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 22:59:51
:: sits up straight once more :: XO: Absolutely!
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Mar-2021 23:00:53
:: restrains herself from sprinting down the corridor when the doors open ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Mar-2021 23:00:56
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