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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
While surveying an ocean world containing but one small island, Atlantis suffered a surprise attack from a Romulan Warbird. Their initial assault damaged our power distribution, crippling our shields, weapons, and flight control. The enemy commander hailed us and proceeded to explain the reasoning for the attack: Captain Harper's brokering of a treaty between the Federation and the fledgling Romulan Republic that was formed in the wake of the Hobus supernova. Offering to surrender herself along with our slipstream technology as a ruse, Captain Harper bought engineering the time needed to complete their heroic efforts to repair our power distribution. Unfortunately, the Romulans did not accept our invitation to stand down, and were destroyed in the ensuing battle. Now, we must repair our damaged ship and our damaged bodies before resuming our mission of peaceful exploration.
After 24-Feb-2021 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 21:15:54
:: the adrenaline from the battle slowly fading, she takes a few deep breaths, still sitting at the helm ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Feb-2021 21:17:03
:: sees to patients in sickbay, glad for the knocking around to be over at least ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Feb-2021 21:17:05
:: steps into the turbolift, winces with another throb in her skull :: Deck 15.
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Feb-2021 21:17:54
:: is using her console as a support, slowly looking up to the captain :: CO: If it's... alright, I think I need to check in with sickbay as well... unless you need me for another reason?
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 21:18:17
:: nods to Grey without really processing what she said :: CTO: Go ahead.
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Feb-2021 21:18:48
:: arrives at Deck 15, starts making her way toward Sickbay ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 21:19:22
:: takes a few more deep breaths, looking over the readings from the helm, and instinctively adjusting their course to avoid debris from the destroyed Warbird ::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Feb-2021 21:19:24
:: now that the threat of battle isn't upon them, drops into the familiar frustration but comfortable resolve of studying the incoming reports of ship repair from her half-console on the bridge ::
CMO Lt Tailor 24-Feb-2021 21:20:11
::finishes up emergency surgery number... no idea, she' s lost track. Scrubs out and shunts the patient to recovery, then looks over the sickbay reports from the past hour or so:: Self: What the hell happened out here? Who the fuck does this guy think he is..?? MED: Everything ok? Looks like you had a tough time with that TAC officer.
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Feb-2021 21:20:33
:: enters Sickbay, doesn’t know where to wait or who to talk to, since everyone looks busy with all the other injuries from the recent clash ::
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Feb-2021 21:20:39
:: nods, exiting the bridge to make her way to the medical wing ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Feb-2021 21:20:48
:: sitting in the brig ::
MED LtJG Jasper 24-Feb-2021 21:21:02
:: he turns to D'bryn, giving a tired smile :: ENG: What's going on with you?
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Feb-2021 21:21:10
:: glances up distractedly from the incoming damage reports to study her captain at the helm, worried for as she knows she has a concussion, and remembers the last time Harper was severely injured ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Feb-2021 21:21:24
:: sighs softly :: CMO: It was handled. Annoying, but I’m not gonna let it get me down.
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 21:21:45
:: absently wipes the blood away from her temple with her sleeve once more, then secures the helm and stands, somewhat unsteadily ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Feb-2021 21:22:00
:: indicates own forehead :: Jasper: Took a nasty blow to the head when we were attacked. Pretty sure it’s a concussion.
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Feb-2021 21:22:42
:: enters the medbay, slumping against the wall silently to wait for an open medical staff ::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Feb-2021 21:22:52
:: her focus actually on Harper and not the reports, jumps off her chair base, hurrying to Harper's side to support her ::
CMO Lt Tailor 24-Feb-2021 21:23:05
MED: Looks like he's been properly kicked to the brig. Somehow, I have a feeling that's not gonna kill his arrogant attitude though.
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 21:23:20
:: walks toward her chair, accepting Kuari's help :: XO: Thank you. Any word on those casualty reports?
MED Lt Acacia 24-Feb-2021 21:23:22
:: finishes with a patient and sees Grey, offering a tired smile :: CTO: How are you? Any injuries?
CMO: Oh, the brig? :: she laughs ::
CMO Lt Tailor 24-Feb-2021 21:24:12
::points to the report:: MED: Yep. Good riddance.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Feb-2021 21:24:15
Brig Officer> Hey, uh, can I ask for a favor?
MED LtJG Jasper 24-Feb-2021 21:24:17
:: he nods, leading D'bryn to an empty bed and turning to get a scan :: ENG: Alright, look here for me... this'll be bright, i'm sorry. :: flashes a bright light for pupilary reaction, noting the classic signs of a concussion ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Feb-2021 21:24:29
:: powers down and pops the Rocinante's cockpit ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Feb-2021 21:24:36
BO: You're kidding, right?
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Feb-2021 21:24:56
:: the light hurts but she follows Jasper’s directions ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Feb-2021 21:25:16
Brig Officer> Nevermind, then.
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Feb-2021 21:25:17
:: returns the tired smile, pushing herself standing :: MED: Got thrown around pretty hard up there.
Brig Officer> TAC2: Yes?
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Feb-2021 21:25:35
:: sits in front of Harper still at eye level, the blood running down from her hairline having her full attention :: CO: Yes, but at the top of the priority list is you. You need to go to Sickbay. I can handle the rest. It's not my first...what's the word in that Earth saying?
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Feb-2021 21:25:35
MED Jasper: I hope this’ll be a quick in-and-out sorta thing. Got a lot of repair work I need to get to.
MED Lt Acacia 24-Feb-2021 21:26:00
:: runs a scanner over Grey, focusing around her hurting shoulder :: CTO: Oh, yeah, you got got pretty good.
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 21:26:30
:: pauses before reaching her chair, and looks at Kuari with confusion :: XO: I just came from sickbay. I had my physical and it was perfect.
:: grins stupidly :: XO: And the correct saying is that it is not your first rodeo.
MED LtJG Jasper 24-Feb-2021 21:27:44
:: he steps back, sliding the penlight into his pocket as he shakes his head :: ENG: You're not doing any repairing in your current state... but I don't want to risk anything.You have one choice here: rest here, I'll wake you every fifteen minutes, no ifs, buts, or coconuts about it.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Feb-2021 21:28:44
Brig Officer: Can I get a PADD?
MED Lt Acacia 24-Feb-2021 21:29:00
:: grabs a device that bathes Grey’s shoulder in a blue light, working on her shoulder and making internal repairs :: CTO: So I had a bit of a run-in with one of your officers. I hear he’s in the brig now.
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Feb-2021 21:29:05
:: makes his way to the locker room and sheds his flightsuit ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Feb-2021 21:29:14
:: thinks :: Well, shit. :: out loud :: Jasper: How long do you think I need to stay here?
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Feb-2021 21:29:29
:: frowns at Harper's response, not seeming to understand she's injured. The idiom also seems to not be right, so at least that was normal. Feeling motherly over her barely-functioning captain, she moves forward to lick at the source of blood on Harper's head, attempting to stop the bleeding ::
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Feb-2021 21:29:31
Brig Officer> :: nods, tugging out a prisoner-locked PADD and sliding it through the doors :: TAC2: Here.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Feb-2021 21:30:20
Brig Officer: Thanks. Any chance for a steak, mashed potatoes and some steamed asparagus? :: smirk ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 21:30:32
:: blinks in confusion again as Kuari licks her head ::
MED LtJG Jasper 24-Feb-2021 21:31:08
:: He nods with a slight frown :: ENG: The earliest I'd be willing to release you is twelve hours from now. Though, I want you to come back in if you feel anything else as off. Clear?
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 21:31:48
:: then remembers something about Rucara :: XO: Am I hurt?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Feb-2021 21:32:38
:: taps on the PADD ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Feb-2021 21:32:44
Jasper: Twelve hours? For a concussion? You can’t just— :: pantomimes and does the sound effect of a hypospray :: —and, ‘On your way, Ms.’?
CMO Lt Tailor 24-Feb-2021 21:33:09
::looks over the roster, moving on to a few less serious injuries now that the life and death situations have been taken care of:: Nurse: Grab me that osteotractor would you? ::attaches it around a patient's lower arm, setting the fractured ulna::
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Feb-2021 21:33:29
:: nods, wincing at the slight flickers she could feel :: MED: Yeah, he's in the brig for 48 hours, as well as other... punishments I haven't figured out yet. But since you're the wronged party here, is there anything you would want?
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Feb-2021 21:33:41
:: continues to extend her long thin tongue until she tastes less blood, then sits back down in front of Harper, her throat still working while she cleans her mouth :: CO: Your head has been bleeding for half the battle. You probably have a concussion. You need to go to Sickbay.
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 21:34:17
:: takes a few moments to process that, then slowly nods :: XO: I should probably go to sickbay, then.
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Feb-2021 21:35:06
:: nods, happy Harper is complying, then stands and backs up to give her space :: CO: I'll have a crewman escort you. :: looks around the bridge to see who is available ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Feb-2021 21:35:16
:: leaves his flightsuit and helmet in his locker and exits for the TL ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Feb-2021 21:35:43
:: continues her work on Grey’s shoulder, finding a fracture and switching to a different tool to repair the bone. She thinks for a moment :: CTO: I was just hoping for an apology. I don’t know how feasible that is, given his attitude. I can live without one, he was just quite rude with implying I’m incompetent.
CTO: To be honest, I was expecting you to ask my side of the story. What did you hear?
MED LtJG Jasper 24-Feb-2021 21:36:38
:: he chuckles, shaking his head :: ENG: Nope. A concussion could go very serious very quickly. Symptoms can appear up to 72 hours after the initial incident, but the first twelve hours are very important to watch... I wish we could, but it's too dangerous ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 21:36:48
:: feels around on her temple and up onto her scalp, then regards her fingers, seeing a little blood on them, but not as much as there would have been before, and a moment of clarity emerges through her mental haze :: XO: Thank you, Kuari.
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Feb-2021 21:37:16
:: exits the TL onto the bridge and starts toward the helm ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Feb-2021 21:37:47
:: sighs, leans back on the biobed :: Jasper: Alright, then. I just hope no one more important than me has to sit on their butt in sickbay for twelve hours.
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Feb-2021 21:39:35
:: nods dutifully to Harper and spots Navarro :: NAV: Mr. Navarro, please escort the captain to Sickbay.
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Feb-2021 21:39:42
:: nods, in thought :: MED: I can get an apology for you, yeah. :: winces before continuing :: MED: I heard that he was declaring you as incompetent, Kyler told me everything... but generally, what's your side of the story?
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Feb-2021 21:40:19
:: starts to sit at the helm and then quickly rises, looking with concern toward the CO and XO ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 21:41:11
XO: Yes, I think I need to go to sickbay.
MED Lt Acacia 24-Feb-2021 21:41:23
:: shrugs lightly :: CTO: That’s the short of it. Basically rather than just jump in and help, he took the opportunity to remark that he’d ‘have to do my job for me’ and that I ‘must have graduated med school yesterday’. Just rude overall. :: she finishes with the tool, patting Grey’s shoulder :: CTO: All done. How’s it feel now?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Feb-2021 21:41:29
:: taps more on the PADD ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Feb-2021 21:41:30
:: frowns and steps up :: CO: Right this way, capitana. :: gestures toward the TL ::
MED LtJG Jasper 24-Feb-2021 21:41:34
:: lightly draws D'bryn's attention to where Grey is perched on another biobed :: ENG: Don't worry, you're not the only one of the bridge crew who's having to pop in... i'm surprised my stubborn-as-a-mule wife just came down here on her own. :: he grins, reaching for his own PADD and settling down next to D'bryn ::
CMO Lt Tailor 24-Feb-2021 21:41:51
::moves on to an osteoregenerator once the bone is set, knitting the bone together once it's perfectly aligned:: Patient: All set. Please see the front desk for a followup appointment in about three days, come back as soon as you can if you experience any unusual swelling or tingling...
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Feb-2021 21:42:54
:: nods again at Harper's admission, watching to make sure Harper is on her way and glances at Navarro to make sure he understands ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 21:43:00
:: shakes her head a few times, wincing and blinking repeatedly :: XO: You have the bridge, Kuari. :: heads for the turbolift ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Feb-2021 21:43:27
:: nods to Kuari and follow the Captain into the TL ::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Feb-2021 21:43:32
CO: I'll take care of it.
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 21:44:56
XO: I know. :: the TL closes and she directs it to sickbay, then staggers against the wall, suddenly dizzy ::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Feb-2021 21:45:23
:: once the captain is out of sight, turns her attention towards the needs of the ship as a whole and looks around the bridge at who's left ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Feb-2021 21:45:24
CO: Ma'am! :: catches her arms to steady her ::
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Feb-2021 21:45:32
:: grins at Acacia :: MED: Hopefully brig time helps... and if not, well... he can kiss working in here for an indefinite period of time farewell.
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 21:46:27
:: looks at Navarro, his image starting to split in two :: NAV: Thanks, Zorros.
MED Lt Acacia 24-Feb-2021 21:47:12
:: smiles lightly :: CTO: Remember when you would help out in sickbay? Too busy these days, it seems. :: she muses :: CTO: You’re lucky you got off without any head trauma. Concussions seem to be the theme of the day.
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Feb-2021 21:47:17
:: smirks at "Zorros" :: CO: Sweet flying Atlantis there, Firefly. Sovereign classes normally don't move like that.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Feb-2021 21:47:22
:: takes a deep breath, shakes his head, grits his teeth, and taps the PADD some more ::
CMO Lt Tailor 24-Feb-2021 21:47:54
::just catches what Grey said:: CTO: He's not to be on duty in here any longer, if he can't respect my staff. Although I'm sure he's been told that already...
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Feb-2021 21:48:57
:: lightly harrumphs at her friend :: MED: I remember.. :: glances to Tailor quickly :: CMO: Don't worry, he won't be.
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 21:48:58
:: smiles :: NAV: Thanks. I will have to ask you about flying through a Warbird's wings sometime.
:: the TL doors open and she staggers forward ::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Feb-2021 21:49:33
:: hurries back to her chair to see what new reports have come in since she last looked and muses over the data ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Feb-2021 21:49:40
CO: Come on, I've got you, capitana. :: throws her arm over his shoulder and helps her to sickbay ::
CMO Lt Tailor 24-Feb-2021 21:49:56
CTO: Thank you, that's appreciated.
MED Lt Acacia 24-Feb-2021 21:50:03
:: pats Grey’s shoulder again :: CTO: Alright, I’m clearing you for duty. :: she turns to grab another patient’s chart, but pauses as she feels someone on their way in and turns to see who it is ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 21:50:29
:: goes along to sickbay, leaning on Navarro ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Feb-2021 21:51:26
+Byrne+ D’bryn to Byrne. Hey, I’m gonna be laid up on bedrest for twelve hours. You alright on the repairs until I’m discharged?
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Feb-2021 21:51:41
:: enters sickbay, supporting the captain ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Feb-2021 21:51:42
:: grabs a neural stimulator, gesturing to an empty biobed for Navarro to drop the Captain off in :: NAV: Over here.
ENG Ens Byrne 24-Feb-2021 21:51:59
+D’bryn+ You got it, D’bryn. See you when you’re all healed up.
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Feb-2021 21:52:25
:: helps the captain over to where Emily indicates, relieved to see that she's alright ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 21:53:01
:: sits on the biobed :: MED: Hi Emily.
ENG Ens Byrne 24-Feb-2021 21:53:12
:: sighs as he dives back into the power junction he’d been working on ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Feb-2021 21:54:00
:: smiles tiredly, grabbing a scanner and running it over the Captain’s head, and then her whole body for good measure. She affixes the neural stimulator to Harper’s forehead and turns it on, grabbing a handheld tool that bathes the Captain’s head in a blue light :: CO: Hi Kate. Got a bit knocked around, huh?
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Feb-2021 21:54:02
:: backs off now that his job is done, and hangs around for a few minutes ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 21:54:53
:: smirks through the pain and post-adrenaline fatigue :: MED: Yeah. I guess I did.
MED Lt Acacia 24-Feb-2021 21:56:25
:: grabs another tool and quickly seals up the cut on Harper’s forehead that was the source of bleeding, then switches back to the other tool which reduces the bruising and swelling :: CO: You got us through it, though. I have to say, good job. :: silently wonders why there was spit in the Captain’s head wound, but doesn’t ask ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 21:57:47
:: her eyes water as she tries to blink them dry ::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Feb-2021 21:58:01
:: breathes in a big sigh at the latest casualty report. It is what it is, however she takes solace in knowing they have one of the best medical teams in Starfleet on board. Turning her attention to the damage report updates, she focuses on where teams are being sent and judges for herself whether the priorities are correct ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Feb-2021 21:58:51
:: holds up a finger :: CO: Follow my finger. :: she moves it around, testing the Captain’s eye response, then flashes her with a light without warning to finish the test ::
ENG Ens Byrne 24-Feb-2021 21:58:59
:: turns to the other engineers he’s working with:: When we’re done here, we should join up with the teams at the impact point.
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 21:59:16
:: recoils from the flash of light, and bows her head for a moment, holding up a hand to Emily to get her to wait ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Feb-2021 21:59:45
:: stops, folding her hands and waiting to let Harper have a moment ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 22:01:06
:: wipes at her eyes, her command demeanor momentarily shattered by her condition, feeling the injustice of being punished by Romulans for brokering a treaty that helped their people ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Feb-2021 22:01:42
:: opens her mouth, then closes it. She’s visibly affected, opening her arms to offer the Captain a hug ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Feb-2021 22:02:04
:: mutters to himself :: Come on, Scott, you're better than this. :: taps the PADD, deleting his previous paragraph ::
MED LtJG Jasper 24-Feb-2021 22:02:56
ENG: I apologize... i know bedrest isn't every engineer's favorite thing, but I mean, would you like to be laid up for even longer if a symptom flares up?
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 22:03:05
:: looks up and, seeing Emily's offer, she accepts, quietly speaking as they hug :: MED: Did I get us through it, or did I cause it?
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Feb-2021 22:03:58
Jasper: Oh, I’m not arguing. Just kvetching.
MED Lt Acacia 24-Feb-2021 22:05:28
:: hugs the Captain tightly, rubbing her back :: CO: Ancient tensions caused it. You did everything you could, Kate. There are always ripples like this, even when we try our hardest.
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Feb-2021 22:05:44
:: exits sickbay comfiortable in knowing that the Captain is in good hands and that Emily was not hurt during the battle ::
ENG Ens Byrne 24-Feb-2021 22:06:39
:: checks I/O on the power distribution, runs another local diagnostic :: Alright, guys, we’re good here. Close ‘er up, and let’s check out the impact point.
MED LtJG Jasper 24-Feb-2021 22:06:56
:: laughs :: ENG: Enjoy this free break then.
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 22:07:02
:: her voice catches as she tries to speak, so she stays quiet for a long moment, gathering herself before pulling away ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Feb-2021 22:07:30
:: sighs :: Jasper: I’ll try.
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Feb-2021 22:08:38
:: arrives on the bridge and takes the helm :: XO: La capitana is in sickbay and in good hands, Commander.
MED Lt Acacia 24-Feb-2021 22:08:46
:: releases Harper, wiping a bit of moisture from her own eyes and offering a crooked smile. She wants to say something but can’t come up with anything more succinct than what she’s said, giving Kate a meaningful look instead ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 22:10:24
:: returns the look and offers a half-hearted smile, trying her best, but wishing that she was through this :: MED: So, can you fix me?
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Feb-2021 22:10:38
:: wishes she had her pendant with her so she could at least explore the memories in the Light ::
:: lightbulb ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Feb-2021 22:12:04
:: lifts her scanner wand again :: CO: Well, I can’t fix your concussion completely but I can make it a bit better. Ideally we’d keep you here for several hours for observation, but I can see about releasing you early.
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Feb-2021 22:12:09
:: smiles up at Navarro, happy for this little bit of good news. More would come, she knew, as the crew continued as a whole to do their jobs, and they would recover :: NAV: Thank you.
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Feb-2021 22:12:34
Jasper: Hey Doc, what’s bedrest protocol if, say, I just want to grab something from my quarters and come right back? Could I do it with an escort, or...?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Feb-2021 22:12:55
:: taps the PADD, gets an error message :: For the love of... :: taps it some more, resets the parameters, gets it working again :: Technology... Love it and hate it.
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Feb-2021 22:13:07
:: nods to the Commander and takes stock of the readings from the helm ::
CMO Lt Tailor 24-Feb-2021 22:13:31
::finishes up with another few patients and releases them, looks around with a sigh:: CO/MED: Looks like everything's just about under control here, again. CO: How are you feeling?
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 22:13:39
MED: Whatever you need to do. :: settles back into the biobed :: I am certain this will do wonders for my stress headaches.
CMO: Hi, doctor. I have felt better.
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Feb-2021 22:15:40
:: adjusts the layout back to his preset from Harper's ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Feb-2021 22:18:34
:: works on Harper’s head with the blue light wand, nodding to acknowledge Tailor ::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Feb-2021 22:18:52
:: finishes with the damage reports and looks up at those around the bridge once more, settling on Navarro :: NAV: We did good work. The attack came from nowhere, but the stalling and quick rerouting power and repairs gave us a fighting chance.
ENG Ens Byrne 24-Feb-2021 22:19:22
:: he and others get to the central EPS hub, start running diagnostics :: Damn. Wish our basic ship layouts weren’t known to the entire Alpha and Beta Quadrants. Anyone can just snipe us right in a nerve cluster and shut us down.
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Feb-2021 22:20:37
XO: Sí, that we did, ma'am. The Sharks all were impressive as well, if I do say so myself. :: chuckles ::
ENG Ens Byrne 24-Feb-2021 22:21:04
:: runs diagnostic on the relay :: God damn. Shame we blew them out of the sky; their targeting systems are really precise.
CMO Lt Tailor 24-Feb-2021 22:21:10
CO: ::looks at Captain's chart:: Well, the good news is that there are no subdural hematomae, or fractures present. But we do want to observe you in case your symptoms get worse.
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Feb-2021 22:21:50
:: smiles, happy to agree and be proud of their Mustang fleet ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 22:21:55
:: having zoned out a bit, she nods to Tailor without really having heard her :: CMO: Whatever you need to do, doctor.
ENG Ens Byrne 24-Feb-2021 22:23:34
:: works on undoing all of D’bryn’s bypasses so it can work as designed ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Feb-2021 22:23:41
:: finishes with the tool and sets it aside, looking between Harper and Tailor as they talk, taking a moment to relax ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Feb-2021 22:24:12
:: checking out the status of all flight control, navigation, and propulsion systems ::
MED LtJG Jasper 24-Feb-2021 22:25:05
:: frowns slightly, working on paperwork ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 22:26:38
:: does feel her lucidity starting to return, and with a deep breath, she takes the opportunity to put her command demeanor back into place ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Feb-2021 22:26:42
:: also frowns :: MED Jasper: Alright, fair enough.
MED Lt Acacia 24-Feb-2021 22:27:17
:: grabs another tool and begins working on some bruises on Harper’s extremities ::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Feb-2021 22:27:56
:: instructs science and tactical to keep a lookout on long-range sensors, but she's really just verifying that they already are as they have been doing so ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 22:28:00
:: watches Emily for a moment :: MED: Huh, I did not realize those were even there.
MED Lt Acacia 24-Feb-2021 22:28:26
:: nods lightly :: CO: Like I said, you got knocked around pretty good.
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Feb-2021 22:28:27
XO: The helm reports all flight modes available. Navigation does not apepar to have been damaged, either.
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Feb-2021 22:29:04
:: nods :: NAV: Good, there's that at least. Whether structural integrity could hold up is another question.
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Feb-2021 22:29:45
XO: Oh, the computer takes that into account. I would have a warning if it were a problem, but I'll double-check.
ENG Ens Byrne 24-Feb-2021 22:29:46
:: chuckles :: Ema, remind me to tell Zoë she could’ve completely fried aux systems the way she did this.
Iesius> :: laughs :: Don’t give her too much shit. Remember, we like her, and want her to stay around.
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 22:31:32
:: smirks :: CMO/MED: We even installed seatbelts on the bridge, but they do not help if you cannot get to your chair. Or do not have one... that reminds me, how is Captain Grey?
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Feb-2021 22:31:38
:: queries those systems ::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Feb-2021 22:31:42
:: frowns, looking at the damage reports again. Perhaps they're in better shape than it first appeared ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Feb-2021 22:32:25
:: smiles lightly :: CO: Patched up and released. She had a fractured shoulder and some bruising, but luckily no head trauma.
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 22:32:51
ACTION> A large cloud of debris from the Warbird starts to enter the planet's atmosphere, causing several parallel fiery trails to be visible on the main viewer.
CMO Lt Tailor 24-Feb-2021 22:33:29
CO: True, seatbelts are only good if you're actually sitting in a seat... ::chuckles:: I'll leave you to Dr. Acacia's capable hands, I've got several more reports to fill out after the battle.
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 22:34:40
MED: That is good to hear! CMO: Thanks, Velina. I hope you did not get too much abuse down here during that battle.
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Feb-2021 22:35:03
:: looks at the main viewer when the meteors lighting up in streaks catches her eye ::
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Feb-2021 22:35:14
:: has retaken her console, checking weapon systems ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Feb-2021 22:35:21
:: drops the PADD :: Son of a... :: picks it up, keeps tapping on it ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Feb-2021 22:35:37
:: continues her dilligent work on the Captain’s bruises ::
CMO Lt Tailor 24-Feb-2021 22:36:23
CO: Not really, I was mostly in surgery, not much chance for patients to talk back in there.
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 22:36:53
CMO: I meant from how much we got thrown around.
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Feb-2021 22:37:01
:: smiles at Grey when she returns, seeing that she's all patched up :: CTO: Nice shooting earlier, Captain.
CMO Lt Tailor 24-Feb-2021 22:38:13
CO: Not too badly... I'm fine. I got a bruise on my head, where I smacked a bulkhead. That was the worst of it though.
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 22:38:46
:: nods :: Good. :: then, once again, but quieter and more to herself :: Good.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Feb-2021 22:39:06
:: still in the brig ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Feb-2021 22:39:58
:: finishes up with the bruises on the Captain’s body, double-checking that her head is alright with yet another scan :: CO: Alright. You’re patched up, try to get some rest while we keep you here for observation. Someone will be around to check on you every fifteen minutes or so.
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 22:40:39
MED: Thanks, Emily... for everything.
MED Lt Acacia 24-Feb-2021 22:41:14
:: offers a meaningful look and a small smile :: CO: Of course, you’re welcome.
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 22:41:46
:: returns the look, gratitude apparent on her face, before settling into the bed once more ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Feb-2021 22:42:44
:: grabs another patient’s chart and moves on, once again whipping out her trusty scanner to get updated readings ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 22:42:50
:: then speaks up, before she forgets :: Computer, make a note for Engineering: install chairs with seatbelts on all bridge consoles.
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Feb-2021 22:43:15
:: checks on the security cameras, before turning to head down to the brig, barely catching Kuari's comment :: XO: Thank you, ma'am.
ENG Ens Byrne 24-Feb-2021 22:45:24
:: finishes first diagnostic :: Oh, well, would ya look at that. :: shows Iesius :: Upside to such precise damage.
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Feb-2021 22:45:57
:: nods, watching Grey to rush off to her duties ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Feb-2021 22:46:20
:: sits with another patient working a dermal regenerator over her bruises, glad to down to minor injuries as a number of crewmen sit in recovery for things much more severe ::
ENG Ens Byrne 24-Feb-2021 22:46:29
Iesius> :: looks :: Whoa! That makes our job easy, I guess.
Done by suppertime.
Iesius> That’s what I like to hear, Liam.
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 22:47:12
:: tries to relax, telling herself that the danger to her ship and to her crew has passed ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Feb-2021 22:48:03
:: turns head, sees the Captain :: CO: Hey, Captain. What are you in for?
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Feb-2021 22:49:17
:: wants to check in personally on Sickbay, but knows her place is on the bridge right now. Besides, she tells herself, Harper's probably doing that herself, choosing to believe medical attention already has her more alert ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 22:49:22
:: lifts her head and finds the source of the voice :: ENG: A concussion. Are you alright, Zoë?
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Feb-2021 22:49:33
BO> :: sees Grey enter, and snaps to a salute straight away :: TAC2: Straighten up, troublemaker.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Feb-2021 22:49:59
:: bolts to his feet ::
BO: Yes, sir.
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Feb-2021 22:50:16
CO: :: groggily, but with a smirk :: Hey, same here! I’m doing okay, outside of my twelve-hour sentence. You okay, ma’am?
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 22:51:04
ENG: Yes, thanks to our wonderful doctors.
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Feb-2021 22:51:19
:: enters the brig, gesturing for the officer to settle down before turning to face Ammora :: TAC2: What's your side of the story?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Feb-2021 22:51:38
Grey: Doesn't matter, sir.
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Feb-2021 22:51:49
CO: Good.
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Feb-2021 22:52:06
TAC2: I don't care. Tell me anyways. :: crosses her arms over her chest with a sigh and intense look fixated on Ammora ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 24-Feb-2021 22:52:19
<Amber Sun> ::Limps into sickbay, holding his paw up; licking at it instinctively.::
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 22:52:37
ENG: I just sent a note to Engineering, though. All the consoles on the bridge need chairs with seatbelts, even the standing ones.
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Feb-2021 22:53:26
CO: Consider that work order filed, ma’am. :: limply salutes ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Feb-2021 22:53:29
Grey: Sir, I, uh... was trying to save a life, sir. I may have overstepped my bounds, but my intentions were good, sir. I apologize, sir, for my exuberance.
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 22:53:58
:: chuckles :: ENG: I am certain the tactical officers will thank you.
CMO Lt Tailor 24-Feb-2021 22:55:07
::looks over, the large bear is kinda hard to miss:: Amber: Pull up a biobed, I'll be right with you...
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 22:56:02
:: closes her eyes, just for a moment, and swiftly passes out ::
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Feb-2021 22:57:13
:: frowns lightly at Ammora :: TAC2: I have talked with Acacia, and Kyler... and I believe your punishment will be most unpleasant for you. Until further notice, you are no longer allowed to aid in anyway in the medbay unless we are out in the field and your medical expertise is necessary. Second, a demerit will be noted on your file. Three demerits, and you will find yourself... off the ship. Am I understood?
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Feb-2021 22:57:41
:: sees the captain pass out :: Uhhh... MED (anyone): Uhhh, are people supposed to sleep with a concussion? I think Captain Harper just zonked.
MED LtJG Jasper 24-Feb-2021 22:58:13
:: approaches the Captain's bed quickly :: CO: Captain?
ENG Ens Byrne 24-Feb-2021 22:58:36
+D’bryn+ Byrne to D’bryn.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Feb-2021 22:59:07
:: stiffens :: Sir, with all due respect... :: thinks better :: I think that is an appropriate response to my indiscretion. I would, however, like to put into record my account and reasoning behind my behavior.
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Feb-2021 22:59:19
+Byrne+ I’m trying to convalesce here, Liam. This better not be brain-intensive.
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Feb-2021 22:59:20
:: reviews the latest reports, the progress already being made and sighs :: Self: We're going to be just fine.
MED Lt Acacia 24-Feb-2021 22:59:24
:: pauses, looking over :: MED Jasper: Start a timer for fifteen minutes. She could probably use some sleep after today.
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Feb-2021 22:59:40
:: nods slowly :: TAC2: You may. Speak.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Feb-2021 22:59:59
:: opens his mouth, breath catches ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 23:00:02
:: her head rolls to the side she sleeps, deeply enough to not respond to Jasper ::
MED LtJG Jasper 24-Feb-2021 23:00:06
:: nods, tapping into the timer on his PADD and setting it for fifteen minutes ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Feb-2021 23:00:09
Grey: I'd prefer to put it in writing, sir.
ENG Ens Byrne 24-Feb-2021 23:00:53
Just letting you know that we’ll be finished with the power distribution repairs in just a few hours. Romulans were kind enough to be brain surgeons with their weapons targeting, so—
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Feb-2021 23:01:01
:: gestures for a fully-unlocked PADD, passing it through the bars to Ammora :: TAC2: Here.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Feb-2021 23:01:23
Grey: Thank you, sir.
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Feb-2021 23:01:27
+Byrne+ Liam, please don’t say ‘brain surgeon’ to me right now.
+Byrne+ But yeah, good. Great. Thanks. Drinks on me. Oh shit, how long do I have to wait to drink after a concussion?
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Feb-2021 23:02:23
:; starts composing his after-action report on the sortie they just flew ::
ENG Ens Byrne 24-Feb-2021 23:02:51
+D’bryn+ Oh, like six, seven months.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 24-Feb-2021 23:02:54
<Amber Sun> ::Waits patiently, still licking his paw.:: Self: Skyship Atlantis shake... Am hurt.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Feb-2021 23:03:00
:: stands as erect as possible :: Grey: This will not be a problem again, Captain.
ENG Ens D'bryn 24-Feb-2021 23:04:01
+Byrne+ :: groans :: D’bryn out.
:: glances around sickbay as much as she can, sees a freaking bear ::
:: blinks :: Alright, then.
MED Lt Acacia 24-Feb-2021 23:06:02
:: moves to help Amber Sun, pulling out her scanner :: Amber Sun: Hurt your paw?
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 23:06:02
ACTION> Another cloud of debris enters the atmosphere on the planet's night side, lighting up the darkness.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Feb-2021 23:06:13
Grey: Permission to return to quarters, sir?
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Feb-2021 23:07:18
:: the sensors light up the debris on IR as possible targets, so he looks up to the viewer to catch the meteor shower ::
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Feb-2021 23:07:26
:: takes the PADD and nods slowly :: TAC2: Make sure it doesn't... but just to make sure you're not tempted, you're being reassigned duties. Congratulations... you're working the bridge starting tomorrow. And you are free to return to quarters.
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Feb-2021 23:08:08
:: watches the show on the main viewer between decisions and updates, considering the weight of the battle they had just won, the frailty of life, and the fact that the debris was once from a ship, with a crew, that was currently presenting the ironically beautiful light show ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Feb-2021 23:08:46
Grey: The bridge?!
CTO Cpt Grey 24-Feb-2021 23:09:32
TAC2: Indeed. Means I can keep a sharper eye on you, and you get to see more action. :: turns to exit the brig ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 23:09:37
:: sleeps deeply, but somewhat fitfully ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 24-Feb-2021 23:10:04
Grey: And my ability to be... uh... out of here? :: shrugs at the forcefield ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 24-Feb-2021 23:10:51
<Amber Sun> ::Nods.:: MED: Fell to the roof... then to floor. Broke Eduda chair.
CO Capt Harper 24-Feb-2021 23:10:55
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