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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
While surveying an ocean world containing but one small island, Atlantis suffered a surprise attack from a Romulan Warbird. Repeated hits from behind without shields have overloaded the inertial dampeners, throwing the crew around like popcorn and causing injuries throughout the ship. Shields are unresponsive, the helm is sluggish, and weapons are lacking significant power, along with other systemic issues. The situation looks grim…
After 17-Feb-2021 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:05:55
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 21:06:32
:: grabs a chart as sickbay flurries with action around her, seeing to the worst patients first ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:06:54
:: is standing woozily beside the engineering terminal ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:06:57
Eng Ens> I need to get to engineering... :: starts to move away ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:07:16
XO: I’m good to go, Commander. Bell got rung, but I can take over.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:07:20
:: grabs the ensign :: I swear to God I will end you. Hold the bandage!
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:07:32
:: now that she sees an engineer on the bridge console, she unsteadily moves back toward her chair :: CTO: Damage report!
NAV Lt Navarro 17-Feb-2021 21:07:45
:: fighting with the helm to get it to do anything to get them out of harm's way ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:07:53
Eng Ens> :: to Scott :: Okay...
:: assesses the wound crewman, bleeding profusely from the head ::
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 21:08:27
CO: Shields down, we’re managing with weapons, but generally this is not good! :: barely looks up from her console, fingers flying across the screen to issue commands and checking systems ::
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 21:08:36
:: hangs onto D'bryn's chair for convenience and safety, ready to grab the ensign if she goes flying again, or so she tells herself, but can't help but survey the bridge through the chaos to take stock ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:08:40
+CMO+ Ammora to Sickbay.
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:08:56
:: takes the seat, and buckles the hell in ::
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 21:09:02
:: helps a nurse set a crewman’s broken leg, cringing a bit :: Nurse: One, two... :: she does it :: ...three. Good.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:09:18
Eng Ens: Pressure, pressure!
CSO Cdr Wright 17-Feb-2021 21:09:25
:: winces as she touches the bump forming on her forehead ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:09:26
:: starts tapping away at the console, trying to get shields back online ::
Self: Okay, standard auxiliary reroute.
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:09:44
:: wipes at the blood on her temple with her uniform sleeve, wondering when the other poo drops ::
CMO Lt Tailor 17-Feb-2021 21:09:52
::busy with about three patients at once, and wiping a streak of blood from her forehead from smacking into the bulkhead earlier when the ship lurched without warning:: +TAC2+: Yes?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:09:58
Eng Ens> :: presses tighter:: Scott: I don't know what I'm doing.
:: to himself :: Story of my life
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:10:04
:: it doesn’t work :: Okay, not-so-standard auxiliary reroute.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:10:42
:: sees medic moving down the hallway :: You! With the medkit! I need help!
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:10:58
ACTION> The other shoe drops. Another blast, more intense than any of the previous hits, rocks Atlantis, sending anyone that is unsecured flying. Lights fail, a console in the back of the bridge explodes leaving a fire that provides flickering light, and a bit more of a haze of smoke blankets the bridge.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:11:15
Random Medical Personnel> :: stops, gets blown against the bulkhead ::
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 21:11:20
:: listens to the ensign work, looking at her less now that she's buckled in, but remains fastened to the back of the chair, the end of her tail curled around the swivel base. It's a good thing too, because the next hit would've sent her flying otherwise, and she holds on for dear life ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:11:27
:: bucks with the ship, but her belt keeps her in place ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:11:34
:: covers the wounded crewman, finds himself ten feet down the hallway ::
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 21:11:36
:: hits a wall, then the floor. She doesn’t immediately get up, groaning and rolling slowly to dull the pain ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:11:50
Eng Ens> :: dead ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:11:51
:: caught totally off-guard and having never made it to her chair, she's thrown into the main viewer and falls into a heap under it ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:11:55
:: throws up in her mouth a little :: Oh god.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:12:07
Random Medical Personnel> :: also dead ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:12:40
:: previous reroute attempt fails :: Self: Son of a bastard. CO: Captain, we have a significant failure in power distribution!
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:12:45
:: scrambles back to the person he was helping :: Hey, hey hey... are you okay?
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 21:12:49
:: is unfortunately one of those sent flying with a curse :: Bridge: WHY the hell do Tactical Officers get to stand without fricking seatbelts?! :: demands as she crawls her way back to her console to continue issuing directions ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:12:52
CO: We can reroute but it’ll take a minute!
CSO Cdr Wright 17-Feb-2021 21:12:58
:: yelps as she strains against the seatbelt yet again, somehow able to protect her head with her arms and coughs in the smoky haze ::
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 21:13:07
:: looks up, searching for the captain, then sees Harper in a heap :: CO: Captain!
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:13:37
:: gets her palms against the floor and pushes, starting to slowly pick herself off the floor ::
CMO Lt Tailor 17-Feb-2021 21:13:40
::aand smacks into a biobed, trying not to knock the patient onto the floor:: Computer: Apply internal dampers to sickbay ICU, restraining fields around all occupied biobeds, level 3!
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 21:13:41
:: slowly sits up, holding her head as it throbs, a loud ringing in her ears drowning out the bustle of sickbay ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:13:45
:: starts the rerouting process, reconfiguring the I/O transfers of the PD nodes cluster-by-cluster ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:13:48
Injured Crewman> Scott: I, uh... I uh...
Son of a bitch. :: grabs dead medical members' medkit, opens it and grabs tricorder, scans ::
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 21:14:29
:: doesn't think and just rushes to Harper's side ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:14:29
+CMO+ Ammora to Sickbay!
CMO Lt Tailor 17-Feb-2021 21:14:43
::goes to help Acacia up off the floor:: MED: Are you ok?
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:15:08
+Byrne+ D’bryn to Byrne.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:15:13
IC> Scott: I, uh... I... I uh...
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 21:15:20
:: takes the help and stumbles to her feet :: CMO: I hit my head, but I’ll be okay. :: she shakes her head to clear it ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:15:24
IC: Stay with me! What's your name?
CMO Lt Tailor 17-Feb-2021 21:15:29
+TAC2+ Tailor here, is there an emergency?
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:15:37
:: puts an arm over Kuari and uses her to help herself get to her feet ::
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 21:15:54
:: braces herself helpfully ::
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 21:15:57
:: feels soreness settling into her shoulder that had taken the direct impact, knowing something was wrong, but pushing it off to keep focusing on the weapons systems and various Marines reporting from their own positions ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:16:16
+CMO+ 2nd Lieutenant Ammora, I have a head trauma victim, I need emergency transport to Sickbay...!
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:16:19
XO: Thank you. I am alright, just a bit... rough.
CMO Lt Tailor 17-Feb-2021 21:16:27
::grabs a tricorder to scan Acacia's head:: MED: There seems to be plenty of that going around...
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 21:16:30
CO: Get to your chair!
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:16:50
Byrne> +D’bryn+ Already on it, Zoë! Teams already en route to the terminals, but these hits are knocking us around. We have thirteen casualties so far, two fatal.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:16:53
IC> Scott: I'm cold...
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 21:17:13
:: has a mild concussion, which the scan returns :: CMO: How is it? I feel like I can still work. Maybe no surgeries.
CMO Lt Tailor 17-Feb-2021 21:17:16
+TAC2+: Ok, I'll get you a site to site. Stay put. Computer: Site to site transport. Lt. Ammora to ICU...
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:17:28
IC: Stay with me... you're fine... we'll get you help... :: presses the bandage tighter ::
:: gets beamed ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:17:47
:: takes a moment to process that :: XO: Yes, my chair, of course. :: heads toward the center seat, using Kuari for support, and unconsciously checking on Lexy as she passes the Ops console ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:17:51
:: appears in Sickbay ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:18:22
:: thinks :: Fuck! :: out loud :: Byrne> Copy that, Byrne. I’ll be coordinating from the bridge. Call if you need.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:18:22
CMO: Doctor! :: holds the bandage on the head of the Injured Crewman ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:18:29
:: begins furiously tapping away again ::
CSO Cdr Wright 17-Feb-2021 21:18:38
:: looks up at Kate, checking her over as she goes by and waves weakly to indicate that she is fine ::
MED LtJG Jasper 17-Feb-2021 21:18:44
:: is hurrying around, helping patients as they’re needed and acting as the gopher for medical supplies ::
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 21:18:49
:: holds onto Harper :: CO: Buckle in.
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:19:09
:: sees Lexy wave, but is still somewhat dazed, and it takes several seconds to process ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:19:17
:: drags the IC to the bed himself :: CMO: Doctor!
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 21:19:32
:: looks over as Ammora appears, gritting her teeth and reflexively moving to help the injured crewman ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:19:33
:: scans ::
CSO Cdr Wright 17-Feb-2021 21:19:39
:: frowns, concerned ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:19:52
:: falls more than sits in her chair, but manages to strap in ::
XO: Why... are they hesitating?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:20:25
MED: Concussion, at best. Skull fracture, some sinus rupture that may be hurting breathing... :: searches for a medical kit ::
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 21:20:25
:: mutters unsavory language under her breath as she works the weapons systems :: ENG: please tell me you’re close to getting shields back up. I’m not sure how much longer we can do this!
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 21:20:33
:: lets go, clinging to her own chair, a look of concern in her big eyes as she stares into Harper's face :: CO: We should hail them.
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:20:45
:: tapping turns to hard jabbing :: Self: Come the fuck on!
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:20:48
:: nods at Kuari, blinking away multiple versions of her ::
CSO Cdr Wright 17-Feb-2021 21:20:51
CO/XO: Should... should I hail them? :: thickly around her swelling, bitten tongue ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:20:51
XO: Yes, do that.
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 21:21:02
:: turns her head :: CSO: Hail them.
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:21:04
ACTION> The Romulans hail us.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:21:11
:: stops ::
CSO Cdr Wright 17-Feb-2021 21:21:12
:: blinks ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:21:15
:: hesitates ::
CSO Cdr Wright 17-Feb-2021 21:21:29
CO/XO: They are hailing us.
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:21:30
CO/XO/anyone: I’m not getting anything to reroute! They hit us in a nerve cluster!
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 21:21:33
:: blinks in surprise, wiping away blood to stare up at the view screen in disbelief ::
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 21:21:35
:: begins a scan of the injured crewman, glancing to Ammora :: TAC: Thank you. You’ve done well. Are you alright?
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 21:21:39
CSO: Bring it up!
:: gets properly onto her chair, checking the stations are manned, attempting to reign in her anger and face the adversaries that did so much damage to their ship and injury to their crew ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:22:07
:: can't feel his right hand, shakes it off:: MED: I'm fine.
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:22:10
:: perks an ear at the hail, but can’t tear her eyes from the ENG terminal ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:22:10
:: tries to will herself back to some semblance of coherence; their lives depend on it ::
CSO Cdr Wright 17-Feb-2021 21:22:28
:: taps to put it on the screen and looks up at it with an expression of concern ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:22:39
:: concussion haze amps up, head swims ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:22:45
MED: We have to worry about the sub-dermal hemorrhaging.
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:22:59
ACTION> An old Romulan man with grey hair and stern features appears on the screen, wordlessly at first.
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:23:02
:: feels nauseated, steels her guts ::
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 21:23:07
:: grabs a vascular regenerator and begins work on the side of the crewman’s head :: TAC: You should sit down, strap in somehow.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:23:20
MED: I'm not leaving her.
IC> :: looks around, lost ::
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 21:23:44
:: takes in the Romulan on the screen, glancing sidelong at Harper to judge if she's in a state to answer ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:23:57
:: unbuckles her belt and stands, blood trickling down her temple, and takes a few deep breaths before addressing the Romulan :: I am Captain—
Admiral Tyris 17-Feb-2021 21:23:57
+CO+ :: interrupts :: Kathryn Harper.
CSO Cdr Wright 17-Feb-2021 21:24:08
:: wills herself to keep looking forward and not turn back to look at Kate ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:24:12
IC: We got you, you're fine... :: presses the bandage down ::
Admiral Tyris 17-Feb-2021 21:24:26
+CO+ Of the Federation Starship Atlantis. Of course I know who you are, Captain. I have been planning this attack for years.
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 21:24:45
:: is watching the screen, having tugged off her over shirt to press the fabric to the bleeding injuries ::
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 21:24:49
:: sighs softly :: TAC: Well hold onto the bed. :: she continues work, rapidly seeking out the internal bleeding with the device she wields ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:24:49
:: looks up from the console at the Romulan on-screen ::
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 21:25:33
:: stares at Tyris, confused and somehow more alarmed ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:25:38
MED: I'll hold onto the bed if you need me to do your job for you. :: stares intently ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:25:43
:: swallows blood and clears her throat, but her voice is still somewhat ragged, and her hair is a mess :: +Tyris+ Why?
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 21:26:15
:: blinks, taking a moment to try and process that before mumbling dizzily :: TAC: What?
CSO Cdr Wright 17-Feb-2021 21:26:30
:: looks up at the Romulan with confusion and pain ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:26:44
:: thinks :: What hypermasculine vendetta bullshit is this guy trying to pull?
Admiral Tyris 17-Feb-2021 21:26:46
+CO+ For plunging the once-great Romulan Empire into chaos.
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 21:26:54
:: frowns ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:27:25
:: blinks a few times, her senses gradually returning :: +Tyris+ I do not know what you are talking about. Who are you?
Admiral Tyris 17-Feb-2021 21:28:03
+CO+ You insult me, Captain. You do not understand the ramifications of your actions?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:28:24
MED: Did you just graduate med-school? Vascular regeneration? She has head trauma! Neural stimulator and a cranial support is called for.
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 21:28:33
:: looks at nothing while she racks her brain, trying to think of what Tyris is referring to ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:28:52
:: stands up straighter as her mind clears, and her voice becomes stronger :: +Tyris+ Identify yourself and the meaning of this attack.
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:29:46
:: keeps trying to wrangle the dang power distribution, to no substantial avail ::
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 21:29:51
:: finishes with the sub-surface bleed, moving toward the surface bleed. She pauses, flashing with annoyance :: TAC: Okay, decrease pressure... and shove it with the attitude, seriously.
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:30:05
:: sees indication that some ENG teams have reached terminals to do hands-on repairs ::
Admiral Tyris 17-Feb-2021 21:30:33
+CO+ Very well. I am Admiral Tyris of the Imperial Fleet.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:30:45
MED: Be better at your job.
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 21:30:46
:: is confused, heavily confused ::
Admiral Tyris 17-Feb-2021 21:31:25
+CO+ I would assume that the meaning of this attack is clear. I mean to deprive you of your life, much as you deprived my people of their futures. But first, I wanted you to know why.
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 21:31:28
:: points at the door :: TAC: Get out of sickbay and stay out unless you’re bleeding or apologizing. :: grumbles ::
CSO Cdr Wright 17-Feb-2021 21:32:03
:: racks her befuddled brain, trying to remember anything re: Romulans ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:32:26
MED: Oh ,yeah, I'll leave and see how many others you let die. :: grabs a neural stabilizer and starts running it over the IC's head ::
MED LtJG Jasper 17-Feb-2021 21:32:52
:: makes an appearance at Acacia’s side, leaning to whisper to her :: MED: do you want me to call Everly?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:33:00
:: relieves pressure ::
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 21:33:09
:: taps her combadge :: +CTO+ Get Ammora out of sickbay before I kill him.
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:33:09
+Tyris+ Are you referring to the treaty I brokered with the refugees trying to cross into Federation space?
CSO Cdr Wright 17-Feb-2021 21:33:36
:: that rings a bell ::
Admiral Tyris 17-Feb-2021 21:33:55
:: smiles slightly :: +CO+ There it is. She remembers, so casually, an act that damned my people.
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 21:33:58
:: still working on the bleed, she seals up the patient’s head. She doesn’t stop him grabbing the neural stimulator, in fact she tries to take it from him but misses and grabs air ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:34:02
Jasper: Get the hell away from me before I put you on the floor.
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 21:34:03
+MED+ Understood. I’ll send Kyler down to retrieve our wayward Second-Lieutenant.
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 21:34:20
:: takes in Harper's words, then looks up at Tyris, eager for a response, for understanding. When Tyris confirms it, she tells herself at least they have identified when, and hopes they can talk their way out of this ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:34:33
MED: Trust me!
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:35:10
+Tyris+ From what I understand, that treaty has done nothing but help the Republic in the years since that day.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:35:13
:: eyes the medical screens :: There's a blockage.
MED: :: points :: There... the enzymes are dropping... that means an aneurysm, right?
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:35:55
:: taps, taps, jabs, swipes, taps, jabs ::
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 21:36:16
:: looks to the screen as well, then curses. She grabs another tool, slowly moving it over the crewman’s temple as she watches the screen :: Self: Not good, not good...
Admiral Tyris 17-Feb-2021 21:36:19
+CO+ :: spits :: The Republic! Your interference essentially dismantled the Empire and handed power to those pathetic, mewling dogs!
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:36:35
:: shakes her head in disbelief ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:37:01
:: stutters :: Right, that's what happens when those enzymes drop, right?
Admiral Tyris 17-Feb-2021 21:37:13
+CO+ All you had to do, Captain, was follow your orders and eliminate them. Our governments had already planned it all out.
CSO Cdr Wright 17-Feb-2021 21:37:13
:: coughs again, the smoke bothering her lungs ::
TAC 1Lt Everly 17-Feb-2021 21:37:16
:: comes into medbay, as if he had run there, and has cuffs clearly visible on his belt :: MED: Captain Grey sent me down here. What seems to be the issue?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:37:52
Everly: Nothing... :: points to the screen :: We're saving a life.
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 21:38:20
:: glances between the screen and the crewman, looking for the blockage with the tool :: TAC2: Yes, Ammora refused a direct order to leave.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:38:28
:: stares intently at Acacia :: MED: Please, let me stay.
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:38:44
+CO+ That is... unbelievably tragic, Admiral. I am sorry. :: her tone is not apologetic, but one of pity ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:38:50
MED: You know I was right. Let me help, please...
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:39:00
:: a couple ENG teams manage to get some of the power distributor nodes back online, but they aren’t responsive yet ::
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 21:39:12
TAC: Oh now it’s please?
Admiral Tyris 17-Feb-2021 21:39:20
:: does not get the distinction :: +CO+ Oh? Begging your executioner for mercy, are you?
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 21:39:25
:: looks to Tyris' response, hoping Harper's words do something for them ::
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 21:39:40
:: finds the blockage and clears it, sighing with relief as the enzyme reading normalizes ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:39:44
MED: :: levels a gaze more serious than he's ever done :: Please.
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 21:39:54
TAC: Out.
CSO Cdr Wright 17-Feb-2021 21:40:08
:: squeezes her eyes closed for a moment at the word "executioner" - she really really doesn't want everyone to die today ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:40:16
MED: :: sighs :: I'm sorry...
:: moves towards the door ::
:: points to the screen ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:40:37
+Tyris+ All you had to do, Admiral, was find a way to coexist with other Romulans. Would that have been so difficult?
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 21:40:44
:: keeps her hands busy, grabbing another device that bathes the patient’s head in a blue glow ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:40:46
MED: You're welcome.
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:40:49
:: manages to weasel some deeply auxiliary power to some slightly less-auxiliary systems, but not enough for shields or weapons ::
TAC 1Lt Everly 17-Feb-2021 21:40:58
MED: Right then. :: steps close to Ammora, resting a large hand on the other’s shoulders :: TAC: You will be escorted to your quarters, and once Grey is available, we will discuss your punishment. If you try to escape, I can, and I will cuff you. Now, March. :: guides Ammora out of the medbay and towards one of the Marines’ more secured berth rooms ::
Admiral Tyris 17-Feb-2021 21:41:36
:: shakes his head :: +CO+ The distinction is beyond you, I see. No matter. You understand why this is happening, so we have tarried long enough.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:41:51
Everly: People got blown around off their feet. They died. And you're going to get in my face about punishment? Please.
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 21:41:53
:: mumbles a few expletives, checking the output screens again :: Self: You’re not dying on me, not after that..
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:42:27
+Tyris+ Wait. :: she walks forward and very purposefully places a hand on Lexy's shoulder ::
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 21:42:35
:: swallows nervously, knowing they very possibly are about to die and what they can do ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:42:46
Everly: I did what I was supposed to do.
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:43:19
+Tyris+ If it is me you want, then spare my crew; half of them probably were not even on this ship almost five years ago. I will surrender myself if you will spare them.
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 21:43:42
:: checks that the neural stimulator is affixed correctly, then begins with a neural stimulator cycle ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:43:51
:: hears the CO say this, looks up from trying to fix the shields ::
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 21:44:10
:: hears Harper's words and her jaw slackens, catching herself before she can outwardly protest, and can only watch helplessly for Tyris' response ::
TAC 1Lt Everly 17-Feb-2021 21:44:11
TAC: You disobeyed your Commanding Officer’s orders. And lied to me as well. You were told to leave, several times, and refused every time. I don’t care, whatever you were doing for. Grey is debating whether or not she should cite you for insubordination... mind you, which would go in your permanent file. Do you understand what is happening?
CSO Cdr Wright 17-Feb-2021 21:44:17
:: looks up at Kate in response to the hand, then her eyes widen in horror at her wife's words ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:45:05
:: begins tapping even more furiously at the console ::
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 21:45:14
:: looks up at hearing that, and shakes her head :: CO: you can’t!
Admiral Tyris 17-Feb-2021 21:45:16
:: snorts :: +CO+ So noble, a Starfleet Captain willing to sacrifice herself for her crew. Very well; I accept your terms. If, and only if, you transmit all data regarding your quantum slipstream drive.
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 21:45:20
:: sighs with relief and slumps as the patient’s numbers stabilize. She smiles brokenly :: Patient: I don’t know if you can hear me, but you’re gonna be okay. Hang in there.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:45:33
Everly: Let her. I'll stand before a tribunal where I can cite a medical deficiency, I stood fast to my principles and requirements as a field medic, and resisted bad command decisions. I can quote three Starfleet protocols that prove I did nothing wrong.
Everly: But how's your day going?
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:46:00
+Byrne+ :: quietly as she can :: D’bryn to Byrne, you better get the power distribution back online in thirty seconds or things are gonna get hairy.
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 21:46:13
:: opens her mouth, but stops, wanting to tell Harper that they cannot do this, realizes the entire crew's life is in their hands, and stops to sort the moral dilemma in her head, wrestling with protocol ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:46:23
:: still quietly :: Self: Come on, come on!
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:46:43
:: hangs her head, appearing to think, then looks up at the viewer, eyes full of resolve, but her hand is squeezing her wife's shoulder :: +Tyris+ Very well. Give us a few minutes to gather the data, after the damage you inflicted.
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 21:46:55
:: hands the patient off to a nurse and moves on to the next one, blinking rapidly to clear her fuzzy head, which only partly works ::
CSO Cdr Wright 17-Feb-2021 21:47:46
:: her eyes are threatening tears, but at that squeeze and those words she knows Kate must be trying to buy them time ::
Admiral Tyris 17-Feb-2021 21:47:48
:: nods :: +CO+ You may have three minutes, but not a second more. Any treachery will be met with death for your entire crew. :: cuts the comm ::
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 21:48:02
:: finds herself suddenly desperate for time, and when the comm ends jumps from her chair to face Harper ::
CSO Cdr Wright 17-Feb-2021 21:48:26
:: makes sure the channel is closed ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:48:32
:: claps her hands and turns to the bridge :: You heard him! We have three minutes!
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:48:33
:: hears the comm close :: CO: Captain, we can get the shields back. You don’t have to do this. I’ll have them back online.
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 21:48:47
:: has another patient with a head wound, and then another. The supply of neural stimulators is used up, the doctors having to pick the worst patients to use them first ::
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 21:49:02
:: can't tell by Harper's words what we're doing, hoping she actually has a plan up her sleeve to get them all out of this :: CO: Captain...what are we doing?
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:49:18
Everly: Do you feel good about what you do... sir?
CSO Cdr Wright 17-Feb-2021 21:49:24
:: whispers up to Kate :: CO: Please tell me you have a plan, love.
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:49:36
:: meets Kuari's questioning gaze, then looks directly at Lexy, her eyes showing that her mind is sharp once again :: XO/CSO: Do not worry. I am not surrendering myself to that asshole.
TAC 1Lt Everly 17-Feb-2021 21:49:38
TAC: then shut up and keep fucking walking. :: pauses, before turning the Marine harshly to the left to guide him down to the brig and turning to a security officer. The officer nods, turning to Ammora with a bin extended :: TAC: You will do a forty-eight hour stay in the brig as following policies regarding insubordination. Hand over your phaser, all electronic devices, then step into the cell. :: is non-faltering
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 21:50:29
:: offers Harper a small smile, but hates still being in the dark :: CO: Then what?
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:50:36
:: then crosses over to the engineering console and Zoe :: I am going to need more than just shields. Flight control and weapons, too.
:: absently wipes away the blood from her temple again ::
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 21:51:06
CO: We can get the weapons back online... provided Everly is back in place after dealing with an act of insubordination
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 21:51:15
:: works on another patient’s head with the glowy blue device, watching the medical monitors carefully and willing the room to stop spinning ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:51:18
CO: All set to come back online, Captain. We’re doing everything we can.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:51:24
Everly: 48 hours in the brig knowing I saved a life. Yeah, I'll take it. What have YOU done lately? :: laughs :: And I've give you my phaser and electronic devices, except, you know know, I lost them all when I watched two crewman die while I was trying to save another.
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:52:11
ENG: I am certain of it. :: gets out of the way, hoping she bought enough time ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:52:15
:: checks the console :: CO: Looks like we have one terminal completely back up and running. Just need to get the others going, and we’ll be zipping all available power to everything we need.
CSO Cdr Wright 17-Feb-2021 21:52:46
ENG: I'm dispatching OPS teams to assist in any way they can.
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:53:23
CSO: Thank you, Commander. They’ll need it.
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:53:29
:: nods to Zoe and turns to the rest of the bridge, making preparations :: CTO: Be ready to raise the shields on my command but not before, and stand by weapons and torpedoes.
TAC 1Lt Everly 17-Feb-2021 21:53:40
TAC: Shut up and get inside. :: waits for the door to be closed, locking the Marine up for the set period of time he had been assigned to serve ::
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 21:53:50
:: takes a chart and grimaces before she’s even seen the crewman it corresponds to :: Nurse: Thirazine, stat. 30ccs.
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:53:56
XO: Kuari, get the Sharks to their Mustangs and have them stand by for launch, on the double!
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 21:54:02
:: nods dutifully at Harper, then looks to Grey and takes her seat ::
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 21:54:13
:: nods briskly, ready to work :: CO: Weapons and shields ready at your command.
NAV Lt Navarro 17-Feb-2021 21:54:28
:: hearing that, he secures the helm and makes for the TL ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:54:43
NAV: Good hunting, Zorro.
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:54:44
:: another power distribution terminal lights up green :: CO: Power distribution almost there, Captain!
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:54:51
Everly: You know... you're kind of a dick.
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 21:54:59
+Shipwide+ Attention Mustang pilots, to your Assault Bay, immediately! I repeat, Sharks pilots to the Assault Bay!
NAV Lt Navarro 17-Feb-2021 21:55:11
CO: Gracias, Firefly. :: disappears into the TL ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:55:15
:: takes the helm ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 17-Feb-2021 21:55:34
:: was already awake and dressed, expecting this call ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:55:39
:: pre-plans some manuevers and sends them to the tactical console ::
ENG: Time is almost up!
TAC 1Lt Everly 17-Feb-2021 21:55:56
:: chuckles as he turns to exit the brig :: TAC: not the first time I’ve heard that. Cool your heels; Grey’ll be down once everything’s handled.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 17-Feb-2021 21:56:12
:: heads immediately for the assault bay ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:56:24
Everly: :: shouting after him :: Cool! We can talk about body counts before my punishment.
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 21:56:28
:: moves from patient to patient, giving orders to the nurses through the fog in her mind. After a while she takes a minute to sit down, resting her head in her hands and just breathing to try and stop the ringing ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:56:31
:: to himself :: Asshole
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:56:33
:: power distribution is back on ::
NAV Lt Navarro 17-Feb-2021 21:56:37
:: arrives in the assault bay and immediately rushes into the locker room, suiting up ::
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 21:56:45
Ash> :: having been thrown around her quarters, has already made her way preemptively to the Assault Bay, scrambling with her flight suit in the locker room and ignoring the stabs of pain from her bruises ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:56:49
ACTION> Systems start to light up and go green!
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 21:56:49
:: gets the manuvers, nodding slowly and preparing for the return motions ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:57:07
:: cackles in victory :: CO: Captain, we got it! Rerouting all auxiliary power to shields, weapons, and flight!
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 17-Feb-2021 21:57:21
:: suiting up as well ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:57:32
ENG: Thank you, Zoë! I knew that you could do it!
ACTION> The Romulan ship hails.
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 21:57:42
Security Officer> TAC: Geezzz, you really pissed off Everly! What did you do?
CSO Cdr Wright 17-Feb-2021 21:57:51
CO: They're hailing us, Captain.
NAV Lt Navarro 17-Feb-2021 21:57:56
NAV2: Are you alright? :: as they're sutiing up ::
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 21:57:58
:: gets back to work after a short break, able to better focus on one of her many head wound patients ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 21:58:05
CO: :: gives the Robert Redford nod, you know, the one from the gif ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 21:58:16
:: stands next to the helm and Picard-maneuvers :: CSO: On screen.
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 21:58:25
Ash> Suzuki: About time we shot up some bogies again, am I right?
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 21:58:56
:: doesn’t look up from her console, feigning relaxation despite the pain from her dislocated shoulder and various injuries ::
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 21:59:12
:: watches the main viewer, attempting to put on a front of being uncertain so as to not be the one to blow their cover too early ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 17-Feb-2021 21:59:16
NAV: A little banged up. Nothing serious. Not a nice way to wake up, though. Ash: You are very right. :: winks at them and rushes out to the assault bay floor to begin her preflight on Shinigami ::
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 21:59:27
:: finishes with the man’s head wound and moves to his broken arm, apologizing to him before setting his arm straight ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:59:28
Security Officer: I knew more than a doctor.
CSO Cdr Wright 17-Feb-2021 21:59:31
:: puts it up on the main screen, making an effort to look worried ::
NAV Lt Navarro 17-Feb-2021 21:59:35
:: grabs his helmet and dashes to the Rocinante and runs through a quick pre-flight ::
Admiral Tyris 17-Feb-2021 21:59:45
:: appears on the main viewer :: +CO+ Time is up, Captain Harper. We are ready to receive your technical data and to beam you aboard.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 21:59:47
:: sits in the brig, takes off boots, stretches ::
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 22:00:14
Ash> :: gets to her fighter and eagerly gets her fighter checked off and good to go ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:00:34
+Tyris+ Before any of that, I am giving you one more chance, Admiral. One chance to stop living a life of hatred. A chance to be at peace, both with us, and your fellow Romulans.
+Tyris+ Walk away from this. Walk away from years of seeking nothing but petty vengeance.
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 22:01:14
:: changes her expression at Harper's words, offering a steely expression towards Tyris ::
NAV Lt Navarro 17-Feb-2021 22:01:26
+Sharks+ Sharks, Zorro, comm check.
CSO Cdr Wright 17-Feb-2021 22:01:31
:: looks sadly at the Romulan ::
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 22:01:41
Security Officer> :: frowns :: TAC: Seems like something else was happening. Nothing could get either of the officers that fired up besides something that could get you marked up ::
Admiral Tyris 17-Feb-2021 22:01:42
:: appears to actually consider Harper's words ::
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 22:01:56
Ash> +Sharks+ Spitfire, I read.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 17-Feb-2021 22:02:06
:: having just put on her helmet :: +Sharks+ Jester, I read.
Admiral Tyris 17-Feb-2021 22:02:37
+CO+ The crew of this ship are almost all that's left of the Imperial Fleet. They joined my cause with full knowledge of what I seek.
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 22:02:47
:: is currently checking the systems, seemingly ignoring the view screen::
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 22:03:35
:: sits with a patient, working on her badly burned face and chest with a dermal regenerator ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 22:04:09
Security Officer: Look, I get it. I made a bad decision. But I will rest on my laurels that I was doing it the right way. Health, wellness, and integrity. While, mind you, watching two other crewman die - I think - in front of me. So, forgive my air quotes insubordination ... but sometimes you have to call bullshit and take care of your own.
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 22:04:17
:: is doing all she can to beef up the necessary systems, pulling power from every last inch she can ::
Admiral Tyris 17-Feb-2021 22:04:18
+CO+ Full restoration of the Empire is seemingly beyond the realm of possibility. People such as you would even hand power to the Remans, not to mention the Republic. But the one thing we can do, the one thing within our power, is to kill the woman that led to our downfall.
NAV Lt Navarro 17-Feb-2021 22:04:43
+Sharks+ Jester, take the lead on this one, I had it last time. :: seeing no T'Lira ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:05:03
+Tyris+ I am sorry to hear that, Admiral.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 17-Feb-2021 22:05:09
:: wasn't expecting that ::
Admiral Tyris 17-Feb-2021 22:05:36
+CO+ Transmit the data and say goodbye to your crew, Captain. I will spare them on my honor from one captain to another.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 17-Feb-2021 22:05:49
+Sharks+ ...Acknowledged. :: finishes her preflight and closes the cockpit ::
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 22:06:44
Security Officer> :: slowly stares at Ammora in disbelief :: TAC: I swear... that explains a lot. Everly never gets that upset, and neither probably does Grey! You’ll be lucky if you get away without a mark on your file!
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:07:07
:: nods, her head low, appearing to be defeated for a long moment before raising it to meet Tyris's eyes as a smirk spreads across her face :: CTO: You heard the Admiral. Transmit the data.
NAV Lt Navarro 17-Feb-2021 22:07:49
:: closes his cockpit as well, ready to launch ::
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 22:08:09
:: looks around but can’t let herself be relieved that things seem to have slowed down, worried that it will only get worse ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 17-Feb-2021 22:08:46
+Sharks+ Report ready to launch.
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 22:09:01
Ash> :: finishes preflight :: +Sharks+ Spitfire, prepared for launch.
NAV Lt Navarro 17-Feb-2021 22:09:21
+Sharks+ Zorro is ready to launch, on your wing, Jester.
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 22:09:21
:: raises the shields and preps weapons ::
Admiral Tyris 17-Feb-2021 22:09:49
Tactical Sub-Lieutenant> They are raising shields, Admiral!
+CO+ The lives of your crew are now forfeit along with yours, Captain Harper!
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:10:23
CTO: Fire.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 17-Feb-2021 22:10:25
+CSO+ Ops, Sharks are ready to launch.
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:10:38
ACTION> The comm is cut.
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 22:10:56
:: watches the comm end and can't help the image of decapitating Tyris herself with her jaws from flashing through her mind, her eye ridges furrowing and a shallow growl rumbling from her throat ::
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 22:10:56
:: grins wickedly, triggering the weapons systems with a delighted cackle :: CO: Weapons fired!
CSO Cdr Wright 17-Feb-2021 22:10:57
CO: The Sharks are ready to launch, Captain.
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 22:11:05
:: moves on to the next patient, now treating burns and scrapes and bruises as everyone is stabilized ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:11:41
CSO: Launch Sharks and keep an eye on the power reroutes since they may be a bit fragile.
CSO Cdr Wright 17-Feb-2021 22:11:54
+Sharks+ Acknowledged, Sharks. Launch at will and good hunting.
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:12:00
:: slides into the helm and finds it to be immediately responsive as she brings the Sovereign about to face the Warbird ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 22:12:15
Security Officer: Yeah, I'm good. I thought sensitivity wasn't a thing in the tactical world. Apparently I was wrong.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 17-Feb-2021 22:12:41
+Sharks+ Time to fly. Let's roll. :: lifts off the deck and goes streaking out the bay door ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:12:44
ACTION> The Warbird starts to cloak, but too late! It takes a quantum torpedo to the wing, but responds with shields.
NAV Lt Navarro 17-Feb-2021 22:12:58
::: lifts off the floor and guns the throttle, shooting out into space ::
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 22:13:26
Ash> :: rises off the bay floor and shoots out in succession into space ::
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 22:13:37
Security Officer> :: he hums softly :: TAC: Insubordination is a very highly punishable offense with Grey and Everly. Hope you don’t get stuck with cleaning duties as part two.
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 22:14:10
:: takes a moment to check the bridge feed, wondering if she can expect more knocking around ::
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 22:14:36
:: is manning the weapons systems and shields, ignoring the flashes of pain from her shoulder, continually firing at the warbird with a low grumble of curses ::
NAV Lt Navarro 17-Feb-2021 22:14:49
:: flies around toward the Warbird, staying on Jester's wing as they go in for an attack run ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 22:15:26
Security Officer: The funny part about insubordination, is that it is only that if you can prove one hundred percent a disregard for duty. I didn't. And a doctor would have missed something that killed someone, and my resistance to leave was still in line with medic code of saving a life, and the last one of ignoring a direct order was one that I could call complete bull shit.
Security Officer: I'll take my chances.
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:15:39
:: engages on one of her pre-planned maneuvers, trying to line up the best shots for Grey ::
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 22:16:06
Security Officer> TAC: argue that with Captain Grey.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 17-Feb-2021 22:16:12
+Sharks+ Scramble and assault their shields. Let's try to get them down.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 22:16:24
Security Officer: She's a peach.
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 22:16:32
:: grins, taking the shot lined up with a gentle thank-you ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:16:46
ACTION> The Warbird returns fire with disruptors and torpedos, impacting our shields. Its initial attempts to target the incoming Mustangs runs into some difficulties.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 22:17:18
:: grabs the bulkhead ::
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 22:17:28
Security Officer> :: laughs softly :: TAC: Have you seen her in action? She’s anything but a peach... though around her husband, she’s sweet.
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 22:17:37
:: works on a patient’s arm through a stasis field, pausing as she feels the room shake a bit ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:17:52
ACTION> The shields absorb the attack, and inertial dampeners disperse the impact.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 17-Feb-2021 22:18:02
:: rolls out of the way of a disruptor beam, launching her first salvo of torpedoes at the Warbird's shields ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 22:18:06
Security Officer: It would be pretty AWESOME to not have amazing officers ready to help in the event of being boarded! But, sure, being in the brig is a GREAT use of resources! I'll be sure to tell her that when we speak next!
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 22:18:07
CO: Shield power’s holding, Captain.
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 22:18:10
Ash> :: flies off in a direction away from the others, making for a small and less significant target, coming in from an angle at where the Warbird's shields are being fired at for her own assault ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:18:21
ENG: Excellent work, Ensign!
:: arcs Atlantis back around to bring the forward quantums to bear ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 22:18:52
CO: Aye, ma’am!
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 22:18:52
:: continues her work as the shaking is contained by the inertial dampeners :: Self: Much better...
NAV Lt Navarro 17-Feb-2021 22:19:05
:: flies in after Jester, unloading microquantums on a target that he can't really miss ::
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 22:19:17
Security Officer> :: he shrugs :: TAC: You need to take a deep breath, and cool down. Grey is nice, generally
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 22:19:36
Ash> :: grumbles as the rather large target's shields rotate away from her, but she doesn't waste the pass and throws everything her Mustang has at the shields as a whole ::
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 22:19:46
:: frowns slightly in focus, taking the shots as they’re positioned for her ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 22:19:48
:: monitors inertial dampeners, juggles some more power ::
:: power distribution isn’t at 100% and she can feel it, but it’s doing its job ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 22:20:15
Security Officer: Me too.
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:20:22
CTO: Do not spare the quantum torpedoes. Aft tube! :: as they fly away on their pass ::
ACTION> While we fly past, our after shields are tagged with several disruptor shots and green torpedoes.
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 22:20:53
:: grips her seat on the bridge, watching the captain fly and Tactical let loose ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 22:20:58
:: grabs the bulkhead - again ::
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 22:21:04
CO: Yes ma’am! :: grins and shoots out both torpedoes and shots at their next pass through ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 22:21:09
:: recalls Leirone’s advice, tries to get power distribution in sync with TAC’s actions ::
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 22:22:33
:: watches the door with concern as a proxy for her worry how things are going on the bridge. She’s not expecting anyone, just hoping for the best ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 22:23:25
Security Officer: It's like a rollercoaster. Except the end of the ride is me getting bitch-slapped for protecting the puking thrill seeker that just wanted an elephant ear! Except the elephant ear was a skull-fracturing proximity explosion.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 17-Feb-2021 22:24:31
:: skims past the port side of the Warbird and loops around, firing phasers into the shields of the enemy ship ::
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 22:24:36
:: works on a patient’s broken nose, double checking to ensure it ends up on straight ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:24:39
:: rolls Atlantis around hard, flipping the ship on her pitch axis to bring the front weaponry on target faster ::
NAV Lt Navarro 17-Feb-2021 22:25:20
:: on each pass, he flip-turns to keep firing as he gains distance ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 17-Feb-2021 22:25:34
:: catches a glimpse of Atlantis doing some fancy flying and lets out a low whistle :: +Sharks+ Firefly's doing some nice flying over there.
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 22:25:49
:: coming from a tactical background, watches Grey's timing and weapon cycling, approving ::
NAV Lt Navarro 17-Feb-2021 22:26:13
:: chuckles :: +Sharks+ You'd never know she was flying a Sovereign-class and not a Mustang.
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 22:26:21
:: monitors reactor output, ekes out some more power to bolster shields and weapons ::
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 22:26:31
:: keeps her attention focused on the screen, pushing her pain down even deeper as she continues to fire at the Warbird, cursing it out with every torpedo fired ::
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 22:26:42
Ash> :: laughs out loud, the comm not active, but is amused all the same ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:27:03
ACTION> Though we take return fire on every attack pass, we are getting the better of them as their shields are draining much faster under the Sovereign's superior firepower, combined with that of the Sharks.
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 22:27:09
:: sees if she can finagle a little more output from the fusion reactor without sacrificing impulse power ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:27:36
:: absently wipes again at the blood on her temple with her sleeve as she gets a moment where he left hand is free ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 17-Feb-2021 22:27:43
:: mimics Zorro's flipturn maneuver to maximize time on target, breaking the reflex of having to dodge enemy fighters ::
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 22:28:57
:: shares her attention to the main viewer, her side console, and Haper, having noticed she keeps wiping at her face and sees her stained sleeve, wanting to help but knowing she can't distract Harper, not now ::
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 22:29:03
:: sits back in her chair and looks around, relieved that the flow of patients into sickbay has slowed to a trickle. She checks the number of casualties, hopeful that it’s over, or will be over soon ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:29:05
ACTION> Another spread of Romulan torpedoes impacts our shields, dropping them to 70%, but theirs are approaching 40%.
:: spins Atlantis on the yaw axis this time and applies full thrust to immediately cancel their velocity in one direction and apply it back toward the Warbird :: CTO: Now, fire all weapons!
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 17-Feb-2021 22:30:21
:: launches another barrage of microquantums at the Warbird ::
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 22:30:42
CO: Yes ma'am! :: fires all weapons available, fingers flying over the console ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 22:30:51
:: bucks with the impact :: CO: Shields at seventy, Captain, but we’re holding.
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 22:31:37
:: sways in her seat, getting back up and teetering to another patient’s bedside to continue her work ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 22:31:57
:: holds the bulkhead again ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:32:08
ACTION> The phasers sweep across the Romulan shields, followed the full spread of quantum torpedoes. They falter, but remain in place.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 17-Feb-2021 22:32:37
+Sharks+ Looks like we're getting close. Hit them hard.
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 22:32:58
Ash> :: gets a volley off on the Warbird, noticing it begin to falter, and buys time on moving out for another run, waiting for a change in orders ::
NAV Lt Navarro 17-Feb-2021 22:33:07
+Sharks+ Roger that! :: sweeps in and unloads most of his stores, but saves a couple of microquantums for when the shields actually do fall ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 22:33:21
Security Officer: I hope they don't board us! I'd hate to think we wouldn't have our full security compliment because someone was too busy saving a life!
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:33:25
:: actually slows the ship to get more time on target, knowing they have the shields to spare to go toe-to-toe with the damaged Warbird ::
CTO: Press the attack, Ryleigh! Keep firing!
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 22:34:01
Security Officer> :: is watching the fight from his PADD, and he chuckles :: TAC: That is being a non-issue.
:: does exactly that, keeping the weapons systems flying and firing at full power at the Warbird ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:34:49
ACTION> Under the combined firepower of Atlantis and the Sharks, the Warbird's shields finally collapse.
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 22:35:35
:: sits with a patient and works with the vascular regenerator, trying to ease the bleeding on his abdomen ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 22:35:36
Security Officer: I'm so glad you're contributing... how's the fight from the PADD? It's nice that you're contributing so much. Make sure you wipe your fingerprints off the device before you put it back in the storage unit.
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 22:35:37
Ash> :: hearing no change in orders by the time she turns, goes all in on her next run ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 22:36:14
:: slams his hands against the forcefield ::
:: slumps down on the bench in the brig ::
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 22:37:11
Security Officer> TAC: You're a snarky bastard, aren't you? Everly knows I'm watching the fight; he allows those manning the brig and more non-action areas to watch the fight. :: turns his attention back to the PADD ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:37:32
:: sweeps Atlantis in an arc around the Warbird, managing to still dodge some shots, but she knows her opponent is on the ropes ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 22:37:36
Security Officer: Cute.
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:37:59
:: quietly, to her side :: CSO: Hail them one more time, Lexy.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 17-Feb-2021 22:38:03
:: fires two more sets of microquantums at the faltering Warbird ::
CSO Cdr Wright 17-Feb-2021 22:38:07
:: hails them ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 22:38:09
Security Officer: Snarky isn't the word I'd use... but I'd... :: doesn't know what to say :: just rather be doing my job.
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:38:36
ACTION> There is no response from the Warbird, other than continual weapons fire... and a surge forward toward us!
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 22:39:04
:: pauses to sit and talk with a patient as she wakes up disoriented and distressed ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:39:48
:: swears out loud in French :: They are trying to ram us! :: turns away and goes to full impulse ::
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 22:39:52
Security Officer> :: cackles :: TAC: Understandable. Talk to Grey, use the argument you used earlier... maybe she'll drop it down to 24 hours.
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 22:39:56
:: watches the Warbird on the main viewer, eyes widening ::
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 22:40:09
:: braces the shields and herself for impact ::
NAV Lt Navarro 17-Feb-2021 22:40:18
+Sharks+ Hey, get away from Atlantis, pendejo!
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 17-Feb-2021 22:40:19
:: sees what the Warbird is doing :: +Sharks+ Holy...
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 22:40:27
CO: Diverting more power to shields!
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:40:55
:: engages the warp drive for half a second, gaining plenty of distance ::
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 22:41:00
Ash> :: mutters to herself as she turns 180 degrees and maxes out the throttle :: Self: Fly away, fly awaaaaay...
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:41:45
CTO: Finish them off. I am so tired of that guy.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 17-Feb-2021 22:41:49
:: flies out to the side of the Warbird, still firing phasers at them ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:42:08
:: turns back toward the Warbird, knowing she can outmaneuver it with their element of surprise in play ::
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 22:42:42
:: nods, targeting the phasers and torpedoes towards the warbird with a grumble ::
NAV Lt Navarro 17-Feb-2021 22:43:07
:: grins maniacally and flies toward the Warbird at full throttle, firing phasers the whole way in ::
:: then flies through the Warbird's wings, firing two microquantums into the back of its head! ::
:: emerges out the other side, careful to dodge Atlantis's incoming fire on his way out ::
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 22:44:32
Ash> :: watches Navarro's move and smacks her comm :: +Sharks+ Aww, yeah!
NAV Lt Navarro 17-Feb-2021 22:44:40
+Sharks+ I have always wanted to do that!
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 17-Feb-2021 22:44:53
+Sharks+ :: actually laughs, albeit quietly ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:45:53
ACTION> The Warbird shudders and lurches forward with the unexpected fire from within.
CTO: End it. Target their nacelles.
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 22:46:28
Ash> :: from a distance, stops her engines to drift, watching and waiting ::
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 22:47:00
:: nods, targeting the nacelles neatly and sending a mixed group of phasers and torpedoes ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:47:13
:: hates giving an order to kill, but she gave them plenty of chances to not pursue this course ::
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 22:47:24
:: pulls up the bridge feed on a PADD again, hoping for good news ::
Admiral Tyris 17-Feb-2021 22:48:16
Long live the Empire. :: standing on his ruined bridge ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:48:34
ACTION> Our weaponry impacts the Warbird's nacelles, causing them to explode. The double wings collapse into each other and the head appears to look upwards before all structure disappears in the fireball of the warp core's breach.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 22:49:08
:: sits down ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 22:49:24
:: feels a weight inside as she watches the ship explode ::
:: ethical quandaries abound ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:49:37
:: lets out a sigh of relief :: All: Good work, everyone.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 22:49:49
Security Officer: This is bullshit.
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 22:50:34
:: blinks, but can’t help feeling relieved. She sets the PADD down, and gets back to work :: Patient: Ah, look who’s awake. You’re alright, you’re in sickbay. What do you remember?
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 22:50:35
:: closes her eyes, taking a deep breath, calming herself and assuring herself that the battle is over ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 17-Feb-2021 22:50:55
flies out of the shockwave ::
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 22:51:07
Security Officer> TAC: Well, then... maybe next time you won't dare to go insubordinate on the COs
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 22:51:08
Ash> :: flies away, arcing towards the mothership ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:51:12
:: brings Atlantis into steady flight near the Sharks :: CSO: Bring the Sharks home.
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 22:51:24
:: returns to coordinating full repairs, sighs, assuming repairs won’t be interrupted any further ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:51:35
XO: I need damage and casualty reports from all departments.
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 22:51:52
CO: You'll have it. :: looks to her console ::
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 22:51:59
Security Officer: How's the weather up there on your pedastal?
CSO Cdr Wright 17-Feb-2021 22:52:47
+Sharks+ Sharks, Atlantis. Come on home.
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:53:07
:: wipes again at her temple with her sleeve as she steadies their course ::
MED Lt Acacia 17-Feb-2021 22:53:53
:: releases a few of the better-off patients to clear up space, people returning to their departments good as new ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 22:54:06
CO/XO: Power distributors are overworked, and will need extensive repairs and diagnostics until we’re back to a hundred. Barring further interruptions, I’d give it no more than 24 hours.
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:54:47
ENG: Can you take care of the damage in the field, or will the repairs require actual facilities?
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 22:55:12
:: feels the pain trying to make another appearance, and digs her hands into the edge of the console to keep herself up and moving ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 22:55:31
CO: I think we can do it in the field, ma’am, given time and the resources to replicate any replacement parts.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 22:56:30
Security Officer: What are you, 6-1? 6-2?
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 22:56:30
:: nods to D'bryn's report ::
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:56:35
ENG: Excellent. You will have all the time needed; we are in no hurry to be anywhere.
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 22:56:59
CO: We’ll get it done ASAP, ma’am.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 17-Feb-2021 22:57:03
:: touches the Shinigami down in the assault bay ::
NAV Lt Navarro 17-Feb-2021 22:57:34
:: flies Rocinante to a gentle landing with a big grin on his face ::
CTO Cpt Grey 17-Feb-2021 22:57:37
Security Officer> :: glances up at Ammora :: TAC: 6'3", thank you.
TAC 2Lt Ammora 17-Feb-2021 22:57:51
Security Officer: How much can you bench?
XO Cdr Kuari 17-Feb-2021 22:58:16
Ash> :: returns to the bay and lands, powering down her fighter, mission accomplished ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 17-Feb-2021 22:58:50
CO: In the meantime, ma’am, I’m nursing a concussion here, and I think I should visit Sickbay for a minute.
CO Capt Harper 17-Feb-2021 22:59:19
:: turns and looks back toward D'bryn with concern :: ENG: By all means.
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