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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
Atlantis rescued a stranded Xovul dreadnought from the murky depths of an ice giant, tractoring it to orbit through dangerous flying conditions. Surprised that we were their saviors, the Xovul reluctantly accepted our aid, allowing transport of their casualties to sickbay and transmitting technical data to assist our engineers in adapting our replicator reserves to fuel their replicators. After a couple of hours and success on both of these fronts, a time limit has been placed on our aid; another Xovul dreadnought is en route, responding to the initial distress call, and is estimated to be within sensor range in under two hours. To avoid confrontation and misunderstanding, we intend to be gone before their sensors can detect us.
After 03-Feb-2021 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 21:15:28
:: watching the time on the arm of her chair ::
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 21:16:10
:: is part of a renewed flurry in sickbay, working to prepare the patients for transport ::
CSO Cdr Wright 03-Feb-2021 21:16:39
:: paranoid, monitoring the sensor readings ::
CTO Cpt Grey 03-Feb-2021 21:17:17
:: is checking the scans, humming softly under her breath ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 03-Feb-2021 21:17:18
:: is en route to transporter room, with New Fuel Thingy ™ ::
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 21:19:36
:: stands back and checks the chart as nurses set up transporter aid devices around the biobed, waiting until the last one gives her a thumbs up :: +TR+ Patient in biobed four is ready to go.
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 21:20:29
Biobed Four Patient> :: opens their eyes and presents a toothy smile ::
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Feb-2021 21:20:49
:: sits staring at her half-console, attempting to remain calm, but the tip of her tail flops back and forth on the floor to one side in agitation ::
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 21:21:00
:: jumps back a bit, then feels bad for doing so ::
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 21:21:09
:: glances over at Kuari with a smirk, attempting to lighten the mood :: XO: I am reminded of being a teenager and having to clean up the house after a party before my parents got home.
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Feb-2021 21:21:40
:: looks up at Harper and her tail-flopping stops, frowning after a moment :: CO: I...can't relate.
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 21:22:08
XO: The difference, of course, is that we have not done anything wrong here.
ENG Ens D'bryn 03-Feb-2021 21:22:33
:: arrives in transporter room 3 :: Transporter Person: I've got some replicator fuel to transport to the Xovul ship's engineering,
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 21:23:15
TRC> :: gestures to the pad :: Put it on up.
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 21:23:20
:: waits for the nurses with the transporter aids as she approaches the Xovul doctor, smiling warmly :: Xovul Doctor: You’re up next. Try not to exert yourself too much on the other side.
ENG Ens D'bryn 03-Feb-2021 21:23:37
TRC: Thanks. :: puts it on up ::
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Feb-2021 21:23:41
:: nods, thoughts of a rebellious teenage-version of Kate in her mind momentarily distracting her from the timer they're currently on ::
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 21:24:22
Xovul Doctor> MED: Thank you for everything, doctor. :: smiles, but can't help from making it a toothy one.
ENG Ens D'bryn 03-Feb-2021 21:25:06
+CO+ Ensign D'bryn to Captain Harper. We're sending over the replacement fuel now, ma'am.
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 21:25:39
TRC> +MED+ Please coordinate that with Ops, doctor. :: energizes, and the fuel shimmers away ::
+ENG+ Thank you, Ensign, and great work.
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 21:26:15
:: manages not to jump this time, swallowing her nerves. The nurses each give her a thumbs-up and she eyes her combadge :: +CSO+ Patient in bed five is ready to go, whenever you have a lock.
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Feb-2021 21:26:21
:: looks up from her console once again to Harper's comm, and lets in a breath at the milestone ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 03-Feb-2021 21:26:37
+CO+ Aye, Captain. Heading back to Engineering to get us back to a hundred percent, unless you have further orders?
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 21:26:57
Xovul Doctor> :: settles back down in to her bed and awaits transport ::
+ENG+ I have nothing specific. Feel free to use the bridge console if you would like.
CSO Cdr Wright 03-Feb-2021 21:27:41
:: uses the transporter aids to get a lock on the Xovul patient in bed five :: +MED+ Aye, Doctor. Energizing.
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 21:27:57
ACTION> The Xovul doctor shimmers away.
ENG Ens D'bryn 03-Feb-2021 21:27:57
+CO+ Aye, Captain. D'bryn out.
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 21:28:17
:: watches the Xovul doctor disappear, taking a deep breath and trying to decide how to feel ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 03-Feb-2021 21:29:29
:: steps into turbolift :: Deck 16.
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 21:29:42
Xovul Doctor> :: stands after she arrives and prepares to receive patients ::
Xovul Vash 03-Feb-2021 21:30:06
:: gets word that the replicator fuel has arrived and seems to be compatible with their systems ::
:: orders a test replication ::
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 21:30:54
:: moves on to the next patient, a nurse holding pressure over where she’d removed an IV. Emily sighs, checking the chart knowing she’d rather keep this patient but she has her orders ::
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 21:33:12
TRC> +CSO+ Chief to Wright. Commander, sickbay also reported that bed four was ready to go.
Xovul Vash 03-Feb-2021 21:33:51
:: receives word of success and has repairs commence, now that replacement parts are available ::
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 21:35:52
:: waits for the nurses to get the transporter aids in place, checking that everything and everyone are clear :: +CSO+ We’re ready for the next one.
CSO Cdr Wright 03-Feb-2021 21:36:36
+TRC+ Understood, Chief, thank you.
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 21:37:06
TRC> :: goes back to standing at the console ::
CSO Cdr Wright 03-Feb-2021 21:37:26
:: coordinates the transports for both the patients that are ready :: +MED+ Thank you, Doctor, Energizing both patients.
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 21:37:49
ACTION> Beds four and six see their patients shimmer away.
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 21:37:57
:: stands back and watches her patients shimmer away, feeling uneasy as she checks the time ::
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 21:38:21
Xovul Doctor> :: barks orders to a couple of heavies to get the newly-arrived patients into makeshift beds so she can tend to them ::
CTO Cpt Grey 03-Feb-2021 21:38:38
:: is feeling strangely uneasy, checking the scanners again as she waits ::
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 21:39:40
:: keeps a good pace, circling back to bed one where one of the worse-off patients lies, the nurses with the transporter aids following her ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 03-Feb-2021 21:39:55
:: steps out into Engineering, checks progress of repairs :: Okay, inertial dampeners are looking good. Propulsion, green. Power, green. Alright. Good. Why the hell did I come down here and not up to the bridge to hang out at the fancy bridge console?
Impostor Syndrome> Because of me, Zoë.
Oh, right. I should've guessed. :: rolls eyes, heads for turbolift ::
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 21:41:40
:: waits for a nurse who’s wrapping the last of the patient’s burns in gauze to finish, double checking she has the all clear :: +CSO+ Bed one’s ready now.
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 21:41:43
:: checks the time out of the corner of her eye ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 03-Feb-2021 21:42:19
:: enters turbolift :: Bridge.
CSO Cdr Wright 03-Feb-2021 21:42:56
:: Repeats the process with bed one :: +MED+ Energizing.
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 21:43:10
ACTION> Bed one's patient vanishes.
:: fights the urge to request an update from sickbay, since she knows they're doing their best down there ::
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 21:45:02
:: looks around and can’t help but check the time again, the whole room in a flurry as everyone works to get the patients ready ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 03-Feb-2021 21:46:04
:: arrives on bridge and makes for the Engineering console, trying to emulate the confidence with which to do it ::
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 21:46:04
:: meets eyes with Doctor Straynj who has the next patient’s chart already. He gives a huff and a nod, and Emily taps her combadge :: +CSO+ Bed two, ready.
CSO Cdr Wright 03-Feb-2021 21:46:46
:: locks the transporter on the patient in bed two :: +MED+ Energizing.
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Feb-2021 21:47:34
:: glances over to notice an ensign's entered the bridge, then double-takes realizing it's D'bryn, the one heading the fuel conversion project for the Xovul, and shows more interest at what she's doing ::
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 21:48:10
ACTION> The patient in bed two who, in addition to his prior injuries, had suffered a phaser stun after attacking Dr. Acacia, shimmers away to his ship.
ENG Ens D'bryn 03-Feb-2021 21:48:25
:: sits down, activates the panel, begins monitoring systems ::
:: doesn't notice that the XO watched her enter ::
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 21:50:53
:: gets another thumbs-up in passing, having stepped back more to coordinate now. She taps her combadge again :: +CSO+ Three is ready now. :: she eyes the other half of the room ::
CSO Cdr Wright 03-Feb-2021 21:51:50
:: nods to herself, thankful that this process is here to occupy her mind, and locks the patient :: +MED+ Energizing.
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 21:52:13
ACTION> Bed three's patient shimmers away.
ACTION> A Xovul patient who has never been conscious suddenly wakes up in a panic, then seizes Dr. Straynj, taking him hostage!
Xovul Patient> FREE ME OR HE DIES!
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 21:53:20
:: puts up her hands, not approaching :: Xovul Patient: You are free! You’re free to leave, we’re sending people back to your ship now. You’re in a sickbay.
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 21:54:10
Angry Xovul> :: looks around, a low rumble coming from his throat as he keeps Straynj between him and anyone armed ::
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 21:55:35
:: takes one step forward, hoping to keep his focus :: Xovul Patient: Your ship was stranded but we rescued you. You’ve been unconscious, but we want to send you back to your own ship with your own doctor now. You just have to let him go.
CTO Cpt Grey 03-Feb-2021 21:55:57
:: her second alerts her to a hostage-situation in the medbay, and she doesn't wait for a dismissal, exiting the bridge briskly to make her way down to the medbay, arriving there shortly and withdrawing her phaser to aim it at the patient's back , catching Acacia's line of sight as she arrives ::
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 21:56:49
Angry Xovul> :: spins as he hears someone enter :: CTO: Make a move and I snap his pathetic little neck! :: breathing heavily ::
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 21:57:09
:: has her hands up and gestures for Grey to do the same ::
CTO Cpt Grey 03-Feb-2021 21:58:16
:: lowers her phaser slightly, still keeping it locked on the Xovul :: Angry Xovul: Put him down.
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 21:58:25
Angry Xovul> Why would a ship full of weaklings aid us? I demand to speak to my Vash!
CSO Cdr Wright 03-Feb-2021 21:59:56
:: after Grey leaves wordlessly, worries about what's sent her away like that and keeps her eyes glued to the long-range scanners ::
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 21:59:57
Angry Xovul: We are bound to provide aid to those in need. If you want to speak to someone, you can transport to your ship or you’ll have to use our communicators. Please, we don’t want to hurt you and you don’t have to hurt one of us. I’m a doctor, I can go over your chart with you and explain what we did to you.
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:02:19
Angry Xovul> :: finally processes that the room has several of his kind laying on beds:: MED: Lies! You have somehow captured us. I demand to speak to your leader!
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 22:03:23
:: pauses, then shrugs :: +CO+ I’ve got a demand to speak to my leader.
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:04:04
:: looks up from her ongoing report as she taps her commbadge :: +CO+ ... from whom?
CTO Cpt Grey 03-Feb-2021 22:04:14
:: keeps her calm, lightly noting the other Marines slowly coming to surround the Xovul holding the doctor hostage ::
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 22:04:21
:: gestures for the Angry Xovul to go ahead ::
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:04:37
Angry Xovul> :: backing into a corner, using Straynj as a shield :: +CO+ Free me, whoever you are!
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Feb-2021 22:04:53
:: looks up, ears perked, listening with wide eyes, looking at Harper's ::
CSO Cdr Wright 03-Feb-2021 22:05:08
:: looks up at Kate, confused ::
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:05:53
+AX+ This is Captain Kathryn Harper and you are on the Federation Starship Atlantis. We have come to the aid of your vessel and are in the process of transporting all of you back aboard, after treating your injures.
Angry Xovul> +CO+ If that is true, then let me speak to my Vash to confirm!
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 22:06:34
:: offers an exasperated expression as way of confirming Harper’s words ::
CSO Cdr Wright 03-Feb-2021 22:06:37
:: confusion turns to alarm ::
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:06:43
+AX+ Stand by; we will hail your ship. Please, do not do anything rash. :: nods to Lexy ::
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Feb-2021 22:06:56
:: nods wordlessly and looks to Wright ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 03-Feb-2021 22:07:03
:: cannot help but turn and watch the Captain at the new development ::
CSO Cdr Wright 03-Feb-2021 22:07:06
:: hails the ailing Xovul Dreadnought ::
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 22:07:23
:: keeps her hands up this whole time :: AX: They’ll radio back soon. Take a deep breath, alright?
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:07:46
Angry Xovul> :: looking around wildly, whipping Straynj about like a meatshield ::
CTO Cpt Grey 03-Feb-2021 22:08:12
:: keeps her phaser aimed at the Xovul, making sure to avoid targeting Straynj ::
Xovul Vash 03-Feb-2021 22:08:13
:: appears on the screen :: +CO+ Ah, hello. The replicator fuel is working quite well, thank you.
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:08:28
+Vash+ One of your people is in a panic in sickbay.
Xovul Vash 03-Feb-2021 22:09:00
:: snorts :: +CO+ Put me through.
ENG Ens D'bryn 03-Feb-2021 22:09:13
:: hears the fruits of her/science's labors but is too distracted by the apparent hostage situation to feel smug about it ::
CSO Cdr Wright 03-Feb-2021 22:09:38
:: taps at the console to put the Vash through to sickbay before she is instructed to ::
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:09:47
:: nods to Lexy ::
Xovul Vash 03-Feb-2021 22:10:08
+Sickbay+ This is Vash. Who wanted to speak to me?
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:10:41
Angry Xovul> +Vash+ It is I, Vash. I have taken a hostage. What are your orders?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 03-Feb-2021 22:11:08
::Monitors the situation, but continues on doing what he has been.::
Xovul Vash 03-Feb-2021 22:11:08
:: rolls his eyes :: +AX+ Stand down, you idiot. They are helping us.
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 22:12:04
:: bites her tongue, eyes flitting between the Xovul and Straynj ::
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:12:08
Angry Xovul> :: cocks his head sideways, knowing that the weaklings here couldn't possibly know the Vash well enough to make such a convincing trick ::
Angry Xovul> +Vash+ Yes, Vash. :: drops Straynj and raises his hands ::
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Feb-2021 22:13:20
:: waits in baited breath for a sign through the comm, then sighs in relief at the Xovul's acquiescence ::
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 22:13:26
:: sighs with relief. She steels her resolve, offering in the most neutral tone she can muster :: AX: Do you want to go over your chart, or just transport to your ship?
Xovul Vash 03-Feb-2021 22:13:27
+CO+ My apologies, Captain Harper. I will ensure the idiot is properly disciplined upon his return.
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:14:37
Not-as-Angry Xovul> I... :: hesitates, knowing that he's in trouble, but accepts his fate :: Just send me back.
CTO Cpt Grey 03-Feb-2021 22:15:15
:: remains intent on the Xovul, phaser aimed squarely at the patient before two Marines helped Straynj out of arms-reach before sheathing her phaser and looking at Acacia with a silent question of cuffs or no? ::
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:15:19
+Vash+ It was a misunderstanding, I am certain. Do not be too hard on him.
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 22:16:18
:: gestures for the nurses to move in with the transporter aids, setting them in a triangle around the not-as-angry Xovul’s feet. She shakes her head at Grey, tapping her combadge, overly formal as she’s tense :: +CSO+ One standing patient for transport, please.
Xovul Vash 03-Feb-2021 22:16:26
+CO+ That one is already an accomplished coil-scrubber.
CSO Cdr Wright 03-Feb-2021 22:16:51
:: locks on, eager to get him out of there :: +MED+ Energizing.
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:17:16
ACTION> "The idiot" shimmers away.
+Vash+ We will have the rest of your patients aboard shortly and then be on our way.
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 22:17:57
:: moves to check on Doctor Straynj, scanning him just to be safe ::
Xovul Vash 03-Feb-2021 22:18:10
+CO+ We are standing by. :: cuts the comm ::
CTO Cpt Grey 03-Feb-2021 22:18:13
:: sighs, placing her cuffs back on her belt before turning to face Acacia :: MED: He okay?
CSO Cdr Wright 03-Feb-2021 22:18:22
CO: Channel closed.
ENG Ens D'bryn 03-Feb-2021 22:18:29
:: sighs in relief at the successful de-escalation ::
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:18:37
:: shakes her head at the situation ::
:: then pinches the bridge of her nose, feeling a headache coming on ::
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 22:19:08
:: nods lightly, offering a wry smile :: CTO: We may have matching bruises, but he’ll survive. :: she turns :: Straynj: Take a breather, sit down for a bit. We’ve got this handled.
ENG Ens D'bryn 03-Feb-2021 22:19:11
:: finally notices that the Chief is back, stands up from the Engineering console::
CEO: Oh, sir, sorry. Didn't see you there. Chair's all yours. I'll head back down to Engineering.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 03-Feb-2021 22:20:25
::Shakes his head.:: ENG: It is fine, ensign. ::Zones back out.::
NAV Lt Navarro 03-Feb-2021 22:20:31
:: finds himself wondering how Emily's doing through all of this ::
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 22:21:01
:: gets back to work, now even more jumpy than before when the patients so much as shift. She moves on to the next patient in the one by one transport, constantly checking the time ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 03-Feb-2021 22:21:01
:: escapes to the turbolift :: Deck 16.
Xovul Vash 03-Feb-2021 22:21:16
:: makes his way down to the makeshift sickbay and dresses down "The Idiot" in front of everyone ::
CSO Cdr Wright 03-Feb-2021 22:21:36
CO: That one will probably have stories to tell to the other Xovul when they arrive, even if this Vash fellow wanted to keep it secret.
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Feb-2021 22:21:38
:: eyes Harper ::
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 22:22:09
:: returns a thumbs-up from a nurse :: +CSO+ Bed eight is up.
CSO Cdr Wright 03-Feb-2021 22:22:27
+MED+ Energizing.
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:22:36
:: meets Kuari's eyes then answers Lexy :: CSO: I intend for us to be far away at the time.
NAV Lt Navarro 03-Feb-2021 22:23:12
CO: On that note, ma'am, where would you like the slipstream solution ready for?
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:24:12
NAV: The other end of the survey assignment arc.
NAV Lt Navarro 03-Feb-2021 22:24:35
:: brings up the star charts and their survey assignments ::
CTO Cpt Grey 03-Feb-2021 22:25:06
:: nods, exiting the medbay to return to the bridge ::
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 22:25:35
:: stops by the bedside of the patient who died, gently touching the edge of the sheet they’d put over him. She waits until the nurses have their devices set up and taps her combadge again, speaking somewhat in euphemism :: +CSO+ One to transport, no life sign.
ENG Ens D'bryn 03-Feb-2021 22:25:57
:: returns to Engineering, begins monitoring systems from her console there ::
CSO Cdr Wright 03-Feb-2021 22:26:47
:: adjusts the transporter settings to target the corpse, knowing that it must have pained her friend to lose one :: +MED+ ...Energizing.
NAV Lt Navarro 03-Feb-2021 22:27:01
CO: I have it, capitana. A nice star system at the far end of our assignment arc, many light-years away.
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:27:13
ACTION> The lost Xovul shimmers away.
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 22:27:38
:: continues with the preparations and transports, the activity in sickbay beginning to wane as they grew closer to finishing the task ::
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:27:43
NAV: Many light-years away sounds perfect.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 03-Feb-2021 22:28:09
::Lets out a sigh of relief; happy to be as far away from the Xovul as possible. Rubs his temple.:: Self: We will be leaving in a few moments.
NAV Lt Navarro 03-Feb-2021 22:28:32
:: not having predicted this destination, he inputs it into the computer and waits for the slipstream solution ::
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 22:29:26
:: checks a chart and nods along, double checking the IV site was wrapped tightly :: +CSO+ Number thirteen is up. Almost there.
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:29:57
Xovul Doctor> :: takes over the dressing down when the Vash leaves, really hoping that this idiot didn't hurt anyone ::
CSO Cdr Wright 03-Feb-2021 22:30:11
:: hums along, transporting patients at regular intervals :: +MED+ Acknowledged, Doctor. Energizing.
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:32:16
ACTION> Patient thirteen returns to the ship, much more easily than the last one.
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 22:32:34
:: leans on one of the now-empty biobeds and tried to ignore her sore feet, waiting for the next signal :: +CSO+ Fourteen’s ready.
CSO Cdr Wright 03-Feb-2021 22:33:06
:: locks it :: +MED+ Got it. Energizing.
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:33:10
ACTION> The remaining patients are returned to their ship, with about 45 minutes to spare.
NAV Lt Navarro 03-Feb-2021 22:33:52
CO: Slipstream solution ready, capitana.
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:34:03
NAV: Thank you, Zorro. Stand by.
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Feb-2021 22:34:34
:: turns to Grey, who has returned to the bridge :: CTO: Captain, configure shield geometry for slipstream flight.
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 22:34:46
:: sits down with a hefty sigh :: Self: All done.. :: she taps her combadge :: +CO+ You have the all clear from sickbay.
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:35:10
+MED+ Thank you, doctor... and good work today.
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 22:35:41
:: smiles, leaning back in her chair to take a few minutes to rest :: +CO+ Thank you.
CTO Cpt Grey 03-Feb-2021 22:35:49
XO: Yes ma'am. :: configures the shield geometry as requested, checking the scans ::
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Feb-2021 22:36:18
:: notes that Grey has done so, then nods to Harper :: CO: Ready for slipstream.
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:36:32
:: nods to Kuari :: CSO: Hail the Xovul.
CSO Cdr Wright 03-Feb-2021 22:36:40
:: hails the Xovul ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 03-Feb-2021 22:37:00
:: idly plays with her necklace pendant through her uniform shirt as she works ::
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Feb-2021 22:37:02
:: smiles, happy they're not leaving without saying goodbye, and is pleased their mission is complete with time to spare ::
Xovul Vash 03-Feb-2021 22:37:37
:: appears on the screen :: Thank you, Captain Harper. I confess that we would not have done the same for you. Perhaps that is a lesson to us.
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 22:38:40
:: finishes her break and gets up, helping the nurses clean up sickbay ::
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:39:19
+Vash+ You are welcome, Vash. My sympathies for your fallen, and safe journeys home. It is heartening for our peoples to encounter one another in the spirit of cooperation instead of conflict.
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Feb-2021 22:39:21
:: can't help the rise of the ridges over her eyes in surprise at Vash's admission ::
CSO Cdr Wright 03-Feb-2021 22:39:56
:: looks up at the screen impassively ::
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 22:40:27
:: sees most tasks moving on without her and heads out of sickbay for the turbolift.::
Xovul Vash 03-Feb-2021 22:40:40
:: pauses, remembering seeing this Captain fallen before the Ykavosh with a broken face ::
I am in your debt, Captain. :: closes the comm ::
CSO Cdr Wright 03-Feb-2021 22:41:11
CO: Channel is closed.
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:41:19
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Feb-2021 22:41:47
CO: That was...the best outcome we could have hoped for.
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:42:35
XO: It absolutely was. :: claps her hands on her thighs :: But we need to get out of here, so it stays that way. NAV: Warp speed, Mr. Navarro.
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 22:42:46
:: arrives on the bridge and settles down in the chair at the med console, happy to be off her feet for a while. She smiles at all who notice her, a bit self conscious about her bruise ::
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:42:54
NAV: Take us out around the star to mask our warp trail, just in case.
CSO Cdr Wright 03-Feb-2021 22:43:05
:: smiles at Emily when she comes in ::
NAV Lt Navarro 03-Feb-2021 22:43:13
:: adjusts course slightly, not noticing Emily yet ::
CO: Warp speed, around the star, aye. :: engages ::
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 22:43:48
:: returns the biggest smile to Wright, knowing she has been both helpful and sympathetic ::
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:44:06
ACTION> Atlantis turns away from the dreadnought and stretches into the distance toward the star as she goes to warp.
NAV: Once we clear the star, engage slipstream.
ENG Ens D'bryn 03-Feb-2021 22:45:08
:: watches the readouts from the warp core; everything green so far ::
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:45:12
:: knows the shield geometry is configured, having overheard Kuari's order ::
NAV Lt Navarro 03-Feb-2021 22:45:30
CO: Yes ma'am. :: watches their trajectory as they approach the star ::
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 22:45:30
:: taps at her console, working on a very long report for the day ::
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:46:36
ACTION> The star grows on the main viewer as we approach, then break around it in an arc toward our real destination.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 03-Feb-2021 22:47:11
::Relaxes somewhat, letting out a drawn out groan; practically falling back into his chair. He rubs his eyes, as his antennae curl up.::
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 22:47:36
:: glances up at the viewer occasionally, finding the star pretty ::
NAV Lt Navarro 03-Feb-2021 22:47:39
:: engages the slipstream drive :: All: One minute to slipstream.
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:48:21
ACTION> As we leave the star behind, the familiar tunnel of the slipstream appears ahead of us.
NAV Lt Navarro 03-Feb-2021 22:49:02
All: Slipstream entry in five seconds.
CSO Cdr Wright 03-Feb-2021 22:49:08
:: watches, still amazed by it after all these times ::
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 22:49:24
:: sits back in her chair to enjoy this part ::
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:49:33
ACTION> Atlantis is smoothly pulled into the slipstream.
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Feb-2021 22:49:36
:: lets out a longer sigh of relief, overhearing Ilaihr, and assumes everyone is eager for a break ::
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:49:42
:: watches the transition on the viewer with a slight smile ::
CSO Cdr Wright 03-Feb-2021 22:50:04
:: releases a held breath ::
NAV Lt Navarro 03-Feb-2021 22:50:22
CO: Slipstream flight achieved. It's a bit of a trip to our destination, though.
ENG Ens D'bryn 03-Feb-2021 22:50:47
:: gets a memory from the Light—through the pendant, through her shirt ::
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:50:50
NAV: Thank you, Doc. :: stands and Picard manuevers :: CSO: Put me on shipwide.
NAV Lt Navarro 03-Feb-2021 22:51:13
:: checks their slipstream dynamics, as is routine ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 03-Feb-2021 22:51:15
:: jolts out of it :: Whoa. :: realizes what happened :: That's new.
CSO Cdr Wright 03-Feb-2021 22:51:25
:: taptaps to open the shipwide channel, then nods back to Kate ::
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Feb-2021 22:52:44
:: sits, watching Harper proudly ::
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:52:53
+Shipwide+ This is Captain Harper speaking. Thanks to your efforts, we were able to show the Xovul who we are and what we stand for. Today, the Xovul truly made first contact with us.
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 22:53:23
:: smiles, heart warmed by the Captain’s sentiment ::
CSO Cdr Wright 03-Feb-2021 22:54:14
:: smiles at the thought ::
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:54:25
+Shipwide+ I am incredibly proud of your efforts, both in the work you did to help them, and the personal struggle it may have been to actually help them after our conflicts.
+Shipwide+ I do not know what effect this encounter may have, but regardless, it is a day to be proud of. Thank you all.
:: nods to Lexy ::
CSO Cdr Wright 03-Feb-2021 22:55:49
:: cuts the channel and nods back ::
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 22:56:09
:: rubs her neck lightly, thinking about the Captain’s words ::
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:56:19
:: clasps her hands and smiles contentedly as she sits back down ::
NAV Lt Navarro 03-Feb-2021 22:56:41
:: having turned to look at the captain as she talked, he notices Emily's neck and shoots a look of concern to her ::
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 22:57:21
XO: Now I wonder what the Admiral will do when he reads this report? :: waggles her PADD back and forth with a wry grin ::
MED Lt Acacia 03-Feb-2021 22:58:00
:: offers her best half-smile to Navarro, her eyes answering his concern with some of her own. She shrugs, hoping to imply he should shrug it off too, at least for now ::
NAV Lt Navarro 03-Feb-2021 22:58:32
:: frowns and turns back to his console and the slipstream telemetry ::
XO Cdr Kuari 03-Feb-2021 22:59:15
:: smiles until it grows, showing a long row of diagonal-lined teeth ::
CO Capt Harper 03-Feb-2021 23:00:01
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