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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
Atlantis rescued a stranded Xovul dreadnought from the murky depths of an ice giant, tractoring it to orbit through dangerous flying conditions; winds of hundreds of kilometers an hour buffeted the ship, straining the inertial dampeners and tossing the crew about as we ascended through an ice storm. Surprised that we were their saviors, the Xovul reluctantly accepted our aid, allowing transport of their casualties to sickbay and transmitting technical data to assist our engineers in adapting our replicator reserves to fuel their replicators. After another hour or so, more Xovul patients have arrived in various conditions, and engineering's work on the replicator problem has continued with promise.
After 27-Jan-2021 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 21:15:55
:: in her chair on the bridge, not even having adjourned to her ready room to work on the report on this situation ::
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Jan-2021 21:17:13
:: on her chair base next to center seat, watching her side console, poking at it occasionally, keeping tabs on goings-on ::
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 21:17:19
:: is instead working here, on a PADD, wanting to be on the bridge in case anything goes wrong ::
MED Lt Acacia 27-Jan-2021 21:17:43
:: sits in sickbay, a nurse working on her neck with a dermal regenerator. She’d developed a nasty bruise the size of a Xovul hand, and the nurse works on reducing its appearance ::
CSO Cdr Wright 27-Jan-2021 21:17:54
:: continuing to monitor short and long-range sensors, cautious ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 21:17:59
:: is back in Engineering helping getting the inertial dampeners back up to snuff ::
CTO Cpt Grey 27-Jan-2021 21:18:08
:: is leaning against the door, watching the patients with an intense gaze ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 21:18:29
:: awaiting word from Science about that alternate replicator fuel source ::
MED Lt Acacia 27-Jan-2021 21:18:47
:: checks the time and thanks the nurse for her efforts, checking the mirror briefly before getting back to her rounds ::
CSO Cdr Wright 27-Jan-2021 21:20:20
SCI Hawkins> +ENG+ Hawkins to D'bryn.
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 21:20:58
Xovul Doctor, AKA Patient 5> :: now sitting up and looking around at the other patients with a watchful eye ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 21:21:15
+SCI+ D’bryn here.
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 21:21:32
:: finds herself imagining the look on Admiral Blackthorne's face when he reads this ::
CSO Cdr Wright 27-Jan-2021 21:22:16
SCI Hawkins> +ENG+ We think we've made some progress on this matter replication problem. Are you able to come back to the lab?
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 21:22:37
+SCI+ Absolutely. Heading up now.
MED Lt Acacia 27-Jan-2021 21:22:38
:: arrives at the bedside of the conscious patient, offering a warm smile and checking their chart :: Patient5: How are you feeling?
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 21:23:45
Hey Byrne, heading up to Sci Lab 3. :: grabs the replicated contraption she designed in the intervening hour, heads for turbolift ::
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 21:23:58
Xovul Doc> :: snorts :: MED: Much better than when I arrived here. Thank you. :: gestures around the room :: How are they?
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 21:24:10
Byrne> Got it. Good luck!
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 21:24:17
:: smirks at the thought and keeps working on the report ::
MED Lt Acacia 27-Jan-2021 21:25:29
:: nods attentively :: Patient5: Good. And they’re all doing better. It should all be smooth sailing from here. :: she offers an encouraging smile ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 21:25:47
:: steps into turbolift :: Deck 11.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 27-Jan-2021 21:25:57
::Monitors Atlantis' systems, quietly from his spot; his connection to the Salbjorn making him care little for the fate of the Xovul.::
CSO Cdr Wright 27-Jan-2021 21:26:16
SCI Hawkins> SCI Ayyad: Hopefully this will be enough to please the engineers.
SCI Ayyad> :: nods ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 21:26:52
:: steps out of turbolift, heads for Sci Lab 3 ::
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 21:27:21
Xovul Doc> :: slowly nods her head, perhaps betraying her actual status :: MED: Good. Please, let me know if you need any help with our physiology.
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 21:28:23
:: arrives, sees Hawkins and Ayyad, heads for them :: That was quick, guys! Wanna show me what you got?
MED Lt Acacia 27-Jan-2021 21:29:30
:: gives another nod :: Patient5: Thank you. I’d actually like if you reviewed the nutrient concentrations we’re using. :: she offers a PADD :: We made our best guesses about your typical diet, but I think it could help to have your input.
CSO Cdr Wright 27-Jan-2021 21:29:35
SCI Hawkins> :: grins at her :: ENG: Okay. This is kind of interesting. It seems like their replicators are keyed to only receive material in a certain configuration, which makes no sense to us.
SCI Ayyad> ENG: No sense to us at all.
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 21:30:23
SCI: Oh, trust me, they’ve had me scratching my head from the start.
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 21:30:40
Xovul Doc> :: takes the PADD in her clawed hand and blinks at it a few times, clearing away the fog ::
CSO Cdr Wright 27-Jan-2021 21:30:53
SCI Hawkins> ENG: So the obvious solutions are that we either need to modify the receptors on their replicator equipment, which seemed rather far-fetched...
MED Lt Acacia 27-Jan-2021 21:31:22
:: pulls up a chair to sit with the Doctor so they can go over it together ::
CSO Cdr Wright 27-Jan-2021 21:32:29
SCI Ayyad> ENG: Or we needed to figure out how to modify the molecular structure of our replicator fuel. Which is... weird, to say the least, but possible if we can overlay a thin layer of crystalline lattice structure, oh, maybe two microns thick.
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 21:32:46
Xovul Doc> :: squints :: MED: I don't think your translators are converting what is on this device. Are these chemical formulas?
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 21:33:03
SCI: I’m gonna guess you went with the latter?
CSO Cdr Wright 27-Jan-2021 21:34:19
SCI Hawkins> ENG: Well, actually, we worked up mockups of both, but we figured the latter would be more practical. Here, take a look. :: leads her over to a lab table with a holographic projector to show her the mockups ::
MED Lt Acacia 27-Jan-2021 21:34:40
:: nods lightly :: Xovul Doc: They are. :: she takes the PADD back, tapping a few buttons :: What if I convert it to show the structure of the molecule? :: she offers the PADD again, now essentially in picture mode ::
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 21:35:14
Xovul Doc> :: her eyes widen in recognition :: MED: Yes, I recognize these!
MED Lt Acacia 27-Jan-2021 21:36:23
:: grins, happy to have achieved communication. She points :: Xovul Doc: And you understand parts per million in blood, yes?
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 21:36:23
SCI: Oh, nice! :: leans in, examines the holographic mockups :: Yeah, I agree: this molecular restructuring looks like it’s gonna be the most practical.
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 21:36:55
Xovul Doc> MED: Yes, that translates. :: eagerly starts tapping, adjusting ratios of various proteins, vitamins, and sugars ::
CSO Cdr Wright 27-Jan-2021 21:37:06
SCI Ayyad> ENG: It'll take some reconfiguring of our hardware to generate the crystal lattice.
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 21:37:15
SCI: I actually assumed that was the direction you were going to go; I didn’t think the Xovul would be keen on changing their hardware anyway.
SCI: Absolutely. Here, take a look at this. :: holds up transistor circuit :: Since I assumed we’d be changing the fuel itself, I spent the last hour building this.
MED Lt Acacia 27-Jan-2021 21:38:27
:: gives a small sigh of relief, happy to have some input on how they were doing :: Xovul Doc: Thank you, Doctor.
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 21:38:58
SCI: If you make a standard replicator fuel cell, we can plug it into this transistor circuit to test its efficiency without expending it.
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 21:39:03
Xovul Doc> :: hands the PADD back with a toothy smile :: MED: And thank you, doctor. You were not far off with your guess.
CSO Cdr Wright 27-Jan-2021 21:39:30
SCI Hawkins> :: looks closely at the circuit :: ENG: I'm no engineer, but that seems like it would work to me!
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 21:39:38
SCI: Configuring our replicators to simulate their weird alloy was, uh... :: in-spite-of-herself chuckle ::
CSO Cdr Wright 27-Jan-2021 21:40:43
SCI Hawkins> ENG: I don't doubt it. Xovul technology is... weird.
MED Lt Acacia 27-Jan-2021 21:41:14
:: takes the PADD and stands, bowing her head :: Xovul Doc: I will go implement this. You keep trying to rest up, you’re in good hands. :: she pats the nurse approaching the bedside on her shoulder, indicating whose good hands she meant. The nurse checks the Xovul Doctor’s chart, administering some pain medication while Acacia moves to leave .::
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 21:41:59
Xovul Doc> :: settles back down into her bed with a sigh of relief ::
MED Lt Acacia 27-Jan-2021 21:42:34
:: goes over the Doctor’s modifications, instructing the nurses in changing over all the patients’ nutrient mixture to the new batch ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 21:42:53
SCI: Yeah. :: opens her mouth to wax existential about the inextricable relationship between natural resources and the civilization it builds itself on, then closes it to save time ::
CSO Cdr Wright 27-Jan-2021 21:44:02
SCI Hawkins> :: probably would have been totally into that, but just looks at her since she looks like she's got something to say ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 21:44:19
SCI: So do you guys need any help with fuel? I’m no Scientist but I can, know, ‘push that button’, ‘pull that lever’, ‘hand me that thing’ kinda stuff.
MED Lt Acacia 27-Jan-2021 21:45:29
:: continues her rounds, checking on some of the worse-off patients with concern ::
CSO Cdr Wright 27-Jan-2021 21:47:26
SCI Ayyad> ENG: Well, obviously we'll need your help making the physical adjustments to a large-scale replicator before we can do the matter reconfiguration.
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 21:47:40
:: closes the report and looks up to the dreadnought on the main viewer, finding this one to be a bit less menacing than usual ::
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Jan-2021 21:48:21
:: notices Harper look up in her substantial peripheral vision and looks at her ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 21:48:49
SCI: Sure thing!
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 21:49:32
XO: I have to wonder how things are progressing. Contact engineering while I take sickbay.
MED Lt Acacia 27-Jan-2021 21:49:33
:: orders a dose of a neural stimulator for one unconscious patient, sitting around for a few minutes to see if he would wake up, careful to place her chair out of arm’s reach ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 21:53:48
SCI: If you send me the specs on that new fuel, I’ll head back down to Engineering and get to reconfiguring.
CSO Cdr Wright 27-Jan-2021 21:54:42
SCI Ayyad> ENG: We've got you covered. :: hands her a PADD ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 21:55:37
:: takes PADD :: SCI: Awesome. I’ll let you know when it’s ready. :: heads out ::
CSO Cdr Wright 27-Jan-2021 21:57:04
:: gets a report from her science team :: CO/XO: It sounds like our Science/Engineering collab is bearing fruit.
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 21:57:12
:: gets to the turbolift, steps in :: Deck 16.
MED Lt Acacia 27-Jan-2021 21:57:24
:: moves on when the patient remains unconscious, checking the next patient’s chart with a tinge of gloom ::
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Jan-2021 21:57:29
+ENG+ Kuari to Ensign D'bryn. How are things progressing?
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 21:58:05
CSO: Oh, excellent! Please convey my appreciation to your team for their efforts.
XO: I am going to sickbay; you have the bridge, Commander. :: stands and heads for the turbolift ::
CTO Cpt Grey 27-Jan-2021 21:59:19
:: shifts from foot to foot, slightly bored out of her mind currently ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 21:59:35
:: starts to read the fuel specs when she gets the com :: +XO+ Steady pace, Commander. We’re working on making a modified fuel that they can use with their existing equipment. Just need to mod our replicators to make it, test it, and we should be good to go.
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 21:59:46
:: enters the TL and directs it to sickbay ::
MED Lt Acacia 27-Jan-2021 21:59:49
:: finishes up her rounds, sitting at a desk by the wall to update her report ::
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 22:01:16
:: pauses outside the doors to sickbay, taking a moment to steel her resolve ::
CTO Cpt Grey 27-Jan-2021 22:01:41
:: catches sight of the Captain, and straightens slightly ::
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Jan-2021 22:02:53
:: smiles to herself :: +ENG+ Good news. Carry on, Ensign.
MED Lt Acacia 27-Jan-2021 22:03:45
:: sighs, rubbing her temple and continuing to type ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 27-Jan-2021 22:03:53
::Rubs his head, as he processes the strong and dissatisfied thoughts of Amber Sun; who has been asked to stay in his quarters until the Xovul are gone; and the complex thought patterns of the Xovul guests themselves, as he sits there learning to decipher them.::
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 22:04:42
:: takes a deep breath and sets her jaw, ensuring that her command demeanor is fully in place before entering sickbay ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 22:05:02
:: steps out of turbolift into Engineering, heads to a console ::
MED Lt Acacia 27-Jan-2021 22:05:10
:: looks up and stands from her seat out of reflex :: CO: Captain. Hello.
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 22:05:49
:: looks around once she enters, nodding to Grey and gesturing her over, then greets Acacia :: MED: Doctor Acacia, hello. I thought I would check in on our patients.
CSO Cdr Wright 27-Jan-2021 22:06:13
:: checks the atmospheric conditions of the planet below ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 22:06:40
:: accesses the matter-energy conversion matrix and starts to reconfigure the replication patterns for fuel ::
CTO Cpt Grey 27-Jan-2021 22:06:53
:: walks over to Harper, expression curious :: CO: Captain.
MED Lt Acacia 27-Jan-2021 22:07:55
:: nods slowly, sweeping an arm to invite her to follow toward the beds :: CO: Well, the good news is everyone we have is improving. Also, their Doctor is awake. The bad news is... one casualty. And the ugly, many of these people will have to stay at least a day, maybe longer.
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 22:08:10
:: gestures with her eyes to the numerous Xovul, then looks back to Grey and nods ::
:: follows Acacia as she begins to talk ::
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Jan-2021 22:08:43
:: has the bridge, still in her specialized seat, looking around ::
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 22:09:40
MED: I am certain that you did all you could for the one you lost. :: notices the bruising on Acacia's throat and lowers her voice, but speaks with concern:: What happened, Emily?
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 22:09:43
:: hits obstacle in the database access :: Alright, won’t let just any green ensign come along and restructure a fuel source, will you? Fair point, computer. I’ll let you have this one.
CTO Cpt Grey 27-Jan-2021 22:09:53
CO: I've already got the security schedule posted for those staying overnight as well.:: has been working away on her PADD every so often ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 22:10:07
+CEO+ D’bryn to Commander Ilaihr
MED Lt Acacia 27-Jan-2021 22:12:13
:: follows Harper’s lead and lowers her voice, leaning away from the first unconscious patient as if he could hear :: CO: A patient woke up and was, predictably, disoriented. The Marines took care of it. I’m fine, and I’d prefer it not be a diplomatic incident given how much progress we’re making here.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 27-Jan-2021 22:12:37
::Slowly pulls himself out of his reverie, looking around the bridge for a moment before tapping his badge.:: +ENG+: Ilaihr here.
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 22:13:31
+CEO+ Sir, I’m trying to reconfigure our replicators to formulate an alternate fuel for the Xovul’s replicators, but it needs the Chief Engineer’s authorization.
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 22:13:37
:: frowns and pauses for a moment, but then nods in agreement :: MED: Foremost, I am glad to see that you are alright, and I commend your reaction.
CTO: Good. I am certain our medical staff will appreciate the company.
MED Lt Acacia 27-Jan-2021 22:16:04
:: nods lightly, offering a small smile :: CO: Never better. :: she clears her throat, then raises her voice back to normal volume :: Most of our patients came in malnourished, burned, or both. They must have been malnourished for some time, it seems.
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Jan-2021 22:16:28
:: flicks the tip of her tail, wondering about all the Xovul in Sickbay and wishes she had got to go along ::
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 22:16:45
MED: That makes sense, since it seems their replicators are out of fuel. We are attempting to modify ours.
CTO Cpt Grey 27-Jan-2021 22:17:00
:: smiles carefully, glancing at where the Marines were standing or sitting around the medbay but staying clearly out of the way :: CO: And... how is the fuel-modifying going?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 27-Jan-2021 22:17:28
::Just types at his console, hesitating a moment before continuing.:: +ENG+: Access granted, ensign. Ilaihr out.
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 22:18:15
CTO: Quite well, it would seem. Science and Engineering had to get creative, but it seems that creativity will lead to success.
MED Lt Acacia 27-Jan-2021 22:18:54
:: nods, moving to the Xovul Doctor’s bedside :: CO: Captain, this is their Doctor I was telling you about. :: she gestures for the two to introduce themselves ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 22:19:16
:: clicks her tongue :: Alright, matrix. Boss man said I can, so let me do it now. :: tries again, gets access :: Was that so hard, matrix? Yeah, I didn’t think so
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 22:19:30
:: smiles at the Xovul, who sits up as she approaches :: Xovul Doc: Hello, doctor. I am Kathryn Harper, Captain of the Atlantis.
Xovul Doc> Hello, Captain. I am the doctor. I cannot thank you enough for the help your crew has given us.
CTO Cpt Grey 27-Jan-2021 22:20:16
:: follows the Captain, watchful and making sure to keep her weapon was never near enough for the Xovul to grab ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 27-Jan-2021 22:20:55
::Goes back to doing what he was doing. Trying to turn disparate wisps of smoke into threads that he can eventually wind and loom into a great patchwork that can be properly observed.::
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 22:21:13
:: taps, taps, taps :: Okay, narrowing the field, adjusting power output... Two microns thick... A little bit of this, little bit of that, and just a dash of this, and...
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 22:21:53
Xovul Doc: We are happy to help, doctor.
Xovul Doc> :: smiles another toothy smile and settles back into her bed, thinking she's seen it all now ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 22:22:55
:: runs a short simulation of the fuel specs against the new reconfiguration; it all comes out clean :: ...Bangarang.
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 22:22:58
Xovul Doc> CO: Forgive me. I am quite tired.
MED Lt Acacia 27-Jan-2021 22:24:02
:: smiles, moving on to the next patient, the woman from the burn ward now in recovery :: CO: Fortunately healing their burns is familiar to us. I had their Doctor help me with the nutrient mixture we’re administering. Those still unconscious due to malnutrition are the worst off.
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 22:24:15
+SCI+ D’bryn to Hawkins. Replicators are reconfigured to make that fuel. I left my transistor circuit up there to test it when it’s ready. Let me know how it shakes out.
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 22:24:19
:: nods sympathetically to the Xovul Doc as she moves away ::
MED Lt Acacia 27-Jan-2021 22:24:55
:: finishes the walk around and stops by the wall :: CO: So. Any questions?
CSO Cdr Wright 27-Jan-2021 22:25:25
SCI Hawkins> :: moves over to the large-scale replicator in the lab and taps a few keys, checking the configuration ::
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 22:26:11
MED: None. You and the rest of the medical staff have done commendable work here, despite the inherent challenges. :: eyes the bruise on Emily's neck ::
CSO Cdr Wright 27-Jan-2021 22:27:33
SCI Ayyad> SCI: Are you ready to test? :: picks up the transistor circuit ::
MED Lt Acacia 27-Jan-2021 22:27:51
:: catches the glance and forces a smile, some part of her biting her tongue about this :: CO: This was never going to be easy. We’re doing what we know how. :: she shrugs, then smiles more genuinely :: Who knows? Maybe they’ll give me immune system samples.
CSO Cdr Wright 27-Jan-2021 22:28:15
SCI Hawkins> Self: Here goes nothing. :: attempts to replicate a kilogram of fuel with the crystal lattice overlay ::
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 22:30:09
:: returns the smile and quietly adds :: MED: Now, at least some of them have seen who we are. Thank you for showing them.
ACTION> The Xovul ship hails.
CSO Cdr Wright 27-Jan-2021 22:31:23
XO: We are being hailed, Commander.
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Jan-2021 22:31:59
:: hears the ping and perks up, then Wright's explanation, then looks to the screen :: CSO: On screen.
MED Lt Acacia 27-Jan-2021 22:32:07
:: smiles, proud of herself and her staff and all of Atlantis’s Doctors. She nods :: CO: Well, I have quite the report to write.
CSO Cdr Wright 27-Jan-2021 22:32:21
:: tap taps and looks up ::
Xovul Vash 27-Jan-2021 22:32:50
:: appears on the screen :: +XO+ Hello.
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 22:33:16
:: smirks :: MED: As do I. :: moves toward the door ::
:: unconsciously clenching and unclenching her jaw ::
MED Lt Acacia 27-Jan-2021 22:33:53
:: goes back to the desk with a view of the patient beds, sitting back down and picking up the PADD she’s working on her report on ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 22:34:43
:: heads over to check on inertial dampeners status while she waits for the fuel results :: Hey Byrne, how we lookin’?
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 22:34:44
:: pauses at the door and nods to Grey :: CTO: Thank you for the escort, Ryleigh.
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Jan-2021 22:35:12
:: keeps a neutral expression:: +Vash+ I'm Commander Kuari of the USS Altantis. What can I do for you?
Xovul Vash 27-Jan-2021 22:35:53
+XO+ Commander. There is a problem. :: his face, for those who have any idea what Xovul facial expressions might look like, shows a hint of worry ::
CTO Cpt Grey 27-Jan-2021 22:36:03
:: nods, retaking her previous position near the door :: CO: You're very welcome, Captain.
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 22:36:25
Byrne> I think we’re all good. Running full diagnostic right now.
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Jan-2021 22:36:26
:: frowns :: +Vash+ Go on.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 27-Jan-2021 22:36:30
::Whispers to himself.:: Self: Thank you for helping us. Now you filthy heretics must be destroyed!
CSO Cdr Wright 27-Jan-2021 22:36:53
:: doesn't like the sound of this ::
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 22:36:58
ACTION> The replicators are successful in producing the Xovul fuel!
Xovul Vash 27-Jan-2021 22:37:29
+XO+ Another of our ships has answered our distress call. Putting aside that they would never have arrived in time to save us...
CSO Cdr Wright 27-Jan-2021 22:37:33
SCI Ayyad> :: claps her hands in excitement :: SCI: We did it!
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 22:37:38
Awesome. Thanks for tackling that while I worked on the replicator fuel.
Xovul Vash 27-Jan-2021 22:38:06
+XO+ They are on their way. We estimate that you would be visible on their long-range scans in two hours.
CSO Cdr Wright 27-Jan-2021 22:38:22
SCI Hawkins> +ENG+ Hawkins to D'bryn.
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 22:38:35
Byrne> No sweat. You’re not running a ship if you’re not spinning plates.
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 22:38:50
:: exits sickbay, finding herself relieved to be out of the room full of Xovul, and hates that she feels that way ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 22:39:18
Byrne: For sure. +SCI+ D’bryn here. Good news?
CSO Cdr Wright 27-Jan-2021 22:39:39
SCI Hawkins> +ENG+ Very. We are in business.
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Jan-2021 22:40:17
:: doesn't like the implications, and steps off her seat, sitting on the floor in front of center seat :: +Vash+ I assume the problem comes with their not understanding that we are assisting your ship. Certainly you can inform them of our intentions?
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 22:40:36
SCI: How’s it look in that transistor circuit? I rigged up the display to give an emulated readout of its efficiency.
Xovul Vash 27-Jan-2021 22:41:39
+XO+ That is possible... but I think it would be far less risky if you were not here when they arrive.
MED Lt Acacia 27-Jan-2021 22:41:52
:: finds herself wondering if the report she’s writing will be remembered. Certainly it is an unusual one ::
Xovul Vash 27-Jan-2021 22:42:31
+XO+ You see, it is also possible that informing them of your assistance will result in a fundamental philosophical disagreement.
NAV Lt Navarro 27-Jan-2021 22:43:23
:: looks up at the Vash, then starts computing slipstream solutions to various places in advance of the order ::
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Jan-2021 22:43:24
:: frowns further, then looks to the floor for a moment in consideration before regarding the image of the Xovul on the screen :: +Vash+ Two hours, you say? I appreciate the heads up. I will discuss this with my captain.
CSO Cdr Wright 27-Jan-2021 22:43:30
:: really doesn't like the sound of that ::
SCI Ayyad> :: tests it with the transistor circuit and raises her voice to be heard over Hawkins' communicator :: +ENG+ Looks like we're at 64% efficiency, which is not great but a lot better than zero.
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 22:46:05
:: enters the turbolift :: Bridge.
Xovul Vash 27-Jan-2021 22:46:43
+XO+ Thank you. We await your response.
:: cuts the comm ::
CSO Cdr Wright 27-Jan-2021 22:47:05
XO: The channel is closed, Commander.
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Jan-2021 22:47:18
:: nods, then ponders another moment at the floor, then meets Wright's eyes, checking her expression ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 22:47:44
+SCI+ Yeah, I mean... That could get them by until they get repairs of their own. The circuit I replicated is also just a close approximation of that alloy. The real thing might have better efficiency.
+SCI+ What do you think? Should we get it over to the Xovul and see how it works, or do you think we can get it better?
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 22:48:57
:: after a quiet turbolift ride spent questioning her prejudices, she walks onto the bridge, crossing toward her chair :: XO: Report?
CSO Cdr Wright 27-Jan-2021 22:49:47
SCI Hawkins> +ENG+ Why not do both? We can always try this and see how it goes and refine if necessary.
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Jan-2021 22:50:26
:: looks up, seeing just the person she wanted to see, and stands :: CO: Another Xovul ship will be in range in two hours. Vash...suggests we not be here when it does, as it could cause...problems.
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 22:51:05
:: folds her arms over her chest :: XO: Yes, I can see that being a problem.
XO: How is the replicator fuel situation?
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 22:51:30
+SCI+ You make an excellent point. I’ll talk to Commander Ilaihr and see about getting this version of the fuel over to them.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 27-Jan-2021 22:51:37
Aloud: We have likely aided them for naught.
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 22:51:45
+SCI+ I’ll keep you updated. D’bryn out.
+CEO+ D’bryn to Commander Ilaihr.
CSO Cdr Wright 27-Jan-2021 22:52:32
SCI Hawkins> :: high-fives his colleague ::
CTO Cpt Grey 27-Jan-2021 22:52:41
:: puts a senior Marine on responsible watch before heading up to the bridge, dismissing the other who was at her station before tapping in to check on things. The Captain looked strangely... serious, drawing her attention :: CO: What happened?
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Jan-2021 22:53:37
:: trots back to her seat :: CO: Last update we had, D'bryn was getting the replicators modified to produce their fuel. It sounded promising.
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 22:53:40
CTO: Another Xovul ship is on its way. I think it would be best if we were not here when they arrive, but be ready for a fight, just in case.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 27-Jan-2021 22:53:50
+ENG+: Ilaihr here...
XO Cdr Kuari 27-Jan-2021 22:55:22
:: nods at Grey's entrance, settling into her seat, checking the time on her console and preparing to coordinate being ready to leave in two hours ::
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 22:55:25
:: nods, and hears Ilaihr answer his comm, assuming that will be an update ::
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 22:55:43
+CEO+ The Science team and I successfully got a replicator fuel that gets 64% efficiency, sir. This could tide the Xovul over until they can get their own repairs, and it’s even possible that my approximation of testing equipment could be underreporting that efficiency. As it is, we feel this is ready to present to the Xovul for testing.
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 22:55:45
:: then taps her commbadge, resting her hands on her hips afterwards :: +Sickbay+ Harper to sickbay.
CTO Cpt Grey 27-Jan-2021 22:55:51
:: expression darkens at the report, fingers tapping the edge of her console :: CO: Dr. Acacia said that most of the patients have to stay overnight. I doubt they can be moved safely at this current state in time!
MED Lt Acacia 27-Jan-2021 22:56:51
:: looks up, checks that no one senior is going to answer, then shrugs :: +CO+ Sickbay here.
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 22:56:54
CTO: We may have no choice. Fortunately, their doctor is now awake.
+MED+ Another Xovul ship is on its way. To avoid a potential conflict, we are not going to be here when they arrive. Unfortunately, our guests will have to depart early.
MED Lt Acacia 27-Jan-2021 22:58:21
:: hesitates, then sighs :: +CO+ What is the state of their medical facilities?
CTO Cpt Grey 27-Jan-2021 22:58:21
:: sighs, running a finger through a loose strand of hair that had fallen out of her bun :: CO: I'll get the systems ready to defend.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 27-Jan-2021 22:58:45
+ENG+: Very well, go ahead with the transfer and I will let the Captain know.
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 22:59:17
+MED+ That is a very good question; I will find out when we speak to them. In the meantime, prepare your patients for transport and brief their doctor.
MED Lt Acacia 27-Jan-2021 22:59:45
:: grits her teeth :: +CO+ Acknowledged.
:: goes to talk to the Xovul Doctor first ::
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 23:00:09
+MED+ Thank you, doctor. Harper out.
ENG Ens D'bryn 27-Jan-2021 23:00:50
+CEO+ Thanks, Commander. We’ll transport it to their Engineering department right away.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 27-Jan-2021 23:00:53
CO: The Xovul fuel is ready. ::Is as blunt as a Tellarite.::
CO Capt Harper 27-Jan-2021 23:00:58
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