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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
Around a yellow dwarf star, we have discovered a small planetary system consisting of two terrestrial worlds, one gas giant reminiscent of Jupiter with a more prominent ring system, and one ice giant. A survey of the gas giant revealed life in its atmosphere. Once we gathered all the information we need about that fascinating ecosystem, we moved on to the terrestrial planet in the habitable zone, finding a snowball world with a narrow temperate band around its equator. After a nice shore leave there, we moved on to the other terrestrial planet and, finding it to be a sun-blasted inhospitable rock, finished the survey with a trip out to the blue ice giant. The sensors detected a large metal object in its murky depths, and upon entering the atmosphere, it was revealed to be a Xovul dreadnought!
After 13-Jan-2021 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 21:15:21
ACTION> The red alert klaxon sounds!
NAV: Zorro, get us out of here!
NAV Lt Navarro 13-Jan-2021 21:15:58
CO: Aye! :: Begins to gain altitude ::
CMO Lt Tailor 13-Jan-2021 21:16:01
::sending casualty prep and battle protocol orders to sickbkay::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 21:16:36
:: trying to get more detail on the Xovul ship before they get too far away ::
CTO Cpt Grey 13-Jan-2021 21:16:44
:: is maintaining the weapons systems, scowling in focus ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 21:17:03
ACTION> The sensors scanning the Xovul dreadnought detect no movement and very little power coming from it. In fact, it is slowly losing altitude.
CMO Lt Tailor 13-Jan-2021 21:17:36
CSO: Anything on those lifesign readings?
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 21:17:38
CO: Captain, I think it may be derelict.
CTO Cpt Grey 13-Jan-2021 21:17:45
CO: Holy... shit! The dreadnought's losing altitude.
MED Lt Acacia 13-Jan-2021 21:18:05
:: watches the viewer intently, eye twitching ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 21:18:09
:: narrows her eyebrows ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 21:18:11
CO: What she said. :: nods in Grey's direction ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 21:18:56
NAV: Level off.
NAV Lt Navarro 13-Jan-2021 21:19:13
:: arrests their climb :: CO: Holding steady.
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 21:19:16
CMO: Atmospheric interference, Doctor. We'll have to get closer to get any lifesign readings.
CMO Lt Tailor 13-Jan-2021 21:19:56
CSO: Understood.
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 21:21:35
:: doing some calculations :: CO: The ship is still at a reachable depth for us and should be for at least a few hours.
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 21:22:14
:: nods to Lexy :: NAV: Take us closer, but be ready to make for space at the slightest provocation.
NAV Lt Navarro 13-Jan-2021 21:22:39
CO: Back down, sí, and ready to get the hell out of here. :: resumes their dive ::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-Jan-2021 21:23:29
:: peers at her console and back up at the main viewer, eye ridges furrowed, curious but on alert ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 21:23:41
ACTION> Atlantis descends, finding an area of intense wind. Ice particles can be seen disintegrating against the shields on the main viewer.
CTO Cpt Grey 13-Jan-2021 21:23:50
:: is on high alert, attention fixed on her console ::
MED Lt Acacia 13-Jan-2021 21:24:51
:: keeps her eyes peeled on the viewer ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 21:24:53
CO: I'm afraid I'm unable to give you a visual because of the storm, Captain.
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 21:25:25
:: nods again :: CSO: I was afraid of that. This seems like a wonderful place to lay a trap.
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 21:25:37
:: nods, her lips pressed into a line ::
CMO Lt Tailor 13-Jan-2021 21:27:07
+Sickbay+: Prep a secure area for triage with forcefields at the ready. CTO: Requesting extra security for sickbay, on standby. Just in case...
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 21:28:08
:: notices she's squeezing the arm of her chair quite hard, and wills herself to stop ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 21:28:27
:: winces :: CO: Just getting the first lifesign readings now. I'm picking up a couple hundred active lifesigns, but the interference has us still too far away for much more detail than that.
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 21:28:53
CSO: So no derelict, then... but why are they sinking into an ice giant?
CTO Cpt Grey 13-Jan-2021 21:29:18
+Sickbay+: Extra security requested, and sending down as request :: directs five Marines down to the sickbay at their request ::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-Jan-2021 21:29:18
:: shares a questioning look with Harper ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 21:29:22
CO: Their power emissions are very low. Maybe they're having some kind of mechanical problem?
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 21:30:15
:: looks over at Grey :: CTO: What is the tactical state of that ship?
CTO Cpt Grey 13-Jan-2021 21:31:44
:: glances up from her console with a sigh :: CO: No weapons, no engines, and minimal life support.
MED Lt Acacia 13-Jan-2021 21:32:55
:: furrows her brows, unsettled ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 21:33:07
XO: If this is a trap, then it is a very convincing one. We have to help.
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 21:33:20
:: wonders if that's just what the Xovul want them to see ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 21:33:23
ACTION> A wind gust pushes the ship violently to one side.
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 21:33:53
:: has to grab on to her console to keep from sliding out of her seat ::
NAV Lt Navarro 13-Jan-2021 21:33:58
All: Sorry! I did not see that one coming.
CTO Cpt Grey 13-Jan-2021 21:34:05
:: staggers before regaining her previous stance, watching the scans ::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-Jan-2021 21:34:19
:: nods in response to Harper, then is gripping her seat ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 21:34:22
:: is pushed over toward Kuari before righting herself ::
MED Lt Acacia 13-Jan-2021 21:34:23
:: nearly falls out of her seat, caught off guard ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 21:34:49
NAV: Continue our descent to the Xovul vessel.
NAV Lt Navarro 13-Jan-2021 21:35:11
CO: Sí, capitana. It is difficult weather for flying, be warned.
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 21:35:18
:: buckles her seatbelt ::
MED Lt Acacia 13-Jan-2021 21:35:32
:: also buckles her seatbelt ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 21:35:52
All: Either they have expertly baited a trap for us, knowing that we are duty-bound to attempt a rescue, or they are truly in need of help.
CMO Lt Tailor 13-Jan-2021 21:35:57
::was standing, staggers, and goes down in an unceremonious heap!::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 21:36:26
:: turns at the sound of someone hitting the deck ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 21:36:36
CMO: Doctor, are you alright?
MED Lt Acacia 13-Jan-2021 21:36:55
:: looks over and winces, but is beaten to asking if she’s okay ::
CTO Cpt Grey 13-Jan-2021 21:36:57
:: head snaps to the sound of someone falling, stepping away from her console to help Tailor regain her balance :: CMO: You okay?
CMO Lt Tailor 13-Jan-2021 21:36:59
::untangles herself and heaves herself to her feet and into her chair, clicking the five point harness around her:: CO: I'll be fine... ::smirks::. It just caught me off guard.
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 21:37:39
:: is uncertain of the wisdom of helping the Xovul, but knows it is the right thing to do ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 21:38:04
:: fastens her own belt :: CMO: You are in good company there.
XO Cdr Kuari 13-Jan-2021 21:38:23
:: head high, watches from her seat, but sees Tailor is being attended to ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 21:38:23
CO: It seems unlikely that they would lay such a trap with such timing. They would have to know we were here and when we'd be visiting the ice giant. We've been in this system for days.
CO: It seems too... elegant, if you will, for the Xovul.
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 21:39:31
:: nods to Lexy :: CSO: Agreed.
All: I am not certain they know us well enough for such an elegant trap. But, it is an opportunity to introduce ourselves and show them who we are.
MED Lt Acacia 13-Jan-2021 21:41:25
:: is extremely unsettled, but says nothing ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 21:41:47
ACTION> The ship buffets violently again, with winds of over 150kph straining the inertial dampeners.
XO Cdr Kuari 13-Jan-2021 21:42:22
:: grips her seat base again, with her wings and tail ::
NAV Lt Navarro 13-Jan-2021 21:42:29
:: doesn't apologize this time, as he's too busy flying ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 21:43:02
:: holds on through the turbulence :: CO: Are you familiar with a fable called "The Farmer and the Viper"?
MED Lt Acacia 13-Jan-2021 21:43:06
:: sways, happy to be strapped to her chair ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 21:43:30
CSO: I cannot say that I am. :: really glad they installed seatbelts ::
CMO Lt Tailor 13-Jan-2021 21:43:55
::holds onto her seatbelt, a bit sore around the coccyx::
CTO Cpt Grey 13-Jan-2021 21:44:01
:: staggers with another curse, hitting the floor from her console before scrambling back up to her console :: All: I'm good! I'm good!
MED Lt Acacia 13-Jan-2021 21:44:49
:: can’t help but smile at Grey’s reaction to falling after seeing she’s okay ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 21:45:04
:: wonders at the wisdom of making the tactical officers stand ::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-Jan-2021 21:45:05
:: turns her head at Grey's fall, but refocuses shortly ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 21:45:12
:: watches to make sure Grey is okay before continuing :: CO: The story goes that a farmer finds a viper dying in the snow, so he takes pity on it and puts it inside his coat to warm it.
:: goes on :: CO: The snake is revived by the warmth and, being true to its nature, promptly delivers a fatal bite to its rescuer.
CTO Cpt Grey 13-Jan-2021 21:46:22
:: braces herself against her console, not taking her attention off the screen in preparation for another gust of wind ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 21:46:28
ACTION> The wind outside increases to over 200kph, giving us another shake.
CMO Lt Tailor 13-Jan-2021 21:46:59
::is extremely grateful for the seatbelts::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 21:47:30
:: lets out a long breath :: CSO: Understood.
ACTION> After another rollercoaster-like buffet, we approach the dreadnought...
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 21:49:43
CO: Now that we're closer, I'm reading 213 life signs. Some are weak, some are not, but it's certainly not enough to be a full crew complement for a ship of that size.
MED Lt Acacia 13-Jan-2021 21:50:16
:: holds on to her seat as she strains against the seatbelt, still watching the viewer despite the snow ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 21:50:35
:: settles back into her seat as the rollercoaster goes over the top of the hill ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 21:50:43
:: tries to put a visual on the screen ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 21:50:55
CSO: Hail them.
XO Cdr Kuari 13-Jan-2021 21:51:01
:: is gripping her seat tightly, thinking about Wright's story, deciding she would hold the snake in her mouth with the head between her teeth ::
CTO Cpt Grey 13-Jan-2021 21:51:09
:: straightens, looking to the Captain carefully ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 21:52:20
ACTION> The ship appears on the main viewer, with only a few lights visible through the torrential ice storm. This deep into the ice-giant, the sky is almost black, but flashes of lightning punctuate the darkness, lighting parts of the sturdy Xovul hull.
NAV Lt Navarro 13-Jan-2021 21:53:21
:: tries to hold the ship steady as they get close, now sweating through some of the most difficult flying he's ever done ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 21:53:23
:: looks back at the Captain as if seeking confirmation, then turns back to her console and hails the Dreadnought ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 21:54:14
:: stares resolutely at the main viewer, that being her confirmation ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 21:54:27
:: after waiting several long, tense moments :: CO: ....No reply, Captain. Shall I try again?
CTO Cpt Grey 13-Jan-2021 21:55:02
:: turns her attention to the main viewer ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 21:55:39
CSO: Yes, but perhaps their comms are down.
CTO: Stand by tractor beam.
CTO Cpt Grey 13-Jan-2021 21:56:25
CO: Yes ma'am. :: has tractor-beam ready on Captain's orders ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 21:56:26
:: tries again :: +Xovul+ Xovul Dreadnought, this is the Federation Starship USS Atlantis. Please respond.
NAV Lt Navarro 13-Jan-2021 21:56:57
CO: Capitana, I don't know if I can fly two ships through this shitstorm.
CMO Lt Tailor 13-Jan-2021 21:57:16
::watches the viewer intently::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 21:57:37
NAV: Do your best, Zorro, and if we have to cut them loose, then at least we tried.
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 21:58:01
CO: Still nothing, Captain.
NAV Lt Navarro 13-Jan-2021 21:58:22
:: swallows and nods :: CO: Yes, ma'am.
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 21:58:43
CSO: Snakes act only on instinct. People make choices.
CTO: Activate tractor beam.
CTO Cpt Grey 13-Jan-2021 21:59:18
:: activates tractor beam with a sigh, watching the viewscreen ::
MED Lt Acacia 13-Jan-2021 21:59:20
:: grips her console tightly, wondering about the snake story as well ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 21:59:25
CO: Even if they are true to their nature, we must remain true to ours.
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 21:59:36
CSO: Indeed we must.
ACTION> The blue light of the tractor beam lances through the darkness and envelops the Xovul dreadnought.
NAV: Take us up, Doc.
NAV Lt Navarro 13-Jan-2021 22:01:16
CO: Up, sí. :: initiates a slow climb ::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-Jan-2021 22:01:39
:: watches for a response as their tractor beam activates, considering the exchange regarding holding to their nature, thinking that's exactly what they're doing ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 22:02:27
ACTION> Atlantis starts to ascend with the dreadnought in tow...
ACTION> A gust in excess of 300 kph slams both ships sideways, straining the tractor beam to its limit!
XO Cdr Kuari 13-Jan-2021 22:03:38
:: grits her teeth ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 22:03:46
:: holds on despite the seatbelt ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 22:03:59
:: squeaks quietly in dismay as her body strains against the seatbelt ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 22:04:03
:: looks over at Kuari as she almost ends up in her lap ::
CTO Cpt Grey 13-Jan-2021 22:04:21
:: falls yet again with a curse and thump ::
NAV Lt Navarro 13-Jan-2021 22:04:33
:: no apology this time either as he wordlessly tries to fly Atlantis with all the dead weight on her back ::
MED Lt Acacia 13-Jan-2021 22:04:43
:: grimaces :: CTO: You alright?
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 22:05:05
:: diverts what little power she can find to the inertial dampeners ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 22:05:28
CSO: Divert power from non-essential systems to the tractor beam.
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 22:06:15
CO: Aye, Captain. :: reroutes the power with a few quick taps, including that extra power she found for the inertial dampeners ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 22:07:07
ACTION> The sky on the main viewer starts to lighten as we ascend, but the torrent of ice breaking against our shields has yet to let up.
All: I doubt we are through the worst yet. Hold on.
CTO Cpt Grey 13-Jan-2021 22:08:11
MED: I'm fine! :: regains her balance with some effort, but is quick to check the tractor beams ::
MED Lt Acacia 13-Jan-2021 22:08:24
:: holds on as suggested ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 22:08:59
:: also holds on, mentally cheering on Navarro ::
NAV Lt Navarro 13-Jan-2021 22:09:50
:: gritting his teeth as he tries to anticipate the wind shear, and does manage to avoid some of the next one ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 22:11:07
ACTION> Despite Navarro's efforts, another wall of gas and ice slams into the ships, sending us to the same side again before up and over another rollercoaster-like hill.
CMO Lt Tailor 13-Jan-2021 22:11:23
::holds on, eyeing the ceiling as she listens to the creaking noises, wondering if the hull is going to burst any second::
NAV Lt Navarro 13-Jan-2021 22:12:02
:: quips :: Could be worse.
CTO Cpt Grey 13-Jan-2021 22:12:32
:: exhales sharply with a groan, hoping for the best ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 22:12:51
:: lifted up against her seatbelt, then falls back into her seat, as they go over the "hill" ::
MED Lt Acacia 13-Jan-2021 22:13:24
:: strains against her seatbelt, grateful to have it ::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-Jan-2021 22:14:26
:: is still gripping her seat base, becoming one with the seat, hoping the spindly swivel pole it's on doesn't break ::
CTO Cpt Grey 13-Jan-2021 22:14:56
:: hits the ground again at the going over the "hill", and regains balance with a grumble :: MED: I bet I'm gonna have a nicely bruised coccyx after all this...
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 22:15:02
ACTION> After a few more tense minutes of our ascent, the sky is now noticeably lighter on the main viewer, back to a pleasant shade of blue with no lightning, and the winds start to lose their intensity as the atmosphere thins.
NAV Lt Navarro 13-Jan-2021 22:15:17
CO: I think that was the worst of the weather, capitana.
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 22:15:59
NAV: Great flying, Zorro.
CTO Cpt Grey 13-Jan-2021 22:16:17
NAV: Yeah, good job!
CMO Lt Tailor 13-Jan-2021 22:16:20
CTO: You and about half the crew probably. ::chuckles::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 22:16:42
:: grins over at Navarro ::
MED Lt Acacia 13-Jan-2021 22:16:44
:: chuckles as well, though still a bit uneasy ::
CTO Cpt Grey 13-Jan-2021 22:16:52
CMO: Tell me about it. :: rolls her eyes as she subtly rubs her sore backside ::
NAV Lt Navarro 13-Jan-2021 22:17:36
CO/CTO: Gracias. Sorry about all the turbulence.
XO Cdr Kuari 13-Jan-2021 22:17:41
:: smiles over at Navarro, loosening her hold, grateful to relax somewhat ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 22:18:01
NAV: You said it could be worse...?
NAV Lt Navarro 13-Jan-2021 22:18:32
CO: Sí. As you well know, flying a Mustang through that would not be possible. :: pats the helm :: But Atlantis saw us through.
CTO Cpt Grey 13-Jan-2021 22:18:46
NAV: With your piloting!
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 22:18:57
:: pats her chair arm :: NAV: That she did.
NAV Lt Navarro 13-Jan-2021 22:19:42
:: smirks :: CTO: Thanks, but that was too close for comfort.
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 22:20:09
ACTION> The sky starts to turn black as we approach space... and the dreadnought hails us.
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 22:20:22
CO: We are being hailed, Captain.
NAV Lt Navarro 13-Jan-2021 22:20:33
:: was so close to having to cut the Xovul ship loose ::
MED Lt Acacia 13-Jan-2021 22:20:39
:: tenses, watching the viewer ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 22:20:46
:: stands and Picard-maneuvers :: CSO: On screen.
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 22:20:57
:: taptaps and looks up at the screen ::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-Jan-2021 22:21:11
:: straightens her neck, her ears perking upwards, and looks at the screen ::
CTO Cpt Grey 13-Jan-2021 22:21:16
:: tenses, a hand falling to her hip as she stares at the screen ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 22:21:34
ACTION> A Xovul appears, alone on a darkened bridge. Their eyebrow ridges narrow.
MED Lt Acacia 13-Jan-2021 22:23:02
:: looks from Harper to the viewer ::
CTO Cpt Grey 13-Jan-2021 22:23:17
:: is tensed for action, not taking her attention off the screen ::
Xovul Vash 13-Jan-2021 22:23:38
+CO+ You...
XO Cdr Kuari 13-Jan-2021 22:24:02
:: schools her expression to be as neutral as possible ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 22:24:15
+Vash+ I am Captain Kathryn Harper of the Federation Starship Atlantis. We are here to —
Xovul Vash 13-Jan-2021 22:26:34
+CO+ :: interrupts :: Are you intending to board our ship, to take us prisoner? We will fight to the last!
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 22:26:53
:: raises her hands in front of her, palms out :: +Vash+ No, we are here to help you.
MED Lt Acacia 13-Jan-2021 22:27:05
:: raises an eyebrow, keeping quiet ::
CMO Lt Tailor 13-Jan-2021 22:27:05
::watches the exchange tensely::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 22:28:08
:: tries to school her face into calm, detachedness ::
Xovul Vash 13-Jan-2021 22:28:12
:: narrows their eyes again, perhaps in disbelief :: +CO+ You... you, who I saw fall before our Ykavosh, mean to help us? What trickery is this?
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 22:30:13
:: wonders if this Xovul was actually one of the ones present when they met the Ykavosh on Trondheim, but she continues :: +Vash+ It is not trickery. We came across your ship by chance, and saw that you were clearly in distress. It is our way to help those in need, if we can.
Xovul Vash 13-Jan-2021 22:31:42
:: takes a few moments to reply, clearly needing to process, before finally answering :: +CO+ Very well, Captain Kathryn Harper.
MED Lt Acacia 13-Jan-2021 22:32:33
:: makes an effort to keep her expression neutral, wondering if she’s seen this Xovul before as well ::
CTO Cpt Grey 13-Jan-2021 22:32:52
:: keeps her expression under control, watching the viewscreen ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 22:33:30
:: offers a tentative smile to the Xovul on the viewer :: +Vash+ Once we make orbit, we can help you with repairs, medical assistance, and whatever else you may need.
Xovul Vash 13-Jan-2021 22:34:59
:: nods :: +CO+ We will signal again once we make orbit. :: cuts the comm ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 22:35:11
CO: The channel is closed, Captain.
MED Lt Acacia 13-Jan-2021 22:35:28
:: exhales a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 22:35:56
:: sits down like she's been standing for ten straight hours ::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-Jan-2021 22:36:10
:: looks immediately to Harper, a smile drawing back, proud of her captain ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 22:36:51
:: smiles at Kuari :: XO: We may have just had a breakthrough with the Xovul, and all it took was a helping hand.
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 22:37:26
:: purses her lips, thinking that might be a bit hasty and naive ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 22:38:06
XO: One ship and one captain do not change a culture, but small things can add up.
MED Lt Acacia 13-Jan-2021 22:38:28
:: is still uneasy :: CO: It is too early for a bite.
CTO Cpt Grey 13-Jan-2021 22:38:53
CO: I agree with Acacia ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 22:39:05
CO: As do I.
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 22:39:49
All: I am not saying that this changes everything... or anything. But it is the first positive interaction we have had with the Xovul since that first meeting at Trondheim.
MED Lt Acacia 13-Jan-2021 22:40:20
:: shrugs, having no dispute there ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 22:40:49
CO: We have them at quite the disadvantage. What are they going to do? Say no?
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 22:42:07
CSO: There are some who would self-destruct to avoid capture, so yes, they could definitely say no.
All: I am keenly aware of how dangerous they can be. :: clenches her jaw for a moment, feeling a twinge of phantom pain ::
MED Lt Acacia 13-Jan-2021 22:43:36
:: shudders, rubbing her own jaw out of a mix of sympathy and empathy ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 22:45:19
All: But, a little demonstration of our true nature may go a long way, and it certainly cannot hurt, given their state.
CMO Lt Tailor 13-Jan-2021 22:45:27
::remains cautiously optimistic about this new change from the Xovul but also doesn't regret asking for extra security in sickbay::
NAV Lt Navarro 13-Jan-2021 22:45:48
CO: We have achieved orbit, capitana. :: finally relaxes at the helm ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 22:46:10
CTO: Disengage tractor beam.
CTO Cpt Grey 13-Jan-2021 22:47:24
:: disengages tractor beam at request, taking a breath ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 22:48:18
ACTION> The tractor beam disappears, and the two ships now orbit in formation, the unpowered dreadnought behind Atlantis.
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 22:49:12
CO: They're hailing again, Captain.
MED Lt Acacia 13-Jan-2021 22:49:35
:: looks between Harper and the viewscreen ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 22:49:41
CSO: On screen.
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 22:49:49
:: taptaps ::
Xovul Vash 13-Jan-2021 22:51:04
:: appears on the viewer again, now on a dimly-lit bridge with a few other officers :: +CO+ So. You truly wish to help us? I admit, I expected weapons fire once we returned to space.
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 22:51:36
+Vash+ We do wish to help, yes. What happened to you, and what can we do to help?
Xovul Vash 13-Jan-2021 22:52:52
:: straightens to their full height, probably well over two meters, still trying to understand why ::
:: then huffs and starts talking :: +CO+ We were harvesting helium-3 when we had a catastrophic equipment failure. The details of it, I cannot divulge.
MED Lt Acacia 13-Jan-2021 22:56:04
:: taps at her console, looking up what helium-3 is used for ::
Xovul Vash 13-Jan-2021 22:56:19
+CO+ Regardless, we have been stranded, slowly sinking, for weeks. We still have injured, and could use some raw materials to fuel our replicators for food and replacement parts.
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 22:57:38
:: clasps her hands in front of her :: +Vash+ We can provide medical assistance, and I am sure we can devise a way to make the fuel for our replicators work for yours and, failing that, perhaps offer direct engineering assistance.
CTO Cpt Grey 13-Jan-2021 22:58:36
:: knows she’ll be called, and is ready::
Xovul Vash 13-Jan-2021 22:59:06
+CO+ I cannot allow any of your crew aboard. Our injured, though, I would permit to be transported to your sickbay, if that is your plan.
MED Lt Acacia 13-Jan-2021 22:59:33
:: glances at Tailor, still uneasy ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 22:59:47
+CO+ Send us the signatures of those that need help and we will beam them aboard.
CMO Lt Tailor 13-Jan-2021 22:59:51
::gives a quick nod to Harper and Acacia:: CO/MED: We're ready.
MED Lt Acacia 13-Jan-2021 23:00:37
:: nods back ::
Xovul Vash 13-Jan-2021 23:00:50
:: nods :: +CO+ Alright, Captain Harper. :: swallows their pride, and wonders how this one that once appeared so weak is in such a position of strength ::
+CO+ Do not betray our trust. :: closes the comm again ::
CTO Cpt Grey 13-Jan-2021 23:01:53
:: alerts all the Marines to be on standby for incoming Xovul quietly, before heading to exit the bridge herself :: CO: I’m heading down to sickbay... the more security the better.
MED Lt Acacia 13-Jan-2021 23:02:25
:: unbuckles her seatbelt and stands :: CMO/CO: I’ll go as well.
CMO Lt Tailor 13-Jan-2021 23:02:45
CTO: Tell them to be discrete please. I don't want the Xovul getting the wrong idea.
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 23:02:46
:: nods to Grey :: All: Make ready for some interesting guests. Security presence at maximum in sickbay. :: looks to Tailor and Acacia, then nods :: Doctors.
CSO Cdr Wright 13-Jan-2021 23:02:58
:: waiting to receive the signatures from the Xovul ::
MED Lt Acacia 13-Jan-2021 23:03:14
:: heads to the turbolift with Grey ::
CMO Lt Tailor 13-Jan-2021 23:03:36
::unstraps and stands, ready to go down to sickbay::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-Jan-2021 23:03:43
:: turns to her console, beginning preparations ::
CTO Cpt Grey 13-Jan-2021 23:03:45
:: pauses at the TL, waiting for Acacia and Tailor before continuing :: CMO: already handled. They’re as discreet as we’re trained to be. :: tucks her hands behind her back and waiting ::
CO Capt Harper 13-Jan-2021 23:03:46
ACTION> Specific biosignatures start to be transmitted, one by one.
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