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Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
The mornings following Atlantis crew functions have never been on the strictest of schedules, and with shore leave added, this one is no exception, with some of the crew even electing to spend the night after our holiday party camping on the planet in various sites around the hot spring. Regardless, shore leave is ending this morning and we must continue our mission to catalog the rest of the planets in this small system before moving on, so be back at your stations soon for departure.
After 06-Jan-2021 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 21:17:35
:: opens her eyes to the rising light in their heated tent and takes a deep breath as she stretches ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 21:18:48
:: already somewhat awake when she feels Kate stir :: CO: 'Morning.
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 21:18:57
:: woke up with the sun, out gathering more plant and animal DNA samples before departure time ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 21:19:20
:: narrows her eyes at Lexy, somehow awake before her :: CSO: Good morning... now where is my wife? :: smiles ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 21:20:06
:: really seems to enjoy stuffing leaves and petals into sample tubes ::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Jan-2021 21:20:34
:: is already up and moving, pushing the marines through some morning calisthenics, yelling orders the entire time ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 21:20:34
:: yawns :: CO: I just woke up. I was planning to roll over and go back to sleep, but I suppose that doesn't really work with the whole returning-to-duty-this-morning thing. :: stretches ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Jan-2021 21:20:44
:: psuedo-cooking a breakfast over a heater with holographic flames ::
CMO Lt Tailor 06-Jan-2021 21:20:46
::wakes in her own bed in her quarters and stretches after a refreshing night's sleep::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 21:23:12
:: sits up and looks around the tent, noticing the mess they made last night, and smirks :: CSO: Yes, back to work, but it is work that lets us camp in wonderful places like these.
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 21:23:26
:: keeps close to the campsite, occasionally catching a whiff of breakfast and cracking a smile ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 21:24:02
:: sits up, rubbing her eyes :: CO: Indeed. But we'd probably better start breaking camp. Well... maybe after breakfast.
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 21:24:59
CSO: Mmm! Breakfast sounds great. After a bath, though. :: pokes her head out of the tent and takes a deep breath of the crisp morning air ::
CMO Lt Tailor 06-Jan-2021 21:25:19
::it's a bit later than usual, but she figures no one else is gonna be on duty super early after that party anyway; shuffles out of bed and gets her morning ablutions started::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 21:26:09
CO: Mm.. I think I'll wait and take a sonic shower back aboard the ship.
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 21:26:46
CSO: You can sonic shower any time! :: sees that their secluded campsite has remained private, so she emerges from the tent and walks into their remote part of the hot spring for a bath ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 21:27:07
:: eventually runs out of species to sample, wandering back to camp to check on Navarro ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 21:27:09
:: is tempted by the hot spring, but it's also cold out there ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Jan-2021 21:28:04
:: is reclined against a tree eating a slice of bacon as Emily approaches :: MED: Hungry?
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Jan-2021 21:28:15
:: barely gives a quick morning wave to her friends before continuing to yell orders at the marines ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 21:28:18
:: sighs and wraps herself in a blanket, pushing the tent flap open and braving the cold, hurrying across the camp site to the hot spring and only shedding her blanket before hopping in ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 21:28:39
:: smiles, looking around to make a plate for herself :: NAV: A bit. How’d you sleep?
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 21:28:59
:: beams at Lexy ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Jan-2021 21:29:32
:: is taking one last flight, at first over the hot springs area but finds herself wandering further out, taking advantage of the time left to explore one last time, knowing she has to go back soon. She's not used to the cold, but she can look forward to the controlled environmental settings in her immediate future ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Jan-2021 21:29:41
MED: Quite well! Camping is much better without having to fight for your life. Who knew?
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 06-Jan-2021 21:29:47
:: yawns into her fist while frying up more bacon, having been up all night, as is her custom ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 21:30:34
:: watches a sweating marine jog by and chuckles, munching down on some bacon :: NAV: Yes, the food is much better.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Jan-2021 21:30:57
MED: Though I seem to recall some excellent fish. :: chuckles ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 21:31:22
:: splashes playfully at Lexy before resuming her bath in the hot spring ::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Jan-2021 21:31:29
:: catches Acacia's eye and grins mischeviously, before turning back to the marines to keep pushing them :: MED: Morning!
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 21:31:47
:: carefully trying to keep her hair dry, but is splashed :: CO: Hey!
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 21:32:35
:: waves in greeting to Grey, leaning over to Doc, her tone bemused :: NAV: She seems to enjoy this part, perhaps too much.
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 21:32:39
:: lightly splashes again, giggling :: CSO: What?
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Jan-2021 21:33:11
:: quietly answers :: MED: Perhaps she is trying to make her mark.
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Jan-2021 21:34:50
:: makes her way to her friends, snagging a strip of bacon :: MED/NAV: Bored Marines doesn't equal good for anyone... tired marines are good marines :: grins before returning back to the Marines ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 06-Jan-2021 21:34:57
:: nibbles quietly on her bacon, looking forward to a shower and crawling into her bed after a long night ::
CMO Lt Tailor 06-Jan-2021 21:35:19
::steps out of the 'lift half an hour later, uniformed and ready to go with cup of java in hand... and looks around the bridge and sees... no one else from Alpha shift:: Self: Wow, still not back yet? ::wanders past the command circle and a few members of beta shift who are apparently still not relieved of duty, and signs into her station, kicking off the aMED and telling him to go get some sleep::
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 21:35:45
:: laughs, nudging Grey :: CTO: I feel safer already.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Jan-2021 21:35:59
:: finishes a cup of coffee with a laugh and stands, stretching ::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Jan-2021 21:36:41
MED: You better! :: laughs; she's very much a morning person ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 21:36:50
:: groans :: CO: How can you have this much energy this early in the morning?
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Jan-2021 21:37:34
:: looks around one last time into the great wilderness beyond, takes a deep break and turns around, knowing she will probably never see this planet again, but duty calls, and she begins to fly back to the hot springs ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 21:37:35
:: shrugs :: CSO: I do not know; I just always have.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 21:38:03
CO: It's gross.
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 21:38:08
:: finishes off her breakfast and sighs happily :: NAV: Thanks for the food. We should probably get going soon.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Jan-2021 21:38:25
MED: Of course. I feel like driving a starship today, after all.
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 21:38:49
:: nods and puts her plate down, beginning the process of breaking down the tent ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 21:39:15
:: laughs and breaks into a swim, swimming around a bit wth practiced form before finally exiting the spring and toweling off next to their tent ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Jan-2021 21:39:36
:: joins in, grateful for the ease of breaking down a modern campsite ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 06-Jan-2021 21:40:15
:: finishes her bacon and jumps in to help out ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Jan-2021 21:40:49
NAV2: How was the rest of the night, anyway?
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 21:40:55
:: smiles warmly at Suzuki, not having greeted her yet :: NAV: Good morning!
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 21:41:36
:: ducks inside and pulls underwear and a uniform out of their bag and starts putting on the Captain's persona ::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Jan-2021 21:41:52
:: dismisses the Marines to break down, moving to join her friends with another piece of bacon stolen from the pan :: NAV2: Good morning.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 06-Jan-2021 21:42:03
NAV: Peaceful. Cold. :: dips her head in greeting to Emily ::
CTO: Good morning, Captain.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Jan-2021 21:43:04
:: approaches the hot springs area from above, taking note of the campsites as a whole, and lands near the hot spring to warm up before lending herself to help people pack up ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 21:43:09
:: lingers in the hot water up to her chin a bit longer, dreading getting out ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 21:43:38
:: now dressed, she notices Lexy hasn't reappeared, so she looks outside and sees her still in the spring ::
:: takes a fresh towel from near the heater out to the shore and waves ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 21:44:24
:: dusts her hands off, their camping supplies reduced to a small box :: All: There we go. :: she looks around at the marines and their boxes, nodding :: All: Looks like no one needs help.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 21:44:42
:: looks at Kate :: CO: Come closer.
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Jan-2021 21:45:25
:: settles down next to her friends, happily nibbling on her bacon strip ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 21:45:28
:: walks up to the water's edge and offers the towel ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 21:46:33
:: takes a deep breath to steel herself before heaving her body up to ground level and snatching the warm towel, wrapping it around herself before reaching down to grab her discarded blanket and wrap that around herself as well... then hurries to the tent ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 21:47:36
:: follows along, a bit slower, drying her hair with a future hair-dryer as she goes ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Jan-2021 21:47:55
:: taps the auto-transporter on the box of camping supplies and it shimmers away ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 21:48:09
All: See you soon~ :: she muses, then taps her combadge and orders a beam up for herself, wanting some time to unload her samples in the med lab ::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Jan-2021 21:48:59
:: stands to check in with the Marines, making sure no one needs any help, before finding boxes of her own to carry to add the stack the Marines were making ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 21:49:59
:: styles her now dry hair into the side-twist ponytail again before getting a quick breakfast set up ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 06-Jan-2021 21:50:01
:: looks around to see if anyone needs any more help packing up, yawning again into her fist ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 21:50:22
:: quickly dresses, her hair braided and piled on top of her head, still mostly dry ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Jan-2021 21:50:23
:: hands Grey a cup of coffee that he set aside while she was exercising ::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Jan-2021 21:50:49
:: hums in quiet delight, grinning at Navarro in thanks :: Doc: Thanks!
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Jan-2021 21:51:12
:: intended to warm up in the spring, but it's too hot against her frosted fur, and finds herself getting wrapped up in supervising as everything is packed up ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 21:51:27
:: appears on the ship, three full sample cases waiting for her in the lab. She double checks the contents, having a few minutes to spare ::
CMO Lt Tailor 06-Jan-2021 21:51:57
::putzes with her hair, rearranging her jewel-toned tresses into a messy low bun as she waits for the rest of the crew to arrive back from the planet.::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 06-Jan-2021 21:53:39
:: gathers up the few things she brought and calls for a beam-up ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 21:53:45
:: once breakfast is ready, she munches on bacon with one hand while carrying stuff into their shuttle with the other ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 21:53:57
:: checks the time and decides to unpack later, leaving her sample cases in the lab and heading for the bridge ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 21:54:11
:: emerges to the smell of breakfast and begins to munch while breaking down camp ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Jan-2021 21:54:36
CTO: No problem. :: heads over to Jester :: NAV2: Hey, see you after my shift?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 06-Jan-2021 21:54:58
::Is meditating on a mountainside, facing into a blizzard, his voice bellowing out across the valley he's overlooking, strange resonations occuring with the wind. The head of his cane shines with an arcane glow, as he empty milky eye survey realms beyond sight.::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 06-Jan-2021 21:55:16
:: just has time to nod and wink at Zorro before she shimmers away ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 21:55:54
:: pauses for a minute to properly appreciate a cup of coffee ::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Jan-2021 21:55:57
:: watches as the marines shimmer away, one after another, before also calling for a beam-up of her own :: NAV: See you on the bridge. :: shimmers away ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 06-Jan-2021 21:56:11
::His ruminations are disrupted by a gentle beeping on his chest. His pupils return, as he gazes up into the storm.:: Self: Time to go...
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 21:56:23
:: takes a contemplative deep breath and smiles :: CSO: You know, after what we went through, this place was... therapeutic.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Jan-2021 21:56:49
:: nods to Grey as she disappears, then calls for a beam-up of his own and follows suit ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 21:56:53
:: loading the last of their things into the shuttle with a mouthful of bacon:: CO: Oh, of course.
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 21:57:09
:: arrives on the bridge, raising an eyebrow. She takes over her usual station, waving lightly :: CMO: Good morning.
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 21:57:37
:: snaps one more holo of the site, then sets the camera up to get a pic with both of them in it ::
CSO: Come on, take a pic with me!
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 06-Jan-2021 21:58:18
<Amber Sun> ::Is sat beside Ilaihr, cheefully playing in the snow, making angels, with his heavy body.:: CEO: Did find?
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 21:58:38
CO: Kate, we need to go! :: exasperated, but knows Kate won't budge until she gets what she wants, so comes over for the picture ::
CMO Lt Tailor 06-Jan-2021 21:58:45
::in the middle of a sip of coffee, puts down her mug:: MED: Good morning! ::smiles:: How was your shore leave?
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Jan-2021 21:58:47
:: arrives on the bridge and crosses to the helm, finding it unoccupied, but that is not strange given so many were partying and the ship was in orbit ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 21:59:20
:: returns the smile :: CMO: Excellent! Seems some are still enjoying it, hm?
CMO Lt Tailor 06-Jan-2021 21:59:55
MED: As in, they're still not back yet? It would seem so.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 06-Jan-2021 22:00:01
::Shakes his head.:: Amber: No. ::Sighs.:: We should beam back to the ship.
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:00:07
:CSO: They will not leave without us, do not worry. : poses with Lexy and triggers the camera ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 22:00:28
:: looks exasperated in the picture, immortalized ::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Jan-2021 22:00:32
:: enters the bridge, adjusting her hair as she walks over to her station with a grin to both Acacia and Tailor brightly ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Jan-2021 22:00:34
:: calculates a couple of courses in advance, preparing ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 22:00:42
CO: Of course they won't, but that doesn't mean we should keep everyone waiting!
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:00:52
:: looks at the holo and laughs, showing it to Lexy as they enter the shuttle ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 22:00:55
:: nods lightly, signing into her station and pulling up some files to work on :: CMO: Did you get to do anything fun?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 06-Jan-2021 22:01:06
<Amber Sun> CEO: Ok. ::Plods up to Ilaihr and nudges him with his head.:: Amber Sun take care of you.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 22:01:16
:: sulking, because she wanted to have time to take a shower ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:01:52
:: puts her coffee in the cupholder and powers up the Seraphim, running through a quick pre-flight ::
CMO Lt Tailor 06-Jan-2021 22:01:54
MED: I did some recharging on my own, which was nice.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 22:02:10
:: sulks into her seat, doing her own pre-flight work ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Jan-2021 22:02:37
:: watches as one by one, people and things are beamed away, the wilderness slowly reclaiming its hot springs, the site of their party from the night before soon to disappear from the wild planet's history as if it were never there ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 22:02:43
:: smiles :: CMO: That’s always good.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 06-Jan-2021 22:02:47
::Pats the faithful bear.:: Amber: Thank you, my friend. ::Taps his commbadge.:: -Atlantis-: Two to return to the ship.
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:03:10
:: pokes her head out the door and triple-checks that they did not leave anything, then closes the hatch and returns to her seat ::
CMO Lt Tailor 06-Jan-2021 22:03:11
MED: Nothing fancy, just a bit of holodeck time.
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:04:21
CSO: Alright then, homeward bound. :: lifts the shuttle off the ground and does an arc around the area, spiraling higher as they get a nice aerial view of the spring and its surroundings ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 06-Jan-2021 22:04:46
:: returns to her quarters and quickly showers, then falls into bed ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:05:41
CSO: I am glad we brought the shuttle. Kuari's view made me jealous.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 22:06:29
:: anxious to return to the ship, worried that they will be the last to arrive :: CO: :: distractedly :: Uhm-hmm.
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:06:55
:: sensing her wife's anxiety, she sets up the rendezvous course with Atlantis and makes for space ::
:: within a few minutes, Atlantis's graceful form is visible above the bright mostly-white planet ::
:: sends the approach request and makes for the shuttlebay ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 22:08:09
:: taps at her console, getting some work done before the shift really starts ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 22:08:18
:: does take a reluctant moment to enjoy the view ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:08:58
:: a few minutes later, she gently places the Seraphim on the shuttlebay's deck and powers her down ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 06-Jan-2021 22:09:07
::Steps off the TR pad after beaming back aboard. Leans more heavily on his cane than usual, also resting a hand on Amber Sun's shoulder.:: TRC: Thank you... my boy. ::Nods at the transporter technician, as he slowly starts to make his way to the door.::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Jan-2021 22:09:34
:: takes one last look around, one last deep breath of the crisp fresh air, one of the last to beam up to the ship ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 06-Jan-2021 22:10:02
<Amber Sun> CEO: What doing now?
Amber: I should... return to the bridge. ::Is still heavily coated in snow.:: Much work to be done.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 22:10:51
:: secures her station aboard the shuttle and prepares to disembark ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:12:05
CSO: I am sure you want a shower, so go ahead. We will make for the other terrestrial planet in the meantime, since it is closer.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 22:12:48
:: pauses a moment to consider, then nods gratefully and scurries of to their quarters ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:13:14
:: smiles as Lexy departs, then enters the TL and directs it to the bridge ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 06-Jan-2021 22:14:11
<Amber Sun> CEO: Eduda should rest. Great spirits of the new world have exhausted. ::Nods emphatically.:: Must regain strength.
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:14:34
:: exits the TL onto the bridge and offers a sunny greeting to those she finds there :: Bridge: Good morning, everyone!
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 22:14:58
:: looks up and smiles, replying reflexively :: CO: Morning.
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Jan-2021 22:16:03
:: barely looks away from her own console at the greeting, :: CO: Morning.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Jan-2021 22:16:06
CO: Buenos días, capitana.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Jan-2021 22:16:41
:: takes a peek at the TR's console, then runs into the quartermaster just outside in the corridor, checking in with him and looking over a PADD while crew busily crowd past into the ship to return to where they need to go ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:17:34
:: is actually surprised to have beaten Kuari to the bridge, but she takes her seat and pulls up the manifest and automated inventory ::
CMO Lt Tailor 06-Jan-2021 22:17:37
CO: Good morning, Captain. How was the camping?
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Jan-2021 22:18:30
:: gives one last nod and trots off, riding one of the lifts going up ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 06-Jan-2021 22:18:35
::Shakes his head at the young Salbjorn, giving a genial smile:: Amber: Can never let the others see. ::Straightens his stance, placing his other hand back on his cane, before finally walking down the corridor.::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:18:58
CMO: Oh, it was absolutely marvelous! And, after our time on the planet, I think a positive experience in the wilderness was especially welcome.
CMO Lt Tailor 06-Jan-2021 22:19:51
::nods thoughtfully:: CO: I'm glad you enjoyed it.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Jan-2021 22:19:55
:: nods in agreement to himself ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 22:19:56
:: nods in agreement ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Jan-2021 22:19:56
:: enters the bridge, taking a look at everyone and trotting down to the center ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:20:27
XO: Good morning, Commander!
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Jan-2021 22:20:42
:: offers a big smile :: CO: Good morning!
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 06-Jan-2021 22:20:56
<Amber Sun> ::Stares on curiously at Iliahr as he leaves, giving a worried frown, his fur and quills rapidly shifting their colours.::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:21:00
:: returns the smile :: XO: I hope you had a nice time?
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Jan-2021 22:21:42
:: lies down with practice :: CO: Definitely. Last night was especially fun.
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:22:28
:: nods eagerly in agreement :: XO: Are we ready to depart? I was just pulling up the manifest and equipment inventory.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 06-Jan-2021 22:23:28
::After some time, steps off the TL onto the bridge. The snow now melting on his robes, as he silently take up his postion.::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Jan-2021 22:23:41
:: peeks dutifully at her console :: CO: Should be. I checked on things from the transporter room. Yep...ready for departure. :: looks up ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:24:20
XO: Excellent, thank you. NAV: Zorro, take us to the other terrestrial planet.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Jan-2021 22:24:59
CO: Course laid in and ready. :: already had it available as one of two options ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:25:04
NAV: Warp two.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Jan-2021 22:25:19
:: engages the warp drive ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:25:33
ACTION> Atlantis warps away from the snowball planet.
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 22:26:04
:: works on some files on her console, keeping busy while the others work ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 22:26:13
:: several minutes later, emerges from the TL with her hair and uniform done perfectly and slips into her station, willing people not to notice her late arrival ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 22:26:48
:: senses Wright’s anxiety and doesn’t even look at her ::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Jan-2021 22:26:56
:: notices, but definitely chooses not to say anything because it wasn't her place. She's come in late before, don't bring attention to Wright... ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 22:28:58
:: internally sighs with relief after a few moments; she hates being the center of attention and it appears to not have happened this time. ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:29:15
ACTION> A few minutes later, Atlantis pops out of warp and a barren, cratered, sun-blasted world appears on the main viewer.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 22:29:39
:: initiates preliminary scans ::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Jan-2021 22:29:42
:: looks up at the viewer in disbelief :: Self: Geezzz...
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:29:54
NAV: Standard scanning orbit, Mr. Navarro.
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 22:30:09
:: pauses her work to look up, interested ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Jan-2021 22:30:27
CO: Sí. :: settles the ship into the routine orbit for Wright to do science ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:30:49
All: The last one was much more fun, yes? :: looks around the bridge ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Jan-2021 22:31:15
:: has by now warmed up to normal temperature, nothing to indicate where the crew had just been other than lingering scents, and studies the main viewscreen, back to business ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:31:40
:: takes note of Ilaihr's robes instead of uniform, but honestly, that is the least strange thing to come from the old Aenar ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 22:32:07
:: nods lightly, watching the viewer :: CO: I don’t think I want to camp here.
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:32:59
MED: No, I think even the Gencodian world would be preferable!
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 22:33:39
:: gives an awkward laugh, not sure if she’s ready to joke about that yet ::
CMO Lt Tailor 06-Jan-2021 22:33:49
::looks up to the viewscreen, pulling herself out of her musings; she's been recreating a favorite place of hers in the holodeck, a stained glass solarium on her father's Montana farm that her mother designed when Velina was a small child::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 22:33:58
CO: There are some mineral deposits of reasonable size down there, but otherwise my initial scans aren't picking up anything of note.
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:34:30
CSO: Catalog the minerals and move on then?
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 22:35:03
CO: Aye. :: sets to work on some quick cataloging ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:36:06
NAV: Set a course out to the ice giant, lieutenant.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Jan-2021 22:36:42
:: has it ready to go :: CO: Course laid in, ma'am.
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:37:06
:: looks to Lexy to see if she is ready ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 22:37:25
:: finishes the last bit and then turns to nod ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:37:58
:: looks back to Navarro and nods before taking her seat :: NAV: Hit it.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Jan-2021 22:38:06
:: engages the warp drive once more ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:38:23
ACTION> Atlantis leaves the sun-blasted cratered world behind in a streak of lights.
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Jan-2021 22:38:41
:: listens to the information gathering conversation, idly surveying basic information on her console, then switching to check on late arrivals to duty ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:39:44
ACTION> Several minutes later, we exit warp at the edge of this system, approaching an azure ice giant, with traces of higher wispy white clouds accenting the blue depths.
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 22:40:25
:: once again looks up from her work to observe ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 22:40:44
:: initiates routine scans ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:41:00
ACTION> Several large moons can be seen glinting on the main viewer, as well as a faint ring system.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Jan-2021 22:41:29
:: pilots the ship into the standard science orbit ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 06-Jan-2021 22:41:38
::Monitors the ship's systems, scrolling through the various sections of engineering; sending orders and setting schedules, whilst quietly listening to the goings-on of the bridge.::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:43:37
All: This one is at least nicer to look at. :: watches the pretty blue cloud deck of the giant drift below on the main viewer ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 22:44:34
CO: The planet has a Hydrogen/Helium atmosphere. The moons are icy, but some of them have sub-surface oceans.
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 22:44:36
:: nods in agreement, glancing at Wright as she wonders if anything interesting is beneath the ice ::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Jan-2021 22:45:17
:: watches the view of natural space beauty, with Wright's commentary ::
CMO Lt Tailor 06-Jan-2021 22:45:56
::glances at the new planet with a minor amount of interest, piquing a bit when Wright mentions subsurface oceans::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:46:10
CSO: Oh, those are always interesting!
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 22:47:18
CO: Wait. Something interesting just came into range... something.. metallic in the atmosphere.
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:47:48
CSO: Metallic? In an ice giant? :: turns to Grey :: Is it a ship?
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Jan-2021 22:48:58
:: perks up her ears and looks Wright's way, as if she can somehow ascertain the meaning of her words simply by looking at her ::
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 22:49:19
:: raises an eyebrow, watching the planet on the viewer and listening intently ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Jan-2021 22:49:40
:: wonders who the hell would be down there, if it is ::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Jan-2021 22:49:49
:: hearing that caught her attention, and she snapped her head to stare at Wright :: CSO: Metallic? :: immediately tabs the scanners, checking them carefully, peering at the screen in a visible attempt to make out the object :: CO: It's too far for our scanners to make out clearly enough for me to make it out... if we wanna see what it is, we have to get closer. I'll try and see if I can boost the scanners somehow, but we have to move closer if we want to get a good scan. :: is already tapping away on the scanners, trying to boost their power in any way she could from her station ::
CMO Lt Tailor 06-Jan-2021 22:50:06
CSO: Have you scanned for lifesigns?
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:51:38
:: stands, considering :: NAV: Zorro, take us down to just above the atmosphere and keep us in place there with the engines.
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 22:51:38
:: shakes her head at the doctor :: CMO: Too far away.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 06-Jan-2021 22:51:38
::Diverts extra power to the sensor and deflector arrays.::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Jan-2021 22:52:57
:: mutters in frustation at the less-than-cooperating scanners, running the systems again, keeping an eye out on the lifesigns and weapon scans she was running ::
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Jan-2021 22:53:10
CO: Sí, capitana, powered synchronous sub-orbital flight, coming right up.
:: brings Atlantis down toward the planet, but keeping out of the atmosphere ::
CMO Lt Tailor 06-Jan-2021 22:54:18
::runs the general lifesign scan as the ship gets closer to the planet::
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Jan-2021 22:54:27
:: lets out a breath of relief at finally getting the scanners focused on the metallic object, and tabs in for a closer-zoom scan, peering at her screen as the results return... and she soon lets out a flood of curses as the scans clear up :: CO: It's a ship. Of fairly decent size, still waiting for weapons' scans to come back, but... whatever a ship is doing out here is definitely not good.
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 22:56:49
:: blinks, watching the viewer with an expression of disbelief ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:56:51
:: narrows her eyes, not sure about that interpretation ::
CMO Lt Tailor 06-Jan-2021 22:57:22
::looks closer at the viewer where the ship is supposed to be::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:57:25
CTO: Shields up, configure for atmospheric flight.
CSO: Hail them.
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Jan-2021 22:57:55
:: nods, triggering the shields up and configuring for atmospheric flight, staring at the viewscreen intently ::
CSO Cdr Wright 06-Jan-2021 22:58:02
:: hails the mystery ship, not sure if there will be too much interference ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:58:11
NAV: Take us in, Mr. Navarro.
NAV Lt Navarro 06-Jan-2021 22:58:41
CO: Yes ma'am. :: Angles the ship into the atmosphere, shedding orbital velocity against their shields ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:59:06
ACTION> The shields light up orange with fire as we enter the atmosphere, and as they die down, the sensors finally identify the mystery ship.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 06-Jan-2021 22:59:06
::Stares out into the void, seeing if there is anyone out there to reach out to.::
XO Cdr Kuari 06-Jan-2021 22:59:07
:: lowers her eye ridges in a Rucara frown ::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:59:11
ACTION> The ship is a Xovul dreadnought.
CMO Lt Tailor 06-Jan-2021 22:59:25
CTO Cpt Grey 06-Jan-2021 22:59:52
:: curses, very fluently and creatively at the final scans returning :: CO:... it's the Xovul. Again.
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 22:59:56
Red alert!
MED Lt Acacia 06-Jan-2021 22:59:57
:: shivers ::
CMO Lt Tailor 06-Jan-2021 23:00:00
::sends casualty prep orders to sickbay::
CO Capt Harper 06-Jan-2021 23:00:01
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