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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
On a snowball world with a narrow temperate band around its equator, the Atlantis crew has been enjoying shore leave in a mountainous region full of alpine meadows and lakes. Higher in the mountains, a hot spring has been located, surrounded by snowy shores. A temporary pier housing a bar has been built over the water, vented so that the steam from the water will help keep party-goers warm while not availing themselves of the spring, and the celebration that spills onto the shore is protected by portable heaters and windbreaks. We will ring in the new year of 2400 in style!
After 30-Dec-2020 00:00:00
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 21:10:52
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 21:11:54
:: stands behind the bar, cleaning the bar with a cloth with one hand, and straightening bottles with the other, looking out over the scene to make sure everything is perfect. ::
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 21:13:35
:: makes her way to the bar first thing :: Zaxiven: I’ll have whatever today’s special is, please~
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 21:14:17
SCENE> The sky is completely clear, putting a canopy of stars on display, along with the band of the Milky Way. Green aurorae dance to their ethereal tune against this backdrop.
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 21:15:08
:: clambers in through the entrance, covered in a light misting of snow having taken a frigid flight, and shakes, splattering flakes that were dry but quickly become wet in the steam, within her immediate vicinity ::
Lexy Wright 30-Dec-2020 21:16:07
:: approaches the bar wearing a retro-style little black dress, but is spangled with costume jewels at her waist, wrists, throat, and ears - she is carrying a heaping tray of Wright Family Traditional Holiday Rumballs, which she sets on the bar with a grin at Zaxiven ::
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 21:17:39
:: senses a bit of a chill as he adjusts the last bottle on the backbar, and so goes to the control panel and turns up the heaters before returning to Emily, but so smoothly and perfectly timed that he arrives where she is when she arrives. :: Hello, Doctor! Tonight's special is going to be quite exquisite, but :: begins mixing :: in the meantime, the drink of the evening is this... :: continues building for another moment :: classic... :: sets a drink in a classic cocktail glass in front of her :: Pomegranate French 75.
:: smiles Denobulanly at Lexy :: Good evening, Commander!
Lexy Wright 30-Dec-2020 21:18:30
:: plucks a rumball off the top and pops it into her mouth ::
Ryleigh Grey 30-Dec-2020 21:18:34
:: is wearing a little dark navy dress of her own, making her way to the bar and glancing at what Emily was getting :: Zaxiven: If it's not an issue, I'd like the same as Emily.
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 21:18:52
:: also takes a rumball, appreciatively ::
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 21:19:08
:: picks up the drink and examines it appreciatively before taking a sip. :: Zaxiven: Thank you! :: she turns, grabbing a rum ball as well :: Lexy: And thank you!
Lexy Wright 30-Dec-2020 21:19:41
:: grins at Emily :: It's tradition.
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 21:19:41
Grey: Of course! :: gets to work and a moment later sets the drink in front of her ::
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 21:20:11
:: eyes the steaming water eagerly and dips a paw in, quickly taking it out and shaking it. It's too hot on her cold skin, so she huddles lengthwise long the edge of the water, warming up ::
Ryleigh Grey 30-Dec-2020 21:20:27
:: takes the drink with a quiet thank you, sipping at it before turning to look over the area ::
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 21:22:35
:: spins in her seat :: Ryleigh: Done anything fun with your shore leave?
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 21:22:40
:: takes a punch bowl and sets it up on the bar for anyone to take some. with Sparkling Pear and Orage Champagne Punch ::
Lexy Wright 30-Dec-2020 21:23:17
:: steps over and helps herself to some punch, looking around for Kate ::
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 21:24:00
:: has been greeting the new arrivals at the beam down point, wearing a sleek white fitted dress embossed with a white floral pattern, her hair down over her shoulders ::
:: as the flow of new arrivals starts to slow, she makes her way over to the bar ::
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 21:24:45
:: sets out a plate on the bar with champagne Jell-o shots. And plenty of them to go around. Several times. ::
Doc Navarro 30-Dec-2020 21:25:09
:: emerges from the water in black board shorts and towels off ::
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 21:25:27
:: grabs a jell-o shot and another rum ball, grinning ::
Lexy Wright 30-Dec-2020 21:25:49
Ooo. :: reaches out and tentatively takes a jell-o shot ::
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 21:26:27
:: snags a rumball and pops it into her mouth before appearing next to Lexy ::
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 21:26:37
:: has melted the frost off her shell by now, her muscles relaxing as she absorbs the warmth from the water so near. Slowly she walks into the water, adjusting to the temperature ::
Lexy Wright 30-Dec-2020 21:27:09
:: starts as Kate appears just as she's reaching for another jell-o shot :: Oh!
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 21:27:48
:: swallows the rumball :: Better than ever! :: grins, even though she sampled them as they were being made ::
Kimiko Suzuki 30-Dec-2020 21:28:05
:: still languishing in the hot water in her gold-tone bikini ::
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 21:28:06
Harper: Always good to see you, Captain. :: has her drink ready and puts it on the bar for her ::
Lexy Wright 30-Dec-2020 21:28:31
:: swats playfully at Kate :: You know I didn't change the recipe.
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 21:28:47
Why, thank you, Zaxiven! :: takes the lovely-looking French 75 ::
Then, explain to me how they get better every year, hmm?
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 21:29:43
:: hangs her thin tongue off the tip of her pointed bottom lip, the warmth seeping into her bones, and eyes Suzuki companionably ::
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 21:30:30
:: sips at the fruity drink, trying to remember if she's had one of these before ::
Kimiko Suzuki 30-Dec-2020 21:30:44
:: rolls her head sideways along her shoulder and sees Kuari there :: Kuari: Oh, hello, Commander. Are you coming in? The water feels amazing.
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 21:31:08
:: finishes off her drink and gets up, shedding her towel-texture blue cover up to reveal a black one-piece artfully twisted bathing suit. She dips her toes in the water, taking it slow by sitting at the side of the water and dangling her legs in first to adjust ::
Doc Navarro 30-Dec-2020 21:31:28
:: takes a jell-o shot, then slides back into the water ::
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 21:31:39
Suzuki: Yes, it does! What a wonderful warmth to look forward to after a freezing flight under the aurora!
Kimiko Suzuki 30-Dec-2020 21:33:16
Kuari: Mm, yes, that does sound very cold. But beautiful, I'm sure.
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 21:33:36
:: nods vigorously ::
Doc Navarro 30-Dec-2020 21:34:09
:: floats over toward Jester and Kuari ::
Ryleigh Grey 30-Dec-2020 21:34:39
:: shrugs lightly at Emily, sipping at her drink slowly :: Emily: Not really, just chilling, making sure to not fall victim to the holiday weight, you know. :: heads over to settle next to Emily, content to stick her legs into the warm water with a sigh :: Emily: What about you?
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 21:35:02
ACTION> A meteor streaks brightly through the sky, taking a couple of seconds to fade.
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 21:35:09
:: steps over to a burner where some fruity syrup is reducing, peers into the large pot, sticks his finger in and tastes it. :: Self: Perfect! :: He takes the syrup off of the burner and removes the autostirrer, pours it into a cooling pot and a few moments later it's ready. He mixes it with some water, puts it into a large carbonator, adds the amaro and Lambrusco, carbonates it, and has another drink ready to hand out as people come up. ::
Lexy Wright 30-Dec-2020 21:35:19
:: spies the meteor and points it out to Kate ::
Kate: Look!
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 21:35:30
:: slowly slides into the water, sinking down until just her nose stuck out of the water. She bobs back up, spotting the meteor with a soft :: Self: ooh~
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 21:35:36
:: glances up just in time to see the streak fade ::
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 21:36:32
:: looks up and sees the meteor as he works, and grins. :: Any who hear: It never gets old, does it?
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 21:36:46
ACTION> A minute later, another meteor follows, but not as bright.
Zax: No, it never does.
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 21:37:16
:: catches the meteor in her wide visual range and looks up, marveling as it quickly fades, then sees the next one ::
Ryleigh Grey 30-Dec-2020 21:37:45
Zax: Definitely not. My husband enjoys watching the sky when we're home.
Doc Navarro 30-Dec-2020 21:38:18
:: floats up next to Jester :: Did you see that?
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 21:39:33
:: watches the sky for a long moment, smiling lightly ::
Kimiko Suzuki 30-Dec-2020 21:39:49
:: opens one eye, having closed them :: Zorro: See what?
Doc Navarro 30-Dec-2020 21:40:21
Jester: Meteors!
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 21:40:41
ACTION> With about a minute between them, give or take several seconds, meteors start to regularly punctuate the auroral dance against the starry canopy with their momentary brilliance.
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 21:41:00
:: is back to prepwork for more interesting drinks. Like the Driven Snow Cocktail. He's manually crushing candy canes. :: All, in an overly sing-songy voice for what he is saying: Drink up, me hearties! I have many drinks for you to sample this evening! But don't let it interrupt your enjoyment of the show above!
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 21:41:42
:: fills her lungs and floats to the top of the water like a duck, her structural weight comparatively lighter than her mass, and paddles back to the water's edge, smiling at Acacia and Grey as she makes to get out of the water ::
Kimiko Suzuki 30-Dec-2020 21:41:51
:: opens her eyes just in time to see one, and then another :: Oooh.
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 21:42:00
:: sees Kuari emerge and waves with a smile ::
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 21:42:07
:: pulls some gingerbread cookies from the oven behind, to go with the Driven Snows ::
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 21:42:20
:: is completely distracted by the sky, watching the auroras and the meteors ::
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 21:42:35
:: the smell of the cookies lures her attention from Kuari and the sky ::
Lexy Wright 30-Dec-2020 21:43:53
:: steps out further from under the cover to marvel upwards ::
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 21:44:27
:: snags a couple of cookies and follows Lexy ::
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 21:45:45
:: sees the Captain headed his way, and starts preparing the drink, dipping the rim of the glass in the candy cane crush, then adding the ice, white chocolate liqueur, blackstrap rum, and ginger liqueur to his shaker, shakes and strains, and pours the mix in the glass. Then, with no one waiting for him, he walks around the bar to Harper, and hands her the drink. :: Harper: You'll want this to go with those.
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 21:45:50
:: exits the water, her eyes on the bar and nose in the air, then shakes again, even though most of the water droplets have shed from her fur as soon as she climbs out ::
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 21:46:19
:: gratefully takes the drink as she walks by :: Zax: Thank you! :: leaves the other empty glass behind ::
:: then offers Lexy a cookie as she steps up beside her to watch the sky ::
Lexy Wright 30-Dec-2020 21:47:18
Kate: He's right. I never get tired of it. :: turns when she is nudged and grins, accepting the cookie and nibbling as she turns her gaze back upward ::
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 21:47:36
:: behind the bar once again, takes a moment to enjoy the enjoyment of his crew. ::
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 21:48:14
Lexy: Me neither, but this sky is especially stunning.
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 21:48:48
:: ambles on all fours until she straightens at the bar, eyeing all the offerings over the bartop with interest ::
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 21:49:11
:: slides back out of the water, keeping an eye to the sky as she makes her way to the bar to grab one of the prepared drinks. She steps back out onto the shore, one again sitting with her feet in the water, this time watching the sky with a drink in hand ::
Lexy Wright 30-Dec-2020 21:49:17
Kate: The skies of alien worlds always fascinate me. So similar and yet so different.
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 21:49:40
:: sniffs, then points her nose towards Kate, sniffing more ::
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 21:49:47
:: eyes Kuari as she eyes the offerings. :: Kuari: Good evening. Commander!
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 21:50:07
:: smiles brightly :: Zaxiven: Hi!
Kimiko Suzuki 30-Dec-2020 21:50:25
:: drowsily :: Zorro: Wouldn't it be a thrill do be able to fly in that sky like Kuari does?
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 21:50:29
Kuari: Happy New Year! What a fireworks show, eh?
:: gestures at the sky ::
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 21:50:48
:: looks up :: Zaxiven: It's so beautiful.
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 21:50:51
Lexy: Different, yet I wonder if our stars are visible from here...
Doc Navarro 30-Dec-2020 21:51:29
Jester: Sí, it would be incredible, I'm sure. A Mustang wouldn't be as fun.
Lexy Wright 30-Dec-2020 21:52:25
:: looks up with the eyes of a trained stellar cartographer :: Hmmm...
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 21:54:12
:: finishes her drink, dutifully returns the glass, then slips back into the water ::
Lexy Wright 30-Dec-2020 21:54:24
:: seriously :: Kate: I'd have to do some calculations.
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 21:55:19
:: laughs and pulls her close :: It was more of a rhetorical question, love.
Doc Navarro 30-Dec-2020 21:55:35
:: sees that Emily's back in the water and waves her over ::
Lexy Wright 30-Dec-2020 21:56:11
Kate: Right. Of course. :: pauses a moment and then laughs at herself :: It's hard to turn it off.
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 21:56:44
:: eyes Zaxiven :: Zaxiven: I smell chocolate.
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 21:56:50
:: slowly wades over to Jester and Zorro, greeting them with a smile before turning back to watch the sky :: Doc/Kimiko: Quite a show, eh?
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 21:56:57
Lexy: I know, but that is something that I love about you.
Kimiko Suzuki 30-Dec-2020 21:57:24
:: is really, really enjoying her lazy lolling in the water, but also wants a drink, and is slowly mentally steeling herself to get up ::
Doc Navarro 30-Dec-2020 21:57:31
Emily: Magnificent. We were just imagining what it would be like to fly in such a sky, like Kuari does.
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 21:58:24
Kuari: Of course you do. Mixed with ginger and candy cane, of course. :: whips up a Driven Snow for Kuari, sets the glass on a saucer, sets two gingerbread cookies next to it, and passes it over the bar to her. ::
Lexy Wright 30-Dec-2020 21:58:36
:: grins at Kate, feeling validated :: Kate: I genuinely can't wait to get back to the ship to scan for the comet that created this shower.
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 21:58:55
:: finds the rumballs and happily and gingerly picks up a few, one at a time, and drops them on her tongue ::
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 21:59:38
Lexy: Of course, I just assumed that part.
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 21:59:39
:: slowly floats along in the water, also really enjoying the heat :: Doc: I imagine it’s the most free one could feel. Certainly looks liberating from the ground.
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 22:00:02
:: receives the plate from Zaxiven, eyeing the drink as she savors the traditional treat from Wright ::
Doc Navarro 30-Dec-2020 22:01:21
Sí, even flying in a Mustang is pretty detached from the environment, flying like that would just be freedom. :: glances at each of them :: Can I get either of you a drink?
Kimiko Suzuki 30-Dec-2020 22:01:29
:: nods at Emily :: Emily: It is already so liberating to fly up there among the stars in a Mustang. I can hardly fathom how much greater that feeling would be if I were flying with my own wings.
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 22:02:20
:: smiles :: Doc: Sure!
Kimiko Suzuki 30-Dec-2020 22:02:50
:: looks at Zorro for a moment with something close to love at the fact that he's offering to do something for her that she didn't want to do herself, but responds in her usual subdued tones :: Zorro: Yes, please. Make it a double.
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 22:03:17
:: leans over to Kuari :: Kuari: Come back when you're done with that. I've got another that I think you'll like. I chose it especially for you.
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 22:03:33
:: looks around, people watching as the luxurious flavor of the rumballs fades on her palate, then sniffs at the Driven Snow, taking a quick lick ::
Doc Navarro 30-Dec-2020 22:03:34
:: dips his head with a smile and wades back to the pier ::
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 22:04:11
:: dips the last of her cookie into her drink before finishing it ::
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 22:05:00
:: sinks down to float on her back, falling silent as she’s learning Suzuki isn’t much one for idle chatter ::
Kimiko Suzuki 30-Dec-2020 22:06:23
:: enjoys a companionable silence with her new... friend. It's strange to her, because she doesn't have many, but she's quite pleased by it. She smiles, closing her eyes again. ::
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 22:07:28
:: takes a moment to adjust to the peppermint, but the draw of chocolate has her tasting it repeatedly until it's half gone, and she turns her attention to the cookies ::
Doc Navarro 30-Dec-2020 22:08:16
:: takes three of the ready-made spiced cherry spritzes and returns to the water :: :: as he passes Grey, he speaks up :: Ryleigh, stop being a wallflower and join us!
Ryleigh Grey 30-Dec-2020 22:09:55
:: startles at the call, attention snapping to Navarro with a grumble, draining the last of her drink before shedding her own dress to slip straight into the water :: Navarro: Didn't have to make me jump... it's not April Fool's. :: ducks under before standing again brushing her hair back ::
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 22:10:23
:: glances over, sitting up a bit and waving as Grey approaches ::
Doc Navarro 30-Dec-2020 22:10:32
Grey: Of course not, it's even better than April Fool's! :: makes his way back to Emily and Jester, then hands them their drinks ::
Lexy Wright 30-Dec-2020 22:11:18
Kate: Want to go for a dip?
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 22:11:28
:: takes the drink with an appreciative smile, taking small sips and watching the others :: Ryleigh: Decided to be social?
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 22:11:32
:: sips at the driven snow, now cookieless, but still enjoyable :: Lexy: I was just about to ask you that!
Ryleigh Grey 30-Dec-2020 22:12:02
:: grumbles, making her way over to the group to join them :: Emily: Navarro. Blame Navarro. :: settles in, relaxing with her friends ::
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 22:12:12
:: eats up the cookies, sweeter than her normal fare, but she's come to appreciate it in small amounts on festive occasions with chocolate, then finishes her drink ::
Lexy Wright 30-Dec-2020 22:12:35
:: takes the driven snow and tastes it, then finishes the rest of it :: Kate: Then let's get more drinks. :: taps the holoemitter in her belt and her dress suddenly shrinks to a black bikini instead ::
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 22:12:52
:: casts a sideways glance at Doc, a knowing smile appreciating his way of bringing people together ::
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 22:13:22
:: does likewise, and her dress reveals that it's actually a white bikini! ::
Doc Navarro 30-Dec-2020 22:13:44
Grey: Parties are more fun with your friends anway! :: raises his glass ::
Kimiko Suzuki 30-Dec-2020 22:13:48
:: accepts the drink with a grateful smile :: Zorro: Thank you. :: almost imperceptibly winks at him ::
Doc Navarro 30-Dec-2020 22:14:41
:: grins as he notices ::
Ryleigh Grey 30-Dec-2020 22:14:57
:: snorts lightly :: Navarro: I tried to skip parties when I could, back when I was in-school.
Doc Navarro 30-Dec-2020 22:15:31
Grey: I doubt any of them were as magnificent as this. :: gestures to the sky ::
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 22:16:15
:: still watching the sky, though she glances at the others :: Ryleigh: It’s okay, I wasn’t big into parties either.
Ryleigh Grey 30-Dec-2020 22:16:37
Navarro: True that. One of the few perks about being starship-assigned versus base-assigned. :: is relaxing in the water ::
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 22:16:39
:: having lost her drink to her wife, she selects one of the spiced cherry spritzes for the next one ::
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 22:17:02
:: gazes up at the sky for a few minutes, the atmosphere of friends, warmth and overall well being making her quite content ::
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 22:17:29
:: notes Kuari's empty glass. :: Kuari: Care for something else? This one I chose for the evening, especially for you.
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 22:18:01
:: and then pops a rumball, as you do ::
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 22:18:16
:: offers wide eyes towards Zaxiven :: Really?
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 22:18:46
Kuari: Indeed! :: Denobulan smiles and begins preparing an Ancho Reyes Original Hot Chocolate for Kuari. ::
Lexy Wright 30-Dec-2020 22:18:57
:: puts a few rumballs and jell-o shots on a plate before grabbing whatever drink she can find ::
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 22:19:47
:: sets the drink upon the bar. :: Kuari: And... here you go.
Wright: Any drink you prefer?
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 22:20:21
:: looks down at the drink curiously, not sure what to do with all the foam, and laps some up ::
Lexy Wright 30-Dec-2020 22:20:51
:: stops eyeing the selection like a deer in the headlights and looks at Zax :: Umm....
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 22:21:11
Wright: Maybe what Kuari's having? Do you like chocolate?
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 22:21:12
:: samples her spritz, then points at it :: Lexy :: This one is good!
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 22:21:26
:: smiles and takes a drink, enjoying the chocolate taste :: Zaxiven: Very good!
Lexy Wright 30-Dec-2020 22:21:41
:: grabs a spritz :: Zax: I'll try this!
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 22:21:55
:: finishes off her drink and wades to the shore to hand it to someone out of the water before wading back, floating on her back to enjoy the sky :: Ryleigh/Doc/Kimiko: Zaxiven really knows what he’s doing.
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 22:22:05
:: hearing Harper drops a maraschino cherry into Wright's drink :: Wright: Enjoy!
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 22:22:07
:: smiles at Lexy :: Thanks for bringing the rumballs!
Doc Navarro 30-Dec-2020 22:22:18
Emily: He is quite the bartender.
Lexy Wright 30-Dec-2020 22:22:44
Zax: Thanks! :: smiles :: Kuari: Oh, of course! I figured people would expect them by now.
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 22:23:35
:: leaves her drink on the pier and slips down into the hot spring, lowering herself until only her head and is above the water, her hair floating around her ::
Ryleigh Grey 30-Dec-2020 22:24:09
Emily/Doc/Kimiko: That he does.
Lexy Wright 30-Dec-2020 22:24:46
:: carefully sets down her plate and drink and slides inch by inch into the hot water ::
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 22:25:16
:: once again falls quiet as she just enjoys the hot water, the sky, and the companionship of her friends ::
Kimiko Suzuki 30-Dec-2020 22:25:19
:: nods in agreement, her eyes still closed again ::
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 22:25:32
ACTION> Five minutes to the new year!
:: dunks her head under ::
Doc Navarro 30-Dec-2020 22:26:21
:: floats contentedly with Emily and Jester, watching the natural fireworks above ::
Lexy Wright 30-Dec-2020 22:26:28
:: her hair is piled atop her head, and she leaves it there ::
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 22:26:47
:: breaks the surface, slicking her hair back and wiping her face before retrieving her drink ::
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 22:27:07
:: prepares the toast cocktails: Blueberry and Thyme Champagne. ::
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 22:27:10
:: picks up her drink, taking chocolate with her to the water, and slips into the water, enjoying the warmth again but careful to keep her drink above the surface ::
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 22:28:19
:: puts enough of the champagnes on a tray for everyone, and takes them over to the water's edge. :: All: Everyone, take one... Take one... :: passes them out ::
Lexy Wright 30-Dec-2020 22:28:39
:: takes one when the tray passes by ::
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 22:28:39
:: since she's nearby, she helps get the toast drinks distributed to those in the water ::
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 22:28:59
:: takes a drink as they’re being handed out :: Self: Oh, is it time?
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 22:29:05
ACTION> One minute to 2400!
Doc Navarro 30-Dec-2020 22:29:15
:: takes a drink and stands up ::
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 22:29:29
ACTION> 30 seconds!
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 22:29:30
:: takes the champagne, setting her empty glass on the tray and holds it, familiar with toasts and waits patiently, excitedly ::
Kimiko Suzuki 30-Dec-2020 22:29:34
:: opens her eyes and takes a drink ::
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 22:29:39
:: sets down the tray, all the drinks passed out, except for one that was enough for him to join in with the toast ::
Ryleigh Grey 30-Dec-2020 22:29:44
:: takes a drink, moving to stand next to Emily, tentatively taking a small sip ::
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 22:29:53
ACTION> The intensity of the meteor shower suddenly starts to rise, with several a minute!
ACTION> Five four three..
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 22:30:05
:: pulls a small PADD out of his pocket ::
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 22:30:05
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 22:30:14
All: Happy new year!
Lexy Wright 30-Dec-2020 22:30:24
:: toasts with Kate, and then kisses her, as is tradition ::
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 22:30:28
All: Happy New Year!
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 22:30:38
:: raises her glass, then kisses Lexy, as is tradition ::
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 22:30:46
:: bellows out happily as people get louder, adding to the chorus of celebration ::
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 22:30:52
:: toasts, then leans over and gives Doc a kiss ::
Ryleigh Grey 30-Dec-2020 22:31:00
All: Happy new year! :: sips at her drink, slightly disappointed Ethan couldn't make down this year, but looks to Emily and Navarro with a light smile ::
Doc Navarro 30-Dec-2020 22:31:03
:: toasts, then leans in to kiss Emily, then Jester ::
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 22:31:28
:: taps the PADD and Auld Lang Syne begins to play all around them. He sings along, loudly. ::
Kimiko Suzuki 30-Dec-2020 22:31:50
:: toasts with Emily and Zorro, initially considering herself to be glad to not participate in public displays of affection, but she is glad when Zorro kisses her. Very confusing. ::
Ryleigh Grey 30-Dec-2020 22:32:34
:: can't help but giggle at the playing of Auld Lang Syne, a song that was common around her house at the New Year's ::
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 22:33:09
:: samples her champagne, not tasting it as much anymore, and it's for the occasion so she goes with it ::
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 22:33:29
:: after the kiss with Lexy, she raises her glass once more :: All: To a new year — no, a new century — of sailing the boundless sea!
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 22:34:09
:: cheers :: All: To Atlantis!
Lexy Wright 30-Dec-2020 22:34:33
:: cheers, raising her glass to that ::
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 22:34:43
To Atlantis!
Ryleigh Grey 30-Dec-2020 22:34:53
:: cheers :: All: To Atlantis!
Kimiko Suzuki 30-Dec-2020 22:34:56
:: drinks to that ::
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 22:35:11
:: raises her half glass, embracing the toast ::
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 22:35:12
:: raises his glass :: All: To Atlantis!
Ilaihr 30-Dec-2020 22:35:28
::Raise a glass, from the corner he's watches on from; sipping it lightly, and staring on.::
Doc Navarro 30-Dec-2020 22:35:29
:: drinks up :: ¡Viva Atlantis!
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 22:35:41
All: To Atlantis!
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 22:36:53
All: And I cannot think of a better crew to sail the boundless sea with than this one, my Atlantis family. To all of you!
ACTION> After Auld Lang Syne finished, lively music follows!
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 22:37:47
:: drinks to the toast, grinning ::
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 22:38:44
:: tips the rest of her glass to her lips, toasting to the crew, but the angle of her head makes her dizzy and she falls sideways, accidentally causing a splash ::
Doc Navarro 30-Dec-2020 22:38:46
:: drinks to that one too, finishing the toast drink, leaving his cherry spritz ::
Lexy Wright 30-Dec-2020 22:39:44
:: doesn't see Kuari fall with the angle she's facing, but turns to look when she hears the commotion ::
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 22:39:49
:: gets splashed in the middle of taking a drink, surprised for a moment before laughing out loud ::
Ryleigh Grey 30-Dec-2020 22:40:23
:: drinks to the toast, feeling the alcohol already starting to affect her and touches Emily's shoulder lightly :: Emily: I'm climbing out. I'm quite a lightweight, and I feel the drinks already affecting me :: startles with a high-pitched yelp at the sudden splash, blinking in surprise :: Kuari: Heavens! Are you okay?
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 22:40:37
:: looks around sheepishly ::
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 22:40:50
:: grins at Kuari as she sets the empty champagne glass on the pier ::
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 22:42:02
:: waves a hand to wave it off, but listens for the answer to Grey’s question :: Ryleigh: If you need to, just sit on the shore. It’s still warm without being hot.
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 22:43:21
:: settles down into the water to float with her remaining drink ::
:: and catches another particularly bright meteor giving off a green flare in its death throes ::
Lexy Wright 30-Dec-2020 22:44:01
:: sits on a seat-height rock at the edge of the water and sips her spritz ::
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 22:44:12
:: safely stows her glass on the pier before she breaks it and continues to enjoy the warm water, friends and show in the sky, clearly tipsy ::
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 22:45:44
:: considers her drink, her fourth one, and notes that she can actually feel its effects, since she normally doesn't drink this much anymore ::
:: decides that it is her last drink for the night ::
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 22:46:25
:: is a bit past tipsy, happily floating in the water and watching the sky with rosy cheeks and a wide grin ::
Doc Navarro 30-Dec-2020 22:47:00
:: sees Emily's grin :: Enjoying yourself? :: grins back ::
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 22:47:04
:: looks around :: All: What else can I get you? I have several more recipes that I'd love to offer you. :: points around the pool ::
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 22:47:27
Zax: I am afraid that this is my last one for the night, Zax.
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 22:47:47
:: shakes her head at Zaxiven, then realizes that was a mistake, her eyes tracking uncertainly ::
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 22:48:07
:: turns to Harper, a slightly disconsolate look on his face ::
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 22:48:08
:: glances over :: Doc: Oh, definitely. Have you had a rum ball yet? They’re tradition~
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 22:48:34
:: and a moment later, back to all smiles as he looks around the spring ::
Doc Navarro 30-Dec-2020 22:48:35
Emily: Of course! I would not miss them!
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 22:48:58
:: replies with a sorry, but you know how it is look ::
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 22:48:59
:: nods dutifully :: Doc: Good, good.
Ryleigh Grey 30-Dec-2020 22:49:07
:: from her position, settled close to a heater :: Zax: I'm good... I don't want to replicate any Morning discomfort tomorrow. :: there's a sort of mischevious glint in her eyes... she has something miserable planned for the marines tomorrow ::
Doc Navarro 30-Dec-2020 22:50:10
Emily: 2399 was an... interesting year, sí?
Ilaihr 30-Dec-2020 22:50:27
::Audibly snores from his seat; his spectacles dropping from the maw of his hood onto his lap.::
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 22:50:52
:: gives a slow nod, thinking :: Doc: Interesting is one word.
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 22:51:00
:: floats by Lexy's feet and curls a finger along the bottom of one foot ::
Ryleigh Grey 30-Dec-2020 22:51:13
:: pauses, before glancing to Zax quickly :: Zax: Actually... do you mind doing another batch of drinks for the Marines here, don't tell them I sent them.
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 22:52:10
Grey: I'll get right on it! Anything you suggest? :: turns to go to work. ::
Doc Navarro 30-Dec-2020 22:52:30
Emily: It seemed like two years. :: chuckles :: Because it was.
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 22:52:30
Doc: Hectic, maybe. :: she chuckles as well ::
Ryleigh Grey 30-Dec-2020 22:53:09
:: hums in quiet thought, before responding :: Zax: Something... you know what, I trust you. Surprise them. :: her tone's definitely mischevious; she's up to something come tomorrow ::
Lexy Wright 30-Dec-2020 22:53:20
:: grins up at the sky ::
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 22:53:59
:: turns back, narrows his eyes, studying her... :: Grey: So... strong and smooth?
Ryleigh Grey 30-Dec-2020 22:54:52
Zax: Definitely.
Doc Navarro 30-Dec-2020 22:55:08
Emily: Well, last year... which seemed like so long ago, I said I was fond of `98.
Emily: `99 wasn't so bad either, all things considered.
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 22:55:50
:: floats by Kuari :: Be sure to drink a lot of water tonight before bed.
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 22:55:52
Doc: Perhaps ‘00 has good things in store for us.
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 22:56:23
:: blinks slowly, replying automatically: Kate: Ooh...kay.
Doc Navarro 30-Dec-2020 22:56:37
Emily: I think it might. :: finds her hand in the water and squeezes it ::
Ilaihr 30-Dec-2020 22:56:37
<Amber Sun> ::Plods by, gently grabbing the spectacles off Ilaihr's lap with his teeth, and places them on the table next to him.::
Doc Navarro 30-Dec-2020 22:57:05
:: then finds Jester's hand with his free one and squeezes it, too ::
Emily Acacia 30-Dec-2020 22:57:15
:: returns the hand squeeze, smiling warmly at him before turning her focus back to the sky ::
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 22:57:34
:: nods :: Grey: I think I see where you're going. :: heads back to the bar, whips something up quickly, and takes it to Grey for sampling. :: Grey: What do you think?
Doc Navarro 30-Dec-2020 22:57:53
:: also returns to watching the spectacular meteor shower and aurora ::
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 22:58:08
Kuari: But, until then, have fun with it. :: winks ::
Kuari 30-Dec-2020 22:58:48
:: smiles, then turns her head back up to look at the stars, enjoying being cocooned in the warm water ::
Ryleigh Grey 30-Dec-2020 22:59:36
:: sips at the drink, nodding in approval :: Zax: Awesome. Do it. :: has no sympathy for what she's planning for the Marines ::
Ilaihr 30-Dec-2020 23:00:04
<Amber Sun> ::Waggles his little tail, as he seemingly stalks the water. Crawling along the pier, before he suddenly charges, and leaps into the water head first. His fur and quills take on an almost whitish hue.::
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 23:00:04
:: nods. :: Grey: They should enjoy this greatly.
Ryleigh Grey 30-Dec-2020 23:00:34
:: winks :: Zax: They won't enjoy it come tomorrow with what I have planned. :: relaxes into the heat, refusing to say anymore ::
Zaxiven 30-Dec-2020 23:00:35
:: whips up the drink in a large punch bowl and sends it to the Marines with orders from their commanding officer to finish it. Essentially, it's a Long Island Iced Tea with everything that's not booze removed. And Blue Curacao in its place. ::
Kate Harper 30-Dec-2020 23:00:40
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