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Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
Around a yellow dwarf star, we have discovered a small planetary system consisting of two terrestrial worlds, one gas giant reminiscent of Jupiter with a more prominent ring system, and one ice giant. A survey of the gas giant revealed life in its atmosphere! Having gathered all the information we need about that fascinating ecosystem, we have moved on to the terrestrial planet in the habitable zone, finding a snowball world with a narrow temperate band around its equator. After an initial away team survey, shore leave has been granted in a mountainous region full of alpine meadows and lakes, free of any dangerous megafauna.
After 16-Dec-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 21:20:47
:: on the shore of an alpine lake, tucking a floating water flower into a sample case ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 21:24:29
:: collects one last soil sample, filling yet another sample case, and stands, stretching ::
CMO Lt Tailor 16-Dec-2020 21:24:51
::investigating what looks like a mass of jellied eggs near the water's edge, keeping a wary eye out for the giant water worm::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Dec-2020 21:25:51
:: looks down, half way up the sheer face of a mountain balanced on one arm and one leg ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 21:25:56
:: with a slight smile, she then picks a couple of lavender flowers from the shore as she stands and looks around for Lexy ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Dec-2020 21:26:51
:: on the same rock face, below Emily a bit, thinking through what he's learned ::
CMO Lt Tailor 16-Dec-2020 21:27:01
::gathers a few eggs into a stasis tube for later examination::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Dec-2020 21:28:27
:: decides and confidently makes a move up ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 16-Dec-2020 21:28:29
:: a bit further above the others, looking for her next handhold ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 21:29:13
:: knuckles her back and takes a deep breath of the clean, cool air ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Dec-2020 21:30:00
:: smiles, glancing at Doc and Suzuki in turn before making her next move upward ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 21:30:47
:: sees Lexy and approaches her, slinging the sample case over her shoulder ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Dec-2020 21:31:35
:: is walking slowly through a meadow after her second teleport down. The last several hours were filled with overseeing shore leave preparations of the crew and passing on everything to the quartermaster. Now, she's taking in a deep breath of the fresh, crisp air, her left eye always watchfully trained on the small spidery monkey creature clinging fearfully to the hook of one of her wings ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Dec-2020 21:31:53
:: plants his foot and pushes up to another handhold, glad that he doesn't have to do this without proper equipment ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 21:32:23
:: turns and sees Kate approaching her, and ventures a tentative smile :: CO: You're finished too?
CTO Cpt Grey 16-Dec-2020 21:33:21
:: is pacing the area, checking her scanner every so often to make sure everyone was where they should be... hopefully ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 16-Dec-2020 21:33:32
:: is always excited to climb in the wild on a new planet. She keeps a map of all the planets she has climbed on, and is thinking with pleasure about adding this one as she heaves herself up to the next position ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 21:33:50
:: nods and grins, then extends a hand, clutching one of the lavender flowers between her thumb and forefinger :: Here. I thought you might like this.
:: she tucks the other one into her hair, behind her ear ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Dec-2020 21:34:38
:: thinks again about the holodeck training he's been taking, and sees his next move ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 21:34:42
:: accepts the flower, smells it, and inspects it before likewise tucking it behind her own ear ::
CO: Thank you. :: smiles ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Dec-2020 21:35:28
:: keeps a leisurely pace, less used to climbing in the wild than Suzuki but having almost as much fun ::
CMO Lt Tailor 16-Dec-2020 21:36:04
::taps her badge to go up to the science lab to offload her very full sample bag:: aOPS: One to beam up. ::shimmers away::
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 21:36:18
CSO: Of course, love. :: she takes in a lungful of the crisp air :: Not our usual vacation climate, but it is beautiful here.
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Dec-2020 21:36:33
:: makes the move and gains a meter ::
:: was never much of a climber, but dating two climbers had a way of getting him interested ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 21:37:40
CO: Indeed. It is always fascinating to see worlds at this stage in their evolution. I can't help but wonder what it'll be like in a billion years or so.
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 21:38:04
:: chuckles :: CSO: Maybe it will be the next Risa.
CMO Lt Tailor 16-Dec-2020 21:39:15
::reassembles from the blue sparkles, and begins unpacking her bag's contents onto the counter in the science lab before beginning the process of cataloguing and storing them for research::
CTO Cpt Grey 16-Dec-2020 21:39:35
:: glances towards her scanner once again, checking everyone's locations again... there was something reassuring seeing everyone safe and sound even though some... may not have been entirely safe in her mind ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 16-Dec-2020 21:39:40
:: distracted by her thoughts, almost doesn't react in time to her left foothold beginning to crumble, but shifts her weight in time and calls a rock warning down below, internally cursing herself for being careless ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Dec-2020 21:40:10
:: watches the rock whiz past ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Dec-2020 21:41:21
:: dodges the falling rock by shifting left, narrowly missing it. She grins, taking another big step up ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Dec-2020 21:42:01
:: eyes his safety belt, glad to see the green light still comfortingly on, then moves up again ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 21:42:38
CSO: I wonder if anyone visited our worlds a billion years ago and did science.
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Dec-2020 21:44:00
:: draws the monkey closer to her face, smiling encouragingly. She wonders if he grew up in captivity and that's why he is afraid of the wild expanse, or is simply not used to this biome, or is just cold. Kuari mimics his beeping sound, but he does not respond. Taking pity on him, she sits and gently opens her pouch, lowering the monkey near it invitingly. He doesn't move other than quivering, so Kuari gently pulls him off her wing and gently folds him into it. Standing back up, she looks around briefly, picks a direction towards mountains, and takes flight ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 21:44:49
:: grins excitedly at Kate at the thought :: CO: Wouldn't that be fascinating?
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Dec-2020 21:45:03
:: knows that Jester is kicking herself for that, so he takes the opportunity to pause and reassess, in the pursuit of focus ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 16-Dec-2020 21:45:51
:: Calls down :: Both: Sorry. :: takes a moment to breathe and recenter her focus ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 21:46:30
:: nods eagerly :: CSO: It would! Studying the Gencodians hundreds of centuries ago is exciting enough, but could you imagine finding evidence of an advanced precursor civilization from deep time?
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 21:46:53
:: makes the mind blown gesture with her hands ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Dec-2020 21:46:56
:: clears his mind and examines the wall above ::
CTO Cpt Grey 16-Dec-2020 21:47:01
:: takes advantage to lean into her husband, who appeared right behind her; both relaxing as they looked over the scenery... this landscape strangely reminded both of home, of family ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Dec-2020 21:47:08
:: chuckles, not minding it at all, but knowing Suzuki does :: Both: I’m good!
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Dec-2020 21:47:37
Both: Missed me by a full kilo!
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 21:48:38
:: chuckles and grins :: Right?
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 16-Dec-2020 21:48:53
:: focusing, she eyes her next few moves and considers ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 21:49:16
CO: Are we ready to beam these cases to the lab?
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 21:49:48
CSO: Yes, I think so. It certainly beats carrying them around, yes? :: places hers in a clear spot ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 21:50:14
:: places hers next to it ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Dec-2020 21:51:16
:: does her best to keep up, but Kimiko manages to keep the lead ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 21:52:32
:: steps back, glad to be rid of the case ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Dec-2020 21:53:06
:: has no illusions about taking the lead, but is at least glad to be able to keep up ::
:: spies a promising-looking series and advances three times with a pause between each ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 16-Dec-2020 21:53:34
:: makes her next three moves in rapid succession, and pulls herself up onto a small ledge, large enough for a brief respite ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Dec-2020 21:54:40
:: makes it to the ledge a good ten seconds later, pulling herself up to sit with a huff ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Dec-2020 21:55:02
:: angles toward the ledge, but with a few moves to go ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 21:55:09
:: calls the computer to beam the sample cases to the lab ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 16-Dec-2020 21:55:43
:: helps up Emily and Zorro when they arrive ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Dec-2020 21:55:45
:: flies straight for quite a while, her only movements the repetitive flapping of her wings, and eventually she feels her pet swirm around against her lower belly. When it stops, she looks down to see his little face peeking out from her pouch. She beeps happily at him, but he doesn't respond and looks around at the world below ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 21:55:59
:: watches them shimmer away before retrieving her backpack from where she left it before gathering the samples here ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Dec-2020 21:56:14
:: grins, taking a moment to catch her breath and look out over the scenery ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Dec-2020 21:56:15
:: arrives a minute or so behind the two women, grateful for the break ::
:: leans back against the wall, catching his breath ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 21:58:18
:: shoulders the pack and takes a drink of water, looking around for their next likely destination ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 16-Dec-2020 21:58:47
Both: We're almost there. The top is only about 20 meters up.
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 21:59:13
CO: Okay, your turn to pick. :: retrieving her own backpack ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Dec-2020 21:59:29
:: nods, glancing down and then up the mountain face :: Both: Nice.
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Dec-2020 21:59:39
Both: 20 meters I'll definitely feel in the morning. :: chuckles ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 22:00:04
CSO: I think there is another lake farther up that way. :: points ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 22:00:16
NAV: But once we get there, we can have that picnic we planned. :: in her usual deadpan manner ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Dec-2020 22:00:37
:: chuckles, nudging Doc :: NAV: Plus that’s half the fun!
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 22:00:42
CO: I'm up for the hike if you are.
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Dec-2020 22:01:49
:: laughs :: Both: Sí, sí. I've been looking forward to that picnic anyway.
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 22:02:33
:: smiles at her wife and sets off up the slope :: CSO: There is a waterfall, too, if I am remembering the survey correctly.
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 22:02:57
:: falls into step next to Kate :: CO: Oooh, I love a good waterfall.
MED Lt Acacia 16-Dec-2020 22:04:08
:: gives a ‘you first’ gesture to Suzuki ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 16-Dec-2020 22:04:58
:: give Emily a serious nod and turns back to the rock face, studying it for a moment before beginning her upward trek ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Dec-2020 22:05:54
:: turns back toward the rock face, following close behind on similar footholds ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Dec-2020 22:06:19
:: takes a deep breath and sets up after them ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 22:06:46
:: enjoying the sun and fresh air, along with not being concerned with how she'll be able to eat or find shelter, she clasps Lexy's hand as they walk through the unspoiled wilderness ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 22:08:20
:: holds Kate's hand somewhat tightly, as the memory of being lost in the wilderness without her creeps back into her mind ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 22:09:29
CSO: This place has a similar climate to where we were... but this situation is infinitely better.
MED Lt Acacia 16-Dec-2020 22:10:03
:: almost keeps up, but keeps getting distracted by their view over the woods, thoughts of their time stranded somehow creeping in ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Dec-2020 22:10:10
:: doesn't let the nearness of the top give him summit fever as he forces himself to remain slow and calculating with his choices ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 16-Dec-2020 22:10:11
:: trusting her companions to go at their own pace, she goes at hers, moving quickly but cautiously upward toward their goal ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 22:11:29
:: turns to her as they walk :: CSO: It is a nice way to get back to enjoying the wilds again, I think.
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Dec-2020 22:11:36
:: soars over a craggy slope, looking down between the rocks as she passes. Curious, she turns around and lands on one of the outcroppings, peering into the shadows. One of the rocks broke open, and the shards inside refracted just enough light to have got her attention. Reaching down, she picks up a small piece and brings it out into the light and gasps at the rainbow of colors within the crystal ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Dec-2020 22:12:33
:: shakes off the weird feeling, peering past Suzuki at the top of the mountain, picking up her pace as she gets excited to finish ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Dec-2020 22:12:49
:: a cold breeze blows by, and he's suddenly reminded of fishing in a freezing river, eliciting a chuckle ::
:: shakes his head and looks up, moving twice ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 22:15:31
:: tries to relax :: CO: Yeah. I don't know if I'll ever forget, but at least it'll get easier to trust that reality stays stable with time.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 16-Dec-2020 22:16:30
:: has no memories of that world far in the past, because she wasn't there ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 22:17:39
CSO: We all deal with it in different and sometimes unexpected ways. :: smirks :: I never expected to find myself hesitating on one of my favorite beaches back home.
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 22:17:59
:: looks over at Kate curiously ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Dec-2020 22:18:34
:: nearly catches up with Kimiko, then cools her pace ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 16-Dec-2020 22:19:12
:: nears the top ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 22:19:24
CSO: You know, when we went back to the nude beach and I hesitated to disrobe.
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Dec-2020 22:19:28
:: shows the crystal to her pet, but there's still no response as he stares at the colorful find. Carefully extracting the monkey from her pouch, she puts the crystal deep into it then offers him back his spot. This time, he immediately crawls inside. Smiling to herself, she looks around and takes flight again ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 22:20:31
CO: I guess I don't think of you as being vulnerable to that sort of thing sometimes.
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Dec-2020 22:20:50
:: moves up again, not as far behind now since this part of the climb is shorter ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 22:21:34
CSO: Anyone who was there and claims not to have been affected by it is probably lying.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 16-Dec-2020 22:21:55
:: with one final push, pulls herself up and over the top to find a small, flower-covered alpine meadow tucked between the crags coming up the sides ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 22:22:19
:: simply nods in silent agreement ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 22:22:33
:: tilts her head :: CSO: Hey... listen...
MED Lt Acacia 16-Dec-2020 22:22:45
:: rolls into the meadow with a sigh, staring up at the sky for a few moments and just breathing ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 22:23:06
:: looks at Kate, listening ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 22:23:22
CSO: I think it is a waterfall!
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 22:23:43
:: surprised :: CO: Already?
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 22:24:34
CSO: Well, maybe not the waterfall we are looking for quite yet.
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 22:24:49
CO: I do love a good waterfall.
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Dec-2020 22:25:12
:: has to reach just a tiny bit farther than he is comfortable with to make the next move up, but manages it ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 22:25:32
CSO: Everybody loves a good waterfall! :: grins and heads toward the sound ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 16-Dec-2020 22:25:44
:: Up and ready to help Zorro up when he arrives ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 22:25:55
:: follows ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Dec-2020 22:26:20
:: slowly sits up, watching Doc arrive with a smile ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Dec-2020 22:26:40
:: reaches the edge of the treeline and nears a larger, sturdy-looking one. Gingerly she tries to land near the top, but alighting on trees can be difficult when you can't flap into branches. She manages to grasp the limbs and trunk without breaking anything. She would consider herself rusty, but since she grew up landing in trees, it's what humans say is like riding a hoverbike. She settles down and wraps her tail around the trunk and checks on her pet. His large eyes look up at her, then at the tree ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Dec-2020 22:26:43
:: accepts the help as he crests the top of the cliff :: Gracias.
:: sits down, breathing a little heavily, but is too proud to flop onto his back ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Dec-2020 22:28:14
:: goes into her backpack first because she has the blanket. She retrieves it and begins unrolling it, gesturing for the others to sit ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Dec-2020 22:29:05
:: takes a seat on the blanket and starts retrieving food from his pack, laying it out ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 16-Dec-2020 22:30:25
:: sits on the blanket and pulls out the wine and utensils from her backpack ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 22:31:24
:: comes to a small waterfall along a river, a bit of mist along its base giving way to rapidly-moving water over smooth stones ::
:: pulls out her holocamera and snaps a picture ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Dec-2020 22:31:57
:: unpacks the side dishes that were in her pack as well, patting her legs with a satisfied hum before getting started pouring the wine ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 22:32:47
:: kneels by the water, the reaches in and plucks out a smooth pink stone ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Dec-2020 22:32:57
MED: Tell me that is rioja. :: grins at Emily ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 22:33:33
:: takes another shot of Lexy kneeling by the river ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Dec-2020 22:34:01
:: checks the label, then chuckles :: NAV: Sí.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 16-Dec-2020 22:34:47
:: pulls out yet more food from her backpack as well, arranging everything on the blanket ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Dec-2020 22:35:01
:: nods gratefully as he takes a glass :: MED: Gracias. Though, at this point, I would even drink something from California.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 16-Dec-2020 22:35:21
Both: The thing about climbing is that it always builds up a great appetite.
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Dec-2020 22:35:37
:: watches as her small spidery friend crawls out of the pouch on his own and flutters his hummingbird-like wings, landing on a branch ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Dec-2020 22:36:25
:: raises both eyebrows at the diss on California, grinning :: NAV2: Indeed. I’m starving!
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Dec-2020 22:36:57
NAV2: It sure does! I could eat, well, everything.
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 22:37:14
CSO: I think our lake must be upstream.
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 22:37:33
:: looks at the stone and smiles, putting it in her pocket as she stands up :: CO: Let's go, then.
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 22:38:04
:: takes her hand again and they set off upstream, following the river ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Dec-2020 22:39:16
:: begins making a plate from the selection, handing off serving utensils as she’s done with them ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Dec-2020 22:39:35
:: joins in the plate-making after a nice drink of the wine ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 22:40:21
:: an hour or so later, the river starts to widen, then considerably so, until they are standing on the shore of a lake fed by a much larger waterfall than the previous one ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 16-Dec-2020 22:41:30
:: also makes a plate, selecting a little of everything with a nimble pair of chopsticks ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Dec-2020 22:42:07
:: leans back and talks in between popping olives into his mouth :: Both: That was a great climb.
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Dec-2020 22:42:43
:: smiles and looks out over the mountain range from their tree, the snowcaps in the distance along the horizon, and the valley that they came from in the other direction, sitting in companionable silence ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 22:43:08
:: notices that the shadows are starting to lengthen :: Lexy: This lake would probably have a great place to camp for the night.
MED Lt Acacia 16-Dec-2020 22:43:18
:: speaks between pauses as she savors the vegetables :: NAV: Agreed.
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 22:44:29
:: looks around, nodding :: CO: As long as we have our heated tent and other modern amenities, I'm game.
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 22:45:32
:: pats her backpack and grins :: CSO: Oh, we do. :: starts toward the waterfall, looking for a nice spot to spend the night ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 22:47:27
CO: How about here, next to the waterfall?
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 22:47:48
CSO: Sure. That is some nice white noise to sleep by.
:: puts down her backpack and starts unpacking gear ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Dec-2020 22:48:28
:: digs into the meal and the wine, thoroughly enjoying herself ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 22:48:41
:: finds a clear spot and sets down her backpack, opening it up and pulling out the holofire heater ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 16-Dec-2020 22:49:27
Both: You know, I enjoy spending time with the two of you. Usually I prefer to climb alone, but... I appreciate the company.
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 22:50:19
:: sets up the heated tent with a comfy mattress inside ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Dec-2020 22:50:58
NAV2: I don’t know that I would have done this without you. It was nice. And I appreciate your company too.
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 22:51:03
:: pulls out two heated camp stools and sets them up in front of the heater ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Dec-2020 22:51:50
:: smiles at both of them :: NAV2: It's a good time, yes. I was never a climber before meeting you two, so I'm just glad to be able to keep up. Mostly.
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 22:52:42
CSO: It is so much easier this way, yes?
MED Lt Acacia 16-Dec-2020 22:53:01
:: smiles, offering a cheers ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Dec-2020 22:53:13
:: raises his wine and clinks it ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 22:53:24
CO: Indeed. Though I've been thinking it might not be a bad idea to do some holodeck survival just to keep skills from getting rusty.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 16-Dec-2020 22:53:32
:: clinks her glass with theirs ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Dec-2020 22:53:52
:: hears a scritching sound and looks over to see the monkey deftly darting from one branch to another. She watches for a time, and he finally flutters over to her and climbs back into her pouch, poking his little head out again. She can feel his shivering, and Kuari shivers herself, sitting at the top of a tree in the cold wind. She offers him a small beeping sound, and is rewarded when he finally beeps back! She smiles wider :: Self: I think I've decided on your name. Hello, Beep.
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 22:53:55
CSO: That could be valuable training for the whole crew, yes. Buuuuut, give it a little more time.
:: settles down by the fire and starts heating up some food; its flames may be holographic, but it gives off real heat ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 22:55:14
:: sits on the other stool, surveying the clearing in the waning light ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 22:56:41
:: cuddles up against Lexy ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Dec-2020 22:57:27
:: dives off the branch to gain some distance before flapping, then turns and searches to get her bearings, finally pointing towards a destination she knows others have beamed down to. Exploring was fun, but creature comforts of home sound very good right now, the exercise and the cold in her bones having her wish for a warm fire and a good meal ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Dec-2020 22:58:13
:: is just happy to slowly be chasing away the chill from her bones ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Dec-2020 22:58:27
:: drinks from his glass and digs in to the meat and cheese on his plate ::
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 16-Dec-2020 22:59:23
:: pops more pickled veggies into her mouth and chews in happiness ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 22:59:36
:: eyes her wife, then the tent, and then Lexy again as a mischievous smile spreads across her face :: CSO: I wonder if anyone visited our worlds a billion years ago and did something other than science?
MED Lt Acacia 16-Dec-2020 23:00:23
:: smiles with a mouth full of food, enjoying the variety they’d brought ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Dec-2020 23:00:53
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