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Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
Around a yellow dwarf star, we have discovered a small planetary system consisting of two terrestrial worlds, one gas giant reminiscent of Jupiter with a more prominent ring system, and one ice giant. A survey of the gas giant revealed life in its atmosphere! Slowly-sinking microbes purified hydrogen from the atmosphere were preyed upon by giant balloon-like creatures who used the hydrogen to stay aloft, along with winged filter-feeding hunters. Having gathered all the information we need about that fascinating ecosystem, we have also finished surveying the gas giant's dozens of moons and are ready to move on.
After 09-Dec-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 21:15:54
:: stands, hands on her hips and a smile on her face :: CSO: So, where to next?
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 21:17:42
:: looking down at the system readout :: CO: There's two terran planets, one in the habitable zone. Perhaps we should go take a look.
MED Lt Acacia 09-Dec-2020 21:18:18
:: is partly distracted by working on her reports, occasionally glancing up as the surveying goes on ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 21:18:25
:: nods :: NAV: Mr. Navarro, take us to the planet in the habitable zone.
NAV Lt Navarro 09-Dec-2020 21:19:05
CO: Sí, capitana. :: arcs the ship away from the gas giant and toward the star, then engages low warp ::
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Dec-2020 21:19:44
:: is compiling a report of the gas giant's creatures for starfleet medical ::
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Dec-2020 21:20:20
:: from her seat, a small upwards turn at the back of her mouth, watches the happenings no the bridge as their discovery unfolds ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 21:20:21
:: settles back into her chair for the short flight to their next stop ::
CTO Cpt Grey 09-Dec-2020 21:20:25
:: is checking her own reports, focused on the work ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 21:20:58
:: is a bit apprehensive for no logical reason, given what they found at their last habitable planet and the feelings she still has about it ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 21:21:53
ACTION> Several minutes later, Atlantis exits warp, approaching a planet that appears to be mostly white...
:: narrows her eyes at the viewer ::
MED Lt Acacia 09-Dec-2020 21:22:19
:: keeps herself busy to keep the foreboding feelings away ::
NAV Lt Navarro 09-Dec-2020 21:22:25
CO: We're on standard orbital approach, ma'am.
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 21:23:28
NAV: Thank you, Doc. Now what do we have here...?
SCENE> As the planet grows on the main viewer, the white areas resolve into sheets of ice. Save for a more temperate green and blue area around the equator, this planet is mostly frozen over.
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 21:25:21
Self: Oooh. Nearly a snowball planet.
MED Lt Acacia 09-Dec-2020 21:25:24
:: pauses to get a good look at the planet, letting out a quiet :: Self: Hm.
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 21:25:45
:: begins running preliminary scans ::
CTO Cpt Grey 09-Dec-2020 21:26:14
:: glances up at the viewscreen in curiosity ::
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Dec-2020 21:26:39
:: studies the planet on the main viewer, curious about the comparatively small area of temperate :: Self: Interesting.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 09-Dec-2020 21:26:44
::Ponders idly, checking over the ships systems reports; making sure no damage was taken from the gas giant.::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 21:26:56
CO: The atmosphere is breathable, Captain.
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Dec-2020 21:27:23
::looks up from her report::
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 21:28:59
:: stands, the report of a breathable atmosphere causing a smile to spread across her face as she eyes the equatorial area :: CSO: What is the temperature in that less-than-frozen bit?
MED Lt Acacia 09-Dec-2020 21:30:32
:: smiles lightly, already knowing where this is going ::
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Dec-2020 21:31:00
:: smiles a bit more and looks to Wright for the answer ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 21:32:21
CO: It varies between 5 and 14 C in the daylight areas. Various plant life, some smaller animal life as well.
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 21:32:55
:: looks around the bridge:: Who could use some fresh air?
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 21:33:33
:: already fumbling for her sample bag ::
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Dec-2020 21:33:49
CO: Me!
CTO Cpt Grey 09-Dec-2020 21:33:53
:: grins happily :: CO: I could!
MED Lt Acacia 09-Dec-2020 21:34:20
:: looks at Tailor, then back to the Captain ::
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Dec-2020 21:34:33
All: Sure, why not. ::looks to Acacia::
MED Lt Acacia 09-Dec-2020 21:35:08
CO: I could as well.
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 21:36:01
XO: Then it is settled! We will take a bit of shore leave to explore.
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Dec-2020 21:37:11
:: nods curtly for a semblance of professionalism and turns to her console to initiate shore leave protocols ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 21:37:32
:: scanning for a suitable area ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 09-Dec-2020 21:38:20
::Shakes himself out of concentration, as he registers the conversation going on around him.:: CO: I could certainly use the contact with nature.
NAV Lt Navarro 09-Dec-2020 21:38:31
:: once the ship is in the proper orbit, he checks the readings one more time and is satisfied ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 21:38:50
CEO: It is more fun when not fighting it for survival, yes?
MED Lt Acacia 09-Dec-2020 21:39:07
:: shivers at that thought ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 21:39:30
CO: Shuttle or transporter?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 09-Dec-2020 21:39:52
CO: I find it gratifying either way.
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 21:41:02
CSO: Transporter will suffice. We can go down as a group to scout, and if everything looks good, spread out from there.
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 21:41:23
:: narrows her search to beamdown sites ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 21:42:56
All: Meet in the transporter room in twenty minutes if you want to be in the first group down.
MED Lt Acacia 09-Dec-2020 21:43:49
:: nods and gets up, heading for the turbolift. ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 21:44:12
All: Dress warmly, it would seem. Uniforms optional, though, since this will be leave once we have established the place as safe.
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Dec-2020 21:44:37
:: makes sure her station is locked and that the bridge is passed on to some unfortunate soul before leaving the bridge to prepare ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 21:44:53
:: locks her station and grabs her sample bag, heading for the turbolift and quarters to change ::
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Dec-2020 21:45:04
::gets up, heading for 'lift also, thinking about the equipment she should bring with her:: CSO: What's the terrain like?
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 21:45:07
:: walks along with Lexy ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 09-Dec-2020 21:45:23
::Chuckles at the mention of warm clothes; looking forward to feeling real cold for the first time in a long time.::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 21:45:37
CMO: The beamdown site I chose is an alpine meadow, surrounded by mountains, with a lake nearby.
MED Lt Acacia 09-Dec-2020 21:45:43
:: stops at the medical research lab to grab her sample kit, replicates a warm coat, and changes on her office ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 21:46:07
ACTION> Twenty minutes later...
MED Lt Acacia 09-Dec-2020 21:46:52
:: is in the transporter room early, awaiting the others, dressed for a winter expedition ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 21:46:55
:: arrives in the transporter room in a green turtleneck, multi-pocketed jacket, jeans, and boots ::
CTO Cpt Grey 09-Dec-2020 21:47:55
:: is in a blue turtleneck with jeans and boots, dressed for a winter exploration as she enters the transporter room ::
NAV Lt Navarro 09-Dec-2020 21:48:05
:: shows up in the TR, not wanting to miss this chance ::
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Dec-2020 21:48:20
::arrives at the TR dressed in layers with a coat, small pack with water, snack, medical emergency kit, a sample kit, along with hiking type boots and a rope and climbing equipment, just in case. Also didn't forget the sunglasses and hat, with some sunscreen...::
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Dec-2020 21:49:42
:: appears next to the rest of the away team in her usual look, not wearing anything but looking around eagerly ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 21:50:10
:: also arrives, wearing a pink puffy jacket, slim-fitted khakis, hiking boots, the sample bag, and a backpack with emergency supplies - her hair is pulled into a ponytail and tucked into a matching pink slouchy knit hat ::
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Dec-2020 21:50:15
:: ... and alpine hiking poles::
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 21:50:24
:: steps up on the transporter pad and waits the rest of the crew ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 21:50:33
:: steps up ::
MED Lt Acacia 09-Dec-2020 21:50:41
:: has her own backpack full of supplies, but feels reassured that others do as well. She joins the others on the transporter pad, looking around ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 09-Dec-2020 21:51:22
::Arrives in the transporter room, clad in his usual long, deep hooded robe, carrying his cane as it gently glows; riding atop Amber Sun. The Salbjorn looking quite excited at the prospect.::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 21:51:38
:: claps excitedly to see Amber Sun ::
MED Lt Acacia 09-Dec-2020 21:52:01
:: grins at the pair ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 21:52:16
:: smiles as Ilaihr and Amber Sun enter ::
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Dec-2020 21:52:20
::grins at Amber and Ilaihr::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 09-Dec-2020 21:53:42
Aloud: Captain... ::Nods.:: Everyone. ::Lowers his eyes to Amber Sun before looking back to the group.:: CO: I thought it prudent to bring a natural survivalist with us. And I believe this will be his first alien planet.
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Dec-2020 21:54:12
:: looks at everyone and their thick clothing, wishing she had a winter coat, but is excited nonetheless ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 21:54:14
CEO: Good thinking, and for him, Earth was an alien planet. :: winks ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 09-Dec-2020 21:55:33
<Amber Sun> CO: But... you no know this planet either. ::Gives a big toothy grin, as he struts up the transporter pad.:: Eduda showed me all about Errrath.
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 21:55:56
Amber Sun: That is the beauty of it!
ACTION> The shore leave scouting party shimmers away from the familiar confines of the transporter room...
CTO Cpt Grey 09-Dec-2020 21:57:19
:: is ready and eager ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 21:58:14
SCENE> We appear in an alpine meadow, dotted by flowers. Sharp, snow-covered peaks dot the crystalline blue sky all around us, and a lake can be seen a little ways down, its waters a still reflection of the natural splendor of the area.
:: takes a deep breath of the alpine air ::
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Dec-2020 21:58:55
::Looks around, immediately curious about the lake and what's living in it::
MED Lt Acacia 09-Dec-2020 21:59:03
:: starts grabbing small samples of plants, like plucking flower petals and grass blades ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 09-Dec-2020 21:59:26
<Amber Sun> ::Sniffs the air, all sorts of scents being carried on the wind, all foreign and excitingly new to his senses.::
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Dec-2020 21:59:29
:: also breathes in deeply, taking in the combination of scents ::
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Dec-2020 21:59:33
::gets out her sample kit and starts running scans of the plant life, and small insects that she finds::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 21:59:58
:: inhales, tasting the air and pulling out her tricorder ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 22:00:04
:: looks around, gratefully taking in the scene, and finally turns to Kuari :: XO: Care to stretch your wings a bit and get us a Rucara's eye view of the area?
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Dec-2020 22:00:35
All: Have we run geological scans to find out what's underneath the surface?
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Dec-2020 22:00:41
:: grins at Harper and stretches her wings out experimentally, using them far less than she would like to ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 09-Dec-2020 22:00:48
<Amber Sun> CO/XO: Can follow? ::Seems rearing to run.::
NAV Lt Navarro 09-Dec-2020 22:01:17
: nodding in satisfaction as he looks around ::
MED Lt Acacia 09-Dec-2020 22:01:21
:: finishes her first sampling and takes a few scans, listening to the others with a small smile ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 22:01:28
CMO: There is no dangerous seismic activity in the area, if that's what you mean. I did check for that.
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 22:01:38
:: nods to Amber Sun and offers an encouraging grin :: Go ahead!
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Dec-2020 22:01:58
:: turns with a smile to Amber Sun, sharing excitement, then trots off a ways to beat her wings, testing the air's resistance ::
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Dec-2020 22:02:08
CSO: Not exactly. More like I'm curious about cave systems and underground life...
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 09-Dec-2020 22:02:10
Amber Sun: Hey now wait a mom.....
<Amber Sun> ::The Bear races off like a whippet, almost galloping like a horse.::
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Dec-2020 22:03:25
:: is spurred on by Amber Sun and takes flight in the same direction, instantly drawn towards the higher view of the surroundings ::
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Dec-2020 22:03:26
::watches as Amber Sun races off:: Self: Didn't think he could go that fast...
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 09-Dec-2020 22:04:05
::Holds on tight with one hand, hold on for dear life.::
CTO Cpt Grey 09-Dec-2020 22:04:21
:: shakes her head at seeing Amber Sun and Kuari taking off, settling on a rock nearby to watch and relax ::
NAV Lt Navarro 09-Dec-2020 22:04:23
:: hovers near Emily, but is also thinking that Jester will love this place when she gets to come down ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 22:04:43
:: laughs at the sight of Ilaihr valiantly trying to hold on to the galloping bear! ::
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Dec-2020 22:05:27
::scans the soil, looking for microorganisms along with bigger creatures::
MED Lt Acacia 09-Dec-2020 22:05:42
:: glances up at Doc and smiles, but seems fascinated by her scan results ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 22:05:52
:: gathering soil samples ::
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Dec-2020 22:05:52
Self: Mycelium... hm... ::keeps scanning::
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 22:06:57
CSO: Could you use a hand?
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Dec-2020 22:07:47
:: is bombarded by a strong, cold wind as she flies, once again wishing she had a winter coat developed, but enjoys the scenery all the same. The lake is a big mirror, mostly reflecting the sky from her new angle, and she turns her attention to the treelines, getting a feel for the macrosystem of the area ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 22:07:56
:: holds up a finger and pulls off her backpack, pulling out a second, smaller sample case and handing it to Kate ::
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Dec-2020 22:07:57
::turns up some small nodules that upon closer inspection, resemble small insect eggs:::
NAV Lt Navarro 09-Dec-2020 22:08:20
MED: More genetic sequences for the collection?
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Dec-2020 22:08:36
::collects the specimens in one of the sample containers::
MED Lt Acacia 09-Dec-2020 22:08:44
:: raises a finger to her grinning lips and winks, giving the slightest nod ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 22:08:49
:: takes the case and starts collecting samples like the scientist of her youth ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 09-Dec-2020 22:09:11
::Raises his cane in the air, as the gem at it's head begins to glow more brightly in the light. His eye now a milky white, as he scans the environment with his heightened senses.::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 22:09:22
:: begins sampling the meadow's vegetation, and collecting detailed scans of animal life ::
MED Lt Acacia 09-Dec-2020 22:10:49
:: uses her scanner to find fur from an animal in the meadow, quite pleased as she tucks it into a sample tube ::
NAV Lt Navarro 09-Dec-2020 22:11:26
:: shuts up and puts on a pair of aviator-frame sunglasses ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 22:13:46
:: meanders her way toward the lake ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 22:13:54
:: corrals an unfortunate bug and stores it in a case ::
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Dec-2020 22:15:08
::moves down the hill to the small lake, scanning as she goes; finding in no particular order on the way, a small lizard like creature, a swarm of large pillbug type insects, and a spiky marmot type being::
MED Lt Acacia 09-Dec-2020 22:16:09
:: keeps within visual range of Tailor, taking samples as she goes, also managing to snag an unfortunate beetle-like insect ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 09-Dec-2020 22:16:21
<Amber Sun> ::Looks around at the snowy peaks, then along to the shimmering water.:: ~XO~: Can hear? ::Concentrates harder.:: CAN HEAR?!?!?! ::Tries to see what Kuari is seeing.:: Look pretty down on ground.
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 22:17:26
:: at the edge of the lake, scanning the water before coming into contact with it and gathering samples of the mud and water as well as the cattail-like vegetation growing on the verge of the lakebed ::
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Dec-2020 22:17:46
:: flies a circle around the area, her wings already tiring...remembering a time when she had strengthened them recently, but the memory is strangely foggy, like from a dream or another life. She looks down, easily spotting Amber Sun, and feels his attention directed towards her. She responds on her own wavelength, that of the Rucara's connection, but thinks it's probably not clear to Amber Sun, acknowledging him ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 22:18:22
:: looks up and Kuari catches her eye, bringing to mind the wondrous sensation that getting fo fly on her back was ::
SCENE> The lake is perfectly still, a mirror of the sky and mountain peaks, pure and cold.
MED Lt Acacia 09-Dec-2020 22:20:23
:: continues her sampling with lake-growing plants, seeming quite pleased with her findings ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 09-Dec-2020 22:21:11
<Amber Sun> ::Chuckles in Bear at her strange, but eerily beautiful thoughts. Her vision and perception very different to his own, he comes to a grinding halt for a moment, nearly tossing Ilaihr off of his back, before sliding sideways and regaining traction, as he runs toward the lake.::
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Dec-2020 22:21:18
::spots a slow moving aquatic creature under the surface amongst the lake plants::
CTO Cpt Grey 09-Dec-2020 22:22:37
:: is happy to just relax, but also keeping an eye out for any potential threats ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 09-Dec-2020 22:23:06
Amber Sun: Goooood looooooord.....! ::His voice echoes out, as do his thoughts, bearing much the same content.::
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Dec-2020 22:23:12
::sees a fast moving shape in her peripheral vision, barreling down on the lake:: Self: Uh oh... ::braces for the splash::
MED Lt Acacia 09-Dec-2020 22:23:17
:: has to go into her backpack for her second sample kit, finding plenty of plants and bugs to pilfer ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 22:23:52
:: turns as she hears Ilaihr call out to see a bear lumbering toward the lake! ::
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Dec-2020 22:25:02
:: flies lower, over the lake, having got her bearings of the horizon satisfied, curious to watch things in closer focus ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 22:25:34
:: looks up at Amber Sun's yell, having lost herself in science ::
MED Lt Acacia 09-Dec-2020 22:25:55
:: notices Amber Sun, chuckling to herself ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 22:27:44
:: spies an insect on the water's surface and traps it in a sample case ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 22:29:24
:: prefers to scan animal life rather than kill things ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 22:31:29
:: dips her hand into the cold water and takes a sediment sample, filling the last case ::
MED Lt Acacia 09-Dec-2020 22:31:55
:: is ruthless, especially to flowers ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 09-Dec-2020 22:32:26
<Amber Sun> ::Slows down to a canter as the pair approach the lake.:: CEO: Sense something in water. Fish?
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 22:33:20
:: proudly presents the filled sample kit to Lexy ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 22:34:21
:: nods :: CO: Well done.
MED Lt Acacia 09-Dec-2020 22:35:30
:: runs some scans on the lake, looking for a sediment sample with scales or bones in it ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 09-Dec-2020 22:35:43
Amber: Perhaps... ::Waits for the bear to finally come to a gentle stop, before clambering off.:: Could be any number of lifeforms in the water... Water is generally synonymous with life.
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Dec-2020 22:36:03
:: flies over the lake, but is unsure what lies beneath, so does not enter ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 22:37:06
:: the vibe feeling off, she wanders away from Lexy for a bit, following the water's edge ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 22:37:41
:: watches Kate walk away, unsure of what the problem is ::
MED Lt Acacia 09-Dec-2020 22:38:32
:: fills up a second sample kit, starting to run out of things to sample. She looks around for the source of the weird vibe ::
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Dec-2020 22:38:40
::sees something shimmer in the farther away portions of the lake. A big something... :: All: Did anyone see that? ::points to a very looooong tail which surfaces briefly, and then is gone::
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 22:39:13
:: catches the tail out of the corner of her eye, and calls to Tailor :: CMO: Yes!
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 22:39:32
CO: Scans didn't indicate any large life forms...
MED Lt Acacia 09-Dec-2020 22:39:32
:: jumps, scuttling away from the water’s edge :: CMO: I saw that!
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 22:40:14
:: whips out her tricorder ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 22:40:26
CSO: Could something here have masked it?
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 22:41:10
CO: Honestly, I can't think of anything off the top of my head...
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Dec-2020 22:41:30
::runs a quick sonar scan of the lake:: Self: Weird. All: There's a hole underneath, and... ::fine tunes the tricorder:: All: Might be a tunnel...
CTO Cpt Grey 09-Dec-2020 22:41:50
:: stands, moving over to the edge of the water with a hand hovering over her phaser, watching the water intently ::
MED Lt Acacia 09-Dec-2020 22:42:17
:: keeps her eyes on the water now, wary :: CMO: Underwater caves?
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Dec-2020 22:42:54
MED: Could be. Also maybe why we didn't see it in the initial scans.
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 22:43:24
:: the diver in her wants to explore those caves, but she figures the occupant might object ::
:: also this water is too cold! ::
MED Lt Acacia 09-Dec-2020 22:43:55
:: shudders, wanting nothing to do with an underwater cave ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 22:44:20
:: looks at Grey's hand :: CTO: Whatever it is, it belongs here and we don't.
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Dec-2020 22:44:46
:: doesn't catch what everyone's looking at in the lake, still idly flying around ::
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Dec-2020 22:45:05
::stares intently at the spot where the tail disappeared, hoping to catch another glimpse::
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 22:45:46
Maybe it is the Luckless Monster?
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 22:46:00
:: frowns ::
MED Lt Acacia 09-Dec-2020 22:46:07
:: laughs, nodding in agreement ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 09-Dec-2020 22:46:10
::Sits at the waters edge, gazing out over it, with his milky eyes. He gently places his hand on the surface, watching the minor shockwave of his touch ripple out.::
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Dec-2020 22:46:37
::smirks at Harper:: CO: The Loch Ness monster?
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 22:47:02
:: snaps her fingers :: CMO: Yes! That is the one!
MED Lt Acacia 09-Dec-2020 22:47:08
:: didn’t even notice the incorrect turn of phrase this time ::
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Dec-2020 22:47:13
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 22:51:27
:: the bugs here give her some ideas for new additions to the Jar ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 09-Dec-2020 22:51:48
Amber: I definitely sense the aura of life here.
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Dec-2020 22:52:05
::watches the surface of the water ripple again, near the hole, and renews her scanning in that direction::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 09-Dec-2020 22:52:34
<Amber Sun> ::Lumbers over, gazing wearily at Ilaihr.:: CEO: Are you sure you should be so close? ::Leans his head in close, aiming to grab him if he needs to.::
MED Lt Acacia 09-Dec-2020 22:52:39
:: joins in the scanning, intrigued ::
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Dec-2020 22:52:46
:: looks at everyone below in turn and realizes they're all focused somewhat towards the water and looks, wondering what they're looking at and why they're so fascinated with the lake ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 22:53:26
:: takes another deep breath and claps her hands on her thighs, looking around contentedly as everyone is fascinated with the creature in the lake ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 22:53:59
:: steps away from the water's edge for safety ::
CTO Cpt Grey 09-Dec-2020 22:54:21
:: glances at Wright, expression intense, before taking a small step closer to the edge of the water, peering into the liquid intently ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 22:54:59
:: while this place does superficially remind her of the place they spend a year stranded, here, she's clothed, warm, dry, and not hungry or thirsty, and she finds it quite pleasant ::
MED Lt Acacia 09-Dec-2020 22:57:07
:: finds her sense of foreboding fading somewhat, her scans of the lake turning up the same cave Tailor had found ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 22:58:13
:: walks back toward Lexy, smiling the whole way ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Dec-2020 22:59:09
:: still focused on the lake with her tricorder, but sees Kate approaching at the last moment and smiles quizzically in return ::
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Dec-2020 22:59:38
::keeps scanning the section of the lake with the ripples:: All: I think there's more than one of .. whatever that is. It seems to be an invertebrate.
CO Capt Harper 09-Dec-2020 23:00:04
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