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Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
Once more, we attempt to return to the mundane duties of Starfleet; in this case, we are back at cataloging planetary systems in unexplored space. Around a yellow dwarf star, we have discovered a small planetary system consisting of two terrestrial worlds, one gas giant reminiscent of Jupiter with a more prominent ring system, and one ice giant. Having just arrived in the system, it is ours to explore…
After 02-Dec-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 21:15:30
ACTION> Atlantis exits slipstream in the new system.
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 21:16:17
:: initiates a cursory system scan ::
NAV Lt Navarro 02-Dec-2020 21:16:25
CO: Normal space achieved, capitana. Drift is about 200 light-seconds.
MED Lt Acacia 02-Dec-2020 21:16:50
:: works on some reports, half listening ::
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Dec-2020 21:17:04
:: lies on her seat just off center, glancing at her side console and up at the main viewer ::
CTO Cpt Grey 02-Dec-2020 21:17:09
:: runs her own scan for ships that shouldn't be there, waiting for the results ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 21:17:18
:: looks down at the readouts on her chair arm before standing :: CSO: Preliminary scans please.
:: then looks over at Grey :: CTO: Is anyone else here?
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 21:18:12
CO: Scans in progress.
CTO Cpt Grey 02-Dec-2020 21:18:23
CO: No ma'am. All clear as far as our sensors can see.
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 21:19:04
All: It would seem, then, that the system is our cloister.
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Dec-2020 21:19:39
:: glances to the side at Harper ::
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 21:19:57
:: cocks her head to the side at that mangling of an idiom, but says nothing ::
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Dec-2020 21:21:38
::is in sickbay, getting all of the essential but routine, boring tasks out of the way before... there's an explosion or something breaks or someone gets a hangnail or papercut trying to relax on the holodeck... ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 21:22:28
:: steps forward toward the center of the bridge, her hair not in its usual captainly updo, but a side-twist low ponytail clasped by the ornate silver Gencodian barrette ::
CSO: So, where would you like to visit first, Commander? :: looks down at Ops ::
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 21:23:52
:: looks at the scan results, pondering ::
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Dec-2020 21:23:57
:: idly watches Harper and Wright ::
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 21:24:47
CO: That ring system is really spectacular.
MED Lt Acacia 02-Dec-2020 21:24:51
:: glances up as Harper moves around, but otherwise seems occupied by her console ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 21:26:06
CSO: Then we should go get a closer look. NAV: You heard her, Zorro.
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Dec-2020 21:26:26
:: smiles softly to herself ::
NAV Lt Navarro 02-Dec-2020 21:26:37
CO: That I did, ma'am. :: enters Atlantis into a short warp flight toward the ringed gas giant ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 21:29:11
SCENE> Atlantis exits warp to reveal a beige gas giant, similar in size to Jupiter, with swirling clouds of red, white, and brown, surrounded by several rings of ice and rock, along with dozens of moons.
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Dec-2020 21:30:31
:: appreciates the scene with big eyes focused on the viewscreen ::
CTO Cpt Grey 02-Dec-2020 21:30:33
:: oohs at the planet coming into view, admiring the cloud patterns ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 21:30:50
:: takes in the sight on the main viewer with a smile, never getting tired of seeing new planets ::
MED Lt Acacia 02-Dec-2020 21:30:51
:: glances up at the planet on the viewscreen, smiling ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 21:31:14
:: with a hand on her hip, she looks over her shoulder at the bridge :: All: They really are the divas of planetary systems, are they not?
CTO Cpt Grey 02-Dec-2020 21:31:29
CO: Definitely, ma'am.
MED Lt Acacia 02-Dec-2020 21:31:37
:: chuckles ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 21:31:56
NAV: Standard survey orbit, Mr. Navarro. :: walks back to her seat ::
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 21:32:05
:: initiates more detailed scans of the planet and its satellites ::
NAV Lt Navarro 02-Dec-2020 21:32:15
CO: Sí, capitana. :: eases the ship into the prescribed orbit ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 02-Dec-2020 21:32:43
::Is sat quietly at his station, monitoring the ship's systems; thumbing over personnel reports, and maintenance logs.::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 21:33:06
:: takes her seat, but continues watching the majesty on the viewer ::
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 21:35:54
:: squints at the scan results and runs the scan again, focusing on the planet this time ::
CO: ....Captain, the scans are showing life down there on the planet. Microscopic.. and macroscopic.
MED Lt Acacia 02-Dec-2020 21:37:26
:: glances up again at that, raising an eyebrow ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 21:37:27
CSO: Life? :: stands back up and darts to Lexy's console to see for herself ::
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 21:38:32
:: internally bristles a bit at that, but calmly points it out on her readout :: CO: I scanned it twice, sir.
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Dec-2020 21:38:40
:: straightens her neck upwards a bit in surprise ::
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 21:39:12
CO: As you can see here, there's definitely microbial life in the upper cloud layers...
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 21:39:13
CSO: How remarkable! :: looks up at the screen, eyes wide ::
MED Lt Acacia 02-Dec-2020 21:40:00
:: follows Harper’s gaze to the viewscreen, surprised ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 02-Dec-2020 21:40:36
::Chuckles.:: Aloud: Fascinating.
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 21:41:22
:: points :: CO: And these readings here indicate perhaps some kind of winged creatures, as well as some kind of... how can I describe it. Like... jellyfish that live in gas instead of water?
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 21:42:03
:: turns to look at Lexy, the excitement readable on her face ::
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 21:42:49
:: is rather excited herself, though in a more muted fashion ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 02-Dec-2020 21:42:50
CSO: I have heard stories of such creatures, but I've never been able to witness them before. ::Seems quite excited.::
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Dec-2020 21:43:16
::finishes up organizing the hypospray cabinet before declaring her routine tasks done for the day because they're making her twitch. Heads up to the bridge::
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 21:43:18
CO: Let me see if I can get any kind of visual.
MED Lt Acacia 02-Dec-2020 21:43:24
:: watches the viewscreen with wonder ::
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Dec-2020 21:43:34
:: is grinning widely now, excited by the discovery ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 21:44:11
:: stands and waits, watching the viewer ::
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 21:44:41
:: frowns and taps rapidly at her console, concentrating ::
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Dec-2020 21:45:26
::bops along to the disco music on the turbolift, and then swishes out onto the bridge::
MED Lt Acacia 02-Dec-2020 21:45:51
:: smiles and nods at Tailor, then looks back to the screen ::
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Dec-2020 21:46:37
::looks up at the screen:: MED: So, what's happening?
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 21:46:43
:: sits up with a sigh and puts up a visual of a lazily swirling cloudscape :: CO: The bad news is that the upper cloud deck is impenetrable to our visual sensors.
MED Lt Acacia 02-Dec-2020 21:46:58
CMO: Gas-dwelling jellyfish.
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Dec-2020 21:47:21
MED: Oooh. ::Peers at the viewer::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 21:47:25
CSO: Not unexpected, I suppose... but is there good news?
CTO Cpt Grey 02-Dec-2020 21:47:32
:: splutters lightly at Acacia's answer, blinking at the viewscreen ::
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 21:48:21
:: grins :: CO: The good news is that the atmosphere is rather tranquil, as gas giants go, so we could safely fly down there and get a closer look.
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 21:49:02
:: claps her hands together :: CSO: I had hoped you might say that!
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 02-Dec-2020 21:49:06
::Smiles at that thought.::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 21:49:29
:: turns toward tactical :: CTO: Captain Grey, raise shields and configure their geometry for atmospheric flight.
CTO Cpt Grey 02-Dec-2020 21:50:28
:: taps in the shields, configuring their geometry for atmospheric flight at the Captain's orders before giving a slight thumbs up in acknowledgment of ready-status ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 21:50:58
:: nods and turns forward again :: NAV: Take us down, Mr. Navarro.
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 21:51:12
:: allows herself a small smile of excitement ::
NAV Lt Navarro 02-Dec-2020 21:51:30
CO: Aye aye, down it is. :: angles the ship for atmospheric interface, using the shields to dissipate the heat of their entry ::
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Dec-2020 21:52:33
:: is still grinning at the main viewer, excited to delve into the unknown and extraordinary ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 21:53:04
ACTION> As Atlantis begins to encounter the upper reaches of the giant's atmosphere, the gas heated from the shock of our entry starts to become visible on the viewer as red licks of flame below us.
:: takes her seat in case of turbulence ::
:: but grins at Kuari as she sits ::
MED Lt Acacia 02-Dec-2020 21:53:40
:: watches the viewer with amazement, her reports forgotten for now ::
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Dec-2020 21:53:40
:: grins back ::
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Dec-2020 21:54:04
All: Hopefully the ship's heat emissions won't affect the jellyfish.
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 21:54:22
CMO: We will try to steer clear.
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Dec-2020 21:54:59
::nods, taking a seat at her usual console and beginning a scan for local lifesigns::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 21:55:03
ACTION> The flames grow to a hellish intensity as we shed our orbital velocity, but the shields are unfazed.
MED Lt Acacia 02-Dec-2020 21:55:36
:: bristles, but doesn’t move ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 02-Dec-2020 21:56:08
::Monitors the shields, and the atmospheric interactions.::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 21:57:13
ACTION> Once we slow sufficiently, the flames die down, and we start descending through the uppermost cloud deck. The viewer becomes dark, lit by occasional flashes of lightning.
MED Lt Acacia 02-Dec-2020 21:58:23
:: oohs and aahs quietly to herself ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 22:00:05
SCENE> As Atlantis breaks through the bottom of that cloud deck, the viewer once again brightens to reveal the sight: As the scans indicate, there are indeed giant balloon-like creatures floating in the atmosphere, pulsating as they expel gas to move.
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 22:00:28
:: watches the creatures with wonder ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 22:00:37
All: Would you look at that...
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Dec-2020 22:00:46
::whispers in awe:: Self: Wow...
MED Lt Acacia 02-Dec-2020 22:00:57
:: lets out a full volume :: All: Ooh~
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 02-Dec-2020 22:01:14
::Closes his eyes as he reaches out to see with his mind.::
CTO Cpt Grey 02-Dec-2020 22:01:43
:: whistles in awe at seeing the creatures ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 22:01:51
:: stands and slowly walks up to the main viewer, eyes wide in awe ::
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Dec-2020 22:01:54
:: watches with big eyes, her smile relaxing with her jaw agape as she watches the creatures ::
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Dec-2020 22:01:56
::checks her scanning data, trying to grab as much information about them as possible for posterity::
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 22:05:33
:: looking at her readouts after scanning the creatures :: Bridge: They appear to remain buoyant by way of hydrogen gas. They are consuming the microbes, which provide nutrition as well as supplemental hydrogen.
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Dec-2020 22:06:20
All: Hydrogen, interesting. Like dirigibles.
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 22:06:34
NAV: Take us a bit closer to one, Mr. Navarro.
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Dec-2020 22:07:01
:: takes in Wright's information, finding it very interesting and wonders what else they'll learn as they study ::
NAV Lt Navarro 02-Dec-2020 22:07:11
CO: Sí. :: flies the ship through the clouds to approach one ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 22:08:16
ACTION> As the balloon-like creature grows on the screen, it becomes apparent that its skin is quite thin, and can be seen rippling as it rides the winds.
MED Lt Acacia 02-Dec-2020 22:08:46
:: watches the creature, fascinated ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 02-Dec-2020 22:08:50
Aloud: Studying how they remain aloft like this, could help in the construction of high altitude gas giant facilities. I've seen theoretical models that say you could make whole cities float like that... but it's obviously very difficult. ::Stares on at the creatures, with his milky eyes, seeing the alien colours of their aura.::
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Dec-2020 22:10:33
CEO: That...would be an amazing thing to learn how to do from this.
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 22:12:13
XO: Yes, we have yet to see something larger than a mining facility float. It is apparently hard to scale up.
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 22:12:23
Bridge: The microbes circulate through the atmosphere, riding updrafts to get as high as they can and then frantically reproducing as they fall deeper into the clouds where they eventually die.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 02-Dec-2020 22:12:24
XO: As the doctor said, they are like ancient dirigibles. ::Smiles towards Tailor.::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 22:12:47
CSO: If they are not eaten first, apparently. Hard life, that one.
MED Lt Acacia 02-Dec-2020 22:13:01
:: nods thoughtfully ::
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Dec-2020 22:13:06
:: tries to imagine a life cycle as Wright describes ::
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Dec-2020 22:13:30
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 22:13:39
:: nods soberly :: CO: It's a hard-knock life.
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Dec-2020 22:14:25
CO: Are you referring to the cloud city of Stratos?
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 22:15:31
:: nods :: CMO: Indeed, along with a few other mining facilities we have visited in other gas giants.
ACTION> A great winged creature flies across the main viewer, mouth agape.
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 22:17:42
:: points at it :: Self: Ooh!
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Dec-2020 22:17:48
:: gasps, eyes wide ::
MED Lt Acacia 02-Dec-2020 22:18:02
:: grits her teeth ::
CTO Cpt Grey 02-Dec-2020 22:19:08
:: blinks ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 02-Dec-2020 22:19:30
Aloud: Fascinating... :
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 22:19:35
All: I wonder if they hunt the balloon-creatures...?
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 22:20:43
:: grabs a quick scan :: Bridge: The winged creatures are filter feeders. They are also feeding on the microbes.
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Dec-2020 22:21:03
::stares at the winged creature in fascination::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 22:21:05
CSO: Hm. So those microbes support an entire ecosystem here.
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 22:21:14
CO: That would appear to be the case.
MED Lt Acacia 02-Dec-2020 22:21:24
:: is somewhat relieved ::
CTO Cpt Grey 02-Dec-2020 22:21:43
:: watches in amazement ::
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Dec-2020 22:21:52
All: With wings, they would have a longer life cycle than the gas jellies, I imagine?
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 22:22:18
XO: Hard to say. I can tell you what they don't have, though.
:: says this in a way that clearly invites someone to prompt her to elucidate ::
NAV Lt Navarro 02-Dec-2020 22:23:17
:: looks up from the helm to get a good look; atmospheric flight is more demanding, but the auto-pilot has this for now ::
CTO Cpt Grey 02-Dec-2020 22:23:29
CSO: What don't they have? :: looks at Wright curiously ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 22:23:42
:: opened her mouth to say that, but Grey beat her to it, so she smirks and waits for the new information ::
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 22:24:03
:: turns to Grey with a small smile :: CTO: Landing gear. No feet. They spend their entire lives aloft.
CTO Cpt Grey 02-Dec-2020 22:24:32
CSO: Whoa, really? So... they're kinda like the otters of this planet, whatever this is called?
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 22:24:51
CSO: They must be pretty light weight, to be able to get enough energy to manage that.
All: Not that there is anywhere to land...
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 22:25:14
CO: They are, indeed, very lightly built. Like a glider, almost.
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 22:26:28
:: smiles at the main viewer, then all around the bridge :: All: What a find.
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 22:26:58
:: gathering detailed anatomical scans ::
MED Lt Acacia 02-Dec-2020 22:27:06
:: nods in agreement ::
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 22:27:24
:: sends the data to the medical consoles, in case they'd be interested ::
CTO Cpt Grey 02-Dec-2020 22:27:34
:: hums in quiet agreement, watching the viewscreen ::
MED Lt Acacia 02-Dec-2020 22:28:16
:: flips through the scan data, fascinated ::
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Dec-2020 22:28:55
CSO: Thank you. ::reads through the scan data eagerly::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 22:30:07
NAV: Take us down a bit farther, Mr. Navarro. I would like to see how far this habitable zone goes.
NAV Lt Navarro 02-Dec-2020 22:30:49
CO: Aye, capitana. :: angles the ship down, getting lift from their shield geometry, and avoiding picking up too much speed in the dive ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 22:32:12
ACTION> Clouds pass by of various gases, and many of the balloon creatures can be seen as we fly down. As we approach the next cloud deck, the creatures start to thin out.
SCENE> The cloud deck below roils and flashes with lightning, foreboding and ominous.
CTO Cpt Grey 02-Dec-2020 22:33:36
:: winces at seeing the dark cloud deck below, double-checking shields real quick ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 22:33:50
CSO: Do you detect any life beyond that layer of clouds?
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 22:34:31
CO: Affirmative, Captain, though in much smaller quantities.
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 22:35:01
CSO: Could the clouds act as a boundary of sorts?
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 22:36:52
CO: Possible, but hard to say for sure without more data.
CO: It's rather more turbulent down there, so it may be less welcoming to the jellybags.
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 22:37:53
:: nods, thinking ::
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Dec-2020 22:38:27
:: bobs her head up and down a little :: Self: This is so cool...
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 22:39:15
CO: My readouts are telling me that only the microbes and the fliers venture this low.
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 22:40:22
CSO: The microbes lucky enough to make it this far have one less threat, at least.
CSO: Do you need time to finish any more scans? Or, uh, get any more pictures? :: grins ::
:: knows what the wallpaper on her PADD will soon be ::
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 22:43:28
CO: All scans are complete. And I saved a video segment for everyone to be able to access and grab stills or animations from.
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 22:44:46
CSO: Wonderful, thank you! There are a lot of moons to investigate, so we should get to that.
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 22:44:58
:: nods affirmatively ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 22:44:59
NAV: Take us back to orbit, Doc.
NAV Lt Navarro 02-Dec-2020 22:45:33
CO: Going up, aye, ma'am. :: starts to climb, making sure to avoid any jellies ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 22:46:32
ACTION> Atlantis climbs back into the region with the jellies, and a few of the flier punctuate the view, darting in and around the clouds.
ACTION> Saying goodbye to the incredible life-forms found here, the ship breaks into the upper cloud deck, darkening the viewer once more.
:: leans back in her chair, content ::
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 22:49:03
:: carefully labeling the scans and footage for future study ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 22:50:08
ACTION> Atlantis emerges from the top-most cloud layer, and the spectacular rings once again become visible, but from below, they are quite a different sight — razor thin when viewed on edge, arcing across our field of view.
NAV Lt Navarro 02-Dec-2020 22:50:46
:: once the atmospheric pressure drops off enough, he throttles up the impulse engines to regain their orbital velocity ::
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Dec-2020 22:52:02
:: takes in a deep breath, loving the thought that all the new information of this place is safely stored in the computer, ready to continue their cursory exploration of the system ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 22:52:42
All: With such interesting life, this place needs a name more fitting than its alphanumeric catalog designation, I think. Any suggestions?
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 22:53:18
:: ponders ::
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Dec-2020 22:53:41
:: frowns in thought ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 02-Dec-2020 22:53:53
CO: Cnidaria
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Dec-2020 22:53:56
CO: Etherea?
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 22:54:21
CO: Oceanum hydrogenii. :: ever the scientist ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 22:55:11
All great suggestions!
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 22:56:07
Self: It's where the space plankton live.
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 22:57:03
XO: I think I like Etherea best.
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Dec-2020 22:57:45
:: smiles at Harper, happy to have been chosen ::
NAV Lt Navarro 02-Dec-2020 22:57:51
CO: We are back in orbit, Capitana.
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 22:58:09
NAV: Thank you, Mr. Navarro. Take us on a tour of those moons!
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Dec-2020 22:59:07
:: begins pre-emptively scanning the moons ::
NAV Lt Navarro 02-Dec-2020 22:59:18
CO: Aye aye, moon express leaving on track two. :: plots a course and sets Atlantis on it ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Dec-2020 23:00:01
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