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Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
With Captain Harper's decision to keep Bunim Jahaja's previous affiliation with Section 31 a secret, Atlantis now awaits the arrival of the observation ship that will take over the case and, while considering Harper's recommendation to leave her be, ultimately decide her fate. In the meantime, we are continuing our survey of this planetary system, now finishing the ringed gas giant before moving on to the outer ice giant.
After 18-Nov-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 21:15:41
:: in her ready room, looking at the lovely planet out the windows ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Nov-2020 21:17:24
:: sits at her station on the bridge, occasionally glancing at the ready room door, still uneasy ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 21:18:28
:: stands and taps her commbadge, figuring she might as well go ahead and take care of this :: +TAC2+ Harper to Grey. Please report to the ready room.
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Nov-2020 21:18:32
::on the bridge, at her station, still mulling over the moral dilemma of the section 31 officer whilst filling out her usual sickbay reports::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 18-Nov-2020 21:19:11
:: hears the request, and turns to the ready room, ringing for entrance ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 21:19:24
Come in!
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Nov-2020 21:19:31
:: now understanding that Kate has simply allowed the decision of whether Bunim should be punished to go to someone else following a private conversation with her wife, Lexy has conceded that she doesn't really care about (or even fully believe) the Section 31 piece of it - she is now simply exhausted after her previous emotional upset and somewhat glad to be doing something as routine as scanning planets ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 18-Nov-2020 21:20:06
:: enters the ready room, coming to stand in front of the Captain's desk in an at-ease position :: CO: You called for me, ma'am?
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Nov-2020 21:20:24
:: notes Grey leave the bridge from her post, then returns to monitoring, gazing a moment at the pretty scene on the main viewer ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 21:20:50
:: greets Grey with a smile and a nod :: TAC2: Yes, Captain Grey. I am certain that Colonel Wolfe's absence since we departed Earth has been felt among our Marines.
MED Lt Acacia 18-Nov-2020 21:21:26
:: works on one of her case files, occasionally noting what the bridge is up to ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Nov-2020 21:21:35
:: initiates an initial cursory scan of the ice giant ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 18-Nov-2020 21:22:47
:: nods slowly :: CO: Yes, it has been felt, most prominently among those who worked closely with him. I've trying to manage the Marines in his absence, but it's difficult on occasion.
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Nov-2020 21:23:05
::not really paying alot of attention to the planetary scans, except to mentally 'ooh' and 'ahh at the planets in the viewscreen from time to time as a break from doing the boring reports::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Nov-2020 21:23:08
:: monitoring their orbit from the helm ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 21:23:47
TAC2: I have been watching the department, looking for clear leadership to emerge, and you have caught my eye.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 18-Nov-2020 21:25:07
:: blinks in slight surprise, shifting from foot to foot carefully :: CO: What... do you mean?
MED Lt Acacia 18-Nov-2020 21:25:18
:: watches the ice planet on the viewscreen for a while as she thinks ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 21:26:10
TAC2: I mean that I have noticed your efforts. While you still lack experience, I believe I have seen enough to make this formal, at least in a provisional capacity, and see how you do.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 18-Nov-2020 21:26:52
:: nods slowly, understanding where the captain was coming from, and waits for more information ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 18-Nov-2020 21:27:04
::Steps off the TL onto the bridge, plodding his way to his station.::
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 21:27:18
TAC2: Captain Grey, I am appointing you Acting Chief Tactical Officer. :: offers a congratulatory smile ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 18-Nov-2020 21:28:12
:: brings her hands up to cover her face in shock at the Captain's words, disbelieving of what was happening ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 21:28:54
CTO: Run the department well, aim our phasers true, and keep me from getting killed on away missions, and we will see what we can do about removing the 'Acting' from your title. :: grins ::
CTO Cpt Grey 18-Nov-2020 21:30:11
:: snaps off a strong salute with a bright grin :: CO: I can do that, ma'am.
MED Lt Acacia 18-Nov-2020 21:30:28
:: casts a different, sunnier glance at the ready room door, smiling lightly. She taps at her console, scrolling through her file ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 21:30:44
CTO: Most notably the keeping me alive part. Having a Marine around is the best for that.
ACTION> The USS Minerva, a Nova-class ship, emerges from slipstream flight, across the system.
CTO Cpt Grey 18-Nov-2020 21:32:05
CO: I can do that, ma'am. :: grins before giving off another salute, waiting for dismissal ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 21:32:34
:: nods and smiles again :: CTO: That will be all then, Ryleigh.
ACTION> The Minerva hails and begins crossing the system toward us at warp.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Nov-2020 21:34:05
XO: We are being hailed by the USS Minerva, Commander.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Nov-2020 21:34:29
:: looks up and smiles :: CSO: Put it up.
CTO Cpt Grey 18-Nov-2020 21:34:41
:: turns to exit the ready room, shifting consoles to the one Wolfe used to man and looking up to the viewscreen, calming down from the previous excitement at the good news ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Nov-2020 21:34:42
:: taps her console to put it on the screen ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Nov-2020 21:34:43
:: pauses to watch ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 21:37:30
:: sighs wistfully, wishing Benedict were still around, but is happy for her promising young officer ::
Captain Shen'qo 18-Nov-2020 21:38:08
:: an Austere female Vulcan appears on screen :: Greetings. I am Captain Shen'qo of the USS Minerva. I am here to investigate a Bunim Jahaja on the planet below.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Nov-2020 21:40:29
Shen'qo: :: smiles :: I am Commander Kuari. We've been expecting you. We are ready to hand her off to your care.
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Nov-2020 21:40:39
:: looks up at the Vulcan on the main viewer ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Nov-2020 21:40:41
:: looks wearily up at the screen ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 21:41:10
:: Picard maneuvers, then exits the ready room to find a call in progress ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Nov-2020 21:42:28
:: looks over at Harper and straightens a bit, for the camera :: CO: Captain on the bridge!
MED Lt Acacia 18-Nov-2020 21:42:54
:: grits her teeth just a bit ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 21:42:59
Bridge: As you were. :: almost laughs since that never happens, but we have to look good for the other ship ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Nov-2020 21:43:11
:: sits up a bit straighter ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 21:43:21
:: turns to the screen and offers a cordial smile, but seeing a Vulcan, not a wide one :: I am Captain Kathryn Harper of the Atlantis, Captain...?
CTO Cpt Grey 18-Nov-2020 21:43:40
:: straightens slightly before relaxing into a steady at-ease position, this time to Harper's right instead of the previous left-hand console she maintained ::
Captain Shen'qo 18-Nov-2020 21:44:23
:: turns her attention from Kuari to Harper :: Shen'qo. As I was just telling your commander, we are prepared to assume investigation of Bunim Jahaja.
MED Lt Acacia 18-Nov-2020 21:45:19
:: watches, doing her best to remain neutral ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 21:45:24
Ah, good, thank you for coming, Captain Shen'qo. We can transfer all of our data on the case and, if you would like, discuss the matter in person.
Captain Shen'qo 18-Nov-2020 21:47:53
CO: You may initiate the transfer. Discussing in person is not necessary, unless you insist.
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 21:48:44
ACTION> The Minerva drops out of warp and forms up with Atlantis.
:: nods to Lexy :: CSO: Commander, transfer the case file to the Minerva.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Nov-2020 21:49:24
:: nods without turning and taps the requisite keys ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 21:51:42
:: looks back at the viewer, finding the Vulcan all business :: And an in-person discussion is not required, of course. Do you have any questions since your initial assignment of this case?
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Nov-2020 21:51:51
CO: Transfer complete.
Captain Shen'qo 18-Nov-2020 21:52:57
CO: I do. :: pauses a moment, tightening the clasp of her hands behind her :: Were you ever able to identify Doctor Jahaja's identity?
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Nov-2020 21:53:43
:: clenches her jaw ever so slightly, but says nothing - hopefully this won't end up getting the whole crew court-martialed ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 21:53:46
:: shakes her head, her expression easily remaining neutral, since it is the truth that they were never able to verify anything about her :: No, Captain. We could find no record of her anywhere.
MED Lt Acacia 18-Nov-2020 21:55:09
:: takes a deep breath, but keeps quiet ::
CTO Cpt Grey 18-Nov-2020 21:55:36
:: barely lets her expression fall, confident in the Captain's way of handling the situation ::
Captain Shen'qo 18-Nov-2020 22:00:25
:: nods slightly, curtly :: CO: We will follow up with this, to see if we can find the information outside the Starfleet database. :: looks to the side for a few moments, apparently at a readout of some kind :: I can assure you I will take your recommendation into account, to leave the Jahaja family to peacefully coexist, as long as the doctor does not interfere per Starfleet protocols.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Nov-2020 22:00:46
:: frowns ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 22:01:08
Thank you, Captain Shen'qo. I appreciate that.
Captain Shen'qo 18-Nov-2020 22:03:30
CO: There is precedent for cases such as this. I have a few ideas regarding the son and possible genealogical contamination when he comes of age, but it will require further study of the culture, and in the end may not be possible to leave them there indefinitely. I hope you are prepared for this outcome. My contact at the Vulcan Xeneology Division will also be interested in this case, as it is an opportunity for further study.
MED Lt Acacia 18-Nov-2020 22:04:17
:: is somewhat relieved, but doesn’t show it ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 22:05:07
:: nods appreciatively :: I am glad that you are taking the genetic issue into account, but that is to be expected. You are the specialists, after all.
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Nov-2020 22:05:45
::still thinks she hears a faint purring and cooing through the vents, but maybe she's hearing things, it's been a long day::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Nov-2020 22:06:21
:: unconsciously nods at the talk of genetic contamination ::
Captain Shen'qo 18-Nov-2020 22:07:16
:: raises her chin a bit :: CO: Do you have any questions for me, Captain Harper?
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 22:08:03
If you do end up having to remove them... will you take the whole family? :: in a hopeful tone ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Nov-2020 22:08:08
:: glances to the side at Harper ::
Captain Shen'qo 18-Nov-2020 22:08:59
CO: I do not have that answer at this time. But...that would be the optimal outcome.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Nov-2020 22:09:51
:: wonders how removing Ceric from the only life and world that he's ever known would be "optimal" ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 22:10:08
:: is somewhat reassured, at least, that the Vulcan considers keeping the family intact to be optimal :: Thank you, Captain. I have no other questions.
Captain Shen'qo 18-Nov-2020 22:11:03
:: nods again :: CO: We have your data. We will contact you if we have any further questions.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Nov-2020 22:11:41
:: has a bad taste in her mouth ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 18-Nov-2020 22:11:45
::Just shakes his head, silently in the corner.::
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 22:11:49
Atlantis wishes you a successful mission, Captain Shen'qo.
MED Lt Acacia 18-Nov-2020 22:13:52
:: grits her teeth again ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 22:13:55
ACTION> The Vulcan captain signs off with a curt nod and the screen returns to the external view, showing the Minerva. The ship is painted an incredibly deep, non-reflective black, and her windows are also one-way, black from the outside.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Nov-2020 22:14:37
Self: Stealthy.
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 22:15:11
ACTION> Minerva peels off and warps toward the inhabited planet.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Nov-2020 22:15:48
:: sighs, slowly releasing a deep breath, looking into space after the departing ship, wondering what will become of Bunim ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Nov-2020 22:16:26
:: still frowning, but returns to her scanning of the ice giant ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Nov-2020 22:16:52
:: tries to focus on her work, slowly scrolling on her console ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 22:16:56
All: It is in the hands of the specialists in this area now, so shall we see what this ice giant holds for us before we depart?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 18-Nov-2020 22:17:45
::Stands up, looking around the bridge, before simply leaving.::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Nov-2020 22:17:54
:: nods agreeably, eager for a distraction. Bunim is in capable hands ::
CTO Cpt Grey 18-Nov-2020 22:18:25
:: is already checking the ranged scanners, making sure there was no threats while the science department scanned the ice giant in question ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Nov-2020 22:18:31
:: notes Ilaihr leaving the bridge and frowns ::
CMO Lt Tailor 18-Nov-2020 22:18:54
CO: Sure.. ::signs off on another routine report, only half-focusing on what she's written::
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 22:22:29
:: steps forward toward the viewer, looking down through wispy white high clouds into the swirling teal depths of the ice giant ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Nov-2020 22:26:39
:: takes a look at the latest science reports from local scans to refresh her memory ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Nov-2020 22:27:55
CO: The coloration comes from a high concentration of atmospheric methane, of course.
MED Lt Acacia 18-Nov-2020 22:28:31
:: taps at her console, paying half attention to the planet ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 22:28:42
:: wrinkles her nose :: CSO: Probably not a great smell down there.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Nov-2020 22:29:20
CO: So far the planet is unremarkable as far as ice giants go, in terms of size, composition, magnetic field, and so on.
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 22:31:40
:: nods :: CSO: Unremarkable planets still go in the database, though.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Nov-2020 22:32:18
CO: Of course.
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 22:33:45
ACTION> The rest of alpha shift passes and, with the survey of this system complete, Atlantis enters slipstream flight to her next destination.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Nov-2020 22:36:00
:: changed out of her uniform, heads to Ten Forward ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 22:36:13
:: in their quarters, pulling the pins from her hair that keep it in her captainly updo ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Nov-2020 22:37:04
:: is in her quarters, holding Vinny in her lap. She pats his head as she coaxes him to eat his nutrient pellets ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Nov-2020 22:37:30
:: in their quarters, pulling off her uniform and pulling on her favorite leggings and T-shirt while Anna twines around her ankles ::
CTO Cpt Grey 18-Nov-2020 22:37:38
:: is out of her uniform, perched on the edge of the bar but not on a chair, sipping at a glass of water ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Nov-2020 22:38:48
:: scans Vinny while he’s distracted by his food, putting the output in his file ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 22:40:25
:: with her hair free, she sheds her uniform jacket and shirt before brushing her hair out with the silver Gencodian brush :: CSO: Feel like doing anything specific tonight, Rosie?
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Nov-2020 22:40:54
:: bending down to pet the cat :: CO: I feel like being alone.
MED Lt Acacia 18-Nov-2020 22:41:17
:: finishes up and lets Vinny loose in her room, patting her knees. She looks around, then gets up and heads for ten forward to get a drink ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Nov-2020 22:41:36
:: in Ten-Forward, holding court at the pool table ::
CTO Cpt Grey 18-Nov-2020 22:42:54
:: finishes her water and slides down to join Navarro at the pool table :: NAV: May I join?
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 22:42:55
:: takes a deep breath and only says :: CSO: As you wish.
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Nov-2020 22:43:00
:: gets her favorite chocolate drink at the bar and spins back and forth forty-five degrees on her barstool, powered by her tail as she practices sipping through a double-length straw, eyeing the room ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Nov-2020 22:43:23
CTO: Always! I hear congratulations are in order, Chief.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 18-Nov-2020 22:43:34
::Looks at himself in the mirror, holding his uniform up; sighing as he looks at it.::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Nov-2020 22:43:36
:: enters and notes who’s around, heading for the bar to order a wine ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Nov-2020 22:43:42
:: was ready to defend herself with explanations and reasons why, but sags with relief when she realizes she doesn't have to ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Nov-2020 22:44:27
:: smiles as Acacia approaches the bar, releasing her straw :: MED: Hi!
CTO Cpt Grey 18-Nov-2020 22:44:40
:: cheeks redden in a slight blush at the use of her new title, before reaching for a stick and rounding the table :: NAV: It's Acting Chief for now... but thank you. Ready for me to kick your ass?
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Nov-2020 22:45:04
:: picks up the cat and takes her over to the couch, plopping down in her customary spot ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Nov-2020 22:45:22
:: smiles back, nodding :: XO: Hi! How are you?
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Nov-2020 22:45:40
CTO: You can certainly try. :: pulls the rack off a tight rack of balls :: Promoted gets the break.
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 22:46:05
:: in silence, she doffs the rest of her uniform and changes into her tennis clothes, then grabs her racket and heads out ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 18-Nov-2020 22:46:39
<Amber Sun> ::Pokes his head around the doorframe, watching Ilaihr stand there and stare at himself in the mirror.:: CEO: Why sad?
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Nov-2020 22:47:07
:: winces a bit as the door swishes closed behind Kate without a word passed between them, but just shakes her head and picks up a PADD on which she is reading a book ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Nov-2020 22:47:19
:: takes a seat where she can watch the game of pool, sipping her drink ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Nov-2020 22:47:36
:: smiles at Emily as he sees her ::
CTO Cpt Grey 18-Nov-2020 22:47:55
:: grins toothily at Navarro, breaking the rack with a strong thrust, noting the three and five balls closest to the holes on her right and Navarro's right, which was her left ::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Nov-2020 22:48:21
MED: I'm good. :: lips the straw and sips, also turning her eyes towards the pool table ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 18-Nov-2020 22:48:25
::Tilts his head slightly to look back at the Salbjorn in the corner of his eye.:: Amber: I am not sad...
Amber: I am ashamed. ::Just throws the uniform to the ground, before turning around.::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Nov-2020 22:49:45
CTO: A strong break, but you only made a racket.
MED Lt Acacia 18-Nov-2020 22:50:03
:: smiles back at Navarro, watching the players go ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 22:50:22
:: enters the holodeck and calls up her tennis program ::
CTO Cpt Grey 18-Nov-2020 22:50:37
NAV: And? Your go. :: leans on the stick to watch Navarro's turn ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 18-Nov-2020 22:51:09
<Amber Sun> ::His brow furrows.:: CEO: But, are Eduda. Have no shame... Are great and wise elder.
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Nov-2020 22:51:19
:: leans over the table and, with a gentle finesse, sends the one into the three and sinks it ::
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Nov-2020 22:52:27
:: settles with the cat in her lap, reclining on the couch and reading her book in silence ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 22:52:58
:: loads her opponent, a dark-skinned human woman that she's been having trouble beating, and serves once the umpire signals ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Nov-2020 22:53:10
:: finishes her wine quickly and goes back for another, somewhere between restless and distracted ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 22:54:17
:: has her serve easily returned, and a prolonged volley ensues; perhaps she should have warmed up first ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 18-Nov-2020 22:54:47
::Shakes his head.:: Amber: I am an old fool, my friend. ::Wanders passed the bear, gently patting him on the head.::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Nov-2020 22:55:47
:: glances to the side at Acacia and studies her, realizing she didn't ask how she is, and lets go of her straw :: MED: You okay?
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 22:56:21
:: watches the ball go whizzing past her as she runs across the court ::
NAV Lt Navarro 18-Nov-2020 22:56:44
:: then sends the one into the five, sinking that ::
MED Lt Acacia 18-Nov-2020 22:56:50
:: glances at Kuari, then thinks about it for a long second. With a heavy sigh she admits, :: XO: Not really. Not great. Not sure how to feel about... today.
CSO Cdr Wright 18-Nov-2020 22:57:00
:: can't seem to get comfortable, which means Anna eventually leaves. She sighs and takes this as a sign to get up and replicate some comfort food ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 18-Nov-2020 22:57:09
<Amber Sun> ::Shakes his large head, not understanding.::
XO Cdr Kuari 18-Nov-2020 22:57:21
:: spins and sets her drink down, her eyes not leaving Acacia :: MED: Want to talk about it?
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 22:57:53
:: stares down her opponent, who is about to serve :: Computer, end program.
MED Lt Acacia 18-Nov-2020 22:58:30
:: considers that for a moment then turns her chair to the bar, scooting a bit closer to Kuari to talk about her feelings ::
CO Capt Harper 18-Nov-2020 22:59:47
:: sits down in the empty holodeck, almost dropping her racket on the floor ::
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