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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
After returning to the ship to consider Dr. Jahaja's situation — a former Section 31 operative now pursuing a new life in a pre-industrial society — the next morning has come after much lively debate and soul searching. The smaller away team of Harper, Acacia, and Grey are already in costume and in sickbay having their makeup done, while everyone awaits Harper's decision on the fate of Bunim, her husband Ceric, and her son, Kupa.
After 11-Nov-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 21:20:00
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 21:20:44
:: is putting the finishing touches on Grey’s makeup, quiet and focused ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 21:20:57
:: in sickbay, sitting rather melancholically as she receives her makeup ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 21:22:24
:: moved back to the Captain, double checking her work and touching up the ears ::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Nov-2020 21:22:49
:: is on the bridge on her chair, gazing at the familiar image of the planet on the main viewer from orbit ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 21:22:49
:: offers a slight smile as she does quite like the ears ::
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Nov-2020 21:23:10
:: sitting at her station at the bridge, shoulders somewhat slumped and faint shadows under her eyes - it was a long night of arguing her fervent beliefs, and she didn't sleep well to boot ::
NAV Lt Navarro 11-Nov-2020 21:23:42
:: at the helm, monitoring their orbital parameters and also running a remote diagnostic on the Rocinante's systems ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 21:24:16
:: looks the others over, gives her approval, then sits down for Tailor to do her face ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 11-Nov-2020 21:24:17
::Sits quietly at his station, monitoring things that way he does.::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 21:25:53
:: stands and checks her dress and accessories in the mirror ::
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Nov-2020 21:26:26
:: flips somewhat listlessly through scan data, distracted by her thoughts; still doesn't understand how this is even a debate, as it seems perfectly clear to her, but at least has accepted Kate's insistence that her stance is not the reason she was pulled from the away team ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 11-Nov-2020 21:26:54
:: stands, checking her dress briefly before moving to stand by the door ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 21:27:35
:: sits dutifully for her own transformation, then gets up and joins the others ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 21:27:51
MED/TAC2: All set, then?
TAC2 Cpt Grey 11-Nov-2020 21:27:59
CO: Yes ma'am.
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 21:28:12
:: pats down her dress :: CO: Aye.
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Nov-2020 21:29:44
:: checks her side console, it still being early in the shift and she's checking on things, then glances at Wright, the debate from last night still very fresh in her mind ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 21:29:49
:: pins on the hidden commbadge and nods to the mirror, then heads out the door with Grey and Acacia ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 21:30:23
:: follows behind the Captain ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 21:30:28
+XO+ Harper to Kuari.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 11-Nov-2020 21:30:29
:: follows at Harper's heels, keeping her expression serious ::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Nov-2020 21:30:36
+CO+ Kuari here.
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 21:31:16
+XO+ Locate Dr. Jahaja and contact her if she is alone. We are ready to beam down.
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Nov-2020 21:31:40
+CO+ Understood.
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 21:32:57
:: smiles to the person on transporter duty, stepping onto the pad ::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Nov-2020 21:33:06
CSO: Commander, scan for Dr. Jahaja.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 11-Nov-2020 21:33:28
:: nods to the person on transporter duty, moving onto the pad ::
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Nov-2020 21:33:49
:: shakes herself out of her thoughts :: XO: Aye, Commander. Scanning...
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 21:34:08
:: makes polite small-talk with the TRC, asking about how their dog is doing that she remembered from last time ::
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Nov-2020 21:35:05
XO: She appears to be in her residence with her child, Commander.
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Nov-2020 21:35:57
CSO: Is there anyone else there?
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Nov-2020 21:36:24
XO: Aside from her child? No.
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Nov-2020 21:37:28
:: nods to herself :: CSO: Open communication to her combadge, please.
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Nov-2020 21:38:43
:: taps, and then turns to nod at Kuari ::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Nov-2020 21:38:56
:: nods back ::
Bunim Jahaja 11-Nov-2020 21:40:18
:: hears the distinct chirping of the combadge, surprised, and pats her son's head before quickly moving to the other room and tapping it :: +Atlantis+ Hello? I'm here.
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 21:40:44
:: still chatting with the TRC while they wait, but her mind is elsewhere ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 21:41:04
:: asks to see the TRC’s dog some time ::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Nov-2020 21:41:40
+Bunim+ Dr. Jahaja, this is Commander Kuari on Atlantis. Captain Harper will be beaming down shortly. Please be ready.
Bunim Jahaja 11-Nov-2020 21:42:21
:: takes in a deep breath :: +Kuari+ All right. I'll be ready.
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Nov-2020 21:42:55
+Bunim+ Atlantis out.
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 21:43:00
TRC> :: is quite pleased that people are taking an interest! ::
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Nov-2020 21:43:12
:: closes the channel ::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Nov-2020 21:43:24
+CO+ Bridge to Harper. Dr. Jahaja will be ready.
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 21:44:19
+XO+ Thank you, Commander. We are beaming down now. :: steps up on to the pad ::
TRC: Energize.
ACTION> The away team shimmers away.
SCENE> The away team materializes a short walk from Bunim's family home, on a sunny, but windy morning. The sea breeze is warm, though, as the dew glistens in the soft golden light, and the crashing of waves can be heard in the distance.
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 21:45:17
:: looks out over the waves for a moment as they materialize, giving a soft sigh ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 21:45:43
:: takes a deep breath of the fresh air, enjoying it, along with the wind in her hair, which is down instead of in her usual on-duty updo ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 11-Nov-2020 21:46:14
:: barely looks out over the waves, before turning to follow Harper ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 21:46:57
TRC> :: goes back to being alone ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 21:47:00
:: begins the trudge toward Jahaja’s home ::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Nov-2020 21:47:31
:: sighs and waits ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 21:47:31
:: starts walking with her two officers, trying to plan what she is going to say ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 21:48:30
:: senses Harper’s stress and catches up to give her shoulder a squeeze, and offer an encouraging glance ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 11-Nov-2020 21:48:44
:: falls into pace with the captain, sighing ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 21:49:23
:: looks back at Acacia with an expression of gratitude ::
ACTION> A few minutes later, the away team reaches Dr. Jahaja's home.
Bunim Jahaja 11-Nov-2020 21:50:39
:: paces in front of her doorway, then catches sight of them and stops, watching their approach with a small polite smile ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 21:51:07
:: stands resolute behind Harper, stiff ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 11-Nov-2020 21:51:18
:: takes a step back slightly, expression unreadable and stiff ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 21:53:51
Dr. Jahaja, good morning. :: thankful that the makeup conceals her lack of sleep ::
NAV Lt Navarro 11-Nov-2020 21:55:32
CSO: Hey, Commander... ::: glances over at Lexy :: that seismic stress isn't going to go off with them down there, is it?
Bunim Jahaja 11-Nov-2020 21:56:06
CO: Good morning. :: looks to Grey and Acacia as well, trying to quickly read their expressions, and offers them a slightly wider smile :: Come inside? It's a bit windy this morning.
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 21:57:20
:: nods to Bunim :: Yes, thank you. After so much time aboard ship, the wind is refreshing, but we do need to talk, so inside would be best.
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 21:57:44
:: glances to Harper for a signal, then follows inside ::
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Nov-2020 21:57:47
:: looks over at Navarro and blinks as her tired brain needs a moment to process what he said :: NAV: Oh... no, from what I saw in the scans, I don't think the danger is imminent.
Bunim Jahaja 11-Nov-2020 21:58:27
:: leads the three into her home, attempting to look calm but fiddles with things unnecessarily after closing the door ::
NAV Lt Navarro 11-Nov-2020 21:58:35
CSO: That's good news, thank you. :: still keeps the AT signals up in the corner of a panel, watching over them ::
Bunim Jahaja 11-Nov-2020 21:59:10
CO: Our son is in the back room...but it's just us. You can speak freely.
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 21:59:44
:: folds her hands, waiting before showing any emotion ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 11-Nov-2020 22:00:27
:: moves to lean against the wall, watching Bunim carefully ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:01:07
Thank you, Dr. Jahaja — Bunim. :: takes a deep breath and starts to talk :: I will get right to it, then. Your situation was a cause for great debate.
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 22:01:56
:: bobs her head lightly in agreement ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:02:47
The regulations on former Section 31 operatives were written in a panic, out of paranoia after what happened.
Bunim Jahaja 11-Nov-2020 22:03:07
:: nods and presses her lips together, hugging her arms as she otherwise doesn't know what to do with her hands ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:03:32
They are less of a concern to me at the moment than the risk of contamination of this society... along with its gene pool.
You do seem to be making a genuine effort to mask your true nature and blend in here, and I see no evidence that you are using your advanced knowledge to gain undue influence.
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 22:05:10
:: shifts a bit, uncomfortable ::
Bunim Jahaja 11-Nov-2020 22:05:43
:: shakes her head in agreement, but doesn't speak, not wanting to interrupt ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 11-Nov-2020 22:05:46
:: barely moves slightly, listening carefully ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:06:21
:: steeples her fingers and closes her eyes for a moment, leaning her head forward slightly to touch her nose against her hands while letting out a long breath ::
:: opens her eyes and meets Bunim's ::
The regulations say that you, and your son, should be removed from this place.
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 22:08:07
:: takes a deep breath and unintentionally holds it ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:09:35
But I did not join Starfleet to break up families. Those regulations must be interpreted with heart when the situation demands it, and my heart tells me that you are sincere in your desire to move on to a new life, living among these people as one of them.
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 22:10:04
:: exhales slowly through a surprised face ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 11-Nov-2020 22:10:11
:: exhales quietly ::
Bunim Jahaja 11-Nov-2020 22:11:26
:: loses composure slightly, grimacing in relief at finally having the beginnings of an answer to what her fate will be, and nods hurriedly in agreement, and attempts to school her face again but still makes sure to look grateful ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:14:12
I will not disclose your prior affiliation, but your presence here will be monitored by a visit from an occasional ship to check in from orbit, just to be sure that no contamination of their society has happened. They will only contact you if they have questions.
Beyond that... :: offers a smile as she drops her hands to her side :: Enjoy your life here.
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 22:15:14
:: watches Harper now, still visibly surprised ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 11-Nov-2020 22:17:47
:: glances to Harper carefully, before looking back to Bunim ::
Bunim Jahaja 11-Nov-2020 22:19:20
:: nods along, eyes riveted to Harper's, then breaks eye contact in thought. Starfleet will check in on her, and she won't even know? Then again, that's fair. How could she expect anything less, after being discovered? As long as she lives her life and doesn't do anything too important, she will be fine. Her family will be fine. She nods again and smiles, taking another deep breath :: CO: Thank you. That is...more than fair. You could have removed me, from what you say, but I really do want to just live in peace, with my family. I...will wear this broach always, just in case. :: looks to Grey and Acacia ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:21:15
:: shakes her head :: Actually, I will need to take that back with us. We cannot risk the technology being discovered. :: extends an open hand ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 22:21:23
:: gives Bunim an awkward nod ::
Bunim Jahaja 11-Nov-2020 22:23:26
CO: Oh! :: unfastens the broach and immediately hands it over. So, she will be contacted the old-fashioned way. :: That's good, though, one less thing for me to lose! I will just...possibly see someone like I did you.
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:24:37
:: takes the brooch and taps it once to ensure it is the correct one, then nods to Bunim :: Exactly.
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 22:25:06
:: looks between the two, managing a small but uncomfortable smile ::
Bunim Jahaja 11-Nov-2020 22:26:21
:: nods again and smiles genuinely at all three :: AT: Thank you. I'm sorry if I was any trouble but...thank you. I hope you enjoyed seeing the village with me. I loved showing it to you.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 11-Nov-2020 22:26:34
:: gives Bunim a slight nod, moving closer to the door ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 22:27:09
:: manages even more of a smile, remembering the market ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:27:26
I had a wonderful time here, despite the dilemma you put me in. Thank you, Bunim, and I wish you and your family good fortune.
Bunim Jahaja 11-Nov-2020 22:28:21
:: bows her head as they prepare to leave ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:29:22
:: opens the door and walks out into the lovely morning, taking another deep breath of the sea breeze, and turns to look back at the house ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 22:29:52
:: follows along, not sure what to say, but also somehow relieved. ::
Bunim Jahaja 11-Nov-2020 22:30:08
:: runs into the back room and hugs her bewildered but receptive child ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 11-Nov-2020 22:30:18
:: follows Harper, not sure what to say, but knows to not say anything ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:30:22
:: taps her commbadge :: +Atlantis+ Harper to Atlantis. Three to beam up.
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 22:31:37
:: stands up straight ::
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Nov-2020 22:32:18
:: ...three? She schools herself to some semblance of calm... this doesn't mean anything yet. She taps the button to energize. ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:32:45
ACTION> The away team disappears, returning to Atlantis in a shimmer.
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 22:33:59
:: appears on the pad looking serious ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:34:28
:: taps her hidden commbadge ::+XO+ Harper to Kuari.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 11-Nov-2020 22:34:36
:: is ready to get back into her usual uniform, and looks to Harper ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:35:04
: :nods to Grey and Acaca :: To sickbay to get out of makeup and costume, yes.
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 22:35:20
:: nods, leading the charge towards sickbay ::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Nov-2020 22:35:26
+Harper+ Kuari here.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 11-Nov-2020 22:35:50
:: grins happily and follows to get the makeup and costume off, ready to get into normal uniform ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:35:54
+XO+ We are back aboard. Resume the survey of the planets in this star system.
Atlantis NPC 11-Nov-2020 22:36:03
:: walks up the path toward home carrying a sack of fish ::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Nov-2020 22:36:34
+CO+ Understood.
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 22:36:50
:: begins work cleaning up the others ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:37:12
:: sits down in sickbay and waits to be put back to herself ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 22:37:58
:: works more quickly having done this before, and has the Captain’s makeup off in no time. She moves on to Grey ::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Nov-2020 22:38:02
CSO: Time for more science. :: offers a small smile, assuming Wright overheard the comm ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:38:34
MED: Thank you.
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Nov-2020 22:38:54
:: has become very quiet and appears to be completely calm :: XO: ...............Aye, Commander.
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 22:39:07
CO: No problem. :: she muses, running the light over Grey’s ears to erase the extra ::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Nov-2020 22:39:13
NAV: Mr. Navarro, move us out of orbit. Resume course from our previous route.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 11-Nov-2020 22:39:26
MED: Thank you.
NAV Lt Navarro 11-Nov-2020 22:39:52
XO: Sí, Commander. :: sets a course for the ringed gas giant and engages the warp drive ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 22:40:05
:: nods :: TAC2: You’re welcome. :: and sits down for Tailor to clean up her face ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:40:12
MED/TAC2: I will see you two on the bridge.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 11-Nov-2020 22:40:24
::Just stays quiet, and tries to ignore the emotions he can feel all around him.::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 22:40:27
:: waves as the Captain makes her exit ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:40:30
:: exits sickbay and makes a quick stop by their quarters ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 11-Nov-2020 22:41:11
:: nods, giving a quiet farewell to Acacia, before exiting sickbay as well to head to her quarters to change and pull her hair back up ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 22:41:38
:: sits patiently while her makeup is removed, then heads out on the same path the others took. ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:41:53
:: sheds the dress and decides not to keep it after all, dropping it into the recycler ::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Nov-2020 22:42:09
:: diverts her attention forward, but can't help feeling nervous, waiting for Harper's arrival on the bridge ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:42:17
:: then pulls on a uniform and puts her hair into her usual captainly updo ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 22:43:02
:: changes back into her uniform, taking a moment to check up on her pets and give both Vinny and Apollo brief head pats ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:43:17
:: also drops Bunim's commbadge into the recycler with the rest of the accessories she made ::
:: then, after a Picard maneuver in the mirror to see that she's put back together, she heads for the bridge ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 11-Nov-2020 22:44:06
:: heads up to the bridge, taking her station with little noise ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 22:44:32
:: fixes up her hair so it’s at least unable to get into her face, then heads out the door for the turbolift ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:45:20
:: enters the TL and finds Acacia already in it, nods in greeting and rides the rest of the way up ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 22:45:57
:: returns the nod, folding her hands behind her back and waiting for the doors to open ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:46:23
:: exits the turbolift and walks briskly to her chair :: XO: Report, Commander?
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 22:46:48
:: sits at her usual station, checking in at the console ::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Nov-2020 22:47:32
:: smiles and straightens her neck as Harper enters :: CO: We have resumed our previous course.
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:47:58
XO: Thank you. :: doesn't take her seat yet, but looks around the bridge ::
NAV Lt Navarro 11-Nov-2020 22:48:02
:: drops the ship out of warp at the ringed gas giant ::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Nov-2020 22:48:38
:: gives Harper her full attention ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:48:44
Bridge: I made the decision to leave Dr. Jahaja behind.
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Nov-2020 22:48:54
:: laser-focused on doing her job, initiates preliminary scans of the gas giant and its majestic ring system ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 22:49:29
:: keeps her head down ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:49:32
Bridge: My report will indicate a careful analysis of her attempts to avoid cultural and societal contamination, and a conclusion that she has been successful.
Bridge: Starfleet will respond with a monitoring check-in visit to ensure that situation does not change.
:: takes a deep breath :: Bridge: What my report will not contain will be her previous affiliation.
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 22:51:12
:: doesn’t look up, still not sure what to feel about this ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 11-Nov-2020 22:51:36
::Nods at the captain, before turning back to his console.::
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Nov-2020 22:52:01
:: listens, taking it in ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:52:16
Bridge: In the Section 31 crisis, I learned that people were not necessarily completely defined by that label. Good people joined it because they believed in that cause, just as I joined Starfleet because I believe in its cause.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 11-Nov-2020 22:52:56
:: nods, listening slowly::
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Nov-2020 22:53:01
:: feels sick to her stomach ::
:: is Kate, her Kate, really asking the entire crew to lie for her in order to protect a potential criminal? ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:54:17
Bridge: In the end, I did not believe it right to tear apart a family, or uproot it, in the service of either petty vengeance, or nebulous potential future ill effects.
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 22:54:31
:: is uncomfortable, but keeps it to herself aside from her face ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:56:34
Bridge: Any of you could report this. If you do, I will face whatever punishment the Admiralty sees fit, and I will do so firm in my belief that I did the right thing.
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Nov-2020 22:57:10
:: concludes, with disgust, that Kate must have just not listened to her at all when she argued that they had no proof that this woman was who she said she was other than her word ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:57:19
Bridge: That report would also destroy three lives on that planet, though, so take that into account.
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 22:58:05
:: shrinks a bit in her seat, still not sure how to feel ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 11-Nov-2020 22:58:08
::Frowns, looking over in the direction of science, before silently turning back.::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:58:10
Bridge: That is all I have to say on the matter, but feel free to speak to me privately if you have concerns.
XO Cdr Kuari 11-Nov-2020 22:58:53
:: looks around at others on the bridge when Harper finishes ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 22:59:22
:: surveys the bridge and takes her seat ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 11-Nov-2020 22:59:41
:: understands the Captain, and doesn't feel uncomfortable about what she was being asked to do, turning to her station quietly ::
MED Lt Acacia 11-Nov-2020 22:59:46
:: seems withdrawn, keeping eyes on her station ::
CSO Cdr Wright 11-Nov-2020 22:59:48
:: realization dawns that Kate has put her in the position of having to report her own wife ::
CO Capt Harper 11-Nov-2020 23:00:06
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