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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
Having spent a pleasant day in the nearby town, our away team joined Dr. Jahaja for dinner at her home, meeting her husband, Ceric, and her young son. Afterwards, Ceric left for some night fishing, and Captain Harper thought everything seemed to be in order to let Jahaja remain her, but for one unanswered question: why was there no record of a Bunim Jahaja anywhere? Our enigmatic hostess finally revealed that she had once been a member of Section 31…
After 04-Nov-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 21:20:05
:: takes breath in to speak, but her voice catches a moment from the surprise, then finally manages :: That... that is quite the revelation, Doctor.
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 21:21:35
:: looks to Harper for guidance on how to feel, suddenly a bit uncomfortable in her seat ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Nov-2020 21:21:49
:: narrows her eyes ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 04-Nov-2020 21:22:07
:: glances to Harper carefully, unsure on how to proceed ::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Nov-2020 21:22:12
:: at the helm on the bridge, watching the away team signs and noticing that it's night down there now ::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 21:23:57
:: looks between Harper and the Doctor, stunned for a good moment :: All: ...well.
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Nov-2020 21:24:35
:: looks up at the main viewer sees that even the towns only lit by firelight can be seen from orbit ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 21:24:47
:: she leans back, watching Bunim carefully ::
Bunim Jahaja 04-Nov-2020 21:25:15
:: looks around the table at the eyes on her, settling on Harper's :: CO: Obviously I wouldn't be telling you if I had anything at all to do with it. You can see why a place like this is perfect for me. I just want to live a normal life now, away from everything and everyone from the past. I have a family that depends on me now. This is me, now.
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 21:26:45
:: places her fist in front of her mouth, tapping her lip with her thumbnail :: Bunim: You must understand that this... this knowledge puts me in a difficult position, Doctor.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Nov-2020 21:27:22
::Muses at the shift in the town's aura, as day become night; as he watches it from above. The dim glow of torches and houselight flowing through the street; giving the architecture new lines. He sighs.:: Aloud: It looks even more pleasant down there.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 04-Nov-2020 21:27:37
:: watches silently, staying against the wall ::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Nov-2020 21:27:53
CEO: It does. I would like to see it.
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 21:28:16
:: is visibly concerned. She wants to say something, but she doesn’t know what to say. She shifts in her seat again, keeping an eye on Bunim, but now awkwardly trying not to stare ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Nov-2020 21:29:30
::Checks back on his geological scans and those of their orbital probes.::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Nov-2020 21:29:51
:: clenches the fabric of her dress into her fists, but says nothing, waiting for Kate to proceed ::
Bunim Jahaja 04-Nov-2020 21:30:56
CO: Why, though? Do you assume I have done something wrong, that I must be removed from my home? I have told you why there is no record of me, but what do you assume I have done?
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 21:32:01
:: cringes, but tries to hide it ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 04-Nov-2020 21:32:46
:: barely pushes down the urge to wince at the Doctor's words, looking at Bunim carefully ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 21:34:09
I do not know what you, personally, have done. :: she leans forward, clasping her hands :: Section 31, as an organization, tried to take control of the Federation's government, as I am certain you are aware, or you would not be hiding here. There is an open call to apprehend former members who are unaccounted for so that any crimes can be answered for.
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 21:35:54
:: can’t look at Bunim now, flush with discomfort, maybe embarrassment. She watches her hands in her lap, jaw fully clenched ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 04-Nov-2020 21:36:04
:: exhales sharply, keeping herself quiet ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Nov-2020 21:38:46
:: knew she was right not to trust this woman ::
Bunim Jahaja 04-Nov-2020 21:40:15
:: sits back in her chair and nods with a reflective expression :: CO: I see. :: glancing at everyone there, she notices their discomfort :: All: I obviously can't stop you, whatever it is you have to do. I don't want any trouble here. I just want to live my life, here with these peaceful people, for the rest of my life if I can, but it seems that the decision is yours. :: settles her eyes back on Harper's ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 21:41:03
:: quietly :: I will need some time to think on this, Bunim.
What I will promise is that I will not contact Starfleet about this, yet. My decision is not already made.
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 21:41:53
:: looks to Harper, then back to the floor. Her eyebrow twitches. ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 04-Nov-2020 21:43:32
:: barely moves from her position, silently approving of the Captain's decision ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Nov-2020 21:43:39
:: frowns for a moment, then quickly schools her expression back to neutral ::
Bunim Jahaja 04-Nov-2020 21:44:16
:: nods :: CO: I respect you, Captain. You've been wonderful guests, and I've enjoyed showing you this culture. :: smiles weakly :: To be able to show off a whole town of people you've never met, as if they're my own...well, I know that's what Starfleet lives for, new peoples. Even though your presence here reminds me that I'm not really one of them, not originally...I feel like I was able to do some good for Starfleet.
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 21:46:02
Perhaps. :: nods, eyes closed, then stands and gestures to her party :: And thank you. In the meantime, we will return to Atlantis. Keep your hidden communicator close, and I will contact you tomorrow.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Nov-2020 21:46:30
XO: We're starting to receive more detailed geological maps of the planet's surface.
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 21:47:00
:: winces as Kupa cries out in his sleep from the next room, the sound like a dagger in her side ::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 21:48:25
:: also flinches a bit, though with surprise as she was so focused on keeping a straight face and not thinking anything too loudly ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Nov-2020 21:49:09
:: starts a bit at the sound of the cry, having almost forgotten about the child ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Nov-2020 21:49:28
::zooming in on the team's location a bit more, keeping an eye on vitals as she's been doing::
Bunim Jahaja 04-Nov-2020 21:49:35
:: nods and stands, holding her hands out to her guests, but then drops them with a grim smile :: All: Hope you enjoyed your time in the town, at least. CO: I will keep the communicator close.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 04-Nov-2020 21:49:47
:: startles at the child's cry, immediately snapping her attention to where the sound came from ::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Nov-2020 21:50:18
CEO: Oh, good. Anything we can use yet?
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 21:50:25
I genuinely did, Doctor, and thank you for your hospitality. Go, tend to your son. :: taps her hidden commbadge :: Harper to Atlantis. Five to beam up.
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 21:50:46
:: stands up for the beaming, patting down her skirt ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 04-Nov-2020 21:51:05
:: moves away from the wall to stand next to Acacia ::
Bunim Jahaja 04-Nov-2020 21:51:09
:: smiles, this time genuinely, but nods curtly and disappears into the back room ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 21:51:31
ACTION> The away team shimmers out, the transporter's blue light temporarily overwhelming that of the fire before fading away.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Nov-2020 21:51:37
:: shakes herself back to the matter at hand and stands, self-consciously smoothing the skirts that she had crinkled in her hands ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 21:52:26
:: looks at her team as they reappear in the transporter room :: Keep your makeup on; whatever news we deliver, it should be in person.
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 21:53:13
:: sighs and nods :: CO: Aye.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 04-Nov-2020 21:53:17
:: nods once in acknowledgment ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Nov-2020 21:53:42
:: frowns again, feeling the prosthetics tug at her skin as she does so ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Nov-2020 21:53:57
::sees the team change location:: XO: They're safely back on the ship now.
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 21:54:01
Come, let us get to the bridge and discuss this. :: leads the way out to the turbolift ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Nov-2020 21:54:13
XO: So far the planet seems like a typical Minshara class...
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 21:54:22
:: follows along, still obviously deep in thought ::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Nov-2020 21:54:28
CMO: Thank you, I wonder what news they bring.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 04-Nov-2020 21:54:42
:: follows the group, seemingly in thought ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 21:54:43
:: actually quite likes her pointy ears ::
:: rides the TL with everyone, listening to the muzak ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Nov-2020 21:55:08
XO: I'm curious also.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Nov-2020 21:55:08
:: files through the corridor and into the turbolift, rehearsing various things she wants to say in her mind ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Nov-2020 21:55:14
XO: But as a reminder, I am not an expert on geology.
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Nov-2020 21:55:43
CEO: Of course. :: frowns ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 21:55:59
:: exits the TL on to the bridge, still in costume and makeup ::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 21:56:30
:: takes her seat on the bridge, patting down her skirt. She's obviously uncomfortable, looking around with concern in her eyes ::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Nov-2020 21:56:40
:: notices the group entering and stands up, off her chair, confused by their expressions ::
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Nov-2020 21:56:40
:: looks back to Emily as the party enters ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Nov-2020 21:56:55
::looks to the 'lift as the doors open and the AT steps onto the Bridge::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 04-Nov-2020 21:56:56
:: takes her position on the bridge, tapping into the system to check everything ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 21:57:07
:: smiles and dips her head to Kuari :: XO: Anything to report up here, Commander?
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Nov-2020 21:57:37
:: feels uncomfortable taking her seat on the Bridge with this dress and the makeup on, but does so anyway, again feeling self-conscious ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 04-Nov-2020 21:59:16
:: doesn't feel self-conscious about her outfit, checking her station before turning to listen into the conversation ::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Nov-2020 21:59:37
:: sits on the floor :: CO: Mr. Ilaihr has found a buildup of stress in the plates, and the potential of an earthquake that would affect the area of the beam-down site. We were ready to transport the away team if necessary, but we didn't want to contact you while you were undercover.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Nov-2020 22:00:16
:: her ears metaphorically perk up at this, and she begins flipping through her console, looking for the geological scans ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 22:00:48
:: nods :: XO: Good call. One more thing to take under consideration. :: sighs and takes her chair, also not at all self-conscious about her outfit ::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Nov-2020 22:02:09
:: deepens her frown and returns to her seat to regard Harper :: CO: What happened down there?
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 22:03:34
:: takes a deep breath :: XO: We had a wonderful time, seeing the town and their customs, sampling the local food and wares, followed by a nice dinner with Bunim and her family.
XO: She has integrated herself flawlessly into their culture. The only problem is, that when I asked her why there was no record of her anywhere, she confessed to having worked in Section 31.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Nov-2020 22:04:47
::blinks:: CO: 31?
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 22:05:07
:: looks to Tailor and nods ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 22:05:22
CMO: Yes.
NAV Lt Navarro 04-Nov-2020 22:05:35
:: turns and looks when he overhears that ::
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Nov-2020 22:06:06
:: stares at Harper, the normal state of her eyes not really allowing them to get bigger in surprise, then looks away in thought ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 22:06:49
:: can't help from suddenly thinking of her friend and former XO, Daniel Vallero, who had been tasked by Section 31 to keep her in line ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Nov-2020 22:07:22
:: is also thinking about Vallero, but certainly not as fondly ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 22:07:52
All: We are supposed to apprehend Section 31 operatives that are unaccounted for.
All: Doing that here would tear apart a new family.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Nov-2020 22:08:40
:: as an afterthought, looks for Bunim's biosignature and acquires a pattern lock, not trusting the woman ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Nov-2020 22:10:15
CO: Yes, but her having a family here would make it that much easier to keep track of her, if we can't apprehend her. She's less of a flight risk that way.
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Nov-2020 22:10:29
:: takes in Harper's words, the conflict presented weighing on her ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Nov-2020 22:11:08
CMO: She's already proven herself careless and irresponsible. Think of the damage she could do to these people if she decided it was in her best interest.
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 22:11:38
:: is deeply apprehensive, speaking slowly :: CO: The child.. could be anyone you arrest, though. The law... would consider him cultural contamination, I think.
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 22:12:48
MED: I am not yet ready to label a child as contamination, regardless of the Prime Directive.
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 22:13:14
:: is a bit surprised but then manages a small, coy smile. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Nov-2020 22:13:32
CO: I have to agree with Dr. Acacia.
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 22:13:37
:: is really not sure how to feel about all this, flicking through a few emotions just to see ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 04-Nov-2020 22:14:28
:: is personally apprehensive about Bunim and Section 31, tapping her fingers on the edge of her station :: CO: A mother being separated from her child wou... could, cause more issues... not just physically but psychologically as well... can she be put on a watchlist instead of being picked up? :: asks, looking to Harper hopefully ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 22:14:33
:: is not really sure how she feels about this yet, either ::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 22:14:55
CO: If she's innocent, they'd find that at trial, right?
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Nov-2020 22:15:12
:: looks around the bridge as each officer speaks ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 22:15:22
TAC2: Possibly. But her past affiliation would have to stay hidden, in that case.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Nov-2020 22:15:47
CO: The only way to protect this species, this unique world, is to remove this woman and her child from them.
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 22:15:50
MED: Presumably... but what if she is not?
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Nov-2020 22:16:20
CSO: Careless, by having a child? I suppose... but there's no going back on that now, and she's going to be more invested in protecting her family rather than leaving. I agree with the watchlist idea. ::glances to Grey::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 22:16:22
:: still seems uncertain, but makes the best argument she can think of :: CO: Then.. well, she's not.
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 22:16:44
CSO: Perhaps that is true, in the big picture. But doing that now would cause immediate damage.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Nov-2020 22:17:00
CMO: ABSOLUTELY careless by having a child! She should know better than to spread her genetic material around this pristine world!
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 22:17:14
:: snorts at that, then covers her mouth ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 22:17:40
MED: And if she is not, do her actions here not have any bearing on— :: winces as Lexy raises her voice ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Nov-2020 22:17:42
CO: How would it do immediate damage? What damage could it possibly do that would be worse than the contamination risk?
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 22:18:11
:: flattens back out, obviously embarrassed but otherwise still not sure what to feel ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 22:18:30
CSO: Trauma to her husband and friends, the people she knows in the town...
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Nov-2020 22:18:35
::Frowns a little.::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Nov-2020 22:19:22
CO: Trauma to individuals is unfortunate, but it will heal. Contamination of a species cannot be so easily mended.
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 22:19:42
CSO: As I said, yes, perhaps better in the long-term.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Nov-2020 22:19:45
CSO: Yes, but what's done is done. So we have to figure out how best to move forward, yes?
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Nov-2020 22:20:33
CO: Her actions were reckless, selfish. She can't be trusted to not behave selfishly in the future.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 04-Nov-2020 22:20:45
:: winces at Wright's raised voice, propping her chin on her hand as she listened to the others give their thoughts ::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 22:21:51
CO: Also.. I have her scan in the database. If someone were looking for her... there's now evidence we've met.
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 22:21:58
CSO: They were, yes.
MED: That scan turned up no matches, though. We never recovered all of their files; so many were destroyed in the chaos after the confrontation at Earth.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Nov-2020 22:24:45
:: quietly :: CO: You don't get to be absolved of your crimes just because you had a baby, especially when you committed crimes against an entire species to make that baby.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Nov-2020 22:25:18
CSO: Commander... ::Turns in his seat.:: Life takes many courses. And there are other ways to live that are not accepted amongst the species of the Federation. She has moved beyond the Federation's borders; she breaks the prime directive, because it hold no sway over her. Yet... many in her circumstances would already have a position of power within the community gained through their advanced knowledge and understanding.
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 22:25:23
:: gives a slow, awkward nod as that wasn't quite what she meant, then exhales slowly :: CO: I have to agree with Commander Wright.
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 22:26:12
CO/CSO: There were many members of Section 31 that, individually, committed no crimes.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Nov-2020 22:26:18
CEO: It's unethical, Commander, what she's done to an entire people just to secure her own safety.
CO: She's definitely committed one now.
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 22:27:46
CSO: I am not so certain. :: she sighs, pinching the bridge of her nose as a headache starts to intrude ::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 22:28:11
:: finds herself out of words, looking around at everyone's different reactions ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Nov-2020 22:28:45
CSO: It is unethical... by the standards of Starfleet, and the Federation.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 04-Nov-2020 22:29:16
:: can't muster the words, ideas are flitting in and out of her head like crazy as everyone else talked ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 22:30:21
All: Ilaihr made a good point. She could have used her knowledge, by now, to gain power, but from what we saw, she wants nothing more but to disappear into their society.
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 22:31:00
CO: That, too, could be a strategy. Makes her less conspicuous.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Nov-2020 22:31:43
CEO: She tricked them using advanced technology. We have only her word that all she wants is to disappear into the society, and her genes certainly won't disappear with her. We owe it to the people of that world to allow them to develop as they would have without the influence of that woman or any of her descendants.
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 22:32:59
MED: It could be, yes. Their methods were designed to misdirect.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Nov-2020 22:35:49
CSO: If this was a protected planet, within our borders maybe. But do we really have that right? How many races in the galaxy, through the course of their development have become aware or encountered alien life? Just because the act is abhorrent in Federation society, doesnt mean it itself is not a part of the natural progress of life in the galaxy.
CSO: How many aliens existed on Earth, before the invention of the Warp Drive?
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 22:37:02
:: rubs her neck, not sure what to say to that one ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Nov-2020 22:38:05
CEO: How many breeding, reproducing aliens were part of the human gene pool during our pre-industrial period? Zero, to my knowledge.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Nov-2020 22:38:19
CSO: To your knowledge...
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 22:39:22
CSO: I am no geneticist, but after a few thousand years, her genes will be almost gone, perhaps surviving as a mutation here and there, yes? :: looks to the doctors ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Nov-2020 22:40:06
::frowns a bit:: CSO: Putting aside whether Earth had or didn't have aliens before they had warp technology, how would we solve this? Take her from her family? Excise the human genetics from the child? Exile the entire family from the planet? And how do we sleep at night knowing we did this to them? All of those are problematic. We have a responsibility to be ethical also. Don't forget that.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Nov-2020 22:40:38
:: shakes her head :: CO: It all depends on which genes evolution looks favorably on and what events happen in the world. All humans can trace their ancestry back to one woman in the distant past, for example.
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 22:40:44
:: gives an awkward shrug :: CO: We are all more related than you may think, yes. Hard to say, but it's a common contamination. A contamination nonetheless.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Nov-2020 22:42:39
CMO: Removing that woman is necessary. It may also be necessary to sterilize her child so that he cannot reproduce, if we leave him here. We have to think of the wellbeing of the entire species, not the individual people.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Nov-2020 22:43:34
::Shakes at the word sterilise, but says nothing.::
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 22:43:45
:: the headache starts to barge its way in ::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 22:43:47
:: winces :: CSO: That, too, is interference...
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Nov-2020 22:44:53
MED: Do you have an alternative idea that keeps the gene pool from being contaminated?
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 22:44:56
All: Dr. Tailor is right about our responsibility to be ethical, and that is why I have put this matter forth for discussion to all of you.
All: The rules about what to do with former Section 31 operatives were written in a panic three years ago, in the middle of, how do you say... a witch hunt.
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Nov-2020 22:45:50
CSO: There's probably already a chance of him being sterile naturally, because he's a product of two different species.
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 22:46:11
:: sighs, not even sure herself :: CSO: We... relocate the child and father to a planet without these ethical issues.
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Nov-2020 22:46:58
CO: Be that as it may, we have no idea who this woman was or what she may have done. We cannot simply take her at her word. That is not how the universe works.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Nov-2020 22:47:31
CO: Perhaps I could... with your permission and her consent... read her.
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 22:47:46
CSO: She took a risk confessing it in the first place.
CEO: Read her? You mean, telepathically?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 04-Nov-2020 22:48:01
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 22:48:34
CEO: Perhaps. :: settles back into her chair, trying to process all of the viewpoints of her trusted officers ::
CMO Lt Tailor 04-Nov-2020 22:49:54
CO: And yes, the genetics do diminish over time. ::realising she forgot to add that earlier::
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 22:51:18
:: checks the time, then she stands and looks around the bridge ::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 22:51:44
:: rubs her temples, having exhausted all of her thoughts ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 22:52:50
CSO: Commander, check in to the seismic situation some more, and feel free to get out of costume and makeup.
XO Cdr Kuari 04-Nov-2020 22:52:54
:: watches Harper get up but remains seated, having participated in the debate only by listening up to this point, giving her attention to the captain ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 22:53:43
:: also informs T'Lira that she can get out of costume and makeup, as her presence will not be required to deliver their verdict ::
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Nov-2020 22:54:21
:: is very aware that this is likely the result of her strong opinions, but simply nods and wordlessly returns to her work ::
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 22:54:35
:: looks to Harper, expectant ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 04-Nov-2020 22:54:49
:: straightens from her station, looking to Harper ::
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 22:55:24
I will sleep on this one. Lt. Acacia and Captain Grey, I will need you to return to the planet with me tomorrow to inform Dr. Jahaja of my decision.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 04-Nov-2020 22:55:55
:: nods, having expected that decision :: CO: Yes ma'am.
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 22:56:15
:: nods lightly, then looks at Grey :: TAC2/CO: Do you want to keep it on, or redo it tomorrow?
CSO Cdr Wright 04-Nov-2020 22:56:24
:: anyone who happens to be able to see her face, which is almost no one due to her position on the Bridge, would see an angry set to her jaw ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 04-Nov-2020 22:56:44
:: glances to Acacia :: MED: I think... would it take long to redo it?
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 22:57:17
:: shakes her head :: TAC2: Less time the second go around, I think.
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 22:58:00
MED: Then we might as well go ahead and take it off, for comfort's sake, tonight.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 04-Nov-2020 22:58:09
:: nods slowly :: MED: I've never felt comfortable sleeping with anything on, so I think I'll redo it tomorrow.
MED Lt Acacia 04-Nov-2020 22:58:39
:: nods, getting up and heading for the turbolift :: AT: I'll be in sick bay when you're ready.
CO Capt Harper 04-Nov-2020 22:59:26
:: nods to Emily :: MED: Thank you, doctor.
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