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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
With facial alterations expertly performed by our medical staff, and a wardrobe change from Captain Harper's fashionable eye, our disguised away team travels along with Dr. Jahaja, observing the pre-industrial town of Fentra that she now calls home. We pick up in the market among stalls of colorful produce and goods of all sorts, a busy scene full of voices and laughter on a warm, sunny day, made even more pleasant by the constant sea breeze.
After 21-Oct-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 21-Oct-2020 21:24:08
:: enjoying the stroll in the market, with the scents from the spices and food mixing with the salt air on a lovely day ::
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 21:25:10
:: sticks with the group, taking in the scenery with awe and wonder ::
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Oct-2020 21:25:28
:: is not an anthropologist, but is still a scientist, so is watching people interacting and trying to make note of cultural norms and such things ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 21-Oct-2020 21:26:10
::Monitoring the away team's status from his console on the bridge, whilst continuing to observe the planet below.::
NAV Lt Navarro 21-Oct-2020 21:26:16
:: on the bridge, watching over their orbital parameters along with the away team's status ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 21-Oct-2020 21:27:21
:: is observing the scenery, staying close to the group as she looked around ::
Bunim Jahaja 21-Oct-2020 21:28:39
AT: I simply must insist you all join my family for dinner. However, I was not expecting company and I'm low on fresh gemsh! Please, everyone look around, I'm going for produce!
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 21:29:07
:: raises an eyebrow in Bunim's direction, then looks to Harper ::
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Oct-2020 21:29:26
:: mildly panics ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Oct-2020 21:29:33
:: nods and smiles :: Bunim: Of course, we would be honored to join your family for dinner!
TAC2 Cpt Grey 21-Oct-2020 21:29:34
:: blinks in surprise, also looking to Harper with a slight unsure expression ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Oct-2020 21:30:02
:: continues the smile reassuringly around to the away team, sensing that they're looking to her ::
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 21:30:16
:: keeps her cool, or so it appears from the outside ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 21-Oct-2020 21:31:36
:: returns to her observations ::
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Oct-2020 21:31:47
:: tries very, very hard to act natural ::
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 21:32:39
:: idly checks out what types of vendors are around ::
Bunim Jahaja 21-Oct-2020 21:32:48
:: walks off towards the vegetable section, unconcerned ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Oct-2020 21:33:03
:: sidles up next to Grey at a stall as they browse and says, very quietly :: TAC2: I am sure I do not have to tell you to keep your eyes open while at her home. Just try not to look like you are doing it.
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Oct-2020 21:33:55
:: looks at Emily and mimics her, feeling like Emily probably has everything under control ::
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 21:34:42
:: watches the clothing vendors with the most interest, but remembers they have no money. She tries to look like she's just browsing ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 21-Oct-2020 21:34:45
:: flicks her eyes to glance the Captain's direction :: CO: Can do. :: resumes looking at the vendors slowly ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Oct-2020 21:35:04
:: nods gratefully and moves off to look at a jewelry stand ::
:: collects a few ideas of things to replicate when she gets back to Atlantis ::
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 21:36:50
:: mentally scans a nice scarf pattern, committing it to memory ::
Bunim Jahaja 21-Oct-2020 21:37:42
:: picks out two orange vegetables and puts them in her sack ::
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Oct-2020 21:38:13
:: finds herself "casually" examining the wares of a vendor selling candles, trying very hard to stay close to at least one member of the away team ::
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 21:39:06
:: sticks with Wright, looking at different vendors' wares as if they could buy something, trying to avoid talking to people ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Oct-2020 21:39:38
:: moves on from the jeweler and finds a stall with leather goods, then looks around for Lexy, knowing she would want to see ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 21-Oct-2020 21:40:27
:: stays close to the Captain, looking at the leather goods curiously ::
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Oct-2020 21:40:54
:: flashes Emily a grateful look as she wanders to the next stall, which appears to be some kind of herbalist's ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Oct-2020 21:41:37
:: feels the leather on a bag and finds it to be quite supple, then nods and smiles at the vendor as she compliments it ::
Bunim Jahaja 21-Oct-2020 21:41:45
:: picks up a fig-like fruit and pops it in her mouth, considers, then nods agreeably to the vendor and pays for an amount of them ::
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 21:43:30
:: looks upon the herbs longingly, so wishing she could take them. She tries to shake the expression as the vendor notices her ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Oct-2020 21:44:12
:: points out the bag to Grey :: CTO: Is that not some of the softest leather?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 21-Oct-2020 21:44:19
::Sighs happily to himself.:: XO: I could quite do with finding an uninhabited world like this after this mission. ::Smiles at the Commander.::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 21-Oct-2020 21:45:24
CO: Definitely... Ethan would appreciate this, but he has too many bags as it stands. :: feels the bag, humming quietly ::
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 21:45:40
:: politely declines the vendor's offer of some sort of perfume, hastily moving on to the next stall ::
XO Cdr Kuari 21-Oct-2020 21:46:12
:: smiles back :: CEO: The galaxy is such a big place. So much out there, even on one planet.
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Oct-2020 21:46:45
:: waves apologetically at the hopeful vendor as she hurries off behind Emily, glancing around to look for the rest of their party ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Oct-2020 21:46:58
:: sees Lexy looking around and waves her over to the leather stall ::
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 21:47:19
:: notices Lexy turning and follows along, also checking out the leather goods ::
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Oct-2020 21:49:07
:: makes her way over to where Kate is, seeing with relief that Emily is accompanying her, and looks at Kate with some concern, indicating the watching vendor with a quick dart of her eyes ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Oct-2020 21:49:52
CSO: Take a look at this leather, Alexis. It is incredibly supple.
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 21:50:29
:: looks around at the opposite side of the leather vendor's area to create some distraction ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 21-Oct-2020 21:50:43
XO: Well, I feel envious of the away team, getting to experience the culture and the freshness of a verdant world.
Bunim Jahaja 21-Oct-2020 21:51:27
:: buys more food, and soon has a full grocery bag similar to the one she was beamed aboard Atlantis with ::
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Oct-2020 21:52:20
CO: Oh, indeed. :: feels it :: It may be more than we can afford, though. :: again indicates the vendor with her eyes ::
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 21:52:48
:: silently laments a bit at 'afford', as a subtle signal to the vendor ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Oct-2020 21:53:24
:: looks disappointed and shrugs apologetically at the vendor as they move on ::
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 21:54:15
:: breaks off to follow the two as they leave, following a bit behind ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Oct-2020 21:55:15
:: finds another jewelry stall and begins to admire a necklace with a verdant green stone set in silver ::
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Oct-2020 21:56:01
:: makes a mental note to have a talk with her wife later about how to not draw the attention of vendors on a pre-warp planet when you have no money ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 21-Oct-2020 21:56:33
:: follows the pair, having paused to compliment the vendor before moving on ::
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 21:56:39
:: is mildly impressed by the jewelry, but tries to hide it, acting aloof and as if she's not looking much ::
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Oct-2020 21:58:36
:: anxiously tries to keep the group together and out of trouble ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Oct-2020 21:58:39
:: notes that there are matching earrings, Bajoran-style, and commits the design to memory ::
Bunim Jahaja 21-Oct-2020 21:58:57
:: shows up near the others with a full bag of groceries, a big smile on her face ::
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 21:59:20
:: turns to Bunim and smiles, somewhat relieved ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Oct-2020 21:59:56
:: notes Emily's turn and follow suit :: Bunim: Hello again, Bunim. I trust you found everything you needed?
Bunim Jahaja 21-Oct-2020 22:00:57
CO: Yes! How is everyone? Anyone find anything they want? :: is sure she's out of earshot of any vendors ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 21-Oct-2020 22:01:12
:: glances Bunim's way with a slight smile ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Oct-2020 22:01:27
Bunim: So many things, yes! :: laughs :: But I think that we will make do with what we have back home.
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Oct-2020 22:01:39
:: looks at her with a furrowed brow; doesn't want to be beholden to this woman they don't know anything about, so keeps her mouth shut ::
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 22:02:02
:: nods lightly in agreement ::
Bunim Jahaja 21-Oct-2020 22:04:35
:: nods, looking to everyone close by :: AT: We all here? Come, I will show you my home.
CO Capt Harper 21-Oct-2020 22:04:55
Bunim: Wonderful! I look forward to seeing it.
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 22:05:40
:: nods a polite goodbye to the vendor, then follows after the group, breathing a sigh of relief that she didn't have to really talk to anyone ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 21-Oct-2020 22:05:57
:: follows after giving a quiet goodbye to the vendor ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 21-Oct-2020 22:06:47
::Gets a blip on his scans.:: Comp: Computer localise those readings... ::Glances as the screen magnifies.:: XO: Commander... there appears a seismic build up. Tectonic stress... Near the town.
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Oct-2020 22:06:47
:: doesn't understand how Kate is being so cavalier about all of this ::
XO Cdr Kuari 21-Oct-2020 22:07:47
:: straightens up, alarmed :: CEO: How threatening?
Bunim Jahaja 21-Oct-2020 22:08:42
:: leads the party out of the central town, towards the outskirts, taking a path that branches off to several homesteads ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 21-Oct-2020 22:09:49
::Puts the image of the fault line, just a few miles from the town, on the viewscreen.:: XO: We will need to monitor it closely... It could be decade until a slip, but it could occur in the next few hours. Need more scans to ascertain the specifics.
CO Capt Harper 21-Oct-2020 22:10:22
:: enjoys the pleasant walk, finding the entire experience to be thoroughly enjoyable, despite her suspicions ::
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 22:11:11
:: has a bit of a skip in her step as they get further from the beaten path, also managing to enjoy herself despite her anxiety ::
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Oct-2020 22:11:25
:: is not enjoying herself at all ::
NAV Lt Navarro 21-Oct-2020 22:11:26
:: looks up at the viewer, narrowing his eyebrows at the fault ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 21-Oct-2020 22:11:39
:: glances around in careful consideration ::
XO Cdr Kuari 21-Oct-2020 22:11:41
:: nods, studying the image :: CEO: They must have a history of earthquakes.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 21-Oct-2020 22:13:12
XO: Also... geology is not one of the subjects I am highly versed in. Palaeontology, Archaeology, Anthropology... things that you find in the rocks of old, as opposed to the rocks themselves.
CO Capt Harper 21-Oct-2020 22:13:18
:: fights the urge to take Lexy's hand as they walk, not knowing how that would be seen here ::
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 22:14:13
:: smiles, that seeming to be universal ::
XO Cdr Kuari 21-Oct-2020 22:16:03
:: frowns :: CEO: I know you'll continue to monitor it. Do you know if the transporters will get a proper lock in the event the earthquake starts?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 21-Oct-2020 22:19:09
XO: There will most likely be static interference; earthquakes generate an electrical discharge, from the friction of the plates. We should be able to compensate, but not knowing this planet; again we dont know the specifics. Some planets are extremely unstable because of piezo-electric crystals in the crust.
XO: We may need a probe to bore into the surface.
Bunim Jahaja 21-Oct-2020 22:19:46
:: leads the away team to a humble cottage at the end of a long dirt-trodden path, cozy lighting emanating from the windows :: AT: Remember, you're all from Tupiph. Just act friendly and everything will be fine. I can do most of the talking.
Ceric 21-Oct-2020 22:20:17
:: in the cottage, cleaning the fish he caught for the day's meal ::
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Oct-2020 22:20:21
:: is absolutely bewildered that they still don't know anything about cultural norms like hand gestures and greetings and body language and and and ::
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 22:21:09
:: gives a head-nod-bow to Bunim experimentally, which she remembered being told about and saw a few times at the market ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Oct-2020 22:21:32
:: has learned quite a lot about the cultural norms, just from watching the people in the market ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 21-Oct-2020 22:22:19
:: nods slightly, personally kind of excited to see how they lived ::
Bunim Jahaja 21-Oct-2020 22:22:37
:: catches Acacia's head bow and smiles :: MED: You've got it.
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 22:22:51
:: returns the smile, nervous but also a little bit excited ::
Ceric 21-Oct-2020 22:24:07
:: cleans his hands once he is done with the fish ::
XO Cdr Kuari 21-Oct-2020 22:24:15
CEO: No...I don't think it would be a good idea, too risky it would be found.
Bunim Jahaja 21-Oct-2020 22:24:49
:: opens the door :: Ceric: Ceric! I've brought company!
Ceric 21-Oct-2020 22:25:23
:: turns to the door as it opens and he hears his wife's voice :: Bunim? Company, you say? :: smiles :: Good thing the sea was kind to us today, I have plenty of fish!
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 22:25:59
:: follows in slowly, offering a wide smile to Ceric, then bowing her head to greet him ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Oct-2020 22:26:14
:: enters the home with everyone and bows her head to Ceric ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 21-Oct-2020 22:26:14
XO: It should only take a few moments of flight; and after the initial impact, it would steadily take its way to potentially many tens of kilometres under the surface.
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Oct-2020 22:26:38
:: follows behind, mimicking the gestures of the others ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 21-Oct-2020 22:27:37
:: bows her head to Ceric in greeting as she enters, stepping aside to get out of the way ::
Bunim Jahaja 21-Oct-2020 22:28:19
:: sets down her bag and immediately turns once everyone is inside for introductions :: Ceric: I met them in the market, they're travelers. I of course had to lead them directly to Yorshoi's. They're staying at the inn tonight, but they needed a good meal!
Ceric 21-Oct-2020 22:28:40
Travelers? Where are you all from? :: dries his hands and smiles welcomingly ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Oct-2020 22:29:20
Ceric: Tupiph. It is a pleasure to meet you, Ceric, and thank you for your hospitality. I am Kathryn. This is Alexis, Emilaina, Leigh, and Lira.
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 22:29:37
:: grins at the charming introduction, then nods in agreement with Harper, lifting her hand as she is named. ::
Ceric 21-Oct-2020 22:29:55
What exotic names! Tupiph must be quite the place. And for five women to make such an arduous journey alone...
XO Cdr Kuari 21-Oct-2020 22:30:08
CEO: It might take them a long time to find it...but they could still find it. I don't think we should, not on a pre-warp civilization planet.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 21-Oct-2020 22:30:12
:: grins at her introduction briefly ::
Ceric 21-Oct-2020 22:30:30
I am quite impressed! Please, our home is your home.
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Oct-2020 22:30:44
:: nods as she is named ::
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 22:31:05
:: bows her head again, this time in thanks. She takes another step inside, finally looking around to take in the scenery ::
Bunim Jahaja 21-Oct-2020 22:31:30
:: sighs in relief and grabs the bag, taking it to the kitchen ::
Ceric 21-Oct-2020 22:31:41
:: puts some more fish filets into a bath of some sort of fruit juice and spices, making allowances for five extra at dinner ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 21-Oct-2020 22:33:04
::Nods.:: XO: Understood Commander. I will continue to monitor the situation. We could still utilise orbital probes to enhance the resolutions of our scans and do a more thorough planetary sweep. Compare this fault to others.
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 22:33:31
:: finds their sittin' seat and sits down, admiring the architecture ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 21-Oct-2020 22:33:53
:: remains standing against the wall, watching everything steadily ::
Ceric 21-Oct-2020 22:34:42
:: then pours some cups of the same kind of juice and passes them around :: Please, have something to drink! You must be parched.
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 22:35:24
:: takes the drink with a grateful grin, taking a small sip before humming her approval :: Ceric: Mm!
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 21-Oct-2020 22:35:51
XO: And we could collect them again, afterwards.
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Oct-2020 22:36:06
:: also takes the cup gratefully and tries it, finding it quite agreeable :: Ceric: This is lovely, thank you.
CO Capt Harper 21-Oct-2020 22:36:20
:: samples the juice and nods thankfully at Ceric, looking like she's had it before, no big deal :: Ceric: Thank you, I was quite thirsty, yes.
XO Cdr Kuari 21-Oct-2020 22:36:52
CEO: Yes, that would be acceptable.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 21-Oct-2020 22:40:05
:: takes the drink with a quiet word of thanks, sipping at it :: Ceric: Thank you.
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 22:40:18
:: sips her juice, enjoying the ambiance and evidently trying to say as little as possible, though she does say 'please' and 'thank you' ::
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Oct-2020 22:41:54
:: politely looks around the house from her seat as she sips her juice ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 21-Oct-2020 22:41:56
XO: Thank you Commander. ::Types away at the console, preparing orbital geological survey probes, and their flight objectives. A number either going ahead or behind Atlantis's geostationary orbit, and others being sent into polar orbits.::
Ceric 21-Oct-2020 22:42:50
:: catches a blur as it runs by, and he hoists a boy of about two, possessing less-pronounced facial features than his father, but with a happy grin on his face :: All: This is Kupa, our son.
All: He helped me a great deal while fishing today!
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 21-Oct-2020 22:43:14
::Launches them, and sits back for a moment.::
XO Cdr Kuari 21-Oct-2020 22:43:40
:: watches ::
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 22:44:37
:: sits up a bit as she turns to look at the kid, her warm smile completely genuine. She tries not to stare, offering a comment, :: Ceric: He has your eyes.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 21-Oct-2020 22:44:43
:: can't resist giving Kupa a smile and finger-wave in greeting from her position :: Kupa: Hello.
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Oct-2020 22:44:54
:: gives the child her best warm look, not wanting to speak much ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Oct-2020 22:45:52
:: smiles at Kupa and waves :: Ceric: What a lovely child! :: glances at Bunim and back to Kupa :: Bunim: And your nose.
Ceric 21-Oct-2020 22:46:19
MED: That he does. :: puts the whirlwind back down and starts to stoke the fire to cook dinner ::
Kupa> :: breaks out into laughter at the attention, then darts away when he's set free ::
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Oct-2020 22:47:00
:: feels. so. awkward. ::
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 22:47:07
:: chuckles, watching him go before turning back to watch the fire ::
Bunim Jahaja 21-Oct-2020 22:47:43
:: smiles at Harper and nods ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 21-Oct-2020 22:48:08
:: watches the whirlwind of child dash off, making her chuckle as she turned to look at Ceric :: Ceric: How old is he, if you don't mind me asking?
Ceric 21-Oct-2020 22:48:37
TAC2: Two. :: suddenly has a universal 'tired parent of a toddler' look ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Oct-2020 22:48:56
ACTION> The evening progresses into night as dinner is cooked and enjoyed.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 21-Oct-2020 22:49:03
XO: Lets hope this is just a simple, normal rumble in the crust...
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 22:50:04
:: finishes everything on her plate, not wanting to waste, but not minding at all as she found it delicious ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Oct-2020 22:50:22
:: quite content with that meal, having greatly enjoyed the fish and vegetables ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 21-Oct-2020 22:50:35
:: nods, barely resisting the urge to draw him into conversation about Kupa as she finishes her plate ::
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Oct-2020 22:51:01
:: expresses her gratitude as she polishes off her plate ::
Ceric 21-Oct-2020 22:52:08
:: puts Kupa to bed after getting some food in him ::
Bunim Jahaja 21-Oct-2020 22:52:17
:: attempted to not be too analyzing over how she prepared dinner for her guests, using her napkin and still not quite believing she hosted a meal in her home for Starfleet, but looks around at them, hoping they enjoyed it and understand ::
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 22:53:20
:: tries to limit her looks to Harper for guidance, really getting into the role of the traveler by the end of the meal ::
Ceric 21-Oct-2020 22:53:42
:: hoists his fishing gear :: Bunim: Kupa's down. I'm going to see what's biting tonight, in case we can have a fresh breakfast.
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Oct-2020 22:53:57
:: wonders how this advances their goal of figuring out more about this Bunim woman ::
Bunim Jahaja 21-Oct-2020 22:54:52
:: smiles at Ceric, suspecting he would be going out to fish :: Be safe out there.
Ceric 21-Oct-2020 22:55:32
All: Please do not consider me rude, but the fish here at night can be quite active. It has been wonderful to meet you all, and safe travels if I do not see you again.
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 22:56:01
:: bows her head once more to wish Ceric goodbye, relaxing almost imperceptibly as he signals his departure ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Oct-2020 22:56:05
Ceric: Not at all. Good fortune out there!
Ceric 21-Oct-2020 22:56:22
:: touches his forehead to Bunim's for a moment, then heads out ::
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Oct-2020 22:56:31
:: mimics Emily, wishing the man good luck ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 21-Oct-2020 22:56:49
:: bows her head slightly, wishing the man good luck, before turning back to the conversation ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Oct-2020 22:57:33
:: waits a few minutes before saying :: Bunim: It looks like you have established a wonderful home and family here.
MED Lt Acacia 21-Oct-2020 22:58:47
:: nods lightly in agreement, watching the remnants of the fire crackling ::
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Oct-2020 22:59:11
:: watches Bunim closely ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Oct-2020 22:59:16
:: she sips at the juice by the firelight, watching it cast flickering shadows around the room :
Bunim Jahaja 21-Oct-2020 22:59:52
:: smiles broadly, genuinely :: CO: Thank you, it warms my heart to hear you say that. I've tried...very hard. :: looks around as if someone's listening, unaccustomed to this sort of conversation in her home ::
CO Capt Harper 21-Oct-2020 23:01:03
Bunim: I am satisfied that you have integrated yourself here without cultural contamination. :: she leans forward ::
Bunim: I just have one question for you, and then we can be on our way.
Bunim Jahaja 21-Oct-2020 23:01:54
CO: Yes, please, do ask.
CO Capt Harper 21-Oct-2020 23:02:46
:: comes right out and directly asks her question, but not in a way that indicates that she does not sincerely want an answer :: Bunim: Why did we find no evidence of a Doctor Bunim Jahaja anywhere in the Federation?
TAC2 Cpt Grey 21-Oct-2020 23:02:58
:: glances around the house, keeping an ear out on the conversation ::
CSO Cdr Wright 21-Oct-2020 23:03:12
:: watches, waiting for an answer ::
Bunim Jahaja 21-Oct-2020 23:04:30
:: her smile disappears and she looks down for a moment in deep thought. She sighs and looks up at them, focusing on Harper :: CO: I...please understand, this is in my past, and I just want to move on, but...I was a part of Section 31.
CO Capt Harper 21-Oct-2020 23:04:47
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