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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
While cataloging a planetary system around a main-sequence star, we discovered a class-M planet home to a pre-industrial civilization. Scanning the towns below as we orbited, we eventually came across one with a biosign that clearly stood out from the masses: a human. After catching the human alone, we beamed her aboard, and after hearing her story, agreed to verify her claims in person. Our away team, consisting of Harper, Wright, T'Lira, Acacia, and Grey, is in sickbay getting their makeup done…
After 14-Oct-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 21:25:49
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 21:26:29
:: is hard at work on the dermal modifications, determined not to mess them up. She works on Grey's face using a glowing blue wand ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 21:26:39
:: in sickbay, being patient while the modifications are being done ::
TAC LCdr T’Lira 14-Oct-2020 21:26:54
:: cannot even remotely consider herself... pleased with the current modifications being made to her, but if it is for the course of the mission, so be it. It will be rectified immediately upon return to the ship ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 14-Oct-2020 21:27:13
:: sits straight, being sure not to move to possibly mess up Acacia's work ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 21:27:32
:: regarding herself in a mirror ::
XO Cdr Kuari 14-Oct-2020 21:28:16
:: on the bridge, lying on her seat, monitoring as they orbit ::
CMO Lt Tailor 14-Oct-2020 21:28:28
::is working on Acacia's forehead ridge, given that MED's not able to do her own dermal modifications::
NAV Lt Navarro 14-Oct-2020 21:29:01
:: keeping watch on their orbital parameters from the helm ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 21:29:02
:: varies her work in the spots, but copies the face ridges more faithfully. She regards Grey's disguise, hesitant to call it done due to her nervousness. She notices Tailor and stops, sitting down to let her work :: CMO: Thanks.
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 21:29:24
:: grins over at Lexy and gives her a thumbs-up ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Oct-2020 21:29:31
::Types away at his console, studying the planet below still.:: XO: I am actually quite thankful not to be going down to the planet... modifications to my antennae are... uncomfortable to say the least.
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 21:29:48
:: frowns slightly at her own reflection, and then at Kate ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 14-Oct-2020 21:30:08
:: is waiting for the go-ahead to see what she looked like with the modifications ::
CMO Lt Tailor 14-Oct-2020 21:30:38
MED: You're welcome. Take as many notes as possible down there for the medical database. This is quite the opportunity. ::smiles::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 21:31:13
:: smiles back, obviously nervous :: CMO: I will. It's quite exciting.
:: notices Grey and gives her the thumbs-up :: TAC2: I think you're done.
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 21:32:09
:: also waiting for the all-clear, since she thinks only one of her ears is done ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 21:32:36
:: sets the mirror down and moves over to sit next to Kate, her voice soft :: CO: I just want to once more, for the record, note my serious concerns with this plan...
XO Cdr Kuari 14-Oct-2020 21:32:40
:: smiles towards Ilaihr :: CEO: Yes, I can certainly commiserate with that one. Not... the antennae issue, but just modifications in general.
CMO Lt Tailor 14-Oct-2020 21:33:29
::finishes up the forehead ridge swirl, and adds a few more spots... and done.:: MED: All set!
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 21:34:13
:: replies, equally soft :: CSO: We will go by the book for in-person observation of pre-warp societies, and verify no contamination. :: smiles at her :: Trust me, Rosie.
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 21:34:20
:: pats her forehead, checking herself out in the mirror very briefly :: CMO: Oh, excellent. Thank you very much. :: she gets right back to work, checking on the Captain and addressing her left ear ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 14-Oct-2020 21:34:27
:: grins, hopping off the berth and wandering over to see her reflection, grinning slightly :: MED: Thank you! :: wanders over to join Wright, leaning against the wall ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 21:34:41
:: gets her ear done ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 21:35:37
:: scowls :: CO: It's not that I don't trust you, it's... :: clams up as Emily comes over ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 21:35:53
:: also touches up Harper's face ridges, then gives her a once-over, followed by a thumbs-up :: CO: You're good. :: she looks around, making sure they're all good to go.. ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Oct-2020 21:36:46
XO: I can cast the illusion that my appearance is different. But it does take a considerable amount of concentration; depending on how extensive the changes are, and how many people I'm trying to cast it on.
CMO Lt Tailor 14-Oct-2020 21:37:01
::looks around at the away team:: All: Everyone looks good.
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 21:37:23
MED: Thank you, doctor! :: trades a look with Lexy then checks herself out in the mirror :: All: I love the ears! Maybe I should keep them when we get back.
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 21:37:49
:: chuckles, running a finger over her own ear to get used to it ::
XO Cdr Kuari 14-Oct-2020 21:38:05
:: nods :: CEO: Yes...I can only imagine. I can't do anything like that.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 14-Oct-2020 21:38:44
:: traces the edge of her own ear slowly, chuckling quietly at Harper's remark about the ears ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 21:39:03
:: runs her finger over her ears and the modifications to her face while watching in the mirror ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 21:39:16
:: doesn't trust this Bunim woman even a little, but cannot deny that she is scientifically interested ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Oct-2020 21:41:13
XO: As an actual young man, I would subtly influence the perception of my skin colour. Make it deeper blue in the eyes of my beholders. Hide my heritage, so I could have a hidden advantage. It's how I won the games that paid for my ship. ::Smirks.::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 21:42:32
:: opens a duffel on the floor that she brought with her :: All: I have taken the liberty of replicating appropriate clothing, derived from our observations. I used the computer's profile for your uniforms, so I hope everything fits! :: starts passing out clothes and modified commbadges with hidden universal translators ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 21:43:21
:: still frowning as she thinks about all the variables they might have missed, while looking around for a place to change into the clothes that are handed to her ::
TAC LCdr T’Lira 14-Oct-2020 21:43:26
:: accepts her clothing and looks around for a minute before finding some place out of sight to change ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 21:43:38
:: takes the dress and looks it over, giving an approving hum before turning towards a wall and changing right there in the sickbay ::
XO Cdr Kuari 14-Oct-2020 21:43:42
:: grins again, amused by Ilaihr's story :: CEO: I can only imagine the different things you've done with that ability, having it your whole life.
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 21:44:47
:: ducks off with Lexy into an empty exam room to change ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 21:45:35
:: pulls on her new dress and turns around, seeing that everyone sort of scattered to change. She blinks, mumbling to herself :: Self: We've all seen each other--pfft.
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 21:45:43
:: puts on the blue dress that Kate had picked out for her :: CO: Hm. Pretty.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 14-Oct-2020 21:45:53
:: accepts her clothing, not having an issue with changing in the corner ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 21:46:10
CSO: I took a bit more care with yours. :: grins as she puts on a flowing white linen dress with blue embroidery around the hem ::
TAC LCdr T’Lira 14-Oct-2020 21:46:38
:: finds she has been given a dress of some sort, and is not pleased with it, but accepts it for the mission. It is entirely possible the women of this world may not wear trousers... ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 21:46:58
CO: Favoritism! :: but still admires the little floral embroidery at the neckline ::
CMO Lt Tailor 14-Oct-2020 21:47:00
::chuckles, putting away her dermal modification tools::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 21:47:43
CSO: Keep that after the mission, will you? :: chuckles and messes with her hair, wearing it down ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 14-Oct-2020 21:48:07
:: doesn't mind the pale green dress she had been given, pulling her hair back into a quick bun neatly and returning to the group ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 21:48:33
:: takes the cue and pulls out her ponytail, shaking her hair out ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 21:49:01
:: picks at her skirt and the leather waist tie to get it to sit right, then fluffs the skirt and admires the trim ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 21:49:10
:: puts on some sandals and attaches the hidden commbadge pin to an over-the-shoulder sash ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 21:49:35
CO: Should we... take off our wedding rings?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Oct-2020 21:49:40
::Chuckles, before getting back to monitoring the planet; looking over the architecture, and just generally people watching.::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 21:50:26
:: puts on the period-appropriate shoes and accessories ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 21:50:27
CSO: Oh... :: sighs :: Yes, I suppose so. We have no idea what their customs are or what a ring on that finger could denote. Good thinking.
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 21:50:38
:: butts in :: CO/CSO: Yes.
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 21:50:44
:: reluctantly removes her wedding ring ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 21:51:07
:: sighs and pulls her ring off as well ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 21:51:30
MED: Thanks. :: hands it off to Acacia :: Please stash them in a safe place for us.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 14-Oct-2020 21:52:22
:: slides into her own provided sandals, frowning briefly, but doing the same to slide her own ring into Ethan's outstretched hand ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 21:52:35
:: emerges from the exam room and taps the hidden commbadge :: +XO+ Harper to Kuari.
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 21:52:36
:: also changes into the appropriate shoes, now fully in costume. She gives the mirror one last glance as she takes the rings, sticking them in the box of stuff she's keeping on the top shelf :: CO/CSO: Don't worry, they'll be right here when we get back~
XO Cdr Kuari 14-Oct-2020 21:53:22
:: looks up :: +CO+ Kuari here.
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 21:53:44
+XO+ Please locate Dr. Jahaja and see if she is in a place where we can beam in.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 14-Oct-2020 21:54:21
:: waits for instructions ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 21:54:45
MED: Thank you, Emily. :: hands off her ring for safekeeping ::
XO Cdr Kuari 14-Oct-2020 21:55:17
:: looks to Ilaihr :: CEO: Do you have her, Mr. Ilaihr?
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 21:56:05
All: I hope you all like your outfits! :: looks around at everyone, admiring her handiwork on actual people ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Oct-2020 21:56:29
::Types away as he scans.:: XO: I have her, Commander
TAC LCdr T’Lira 14-Oct-2020 21:56:40
:: discreetly tries to adjust the outfit, but is unsuccessful in achieving the drape she is seeking ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 21:56:40
:: fluffs her skirt again and grins, nodding :: CO: It's lovely.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 14-Oct-2020 21:56:47
CO: I love it, Captain! :: grins, doing a fancy little twirl ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Oct-2020 21:56:55
::Send the data to the transporter room.::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 21:57:13
:: grins :: All: Feel free to keep them afterwards if you really like them.
XO Cdr Kuari 14-Oct-2020 21:57:39
CEO: Is she safe to beam down to?
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 21:57:51
:: turns away to discreetly adjust how she's sitting in the bodice ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Oct-2020 21:59:01
XO: Aye.
XO Cdr Kuari 14-Oct-2020 21:59:27
+CO+ She is in a good place to transport to, Captain.
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 21:59:47
+XO+ Please contact her and ask her to wait for us. We will be down in a few minutes.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Oct-2020 21:59:54
XO: SHe is on her way to town, no one is currently around her.
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 21:59:55
All: To the transporter room!
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 22:00:18
:: takes a deep breath, following after the Captain ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 22:00:22
:: follows along, trying to set aside her reservations and focus on the scientific interest in the mission ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 22:00:29
CMO: Doctor, please keep a close eye on us from the bridge, if you do not mind.
CMO: Emergency beamout is a last resort, understood?
CMO Lt Tailor 14-Oct-2020 22:02:35
CO: Of course. ::follows along to the transporter room to see them off::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 22:02:46
CMO: Thank you, doctor. :: Leads the party to the TR ::
TRC: Hello, Chief! I hope you are doing well, today. :: nods and smiles as they answer ::
TRC: You should have coordinates from the bridge. Put us nearby as long as there is still no one else around.
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 22:03:48
:: keeps her focus straight, stepping onto the transporter pad and keeping her arms stiff at her sides, visibly uneasy ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 14-Oct-2020 22:03:59
:: waits to fall into at the back-end of the party, moving to stand on a transporter pad ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 22:04:39
:: steps up on the pad as the TRC acknowledges :: All: Alright everyone. Be on your best behavior and take care not to mention anything alien to them.
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 22:05:06
:: breathes :: Self: Right.
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 22:05:07
:: steps up onto the pad and nods to herself, expression serious ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 22:05:21
TRC: Energize.
ACTION> The away team beams down, materializing near a coastal pebble road that winds along a small cliff several feet above crashing waves.
CMO Lt Tailor 14-Oct-2020 22:06:54
All: Good luck! ::gives the AT a wave, and waits for the shimmers to disappear before turning back to the turbolift to the Bridge::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 22:07:15
ACTION> The weather is sunny and warm, and a light breeze makes it even more pleasant.
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 22:07:42
:: takes a deep breath, then another to calm her nerves. She looks towards the ocean, smiling ::
XO Cdr Kuari 14-Oct-2020 22:07:45
:: watches, waiting, wishing she could be along on the planet below ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 14-Oct-2020 22:08:07
:: stretches slightly, taking a deep breath and looking to Harper and Acacia ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 22:08:21
:: looks around, taking in the scene with a slight smile, then tries to locate Dr. Jahaja ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 22:08:36
:: looks around, taking in her surroundings ::
CMO Lt Tailor 14-Oct-2020 22:08:58
::steps off the 'lift onto the bridge, smooth jazz floating out briefly before the door closes again; steps over to her station and brings up the team's lifesigns::
XO: They're all down on the planet now.
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 22:09:40
:: watches the waves for a moment before looking back to Harper, waiting ::
XO Cdr Kuari 14-Oct-2020 22:10:33
:: nods to herself and takes in a breath :: CMO: Thank you, Doctor. They're in your care.
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 22:10:50
:: takes a deep breath of the salt air as she spots Jahaja down on the road, then waves to her ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 22:11:24
:: follows the Captain's eyes, spotting the Doctor. ::
NAV Lt Navarro 14-Oct-2020 22:11:26
:: brings up the same readouts on his display, if only to watch over Emily ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 22:11:59
:: winces, who knows what waving means in this culture? ::
Bunim Jahaja 14-Oct-2020 22:13:37
:: catches Harper's wave and gives a look of utter surprise, then a moment of fear, but studies the party for a moment and smiles and shakes her head, approaching :: CO: It's quite a shock to see you here, in my home. I was afraid you would cause a scene, but no. You all seem to fit in nicely, though, well done!
CMO Lt Tailor 14-Oct-2020 22:14:20
::gives Kuari a nod::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 22:14:41
Bunim: Avoiding making a scene is our entire mission, doctor. We just wanted to take you up on your invitation and see for ourselves that all is well.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 14-Oct-2020 22:14:58
:: follows the Captain, keeping to her side ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 22:15:24
:: stands behind Harper and listens in, not wanting to do or say anything yet--perhaps feeling Wright's anxiety as well ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 22:16:22
CO: Captain, we should determine whether there are any important customs we should know before we encounter any natives.
Bunim Jahaja 14-Oct-2020 22:17:10
:: nods, still studying the others, scrutinizing Acacia's handiwork :: CO: Well, I had plans of course, but with our recent...ahh...meeting, I thought I might have to cancel, and I will of course honor our agreement. In fact, I would love to show you all around. Who...did your modifications? They're excellent!
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 22:17:56
:: glances at Wright as she says 'Captain', then her attention is drawn back :: Bunim: Ah, me. :: she raises one hand, then plants it back at her side, stiff and nervous ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 22:18:05
CSO: Agreed... and do not call me captain. :: winks at her :: Bunim: In addition to anything we should know about the local customs, we need to you speak the native language for a few minutes so that our translators can lock on to it.
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 22:18:53
:: called Kate "Captain" for the same reason Kate waved - no one else is around - but decides not to argue the point at this time ::
:: decides to definitely argue the point at a later time, though ::
Bunim Jahaja 14-Oct-2020 22:20:24
:: turns to look at Acacia, a brilliant smile on her face :: MED: I'm humbled by your skill, and I'm put at ease. CO: Of course, and I will fill you in as we go, not to worry. :: clears her throat and begins to speak the local language ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 14-Oct-2020 22:20:33
:: listens carefully ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 22:20:56
:: listens, her trained ears at first trying to figure things out themselves ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 22:21:07
:: watches her speak with a hint of wonder, waiting for the translator to pick up ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 22:21:33
ACTION> Over the next several minutes of Bunim's speaking, words start to first become clear, then entire sentences.
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 22:22:00
:: nods as the UT does what it does ::
Bunim Jahaja 14-Oct-2020 22:22:09
AT: --and of course I'm not saying anything you'll have to remember, because I'm just, you know, talking, and...
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Oct-2020 22:22:52
::Hums to himself.:: XO/CMO: Its looks alluringly peaceful down there, at the moment.
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 22:24:15
All: I think that will do it. Bunim: Please, continue in that language... are we travelers from some other place we should know of? And what would you like to show us?
CMO Lt Tailor 14-Oct-2020 22:24:24
CEO: It does. I'm almost jealous... but I'm fine with staying up here keeping an eye on them.
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 22:25:03
:: nods in agreement at the questions, watching Bunim ::
XO Cdr Kuari 14-Oct-2020 22:25:04
:: sighs :: CEO: Yes...I wish I could be down there.
NAV Lt Navarro 14-Oct-2020 22:25:44
XO: I imagine it looks like a good place to stretch your wings. :: chuckles ::
Bunim Jahaja 14-Oct-2020 22:26:55
:: shakes her head again :: AT: I remember having to learn this language. I tell you, it's not easy. :: looks behind her :: Shall we go into town? ::turns to lead the way ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 22:27:38
:: follows along :: Bunim: I am a linguist, actually, and I believe you. It took the translator longer than usual.
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 22:27:44
:: glances at everyone else in the party, then follows along ::
Bunim Jahaja 14-Oct-2020 22:28:00
:: walking :: We'll say you're from the eastern settlements of Tupiph. It's fairly far and the locals don't really know much about the place, especially those far reaches.
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 22:28:23
:: follows along, still looking around with interest but trying not to be too terribly obvious about it ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 22:28:58
:: admires the trees, the bushes, and even the grass as they pass it ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 22:29:07
Bunim: Ah, excellent. :: repeats the word to make sure she gets it right in case she needs it :: Tupiph. Will our given names be strange?
TAC2 Cpt Grey 14-Oct-2020 22:29:24
:: glances around, observing the surroundings carefully ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 14-Oct-2020 22:29:48
XO: Perhaps next time. ::Turns around in his seat, and grins.::
Bunim Jahaja 14-Oct-2020 22:30:11
AT: Most obvious things you need to know, people here don't shake hands, they bow their heads. They trade with coin, made from a reddish soft metal. :: waves her hand :: Strange names will only make them believe you more about being from Tupiph. Ah...what are all your names again? :: turns her head as they walk to look at those being introduced ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 22:30:34
Bunim: I am Kathryn, or Kate.
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 22:30:44
:: looks back to the Captain at the question about strange names. She sounds off :: Bunim: Emilaina, or Emily.
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 22:31:09
Bunim: Alexis.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 14-Oct-2020 22:31:28
Bunim: Ryleigh. :: one-word response from the observing Marine ::
TAC LCdr T’Lira 14-Oct-2020 22:31:31
Bunim: I am T'Lira.
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 22:32:50
:: also taking in the scenery as they walk, finding the journey to be quite pleasant so far ::
Bunim Jahaja 14-Oct-2020 22:33:22
:: spins and walks backwards, pointing at Acacia :: MED: Emilaina, that actually sounds local. :: points at Wright :: CSO: Yours sounds exotic, I like it. :: looks at everyone in turn, attempting to memorize their names ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 22:34:12
:: smiles slightly, never having been told her name sounds common. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 22:34:28
:: actually feels a little flattered at the compliment of her name, then returns to distrust ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 22:34:44
:: notes that she should not use the usual informal versions of Lexy's and Emily's names ::
Bunim Jahaja 14-Oct-2020 22:35:05
:: smiles over her shoulder :: TAC2: Ryleigh you said? That actually sounds similar to the word "cheese".
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 22:35:15
:: smirks at Grey ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 22:35:27
:: bites her lip to prevent a laugh ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 22:36:04
:: is distracted and takes half a second longer to process that :: Bunim: Wait, cheese?
TAC2 Cpt Grey 14-Oct-2020 22:37:43
:: swats at Acacia lightly, giving her a glance :: Bunim: Mmh, not surprised there. Ryleigh has some weird translations. ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 22:38:21
:: chuckles at the swat, barely dodging it ::
Bunim Jahaja 14-Oct-2020 22:38:27
:: grins and nods :: CSO: Yes, I'd tell you, but the translator would just say cheese so...
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 22:38:57
Bunim: What if we called her Leigh? Or Ry?
TAC2 Cpt Grey 14-Oct-2020 22:40:48
:: glances at the Captain in bewildement before shrugging :: CO: Leigh could work, it's an old childhood nickname, same with Ry. I'm not picky
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 22:41:16
:: watches a bird dive into the sea and emerge with a fish ::
Bunim Jahaja 14-Oct-2020 22:41:27
TAC2: Mm...Leigh then. That sounds good.
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 22:42:18
:: still marveling over her name being called "exotic" ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 14-Oct-2020 22:42:22
:: nods :: Bunin: Alright then, Leigh it is. :: can't resist giving another swat at Acacia as she fell back to retake her previous position ::
Bunim Jahaja 14-Oct-2020 22:42:35
:: gestures grandly to the taller buildings poking up over the smaller houses :: AT: Welcome to Fentra, my humble little town. It's proudly known for its sweet flatbread, invented by a local baker named Yorshoi--the sweetness part, not flatbread itself, which is common of course. Want to try some?
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 22:42:56
:: takes a smack, and returns with a swing and a miss near 'Leigh's arm ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 22:43:09
Bunim: Definitely! Oh, but, uh, we have no coin.
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 22:43:13
:: is totally a sucker for both sweet things and bread ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 22:43:28
:: perks up :: Self: We get to try the food?
TAC2 Cpt Grey 14-Oct-2020 22:44:48
:: dodges the swing, grinning at Acacia playfully as she made another attempt to land a swat to her friend's shoulder ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 22:45:19
:: eyes the roughhousing, worried about local customs ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 22:45:27
:: swats Grey's hand away, mumbling curtly :: TAC2: Focus.
Bunim Jahaja 14-Oct-2020 22:46:08
:: is happy by the interest shown by her guests :: CO: Of course not. I'm not considered well off, keeping a low profile, but well...I do know how to be a useful member of society. I'm happy to pay. Ah, but it's better if you all "pay for yourselves." :: reaches into her pocket and hands everyone a coin ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 14-Oct-2020 22:46:19
:: stifles her snicker, stilling back into calm practical Marine ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 22:46:46
:: takes the coin and examines it, while giving Grey a side-eye :: Now, Leigh...
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 22:47:01
:: observes the coin carefully, then looks back to Bunim ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 22:47:04
:: takes the coin, inspecting the metal ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 14-Oct-2020 22:47:14
:: holds her hands up in surrender, giving Kate her most innocent expression :: CO: Thank you. :: takes the coin and slides it into her pouch carefully ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 22:47:20
Bumin: Thank you.
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 22:48:04
:: tucks the coin into the shoulder-slung pouch that each of them got with their outfits :: Bunim: Thank you.
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 22:48:23
:: does the same, both with the coin and the gratitude ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 22:48:33
:: may already have a few flowers in her shoulderbag, the coin now joining them ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 22:48:55
:: smirks at Grey again, turning her attention back to Bunim ::
Bunim Jahaja 14-Oct-2020 22:49:47
:: leads everyone into town, many people about, doing their business, having a clear path in mind. Children play in the streets, one group throwing strange bundles of what could be hay with a tail on one end, watching how they land on circles drawn on the ground ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 22:50:14
:: is increasingly more nervous the more natives there are, but tries to act natural ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 22:50:36
:: tries to keep her cool, observing with the air of a tourist rather than an alien ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 14-Oct-2020 22:50:44
:: catches the Captain's smirk and barely resists returning one before turning her attention to watching the natives ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 22:50:46
:: can't help but to wear a bit of a smile as she observes the children at play ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 22:52:22
:: plays idly with her own hair as she looks around, trying to match Emily's tourist vibe ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 22:53:26
:: watches the people, but never one person for too long. She watches Bunim and Kate for guidance with occasional glances ::
CMO Lt Tailor 14-Oct-2020 22:53:54
::watches the AT's signals get surrounded by many other dots in what seems to be a busy city centre::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 22:53:56
:: knowing how rare of an opportunity this is, she's taking in everything around her, but keeping her face rather neutral except for that slight smile, but this is like stepping into a time machine ::
Bunim Jahaja 14-Oct-2020 22:54:04
:: stops to stand behind three other patrons and turns around, waiting in line at the bakery window :: AT: Here we are! The best, I tell you. Some people come by twice a day for bread.
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 22:54:39
Bunim: Splendid! I cannot wait to try it.
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 22:54:44
:: grins eagerly, getting into line for bread :: Self: Ooh~
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 22:55:10
:: her stomach growls at the smell of fresh bread wafting past :: Self: Mmm...
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 22:55:38
:: observes the other patrons for hints ::
:: and discreetly switches off her translator for a moment, listening to their orders in the actual words ::
Bunim Jahaja 14-Oct-2020 22:56:26
:: steps up to the window :: Baker assistant: One for each of us, Amija! :: holds out her hand to the away team party to accept their currency in front of the local ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 22:56:53
:: is close behind Bunim, retrieving and turning over her coin with a small smile ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 22:57:04
:: produces the coin and offers it with a dip of her head ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 22:57:11
:: taking the cue, pulls her coin out of the pouch and drops it into Bunim's waiting hand with a nod of gratitude ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 14-Oct-2020 22:57:38
:: hands over her coin to Bunim, glancing around carefully ::
Bunim Jahaja 14-Oct-2020 22:58:25
:: accepts payments and offers them to the happy but busy assistant, who then hands over hot loaves of bread to everyone ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 22:58:54
:: takes the bread and inhales its scent deeply, sighing with relief. She looks to Bunim as if waiting for a signal ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 22:59:00
:: takes the hot bread and licks her lips, looking around at others to see the proper way to consume it ::
Bunim Jahaja 14-Oct-2020 22:59:25
:: takes her loaf and immediately tears off a piece, popping it into her mouth as she moves out of the way for the next patrons ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 22:59:37
:: takes the bread and dips her head, saying the phrase that the other patrons had which had translated as thank you, but actually speaking them in the language ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 14-Oct-2020 22:59:39
:: takes the bread with a quiet thank you, sniffing at the food, following Bunim out of the line ::
CSO Cdr Wright 14-Oct-2020 22:59:50
:: moves aside and mimics Bunim's actions ::
MED Lt Acacia 14-Oct-2020 23:00:00
:: follows Bunim, also tearing off small pieces to eat as they walk ::
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 23:00:02
:: then touches the translator as she moves aside with Bunim, turning it back on ::
:: tears off a piece and eats it :: Oh! This is quite good!
Bunim Jahaja 14-Oct-2020 23:00:53
::smiles after swallowing, watching Harper's actions appreciatively, her voice low as she looks in turn at everyone :: AT: Simple and happy. I love this place, don't you?
CO Capt Harper 14-Oct-2020 23:00:56
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