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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
While cataloging a planetary system around a main-sequence star, we discovered a class-M planet home to a pre-industrial civilization. Scanning the towns below as we orbited, we eventually came across one with a biosign that clearly stood out from the masses: a human. After catching the human alone, we beamed her aboard, and she now stands indignant in our transporter room, wanting to go back to the planet…
After 07-Oct-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 21:17:09
:: still trying to appear friendly :: Bunim: Of course, but before that, please tell me... who are you and how did you find yourself living in a pre-industrial society?
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 21:18:07
:: stands behind Harper, remaining stiff to appear professional, but watches the woman with a raised brow and curious expression, transparent as always ::
NAV Lt Navarro 07-Oct-2020 21:20:27
:: at the helm, monitoring their orbit as he wonders how things are going in the transporter room ::
CSO Cdr Wright 07-Oct-2020 21:20:58
:: satisfied that no one saw the transport, also wondering about things in the transporter room ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 07-Oct-2020 21:21:11
::Gets back to looking over the surface images, studying the architecture of the civilisation below; trying to discern any cultural contamination.::
Bunim Jahaja 07-Oct-2020 21:25:54
CO: No one special, I assure you. :: stands up from her half-filled grocery bag and raises her hands and sighs deeply :: CO: I don't want any trouble. The people here have no idea, and I'd like to keep it that way. Isn't that good enough for your Starfleet code regarding primitive worlds?
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 21:26:25
:: blinks, surprised ::
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 21:27:57
:: clasps her hands and smiles :: Bunim: Of course, if what you say is true, but we just need to be certain. I am sure you can understand the need for that, yes?
Bunim Jahaja 07-Oct-2020 21:31:23
:: raises her own alien-styled eyebrows and motions behind her, as if it isn't actually the back wall of the transporter pad :: CO: I have nothing to hide! Come see for yourself. I have a home, a family. I'll be missed, if you don't return me! Do what you need to do, I trust you know how to be careful about these sorts of things.
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 21:32:34
:: looks between the two, unable to keep herself from giving a small nod at that thought ::
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 21:33:17
:: quietly :: A family... :: lets out a breath :: Bunim: That does complicate things. But first, please, who are you?
Bunim Jahaja 07-Oct-2020 21:36:50
:: drops her hands, nodding :: CO: Bunim Jahaja. I'm a doctor. Nothing special, like I said, but I know enough to... :: gestures vaguely at her face :: Do this. I'm actually quite proud of how well I've blended in. I hope you don't ruin it all.
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 21:37:38
:: once again balks as quietly as her face will allow, somewhere between impressed and horrified ::
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 21:39:41
:: dips her head :: Bunim: Thank you, and nice to meet you, Dr. Jahaja. We will do our best to not ruin anything for you. How did you get all the way out here in the first place?
:: is also rather impressed with the doctor's facial modifications ::
Bunim Jahaja 07-Oct-2020 21:44:17
:: nods again, as if convincing herself everything will work out, and seems to calm down at Harper's polite response :: CO: Shuttlecraft. Don't worry, it's not anywhere they could ever find it. It was...a one-way trip from the start. It's been burned up in the star for years now, I'm sure. :: turns her attention to the faces of the others, feeling more at ease ::
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 21:45:18
:: examines the Doctor with an unavoidable glint of wonder, seeming fascinated but trying to remain professional as she's not really sure what the laws say about the woman's fate ::
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 21:46:14
:: furrows her brow with concern, the story having implications, and that would have been a long trip without quantum slipstream :: Bunim: Were you fleeing someone? Are you hiding here?
TAC2 Cpt Grey 07-Oct-2020 21:49:00
:: is leaning against the wall, listening to Bunim's story ::
Bunim Jahaja 07-Oct-2020 21:52:31
:: grimaces and crosses her arms again, a faraway look in her eyes as she stares blankly at the console behind the transporter chief :: CO: Hiding, yes. Fleeing? I...guess I was. My...last relationship didn't go well. Got mixed up with some low-lifes, and they wanted to come after me. I was never involved in what he did, but they wanted me dead. It was so long ago. Romulans dropped me off, if you can believe it. :: snickers at the memory :: Something about paying a debt. I just wanted to hide somewhere they could never find me. :: her smile fades, and she looks back at Harper's eyes :: A world like this? I would never have to worry again.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 07-Oct-2020 21:53:51
::Grumbles to himself, not seeming to see any leaps in engineering, that would indicate contamination.::
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 21:55:33
:: looks to Harper this time, not sure how to feel about that at all ::
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 21:56:13
:: nods sympathetically :: Bunim: That must have been a terrifying experience. You are still safe, so do not worry. We will return you, but need to be sure that the Prime Directive has not been violated.
:: actually finds the bit about Romulans to be somewhat fishy, but keeps her outward demeanor the same ::
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 21:59:36
:: awkwardly Picard-maneuvers before looking back at the transporter pad ::
Bunim Jahaja 07-Oct-2020 22:01:35
:: lifts a finger, worry returning to her face :: CO: Prime Directive, that's it. You should come see, it's perfectly safe. I can cover for you. You'll have to disguise yourself, of course. I know Starfleet has far better talented doctors than me. I really do need to get back. My husband will worry, and it will be hell for him convincing Yashu. I'm never late home.
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 22:02:30
:: raises both brows at that, gauging Harper's reaction as she's extremely wary of that idea ::
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 22:03:09
:: looks to Acacia, then back to Bunim :: Would you mind if my doctor took a quick scan of your modifications?
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 22:03:45
CO: Captain... :: her tone is uncertain ::
Bunim Jahaja 07-Oct-2020 22:04:38
:: shakes her head, then focuses on Acacia, realizing she's a doctor :: CO/MED: I insist. You want to get the disguise authentic. I put a lot of work into this.
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 22:04:59
:: nods to Acacia :: MED: Please, doctor.
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 22:05:32
:: swallows, palming her tricorder. She casts a glance at Harper, then walks up to the pad and begins scanning Bunim from top to bottom ::
XO Cdr Kuari 07-Oct-2020 22:05:40
:: sits on the floor next to the transporter console, watching, looking between Harper and Acacia, then back at Bunim ::
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 22:05:50
:: ducks off to the side and retrieves a commbadge from the away team supplies, then moves over to the replicator, giving it instructions ::
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 22:06:13
:: finishes up, tucking the pen back in her tricorder :: CO: Got it.
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 22:07:48
MED: Thank you, doctor. :: returns from the replicator and offers Bunim the commbadge, now disguised to look like the brooch on her tunic ::
Bunim: Please, take this so that you can talk to us with a tap. We will not signal you unless you are alone, but you can contact us at any time.
Bunim: We will consider your offer to come down, but until then, shall we return you to your family?
Bunim Jahaja 07-Oct-2020 22:10:22
:: takes the "brooch" and marvels at it, replacing hers :: CO: Amazing. Yes, I can work with this. The only thing that matters is they are none the wiser. Thank you.
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 22:11:35
:: relaxes a bit, but is still on edge ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 07-Oct-2020 22:12:18
::Hums to himself, still looking over images; but finds himself people watching, finding it relaxing.::
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 22:12:23
Bunim: Exactly. One moment. :: scoops up some of the contents of the broken jar, and takes a moment at the replicator to replace it and its contents, handing Bunim a new jar ::
CSO Cdr Wright 07-Oct-2020 22:12:38
:: still watching the area as people occasionally wander through ::
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 22:12:56
Bunim: Now, let us get you home. Until we speak again, Dr. Jahaja.
Bunim Jahaja 07-Oct-2020 22:13:31
:: picks up the rest of what was in her grocery bag, minus the shattered jar, and stands on the pad with it. She accepts the replacement jar from Harper, marveling yet again, and puts it in her bag, and nods to Harper :: CO: Thank you.
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 22:14:38
:: steps back and smiles, then nods to the transporter chief :: TC: Beam her back to the closest unoccupied area.
ACTION> Dr. Jahaja shimmers away.
CSO Cdr Wright 07-Oct-2020 22:15:06
:: sees the transport go through ::
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 22:15:15
:: lets out a breath she hadn't meant to hold, checking her tricorder and flipping through the scans ::
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 22:15:18
:: lets out a breath ::
:: then looks around the room :: Thoughts?
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 22:16:07
:: replies flatly :: CO: A bit... off. Not like a lie, more like a wall.
CO: She just wants us to leave her alone, I think.
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 22:16:39
:: glad she had a Betazoid in the room :: MED: I got that sense as well.
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 22:17:24
CO: I'll tell ya, Tailor'll raise Hades if you want to send anyone down there.
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 22:19:42
:: pinches her chin :: MED: If not for the family, this would be an easy call. But we may have to, just to see for ourselves.
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 22:20:18
:: sighs softly :: CO: That really does complicate.. :: she shakes her head :: Is anything written about this?
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 22:21:52
MED: I wish it was so easy, Emily.
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 22:22:13
:: lets out a sharp breath, the reality of the situation really settling in ::
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 22:22:19
:: heads for the door :: Back to the bridge for now. I think that I may need to talk to the Admiral about this one.
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 22:22:41
:: nods, following Harper out the door ::
XO Cdr Kuari 07-Oct-2020 22:22:48
:: stands, following out to the corridor ::
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 22:24:00
:: files into the TL with everyone, and the muzak plays as they ride to the bridge ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 07-Oct-2020 22:25:25
:: follows the group back to the turbolift and bridge ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 07-Oct-2020 22:26:04
::Chuckles to himself, spotting a group of children playing and jumping around through the street, to what seems the chagrin of a number of more elderly residents.::
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 22:26:56
:: exits onto the bridge :: CSO: Anything new, Commander?
XO Cdr Kuari 07-Oct-2020 22:27:07
:: trots back to her seat ::
CSO Cdr Wright 07-Oct-2020 22:27:09
:: never took the center seat :: CO: Nothing of note, Captain.
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 22:27:23
:: steps onto the bridge and sits at her usual console, uploading her extensive scan data on their visitor ::
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 22:27:52
CSO: Please search all available records for a Doctor Bunim Jahaja.
CSO Cdr Wright 07-Oct-2020 22:29:57
CO: Searching.
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 22:30:00
:: steps over to Acacia and quietly asks :: Can you make those modifications?
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 22:31:20
:: doesn't look up, letting out a small sigh. She nods once in the affirmative as she's flipping through the woman's DNA sequence ::
XO Cdr Kuari 07-Oct-2020 22:32:37
:: takes a look at the latest reports on her console since she's been away, including more detailed scan data from Bunim's beam-down point and her route ::
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 22:33:09
:: moves back toward center, having an internal debate ::
XO Cdr Kuari 07-Oct-2020 22:33:27
:: watches Harper's approach ::
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 22:33:30
XO: Kuari, what did you get from all of that?
CSO Cdr Wright 07-Oct-2020 22:34:04
:: frowns and searches another database ::
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 22:36:01
:: makes some notes in her file as she examines the data ::
XO Cdr Kuari 07-Oct-2020 22:36:05
:: pulls her eye ridges into a frown :: CO: She seems to value her family. A human here is still...strange, though.
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 22:37:20
:: nods in agreement :: XO: I am not certain that I believe all, or any, of the story that led her here. But I do believe that she wants to stay with her family, now that she has one.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 07-Oct-2020 22:37:48
:: heads over to her console, listening quietly to the conversation while she taps through the sensors ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 07-Oct-2020 22:38:27
Aloud: Family is a powerful motivator.
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 22:38:38
CEO: It is, indeed.
XO: If we can verify no cultural contamination has occurred, and that she has none of our technology down there, do you see any problem with leaving her?
CSO Cdr Wright 07-Oct-2020 22:39:07
:: furrows her brow and goes for the long-shot search ::
XO Cdr Kuari 07-Oct-2020 22:39:13
:: looks towards Ilaihr, agreeing ::
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 22:39:33
:: nods thoughtfully, lingering on something in the scan data with a small, fond smile ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 07-Oct-2020 22:39:54
CO: Captain, if she is not in the database, then she may be a free citizen... a non-Federation habitant. Do we have any right to take her?
XO Cdr Kuari 07-Oct-2020 22:40:11
CO: As long as there are no signs of possible contamination in the It would be worse to extract her, right?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 07-Oct-2020 22:40:49
CO: The Laws of the Federation only exist within the boundaries of Federation space.
CSO Cdr Wright 07-Oct-2020 22:40:49
:: distracted :: CO: Her genes could contaminate the gene pool.
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 22:41:15
:: comments offhandedly :: CSO: That's happened before.
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 22:41:17
:: sits down with inputs coming from all sides, taking them all in and thinking while leaning forward and pinching her chin ::
XO Cdr Kuari 07-Oct-2020 22:41:58
:: nods towards Wright, not thinking about this aspect, but then to her, all bipeds seem much more similar to each other than they are different ::
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 22:42:59
CEO: While the Prime Directive is meant to direct our behavior even outside of Federation space, that is a good point. She is at least making the effort to disguise her true nature.
MED/CSO: She already has by having a child. But would her contribution to their gene pool not be insignificant over time, given the size of the population?
CSO Cdr Wright 07-Oct-2020 22:44:27
CO/MED: The fact that she is female definitely helps in that respect, but it depends. She could have many offspring. They could have many offspring.
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 22:45:19
:: shrugs :: CO/CSO: Sure, just as much as taking her out could. Or a random mutation. I don't think that's so bad even if it were.. bad.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 07-Oct-2020 22:45:46
Aloud: Historically, races such as the Ferengi and Breen made First Contact with pre-warp races.
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 22:46:07
CEO: Exemplars, the both of them. :: smirks ::
CSO Cdr Wright 07-Oct-2020 22:46:14
CO/MED: Luckily she doesn't seem to have brought any especially virulent pathogens with her.
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 22:46:43
:: nods lightly :: CO/CSO/CEO: It's happened before, as I said. Half-breeds happen. :: she smirks lightly ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 07-Oct-2020 22:47:18
CO: The Breen were in fact the first aliens the Ferengi encountered. ::Gives a nod.:: The Masked Breen.... ::chuckles.:: But even the Ferengi made peaceful contacts.
XO Cdr Kuari 07-Oct-2020 22:47:24
:: turns her head towards one side of the bridge to the other, listening to contributions to the conversation ::
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 22:47:59
:: debates contacting the Admiral a bit more ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 07-Oct-2020 22:48:31
::Shrugs.:: CO: They didn't exploit or steal from every race they encountered.
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 22:48:54
CO: I'm hoping she doesn't have anything, is my thing. I don't know if I believe her on how she got there, and a shuttle would be a hell of a find.
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 22:49:53
MED: She said it flew into the star, so that would be long gone, but... CEO: I imagine you have already been scanning for any advanced tech?
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 22:50:38
:: also looks at Ilaihr ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 07-Oct-2020 22:51:56
CO: I have been scanning for cloaked or stealthed vessels, advanced alloys and metallurgy, and energy fields... I have also been examining the architecture for design aberrations that would indicate cultural contamination; thus far I have located none.
CSO Cdr Wright 07-Oct-2020 22:54:29
CO: I can't find any mention of that name anywhere.
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 22:54:50
:: thinks aloud :: CSO: Fake, then?
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 22:55:02
CSO: Hm. Well, the origin story did not seem to add up either, so I would not be surprised if it were fake.
:: clasps her hands in front of her chin and exhales sharply, then turns to Kuari :: XO: I think that we need to verify the rest of her story for ourselves by accepting her invitation to visit. There are plenty of precedents for it, and such observations are explicitly allowed by regulations, with a standard protocol in place.
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 22:56:24
:: winces a bit, but so be it.. ::
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 22:56:29
XO: If what she says is true about her situation there, then we let her be.
XO Cdr Kuari 07-Oct-2020 22:56:40
CO: We would be negligent to not make sure, now that Starfleet is aware of it. Isn't it our duty?
CSO Cdr Wright 07-Oct-2020 22:56:55
:: frowns, significantly concerned by this turn of events ::
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 22:57:02
XO: Yes, we must verify now that we know of the potential for contamination.
MED: Doctor, how long would it take to modify four of us, yourself included?
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 22:58:14
:: nearly chokes at that, then takes a moment to compose herself. She replies softly :: CO: About an hour.
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 22:58:46
MED: Be ready to do it in the morning. We will try to catch her in town.
CSO Cdr Wright 07-Oct-2020 22:59:03
:: quietly :: Self: I hate this plan.
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 22:59:09
XO: Kuari, I do not think you will fit in too well, so I will take this one. I need to see it for myself.
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 22:59:11
:: blinks, then nods lightly :: CO: Understood..
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 22:59:26
All: Wright, Acacia, and Grey will accompany me.
XO Cdr Kuari 07-Oct-2020 22:59:30
:: nods, not even dreaming of trying to fit into a bipedal culture ::
CSO Cdr Wright 07-Oct-2020 22:59:50
:: closes her eyes and presses her lips together, knowing that was coming ::
MED Lt Acacia 07-Oct-2020 22:59:57
:: casts a sideways glance at Wright, knowing what she's feeling in both senses ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 07-Oct-2020 23:00:19
:: glances and nods, snapping off a jaunty salute at being called ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 07-Oct-2020 23:00:40
Aloud: I am relieved. I am not fond of the... reconstruction process.
CO Capt Harper 07-Oct-2020 23:00:55
CEO: Sorry, Commander. They do not have antennae.
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