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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
While cataloging a planetary system around a main-sequence star, we discovered a class-M planet home to a pre-industrial civilization. Scanning the towns below as we orbited, we eventually came across one with a biosign that clearly stood out from the masses: a human. Now in a stationary orbit above the small town, we must decide what, if anything, to do about this potential Prime Directive violation.
After 30-Sep-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 21:20:43
:: standing on the bridge, staring at the planet below on the main viewer, wondering how in the hell a human got here and what they're doing ::
CSO: Can you isolate the signature to a specific location?
MED Lt Acacia 30-Sep-2020 21:23:13
:: sits in her office finishing up some work. She checks the time, and makes final notes ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 30-Sep-2020 21:24:29
:: is surprised, waiting for orders between checking scans ::
MED Lt Acacia 30-Sep-2020 21:24:49
:: gets up and dusts herself off, heading for the turbolift ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 21:25:14
CO: Let me see what I can do. :: taps at her console, working to isolate the signature ::
MED Lt Acacia 30-Sep-2020 21:26:38
:: appears on the bridge, sensing tension before the doors even open. Her first step onto the bridge is tentative, and she looks to Tailor with a raised brow ::
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 21:27:21
:: hears the TL doors open and turns to see Acacia enter :: MED: Doctor.
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 21:27:33
:: zooms in on the location, which looks, from their orbital perspective, like it could be an open-air market ::
MED Lt Acacia 30-Sep-2020 21:28:05
:: nods to Harper as she takes her seat, her reply automatic :: CO: Captain.
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 21:28:56
:: turns back to look at the viewer and seeing the zoomed-in scene, she narrows her eyes to examine it ::
NAV Lt Navarro 30-Sep-2020 21:29:25
:: smiles back at Emily as she enters, then returns to watching their orbital parameters, ensuring they don't drift from stationary ::
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Sep-2020 21:30:01
:: lies on her seat on the bridge, monitoring things as usual at her console, looking to the main viewer when interesting images come up ::
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 21:30:14
CSO: How many people are in that area?
MED Lt Acacia 30-Sep-2020 21:30:21
:: taps at her console to sign in, raising an eyebrow at the scan data ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 30-Sep-2020 21:30:53
::Closes his eyes and concentrates on the planet below, to see what emotions he can pick up from the surface; any clues about the situation down there.::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 21:31:38
CO: I'm reading several dozen life signs in the vicinity.
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 21:32:38
:: paces a bit and ends up back at her chair :: XO: That rules out just beaming them up, at least for now.
MED Lt Acacia 30-Sep-2020 21:32:56
:: casts a worried glance at the Captain as she realizes what they've found, then follows her eyes to the viewscreen ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 21:33:50
CO: There is always the possibility that this is not the only human - or part human - on the planet, as well.
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 21:34:30
:: nods at Lexy :: CSO: Indeed. At least rule out any others in this town.
CSO: Or any other aliens at all, for that matter, not just humans.
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 21:35:40
:: sends the biosignature information back to the doctors, and then rescans the area for alien life signs ::
MED Lt Acacia 30-Sep-2020 21:37:05
:: examines the scans of the aliens with interest, then compares them to the human scan and frowns ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 30-Sep-2020 21:38:14
::His antennae twitch, and he lets out a contented sigh, as his mind bathes in a river of emotions.::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 21:40:00
CO: Another anomalous life sign, in a different area. It... It's not quite human, but definitely not NOT human. Scans indicate that the lifeform is likely a child.
MED Lt Acacia 30-Sep-2020 21:40:39
:: Doesn't mean to comment, but it comes out :: Self: Hm.
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 21:41:29
:: glances back at Emily, knowing her professional interest in such things, and sends her the biosignature ::
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 21:41:47
A child? :: sits down :: This may complicate things further, if that child is half human.
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Sep-2020 21:42:31
:: frowns, considering the implications ::
MED Lt Acacia 30-Sep-2020 21:42:36
:: casts a knowing glance at Wright, then pulls up the scan data and begins scrolling through it ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 30-Sep-2020 21:42:58
:: listens quietly to the other conversations ongoing ::
MED Lt Acacia 30-Sep-2020 21:43:22
:: exhales softly, shaking her head. She looks at Harper :: CO: No 'ifs' there.
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 21:43:50
:: looks back to Acacia :: MED: The child is definitely half-human?
MED Lt Acacia 30-Sep-2020 21:45:26
:: nods, tagging parts of the scan as she goes and sending the marked scan back to Wright's console :: CO: Definitely. This sequence can't be the native species because of this marker. See? :: she looks at Wright ::
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 21:45:46
:: turns forward again, swearing sharply under her breath in Mandarin ::
MED Lt Acacia 30-Sep-2020 21:46:08
:: keeps tapping at her console, double and triple checking as she's clearly baffled ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 21:46:27
:: looks over the marked scan, then slowly nods :: CO/MED: I agree, there can be no doubt.
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 21:47:08
CSO: Tag those biosigns and track their movements.
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 21:47:35
CO: Already underway, Captain.
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 21:47:41
CEO: Commander Ilaihr, can you get us anything else out of the sensors?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 30-Sep-2020 21:47:42
::Opens his eyes again, and turns in his seat back to his console.:: CSO: Commander, can you send me any images you have of the surface; I'd like to see their architecture.
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 21:48:46
NAV: Mr. Navarro, take us back to standard orbit so that we can scan for further human life.
MED Lt Acacia 30-Sep-2020 21:49:16
:: keeps comparing the scans, more thoroughly marking all the spots where the native and human signatures are alike and different. She can hardly believe it ::
NAV Lt Navarro 30-Sep-2020 21:49:19
CO: Standard orbit, aye capitana. :: lowers Atlantis and the planet begins to appear to move on the viewer once more ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 21:49:35
CEO: All I have are the orbital views like we can see on the main viewer, but I'll be happy to send them to you. :: does so with a tap ::
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 21:49:52
CSO: See if they are alone, Commander. :: gestures to the rotating world on the viewer ::
XO: While we orbit, we need to discuss options, Kuari.
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Sep-2020 21:50:30
:: turns her head to face Harper ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 21:50:48
CO: Aye, Captain. :: Initiates a deep scan searching for anomalous life signs as they move over the planet ::
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 21:51:21
XO: If we cannot beam them up, then we will have to go down there and find out why they are there. The Prime Directive may have already been violated.
MED Lt Acacia 30-Sep-2020 21:51:51
:: looks up at that, feeling a chill ::
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Sep-2020 21:52:01
:: nods :: CO: It may be necessary. I should not I wouldn't be able to blend in.
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 21:52:13
:: brow furrows with concern ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 30-Sep-2020 21:52:29
:: feels a shiver down her spine at the captain's words, keeping her gaze on her console ::
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 21:53:12
:: frowns and nods :: XO: Yes, if a human is blending in, we must assume they are bipedal.
XO: But we will need more information than that on what they look like and how they dress.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 30-Sep-2020 21:54:24
::Types some commands into his console.:: CO: Our sensors were upgraded when we were last in spacedock. I can increase power to them, and filter out background interference from other more omnipresent biological sources; but there is only so much information we can obtain from sensors alone.
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 21:54:42
CO: Can we not simply beam them aboard from their sleeping quarters?
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Sep-2020 21:54:50
CO: Yes, the basics. Cultural information would be nice so behavior doesn't seem odd, but short of observation from orbit, we have no data.
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 21:55:25
:: stands and starts flitting around the bridge as they talk :: CEO: Can you get us more detailed imagery from them?
MED Lt Acacia 30-Sep-2020 21:55:33
:: nods in agreement ::
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 21:55:57
CSO: Suppose they do not sleep alone? Likely if a child is involved.
MED Lt Acacia 30-Sep-2020 21:57:00
CO: We need an up-close look at the appearance of a native, it could be any of them.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 30-Sep-2020 21:57:37
::Looks over the images, zooming in as much as he can on them; surveying all of the buildings and their designs.:: CO: Captain... the imaging sensors are already more than capable of that. I believe such technology was already active during the Warp 5 program.
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 21:57:42
:: frustrated, believing that they have not yet explored all of the alternatives to physically going down there and risking untold harm ::
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 21:58:00
:: nods to Acacia :: Exactly, yes.
MED Lt Acacia 30-Sep-2020 21:59:08
:: is also uneasy :: CO: We could also.. wait for the human to be alone.
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 21:59:26
CO: you cannot judge a culture from a sample of one. It's just bad science.
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 21:59:31
CEO: Of course. I mean even more detail, down to the intricate patterns on their clothing.
MED: That would be ideal, yes, but we must be prepared if no such opportunity presents itself.
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 22:00:41
CO: I agree with Dr. Acacia. We should be patient and willing to wait.
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 22:02:11
CSO: We will. For a time.
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 22:02:54
CO: Surely the human will need to see to private biological needs at some point.
MED Lt Acacia 30-Sep-2020 22:03:17
:: exhales, going with the flow :: CO: Well, if we beamed down just a tricorder into a sleeping native's room, set to auto, it scans them in their sleep, then we beam it back?
:: her idea became a question at the end ::
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 22:03:46
CSO: And if someone is waiting on them? The opportunity must be perfect.
MED: Transporters make noise and light, so it could wake them.
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 22:04:28
Self: Among other things.
MED Lt Acacia 30-Sep-2020 22:04:32
:: nods slowly, still thinking ::
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 22:05:14
ACTION> The planet turns below. More settlements pass by, but no human biosigns show up.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 30-Sep-2020 22:08:04
::Swings in his seat.:: CO: I am not seeing many indicators that their society has changed much, with the presence of an alien. Coupled with a hybrid child, I would surmise that this human, used the story of a traveller from a distant continent, to ingratiated themselves into the culture.
MED Lt Acacia 30-Sep-2020 22:08:42
:: agrees, now thinking aloud :: CO/CEO: Yes, if a human blends in...
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 22:09:15
:: smirks :: CEO: Clearly they have ingratiated themselves quite well, yes. So there is no sign of armies suddenly fighting with phasers, for example?
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 22:10:58
All: We have no idea of this human's appearance. Hair color, eye color, skin color... Any combination of these could be completely unknown on this planet. We have no idea what would blend in and what would stand out.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 30-Sep-2020 22:11:35
::Shakes head.:: CO: I could not sense any unifying emotion on the planet; such as the anger and rage that comes with an armed force. I am currently trying to locate any unusual structures... one's that do not belong, that would indicate cultural interference.
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 22:11:51
:: paces a bit more, thinking ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 30-Sep-2020 22:12:45
CO: With the advances of human technology, you could imagine them potentially portraying themselves as a god. And there would be places of worship.
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 22:13:05
CSO: When we come back around, we will get a closer look and at least find that out.
CEO: Ah yes, indeed. And why would a god be shopping in the market?
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 22:14:22
All: Even if we physically blend in, we have no idea how their society works. Is it strongly patriarchal such that an away team of women would be seen as inferior and it would be socially wrong for them to talk to men, as in Classical Greece?
MED Lt Acacia 30-Sep-2020 22:15:14
:: nods in agreement, uneasy :: CSO: That's a good point.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 30-Sep-2020 22:15:52
:: thinks about the issue posed, frowning slightly ::
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 22:16:01
:: nods along as she looks around the bridge and starts to notice the gender imbalance ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 30-Sep-2020 22:16:47
::Sighs.:: CO: I have some experience in these matters... ::Stares off for a moment.:: Sometimes people want to go back, to a simpler time with simpler technology and less grandiose worries.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 30-Sep-2020 22:17:45
:: taps her fingers on the edge of her console, mulling over the possible options ::
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 22:17:50
CEO: If that were the case... where is their ship?
MED Lt Acacia 30-Sep-2020 22:18:16
CO: Perhaps crashed?
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 22:18:18
CEO: They were dropped off, perhaps?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 30-Sep-2020 22:19:52
CO/MED: Maybe... ::Redirects more power to the sensors.:: CSO: I am sending out a tachyon stream, in case of a cloaked vessel....
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 22:20:32
ACTION> The planet continues to slide by beneath us, but still offers no sign of other human biosigns.
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 22:21:08
CO: No further anomalous life signs.
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 22:21:38
:: nods to Lexy :: NAV: Zorro, take us back to synchronous orbit above that town.
NAV Lt Navarro 30-Sep-2020 22:22:11
CO: Synchronous orbit, sí. :: raises their orbit, matching its period to the planet's rotation ::
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 22:23:22
ACTION> The planet recedes as we climb, appearing to slow down in its rotation until it stops, with the town directly below. The waters of the ocean nearby glint in the late-afternoon sun.
CSO: What is our human friend up to?
MED Lt Acacia 30-Sep-2020 22:25:07
:: watches the viewscreen, deep in thought ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 22:25:52
CO: They appear to be walking toward the child, but it's a bit of a walk.
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 22:26:11
CSO: Alright. Zoom in on them.
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 22:26:36
:: does so ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 30-Sep-2020 22:28:36
::Shakes his head.:: Self: Hmmmmm.... ::Disengages the tachyon stream.:: No cloaked vessel as far as I can see. ::Changes the scan parameters, scanning for advanced alloys such as tritanium and tertaburnium.::
Bunim Jahaja 30-Sep-2020 22:30:24
::walks along the street viewed from above, carrying a large bag, evidence of produce showing out the top. She has dark hair and is wearing a simple blue tunic and tassled pants that appear to be made of both cloth and cured hide. ::
MED Lt Acacia 30-Sep-2020 22:33:06
:: watches the viewer intently, frowning ::
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 22:34:02
ACTION> The woman can be seen walking alone along a cobbled road in the late afternoon sun.
CSO: Can you adjust the angle to get her face?
NAV Lt Navarro 30-Sep-2020 22:36:18
CO: I can help with that. :: translates the ship sideways along their orbit to generate an angle :: CSO: There you go.
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 22:36:56
NAV: Thank you.
:: makes some tweaks, assisted by Navarro, to get the picture the Captain wants ::
Bunim Jahaja 30-Sep-2020 22:39:30
:: can be seen more clearly now on the main viewer, her arms and face a dark tan, a series of markings and ridges on her face that don't look human ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 22:40:26
CO: Her appearance has been altered.
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 22:41:08
CSO: Run her through the Starfleet database and see if the computer can get a match, despite the alterations.
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 22:41:24
CO: On it.
CO: No matches, Captain.
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 22:42:59
:: watches the woman on the screen :: So who are you, then?
CSO: Is she alone?
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 22:44:14
CO: Relatively. There's no one in the immediate vicinity; hard to say if anyone could see her from a distance.
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 22:44:26
:: takes a deep breath :: We may not get a better chance.
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 22:44:38
:: nods ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 30-Sep-2020 22:45:00
CO: Captain... do you recall the cloaking device aboard the Rixx?
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 22:45:17
CEO: Of course.
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 22:45:31
:: taps over to the transporter screen, ready ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 30-Sep-2020 22:45:54
CO: Perhaps we should attempt a more covert method of contact.
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 22:46:08
CEO: I think this is our best shot, for now.
CSO: Lexy, you have the bridge. Give me time to get to the transporter room and then beam her up, if she is still alone. XO/MED/TAC2: Kuari, Acacia, Grey, you are with me. :: heads to the TL ::
MED Lt Acacia 30-Sep-2020 22:47:19
:: nods once, standing up and following behind the Captain ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 22:47:52
:: watching like a hawk for any life signs to come along and mess this up ::
XO Cdr Kuari 30-Sep-2020 22:47:57
:: jumps off her chair and bounds over to the transporter ::
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 22:48:07
:: enters the TL and waits for the rest ::
MED Lt Acacia 30-Sep-2020 22:48:32
:: files into the turbolift behind Harper and turns around, exhaling sharply ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 30-Sep-2020 22:48:45
:: leaves her console, following the Captain into the turbolift with a quiet sigh ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 22:48:51
CO: Please hurry.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 30-Sep-2020 22:48:51
::Frowns, but says nothing, turning back to his console.::
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 22:49:19
:: directs the TL to transporter room one, a quick ride, and they all are soon assembled by the pad ::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 22:50:14
:: after giving them time to get there, checks the vicinity one more time and energizes ::
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 22:50:32
ACTION> The woman is beamed aboard, groceries and all.
MED Lt Acacia 30-Sep-2020 22:51:32
:: stands by, hands folded and expression offering sympathy for the woman ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 30-Sep-2020 22:51:42
::Grimaces as he feels an intense spike of panic.::
CSO Cdr Wright 30-Sep-2020 22:52:00
:: watches to make sure there are no alarmed reactions ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 30-Sep-2020 22:53:39
:: stands at the ready, expression unreadable as she watches ::
Bunim Jahaja 30-Sep-2020 22:53:53
:: appears out of the shimmering light on the the transporter pad. Her bag of groceries falls, produce tumbling off the pad, a glass jar shattering on the pad, but she pays it absolutely no mind. Her first distraction is the clearly non-bipedal form, but the sight isn't the strangest thing to happen today. She looks at everyone in surprise before she frowns, angry, and hones in on the captain :: CO: What right do you have to kidnap me, Starfleet? I was minding my own business!
MED Lt Acacia 30-Sep-2020 22:54:29
:: blinks, looking to the Captain ::
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 22:55:33
:: extends her palms toward the woman, trying to de-escalate :: Easy. We just wanted to find out if you were stranded here. I am Captain Kathryn Harper and you are aboard the Atlantis.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 30-Sep-2020 22:56:24
:: startles, hand falling to her holster as she moves slightly, making sure to keep the doorway and the woman in her line of sight the entire time ::
Bunim Jahaja 30-Sep-2020 22:58:28
:: huffs, crossing her arms, but she makes an effort to calm down :: CO: No, I am not stranded. Thank you. I would... :: looks down at her bag and crouches, tossing things back into the bag, other than the jar and its contents :: CO: I would appreciate if you would return me and I can be on my way.
CO Capt Harper 30-Sep-2020 23:00:08
:: still trying to appear friendly :: Of course, but before that, please tell me... who are you and how did you find yourself living in a pre-industrial society?
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