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Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
Having done all that we could to assist Refuge, at least for now, Atlantis has departed the free port and returned to her mission of exploration. We once more find ourselves cataloging the planetary system around a main-sequence star; this one consisting of a gas giant orbiting perilously close to its host, one terrestrial planet with an atmosphere, a ringed gas giant, and a ringed ice giant. We're back to routine, but with our luck, for how long?
After 23-Sep-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 21:25:00
ACTION> On the main viewer, a sandy-colored gas giant is visible, with powerful storms driven by the intense temperature differential between its sun-blasted day side and its much colder night. The star is quite bright when our orbit brings it into view.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 21:26:54
:: happily running scans of the planet, in her element ::
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Sep-2020 21:28:33
:: lies contentedly on her off-center seat, watching the pretty imagines on screen and reading the summarized data on her console ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 21:28:52
:: watches the cloud bands roiling below, trying to conceptualize the strength of those storms ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 23-Sep-2020 21:29:06
:: keeps an eye on the scanners, barely looking up at the gas giant ::
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Sep-2020 21:29:24
:: at the helm, monitoring their orbit, without much to do with Newton in the driver's seat ::
CMO Lt Tailor 23-Sep-2020 21:30:07
::has been hearing faint cooing coming from a vent in her quarters for a couple of days now, but has been too busy to investigate. Currently throwing on her uniform to start her day... when she realises that the cooing has been getting louder.:: Self: Gotta have maintenance look at that... ::assuming it's probably a loose bearing in a fan or something...::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 21:30:38
CO/XO: The planet has a primarily hydrogen/helium atmosphere, with traces of other heavier gases. The atmospheric weather is extreme, though. Those storms are monsters.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 23-Sep-2020 21:31:38
::Is at his station monitoring the status of the main systems; with the close proximity of the star.::
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 21:31:40
:: without looking away from the screen :: CSO: I can imagine. What sort of wind speeds?
CMO Lt Tailor 23-Sep-2020 21:31:45
::finishes up getting dressed and exits her quarters, because she's running late... soon arrives at the Bridge::
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Sep-2020 21:31:47
:: smiles over at Wright ::
CMO Lt Tailor 23-Sep-2020 21:33:44
::casually slides into her station and signs in::
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 21:33:59
CMO: Good morning, doctor!
CMO Lt Tailor 23-Sep-2020 21:34:23
CO: Good morning, Captain.
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 21:34:25
:: finally pulls her eyes away from the viewer ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 21:34:28
CO: Wind speeds slightly in excess of 1900 kph, Captain.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Sep-2020 21:34:55
:: acknowledges Tailor's entrance and nods to her before paying attention once again to the science conversation ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 21:35:06
CSO: Monsters indeed! :: flits toward the Ops station and looks at the readings over Wright's shoulder ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 21:35:31
:: helpfully points to the storm with the fastest windspeed on her console ::
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Sep-2020 21:35:45
CO/CSO: Glad I don't have to fly in that.
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 21:36:36
:: notes the storm Lexy pointed out, then looks up to find it on the screen as they orbit into view :: Incredible.
NAV: And no, there will be no flying down there.
ACTION> The storm is not especially large, at least by gas giant standards, but the swirling of its clouds can be easily seen from orbit.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Sep-2020 21:37:48
:: briefly imagines flying in those windspeeds, then decides not to imagine it anymore, as she certainly wouldn't survive it ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 21:39:45
CSO: Are there any moons?
CMO Lt Tailor 23-Sep-2020 21:40:03
::swears she hears an undertone of more faint cooing behind the usual soundscape of voices and bleeps and bloops on the bridge. Shakes her head for a brief second and looks up at the viewer at the storm:: All: Amazing...
TAC2 Cpt Grey 23-Sep-2020 21:40:17
:: can't help but chuckle at Navarro's comment, looking up to the viewscreen ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 21:41:11
CO: No satellites to speak of, interestingly enough. I would imagine the tidal shear is just too strong to hang on to them.
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 21:41:41
CSO: Ah, yes! If they could even form in the first place...
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 21:42:31
:: nods ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 21:42:54
NAV: Zorro, take us to a polar orbit. I imagine that being this close to its star, this planet will have some excellent aurorae to show us.
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Sep-2020 21:43:24
:: makes the adjustments and the impulse engines come to life:: CO: Polar orbit, aye.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 21:43:39
:: switches the views on her console to look at the scanner readouts for the magnetosphere ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 21:44:02
ACTION> Atlantis's orbit begins to shift, eventually changing planes to cover both poles as the planet rotates below.
:: watches the main viewer as, from our perspective, we "climb" toward the north pole ::
ACTION> As we cross into polar night at high northern latitudes, lightning can be seen dancing in the clouds below.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 23-Sep-2020 21:46:54
:: watches the lightning, admiring the natural effects ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 21:48:49
ACTION> And then, as promised, aurorae can be seen in their ethereal dance, shifting through colors of green, blue, and purple as the stellar wind sends charged particles into the atmosphere.
:: quietly :: Just lovely...
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Sep-2020 21:50:24
:: snaps a few screenshots of the main viewer and saves them :: Neat.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 21:50:38
Bridge: Terrestrial planets are exciting, but gas giants hold an allure all their own.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Sep-2020 21:50:46
:: watches the aurora effect on the screen, entranced ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 23-Sep-2020 21:51:12
:: admires the aurorae, knowing she has to ask Navarro for a copy of those screenshots once they were off-shift ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 21:51:15
ACTION> The aurorae here are intense like everything else, it would seem.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 23-Sep-2020 21:52:26
CSO: They're nice to visit.... but I could never live there. ::Says in a very dry kinda way.::
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 21:52:53
CSO: They certainly do... such a hostile environment, but they can be so beautiful.
CMO Lt Tailor 23-Sep-2020 21:53:09
::smirks, and keeps on monitoring readouts in sickbay::
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 21:53:14
:: chuckles at Ilaihr :: CEO: I think that this one would be too warm for you anyway.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 21:53:56
:: turns slightly and grins back in Ilaihr's direction ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 23-Sep-2020 21:54:14
CO: Just a bit. More suited to some of my old Tholian contacts.
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 21:55:04
CEO: Ah, that will go into the report; we found a potential Tholian colony!
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 23-Sep-2020 21:56:06
::Smirks.:: CO: I'm certain they have the technology for gas giant colonisation.
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 21:56:23
ACTION> Atlantis crests over the north pole and into orbital night. Lightning can be seen punctuating the inky blackness below.
CEO: Of course! After all, the only difference between a deuterium harvesting facility and a colony is branding, yes?
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 21:57:55
:: facepalms ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 23-Sep-2020 21:58:15
CO: Exactly. ::Chuckles.:: You'd make a shrewd Ferengi, Captain.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 23-Sep-2020 21:58:35
:: is seriously confused, seeing that she hadn't learned any of what they were talking about, listening quietly ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 21:59:46
:: frowns and goes back to watching the lightning ::
CSO: Let me know when you have all the scans you need, and we will move on to another planet.
:: settles back into her chair ::
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Sep-2020 22:00:56
:: is humored by Harper's response to the compliment, but she's smiling anyway so it probably goes unnoticed ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 22:01:25
CO: Once we arrive at the south pole, I think I'll have more than enough data.
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 22:02:31
CSO: Of course. :: leans back and watches the hellish night slide below then, seemingly so peaceful from above ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 22:04:07
:: filling out her Science report of this planet in the meantime ::
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Sep-2020 22:04:58
:: also watches the show on screen, marveling at the disastrous beauty of nature ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 22:05:52
ACTION> Over a half an hour later, the south pole comes into view, half-lit by the star as it is currently summer in the southern hemisphere, revealing a hexagonal vortex of clouds.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 22:07:52
:: claps her hands together once in excitement :: Bridge: I was hoping to find this kind of structure!
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 22:08:44
:: grins, always enjoying seeing Lexy's science alarm going off :: CSO: It looks like a hexagon.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Sep-2020 22:10:14
:: studies the imagine on screen, brows furrowed a bit, and looks to Wright for an explanation ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 22:10:31
CO: Fascinating, isn't it? We see structures like this in polar regions of gas giants from time to time.
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 22:10:47
CSO: Oh, yes! Saturn has one, yes?
TAC2 Cpt Grey 23-Sep-2020 22:11:14
:: looks at the weird cloud-shape, confused :: CSO: What... is it?
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 22:12:51
:: nods at the Captain, then turns to Grey, pondering how to explain :: TAC2: It's... a visually striking weather anomaly.
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Sep-2020 22:13:03
:: takes another screenshot ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 22:14:34
:: also takes a screenshot, for her report ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 23-Sep-2020 22:15:27
CSO:... and is it a good weather anomaly or bad?
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Sep-2020 22:16:46
:: is indeed fascinated by the phenomenon, deciding that she should read more about such a thing later and studies it more on the main viewer ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 22:16:56
TAC2: I...suppose it depends on your definition of good and bad? It's scientifically interesting, because structures like this only form under very specific conditions having to do with the viscosity and speed differential.
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 22:17:15
ACTION> Our orbital motion carries the hexagon out of view as we begin the climb toward the equator.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 22:17:49
CO: I believe I have all the necessary data for a preliminary report on this planet, Captain.
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 22:18:30
CSO: Excellent, thank you. Which planet would you like to survey next?
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 22:20:11
NAV: Since we're starting close to the star, which course makes the most sense to hit all of them?
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Sep-2020 22:21:11
:: checks the alignment of the planets :: CSO: The terrestrial planet is closest and aligned well, and from there, it is an easy grand tour.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 22:21:31
NAV: Thank you! CO: The terrestrial planet, then?
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 22:22:07
:: nods and smiles :: NAV: Take us there, Mr. Navarro.
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Sep-2020 22:22:32
:: plots a short warp flight :: CO: Sí, capitana. :: engages ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 22:22:59
ACTION> Atlantis warps away from the sun-baked gas giant, outward from the star.
ACTION> At low warp, the flight is only a few minutes, and as we drop out of warp, a beautiful blue and green marble is visible against the blackness of space, with wispy white clouds dotting its sky.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 22:24:48
:: performs initial atmospheric scans ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 22:25:40
:: her eyes go wide at the pretty sight on the main viewer, and a grin spreads across her face as she waits for the scan data ::
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Sep-2020 22:25:50
:: takes the ship on an approach to a standard orbit ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 23-Sep-2020 22:26:18
:: looks up at the viewscreen, admiring the view ::
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Sep-2020 22:26:36
:: smiles at the star, unable to help but compare it to what they had just left, at the variety of what they can find in space ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 22:26:53
:: announces :: Bridge: This is a Class M planet.
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 22:27:34
:: clasps her hands together, as Class M planets are always such a gem to find :: CSO: Any signs of advanced civilization?
CMO Lt Tailor 23-Sep-2020 22:28:13
::looks to the planet, thinking of what happened last time they found a class M with a civilization::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 22:28:43
:: taps at her console and looks carefully at the readings :: CO: I'm picking up life signs, but no artificial satellites or radio transmissions.
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 22:29:08
NAV: Standard orbit, please.
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Sep-2020 22:29:30
CO: Standard orbit, aye. :: guides the ship closer to the desired orbit ::
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Sep-2020 22:30:32
:: studies the globe with a different interest, imagining the potential below ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 22:30:45
ACTION> The planet grows larger on the main viewer until our usual orbital viewpoint is in place. The temperate areas of the continents are clearly covered in plant life, and the oceans are a healthy blue.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 22:32:24
CO: Sensors are indicating low-technology humanoid life, Captain.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Sep-2020 22:33:23
:: looks happily to Harper ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 22:33:48
:: returns Kuari's look, her face brightening even more as she stands and crosses to the Ops console again :: CSO: What can you tell about them from here?
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Sep-2020 22:35:38
:: has a feeling they'll be staying here a while. Space phenomenon is interesting, but studying people and their culture? This could be quite a find ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 22:36:26
CO: Their civilization is pre-industrial. I'm seeing signs of permanent settlements and agriculture. The settlements are widespread across the surface, but some seem to be more advanced than others.
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 22:38:30
:: narrows her eyes at the viewer to see if any cities can be seen below ::
:: then suddenly points, as clearly artificial structures and roads can be seen :: There!
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 22:39:43
:: zooms in the main viewer on the indicated area ::
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Sep-2020 22:40:37
:: looks ::
CMO Lt Tailor 23-Sep-2020 22:40:41
::looks to the viewer, perking up at the new discoveries::
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 22:41:04
ACTION> The town is now easily visible at satellite resolution, with roads and buildings of various size and shape.
CSO: Enter this planet into the protected list.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 22:42:37
:: pulls up the protected list and adds this one :: CO: Done.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 23-Sep-2020 22:42:59
:: breathes in surprise, looking at the viewscreen curiously ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 22:43:18
CO: From scan data, I estimate there are approximately five to six thousand humanoids living in this settlement.
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 22:44:01
CSO: I wonder what life is like there.
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Sep-2020 22:44:32
:: nods at Harper's wonder in agreement ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 22:44:37
:: curiosity still evident in her expression, she watches the town until it scrolls out of view, but more dot the land ::
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 22:45:14
:: thinks to herself that life is probably hard and violent, given Earth's history, but says nothing ::
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Sep-2020 22:47:27
Self: So much to study...
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 22:47:34
ACTION> A larger settlement comes into view, situated on the coast, more easily distinguished from its surroundings than the previous small town.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 22:47:48
:: zooms in on this settlement ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 22:49:01
ACTION> The buildings here, while not tall, are larger, and there are walls surrounding the town. Boats can be seen on the water nearby.
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 22:52:38
CO: Nearly fifty thousand life signs in this settlement.
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 22:53:09
:: smiles at the sight of the boats, seemingly so tiny :: CSO: A good-sized town for this level of civilization...
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Sep-2020 22:53:55
:: nods, imagining walking around the town, wondering what the people look like and their culture ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 22:55:04
:: muses to herself :: I bet it is a lovely port town, with a nice sea breeze...
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 22:56:06
:: checks her readings again ::
CO: ... Captain?
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 22:56:34
:: turns away from the viewer :: CSO: Yes?
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 22:56:43
CO: One of the life signs down there...
CO: Is... um... it's human.
CMO Lt Tailor 23-Sep-2020 22:57:14
::looks over::
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 22:57:31
CSO: Human?? :: darts over to Ops ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 23-Sep-2020 22:57:41
::Turns in his seat.:: Self: Interesting...
CSO Cdr Wright 23-Sep-2020 22:57:45
:: helpfully points at the human life sign ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 22:58:23
:: takes in the life sign with a measure of disbelief, then snaps her head over to Navarro :: NAV: Stationary orbit over this town.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 23-Sep-2020 22:58:41
:: blinks in surprise, before turning back to her scanners ::
XO Cdr Kuari 23-Sep-2020 22:58:54
:: her delight turns to surprise ::
NAV Lt Navarro 23-Sep-2020 22:59:06
CO: Stationary orbit, aye. :: climbs until Atlantis's orbital period matches the planet's day, about 21 hours ::
CO Capt Harper 23-Sep-2020 23:00:15
:: stands and turns to Kuari :: XO: A human, this far out, on a planet with a pre-industrial civilization... how?
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