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Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
To express her gratitude for our surreptitious assistance, Lady Venya Kashar has made all of Refuge's hospitality available to us while reminding everyone that treating us poorly would be in violation of the First Rule of Refuge. In addition to the spa, the bar with a hookah lounge, and all of the other amenities, Venya has arranged for the merchants to bring the pets they have for sale together to create an impromptu petting zoo! Dressed casually, we begin on Refuge's promenade as the festivities kick off!
After 16-Sep-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 21:15:06
Venya Kashar 16-Sep-2020 21:17:31
:: standing in a central area, wearing a black skirt that hits the floor but is slit up to the hip on both sides and a black bandeau top, sparkling with assorted jewelry as she raises her arms in welcome :: All: Our Starfleet friends! Welcome, welcome, and please accept our gratitude by taking advantage of all that Refuge has to offer! :: gestures broadly at the offered amenities ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 21:18:26
:: is quite interested in the petting zoo, checking out the animals ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 21:18:58
:: dressed in a light off-the shoulder white dress with an asymmetric floral motif, she looks up as Venya speaks and smiles ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 16-Sep-2020 21:19:32
:: is wearing a blue blouse, jeans, and boots, looking casual but comfy as she headed over to join Acacia at the petting zoo, grinning at her friend slightly :: MED: They're cute, aren't they?
Venya Kashar 16-Sep-2020 21:19:54
:: grins and strikes a fetching pose, revealing a lot of green leg :: All: Allow me to begin the festivities. :: She claps her hands firmly twice above her head ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 21:20:32
:: waits to see what's about to happen with such a dramatic flair as a cue ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Sep-2020 21:20:58
:: smiles at Venya's greeting, not wearing her uniform, and looks around excitedly ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 21:21:22
:: is wearing a plain grey shirt and black jeans herself, not planning to stand out. She smiles, staring at one of the odd creatures :: TAC2: Cute is one word, :: she muses ::
Venya Kashar 16-Sep-2020 21:21:38
ACTION: The musicians over by the lounge begin playing a lively tune in response to Venya's claps, and a trio of belly-dancers emerge from behind a curtain, light glinting off the glass beads that drip off their costumes as they move rhythmically with the music ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 21:22:39
Oooo! :: watches the dancers as she moves to find a drink ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 16-Sep-2020 21:22:44
:: chuckles, offering a hand to one of the creatures with a soft whisper, coaxing it over close enough to let her pet it :: MED: They're sweet, albeit, not as cute as the animals we have onboard.
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 21:23:02
:: wearing a casual floral dress, her right arm hooked through Kate's left, trying not to look at Venya which is thankfully easy with so much else to see -- is pulled along with Kate to the lounge ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 21:24:43
:: bobs her head as the music picks up, looking around at the festivities. She manages a small smile, but she's somewhat uneasy, :: TAC2: The people here are of an interesting sort.
Venya Kashar 16-Sep-2020 21:24:51
:: steps down and moves toward those entering the petting zoo :: TAC2/MED: The ones with the golden collars are available for adoption, should you find one that you just must take home. :: her full lips curve into a smile :: Free of charge, of course.
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Sep-2020 21:25:38
:: watches the dancers, bobbing her head to the music ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 21:25:42
:: fetches them a couple of drinks, complimentary, of course, then grins at Lexy as they watch the dancers :: CSO: We should learn to dance like that.
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 21:26:10
:: also in the petting zoo, attempting to pet a weasel-like creature with a golden collar, but it seems to only want to bite his finger ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 21:26:41
:: accepts her drink without looking away from the dancers :: CO: It's mesmerizing!
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 21:27:07
:: raises an eyebrow at that, casting a glance at Venya and offering a polite smile :: Venya: Why, thank you. You certainly know how to throw a party.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 16-Sep-2020 21:27:12
:: startles at Venya's sudden approach, straightening and smiling at the Orion lady :: Venya: I don't think my husband would agree to another pet... we have our hands full with our dog as it is. :: kneels back down to keep petting a cat-like creature that seemed to be enjoying the scritches ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 21:27:13
CSO: Yes, it is! :: moves closer as they watch the dancers, trying to figure out their moves ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 21:28:28
:: gives up on the weasel, it's just not having any of this ::
Venya Kashar 16-Sep-2020 21:28:33
:: inclines her head in thanks :: MED: Hospitality is my specialty. If there is anything you desire that you do not see, simply ask and I will try to accommodate.
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Sep-2020 21:29:01
:: cocks her head at the dancing, knowing she could never mimic it, then looks around at what else there is to see, trying not to be too overwhelmed ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 16-Sep-2020 21:29:22
:: snickers at Navarro's failed attempt to pet the weasel, raising her hand to get his attention :: NAV: Over here, this one seems to love pets.
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 21:29:52
:: chuckles and moves over to the catte that Ryleigh's found ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 21:30:17
:: smiles, offering a nod to Venya before continuing to the next cage, comparing the animal to the card with its info on the gate ::
Venya Kashar 16-Sep-2020 21:30:26
Dancer1> :: notes the rapt attention and shimmies up closer, putting on a real show ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 16-Sep-2020 21:30:59
:: shifts to the side to make room for Navarro, still scritching at the creature in question. The little cat was purring, definitely enjoying this ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 21:31:01
:: smiles at the dancer and bobs her head with the music ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 21:31:33
:: pets the catte :: Ah yes, this one is much more friendly.
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Sep-2020 21:32:11
:: finds crewmates crowded around the petting zoo and approaches, noting Venya also there, and takes a look at the animals ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 21:32:20
:: watches the dancers, thoroughly impressed ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 21:32:21
:: stops next to Navarro, smiling as he gets cat attention :: NAV: Ah, making friends I see.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 16-Sep-2020 21:32:22
::Finds a place to sit quietly; his face obscured by his hood, he simply watches on, ready to see this place in the long range sensors.::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 16-Sep-2020 21:32:36
:: grins :: NAV: Weasels are... crotchey little bastards at the best of times, and utter balls of pissed-off destruction at the worst of time :: says this like she has familiarity with their nature ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 21:32:55
:: snorts, covering her mouth :: TAC2: What?
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 21:33:15
:: chuckles as Emily approaches :: MED: Sí, much easier than — :: gestures to Ryleigh :: What she said.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 16-Sep-2020 21:34:02
MED/NAV: Don't ask me how I learned that. It's not a good story... for me, at least. :: warns her friends with a pointed finger before turning back to the cat she was petting ::
Venya Kashar 16-Sep-2020 21:34:31
:: is pleased to see so many people taking interest in everything already, and glides through the crowd in full social-butterfly mode, making sure everyone is comfortable ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Sep-2020 21:35:15
:: looks over the creatures, sniffing intently, and at least recognizes one being a cat that Grey and Navarro are giving attention to ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 21:35:38
:: chuckles, leaning over the next gate and offering fingers to a long-haired and long-tongued cattish creature :: TAC2: Hey, keep your secrets.
Venya Kashar 16-Sep-2020 21:35:44
Dancer1> :: as the first song ends :: CO/CSO: Would you two like a dance lesson? :: smiles winningly ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 21:36:10
:: looks to Lexy to gauge her reaction, then back to the dancer :: Yes, that would be lovely!
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 21:36:41
:: flinches as the creature unfurls its tongue to lick her fingers, barely managing to hold still as it happens and making a face of full surprise ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 21:36:51
:: looks around self-consciously, and then nods shyly ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 16-Sep-2020 21:37:29
:: she had definitely charmed her way into the cat-like creature's good graces, the animal did not want her to stop petting it, letting out little chirps of displeasure every time she stopped ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 21:38:18
:: notices the long tongue and is impressed ::
Venya Kashar 16-Sep-2020 21:38:51
Dancer1> :: steps down to their level as the next song begins :: CO/CSO: Imitate me, yes? :: slowly demonstrates graceful arm movements ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 21:39:09
:: wipes her hand on her pants, curling her lip a bit, but then goes in for the head scritches anyway, illiciting a scratchy rumble from the odd animal ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 21:39:56
:: watches the dancer's arms for a few moments, then begins to move hers, imitating as best she can ::
Venya Kashar 16-Sep-2020 21:41:10
:: sees the hooded Andorian sitting alone, and moves toward him :: CEO: You are... Commander Ilaihr, yes? Is there something I can get for you?
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 21:41:53
MED: I think it likes you. I think.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 16-Sep-2020 21:42:05
~Venya~: No, I'm quite alright, thank you.
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 21:42:07
:: after a moment, begins to shyly move her arms, concentrating on getting the movement perfect ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Sep-2020 21:42:30
:: sniffs at a small creature, showing interest, and a mechant gently picks it up, holding it out on a hand. Kuari extends a wing and holds it still, and the strange, spidery monkey with hummingbird-like wings flutters onto the hook of her wing, making Kuari smile ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 21:42:58
:: chuckles, keeping her pats to the top of the head as the creature's tongue droops to the ground when it relaxes :: NAV: I would guess so.
Venya Kashar 16-Sep-2020 21:43:37
:: doesn't seem to flinch at the voice in her mind :: CEO: May I sit with you for a short while?
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 21:44:05
:: slowly pulls her hand back, giving a nod to Navarro before heading into the crowd to find a place to wash her hands ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 16-Sep-2020 21:44:15
~Venya~: As you wish, Lady Kashar.
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 21:45:14
:: starts to get the hang of it, having had to learn several dances from the Kvolir victory dance going all the way back to the dance classes she was subjected to as a little girl, so she's not bad at this ::
Venya Kashar 16-Sep-2020 21:46:03
:: sits next to him, close, but not too close :: CEO: I understand we largely have you to thank for the Rixx making it back here in one piece.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 16-Sep-2020 21:46:08
Ethan> :: has finally found where Ryleigh has gone, and can't help but laugh. :: NAV: I heard Ryleigh mentioning weasels..? Where are they?
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 21:46:12
:: quickly finds a bathroom, and is back at the party shortly after. She makes her way to the bar, and says :: Bartender: Impress me!
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 21:46:28
:: gestures to the cage with the ill-tempered weasel in it :: Ethan: Be my guest.
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Sep-2020 21:46:46
:: gives the monkey thing back to the merchant, then looks at the next creature, a spark of light catching her eye. The merchant then picks it up, explaining the thorny spines along its reptilian back conduct static electricity and the sparks of light don't hurt that much, but it's best not to poke them ::
Venya Kashar 16-Sep-2020 21:46:57
Dancer1> CO/CSO: Yes, you are doing well! Keep going! :: adds a hip movement component ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 21:47:13
:: grins and starts to mimic the hip movement, in time to the music ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 21:47:55
:: struggles with it a bit, her movements somewhat stiff ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 21:48:01
:: is handed a snake by a merchant, out of nowhere ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 16-Sep-2020 21:48:09
Ethan> :: heads over, snatching a piece of lettuce from a plate and kneeling to offer it to the ill-tempered animal, chuckling at the animal's quick snatch and subsquent sniffing of his fingers with a whine for more ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 21:48:12
Um, ¿Gracias?
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 21:48:46
CSO: Relax and flow with the music. You can do it!
TAC2 Cpt Grey 16-Sep-2020 21:48:47
:: can't resist laughing at Navarro's expression, picking up the cat to cradle against her chest ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 16-Sep-2020 21:49:01
~Venya~: Your own Chief Engineer was more than adequate for the job. I merely assisted
CMO Lt Tailor 16-Sep-2020 21:49:05
::is currently in the middle of a pile of tribbles somewhere in the petting zoo. Has no idea how the pile went from five to one hundred in the space of a few minutes. But they're purring and making that 'coo' sound, and she just can't bring herself to move...::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 21:49:06
:: puts the snake on his shoulders and pets it ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 21:49:30
:: pauses and closes her eyes, taking a deep breath and attempting to shake the tension out of her body ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 21:49:41
:: wanders through the party, pausing to watch the dancers as she sips her drink. She stops one of them to get a look at her jewelry, asking about the stones. ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 16-Sep-2020 21:49:49
~Venya~: Is there something I may help you with?
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 21:50:39
CSO: There you go, now you are getting it... :: gives the dancer an inquisitive look :: Yes?
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Sep-2020 21:51:54
:: hears a beeping from the cage she had passed and looks over, the monkey jumping up and down and stretching its arms through the bars. Kuari draws her nose clear, and the monkey pats her nose ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 21:52:12
:: pleasantly surprised by the snake, but he hands it back to the merchant ::
Venya Kashar 16-Sep-2020 21:53:43
:: smiles and says airily :: CEO: Oh, I just wanted to rest my feet for a moment and you seemed an interesting companion. I seldom have an opportunity to host Andorians. But if you'll excuse me, I must take my leave. :: is a good enough hostess to understand when someone doesn't want to be bothered :: It was my pleasure. I hope you find something that interests you tonight. :: she stands and glides away with a grin and a small wave, headed toward the hookah lounge ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 21:53:46
:: then heads out of the petting zoo, making for the bar, coming away with a drink he's never tried ::
Venya Kashar 16-Sep-2020 21:54:23
Dancer1> CSO: Yes, now you've got it! Try this. :: adds a little wrist flourish ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 21:54:33
:: enjoys her chat with the dancer and apologizes for distracting her, which makes them both laugh. She continues her wander, but an odd creature at the back corner of the petting zoo catches her eye.. ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Sep-2020 21:54:49
PettingZooMerchant> :: quickly removes the monkey from its cage again and presents it to Kuari :: Here, he likes you, take him home, yes?
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 21:55:35
:: starts to include the wrist flourish into her arm movements, and even adds the quarter-twirls as she starts to get this dance ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Sep-2020 21:56:06
PZM: Oh, no no, I'm not here to buy. :: moves back, afraid she had given the wrong impression by showing interest, but smiles at the small creature as it reaches for her again ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 21:56:45
:: returns, carrying the new drink, and makes his way back to the catte ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 21:57:54
:: discards her empty cup in a bin and stops in front of the cage, tilting her head at the unsettling hairless half-chicken half-rat creature, eyes glittering with amazement ::
Venya Kashar 16-Sep-2020 21:58:04
Dancer1> CO/CSO: Now speed it up! :: does the collection of movement faster, with every beat instead of every other beat ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Sep-2020 21:58:34
PZM> Kuari: No, no money! A gift, from Lady Venya Kashar! Please, give it a good home!
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 21:58:57
:: laughs, struggling to keep up with the faster movement ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 21:59:30
:: does so, at first having some difficulty incorporating all of the new movements at once as she doubles the speed ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 22:00:33
:: pets the catte some more and he tries to see what has Emily so interested ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 22:01:03
Merchant: Are they all like that? :: she breathes, eyes locked on the creature that seems to exist somewhere between hell and a nice grassy meadow ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Sep-2020 22:01:12
:: regards the merchant seriously for a moment, then looks at the monkey. She thinks through whether it would be responsible or not to take it, then with the spirit of event holds out the hook of her wing again, giving the monkey a choice. The monkey looks at the merchant, then at Kuari and flutters over to land on her wing ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 16-Sep-2020 22:01:28
::Sighs, watching Venya walk away; feeling like he has more than overstayed his welcome here.::
CMO Lt Tailor 16-Sep-2020 22:01:43
::eventually makes herself stand up, scattering a few hundred tribbles in the process:: All: I realllly wish I could bring you home, but I work long hours... ::tribbles coo in disappointment:: All: It's been fun though. ::she gives a cute spotted one a final pat before exiting the tribble pit::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 22:01:52
:: reaches out to pet the creature and it never moves, bulging eyes staring far beyond what any of us can comprehend ::
HRH Ashexana 16-Sep-2020 22:02:33
:: emerges from the spa to make an appearance, having enjoyed a nice refreshing massage to ease away some of the tension she's acquired since this Xovul mess began ::
:: somewhat overdressed for the casual affair in a golden ballgown of gathered silks along with her jewelry of diamonds and pearls, but she is the Queen, after all ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Sep-2020 22:04:20
:: grins widely, studying her new pet :: PZM: It's decided, then. I'll take him.
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 22:05:26
:: starts to put all of the elements of this dance together at the proper speed ::
CMO Lt Tailor 16-Sep-2020 22:05:40
::does feel quite a bit more recharged now though... tribble purrs will do that::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Sep-2020 22:06:01
PZM> Kuari: Excellent! Here, a leash to keep it from flying away. They do get curious! :: holds out a small data module and reaches to clip on the leash ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 22:06:23
:: does as well, not moving as fluidly as Kate but doing the movement competently :: CO: I wonder if there's a holodeck class for this?
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 22:07:13
CSO: I am certain we can find one! :: admires her wife's form as she goes through the moves :: I think it suits you, too.
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 22:08:03
:: blushes :: CO: I want to try on one of these beautiful costumes! :: gestures to Dancer1 ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 22:08:25
CSO: That would also suit you. :: winks, then smiles at the dancer ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Sep-2020 22:08:54
:: frowns, then moves her wing away, causing the unexpecting monkey to flutter and grip tighter :: PZM: Ah, no thank you. Trust me, if it flies away, I'll chase it down. :: takes the data module and slips it into her pouch ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 22:10:09
:: leans on the cage, talking to the merchant about the little abomination. At some point she laughs and says :: Merchant: Oh, of course I'll take it! :: he doesn't seem to understand why, but he'd never found a buyer before... ::
HRH Ashexana 16-Sep-2020 22:10:18
:: makes her way through the crowd, mingling ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 16-Sep-2020 22:10:33
::Finding his way to his feet, he rests on his cane; he looks around a moment at the crew, before he vanishes like a spectre, as he often does.::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 22:11:00
:: approaches Emily and the whatever it is :: MED: What a ...nice...? animal? :: narrows his eyes at it ::
Venya Kashar 16-Sep-2020 22:11:37
Dancer1> :: praises her students and then moves back up onto the low stage, rejoining her trio in more complicated moves ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 22:12:01
:: throws herself into the dance, finishing strong ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Sep-2020 22:12:31
:: trots off on all fours, the monkey fluttering about trying to find the best spot to perch after Kuari folds her wings, thinking about what to name it and looking around for her next distraction ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 22:12:37
:: is extremely proud of her acquisition, having strung up the creature in a sling so that only its chicken-like head sticks out, distant eyes fixed on the way you'll die, if you stare too long.. :: NAV: Isn't it? :: she grins ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 22:12:53
:: applauds loudly as the song ends ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 22:13:02
:: turns his head sideways trying to figure it out :: MED: Yes?
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 22:13:13
:: joins in the applause ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 22:13:37
CO: I have a serious question.
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 22:13:52
CSO: Oh?
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 22:14:03
CO: What's a "hookah"?
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Sep-2020 22:14:49
:: watches as the crowd applauds at the dancers, trotting by and snorts at the vapors wafting from something called a "hookah lounge" and quickly moves past ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 22:15:00
CSO: It is a device that makes smoke from various things, which you partake of from little tubes along the side.
:: fans herself a bit after the dancing ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 22:15:40
:: carries the creature like a handbag, thanking the merchant once more. She smiles as she makes her way back towards the bar :: NAV: This thing.. is a natural unnatural hybrid. Like a mule, or a liger. Guy found it by chance, the mother had left it. :: she pats the thing's side gently. ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 22:16:14
:: follows along :: MED: That explains your interest.
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 22:16:31
CO: Is it calm and relaxing? Because I just learned a dance in front of all these people and I'm trying so hard not to think about that butit'sathingthatistrueandIneedsomethingcalmandrelaxingnowplease
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 22:17:06
CSO: It depends on what is in the hookah. But come on, let us find out! :: takes her hand and heads into the lounge ::
HRH Ashexana 16-Sep-2020 22:17:33
:: pauses outside the petting zoo, peering in, but doesn't go inside ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 22:17:38
:: smiles broadly, knowing he'd get it :: NAV: Yes~ I also kind of think it's cute. :: the creature bubbles, or maybe exhales dust.. or both? ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Sep-2020 22:17:54
:: enters the spa, finding several people waiting. An attendant sees her and scrambles a bit to invite her in. Kuari looks at those waiting, but the attendant waves her past ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 22:17:55
MED: So what are you going to name it?
CMO Lt Tailor 16-Sep-2020 22:18:16
::wanders around the party, enjoying the dancing and grabbing a random drink off of a tray::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 22:18:19
:: allows herself to be led ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 16-Sep-2020 22:19:00
::The only indication of his presence is the trail of smoke following him as he begins smoking his pipe, and the distinctive tap of his cane, as he makes his way the the exit.::
Venya Kashar 16-Sep-2020 22:19:12
:: doing her best to be inobtrusive for a change, not wanting her presence to cause any undue stress ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 22:19:28
:: stops at the bar, ordering another surprise. She thinks aloud, :: NAV: I'm not really sure. Maybe a variant of Venya, like.. Vinny. :: she muses :: Since she gave it to me.
HRH Ashexana 16-Sep-2020 22:19:33
:: leaves the petting zoo since she's not really an animal person, and spying Dr. Tailor, she makes her way over :: CMO: Doctor! Thank you again for your wonderful treatment while I was in your care.
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 22:19:58
:: picks up another drink and snorts :: MED: I'm sure she'd be honored.
CMO Lt Tailor 16-Sep-2020 22:20:27
HRH: You're welcome, Highness. ::smiles:: I'm glad that you are doing well.
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 22:20:41
:: enters the lounge and sees all sorts of people relaxing around the big hookah ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 22:21:12
:: laughs as well, thanking the bartender and taking a sip :: NAV: I think he'll clean up nicely, Doc. Don't make fun of Vinny. :: she teases him. ::
HRH Ashexana 16-Sep-2020 22:21:23
CMO: Yes, as you can see, I am one hundred percent! Might I suggest that you partake of the spa? The masseuses are quite skilled.
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 22:21:27
:: looks at the lavish velvety pillows strewn around the big device in the center of the room ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 22:22:00
:: inquires what the smoke of the day is ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 22:22:06
:: chuckles :: MED: Oh, I bet you'll work wonders with him.
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Sep-2020 22:22:31
:: is offered several relaxing-looking treatments and picks the one involving water. She's led into a private room with relaxing music playing, a broad and shallow indentation with gently bubbling hot water with a wide, flat edge all the way around ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 22:23:08
CSO: The finest of tobaccos from Earth, it would seem!
CMO Lt Tailor 16-Sep-2020 22:23:31
HRH: I already visited the spa earlier, actually. Just before the party
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 22:23:47
:: raises both eyebrows in amusement and confirmation of his suspicions, taking a sip of her drink. :: NAV: Have you made time for the spa yet?
HRH Ashexana 16-Sep-2020 22:23:58
CMO: Wonderful! I'm glad that you were able to make it there.
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 22:24:01
CO: Well. While I'm trying new things, I might as well try this, right? Let's sit over there. :: points at two unoccupied pillows adjacent to each other ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 22:24:07
MED: No, not yet. Do you want to get massages?
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Sep-2020 22:24:54
:: is instructed to relax in the water, and gently lowers herself into it, the water not even coming up to her shoulder. The monkey, unsure about this, perches on the tip of Kuari's horn, as high as it can go ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 22:24:54
NAV: That sounds amazing. :: she purrs, standing and moving towards the spa area ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 22:25:06
:: leads her to the pillows where they take their seats ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 22:25:18
:: follows along, could actually use a massage ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 22:25:27
:: picks up the cord in front of her and inspects it ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 22:25:58
CSO: Do not inhale it into your lungs, just in the mouth and out the nose.
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 22:26:23
:: nods, understanding, and then puts the mouthpiece to her lips and does as instructed ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 22:26:48
:: also takes a rip from the hookah, not having smoked terribly much in her life, but hey, the Admiral swears by it ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Sep-2020 22:27:36
:: stretches out, the pampering environment a contrast to recent trials which pass briefly through her mind, and she assures herself those events are over and lets out a big sigh ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 22:28:05
:: leans in to look at the intricate artwork on the hookah itself as she blows smoke from her nose ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 22:28:37
:: ducks into the spa, smiling as she chats with the receptionist, going over the menu. She listens, picking out a few options that sounds nice, and asking for some small heated towels for their +1 ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 22:28:58
:: this tobacco, however, is far better than any tobacco she got into on Earth :: CSO: Heyyyyy, this is nice.
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 22:29:35
:: nods :: CO: It is nice. Tastes of... strawberries?
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Sep-2020 22:29:40
:: perks her ears and opens her eyes as an attendant sets down a tray of snacks and various drinks to choose from on the wide edge of the basin ::
CMO Lt Tailor 16-Sep-2020 22:29:56
::nods:: HRH: They do know what they're doing.
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 22:29:59
:: nods in return, wisps of smoke coming from her nose :: CSO: I think I taste that, yes!
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 22:30:22
:: sets her hellchicken on the side table and carefully lays warm washcloths over him, lulling him into calm before turning to lay down the regular table herself ::
HRH Ashexana 16-Sep-2020 22:30:23
CMO: I must be off, doctor. If we do not see each other before you depart, please, know that you have my deepest gratitude.
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 22:30:45
:: watches the treatment of Vinny with some curiosity ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 16-Sep-2020 22:30:49
Ethan> :: manages, somehow, to pull his animal-loving wife away from the petting zoo and over to an empty couch, securing her into a hug before settling down ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 22:31:46
:: then sheds his shirt and gets on the massage table ::
CMO Lt Tailor 16-Sep-2020 22:33:30
::smiles:: HRH: Take care of yourself, Ashe. ::takes a seat to watch the dancing as the Queen flits away::
HRH Ashexana 16-Sep-2020 22:33:56
:: nods and makes her way into the crowd, but not disappearing into it, since she stands out ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 22:34:40
:: takes another pull from the hookah, beginning to understand what the Admiral sees in those cigars ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 16-Sep-2020 22:35:10
::Leaves the party behind to make his own way back to Atlantis .::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 22:35:42
:: smokes contemplatively :: CO: You know what else we should do before we leave?
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 22:36:37
:: melts into the table, not having much to say as she's being tenderized by the burly Orion massage therapist ::
HRH Ashexana 16-Sep-2020 22:36:39
:: walks by Ryleigh and Ethan and pauses :: TAC2: Why, hello! I remember you from the meeting in Lady Kashar's office. Captain Grey, is it?
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 22:36:55
:: smokes inquisitively :: CSO: What is that, love?
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 22:37:20
:: is also being tenderized, but by a Klingon woman ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 16-Sep-2020 22:39:03
HRH: Yes ma'am! :: extracts herself from Ethan and rises to give a bow of greeting :: HRH: I'm... not sure if you've met my husband, Dr. Ethan Jasper... He helped with the majority of your crew. :: Ethan rises shortly, giving a quick bow in return ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 22:39:06
CO: I want to sit in a sauna until I turn into jelly and then be massaged within an inch of my life.
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 22:39:55
CSO: I think that can be arranged. Venya said there was a spa.
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Sep-2020 22:40:10
:: samples some of the refreshments from the tray, then looks over as a strong-looking man walks in. Kuari looks wary at first and tenses up, but the man folds his hands and bows politely, putting her at ease. He offers massage services, but looks over Kuari uncertainly ::
HRH Ashexana 16-Sep-2020 22:40:14
:: dips her head to Ethan :: Thank you, Doctor Jasper. My crew owes you a great debt.
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 22:40:24
:: puffs from the hookah and nods ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 22:41:27
:: takes another deep pull, starting to feel its effects, and leans back into the pillows :: CSO: Whenever you want to, Rosie.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 16-Sep-2020 22:42:09
Ethan> HRH: My pleasure, Your Highness, but... you didn't deserve what happened... none of the crew did either. The Xovul keep pushing boundaries, they need to be stopped before something worse happens.
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 22:42:21
CO: A few minutes more. :: wiggles down into a more comfy position on the huge red velvet pillow ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 22:42:45
:: his eyes go wide, ay dios mio she's strong ::
HRH Ashexana 16-Sep-2020 22:43:40
I wholeheartedly agree. We shall see what the future brings in that regard.
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 22:43:57
:: sinks into her pillow alongside Lexy ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 22:44:03
:: wheezes, her lungs emptied by a similar punch to the back, but she groans out her relief thereafter ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Sep-2020 22:45:02
:: accepts the offer, and the man takes a moment to figure out where to start. Deciding on the shoulder, he politely asks her to move her wing and she does so, tentatively prodding at the muscles at the base of her wing just under her shell ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 22:46:01
:: finds herself starting to laze in the haze ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 22:46:39
:: same, and sits up :: CO: Come on, let's go zone out in the sauna instead of here.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 16-Sep-2020 22:46:54
HRH: I feel the same way. When we met with the Xovul the first time, Wolfe and I ended up being knocked out, same with the Captain. :: gives a slight shrug :: HRH: But that's neither here nor there... there's no worry of attack, so we can just not focus on the Xovul concern tonight.
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 22:47:18
:: jumps slightly and follows suit :: CSO: Yes, yes.
HRH Ashexana 16-Sep-2020 22:47:47
TAC2: There are much more pleasant matters on the menu for the evening! Have you tried the spa?
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 22:48:14
:: takes Kate's hand and leads her out of the smoky room ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 22:48:31
:: is led, feeling quite nice ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 16-Sep-2020 22:48:44
HRH: I have not! I haven't had much time to do over the years, and well... most of my female friends are not into that kind of stuff. ::
HRH Ashexana 16-Sep-2020 22:49:05
TAC2: You simply must try it! You owe it to yourself, darling.
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 22:49:29
:: slowly sits up after being fully destressed, sighing a big and thanking the massage therapist with a pointed handshake. She carefully unpacks Vinny, grinning, :: NAV: Sauna?
HRH Ashexana 16-Sep-2020 22:49:34
Ethan: Don't you think your lovely wife deserves to be pampered?
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 22:49:54
:: jelly on the table :: MED: ¿que?
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 22:50:52
:: has to think about it for a second, but shakes her head, chuckling :: NAV: También es sauna en español.
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 22:51:08
:: chuckles and wills himself off the table ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 16-Sep-2020 22:51:57
Ethan> :: holds up his hands in surrender, grinning playfully :: HRH: She does indeed! But try telling her that... she's stubborn. ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 22:52:01
:: offers a Klingon salute to the massseuse then walks with Emily :: MED: It was not the language, but the idea of moving. She was... :: eyes wide ::
HRH Ashexana 16-Sep-2020 22:52:16
:: inclines her head toward Grey ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Sep-2020 22:52:31
:: finds the massage relaxing and sighs, laying her head on the brim of the shallow pool as the attendant learns her musculature and becomes more confident ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 22:52:39
:: is waved up to the front counter :: Spa: Do you have a sauna? And then massages?
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 22:53:16
:: carries Vinny in one arm, nodding in agreement. :: NAV: Oh! Yes. :: she follows the signs towards the sauna ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 22:53:47
:: takes Kate down the indicated hallway toward the sauna, quickly disrobing behind a curtain and donning the provided towel ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 16-Sep-2020 22:53:49
:: protests at her husband's words, before sighing with a giggle :: HRH: Then excuse me, your highness. I am being convinced into trying this... massage thing.
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 22:54:11
MED: I did not know there was such a person as a Klingon masseuse, but now that I know, I'm not sure I could have any other kind.
HRH Ashexana 16-Sep-2020 22:54:40
:: claps her hands together, beaming at the couple :: TAC2: Wonderful! I hope you enjoy it!
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 22:55:23
:: doffs her clothes in exchange for the towel and enters the sauna ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 22:56:58
:: laughs :: NAV: Perhaps I'll have to go back and give her a try. :: she finds the sauna, quickly changes into a towel, and finds a well-vented spot to make her new pet comfortable. Once Vinny is settled she slips into the sauna, greeting the familiar faces with some surprise :: Sauna: Why hello!
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 22:57:13
MED: Hi, doctor!
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 22:57:34
:: emerges into the sauna wearing a towel and settles down next to Emily ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 22:57:57
MED/NAV: Hello, Emily! Zorro! :: still a bit buzzy from the tobacco ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 16-Sep-2020 22:58:14
:: heads into the spa, leaving Ethan talking with the Queen, to try out this massage. ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 22:58:22
CO/CSO: Capitana, Commander.
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 22:58:33
:: takes a seat, sinking down and relaxing :: CO/CSO: We've made some good friends, this is quite the showing.
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 22:58:52
:: settles back into her seat, taking deep breaths of the hot air ::
XO Cdr Kuari 16-Sep-2020 22:58:53
:: shifts to one side when prompted and the attendant works on her large thigh muscle, trying not to tense up as she's not used to letting strangers touch her. It is rather relaxing, though, she has to admit ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 22:59:25
MED: Yes, they certainly have gone to great effort to show us their gratitude.
CMO Lt Tailor 16-Sep-2020 22:59:30
::watches the entertainment, entranced by the dancers' fluid movements, beat of the music, and the swirl of the veils becoming a blur of colors as they spin....and completely not noticing the cooing coming from her pocket.::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 22:59:58
:: pours some water over the hot rocks and sighs, settling back into the steam ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 23:00:22
:: her eyelids grow lazy as she starts to laze in this haze ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 23:01:01
:: nods lightly, also starting to drift a bit as she allows herself to relax ::
NAV Lt Navarro 16-Sep-2020 23:01:39
:: having just been killed by a Klingon woman, the heat is a perfect followup ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 23:01:44
:: pulls her hair back into a messy bun and fastens it with the elastic she had around her wrist ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 23:02:14
:: rolls her head over toward Lexy :: Do you have another?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 16-Sep-2020 23:02:48
::Finally makes it back to Atlantis, aggravated by how long it took without the transporters; before practically marching back to his quarters, sealing the door behind him.::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 23:02:57
:: shakes her head, drowsing :: CO: Sorry, love.
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 23:03:15
Oh well. :: lets her hair do what it will ::
HRH Ashexana 16-Sep-2020 23:03:23
:: makes pleasant conversation with Ethan before she moves on ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 23:03:55
:: has her hair half-up, but now she's thinking about it. She takes the elastic out of her hair and tosses it to the captain, doing the quick and messy version of her no-tie crown braid ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 23:04:46
:: starts, but catches the hair tie :: Oh! Thank you, Emily! :: fixes her hair into a quick, sloppy bun ::
Venya Kashar 16-Sep-2020 23:05:10
:: at another time, Venya would have invited herself into that sauna and propositioned every last person in it, but she restrained herself with some difficulty, genuinely wanting everyone to relax instead ::
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 23:05:33
:: twists the loose strands of her hair lazily, letting it be once it's all off her shoulders. She smiles lightly, nodding ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 23:06:35
Sauna: I hope you all have enjoyed yourself here. You have earned a bit of pampering.
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 23:07:56
:: suddenly gets goosebumps, but doesn't move otherwise and totally plays it cool :: CO: And there's much to do yet.
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 23:08:32
MED: Always... :: trails off, starting to fully relax ::
CSO Cdr Wright 16-Sep-2020 23:08:40
MED: Not until I sit here until I turn into jelly and then get a massage, there's not.
MED Lt Acacia 16-Sep-2020 23:09:05
:: chuckles, nodding in agreement ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 23:09:18
CSO: The galaxy can wait. :: grins ::
HRH Ashexana 16-Sep-2020 23:09:46
:: having made her necessary appearance, she retires to her temporary quarters ::
CO Capt Harper 16-Sep-2020 23:10:23
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