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Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
In civilian clothes to avoid drawing attention, we are down on Refuge helping out in any way we can, such as enhancing systems, offering training and supplies, and bolstering defenses. When our assistance is complete, Lady Venya Kashar has promised that all of Refuge's hospitality will be available, including the spa, theater, bars, shopping, and holodecks!
After 09-Sep-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 09-Sep-2020 21:25:39
:: working on boosting the resolution of the long-range sensors ::
NAV Lt Navarro 09-Sep-2020 21:27:27
:: actually got to go down to Refuge! ::
MED Lt Acacia 09-Sep-2020 21:28:27
:: is on the surface working with some doctors to ensure their supply list was covered in the transport ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 09-Sep-2020 21:29:23
:: wanders between her crewmates, checking in on people and keeping a shrewd eye on the crowd ::
Dr Jorvan Tav 09-Sep-2020 21:30:45
:: is helping to move medical supplies into position where they could be needed ::
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Sep-2020 21:30:50
::is doing the medical supply thing also::
NAV Lt Navarro 09-Sep-2020 21:31:21
:: working with several Free Fleets fighter pilots on advanced tactics, but not approaching it like he's teaching a class, since they're all accomplished pilots ::
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Sep-2020 21:33:43
:: finds her place near the docking bay, checking in with crew from Atlantis as they come and go, coordinating teams and resources and directing where they need to go ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Sep-2020 21:34:31
:: also working on improvements to the sensor array ::
SNC Capt Gerard 09-Sep-2020 21:36:05
:: meeting with the Queen and Lady Venya :: Now, since my main office is here, one could say that I already had a vested interest in defending Refuge. :: shrugs :: Sure, it's home, but we are mercenaries and could just leave.
:: leans forward :: That said... a client, who wishes to remain anonymous, has just hired the Supernova Company to defend Refuge, and is paying us handsomely to do so!
MED Lt Acacia 09-Sep-2020 21:38:25
:: finds herself working with a patient with a rare genetic disease, having overheard a conversation about him ::
HRH Ashexana 09-Sep-2020 21:38:34
:: smiles knowingly, even though she's unable to sense the identity of the client despite Gerard's human mind :: SNC: That is wonderful news, Ron!
Venya Kashar 09-Sep-2020 21:39:43
SNC: That is certainly welcome news.
SNC Capt Gerard 09-Sep-2020 21:41:10
I will start by ordering a fleet of autonomous heavy defense satellites, and recalling the rest of our ships.
CO Capt Harper 09-Sep-2020 21:41:24
:: it has certainly been a while since she's worked so directly with the sensors, but she narrows her eyes at something ::
MED Lt Acacia 09-Sep-2020 21:41:54
:: emerges from the hospital, a bit disoriented. How did she end up on this end? Well, she helped some people out, at least.. ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Sep-2020 21:42:16
:: points it out :: CSO: Would adjusting that help?
Dr Jorvan Tav 09-Sep-2020 21:42:33
:: rounds the corner coming back for more. He paws through the crates to make sure there's nothing for other destinations. :: CMO: I expect it'll be another two trips, and we'll be ready with medical supplies.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 09-Sep-2020 21:42:37
:: stands guard over a supply transport operation, but casually ::
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Sep-2020 21:42:58
::sees Acacia suddenly helping out a patient when they were just passing out supplies. Just shrugs and keeps working on the supply list::
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Sep-2020 21:43:03
Technician Flanders> :: stands at the docking bay entrance, looking confused and flustered, and eyes several questionable characters coming in behind him into Refuge and scoots a bit further to the side :: Kuari: So there's no internal route towards the sensor array amplifier junction? How can that be possible?
SNC Capt Gerard 09-Sep-2020 21:43:59
Our space-based assets are already formidable, and adding the defense satellites to Refuge's surface guns should deter the Xovul.
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Sep-2020 21:44:27
:: stops her realignment of the array to look at what Kate is indicating :: CO: ...Huh. that seems... :: fiddles with it ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Sep-2020 21:44:34
:: watches the fiddling ::
HRH Ashexana 09-Sep-2020 21:45:08
SNC: Thank you, Ron. I had a feeling that you wouldn't abandon us.
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Sep-2020 21:45:39
:: sticks her tongue out slightly with the effort of concentration ::
MED Lt Acacia 09-Sep-2020 21:46:11
:: heads back for where they started, keeping an eye out for Starfleet uniforms. She joins back up, and once again finds herself talking to one of the local doctors about what he's been facing recently ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Sep-2020 21:46:39
CO: There. Try that.
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Sep-2020 21:47:05
:: sits off to the side, holding her PADD and watching behind Flanders to make sure no other crew of theirs walk by, which is difficult when they're not in uniform :: Flanders: This isn't Atlantis. The only way to it is by spacecraft, and you'll have to use one of theirs. There's a maintenance pod standing by for you over there, a deck set aside of the main bay. :: points towards it ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Sep-2020 21:47:07
:: tries that and grins :: CSO: I think that did something! :: points at the screen ::
SNC Capt Gerard 09-Sep-2020 21:47:13
:: shrugs again :: I don't know what I might have done, but when someone waves that kind of money at you, it does change the balance of the equation.
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Sep-2020 21:48:15
:: looks at the screen :: CO: Well! Good eye. Once I finish optimizing the array, it should be even better.
SNC Capt Gerard 09-Sep-2020 21:48:27
Anyway, I have lots of work to do to prepare. :: bows slightly and takes his leave ::
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Sep-2020 21:49:21
Flanders> :: looks over to the deck in distaste, but quickly reins in his attitude in front of his executive officer and nods dutifully, but when he crosses towards the deck he dodges people like they're diseased ::
HRH Ashexana 09-Sep-2020 21:49:40
:: favors Venya with a smile :: Anonymous client, he says.
CO Capt Harper 09-Sep-2020 21:50:48
CSO: I am sure it will be! This tech may be older, but it still can perform with the proper tuning.
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Sep-2020 21:51:24
:: sighs and checks the faces of new people walking into Refuge. Sure that she hasn't missed anyone, lifts her PADD to check on the next scheduled arrival ::
Dr Jorvan Tav 09-Sep-2020 21:51:28
:: reappears once again, seeing that with the others carrying loads, there's one more to take. He opts to let someone else do so, so that he can move on to other matters. :: CMO: Do we have any other shipments coming from Atlantis, or is that it?
NAV Lt Navarro 09-Sep-2020 21:52:10
:: after the tactical brainstorming session, they move on to the fighters ::
Venya Kashar 09-Sep-2020 21:52:19
HRH: Indeed. I'll try to find out who, so I can thank them properly, but there are many who have made a home here and have nowhere else to go.
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Sep-2020 21:52:29
::checks the cargo manifest for medical supplies:: Tav: No, I think that was the last shipment.
MED Lt Acacia 09-Sep-2020 21:52:43
:: once again vanishes for a while before finding the group. She makes it just in time to hear Tailor and smiles, looking around at what they've accomplished ::
Dr Jorvan Tav 09-Sep-2020 21:52:58
CMO: Excellent. So where next?
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Sep-2020 21:53:29
MED: Did all of the patients from the Queen's ship get transferred?
HRH Ashexana 09-Sep-2020 21:53:30
Venya: With what it would cost to hire the entire Supernova Company and fund them to buy new equipment, there's only one possible answer, darling.
MED Lt Acacia 09-Sep-2020 21:54:20
:: checks her PADD to be sure, but immediately says :: CMO: Yes, we finished with that about fifteen minutes ago.
HRH Ashexana 09-Sep-2020 21:55:04
Venya: But we'll have to pretend we don't know, since it has to be Starfleet. They can't directly help us, Captain Harper said, but covertly hiring mercenaries is hardly direct.
While they swarm over your base pretending they don't stand out even out of uniform. :: finishes her glass of wine ::
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Sep-2020 21:55:52
MED: Ok, very good. Let's finish up with these supplies and then we'll be done with our duties here.
NAV Lt Navarro 09-Sep-2020 21:57:26
:: finds an old Peregrine that's somehow found its way here ::
MED Lt Acacia 09-Sep-2020 21:58:08
:: nods lightly :: CMO: Aye. :: she goes back to one of the doctors, helping him open one of the supply pallets ::
NAV Lt Navarro 09-Sep-2020 21:58:42
: pats it fondly like one would a classic car, not asking questions about how it ended up here ::
:: then digs in to tune it up, knowing the Peregrine from training ::
Venya Kashar 09-Sep-2020 22:00:46
HRH: Making friends is worthwhile endeavor, it seems. :: grins at Ashe ::
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Sep-2020 22:02:51
:: smiles and calls a medic's name when she sees them walk in through the docking bay entrance, and several others are behind her. The medic smiles back and walks over :: Medic Holst: Welcome to Refuge! You want to go that way to the left. :: taps her PADD and shows her the map on its screen ::
HRH Ashexana 09-Sep-2020 22:03:25
:: quirks the corner of her mouth up :: Venya: Fate would seem to be making certain that I learn that lesson of late. :: places the empty glass on the table and stands :: I must check in on the Rixx, and I'm sure that you must want to see what the Starfleets are doing to your lovely base. Until later!
CO Capt Harper 09-Sep-2020 22:07:12
CSO: I am going to check in with Kuari and see how things are going overall.
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Sep-2020 22:08:36
CO: Okay. I should have this done in half an hour. Thanks for your help!
CO Capt Harper 09-Sep-2020 22:09:05
CSO: Of course! It was actually fun. :: grins and spins on her heel, heading for the landing area ::
MED Lt Acacia 09-Sep-2020 22:09:06
:: chats with a doctor as the last of the supplies are being sorted, answering some of his questions ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Sep-2020 22:09:31
:: making miniscule tweaks to individual sensors with painstaking effort ::
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Sep-2020 22:09:32
:: waits for the next group and people-watches, noticing a lot of glances her way and aversion of eyes. She's used to this sort of thing, as people have trouble identifying her, but it doesn't bother her ::
HRH Ashexana 09-Sep-2020 22:10:00
:: exits Venya's office suite and makes her way to the repair yard ::
Venya Kashar 09-Sep-2020 22:10:40
:: alone in her office, allows herself a small moment of satisfaction ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Sep-2020 22:11:01
:: easily picks out Kuari among the crowd and approaches ::
NAV Lt Navarro 09-Sep-2020 22:11:25
:: powers up the Peregrine and runs through some checks ::
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Sep-2020 22:12:03
:: as she's people-watching, sees Harper coming and smiles, showing teeth ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Sep-2020 22:12:06
:: tests the timing on a group of sensors and shakes her head, unsatisfied ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Sep-2020 22:12:58
XO: Hi, Kuari! How is everyone getting along here?
HRH Ashexana 09-Sep-2020 22:14:16
:: finds the Rixx to be depressing, feeling the loss of those who died, and seeing her ship's graceful lines shattered by the brutish Xovul ::
NAV Lt Navarro 09-Sep-2020 22:15:13
That'll do. :: pats the fighter's console, satisfied with the improvements ::
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Sep-2020 22:15:25
:: sits a little straighter and hugs the PADD to her chest :: CO: Well enough. Refuge is a unique, interesting place, and our people need a guide. There haven't been any problems I can't handle. Almost everyone has been sent off to where they need to go. :: picks up the PADD and squints at it, checking herself ::
Dr Jorvan Tav 09-Sep-2020 22:17:04
:: pulls open one of the crates and starts organizing its contents on the shelves. ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Sep-2020 22:17:11
:: nods in satisfaction, impressed :: XO: That takes an impressive level of coordination. Well done!
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Sep-2020 22:17:36
:: tests the group again, and nods, satisfied, before moving on to the next group ::
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Sep-2020 22:17:49
:: smiles again, raising her eye ridges :: CO: You think so? Well, thank you! How are you getting along?
CO Capt Harper 09-Sep-2020 22:20:04
XO: I have been enjoying lending a hand where I can, mostly on the sensors.
MED Lt Acacia 09-Sep-2020 22:20:18
:: checks her notes and gives the staging room a once-over. She finds Tailor, reporting :: CMO: Everything's accounted for, we're good to go whenever you like.
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Sep-2020 22:21:13
:: nods :: CO: Supplies and improvements to the array seem to be the best we can do for them. I wish we could do more.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 09-Sep-2020 22:22:27
:: keeps an eye on the crowd, Kuari, and the occasional glance to the sky ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Sep-2020 22:22:54
XO: I am hearing that their weaponry will also receive a power boost, and I look forward to seeing what Zorro can do with their fighters.
HRH Ashexana 09-Sep-2020 22:23:50
:: checks in as she can, finding the progress that's been made with the repairs as as a reason to be hopeful, but she moves on to the makeshift office that Venya donated ::
NAV Lt Navarro 09-Sep-2020 22:24:47
:: powers the Peregrine down and moves on ::
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Sep-2020 22:25:33
::nods to Acacia:: MED: Sounds good, I could use a bit of time off after the last few days. ::signs off on the padd and hands it over to Kuari::
MED Lt Acacia 09-Sep-2020 22:26:15
:: sighs, nodding in agreement at that. She follows behind Tailor, casting a smile at Kuari ::
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Sep-2020 22:26:26
CO: Oh, I'm glad to hear that! Is anyone down here for that? That may have been before I got here. :: consults her PADD ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Sep-2020 22:26:58
XO: Yes, I think Commander Ilaihr was on the first transport.
HRH Ashexana 09-Sep-2020 22:27:15
:: then returns to her efforts to actually coordinate the Free Fleets, attempting to get the Fleet Commanders to work together to defend everyone's holdings ::
Dr Jorvan Tav 09-Sep-2020 22:27:18
:: passing by :: MED/CMO: Get some rest for sure. Because when the party starts, it will be intense. :: doesn't stop, his mind clearly on assignment ::
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Sep-2020 22:28:07
CO: Good, I'll make sure to get an updated manifest. :: taps at her PADD ::
MED Lt Acacia 09-Sep-2020 22:28:48
:: laments a bit at that comment, rubbing her face ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Sep-2020 22:29:25
:: tests the next group a few times until she's satisfied, then both groups together ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Sep-2020 22:30:29
:: nods :: XO: I am going to go see what else I can help with. Keep up the good work!
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Sep-2020 22:32:13
:: nods and smiles, seeing Harper off ::
NAV Lt Navarro 09-Sep-2020 22:32:18
:: moves past several fighters he does not know ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Sep-2020 22:33:11
:: starts to find the fighter pilots, but heads back to Lexy instead ::
HRH Ashexana 09-Sep-2020 22:33:55
:: pinches the bridge of her nose, starting to get a headache from trying to herd all of these cats ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Sep-2020 22:34:11
:: makes a few tweaks and then tests the whole array together ::
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Sep-2020 22:34:59
:: checks again on the next team coming in, then looks over the route they'll need to go. She's done this already though, and instead turns her attention to updating her manifest ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Sep-2020 22:36:15
:: hooks a thumb in her jeans pocket as she approaches Lexy :: CSO: How is it coming along?
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Sep-2020 22:36:50
:: looks up as Kate enters :: CO: I think I've almost got it.
NAV Lt Navarro 09-Sep-2020 22:37:51
:: finds another old Peregrine and tunes it up like the last :: Just a few minutes and we'll have you dancing like you once could, señora.
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Sep-2020 22:37:58
Tav: At the moment I just need to recharge, haven't decided about the party.
CO Capt Harper 09-Sep-2020 22:39:33
:: sidles up to her and looks over the panel :: CSO: Are you ready to test?
HRH Ashexana 09-Sep-2020 22:41:05
:: sends the latest round of communiques to the Fleets and leans back in her chair ::
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Sep-2020 22:41:26
:: making one... last... tweak... annnnd... :: CO: Ready.
Dr Jorvan Tav 09-Sep-2020 22:41:29
:: from the next room :: CMO: The party will be invigorating, Doctor!
MED Lt Acacia 09-Sep-2020 22:42:26
:: laughs into a sigh, shaking her head :: CMO: 'Invigorating'.
CMO Lt Tailor 09-Sep-2020 22:42:29
::supresses the urge to roll her eyes at that one::
CO Capt Harper 09-Sep-2020 22:43:39
:: the panel is reflected in her eyes as they eagerly dart around it :: CSO: Give it a shot.
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Sep-2020 22:43:53
:: fires it up ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Sep-2020 22:44:56
ACTION> Refuge's long-range sensors have doubled in range and resolution!
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Sep-2020 22:45:20
:: whoops with excitement ::
NAV Lt Navarro 09-Sep-2020 22:45:35
:: finishes with the Peregrine and pats that one too, then moves on into another discussion on Xovul tactics with the pilots ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Sep-2020 22:45:45
:: grins at Lexy :: CSO: Great work!
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Sep-2020 22:46:31
:: buffs her fingernails on her shirt jokingly ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Sep-2020 22:47:28
CSO: I am sure that Venya will be grateful.
CSO Cdr Wright 09-Sep-2020 22:47:44
:: eeps ::
SNC Capt Gerard 09-Sep-2020 22:48:45
:: has returned to his office and after sending the purchase orders along with the orders to his ships, he's now leaning back sipping a glass of bourbon with a knowing smile on his face ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Sep-2020 22:49:54
:: smirks and does a few scans with the array, seeing what they can do ::
Dr Jorvan Tav 09-Sep-2020 22:51:13
:: zips on by and down the corridor, having found what he came for. ::
XO Cdr Kuari 09-Sep-2020 22:51:43
:: feels her combadge buzz in her pouch and retrieves it, speaking into it from her palm :: * Kuari here. * :: frowns, listening :: * Where the old equipment gets put is up to Refuge authorities. Is there no one there to ask? * :: waits, looking around and listening :: * Well if they need help with disposing of it, we can help with that, but that's another issue. The decision goes through them. Surely they know how to remove their own garbage. * :: listens again :: * All right, do that. Let me know, Kuari out. *
MED Lt Acacia 09-Sep-2020 22:51:57
:: waits for her turn on the shuttle back to Atlantis, looking around at Refuge with a tinge of concern ::
CO Capt Harper 09-Sep-2020 22:53:07
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