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Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
Having delivered Queen Ashexana and the Rixx to Refuge, we now travel down by shuttle to join her and Lady Venya Kashar for a meeting to discuss the next steps in this impromptu collaboration brought on by the Xovul attack on the queen's flaghip. Per standard procedure, everyone has received an inoculation against Orion pheromones.
After 02-Sep-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 21:20:10
:: piloting the shuttle Seraphim down to Refuge, about to make a landing in their bay ::
NAV Lt Navarro 02-Sep-2020 21:21:24
:: has the bridge aboard Atlantis ::
MED Lt Acacia 02-Sep-2020 21:22:08
:: sits aboard the shuttle, quiet, still ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 21:22:14
:: brings the shuttle to a gentle landing ::
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Sep-2020 21:22:37
:: sits aboard the shuttle, anxious ::
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Sep-2020 21:22:53
:: lies down along one side in the shuttle, awaiting the landing, watching the others ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 21:22:59
:: secures the shuttle's systems, but keeps them on standby, as she usually does here ::
:: then stands up front, one hand on the ceiling as she turns to the crew ::
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Sep-2020 21:24:31
::unstraps her seatbelt and stands up, grabbing her standard medkit from the seat next to her::
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Sep-2020 21:24:36
:: stands once the shuttle is securely landed, but stays to one side to allow as much room for the bipedal types, watching Harper expectantly ::
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Sep-2020 21:25:06
:: removing her harness, looking up at Kate ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 21:25:21
Alright, everyone. You all know the drill here. Starfleet is not exactly completely welcome among the traders, despite our friendship with the administration, so watch yourselves.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 02-Sep-2020 21:25:26
:: glances up at Kate, expression focused and clear ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 02-Sep-2020 21:26:03
::Sits quietly in the shuttle, thinking to himself.::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 21:26:15
Commander Ilaihr and Doctor Acacia will conduct another shopping trip for anything the ship could use, while the rest of us will meet with Queen Ashexana and Lady Kashar.
MED Lt Acacia 02-Sep-2020 21:26:28
:: gives a curt nod at that, looking at Ilaihr with a smile ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 02-Sep-2020 21:26:57
:: nods, happy that she had gone back over the conduct for royalty while still on-board previously ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 21:27:03
Ultimately, we are here to help... at least as much as Starfleet will let us.
:: nods and smiles :: Represent us well.
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Sep-2020 21:27:41
:: narrows her eyes ever so slightly, wondering what Kate got from the Admiral ::
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Sep-2020 21:27:57
:: smiles slightly in acknowledgement, looking at the others for their responses ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 02-Sep-2020 21:28:58
::Nods to the Doctor, raising his hood over his head as he stands up.::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 21:30:05
:: nods to whoever is closest to the hatch ::
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Sep-2020 21:30:14
::nods, though is unsure how else she should respond, seems straightforward enough.::
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Sep-2020 21:30:50
:: stands and awaits her turn to disembark, setting her jaw in a determined sort of way ::
MED Lt Acacia 02-Sep-2020 21:31:37
:: shifts, grabbing the hatch door and pushing it open as she stands up and walks out, using her lift to push the door up to its open height ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 21:32:17
:: files out with everyone and looks around, seeing nothing out of the ordinary, at least not for Refuge ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 02-Sep-2020 21:33:13
:: falls into place at Harper’s back, constantly scanning the surrounding activity ::
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Sep-2020 21:33:19
:: walks out in turn of the shuttle, tilting her nose up to sample the air and looks around ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 21:33:26
:: looks to Ilaihr and Acacia :: Keep in touch if you need to, and do not sell the ship out from under us. :: grins ::
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Sep-2020 21:33:45
::looks around as they disembark, doesn't seem much different from last time they were here just a few months ago.. which may or may not have included an imaginary year::
NAV Lt Navarro 02-Sep-2020 21:34:40
:: has an alert set on the long-range sensors, specifically looking for Xovul ::
MED Lt Acacia 02-Sep-2020 21:34:42
:: smirks, giving a cheeky salute to Harper before raising her hood, turning to disappear into the black market crowd ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 02-Sep-2020 21:35:10
:: snickers at Harper’s comment to Acacia and Ilaihr, staying close to the Captain ::
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Sep-2020 21:35:58
:: isn't really listening to the chatter around her ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 21:36:09
:: leads the rest of the party toward the ramp leading to the level overlooking the promenade, where Venya's office suite is found ::
ACTION> Refuge's promenade is bustling with activity, crowded with merchants and traders of almost any conceivable species.
MED Lt Acacia 02-Sep-2020 21:37:20
:: grins, a bit of a skip in her step as she begins work on her first trader, having picked up a number of useful mannerisms from last time to put them at ease ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 21:37:37
ACTION> Burly Orion Men overlook the mass of chaos, keeping the peace.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 02-Sep-2020 21:38:09
:: stays at Harper’s back, glancing around every so often to make sure nothing was out of place ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 02-Sep-2020 21:38:24
::Follows behind the doctor like a spectre, observing the market, and reading the movements of the punters.::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 21:38:35
:: leads the party into Venya's waiting room and smiles at the Burly Orion Man at the desk :: Mr. Oolot? Captain Harper and party to see Lady Kashar.
MED Lt Acacia 02-Sep-2020 21:39:29
:: doesn't pay much mind to Ilaihr, knowing they'll find each other if they need to. She has a list, but also fully enjoys perusing whatever can be found ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 21:40:09
Oolot> :: recognizing Harper, he stands and gestures to the door :: CO: Right this way.
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Sep-2020 21:40:41
:: swallows against a dry mouth ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 21:40:55
:: leads the group into Venya's office ::
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Sep-2020 21:41:02
:: while the marketplace is full of distractions and interest, the quiet of the waiting room is calming by comparison, and waits patiently was Harper and Oolot speak, then follows Harper ::
HRH Ashexana 02-Sep-2020 21:41:24
:: perched, birdlike, on a chair, sipping wine and chatting with Venya ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 02-Sep-2020 21:41:52
:: follows Harper into the office, slipping off to the side to stand in a corner, able to see everything with little effort ::
Venya Kashar 02-Sep-2020 21:42:12
:: stops chatting stands as they enter, setting down her wine glass and spreading her arms in greeting :: Ah, my favorite Starfleet officers, and the heroes of the day! Welcome!
MED Lt Acacia 02-Sep-2020 21:42:20
:: slips into a tent after gaining permission, grinning at a tank full of exotic bugs ::
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Sep-2020 21:43:02
::acknowledges the queen with a polite smile as they enter the room:: HRH: Highness.
HRH Ashexana 02-Sep-2020 21:43:27
I am also quite glad to see you all again! :: dips her head ::
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Sep-2020 21:43:34
:: smiles brightly in greeting as they enter, stopping in a spot of her own to not crowd others near the center ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 21:43:48
:: smiles cordially at Venya and Ashexana :: Lady Kashar, Queen Ashexana. :: lowers her head in greeting ::
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Sep-2020 21:44:12
:: hangs toward the back of the group, nodding politely to the Queen ::
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Sep-2020 21:44:17
:: dips her head after Harper does, following her lead ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 02-Sep-2020 21:44:52
:: nods slightly in greeting, before turning her attention back to the entire room ::
Venya Kashar 02-Sep-2020 21:45:04
Please, come in, sit. Is this all of you? Where's the big one?
:: gestures to the couches and other seating available and smiles ::
MED Lt Acacia 02-Sep-2020 21:45:37
:: emerges from the tent some time later with her bag a few jars heavier, moving on to the next vendor with a hum and a smile ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 21:46:04
:: thinks a moment :: Venya: You must mean Colonel Wolfe, who is unable to attend. :: gestures to Grey :: This is Captain Ryleigh Grey, one of my tactical officers.
:: takes an offered seat ::
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Sep-2020 21:46:45
:: starts to sit on the floor, accustomed to not having large enough seating for her, but then spots a large flat cushion on the floor and happily settles down onto it ::
Venya Kashar 02-Sep-2020 21:48:45
:: approaches Captain Grey and looks her up and down, taking stock :: Certainly not as big, but that doesn't mean anything. I know dangerous things can come in small packages. :: winks at Ryleigh before turning and floating toward the door :: Mr. Oolot, some refreshments for our guests, please.
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 21:49:32
Oolot> :: vanishes and appears a few moments later with a serving platter full of fragrant teas and various kinds of wine ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 02-Sep-2020 21:49:40
:: meets Venya's gaze squarely, blushing briefly at the woman's comment before turning her gaze back to the entire room ::
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Sep-2020 21:49:42
::finds a seat, waiting for the meeting to begin::
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Sep-2020 21:50:14
:: certainly feels welcome and shows it in her easy smile from her position on the floor cushion, but is no fool and keeps watch for anything amiss, her marine training having her always at the ready if need be ::
MED Lt Acacia 02-Sep-2020 21:50:28
:: finds a vendor selling one of the items Doctor Tailor had wanted, and turns her charm all the way on ::
Venya Kashar 02-Sep-2020 21:50:51
Thank you, Mr. Oolot. :: flits around the room, making sure everyone gets something that they like to drink ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 21:50:54
Venya: I believe that you know everyone else, yes? :: takes a cup tea from the plate :
TAC2 Cpt Grey 02-Sep-2020 21:51:30
:: takes a cup of tea carefully, sipping at the liquid slowly ::
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Sep-2020 21:51:48
::chooses a floral scented tea from the tray and sips, relaxing a little::
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Sep-2020 21:51:57
:: takes an offered glass of water from the tray politely and gives it a careful but surreptitious sniff ::
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Sep-2020 21:52:06
Oolot: Thank you.
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 21:52:16
Oolot> :: nods deeply and posts by the door, thick arms folded over his massive chest ::
Venya Kashar 02-Sep-2020 21:53:03
:: stops in front of Dr. Tailor :: I believe we may have met briefly in the past, but you must be Doctor Tailor, I presume?
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Sep-2020 21:53:17
Venya: I am.
MED Lt Acacia 02-Sep-2020 21:53:59
:: pockets her prize, a sway in her step as she looks for the next one. She really enjoys blending in with the crowd, getting somewhat into character ::
Venya Kashar 02-Sep-2020 21:54:34
Her Highness spoke very well of you. Please allow me to express my gratitude for your efforts in saving the life of my Queen. :: inclines her head respectfully ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 21:54:49
:: sips at the tea as she waits for the introductions to conclude ::
HRH Ashexana 02-Sep-2020 21:56:06
:: smiles at Venya's words, though doesn't find them surprising; both of them were shaken up a bit by the close call, one way or another ::
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Sep-2020 21:56:35
Venya: Thank you. ::smiles:: Of course, there was an entire team assigned to her, including Dr. Acacia.
HRH Ashexana 02-Sep-2020 21:56:53
:: though this level of respect from Venya, faux or no, is certainly new ::
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Sep-2020 21:57:35
::sips her tea, enjoying the floral taste::
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Sep-2020 21:57:40
:: finds Venya's gratitude heartwarming, but studies her face and mannerisms, judging if it's genuine, watching the interaction carefully ::
HRH Ashexana 02-Sep-2020 21:58:23
:: takes a fresh glass of wine from the tray and crosses her legs, taking a sip ::
MED Lt Acacia 02-Sep-2020 21:58:27
:: meets with a technology vendor she met with last time, but his selection is still the same. She shakes his hand, wishing him well ::
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Sep-2020 21:59:23
:: sips at her water, politely accepting the refreshments ::
Venya Kashar 02-Sep-2020 21:59:39
:: nods, understanding :: Our thanks to you, Dr. Acacia, and your entire team. :: smiles and drifts back across the room to perch on the edge of her desk, picking up her wine glass :: Now, then... :: looks over at Harper :: ...Is there anything in particular that you wanted to discuss? :: takes a sip of her wine ::
HRH Ashexana 02-Sep-2020 22:00:12
CO: Please give Commander Ilaihr my thanks, as well, Captain. My Chief Engineer actually complimented him, which is a marvel in itself since he never speaks highly of anyone.
Venya Kashar 02-Sep-2020 22:00:46
:: looks over at Ashexana and raises her eyebrows, knowing the man and finding this surprising ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 22:00:57
:: smiles at Ashexana :: HRH: Certainly, your highness.
Venya: I have had several conversations with Admiral Blackthorne over the last day.
HRH Ashexana 02-Sep-2020 22:02:37
:: leans forward, lacing her fingers over her knee ::
Venya Kashar 02-Sep-2020 22:02:50
:: looks back toward Harper as she speaks ::
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Sep-2020 22:02:53
:: grins enough to show a bit of teeth, humored by the talk of engineers, then tunes in with her ears perking slightly at mention of Blackthorne ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 22:04:12
:: turns from Venya to look more generally at both she and the queen :: While we are still bound by treaty with the Xovul and unable to directly offer military assistance, at least until the Federation Council discusses the matter...
Venya Kashar 02-Sep-2020 22:04:45
:: frowns slightly, but nods, having expected this ::
HRH Ashexana 02-Sep-2020 22:04:46
:: smirks at the mention of a treaty with the Xovul ::
MED Lt Acacia 02-Sep-2020 22:05:33
:: picks up a few oddities she thinks her crewmates will like, getting a bit more practice haggling ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 22:05:38
We can certainly offer more indirect assistance before we must depart.
Medical supplies, perhaps strategic strengthening of defenses, that sort of thing.
HRH Ashexana 02-Sep-2020 22:06:38
CO: Captain Harper, if I may get right to the point... :: leans forward over her knee ::
CO: The Federation's treaty with the Xovul isn't worth anything, to them. It very well could be that they provoked you into the initial conflict to generate the treaty in order to keep you out of their conquest of the Free Fleets.
CO: They know you will abide by it, but they will break it once it no longer benefits them.
Venya Kashar 02-Sep-2020 22:08:05
:: is rather surprised that Ashexana just came right out and said it, but covers this by sipping more wine ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 22:09:25
HRH: I am aware of all of that, your highness. However, the Federation does honor its treaties, and though that may be considered a weakness by the Xovul, we do not consider it as such.
HRH: That said, our good relations with the Free Fleets will carry weight with the Federation Council. We also do not tend to sit idly by and let our friends be conquered.
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Sep-2020 22:10:51
:: is finding it much easier to keep her mind focused on the current conversation, but still avoids looking directly at Venya ::
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Sep-2020 22:11:52
:: listens, her smile having disappeared as she listens intently to the serious conversation ::
HRH Ashexana 02-Sep-2020 22:12:29
:: nods :: CO: Hm. I certainly understand your position, Captain, and I would not dream of asking you to do anything that would break the trust placed in you by your superiors.
MED Lt Acacia 02-Sep-2020 22:12:32
:: slips into another shady tent, finding an assortment of antiques, examining them with a small smirk ::
HRH Ashexana 02-Sep-2020 22:14:02
CO: We await the decision of the Federation Council with a measure of hope... and we also hope that it does not come too late.
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Sep-2020 22:14:39
:: looks at Kate ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 22:15:31
:: nods, somewhat relieved that the queen didn't press the issue :: HRH: As do I. Please understand that I have no desire to see harm come to either of you, or Refuge, or any of your other holdings.
:: ensures that she makes eye contact with both Ashexana and Venya while saying that ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 02-Sep-2020 22:16:52
::Potters around looking for things, but doesn't approach any of the vendors; just silently watching.::
Venya Kashar 02-Sep-2020 22:17:18
:: isn't sure Ashexana is going to actually let this go that easily, but smiles at Harper's reassurance ::
HRH Ashexana 02-Sep-2020 22:18:21
CO: Of course, Captain, we never imagined that you did. :: takes a deep breath, almost visibly swallowing her pride :: Some matters must be handled by the diplomats, and as such, as the Queen of the Free Fleets, I hereby formally petition for aid from Starfleet in this matter. Please forward the request to your superiors.
Venya Kashar 02-Sep-2020 22:19:55
:: somehow manages to hide her surprise--and a twinge of fear. If Ashexana is willing to go this far, things are serious indeed ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 22:20:21
:: nods, having expected this, since it came up in her talks with the Admiral :: HRH: I will relay the request through the proper channels, Queen Ashexana.
MED Lt Acacia 02-Sep-2020 22:20:22
:: weaves in and out of tents, her black shoulder bag getting heavier every few minutes. ::
HRH Ashexana 02-Sep-2020 22:22:00
CO: Thank you, Captain Harper. In the meantime, your offer of indirect aid to Refuge falls to the jurisdiction of Lady Kashar. :: looks to Venya, actually deferring authority ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 22:23:25
:: also looks to Venya, certainly able to tell that she is not her usual self ::
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Sep-2020 22:24:20
:: watches the conversation, surprised and interested in what is being said ::
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Sep-2020 22:24:23
::doesn't know Venya well enough to be able to tell that she's 'off'::
Venya Kashar 02-Sep-2020 22:26:20
:: catches this look from Ashexana and lingers on it for a moment, not sure how to take this deferral of authority from her, then turns her strangely serious violet gaze to Harper :: CO: Refuge accepts the offer of indirect aid from our friends in Starfleet.
NAV Lt Navarro 02-Sep-2020 22:26:26
:: checks in on the away team's commbadges, seeing the main group where he expects them and seeing Ilaihr's and Emily's wandering through the market ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 22:27:47
:: nods to Venya :: Very well. I will have my people see what they can do to help yours. I assure you that we will do our best.
Venya Kashar 02-Sep-2020 22:29:17
:: resumes a more normal expression, a slightly predatory smile :: CO: It will be my absolute pleasure getting to work with you and your crew, Katy-Kat.
MED Lt Acacia 02-Sep-2020 22:29:32
:: chats with a vendor about his home and his family, eventually earning herself a discount and a sense of accomplishment ::
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Sep-2020 22:29:49
::quirks an eyebrow at the nickname::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 22:30:19
:: now that is the normal Venya she expects :: Of course, Lady Kashar, it will be ours as well. :: returns a smile ::
HRH Ashexana 02-Sep-2020 22:31:25
:: quirks the corner of her mouth up at that ::
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Sep-2020 22:31:38
:: smiles, encouraged by Venya's request for help, but is also concerned that they would be desperate enough to ::
HRH Ashexana 02-Sep-2020 22:33:10
It is gratifying to see former enemies made into such good friends. :: smiles and stands, setting aside her wine ::
I was foolish to harbor such resentment against the Federation when you all arrived in the Hinterlands.
Ah, but we all made foolish decisions in our younger days, did we not?
Venya Kashar 02-Sep-2020 22:34:42
:: stands as well, as per proper protocol, but very nearly chokes on her sip of wine when Ashexana calls herself foolish. Ashexana! ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 22:35:41
:: also stands, sensing the meeting to be near its end :: HRH: It is a hallmark of youth, your highness.
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Sep-2020 22:36:52
:: stands, dumping the rest of of the glass of water into her mouth, then sets it down on an end table next to the couch ::
HRH Ashexana 02-Sep-2020 22:36:53
:: senses Venya's reaction and simply smiles at her, having realized a great many mistakes she's made since she had a lot of time to contemplate them while in Atlantis's sickbay ::
MED Lt Acacia 02-Sep-2020 22:37:43
:: checks her list, making one last pass at finding some of the things that hadn't been found on their last visit ::
Venya Kashar 02-Sep-2020 22:39:56
:: sets down her wine glass and claps her hands :: Well. All that remains now us for us to get down to business, yes?
:: somehow makes that sound sultry ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 22:41:24
:: nods to Venya :: Of course. I will send down teams once we have evaluated what we can possibly do to assist.
In the meantime, if there is nothing else, we should return to Atlantis.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 02-Sep-2020 22:43:03
:: straightens from her position in the corner, setting the half-full cup of tea down on a close table, moving to stand at Harper's back slowly ::
Venya Kashar 02-Sep-2020 22:43:17
CO: Ah, so soon? What a pity. You're welcome to take full advantage of everything Refuge has to offer.
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 22:44:01
:: smiles politely :: Thank you, Lady Kashar. Perhaps I will return with the teams and do a bit of shopping.
:: notes Grey behind her, thinking that she's done well to fill the giant hole left by the giant Wolfe ::
Venya Kashar 02-Sep-2020 22:47:13
:: looks meaningfully at Wright when mentioning everything Refuge has to offer, but notices the woman still avoiding eye contact with her, so looks back to Harper :: CO: Please do let me know when you return. I'd love to give you the personal treatment.
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Sep-2020 22:47:46
::probably doesn't want to know what Venya's referring to::
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Sep-2020 22:48:29
:: can't help but cock her head a tiny bit by reflex, confused by what Venya could mean, but is otherwise standing behind Harper, ready to depart ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 22:48:37
:: yes, Venya will Venya, shaken up or no :: Your hospitality is always of the highest order, Lady Kashar.
:: is certainly glad for the pheromone blocker when Venya pours it on like this, though ::
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Sep-2020 22:49:06
::sets her empty teacup on a tray, and stands up ready to leave::
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Sep-2020 22:49:26
:: stands up and sidles casually toward the door ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 22:49:31
:: nods to the Queen :: Queen Ashexana, it would seem that I will see you again soon, and rest assured that your formal request will receive the attention it is due.
HRH Ashexana 02-Sep-2020 22:49:47
CO: Thank you, Captain. I appreciate your attention to the matter.
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Sep-2020 22:50:03
::starts sidling behind Wright, casual-like::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 22:50:14
:: moves toward the door, looking around at her people :
:: finds her gaze lingering on Venya for a half a second too long and wills herself to turn toward the door ::
Venya Kashar 02-Sep-2020 22:52:33
:: grins like a cheshire cat :: Thank you all for coming, and I very much look forward to seeing you again soon.
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 22:53:16
:: as she exits, she wonders just how long those inoculations last :: Of course, Lady Kashar. :: nods once more to Ashe :: Queen Ashexana.
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Sep-2020 22:53:39
:: nods politely to both Venya and Ashexana before following Harper out of the office ::
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Sep-2020 22:54:31
::nods pollitely to both Queen and Venya as she leaves the meeting:: HRH/Venya: Thank you for having us. Until next time...
Venya Kashar 02-Sep-2020 22:55:07
:: as she moves behind her desk :: CSO: Nice to see you, too, Lexy.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 02-Sep-2020 22:55:22
:: waits for everyone to exit the office before falling into step at the back of the group, giving a quick nod of farewell to both Queen Ashexana and Venya ::
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Sep-2020 22:55:27
:: looks back at Venya, blushes, and scurries out the door as quickly as possible ::
Venya Kashar 02-Sep-2020 22:56:38
:: looks very satisfied for a moment ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 22:56:41
ACTION> While leading the party back toward the shuttle, Harper contacts Ilaihr and Acacia by comm to get them to meet up.
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Sep-2020 22:57:35
:: trots purposefully with the group, keeping an eye out and listening to the comm, interested in what Ilaihr and Acacia have gotten up to ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 22:57:42
You all did quite well in there. I know diplomatic meetings can be harrowing. :: unlocks the Seraphim as they arrive ::
MED Lt Acacia 02-Sep-2020 22:58:00
:: perks up at the beep, breaking off her chat with a vendor and making her way back towards the shuttle, skip in her step and bag full of interesting knick-knacks ::
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Sep-2020 22:58:14
:: gives Kate a meaningful long-suffering look ::
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Sep-2020 22:58:26
::smiles, also curious what Ilaihr and Acacia managed to find::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 22:58:29
:: looks to Lexy with compassion, knowing her struggle ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 02-Sep-2020 22:58:54
::Taps his commbadge.:: -CO-: On my way captain. ::Trots off back to the rendezvous for the shuttle.::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 02-Sep-2020 22:59:05
:: gives a slight shrug, moving to lean next to the door, waiting for everyone to board ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 22:59:26
:: heads to the pilot's seat and unlocks the controls, running through pre-flight ::
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Sep-2020 22:59:47
::boards the shuttle, finding her seat and strapping in::
CSO Cdr Wright 02-Sep-2020 22:59:58
:: slides into the second seat, knowing Kuari prefers the floor ::
MED Lt Acacia 02-Sep-2020 23:00:03
:: boards the shuttle and plops down, setting her bag between her legs with a huff. She smiles at her crewmates :: Shuttle: How'd it go?
CMO Lt Tailor 02-Sep-2020 23:00:20
::makes sure the tray table and seat are in the upright and locked position before takeoff::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 02-Sep-2020 23:00:21
:: takes her seat, strapping in to relax ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 23:00:28
MED: Quite well! We will be helping Refuge, indirectly.
XO Cdr Kuari 02-Sep-2020 23:00:31
:: finds her spot along the port side of the shuttle and lies down, trying not to take up valuable space where people need to step with her horizontal form ::
Venya Kashar 02-Sep-2020 23:01:19
HRH: ...We're in trouble, aren't we.
MED Lt Acacia 02-Sep-2020 23:01:43
CO: Ah, nice. :: she grins, and begins pulling out interesting things she found to show off, starting with a glowing bug in a jar ::
HRH Ashexana 02-Sep-2020 23:01:58
:: finishes the glass of wine :: Venya: If the Xovul decide on an all-out attack... yes.
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 23:02:09
:: checks to see that everyone is aboard, and once they are, she closes the hatch and lifts off, streaking toward Atlantis's shuttlebay ::
Venya Kashar 02-Sep-2020 23:02:35
:: her expression is unusually serious as she sits behind her desk, brow furrowed in thought ::
CO Capt Harper 02-Sep-2020 23:03:03
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