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Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
After a day of towing the Rixx at warp with her cloaking field extended around us, we approach the Free Port of Refuge. With no sign of pursuit by the Xovul dreadnought, it would seem that we have successfully evaded them. What will be the aftermath of their attack on a friend of the Federation's flagship that nearly resulted in the death of their queen?
After 26-Aug-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 21:15:32
:: in the ready room, wrapping up a conversation with Admiral Blackthorne ::
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 21:16:11
:: in sickbay, getting quite restless, but trying to pass the time reading reports sent over from the Rixx ::
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Aug-2020 21:16:20
:: covering the bridge from her off-center seat, as is her usual when Harper's in the ready room ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 26-Aug-2020 21:16:33
:: is keeping an eye on the scanners in case they catch something unusual ::
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Aug-2020 21:16:40
:: at the SCI/OPS station on the bridge, keeping an eye on the tractor beam ::
NAV Lt Navarro 26-Aug-2020 21:16:41
:: at the helm, monitoring their approach to the Refuge system, finding it odd to be arriving only at warp instead of slipstream ::
MED Lt Acacia 26-Aug-2020 21:17:15
:: sits at her station on the bridge, finalizing the supply use and medical personnel lists with an ear to the others ::
SCI Lt Jude 26-Aug-2020 21:17:26
:: at her station ::
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 21:18:10
:: closes the comm with the admiral and slumps a bit behind her desk ::
:: she pinches the bridge of her nose, then massages her temples, feeling her headache coming back ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 26-Aug-2020 21:19:45
::Potters around the Rixx, personally checking in on repair teams.::
Dr Jorvan Tav 26-Aug-2020 21:20:03
:: is making rounds in Sickbay ::
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 21:20:13
RCEO> :: cussing at a piece of equipment as he percussively adjusts it ::
:: puts down the report and wonders if it's time for her to get out of here yet ::
:: presses the call button ::
Dr Jorvan Tav 26-Aug-2020 21:22:43
:: walks over to Ashexana :: HRH: Your Highness. How can I help? :: is very respectful, but without coming across as subservient.
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 21:23:33
Tav: Doctor Tav, was it? :: offers a pleasant smile :: I do hope you are well. I certainly feel much better than I did a couple of days ago, and was wondering when I might be free?
MED Lt Acacia 26-Aug-2020 21:24:57
:: taps away at her console, working on paperwork to keep her mind busy. She rubs her temple, grumbling quietly to herself ::
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 21:25:02
ACTION> Atlantis drops out of warp.
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Aug-2020 21:25:25
:: looks up at the main viewer when she feels the ship drop out of warp ::
NAV Lt Navarro 26-Aug-2020 21:25:48
:: as Atlantis drops from warp, he checks their coordinates :: XO: Right on target, Commander, for Refuge approach... though they might want us to be decloaked.
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Aug-2020 21:25:57
:: looks up expectantly at the main viewer and their next stop ::
SCI Lt Jude 26-Aug-2020 21:26:00
:: turns to look at viewer ::
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 21:26:10
:: feels the ship drop out of warp and looks out the window to see normal stars ::
Dr Jorvan Tav 26-Aug-2020 21:26:26
:: pulls up her medical file on his PADD, nodding :: HRH: Yes, ma'am. I can certainly understand. I enjoy being here as a doctor, but hate being here as a patient as much as anyone... :: looking through her file :: It says in your file that as soon as we arrive... so let me just give you a quick checkup and make sure you're safe to depart. :: grabs a scanner ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 26-Aug-2020 21:26:32
Ethan> :: is checking in with the patients who weren't in the critical care zone ::
MED Lt Acacia 26-Aug-2020 21:27:02
:: glances briefly up at the viewscreen, but keeps at her paperwork ::
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 21:27:02
Tav: Of course, doctor.
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Aug-2020 21:27:26
NAV: Right you are, Lieutenant. TAC2: Please have The Rixx drop our cloak and give them a good look at us.
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 21:27:57
:: grabs a couple of headache pills from the replicator, pops them, then heads out on to the bridge ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 26-Aug-2020 21:28:32
:: checks the scanners, smiling faintly at seeing nothing, nodding to the Commander's request, and sending the request to decloak ::
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 21:29:29
:: assuming her usual pleasant command demeanor as she enters the bridge :: XO: So we have arrived at Refuge?
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Aug-2020 21:30:27
CO: Yes, dropped warp and cloak.
Dr Jorvan Tav 26-Aug-2020 21:30:54
:: scans Ashexana thoroughly, adjusting his Tricorder to see everything he needs :: HRH: And with that, Ma'am, you are the picture of health that all royalty should be. I see no reason that you cannot leave.
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 21:31:18
:: stands and attempts to straighten her hospital gown :: Tav: Wonderful! Thank you, doctor.
Dr Jorvan Tav 26-Aug-2020 21:32:05
HRH: You are very welcome. Here. :: opens her cabinet for her, where her clothing waits. ::
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 21:32:26
CSO: Contact Refuge control and have them inform Lady Kashar of the situation.
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 21:33:03
:: finds that her clothing is as good as new and not bloodied and burnt :: Tav: Oh! You replicated replacements for me, how thoughtful!
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Aug-2020 21:33:21
CO: Aye, Captain. :: sends a succinct but informative communique to Refuge Control ::
Dr Jorvan Tav 26-Aug-2020 21:33:45
:: smiles :: HRH: I wouldn't have it any other way!
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 21:34:13
Someone at Refuge Control> :: gets the comm and says, "Holy Shit," before urgently paging Venya ::
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 21:34:34
:: gathers her clothing and disappears into the bathroom ::
:: emerges from the changing room several minutes later, as composed and austere as usual ::
MED Lt Acacia 26-Aug-2020 21:36:41
:: keeps somewhat busy typing, but keeps a more watchful eye on the viewscreen now ::
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Aug-2020 21:37:14
CO: Refuge has granted clearance; forwarding approach vector to the NAV station. We are asked to stand by for Lady Venya Kashar.
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 21:38:02
:: nods :: This ought to be interesting. Take us in, Zorro.
NAV Lt Navarro 26-Aug-2020 21:38:23
CO: Aye, capitana. :: flies the two ships on the indicated vector ::
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 21:39:18
Tav: Now, since we have arrived, I presume I should go to the bridge? Would you care to show me the way?
MED Lt Acacia 26-Aug-2020 21:39:33
:: realizes she should say aloud, :: CO: The Queen has been cleared by medical.
Dr Jorvan Tav 26-Aug-2020 21:40:03
HRH: I would be happy to do so. :: leads the way ::
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Aug-2020 21:41:00
CO: We are being hailed. It's... Lady Kashar.
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 21:41:04
Tav: Splendid, thank you! :: follows along ::
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 21:41:15
MED: Thank you, doctor. Please have her come to the bridge.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 26-Aug-2020 21:41:16
::Hums to himself, as he enters the Rixx's engineering; looking around at how much damage is still clearly present.::
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 21:41:24
:: stands :: CSO: On screen.
MED Lt Acacia 26-Aug-2020 21:41:31
CO: On her way.
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Aug-2020 21:41:40
:: does the tappy tap and looks up at the screen ::
Dr Jorvan Tav 26-Aug-2020 21:42:00
:: approaches the turbolift and the doors open. He invites Ashexana before boarding himself. :: TL: Bridge.
MED Lt Acacia 26-Aug-2020 21:42:04
:: looks up as well, feeling a bit tense to be distracted now ::
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 21:42:12
RCEO> :: grunts at Ilaihr ::
SCI Lt Jude 26-Aug-2020 21:42:34
:: looks at screen ::
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Aug-2020 21:42:55
:: smiles to herself, looking forward to seeing Ashexana's arrival, recovered, in person, and faces the main viewer ::
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 21:43:26
:: rides in pleasant silence, though she does take notice of the doctor's fetching spots ::
Venya Kashar 26-Aug-2020 21:44:29
:: appears on the main viewer :: CO: Well, Katy-Kat. I didn't expect to see you again so soon, but given the circumstances, well... please accept our gratitude for your assistance in this... unfortunate matter.
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 21:45:36
:: smiles and nods :: Venya: Of course, Lady Kashar. Atlantis was happy to assist our friends in the Free Fleets.
Dr Jorvan Tav 26-Aug-2020 21:46:27
:: smiles slightly and raises an eyebrow, just detectable to a human. ::
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 21:46:57
:: quirks a corner of her lips as she notices him noticing, but then the doors open ::
Venya Kashar 26-Aug-2020 21:47:00
CO: I understand that our losses were great, and that Queen Ashexana was among the injured, but that she is now on the mend?
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 21:47:27
Venya: She has made a full recovery thanks to our wonderful medical staff. :: hears the doors open :: And that should be her now.
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Aug-2020 21:47:40
:: isn't sure how to take Harper's nickname, but looks to Kate for her response, then at the opening turbolift ::
Dr Jorvan Tav 26-Aug-2020 21:48:07
:: steps forward as the doors open onto the Bridge as though her escort protecting her. From what? His own crewmates? Nah. From bad form. :: ALL: Ladies and Gentlemen, Her Royal Highness, Ashexana. :: He steps aside ::
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Aug-2020 21:48:22
:: busily working at her console and pointedly trying not to look at Venya ::
SCI Lt Jude 26-Aug-2020 21:49:00
:: notices Wright obviously trying not to look at the Orion, and tries not to giggle ::
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 21:49:37
:: emerges from the turbolift, looking none the worse for wear, dressed in a perfectly-pressed white linen blouse and sleek black slacks with tall boots, her usual attire for commanding the Rixx :: Bridge: Thank you all for your assistance. I owe you my life.
MED Lt Acacia 26-Aug-2020 21:49:47
:: glances at the queen, then back to the viewscreen, feeling a bit of relief at the reunion ::
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Aug-2020 21:50:08
:: smiles politely, but adds a bit of warmth to it for Ashexana, truly glad they could be of such great assistance for the Free Fleets. After all, it's not just for Axhexana, but for her people ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 26-Aug-2020 21:50:13
::Just shakes his head at the Tellarite, whilst he does his inspection.:: RCEO: Its lucky we managed to keep this ship together.
Venya Kashar 26-Aug-2020 21:50:23
:: watches Ashexana emerge onto the bridge :: HRH: My Queen, I am happy to see you alive and well following such terrible attack.
MED Lt Acacia 26-Aug-2020 21:50:40
:: gives a single nod and a small smile, never needing thanks but warmed by it ::
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 21:51:12
RCEO> :: looks up at Ilaihr and begrudgingly speaks :: I, uh, couldn't-a done it without your help, I guess. You're not so bad, for a damned Andorian.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 26-Aug-2020 21:51:34
:: turns slightly, giving a nod to the Queen in greeting before turning back to her console ::
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 21:51:45
:: smiles brightly at the viewscreen :: Venya, darling! Not to worry, I'm as good as new!
:: makes her way into the bridge to stand next to Harper, in front of the empty counselor's chair ::
Venya Kashar 26-Aug-2020 21:53:17
:: actually finds herself rather relieved to see Ashexana intact, feeling a bit shaken by what has transpired ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 26-Aug-2020 21:53:46
::Smirks, never one to dissuade the fallacy of his Andorian-ness.:: RCEO: And you are... a Tellarite. ::Says nothing more, simply continuing to smirk.::
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 21:53:48
:: nods cordially to Ashexana ::
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 21:54:02
Venya: I find myself in need of Refuge's excellent repair facilities... can you accommodate the Rixx for a while?
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 21:57:05
:: simply continues to look pleasant while the queen and Venya speak ::
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 21:57:20
RCEO> :: cackles and kicks something, causing it to spring to life ::
Venya Kashar 26-Aug-2020 21:57:21
HRH: Of course. We would be honored to host the Rixx. I'll make the arrangements immediately. I must ask, however, whether you feel that the Xovul will come looking for more trouble...?
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 21:58:27
Venya: It is possible, I must admit. Though, I don't think they can track us through the cloak, so Refuge should be safe from imminent danger. Whether they mean to pursue a war against the Free Fleets, I cannot yet say.
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Aug-2020 21:59:11
:: diplomatically looks between Ashexana and Kashar as they converse ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 26-Aug-2020 21:59:23
::Chuckles as he taps his commbadge.:: -Atlantis-: Ilaihr to Atlantis. My teams are packing up now, and will be ready at their respective beam out sites within fifteen minutes. Requesting one to beam up now, though.::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 26-Aug-2020 21:59:36
:: doesn't look up from her console, busying herself with... something ::
Venya Kashar 26-Aug-2020 22:01:48
HRH: I am also having immediate accommodations prepared for Your Highness and the remaining crew of the Rixx - I am sending over transporter coordinates now.
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 22:01:55
ACTION> The Atlantis transporter chief beams Ilaihr aboard.
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Aug-2020 22:02:39
:: receives the transporter coordinates and nods affirmation to Kate and Kuari ::
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 22:03:13
Venya: Oh, I must be special, being allowed an exemption from your transporter block. :: smiles :: Thank you, Venya, darling. I look forward to your hospitality.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 26-Aug-2020 22:03:40
::Steps off the transporter pad, nodding to the transporter technician; and quickly making his way out of the room.::
MED Lt Acacia 26-Aug-2020 22:04:13
:: sits and watches, relaxing a bit but still dwelling on the Xovul with a frown ::
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Aug-2020 22:05:14
:: nods back to Wright in acknowledgement ::
Venya Kashar 26-Aug-2020 22:05:20
HRH: Desperate times, as they say. CO: I would, however, like you to place the Rixx directly on the repair facility's landing pad with your tractor beam... if you think your pilot is good enough, that is.
NAV Lt Navarro 26-Aug-2020 22:05:50
:: looks up at the Orion on the viewer, but gives her a pass since she doesn't know him ::
MED Lt Acacia 26-Aug-2020 22:05:51
:: snorts, then covers her mouth, turning red ::
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 22:06:33
:: actually lets out a bit of a chuckle as she smiles at Venya :: Venya: I am certain that our pilot can manage that, yes.
Venya Kashar 26-Aug-2020 22:07:27
:: gives Kate a sly grin over the viewer, a bit of her normal self showing through ::
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Aug-2020 22:07:32
:: raises her brow ridges at Kashar's challenging words and smiles towards Navarro ::
NAV Lt Navarro 26-Aug-2020 22:07:40
:: cracks his knuckles ::
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 22:07:58
Venya: Will there be anything else, Lady Kashar?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 26-Aug-2020 22:08:28
::Is soon on the bridge, quietly sitting down at his console, then humming to himself.::
SCI Lt Jude 26-Aug-2020 22:08:54
~CEO: Glad you're back over here, Blue Grandpa.~
Venya Kashar 26-Aug-2020 22:08:58
CO: Oh, yes. You and your crew are, of course, welcome to enjoy Refuge's hospitality as well, once we get the Queen and her crew settled. We would just love to give you our thanks in person.
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Aug-2020 22:09:06
:: takes note of Ilaihr's arrival and taps a checkbox on her console ::
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 22:09:42
Venya: Thank you! We will take advantage of that once everything is settled, I am sure.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 26-Aug-2020 22:10:18
::Nods.:: SCI: Lieutenant
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 22:12:09
CO: Oh, you certainly must! Refuge's hospitality is second-to-none!
NAV Lt Navarro 26-Aug-2020 22:12:37
:: running a few simulations on getting the Sovereign-class so close to the dwarf planet's surface ::
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Aug-2020 22:12:48
:: smiles warmly, always happy to attend a party ::
Venya Kashar 26-Aug-2020 22:13:10
:: flashes a fetching smile and purrs :: CO: Are we agreed, then? Splendid. I look forward to it. Call if there's anything you need. :: winks and closes the channel ::
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 22:14:02
CO: Well, Captain Harper, it would seem like my stay aboard your fine ship is at its end. Please, once more, allow me to extend my gratitude to you and your entire crew for what you have done.
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 22:14:36
:: dips her head to the queen :: HRH: Of course, your highness. It is what friends do for one another, yes? Certainly better than facing each other in combat, as we did years ago.
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Aug-2020 22:14:50
:: releases a breath she didn't know she was holding and turns to look at the Queen as she speaks ::
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 22:16:03
CO: It is, indeed. In truth, back then, I never knew what friends I had here.
Dr Jorvan Tav 26-Aug-2020 22:16:58
:: has been standing at ease still next to the Turbolift this whole time, realizing that he's been appreciating Her Highness's... majesty. He thinks about something else. ::
MED Lt Acacia 26-Aug-2020 22:17:03
:: shifts a bit, looking back to her console ::
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 22:17:33
CO: See you soon on Refuge, I hope?
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 22:17:46
HRH: Of course, your highness.
CMO Lt Tailor 26-Aug-2020 22:17:57
::finishing up a final round of patients, and then takes some time out for a well deserved break in her office with a giant mug of tea::
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 22:18:01
:: tosses her tumbling raven locks as she turns for the turbolift, and finds the doctor still waiting :: Tav: Doctor Tav, would you escort me once more, this time to your transporter room?
Dr Jorvan Tav 26-Aug-2020 22:19:45
:: smiles, slightly sheepishly, remembering her being Betazoid... :: HRH: Of course, Your Highness. :: gestures to the Turbolift and the doors open as though they knew what he wanted ::
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 22:20:23
:: nods once more in farewell to Harper :: CO: Captain Harper. :: then enters the turbolift ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 26-Aug-2020 22:20:46
::Didn't even acknowledge the queen's presence, as he types away at his console.::
Dr Jorvan Tav 26-Aug-2020 22:20:49
:: follows :: TL: Transporter Room 1.
NAV Lt Navarro 26-Aug-2020 22:20:59
:: is satisfied with the results from the simulation, the dwarf planet's low gravity not being much of a risk factor ::
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Aug-2020 22:21:03
:: looks to Harper ::
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 22:21:12
:: lets out a breath as the TL doors close ::
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Aug-2020 22:21:33
:: looks up at Kate and Kuari as the Queen departs ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 26-Aug-2020 22:21:58
:: shrugs, turning to check the weapons and shielding systems, knowing it's none of her business ::
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 22:21:59
:: looks around the bridge :: Well done, everyone. Visits from heads of state can be a bit awkward.
MED Lt Acacia 26-Aug-2020 22:22:17
:: blinks twice, shifts in her seat, and looks back at her console with a single nod ::
SCI Lt Jude 26-Aug-2020 22:22:33
Self: The trick is to not even say anything.
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 22:22:42
Now, Mr. Navarro, challenges to your ability aside, are you comfortable depositing the Rixx on the surface?
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Aug-2020 22:23:23
:: turns her attention to their pilot ::
Dr Jorvan Tav 26-Aug-2020 22:23:36
:: stands sideways in the TL so as not to be facing away from the Queen, but also not facing her directly. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Aug-2020 22:23:37
:: also looks over at Navarro ::
NAV Lt Navarro 26-Aug-2020 22:23:50
CO: Sí, capitana. I have been running simulations while waiting, and I don't see a problem with the maneuvers involved.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 26-Aug-2020 22:24:40
Aloud: The problem will be the touch down.
MED Lt Acacia 26-Aug-2020 22:25:04
:: smirks, glancing sideways at Navarro but continuing her work ::
NAV Lt Navarro 26-Aug-2020 22:25:11
CEO: Indeed, but we can vary the tractor strength relative to our approach velocity.
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 22:25:25
:: takes her seat, wanting to see the show :: NAV: Then, by all means.
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 22:26:12
:: rides the turbolift once more in pleasant silence, but certainly picks up some thoughts from her companion ::
NAV Lt Navarro 26-Aug-2020 22:26:44
:: cracks his knuckles again, then starts to ease Atlantis and Rixx towards the indicated parking spot on the surface ::
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 22:27:33
CSO: Signal the Rixx to prepare for landing.
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Aug-2020 22:28:10
:: lies on her seat in a relaxed pose and taps idly at her console, having full confidence in Navarro's abilities ::
Dr Jorvan Tav 26-Aug-2020 22:28:30
:: turns as the Turbolift doors open, steps out and welcomes Ashexana into the corridor. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Aug-2020 22:28:52
:: signals the Rixx as requested ::
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 22:29:27
Hadley> Landing?! :: scrambles, sending messages all through the ship ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 26-Aug-2020 22:29:50
::Monitors the modulation of the the tractor beam and structural integrity beams.::
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 22:30:03
ACTION> The surface looms larger and larger on the main viewer.
NAV Lt Navarro 26-Aug-2020 22:30:38
:: gently guides the two ships lower, slowing down relative to the surface until the landing pad of the repair facility can be see below ::
Dr Jorvan Tav 26-Aug-2020 22:30:42
:: leads the way to the Transporter Room, enters, and turns back. :: HRH: Here you are, Your Highness. This has been a pleasure.
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 22:31:25
:: returns a charming smile as she steps up onto the pad :: Tav: Indeed it has, Doctor Tav! Please, give Doctors Tailor and Acacia my thanks once more.
MED Lt Acacia 26-Aug-2020 22:32:40
:: looks up, watching for the landing with interest ::
NAV Lt Navarro 26-Aug-2020 22:32:52
CSO: Be ready to vary the tractor output, Commander...
Dr Jorvan Tav 26-Aug-2020 22:33:14
HRH: I shall indeed, Ma'am.
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 22:33:23
ACTION> The surface detail on the airless dwarf planet can be seen coming into sharp detail as we approach.
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Aug-2020 22:33:34
NAV: Ready on your orders.
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 22:33:41
:: nods to the chief and shimmers away ::
:: appears in Venya's antechambers, but isn't terribly surprised by this, and nods to the Burly Orion Man :: Mr. Oolot, how lovely to see you!
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Aug-2020 22:34:41
:: watches the landing, proud of her crew's skill ::
NAV Lt Navarro 26-Aug-2020 22:35:04
CSO: Slowly reduce power. We will make the actual touchdown using tractor beam power.
Dr Jorvan Tav 26-Aug-2020 22:35:14
:: breathes a sigh of relief after Ashexana is gone. And perhaps... Nah. He shakes his head, turns, and leaves the Transporter Room, heading back to Sickbay. ::
NAV Lt Navarro 26-Aug-2020 22:35:37
:: slows the two ships even further and almost starts to hover the big Sovereign above the surface ::
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Aug-2020 22:35:38
:: slowly... slowly reduces power to the tractor beam ::
NAV Lt Navarro 26-Aug-2020 22:36:29
:: adjusts the gravitational compensation, and lets them fall at a snail's pace toward the surface ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 26-Aug-2020 22:36:38
:: watches the landing, peering up from her console ::
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Aug-2020 22:37:04
:: continues reducing power... ::
CMO Lt Tailor 26-Aug-2020 22:37:15
::sets her tea on the coffee table next to the sofa, and then notices concentric vibrations in the tea mug as the ships near the surface::
NAV Lt Navarro 26-Aug-2020 22:37:36
:: once the distance can be measured in the low tens of meters he arrests their fall and lets the tractor do the work ::
Touchdown in five, four, three...
CSO: She's down, cut the beam.
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Aug-2020 22:38:17
:: manually drawing down the power.... and cuts the beam ::
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 22:38:42
ACTION> Atlantis, hovering meters above, gently places the Rixx on the landing pad with her tractor beam.
MED Lt Acacia 26-Aug-2020 22:38:55
:: grins ::
NAV Lt Navarro 26-Aug-2020 22:39:08
:: immediately climbs Atlantis to a safe distance ::
CO: Challenge defeated, capitana.
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Aug-2020 22:39:41
:: grins toothily ::
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 22:40:01
NAV/CSO: Bravo! Well done, both of you!
CSO Cdr Wright 26-Aug-2020 22:40:28
CO: Oh, I think the flying was the hard part. :: grins ::
NAV Lt Navarro 26-Aug-2020 22:41:25
:: shrugs and grins :: CSO: It just took a delicate touch.
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 22:42:32
CO: I am sure of that. Return us to their assigned orbit.
NAV Lt Navarro 26-Aug-2020 22:43:11
CO: Aye aye. :: enters the ship into a climb to parking orbit ::
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 22:44:18
XO: We should give them a few hours before accepting their offer to head down, I think.
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Aug-2020 22:44:45
:: considers this and nods decidedly in agreement :: CO: Agreed.
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 22:44:46
:: is led into Venya's office by the hulking Mr. Oolot ::
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 22:45:26
XO: Standard preparations for Refuge apply; we will go down by shuttle and the team will need inoculations against Orion pheromones.
MED Lt Acacia 26-Aug-2020 22:45:46
:: nods, taking note ::
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 22:46:26
Hadley> :: having survived his heart attack, he finds the Rixx safely on the ground, so he begins getting his crew ready to disembark ::
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Aug-2020 22:46:29
:: nods readily and looks to Acacia, making sure she makes the preparations ::
Venya Kashar 26-Aug-2020 22:47:05
:: stands when Ashexana is shown in ::
MED Lt Acacia 26-Aug-2020 22:47:10
:: realizes that, again, she didn't say the thing out loud when she feels herself being watched. She straightens in her seat, :: XO: On it!
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 22:47:52
Lady Venya Kashar! It's so good to see you in person once again.
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 22:48:53
XO: We should once again take advantage of the opportunity to acquire uncommon things here.
Venya Kashar 26-Aug-2020 22:49:27
Queen Ashexana! Despite our differences, I am happy to see you in one piece safe on Refuge.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 26-Aug-2020 22:49:58
::Chuckles.:: CO: We could always do with a second hand cloaking device. ::Smirks.::
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Aug-2020 22:50:03
:: focuses on her console, preparing the crew to be received on Refuge :: CO: Uncommon things?
MED Lt Acacia 26-Aug-2020 22:50:12
:: nods eagerly, already working on her wish list ::
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 22:50:24
:: takes a glass of wine from a tray brought by another Orion man :: I have to say... that was close, Venya.
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 22:50:48
:: nods and grins at Kuari, then smirks at Ilaihr:: CEO: That was nice.
CEO: But, we are still bound by treaty, and they are not.
There are, of course, other interesting things in that exotic market below.
Venya Kashar 26-Aug-2020 22:51:55
:: ushers the Queen over to sit on the overstuffed couch in her office and sits beside her with her own glass of wine :: Did they just... come out of nowhere?
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 22:53:37
:: takes the seat and nods :: We were not even cloaked. I was surveying a potential system to expand our operations to, and they came from behind the star. Clever move, I admit, but I hate getting caught with my pants down.
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 22:54:28
:: thoughts of treaty binding are weighing heavily upon her at the moment ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 26-Aug-2020 22:54:47
CO: I have memorised the workings of the unit aboard the Rixx, if the treaty ever finds itself being dissolved.
SCI Lt Jude 26-Aug-2020 22:55:14
:: gives a impressive face to Ilaihr ::
Venya Kashar 26-Aug-2020 22:55:25
How fortunate that Atlantis was nearby... The Xovul apparently pack quite a punch.
Dr Jorvan Tav 26-Aug-2020 22:55:42
:: wanders around Sickbay, helping patients, helping the orderlies and nurses to tidy up, doing Sickbay things. ::
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 22:55:51
:: chuckles, her heavy thoughts pushed away by Ilaihr's Ilaihr-ness :: CEO: Now why am I not surprised? I will keep that in mind, should it become necessary.
XO Cdr Kuari 26-Aug-2020 22:55:58
:: leaves Harper to her heavy thoughts, focusing on preparing the various departments for arrival to Refuge ::
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 22:56:04
They do, indeed. We cannot fight them alone.
MED Lt Acacia 26-Aug-2020 22:56:50
:: ponders on that, looking at her foot and wiggling her toes ::
Venya Kashar 26-Aug-2020 22:57:14
:: raises her eyebrows in a moment of surprise :: What do you propose?
TAC2 Cpt Grey 26-Aug-2020 22:57:54
Ethan> :: is straightening the biobeds, humming quietly to himself as he worked ::
HRH Ashexana 26-Aug-2020 22:58:30
:: sips at her wine, considering :: At the very least, the Kvolir. They hold no love for the Xovul. But the Federation...?
They are bound by a peace treaty that the Xovul consider worthless. If only we could show them how worthless.
CO Capt Harper 26-Aug-2020 23:00:27
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