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Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
The day after rescuing Queen Ashexana and her flagship Rixx from the Xovul, we continue to hide under the storms of an azure gas giant while repairs continue on the Rixx. The Queen's suggestion, upon returning to consciousness in our sickbay, was to repair the Rixx's cloak and extend it around Atlantis in order to escape together from the Xovul dreadnought searching for us. While the dreadnought lost our warp trail at the fake slipstream entry that Captain Harper created, it continues to scour this star system, and is getting closer…
After 19-Aug-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 21:15:05
:: in her ready room, reading reports from across the ship, and annotating her report to Command that will be send when they can get a comm out ::
HRH Ashexana 19-Aug-2020 21:16:07
:: having been told that they can't risk a transport for fear of detection, and not to mention that she still needs to recuperate in sickbay, she's still in sickbay recuperating ::
NAV Lt Navarro 19-Aug-2020 21:16:19
:: at the helm, helming ::
SCI Lt Jude 19-Aug-2020 21:16:24
:: keeps track of the location of the dreadnought ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Aug-2020 21:16:33
:: arrives on the bridge via turbolift, visibly tired but keeping upright. She makes her way for the ready room with her eyes down, and buzzes the door ::
XO Cdr Kuari 19-Aug-2020 21:16:37
:: on the bridge, a certain level of tension to be felt that comes along with being the hunted, monitoring the ship's condition as they hide ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 21:16:48
:: looks up from the reports :: Come in!
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Aug-2020 21:17:10
:: Notes Emily's arrival ::
NAV Lt Navarro 19-Aug-2020 21:17:18
:: coordinating the ship's movements with the weather reports sent over from Ops ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 19-Aug-2020 21:17:44
:: is keeping track of the Dreadnought via the scanners, seemingly ignoring the rest of the bridge activity. All of her attention was fixed on the pursuiter ::
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Aug-2020 21:17:53
::is still making the endless rounds, tending to the flow of casualties coming through the door; assumes the Queen will summon her or one of her staff if she needs something::
HRH Ashexana 19-Aug-2020 21:18:00
:: though she's spent most of the past day asleep, she is starting to get a bit restless ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Aug-2020 21:18:20
:: takes a deep breath before opening the door, making her way in slowly. She meets the Captain's eyes, offering a sympathetic sadness on her face and a PADD, containing medical's report after the dust had mostly settled ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 21:18:50
:: her face falls a bit when she sees the doctor's expression, and she rises and takes the PADD ::
:: looks over it and finds the bad news she expected, then looks back at Emily :: MED: Thanks, doctor. You look tired... perhaps you should get some rest?
HRH Ashexana 19-Aug-2020 21:20:41
:: starts composing a few specific notes and instructions on a PADD ::
SCI Lt Jude 19-Aug-2020 21:20:52
:: sends a text over to Grey, asking if she wants to play a game of ‘guess where the dreadnought will be next’ ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Aug-2020 21:20:57
:: monitoring the weather... And the Rixx ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Aug-2020 21:22:04
:: offers a faint smile and pointedly looks the Captain up and down, taking a moment to force herself to relax :: CO: I could say the same to you.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 19-Aug-2020 21:22:35
:: looks up with a glare aimed Jude's way for the text sent during work hours, before sending back a response 'no. we're on shift. no games when people's lives are at risk.' ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 21:22:46
:: smiles halfheartedly :: MED: It can be difficult to sleep when hiding from an enemy, especially in such a place.
SCI Lt Jude 19-Aug-2020 21:23:20
:: she shrugs and sends back another text, saying that she was just trying to lighten the mood a touch ::
HRH Ashexana 19-Aug-2020 21:23:22
:: finishes up and pages Dr. Tailor ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 19-Aug-2020 21:24:59
:: swipes the message off her screen, keeping her entire focus on the scanners tracking the dreadnought... she would've loved to, but she knew that it was her warning that would give them the time needed to react ::
NAV Lt Navarro 19-Aug-2020 21:27:12
:: spies a nice storm on the scanners and sends it over to Ops :: CSO: Commander... is that storm safe? Because I like the looks of it.
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Aug-2020 21:28:23
::in the middle of sealing up a gash in someone's leg:: +HRH+ I'll be with you in a minute, Ashe.
HRH Ashexana 19-Aug-2020 21:28:57
+CMO+ Thank you, doctor. :: makes a few more additions to the notes while she waits ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Aug-2020 21:29:00
:: shrugs lightly, rubbing her arm. She stumbles over a thought, coming up with, :: CO: Well, at least try something more restful than t-- :: but she catches herself at the last moment, blank, slightly wide eyes meeting Harper's :: CO: T.. try.. meditation. Even just laying still doing nothing is like, one-third sleep.
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Aug-2020 21:29:42
:: frowns at her screen, then over at Navarro :: NAV: I don't know... there's a lot of turbulence and lightning. It might be too bumpy of a ride.
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 21:29:55
:: narrows her eyes, finding this behavior to be odd coming from Acacia :: CMO: Are... you alright, Emily?
NAV Lt Navarro 19-Aug-2020 21:30:15
CSO: How about another five thousand meters down from it?
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Aug-2020 21:30:48
::seals the dermal layers together after knitting together subdermal tissue, and then hands the patient off to a nurse and heads to the recovery room, swishing through the door:: HRH: What can I do for you?
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 21:30:56
ACTION> The dreadnought exits warp above the other gas giant in the system.
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Aug-2020 21:31:01
:: looks at the indicated location :: NAV: Hmmm. That could work.
HRH Ashexana 19-Aug-2020 21:31:22
:: smiles as Tailor enters :: CMO: Thank you for coming, doctor. I have a favor to ask, if I may?
TAC2 Cpt Grey 19-Aug-2020 21:31:35
XO: Dreadnought's above the secondary gas giant. :: sees the scanners trigger slightly before calming again ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Aug-2020 21:31:37
:: stares like a deer in headlights for a moment too long, but she manages a slow nod and a pretty convincing :: CO: Hell of a first day back.
NAV Lt Navarro 19-Aug-2020 21:31:39
XO: We've found a promising storm to hide under, Commander.
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Aug-2020 21:31:45
HRH: Of course. ::smiles::
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 21:32:48
:: is not entirely convinced, but she lets it go :: CMO: That it was, but we have done good work here, despite the losses.
XO Cdr Kuari 19-Aug-2020 21:33:02
:: perks her ears and looks to Navarro, smiling at the good news :: NAV: Good! Do we need to move yet? :: turns her eyes to Wright ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Aug-2020 21:33:39
XO: We don't necessarily NEED to right now, but it might be a good time while their attention is focused elsewhere.
MED Lt Acacia 19-Aug-2020 21:33:58
:: gives a weirdly formal half-bow, hoping not to seem as eager to get out of the ready room as she is. She swallows and spins on her heel, making her way out the door and back to her station on the bridge. ::
XO Cdr Kuari 19-Aug-2020 21:34:07
:: nods decidedly :: CSO/NAV: Let's do it.
HRH Ashexana 19-Aug-2020 21:34:19
CMO: I know that I can't be with my crew, and we have a difficult task ahead... :: offers the PADD :: Can you have this sent to Mr. Hadley, my first officer, via whatever stealthy communications method you are using to talk to the Rixx?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Aug-2020 21:34:29
::Works away at the systems of the Rixx with hordes of Atlantis reapair teams, and the Rixx's own engineers crew. Mumbles to himself at how much of a mess the cloaking device is; wondering how they getting it to work in the first place, let alone now after the extensive battle damage.::
NAV Lt Navarro 19-Aug-2020 21:35:00
XO: Aye aye. :: throttles up from their relative station-keeping with the prior storm, and begins to fly both ships down toward the bigger one ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 21:35:39
:: finds that to have been a bit odd, so she makes a note to check in on Emily again later ::
:: starts to sit down again, but pauses as she notices the ship's motion out her window ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Aug-2020 21:36:36
:: taps at her console, checking all of the data flowing through it with a dull stare, trying to calm her mind.. whoops. ::
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Aug-2020 21:36:42
::takes the PADD:: HRH: I certainly can. I'll get it up to the Bridge for you.
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 21:36:47
:: she stands and watches out the window as Atlantis descends below the bigger storm ::
HRH Ashexana 19-Aug-2020 21:37:49
:: smiles :: CMO: Thank you, so much! I know that you must be busy, so whenever there is a break, or a spare yeoman will be fine. You have my sincerest gratitude.
NAV Lt Navarro 19-Aug-2020 21:38:16
:: their descent complete, the view on the screen darkens again as the two ships enter the shadow of the big storm ::
XO Cdr Kuari 19-Aug-2020 21:38:48
:: smiles, feeling safe again with their new position :: NAV: Nicely done.
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 21:38:56
ACTION> Rain, of some kind of liquid, can be seen vaporizing as it hits our shields. Lightning crackles in the distance and in the deep blue depths.
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Aug-2020 21:39:01
::nods:: HRH: You're welcome. ::takes a quick look over the queen's vitals while she's there, then turns to go find a spare medtech::
NAV Lt Navarro 19-Aug-2020 21:39:06
XO: Gracias, commander.
HRH Ashexana 19-Aug-2020 21:39:25
:: is examined, but is feeling pretty good, especially compared to yesterday ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Aug-2020 21:39:37
:: monitoring the tractor beam, making sure the Rixx stays close ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 21:40:41
:: likes the view out the window, both aesthetically and tactically ::
NAV Lt Navarro 19-Aug-2020 21:41:58
:: sets up the autopilot to stay with this storm ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Aug-2020 21:42:14
:: manages to calm herself down, but she still has a lot of work to do at the console, filling out reports and validating tests ::
SCI Lt Jude 19-Aug-2020 21:42:34
:: hmms to herself, and decides to take data on the storm ::
XO Cdr Kuari 19-Aug-2020 21:42:43
:: takes comfort in the storm, sighing and turning her attention back to her monitor ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Aug-2020 21:43:10
XO: ...Commander, what do you want me to do with the tractor beam in the event that we are located?
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 21:43:35
:: turns her gaze to the spot where Blackthorne's bar once stood and half-heartedly wishes it were still there ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Aug-2020 21:44:34
XO: I have a plan in place to evacuate the Rixx with transporters, but as I said, it'll take some time.
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Aug-2020 21:45:27
::takes a minute to hand off the padd to a passing lackey:: Medtech: please transfer the file on that padd to the bridge, attention Captain Harper. ::grabs an updated casualty list from another nurse and continues the fight::
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 21:47:13
ACTION> A particularly bright flash of lightning momentarily brightens the bridge lighting.
SCI Lt Jude 19-Aug-2020 21:47:26
Self: Ooh!
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Aug-2020 21:47:29
:: looks up at the main viewer, startled ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Aug-2020 21:47:35
:: jumps, looking up as well ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Aug-2020 21:48:10
::Disconnects the cloak from the diagnostic device he was using, and closes up the panelling. Lets out a deep exhale, as he works his way to his feet.:: rCEO: Thats as good as you're going to get it... ::Hobbles over to the Tellarite.:: Considering it was basically already cannabalised parts of Klingon and Romulan cloaking units; and I can promise you it was not working at it's maximum capacity or efficiency already; it is as repaired as it can be. I recommend an immediate replacement. Repairing a device can only do so much.
XO Cdr Kuari 19-Aug-2020 21:48:13
:: blinks at the bright flash, then realizes it was lightning that was close by ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 19-Aug-2020 21:48:23
:: startles at the sudden flash of lightning, turning back to her console with a quiet hum ::
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Aug-2020 21:48:30
::snaps her head to the bridge feed as a bright flash lights up the screen::
NAV Lt Navarro 19-Aug-2020 21:48:39
Bridge: It missed us by many kilometers, no effect.
MED Lt Acacia 19-Aug-2020 21:48:50
:: bobs her head, going back to her work on the numerous reports ::
XO Cdr Kuari 19-Aug-2020 21:49:20
:: furrows her heavy eye ridges in thought :: CSO: Can we do so ahead of time? The safety of their crew is more important than the ship, if it can be abandoned in a hurry and the ship is stable enough.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Aug-2020 21:50:49
::Brushes himself down, then just wanders off.::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Aug-2020 21:51:53
XO: I have signal locks on our away teams as well as all Rixx personnel, but it would greatly increase our chances of being detected.
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 21:52:00
:: gets the message from sickbay and sends it out to Lexy's console, then Picard-maneuvers and walks out onto the bridge ::
:: pauses by Lexy on the way to her chair :: CSO: I just sent over a message from the Queen to her first officer. Please send it to the Rixx via low-power comms.
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Aug-2020 21:54:34
:: looks up at Kate and nods :: CO: Right away, Captain. :: begins tapping at her console to relay the message ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 21:54:51
ACTION> The rain vaporizing as it hits our shields rises in intensity, forming a cloud above the two ships.
:: nods and walks to her seat, looking toward Kuari ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 19-Aug-2020 21:56:10
:: is keeping track of the dreadnought, watching it for the slightest move towards their current position ::
XO Cdr Kuari 19-Aug-2020 21:56:46
:: nods, suspecting this even in their position as Harper enters :: CSO: And giving away our position isn't an option, unless we wish to abandon the Rixx, take the crew and flee through slipstream.
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 21:57:30
ACTION> The dreadnought enters warp again...
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Aug-2020 21:57:59
XO: ....I will see if I can get the transport time down any further, just in case.
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 21:58:26
CSO: Also, please get us an update on the status of the Rixx's cloaking device.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 19-Aug-2020 21:58:28
:: curses harshly :: CO: Dreadnought just entered warp again, Captain!
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 21:58:57
TAC2: Understood. Let me know where they exit warp.
MED Lt Acacia 19-Aug-2020 21:58:59
:: slows slightly, glancing up at the viewscreen ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Aug-2020 21:59:23
:: taps out another quick message asking about the cloaking device and marks it urgent just before sending it over to the Rixx ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 19-Aug-2020 21:59:45
:: is trying to track the dreadnought, muttering curses the entire time under her breath as she works ::
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Aug-2020 22:00:43
::doesn't really have alot of time to worry about the dreadnought; is busy joining the fray around another crashing patient::
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 22:00:47
ACTION> Mr. Hadley reports that the Rixx's cloak is online!
XO Cdr Kuari 19-Aug-2020 22:01:03
:: focuses on the dreadnought on her monitor ::
HRH Ashexana 19-Aug-2020 22:01:09
RCEO> :: still grumbling and cursing, and occasionally hitting the cloak with a spanner ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Aug-2020 22:01:18
CO: The Rixx's cloaking device is operational, Captain.
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 22:01:29
Thank you Mr. Ilaihr!
XO Cdr Kuari 19-Aug-2020 22:01:45
:: brightens, smiling towards the Engineering console ::
SCI Lt Jude 19-Aug-2020 22:01:59
:: golf claps for blue grandpa ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 22:02:01
ACTION> The dreadnought exits warp and enters orbit around this planet!
MED Lt Acacia 19-Aug-2020 22:02:12
:: bristles ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 22:02:24
:: wishes Ilaihr were here, but he's over there fixing the Rixx ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 19-Aug-2020 22:02:33
:: curses :: CO/XO: Dreadnought's in orbit around current planet!
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 22:02:59
:: looks to Kuari :: XO: It may be time to make our move.
XO Cdr Kuari 19-Aug-2020 22:03:34
:: gives Harper a worried glance and nods ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 22:03:58
CSO: Signal the Rixx to engage their cloak and extend it around Atlantis.
:: stands, taking a deep breath, clasping her hands behind her back ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Aug-2020 22:04:25
:: transmits the message as quickly as possible ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 22:05:02
ACTION> Hadley responds with, "Hold on!"
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Aug-2020 22:05:17
CO: Er... he says, "Hold on!"
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 22:05:38
:: smirks :: You heard the man. :: sits back down ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Aug-2020 22:05:50
Self: I don't know if he means, like, literally...?
SCI Lt Jude 19-Aug-2020 22:06:00
:: scrunches eyebrows and looks to Acacia :: ~MED: What are you feeling?~
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Aug-2020 22:06:10
::Finds his way to an appropriate console, the grapevine moving fast with the information that the cloak is to be engage immediately.:: Self: Well, here goes....
XO Cdr Kuari 19-Aug-2020 22:06:31
:: waits as the tension mounts even more, and finds herself gripping her chair base a little more ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 22:06:48
ACTION> The Rixx cloaks...
ACTION> And slowly, the cloaking field extends around Atlantis, shimmering us out of view!
MED Lt Acacia 19-Aug-2020 22:07:36
:: looks up, then back down at her console :: ~SCI: Nausea. Dread. Anger. You?~
TAC2 Cpt Grey 19-Aug-2020 22:08:21
:: is holding her breath, watching the dreadnought on the scanners ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Aug-2020 22:08:30
CO: The cloak appears to be extending around both vessels successfully!
SCI Lt Jude 19-Aug-2020 22:08:41
~MED: More... annoyance for me.~
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 22:08:51
:: nods in satisfaction and appreciation of lots of jobs well-done ::
NAV: Zorro... when the dreadnought is on the opposite side of the planet, impulse engines until we hit vacuum, then warp speed. Any course.
MED Lt Acacia 19-Aug-2020 22:09:29
:: can't help but quietly chuckle, amused by Jude, completely out of place for the mood ::
XO Cdr Kuari 19-Aug-2020 22:09:34
:: drops her jaw just a little in relieved amazement and smiles that way, sharing a look with Harper ::
NAV Lt Navarro 19-Aug-2020 22:10:15
CO: Sí, capitana... :: works out some trajectories on his console ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 22:10:54
TAC2: Captain Grey, let us know when their orbit takes them over the horizon.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 19-Aug-2020 22:11:19
:: nods sharply, keeping an eye on the scanners tracking the dreadnought :: CO: Yes ma'am.
HRH Ashexana 19-Aug-2020 22:12:03
RCEO> :: frantically running around his engine room, cussing and hitting things ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Aug-2020 22:14:34
::His eyes go white as he rests his hand to the console, sensing all around him, and feeling the ship.:: Aloud: We need to redistribute the energy flow through all available secondary and tertiary EPS conduits. ::Tilts his head.:: Move repairs teams out of the outer sections, and have power from all those sections life support systems redirected to the inertial dampeners and structural integrity fields.
XO Cdr Kuari 19-Aug-2020 22:14:40
:: watches with anticipation ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Aug-2020 22:14:43
:: sends a text message to Hadley with enough information to let him know what's coming but explained in such a way that won't give away the plan if it were somehow intercepted ::
HRH Ashexana 19-Aug-2020 22:15:12
RCEO> :: agrees with the Andorian, dammit, and starts yelling at people to do the things ::
Hadley> :: personally manning the cloaking controls and monitoring them from the bridge ::
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Aug-2020 22:16:35
::hits the paddles for the third and final time.... ------------------------ and steps back, with a sigh:: Computer, record time of death. ::Makes herself go through the proper protocols and then watches sadly as a tech takes the antigrav stretcher to the morgue.:: Self: Another one.. dammit. ::frowns::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 19-Aug-2020 22:17:07
:: catches the sight of the dreadnought vanishing over the horizon :: CO: Dreadnought is heading over the horizon.
HRH Ashexana 19-Aug-2020 22:17:14
:: sensing that one of her crew has just died, she sinks into the biobed ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 22:17:53
TAC2: Thank you, Captain Grey. Mr. Navarro... take us out.
MED Lt Acacia 19-Aug-2020 22:17:57
:: slows her typing at the console, glancing up at the viewscreen regularly ::
NAV Lt Navarro 19-Aug-2020 22:18:33
:: has never flown a cloaked ship with another in tow, but sure, why not :: CO: Aye, capitana. :: furrows his brow and throttles up ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 22:19:45
ACTION> The two ships start to climb through the cloud layers of the gas giant, one cloaking both while the other shields and moves them both.
HRH Ashexana 19-Aug-2020 22:20:02
RCEO> :: his cussing and hitting things intensifies ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Aug-2020 22:20:07
::Checks the ships status, looking up to the Tellarite with a serious look on his face, shaking his head slightly as he senses what's coming. Taps his cane hard on the floor, the Salbjorn gem glowing a little.:: ~Rixx~: To all hands, brace.::
HRH Ashexana 19-Aug-2020 22:20:26
RCEO> :: eyes the damned Andorian ::
NAV Lt Navarro 19-Aug-2020 22:21:04
:: makes some adjustments as the atmosphere starts to give way to vacuum ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 22:22:03
:: watches the main viewer, trying not to hold her breath ::
XO Cdr Kuari 19-Aug-2020 22:22:09
:: has a hard time believing that Atlantis is actually cloaked, not used to having such a system, and knows everything relies on that cloak not failing and can't help but checking her monitor often ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Aug-2020 22:22:20
:: carefully monitors the tractor beam ::
NAV Lt Navarro 19-Aug-2020 22:23:28
Bridge: Atmosphere clear. Engaging warp drive...
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 22:24:26
ACTION> The giant azure planet filling the main viewer streaks away into the distance as Atlantis pulls both ships into warp!
MED Lt Acacia 19-Aug-2020 22:25:07
:: lets out a big breath and unclenches her fists, looking back to her console to continue typing ::
NAV Lt Navarro 19-Aug-2020 22:25:43
CO: Warp two...
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 22:26:24
NAV: Take us to warp four.
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Aug-2020 22:26:32
::lets herself take a moment to just breathe, casting an eye over the full compliment of beds in the ICU::
HRH Ashexana 19-Aug-2020 22:26:53
:: feels the ship go to warp, which prompts her to sit up a bit ::
NAV Lt Navarro 19-Aug-2020 22:27:10
CO: Warp four, aye. :: increases the warp factor ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 19-Aug-2020 22:27:10
CO: Cloak is holding steady. :: checks the console ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Aug-2020 22:27:43
Self: Wow.. :: she remarks, impressed ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 22:27:54
TAC2: Any sign of pursuit?
TAC2 Cpt Grey 19-Aug-2020 22:28:22
CO: No ma'am. :: checks the scanners again, shaking her head to confirm it :: CO: No sign of pursuit whatsoever
HRH Ashexana 19-Aug-2020 22:28:28
Hadley> :: making continual adjustments to the cloaking device, rerouting power from all over the place to keep it running ::
XO Cdr Kuari 19-Aug-2020 22:28:42
:: lets out another surreptitious sigh of relief, the excitement of the situation and what they're actually doing being what one lives for ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 22:29:28
NAV: Take us to warp five, but no higher. :: knows what the tractor is rated for ::
NAV Lt Navarro 19-Aug-2020 22:29:45
CO: Warp five, aye. :: bumps up their speed ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 22:30:14
Bridge: At the risk of celebrating prematurely... it would appear that we are successful!
HRH Ashexana 19-Aug-2020 22:30:41
:: rings for Dr. Tailor again ::
XO Cdr Kuari 19-Aug-2020 22:31:00
:: grins widely, looking around at the bridge crew ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 22:31:12
Bridge: Well done, everyone!
MED Lt Acacia 19-Aug-2020 22:31:29
:: slowly uncurls her toes, not sure how relieved she is just yet ::
XO Cdr Kuari 19-Aug-2020 22:31:30
Bridge: Yes, well done!
TAC2 Cpt Grey 19-Aug-2020 22:31:59
:: sighs in relief, keeping an eye on the scanners she knew ::
XO Cdr Kuari 19-Aug-2020 22:32:59
:: shifts forward in her seat, pulling her body forward with her front paws along the floor as far as she can without leaving her seat, and stretches, realizing she has been tense for quite some time ::
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Aug-2020 22:33:37
::turns, hearing the comm. Gathers herself and goes back to the recovery room::
HRH Ashexana 19-Aug-2020 22:34:07
:: spares the pleasantries this time :: CMO: That was one of my people dying, wasn't it? :: her eyes beg the doctor to tell her otherwise ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 22:34:40
:: smiles over at Kuari :: XO: It always feels good to avoid a battle if possible.
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Aug-2020 22:34:43
:: isn't willing to celebrate until they are far, far away ::
MED Lt Acacia 19-Aug-2020 22:35:47
:: also finds herself quite tense at the mere thought, still wary. She glances at Wright, but quickly gets back to work. ::
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Aug-2020 22:36:20
::sighs and gives a nod:: HRH: I'm sorry to say it was. We did everything we could.
HRH Ashexana 19-Aug-2020 22:37:21
:: deflates once more, but then nods :: CMO: I'm sure that you did. Thank you, Velina... I felt us go to warp. Are we cloaked and safe?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Aug-2020 22:37:42
::Sighs, sensing the strain on the ship, but repairs and the increase in SIF and inertial dampeners are working; keeping the Rixx in a better state than the last short warp jump they made. Relaxes, the colour returning to his eyes, and the gem returning to normal. Looks around the the damaged engineering.:: Aloud: Good work everyone... now, there is still much to do. ::Nods at the rCEO, and wanders off again.::
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 22:37:58
CSO: Contact Commander Ilaihr, now that we can talk freely.
HRH Ashexana 19-Aug-2020 22:38:15
RCEO> :: begrudingly huffs a huff of thanks to Ilaihr ::
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Aug-2020 22:40:14
::does a quick bridge check:: HRH: Yes, we're cloaked now. That should mean that we're safe.
HRH Ashexana 19-Aug-2020 22:41:19
:: manages a smile, proud of Mr. Hadley and the rest of her remaining crew :: CMO: Thank you. How... how am I? I would like to get back to my ship since there is much to do.
Hadley> :: finally finishes all of the necessary tweaks, getting the system into a steady state from the bridge's perspective, and leans back in his chair with a sigh ::
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Aug-2020 22:42:25
+CEO+ Commander Ilaihr, Atlantis Bridge.
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Aug-2020 22:42:38
HRH: You've just had major surgery. I'd like to give it at least twenty-four hours recovery, since you've had abdominal injuries, especially.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Aug-2020 22:43:59
::Taps his badge.:: +CSO+: Come in, Commander Wright. ::Continues on, wandering down the corridors inspecting the greater extent of damage, now that he is no longer focused on the cloak.:: I may I be of assistance?
HRH Ashexana 19-Aug-2020 22:44:21
:: dips her head, closing her eyes, not used to not being in command, but ultimately concedes to the doctor's wisdom :: CMO: I yield to your judgement, Dr. Tailor.
CSO Cdr Wright 19-Aug-2020 22:44:38
:: looks back at the Captain, now that the communication line is open ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 22:45:07
+CEO+ Remarkable work over there, Commander Ilaihr!
HRH Ashexana 19-Aug-2020 22:45:39
:: and, ultimately, given the job they've done over the past day, she has to concede that her crew is fine without her ::
XO Cdr Kuari 19-Aug-2020 22:45:39
:: is still smiling, listening to the comm contentedly from her chair ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Aug-2020 22:46:48
+CO+: We will need to get far from here, Captain. The cloak will fail again. The repairs are temporary at best, it simply sustained too much damage.
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Aug-2020 22:47:04
::nods:: HRH: I understand that you're eager to get back, but we need to make sure that you're well enough to be up and about. Your crew will take care of things until you're ready to go back to them.
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 22:47:14
+CEO+ Understood. Would you say that the tractor beam can be sustained at higher warp?
HRH Ashexana 19-Aug-2020 22:49:02
:: dips her head once more, slightly humbled by all of this :: CMO: They certainly have so far, with a little help from our friends.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Aug-2020 22:49:15
+CO+: The tractor beam may be, but I doubt the RIxx will. I dont think the you fully grasp the level of damage that was done here. :: Looks behind him, then back again.:: The Rixx will be in Drydock for the better part of the next year, if it's not decommissioned wholesale.
+CO+: If we need to go faster, I would recommend using Runabouts to provide SIF cover.
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Aug-2020 22:50:54
::nods, giving her a smile:: HRH: Get some rest, I'll send word that you'll be discharged tomorrow, provided your recovery goes as expected.
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 22:51:15
+CEO+ Queen Ashexana's too fond of that ship to let her go; I am confident we will see her again. As for the runabouts, that is an excellent idea!
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Aug-2020 22:52:00
+CO+: At any rate, it will help alleviate strain from the taxed EPS grid.
HRH Ashexana 19-Aug-2020 22:52:00
CMO: Thank you. If I may have another PADD, I have some letters to write.
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 22:53:20
+CEO+ We will launch them shortly. If you wish to continue repairs, you are welcome to stay aboard the Rixx, but the transporters are available again.
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Aug-2020 22:53:42
HRH: Of course. ::goes to a cabinet and fishes out a couple of padds and hands them to Ashe::
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 22:53:44
:: glances over to Kuari when she mentions launching runabouts ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Aug-2020 22:54:13
+CO+: There is much to be done captain. I will need to stay, to oversee the repairs. Unless I am needed on Atlantis.
HRH Ashexana 19-Aug-2020 22:54:43
CMO: Thank you, again... for everything. If I can ever return the favor, should you find yourself in Free Fleets territory, I will endeavor to do so.
XO Cdr Kuari 19-Aug-2020 22:55:03
:: glances back, then sends a message to the shuttlebays to prepare ::
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 22:55:36
+CEO+ Everything is in hip hop shape over here, so feel free to stay.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Aug-2020 22:56:04
::Chuckles.:: +CO+: I'm glad everything is musical.
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Aug-2020 22:56:21
::nods:: HRH: You're welcome, Ashe. I'll keep that in mind. ::turns to go to main sickbay again::
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 22:57:11
:: nothing about Ilaihr's reply seems odd to her, as the metaphor makes sense :: +CEO+ Indeed it is. The runabouts will launch shortly. Atlantis out.
NAV: Mr. Navarro... where are we going, anyway?
NAV Lt Navarro 19-Aug-2020 22:58:52
CO: Refuge, capitana. It was the only Free Fleets port we had on our charts. ETA 22.4 hours, present speed.
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 22:59:40
NAV: That will do, unless the Queen objects. I will pay her a visit to find out where she would like to go for repairs.
ACTION> Two runabouts launch from our aft shuttlebay and form up, reinforcing the Rixx's structural integrity fields.
MED Lt Acacia 19-Aug-2020 23:00:47
:: continues work on her reports, doing her best to remain calm ::
CMO Lt Tailor 19-Aug-2020 23:00:51
::goes to her office to prepare an updated casualty report for the Bridge, and sends it up::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 19-Aug-2020 23:00:54
::Trots off down the corridor, noting the sound of energy fields pulsating through the ship.::
CO Capt Harper 19-Aug-2020 23:00:57
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