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Lost Harbor
Atlantis RP / atlantis-mission
Following the battle with the Xovul, we have towed HRH Queen Ashexana's flagship Rixx into a gas giant to hide from their reinforcements. We lay low under a cloud deck near the planet's north pole while attempting to repair her ship, with the Queen herself now in a greatly improved condition in our sickbay. Out in space, another Xovul dreadnought attempts to track us down…
After 12-Aug-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 21:15:37
ACTION> The viewscreen presents a darkened view of deep azure, with solid clouds above us and crackling lightning below in the swirling depths of the giant planet.
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Aug-2020 21:16:33
:: resisting the urge to run scans of the planet while they're this close, trying to minimize anything detectable ::
HRH Ashexana 12-Aug-2020 21:16:51
:: still unconscious in sickbay, but she is definitely more relaxed than before, breathing easily ::
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Aug-2020 21:17:00
:: contemplates the main viewer, checking on updates from her console here and there ::
TAC LCdr T’Lira 12-Aug-2020 21:17:17
:: checking the weapons and shields systems for the seventeenth time to ensure full functioning ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 21:17:32
:: almost feeling like she needs to whisper, since they're hiding ::
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Aug-2020 21:18:03
:: playing solitaire in the Wing ready room, standing by in case the Sharks are needed again ::
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Aug-2020 21:18:56
::checking the queen's vitals after closing her up completely:: MED: She should be ready to take to recovery now.
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 21:18:58
ACTION> The Xovul dreadnought goes to warp, following our warp trail away from the battle site!
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 12-Aug-2020 21:19:23
:: curled up asleep on the couch in the lounge ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-Aug-2020 21:20:25
:: nods at that, pressing some buttons to detach the queen's biobed from the surgery table, pushing her into recovery and handing her off to a nurse. ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 12-Aug-2020 21:20:52
:: is at her console, tapping through the scanners to keep an eye on the dreadnought, happy to see another tactical person opposite her ::
SCI Lt Jude 12-Aug-2020 21:21:49
:: has been watching the location of the dreadnought from her own console :: CO: The dreadnought is following.
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Aug-2020 21:21:56
::shuts down the surgical suite and goes to scrub out, and to change back into her regular uniform::
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 21:22:11
:: looks to Jude, then turns back to Grey :: TAC2: Where is it?
MED Lt Acacia 12-Aug-2020 21:22:24
:: scrubs out as well, taking a deep breath before re-emerging into sickbay, moving on to the next patient ::
HRH Ashexana 12-Aug-2020 21:22:54
:: transitions more into a sleeping state than a sedated state, resting easily ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 12-Aug-2020 21:24:18
CO: They're following our warp trail... I think they're going to find us. :: glances at her scanners then up at Harper ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 21:24:51
TAC2: Perhaps, perhaps not...
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Aug-2020 21:24:53
:: internally cursing herself for not hiding the warp trail, even though she didn't actually have time ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 21:25:08
TAC2: The fake slipstream jump may fool them.
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Aug-2020 21:25:29
+CO+ Captain, we've finished the Queen's surgery, she's going to be fine. She's being taken to recovery now.
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Aug-2020 21:25:52
:: looks from Grey to Harper, listening ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 21:26:02
+CMO+ That is wonderful news! Thank you, doctor. Please, let me know when she wakes.
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Aug-2020 21:26:11
:: brightens at Tailor's news over the comm and smiles at Harper ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 12-Aug-2020 21:26:39
:: keeps an eye on the scanners, watching for any movements ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 21:26:53
:: returns Kuari's smile, glad for another saved life ::
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Aug-2020 21:26:59
+CO+ Of course, Ma'am. ::drops her used scrubs into the recycler and heads out of the surgical area::
MED Lt Acacia 12-Aug-2020 21:27:09
:: checks the crewman's chart, cringing before joining the nurses in working on a young man from the Rixx with horrible burns ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Aug-2020 21:27:20
:: maintaining radio silence with the Rixx for the moment, but will be sure to tell them as soon as she's able ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 12-Aug-2020 21:27:48
Ethan> :: is working on another patient, glancing Acacia's way briefly before turning to his patient ::
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Aug-2020 21:29:24
::gets handed a padd of all of the latest casualties by a nurse as soon as she steps out into the main ward:: MED: Looks like we've got a long way to go here.
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 21:29:36
ACTION> The dreadnought drops out of warp where our trail ends at the fake slipstream jump, and pauses...
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Aug-2020 21:30:05
:: whispers :: Self: Come on....
TAC2 Cpt Grey 12-Aug-2020 21:30:29
:: is watching the dreadnought, being careful to not look too happy :: CO: They're hesitating at the slipstream jump...
MED Lt Acacia 12-Aug-2020 21:30:52
:: sighs softly, expression hollow as she casts acknowledgement at Tailor :: CMO: This was.. ugly.
SCI Lt Jude 12-Aug-2020 21:31:04
:: taps her finger against the edge of her console ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 21:31:07
:: bites her lip, hoping the ruse works ::
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Aug-2020 21:31:34
:: lowers her head slowly, as if hiding ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 21:32:04
TAC2: Tactical display on the main viewer.
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Aug-2020 21:32:16
MED: Indeed. Battles usually are... ::sighs and gets to work on the next patient::
SCI Lt Jude 12-Aug-2020 21:32:33
:: looks to the main viewer ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 12-Aug-2020 21:32:42
:: taps the tactical display to send it up to the main viewer, checking the tracking of the dreadnought ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 21:32:57
:: watches the main viewer, willing that dreadnought to go away ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Aug-2020 21:33:04
:: looks up from the sensor readout to the main viewer as well ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-Aug-2020 21:33:13
:: agrees with a soft grunt, moving on to the next patient as well ::
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Aug-2020 21:33:20
:: pulls up the feed from the bridge on the Wing ready room console ::
TAC LCdr T’Lira 12-Aug-2020 21:33:46
:: not taking her eyes off the main viewer, queues up the red alert. Just in case ::
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Aug-2020 21:34:52
:: watches, waiting ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 21:35:07
ACTION> The dreadnought is still sitting there...
TAC2 Cpt Grey 12-Aug-2020 21:36:13
:: watches the viewscreen, worrying her lip between her teeth ::
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Aug-2020 21:36:46
:: turns up the fourth ace, grins ::
SCI Lt Jude 12-Aug-2020 21:37:20
:: sings to self :: Go away, go away, go away you bastard dreadnought.
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Aug-2020 21:37:34
::looks up at the bridge feed as she works, eyeing the dreadnought::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Aug-2020 21:37:36
:: squeezes her eyes closed, afraid to look ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 21:38:19
:: almost joins in the song, but instead looks away to check her readings at the helm to be sure there's no environmental hazards creeping up on them ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 12-Aug-2020 21:40:05
Ethan> :: glances up at the bridge feed as he works, before turning his full attention back to his patient in question ::
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Aug-2020 21:40:13
:: smirks at the dreadnought as he cycles through a few more cards ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-Aug-2020 21:40:55
:: tries not to look at the bridge feed, but can't help catching glances, the air tense as everyone waits to see.. ::
HRH Ashexana 12-Aug-2020 21:41:22
RCEO> :: directing traffic around the cloaking device, having moved near it to look in on its repairs ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 21:42:29
ACTION> The dreadnought has yet to move away from the end of our warp trail.
:: looks back up at the tactical display, narrowing her eyes ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 12-Aug-2020 21:44:30
:: checks the weapons and shields quickly before switching her attention back to tracking the dreadnought :: CO: Dreadnought's not moving from the end of the trail.
SCI Lt Jude 12-Aug-2020 21:44:41
Self: Come on... move away. Turn around. Something, ya little shits.
MED Lt Acacia 12-Aug-2020 21:46:04
:: pointedly turns her focus on her patient, checking his vitals and asking him a few questions as a nurse works on his burns ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 21:46:34
TAC2: Ah yes, I was worried that the display had frozen.
SCI Lt Jude 12-Aug-2020 21:46:46
:: snort-laughs ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 21:47:16
:: grins, glad to have broken the tension on the bridge, even just a bit ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 12-Aug-2020 21:47:28
:: gives the captain a look :: CO: That wouldn't happen, ma'am. And if it did, you'd direct it to engineering.
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 21:48:06
:: wonders if Grey missed the joke, but shrugs and returns to staring at the screen ::
ACTION> The dreadnought goes to low warp... following the direction our warp trail was going, away from the gas giant!
SCI Lt Jude 12-Aug-2020 21:49:58
TAC2 Cpt Grey 12-Aug-2020 21:50:13
:: she definitely missed the joke... :: CO: Dreadnought's moved to low warp, heading away from current position.
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 21:50:21
:: fist pumps! ::
TAC LCdr T’Lira 12-Aug-2020 21:50:53
:: un-queues the red alert ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-Aug-2020 21:50:54
:: exhales with relief before setting a hypospray and injecting her patient ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Aug-2020 21:51:06
:: releases a breath she didn't know she'd been holding ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 21:51:28
All: They have little experience with slipstream effects, so even that fake one was enough, it would seem.
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Aug-2020 21:52:10
:: sighs quietly, a relaxed grin stretching back on her face, and turns her attention to the crew around her ::
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Aug-2020 21:52:16
::looks at the retreating dreadnought:: MED: I hope that means that this is over for now...
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 21:52:41
TAC/TAC2: Keep an eye on them. At low warp, they will not be leaving the system, so they are still searching.
MED Lt Acacia 12-Aug-2020 21:53:09
:: lifts a hand in Tailor's direction and pointedly crosses her fingers ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 12-Aug-2020 21:53:14
:: nods, pulling the tactical view back to her own console :: CO: Yes ma'am.
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 21:53:16
:: looks over at Lexy, relieved :: CSO: Main viewer back to standard, please.
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Aug-2020 21:53:36
:: returns the main viewer to standard with a few taps of her keys ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 21:54:34
CSO: Send a low power directed comm to the Rixx and inform them that the queen is in recovery.
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Aug-2020 21:55:26
::doses a patient with triox for smoke inhalation, sets another patient's broken tibia, and then goes to the recovery room to check on the Queen::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Aug-2020 21:55:46
CO: Aye, Captain. :: composes it as a text-based transmission and sends it over ::
HRH Ashexana 12-Aug-2020 21:56:15
:: still sleeping, but lightly, and resting easily ::
Hadley> :: sends his reply back: "We are eternally grateful." ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Aug-2020 21:57:46
CO: Hadley expresses his gratitude.
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 21:58:05
:: smiles and nods ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 12-Aug-2020 21:58:08
Ethan> :: snorts at hearing Tailor's words across the medbay, straightening to pop his spine slightly before turning to the next patient ::
HRH Ashexana 12-Aug-2020 21:59:16
:: her eyelids start to flutter ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-Aug-2020 21:59:42
:: sits down with a crewman from the Rixx, taking the time to hold his hand and talk him down from his panic attack while a nurse works on his leg ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 22:00:42
TAC: Go ahead and have the Sharks stand down from ready status, for now.
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Aug-2020 22:00:48
::sits in a chair next to the queen, keeping an eye on her as she wakes up::
TAC LCdr T’Lira 12-Aug-2020 22:02:18
CO: Understood. :: sends the message for the squadron to stand down for the time being ::
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Aug-2020 22:02:40
:: gets the message and scoops up the cards, stowing them ::
HRH Ashexana 12-Aug-2020 22:02:44
:: with deep breaths, her black eyes open and find focus ::
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Aug-2020 22:03:35
:: then gently tries to wake up Jester :: NAV2> Hey, Jessie... wake up and go to bed.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 12-Aug-2020 22:04:33
:: stirs and looks up at him, blinking :: NAV: ...right. To bed. :: sits up and stretches, yawning :: Thanks.
HRH Ashexana 12-Aug-2020 22:04:57
:: looks around, taking in her surroundings as understanding dawns on her, then finds Tailor :: CMO: Doctor... I presume?
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Aug-2020 22:05:37
:: nods and smiles :: NAV2: See you tonight.
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Aug-2020 22:06:09
HRH: Welcome back. How do you feel?
MED Lt Acacia 12-Aug-2020 22:06:31
:: checks the young man's chart and gives him another shot of a mix of anti-anxiety and pain meds, ensuring he's calmed down before she moves on to the next patient ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 12-Aug-2020 22:06:48
Ethan> :: is finishing with the last patient of the relatively simple injuries, talking with him quietly to make sure he was okay before moving to the critical patients ::
HRH Ashexana 12-Aug-2020 22:06:58
CMO: I... :: pauses, as if she's taking stock :: I feel much better than the last I remember...
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Aug-2020 22:07:52
:: heads to the locker room and sheds his flight suit ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 22:09:27
ACTION> The dreadnought changes course, staying within the system, but still not getting any warmer.
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 12-Aug-2020 22:09:52
:: trudges along tiredly behind him and does the same :: NAV: Thanks for the assist out there. Good night.
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Aug-2020 22:10:18
NAV2: Anytime! :: heads to the turbolift ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 12-Aug-2020 22:10:23
:: catches the dreadnought's change of course :: CO: Dreadnought's changed course... but not any closer
NAV2 Cpt Suzuki 12-Aug-2020 22:10:43
:: returns to her quarters and falls face-first into bed ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 22:10:45
Nothing to see here...
SCI Lt Jude 12-Aug-2020 22:11:06
:: mutters to self :: Oh for deities sake, why can’t y’all just warp the heck out of here.
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Aug-2020 22:11:15
:: rides the TL to the bridge ::
:: checks out the view on the main screen as he enters the bridge, then leans against the wall near the helm and folds his arms over his chest ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 12-Aug-2020 22:13:06
:: is tracking the sensors carefully ::
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Aug-2020 22:13:24
HRH: You were injured, and your ship was in bad shape. We brought you and the other casulaties from your ship onto the Atlantis.
HRH Ashexana 12-Aug-2020 22:14:02
:: nods, the fog clearing :: CMO: Thank you... it would seem I owe you my life. My people, are they...?
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 22:14:33
:: looks over to Navarro, then stands, gesturing at the helm :: NAV: Take your station, Zorro.
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Aug-2020 22:15:00
:: nods to the captain, then slides into the helm :: CO: Gracias, capitana.
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 22:15:17
:: returns to her seat ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Aug-2020 22:15:21
:: nods at Zorro as he re-takes the helm ::
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Aug-2020 22:15:33
HRH: I... can get you a full list of casualties. We've saved as many as we could.
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Aug-2020 22:15:41
:: returns Wright's nod with a smile ::
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Aug-2020 22:15:46
:: smiles at Harper as she returns to her seat, happy to see Navarro back safely ::
HRH Ashexana 12-Aug-2020 22:16:03
:: answers with a grim nod :: HRH: I am sure that you did.
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 22:16:37
:: returns Kuari's smile as she settles into the center seat ::
ACTION> The dreadnought changes course again, its search pattern erratic, if it exists at all.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 12-Aug-2020 22:18:17
CO: Their search pattern's erratic... and they just changed course again.
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 22:18:55
TAC2: It sounds like they are just guessing.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 12-Aug-2020 22:19:16
CO: Probably so now. This is kind of amusing.
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Aug-2020 22:19:31
Self: Yeah. "Amusing."
MED Lt Acacia 12-Aug-2020 22:19:37
:: continues her rounds, moving on to the next patient and checking his vitals ::
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Aug-2020 22:19:42
::nods, with a small smile:: HRH: Would you like to speak with our Captain? I'm sure she'll have more information about your ship than what I'm able to give you.
HRH Ashexana 12-Aug-2020 22:20:52
CMO: I would, yes. I owe you all a great debt, and I must at least give her my thanks.
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Aug-2020 22:22:08
+CO+ The Queen is awake, Ma'am. She's asking to speak with you.
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 22:22:25
:: allows herself a moment of pride in the fake slipstream maneuver, but stops at just a moment as the comm rings :: +CMO+ On my way.
XO: You have the bridge, Commander.
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Aug-2020 22:22:54
:: watches Harper get up, nodding and assuming command ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 22:23:08
:: enters the TL and directs it to sickbay ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-Aug-2020 22:24:12
:: works on a crewman's eye with a glowing laser tool, both hands on the man's head to steady herself. She mumbles to him comfortingly, carefully extracting small pieces of shrapnel ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 22:24:48
:: arrives in sickbay and looks around, frowning at the sheer number of patients ::
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Aug-2020 22:26:08
::smiles, looking at the other end of sickbay:: HRH: She's fast... CO: Over here. ::waves the captain over to the recovery room::
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 22:26:30
:: raises her chin as she sees Tailor's wave and heads over ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-Aug-2020 22:26:49
:: leans over her patient and doesn't even see Harper enter, focused on saving an eye ::
HRH Ashexana 12-Aug-2020 22:27:58
:: smiles at Harper as she enters :: CO: Captain... how poetic, for me to wake up in the sickbay of a ship I once attacked.
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 22:29:11
:: returns the smile and bows her head, but remembering the battles against the Rixx quite well :: HRH: Your Highness. It is good that such hostilities between our peoples are in the past that we may help one another.
HRH Ashexana 12-Aug-2020 22:30:26
:: laughs, weakly :: HRH: Please, call me Ashe, at least for now. I hardly feel like a Highness at the moment.
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 22:31:59
HRH: Of course, Ashe. We have towed the Rixx into a gas giant, where we are assisting with repairs while hiding from another Xovul dreadnought that arrived. They have yet to figure out where we went.
HRH Ashexana 12-Aug-2020 22:33:15
CO: And my crew?
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 22:33:46
HRH: Many were saved... but many were not. Our doctors are quite skilled and are still doing their best to help.
HRH Ashexana 12-Aug-2020 22:34:12
:: nods, taking it in a second time to make it real ::
:: but then her brow furrows as she begins to think :: CO: You said they are still looking for us. If you can repair the Rixx's cloak, and boost its power output, the cloak could extend around Atlantis.
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 22:36:01
:: smiles :: HRH: Poetic, indeed.
MED Lt Acacia 12-Aug-2020 22:36:18
:: finishes with the shrapnel, very carefully maneuvering the laser to seal up the last cuts, her patient still and calm from his medicine ::
HRH Ashexana 12-Aug-2020 22:37:22
:: staring to perk up a bit as she returns the smile :: CO: That it is, Captain.
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 22:37:46
HRH: Call me Kate. And I will send word to my engineers aboard the Rixx.
MED Lt Acacia 12-Aug-2020 22:38:01
:: gives the man a pat on the shoulder as she gets up, moving on to the next patient ::
HRH Ashexana 12-Aug-2020 22:38:50
CO: Thank you, Kate. The Free Fleets owe you a great deal, as do I, personally. I'll figure out how to thank you and your crew once we get out of this mess.
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 22:39:47
HRH: Just worry about healing, for now, and let us take care of the rest. Let me know if there is anything I can do in the meantime.
HRH Ashexana 12-Aug-2020 22:40:46
CO: Of course, and thank you again.
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 22:40:52
:: bows her head once more and exits ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-Aug-2020 22:41:19
:: bobs her head in the Captain's direction before looking back at the chart in her hand ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 22:41:28
ACTION> The Xovul dreadnought changes course again, still searching the system, now orbiting a terrestrial planet.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 12-Aug-2020 22:42:15
:: notes the course change again :: XO: Dreadnought's changed course, still haven't detected us.
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Aug-2020 22:43:06
:: ponders the situation, attempting to judge what the Xovul will do next :: TAC2: Thank you.
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 22:43:36
:: lingers in sickbay, watching the doctors work on the crew of the Rixx ::
HRH Ashexana 12-Aug-2020 22:44:25
:: starts to sink back into the bed ::
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Aug-2020 22:44:29
:: monitoring the local weather patterns :: XO: We may need to adjust our flight soon to connect with a different storm.
MED Lt Acacia 12-Aug-2020 22:44:35
:: sits down next to a biobed, taking extra care as she works on a crewman's hand. The shrapnel had already been removed, and she was ensuring no lasting damage ::
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Aug-2020 22:45:05
:: looks over at Wright :: CSO: Is there anything promising nearby?
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Aug-2020 22:45:39
:: nods :: NAV: It's not far. I'll send you the coordinates. :: tap taps ::
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Aug-2020 22:45:50
:: nods turning her head towards Wright :: CSO: Stay with it.
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Aug-2020 22:46:00
:: gets the coordinates and starts trying to find a sneaky path over ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 22:46:31
ACTION> The Xovul dreadnought starts blasting the absolute hell out of something on the terrestrial planet.
SCI Lt Jude 12-Aug-2020 22:46:49
Self: What the heck?
TAC2 Cpt Grey 12-Aug-2020 22:47:17
:: blinks in startlement at the sudden attack on the planet from the dreadnought :: XO: Dreadnought's just... opened fire on the terriestial planet they're over.
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Aug-2020 22:47:35
:: frowns :: TAC2: Can you tell at what?
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Aug-2020 22:47:39
XO: Shall I hop storms, Commander? They seem distracted.
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Aug-2020 22:47:51
NAV: Yes, now.
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Aug-2020 22:48:10
:: engages the impulse engines and starts flying both ships to a new storm ::
SCI Lt Jude 12-Aug-2020 22:48:12
:: tap her console, trying to find the answer herself ::
MED Lt Acacia 12-Aug-2020 22:48:26
:: tests the man's range of motion as she goes, his hand looking more and more like it should with each pass ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 22:48:45
ACTION> As Atlantis exits the first storm, which was weakening, the view on the screen brightens, the blue becoming lighter and less oppressive.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 12-Aug-2020 22:48:51
:: frowns, trying to zoom in with all the things at her disposal to see what they're firing at before letting out a low curse :: XO: I can't... We're too far away for full-zoom scanning of the planet in question.
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Aug-2020 22:49:19
TAC2: Monitor the results of the planet as best you can, see if you can determine the reason.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 12-Aug-2020 22:49:57
XO: Yes ma'am. :: works on trying to gain a picture of what the Dreadnought is shooting at on the planet's surface ::
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Aug-2020 22:50:31
:: dives Atlantis a bit deeper into the planet, to get under the next storm ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 22:50:50
:: finally leaves sickbay and enters the TL, directing it to the bridge ::
HRH Ashexana 12-Aug-2020 22:51:34
:: spends a bit more time pondering the fact that she ended up in Atlantis's sickbay, of all the ships that could have come to her aid ::
NAV Lt Navarro 12-Aug-2020 22:52:32
XO: Approaching the next storm... it's a bit larger, but there should not be any adverse effects.
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Aug-2020 22:54:26
NAV: Good.
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 22:54:50
ACTION> The viewer darkens again, significantly more than before, as Atlantis slips below an even thicker cloud deck hosting a more intense storm.
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Aug-2020 22:55:31
:: nods with satisfaction ::
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Aug-2020 22:55:32
::has another look at the queen's vitals:: HRH: I need to get back to the other patients, but please let me or the nurses know if you need anything.
MED Lt Acacia 12-Aug-2020 22:55:36
:: checks and double-checks charts, dealing out doses of medicine to those better off as she focuses on the worst cases first ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 22:55:56
ACTION> On the main viewer, sheets of rain can be seen vaporizing against our forward shields.
HRH Ashexana 12-Aug-2020 22:56:18
:: nods tiredly at Tailor :: CMO: I think I will just sleep a bit for now.
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Aug-2020 22:56:46
:: feels safe, witnessing the intensity of the storm, as long as their sturdy ship can withstand it ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 22:57:10
:: arrives on the bridge and briskly walks to the center :: XO: Status report, Commander?
CMO Lt Tailor 12-Aug-2020 22:59:06
HRH: Of course. ::smiles:: I'll let you get some rest then. ::goes out of the room to the main ward, to look in on the next patient::
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Aug-2020 22:59:21
:: looks up at Harper's entrance :: CO: We've moved with the weather, from a fading storm to this one. The Xovul...they stopped at a planet and began firing at something. We're not sure what yet, but we used it as cover for our change of position.
HRH Ashexana 12-Aug-2020 22:59:24
:: sinks further back down into the bed, quickly falling asleep ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 22:59:45
:: nods to Kuari, hands on her hips :: Well done all around, then.
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Aug-2020 22:59:56
:: nods dutifully ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 23:00:02
CSO: Commander Wright, send another surreptitious message to the Rixx... once their cloak is repaired, Queen Ashexana would like them to boost its power to extend its field around Atlantis.
CSO Cdr Wright 12-Aug-2020 23:00:30
CO: Aye, Captain. :: composes another text message and sends it over ::
XO Cdr Kuari 12-Aug-2020 23:00:30
:: raises her eye ridges in surprise ::
CO Capt Harper 12-Aug-2020 23:00:36
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