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Atlantis / atlantis-mission
HRH the Queen Ashexana I of the Free Fleets lies in our sickbay, critically injured from a Xovul attack on her flagship Rixx. Atlantis intervened, finding the Rixx in dire straits with no warp drive or cloak after her escorts were destroyed. After the battle with the Xovul dreadnought destroyed, the Queen collapsed while thanking us and was beamed to our sickbay at the behest of her first officer, Mr. Hadley. Now we struggle to save the life of a head of state, with her ship and crew likely needing our aid as well…
After 05-Aug-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 21:15:07
:: in her ready room, briefing Admiral Blackthorne on this incident since it could have dire implications ::
HRH Ashexana 05-Aug-2020 21:15:52
:: unconscious in sickbay, and not in good shape at all ::
CMO Lt Tailor 05-Aug-2020 21:16:00
::running scans on the Queen to determine the extent of her injuries::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Aug-2020 21:16:13
:: is tasking herself at her console on the bridge reviewing the sensor logs of the Rixx ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 05-Aug-2020 21:16:23
:: is checking the weapons systems, testing what she could in preparation to the possibly of another attack. ::
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 21:16:59
ACTION> The Rixx hails the Atlantis.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 05-Aug-2020 21:17:11
Ethan> :: is working on the Queen alongside Tailor, expression serious as he glanced at the scans every so often ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 05-Aug-2020 21:17:23
::Doing scans of the Rixx, catalouging the overall damage, and assessing priority areas needing repair teams most critically.::
CSO Cdr Wright 05-Aug-2020 21:19:54
XO: The Rixx is hailing us, Commander.
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Aug-2020 21:20:03
CSO: On screen.
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 21:20:15
:: taps rapidly at her console, medical teams aboard Atlantis breaking off and gearing up ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Aug-2020 21:20:16
:: looks up at the main viewer expectantly ::
CSO Cdr Wright 05-Aug-2020 21:20:42
:: taps to put it on the screen ::
CMO Lt Tailor 05-Aug-2020 21:20:44
Medstaff: Shrapnel perforation to anterior intercostal space through third and fourth ribs, brain hematoma, lacerations.. let's get her stabilised and get to work, people!
TAC2 Cpt Grey 05-Aug-2020 21:20:58
:: glances up at the viewscreen curiously, pausing her own current task ::
SCI Lt Jude 05-Aug-2020 21:20:59
:: has been in the science lab the whole time, and has been jamming to loud music, up until the Xovul fight. wondering what the hell was going on, she quickly shut down the small experiment she was supervising, and ran down the hallway to the turbolift :: Bridge!
HRH Ashexana 05-Aug-2020 21:21:00
Hadley> :: appears on the screen, having taken stock of the situation aboard the Rixx :: +XO+ Hello. :: looks like he wasn't expecting Kuari :: We are formally requesting medical assistance and help in repairing our ship.
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 21:21:47
:: wraps up the call with the Admiral and pinches the bridge of her nose, fighting off a headache ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 21:21:49
:: nods, still tapping :: XO: On it.
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Aug-2020 21:22:21
:: nods curtly, and acknowledges Acacia :: Hadley: Of course. Please send us your most needed requirements. We'll begin sending medical and engineering teams right away.
CMO Lt Tailor 05-Aug-2020 21:22:50
::joins the flurry of doctors around the queen, getting her stabilised and prepped for surgery::
HRH Ashexana 05-Aug-2020 21:22:52
Hadley> +XO+ Thank you :: squints at Kuari's rank :: Commander.
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 21:23:44
:: stands and takes a long look at the damaged Rixx out her window, remembering having fought against that ship ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 05-Aug-2020 21:23:45
Ethan> :: frowns at hearing the report of the Queen's injuries, before diving into the flurry to help get her stabilizied for surgery ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Aug-2020 21:24:02
:: smiles grimly :: Hadley: Yes. Also, rest assured we are doing our very best for Queen Ashexana.
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 21:24:20
:: glances up as the first triage team beams over, the next following shortly after. She looks back down at her console, taking in their data and feeding it all through the system. :: XO: Medical is on board, we’ll be taking on her injured shortly.
HRH Ashexana 05-Aug-2020 21:25:05
Hadley> +XO+ Yes, well, thank you. We don't know what we'd do without her.
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Aug-2020 21:25:06
:: nods to Acacia again :: MED: Thank you.
SCI Lt Jude 05-Aug-2020 21:26:06
:: walks into the bridge, and glances at the viewscreen, waiting for it to end ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 21:26:10
:: is fixated on her console, coordinating the triage teams, and the transports of Rixx’s injured to sickbay or the overflow area respectively ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Aug-2020 21:26:18
Hadley: We are coordinating to help you as soon as we can. Don't hesitate to hail if you need anything more.
CSO Cdr Wright 05-Aug-2020 21:26:30
:: hovers her hands over the console, waiting to direct the requirements to the appropriate teams as soon as they are sent over ::
HRH Ashexana 05-Aug-2020 21:26:33
Hadley> :: nods gratefully and closes the channel as medical teams beam aboard ::
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 21:26:59
:: gets a couple of painkillers for her headache from the replicator, downs them with the last of her coffee, then heads back out on to the bridge :: XO: Report, Commander?
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Aug-2020 21:27:27
CO: Medial and engineering teams are being sent over at their most critical areas.
SCI Lt Jude 05-Aug-2020 21:27:38
:: eyes the captain, and heads to her usual station, listening over to what is happening ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Aug-2020 21:28:02
:: looks over to Ilaihr's post for confirmation ::
NAV Lt Navarro 05-Aug-2020 21:28:08
:: having landed the Rocinante in the assault bay, he's in the squadron ready room waiting, in case the Xovul return ::
CSO Cdr Wright 05-Aug-2020 21:28:10
:: receives the data from the Rixx and sends it over to Medical and Engineering ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 05-Aug-2020 21:28:11
::Stands up and brushes himself down, before turning towards the command circle..::
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 21:28:22
:: slows her typing slightly as the teams reach their stride, triage a process they were quite ready for ::
CMO Lt Tailor 05-Aug-2020 21:29:03
::anxiously watches the queen's blood oxygen level and blood pressure as it slowly improves, once she's been hooked into the machines that go 'ping'::
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 21:29:04
:: takes her seat, nodding :: CEO: Focus on their warp drive and their cloaking device. They need to be able to evade any Xovul reinforcements and get home.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 05-Aug-2020 21:29:18
::Shakes his head as he realises he's already being stared at.:: XO: Yes... CO/XO: Yes... but there appear to be some crucial repairs that require my personal overview.
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 21:29:33
CEO: Very well.
CSO Cdr Wright 05-Aug-2020 21:29:34
:: notes Jude's arrival, and sends a text message over to her station with a very brief explanation of what is going on ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 05-Aug-2020 21:30:07
::Chuckles.:: CO: And, no offense to my staff, but very few of them have experience with cloaking devices.
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 21:30:28
:: smirks :: CEO: You know, that is a very good point.
HRH Ashexana 05-Aug-2020 21:31:22
Hadley> :: working on helping his crew to clear the bridge of fire and debris ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 21:31:35
:: keeps tapping away, gaze intense. Injured steadily flow aboard Atlantis, appearing in coordinated spots ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Aug-2020 21:31:39
:: also smiles a little as she regards Ilaihr, glad that they have his expertise in this situation ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 05-Aug-2020 21:31:44
CO: Hopefully as fine as a Klingon's blade. ::Grins, as he turns to the turbolift to leave.::
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 21:32:41
:: smiles at Ilaihr as he leaves, glad to have him back ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 05-Aug-2020 21:33:21
Ethan> :: excuses himself from the medical staff tending to the Queen, heading to turn his attention to the injured appearing steadily in the medbay. There was enough medical staff working on the Queen that he could turn his attention to the other injured ::
SCI Lt Jude 05-Aug-2020 21:33:33
:: sends a message to Wright, acknowledging ::
CSO Cdr Wright 05-Aug-2020 21:33:42
:: sends another text along to Jude, asking her to run scans of the debris to determine how many Xovul ships there were in the attack ::
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 21:34:02
TAC/TAC2: Keep a keep eye on long range sensors. If the Xovul send reinforcements before the Rixx is up and running again...
SCI Lt Jude 05-Aug-2020 21:34:16
:: nods to self, and taps her console, beginning the scans ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 05-Aug-2020 21:34:48
:: gives a slight salute of acknowledgment, switching her console to long-range scanners to keep an eye out for the Xovul ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 21:36:13
:: perks an ear at that, double-checking the transporter lock on the medical staff every minute or so ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 05-Aug-2020 21:36:56
::Signals the TL to the TR2, and waits as it travels along; before hearing an inquisitive voice in his head.::
<Amber Sun> ~CEO~: Should come? Keep safe.
CSO Cdr Wright 05-Aug-2020 21:38:21
Suzuki> :: curled up on the couch in the pilot's lounge, taking a nap since it's past her bedtime ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 05-Aug-2020 21:38:21
::Chuckles.:: ~Amber Sun~: I believe it would be prudent if you made your way to sickbay, to assist the doctors and nurses; as you did the last time we were in a great battle.
SCI Lt Jude 05-Aug-2020 21:38:24
:: sends a message back to Wright, saying there was only one ship in the attack ::
CSO Cdr Wright 05-Aug-2020 21:39:19
:: frowns at this, then gets up and walks over to Jude and says in a low voice, :: SCI: How many in the escort that was destroyed?
TAC2 Cpt Grey 05-Aug-2020 21:39:41
:: is keeping an eye on the long-range scanners, knowing that was the only way they would get forewarning of another attack ::
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 21:39:54
XO: The Admiral continually reinforced that we did the right thing here, at least.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 05-Aug-2020 21:40:01
<Amber Sun> ~CEO~: But me no help there much... am not chirurgeon healer!
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 21:40:22
XO: Which seems obvious, but the treaty, you know.
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Aug-2020 21:40:42
CO: Hm...yes. Well that is good to hear from him, anyway.
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 21:41:50
:: smiles slightly, remembering being dressed down for doing the right thing once before, and glad that she works for an Admiral that has her back ::
ACTION> Fully three-quarters of the Rixx crew is either dead or injured. Their sickbay is completely destroyed, but engineering is at least intact.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 05-Aug-2020 21:43:12
::Muses for a moment at the terminology the Salbjorn used, as the TL doors open.:: ~Amber Sun~: But your powers give you the ability to soothe the injured; to take their pain away. And your presence may be calming; a big strong animal protecting them, and bears are a symbol of strength in many cultures.
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 21:43:39
:: takes a deep breath as the triage crews begin to finish.. early. The numbers are grim. She doesn’t really want to share them. ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 05-Aug-2020 21:44:19
Ethan> :: is managing, prioritizing the triaged patients from most severity to least ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 05-Aug-2020 21:44:33
<Amber Sun> ::Grumbles in concern.:: ~CEO~: Ok... but Eduda call if need help! Amber Sun come.
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 21:44:56
XO: Yes, definitely. :: settles back in her chair, wishing the headache would just move on ::
HRH Ashexana 05-Aug-2020 21:45:30
Hadley> :: once the fires on the bridge are out, he starts into the debris just like everyone else ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 21:46:20
:: rubs her forehead, twinging an eyebrow. She grits her teeth as the second crew’s numbers come in. She looks around at the bridge crew, saddened. ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Aug-2020 21:46:29
:: refocuses on checking on where their teams are on her console and the aid effort is running smoothly from their end ::
HRH Ashexana 05-Aug-2020 21:46:33
:: starts to shake a bit ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 05-Aug-2020 21:46:34
~Amber Sun~: I will call if I need assistance. ::Enters TR2, and steps up onto the pad, looking to the chief.:: TRC: One to beam directly to the Rixx's engineering.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 05-Aug-2020 21:47:09
:: glances to Acacia, doing one check to her console before moving over to her friend, squeezing her shoulder gently :: MED: Numbers... bad?
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 21:47:56
:: takes a deep breath and gives a ballpark :: XO: Losses.. top.. 60%. Still counting.
CSO Cdr Wright 05-Aug-2020 21:48:38
:: sucks air through her teeth at that ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 05-Aug-2020 21:48:48
Ethan> :: he's working his butt off to try and get patients stabilized one after another ::
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 21:48:50
:: her expression becomes grim with that news ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Aug-2020 21:49:07
:: frowns towards Acacia :: MED: That is...troubling. I suppose we should be thankful not all hands were lost in this case.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 05-Aug-2020 21:49:19
:: inhales sharply at the response, shaking her head in slight dismay before moving back to her console ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Aug-2020 21:49:41
:: glances at Harper ::
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 21:50:32
:: stands and takes a look around the bridge :: All: Once, we fought against that ship. Now, we mourn their losses with them and fight to save their leader.
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 21:50:36
:: bobs her head once, back to work tagging data points as the numbers roll in. ::
SCI Lt Jude 05-Aug-2020 21:51:08
:: looks down at console, then up to Wright :: CSO: Two.
CMO Lt Tailor 05-Aug-2020 21:52:02
+CO+ Status report from sickbay, the Queen is stabiliziing, and I'm sending her into surgery shortly.
HRH Ashexana 05-Aug-2020 21:52:15
:: her shakes turn into convulsions ::
CSO Cdr Wright 05-Aug-2020 21:52:22
:: frowns again :: SCI: The Xovul must've surprised them. I wonder if the Rixx was traveling under cloak?
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 21:52:26
+CMO+ That is good news. Thank you, doctor.
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 21:52:54
:: blinks, rubbing her temple as she continues to type ::
SCI Lt Jude 05-Aug-2020 21:53:57
:: she puts on a White Person Smile™️ and shrugs :: CSO: At this point, I know just as much as you do.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 05-Aug-2020 21:54:21
::Materialises in a blue glimmer into a dark of utterly devestated ruin of an engineering.::
HRH Ashexana 05-Aug-2020 21:55:43
Rixx CEO> :: is yelling orders at people through the chaos and doesn't notice Ilaihr's arrival ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 21:56:11
:: exhales, double checking. She takes a pause, then reports :: CO: Triage is done. 112 dead, 48 injured, 9 critically.
CSO Cdr Wright 05-Aug-2020 21:56:33
:: scowls, the question having been rhetorical, but says nothing ::
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 21:57:23
:: takes a second to process that, turning to look at Acacia ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 05-Aug-2020 21:57:27
Ethan> :: has managed to get a few more patients handled, checking the triage 3-4 patients between tending to the triage 1-2 patients, knowing the higher patients would need more of his time, and giving those that had a fighting chance an actual chance, he thrived in this environment ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 21:57:38
:: looks back at Harper, stands up, and heads for the turbolift ::
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 21:58:04
:: her answer finally comes as :: MED: Understood.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 05-Aug-2020 21:58:04
::Looks around, surveying the scene and the damage; scanning with his mind until he finds the CEO; appearing beside them like a ghost.::
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 21:58:48
:: exhales sharply and nods in response, managing to hold off the tears in her eyes until after the lift doors had closed ::
HRH Ashexana 05-Aug-2020 21:58:52
RCEO> :: an older Tellarite, looks surprised to find Ilaihr in his engineering :: CEO: WHO?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 05-Aug-2020 21:59:57
RCEO: I am here to assist in repairing your systems. We have teams working on critical areas, but I am here for the Warp Core and your cloaking device.
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Aug-2020 22:00:11
:: had watched Acacia exit the bridge after her report, then looks down at the carpet for a moment, lost in thought ::
CMO Lt Tailor 05-Aug-2020 22:00:26
Medstaff: Crash cart! ::slaps on a cortical monitor and a nurse administers the antiseizure meds::
HRH Ashexana 05-Aug-2020 22:00:37
RCEO> CEO: Ah, took ya long enough!
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 22:00:52
:: breaks into a sprint in the hallway, a chart being pushed into her hand as she enters sickbay ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 05-Aug-2020 22:01:21
RCEO: I took as long as was necessary to assess the damage.
CSO Cdr Wright 05-Aug-2020 22:01:22
:: watches Acacia depart and then returns to her own station, not sure what value she can add to the situation ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 05-Aug-2020 22:01:29
Ethan> :: is managing the patients, looking up to see Acacia with a quiet sigh of relief :: MED: Are you gonna help here or go into surgery with the Queen?
HRH Ashexana 05-Aug-2020 22:01:52
RCEO> CEO: Eh? Speak up! Eh, doesn't matter, the cloak's over there! :: stabs with a stubby finger into the air ::
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 22:02:13
:: turns forward again after the doctor left, having watched her enter the turbolift ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 05-Aug-2020 22:02:48
::Shakes his head at the Tellerite.:: Self: Oh this takes me back. ::Plods off toward the cloaking device.::
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 22:03:52
:: looks at Ethan, then at the door to surgery. There are two strong opposing feelings at once, but the stronger one wins out—duty. She hands the chart off and smiles tiredly. :: Ethan: Tailor would like my help.. :: she sighs, and goes to scrub up. ::
HRH Ashexana 05-Aug-2020 22:04:03
:: finally starts to settle down a few minutes after receiving the medication ::
CMO Lt Tailor 05-Aug-2020 22:04:05
::keeps an eye on the patient's brain wave patterns, as the antiseizure meds take effect::
CSO Cdr Wright 05-Aug-2020 22:05:04
:: starts looking for the dreadnought's warp signature to determine their approach vector ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 22:05:21
:: comes into the surgery suite, looking over the data and taking up position across from Tailor :: CMO: How is it?
CMO Lt Tailor 05-Aug-2020 22:05:22
::gives her a few minutes to stabilize again.... ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 05-Aug-2020 22:05:23
Ethan> :: nods in understanding, turning back to the patient he was working on :: MED: Alright.
NAV Lt Navarro 05-Aug-2020 22:06:03
:: picks up a pool cue, but notices that Jester has dozed off, so he smiles and puts it back down, opting to check in on the situation on the bridge through a console ::
CMO Lt Tailor 05-Aug-2020 22:06:37
MED: She's having a rough time, seized a minute ago.
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 22:08:30
:: nods, taking in all the data, then fixating on the Queen’s face :: CMO: She.. doesn’t look good. :: she looks over internal scans :: CMO: Where do you want to start?
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 22:08:36
:: relieves the ensign at helm, wanting to check some numbers herself ::
:: looks over at Lexy :: Commander... is there anywhere in this system where we could hide two ships?
CSO Cdr Wright 05-Aug-2020 22:11:01
:: breaks off her warp signature scanning :: CO: Let me check.
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 22:11:48
:: hopping around the visualization of the system on the helm console, also looking for a hiding spot ::
CSO Cdr Wright 05-Aug-2020 22:12:58
SCI: Jude, keep looking for the warp signature of that dreadnought and see if we can figure out which direction it came from.
SCI Lt Jude 05-Aug-2020 22:13:14
CSO: Aye, commander.
CSO Cdr Wright 05-Aug-2020 22:14:53
CO: On the other side of the system, there's a gas giant... there's not too much turbulence in the upper layers of the polar region. We might be able to hide out in there.
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 22:15:35
:: zooms in on the gas giant in question with her console and studies it a second, then nods ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 05-Aug-2020 22:15:40
:: is keeping an eye on the long-range scanners ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Aug-2020 22:15:48
:: is drawn towards Harper's and Wright's conversation ::
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 22:16:04
CSO: Send the plan to the Rixx and offer a tow if required.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 05-Aug-2020 22:16:08
::Looks over the cloaking device, examining it, assessing how badly damaged it is.:: Self: Hmmm... interesting.
CSO Cdr Wright 05-Aug-2020 22:16:43
CO: Aye, Captain. +Rixx+ Rixx, Atlantis.
HRH Ashexana 05-Aug-2020 22:17:21
Hadley> :: drops a fragment of an overhead beam and answers the comm :: +CSO+ Hadley here.
CSO Cdr Wright 05-Aug-2020 22:18:42
+RXO+ We were thinking, it might be a good idea to lay low while we repair people and ships. There's a gas giant in this system that seems like a likely candidate, I'm sending over the coordinates now. Can we offer you a tow?
HRH Ashexana 05-Aug-2020 22:18:49
Hadley> :: notices the dried blood on the beam and realizes that, given where he found the beam, the blood must be the Queen's ::
Hadley> +CSO+ Ah, er, yes, that's quite a good idea... as much as it hurts our pride, I think we must ask for a tow. Our engines are functional, but I don't want to stress the power grid during repairs.
CMO Lt Tailor 05-Aug-2020 22:19:45
::watches the monitors:: MED: There's an arterial bleed in her brain ::points it out in the holo readouts:: It needs to be taken care of first. Then the lung puncture, and the broken ribs, and the broken femur.
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 22:20:59
ACTION> A Xovul dreadnought appears on extreme long-range scanners.
CSO Cdr Wright 05-Aug-2020 22:21:04
+RXO+ We are happy to assist. Prepare for tractor tow and we'll get underway shortly.
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 22:21:28
:: moves the surgical arm up the Queen’s head as Tailor is speaking, nodding attentively and casting glances at the scan readouts. She zeroes in on the brain bleed, secures the Queen’s head, and begins the laser incision ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 05-Aug-2020 22:21:29
CO: Dreadnought incoming! :: catches the scanners' notification, and immediately switches to weapons view ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Aug-2020 22:22:04
:: looks to Tactical in alarm ::
SCI Lt Jude 05-Aug-2020 22:22:22
:: looks towards Grey ::
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 22:22:27
TAC2: How far out?
CSO Cdr Wright 05-Aug-2020 22:22:32
+RXO+ :: tries to sound cool and collected :: It appears we have unwanted company inbound, so forgive us if we make this a bit hasty...
HRH Ashexana 05-Aug-2020 22:22:53
Hadley> +CSO+ Fuck.
CSO Cdr Wright 05-Aug-2020 22:23:28
CO: Ready for tractor towing on your order.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 05-Aug-2020 22:23:43
:: glances up from her console, before looking back down :: CO: It's on the extreme long-range scanners, so probably... about ten minutes or so until weapons lock.
CMO Lt Tailor 05-Aug-2020 22:23:51
::while Acacia is doing that, begins repairing the punctured lung::
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 22:23:52
CSO: Engage tractor beam. :: plotting a course to the gas giant ::
TAC2: No way they have seen us yet. Our sensors are far better.
CSO Cdr Wright 05-Aug-2020 22:24:11
:: engages the tractor beam :: CO: Tractor in place.
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 22:25:15
:: focuses on her hands, slipping into her zen space. She cuts just deep enough to get her tool past the skull, then begins carefully operating one of the tools, leaning against the table to keep her hand steady ::
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 22:25:26
:: activates the warp drive at low warp, and Atlantis shoots off toward that gas giant with the Rixx in tow ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 05-Aug-2020 22:26:14
CO: True... but seriously, how many more attacks can the Rixx even take? :: asks, checking the scanners again ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 05-Aug-2020 22:26:16
::Feels the shake of the tractor beam engaging on the Rixx, then looks around in a bit of a panic.:: Self: Oh dear...
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 22:26:56
TAC2: None.
CSO Cdr Wright 05-Aug-2020 22:27:54
:: begins creating an evacuation plan for all personnel of any faction remaining on the Rixx, just in case ::
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 22:28:11
TAC2: She's a tough ship. I know that from experience, but she is at her limit.
CSO Cdr Wright 05-Aug-2020 22:28:15
CO: Tractor holding steady.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 05-Aug-2020 22:28:39
:: frowns in thought, checking the scanners again :: CO: Alright... they've moved off the extreme onto long-range, appearing to have sped up. :: nods at Harper, focus back to her console ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 05-Aug-2020 22:29:02
::Can feel a creaking vibrate throgh the hull.:: RCEO: Direct all the available emergency power to the structural integrity!
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 22:29:17
:: gets an idea, and activates the slipstream drive computer ::
HRH Ashexana 05-Aug-2020 22:29:47
RCEO> CEO: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE! :: rerouting power like crazy :
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 22:30:14
:: keeps an intense focus on her work, eyes narrowing slightly. She carefully works her tool in, glancing at the scans with increasing frequency until the brain bleed blips out. She sighs with relief, pulling out slowly and carefully ::
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 22:30:20
:: starts the quantum slipstream tunnel formation, but cancels it before they're committed, then cuts the warp drive ::
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Aug-2020 22:31:01
:: stares :: CO: What...
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 22:31:15
XO: I am attempting to make it look like we went to slipstream.
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Aug-2020 22:31:32
CO: To leave a false trail...
TAC2 Cpt Grey 05-Aug-2020 22:31:36
:: comms Ethan to give him warning about the incoming dreadnought, before turning back to her console ::
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 22:31:42
:: nodding as they approach the gas giant ::
CMO Lt Tailor 05-Aug-2020 22:31:43
::removes the shrapnel and clamps the damaged blood vessels, suctioning out the excess blood before fusing everything back together with the protoplaser and dermal regen::
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 22:31:51
TAC2: Shields up, and extend them around the Rixx.
TAC2: Configure for atmospheric flight.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 05-Aug-2020 22:32:25
:: nods, reformating the shields to access the Rixx, and configuring to atmospheric flight ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 22:32:36
:: takes time and care slowly sealing back up the brain, then quickly moves down to aid Tailor, regenerating the broken ribs back into place around her hands as she works ::
HRH Ashexana 05-Aug-2020 22:32:47
:: noticeably relaxes on the table ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 05-Aug-2020 22:33:55
Ethan> :: getting his wife's comm-message, he cursed vibrantly, excusing himself from the patient he was tending to to poke his head into the surgery room. :: MED/CMO: Just got a comm from Tac, another Xovul dreadnought heading our way.
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 22:34:43
:: mumbles as she works, both hands occupied :: Self: Lovely..
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 22:34:44
Bridge: Atmospheric entry interface in ten seconds...
ACTION> Atlantis, with Rixx in tow and safely ensconced in her shields, encounters the upper atmosphere of the deep blue gas giant. A red bubble appears around the shields as the gases heat to a plasma from the shock of our speed.
XO Cdr Kuari 05-Aug-2020 22:36:05
:: alternates watching the approach into the gas giant and checking her console readout ::
CMO Lt Tailor 05-Aug-2020 22:36:20
::concentrating:: Ethan: Ok, alert everyone that battle protocols are still in effect. ::continues doing what she was doing, which is sealing a blood vessel::
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 22:37:39
:: watches their speed bleed off as the shields take the entry heating ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 22:37:45
:: finishes sealing the ribs back together, double-checking for shards with the scanner ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 05-Aug-2020 22:38:03
Ethan> :: nods, leaving the operating room to update the medbay staff before returning to the patient he was tending to previously ::
NAV Lt Navarro 05-Aug-2020 22:38:13
:: smirks as he watches what's been going on from the console in the wing ready room, making a note of the fake slipstream trick ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 05-Aug-2020 22:39:35
::Looks around, feeling the strain the ship is under.:: RCEO: Keep the integrity fields ahead of any resonant frequency build up... ::Shakes his head, noting the Rixx simply cannot take much more.:: -ENG-: We need more people down here on getting the warp core operational. We are taxing emergency power too much...
TAC2 Cpt Grey 05-Aug-2020 22:39:49
:: glances at her console with a sigh, checking the long-range scanners, transitioning to short-range:: CO: They're close to switching to short-range scanners.
CMO Lt Tailor 05-Aug-2020 22:39:55
MED: One more inch and he would have breached the sterile field.. Remind me to tell everyone to use the comms if they want to talk to us in surgery. ::readjusts the magnification of the wound she's working on::
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 22:40:30
ACTION> The entry heating begins to subside, and the fiery orange bubble of plasma begins to fade. The main viewer shows skies of deep azure, with lighting crashing far below us toward the heart of the giant.
All: I wonder if those bulky dreadnoughts can fly in atmospheres...
CMO Lt Tailor 05-Aug-2020 22:41:47
::moves on to suctioning around the blood vessel to remove excess blood and clotting, and then begins closing up the shrapnel wound::
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 22:41:57
:: smiles wryly, then it breaks into a soft scowl before returning to neutrality. She shrugs :: CMO: Eager to help.. but yes, perhaps a viral outbreak simulation is in order.
CSO Cdr Wright 05-Aug-2020 22:41:59
CO: Let's hope we don't find out today.
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 22:42:04
:: sends a few requested aerodynamic tweaks to the shield geometry up to the tactical console ::
CMO Lt Tailor 05-Aug-2020 22:43:08
MED: Certainly couldn't hurt...
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 22:43:50
TAC2: I sent some shield tweaks your way for easier flight.
:: notices a particularly thick cloud formation, and then flies their formation below it ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 22:44:38
:: smirks at that, working on reattaching all of the various muscles in the abdomen :: CMO: Always good to be prepared.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 05-Aug-2020 22:45:05
:: makes the requested tweaks to the shield geometry, checking the scanners again :: CO: Received and implemented.
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 22:45:19
:: nods as their flight performance improves ::
CMO Lt Tailor 05-Aug-2020 22:45:44
MED: I think we've repaired the worst of her injuries now. Moving on to the broken bones and contusions.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 05-Aug-2020 22:46:27
Ethan> :: finishes up with the patient, moving to the next with a quietly-spoken greeting ::
CSO Cdr Wright 05-Aug-2020 22:46:27
CO: I think I can evacuate the Rixx in 75 seconds if it becomes necessary.
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 22:46:30
:: sets the autopilot to track the tall cloud deck and stay under it, and the viewer grows darker ::
CSO: That is good to know. Again, let us hope we do not find out today if you can.
ACTION> Our sensors reveal that the dreadnought has entered the system and has made its way to the site of the battle.
:: rubs at her temples ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 22:48:01
:: nods lightly, closing up the abdomen as she finishes up with the internals. She checks the scans, finding any bone fractures so she can patch them ::
HRH Ashexana 05-Aug-2020 22:48:24
:: is now breathing much more easily as well ::
CMO Lt Tailor 05-Aug-2020 22:50:37
::eyes the readouts as they move on to the more minor injuries:: MED: Blood pressure's looking better, oxygen levels improving...
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 22:53:00
:: nods, getting distracted and going for the dermal regenerator. She begins on the worst of the queen’s burns, right over her neck, because her own neck was starting to itch. She nods as she glances at the scans :: CMO: Much better.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 05-Aug-2020 22:53:21
::Looks to the Rixx's chief with discomfort. It was quieter and less violent, but the vibration was still there, and almost imperceptibly, but surely, building up slowly.::
HRH Ashexana 05-Aug-2020 22:53:34
:: twitches ::
CMO Lt Tailor 05-Aug-2020 22:54:21
::eyes the twitching, looking at the holoreadout::
HRH Ashexana 05-Aug-2020 22:54:32
RCEO> CEO: I have it stable, but you people need to stop shaking us around like a can of bolts!
:: her readings settle and she seems to relax again ::
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 22:55:23
:: continues with the burns in the order of most to least painful, which is not necessarily worst to better. She slowly seems to relax as well, swallowing ::
CMO: Up herrr... anesthetic.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 05-Aug-2020 22:55:37
RCEO: There must have been a good reason... But I concur, we wont be making maneuvers like that again.
HRH Ashexana 05-Aug-2020 22:55:45
:: almost seems to smile a little as the most painful burns fade ::
RCEO> CEO: See that you don't! :: mutters under his breath as he fixes the hell out of something ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 05-Aug-2020 22:56:49
:: is glancing to the scanners, noting the dreadnought had reached the site of the battle, sighing slightly ::
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 22:56:58
:: almost feels like she needs to physically be quiet while they are in hiding ::
CMO Lt Tailor 05-Aug-2020 22:57:08
::moves on to a medium sized laceration on the Queen's face, which only requires a dermal regen, then another on her arm::
SCI Lt Jude 05-Aug-2020 22:57:30
:: taps fingers on the edge of her console as she eyes the rest of the bridge ::
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 22:57:52
TAC2: Where are they?
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 22:58:13
:: taps the button to give the Queen another shot of painkiller herself, blinking a bit as her head has to stop spinning. She regains her composure, and sets back in with the regenerator ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 05-Aug-2020 22:58:36
::Notes an extra team enter engineering from Atlantis; points them off to main power junctions around the warp core in need of repair; before the core can be brought back online.::
HRH Ashexana 05-Aug-2020 22:58:47
:: relaxes further, the drugs being good ones ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 05-Aug-2020 22:59:41
Bridge: Dreadnought has reached the site of the previous battle, right in the transitional zone of long range to short-range scanners :: reports quickly, checking the scanners again ::
CMO Lt Tailor 05-Aug-2020 22:59:51
::glances at Acacia, who seems to be 'off' for a second:: MED: Are you all right? ::finishes up with the lacerations and bruising::
MED Lt Acacia 05-Aug-2020 23:01:02
:: bobs her head, smiling lightly as she finishes off the burns and looks up at Tailor :: CMO: She already wants to wake up. Bit more, er.. easier to feel than a human patient, perhaps.
CO Capt Harper 05-Aug-2020 23:01:11
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