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Atlantis / atlantis-mission
Atlantis finds herself with the mercifully mundane task of surveying star systems in frontier space, starting with our arrival to a K-type main sequence star hosting five planets: two terrestrial worlds, one with an atmosphere, two gas giants, one of them with rings, and a faintly-ringed ice giant. While this assignment is routine, there is at least something to be said for routine after the past year or so…
After 29-Jul-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 21:15:05
:: in the ready room, wrapping up a few things as they arrive ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 21:15:47
:: sits at her station on the bridge, flipping through notes on her console to keep herself steady ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 21:15:56
:: checks the stats as they exit slipstream :: XO: Normal space achieved with a drift of only 264 light-seconds.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 21:15:56
:: sitting at main Sci/Ops, looking a long-range sensor readouts, happy to be back to her normal life ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 21:16:23
:: is at her station, keeping an eye on the sensors between glances up at the rest of the crew, wanting to make sure everything was a-okay ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 21:16:33
NAV: ::whispers :: Nice.
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 21:16:43
:: grins at Wright ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 21:17:01
:: feels the ship exit slipstream and looks out her windows to see an orange star in the distance ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jul-2020 21:17:58
::in sickbay, fine-tuning the EMH to add a klingon opera subroutine, because why not::
::it might add a little pep to the office environment::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 21:18:52
:: looks up at the viewscreen, picking at the hem of her uniform jacket ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 21:19:02
:: files away a report and stands, Picard-maneuvering before checking her hair ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jul-2020 21:19:05
::Floats across the bridge from the TL, seeming to mutter to himself as he makes his way to his post.:: Self: Oh, yes... there are always new worlds! ::Chuckles as he takes a seat.::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 21:20:03
:: shakes her head in slight amusement at Ilaihr's antics, looking up at the viewscreen curiously ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 21:20:13
:: lies on her seat to the right of Harper's chair, but still has the bridge, looking over her console, then occasionally at the crew :: NAV: Thank you, Mr. Navarro.
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 21:21:54
:: nods to the Commander and returns to his readings, waiting to see where they want to go first ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 21:21:59
XO: As expected, sensors indicate a K-type star and 5 planets.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 21:22:21
:: emerges from the ready room on to the bridge with an expression of anticipation :: XO: So, we are here? What do we have? :: clasps her hands ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 21:23:20
:: begins performing cursory long-range scans of the planets and the star::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 21:23:20
:: smiles up as Harper enters and indicates the science station :: CO: As Commander Wright just explained, a K-type star with five planets.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 21:24:09
XO: Excellent. :: turns to the viewer, but finds there's not much to see yet, other than the relatively nearby star ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 21:24:48
:: listens as she works on her research notes ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jul-2020 21:24:58
::looks up, seeing the 'exiting slipstream alert':: Computer, save new EMH protocols and deactivate. ::the EMH disappears in an annoyed huff, as he does::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 21:25:12
CSO: Which planet would you like to get a closer look at first? Science's discretion.
:: takes her seat, feeling much more like herself lately now that things are back to normal ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 21:26:34
:: appreciates the mundaneness of it all ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jul-2020 21:26:39
::Whispers under his breath.:: Self: That's is a fairly typical kind of star. Atleast by the looks of it. ::Pauses.:: The crew have alot of scans and tests to do to determine things, and it could be hiding something special; but if not, then one of the planets may be. ::Pauses again.:: Yes perhaps new friends. ::Smiles, and analyses the any effects the system may be having on the ship, if any; checking the navigational deflector patterns.::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 21:26:59
:: taps into the sensors she had access to, glancing over the screen quietly while listening ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 21:27:03
:: smiles over at Kuari, glad to be exploring ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 21:27:05
:: ponders :: CO: The terrestrial world with an atmosphere would be the obvious choice, but that ice giant is tempting. Still, an atmosphere.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 21:28:11
:: relaxes slowly, starting to feel the routine as well ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 21:28:47
CSO: Ice giants tend to be interesting, but terrestrial worlds with atmospheres are hard to beat, yes. NAV: Zorro, take us there, if you would.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jul-2020 21:29:24
::Perks up at the sound of ice.:: CSO: I'm always partial to Ice.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 21:29:34
:: starts focusing sensors on the planet with an atmosphere ::
CEO: We'll do that one next!
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 21:29:48
CO: Sí, capitana. :: brings the ship about and engages low warp toward the terrestrial planet ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 21:29:58
CEO: ... assuming I get to pick. :: blushes ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 21:30:55
:: grins :: CEO: Why not? It is a science mission, after all.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 21:31:10
:: excited, loves science missions ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 21:31:36
:: is also rather partial to them, especially in comparison to combat ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 21:31:37
:: takes a deep breath, turning her gaze hard on her console ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 21:32:23
:: looks over at Wright, smiling, happy the department will get to do their thing for a while ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 21:32:25
:: personally she prefers more active missions, though just being planet-side is also okay ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jul-2020 21:33:28
Self: Ok, what's next. ::looks at her list of things to do:: Self: Organizing the medical journals...
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 21:34:27
ACTION> A few minutes later, Atlantis exits warp, and a planet starts to fill the viewer as we approach. Its ice caps seem to extend a fairly long way, but oceans and continents are clearly visible.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jul-2020 21:34:47
CSO: I would be interested to see any information your scans pick up about it. ::Offer a genial smile.:: The ice is often hiding something.
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 21:34:58
:: watches the viewscreen, pleased ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 21:36:07
NAV: Standard orbit, Mr. Navarro. :: eyes fixed on the viewer, never getting tired of seeing a previously-unexplored world ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 21:36:48
CEO: Er...Of course. :: sends the data from her cursory long-range scans of the ice giant over to the engineering console, dismissing his ominous statement ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 21:36:50
CO: Standard orbit, aye. :: settles Atlantis into orbit ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 21:36:56
:: steals glances at the viewer, curious but keeping herself busy ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 21:37:11
:: watches, hands clenching around her station before turning back to her previous activities ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 21:37:19
:: looks up at the viewer to visually observe the planet for science ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 21:38:20
:: still watching as they enter orbit, taking in every detail her eyes will provide, knowing the sensor data is forthcoming ::
XO: Looks a bit cold.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 21:40:50
:: looks down at the scan data pouring in as they orbit :: Self: Interesting. CO: Nitrox atmosphere, 14% oxygen. Habitable, but yeah, pretty chilly down there. Reading plant and animal life, but nothing that seems sapient from what I can see.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 21:42:14
:: as they pass into orbital night, the night side of the planet is utterly dark with no signs of light ::
CSO: Perhaps a visit to the equatorial regions would be more pleasant, should we go down there.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 21:42:56
:: shivers slightly in sympathy with those non-sapient animals on the surface ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jul-2020 21:44:29
::Chuckles.:: Self: It reminds me of home.
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 21:44:34
:: had quite enough of the cold in that year-long night ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 21:44:42
CO: Slightly larger than Earth. Surface gravity is 1.1g. There are eight continents, a few of them have equatorial regions that would be worth considering if you were interested in a landing site.
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 21:44:50
:: nods in response, the memory of actually developing a winter coat in their year planet-bound coming to mind ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 21:46:06
XO: I think it might be worth taking a look... but after we finish cataloging the system.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 21:46:28
:: nods, continuing her scans ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 21:47:12
CSO: We can at least get some samples.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 21:47:33
:: turns to look over her shoulder :: CO: You know how I love samples!
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 21:47:51
:: chuckles, indeed knowing how much her wife loves her samples ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 21:48:01
:: slows her tapping at her console, still listening in. She smiles softly, but then seems briefly confused ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 21:48:13
:: ahems :: CO: I mean, that would potentially yield some good science, Captain.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 21:48:32
:: sagenods :: CSO: Of course, Commander.
CSO: Whenever you are ready, let Lt. Navarro know which planet is next.
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 21:49:43
:: smiles to herself at Wright's enthusiasm ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 21:50:49
CO/NAV: I'll need just a few minutes longer to complete a full scan of this planet, but next let's head out to that ice giant.
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 21:51:33
CSO: Aye, Commander. :: plots a course and speed out to the ice giant, having it ready to go ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 21:52:52
Bridge: I find ice giants to have a unique beauty, for such hostile places.
Bridge: I hope this one does not disappoint.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 21:53:52
:: grumbles, she despises ice planets as a whole ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 21:53:52
:: nods, the sight of the cold, frigid land peaceful from a distance, but terrible to survive in ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 21:53:55
:: nods in agreement ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 21:54:05
Bridge: It has a faint set of rings, which is fascinating.
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jul-2020 21:54:13
::hums as she does her chores, clicking on the bridge feed in case something interesting happens::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 21:55:04
CSO: Made of ice?
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 21:55:56
MED: I assume at least partially, though I can't say for sure until the sensors get a better look at them.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 21:57:18
Bridge: Ringed planets are always a treat.
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 21:57:54
:: nods ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:00:04
ACTION> A distress call arrives!
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:00:44
:: looks down at her console in surprise :: CO: Captain, we're... receiving a distress call.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 22:00:53
:: blinks in surprise, looking down to her console ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 22:01:01
:: perks her ears up, not expecting this at all ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jul-2020 22:01:18
::looks up in the middle of organizing the coffee pods::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 22:01:18
:: tenses slightly, looking up ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:01:25
:: frowns with concern :: CSO: Put it on.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:01:56
CO: It's audio only. :: puts it on the main audio channel ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jul-2020 22:02:03
::pays closer attention to the feed::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 22:02:06
:: looks up, waiting for the distress signal to play ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 22:02:22
:: listens intently ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:03:03
ACTION> The distress call crackles across the bridge. "This is the Rixx, to any vessel in range that can help. We are under attack by the Xovul, and our escort has been destroyed. Please assist!"
:: looks up with wide eyes ::
:: then to Kuari ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jul-2020 22:03:43
Self: Xovul again?
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:03:47
XO: The Rixx is the flagship of the Free Fleets.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:03:55
:: internally groans.... please, not the Xovul! ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:04:00
CSO: Where is it coming from?
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 22:04:18
:: frowns, brow knitting. She types out a message to warn sickbay ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:04:41
CO: A nearby star system, approximately 8.2 light years away. Sending the heading to Nav. :: tappy tap ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:05:26
NAV: Engage warp when able, stand by quantum slipstream.
XO: Make the ship ready for slipstream and prepare for battle.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:05:47
:: the scan finishes, and she sighs ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 22:05:58
:: curses fluently at the news, groaning and turning her focus back to her console, getting the shields ready and checking that the weapons are primed for battle ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 22:05:59
:: warns sickbay that they’re responding to the distress call, watching the bridge more intently now ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 22:06:09
:: overwrites the course to the ice giant with one to the nearby star system, which he feeds into the slipstream computer as well ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:06:12
:: buckles her seatbelt in preparation ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 22:06:15
:: then enagages at warp nine ::
:: with the destination so close, the computer is able to provide a slipstream solution quite quickly ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 22:07:22
TAC2: Captain Grey, configure shield geometry for slipstream.
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jul-2020 22:07:55
::puts down the coffee pod:: * MED *: Thank you, getting casualty prep underway down here.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:08:14
CO: Shall I respond to the Rixx?
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 22:08:42
:: furrows her heavy brows, unhappy to hear about the Xovul, remembering well their last encounter ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 22:08:44
:: nods, fingers tapping to configure the shield geometry in question for slipstream flight, before looking up :: XO: Shields are configured, Commander.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:09:02
CSO: Yes, tell them we are on our way. We will be there in under a minute once slipstream engages.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 22:09:13
:: nods lightly at the acknowledgement, glancing at Kuari but keeping quiet while this goes on ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jul-2020 22:09:23
::passes the message along to sickbay staff, who scurry into action::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 22:09:32
CO: Ready for slipstream.
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 22:09:32
:: engages the slipstream drive and watches while he waits for the tunnel to form ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:09:54
+Rixx+ Rixx, this is the U.S.S. Atlantis. We've received your distress call and we are inbound shortly.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:10:04
XO: Have the Sharks to get to their fighters and be ready to launch.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 22:10:34
:: gets her part in in a moment of quiet :: XO: Sickbay is preparing. :: she leaves out, ‘for mass casualties’ ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 22:11:32
CO: Slipstream in five seconds. :: looks up as the slipstream forms ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:12:07
:: also looks up as the ship is pulled into slipstream ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:12:11
:: looks back with worry :: CO/XO: No response from the Rixx.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 22:12:49
:: looks up from her console, hands squeezing tightly together in slight nervousness, waiting to see what was coming ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jul-2020 22:12:52
+Engineering+: To all emergency repair teams, prepare for combat conditions. I repeat to all emergency repair team; prepare for Combat Conditions. ::Says it in a strangely dulcet and hypnotic tone.::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 22:13:05
+Sharks+ All Sharks pilots, report to your fighters immediately.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:13:18
:: frowns, worried, not only about the Rixx, but the implications of this attack ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 22:13:40
:: has a bad feeling about this... ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:13:49
NAV: Stay safe out there, Zorro.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:14:01
Suzuki> :: groans at being roused by the comm, but shakes herself awake and out of bed, quickly pulling on enough clothes to get her to the assault bay ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 22:14:13
CO: I will. :: slides out of the helm and darts to the TL ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:14:22
:: takes over the helm, checking the readings ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jul-2020 22:15:24
::sickbay's relaxed quiet atmosphere of just a few minutes ago has now changed to a hum of purposeful coordinated activity::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 22:15:29
:: remains looking at the viewscreen, anxious for what is coming... and she had a bad feeling about this too ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:15:31
Bridge: Exiting slipstream in thirty seconds.
Red alert!
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 22:16:00
:: arrives in the assault bay and ducks in to the locker room ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 22:16:06
:: puts on her mean face ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 22:16:13
:: quickly pulls on his flight suit and grabs his helmet ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 22:16:53
:: takes a deep breath, pulling up her red alert screen complete with all the medical sensor feeds ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:16:54
Suzuki> :: enters the locker room right behind him and also pulls on her flight suit and grabs her helmet, then runs out to the Shinigami to start her pre-flight ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jul-2020 22:17:56
+Engineering+: After last encounters with the Xovul, have personnel in critical zones armed, and nearby security teams prepared. The boarders and hand-to-hand combatants.
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 22:18:12
Ash> :: arrives in the locker room amongst the other bustling pilots, donning her flightsuit, grabbing her helmet and hurrying to her fighter ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jul-2020 22:18:22
::and, now that the red alert klaxons have begun, an atmosphere of tense anticipation::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 22:18:33
:: runs out to the previously-unamed fighter now known as the Rocinante, and powers her up, running through pre-flight ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 22:19:18
:: is ready, taking a stabilizing breath and checking in with the marines that had been put on alert, watching her console intently ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:19:19
ACTION> Atlantis exits slipstream into normal space. A Xovul dreadnought is plainly visible on sensors.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:19:32
:: just puts it on the screen ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 22:19:51
:: immediately starts scanning for lifesigns, looking for escape pods, expecting the worst ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jul-2020 22:19:58
::sucks in her breath as she looks to the bridge feed screen::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:20:08
:: frowns at the obtuse helmet-shaped spacecraft ::
:: then speeds in ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 22:20:47
:: plugs in to the Rocinante's ECLSS as he closes his helmet and waits for the launch order ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 22:22:23
Ash> :: runs through preflight checks in her fighter, hyping herself up for a fight ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:22:35
ACTION> The Rixx can now be seen, her sensor profile much lower, since she was designed for stealth. She is currently nimbly evading Xovul fire, but has clearly taken some damage.
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jul-2020 22:23:05
+CO+ Sickbay's prepped, ma'am.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:23:18
ACTION> Significant debris also fills the area...
+CMO+ Thank you, doctor.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:23:42
Suzuki> :: seals herself into the fighter :: +Sharks+ Jester is go.
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 22:23:53
+Sharks+ Zorro is go.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 22:23:53
:: is checking the scans on her console, double-checking as to positions and focusing on the viewscreen, ready for orders ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 22:24:12
Ash> +Sharks+ Spitfire, ready and waiting!
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:24:17
CSO: Hail the Xovul.
:: as they approach but are not yet in weapons range ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:24:48
:: hails the Xovul ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 22:24:56
+Sharks+ Stay tight and safe out there. Everyone needs to make it home for the poker game tonight!
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 22:25:21
:: exhales slowly, tense as she keeps her scans running, getting ready for the coordinated dance of transporting people aboard in an emergency ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:25:58
+Xovul+ This is Captain Kathryn Harper of the Federation Starship Atlantis. You are attacking an ally of the Federation and are ordered to cease fire. If you do not, we will be forced to intervene!
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 22:26:19
Ethan> :: has hurried up to sickbay to offer his aid, slipping into the chaos to help out anyway he could ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:26:38
CO: No response.
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 22:26:44
:: deepens her mean face ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:26:50
:: lets out a deep breath ::
TAC2: Weapons free when we are in range. Be sure to take advantage of our knowledge gained from the schematics of those dreadnoughts.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:28:01
:: mouth forms a grim line :: Self: We couldn't just have one little science mission, huh?
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 22:28:23
:: sighs raggedly ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 22:28:36
:: is ready to open fire, glancing to the Captain :: CO: Yes ma'am. :: to herself: Self: They won't stand a chance against Atlantis... at least, we shouldn't take that much damage. Hopefully.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:28:39
:: sighs with disappointment as she plans their attack vector ::
ACTION> The Rixx is nimble, and is evading much of the Xovul fire. She's firing back, but intermittently.
:: sends her planned attack pattern to the tactical console ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:29:52
CO: The Sharks are ready to launch, Captain.
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jul-2020 22:30:22
::looks over the triage area that they have set up, satisfied that it's ready to go, and looks anxiously at the viewscreen::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:30:27
:: nods to Lexy and keys the comm herself :: +Sharks+ Sharks, Firefly. You are go for launch. Good hunting.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 22:30:47
:: slides the attack pattern into the systems, checking the weapons and shields one more time before giving a small self-satisifed nod :: CO: Shields are active, weapons are primed, Captain. Ready for whatever happens.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:30:55
Suzuki> +Sharks+ Go time.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:30:58
ACTION> Xovul fighters are now visible, also harrying the Rixx, and having more success than the dreadnought.
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 22:31:07
:: lifts off the deck and shoots out the door ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:31:23
Suzuki> :: follows just behind and off Zorro's wing ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:31:26
TAC2: Fire.
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 22:31:39
Ash> :: files out the assault bay doors in turn with her squad mates, ready for action ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 22:32:08
:: taps the firing command into the console, targeting the dreadnought's weak points known from their previous encounters ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 22:32:10
:: watches her console, each Shark popping up as they launch ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:32:51
Suzuki> :: rockets toward the action, already picking targets ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:32:52
:: sweeps into the attack pattern, designed to give Grey the best shots ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jul-2020 22:32:56
CO: I can have repair teams prepped to assist the Rixx on your order, if the opportunity presents itself, Captain.
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 22:33:08
:: picks out a fighter and locks microquantums ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:33:18
CEO: I expect that it will, Commander.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 22:34:04
:: is thankful that the Captain was setting up the attack pattern to give her the best shot, moving to target the weak points on the dreadnought one after another to hopefully avoid giving them a chance to repair or at least shield any targets ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 22:34:48
Ash> :: breaks off when an enemy fighter wanders near her sights and locks on ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 22:35:06
:: fires when his lock is solid, and catches that fighter by surprise, obliterating it ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:35:29
TAC2: Quantum torpedos there! :: highlights a point that presented itself as they sweep by ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:35:47
Suzuki> :: strafes the Xovul fighters with phaser fire, harrying them so that her squadmates can get a better shot ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 22:35:54
:: then enters the dance with the rest of them that they didn't surprise :: Let's dance...
HRH Ashexana 29-Jul-2020 22:36:40
:: to her XO :: Is that... the Atlantis, of all ships?
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 22:36:54
:: grins, shooting the target that the Captain had pointed out with the torpedoes in question as they fly by :: CO: Thank you! :: resumes sending phasers to the various weak points, not focusing on any other target ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 22:37:11
Ash> :: is surprised by her target's unexpected evasion and deals a glancing blow, then keeps after it until it explodes ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 22:37:18
:: cackles :: Bailamos, fuckers! :: drops in behind one and lights it up ::
HRH Ashexana 29-Jul-2020 22:37:55
Hadley> :: checking his screen :: HRH: It is, my Queen!
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 22:38:10
:: keeps a close eye on her lifesign scans, tense, brow furrowed, gut feeling still bad... ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:38:46
Suzuki> :: pulls some fancy flying to get behind a target and blow it away with torpedos, then banks away, narrowly avoiding phaser fire from her left ::
HRH Ashexana 29-Jul-2020 22:39:56
Either way, help is here. Keep it together. Mr. Taev, now is the time for your plasma torpedoes.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:40:26
:: brings Atlantis back around as the Dreadnought changes its target to us ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:40:42
:: checks her seatbelt ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:40:47
:: starts some evasives, but the big ship is not as maneuverable as the Rixx ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 22:41:12
:: is humming as she continues to target the weak points, trying to increase the speed of damage that the dreadnought was taking so they could limit their own damage ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 22:41:17
:: loops around and rolls in behind another target ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 22:41:22
:: buckles her seatbelt as well, taking another deep breath to steady herself ::
HRH Ashexana 29-Jul-2020 22:41:40
Taev> Ready, your majesty.
Taev: Fire!
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:42:08
Suzuki> :: grins in the solitude of her helmet as they pick off the Xovul fighters one by one ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:42:10
ACTION> The Rixx fires three Romulan plasma torpedoes, straight into the dreadnought.
ACTION> A volley of disruptor and torpedo fire assails Atlantis.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:42:58
:: grimaces and holds on to her console ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 22:43:12
:: grips her seat as Atlantis shudders ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 22:43:26
:: grips her console, watching the viewscreen for a moment with a sharp squint ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:43:34
:: forgot to fasten her seatbelt, so she wraps her legs around the seat and holds on ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 22:43:55
Ash> :: finds herself evading as a fighter finds her tail, but manages to fire off a couple shots at a passing target as she does so ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:44:00
ACTION> The dreadnought tags the Rixx as well, finally catching her with a square hit.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 22:44:11
:: curses at the impact, glancing to the shields :: CO: Shields at 90%! :: before turning back to returning fire to the dreadnought, muttering curses under her breath ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jul-2020 22:44:15
::wobbles a bit as Atlantis rocks from weapons fire::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:44:29
TAC2: Keep focusing on their weak points and we will be fine, Captain Grey.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 22:44:46
Ethan> :: staggers, but regains his balance quickly and hurrying to help keep a medical cart from toppling over ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:45:31
Suzuki> :: whips in behind the fighter that's chasing Ash, trying to get a lock ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 22:45:40
:: nods, focusing to targeting the weak points in question, sending phasers their way ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 22:45:56
:: drops in behind a fighter that's chasing Suzuki chasing Ash ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:46:33
ACTION> The dreadnought does start to falter, seemingly already damaged from the fight before we arrived.
:: flip-turns Atlantis like a fighter, straining the inertial dampeners, and rushes right at that central weak point :: TAC2: There!
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 22:47:13
Ash> :: sees Suzuki and risks smoothing out her turn in order to force her tail to do the same ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 22:47:46
:: at the end of a snake of fighters, he gets a lock on his target and fires ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 22:48:00
:: sees the faltering dreadnought, and continues to keep the fire coming, turning to aim at the central weak point and unleashing a blast of phasers followed by a torpedo... kinda overboard, but if it did what it's supposed to do, then no more issue. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:48:20
Suzuki> :: finally manages to get the lock and punches Spitfire's tail with two microquantums, blowing it to smithereens :: +Sharks+ Nice teamwork.
HRH Ashexana 29-Jul-2020 22:48:27
Mr. Taev... again. :: coughs ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 22:48:38
Ash> ::whoops in her cockpit ::
HRH Ashexana 29-Jul-2020 22:48:44
Taev> :: fires the plasma torpedoes, and they slam into the same area Atlantis was targeting ::
Hadley> My Queen, you need to—
:: cuts him off :: Thank you, Mr. Hadley.
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jul-2020 22:49:22
::mutters as the newly arranged stack of coffee pods spills all over the floor, from the flip-turn::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 22:49:27
+Sharks+ Definitely! Keep it up!
:: rolls away from the debris that was his target ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 22:50:32
:: keeps a finger hovering over the signals to beam up the Sharks, tense ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:50:40
Suzuki> :: peels off straight down, making a wide arcing turn back up while surveying the battlefield for her next target ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 22:50:43
:: takes a quick glance, and sends another wave of phaser shots to another weak point that was visible with a quiet hum ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:50:50
:: yaws as they pass to keep the quantum launcher on target ::
:: then, once they pass, she dives and rolls hard, coming back around for another attack ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 22:52:24
:: grumbles, staggering slightly before releasing another wave of attacks on the central weak point ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:52:24
ACTION> The dreadnought unleashes another volley of fire on both ships, connecting on with Atlantis on several shots, and the Rixx on one good one.
ACTION> Those hits were definitely noticeable on Atlantis, causing incidental damage across the ship as systems strain to contain the surges.
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jul-2020 22:53:33
::grabs onto a biobed and holds on to keep herself from tumbling to the floor also::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 22:54:02
Ethan> :: actually loses his balance, and curses before scrambling back up and resuming his previous task ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:54:04
:: grunts as her body strains against the seatbelt :: Self: Can't they just stop it already!?
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 22:54:09
:: rolls away from a disruptor shot that tagged his shields and drops in behind another Xovul fighter, clearing it with microquantums ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 22:54:16
:: grips her seat hard :: CEO: Damage report!
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:54:42
ACTION> The Rixx takes another hit, but is somehow continuing to evade.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 22:55:14
:: grips on her console to keep herself straight, grumbling :: Bridge: Who's bloody-damn genius idea was it to have the tactical crew standing? :: continues sending phaser shots at the dreadnought's weak points, whatever was closest.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 22:55:30
:: flinches, guarding herself from raining sparks before looking back to her console. She occasionally glances at the screen, still uncertain. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:55:38
Suzuki> Self: Shit! :: ducks and takes evasive maneuvers as a Xovul fighter comes out of nowhere and lights her up ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:55:48
:: sees an opportunity and surges the ship toward it :: TAC2: Quantum torpedos, there!
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jul-2020 22:56:09
::Braces hard to his console, before he's able to check.:: XO: Power surges across multiple decks. Shields down to 67%
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 22:56:18
:: arcs back around to scatter some phaser fire at the bandit harrassing Jester ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jul-2020 22:56:49
::is beginning to get casualties in due to sparking consoles::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 22:56:58
:: then closes the distance ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 22:57:10
:: taps into the torpedoes, unleashing them on the point the Captain had pointed out before switching back to the phasers, working on trying to keep the Dreadnought distracted from their major targets ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:57:30
ACTION> The Rixx joins in our volley once more, and the great dreadnought begins to break apart.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jul-2020 22:57:43
XO: Redistributing excess power to back into the shield matrix and structural integrity field to compensate...
HRH Ashexana 29-Jul-2020 22:57:59
Hadley: Get clear! :: coughs in the smoke on her bridge ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 22:58:09
Ethan> :: is running the dermal regenerator over crew members that come in with burns, trying to not worry about his wife up there... this was his job, and that was hers. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:58:20
ENG: I'll see if I can find some more power for you!
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 22:58:32
+Sharks+ Get away from the dreadnought, it's going to blow!
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 22:58:47
Suzuki> :: doesn't look or ask questions, just peels away ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 22:59:19
:: fires a microtorp before he veers off, destroying the fighter that had been on Jester's tail ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 29-Jul-2020 22:59:20
CSO: Negative... moving power from weapons to the engines...
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 22:59:24
Ash> :: turns tail and flees the hulking, failing ship ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 22:59:24
:: pulls Atlantis away from the rapidly disassembling dreadnought ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 22:59:53
:: watches the viewscreen, wide-eyed ::
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 23:00:06
:: opens her mouth to give an order, but shuts it when Ilaihr already announces that he's doing so ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 23:00:09
:: checks the shield levels, bracing herself for the rapidly exploding dreadnought as she watched the viewscreen, expression intense ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 23:00:13
ACTION> Atlantis, Rixx, and the Sharks all peel away as the dreadnought breaks into several pieces before exploding.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 23:00:13
Suzuki> +Sharks+ Thanks for the assist, Zorro!
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 23:00:29
+Sharks+ Any time, Jester. Good hunting, all of you.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 23:01:09
ACTION> The remaining Xovul fighters were caught in the explosion of their mothership.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 23:01:38
CO: Sharks are clear of the explosion. The Rixx is hailing us.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 23:01:57
CSO: Bring the Sharks home, and put the Rixx up.
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 23:02:27
+Sharks+ Good work out there, Sharks. Come on home. :: taps to put the Rixx on the main screen ::
HRH Ashexana 29-Jul-2020 23:02:59
:: appears on the screen, her normally austere form now battered and bruised, her raven hair a disheveled mess, and her alabaster skin bloodied, behind her, the bridge of the Rixx is a mess of fire and smoke ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 23:02:59
Suzuki> :: points her fighter toward Atlantis, thinking about her bed again already ::
NAV Lt Navarro 29-Jul-2020 23:03:18
:: shoots toward the Atlantis's assault bay ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 23:03:23
:: watches the screen, frowning ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 23:03:28
:: looks at Ashexana with surprise ::
HRH Ashexana 29-Jul-2020 23:03:44
:: smiles with surprise and gratitude :: +CO+ Captain Harper. I never expected yours to be the face of my savior. Thank you.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 23:03:49
:: looks up at the screen in slight surprise, expression concerned ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 23:04:17
:: stands :: +HRH+ Your highness. We stand ready to render any assistance you require.
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 23:04:38
Ash> :: heads on home, counting her kills ::
HRH Ashexana 29-Jul-2020 23:05:56
:: nods, weakly :: +CO+ Thank you. I—and the Free Fleets—cannot possibly express the depths of our grati— :: coughs, and blood trickles from her mouth as she slumps ::
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 23:06:18
:: gasps, alarmed ::
HRH Ashexana 29-Jul-2020 23:06:30
Hadley> :: appears on screen, a tall man with an impeccably-groomed brown mustache :: Our sickbay is destroyed and our doctors are dead. We request medical assistance for the Queen!
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 23:06:50
:: straightens in concern, poised to move ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 23:06:55
:: jumps :: CSO: Can we beam her aboard?
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jul-2020 23:06:59
::looks up to the bridge feed:: +MED+ Do you have a lock on her?
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 23:07:08
+Hadley+ Of course! CSO: Beam her to sickbay!
CSO Cdr Wright 29-Jul-2020 23:07:24
:: nods, already going through the appropriate motions ::
CO: I have a lock. Energizing.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 23:08:21
+CMO+: Incoming.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 23:08:25
Ethan> :: hears what's going on, and gets his patient finished before moving to Tailor's side :: CMO: What's the status report on Her Royal Highness?
XO Cdr Kuari 29-Jul-2020 23:08:34
:: is alarmed, but keeps her cool as the crew takes care of it, then checks the structural integrity of the Rixx again on her console ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jul-2020 23:08:39
+MED+ Understood. Ethan: Not here yet...
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 23:08:43
ACTION> HRH Queen Ashexana I appears on a biobed in the sickbay of Atlantis, on the brink of death.
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 23:09:33
:: taps at her console :: +CMO+: We should also send a triage team to the Rixx.
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jul-2020 23:09:34
Ethan: And there she is. ::immediately starts running scans and getting the Queen stabilized with the help of her capable staff::
HRH Ashexana 29-Jul-2020 23:09:35
Hadley> :: closes the channel now that his Queen is away, and settles into the business of damage assessment ::
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 23:09:57
ACTION> The Rixx is now visible on the main viewer, a silvery, sleek, graceful ship, its central body a shallow arc, flanked by two smaller arcs that serve as warp nacelles. Her usual pristine appearance is marred by substantial battle damage, but she's in one piece.
TAC2 Cpt Grey 29-Jul-2020 23:10:23
Ethan> :: wants to curse so badly, but keeps his calm expression and hurries to the biobed occupied by the Queen, slipping into the busy medical staff around the Queen neatly ::
MED Lt Acacia 29-Jul-2020 23:10:27
:: taps at her console, making preparations and tagging some medical officers to head to the transporter room ::
CMO Lt Tailor 29-Jul-2020 23:10:35
+MED+ Do it. I'm working on the Queen at the moment. Have them beamed directly to ICU.
CO Capt Harper 29-Jul-2020 23:10:38
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