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Lost Harbor
Atlantis / atlantis-mission
Our lengthy shore leave wraps up tonight. Please enjoy the end of your leave to start the sim, but plan to be back aboard Atlantis for the last third of the game.
After 22-Jul-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 21:15:30
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 21:18:48
Suzuki> :: walking down a tatami hallway, wearing sandals and a kimono-style robe and carrying a bathing kit, leading her similarly-equipped companions :: Emily/Zorro: It has been a busy few days - hiking, climbing, shopping, experiencing the culture... I thought we could cap it off with a private evening in the onsen.
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 21:20:43
:: is also wearing the local style, having greatly enjoyed her visit. She nods lightly. :: Suzuki: Sure!
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 21:20:52
Suzuki> :: slides open the doors leading to the onsen and points to the gender-separated bathing areas :: Both: First, you must disrobe and wash yourself thoroughly. There are small towels provided here for modesty, but you cannot take anything else into the water. Once you are clean, you can enter the hot spring.
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 21:21:34
: :absently fiddles with his kimono as they walk, wanting to be sure it's right, then looks at the bathring rooms as they arrive :: Jester: Sounds good to me.
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 21:22:05
:: is briefly surprised at that, but only because of what she's learned of the culture thus far. She nods, already working on undoing the various knots keeping her fabriced ::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 21:22:45
:: with Kate and her father, walking away from the theater where they'd just watched her mother's former orchestra perform, the night cooling off comfortably from the heat of the day :: Both: It's been a while since I've seen that particular symphony! It was marvelous!
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 21:23:29
:: carefully removes the make-up and washes herself, not wanting to disrespect their waters ::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 21:23:30
Lexy/Bill: It was! Their performance of Schumann was particularly masterful!
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 21:24:04
Suzuki> :: moves toward the women's bathing area with Emily, stepping out of her robe and washing herself thoroughly ::
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 21:24:28
:: enters the designated changing area and loses his clothes, then starts to scrub ::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 21:25:21
Bill> Both: Yes, I've always loved that one! You have good taste, Kitty. Not that I didn't know that already. :: conspiratorially nudges his daughter with an elbow ::
CMO Lt Tailor 22-Jul-2020 21:25:26
::is entering Sol System on final approach to Spacedock, ready to rendezvous with Atlantis::
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 21:25:31
:: gets herself clean and her hair untwisted. She wraps herself in a towel before turning around, politely gesturing for Suzuki to go first. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 21:25:38
Bill: Dad! :: giggles ::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 21:26:08
:: giggles along with Lexy ::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 21:26:45
Suzuki> :: collects a towel and simply drapes it over her shoulder, sliding open another set of doors that separate the bathing area from the serenity of the hot spring ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 22-Jul-2020 21:27:02
:: is glancing through her tablet, enjoying the evening sun while Ethan was out at the hospital, he'd been asked for his opinion on something earlier that day, with a sleeping puppy on her lap ::
CMO Lt Tailor 22-Jul-2020 21:27:05
::flips through the holoimages she took of the pterosaurs, who are full size now. Somehow they still recognized her even after all this time::
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 21:27:12
:: emerges from the changing area wearing a towel and takes in the hot spring ::
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 21:27:15
:: tilts her head before following along, clearly having misread the towel bit.. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 21:29:11
Suzuki> :: dips in a toe :: Both: The water is very hot, take care.
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 21:29:57
:: also disturbs the water with his foot to test it ::
CMO Lt Tailor 22-Jul-2020 21:30:13
::Her shuttle drops out of warp into the vicinity of the space station, and she swoops towards the docking bay and slows, waiting for OPS to guide her in::
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 21:30:26
:: nods attentively, dipping in her toes as well to test it. She tosses her towel off to the side before stepping down into the spring up to her knees, giving herself time to adjust. ::
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 21:30:37
:: is at the visitor's center at Starfleet Headquarters, in one of its prime restaurants at a table with no chairs, staring down at a brightly-lit menu on the table ::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 21:30:50
Bill> Lexy: It does remind me, though. I have a little gift for you. :: he pulls out a data rod :: While I was going through some old things, I found holo-recordings of dozens of your mother's performances with the symphony, and I made a copy for you. :: smiles ::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 21:31:02
ACTION> Starbase Ops guides Tailor's shuttle into the traffic pattern in such a way that puts her on course to fly through the spacedoors and into Atlantis's shuttlebay.
:: her jaw drops as she watches Bill give his daughter such a gift ::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 21:31:38
Bill: Oh, dad! This is amazing! :: takes it reverently ::
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 21:31:44
:: sheds the towel and enters the water, now that he sees how this is going to go ::
CMO Lt Tailor 22-Jul-2020 21:32:20
Self: Home sweet home... ::is, as always, amazed at how precisely the shuttle is guided into Atlantis' bay, with inches to spare.::
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 21:32:43
Both: Yes, that is quite warm. :: smirks :: Takes a bit of time to get used to it.
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 21:32:51
Bill> Lexy: I thought you would like it. :: they enter a park filled with fragrant, blooming flowers :: Both: I want to tell you, I really appreciated the tour of your ship earlier today. It's quite a beauty!
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 21:33:04
:: slowly wades the rest of the way in, then sinks until only her closed eyes are above water, wild curly hair forming a lily pad around her as she takes in the heat. ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 22-Jul-2020 21:33:05
::Looks around, and down at the menu.:: Kuari: Does this magic food?
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 21:33:28
Suzuki> :: slips into the water, setting her towel on dry land nearby :: Self: Ahhhh.
CMO Lt Tailor 22-Jul-2020 21:33:40
::unclicks her seatbelt as the shuttle comes to a complete stop, and stands to collect her things::
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 21:34:27
:: looks up across the table :: AmberSun> We decide what we want from this menu, and someone brings the food to us.
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 21:34:33
Suzuki> :: feels her muscles begin to unknot in the heat ::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 21:34:35
:: smiles, blinking a few times to clear her eyes :: Bill: I was happy to show her off to you!
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 21:34:49
:: settles down into the water, taking deep, long breaths ::
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 21:34:55
:: bobs back up and releases a satisfied sigh before setting herself down on one of the seat-height rocks at the perimeter :: Suzuki: This is really nice. Thank you, again, for everything. I'd never had a good reason to visit Japan before, but I'm glad I did.
CMO Lt Tailor 22-Jul-2020 21:35:24
::steps out of the shuttle, stretching her legs, it's been a long couple of weeks::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 21:35:37
Bill> Kate: Marvelous piece of engineering! And the most important part of it, of course, was meeting my grandcat.
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 21:35:45
Jester: Same here, I must say. It is quite different from Spain, but I really enjoyed myself.
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 21:35:59
:: smiles and laughs ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 22-Jul-2020 21:37:04
Kuari: Ok! ::Smiles.::
CMO Lt Tailor 22-Jul-2020 21:37:10
::hoists her duffel on her shoulder and starts the long walk back to her quarters::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 21:37:38
Suzuki> Both: I am very happy to have the opportunity to share it with both of you. :: inclines her head graciously :: Many of the things we saw and did are the kind of things you only do with guests from afar, if you know what I mean.
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 21:37:58
:: curiously explores the "Classics" section of the menu :: AmberSun> This "Cheeseburger" option looks interesting. It comes in a vegetable version.
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 21:38:00
:: chuckles :: Suzuki: Oh, I know.
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 21:38:16
:: chuckles ::Suzuki: Like you never do the touristy things you live near?
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 21:38:30
Suzuki> :: nods :: Zorro: Exactly.
Bill> Both: But... if you're willing to talk about it... I'm very interested to hear more about the, ah, incident that led to this leave for you...? :: he looks at them, carefully attempting to gauge their emotional responses ::
:: quiets and looks at Kate ::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 21:40:47
Bill: That is something that we still cannot explain. :: nods :: But yes, I can talk about it. :: looks over to Lexy ::
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 21:40:59
:: waves a hand :: Both: I didn't even show you Betazese's tourist trap.
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 21:41:07
:: nods at Kate in a "go ahead" kind of way ::
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 21:41:12
:: settles back into the water a bit further somehow ::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 21:41:48
Suzuki> Emily: Oh? What is it? :: feels more comfortable around Emily, having spent several days with her at this point ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 22-Jul-2020 21:42:12
::Shakes head.:: Kuari: Will try cheeezzzeburgler! No veggy tables.
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 21:42:23
Bill: We were stranded in an alien wilderness with nothing more than we had on us in bed, so what can I say other than it was very difficult at first.
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 21:42:41
Bill: We were separated, as well.
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 21:43:03
Bill: Yes, seemingly randomly paired off, but some were even alone.
CMO Lt Tailor 22-Jul-2020 21:43:25
::finally gets to her quarters and taps in the entry code, stepping with a happy sigh through her door::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 21:43:30
Bill> Both: The two of you were still together, though.
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 21:43:37
:: smiles, also much more at ease now, :: Suzuki: Glasfori village has this open-air marketplace thing, it's only even open some seasons, but they'll open it for visitors. :: she shares a picture with the two of them psychically of the village's aesthetic, houses built in and around the branches of trees, scaling stories up with little bridges between them. ::
Both: They have some wicked seasonal challenges, but I respect their ideas.
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 21:44:04
Bill: After... :: looks to Lexy :: what was it, four days? :: the memory, while there, is still a memory from a year ago ::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 21:44:22
Suzuki> :: still not used to psychic pictures ::
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 21:44:44
Emily: It looks like a fun place, even if it's a tourist trap.
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 21:44:49
SFHQVC Waiter> :: walks over cautiously towards Kuari and AmberSun, appearing to have lost paper/rock/scissors :: Kuari and AmberSun: W-welcome to Gold Coast Restaurant and Starfleet Headquarters. C-can I take your order?
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 21:45:07
:: has gotten used to the psychic pictures by now ::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 21:45:15
Bill: Kate was with our friend Kuari. I was with a man called Colonel Wolfe. :: she is obviously uncomfortable with the memory ::
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 21:45:20
:: laughs, shaking her head :: Doc: That's the thing, they built the market somewhere flat. The rest of the village is a death-trap.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 22-Jul-2020 21:46:16
Waiter: Hello! ::Jumps up, pressing his snout to their nose, and staring deeply into their eyes.:: Can has Cheeezeburgler?!
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 21:46:23
Bill: After those miserable first few days, we found a house, and then eventually a city.
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 21:46:30
Suzuki> :: tilts her head to the side, not understanding ::
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 21:47:31
SFHQVC Waiter> :: almost falls over :: Umm! :: collects himself :: AmberSun: I...cheeseburger you say? Yes! Um...just one? :: looks the bear alien up and down ::
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 21:48:02
:: taps her chin, trying again :: Suzuki: The trees grow at different speeds, so the houses are usually straight but the bridges get.. :: she gestures :: ..twisted.
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 21:48:18
Bill: We set up our base in a hotel there, where we lived for a year.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 22-Jul-2020 21:48:30
Waiter: Can have more!!!!???
CMO Lt Tailor 22-Jul-2020 21:48:51
::plops her duffel down on the floor, and goes to make herself a cup of tea, then settles in with a PADD to send off the data from the pterosaurs to the Daystrom institute::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 21:48:57
Bill: Our needs of survival were met, so it was not the worst experience, but we still were stranded somewhere we did not want to be. And apparently that year did not happen, but we remember it. :: shrugs :: Somehow.
Bill: And I have physical artifacts from that place in my quarters.
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 21:49:34
Bill: It was really scary because.... I thought I would never see you again. :: has tears in her eyes ::
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 21:50:27
:: can easily see the waiter's distress :: AmberSun: Sit down, Amber Sun... you're scaring him.
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 21:50:40
Bill: We were apparently twenty thousand years in the past. People longed for their families and friends, for any way to just let them know...
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 21:50:52
Suzuki> :: nods slowly, understanding ::
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 21:51:10
:: kinda wants to try that ::
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 21:51:43
SFHQVC Waiter> :: sticks his order PADD under an arm and indicates the size of a cheeseburger with his hands in front of him, touching his fingertips together :: AmberSun: They're...about this big, each one.
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 21:51:59
Bill> :: frowns, the gravity of their situation becoming clear to him :: Both: Yes, I can see how that would be distressing.
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 21:52:23
:: her lighthearted mood now gone, she just nods, looking suddenly rather hollow ::
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 21:52:53
:: pauses, feeling like she should say something but not having anything to say. Having been in Suzuki's aura for a few days, though, she just falls silent and sinks into the water. ::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 21:53:25
Bill: We apparently figured out how to disable whatever brought us there, so we never ended up stranded there at all. But, the memories remain.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 22-Jul-2020 21:53:36
::Sniffs the waiter, smelling the fear sweat on him.:: Kuari: Ok! ::Plonks back down on the floor. Nods as he's given an example of the size of this burger.:: Waiter: Could eat many that size! But me no greedy. Try one first. ::Smiles with his canines showing.::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 21:53:45
Bill> :: slides an arm over each of their shoulders :: Both: I'm glad my girls both came home safely. I'm so very proud of both of you, you know.
Suzuki> :: enjoys the companionable silence for a while, then speaks up again :: Both: What did you enjoy about the trip? Maybe... next time we can do more of that.
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 21:55:36
:: immediately, without even thinking :: Suzuki: The food!
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 21:55:48
:: snuggles up against her father-in-law, the arm and the sentiment bringing her back a bit :: Bill: Thank you. We would have missed such a lovely concert.
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 21:55:51
SFHQVC Waiter> :: quickly grabs for his PADD, almost dropping it on their table, then taps on it, frowning having tapped the wrong item, then hurriedly fixes it :: AmberSun: Would you like fries with that? :: smiles, thinking he sounds upscale with the classic phrase ::
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 21:56:17
:: nods in agreement with Emily: ¡Sí! The food was incredible, yes!
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 22-Jul-2020 21:56:25
::Looks to Kuari.:: Waiter: Baby fish are not filling.
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 21:56:43
Bill> Kate: Can't have that now, can we? Oh, how are Rolik and Jhnal? It's been a few months since I last talked to them.
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 21:56:59
:: frowns also, not knowing what fries are, and looks to the waiter ::
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 21:57:02
:: then pauses to give it a bit more thought, adding, :: Suzuki: That show we saw was amazing. The actors have such a unique discipline. Definitely would like to see more of that. :: she nods :: Suzuki: And the people watching, not gonna lie.
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 21:57:17
SFHQVC Waiter> AmberSun: They're potatoes.
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 21:58:10
Bill: They are quite well! They were so worried for us as we told the story, so they spoiled us while we visited.
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 21:58:19
Suzuki> :: laughed at the food, then nodded at the mention of the show :: Both: It really was fascinating. I had forgotten how much I enjoy the theater.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 22-Jul-2020 21:58:35
Waiter: Pohtaytoes?! ::Tilts his head.::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 21:58:41
Bill: Sooooooo much food. Jhnal is an amazing chef.
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 21:58:56
:: nods in agreement :: Suzuki: And I don't think you could have done the style justice. It's different from anything else I've seen on Earth, anyway.
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 21:59:36
SFHQVC Waiter> AmberSun: Vegetables...never mind. :: takes another look over Amber Sun, frowning, then turns to Kuari ::
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 21:59:56
Both: Yes, it was definitely unique. I have to add the outdoor things we did as well. This place is beautiful.
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 22:00:20
:: smiles lightly :: Both: Yeah, I loved the cherry trees.
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 22:00:54
:: grins at the mention of her mother's cooking ::
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 22:00:59
:: smiles politely up at the waiter :: SFHQVC Waiter: I'll have the vegetable cheeseburger. I was going to order four, but...I think I'll try one, like Amber Sun's doing. And yes, I would like fries with that. And just water, please, for both of us.
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:01:03
Suzuki> Both: The place where we climbed this morning, I have been climbing there since I was just a girl.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 22-Jul-2020 22:01:20
::Continues to smile.::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:01:36
Bill> Both: I've been thinking, maybe I'll take a trip out to Risa to visit them.
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 22:01:57
Jester: It's a great spot. I'd certainly like to climb it again.
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 22:02:17
SFHQVC Waiter> :: taps in the order hurriedly then looks back at both rows of teeth, smiles weakly and hurries off, mumbling something about being right back ::
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 22:02:58
:: smiles at that :: Suzuki: And I'm sure you know many more great climbing spots.
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:03:07
Suzuki> Emily: You are a good climber. I have some holodeck programs I can share if you would like.
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 22:03:14
Bill: You should! You could see the real Risa!
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 22:03:24
:: looks around the restaurant, as one does when waiting for food ::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:03:44
Bill> Kate: They keep inviting me, but I'm not sure if they're just being polite.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 22-Jul-2020 22:03:46
Kuari: Why are waitman be scared? Silly Hooman. ::Chuckles.::
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 22:03:54
:: nods at that :: Suzuki: I'll send you mine as well, but you may not be impressed.
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 22:04:43
AmberSun: They're not accustomed to a very large carnivore in their personal space without warning.
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 22:04:51
: vigorously shakes her head :: Bill: No, they mean it! Mamá always means what she says!
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:05:06
Suzuki> :: laughs again, a subdued but obviously mirthful sound :: Emily: I'm not judging you.
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 22:05:18
Both: I see that I need to get better at climbing to keep up with you two.
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:05:34
Bill> Both: Well, then! Perhaps I will go!
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 22-Jul-2020 22:06:43
Kuari: Hoomans still silly. ::Waits cheerfully for the food to arrive.::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 22:07:13
Bill: With the new slipstream-equipped passenger transports, it is not even a long trip.
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 22:07:32
SFHQVC Waiter> :: brings two plates, a single cheeseburger set on the edge of the table near Amber Sun, the closest the waiter is willing to go towards the bear, and a cheeseburger-looking item with fries on the side in front of Kuari, and two waters in large metal bowls which aren't breakable ::
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 22:08:07
:: laughs in response, shrugging :: Both: I usually climb out of necessity, or for a view. So my programs are more aesthetic than exercising. But I do like a challenge. :: she smirks at Doc ::
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 22:08:42
:: smiles politely and thanks the waiter, knowing her manners, then sniffs at her burger and fries ::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:08:52
Suzuki> Zorro: I'll make sure to find ways to incentivize you.
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 22:09:26
:: grins, teasing :: Suzuki: Put a bottle of booze at the peak. :: she makes a dangling gesture with her fingers ::
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 22:09:34
Both: I had never really done it much before meeting you two, but it is great fun and exercise, so I might as well. :: smirks at Jester ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 22-Jul-2020 22:09:41
Waiter: Thaaahhhhnk you! ::Sniffs the burger.:: Kuari: Heated meat! ::Devours the burger in a single gigantic bite, without even chewing.::
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 22:10:51
:: smiles at Amber Sun, refreshed to have someone else that eats typically small portions presented to her quickly, and gently lifts the burger with her thin pointy tongue into her mouth ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 22-Jul-2020 22:11:15
Kuari: Taste goood! Not crunchy like bushytail.
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 22:12:09
:: shakes her head :: Amber Sun: Nope, they remove the bones.
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:12:37
Suzuki> Emily: Booze, hmmm, there's an idea.
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 22:12:55
:: perks up ::
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 22:13:08
:: redirects on that thought, eyebrows raising :: Suzuki: Heh, always.
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 22:13:26
:: shifts in the water ::
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 22:13:34
:: frowns to herself, wondering how she can talk about eating animal bones so easily as she doesn't eat animal, but for a year she...sort of did? Confused but moving past it, she sniffs at the "fries" and recognizes them as oiled cooked potato. She turns her head sideways and picks up the pile with her canines on one side, chewing them a bit before swallowing ::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:14:43
Suzuki> :: rises out of the water and walks, dripping, over to a neatly concealed communicator and calls to the kitchen for sake to be delivered ::
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 22:15:19
:: smiles :: AmberSun: Shall we order seconds?
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 22:16:07
:: folds her arms on the surface, resting her chin on her arms. She looks up at the stars, smiling. ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 22-Jul-2020 22:16:25
::Nods emphatically.:: Kuari: Yes! ::Looks to the waiter.:: Plllleeeeeeeeaaaaasssssseeeee. ::His canine practically twinkles.::
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 22:17:07
SFHQVC Waiter> :: nods, rushing away to bring however many more burgers he deems desired ::
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 22:17:24
:: watches Jester, having missed the communicator's presence, then watches Emily smile up at the stars ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 22-Jul-2020 22:17:49
Kuari: I like Earth. It nice here.
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:18:18
Suzuki> :: slips back into the water, and a few short minutes later, a uniformed waitress arrives and very politely interrupts them to bring in a large bottle of sake and three cups, bowing herself out ::
CMO Lt Tailor 22-Jul-2020 22:18:27
::finishes up what she was doing and finds herself thinking about the 'year' on the gencodian planet, almost missing the simple life there::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:18:51
:: whiles away the evening wandering through the park and chatting with Kate and her father ::
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 22:19:28
:: thanks the waitress and takes her drink, musing :: Suzuki: Now that's a nice trick.
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 22:20:24
:: nods in full agreement :: AmberSun: It is. They're at peace here, and food is plentiful. It's of the people that send ships into space.
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 22:20:36
:: finding the walk and talk through park to be good for her overall well-being ::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:20:50
Suzuki> :: clinks her cup with Emily and Zorro ::
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 22:21:12
:: politely thanks the waitress and takes a drink, then clinks cups :: ...kanpai?
TAC2 Cpt Grey 22-Jul-2020 22:21:18
:: is boarding the shuttle, their dog at her heels with Ethan following close behind, all ready to head back up to the ship after this long, and very-much needed shore leave. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:21:31
Suzuki> Zorro: Kanpai.
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 22:21:42
:: joins in the cheers, then swigs the sake with a grin :: Yujo e! Kanpai.
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 22:22:07
:: smiles, glad he can add another Japanese word to his list ::
:: then drinks up ::
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 22:22:31
SFHQVC Waiter> :: brings back two plates, each with four burgers and sets them down :: Kuari and AmberSun: Let me know if you want more!
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:22:53
Suzuki> :: gives Emily a small smile for her use of Japanese ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 22-Jul-2020 22:23:20
::Nods head at the waiter.:: Waiter: Thahnk you waitman! Cheezeburgler are good!
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 22:24:23
:: scarfs her burgers up ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 22-Jul-2020 22:25:55
::Smiles as he watches Kuari inhale her burgers. Lowers his head as he stares at his own, stalking them as he circles the table, before pouncing on them; tossing them into the air one by one and catching them in the roof of his mouth.::
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 22:26:24
:: drinks the night away with not just one, but now two of her favorite people, enjoying the hot spring and the sake and their last day on Earth ::
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 22:26:48
:: watches Amber Sun, giggling and shaking her head side to side ::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:27:03
:: ends the night contently snuggled into bed in her old room, but in a bigger bed and next to her wife ::
Suzuki> :: gets a bit tipsy as the night progresses ::
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 22:27:29
:: drinks up, feeling incredibly lucky to have ended up in the company of two incredible women ::
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 22:28:32
:: wakes up from her hotel room the next morning, enjoying the comforts presented, even the tiny chocolate mints on her pillow, then makes her way to the transporters in the same building to return to Atlantis ::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:29:47
:: after having a long goodbye breakfast with her father, is sitting on the shuttle with Kate feeling stuffed with bacon and pancakes and bacon pancakes ::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 22:30:26
:: having thorougly baconed, she's powering up the Seraphim for a flight out of PDX - they could have just beamed down, but taking the shuttle was more fun! ::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:30:45
:: running through the pre-flight ::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 22:31:09
Lexy: Are we clear? And are you ready to go home? :: smiles ::
CMO Lt Tailor 22-Jul-2020 22:31:13
::wakes in her own bed to an alarm that she hasn't heard in at least a month... sighs and rolls out of bed; back to routine::
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 22:31:13
:: wakes up the next morning in an odd mood and finds herself going through the motions. She gets dressed, gets packed, and gets ready to go before breakfast. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:31:19
Kate: Yes. And yes.
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 22:31:50
Lexy: Me, too. It will be good to get back. :: talks to the control tower and lifts off ::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:32:17
Suzuki> :: having shoved Zorro out of bed, she finishes getting ready and heads down to breakfast ::
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 22:33:36
:: appears at breakfast a few minutes after Jester, all cleaned up and ready to go ::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 22:34:00
:: arcs the Seraphim high into the sky after a nice sweep around Portland, making for space ::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:34:22
:: waves at her city ::
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 22:34:35
:: sits quietly through breakfast, a bit uncharacteristic but she seems tired. She finishes her first cup of tea and offers the other two a small smile. :: Both: Hey. 'bout ready to go?
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:34:57
Suzuki> Emily: Did you sleep poorly?
TAC2 Cpt Grey 22-Jul-2020 22:35:10
:: is already up and moving by the time her husband's alarm goes off, getting ready for a run in the holodeck with the hyper puppy bouncing at her heels, planning on running some combat sims after her run. Back to routine... and early-morning wakeups ::
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 22:35:17
:: looks at Emily with a hint of concern ::
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 22:35:29
:: is transported, arriving in turn on the Atlantis transporter pad, stepping off quickly to make room for the next transport. She takes in a deep breath, recognizing which TR she beamed into, greets other crewmen crowding the area, then trots down the corridor towards her quarters ::
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 22:35:51
:: offers a slow nod :: Suzuki: Bad dream.
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 22:35:54
:: the sky turns black as they leave Earth's atmosphere behind, and the giant form of Starbase One comes into view ::
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 22:36:04
Emily: Need to talk about it?
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:36:23
Suzuki> :: frowns:: Emily: I'm sorry to hear that. But yes, if you need to talk, we are here.
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 22:37:31
Lexy: Mind getting us an Atlantis approach?
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 22:38:02
:: gives Doc a look, a look that says, 'you know', then takes another bite. She shakes her head lightly then looks back to Suzuki and offers a small, tired, but genuine smile, :: Both: I appreciate it. I think I just need time. Perhaps a bit of routine will help, hm?
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:38:17
:: calls in to the starbase, getting quick clearance to approach and land in the shuttle bay ::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 22:38:50
:: gets the approach data from Starbase Ops and settles the Seraphim onto the prescribed path ::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:39:10
Suzuki> :: frowns, considering, but respects Emily's obvious wish not to pursue it and says nothing ::
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 22:39:46
:: gets the look and nods :: Emily: It just might. :: at least, he hopes it will ::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 22:40:27
:: they fly through the spacedoors and Atlantis comes into view, evoking a smile from her ::
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 22:40:28
:: enters her quarters and looks around, sniffing each room and can tell no one had been there recently. Her trade from Betazed sits proudly in the center of her sitting room's table, a crafted replica of the island, and she sits on the floor to gaze at it for a few moments, reliving that part of her shore leave ::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 22:41:34
:: she can't not smile when she look at her ship, majestic and proud ::
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 22:41:49
:: finishes her breakfast and takes a deep breath. :: Both: Well, no time like the present. Shall we?
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:41:53
:: smiles just like she did yesterday, excited to finally be home ::
Suzuki> :: nods ::
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 22:42:21
:: also finishes up :: Both: It's about that time. Thank you both for such wonderful trips together.
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:42:50
Suzuki> Both: I hope they were the first of many.
CMO Lt Tailor 22-Jul-2020 22:42:51
::gets ready for her day, heads out to the nearest turbolift behind a pile of other alpha shifters; waits through at least three decks with that friggin' smooth jazz music playing in the background, finally steps off onto the bridge behind a random unnamed science officer::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 22:43:03
:: arcs toward the aft shuttlebay and flies through the doors, settling the Seraphim gently onto the deck in her usual parking spot ::
:: turns to look at Lexy :: Now, we are home. Come on! :: powers the Seraphim down ::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:43:55
:: grabs her bag ::
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 22:43:56
:: smiles and nods his agreement ::
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 22:43:58
:: smiles warmly. She has the instinct to hug them both, but resists it. :: Both: Me too. :: she gathers up her things and heads for the transporter room ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 22-Jul-2020 22:44:19
:: also makes her own way to the bridge after her nice workout, hair tied back into a marine-usual bun as she took her position at the tactical station, tapping into the station and waiting, glancing around the bridge ::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 22:44:35
:: once the power-down is complete, she fondly pats the console and also grabs her bag ::
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 22:45:12
:: goes to her replicator and orders a uniform. She hasn't worn anything her entire shore leave, so at first it feels strange having it on ::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 22:45:40
:: then heads to their quarters with Lexy for a quick change, greeting several of the crew as they pass ::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:46:00
:: inhales through her nose :: Kate: Ahhhh, smells like home.
CMO Lt Tailor 22-Jul-2020 22:46:20
::finds her usual station, freshly cleaned by the night shift cleaning crew, and installs her coffee cup in the cupholder::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 22:46:24
Lexy: That recycled starship air smell! I never thought I would miss it! :: steps through the doors into their quarters ::
Anna! Here kitty kitty kitty!
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:46:57
Anna> :: pokes her head around a corner :: Mrr?
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 22:47:19
:: walks along with them, carrying at least one other person's bag ::
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 22:47:27
:: takes a deep breath as the trio beams aboard. She looks around for a moment before stepping off the pad, smiling back at the other two one last time before heading to her quarters to drop off her things. ::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 22:47:56
:: grins at the cat :: Anna: We are home!
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:48:18
Anna> :: comes over and winds herself through their legs ::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 22:48:34
:: pets the kitty, scritching her ears ::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:48:37
:: reaches down to pat Anna ::
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 22:49:06
:: finally ends up back at his quarters and relucantly changes his vacation-wear for a uniform ::
:: then makes his way to the bridge ::
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 22:49:43
:: drops her bags off and pats Apollo on the head. He's more cuddly than usual, letting her rub him with both hands. :: Apollo: Attaboy.
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:49:59
Suzuki> :: is pretty sure Emily is upset that Zorro spent the night with her as she puts away her things ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 22-Jul-2020 22:50:13
::An Andorian Cruiser drops out of warp near Earth, and makes it's way to spacedock, checking the station logs, before ahiling Atlantis::
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 22:50:19
:: trots out of her quarters towards the turbolift to take her to the bridge ::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:51:13
:: drops off her things and changes into her uniform :: Self: Ahhh.
CMO Lt Tailor 22-Jul-2020 22:51:21
::glances over and sees the 'hail' button bleeping on the console and looks around the bridge to see if anyone is gonna get that::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 22:51:24
:: once the catte has been properly worshipped, she makes her way into their bedroom and changes into a uniform, for the first time in over a month ::
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 22:51:30
:: changes into her uniform, looks at herself in the mirror, and tries to center herself. She gives herself a short pep talk, rambling to herself in the mirror. It ends with a Picard-maneuver, and she turns and marches up to the bridge. ::
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 22:51:39
:: arrives on the bridge and settles into the helm ::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 22:52:12
:: then puts her hair up in the captainly updo for the first time since before being stranded, it finally feeling right again ::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:52:18
Suzuki> :: changes into her climbing gear and heads for the holodeck ::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 22:52:49
:: checks herself out in the mirror and nods in satisfaction, feeling and looking like herself again ::
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 22:52:56
:: arrives on the bridge, looking over at all present and smiling, then goes to her station to get caught up on the state of the ship. She lies down on her familiar backless seat, then taps at the console ::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:53:07
Kate: Ready?
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 22:53:19
:: steels herself before the turbolift doors open, but she's weirdly relieved to find that she beat a few people there. She looks over the ones who have arrived, especially Tailor, offering customary nods before finding her seat. ::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 22:53:23
:: smiles :: Lexy: Yes. Yes, I am ready.
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:54:09
Kate: Shall we? :: pats Anna one more time and then heads for the turbolift, tightening her characteristic high pony ::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 22:54:17
:: heads to the turbolift with Lexy, in a much better state to command than she was the morning after their shared year ::
CMO Lt Tailor 22-Jul-2020 22:55:05
::smiles a greeting to Acacia:: MED: How was your leave?
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 22:55:42
:: offers a tired smile, answering honestly :: CMO: Refreshing. Yours?
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 22:55:44
:: arrives on the bridge with Lexy :: Bridge: Good morning, everyone!
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 22:56:00
:: grins toothily at Harper's entrance from her position ::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:56:06
:: smiles at everyone and slides into her console, grinning across at Zorro ::
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 22:56:35
:: tenses almost imperceptibly, curling her toes. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:56:40
CO: Oh, Captain, we are being hailed.
CMO Lt Tailor 22-Jul-2020 22:56:42
MED: It was fun, I got to see the pterosaurs, and do their yearly checkup.
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 22:56:46
:: smiles in greeting to Alexis :: CSO: Commander.
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 22:56:52
CSO: On screen.
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 22:57:00
:: puts it on screen ::
CMO Lt Tailor 22-Jul-2020 22:57:01
::looks to the screen::
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 22:57:44
CMO: Lovely-- :: she blinks, then looks up ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 22-Jul-2020 23:00:46
-CO-: This is Captain Uruk'en of the AGS May'thrall. We're delivering a passenger to you.
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 23:01:53
+Uruk`en+ Would that passenger be Lieutenant Commander Ilaihr? :: hopes she didn't just assume that because Andorians ::
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 23:02:29
:: watches the main viewer ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 22-Jul-2020 23:03:22
+CO+: We also have Doctor Kessel Moran, going back to SFM... Please get the Captain off my ship... And remind him that he needs to ask council permission before setting foot on Andoria!
CMO Lt Tailor 22-Jul-2020 23:03:59
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 23:04:55
+Uruk`en+ You may beam Commander Ilaihr aboard, and Doctor Moran directly to Starfleet Medical, at your leisure. Thank you for delivering them, Captain.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 22-Jul-2020 23:05:50
+CO+: No, thank you. We've had nothing but trouble from the prodigal son, since he arrived!
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 23:06:45
:: smiles and nods :: +Uruk'en+ That sounds like the Commander. Thank you again, and safe journeys to you.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 22-Jul-2020 23:06:58
::Closes the channel.::
::Immedietly materializes on the bridge.::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 23:07:18
CO: The channel is closed.
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 23:07:29
:: exhales sharply, mouth twitching in a small smirk ::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 23:07:30
CSO: And the Chief Engineer is... here.
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 23:07:33
:: smiles as her friend is beamed aboard ::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 23:07:41
CEO: Welcome back, Commander!
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 23:07:41
:: turns her head to where Ilaihr materializes, and nods curtly when he looks ::
CMO Lt Tailor 22-Jul-2020 23:07:53
::smiles:: CEO: Welcome back, Ilaihr.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 22-Jul-2020 23:08:33
::Doesn't look his usual genial self, which a deep scowl etched into his ancient features.:: All: Good day, children.
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 23:09:05
:: narrows her eyes a bit, mostly out of concern ::
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 23:09:08
:: gives a single nod at that, looking back to her console. ::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 23:09:26
CEO: Are you alright, Commander?
TAC2 Cpt Grey 22-Jul-2020 23:09:30
:: looks at Ilaihr before turning back to her console, not paying much attention ::
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 23:09:33
:: frowns at Ilaihr, concerned ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 22-Jul-2020 23:10:12
CO: I am fine captain. ::Nods.::
CMO Lt Tailor 22-Jul-2020 23:11:06
::looks to the old man with some concern, but doesn't press it, for the time being::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 23:11:24
:: does not quite believe him, but simply answers with a gesture to the engineering console :: CEO: Take your station; we are departing.
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 23:11:31
:: frowns ::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 23:11:57
:: turns to Kuari, greeting her friend and XO with a smile :: XO: Commander, are we ready to depart? Is everyone aboard?
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 23:12:43
:: looks to Harper, then a quick glance at her console :: CO: All aboard, Captain. Atlantis is ready for departure.
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 23:13:36
XO: Thank you, Commander. :: is about to take her seat, but then gives a slightly mischievous glance toward the helm ::
NAV: Mr. Navarro, would you mind letting me take us out?
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 22-Jul-2020 23:14:10
::Takes his station, sitting down quietly.::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 23:14:14
:: gives Navarro an apologetic look ::
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 23:14:41
:: looks back at the captain, a little surprised, but then smiles and stands, offering her the seat :: CO: Be my guest, capitana.
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 23:14:49
:: grins, knowing how Harper is, watching ::
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 23:14:56
:: shrugs at Alexis, not minding at all ::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 23:15:06
:: eagerly slides into the helm ::
:: it having been a while, to her, since she's flown Atlantis ::
:: glances over to Lexy :: CSO: Departure clearance please, Commander.
MED Lt Acacia 22-Jul-2020 23:16:21
:: keeps her eyes down, a bit uncomfortable but glad no one's looking at her. She taps occasionally at her console, brushing up on her case files. ::
NAV Lt Navarro 22-Jul-2020 23:16:27
:: hovers nearby, leaning against the bulkhead, arms crossed as he watches the viewer ::
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 23:16:34
:: calls it in and after a few moments :: CO: We are cleared for departure.
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 23:17:04
CSO: Transfer to internal power.
CSO Cdr Wright 22-Jul-2020 23:17:09
Suzuki> :: climbing on the holodeck because it's not her shift ::
:: taps :: CO: Transfer to internal power complete.
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 23:17:30
:: turns her attention to her console, making sure everything moves as it should for departure ::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 23:17:43
CSO: Thank you. :: takes a deep, contented breath, and presses the button to release the mooring clamps ::
CMO Lt Tailor 22-Jul-2020 23:18:08
::checks in with sickbay, doing the usual pre-departure protocols, making sure all of the medical supplies got restocked, etc::
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 23:18:13
:: using the thrusters, she slowly backs Atlantis out of her berth and turns toward the spacedoors ::
:: then gently guides the big ship through the spacedoors, the trappings of the interior the of the Starbase falling away, revealing a majestic view of Earth ::
XO: Commander, make the ship ready for slipstream flight.
:: enters a course into the computer, engaging the warp drive while she waits for the slipstream solution ::
XO Cdr Kuari 22-Jul-2020 23:20:02
:: communicates with Tactical to raise shields, configured for slipstream :: CO: Ready, Captain.
CO Capt Harper 22-Jul-2020 23:20:38
:: gets the completed solution from the computer and engages the slipstream drive ::
ACTION: A minute later, Atlantis is smoothly pulled into slipstream.
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