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Atlantis / atlantis-mission
The Atlantis has returned to Earth and her crew has earned a lengthy shore leave, either here, or on any of the nearby major Federation worlds accessible by the new quantum slipstream passenger transports. Enjoy!
After 15-Jul-2020 00:00:00
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 21:25:38
:: walking along the beach with Lexy near her parents' home in Lunat Bay on Risa ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 21:27:06
:: drops her bag in the front room of the Acacia farmhouse, looking around slowly, taking in the normalcy of it all. ::
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 21:28:32
:: is wearing a bikini with a kimono-style cover-up, a pair of lace-up gladiator sandals, and a big sun hat walking hand in hand with Kate ::
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 21:30:04
:: also dressed in a bikini, but with a traditional gauzy sheer Risian cover ::
:: squeezes Lexy's hand as they come to the general area :: Lexy: It was about here, was it not?
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 21:31:06
:: smiles brightly from under the brim of her hat :: Kate: I think so!
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 21:31:11
:: makes her way through the living room to the windows, looking out at her mother who still doesn't seem to have noticed her, headphones in and fruit basket in hand. ::
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 21:32:04
:: follows behind Emily, somewhat apprehensive but would never show it ::
Kuari 15-Jul-2020 21:32:12
:: flies around above her parents' high-rise just outside Starfleet Headquarters. Having returned from Betazed, she gushed her adventure to her mother, but with her mother off to work and her father typically away as an ambassador, she just takes in the might of Starfleet's establishment in the distance and reflects on her journeys ::
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 21:32:32
:: stops and turns, placing herself in a similar position to where they were five years ago ::
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 21:32:59
Suzuki> :: probably off climbing alone somewhere ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 21:33:05
:: grins, shrugging. She looks around at all the plants hanging from the ceiling, admiring each of the many mismatched chairs and tables :: Doc: She's probably picking those for us, we are a bit early. Best not to startle her.
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 21:33:59
:: stops as well, following Kate's lead ::
Ryleigh Grey 15-Jul-2020 21:34:16
Ethan> :: is currently sprawled out on the floor of their house, playing with their year-old german shepherd while Ryleigh is at the stove, working on something for dinner. :: Soleil> :: she barks excitedly, trying to nip at her owner's hands in a total playing mood ::
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 21:34:34
:: smiles and just waits, looking around the place ::
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 21:36:15
:: turns Lexy to face her and looks down at her wife, remembering the emotions of that day ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 21:36:41
:: the Acacia family farm was clearly built up over time, nothing matching or new, but it all works together in a beautiful sort of quilt. The Doctor perks up a bit, gesturing to the window as her mother finishes filling her apple basket and spots the pair. She breaks into a light jog to make it inside, ecstatic ::
Janessa> :: drops her basket and jump-hugs Emily :: Emily: Kiddo!
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 21:37:44
::: puts on his most charming smile as he waits to see Emily's mom's reaction to him ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 21:38:38
Janessa> :: fluffs Emily's hair, much to the Doctor's chagrin. She then turns, focusing on Doc with a sharp eye and a small smirk, assessing him. After a moment she extends a hand for a handshake :: Doc: Navarro, was it? :: Emily rolls her eyes ::
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 21:39:15
Janessa: Call me Doc, señora. :: shakes her hand ::
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 21:39:38
:: smiles up at Kate :: Kate: It was here that you changed my life, Kitty.
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 21:40:33
Janessa> :: returns a firm handshake, pleased. She uses one hand to pull him into a half-hug, giving him a few pats on the back :: Doc: Aha, you are cute! Where are you from, South America?
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 21:40:43
:: smiles at her through suddenly moist eyes :: Lexy: And you changed mine, Rosie. The both of us, hesitant to bring up our feelings for one another beyond our friendship...
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 21:40:46
:: buries her face in her hands ::
Ryleigh Grey 15-Jul-2020 21:41:04
:: settles down on the couch, tucking her legs up underneath her to use Ethan as a pillow; Soleil was sleeping at the base of the furniture as some show was playing, just taking advantage of no shift or potential for emergencies to arise to take time for themselves ::
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 21:41:15
:: laughs and returns the hug :: Janessa: Spain, señora. But close enough.
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 21:41:31
:: getting misty at the sight of Kate getting misty :: Kate: I'm so glad we did!
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 21:42:40
:: softly :: Lexy: Me, too. Now... I wonder if we have gotten any better at this after five years? :: leans down to recreate the kiss ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 21:42:42
Janessa> :: releases him, turning her attention back to the apples. She grabs the basket and begins carefully feeding apples into a machine near the kitchen that presses them :: Doc/Emily: How was your flight?
Janessa: Er.. good.
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 21:43:34
:: throws her arms around Kate's neck and throws herself into the kiss, far more passionately than she had the nerve to do five years ago ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 21:43:36
Janessa: I told you he's a pilot, right? :: she muses ::
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 21:44:01
:: thought the flight was rather dull, since he wasn't flying ::
Kuari 15-Jul-2020 21:44:22
:: looks down at all the homes in the residential area as she soars above, the perfectly manicured lawns, the sweeping grey architecture, and the overall idyllic scene. It was a culture without poverty or even currency, where provisions of every kind were abundant, and people in general enjoyed their occupations. It was a good age to live in, and she was happy to be a part of it ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 21:44:59
Janessa> :: chuckles, seeming to find some private amusement in that :: Doc/Emily: So, Doc... tell me about your family.
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 21:45:02
:: eagerly kisses her wife, the five years having also infused far more passion into her kiss ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 21:45:20
:: sighs, shaking her head. This was what she'd warned him about.. ::
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 21:46:12
Janessa: Well, let's see... I have four sisters and three brothers, so a big family.
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 21:46:36
Janessa> :: raises an eyebrow :: Doc: You're about in the middle?
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 21:47:17
:: nods :: Janessa: Sí. But I was never overlooked!
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 21:49:11
:: after the kiss finally fades, she sighs contentedly while smiling into her eyes:: Lexy: Thank you, Rosie, for the best five years of my life. Despite the various hells we have been through together.
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 21:49:38
Janessa> :: chuckles, finishing up with the apples and setting aside the ones she's leaving intact. She mixes the apple juice with another juice she'd pressed that morning, a tropical fruit from Betazed that would be fresh on Doc's mind. She offers the fruit juice to the two, dropping a few ice cubes in their glasses. :: Doc: So why Starfleet, for you?
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 21:49:57
Kate: Thank you for the same. Truth be told, though it's nice to have a break, I'm really looking forward to just getting back to our everyday lives, our quarters, our jobs, Anna...
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 21:51:10
Lexy: I know! We spent so much time away, or at least it feels like we did...
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 21:51:49
Janessa: For me? To be a pilot. :: thankfully takes the drink with a dip of his head :: Gracias.
AmberSun 15-Jul-2020 21:52:01
::Wanders around Atlantis' corridors, feeling invigorated after his adventures within the Forest's of Terra, but finds himself lonely amongst the silent minds and empty halls.:: Self: Where are Lanteans?! Compterter! Find the Lanteans!
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 21:53:01
Janessa> :: pours her own drink, sitting down in one of the chairs in the living room. The living room and kitchen were completely connected, with lots of mishmashed furniture in between. :: Doc: So you'd just as soon fly a freighter, or..?
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 21:54:25
Janessa: No señora. I immediately went for the high performance spacecraft—fighters. Landing my job on a Sovereign class was... an excellent bonus.
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 21:54:35
:: takes her own drink and makes a circuit around the room to look at the plants, or maybe unwind. There was nothing she could say to stop the grilling, even if she wanted to.. and it was a bit cute. ::
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 21:54:37
:: samples the juice and smiles, remembering it ::
AmberSun 15-Jul-2020 21:54:43
::Rushes along, following his scent through the ship, and finding the current hub of many smells to the transporter room.:: Comp: Compterer, find the Lanteans?! The Lady Of The Sky. ::Doesnt note a transporter chief.::
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 21:55:09
Janessa> :: gestures to the juice :: Doc: What do you think?
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 21:55:53
Lexy: In the meantime, with the time we have here, at least what we are not spending with my parents, what would you like to do?
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 21:56:10
:: sits down next to Doc, offering a small smile ::
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 21:56:11
Janessa: It's great, gracias! I had this juice on Betazed.
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 21:56:31
Kate: There are two main things I love to do on Risa.
AmberSun 15-Jul-2020 21:57:14
<TR_Chief> Amber Sun: Do you mean, you want the computer to find the crew? But specifically Commannder Kuari?
::Turns his big head slowly, and smiles a toothy grin.:: TRC: Yes! The Dragon Of The Skyward Wind!
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 21:58:13
:: purses her lips expectantly, regarding Lexy with a mischievous glint in her eyes ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 21:58:30
Janessa> :: grins and nods :: Doc: Milaia fruit and apples--a marriage of Earth and Betazed, a bit like me! :: she laughs, clearly pleased with one of her favorite jokes. Emily groans. ::
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 21:58:38
Kate: You, and snorkeling. :: ducks away, giggling ::
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 21:58:50
:: laughs, genuinely ::
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 21:59:08
:: having known that was coming, she joins in the giggling ::
:: swats playfully at her bottom :: Lexy: Where would you like to snorkel this time?
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 22:00:28
Kate: Oh, you're the expert!
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 22:00:46
Janessa> :: there's a ding in the kitchen, and she perks up. She turns the oven off and pulls out the roasting vegetables that had been making the kitchen smell good. She tosses them all in a bowl and sets the bowl out, along with a couple forks. :: Doc: Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 22:02:22
:: chuckles, but Emily did warn him about this job interview :: Janessa: By then I would hope to be eyeing the rank of Commander, perhaps in line for commanding an aerospace group, or even a ship's executive officer. But who knows what the future may bring?
AmberSun 15-Jul-2020 22:03:03
<TR_Cheif> ::Rubs his head.:: Amber Sun: Oooooh.... oooh kay then. ::Types away at his console, pinging the commander's commsignal.:: She's near the Starfleet Headquarters area in San Francisco. She is several hundred metre above the Earth though. So... ::Puffs.:: I can put you down in the residential area, and you'll probably see her. Honestly, I've never been asked by a Bear to find a Dragon.
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 22:03:16
Well... :: puts a finger to her lips, pretending to think, but she knows precisely where she wants to take Lexy :: Remember that beach I took you to five years ago, the one only for native Risans?
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 22:03:40
Janessa> :: thinks about it, seeming content. There's a beat, and it seems like the interview might be over. She continues, :: Doc: You said Spain, where in Spain?
AmberSun 15-Jul-2020 22:04:03
TRC: That Ok! ::Smiles, his canines looking particularly prominent, as his quills jostle on his head.::
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 22:04:05
Janessa: Do you know Navarre?
AmberSun 15-Jul-2020 22:05:20
<TR_Chief> Amber Sun: Gonna push the buttons now. ::Activates the transport, and watches the Bear vanish in blue twinkles.:: Self: This ship man... just gets fucking weirder...
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 22:05:24
Kate: ......the nude beach?
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 22:05:51
Janessa> :: smiles lightly, nodding :: Doc: My sister lives in Ovideo.
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 22:05:53
Kate: The place we went after we shot guns?
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 22:06:22
:: looks genuinely surprised :: Janessa: Well, small world, as they say!
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 22:06:33
:: grins :: Lexy: Yes, that is the one! There are some great sights under the water there too, you know.
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 22:06:37
:: seems surprised :: Janessa: What? Which one?
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 22:07:06
:: gives Kate a dubious grin ::
Kate: That's the reason you want to go, sure, uh-huh.
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 22:07:22
Janessa> :: seems surprised that she's surprised :: Emily/Doc: Janice, she moved there a few years ago because she liked it.
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 22:07:45
:: returns the grin, but nods :: Lexy: It is true!
AmberSun 15-Jul-2020 22:07:53
::Emerges amongst some houses and appartment blocks, as he rematerialises. He looks around the area, feeling a strange sense from the place. He'd never been in an actual City before, and the noises in the far distance made him uncomfortable. But he shrugged it off and looked to the sky, making calls with his beary roar.::
Kuari 15-Jul-2020 22:09:59
:: flies along, serene for a while, but just as her thoughts turn towards the planet they were stranded on and a distant, uncomfortable feeling of a room full of radiation, she hears a unique sound very much out of place on Earth. She looks down, her ears pricked, attempting to locate the source. She dives far downward towards the sound, but she's unable to pinpoint the location, continuing to look around ::
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 22:10:50
:: rolls her eyes playfully :: Kate: Fiiiiiiiine. Let's go!
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 22:11:15
:: almost cheers as they head off to her parents' house to get their stuff ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 22:12:25
Janessa> Doc: Small world, eh? What did you think of Betazed?
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 22:13:01
Janessa: It is indeed, señora. As for Betazed, I had a wonderful time! Betazese is beautiful, as is the culture there. Emily was a wonderful guide to it all.
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 22:13:07
:: after a quick stop there, and a transport ride, they arrive ::
AmberSun 15-Jul-2020 22:13:17
::Plods along, sniffing at the air, and following his other senses. Decides that the best bet is to get high up, so he inevitably decides to climb up a wall; and onto the roof of a small house. And begins roaring again as he stands up on his hind legs.::
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 22:13:24
:: surreptitiously hands Lexy one of her extra forehead ornaments ::
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 22:13:40
:: stealthily puts it on her forehead, feeling like an imposter ::
:: whispers :: Kate: I'm culturally appropriating.
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 22:14:05
:: smirks and whispers back :: Lexy: You are native by marriage now!
Kuari 15-Jul-2020 22:15:06
:: turns her head sharply as another call draws her to one side, and she flies closer to a row of single-story houses. After another call, she finds the source, and is alarmed to see Amber Sun on a roof! She flaps hurriedly and comes in for a landing ::
AmberSun 15-Jul-2020 22:15:49
::The bear clearly stands out, against the light blue house. He looks up to see Kuari, and wvaes happily with his paw.:: Kuari: HHHHHEeeeellloOOOOOOOOOOOooooooo
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 22:15:56
Janessa> :: sighs softly, obviously agreeing with that :: Doc: Yeah.. Betazese really inspired the traveler in me. :: she muses :: I have tons of photos, if you're interested~
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 22:16:33
Janessa: I have plenty of my own, but gracias, señora. :: hopes to politely deflect the photo album of a place he just came from ::
Kuari 15-Jul-2020 22:17:00
:: bellows back brightly and lands at the other side with a mighty flare and flap of her wings :: AmberSun: AmberSun! What are you doing here on a roof?
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 22:17:10
:: walks with her out onto the beach and sets up their stuff in a nice spot ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 22:17:34
Janessa> :: seems a bit disappointed :: Doc: You sure? The Vulcan temples have some really wild architecture.
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 22:17:39
:: looks around to see how many other people there are on the beach ::
AmberSun 15-Jul-2020 22:17:57
Kuari: Looking for yooouuuu! ::Grins.:: I find! Needed to get high though. ::Sniffs the air.:: Luckily, no Anger Deer here.
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 22:18:39
:: the beach is not very crowded, but everyone is quite nude ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 22:18:59
Doc: She's been to almost half of the Federation planets. :: she agrees ::
Kuari 15-Jul-2020 22:19:00
:: looks around, confused :: AmberSun> No, no anger deer here, none that I know of. :: looks at him again, cocking her head :: Why are you looking for me?
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 22:19:42
:: self-consciously unties her kimono cover-up and folds it neatly on the blanket ::
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 22:20:58
Janessa: That is impressive, I must admit. Would you like to see pictures of the galactic center? We :: smiles at Emily :: have been there.
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 22:21:40
:: finds herself uncharacteristically hesitating to disrobe ::
AmberSun 15-Jul-2020 22:22:04
Kuari: Amber Sun lonely. Atlantees is quiet. People are not yet home. Went on adventure alone, but need company. Cannot find the Eduda. So find the Lady of the Skies instead! You not like the Hooooomanz, or the other two legs. Make Amber Sun more comfortable. ::Smiles.::
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 22:22:15
:: starts to remove her bikini top, then notices Kate's hesitation :: Kate: What's wrong?
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 22:22:37
Janessa> :: puts her photos on, setting a slideshow to play on the main television in the living room. It seems she mostly likes plants, skylines, and buildings juxtaposed against nature. Each photo lists where it's from and, sure enough, it's all over the quadrant. :: Doc: I'd love that!
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 22:23:13
:: starts to talk, then stops, then starts again, somewhat embarrassed ::
Lexy: I, uh... I think it comes from having to survive with no clothes for days before finding that house.
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 22:24:27
:: thinks aloud :: Doc: Do you have those downloaded? Do I?
Kuari 15-Jul-2020 22:24:53
:: smiles, charmed by AmberSun's sincere words and unique way of speaking :: AmberSun> Well, I would be happy to spend time with you. We haven't really had much time to do so. :: looks down at his feet, and at the roof :: Let's get down first, though. This is someone else's territory, but the street is public. We can walk down the street.
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 22:24:55
Emily: I do! :: pulls out his mobile and flicks them over to the projector ::
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 22:25:39
Kate: .....that makes sense. We... we don't have to do this if you don't want to.
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 22:26:45
Janessa> :: oohs and aahs at the photos as they scroll across the screen. :: Doc: You're lucky, in that regard. There's a lot of things you can only see in space.
:: smirks at Doc, wagging her eyebrows slightly. It seems he's passed his job interview. ::
AmberSun 15-Jul-2020 22:27:42
::Looks around.:: Kuari: Okay! Walks to the edge of the roof, before disappearing down quickly, head first.::
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 22:27:44
:: shakes her head and takes a deep breath :: Lexy: No, I know what it is, and I want to move past it. :: takes off the sheer cover, but doesn't fold it ::
Kuari 15-Jul-2020 22:28:04
:: flaps lightly to the street ::
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 22:31:20
:: undoes her bikini top and folds it, putting it on top of the cover-up ::
AmberSun 15-Jul-2020 22:31:45
::Is still clambering down, but the uncomforatble looking climbing position doesnt seem to phase the Salbjorn; before he finally lands on the ground.::
Kuari 15-Jul-2020 22:32:29
:: watches AmberSun for a moment, then casts her eyes around blindly in thought, trying to recall her past study of the crew manifests on previous visits to Earth as he approaches :: AmberSun> Have you ever been to Starfleet Headquarters? I don't remember.
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 22:33:18
Janessa: Sí, we see some amazing sights, that is for sure. :: smiles back at Emily as he watches the slideshow ::
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 22:33:31
:: Lexy's confidence bolsters her past her hangup, and she follows suit with her emerald green strapless tied top ::
:: at least her apparent confidence, but she knows her wife, and knows she's out of her comfort zone ::
AmberSun 15-Jul-2020 22:34:17
::Shakes his head.:: Kuari: No First time here on Earth.... Second time. I went on adventure! I find Emperor Trees and Anger Deer, and I caught and ate a bushytail!
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 22:35:19
:: covers her chest with an arm, but uses her other hand to wriggle out of the bottoms, which she folds as well ::
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 22:35:33
:: takes another deep breath, knowing she will not have to survive here, that this is for fun ::
:: then slides down the bikini bottoms and steps out of them ::
AmberSun 15-Jul-2020 22:36:09
Kuari: Bushtail boney, but taste good!
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 22:36:10
:: looks up a moment before the door opens, getting up to go hug her younger sister as she comes through the door. Torinessa, the youngest sister, is a small, fragile little thing, so despite her excitement Emily is quite gentle about her hug, as is their mother. ::
:: grins, stepping back :: Doc: Tori, Doc. Doc, Tori.
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 22:36:47
:: stands and offers a hand to Tori :: Tori: A pleasure to meet you, Tori.
Kuari 15-Jul-2020 22:38:00
:: thinks on AmberSun's words as they begin to walk, side by side, down the street, and her officer's mind can't help but consider the laws regarding AmberSun's hunt, and is reminded of the many rabbit-like creatures she had to hunt for a year :: AmberSun> You have had quite an adventure. Was the Anger Deer a dangerous foe? Tell me of it!
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 22:38:29
Torinessa> :: offers a hand, giving a handshake that's as firm as it can be for a stick bug :: Doc: And you. :: she nods to him, then to the others, Torinessa and Janessa heading towards the kitchen together to finish up food for dinner, as well as cutting up the remaining apples for what will become a pie. ::
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 22:38:40
:: kneels and digs in their bag, pulling out their breathers and fins, handing Kate's to her and heading for the water, too self-conscious to be out of the water much longer ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 22:38:50
:: smiles lightly as they go :: Doc: Ah, yeah.. she's, the quiet one. :: she reminds him ::
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 22:39:33
:: starts as she's handed her gear, but then smiles — everything is alright — and follows Lexy to the water ::
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 22:39:47
:: nods, remembering ::
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 22:40:46
:: splashes into the surf as they reach it ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 22:41:00
:: ushers him towards the table as the other two women begin setting out food. She sits down, grinning :: Tori: So! How's school?
AmberSun 15-Jul-2020 22:41:04
Kuari: It was big! Had great horns, and it roared like me! It reminded me of memories in the great cave. Tales of Dukes of Deers, in the South Continent. But it was so big, had to climb up the Emperor Tree for safety. Had to wait for the sun to arc towards dusk before it went away.
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 22:41:32
:: and feels a bit better; her native waters are warm and welcoming, brushing away the memories of the cold rain ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 22:42:03
Torinessa> :: sighs :: Emily: It's alright.
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 22:42:12
:: splashes into the water to cover herself as quickly as possible, pulling on the fins and inserting the breather ::
AmberSun 15-Jul-2020 22:42:27
Kuari: Then it came back, after I caught the Bushytail!
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 22:43:22
:: dons her gear and ducks underwater as soon as it's deep enough ::
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 22:43:47
:: follows suit ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 22:44:13
:: raises an eyebrow, giving Tori a look. The younger sister eventually cracks, admitting :: Torinessa> Emily: I invited my boyfriend to this dinner a few days ago and.. we're now no longer on speaking terms.
:: inhales sharply :: Tori: Yikes.
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 22:44:54
:: presses a button on the breather and miniature shield appears over her eyes, keeping the water out, and she talks through their comm :: Lexy: Ready?
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 22:44:59
:: winces ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 22:45:13
Janessa> Torinessa: Well, boys suck. :: she gives Doc a look like, you know what I mean though ::
Kuari 15-Jul-2020 22:45:23
:: is fascinated by AmberSun's story, wondering what the Anger Deer was, and realizes she's still quite alien to the world of Earth, not familiar enough with its fauna to identify it. She's also drawn to AmberSun's history :: AmberSun> Dukes of Deers...I would have probably climbed a tree, too! We are very different, you and I. You are heavy and strong, but I am light and not as strong and flee more easily.
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 22:45:28
:: shrugs and nods ::
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 22:45:30
:: nods, giving a thumbs up sign :: Kate: Ready!
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 22:45:55
:: swims out toward the reef; she wasn't lying about the undersea view here ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 22:46:29
:: gets up and rounds the table to rub her sister's back, then offer her a hug. Janessa finishes setting out the food and the family sits down for dinner, a bit of a mood in the air but the girls obviously trying to enjoy each others' company. ::
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 22:46:35
:: swims as well, though not as fast - she's not as strong a swimmer as Kate ::
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 22:46:57
:: the warm water flowing over her skin makes her feel even better about the situation, reminding her how much she likes to swim nude ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 22:47:13
Torinessa> :: nods as Janessa babbles about the beginning of their visit :: Doc: Oh, yeah? I've been to Spain as well, to visit my aunt.
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 22:47:29
Tori: Yes, your mother was telling me that she lives there. Not far from where I am from, overall.
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 22:47:30
:: is distraught, wondering how she is the only one who didn't know about her aunt in Spain ::
AmberSun 15-Jul-2020 22:47:30
Kuari: But Amber Sun not a fighter. Me make friends. The Anger Deer did not want to be friend. But that is how Amber Sun find Eduda, and KuuArree, and the Lanteans of the Skyship Atlantees.
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 22:48:08
:: after a short swim out, a colorful reef is visible with a lot of marine life of all colors and sizes, perhaps only an average of 6 meters down ::
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 22:50:35
Kate: Oooh!
Kuari 15-Jul-2020 22:50:35
:: drops her head, her nose almost touching the ground as she walks along on all fours :: AmberSun> Of course. My parents are not fighters either, and sometimes I forget, as I chose a path of...studying defense. You would make a good fighter, though. You would be a difficult enemy for me, if we were not friends. I'm glad we are friends, and that you are peaceful like we are. :: offers a toothy grin to AmberSun ::
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 22:50:50
Lexy: See! I told you! :: laughs ::
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 22:51:13
:: laughs too ::
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 22:51:18
:: starts darting about, looking into holes and crevices for more reclusive animals ::
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 22:51:49
:: swims down, looking at the coral structures with interest ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 22:51:53
Janessa> Doc: So all of the vegetables were grown here. :: she muses proudly, gesturing to the glass wall overlooking the lush farm :: I say there's nothing like the real thing.
Torinessa> :: wags her eyebrows exchanging a glance with Emily and mouthing, 'I say' ::
AmberSun 15-Jul-2020 22:52:39
::Smiles a toothy grin back.:: Kuari: There are those among my people who are fighters. The ones who fought the Xovul invaders. But that it what the Neme is chosen for, of all things.
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 22:52:45
Janessa: You know, I agree! Replicated food just lacks a certain something, doesn't it? Your farm is quite impressive.
AmberSun 15-Jul-2020 22:53:39
Kuari: The memories of the cave, of the Neme of ages passed... Especially the First Neme... had greeeaaaat power.
Kuari 15-Jul-2020 22:54:35
AmberSun> The Neme...must be strong in body, but also in mind. They have to be wise and also a good defender. It takes a special one to be both. :: remembers back to her encounters with Neme ::
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 22:54:48
:: waves at a crab that her light finds back in a crevice, who doesn't seem to be happy about the situation ::
:: leaves the crab alone and flits over to where Lexy is ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 22:56:07
Janessa> :: nods approvingly :: Doc: Thank you. It's a lot less work these days, now that everything's grown in. But we put in all those fruit trees, had to dig the little pond and create a whole microclimate. :: she draws with her finger what she's speaking about, but some of the Betazese fruit trees are clearly visible between the glass wall and the rest of the farm. ::
AmberSun 15-Jul-2020 22:56:21
Kuari: That is why Amber Sun was asked to join Eduda and KuuAree. I will learn so the Neme of days to come will be stronger, so the Salbjorn will be safe.
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 22:56:42
:: is examining the coral more closely, looking at all the colorful fish as they go by ::
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 22:57:13
:: glides up beside her and points out a tiny, but colorful sea slug on the coral ::
AmberSun 15-Jul-2020 22:57:23
Kuari: But also... ::He shakes his head side to side.:: Amber Sun keep Eduda safe.
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 22:57:51
Torinessa> :: nods thoughtfully :: Doc: The trees started out as tall as me when I was like, four.
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 22:58:07
:: leans in closer to see all the colors on the tiny thing ::
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 22:58:35
:: taps her mask to take a holopic :: Lexy: That one is rare!
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 22:59:06
Kate: Oh, really? Lucky, then! :: takes a pic as well ::
Kuari 15-Jul-2020 22:59:10
:: grins again and stops walking, looking AmberSun full in the face :: AmberSun> That is why my father and mother and I are here, too! We left our home, traveled learn. We are away from our kind, alone, but with friends. We are very alike!
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 23:00:32
:: turns and spots a couple of larger marine mammals swimming in the distance :: Lexy: Look!
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 23:01:04
:: the mood lifts as the meal passes and topics shift, bad moods forgotten. There is a break after dinner before the fresh apple pie is done, the local treat to end the evening. ::
AmberSun 15-Jul-2020 23:01:21
::Nods happily.:: Kuari: Me know Amber Sun no talk good of your language. And Translator of speech no work well with Salbjorn brain. But will learn better. Then can do more to help and learn.
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 23:01:33
:: looks where Kate is pointing :: Kate: Wow!
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 23:02:29
:: looks eagerly at the pie ::
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 23:03:12
:: smiles, that sight making the dive, feeling completely back to herself again :: Lexy: Great undersea views, like I said, yes?
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 23:03:31
:: sighs happily, finding a sense of comfort in how normal the evening has been, the nuttiness of her family included. She slices up the pie and hands out plates, sitting back down next to Navarro. ::
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 23:04:09
:: squeezes Emily's hand under the table before digging in to the pie ::
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 23:04:40
Kate: This is orders of magnitude better than holodeck snorkeling.
Kuari 15-Jul-2020 23:05:24
:: nods and begins walking again :: AmberSun> You still impress me with your ability to use physical speech. Our kind are good at mimicking other species, but the language is very different from my own. Mind communication is natural among my kind, too, but it seems to not work well with other mind-speaking species. I can tell you have practiced sound speech a lot. You have learned a lot already.
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 23:05:24
Lexy: Yes! It being real, with the unpredictability of real animal life... there is nothing like it.
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 23:06:03
Janessa> :: munching :: Doc: So there's the occasional good gene you can find that's compatible, like, completely across cultures, right? Like these apples, they have a gene from a.. :: she has to think for a second :: An Andorian.. pea. It makes them a little sweeter, and the nutrients are more complete, it's produces a bit of protein actually.
:: returns the squeeze, digging into her pie and grinning at her mother's rambling ::
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 23:07:03
:: swallows the bite, nodding emphatically :: Janessa: Is that why this pie is so good? Well, that plus the chef, sí?
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 23:08:14
Janessa> :: chuckles, charmed :: Doc: Hah! Well, you can ask my daughter about genetics if you're really interested, but there are some strange plants in this house that you definitely didn't notice.
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 23:08:30
:: swims a tiny bit away, then turns back and sees Lexy swimming, looking graceful, and she snaps a holopic ::
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 23:08:55
Kate: Ah!
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 23:09:15
:: smirks, shrugging. She does know more about that than her mother, in fact. ::
AmberSun 15-Jul-2020 23:09:31
::Pauses for a second, as he thinks of how to explain it.:: Kuari: The Connection, and the... people of the Sal... were not always one people... we had different blood. Like I am to you. But this is old knowledge, so me no know how many of different blood there were. But we are now one blood. But they also had different minds, like me to you again. We learnt to bond with other minds and know their way to talk and think.
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 23:09:38
:: offers an exaggerated shrug :: Lexy: What can I say? I said the undersea views were great, and they are!
AmberSun 15-Jul-2020 23:09:39
Kuari: Time is difficult though.
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 23:10:08
:: swats her wife ::
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 23:10:19
:: giggles, leaving a trail of rising bubbles as she swims ::
Kuari 15-Jul-2020 23:12:01
:: considers AmberSun's words carefully, attempting to understand, to translate :: AmberSun> Your kind have lived a long time. Are you saying, not all were... "bear-like" in your great past, or am I misunderstanding?
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 23:12:53
:: marvels at the colors ::
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 23:13:40
:: looks around at the plants as he eats :: Janessa: She has explained a few things to me, but you are correct, these plants are subtly different somehow...
AmberSun 15-Jul-2020 23:13:59
::Shakes head.:: Kuari: All bear silly. ::Does a big chesty chuckle, which sort of sounds like heavy panting.:: But not same bear. It was the First Neme that joined them... or... or lit the great flame, to guide them. That part of history cloudy.
Kuari: But many of the Old Knowledge was about the Rising, the Great Defence, The Banishment of the Sky Demons.
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 23:15:05
:: does a flip above the reef ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 23:15:10
Janessa> :: points to a pot of hanging vines lined with white flowers. :: Doc: Those vines will produce tangerines. :: she points around at different plants, most of them types of salad greens, but plenty of very strange fruits that shouldn't look like they do. ::
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 23:15:35
:: narrows his eyes at the vines :: Hm.
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 23:15:45
:: snaps a holo pic of THAT ::
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 23:16:05
:: didn't notice the pic, but continues to playfully swim ::
:: twisting and rolling, flipping and turning ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 23:16:37
:: nods lightly :: Doc: A lot of the ones inside are bought hybrids, but there's a few outside that my mother created.
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 23:17:15
Emily: Well, your talent runs in the family, I see.
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 23:17:46
:: stops and watches Kate ::
Kuari 15-Jul-2020 23:17:47
:: nods along visibly, continuing to find the information interesting. She thinks she understands that AmberSun is speaking of subspecies of bear, but she's not sure, and in the end it doesn't matter just now :: AmberSun> It is good to have the history you have, what you do know is important. It unites you, and knowing the past gives you a direction for your future. I'm glad you are with us, Amber Sun.
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 23:18:27
:: attracts the attention of the marine mammals, somewhat dolphin-like, who swim up and begin to frolic with her ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 23:18:36
Torinessa> :: chuckles, joking :: Doc: Mixing genes that shouldn't go together is the family pastime.
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 23:18:40
:: gasps ::
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 23:18:53
:: looks around to find Lexy and waves her over ::
:: then does another flip, which the dolphin imitates ::
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 23:19:22
:: comes over, attempting to swim playfully ::
AmberSun 15-Jul-2020 23:19:38
::Smiles.:: Kuari: I am glad too. ::Suddenly looks exicted.:: Could... KuuAree and the Lanteans help the Salbjorn? The Atlantees could find the Demon's Fall! ::Tilts his head at her.::
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 23:19:46
Tori: Ah! Ours is riding horses. :: grins :: Somewhat easier, most of the time, depending on the horse.
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 23:20:22
Torinessa> :: laughs at that, pointing out :: Doc: We do have horses. We should take you for a ride tomorrow.
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 23:20:27
:: the dolphins swim with them, coming in for nose rubs now and then ::
Kuari 15-Jul-2020 23:20:44
:: cocks her head at Amber Sun :: AmberSun> Maybe? You'll have to tell us more.
Doc Navarro 15-Jul-2020 23:20:46
:: perks up :: Tori: That would be grand!
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 23:20:50
:: makes what can only be described as small squeeing sounds ::
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 23:20:59
Dolphins> :: squee back! ::
Lexy Wright 15-Jul-2020 23:21:17
:: laughs! ::
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 23:21:42
:: snaps a holopic of Lexy playing with the dolphins ::
Emily Acacia 15-Jul-2020 23:22:11
:: grins :: Doc/Tori: Sounds great.
AmberSun 15-Jul-2020 23:22:33
Kuari: It is the place, where the First Neme brought down the Skyships! It is what taught us that the will of all can be the will of one. And with it, we can achieve all. But, it is a place lost to time, even the Memory of the Cave.
Kuari 15-Jul-2020 23:24:13
:: smiles, the thought of the adventure and helping not just Amber Sun, but his people too, exciting :: AmberSun> We will speak more of this, and see if it's possible.
AmberSun 15-Jul-2020 23:24:54
::Smiles happily, and continues to plod along with the KuuAree.::
Kate Harper 15-Jul-2020 23:25:24
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