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The Atlantis has returned to Earth and her crew has earned a lengthy shore leave, either here, or on any of the nearby major Federation worlds accessible by the new quantum slipstream passenger transports. Enjoy!
After 08-Jul-2020 00:00:00
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 21:10:55
:: browsing through the Florentine leather shop down the street from the cafe where she and Lexy had lunch ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 21:12:26
:: at the counter, trying on gloves made of buttery-soft leather ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 21:12:54
:: sits in her grandmother's house with the other island-goers. They'd been introduced to Emily's grandmother, Keliara Akosai, on the second day. She's in the process of making them breakfast yet again, a delicious puff pastry with native berry filling. ::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 21:13:27
:: finds Emily's abuela to be absolutely charming, and eagerly waits for the food ::
Ryleigh Grey 08-Jul-2020 21:13:34
:: is sitting, watching the preparations of breakfast as Ethan was quite easily sleeping in, he wanted to. ::
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 21:14:25
:: lies on the floor of Emily's grandmother's house, happy and content, sniffing the air occasionally ::
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 21:14:53
:: finds a set of gloves and brings them to the counter :: Lexy: What do you think of these?
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 21:14:58
:: grins, checking the time frequently. She lets the others take their batches of pastries first, the berry-puffs coming out in small batches as they finish cooking. ::
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 21:15:29
:: tries on one of them and finds it to be a good fit, and her eyes roll back a bit at how soft the leather is as she holds up her hand for Lexy to see ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 21:16:00
All: So, our tribe actually isn't hosting the campfire this cycle. Which means the first half of our day is a bit of a walk--or we could take bikes, depending on the mood.
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 21:16:07
Suzuki> :: finds it strange to be on the same schedule as other people, but sits quietly and respectfully in a corner ::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 21:16:30
:: grabs a couple of berry puffs from the latest batch and takes one over to Jester ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 21:17:14
Suzuki> :: takes it with a nod of gratitude :: Zorro: Thank you.
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 21:17:55
:: settles down next to her to eat his berry puff ::
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 21:17:58
:: gets up and waits her turn to take her on breakfast items, then moves to the table and sits on the floor next to a chair ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 21:18:19
Kate: Oh, those are gorgeous. How do you feel about these? :: shows off the pair of elbow-length gloves she is wearing, the leather like a second skin ::
Ryleigh Grey 08-Jul-2020 21:18:22
:: takes a couple of berry puffs, listening to Acacia’s explanation. :: Acacia: If it’s not an issue, do you think I can do a quick... workout before we leave? I don’t like sitting around.
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 21:18:42
Keliara Akosai> All: You kids brought things to barter with, right? :: the Betazoid elder asked, reminding the travelers that Emily had warned them they should bring "some interesting things to trade" before they left. ::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 21:19:10
:: nods at the abuela, having some things from home in his bag ::
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 21:19:38
Lexy: They are absolutely divine! This leather is the best I have ever seen!
Ryleigh Grey 08-Jul-2020 21:19:38
:: nods at the older lady, having also brought some things she doesn’t mind bartering away ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 21:19:45
Suzuki> :: nods as well, somewhat unsure about the things she brought ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 21:20:38
Keliara Akosai> :: she smiles, nodding as they respond :: All: Oh, good. :: she continues cooking, almost all of the pastries done ::
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 21:21:25
:: nods, having brought something of her own, but it's nothing special as she doesn't have much in the way of personal items, and scoops up a pastry whole, enjoying the berries ::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 21:21:37
:: grins as Kuari glomps the pastry ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 21:22:00
All: So we'll head out around noon, until then get dressed and get your things together. Dress to dance! :: Emily warns, grinning ::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 21:22:16
:: perks up at dance ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 21:22:42
Kate: Florence is famous for it, after all! I want these. I don't know what I'll ever wear them with, but I want them.
Sivat 08-Jul-2020 21:22:43
:: Dance? Awh hell naw. Dancing is his older brother’s thing. That, and screaming nonsense into a microphone. ::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 21:22:54
:: then again, his usual dancing attire probably isn't what she meant ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 21:23:13
:: reads Doc's mind and looks right at him, adding :: Doc: In sand.
Ryleigh Grey 08-Jul-2020 21:23:18
:: Dancing? Oh yes please, she hopes that Ethan still remembers how to dance ::
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 21:23:29
:: thinks about what to do while others are dressing, then perks her ears up at dancing ::
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 21:23:30
Lexy: That is all the reason you need, love. You could always ride in them. That is what these :: pats the gloves she chose :: are for.
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 21:23:46
:: reconsiders his envisioned clothing ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 21:23:46
Suzuki> :: mentally goes through her bags, realizing she brought something perfect ::
Kate: They're far too elegant for that!
Sivat 08-Jul-2020 21:24:05
:: Sivat visibly frowns, and then slouches in a chair ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 21:24:16
Kate: Oh, and I also need this belt. And this purse. And those shoes...
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 21:24:18
:: takes the last batch of pastries and stuffs herself, loving her grandmother's cooking ::
Ryleigh Grey 08-Jul-2020 21:24:26
:: recalls all that she had brought, and mentally nods when she remembers the dress that she had brought ::
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 21:24:26
Lexy: Oh! I should get something elegant too, you are right!
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 21:24:47
:: glances at Sivat :: Sivat: Don't worry, dancing is just the most.. active activity. You'll see something you like.
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 21:24:51
Suzuki> :: nibbles the pastry, enjoying it immensely ::
Sivat 08-Jul-2020 21:25:28
Acacia: Like what?
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 21:25:32
:: wanders away for a bit, getting lost again in leather heaven ::
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 21:25:37
:: frowns to herself that she didn't bring her party wear, always choosing to pack very light when going places ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 21:26:18
:: thinks, listing :: Sivat: Trading, Datani are primarily tailors so there will be people there making clothes and selling their clothes. There is the dance, the storytelling, the feast...
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 21:26:40
:: distracts herself by going back for more pastries :: Keliara Akosai: I love these!
Sivat 08-Jul-2020 21:26:54
:: if only there was some 3-D chess ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 21:27:25
Keliara Akosai> :: grins, excited to earn praise from the most interesting traveler :: Kuari: Thank you! It is my grandmother's recipe. :: she jokes lightly ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 21:28:17
Suzuki> :: also sneaks back over for another ::
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 21:28:18
:: grins and drops another pastry into her mouth on the way back to the table, carrying a second one ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 21:28:44
:: finishes her pastries and gets up, looking to her grandmother who has finished cleaning the oven. The two smile knowingly. :: All: Alright, you all can finish these up, we have to get dressed.
:: takes her grandmother's hand, the two making their way into the main bedroom. They leave the door open because they're just braiding their hair, but there is an obvious lull in the time before the group is to set out ::
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 21:29:25
:: calls out to Lexy from the dressing room ::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 21:29:44
:: snatches another pastry ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 21:30:05
:: excuses herself from the counter and goes over to the dressing room, still wearing the gloves :: Kate: Yes, love?
Suzuki> Zorro: They are really very good. :: also snatches another before cutting herself off ::
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 21:30:55
:: opens the door and is wearing a leather corset :: Lexy : What do you think? :: poses and drops a sultry smile ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 21:31:36
:: re-emerges sometime later in a no-stitch green wrap dress. There is gold embroidery in the shape of vines and leaves up the entire right side of the skirt, some feathers and beads and tassels scattered throughout. She has two braids in her hair, both over her right ear. Her grandmother wears something similar but to the max, her dress completely covered by stitching and her left arm nearly covered by dangling beads. ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 21:32:37
:: stops dead in her tracks and stares at her wife, a blush rising to her cheeks :: Kate it. :: she squeaks ::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 21:32:40
:: has changed into a Hawaiian shirt of dark green leaves over gold, since the place reminds him a bit of Hawaii ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 21:32:57
:: looks around, assessing her party ::
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 21:33:04
:: finishes her last pastry, then goes outside to drink from the creek ::
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 21:33:13
Lexy: I will. :: winks and disappears to get back into her dress ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 21:34:00
:: rubs her hands together :: All: Alright, let's get going! :: she chimes, checking the time for the umpteenth time. ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 21:34:07
Suzuki> :: exits her room, wearing lace-up sandals and a flowing sundress printed with large sunflowers and carrying a small bag that contains her tradeables ::
Ryleigh Grey 08-Jul-2020 21:34:46
:: has changed into a delicate white-and-blue lacy hawaiian-style dress, Ethan wearing dark blue nice shorts and white shirt, and are ready to go ::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 21:35:06
:: joins in the party, eager to see if he can learn some new dances ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 21:35:21
Keliara Akosai> :: smiles warmly, gestures for the group to follow, then begins leading them down one of the most trodden paths in the jungle. ::
:: spots the noon sun, turning to the party as they walk :: All: Alright, there is one last thing--
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 21:35:39
:: reappears, back in her dress, and brings the gloves, a purse, a belt, two pairs of shoes, and an extra pair of gloves to the counter, along with the corset ::
Sivat 08-Jul-2020 21:35:58
:: fidgets his hands as he follows the group ::
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 21:36:01
:: follows and makes sure Emily sees her smile, appreciating her attire ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 21:36:05
All: You all will be the first to tell a story at the storytelling tonight, because you are visitors.
Ryleigh Grey 08-Jul-2020 21:36:29
Emily: What kind of story is expected at events like this?
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 21:36:35
All: It can be anything. True or false, but don't go for like.. humpty dumpty, you know?
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 21:36:40
:: ensures that he admires both Emily and Jester equally ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 21:36:41
All: Natives prefer a story of your homeland.
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 21:37:15
:: is hastily flipping through to see if there's one that will fit her... ::
Sivat 08-Jul-2020 21:37:17
:: mumbles :: Self: Brilliant.
Ryleigh Grey 08-Jul-2020 21:37:24
:: hums slightly, brain working to figure out what story to tell ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 21:37:37
:: nudges Sivat :: Sivat: Land, not family.
Sivat: Picture your favorite forest. That'll do.
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 21:38:06
:: quickly and quietly trying a few things on ::
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 21:38:22
:: listens to Emily, thinking inward of what story she should tell. Stories of her homeland should come easily, but which one should she choose? ::
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 21:38:41
:: while casually chatting in Italian with the shopkeeper, she wonders where her wife has disappeared to ::
Sivat 08-Jul-2020 21:38:41
Acacia: I don’t like forests. :: Ah, stubborn 10 year olds. How nice. ::
Ryleigh Grey 08-Jul-2020 21:39:38
Sivat: Tell about your culture, your family, etc. Pretty much anything could be classified as a "story" if you spin it right
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 21:42:05
Kaliara Akosai> :: the old woman leads them through the jungle with a practiced grace, never missing a step. The sky is beginning to turn orange and pink as they emerge into the Datani clearing. There are large, ornate cloth tarps tied up to multiple trees to form various tents, and tables made from jungle wood at every turn. True to the doctor's word it was like a massive cultural festival, with a table featuring every food the island could offer, merchants selling their hand-crafted goods, and people dancing, singing, and playing instruments everywhere you looked. At the center of it all was a campfire with a stage next to it, though there was no one gathered around it and no one using it yet. As the party entered it was hard to miss that lots of people were looking at the visitors, many even approaching with cheerful greetings. ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 21:42:58
Suzuki> :: looks at the gathering with wonder in her eyes, but not on her face ::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 21:42:59
:: takes in the scene, finding it reminiscent of a luau ::
Emily: This looks like it'll be a good time.
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 21:43:45
:: points to the stage :: All: There--gather back to tell your stories at sundown, which should only be a few more minutes. All the food is free, but crafts you have to barter for!
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 21:43:58
:: smiles happily at all the happy people ::
Sivat 08-Jul-2020 21:43:59
Self: Oh. So many people.
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 21:44:28
Suzuki> :: looks at the boy and sort of agrees with him in her mind ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 21:44:44
:: smiles at Sivat :: Sivat: There is a quiet corner, if you'd like me to show you. The people there are a bit odd, though, I'll warn you.
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 21:45:49
:: finds a black fitted wrap skirt while she waits and adds that to her pile ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 21:46:14
:: finally comes out with an armload of things that she uses her body to shield from Kate ::
Sivat 08-Jul-2020 21:46:40
Acacia: Brilliant. :: is now second guessing if he should have come or now :| ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 21:47:01
Suzuki> Sivat: It might be interesting.
Ryleigh Grey 08-Jul-2020 21:47:24
:: is looking around, before tugging Ethan off to go towards the crafting area ::
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 21:47:27
:: perks an eyebrow, and holds up the skirt and a pair of boots :: Lexy: Look what else I found! This place is amazing!
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 21:48:08
:: smiles, giving Suzuki a look that says she can come too if she likes. She circles around the edge of the campfire and the festival, weaving her way through the merchants to find her way behind them. She has to search for a bit, because this isn't her village, but she eventually finds deep purple tent walls strung up on some of the trees. :: Self: Aha..
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 21:48:22
Kate: I found some things I'll show you... later. In addition to these gloves, this purse, these shoes, those boots...
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 21:49:07
:: nods to the shopkeeper, who tallies it all up with a knowing smile, and she settles the balance ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 21:49:10
Suzuki> :: thinks a moment, shakes her head, actually heading off toward the storytelling area ::
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 21:49:55
:: quickly gets lost in the overstimulation of the event, wandering through people, being greeted and greeting back, and makes sure to focus on looking at the items around her, to make sure she does her bartering ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 21:50:05
:: opens the tent flap to let Sivat in. Inside the lights are dimmer, the air lighter. The people inside wear purple as well, and each one casts a single sideward glance at him before ignoring him completely. The space has shelves, chairs, a small campfire, some food.. it's like a library, having a quiet party next door to the big one. ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 21:50:34
:: arranges to have their purchases sent back to their hotel :: Kate: Hurry, let's go to the Uffizi!
Sivat 08-Jul-2020 21:50:43
:: looks around at all purple :: Acacia: Interesting color choice.
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 21:51:34
Lexy: Oh, good idea! Is it near?
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 21:51:56
:: walks along with Jester as he sees Emily playing a bit of hostess, and begins to easily mingle with the assembled people ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 21:52:06
:: nods lightly, opening her palm to one of the people and bowing her head, the young man in purple going back to his reading. :: Sivat: Sages of all the tribes wear purple. They are like.. our therapists. The most sensitive among us, they can sense what you need and offer it. :: she smiles lightly :: Honestly I've never seen them ignore someone like this, hah.
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 21:52:28
Kate: Yes, just across the street and up a block! :: grabs Kate's hand, looking at the afternoon sun :: We need to hurry so we have enough time!
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 21:53:21
Lexy: Alright! :: as Lexy starts to pull her along :: Lead on! :: grins :: That shop was just... magical!
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 21:53:56
:: nods, trying not to think about it too much, saving the distraction for later :: Kate: I'm glad you liked it!
Sivat 08-Jul-2020 21:54:06
:: Is that... a smile? Yes. The little weirdo is smiling at being ignored ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 21:54:55
Suzuki> Zorro: I'm going to step outside of my comfort zone and try to tell a story.
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 21:55:00
:: chuckles, patting him on the back :: Sivat: Well, enjoy. :: she muses, and leaves him there, returning to the campfire. She makes her way towards the stage, chatting with the old woman in blue who sits in a rocking chair at the end of the stage. ::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 21:55:17
:: raises both eyebrows :: Jester: Please do! I definitely want to hear it.
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 21:55:39
:: also picked up a little something extra that she kept as a surprise :: Lexy: Great choice. Now, the Uffizi!
Sivat 08-Jul-2020 21:56:04
:: begins to look around the tent ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 21:57:10
:: the sage's tent is lit with glowing blue crystals, the top open to the sky so each library shelf has its own water protection built in. These people seem dedicated to knowledge and study. ::
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 21:57:19
:: doesn't find anything she wishes to trade for yet, but notices that it's almost sundown and makes her way to the storytelling area ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 21:57:39
:: looks around, waiting for the others to arrive. The old woman sits next to her, and a few tribesmen in blue begin to approach the stage as well. ::
Sivat 08-Jul-2020 21:58:08
Self: Oooh. :: gravitates towards the library shelves, turning his head to the Awkward Book Title Reading Angle™️ ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 21:59:26
:: six people walk onto the stage, each wearing blue, which seems to be the hosts' color as it is worn by most people there. The old woman raises a hand, and a crowd begins gathering at the seats in front of the storytelling stage. ::
Ryleigh Grey 08-Jul-2020 22:00:19
:: moves to rejoin her friends, Ethan settling down to watch ::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 22:00:21
:: takes a seat, quite interested in seeing this ::
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 22:00:51
:: finds a spot to sit next to the chairs and watches the stage ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 22:01:04
Suzuki> :: sits next to Zorro ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 22:01:39
:: takes a deep breath. The six people on stage line up at the back, they are in pairs, a young boy and girl, a man and a woman in their twenties, and an old man and woman. The grandmother looks up at Emily, then lights a long wooden pipe she is holding. ::
:: smiles, stepping forward and taking a quick bow. The old woman blows smoke onto the stage, and it swirls up under Emily's feet. :: Crowd: Hello, everyone. I am Emilaina Akosai, I have brought visitors who are my shipmates in Starfleet.
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 22:03:24
:: moves through the Uffizi with Kate for the rest of the afternoon, looking at countless famous and priceless works of art ::
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 22:03:32
:: smiles, listening to Emily ::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 22:03:52
:: clasps Jester's hand and settles in to listen ::
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 22:04:38
:: falls in love with Earth's culture all over again, much like she did when she moved here to go to the Academy ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 22:04:42
:: closes her eyes for a moment and then reopens them as the old woman blows another puff of smoke, the vague image of Atlantis showing in the mist behind her, as she had pictured it. She looks down at her friends, holding out a hand towards the stage's stairs :: All: Who's first?
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 22:04:56
Suzuki> :: looks down at her hand with mild surprise ::
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 22:05:46
:: marvels at the image in the smoke, then looks around for her friends to see if anyone is volunteering ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 22:07:02
:: looks between them, noting their nerves. She chuckles, then says something to the elder on stage in a language that doesn't translate. ::
:: holds up her hands, suddenly adopting a very dramatic, over-the-top style :: All: Twenty thousand years ago...
:: a hush falls over the crowd. A few older people chuckle. ::
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 22:07:41
:: with a happy sigh :: Lexy: This is all so impressively beautiful, and I could look at it all night. But... is it not about time for dinner?
Ryleigh Grey 08-Jul-2020 22:07:46
:: looks down, not wanting to go first, before straightening at Acacia's story-starting
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 22:07:56
:: raises an eyebrow at the twenty thousand years ago part ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 22:08:09
:: the image of the island, stormy and turbulent appears behind her :: All: The first visitors arrived on the island.
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 22:08:20
:: directs her attention, having spotted several of her friends in the gathering, to the stage as Emily performs ::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 22:08:24
:: settles when he sees it's about this island ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 22:08:40
:: there is a loud crack, then the image of a ship cracked in half over an island. The young man and woman step out of the smoke, looking around as if they're lost. ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 22:09:34
Kate: Can you wait a little longer? There's a few more things I want to see first... :: the couple finally leave the Uffizi, cross the Ponte Vecchio and buy a few things at the jewelry shops there, then find themselves at the Galleria dell'Accademia to see the David ::
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 22:10:05
Lexy: Yes, definitely. :: is sporting a new pair of earrings ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 22:10:09
All: They were found by the natives, and given a cloak of thorns. :: she gestures, and the young woman looks down with an excited grin as smoke drapes her shoulders. It appears to be woven thorns, exactly like the necklaces they were given when they landed, just big enough to cover the torso ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 22:10:40
:: looks up at the David :: Kate: It's... bigger than I expected!
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 22:11:12
All: The next day, a roschi attacked! :: she starts, a fang-toothed rodent jumping out of the smoke at the audience. There is a gasp from the children, then a chuckle from the adults ::
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 22:11:22
:: her eyes narrow as she takes in the legendary statue :: Lexy: Is it? Was it... colder on Earth in those days?
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 22:11:26
All: The visitor fought it off using only his cloak of thorns!
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 22:11:40
:: swats Kate with her new purse ::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 22:11:46
:: could use one of those cloaks ::
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 22:11:50
:: watches the images in the smoke, fascinated. How is Emily creating these images, before she says her words? Of course, they are Betazoid. This will be easier than she thought, she thinks, and tunes into the story ::
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 22:11:53
:: giggles madly ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 22:11:56
:: the young boy runs out of the smoke and grabs the woman's arm, the two playfully fighting as he tries to mock-bite her arm ::
:: the woman pushes the boy back into the smoke, and cheers! ::
All: The cloak was torn beyond repair, but it had served its purpose.
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 22:13:02
Kate: Come on, there's a restaurant I was looking at that's nearby, just around the corner from the Duomo.
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 22:13:38
Lexy: Oh, now I am definitely ready for dinner.
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 22:13:40
:: an image appears of a campfire. The young woman takes off her cloak of smoke, and tosses it into the 'fire', the two swirling upward in a cloud :: All: They were accepted as our own people, and we have been happy with this way ever since.
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 22:13:45
Suzuki> :: watches, impressed ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 22:14:11
:: claps her hands together, giving a light nod. The smoke images all flatten out behind her, and she looks at her group with a hopeful grin. ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 22:14:46
Suzuki> :: does not want to go first ::
Sivat 08-Jul-2020 22:14:49
:: looks around at the people in the tent before poking one book that seems interesting to him ::
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 22:14:53
:: steps up to the stage and waits for an invitation from Emily ::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 22:15:03
:: nods appreciatively ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 22:15:27
:: whispers :: Kuari: You got this! :: then hops down into the audience ::
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 22:15:53
:: nods to the actors, who smile back, then turns to the audience, standing on all fours ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 22:17:09
:: inside the sage tent, there are a number of books. About half are incomprehensible to an average Betazoid, but half are not. They contain a host of knowledge on all sorts of things, how to make things from furniture to medicine, how to treat the mind, even works of fiction ::
:: a young blonde woman in purple answers Sivat's unasked question from across the tent, not even looking up at him :: Sivat: You may take one, at a time. Keep it as long as you need, and bring it back to get another.
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 22:18:40
:: sits on the stage, and in the smoke, an image of a Rucara appears, flying and landing in a tree :: All: This is a tale from my homeland, Ruka, one we tell to children. There was a young Rucara, in search of fruit. It was the end of the growing season, and they were hard to find. :: The boy actor steps forward and gets down on all fours, looking around as if he's searching for something ::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 22:19:08
:: smiles as Kuari begins her story ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 22:19:13
:: gasps, excited. She sits up, watching the images reverently. The whole crowd seems transfixed, Kuari being unusual even among visitors ::
Sivat 08-Jul-2020 22:19:51
:: his eyes dart to the side before turning back to the book and slowly picking it up ::
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 22:19:54
:: settles down to a table at the restaurant and orders the wine and antipasto ::
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 22:20:22
All: Reet, the small Rucara, finds a fruit in the tree, perhaps the last one? He picks it off the tree happily. :: in the smoke, another Rucara lands in the tree, and the first Rucara is surprised. The girl runs up to the boy on stage, and they act out their surprised meeting ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 22:20:27
:: pores over the menu ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 22:20:28
:: one of the sages gets up from his reading to make a plate of food, but they all seem to be making a point to leave the boy alone. ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 22:21:00
Kate: ..... this pear ravioli sounds delicious!!
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 22:21:13
Lexy: Oh, I did not see that!
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 22:21:41
All: Reet says, I found this fruit first, it should be mine. Lua, the one that landed in the tree second, wants it, too. What should they do? :: The boy and girl on stage pretend to fight over a fruit, grasping their hands together and tugging back and forth ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 22:23:01
:: dips a slice of focaccia into the mixture of oil and balsamic vinegar ::
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 22:23:01
:: in the smoke and on stage, the representations bear teeth at each other :: All: What should we do? We do not know. We should go to our elders! :: the Rucara fly home, Reet carrying the fruit, Lua watching him the whole way to make sure he doesn't eat it.
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 22:23:33
:: debates, but settles on a seafood dish, true to her coastal roots, but she knows she'll get a bite of Lexy's ravioli anyway ::
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 22:24:16
:: The elder woman on stage steps forward, and the boy and girl crouch low before her, the boy pretending to hold up the fruit. In the smoke, the Rucara elder's kindly face is seen :: All: Reet and Lua explain their problem.
All: Jakaa, the elder Rucara, takes the fruit, and with her strong teeth, splits the hard-shelled fruit in half, then passes each young Rucara their half. We share, she says. :: The boy and girl on stage take their imaginary pieces from the elder woman and smile, content, while in the smoke, the image of both young Rucara can be seen holding their pieces :: All: This is the story of Reet and Lua, from Ruka, my homeland.
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 22:27:56
:: claps, and a similar cheer erupts over the crowd. Unlike for the story they all knew, the people show their appreciation with stomps and claps and cheers. ::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 22:28:10
:: applauds and cheers at Kuari's tale ::
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 22:28:37
:: grins, very happy that her story is appreciated, and after a moment she hops off stage, exhilarated to have shared such a familiar story with these new people ::
Ryleigh Grey 08-Jul-2020 22:28:58
:: claps, always happy to be entertained by stories ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 22:29:34
Suzuki> :: claps :: Zorro: I don't know if I want to step out of my comfort zone after all..
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 22:29:39
:: pops a few olives and sips her wine while waiting for their food ::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 22:29:59
:: squeezes her hand :: Jester: It's up to you, of course, but I want to hear the story. And I bet they all do, too.
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 22:30:15
:: looks around, hopeful. She gives Suzuki an encouraging smile ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 22:30:32
Suzuki> :: looks down at her hand again, with surprise ::
Sivat 08-Jul-2020 22:30:46
:: looks around and finds an empty chair, slowly sitting in it. he rarely had time to himself, what with having two brothers and a sister. something was always happening. so despite Sivat’s enjoyment, it was somehow odd ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 22:31:44
Suzuki> :: reluctantly stands ::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 22:32:02
:: smiles encouragingly up at her ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 22:32:22
Suzuki> :: approaches the stage ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 22:33:37
:: grins, gripping the edge of her seat excitedly. The old woman on stage blows another puff of smoke behind Suzuki, preparing ::
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 22:36:45
:: dives in to the meal when their food comes, the fish absolutely perfect with her pasta, and sauce so flavorful but not overpowering the meat ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 22:37:15
Suzuki> :: steps up onto the stage, nodding respectfully at Emily and the others on the stage before turning to face the audience :: All: I will tell you a simple but old story from my homeland of Japan, on Earth. :: cherry trees in full blossom materialize out of the smoke, then part to reveal an old woman kneeling next to a river :: There once was a woman who was old, but had no children and longed for them. One day, she was doing laundry at the bank of the river near the home she shared with her husband.
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 22:38:35
:: grins, the crowd once again leaning in. Japan is almost as alien as Ruka here, and peoples' attention is captured. ::
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 22:39:40
:: listens and watches Suzuki's performance, marveling at the smoke and actors and eager to hear her story ::
Sivat 08-Jul-2020 22:40:34
:: sinks into the chair as he reads the book he picked out ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 22:41:03
Suzuki> All: On that day, she found a giant peach floating down the river. :: the image of a floating peach appeared in the smoke, and the old woman pantomimed picking it up and looking at it with curiosity :: She and her husband were not wealthy, and a peach was a welcome gift, so she took it home to share it with him. :: the smoke swirled, and the old woman pantomimed carrying the peach to the old man ::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 22:42:01
:: pays rapt attention, eager to hear the story from Jester's culture ::
Ryleigh Grey 08-Jul-2020 22:42:39
Ethan> :: leans over to whisper into Ryleigh's ear :: Ryleigh: You tell the story... you know more than I do. :: both turn to pay attention to Suzuki's story ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 22:43:10
Suzuki> All: But when they tried to open the peach to eat it, they found a child inside. :: the smoke formed the image of the giant peach splitting open, and the young boy actor stepped out of the middle of it :: The child told the old couple that he had been given to them by the gods to be their son. They named him Momotarou, or Peach Boy.
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 22:43:18
:: does end up with a bite of Lexy's ravioli, and finds it to be as delicious as she had imagined ::
AmberSun 08-Jul-2020 22:46:59
::Has been waiting for atleast two arcs of the sun, for the Anger Deer to abdicate it's position under the tree. Tentatively sniffs at the air, scanning the trees with his powers, searching for the great beast.:: Self: Bad, bad Anger Deer. ::Slowly climbs down giant tree, shimmying steadily downward.::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 22:47:11
Suzuki> :: goes on to tell of Momotarou's many adventures fighting demons and befriending talking animals, all of which was shown to the audience with the swirling smoke and the actors. It is very exciting. :: All: And after all of his adventures, Momotarou returned home victorious with the demon's treasure and the demon chief as his captive. :: the young male actor stood triumphantly on the stage, with the images of captive demons and treasure appearing in the smoke behind him ::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 22:47:41
:: cheers, honestly impressed that Jester got up and told the tale ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 22:48:02
Suzuki> :: makes a small bow and steps off the stage, returning to her seat ::
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 22:48:33
:: cheers with loud yips ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 22:48:46
:: claps as the whole audience cheers once more, watching as the visitors take their turns. Plates of food are passed around through the audience, and water offered as well by passing people. ::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 22:48:55
:: grins at her ::: Jester: That was great!
Ryleigh Grey 08-Jul-2020 22:48:58
:: Ethan and Ryleigh had been started in a quiet bickering argument over who was going up there to tell the story ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 22:49:37
:: grins, pushing Ethan and Ryleigh lightly :: Ethan/Ryleigh: Why don't you both tell it, eh?
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 22:51:31
Suzuki> Zorro: Thank you. It's a story my grandmother used to tell me.
AmberSun 08-Jul-2020 22:51:33
::Places his back paws to the ground, as he continues to hug the tree. His worries immedietly vanish the moment something else cathes his eye; he turns and his pupils dilate. Scurrying across the forest floor is a Bushytail. The psychic bear licks his elongated canines, and stares at it intently.:: Self: Huuuuuuuuunngggrrrry.
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 22:51:39
:: after the meal, she's smiling contentedly while sipping her wine, this day having been absolutely perfect ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 22:52:19
:: pats her full stomach :: Kate: Want to go for a walk?
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 22:53:20
Lexy: I would love to, Rosie. :: finishes her wine and settles the bill ::
AmberSun 08-Jul-2020 22:54:27
::He lowers himself to the floor, ducking down and changing the colour of his fur and quills to match the leaflitter. The bushytail bounds around energetically, it's large fluffy tail dancing in the air as it inches closer to Amber Sun.::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 22:54:46
:: hand in hand, the couple stroll out into the night past the majestic Duomo, pausing to look at it from several angles ::
Ryleigh Grey 08-Jul-2020 22:57:39
:: both of them squawk at the push, Ryleigh looking at her friend suspiciously :: Emily: ... Fine. Ethan, get your ass up. :: pulls him up and making to the stage :: All: So this is... basically as simple as can get, it isn't a story-tale like Acacia, Suzuki, or Kuari told, but a real life one.
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 22:59:06
:: grins, rubbing her hands together. Those are the best. ::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 22:59:06
::: watches his friends tell their tale ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 22:59:08
:: leads Kate through the city, which is still lively although the hour is growing late; there are street musicians and hawkers selling their wares as they walk by; young people dance in the piazza outside a nightclub with music booming from inside ::
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 22:59:57
:: with a pleasant little buzz from the wine, as she allowed herself to indulge just a bit more than usual, she swims blissfully through the evening, enjoying everything about the place and its atmosphere ::
Ryleigh Grey 08-Jul-2020 23:01:11
Ethan> All: So Ryleigh and I have been married for a few years now, and we've been dating since we were thirteen, but this is our story. Our families knew each other before we were born, and we've been friends for our entire lives. I believe... it was me who met Ryleigh first.
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 23:02:17
:: at the word thirteen, a few people in the crowd audibly 'aww' ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 23:02:29
:: winds through the streets, eventually leading Kate out onto the Ponte Santa Trinita, the full moon reflecting light from the Arno river below ::
Ryleigh Grey 08-Jul-2020 23:03:18
:: lets out an audible protest at her husband's comment, giving him a slight elbow-punch to his side before taking over :: All: So we we attended the same schools, and were in mostly the same classes growing up, but it's one of those things that rom-coms are made of. That's our relationship in a nutshell. Friendship turned to dating, turned to engagement, turned to marriage. It was a simple path we followed, simple and not complex, just how I like it.
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 23:03:41
:: everything just perfectly seems to click into place as she snuggles up against Lexy while the moonlit waters move beneath them :: Lexy: What a lovely place...
AmberSun 08-Jul-2020 23:04:01
::Leaps at the Bushytail, flashing his colours mind air, mesmerising it as it turned to stare at him; coming down with a crash and a roll. The bushytail is dead instantly, and Amber Sun swallows it whole, sucking the tail down like spaghetti.::
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 23:04:08
:: listens to Ryleigh's story, finding she's enjoying learning more about her crewmate just as much if not more than the folktales ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 23:04:15
:: a native father explains to his daughter what 'rom-com' stands for, and a man sitting behind them chuckles. ::
Ryleigh Grey 08-Jul-2020 23:05:54
Ethan> :: takes over at that :: All: Over the years, our relationship evolved from that of only friends to something way more, way more intense. And I couldn't believe that the crazy girl that was my childhood friend agreed to spend the rest of her life with me two years ago. :: he laughs, before continuing :: All: Our love story is a simple, not complex, but don't expect to experience the same thing to happen to you. Chances are that it won't... Ryleigh always says that we're one of those blessed couples, intended to be together until death do us part. That's it, basically. :: Ethan bows slightly as Ryleigh gives a delicate little curtsy before both exited the stage, returning to their previous seats ::
Velina Tailor 08-Jul-2020 23:06:10
::is currently on a Daystrom Institute shuttle, headed towards the uninhabited world where the pair of Pterodactyls were brought to live after she hatched them from eggs more than a year ago; it's time for their first annual checkup::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 23:06:11
:: stops at the middle of the bridge, pulling Kate to the edge with her and looking down at the moonlit water, a cool night breeze toying with their hair ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 23:06:26
:: rather than a clap, that elicits a group 'aww' ::
:: people in the crowd hug their loved ones, charmed ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 23:07:44
Suzuki> :: impressed by the honesty of the story ::
Ryleigh Grey 08-Jul-2020 23:08:10
Ethan> :: tucks Ryleigh under his arm, content to let her rest her head on his shoulder as they wait for the next story to start ::
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 23:08:11
Lexy: I am so glad we did not leave Tuscany after the party. :: gets closer, somehow, and takes a deep breath, relishing the scent of the air here ::
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 23:08:15
:: just smiles, always enjoying a happy story, especially if it's true ::
Sivat 08-Jul-2020 23:08:49
:: he does not actually realize it, but he starts humming the melody of the song his oldest brother has been practicing recently ::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 23:09:04
:: claps appreciatively, smiling ::
AmberSun 08-Jul-2020 23:09:35
::Chuckles.:: Self: Yummmyyyyy. ::Licks his lips, before hearing the call in the distance... The Anger Deer is back! The young Salbjorn decides this is a perect time to call his Forest Adventure quits for today. With the antlers appearing over some thick foliage, Amber Sun turns and scutters off, returning his colouration to one like the browns and greens of the trees again.::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 23:09:36
:: puts her arm around Kate's waist :: Kate: Me too. You know, I realized something the other day... :: playing it off as if she hadn't been tracking this ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 23:10:12
:: takes Doc's hand, giving it a squeeze ::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 23:10:32
:: looks at Emily with some surprise :: Me?
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 23:10:56
:: lays her head atop Lexy's, the scent of her hair joining that of the night air :: Lexy: What is that, love?
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 23:11:32
:: nods, glancing at the stage in suggestion :: Doc: Mmhm~
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 23:11:57
:: shrugs and takes the stage ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 23:12:13
Kate: Do you remember our first kiss?
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 23:12:42
Lexy: How could I forget? On the beach in my hometown...
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 23:12:53
:: a fairly confident showman, he projects his voice ::
AmberSun 08-Jul-2020 23:13:10
::The Anger Deer stands at the base of the King of Trees, sniffing around for Amber Sun, roaring as it demonstrates the dominion it holds over this realm.::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 23:13:12
Kate: ...Five years ago next week.
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 23:13:19
:: grins, watching intently ::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 23:13:32
One of my family names is "Caballero," meaning Knight in my native tongue. I give you a tale from my homeland of Spain, about a would-be knight, after their age had passed!
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 23:14:01
:: just smiles and pulls her closer :: Lexy: Has it... already been so long?
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 23:14:38
I give you... Don Quixote de la Mancha!
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 23:14:51
:: grins up from her seated position on the ground, appreciating Doc's energy ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 23:15:34
Kate: The time goes so fast when we're together, doesn't it, love? :: grins, giving Kate a squeeze ::
Suzuki> :: watches, curious ::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 23:16:17
Don Quixote was a farmer who decided to become a knight, so he found some old armor and an old horse, and decided to quest, righting wrongs throughout the land!
Velina Tailor 08-Jul-2020 23:17:04
::checks the shuttle's instruments:: Self: Just a few hours to go... ::looks at the telemetry from the observation satellite in orbit that records the data from the pterodactyl's embedded locator chips:: Self: Huh, they've migrated... they're on the completely opposite side of the planet. ::inputs a corrected course::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 23:17:07
His lady love, who he named Dulcinea was a farmgirl named Aldonza who knew nothing of this. Remember, it was long past the age of the knights...
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 23:17:23
:: is totally invested, not knowing this one ::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 23:17:34
:: at the mention of Dulcinea and Aldonza, he makes sure to make eye contact with Emily and Jester ::
:: starts in to a few of the tales contained in the book, not all of them, but the most popular ones, making sure to include the one about the windmills ::
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 23:18:31
:: with a happy sigh :: Lexy: It certainly does... you know, to me, that day is more important to me than our wedding anniversary.
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 23:18:52
And those are just some of the legendary tales of the Man of La Mancha!
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 23:19:56
:: claps, a cheer once again erupting over the crowd at the end of his story. As he comes down the steps, Emily hands everyone their welcome gifts--the thorned necklaces--and points towards the campfire ::
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 23:19:59
:: hoots up to the stage in appreciation of the story, and the energy in the way it was told ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 23:20:55
All: Go on, toss 'em in. :: she prompts, the natives all watching them in anticipation. ::
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 23:21:05
:: senses her question, feeling her head tilt up :: Lexy: The wedding just formalized what we already knew... but that day, on the Risian beach, everything changed.
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 23:21:36
Suzuki> :: noticed the eye contact and listened closer ::
Ryleigh Grey 08-Jul-2020 23:21:48
:: takes the necklace and throws it into the fire, Ethan taking full advantage to lay a deep kiss on her ::
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 23:21:54
:: takes her welcome gift necklace and eagerly stops at the side of the fire, looking around at all the eyes on her, then tosses her necklace in ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 23:21:56
Kate: Wellllll they're both pretty important.
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 23:22:02
:: throws the necklace into the fire, wishing he didn't have to, but when in Rome ::
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 23:22:17
Lexy: They are, I know. Maybe it is a cultural difference.
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 23:22:29
Suzuki> :: tosses hers into the fire ::
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 23:23:16
Lexy: But it was the beginning of a new chapter of our relationship, one that means everything to me.
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 23:24:02
:: the crowd erupts into its most raucous cheer yet, people approaching to offer drinks to the newcomers. A young girl trots up on stage to begin her story, Emily and her grandmother and few others milling around the campfire while the drummers set up for their next song ::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 23:24:19
:: gladly takes a drink ::
AmberSun 08-Jul-2020 23:24:36
::Sprints to the edge of the forest, panting, his fur and quills going their normal light brown, and he slumps over and rolls onto his back. He waves his arms and legs, making a dirt angel, as he digs his back into the ground.:: Self: That fun! ::Sighs, his stretchy lips flapping as he does so.:: Wish Eduda were here. ::Gasps.:: I should bring Neme here!
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 23:24:39
:: decides to take an offered drink by opening her mouth, indicating the server should splash it in ::
Sivat 08-Jul-2020 23:24:44
:: is quite into the book. is there a world outside of the book? nope. not according to Sivat. all that exists are the words on the pages ::
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 23:25:06
:: turns her head away from the moontouched waters to find her wife's eyes ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 23:25:17
:: takes a drink as well, loving the fruity taste of the native alcohol. A young native drink tray-carrier is confused, but shrugs it off and dumps a jug of it into Kuari's mouth. ::
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 23:25:52
:: swallows and nods her delight at the fruity taste ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 23:26:37
:: turns her head as well, and slowly leans in to kiss her wife :: Kate: Here's to tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 23:27:15
Lexy: And all the other tomorrows... :: trails her fingertips down Lexy's cheek as they kiss ::
Emily Acacia 08-Jul-2020 23:28:57
:: finishes her drink quickly so that she can jump into the dance circle. She tries to pull as many people along with her as she can, stomping and spinning in the sand around the drummers as everyone else does, colorful fabric flying everywhere. ::
Lexy Wright 08-Jul-2020 23:29:22
Suzuki> :: does some trading and then joins the dancing, why not ::
Doc Navarro 08-Jul-2020 23:29:25
:: after trading for something for both Emily and Jester, he eagerly jumps into the dancing, trying to learn something new! ::
Kuari 08-Jul-2020 23:31:08
:: dances eagerly, in her own way, heartily enjoying the party ::
AmberSun 08-Jul-2020 23:31:09
::Reaches his paw into his thick chest fur, scratching a little, before clearing a space of bare skin, revealing a commbadge. He taps it with his claw.:: TRC: Relocation controller?! One to return to the Skyship Atlaneees.
Kate Harper 08-Jul-2020 23:31:15
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