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Atlantis / atlantis-mission
The Atlantis has returned to Earth and her crew has earned a lengthy shore leave, either here, or on any of the nearby major Federation worlds accessible by the new quantum slipstream passenger transports. Enjoy!
After 01-Jul-2020 00:00:00
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 21:20:46
:: riding a motorcycle on windy backroads through the Tuscan countryside, she and Lexy approach the outskirts of Old Florence ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 21:22:44
:: spins idly in the pilot's seat of the shuttle she rented from the larger continent where the passenger ship landed. Whoever had joined her would be on board, headed for the small island in the middle of the ocean ::
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 21:23:10
:: is throwing up in a shuttle on the way to the island that Linxi said her crew-mate would be ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 21:23:17
:: aboard the shuttle with Emily ::
Ryleigh Grey 01-Jul-2020 21:23:55
:: is sitting, leaning against Ethan as the shuttle headed to their intended destination, happy to just let him play with her hair as she watched out the window ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 21:24:27
:: having thoroughly enjoyed the drive, she's almost disappointed as the old city comes into view ahead, but not really :: Lexy: There is Florence!
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 21:25:18
:: leans back in the other front seat, enjoying the view as they fly ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 21:25:53
:: wearing her skin-tight future-motorcycle-suit again :: Kate: I see it!
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 21:26:24
:: has the shuttle set to auto-pilot, so she's chatting with her party :: NAV: There's way more than I could show you in one day.
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 21:26:32
:: wearing more traditional jeans and leathers, since she got into riding in her Terranophile phase after arriving at the Academy ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 21:26:55
MED: Well, we'll just have to spend more than one.
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 21:27:10
:: looks towards the pilot :: I’m sorry! I get motion sickness very ea- :: continues to purge his prior meal ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 21:27:33
Suzuki> :: would rather be flying she shuttle so she would have something she's comfortable with to occupy her instead of being expected to... talk. To... people. ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 21:27:51
:: also not flying the shuttle, but it's cool ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 21:28:00
:: smiles :: All: There'll be a shuttle back any time, but if we stay three days you'd get to see the campfire which would be ideal.
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 21:28:44
:: leans around another curve before slowing up as they start to enter the old city ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 21:29:07
:: feels like he's seen enough campfires for about a year, but doesn't say anything ::
Ryleigh Grey 01-Jul-2020 21:29:10
Ethan> :: chuckles, continuing to gently braid his wife's hair as he listened to the conversation :: Emily: Is... there anything that's a specific no-no? Like behaviors or something?
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 21:29:12
:: leans with Kate, a practiced motion ::
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 21:29:56
:: lies on the floor of Acacia's shuttle against a side wall, relaxed and smiling, excited for their destination, listening to the conversation ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 21:29:57
:: slowly glides the bike through the old streets, carefully preserved ::
:: has to grin at the strange looks they get from people on foot ::
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 21:30:27
:: as the shuttle lands on the island and the door opens, Sivat stumbles out, almost gasping for air ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 21:30:28
Kate: We'll have to exchange this for a Vespa.
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 21:30:32
:: spins about as the island comes into view, falling silent as she eagerly assesses the rest of the party's reactions. It's relatively small but quite a sight, black-and-white mountains and beaches and a jungle that's extreme even for Betazed ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 21:30:37
Lexy: Oh! Those are so cute!
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 21:30:55
Kate: I've always wanted to try one!
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 21:31:00
:: takes in the sight, it being more wild than he imagined ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 21:31:22
Lexy: Maybe the hotel will have one we can use. And speaking of the hotel, there it is!
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 21:31:22
Suzuki> :: eyes the mountains ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 21:31:24
:: perks an eyebrow, scanning the ship that just landed out of personal curiosity. As Sivat lands, a local approaches him to cheerfully offer him a necklace made of woven branches and leaves ::
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 21:31:49
:: stands up and leans her paws on the back of Emily's chair, watching the small island as they approach with big curious eyes ::
Ryleigh Grey 01-Jul-2020 21:32:16
:: looks at Ethan as the island comes into view, grinning :: Ethan: Looks like Hawaii! :: scrambles off his lap to approach the viewscreen, admiring the view :: Ethan> :: knows exactly what this reminds him of, and pats Ryleigh's head lightly. ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 21:32:56
:: takes a deep breath, seeming relieved. As they get closer, it's notable that no architecture is immediately visibly. Sheer cliffs in black or rainbow colors and prismatic sand mark the beach they land on, near the southern tip of the island. As the shuttle comes down, a few natives milling around on the beach take note and begin approaching with even more woven necklaces ::
:: nods thoughtfully :: Ryleigh: Actually, it's very similar.
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 21:33:13
It looks like an uncut gem.
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 21:33:27
:: Sivat politely nods at the natives, adjusting his bow tie that had become uneven ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 21:33:50
:: nods eagerly, running through the final checks before opening the door. ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 21:34:03
:: even more slowly glides the bike under the hotel's entry port and then puts her feet down as they stop ::
Ryleigh Grey 01-Jul-2020 21:34:12
Emily: Our families visit Maui almost every summer, or, well, everyone tries too. :: explains before stepping to the side to let Emily out first ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 21:34:26
:: also puts her feet down ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 21:34:41
:: can't help but to eye the control panel as he stands, but it's configured just fine ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 21:35:15
:: nods attentively. She hesitates, having expected them to go first, but she senses the wait and hops up to lead the way out. She spreads her arms wide, breathing in deeply with a big grin. A couple of native kids eye the party with wide-eyes, leaf-lei-things in hand ::
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 21:35:20
:: turns around, looks at the crew, and tilts his head ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 21:35:32
:: kills the bike's engine and kicks down the stand, then stands up ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 21:36:08
Suzuki> :: doesn't have a problem with any of the people here, but is still eager to no longer be expected to converse with them. She steps out of the craft and looks around appraisingly ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 21:36:09
:: takes off her helmet and shakes out her hair ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 21:36:21
:: finishes her sigh of relief and senses she's being watched. She looks over at Sivat, raising an eyebrow as well. ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 21:36:24
:: steps out and smiles to the locals ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 21:36:36
:: does the same, her cheeks a bit flushed from the exhilaration :: Kate: That was fun!
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 21:36:40
:: trots excitedly out of the shuttle behind Emily, grinning widely, unable to hide all the teeth :: Emily: It's beautiful here!
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 21:36:48
:: walks up to Acacia :: Emily: Are you one... Emily Acacia? From Atlantis?
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 21:36:59
Lexy: Oh, it really was! It had been a while since the last time we rode.
Ryleigh Grey 01-Jul-2020 21:37:02
:: smiles at the local kiddos, slowly bending to their level to offer a handful of candy to the children that she pulled... from somewhere. ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 21:37:13
:: nods at Sivat, tilting her head :: Sivat: Yes--I'm really sorry, have we met? My memory, is ah--not always great?
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 21:37:24
:: unfastens their bags from the saddlebag holders as a valet approaches, unfazed by their strange transport ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 21:37:32
:: nods at Kate :: Kate: Let's check in and get changed, shall we?
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 21:37:40
:: the local kids bestow the woven necklaces on the travelers, speaking some sort of short prayer that's incomprehensible even to the universal translator ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 21:37:47
Valet> Checking in?
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 21:38:00
:: looks at all crowding natives, smiling at them, managing to close her mouth and attempts to look friendly ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 21:38:08
Valet: Yes, thank you. :: trades the keys for a valet tag ::
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 21:38:12
:: holds his hand out :: Emily: Sivat Jude. Linxi Jude's youngest brother. She mentioned that some of the crew were going to be here, and I thought it would be a nice way to meet some of you all.
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 21:38:37
:: takes Sivat's hand and gives it a firm shake. She smiles widely :: Sivat: Excellent! The more the merrier. We're going on a hike later, you're welcome to come.
:: waves a hand :: All: Grab your bags, and follow me!
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 21:38:55
Suzuki> :: bows her head politely as a necklace is placed around her neck ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 21:39:05
:: wears the necklace with some degree of reverence, then follows along ::
Ryleigh Grey 01-Jul-2020 21:39:28
Ethan> :: restrains Ryleigh from trying to hug the kiddo that was Jude's youngest brother, knowing her love for kids before kneeling to allow the necklace placement before standing and following Acacia carefully ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 21:39:38
:: heads into the hotel with Lexy to check in, and before long, they find themselves in a nice suite ::
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 21:39:46
:: walks next to Acacia :: Emily: I was hoping you would let me come along the entire time. If that is alright?
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 21:40:20
:: beams even brighter. The jungle chirps, usually considered threatening.. she's just thrilled anyone would want to see it. :: Sivat: Of course!
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 21:40:23
:: plops their bags down on the bed :: Lexy: Oh, this is posh!
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 21:40:32
:: looks around the suite :: Kate: Wooow, this is posh!
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 21:40:44
:: walks straight toward the jungle, natives waving as they walk past ::
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 21:40:45
:: is adorned with a necklace by some brave native, bowing her head so that it can be slipped over her horn first, but it still doesn't fit over her head, so she sits and adjusts it to wear it like a crown instead. She smiles at the native who smiles back, then walks with her friends as Emily leads the way ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 21:41:39
:: places her helmet on the table and doffs her leather jacket :: Lexy: What do you want to do first?
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 21:42:05
:: walks along with the group, lingering somewhere between Emily and Jester ::
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 21:42:30
Emily: I need some time away from the family. And Linxi is not coming here, and I can not simply hitch a ride on a ship out of here without an adult. So this was the best option. :: switches between running and walking, his legs too short to keep up with the pace of the others ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 21:43:02
:: starts to just drop the jacket on a chair, then hangs it up instead ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 21:43:18
Kate: I want to change. ....You never do that at home!
Ryleigh Grey 01-Jul-2020 21:43:19
:: snickers at hearing Sivat's answer :: Sivat: If you want, I can offer you a piggy-back ride so you're not having to run-walk to stay caught up with us?
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 21:43:38
:: the party enters the jungle, following a narrow path. The building they're approaching springs out very suddenly, completely hidden from the shore. The buildings are wood-beam supported, but the outsides are lined with stones and cast-silver twisting vines. The faux-vines create a very thin halo, keeping the plants of the jungle at bay, but only just--small bits of vines coil around the silver, but never more than an inch. Emily cracks open the door to her grandmother's house, opening it to let the party in. ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 21:43:41
:: grins :: Lexy: I— I think of it, sometimes!
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 21:44:08
:: nods, truly sympathetic :: Sivat: Oh, I understand--plenty far away from my crazy human aunts here. :: she jokes wryly ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 21:44:26
:: presses a button on her suit that releases some of the tautness, and begins to peel out of it ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 21:44:29
:: nods in appreciation at the house, finding it charming ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 21:44:50
:: undresses, ditching her boots and shirt before peeling her jeans off ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 21:45:23
Suzuki> :: feels very awkward about this, but politeness takes over :: Emily: What a pleasant home.
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 21:45:38
:: continues to ramble :: Emily: Do you have food by any chance? I may have... vomited my breakfast on the shuttle. I have found I do not like shuttles. Looking out of them in particular.
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 21:45:52
:: inside of the house is a wide open central room with all sorts of chairs and crafting devices scattered around a central fire pit. The top of the round room can open, but it is currently closed. She points to a hallway off to the side :: All: Bedrooms that way...
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 21:46:10
:: opens her bag and goes through the clothes she brought ::
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 21:46:14
:: marvels at the house and its natural inclinations, entering with the group ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 21:46:20
:: drops her bag by the fire pit, heading to the kitchenette along the round room wall :: Sivat: What do you like?
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 21:47:05
Emily: I am trying to expand my palate. Anything would be fine.
Ryleigh Grey 01-Jul-2020 21:47:18
Ethan> :: takes their bags and heads to claim a bedroom, wanting to give Ryleigh time to catch up with her friends ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 21:48:11
:: nods, grabbing a basket and stepping out the back door to pick some plants off of the back lattice-shield of the house. ::
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 21:48:40
:: walks up to Grey :: Ryleigh: Ryleigh Grey? Marine?
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 21:48:56
:: stands in her underwear, also going through her bag :: Kate: I packed something special for today.
Ryleigh Grey 01-Jul-2020 21:49:39
:: nods at Sivat's question, bending down to be able to match his eyeline :: Sivat: Yeah, I'm a Captain in the Starfleet Marines.
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 21:49:42
:: explores every room of the house she has ready access to, sniffing around ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 21:49:43
:: also in her underwear, she looks up, distracted from her choices of what to wear :: Lexy: Oh?
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 21:49:51
:: comes back with her basket full of a mix of colorful greens and a few squishy brown beans. She lights the stovetop fire to heat up what's basically a wok, throwing in all the greens and some oil. ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 21:49:53
:: places his bag by Emily's, unsure as to the sleeping arrangements, so he doesn't claim a room ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 21:50:34
:: the rest of the house is fairly normal inside. Three of the bedrooms are decorated, and two are not. However, whoever lives here is extremely organized--or knew you were coming. ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 21:51:03
Suzuki> :: looks at Zorro thoughtfully, then slips away to claim a bedroom for herself ::
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 21:51:21
:: takes a step back :: Ryleigh: No need to bend down to my level. It feels almost condescending when people do that. :: blinks twice, expressionless ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 21:51:30
:: shrugs at Jester, this being new to him too ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 21:51:51
:: hides it behind her :: Kate: No peeking!
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 21:51:52
:: uses a long wooden stick to whip the greens around, searing them in a quick and smoky process ::
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 21:52:17
:: wanders the main room, raising her nose to the air when she smells Emily's cooking ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 21:52:27
Lexy: Aw! :: she turns her back and returns to rummaging ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 21:53:04
:: dresses quickly and sneakily ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 21:53:13
:: pulls the pan off the heat and flips it into a large wooden bowl, then opens the cabinet where the smaller bowls are :: All: Alright, I made plenty.. a snack might be good for everyone, the memory stones are a ways out.
Ryleigh Grey 01-Jul-2020 21:53:19
Ethan> Sivat: Apologies for my wife! She's... been getting broody. :: returns from putting their luggage down, gently tugging on Ryleigh's hair to get a protest ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 21:53:59
:: pulls on her shoes ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 21:54:15
:: picks out something ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 21:54:55
:: disappears into the bathroom to fiddle with her hair ::
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 21:55:06
:: turns on the spot and walks towards the kitchen :: Emily: I rarely have handmade food. Everything I eat is usually from a replicator.
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 21:55:10
:: gratefully dips up a bowl of the seared greens ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 21:55:36
Suzuki> :: reappears and gratefully accepts a bowl of food ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 21:55:58
:: smiles, shrugging :: Sivat: We have a replicator, if anyone wants it-- :: she points at the side room, which is like a small office :: But nothing quite like picking it off the wall, yeah?
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 21:56:09
:: tries a bite :: Emily: This is good!
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 21:56:37
:: takes a small bowl of the greens, and eats some, with a quizzical expression on his face ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 21:56:39
:: nods, beaming proudly :: Doc: Thank you. I can't take too much credit, though, most of the charm is that the plants are so native they're exclusive.
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 21:56:57
:: pulls on the dress she selected and waits to see if it will go with Lexy's, then starts brushing out her helmet hair ::
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 21:57:04
:: hears Emily's invitation and trots to the table and sits with her own bowl :: Emily: This looks and smells amazing!
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 21:57:24
:: grabs a bowl of greens for herself, sitting down with the others around the long table near the kitchenette ::
Ryleigh Grey 01-Jul-2020 21:57:43
Ethan> :: takes a bowl of the greens, offering an extra one to Ryleigh before settling down next to her ::
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 21:57:47
:: looks over to Kuari and walks around her, eyebrows raised ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 21:57:50
:: nods appreciatively as he eats ::
Ryleigh Grey 01-Jul-2020 21:58:40
Sivat: I apologize, my... husband is correct, I am kind of... getting broody. I don't mean to be conscending or anything to you. :: says between bites, wanting to apologize to the youngest Jude-spawn.
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 21:58:45
:: comes out, finally ready :: Kate: Okay, now you can look. :: has somehow wrangled her long, brown hair to cascade down her shoulders in waves, and is wearing a floral-print dress with a pair of brilliant blue heels that pick up a color in the pattern ::
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 21:58:50
:: drops her head to her bowl and takes a bite ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 21:58:56
:: chuckles, giving Sivat a look that says 'yeah, that's just her' ::
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 22:00:05
:: finally turns her head towards Sivat, but doesn't smile as she's chewing and that would be bad, but offers him a very large eye ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:00:05
:: finishes up quickly and gets up, rifling through her bag for her hiking clothes and a wrapped package that she makes a point to hide, but she may glance at Suzuki a bit suspiciously ::
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 22:00:07
:: taps on what he thinks is Kuari's shoulder :: Kuari: You must be Kuari. But. What. Are you? :: continues to stare while munching on the food ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 22:00:08
:: her face brightens and her mouth hangs open for a moment when she sees her wife's choice :: Lexy: That is— oh, you are beautiful in it! And I would never have thought to pair such blue shoes with the dress, but it works!
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 22:00:44
Suzuki> :: looking down into her bowl of greens as she eats, and doesn't notice any suspicious looks ::
:: grins and spins around for Kate ::
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 22:01:09
:: swallows her bite :: Sivat: I am a Rucara, from a planet very far away. I'm a friend of Emily's.
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 22:01:10
:: applauds ::
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 22:02:16
Kuari: I never heard of that planet. :: continues to take very small bites ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 22:02:17
:: isn't wearing a new dress, but she's in her thin white Bohemian-style high-low off-the shoulder with the pattern of branching fanned leaves in red and blue ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:02:28
:: excuses herself to another room. When she returns she's in the same garb the natives on the beach wore. It's somewhat like a himation, but wrapped to fall above the knee and stay out of the way for hiking. The garment has no stitches, held together with geometry and a belt ::
Ryleigh Grey 01-Jul-2020 22:03:02
:: excuses herself from the table as she was done, heading to go change into her own hiking clothes ::
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 22:03:21
:: cocks her head :: Sivat: My species is "Rucara". The planet is called "Ruka". No, you would not know of it, as it is in the Delta Quadrant.
:: looks over when Emily returns, noticing she's in new clothes ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 22:04:34
:: is in a Hawaiian shirt and cargo shorts, figuring they'll do just fine ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:04:44
:: grins, walking back in on the conversation. She muses :: Kuari: This guy givin' you a hard time?
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 22:04:52
Kuari: Oh! Delta Quadrant. Where Voyager got stuck. :: looks down at his empty dish and goes to place it in the sink ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 22:04:55
:: selects her blue shoes to go with it, to compliment Lexy's even though they're not as brilliantly-colored, and holds them up :
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 22:05:12
:: grins at Emily :: Emily: No, not at all!
:: happens to not be wearing anything, as is her usual on shore leave, other than the necklace on her head she was given upon arrival ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 22:05:51
:: claps approvingly ::
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 22:06:27
:: decides to take off the sweater-vest portion of his outfit, leaving just his white shirt, bowtie, and native necklace under it ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 22:06:43
:: ducks into the bathroom for a minute, checking her hair one more time before emerging :: Lexy: Ready?
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:06:47
:: realizes she forgot :: All: Oh! The k--err, the necklaces. You don't have to wear them, but remember where you put them. You'll be expected to toss them into the campfire, if you go.
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 22:06:57
:: grins :: Kate: Ready!
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 22:07:09
Oh thank the Deities. :: takes his necklace off ::
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 22:07:10
Emily: Go where?
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 22:07:30
:: keeps wearing his necklace, kinda likes it ::
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 22:08:00
:: he then decides to turn his attention to Navarro :: Doc: Doc Navarro? Navigation, right?
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 22:08:13
Sivat: That's me.
Ryleigh Grey 01-Jul-2020 22:08:33
Ethan> :: chuckles, glad he wasn't being pestered by Sivat just yet, leaning against the doorframe carefully ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 22:08:38
:: grabs her purse from the bag and heads out to the street with Lexy, arranging for a Vespa on the way out ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:08:45
:: rubs her hands together, figuring some explanation is due :: Kuari: The.. memorial, of my ancestors. It's a hike, and a beautiful sight as well. You don't have to visit the stones, but to see the top of Aluho'aki is something.
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 22:09:01
Suzuki> :: is wearing athletic leggings with a light jacket over a matching sports bra and a pair of good trail shoes, very ready for a hike ::
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 22:09:17
Doc: You are taller than what I envisioned.
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 22:09:17
:: stands, her bowl finished :: Emily: I'll go! So I take my necklace with me, you said?
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 22:09:42
:: chuckles :: Sivat: Thanks, I think.
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:09:48
:: shrugs :: Kuari: If you want. :: she smiles, musing :: Kuari: But if you lose it, you'll die~
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 22:09:54
:: finishes the food ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:10:13
:: gathers up her things, taking a one-shoulder leather backpack to hide her mysterious package in, and some water and a med kit ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 22:10:28
:: as the Vespa is brought to them, she sees that it is also a brilliant blue :: Lexy: It matches your shoes just perfectly!
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 22:10:29
:: frowns, choosing to assume she is joking about the dying part :: Emily: Did...did you say we're supposed to throw it into a fire? If we go, we have to take it?
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:11:09
:: nods, understanding :: Kuari: In three days is the campfire--it's like a big party, a monthly festival. If you stay three days so you can go, you'll throw the necklace into the fire, which marks you not being a visitor anymore.
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 22:11:28
:: grins excitedly :: Kate: Couldn't have asked for something more perfect!
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 22:11:28
Emily: Oh, I understand!
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 22:11:45
:: walks back up to Acacia :: Emily: I neglected to bring water with me. Do you have a spare container?
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:12:05
:: nods, grabbing a canteen for Sivat and offering :: All: Everyone else good to head out? Need anything?
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 22:12:14
:: gets on the little scooter, finding it adorable compared to the bike they rode in on ::
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 22:12:34
Emily: Thank you. :: takes the canteen and fills it ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 22:12:36
:: nods to Emily :: As ready as I'll ever be.
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 22:13:04
:: trots around the house, looking in corners, as if a dog were looking for a place to bury a bone, then stuffs her necklace into an ornamental pot set on display up high ::
:: returns :: Emily: I'm ready.
Ryleigh Grey 01-Jul-2020 22:13:41
Ethan> :: takes Ryleigh's hand as they head out the door, all prepped for the hike, both having taken off their necklaces up in their room ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 22:14:14
:: gets on sidesaddle behind her ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 22:14:41
:: zips off on the little Vespa! ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:14:53
:: nods, heading out the door and leading the way. She pushes through the underbrush, glancing behind her occasionally to be sure she's not losing anyone. Suddenly, it clears, and the party is faced with a relatively shallow shale cliff. This one's not a hard climb, but it does take both hands and feet. Emily gestures, smiling politely :: All: Visitors first.
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 22:15:00
:: keeps close to Emily, still looking at Kuari out of the corner of his eye ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 22:15:18
:: smirks, thinking Jester will be almost insulted by this climb ::
:: looks at her, then to Emily as he starts up the wall ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 22:15:40
Suzuki> :: leads the way up the cliff and helps others up after she zips to the top ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:16:03
:: watches Suzuki, smirking ::
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 22:16:10
:: looks up and flies to the top of the cliff, then extends her tail down to help others up ::
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 22:16:31
:: looks down at his tiny limbs :: Self: Awh worm.
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:17:05
:: comes up behind Sivat, gesturing :: Sivat: I'll be right behind you. Catch you if you fall.
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 22:17:20
:: easily makes it up, thoough he's not a practiced climber, Jester's taught him a few things ::
Ryleigh Grey 01-Jul-2020 22:17:30
:: immediately scampers ahead, clambering up the wall and Ethan following ::
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 22:18:59
:: nods, and goes ahead, slowly making his way up :: I should not have worn my white shirt today!
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:19:56
:: sticks close to Sivat, true to her word to be ready to catch him. When she reaches the top she dusts herself off and grins, leading the way back into the jungle. Shortly they find the source of the sound of running water, and they're walking beside a rapid river ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 22:20:43
Suzuki> Emily: It's lovely here.
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 22:21:06
:: pulls the Vespa up to the Museo de Medici ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:21:13
:: smiles warmly :: Suzuki: I'm glad you think so. It's quite peaceful.
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 22:21:38
Kate: The Medici Palace! This is so exciting.
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 22:21:46
:: follows along, sniffing nature and loving the journey ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 22:21:56
:: nods in agreement, glad that he doesn't have to be building a fire or manning a net in a cold river ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:22:42
:: the party comes upon a relatively flat patch of land. It's obvious that this patch was cleared, but trees of varying heights grow in it. Each of the trees has a chain around it, with one of the island's colorful gems on the chain. She touches each tree as she passes :: All: We're about half way there--just need to grab something real quick. Take a sit if you need a break.
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 22:22:52
Lexy: I am excited, too! To see the place where such a large part of your culture began to truly flourish! :: parks the Vespa and slides off ::
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 22:23:42
:: sniffs all the trees, wandering the clearing idly ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 22:23:48
Kate: So many wonderful works of art are preserved here! :: slides off and walks up toward the entrance ::
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 22:23:51
:: looks around at the trees ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:24:46
:: the trees are in varying states of growth. These ones are a different species than the ones just outside the patch, and they're dropping small white flower petals. They're in small clusters--families. Emily settles on one and unhooks the chain, a tree with one shorter to its left, and one taller to its right. ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 22:24:51
:: follows along, eager to see it ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 22:25:07
:: watches Emily, curious to see what she's up to ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:25:26
:: admires a blue-and-green shimmering piece of obsidian hanging from a chain for a moment, then tucks it in her pocket. She looks back at the group, assessing how they're faring so far. ::
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 22:25:41
:: looks over at Navarro, who is watching Emily, and turns to look at Emily himself ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:26:55
:: grins :: All: Nobody needs a rest? Good stuff, strong stock. :: she half-jokes, heading back for the river to continue upstream ::
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 22:27:25
Emily: I am not strong. If you want strong, you will have to turn your attention to Linxi.
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 22:27:26
:: doesn't know the signifance of the obsidian, but follows along ::
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 22:27:43
:: waves his noodle arms in the air ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 22:27:49
:: enters, looking around at the elegant surroundings, and the embellished ceilings :: Self: Ooooh.
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 22:28:08
:: her eyes go wide at the inside of the building :: Lexy: It is marvelous...
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:28:43
:: follows the river for a while then breaks off, turning to follow a steep, winding path up the foot of one of the mountains. The trees that try to grow but slide down the hills come in handy, but it feels a bit like walking a tightrope at times ::
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 22:28:47
:: trots after Emily as they continue their journey, drawing close to the rushing river once again ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 22:29:15
:: they wander through the amazing hallways of the old palace, looking at priceless works of art ::
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 22:29:31
:: continues to walk-run after the long legged adults ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 22:29:48
:: falls thoroughly in love with Earth culture again, just like when she first got here ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 22:29:59
Suzuki> :: follows the leader, sure-footed ::
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 22:31:23
:: follows with the group, while otherwise would choose to fly but instead makes the journey with her friends, but isn't beyond using her wings for a boost now and then ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:31:36
:: steps around a corner, and suddenly, they're on a three-foot wide terraced path with a retaining wall. There's still so much greenery it's hard to see, but it's much easier to walk. :: All: We're here.
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 22:31:57
:: at one point he is behind Kuari during her wing boosts, and he literally falls flat onto the ground from the wind ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:32:50
:: starts to point them out--every stone is partly covered by plants, but they poke out the more you spot them. They vary from about two feet to five feet tall, they're stone sculptures resembling animals and plants with the island's gems worked in. Notably, each one features a large gem much like the one Acacia now has. ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 22:33:54
Suzuki> :: looks carefully at the stones ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 22:34:16
:: appreciatively takes in the scene, admiring the scultpures ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:34:40
:: the stones are composite sculptures, hundreds or thousands of small stones each worked into a mosaic. The colors vary, but they are put next to stones of similar hue so that when the light hits one, a stone creates a rainbow aura around itself ::
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 22:34:43
:: studies the stones as Emily points them out ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 22:34:56
:: after they've taken in much of the place, she finds her tummy growling :: Lexy: Hm, are you hungry?
Ryleigh Grey 01-Jul-2020 22:35:00
Ethan> :: blinks at the stones, amazed as he keeps a tight hold on his wife's hand :: Amazing...
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 22:35:08
:: looks around at the stones :: Ooh. Pretty. Renna would love these.
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 22:35:33
Kate: Oh, I thought you would never ask.
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:36:01
:: continues on, following the terraced path that snakes up the mountain. There are easily thousands of these stones in varying states of repair, some even having grown into the tops of trees. They are a part of the landscape itself. ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 22:36:41
Suzuki> :: isn't sure of the significance of these stones, but views them with some reverence ::
Kate: I have a confession to make.
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 22:37:14
Lexy: Hm? :: as they head toward the exit ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:37:23
:: begins, filling the time as they work their way up :: All: So the tree...
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 22:37:31
Kate: I really want some lamb. I know it's all lab-grown, but still, I feel bad.
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:37:47
All: I will be buried in it. Cremated in the volcano, and this, :: she gestures to the stone :: is what will be done with my ashes.
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 22:38:16
:: looks at it, and her, with a bit of surprise ::
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 22:38:19
:: regards Emily seriously, then blinks at the stone indicated ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 22:38:32
:: finds that to be pretty metal, actually ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 22:38:35
Suzuki> :: reverence confirmed ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:38:39
:: nods, looking to Doc with no shame :: Doc: These are my ancestors.
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 22:38:58
:: looks around at the landscape, turning his attention to Emily at she speaks. this is a bit much for the 10 year old, so he just goes on looking at the trees and stuff ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 22:39:11
:: shrugs :: Lexy: No need to feel bad. Come, we will find a place!
:: leads her out the door and back to the Vespa ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 22:39:38
:: points at a cafe across the street :: Kate: What about there?
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 22:40:14
:: the weight of history settles on him as he understands ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 22:40:20
:: turns from the Vespa and looks across the street, having missed the place :: Lexy: Oh! That should do wonderfully!
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 22:41:19
:: looks around :: Kate: It seems like most of the shops in this district are leather shops. Florentine leather is famous, you know. Maybe we should check one out after lunch.
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 22:41:47
Lexy: I could use a pair of riding gloves.
Ryleigh Grey 01-Jul-2020 22:41:52
:: blinks in sharp surprise at the burial traditions, before hurrying to catch up and looking over the mosaics carefully, not touching the rock ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 22:42:12
:: makes her way to an outdoor table at the cafe and sits ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:42:25
:: reaches the end of the trodden path. The terracing reaches higher than the jungle, cutting into the hard glass of the volcanic mountain. There is a final flat terrace near the top of the mountain where you can see out over the entire jungle, all the way to the shoreline for the entire southern half of the island. Emily smiles, pausing to watch her breath. ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 22:42:44
:: quietly :: What a view...
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 22:42:48
:: can't help but think of how she's recently seen firsthand the passage of time on a planet she remembers living on for a year, and sits on the ground. Emily's movement stirs her from her thoughts, and she follows again ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 22:43:19
Suzuki> :: takes everything in, quietly ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 22:43:39
:: orders them a couple of wines and an antipasto plate, in Italian ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 22:44:20
:: smiles at her polyglot wife ::
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 22:44:23
:: is 100% not taking any significance in. nope. too much to process. just focusing on pretty sights right now ::
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 22:44:39
:: stops at the top and marvels at the view, unafraid to stand near the edge :: Emily: This is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing this with us.
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:45:22
:: sidles up next to Suzuki, grinning. :: Suzuki: It's beautiful, isn't it? :: she nods her head to point. There's a great sheer cliff of glass, and another flat spot at the actual peak of the mountain. :: It looks even better from up there.
Ryleigh Grey 01-Jul-2020 22:45:23
:: approaches her friend to hug her lightly before stepping back :: Emily: Beautiful. This is amazing, thank you for bringing us here.
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 22:46:25
:: is very much standing away from the edge, standing in the middle very stiffly ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 22:46:48
:: steps up behind Emily and Jester :: Emily: Thank you for bringing us here.
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 22:47:13
Suzuki> :: looking up at the area indicated :: Emily: It would not be offensive to your people to climb it?
Amber Sun 01-Jul-2020 22:47:23
::Finds himself running through the temperate forests of North America, excitably chasing down the alien native animals, finding the similarities with home fascinating.:: Self: TrrrRRReeee! TrrRRrrreeeeee! ::Trundles along.:: GrrrRRRAAAAAAssssSSSssss. ::Rolls around, before eventually bumping his head in his carelessness.::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:48:06
:: shakes her head, offering up the wrapped package, an oddly shaped object wrapped in black cloth. :: Suzuki: Oh, no.. if you do it right.
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 22:48:16
:: looks back :: Emily: Would it be acceptable to...take a short flight?
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:48:27
:: nods lightly :: Kuari: Nothing wrong with that!
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 22:48:49
Suzuki> :: looks at Emily, a question in her eyes ::
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 22:48:57
:: grins widely and leaps off the edge without delay, gaining speed as she drops then soaring up into view ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 22:49:31
Suzuki> :: can't help but watch the soaring Kuari, impressed ::
Amber Sun 01-Jul-2020 22:49:33
::Looks up, then keeps looking up, and looking up some more; before blinking and rubbing his paw over his large forhead.:: Self: EmpeeeRRRRroooorrrr of treEEEeessss! ::Walks around the base of the giant tree, marvelling at it's sheer size.::
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 22:49:56
:: also looks up and watches Kuari fly, envious ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:50:17
:: takes a small cloth bag out of her leather backpack, opening it and donning her own set. They're one-clawed gauntlets that hook around the hand. They also appear to be made from volcanic glass, somehow. ::
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 22:50:38
:: blinks, watching from a distance ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 22:50:38
:: a few minutes later, their main course arrives, including Lexy's lamb ::
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 22:50:52
:: takes in the path they had climbed, putting into a more whole perspective from the air, appreciating the location and commits the view to memory, knowing it's very special to Emily ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:50:57
:: grips her right claw, showing Suzuki :: Suzuki: You use these to grip the fragments. It can be done without making a single chip. :: she challenges ::
:: kicks off her shoes, grinning ::
Ryleigh Grey 01-Jul-2020 22:51:28
:: looks up at Ethan, both passing on the climbing challenge and just settling to sit close to the edge, relaxing into each other ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 22:51:29
:: grins, wondering about this ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 22:52:12
Suzuki> :: looks at the claws, thinking :: Emily: I would like to try this.
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 22:52:28
:: not surprised that Jester was all for it ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:53:02
:: nods at the package, which contains two such claws made to Suzuki's measurements. The Doctor bounces on her feet, getting herself ready for the climb, definitely not wanting to embarrass herself now. ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 22:53:52
Suzuki> :: Takes the package and unwraps it carefully, gripping the claws and getting a feel for them in her hands ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 22:54:11
:: is not foolish enough to offer bets on who wins ::
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 22:54:15
:: returns, landing carefully away from everyone on the flat area ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:55:19
:: heads for the cliff face and, in a slow motion so Suzuki can see it, she slides the claw from her extended reach towards herself until the tip catches, and she pulls herself up slightly with it. It's a delicate process, because the claws are a bit softer than the cliff face. You can still chip either, but of course the goal is not to. ::
Amber Sun 01-Jul-2020 22:55:35
::Hears a rustling behind him, causing him to duck and cover; pressing his body to the floor, with his ears flapping in the air and his nostrils flaring away. When he is met by a large creature crawling out of the woods.:: Animal: Am friend?!
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 22:56:31
Suzuki> :: follows Emily's lead, tentatively sliding the claws and using them to pull herself up, her motions slow and deliberate until she gets a sense for how the claws interact with the surface ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 22:57:03
:: is also having lamb, having decided to try what Lexy was craving, since she was craving it after all, it must be good ::
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 22:57:11
:: decides to sit cross legged on the ground ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 22:57:39
:: the lamb is succulent and delicious :: Kate: Mmmm... Oh, and these olives.... so good...
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 22:57:58
:: approaches Emily, their tour guide, and sits, watching ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 22:58:00
:: begins climbing. She lightly feels the face below her with the front of her foot to ensure the glass is not sharp enough to cut before sliding her toes into tight crevices, sometimes resting on as little as her toe nails, mostly dangling from her two volcanic glass hooks-on-a-bar. She grins, not looking down but knowing Suzuki is below her :: Suzuki: You really are good at this!
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 22:58:03
Lexy: I know! Great choice, love. :: washes it down with a sip of wine ::
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 22:58:18
:: watches them climb, rather impressed ::
Amber Sun 01-Jul-2020 22:58:57
::The animal is not friend, and imedietly roars and drops its head as it charges at the young Salbjorn; who scrambles and starts running away.:: Animal: baaaaAAAAddddd, many pointy horn! ::He roars back as he builds to a sprinting speed, with a giant horned demon at his tail.::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 22:59:40
Suzuki> :: had kicked off her shoes as well, following the lead of her teacher, and catches her toe on something sharp, but says nothing about it :: Emily: You clearly have done this before. :: increases her speed, feeling more confident in the claws ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 23:00:38
:: nods, laughing airily. She's found herself less physically fit than in the 'past', but this is a fun summer. :: Suzuki: Three times.
Suzuki: I have.. two chips. Those go in my memory stone. :: she chuckles. ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 23:01:09
:: soon after, there is tiramisu and coffee ::
Sivat 01-Jul-2020 23:01:29
:: scoots slowly towards the edge, and when he sees the two, he shouts down to them :: Emily/Suzuki: That is more my sister's thing!
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 23:02:30
Suzuki> Emily: I thought... the goal was... not to chip? :: her breath comes a little heavier from the exertion of making her way up this sheer face :: I have no chips, but... I am also slower.
Amber Sun 01-Jul-2020 23:02:31
::Bodyslams in the base of another giant 'emperor' tree, his claws digging into the bark, gouging considerable chunks out of it, with the scraping crunching sound of keratin on wood. He was only just able to pull himself up in time before the animal reached him.::
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 23:02:41
:: watches Suzuki and Emily, then raises a paw, extending the claws and looking at them, and wonders ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 23:02:42
::bliss ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 23:02:51
:: muses lightly :: Suzuki: I was ten.
:: reaches the top, pulling herself up onto the flat part of the peak with a heft and a roll onto her back. She peers over to make sure Suzuki makes it, but she has no doubt. ::
Amber Sun 01-Jul-2020 23:03:21
::The creature slams it's hooves on the ground, roaring up at the bear with it's comically long face.::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 23:03:29
:: offers Lexy the final bite of tiramisu off her fork ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 23:04:24
Suzuki> :: pulls herself to the top a few seconds later, panting for a moment before rolling to her feet and inspecting her claws for chips ::
:: takes it :: Kate: Mmmmm.
Doc Navarro 01-Jul-2020 23:04:45
:: shakes his head, damned impressed with those two, but not surprised ::
Kuari 01-Jul-2020 23:05:24
:: smiles up at where Suzuki and Emily disappeared, yipping for their victory ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 23:05:27
:: smirks, letting her check before offering a hand. She grips Suzuki's forearm, slowly standing on the bumpy peak and gesturing lightly. From here you can see every shore, even the active volcano to the north. ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 23:06:01
Suzuki> :: stands next to Emily, taking in the vista ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 23:06:26
:: from above is the best place to see the island's rainbow, as the light is casting up on you from where it reflects off of the magnetite in every rock. The jungle sways and breathes, and the ocean threatens you not to visit without a space ship. ::
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 23:06:27
:: finishes her coffee, contented ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 23:06:52
Suzuki> :: gazing out over the incredible view:: Emily: This is the second-best part of climbing.
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 23:07:06
:: takes a deep breath, letting go of Suzuki's arm once they're steady. She takes a breath, then nods. ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 23:07:07
Kate: Let's go buy some gloves!
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 23:07:22
Lexy: Alright!
Amber Sun 01-Jul-2020 23:07:51
::Roars down at the anger deer, as he will now know it as, wondering why it was attacking him.::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 23:08:30
:: takes out the stone on a chain she brought, sliding down to sit cross-legged. She holds the stone to her chest, mumbling a quiet prayer in her language. ::
Lexy Wright 01-Jul-2020 23:09:08
Suzuki> :: looks down at Emily, not sure what to do ::
Emily Acacia 01-Jul-2020 23:09:32
:: finishes up rather shortly, then smiles up at her. :: Suzuki: Alright. Whenever you're ready, we can head back.
Kate Harper 01-Jul-2020 23:10:11
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