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This year's Atlantis summer party takes places at a seaside resort in Castiglione della Pescaia, Tuscany. After a day of being pampered in the resort, we convene in the evening for a fancy party!
After 24-Jun-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 21:15:08
:: greeting people as they arrive - the weather is just perfect as the sun sets over a blue sea, the crashing of waves, and a light pleasant breeze ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 21:16:32
:: arrives with both Doc and Suzuki, holding onto one of Doc's arms. She looks out at the sea, seeming distant but at least relaxed. ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 21:17:13
:: wearing a tuxedo with Spanish flair in the cummerbun and bow tie, and arrives with Emily and Kimiko on his arms ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 21:18:14
Suzuki> :: stands next to Doc in a summer yukata covered in colorful flowers, her hair up and pinned in a somewhat ornate fashion ::
TAC LCdr T’Lira 24-Jun-2020 21:18:59
:: has decided to try something new today and is in a simple dress in a floral pattern, moving almost immediately to stand out of the way ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 21:19:16
:: wearing a floor-length evening gown in emerald green silk, the flowing bias-cut bodice having bow detail perforated in the neckline, loose through the bust with spaghetti straps arching over the shoulders, and a wide waistband wrap, gathered at the rear, knotted at the front and left to hang, with a straight-cut trained circle skirt slitted high in the front ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 21:19:41
:: has chosen a dress that combines Spanish frills and exotic tribal patterned fabric, an interesting franken-sari ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 21:19:42
:: flits over to Zorro, Acacia, and Suzuki :: Welcome! It is good to see you here!
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 21:20:25
Suzuki> :: inclines her head :: CO: Captain.
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 21:20:27
:: grins, waving with her free hand :: CO: It's nice to be.. back?
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 21:20:30
:: trots into the event setup wearing her fancy blue and purple cultural garb, the whole thing resembling a backless horse blanket with tassled ends along each side and strappy decorations around the base of the tail ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 24-Jun-2020 21:20:31
Ethan> :: escorts his wife into the room, both in semi-formal wear, he was in a casual blazer-slack-button-down combo, pausing before scanning the room and excusing himself from Ryleigh, heading over to get something to drink, pausing to wave at Acacia ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 21:20:36
¡Gracias, capitana!
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 21:22:02
:: perks up a bit and spins, making eye contact with Ethan and smiling. She hadn't run into him since 'returning', and she's glad to know he's okay for some reason. ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 21:22:31
:: moves to T'Lira :: TAC: What a lovely dress, T'Lira! Welcome!
CTO LtC Wolfe 24-Jun-2020 21:22:44
:: arrives, wearing a silver tuxedo with a fluffy blue tie that fills the opening of the coat, and an emblem perfectly placed in the middle of that tie. The jacket extends almost to his knees to create a flow, yet above the waist it is form-fitting and still lavish and elegant. In short... it's very... NOT Wolfe. ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 21:23:04
Emily/Jester: May I get you some drinks?
TAC2 1Lt Grey 24-Jun-2020 21:23:12
:: wearing a dark blue gown that showed off her figure, and a diamond barrette that held her hair back in a french twist, before making her way over to her friend. :: MED: Enjoying yourself so far?
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 21:23:26
:: is perpetually smiling, nodding at everyone, choosing a few to admire their fancy attire ::
TAC LCdr T’Lira 24-Jun-2020 21:23:49
CO: Greetings, Captain.
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 21:24:17
:: then notices Wolfe wearing something very un-Wolfe-like :: CTO: Benedict! That suits you!
SCI Lt Jude 24-Jun-2020 21:24:18
:: is wearing a nice patterned shirt with half if it unbuttoned, and poofy pants, wandering around ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 21:24:36
:: smiles, nodding to Doc and releasing his arm :: NAV: Surprise me.
CTO LtC Wolfe 24-Jun-2020 21:25:02
:: gestures and bows his head to Harper. :: CO: Thank you, Captain.
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 21:25:04
:: nods, looking around :: TAC2: I'm still a bit off, but.. this is awesome. Look at everyone's dresses! :: she coos ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 21:25:38
Suzuki> Zorro: Yes, please, that would be nice. :: looks over at Emily and quirks the corners of her lips up ever so slightly, an attempt at a friendly smile ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 21:25:52
:: removes to the bar, finding that they're serving Italian wine ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 21:26:33
:: catches Suzuki's glance, seeming a bit surprised but returning the smile with equal, if not more warmness. She's almost too eager to make friends--to be liked. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 21:27:33
Suzuki> MED: May I call you Emily?
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 21:28:10
:: finds Kuari and beams :: XO: Hi Kuari! I love what you are wearing!
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 21:28:14
:: blinks, nodding :: Suzuki: Of course. And.. is Kimiko alright? :: she checks ::
SCI Lt Jude 24-Jun-2020 21:28:57
:: gravitates to T’Lira and silently stands next to her after giving a short nod ::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 21:29:54
:: turns her head to Harper, her smile beaming anew :: CO: Do you? Your dress is much more beautiful! :: admires ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 21:29:58
Suzuki> :: nods :: MED: You may call me Kimiko, yes. :: pauses briefly :: I'm sorry, this is... New to me.
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 21:30:47
XO: Thank you! :: smiles brightly :: It is so good to see everyone here, together.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 24-Jun-2020 21:31:15
Ethan> :: returns with two glasses of wine, offering one to Ryleigh before turning his attention to Acacia :: MED: You look stunning, Acacia.
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 21:31:26
:: pauses for a beat, then let it all out in a laugh that's a little too loud :: Kimiko: Oh! Ha! Me too. I mean, I'm not even.. super experienced with dating, and I grew up in Iowa, so if my human family ever-- :: she realizes she's rambling, blushes and stops, waving a hand :: TAC2: Oh, thank you~
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 21:31:32
:: grabs three glasses of the Italian take on cabernet and brings them back with him ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 21:32:49
:: is late, comes hurrying down the steps from the resort in a long, gauzy white dress with spaghetti straps and gold accents, trying to capture some of the old Tuscan flavor :: CO: Sorry I'm late! My massage ran long!
TAC2 1Lt Grey 24-Jun-2020 21:33:15
:: sips at her wine delicately, giving a slight wave towards the captain and Kuari, excusing herself to approach the officers. :: CO: You're looking absolutely amazing tonight, ma'am.
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 21:33:21
CSO: As good a reason as any, love! But you look so beautiful!
TAC2: Thank you, Ryleigh! That dress is stunning on you too, I must say!
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 21:33:51
CO: Yes it is! :: looks around for more crew who aren't immediately occupied, then focuses on Wright running up and grins at her, then at Grey ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 21:34:06
:: grins, looking around at everyone all fancied up ::
SCI Lt Jude 24-Jun-2020 21:34:25
:: is just standing there. chilling ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 21:34:30
:: hands a glass to Emily and Kimiko as he returns ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 21:34:47
Suzuki> :: barely suppresses an actual smile at Emily :: MED: No, you'll have to tell me about it sometime. I'm interested.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 24-Jun-2020 21:34:50
:: grins, looking to Kuari then to Wright :: XO/CSO: You as well, ma'ams.
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 21:35:46
:: takes the drink with a grateful nod and immediately sips from it, looking between the partygoers with a darting glance. She catches Kimiko's answer, replying with a nod, she's not hard to get a story out of ::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 21:35:48
:: nods back at Grey, appreciating her dress ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 21:35:53
Suzuki> :: takes the glass with a small bow at Zorro :: NAV: Thank you. I continue to be impressed at how well you handle so many things at once. :: perks an eyebrow ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 24-Jun-2020 21:36:00
:: steps to the wine bar and selects a Dolcetto. Picking it up, he also grabs a Primitivo to give the Dolcetto some time to breathe. ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 21:36:25
:: chuckles :: Suzuki: I surprise myself most days.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 24-Jun-2020 21:36:25
Ethan> :: chuckles at the ladies talking, sipping his drink slowly before double-checking where Ryleigh was, and turning back to talk to Navarro :: NAV: Paying homage to your heritage?
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 21:36:43
:: smiles at Ryleigh :: TAC2: Thank you! Oh, you look lovely.
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 21:36:44
Ethan: Of course!
TAC2 1Lt Grey 24-Jun-2020 21:37:59
Ethan> NAV: I do remember visiting Spain myself, it was absolutely stunning. :: comments after a sip of his wine ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 21:38:02
:: selects a couple of glasses of wine for her and Lexy and hands her one ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 21:38:27
:: takes it with a dazzling smile :: CO: Thank you, darling. You look... amazing.
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 21:38:32
Ethan: Ah, don't get me started! Best place on Earth, if you ask me. But I might be slightly biased.
TAC LCdr T’Lira 24-Jun-2020 21:38:45
:: glances over at Linxi, nods, and returns to surveilling the room. "Small talk" as it is called is not one of her strong suits. ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 21:39:19
:: she melts a little, still, at that smile, and replies in a more private tone than her hostess voice :: CSO: So do you, love.
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 21:39:37
:: chuckles :: NAV: Unlike most humans, I don't claim to have lived in the best place on Earth.. :: she jokes wryly ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 24-Jun-2020 21:39:58
Ethan> NAV: Have you ever visited Scotland before? If there's two spots that could claim for beautiful scenery, it's Spain and Scotland.
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 21:40:30
:: mocks the accent :: Ethan: Aye, I have! MED: Well, that's because you haven't. :: grins ::
SCI Lt Jude 24-Jun-2020 21:40:32
:: coughs :: T’Lira: Never. Been to Spain before.
TAC LCdr T’Lira 24-Jun-2020 21:41:08
:: blinks :: SCI: Neither have I.
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 21:41:14
:: looks between Doc and Ryleigh :: TAC2/NAV: You know, I'm planning a trip to Alk--ahh--Betazese, you know, otherhome, some time this trip. That'll give your Earth territories run for their money. :: she muses :: and you'd both expressed and interest in seeing it..
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 21:41:21
:: gives Kate a little bashful look and bats her eyelashes ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 24-Jun-2020 21:41:52
Ethan> :: breaks into laughter at the accent-mocking, chuckling :: NAV: Grey's family comes from Scotland, well, her dad's side does at least, so she visits family when we go.
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 21:41:52
Suzuki> :: listening with cool interest, not being much of a talker ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 21:42:06
:: melts even further, still managing to be positively smitten with her wife after a couple of years of marriage ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 21:42:32
:: looks out over the Tuscan countryside :: CO: It's absolutely beautiful here.
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 21:43:04
:: slides an arm around Lexy's waist :: CSO: It is. We should spend a bit of our leave here.
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 21:43:14
MED: I would love to see it, sí.
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 21:43:36
:: finds herself drawn towards more crew, attempting to greet everyone ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 21:43:57
:: mirrors the gesture :: CO: Oh, lets! I bet these twisty roads are fun on a motorcycle, hmmm?
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 21:44:03
ACTION> An orchestra begins playing, providing light background music, at first.
SCI Lt Jude 24-Jun-2020 21:44:19
TAC: Nice. Dress. :: clears throat ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 21:44:37
CSO: That does sound fun! I will have it transported here!
TAC2 1Lt Grey 24-Jun-2020 21:44:37
:: excuses herself, returning to where her friends were talking and slipping into the conversation :: MED/NAV: Did I hear mention of your other home, Acacia?
TAC LCdr T’Lira 24-Jun-2020 21:44:55
:: tilts her head slightly to the side :: SCI: Are you well, Lieutenant?
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 21:45:10
:: perks her ears up towards the music, listening and appreciating ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 21:45:19
:: grins at Kate, then turns to look at the orchestra ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 21:45:27
:: nods lightly :: TAC2: I need to make a visit for.. reasons. No reason I can't bring y'all along, you can stay with my grandma or my otherfather--if you're up for it. :: she's obviously really excited ::
SCI Lt Jude 24-Jun-2020 21:45:42
TAC: If you are asking about my throat, yes.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 24-Jun-2020 21:46:27
Ethan> MED: That sounds like a lot of fun, definitely give us a ring when you're going. :: glances over to Ryleigh and grinning, setting their glasses down on the near table and tugging her onto the dance floor ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 21:47:10
:: blinks, surprised that Ethan wants to go but even more excited at the prospect. Just to be sure she casts a glance at Suzuki :: Suzuki: And if you wanted to...
TAC LCdr T’Lira 24-Jun-2020 21:47:14
SCI: It does not appear that way, but I will... what is the phrase, take your word for it?
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 21:47:25
Suzuki> :: after he leaves :: MED: I have never been to Betazed. How is the rock climbing, out of curiosity?
SCI Lt Jude 24-Jun-2020 21:48:09
TAC: Perhaps a grain of sand lodged itself in my throat.
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 21:48:48
ACTION> The music picks up as the dance floor begins to populate.
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 21:49:17
:: smiles at her crewmates moving out onto the dance floor in their fancy duds ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 21:49:26
:: tilts her head slightly, intrigued. Figuring she has not context, she gives the full story :: Suzuki: My family is from a relatively small equatorial volcanic island, there's... :: she tries to think ho to describe it, waving a hand :: Sheer cliff faces of volcanic glass, among many other treasures you might enjoy if rocks are your thing.
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 21:49:54
:: squeezes Lexy to her and whispers :: CSO: Would you care to dance, Rosie-love?
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 21:50:19
:: grins at Jester, pretty sure that she'd enjoy that ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 21:50:40
Suzuki> :: eyes widen :: MED: That sounds incredible. I would be thrilled to climb there sometime, if I would not be intruding. :: bows her head politely ::
:: grins :: CO: I would love to, darling! :: follows Kate to the dance floor ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 24-Jun-2020 21:51:48
:: stays off the dance floor, instead enjoying his zin. Because being a closet wine aficionado who went wine tasting just about every weekend for a year after getting through Basic, being in Italy is always an opportunity. ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 21:52:07
:: she leads her wife onto the dance floor and pulls her close as the song begins to slow ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 21:52:13
:: smiles warmly :: Suzuki: Ah, so you do like rocks--I'm going to see the memory stones, maybe you should-- :: she realizes what she's about to say, and is suddenly stunned with embarrassment, unable to finish her sentence or even save it ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 21:52:43
Suzuki> :: looks from Emily to Zorro, confused ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 21:52:44
:: after a moment she clears her throat, waving a hand :: Suzuki: I'm sorry I just.. invited you to my grandpa's grave without thinking about it?
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 21:52:58
:: eagerly moves to the dance floor, starting off with some simple footwork that doesn't move her head too much ::
TAC LCdr T’Lira 24-Jun-2020 21:53:00
:: the eyebrow goes up, but she returns to her drink ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 21:53:06
:: returned Jester's glance with a confused look, but now understands ::
AmberSun 24-Jun-2020 21:54:17
::Wonders into the party, looking around curiously at all the noise and activity.::
SCI Lt Jude 24-Jun-2020 21:55:03
:: awkwardly leaves T’Lira to scoot over to Amber Sun and then pet him ::
AmberSun 24-Jun-2020 21:55:22
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 21:55:49
Suzuki> :: blinks at Emily, then bows deeply :: MED: I do not know your customs, but I am truly honored by your invitation to pay respects to your ancestors, even if it was inadvertent.
SCI Lt Jude 24-Jun-2020 21:55:55
:: growls back a greeting, running her fingers in his fur ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 21:56:37
:: finds himself really pleased with how this is going ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 21:56:43
:: curls and uncurls her fingers, thinking for a moment. Realizing she hasn't offended, she tries in her own way to explain :: Suzuki: You would--pay your respects to your own ancestors, memory stones only show you your own memories.
AmberSun 24-Jun-2020 21:57:15
::Pats his foot on the floor.: SCI: What doing? ::Looks around at the others.::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 21:58:19
Suzuki> :: cocks her head to the side, not quite understanding :: MED: Oh? I must say, I am unfamiliar with these... Memory stones.
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 21:59:38
:: loses herself a bit on the dance floor with Lexy, eyes closed as she's pressed against her, the floral scent of her hair right here ::
SCI Lt Jude 24-Jun-2020 22:00:56
Amber Sun: Party. It is a large gathering where people socialize and do activities like dancing. :: continues to pet ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 22:01:10
:: cuddles up with Kate, resting her head on Kate's shoulder, following Kate's lead as they move somewhat aimlessly across the dance floor ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 22:01:27
ACTION> The song changes and the tempo picks up a bit!
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 22:01:38
:: nods immediately :: Suzuki: Oh, yes, they're native, that's just what we call them. Different types of.. it's like a volcanic glass, in colors. I'm not sure it works for people who aren't empathic, but it should.. :: she thinks, rubbing her chin :: To be honest, I don't know how special they actually are, but it's a tradition. You know how those are.
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 22:03:35
Suzuki> :: nods, understanding tradition :: MED: Still, I would be honored to see the traditions of your people if you are willing to share them. :: pauses, thinking, then looking at both Emily and Zorro in turn :: MED/NAV: If you are interested, I could take you to Japan.
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 22:04:02
Suzuki: I'd enjoy that, I think! :: glances to Emily ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 22:04:18
ACTION> A holographic play shimmers into existence on the beach!
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 22:04:34
:: has eased into the idea, now seeming somewhat excited :: Suzuki/NAV: Honestly, I'd love to--I don't know of may people outside the tribes who have seen them, or even cared. :: she chuckles ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 22:05:07
Suzuki> :: favors Emily with a small but genuine smile ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 22:05:28
:: finishes the glass of wine and smiles :: Jester/Emily: Would eeither of you care to dance? Or even both of you, as I do know a few dances for three.
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 22:06:06
:: now having warmed up, adds some dips and wing work to her moves with the faster tempo ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 22:06:19
:: raises an eyebrow, glancing between Doc and Kimiko :: NAV: Dances for three? :: she chuckles, disbelieving :: NAV: I'd try it.
AmberSun 24-Jun-2020 22:06:54
::Makes a grumbling equivalent to a pur.:: SCI: But why for?
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 22:07:22
Suzuki> :: looks at Zorro dubiously ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 24-Jun-2020 22:07:25
:: finishes the zin and begins with the Dolcetto. It turns out 2388 was a fantastic year for this varietal, and it only started opening up in the last few months. ::
SCI Lt Jude 24-Jun-2020 22:07:34
Amber Sun: Did anyone tell you what happened to us? On that Gencodian planet?
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 22:07:50
:: takes Emily's hand and offers his other to Jester ::
SCI Lt Jude 24-Jun-2020 22:08:08
:: waves hands :: Amber Sun: Nevermind. Long story short, stuff happened.
AmberSun 24-Jun-2020 22:08:10
SCI: Whats a gencodiak?
SCI: IS IT ANOTHER SPECIES OF BEAR! ::Stands up excitedly.::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 22:09:21
ACTION> The play begins, a drama of local origin, but not a terribly deep one, meant for audiences who aren't paying full attention.
SCI Lt Jude 24-Jun-2020 22:09:44
Amber Sun: Gencodian. It is another species. Not bear. But. Stuff happened. A lot of stuff. So... We have been granted shore leave.
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 22:09:44
Suzuki> :: sighs and takes his hand, internally worried that she's going to look silly but still wanting to play along ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 22:10:11
:: finishes her drink and sets it aside as they make their way to the dancefloor ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 22:11:07
:: leads Emily and Jester to the dance floor and explains the basics, a dance where he's alternatively pulling them in and twirling them ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 22:11:25
:: as the music picks up, she pulls far enough away from Lexy to take her hands and groove a little ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 22:12:19
:: catches on fairly easily, having danced with Zorro many times at this point. When she bumps into Kimiko she laughs, hoping to put her at ease, pulling her arm to put her back into the right spin. ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 22:13:03
:: smiles charmingly at them as he leads the dance, and good-naturedly chuckles as they work together to figure this all out ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 22:13:42
Suzuki> :: nods very seriously and goes all in, even though she's not much of a dancer -- is grateful when Emily helps her along, and makes a mental note to try to express that gratitude later, forgetting that Emily can probably sense it ::
AmberSun 24-Jun-2020 22:13:55
::Just nods along.:: SCI: Was this before I came to Atalan'tees?
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 22:14:26
ACTION> The holographic play depicts a scene of a castle that once stood nearby, two characters in medieval garb locked in a swordfight duel ::
SCI Lt Jude 24-Jun-2020 22:16:54
Amber Sun: No. It was a little less than a week ago.
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 22:17:01
:: grinning at the ladies as they dance :: Now you've got it!
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 22:17:21
:: gets into the dance, genuinely enjoying herself ::
AmberSun 24-Jun-2020 22:17:28
SCI: I no remember you being gone? ::Tilts his head curiously.::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 22:17:55
:: does a little twirl, then tries to twirl Kate, laughing at how the taller woman has to duck under her arm ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 22:18:09
:: laughs as she ducks under Lexy's arm to be twirled! ::
SCI Lt Jude 24-Jun-2020 22:18:16
Amber Sun: Yeeaaah. It was a very... complicated situation.
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 22:19:19
:: senses the song wrapping up, so he quickly describes the ending to the dance ::
AmberSun 24-Jun-2020 22:19:46
SCI: WHHhhhhhyyyyyyy? ::Tilts head more.::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 22:19:54
Suzuki> :: frowns in concentration ::
SCI Lt Jude 24-Jun-2020 22:20:09
Amber Sun: I wish I knew bud. I wish I knew.
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 22:20:45
:: definitely trips over herself, but saves it enough to be in the right place at the right time. She strikes a pose for the finale, grinning ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 22:21:08
:: twirls them both together to him as a final flourish ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 22:21:30
Suzuki> :: actually manages somehow to not fall all over herself! ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 22:21:49
ACTION> The song ends, and the orchestra takes a short break.
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 22:22:11
:: ostensibly applauds the orchestra, but directs it to his dance partners ::
AmberSun 24-Jun-2020 22:22:12
::Looks sad, and nuzzle's Jude's arm.::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 22:23:00
:: doesn't clap well, but instead hoots appreciatively a couple of times towards the orchestra ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 22:23:01
:: laughs, show-clapping as well, but she's catching her breath for the moment ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 22:23:10
:: joins in the applause for the orchestra ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 22:23:43
Suzuki> :: claps politely ::
SCI Lt Jude 24-Jun-2020 22:23:55
:: wraps arms around Amber Sun's head, scritching it ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 22:25:09
:: sighs contentedly and takes Lexy's hand as they head back to the crowd ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 22:25:53
:: giggles :: CO: Phew! I could use some water. And then more wine. Anything for you?
HQ1 Adm Blackthorne 24-Jun-2020 22:26:04
:: arrives, impeccably dressed in a tuxedo ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 22:26:22
CSO: That will be perfect!
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 22:27:07
:: squeezes Kate's hand and then ducks off to the bar, not noticing the Admiral ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 22:27:08
:: takes a breath, looking between the group :: NAV/Suzuki: Drinks? :: she offers, planning to take a look at the selection herself ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 22:27:28
MED: Oh, yes, that'd be great.
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 22:27:56
HQ2 RAdm T'Kirr> :: arrives next to Blackthorne in a slightly sparkly simple brown dress ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 22:28:02
Suzuki> MED: Yes, please, unless you need a hand?
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 22:28:35
:: moving to go to the drinks with Emily ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 24-Jun-2020 22:28:41
Ethan> :: applauds the orchestra as they exit the dance floor, moving over to take seats for his wife is looking strangely tired, he rises to go get her a glass of cold water, giving the Admirals a slight nod of acknowledgement ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 22:28:43
:: waves for her to follow along :: Suzuki: I was mostly going to look at what they have, yeah? I always like to order the special, or local, or.. you get it.
HQ1 Adm Blackthorne 24-Jun-2020 22:29:09
:: offers an arm to T'Kirr as they approach the crowd ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 22:29:11
Suzuki> :: nods and walks with them to the bar ::
:: comes back to Kate with a big glass of water and two glasses of wine :: CO: It was all I could carry, and I figured we could share.
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 22:29:46
:: orders the bartender's specials for her next drink, looking around at the crowd :: Self: Wow, what a turnout..
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 22:29:47
HQ2 RAdm T'Kirr> :: takes the arm and walks with Ian ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 22:29:50
Emily/Jester: The Italians, they try with wine, they really do.
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 22:30:28
CSO: Wonderful, thank you! :: hides an unsightly gulp of water, then takes a more proper sip of the wine ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 22:31:07
:: laughs at that :: NAV: Well, you know, they had it pretty rough.
AmberSun 24-Jun-2020 22:31:18
::Stands up, and begins to plod along, dragging Jude along with him.::
HQ1 Adm Blackthorne 24-Jun-2020 22:31:24
:: returning the nods and smiles from those he recognizes, and a few from some who are after his time in the center seat ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 22:31:56
:: does the same, quickly draining the water glass before turning more demurely to the wine ::
SCI Lt Jude 24-Jun-2020 22:32:08
:: follows the bear ::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 22:32:51
HQ2 RAdm T'Kirr> :: slightly dips her head in acknowledgement of those that meet her eyes ::
HQ1 Adm Blackthorne 24-Jun-2020 22:33:05
:: picks out a familiar head of red hair in the crowd :: HQ2: There's Kate. :: heads that way ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 22:33:50
:: takes a sip of the local wine, nodding with agreement in the form of mild indifference to it ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 22:33:53
:: links her arm through Kate's and sips her wine ::
CO: Wait... is that....?
:: peers through the crowd ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 22:35:23
:: squints :: CSO: I think it is! They came!
AmberSun 24-Jun-2020 22:35:30
::Looks around and lets out a sad grumble.:: SCI: Me no find Eduda. Why do Doctor Man come and go on adventure with Eduda without Amber Sun?
HQ1 Adm Blackthorne 24-Jun-2020 22:35:30
:: approaches Kate and Alexis, he and T'Kirr appearing through the crowd as he offers a smile :: CO/CSO: Hello!
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 22:35:59
:: senses the Admiral in a generic sense and offers him a nod, first thinking he was some empathic crew member she hadn't managed to meet--but when she glances at him, she sits up a bit straighter, surprised ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 22:36:05
:: starts chatting up the sommelier, looking for something more Spanish ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 22:36:05
:: gulps, suddenly nervous :: HQ1/HQ2: H-Hello, Admirals!
CTO LtC Wolfe 24-Jun-2020 22:36:24
:: has finished both glasses of wine and is back at the bar to pick up a 2392 Vin Santo Rosso that he's heard good things about and has been wanting to try for a while ::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 22:36:49
HQ2 RAdm T'Kirr> :: doesn't smile, but you can tell she's gratified to see Kate and Alexis ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 22:36:57
HQ1/2: Thank you for coming, Admirals! HQ2: And I understand congratulations are in order!
SCI Lt Jude 24-Jun-2020 22:37:20
Amber Sun: Ilaihr is somewhere, I'm sure. But who is... Doctor Man?
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 22:37:28
:: hastily pulls her arm back to her own side, feeling self-conscious ::
HQ1 Adm Blackthorne 24-Jun-2020 22:37:39
CO/CSO: Wouldn't miss it, you know. After all, my ship's back in port. :: grins ::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 22:38:17
HQ2 RAdm T'Kirr> :: dips her head :: CO: Thank you. It is, at this point, just a title, is it not?
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 22:39:27
:: takes a seat at the bar, spinning around to look at her compatriots. She comments on the presence of the Starfleet higher-ups :: NAV/Suzuki: Ooh, we're popular. :: she indicates her meaning with a pointed glance ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 22:39:28
HQ2: One to be proud of, ma'am. :: smiles ::
AmberSun 24-Jun-2020 22:39:28
SCI: Doctor Man... Doctor Manning... Morning... Mordrid.... ::Grumbles and scratches his head as he struggles with English.:: He Doctor Man! He strange. His mind no there... invisible... But he smiley, like you!
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 22:39:50
:: looks for Kate and her eyes widen in recognition, hopping over ::
HQ1 Adm Blackthorne 24-Jun-2020 22:40:00
:: Reacts to Lexy pulling her arm away, and all of the title usage :: CO/CSO: Now, relax and drop the formality, hm? It's a party, after all.
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 22:40:18
:: blushes ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 24-Jun-2020 22:40:53
Ethan> :: gives a smile at Acacia, Navarro, and Suzuki as he approaches the bar. :: MED: Ryleigh's strangely exhausted right now, she's over there if you want to talk to her. :: says to Acacia, leaning to wait for the ordered ginger ale against the bar ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 22:41:15
:: smirks at Ethan :: Ethan: Strangely? :: she jokes ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 22:41:15
HQ1: Right. And she's my ship. :: grins ::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 22:41:24
:: comes to a stop next to Blackthorne and sits, then lowers her head in respect :: HQ1/HQ2: Admirals.
HQ1 Adm Blackthorne 24-Jun-2020 22:41:48
XO: Kuari! It's so good to see you!
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 22:42:18
:: grins up at him :: HQ1: You, too!
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 22:42:19
:: nuzzles up against Lexy :: CSO: He did kinda marry us. It is alright.
HQ1 Adm Blackthorne 24-Jun-2020 22:42:53
XO: Been stretching those wings lately?
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 22:43:06
:: squeaks :: CO: I know, but... :: glances at T'Kirr for an infinitesimal moment and then back at Kate ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 22:43:30
:: nods in understanding :: CSO: She was there.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 24-Jun-2020 22:43:37
Ethan> :: shrugs :: MED: This isn't usual for her, she's usually good for parties like this. :: takes the drink with a quiet thank-you before noticing his wife approaching to lean on him lightly, handing the drink to her before turning back to Acacia :: MED: Probably nothing though.
SCI Lt Jude 24-Jun-2020 22:43:38
Amber Sun: Bud. I'm sorry. But I'm still not understanding what you mean. If it's any easier just... telepathy it to me.
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 22:43:42
:: her smile fades a little :: HQ1: You have no idea.
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 22:44:20
:: blows a strand of hair out of her face, annoyed because Kate knows very well that's not what she means ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 22:44:27
:: raises an eyebrow, giving Ryleigh that I-can-read-your-mind knowing look as she approaches :: TAC2: How are things? :: she sips her drink ::
HQ1 Adm Blackthorne 24-Jun-2020 22:44:27
XO: Take the time you need. That goes for the whole crew.
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 22:44:54
:: smiles to herself and takes a sip of wine ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 22:45:02
Suzuki> NAV: Have you settled on something?
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 22:45:13
HQ2 RAdm T'Kirr> XO/CSO: I understand you both have taken good care of Captain Harper.
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 22:45:26
:: finally convices the sommelier to open a bottle of Rioja from the private stores ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 22:45:48
:: nods like a good Girl Scout :: HQ2: Yes, ma'am. I promised that I would.
AmberSun 24-Jun-2020 22:46:12
SCI: Mmmmmmmm.... Doctor MMMmmmmmmmmm'ran..... M'ran.... Moran.... ::Roars.:: His name! Doctor Moran....
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 22:46:16
Jester: Here we go...
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 22:46:20
HQ2: I do try.
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 22:46:45
HQ2: I am well taken-care-of, I must admit. :: smiles gratefully ::
AmberSun 24-Jun-2020 22:46:48
SCI: He strange man. If Amber Sun had no eyes, me no know he was there.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 24-Jun-2020 22:46:53
:: blushes at the look before sighing :: MED: I'm... doing okay. Probably nothing big-deal wise, I'll just nurse this soda and turn down dancing for the rest of the night.
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 22:47:05
:: comes away with the bottle! ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 22:47:27
:: pouts dramatically :: TAC2: What!? So you don't want to dance with me?
:: finishes her.. third?.. drink, setting the glass aside and offering Ryleigh a hand with a crooked grin. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 22:47:59
Suzuki> :: golf-claps for Zorro ::
SCI Lt Jude 24-Jun-2020 22:48:05
Amber Sun: Oh. Moran. The name seems familiar. Never seen the guy. I think. Apparently, there have been people on the ship that I should know, but I don't.
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 22:48:29
:: pours a glass for himself and Jester, and takes an empty for Emily ::
Jester: Proper wine. :: raises the glass to her ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 22:49:22
Suzuki> :: raises her glass to clink with his and takes a sip ::
AmberSun 24-Jun-2020 22:49:28
SCI: He no from Atalan'tees. But he knew the Eduda...
HQ1 Adm Blackthorne 24-Jun-2020 22:50:04
CO/CSO: Well, don't mind me, as wonderful as it is to see all of you back on Earth.
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 22:50:28
:: sips from his, nodding in appreciation :
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 22:50:58
:: smiles bashfully at the Admiral :: HQ1: It's a pleasure to see you, Sir.
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 22:51:02
:: pours a glass for the sommelier, then fills the final one for Emily ::
AmberSun 24-Jun-2020 22:51:06
::Shudders.:: SCI: He no telepath either. But, he could see into Amber Sun's soul.
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 22:51:16
Suzuki> NAV: Not bad. Spanish, you say?
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 22:51:33
HQ1: Always, Ian. We are still your crew at heart, in some ways.
SCI Lt Jude 24-Jun-2020 22:51:43
Amber Sun: Some people be like that.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 24-Jun-2020 22:51:52
MED: A slow dance, sure... nothing too energetic, I'm just feeling off. :: blushes and takes the offered hand, setting her glass down, ginger worked wonders for her nausea, she knew it wasn't pregnancy-related, probably nothing too big. ::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 22:52:05
:: nods emphatically in agreement ::
HQ1 Adm Blackthorne 24-Jun-2020 22:52:18
:: smiles as he raises his drink to them :: CO: They're your crew now, Kate. I'm so very proud.
AmberSun 24-Jun-2020 22:52:23
SCI: But why Eduda go?
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 22:52:49
:: raises the drink and clinks the Admiral's glass ::
AmberSun 24-Jun-2020 22:53:20
SCI: Eduda seem.... sad for some reason. Like you. ::Tilts head.:: Why sad?
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 22:53:53
:: takes her hand and leads her to the dancefloor, swaying slightly to the music, but nothing too crazy :: TAC2: So, you’ve got something on your mind. Do you want to talk about it, or be distracted? :: she asks seriously ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 22:53:53
:: glows and smiles up at Kate, also proud ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 22:54:25
:: beams at the Admirals, so proud of her crew, but also to receive such high praise ::
SCI Lt Jude 24-Jun-2020 22:55:15
Amber Sun: I... :: opens mouth, then pauses. she then clenched her jaw :: Amber Sun: People are... sad for a lot of reasons.
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 22:55:41
Oh! That reminds me!
TAC2 1Lt Grey 24-Jun-2020 22:56:00
MED: Distract me? :: asks hopefully, willingly going with the swaying ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 22:56:29
:: started to carry the fourth glass to Emily, but sees her dancing with Ryleigh, so he stays put, drinking with Jester ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 22:57:08
XO: We have business!
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 22:57:22
:: nods, giving Ryleigh’s forearms a squeeze and humming along to the music softly ::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 22:57:23
:: nods dutifully ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 22:57:47
Suzuki> NAV: Maybe I'll have to visit Spain sometime. How's the rock-climbing?
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 22:58:19
Suzuki: Very good, especially in my home, since it starts getting into the mountains.
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 22:58:42
XO: One of your whistles might suffice to cut through the din, I think.
CTO LtC Wolfe 24-Jun-2020 22:58:54
:: is currently enjoying the Italian varietals. Now, he's on to a Casavecchia with some wonderful blackberry flavors, and unusually heavy on the tannins ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 22:59:07
Suzuki> NAV: We'll have to go sometime.
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 22:59:08
:: starts to notice herself feeling nauseous and wonders aloud :: TAC2: What have you eaten today?
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 22:59:12
HQ2: You might want to cover your ears.
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 22:59:23
:: retrieves her clutch from the barman who was holding it for her ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 23:00:09
Suzuki: I would be happy to take you.
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 23:00:15
ACTION> A whistle loudly emanates from the First Officer.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 24-Jun-2020 23:00:29
:: groans at the question :: MED: I remember I had some seafood earlier... I think it's simple food poisoning. Did you have seafood earlier too? :: glances at the whistle, waiting ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 23:00:39
Suzuki> :: perks an eyebrow and twitches her lips at him before she's distracted by the whistle ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 23:00:40
:: perks up and pays attention ::
SCI Lt Jude 24-Jun-2020 23:00:46
:: literally jumps from shock :: DETIES!
TAC LCdr T’Lira 24-Jun-2020 23:00:49
:: spins, expecting trouble of some sort, but just finds Kuari and relaxes again ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 23:00:57
:: had covered her ears, thankfully ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 23:01:08
:: starts, looking over at the whistle source. She processes what Grey said a moment later, grumbling under her breath :: Self: The shrimp? Fuuuck...
CTO LtC Wolfe 24-Jun-2020 23:01:16
:: finishes his current sip and then turns to Kuari, grabbing a nice merlot IGT from the bar with his off hand as he turns, and then takes a few steps toward the commotion. ::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 23:01:21
HQ2 RAdm T'Kirr> :: blinks, impressed, removing the finger from her ear ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 23:01:32
:: steps forward, holding her clutch, filling the sudden silence with a smile as she starts to speak :: I am so happy to see everyone here, enjoying themselves together, back on Earth!
AmberSun 24-Jun-2020 23:01:32
::Roars at Kuari, not appreciating the loud high pitched sound in his exceptionally sensitive ears.::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 23:02:29
But is it not amazing that we have ship's business to tend to, on such a night? :: scans the crowd, still smiling ::
HQ1 Adm Blackthorne 24-Jun-2020 23:03:02
:: leans against the bar to watch Kate's style at this sort of thing ::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 23:03:16
:: ignores Amber Sun and stands dutifully just behind Harper ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 23:03:35
Where is First Lieutenant Ryleigh Grey? :: gives another exaggerated look, intentionally missing her a few times ::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 23:03:59
:: side-eyes Harper, wondering if she's gone blind ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 23:04:08
:: raises an eyebrow, then nudges Ryleigh ::
SCI Lt Jude 24-Jun-2020 23:04:18
:: crosses arms and grins ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 24-Jun-2020 23:04:24
:: swallows, before stepping forward to approach the Captain :: CO: Here, ma'am.
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 23:04:36
Mm, we will just have to feed her to - Oh, there you are! :: smiles at Ryleigh ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 23:04:41
:: stands to the side, letting Kate do her thing ::
TAC LCdr T’Lira 24-Jun-2020 23:04:53
:: has a sneaking suspicion of what's going on here ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 23:04:55
:: chuckles, grinning as she goes ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 24-Jun-2020 23:05:18
Ethan> :: is grinning at his wife's expression, watching from his position near the bar ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 24-Jun-2020 23:05:53
CO: If you're feeding her to anything, you should make sure it's something that wants a fight, Captain.
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 23:06:24
:: laughs even harder, then bites her tongue ::
SCI Lt Jude 24-Jun-2020 23:06:30
:: cackles ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 24-Jun-2020 23:06:32
:: giggles at Wolfe's comments before turning her attention back to Harper ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 23:06:36
:: nods to Wolfe before continuing :: TAC2: Ryleigh, your dutiful service to your ship and your crewmates has not gone unnoticed!
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 23:06:48
:: smirks at Wolfe's interjection ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 24-Jun-2020 23:07:24
:: smiles slightly, fingers tensed around each other as she waited ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 23:07:47
Suzuki> :: watches cooly, sipping her Spanish wine ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 23:08:06
And it fills me with pride to announce, especially as we celebrate the birth of that very ship... :: opens her clutch and pokes around in it a bit ::
:: removes something and palms it, stepping up to Grey ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 24-Jun-2020 23:08:51
:: begins to chuckle as she realizes what is coming, grinning ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 23:09:33
:: clasps her hands together, watching with a bemused grin ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 23:09:33
Ryleigh Grey, by the authority granted me by Starfleet, I hereby promote you to the rank of Captain in the Starfleet Marine Corps! :: produces the marine captain's bars and pins them to the collar of her dress! ::
HQ1 Adm Blackthorne 24-Jun-2020 23:10:21
:: nods with approval and smiles at T'Kirr, thinking what good hands their ship is in ::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 23:10:41
HQ2 RAdm T'Kirr> :: nods in agreement ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 23:11:29
:: cheers :: All: Yeah!!
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 23:11:30
:: applauds :: All: Wooo!
CTO LtC Wolfe 24-Jun-2020 23:11:34
:: in a rare show of actual life and pride for one of his subordinates, barks out loudly :: TAC2: Oorah! :: is followed in suit, deafeningly in unison, by all the other Marines throughout the crowd ::
TAC LCdr T’Lira 24-Jun-2020 23:11:39
:: politely claps ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 23:11:57
:: once the Oorahs die down :: TAC2: Congratulations, Captain Grey!
AmberSun 24-Jun-2020 23:12:43
::Doesn't really understand what is going on, so just wanders off.::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 23:12:46
:: reverts to her own "oorah" from her Marine days, in respect for Grey's new status ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 23:13:42
:: cheers for his friend ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 23:14:14
Suzuki> :: claps politely for someone she doesn't really know very well ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 24-Jun-2020 23:14:20
:: is laughing quietly at the Oorahs being expressed, turning slightly :: CO: Thank you, ma'am. :: doesn't hesitate for a dismissal before moving back over to Acacia, still giggling quietly and giving the marines an audible thank you for their cheers :: MED: I wasn't expecting that!
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 23:14:37
:: claps for Grey as she exits the "stage" ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 23:14:59
:: shrugs, giving Grey a hearty pat on the shoulder :: TAC2: Well, you deserve it.
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 23:15:10
:: grins broadly ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 24-Jun-2020 23:15:47
:: doesn't hesitate to start off another round of "Oorahs", before leaning to wait against her friend for any further announcements ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 24-Jun-2020 23:16:01
:: responds, again in unison, with the rest of the Marines, and this time it's even more loudly than before :: TAC2: OORAH!
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 23:16:10
:: then returns to addressing the crowd, once the Marines get it out of their systems :: Thank you all, so much, for another wonderful year together. Atlantis is our home, and I consider her my family, as well. We have had some tough times, but they were outweighed by the good times, those moments when friendships and relationships were cemented.
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 23:16:39
:: sighs softly, her heart warmed by the Captain’s words ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 23:17:08
:: smiles as she remembers friendships that formed from memories that shouldn't be in her head ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 23:18:19
Make sure that you get the shore leave you need, and do not forget your shipmates while you do. I am certain there is someone that time with someone else while on vacation would do some good for.
As we scatter to the four winds, I wish you wonderful, restful vacations, well-earned. I will see some of you, I am sure, and all of you when we return home, to Atlantis! :: raises her glass :: To Atlantis! May she never cease sailing the boundless sea!
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 23:19:59
:: raises her glass :: All: To Atlantis!
CTO LtC Wolfe 24-Jun-2020 23:20:12
:: raises his wine ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 23:20:13
:: doesn’t have a glass so she raises her hand :: All: To Atlantis!
TAC LCdr T’Lira 24-Jun-2020 23:20:18
:: lifts her glass :: To Atlantis!
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 23:20:31
Suzuki> :: raises her glass as well and repeats the toast :: All: To Atlantis!
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 23:20:43
To Atlantis!
:: swoops in, offering Emily the last glass of the Rioja ::
SCI Lt Jude 24-Jun-2020 23:21:01
:: raises hand :: Atlantis!
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 23:21:14
:: calls loudly for lack of holding a drink :: All: To Atlantis!
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 23:21:35
:: coos appreciatively :: NAV: Ooh; thank you. :: she takes a sip, then cheers ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 23:21:35
ACTION> The orchestra strikes up again, playing a lively tune!
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 23:22:51
MED: I talked the sommelier into opening a side bottle.
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 23:22:54
:: looks around for a dance partner :: XO: Hey Kuari, wanna dance?
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 23:23:09
:: grins and hops up :: CSO: Yeah!
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 23:23:34
:: smirks :: NAV: That tracks.
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 23:23:48
:: skips out to the dancefloor with Kuari and starts shakin' it to the beat ::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 23:24:16
:: dances, swinging her tail ::
TAC2 Cpt Grey 24-Jun-2020 23:24:32
Ethan> :: can't resist bending Ryleigh into a deep kiss before releasing her, handing her drink back that was refilled ::
HQ1 Adm Blackthorne 24-Jun-2020 23:24:34
:: returns to Kate and smiles :: CO: Bravo, Captain. Couldn't have said it better myself. Your style of command is endearing.
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 23:24:50
MED: What can I say? :: chuckles and sips, watching the dancers ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 23:25:28
:: laughs, glad to be home on Earth dancing with her friend ::
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 23:25:31
:: sits back to relax while she finishes her drink, then joins the dancefloor for the last few songs ::
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 23:25:50
:: smiles back at Ian :: HQ1: Thanks, Admiral. I learned from the best, but had to add my own touches.
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 23:26:07
:: also makes his way to the dancefloor ::
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 23:27:02
HQ2 RAdm T'Kirr> CO: You make Starfleet and the Federation proud.
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 23:28:06
:: swells, praise from T'Kirr being noteworthy indeed :: HQ2: Thank you, Admiral. That means a lot, coming from you, since I also learned from you.
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 23:28:06
:: laughs again, clapping excitedly for Kuari's moves as the song comes to an end ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 23:28:21
MED: Pardon me, I owe a friend a dance.
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 23:28:44
:: nods, offering no protest and grabbing anyone who’s alone ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 23:29:07
:: approaches Wright and bows :: CSO: May I have this dance?
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 23:30:32
:: still a bit out of breath from her lively dance with Kuari, but smiles brightly and curtsies at Navarro :: NAV: Always room on my dance card for you, my teacher!
XO Cdr Kuari 24-Jun-2020 23:31:03
:: defers to Navarro and sits on the edge of the floor, panting happily, having put a lot of effort into that dancing ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 23:31:25
:: grins as the music starts, leading Lexy into a dance :: CSO: Try this one next time with la capitana... :: demostrates a fancy move, ending in a twirl and dip ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 23:32:40
NAV: Oooooh!
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 23:33:38
:: finishes her wine, basking in a sense of warmth, pride, and home ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 23:33:57
:: follows his lead in practiced steps, trying to pay attention ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 23:34:28
:: demonstrates again as the music allows, and as she snaps back to him :: CSO: I think you have it now.
SCI Lt Jude 24-Jun-2020 23:34:43
:: stands off to the side ::
CSO Cdr Wright 24-Jun-2020 23:34:54
:: giggles :: NAV: I'll never do this as well as you do!
MED Lt Acacia 24-Jun-2020 23:35:03
:: dances with random crewmen, enjoying the party ::
NAV Lt Navarro 24-Jun-2020 23:35:23
CSO: That doesn't matter. You only have to do it well enough, and she'll melt. Of course, she already does, looking at you.
CO Capt Harper 24-Jun-2020 23:35:48
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