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Lost Harbor
Atlantis / atlantis-mission
Although potential answers to the questions raised by our shared memories of being stranded in the past await our discovery on the planet below, our actual mission interrupted our plans to investigate. Our disguise as a Yridian freighter successfully lured the pirates who have commandeered and enhanced the Miranda-class USS Brattain, once thought lost in a Tyken's Rift, to attack us. While we have access to the original ship's computer by use of the prefix code, it has been disconnected from vital systems, so only creativity could render it of any use to us.
After 10-Jun-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 21:18:49
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 21:19:26
:: looks up from her console :: All: Sending multiple complex food requests from various cuisines could actually be a power drain.
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 21:19:35
:: sits at her usual station on the bridge, watching the viewscreen intensely ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 21:20:05
:: seated in the center seat, seatbelt fashioned, her attention flipping between the tactical readout on her chair arm and the main viewer ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 10-Jun-2020 21:20:28
:: taps a finger against the side of her console in thought :: CSO: How... complex are you talking?
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 21:20:57
CSO: Yes, it seems like that would have to be incredibly complex to be signif—
SCI Lt Jude 10-Jun-2020 21:21:02
:: she sighed, then perked as an idea came to mind :: CO: Why don’t we take advantage of my telepathy?
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 21:21:10
ACTION> Atlantis rocks as her shields absorb a plasma torpedo.
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 21:21:25
:: strains against her seatbelt ::
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 21:21:33
:: starts, gripping the arms of her chair :: Self: ..alright.
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Jun-2020 21:21:41
:: from her off-center seat, gripping the cushion tightly, looking from one crew member to another ::
SCI Lt Jude 10-Jun-2020 21:21:45
:: screeches as her chair spins again :: Self: Oh deities.
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Jun-2020 21:21:47
All: Sorry, I almost evaded that.
SCI Lt Jude 10-Jun-2020 21:21:58
NAV: Almost?
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 21:22:09
:: laughs at Navarro’s comment, then checks that everyone is okay ::
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 21:22:21
CO: By multiple I mean... thousands of replicator requests. Hundreds of thousands.
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Jun-2020 21:22:25
SCI: Capital ships are a bit less maneuverable than fighters... :: pulls the ship hard in another direction ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 21:22:48
SCI: How can your abilities be of help here?
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 21:23:00
:: sees no injuries on the bridge and taps next into the console to check on reports from the rest of the ship ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 10-Jun-2020 21:23:13
:: staggers slightly at the impact and sends a glare at Navarro, thinking who the hell was genius enough to have the tactical crew standing instead sitting like everyone else on the bridge onboard ::
SCI Lt Jude 10-Jun-2020 21:23:54
CO: I can always try to... convince an engineer to connect the original code to the systems. Almost as a... voice of god type of thing.
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Jun-2020 21:24:15
:: frowns ::
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 21:24:31
:: raises an eyebrow, simply looking at Jude ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 21:24:38
SCI: They are space pirates; I doubt they would fall for that.
CSO: However, hundreds of thousands of food requests has potential.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 10-Jun-2020 21:25:52
:: has been looking at the most complex food requests from every civilization in Starfleet between responding to the shots ::
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 21:25:54
:: thinks on it :: CO/CSO: You're looking for the most number of chemicals.. maybe an interesting drink?
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 21:26:12
:: turning back to her console :: All: I'm creating a database of replicator requests, feel free to populate it with your ideas.
SCI Lt Jude 10-Jun-2020 21:26:37
CO: I could... See what their navigation and tactical was planning next and tell Navarro so we have a better chance of avoiding their attacks.
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Jun-2020 21:26:49
MED: Something spicy. Capsaicin is fairly complicated.
:: brings the ship around to give the tactical folks another clear shot ::
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 21:27:41
:: types into the database, submitting a few extremely specific and complicated tribal recipes ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 10-Jun-2020 21:28:00
:: adds in and triggers a phaser shot at the pirate ship, barely looking up at the viewscreen ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 21:28:31
SCI: By all means, give it a try.
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Jun-2020 21:28:51
:: nods as Harper speaks ::
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 21:29:10
:: inputs complex recipes from as many different homeworlds as she can think of :: Self: Jambalaya, surely.
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 21:29:31
:: looks over at Jude, offering a small smile of moral support ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 10-Jun-2020 21:29:58
:: works on his console :: CO: I've been working on a loop for a bit. It's designed for weapons fire, but I think I could speed it up and... I can give you... roughly... fifteen million... two hundred eighty-...six thousand food requests per... second.
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Jun-2020 21:30:06
CSO: ¡Sí, muy picante!
SCI Lt Jude 10-Jun-2020 21:30:06
:: nods, and reaches out to the other ship’s bridge crew, attempting to see what their immediate actions were going to be ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 21:31:10
:: turns in her seat and chuckles :: CTO: I hope that will do it, Colonel.
CTO LtC Wolfe 10-Jun-2020 21:31:48
CO: Very well. :: sends the code to Wright for a quick once-over in case she might spot anything ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 21:32:26
ACTION> Jude is unable to get more than a vague sense of the other bridge crew's excitement.
SCI Lt Jude 10-Jun-2020 21:33:07
:: shakes head :: CO: Captain, couldn’t get anything more than an... excitement.
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 21:33:24
:: blinks :: SCI/CO: They're about to do something?
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 21:33:27
ACTION> A plasma torpedo grazes our shields, doing no damage, but the phaser shots that follow it are noticeable.
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 21:33:40
:: pales, eyes wide ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Jun-2020 21:33:43
:: focuses her attention on her small console, occasionally glancing up at the main viewer, hoping to see a response from the bridge crew's actions. She grips her seat base again to keep from being shaken off as the ship rocks again ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 10-Jun-2020 21:34:46
TAC/TAC2: Spray 'em with some of Navarro's picante! :: keeps mashing at his code, putting food in instead of phaser blasts... and then it's ready. :: CO: I'm ready to send the code, Captain.
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 21:35:31
:: gets a vague sense that there's something very odd about this particular order that she's giving :: CTO: Fire at will, Mr. Wolfe.
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 21:35:32
:: goes through the code, trying to ignore the fire :: CTO: Yes, this will work nicely.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 10-Jun-2020 21:35:45
:: snickers at the comment before tapping out a return barrage aimed back at the other ship ::
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 21:36:54
:: snort-laughs, then bites her tongue. What a day. ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Jun-2020 21:37:06
:: can only wait and watch, feeling like this is a very odd sort of attack ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 21:37:08
ACTION> The well-aimed barrage of fire hits the Brattain's shields, causing solid damage.
CTO LtC Wolfe 10-Jun-2020 21:37:23
CO: Aye, Captain. And thank you, Commander. Sending our drive-through order... now. By the way, would anyone like fries with that?
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 21:37:30
XO: Ever attack an opponent with food, Kuari? :: smirks ::
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 21:37:43
:: giggles at Wolfe's joke, unable to hold it in this time ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 10-Jun-2020 21:37:44
:: breaks into loud laughter at Wolfe's comment, doubling over to laugh ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 10-Jun-2020 21:38:17
TAC2: :: tongue-in-cheek, but also serious :: Hold your post, Lieutenant.
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 21:38:39
:: laughs a bit harder at that, but manages to keep herself quiet ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 21:38:56
:: laughs, feeling like she hasn't had fries in a year ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 10-Jun-2020 21:39:12
:: pushes back her laughter, straightening to resume her previous position :: CTO: Y-Yes sir. :: sends a playful glare at her friend as she heard the laughter ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 21:39:21
ACTION> The Brattain's lights flicker, as does her engine power...
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 21:39:34
:: bristles, falling silent ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 10-Jun-2020 21:40:26
:: decides to send an order for French fries after all, setting it to generate them when the replicator is failing and nothing else will come out ::
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 21:40:43
:: wheezes with silent laughter, suddenly craving fries ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Jun-2020 21:41:04
:: briefly smiles, the absurdity of the situation not lost on her, but they're still in a tenuous situation and waits to see if the plan works ::
SCI Lt Jude 10-Jun-2020 21:41:18
CTO: And a milkshake with that too.
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 21:41:24
CTO/TAC2: It looks to be working. Continue weapons fire until they are disabled!
TAC2 1Lt Grey 10-Jun-2020 21:41:56
:: snaps off a confirmed hum, before tapping in another wave of shots at the pirate ship ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 10-Jun-2020 21:41:57
:: points at Jude :: SCI: Fantastic idea! :: sends it through, though at this point he's pretty sure there's no way it'll send.
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 21:41:58
:: looks around, her mood off for a moment but swinging back quickly. She cracks a tenuous half-smile, then looks back up at the viewscreen ::
SCI Lt Jude 10-Jun-2020 21:42:19
:: starts laughing ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 21:42:22
ACTION> Brattain seems to be operating intermittently now, struggling to make turns and its return fire starts to become sparse.
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Jun-2020 21:43:58
:: easily avoiding Brattain's shots now, since there aren't that many left ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 10-Jun-2020 21:45:03
TAC2: Let's see what happens if you target one of their nacelles now.
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Jun-2020 21:45:48
:: takes a deep breath when the signal seems to be working, hoping the ship doesn't get rocked anymore. She raises and turns her head to smile back at Wolfe behind her at a secondary console ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 21:46:30
ACTION> Brattain stops returning fire, and tries to warp away, surging forward a bit... then splutters to a stop.
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 21:46:51
:: pumps her fist :: Self: Yessss.
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 21:47:03
:: starts shaking her head, joining in the laugher :: All: This has to be the strangest victory...
CTO LtC Wolfe 10-Jun-2020 21:47:09
All: I guess you don't mess with Atlantis. Just... food for thought.
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 21:47:23
:: laughs out loud ::
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 21:47:36
:: looks at Wolfe and just shakes her head, trying not to laugh ::
SCI Lt Jude 10-Jun-2020 21:47:39
:: if it were not for the seatbelt, Linxi would have falled over laughing at Wolfe’s comment. she sounds like she is literally dying of laughter ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 21:47:42
:: facepalms at Wolfe's comment ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Jun-2020 21:48:06
All: An absurd attack, for an absurd ship, using some of their pirating against them. Well done, everyone!
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 21:48:33
All: Agreed! That was some creative thinking, and I am proud.
:: unbuckles her seatbelt and stands, Picard-maneuvering :: CSO: Hail them.
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 21:49:01
:: tap taps and nods at Kate ::
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Jun-2020 21:49:06
:: brings Atlantis to a relative stop near the Brattain ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 10-Jun-2020 21:49:14
:: stands and turns to watch what's about to unfold, whatever that may be. ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Jun-2020 21:49:43
:: almost a whisper :: CO: What should we call that tactic? It has the potential to work on any ship we know the codes for that's already stressing its power systems.
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 21:50:44
+Brattain+ Commander Brattain, this is Captain Harper aboard the Atlantis, ordering you to surrender that vessel. We would board you, but it sounds like you have a mess over there...
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Jun-2020 21:50:48
:: remains seated, looking to the main viewer, ready to watch the exchange with her head held high ::
SCI Lt Jude 10-Jun-2020 21:50:54
:: finally managed to not die and looks over at the view screen ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 21:51:29
ACTION> No reply from Brattain.
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 21:51:34
:: quiets herself before the comm link opens ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 21:51:46
:: thinks a moment on Kuari's question while she waits, then whispers :: XO: The Food Fight?
ACTION> Jude loses the sense of their bridge crew. Brattain's shields fail.
SCI Lt Jude 10-Jun-2020 21:53:05
:: gasps for air :: CO: I- ah- lost em
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 21:53:07
+Brattain+ Commander Brattain, I repeat, this is Captain Harper ordering you to surrender that vessel, as it is Starfleet property.
:: turns, narrowing her eyes :: SCI: What do you mean?
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 21:53:27
:: blinks :: CO: Like--me too.
SCI Lt Jude 10-Jun-2020 21:53:38
CO: I can’t sense them anymore.
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 21:54:00
:: squints, concerned ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 21:54:12
:: looks back toward the main viewer, then steps toward Lexy :: CSO: Scan the ship for lifesigns.
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 21:54:12
:: frowns ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 10-Jun-2020 21:54:20
:: turns to look at the viewscreen, getting slightly nervous at the lack of response ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Jun-2020 21:54:21
:: frowns over at Jude, confused ::
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 21:54:22
CO: Scanning. :: taps keys ::
Self: .....
CO: ....No life signs, Captain.
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 21:54:55
:: taps at her console, then stops, looking up with a bewildered expression ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 10-Jun-2020 21:55:08
:: furrows his brow ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 21:55:09
CSO: Scan the planet for humanoid life.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 10-Jun-2020 21:55:14
:: blinks in confusion ::
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 21:55:29
:: shakes her head, then waves a hand :: CO/XO: Poof.
SCI Lt Jude 10-Jun-2020 21:55:32
:: taps console, looking for any shuttles or pods ::
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 21:56:39
CO: Scanning........ Ah! There are 8 life signs in the ruins below.
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 21:57:00
:: finally breathes, but is still very confused ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 21:57:13
Beam them to the— :: narrows her eyes at the Brattain ::
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 21:57:23
Self: No..
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 21:57:24
NAV: Get us away! Warp speed!
SCI Lt Jude 10-Jun-2020 21:57:41
Self: AWH fuck naw!
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Jun-2020 21:58:01
:: just presses the button without responding, sending the ship to warp in that direction, over there ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 10-Jun-2020 21:58:10
:: from his console increases shield strength in the general direction of the Brattain ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 10-Jun-2020 21:58:16
Self: HOLY FUCKING OH HELL FUCKING NO. :: starts cursing, clenching her hands around the console in hope that they reacted fast enough ::
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 21:58:17
:: looks up, bewildered ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Jun-2020 21:58:21
:: gasps and can only watch, hoping Navarro hurries ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 21:58:35
ACTION> Brattain detonates in destruct mode one, a full anti-matter breach!
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 21:59:22
:: gasps for air, grateful for her crew's reaction time.. ::
SCI Lt Jude 10-Jun-2020 21:59:23
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 21:59:34
:: gasps, seeing it on sensors ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 21:59:36
ACTION> Atlantis dramatically outruns the shockwave.
:: lets out a long breath ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 10-Jun-2020 22:00:17
:: has read about the destruct modes, but hasn't seen any in real-time before... this was her first, and lets out a breath in relief as they outrun the shockwave ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:00:18
NAV: Thank you, Zorro.
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Jun-2020 22:00:46
CO: De nada, capitana. I always have coordinates laid in for an emergency escape.
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 22:01:16
:: is so grateful for Kate's quick thinking and Doc's readiness ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:01:21
NAV: By the book. Take us back in.
CTO LtC Wolfe 10-Jun-2020 22:01:22
:: reads his console :: CO: That was... quite a destruct sequence. Not standard issue for any Starfleet vessel.
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 22:01:41
CO: Doesn't that leave them stranded on the planet?
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:01:50
CTO: Believe it or not, that is a standard option.
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 22:01:57
CSO: Someone could be coming..
CTO LtC Wolfe 10-Jun-2020 22:02:15
CO: Ah. Above my pay grade, then.
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 22:02:17
MED: Not if we get there first. :: looks grim and angry ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:02:23
CTO: Exactly.
CSO: That is the idea. We will rescue them to our brig.
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 22:02:49
:: nods, tapping her console to alert sickbay to send a medical team to the brig ::
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 22:02:55
:: nods, satisfied, rescanning the planet to get a signal lock on the life signs ::
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Jun-2020 22:02:55
:: does a U-turn and warps the ship back to the planet ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 10-Jun-2020 22:02:57
CO: Before one of them sleeps in my bed, hopefully.
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Jun-2020 22:03:10
:: nods in agreement, thinking they could be interesting people to meet from in front of their brig forcefield ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 10-Jun-2020 22:03:33
:: thinks a moment about what he just said. His bed. On the planet. :: Self: Huh.
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:05:14
ACTION> Atlantis arrives back to the planet to find a nicely-expanding debris field.
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Jun-2020 22:05:22
:: checks her console and sees that medical has already been alerted, and smiles to herself :: CTO: Colonel, make sure the brig is prepared for their arrival.
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:05:58
XO: So note in the ship's log the final fate of USS Brattain.
CTO LtC Wolfe 10-Jun-2020 22:06:44
XO: With pleasure, Commander. I'll make sure we've prepared the right accommodations for them. :: shoots a few of the larger pieces of debris out of the sky to reduce the future Kessler Syndrome. ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Jun-2020 22:08:20
:: nods dutifully and makes the note in the ship's log, enjoying the entry regarding what lead up to the cause ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:08:31
CSO: Beam them directly to the brig.
CTO LtC Wolfe 10-Jun-2020 22:10:04
:: gets the message that the double security he sent to the Brig is on site. ::
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 22:10:28
:: has sent a doctor and three nurses, just to make the process quick ::
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 22:11:38
:: taps the keys and completes the transport ::
SCI Lt Jude 10-Jun-2020 22:12:27
:: begins making a projection of the future location of the debris ::
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Jun-2020 22:12:33
:: settles the ship into a stationary orbit above the city ruins and away from the debris cloud ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:13:40
XO: They may have been expecting friends, so our time is short. But I still want to take a look down there.
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Jun-2020 22:15:19
:: nods at Harper, her thoughts refocused on the strange feeling that she was looking down at home for the past year on the main viewer, eager to get answers herself ::
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 22:15:46
:: tilts her head as she looks at the viewscreen as well, thinking ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:16:20
All: Due to the nature of our shared memories, I understand if anyone might not want to go on this mission, so it will be volunteer only.
SCI Lt Jude 10-Jun-2020 22:17:18
CO: I... do not want to go down. But I am willing to keep track of whoever does.
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 22:17:21
:: unbuckles her seatbelt and stands up ::
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 22:17:32
:: looks to Harper :: CO: I'd like to go.
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:17:34
:: nods to Jude :: SCI: I understand.
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 22:17:49
:: unbuckles her seatbelt and stands as well ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:18:23
:: nods to Acacia and Wright, then looks for more ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 10-Jun-2020 22:18:28
:: looks from her console, stepping from the console towards the Captain :: CO: I'd like to go, if Wolfe permits it?
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Jun-2020 22:18:46
:: stands and steps to the center, looking around at everyone, taking note of everyone's desires in the situation ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:19:27
:: acknowledges Grey, then turns to Wolfe :: CTO: Your thoughts, Colonel?
CTO LtC Wolfe 10-Jun-2020 22:20:31
CO: I think all of us here would like to go. I think she should, Captain.
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Jun-2020 22:22:24
:: stands as well :: CO: I would like to see this for myself, capitana.
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:22:49
:: nods, and sees that Ilaihr has disappeared :: All: Very well. We will take a shuttle. :: gestures toward the turbolifts ::
SCI Lt Jude 10-Jun-2020 22:22:54
Self: Y’all really have a lot less emotional trauma.
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 22:23:23
:: heads to the turbolift, grabbing a phaser along the way ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 10-Jun-2020 22:24:00
:: checks her phaser before moving towards the turbolift, giving Acacia a slight nudge with her shoulder as she passed ::
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 22:24:16
:: reaches into the cubby under her seat and grabs her science kit ::
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Jun-2020 22:24:29
:: taps the helm to put it into station-keeping mode and heads to the TL ::
SCI Lt Jude 10-Jun-2020 22:25:12
:: taps her console and begins tracking the crew that volunteered to go down ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 10-Jun-2020 22:25:27
:: joins the TL crew once the tactical consoles are both manned. ::
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 22:25:34
:: was already armed with a med kit, taking a seat in the shuttle ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:25:39
:: looks to see who is left :: SCI: Lt. Jude, you have the bridge.
:: enters a TL and directs it to the shuttlebay ::
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 22:26:05
:: takes a moment to take a deep breath ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 10-Jun-2020 22:26:18
:: slides into a seat, focusing her thoughts to clear her mind and not letting the memories or emotions get the better of her ::
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 22:26:41
:: holds her science kit close, trying to center herself ::
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Jun-2020 22:27:00
:: lingers next to Emily in the shuttle instead of the pilot's seat, knowing that the captain likes to fly sometimes ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 10-Jun-2020 22:27:09
:: finds himself wondering what they will find down there ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:27:17
:: finds Lexy's hand on the TL ride and surreptitiously squeezes it ::
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 22:27:19
:: takes Navarro's hand, giving it a squeeze ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Jun-2020 22:27:43
:: rides the TL, wanting to say something, but can't find the words ::
SCI Lt Jude 10-Jun-2020 22:28:31
Self: Oh. FUCK. I have the bridge. Oh deities. :: internally screams ::
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 22:28:57
:: looks up at Kate in surprise and then gives a small smile and squeezes back ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:29:04
:: exits the TL and enters the shuttlebay, then the shuttle ::
:: sees Navarro sitting with Acacia, and takes the pilot's seat ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 10-Jun-2020 22:30:34
:: brings up the back of the away team, stepping to the munitions locker to grab a phaser rifle and slings it over his shoulder, and another that he hands to Grey, holding it out to her with one hand in the middle of the rifle, well practiced in capturing the perfect balance point. ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Jun-2020 22:30:55
:: trots into the shuttle, eager to see the world's current state for herself, feeling like she can't quite accept how much time is passed unless she sees it for herself, a strange worry about all of them being trapped down there again nagging at her, but she squelches it. At least she would be trapped with her family, and they would survive again ::
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 22:31:47
:: takes a deep breath, looking up at Kuari as they share a thought. We're in this together. ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:32:11
:: as she runs through pre-flight, she wishes they had picked the Seraphim, but that's what she gets for not getting here first :: +Bridge+ Shuttle Poseidon to the bridge, requesting departure clearance.
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Jun-2020 22:33:17
:: meets Acacia's eyes, offering a small smile of understanding ::
SCI Lt Jude 10-Jun-2020 22:33:34
:: takes a deep breath :: +Shuttle+ Clearance granted.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 10-Jun-2020 22:33:46
:: takes the offered rifle, standing up briefly to sling it over her shoulder and retaking her seat again ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:34:06
:: looks back to verify that everyone's aboard that should be, then closes the door and lifts off the deck, shooting the Poseidon out into space ::
:: it feels like she hasn't flown anything in a while, but it barely shows in her handling of the craft ::
:: pitches over and descends toward the planet, angling the shields for atmospheric entry ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Jun-2020 22:35:12
:: rides the shuttle, sitting on the floor mid-deck, looking at the planet ahead and feels a sense of anxiety she doesn't usually feel in away missions, which is strange because some missions are dangerous and this one probably won't be ::
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 22:35:36
:: sits in the second seat next to Kate, scanning for a landing site ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:35:53
:: flares up as they hit the atmosphere, letting the shock heating hit the belly shields ::
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 22:36:22
:: steadies herself, keeping a straight face ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 10-Jun-2020 22:36:50
:: steadies herself, letting out a deep breath as she waits for the shuttle to land ::
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Jun-2020 22:36:59
:: sits up to look through the front window ::
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 22:37:03
:: identifies a plaza near what she's pretty sure is the hotel :: CO: There. :: lights it up on the viewscreen ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:37:24
:: breaks through the heating and pitches down again, seeing the highlighted area ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Jun-2020 22:38:22
:: watches the view ahead with big, bright eyes ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:38:39
:: dives toward the city, it looming larger ahead, as the ruins start to really come into view ::
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 22:38:52
:: feels safer to be aboard a shuttle they can take away from here again ::
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 22:39:05
:: watches the viewscreen, still and thoughtful ::
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 22:39:08
CO: Did I get the right building? My memories are.... older.
SCI Lt Jude 10-Jun-2020 22:39:27
:: keeps track of the shuttle :: Hoooooooo.
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:39:37
CSO: We will see when we get lower.
:: finally levels out at a thousand feet and does a slow aerial tour of the city ::
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 22:41:08
:: squints, looking at the layout of the streets... ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:41:09
ACTION> The millennia have not been kind, despite the advanced materials the Gencodians used to build. Most of the buildings have collapsed roofs, with some partially fallen walls as well. Plant life has overgrown much, rendering streets almost unidentifiable.
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 22:41:31
:: shakes her head. Trees. :: All: Wow.
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 22:42:04
MED: It... certainly doesn't look like I remember it.
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:42:29
:: shaking her head as she tries to get some bearings, then brings the shuttle to the spot that should be the hotel ::
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 22:42:34
CSO: Twenty thousand years, was it?
TAC2 1Lt Grey 10-Jun-2020 22:42:46
:: sighs, shaking her head sadly at seeing the ruins ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:43:08
:: angles the front window down toward what once was the hotel ::
ACTION> The hotel is almost unrecognizable. The courtyard is completely overgrown, having spilled out through the walls and over the collapsed roof.
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Jun-2020 22:45:04
:: looks out at the hotel sadly, just staring and unbelieving. She knows what's happened, but getting her feelings to understand is difficult, and she can't help but feel a sense of loss ::
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 22:45:13
:: nods at Emily :: MED: Something like that?
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:45:22
That is the place... but it is hard to believe we were there...
CTO LtC Wolfe 10-Jun-2020 22:45:43
:: lines up at the hatch and positions his rifle to be first out when it opens. ::
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 22:45:55
:: squints, proccessing everything as she looks up at the viewscreen. All she manages is, again, :: CSO:
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 22:45:57
:: tries to remember if any of them left any kind of carving or mark that might have survived ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:46:04
:: sets the shuttle down out front ::
:: powers down the engines and opens the hatch ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 10-Jun-2020 22:48:16
:: moves outside the shuttle, not hesitating before stepping onto the ground and standing at ease, waiting for the others to disembark ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Jun-2020 22:48:42
:: ponders on her keen need to find out what happened, how they could have been here, then been back home again, then the hatch opens and she's walking out into the world she saw just yesterday but suddenly thousands of years older ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 10-Jun-2020 22:48:56
:: takes a survey of the surroundings. It's very, very quiet. ::
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 22:49:07
:: gets up, retrieving her sample case from her med kit. She plucks leaves and petals off of different plants as she goes, looking around with an air of wonder ::
SCI Lt Jude 10-Jun-2020 22:49:11
:: watches the location of the crew in silence as they are at the hotel ;:
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:49:53
:: steps out and looks around, find the whole situation surreal; she knows this place, but it is hard to reconcile with what she sees ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 10-Jun-2020 22:50:24
:: doesn't like how quiet it is, and unslings the rifle, hoisting it in an almost ready to use position, scanning the surroundings ::
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 22:51:09
:: steps out with her tricorder in hand, scanning the local vicinity ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:51:18
ACTION> The weather is sunny and brisk, the chill familiar to everyone, indicating that winter is nigh.
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Jun-2020 22:51:44
:: transitions her thoughts into studying the area, thrust into a rare opportunity to study the acute effect of time on a single place in a personal way ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:52:44
XO: Kuari... would you mind taking a quick flight? :: gestures to the dilapidated entrance :: I do not think we can get inside. See what you can see close up?
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 22:53:13
:: looks up at Kuari, thinking out loud :: XO: I carved some runes.. on my meditation rock.
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Jun-2020 22:53:33
:: his eyes first find the river, and he can distinctly recall the taste of the fish within ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Jun-2020 22:53:46
:: glances at Harper and nods dutifully, then spreads her wings. She looks to Acacia and smiles, knowing of the runes she speaks of :: MED: I will check.
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:54:04
:: takes in a sharp breath :: MED: The memorial to Ilaihr...
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 22:54:28
:: gasps, covering her mouth :: CO: Oh--yes.
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:54:50
:: starts picking her way through the overgrown street toward the memorial site ::
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 22:54:59
:: follows the Captain ::
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 22:55:01
:: follows, sweeping with her tricorder ::
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Jun-2020 22:55:31
:: follows along ::
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 22:55:50
Self: I wish I'd had one of these all along.
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Jun-2020 22:55:56
:: lifts off, suddenly alarmed at the weakness she finds in her wings, the confusion of trying to comprehend how her body could not have traveled through time after all distracting her as she makes the flight over and into the courtyard. There is a lot of brush, which she has to land on, the task diverting her focus once again and forcing her to stash away the thoughts for a later time ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 10-Jun-2020 22:56:07
:: follows at the back of the group ::
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 22:56:43
:: continues plucking a sample of every plant she can get her hands on, fascinated by the overgrowth ::
SCI Lt Jude 10-Jun-2020 22:57:03
:: tilts her head back and fourth as she hums aloud, keeping watch ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:57:32
All: We made this walk together on the way back from the hair salon...
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 22:58:12
:: looks up from her handheld device briefly to look around, remembering ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:58:40
All: Watch for wolves... :: idly rubs her forearm ::
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 22:58:52
:: palms her phaser at that ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 10-Jun-2020 22:59:26
:: checks her rifle real quick, before looking around, not wanting to be caught by surprise ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 22:59:37
ACTION> After a short walk to the edge of the nearby park, no trace of the memorial to Ilaihr can be found, despite the fact that it once held a heavy stone with his name carved in it.
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Jun-2020 23:00:16
:: finally finds her way down a tree trunk with her wings folded tightly against her body, the path down less overgrown within its branches, several species of wildlife scurrying from her path as she descends. She finds the rock, but she can't find any trace of runes on the crumbled surface. She finally has to move on, exploring the courtyard through the brush for clear signs of how they had heavily modified it, but can't find any.
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 23:00:16
CO: Is this the right place?
All: I'm not reading any wolves, but stay alert.
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 23:00:46
:: looks around in confusion, but she is certain that this is where it was :: CSO: I know it is. It was here.
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 23:00:49
:: looks at the ground where the rock would have been, folding her hands ::
CO: Captain...
CO: We were never here.
CTO LtC Wolfe 10-Jun-2020 23:01:33
CO: It's been 20,000 years. If we were ever here.
SCI Lt Jude 10-Jun-2020 23:01:59
:: notes the pause in the change of their location ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 23:02:04
CTO: That was a large stone. 20,000 years would not have eroded it completely away.
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 23:02:09
:: shakes her head :: CO: We couldn't have been.
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 23:02:26
MED: We all remember it, though.
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 23:02:44
CO: Continuity--the paradox. :: she blinks :: We were here, but that's... gone.
CO: Because we weren't here... now.
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 23:03:12
:: quietly to no one in particular :: Paradoxes do not let you remember them...
SCI Lt Jude 10-Jun-2020 23:03:17
+CO+ Is everything alright down there?
CTO LtC Wolfe 10-Jun-2020 23:03:30
CO: What about Gencodian paradoxes?
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 23:03:50
:: snapped out of her thought by the comm :: +SCI+ Yes, lieutenant, thank you. We are investigating the hotel site.
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 23:04:00
:: stares at the trees, eyes distant :: CO: The... arch.
CTO LtC Wolfe 10-Jun-2020 23:04:36
:: looks around at this familiar... formerly familiar place, taking it all in, with all the difference, with all the growth, with... no sign of anything humanoid having been here in millennia. ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 23:04:56
MED: Yes, the arch. I want to take a look there.
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 23:05:03
MED: So something we did then made us not be there?
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 23:05:56
CSO: That.. is how it works, right? :: she's not certain ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 23:06:02
:: takes one more look at the ground, still finding something hallowed about it, then turns back toward the shuttle :: All: Come on. :: starts back ::
:: thought she had a pretty good understanding of temporal science, until now ::
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 23:06:32
:: follows Harper, seeming a bit spacey ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Jun-2020 23:06:55
:: finally deciding she won't be finding anything else and not being able to enter the structure due to collapsed rubble and overgrowth, makes her way back up the tree and flies out towards the shuttle ::
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 23:07:05
MED: Temporal mechanics was never my area of expertise, but it makes sense to me. :: still scanning for wolves ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 10-Jun-2020 23:07:25
:: follows them back to the ship, still watching for any signs of aggressive wildlife ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 23:07:26
CSO: It was a subject I was good in, but this is baffling.
CTO LtC Wolfe 10-Jun-2020 23:07:42
CO/CSO: So then question then, is how we all had the same... dream.
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 23:08:00
CO: If you undid what brought us here, we were still here. As in, us. But the rest of the timeline... we weren't. Right?
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 23:08:19
CTO: Dreams do not leave hair brushes and barrettes on my dresser.
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 23:08:32
:: rubs her head, groaning :: Self: The hairbrush..
CTO LtC Wolfe 10-Jun-2020 23:08:40
:: squints at Harper ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 23:09:09
MED: We should not remember it if we caused a paradox. That is the part that makes no sense... along with the physical evidence.
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 23:09:13
:: frowns, remembering the hairbrush :: CO: The hairbrush should not be possible. Did you have it when you.... :: vaguely remembering :: ...When you left?
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Jun-2020 23:09:41
:: lands at the shuttle and speaks once everyone arrives :: MED: No runes. No nothing, anything that we did since we arrived. It's all gone, as if we were never here.
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 23:09:51
:: nods, having expected that ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 23:09:51
XO: Ilaihr's memorial was not there either.
:: shakes her head at Lexy :: CSO: I... I think I left it on our dresser that morning.
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 23:10:33
MED: Do you remember the not-fires that we woke up next to? That's a thing, right?
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 23:10:42
All: All aboard. We are going to investigate the arch area. :: gestures to the shuttle ::
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 23:10:51
CSO: Yes, and the mats that were.. just random mats, in the woods.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 10-Jun-2020 23:11:04
:: waits until everyone else has boarded before boarding, settling down in her previous seat ::
XO Cdr Kuari 10-Jun-2020 23:11:10
:: boards the shuttle ::
CSO Cdr Wright 10-Jun-2020 23:11:17
MED: So strange. :: boards the shuttle, taking the second seat again ::
NAV Lt Navarro 10-Jun-2020 23:11:28
:: boards the shuttle, sitting where he was before ::
MED Lt Acacia 10-Jun-2020 23:11:30
:: shakes her head, brow furrowing further as she boards the shuttle :: CSO: I don't quite get it either.
CTO LtC Wolfe 10-Jun-2020 23:11:56
:: boards after everyone else and then stands with his back to the hatch. ::
CO Capt Harper 10-Jun-2020 23:12:02
:: takes the pilot's seat and powers the engines, and once everyone is aboard, she closes the hatch and lifts off ::
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