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Lost Harbor
Atlantis / atlantis-mission
On the second day of the second year, while on a scouting mission near the transcendence arch, our away team has made their way inside a small metallic building that seems to hum with energy. The unpowered entry room is a security checkpoint with passage beyond the reception desk blocked by a locked metal gate. In the sparse area behind the gate and the desk, a single door can be seen leading deeper into the facility.
After 20-May-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 21:15:05
:: in the lab back at the hotel with Lexy, playing lab assistant ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 21:16:55
:: is standing back from Kuari, watching the grate carefully as the commander tugged on it, hoping it would open ::
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 21:17:12
:: digging through a pile of books until she finds the one she's looking for :: CO: This one had some basic battery schematics. Can you help me translate it? :: plops it down onto to lab table and starts flipping carefully through the aged pages ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 21:17:53
:: pulls on the grating, her claws fastened into the gaps, tugging ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 21:17:59
:: runs her hand along the wall, following the strengthening hum ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 21:18:03
CSO: Of course! Units can be tricky, though, if we have no basis of comparison.
ACTION> The gate seems strangely older than everything else here, and the latch breaks open without much effort.
NAV Lt Navarro 20-May-2020 21:18:28
:: manning the net at the river ::
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 21:18:30
:: looks over at the grate they had opened, and walks over there, and peers in ::
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 21:18:41
CO: A little bit of trial and error, then.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 21:19:03
:: bounces on her toes slightly before ducking into the opening revealed, keeping a hand on the wall as she started to walk down the corridor open ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 20-May-2020 21:20:00
:: Also working on the grate ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 21:20:23
ACTION> Beyond the gate, the rest of the room contains a simple door.
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 21:21:00
:: follows Grey in, past the grate, one hand still firmly grasping her spear ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 21:21:34
CSO: It was so fortunate that we found their version of the periodic table. These chemical names would have been a chore without it.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 21:21:42
:: tries the door hopefully, thoughtful :: Self: Interesting.
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 21:21:59
:: stays at the grate, not much room in front of the door, and lets the others investigate the door ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 21:22:06
:: follows the others, also with spear in hand. She looks around curiously, taking a deep breath and trying to sense if there's anyone else nearby.. ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 21:22:11
ACTION> The door opens, revealing a small landing at the top of a stairway. At the bottom, a dim light can be seen. The hum is a bit louder now.
ACTION> The empaths sense no one else around.
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 21:23:01
CO: Mendeleev would have wept for joy.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 21:23:18
:: grins, moving down the stairway to the dim light and humming, pausing briefly before moving further into the revealed area, curious where this led ::
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 21:23:23
:: squints at the light, and goes down the stairs, following the hum ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 21:23:46
:: sticks close to the others, unnerved as they draw near the light ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 21:23:58
:: moves with the crew down the stairs, her eyes wide to catch any available light, on guard by the curious place ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 21:24:34
ACTION> At the bottom of the stairs, the party finds a corridor with a few doors on each side, and one at the end, lit by drab overhead lighting.
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 21:25:11
CO: And because of that, we can get some sense of units based on atomic weights. Carbon is carbon.
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 21:25:20
TAC2: I’ll go to the end door if y’all want to look through the others.
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 21:25:42
:: starts jotting down some translations in the book :: CSO: That is the beauty of science! The laws of physics are the same everywhere.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 21:26:01
SCI: Nope. I'll do the end door, you check the others :: moves towards the end door, spear in hand and trying the door ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 21:26:19
AT: We should stay together :: quietly :: We don't know what's powering this place. There's no solar panels.
NAV Lt Navarro 20-May-2020 21:26:20
:: draws in the net, more swimming the cold river now than wading, as it is a bit deeper and wider here than it was back at the house ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 20-May-2020 21:26:28
:: in the lead, carefully works his way down the hallway. He pushes each door as they pass by to make sure that if it's open, there's nothing dangerous behind it. ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 21:26:29
:: breaks off and takes another door, doing her best to supress her nerves ::
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 21:26:30
:: sighs. end doors are usually the most exciting. damnit. ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 21:26:49
ACTION> The side doors reveal a few offices, and a bathroom.
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 21:27:10
:: tentatively opens the door to the bathroom, then feels quite silly, laughing quietly ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 21:27:17
ACTION> The end door sticks a bit, as it is much, much heavier.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 21:27:43
:: shoves against the door with her shoulder, grunting ::
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 21:28:01
Self: At least if anyone has a need to shit themselves... :: keeps going down the hallway, until she reaches the end door, standing behind Grey ::
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 21:28:19
:: starts carefully building electrodes based on Kate's translation ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 21:28:46
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 21:28:56
:: moves eventually with everyone towards the end door, helping to pull it open, as they do with doors ::
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 21:29:20
:: startles at the sudden sound :: Self: Gyah!
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 21:29:25
:: assists with the door pushing if she can wedge herself in ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 21:29:38
:: giggles ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 21:29:45
:: glances back at the corridor, before stepping to the side, pushing the hardest that she could against the stuck door ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 21:29:52
ACTION> The door begins to move, and the humming grows louder...
ACTION> The thrum explodes in intensity as the door is opened, revealing a control room that overlooks a cavernous underground chamber housing what looks to be a reactor of some sort, shielded behind thick transparent walls. The central convergence of the hourglass-shaped reactor is producing an incredibly bright point of light, and energy surges upwards and downwards from it along the structure of the device. One of the screens in the control room is still active, blinking unfriendly red Gencodian text.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 21:30:55
:: raises a hand to her eyes, trying to preserve a little bit of night sight, before moving towards the reactor curiously. :: MED: Can... you read this?
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 21:31:23
:: gasps, stunned by the device for a moment. She snaps out of it when Grey speaks to her and leans over, reading out the text :: All: Err.. warning...
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 21:31:44
:: instantly squints against the bright light, attempting to adjust after being in such a dark place behind this room, and makes her way forward into more space, looking around once she can see ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 21:32:25
TAC2: I think a lot of these words are like, parts of the thing. Sensor.. :: she points ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 21:32:56
MED: Understandable... any type of information that might give us info on what the hell this place is?
CTO LtC Wolfe 20-May-2020 21:33:09
:: stays right next to Kuari, taking in this new place after his eyes adjust. :: XO: This is interesting, isn't it.
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 21:33:09
:: shoots a baleful glance at Kate ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 21:33:21
All: Radiation.. overload. Uh, we might want to go.
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 21:33:34
:: doesn't even pay attention to the screen, marveling at the reactor, unable to comprehend such a different place than anything else they have seen on this world ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 21:33:37
:: blinks :: Self: Time?
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 21:33:48
MED: Did you just say... time?
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 21:33:53
CTO: Interesting? I think that's an understatement?
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 21:34:04
CSO: This is fun. I should help you in the lab some when we get back to the ship, if that is alright?
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 21:34:08
:: moves to join her friend, curious and spear still in hand ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 21:34:08
:: points at the word on the screen :: TAC2: This is the word for time. Time.. something.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 21:34:30
MED: Could it be... travel? :: offers, glancing at the screen ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 21:35:01
:: sounds out the word, seeing how it feels in her mouth :: TAC2: Hm. Well it's not a countdown..
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 21:35:57
:: perks an ear towards the other crew, moving past the shock of the place and towards what to do about it, then turns her head towards those at the screen ::
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 21:36:15
Self: Oh shit. :: Her mind races to Ilaihr. She needs to get Ilaihr. But not too soon. Fuck fuck fuck. She turns her attention to the controls ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 21:36:17
:: sighs, rubbing her forehead slightly :: MED: Well... that's good, at least. Is there anything else of importance?
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 21:37:08
:: wags a finger, reading out and substituting in some guesses :: TAC2: Time.. device, let's say. Critical? Overload, radiation.. something. Leaking? Fix the.. part, part, and.. low on something like charge or fuel, I think.
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 21:38:17
CO: Not if you're going to "BZZT" me while I'm working! :: hands on hips in mock indignation ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 20-May-2020 21:38:25
:: arrives at the computer screen, flashing that angry red message... and he's just not making out what it's saying. ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 21:38:30
MED: So there's something leaking, low on charge... and fuel, let's just say both. :: starts to pace the room, thinking ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 21:38:46
:: giggles again and grins :: CSO: I might do more than that!
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 21:38:47
:: moves towards the console behind those studying it, standing up to read over their shoulders, but she lets them translate and discuss for her, listening ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 21:39:04
:: sighs, shaking her head and wagging a finger :: TAC2: I doubt I know these words in our languages. It's probably like.. quantum gasket or some shit.
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 21:39:35
:: gives her wife a sly look :: CO: Now you know I don't usually mix business and pleasure...
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 21:39:44
MED: We need the captain to translate all this. She knows more Genecodian than we do.
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 21:39:53
SCI: I agree.
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 21:40:52
:: returns the look :: CSO: But what if your business is already quite pleasurable, hmm?
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 21:41:15
MED: One moment please. :: stands up straight :: ~CO: Captain, o captain. Jude here. Sorry if I freaked you out, but we discovered something and we require your Genecodian expertise.~
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 21:41:24
:: playfully swats at Kate :: CO: Temptress.
NAV Lt Navarro 20-May-2020 21:41:27
:: finally gets the wriggling net hauled in and takes a moment to rest, soaked, cold, and tired since the soaked net full of fish is quite heavy ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 21:41:37
AT: This is... :: looks back at the reactor, her heart thudding in her chest :: Unlike anything we've ever seen! How could it not be what we've been looking for? We need Harper!
CTO LtC Wolfe 20-May-2020 21:42:10
XO: You should fly back to base and get her. I'll keep everyone here safe.
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 21:42:14
:: suddenly turns towards Kuari :: XO: Just sent a telepathic message to her.
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 21:42:24
:: receives no message ::
CSO: I have been called worse.
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 21:42:52
:: looks around slowly, thinking :: SCI: You might need to step outside. This room is more shielded than a quarantine chamber.
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 21:43:17
MED: Fair point. :: walks out of the room, and makes her way outside ::
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 21:43:47
CO: I'm not surprised. You're almost as bad as Venya. :: winks ::
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 21:44:07
:: looks towards the direction of the hotel :: ~CO: Captain. Jude here. We discovered something and require your Genecodian expertise.~
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 21:44:09
CSO: I picked up some pointers in temptressing from her, you know.
:: receives no message ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 21:44:34
:: looks at Wolfe, her eyes big as she thinks, then is distracted by Acacia :: AT: We should probably all wait outside this room if there's some sort of overload.
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 21:44:45
CO: Like you needed the help.
NAV Lt Navarro 20-May-2020 21:44:53
::: dries off and dresses, then hauls the haul back to the hotel ::
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 21:45:13
:: walks back inside :: MED: I don’t know. Distance may be a bit too much.
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 21:45:13
:: chuckles grimly :: XO: Outside, ten feet, ten miles.. no, I doubt it matters if she goes up.
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 21:45:15
CSO: Well, she is a professional, after all... :: trails a finger up Lexy's arm ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 21:45:52
:: seems confused :: SCI: Distance..?
:: looks at the time machine worriedly ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 21:46:01
AT: If Commander Kuari can fly, I can go with her to update the captain then return as fast as I can, if that works
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 21:46:12
:: shivers :: CO: Heyyy, no fair using my own weaknesses against me!
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 21:46:50
CSO: If I cannot use them, who can, hm?
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 21:47:14
MED: Or some sort of bullshit coming from this machine.
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 21:47:43
CO: Welll.... you can... obviously... in private!
CTO LtC Wolfe 20-May-2020 21:47:49
TAC2: I don't recommend that. She'd be faster with no one on her back. :: looks at Kuari ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 21:47:55
:: is still looking at the machine, frowning :: TAC2: Maybe we shouldn't split up..
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 21:48:27
AT: I could fly, yes...but I need to get Harper here for this!
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 21:48:55
:: her voice drops to a breathy whisper :: CSO: Everyone else is gone, and Navarro is fishing, you know...
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 21:49:20
TAC2: Grey, you are probably light, but I need all the strength I can to bring her back.
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 21:49:22
:: steps outside, finds a rock, and sits down, closing her eyes and deepening her breathing to meditate ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 20-May-2020 21:49:51
XO/AT: Anyone seen any vehicles around?
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 21:49:57
:: has to hold on to the edge of the table, since her knees have inexplicably gone a bit wobbly :: CO: But...
NAV Lt Navarro 20-May-2020 21:50:03
:: drags the fish through the front door, through the lobby, out into the courtyard, through the restaurant, and into the kitchen to begin the slaughter ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 21:50:04
:: makes her own attempt to contact the Captain, but instead of a message, she simply tries to connect, to find her ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 21:50:58
AT: See what you can find out while I'm gone. Don't do anything...dangerous...with that, though. :: bobs her nose towards the intense light ::
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 21:51:35
:: mumbles :: Self: Shit. I need Ilaihr. Shitty shit shit. :: looks up at the red lights and sighs ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 21:52:14
:: looks at those present :: AT: Understood?
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 21:52:26
XO: Aye.
CTO LtC Wolfe 20-May-2020 21:53:23
XO: Aye, Commander.
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 21:53:46
:: nods with finality and, having made the decision, bounds out of the room, up the stairs and out of the building, taking flight immediately and turns towards the hotel at high speed ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 21:54:19
:: hears Navarro's arrival and gives her wife a sly wink as she licks her lips :: CSO: Poor timing. You will just have to wait... until tonight.
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 21:55:00
:: whimpers in reply ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 21:56:07
XO: Understood, Commander :: sits down on a rock, resting her head back against the building as she waited ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 21:56:44
:: lets out a ragged breath, shuddering as Kuari swoops overhead. She gets up and heads back inside :: AT: Well, I can sense she's still there.. but I couldn't reach her through the shield either. :: she looks over :: SCI: Any luck assessing.. this? :: she then looks back at the glowing disaster waiting to happen ::
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 21:58:24
MED: Not at all. I may have tried to be an engineer for like. Two weeks on the ship, but all this is gibberish to me. Damn bad time for engineering to have been my worst subject.
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 21:58:28
:: flashes Lexy a sultry look before going back to translating sciency things ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 21:58:30
ACTION> Kuari flies swiftly, perhaps faster than ever before, and arrives back at the hotel, bellowing loudly as she descends into the courtyard.
CTO LtC Wolfe 20-May-2020 21:58:53
:: makes his way down the hallway toward the entrance to stand guard ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 21:58:57
:: looks up from the science with a start :: CSO: Was that Kuari?
NAV Lt Navarro 20-May-2020 21:59:19
:: darts out from the kitchen when he hears the bellow, hands covered in fish blood ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 21:59:20
SCI: At least you did a better job than me, I barely passed my engineering classes in school. Math was my worst subject.
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 21:59:33
:: snorts :: SCI: Same. :: she agrees, and begins searching the room for more hints as to where and how repair might be expected to occur, with what little she knows about this sort of stuff :: SCI: My sister's an engineer.. if only you'd been stranded with her. :: she jokes ::
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 22:00:45
:: heard it too and gulps, trying to compose herself :: CO: I... maybe?
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:01:35
CSO: If it is her, something is wrong. Come on! :: rushes out to the courtyard ::
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 22:01:58
TAC2: If it weren’t for science, I woulda been tactical. A’s in my weapons and survival classes.
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 22:02:13
:: rushes out as well, leaving her work unfinished but safely secured so nothing will explode in her absence ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:02:45
TAC2/SCI: I thought about therapy, but that's.. a whole other can of worms.
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 22:02:50
:: runs towards the lobby and stops, seeing Harper, Wright and Navarro. Her eyes fasten on Harper :: CO: We've found something! That small's like a bunker of some kind, with a reactor, so much energy! There's a... a panel... :: catches her breath ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:03:03
TAC2/SCI: Always kind of knew it would be medicine, though.
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:03:08
:: her face brightens as Kuari gushes the news ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 22:03:30
SCI/MED: If I didn't choose to go Marine and Tactical, I could've gone diplomacy.
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 22:03:33
MED/TAC2: God do I need to talk to Endilev right now.
NAV Lt Navarro 20-May-2020 22:03:35
:: listens to the news as well, nodding approvingly ::
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 22:03:41
:: catches on "reactor" ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:03:56
:: raises both eyebrows, immediately amused at the thought :: TAC2: Oh? An Earth Ambassador?
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 22:04:14
MED: Yes, actually. Is that so hard to believe?
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 22:04:26
TAC2: Yes.
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:04:37
XO: That is wonderful news! Do you know what its purpose is yet?
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:04:47
:: her grin grows at Grey's annoyance :: TAC2: No--but picturing you in the funny hat, hah..
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 22:05:05
:: tries to remember what the crew read out loud :: CO/CSO/NAV: The panel said something about...overload, radiation...time?
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 22:05:15
....:: grows very alarmed ::
XO: Did you bring a copy of the message?
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 22:06:00
:: looks to Wright and shakes her head, not having thought to do so ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:06:04
XO: ...and that building was near the arch. It could be what powers the whole thing!
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 22:06:32
:: focuses back on Harper :: CO: I...I can take you back with me. You must come!
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 22:06:39
CO/XO: It could be spewing out massive amounts of radiation and we wouldn't even know. We need to get people away from there!
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 22:07:00
SCI/MED: It was either... :: she ticks it off on her fingers :: SCI/MED: Marine/Tactical/Security, Diplomacy, or Medicine, depending on my scores for the core classes
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 22:08:00
CSO: The control room is shielded, I'm pretty sure. There are very thick walls around the reactor. We couldn't even hear it, but faintly, from outside.
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:08:03
:: thinks a moment, weighing the risks ::
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 22:08:04
TAC2/MED: Yknow, science concentration is actually archeology. So as great as these sites here are, the situation is fucking terrible.
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:08:30
:: takes a moment to read one of the panels, then sighs wistfully :: TAC2: I might've liked to be a diplomat. Never an option, though. :: she chuckles at Jude's comment :: SCI: Well, maybe therapy would've come in handy.
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:08:47
CSO: I have to get a look. It could be the key to getting us home.
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:08:53
Self: Though I did make that antivenom, even if we haven't had to use it..
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:09:04
XO: You can fly while carrying me now?
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 22:09:35
:: starts to argue with Kate until she catches a glimpse of the resolve on her wife's face and realizes that arguing will be utterly pointless ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 22:09:36
:: nods readily, eager to agree with Harper about its importance, then looks to Wright ::
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 22:10:32
:: hugs Kate fiercely, holding back sudden tears :: CO: ...You must assume that it's spewing radiation and treat it accordingly, do you hear me?
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:10:55
:: hugs Lexy back, very tightly, and whispers in reply :: CSO: I will, love, I promise.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 22:11:02
MED: Diplomacy wasn't all that it was cracked up to be. Really, I did get to wear some nice outfits and got to beat verbal sense into people, but I much prefer doing beating hands-on. :: grins at her friend ::
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 22:11:15
TAC2: Mood.
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 22:11:33
:: whispers :: CO: If you die and leave me here alone I will never forgive you.
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:12:25
:: chuckles :: TAC2: I'm only as good of a fighter as my Kreshai. :: she half-jokes :: TAC2: But I could always kick my sister's ass. Hence.. engineer. :: she snorts ::
NAV Lt Navarro 20-May-2020 22:12:30
:: heads back inside, giving the couple some privacy ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:12:47
:: suddenly fighting back tears of her own as she whispers in reply :: CSO: I would never leave you alone, if I have any say in it.
NAV Lt Navarro 20-May-2020 22:13:30
:: cleans the fishy mess off his hands ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 22:13:33
:: watches as Kate and Lexy embrace, not really respecting privacy, then more quietly since she's arrived :: CO: I...I can do it. I'm sure I can. You're bigger than Jude, but I've become very strong here. I can do it. We should get my saddle, though. I'll meet you on the roof.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 22:13:38
MED: Between Ethan and I, we run ourselves to a tie when we're sparring ::
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 22:13:57
MED/TAC2: I have an old academy friend who’s studying to be a doctor. He’s a whole ass twig and even I could easily snap him on half. I’ve punched him in the face before though, for trying to make a move.
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:14:11
:: nods to Kuari as she pulls back a little from Lexy, her hands still around her wife's waist :: XO: Meet you there.
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 22:14:19
:: takes a deep, shaky breath :: CO: Okay, then. Go. I love you. :: squeezes her eyes shut and pulls away, swiping at the tears that have dripped down her cheeks with her fist ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 22:14:51
:: runs into the lobby and flies halfway up the stairs in a practiced movve before her wings don't fit and retrieves her saddle from her room, hurriedly strapping it on ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:15:07
:: leaves a soft kiss on Lexy's lips before she finally lets go and sets off for the roof ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:15:26
:: laughs at that :: SCI: Oh, well he deserved it then.
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:16:06
:: she runs up the stairs, easily taking them two at a time before emerging on the roof ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 22:16:07
:: laughs :: SCI: Did he deserve that?
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 22:16:24
:: stands in the courtyard alone, with her fists balled at her sides, trying again to compose herself but in a much less fun way, waiting to hear them depart ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 22:16:37
:: gets to the roof, calming herself and thinks through what she's offered to do, then hears Harper's approach ::
NAV Lt Navarro 20-May-2020 22:16:38
:: quietly returns to the courtyard when he sees Alexis all alone ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:17:17
:: having composed herself after the emotional departure, she smiles :: XO: OK, so, how do I do this? :: eyes the saddle ::
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 22:17:26
TAC2: He tried to randomly kiss me. So yes. He did. Like. Bruh, skinny ass twigs ain’t my type. My type are those with muscular thighs that can crush people’s heads.
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 22:17:50
CO: Get on! :: lowers one wing :: And hang on.
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:18:36
:: climbs into the saddle on Kuari's back and excitedly holds on, the prospect of actually getting to fly with her friend quite exciting ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:19:04
:: bites her lip so as to not laugh at that, but the margin is thin. She shakes her head lightly :: SCI: No head crushings, please.
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 22:19:29
MED: Except mine. Which. Yes please.
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 22:20:50
:: hesitates only for a moment, judging the added weight and the ache in her wings from an already taxing day, but builds speed forward on the roof and leaps off, gaining more speed as they dive momentarily towards the ground before rising slowly and laboriously over the treeline ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:20:58
:: does laugh at that, moving from screen to screen but having no luck figuring out what she's looking at. Unsure what to say, the resident space ace comes up with :: SCI: ...interesting.
CTO LtC Wolfe 20-May-2020 22:21:01
:: walks in on the conversation, unaware of what they've been saying. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 22:21:28
:: stares at her feet, trembling slightly, until she hears the beats of Kuari's wing begin and then fade off into the distance. Only then does she look up at Doc with wet eyes, looking small and afraid ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:21:42
Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!! XO: This is wonderful! I have always wanted to do this!
CTO LtC Wolfe 20-May-2020 22:21:43
:: simply walks past, unaware ::
NAV Lt Navarro 20-May-2020 22:22:09
:: walks up to Wright and simply offers a hug ::
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 22:22:35
:: rushes into his arms and dissolves into tears ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:22:57
:: looks around at the city below them, having flown many times, of course, but never on the back of anyone alive! ::
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 22:24:10
:: starts laughing herself :: MED: Sorry. :: clears throat :: Deities, it’s been a while.
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 22:24:15
:: doesn't answer Harper, concentrating on her wingflaps so they don't plummet to the ground, this effort harder than she had expected in her adrenaline-powered resolve to actually do this ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:26:17
:: laughs again, shrugging wistfully. She doesn't mind, she just doesn't relate :: SCI: It's alright. I think everyone's feeling that way. :: she tries sympathy, where empathy fails ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:26:28
:: having not flown anything in over a year, she finds the flight exhilarating as the wind rushes through her hair ::
NAV Lt Navarro 20-May-2020 22:28:50
:: holds Wright quietly for a few minutes :: CSO: They'll be alright, Alexis. I'm sure of it.
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 22:30:46
:: as they approach the arch, she begins to worry about the landing. Kuari concentrates on her timing and the effect of the added weight as they slowly descend, and she aims for soft ground with long grass, near where Acacia was meditating. The ground is coming up fast and she flares her wings, the extra pressure exerted on them too much and she almost yelps with the pain, but she manages to land them safely, coming to jogging but safe stop near the doorway ::
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 22:31:02
:: has quieted down a bit, and feels a bit embarrassed, pulling gently away :: NAV: I'm sorry. You know I'm not... usually like that. It's just... what if something happens to our friends?
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:31:58
XO: That was amazing, thank you! :: climbs off :: I know it was exhausting, and I appreciate the effort.
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:32:05
:: frowns, focusing on a screen that looks much older than the others. She tries to read it, but again struggles with most of the words.. ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 22:33:00
:: smiles and nods, catching her breath and trying not to drag her wings as she leads the way into the bunker :: CO: This way!
NAV Lt Navarro 20-May-2020 22:33:10
CSO: Then we will carry on and try to get home. But, they will be alright! :: gets an idea to keep her mind off it :: Hey, would you want to help me make dinner for everyone, so it's ready when they get back?
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:33:20
:: follows Kuari into the bunker, taking it all in ::
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 22:33:46
CO: Welcome.
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:33:48
:: looks up just before Harper enters, watching her face to assess her reaction ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:34:18
:: emerges into the control room and her jaw hangs agape for a moment before she speaks :: All: This is incredible! Show me what you have learned!
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 22:34:44
:: looks up before standing quickly, giving the captain a grin in greeting ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 22:34:58
:: immediately moves to an empty area in the control room and slumps to the floor, resting and watching, spent ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:35:00
:: smiles wryly, not surprised. She gestures toward the screen offering a warning :: CO: I'm out of my league here.
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 22:35:22
:: gives him a weak smile :: NAV: You're a wonderful friend, do you know that? Yes, let's get busy. :: goes inside with him ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:35:36
:: looks to what Acacia is indicating and narrows her eyes, then starts tapping on things to find submenus ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:36:02
CO: It says something about a damaged.. time component. I don't know about half of these words. :: she looks around :: And some.. panels are older?
CO: Or different, anyway.
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:36:41
MED: That is temporal, but you had the root word right...
:: continues reading and tapping, the display reflected in her eyes as they intently scan ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:37:04
:: shrugs :: CO: I got the gist, enough to pique my interest..
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:37:14
MED: Do not worry, you still get an A.
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:37:31
:: laughs at that, pumping a fist in the air in playful celebration ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:37:55
Temporal flux is overloaded, chronoton output is off the scale...
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 22:37:58
MED: Better than I could do.
CTO LtC Wolfe 20-May-2020 22:38:40
:: walks in :: CO: So chances are good that we're not dying of radiation poisoning?
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:38:45
But the radiation in the reactor chamber is... well, I do not know what this unit is, but the scale is maxed out and red.
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:38:49
SCI: Yeah, chronitons? Pfft.
CTO LtC Wolfe 20-May-2020 22:38:56
CO: Belay that comment.
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 22:39:00
MED: Ptth.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 22:39:02
:: splutters, huffing as she moves to the door ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:39:07
:: realizes a moment later what that actually means, eyes widening ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:39:27
CTO: Radiation in here is at safe levels, according to this. Very low on the scale.
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 22:39:44
Self: Oh fucking hell.
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:39:53
CO: It's.. overloading on chronitons when it's old and broken down? :: she wonders ::
NAV Lt Navarro 20-May-2020 22:40:03
CSO: Well, thank you. But that's easy when you're friends with good people. :: starts chopping fish ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:40:28
:: looks through the windows at the blindingly bright reactor :: All: This is the device that brought us here. It must be.
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 22:40:40
:: begins scrubbing vegetables and preparing them for roasting ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:40:53
AT: So.. neither old nor broken.
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 22:41:06
CO: The question is how?
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:41:19
:: starts navigating more menus, looking for a way to shut it down ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 22:41:26
:: jaw on the floor, resting nearby :: AT: containment failing?
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:41:32
SCI: And she's a doozy. Something set it off. So what?
CTO LtC Wolfe 20-May-2020 22:41:32
:: looks up at the reactor from close to the window ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:41:41
AT: A person? An accident? Code?
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:42:05
:: was never more than a mediocre scientist, but one thing she was particularly good at was temporal mechanics :: AT: We need to cause a paradox.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 22:42:19
:: looks at the reactor from the doorway, leaning against the doorframe :: CO: I'm sorry... WHAT?!
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:42:19
CO: Maybe we already did.
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:42:37
AT: If I can shut it down, it will not be functional in our time to bring us here.
AT: The timeline cannot abide the paradox that causes, that we will not have been here to shut it down.
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:43:11
CO: What if the reason we're here is.. some sort of loop where we destroy it and that's what brought us here in the first place?
CTO LtC Wolfe 20-May-2020 22:43:19
CO: Or we're going to cause a paradox, that brought us here.
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:43:43
:: points at Wolfe, like 'he said it' ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 22:43:51
:: closes her eyes, her head done in by this conversation ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:43:57
AT: Time will correct the paradox, since it cannot be true. At least everything we have learned so far about time travel indicates that to be the case...
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:44:25
Self: Well fuck, guess I should've paid more attention in time travel class.
NAV Lt Navarro 20-May-2020 22:44:30
:: spices some of the fish, but not all of them ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 22:44:39
:: groans, rubbing her forehead in irritation :: Self: Fuck... we're stuck here, aren't we?
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:44:44
:: keeps tapping through menus :: Ah!
:: finds the emergency shutdown procedure and initiates it ::
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 22:45:02
Self: Fucking fuck. :: squeezes around the others, leaving the room, and the building. she looks in the general direction where Ilaihr was last month, and just telepathically screams in that direction ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:45:14
ACTION> Nothing happens, but the console returns an error.
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 22:45:19
:: peels some fruit, trying to stay busy ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:45:39
:: swears elaborately in her native tongue ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 20-May-2020 22:45:44
:: continues staring at the reactor ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:45:57
:: refrains, barely, from smacking the console :: Zokit jama-na!
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 22:46:25
:: sighs and stares at the reactor, turning to exit the room, wandering back outside, she was getting a bit tired and needed some fresh air ::
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 22:46:46
NAV: You know, when I was alone with Colonel Wolfe when we first got here, I wasn't nearly as comfortable. I thought it was because he's... a man, but so are you, and I'm okay with this.
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:46:53
:: shakes her head, looking at the reactor and thinking :: Self: Who..?
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:47:17
The relay to the actual physical shutdown control is fused. It is directing me to the emergency access panel... in there. :: lifts her head toward the reactor ::
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 22:47:29
:: shakes her head and decides to just run to him. ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:47:52
:: looks at where Harper is looking, her breath hitching :: CO: No.
NAV Lt Navarro 20-May-2020 22:47:56
:: shrugs :: CTO: The Colonel is a bit... rough around the edges?
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 22:48:38
:: also shrugs :: NAV: Maybe that's it.
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:49:11
::: continues reading :: The shutdown control will render the reaction permanently inoperable due to the damage already caused... :: goes out a few more screens ::
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 22:49:21
:: blissfully unaware of what's happening across town ::
NAV Lt Navarro 20-May-2020 22:49:57
CSO: But, we are friends, and he's... perhaps harder to befriend. So your reaction is natural, I think. Also, you have a lot more clothes on now. :: chuckles ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:49:59
:: watches Harper intently now, brow knit. She draws close enough to catch glimpses of a word or two on the screen she can read, her stomach turning ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:50:10
:: tries a few more things with no success ::
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 22:50:30
:: nods emphatically at that :: NAV: So, so very true.
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 22:50:36
:: raises her head after Harper points at the emergency access panel, piecing together what she's saying, exhausted but worried by what she's suggesting ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:50:57
:: repeats her previous epithet, somewhat more emphatically ::
:: then takes a long look at the reactor, realizing what she must do ::
All: I have to try it.
CTO LtC Wolfe 20-May-2020 22:52:16
:: turns and raises his eyebrows at Harper. ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:52:29
:: takes another step closer to Harper and puts up a hand as if to stop her. She tries to speak but the words are caught in her throat for a moment. She blinks, managing, again :: CO: No.
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 22:52:30
CO: Wait...what?
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:52:35
All: Someone has to go in there and shut this down. I cannot ask any of you to do it.
:: starts to steel her resolve to go through with this ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 20-May-2020 22:53:01
CO: :: quietly :: It should be me.
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:53:04
CO: There's got to be something--a suit or something, there's no way they went in to do maintenance on that..
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 22:53:11
:: re-enters then, blinking ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:53:25
CO: And there's not to be another way. :: she insists, blinking away tears of rage and fear ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 20-May-2020 22:53:26
:: louder :: CO: It should be me, Captain.
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:53:55
CTO: Your Gencodian is not good enough, Colonel, and if I am wrong, I do not want to leave everyone without your protection.
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 22:54:18
:: pushes with effort to her feet, now very alarmed, the idea of what Harper is suggesting terrifying her, but her mind seems to be stuck on a resolution ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:54:19
:: shakes :: CO: If it's who's good at Gencodian, it should be me so they still have you.
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:54:19
MED: From the meters on the screen, the normal radiation levels would not have been a problem.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 22:54:20
:: re-enters, skidding to a halt in the doorway :: All: What's happening?
CTO LtC Wolfe 20-May-2020 22:54:25
:: stares at Harper for a moment :: CO: You've got me on that one.
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:54:47
MED: We cannot spare even one doctor, Emily.
MED: But you can spare your Gencodian teacher and your laundry lady. :: smirks ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:55:10
CO: My notes are immaculate. :: she chides :: CO: We can't spare the Captain. :: her voice breaks ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 22:55:22
CO: I can do it. :: volunteers with a deep breath ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 20-May-2020 22:55:37
CO: But I can stand up to any radiation a bit better and last longer. Not to mention my greater strength for anything mechanical that needs to be done. Can you show me what to look for?
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:55:53
TAC2: The same logic applies to you, Ryleigh. You are a protector.
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:56:16
:: sweeps her arms out :: All: No! We can find a radiation suit somewhere.
All: Maybe from another reactor site, or..
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:57:21
All: We do not know how many more chances we will get to go home, and I intend to take this one. If I am right, I will see you all back on Atlantis.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 22:57:28
CO: So is Wolfe! :: sighs, tears beginning to form in the corner of her eyes ::
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 22:57:59
:: she begins verbally screeching, once she gets near :: ILAIHR! ANSWER ME YA BASTARD!
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:58:01
CTO/TAC2: And I need you both to protect my crew.
If I am wrong, that is.
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:58:30
:: blinks, realizing she's lost. She slumps a bit, feeling dizzy, but manages to keep her footing. She watches Harper with tears in her eyes, not even trying to bite back her worry anymore. ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:58:35
:: walks over to Kuari, butterflies in her stomach ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 20-May-2020 22:58:41
::A quiet childlike laugh echoes through the forest.::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:58:44
XO: My friend, if I am wrong...
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 22:58:56
:: sighs, taking a shaky breath and coming to lean against Acacia, content to lean on the other ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 22:59:05
XO: If I am wrong… tell Lexy that I love her, and that I — :: her voice falters, just a bit :: I am sorry to hurt her like this, but my duty as Captain is clear. Keep trying to undo all of this, and we may yet see each other again.
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 22:59:06
:: runs towards the laughter :: ILAIHR! REACTOR!
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 22:59:12
:: hugs Grey tightly ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 22:59:52
:: sits on the floor, unable to process what is happening, knowing she can't do what Harper's wanting to do and doesn't even offer, straining to listen with the implications ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 20-May-2020 23:00:03
Self: Any and all actions have a equal opposite reaction.
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 23:00:26
:: stands suddenly despite her aching body and embraces Harper with all her limbs, wrapping around her :: CO: I will.
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 23:00:26
:: pops the vegetables in the oven for roasting, humming a little tune ::
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 23:00:50
:: runs towards Ilaihr, immediately scoops him into bridal carry, and just makes a run for it towards the Arch ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 23:00:51
:: gives her friend a tight hug back, it reminding of her when Kuari was keeping her warm by the fires ::
XO: And thanks for the flight; it was a dream come true.
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 20-May-2020 23:01:29
SCI: Must you manhandle me Groll?
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 23:01:46
:: pauses by the door at the head of the stairs down to the reactor chamber, her voice strong and resolute :: All: See you all on Atlantis.
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 23:02:08
:: doesn't even have a reply to that, it seeming so unfair, then manages to stay on her feet to watch after letting Harper go, to watch ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 23:02:12
:: nods firmly, lying ::
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 23:02:35
NAV: You had a good haul today, huh!
CTO LtC Wolfe 20-May-2020 23:02:37
:: snaps to attention and salutes Harper ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 23:02:48
:: she disappears through the door, running down the stairs and out another door into the reactor room ::
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 23:02:55
CEO: Long story short- we found a reactor. It may power the Arch and get us back. We need your help. Now. :: gasps for breath, as she keeps running ::
NAV Lt Navarro 20-May-2020 23:02:58
:: starts pan-frying some fish ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 23:03:13
:: takes a steadying breath, snapping to attention like Wolfe did ::
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 23:03:18
NAV: Maybe we'll get good news from the away team and it'll end up being a good day. :: gives him a smile ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 20-May-2020 23:03:22
::Grumbles, his head bobbing side to side.:: Self: Cursed Breen... always thinking they can drag me around like a ragdoll!
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 23:03:23
:: closes her eyes... and puts up a wall, silently ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 23:03:29
:: crosses the room to the control panel and can immediately feel her skin tingling ::
NAV Lt Navarro 20-May-2020 23:03:45
CSO: I think that is exactly what will happen!
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 23:04:03
:: activates the panel and starts tapping, blinking as starbursts intrude on her vision ::
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 23:04:20
NAV: I trust Kate to be safe, and bring everyone back safely. She did promise, after all.
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 23:04:22
:: tightens her grip on Grey, her eyes shut tightly ::
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 23:04:27
CEO: You’re brilliant Ilaihr. You’re fine. Just keep. :: sees the building in the distance :: CEO: It’s fine. Fine. Fine.
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 23:04:31
:: digs through the menus as fast as she can, knowing she's on a timer ::
:: notices that the fair, freckled skin on the back of her hands now visibly appears sunburnt ::
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 23:05:11
:: attempts to telepathically yell at anyone for attention ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 23:05:35
:: feels a psychic ping and returns it by accident, a moment of screeching pain reaching Jude outside ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 23:05:36
:: finds what's she looking for and digs through some more menus, but is interrupted by a wave of nausea ::
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 23:06:07
:: picks up her pace, as she keeps nearing the building, and starts verbally screeching ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 23:06:18
:: fights that back and begins the sequence ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 20-May-2020 23:06:23
::Rubs his eyes.:: SCI: Where are we going, Child? We must continue our negotiations with the Aquatics!
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 23:06:33
:: suddenly leans over to the side of the panel and forcefully vomits on the floor ::
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 23:07:13
:: stands outside the thick glass, staring at Harper and whimpers a bit ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 23:07:16
:: spits and returns to her work as blood starts to trickle out of her nose ::
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 23:07:20
CEO: We found a reactor. We need- :: gasp :: CEO: Your help. :: runs down stairs, past the doors, and rushes into the control room, yelling as she does so ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 23:07:21
:: trembles, her grip on Grey starting to cut off circulation. Though her eyes are closed, tears streak down her cheeks that she can't suppress ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 23:07:33
:: turns to curl into Acacia, sobbing the entire time ::
NAV Lt Navarro 20-May-2020 23:07:35
CSO: La capitana always keeps her promises.
CTO LtC Wolfe 20-May-2020 23:07:42
:: stands at the closed door, waiting ::
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 23:08:01
:: nods at him :: NAV: Especially to me. :: watching him fry fish ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 23:08:17
:: gets most of the way through the shutdown sequence before doubling over in intense abdominal pain ::
:: gasps for breath as she wills herself back to the panel to finish the job ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 23:09:10
:: twinges, releasing her grip on Grey suddenly. She opens her eyes, wiping one eye with the heel of her hand. She gives in to instinct and lowers her defenses, reaching out with her sixth sense to try and soothe Harper's pain ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 23:09:24
:: still gasping for breath, no longer able to breathe normally as she gets to the end of the shutdown sequence ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 20-May-2020 23:09:49
:: turns at the noise and sees Jude coming in and stops her... then realizes who she has with her ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 23:09:51
:: shivers, falling to the floor and seizing ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 23:09:55
:: but does, somehow, find the pain of it all lessened, though she doesn't know how ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 23:10:20
:: drops to her knees, trying to keep Acacia still and close to her, willingly letting her steal her warmth ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 20-May-2020 23:10:27
:: is blocking the door to the control room. ::
CEO LCdr Ilaihr 20-May-2020 23:10:38
SCI: I do not understand....
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 23:10:44
NAV: Everyone's going to be so happy to come back to this dinner, it smells so good!
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 23:10:52
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 23:11:00
:: falls still, eyes closed as she maintains her focus, barely managing not to vomit. She grabs a fistfull of Grey's clothing, taking a shaky breath ::
NAV Lt Navarro 20-May-2020 23:11:03
CSO: You know, I hope so. I have enjoyed learning to cook during this year.
CTO LtC Wolfe 20-May-2020 23:11:04
SCI: This is not a safe place for him to be :: gestures to Ilaihr ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 23:11:15
:: fights for breath as she keys the last part of the shutdown sequence, having to learn on the console to stand ::
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 23:11:25
NAV: You've really done an amazing job. You're quite the chef.
NAV Lt Navarro 20-May-2020 23:11:36
CSO: ¡Gracias!
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 23:11:56
:: drops down to the ground, gasping for breath :: CTO: What- is going on- in- there?
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 23:12:02
ACTION> The bright light and thrum of the reactor start to fade.
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 23:12:15
:: twists and trembles, finally catching a breath and coughing violently ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 23:12:16
:: looks up at it, her vision fading, almost all starbursts and black ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 20-May-2020 23:13:03
:: is much stronger than Jude and there's no way she's getting by. :: SCI: The Captain has a plan. You need to get him out of here. Now. :: looks at Ilaihr :: ENG: It's good to see you. :: back to Jude :: SCI: Get him out of here. Now. The radiation in this room is too high for someone of his... age.
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 23:13:11
:: looks briefly around at her crew, at what is happening, then back at Harper, the whole situation surreal as if in a nightmare, and she can't comprehend ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 23:13:22
:: is trying to keep Acacia calm and still, reaching to tuck the other's head against her chest and almost exaggerating her breaths :: MED: Slowly now... ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 23:13:23
ACTION> As the reactor continues to power down, Harper collapses onto the control panel, her body twisting as she slides to the floor to lean against it.
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 23:13:57
:: breathes raggedly, reacting with an oof as if she had fallen. She shakes her head, gasping :: ~CO: You need to get out!~
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 23:13:58
:: bellows loudly, painfully as she watches Harper die ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 23:14:07
:: coughs up blood, but doesn't fight to get back up, her job completed ::
CSO Cdr Wright 20-May-2020 23:14:54
:: laughs at something Navarro says, her spirits finally beginning to lift ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 23:14:57
:: slowly stops trembling as she gives up, weak ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 23:15:15
:: doesn't look towards the reactor, bending to get Acacia slung over her shoulder and moving towards the exterior, wanting to get out and get her away from the emotions ::
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 23:15:24
:: looks down at Ilaihr, stands back up, and adjusts her carry ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 20-May-2020 23:15:38
SCI: It's too late, anyway. :: turns and sees Harper lying on the ground, the brightness of the reactor dimming... ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 23:15:47
ACTION> The reactor continues to fade...
XO Cdr Kuari 20-May-2020 23:16:13
:: can only watch and cry, waiting for something to happen ::
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 23:16:22
:: looks around Wolfe, and into the reactor :: CTO: She fucking didn’t- it-
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 23:16:22
:: takes a gasp of air as Grey picks her up, whipping a hand at Wolfe :: CTO: Get her out!
CTO LtC Wolfe 20-May-2020 23:16:42
:: is nothing but business, as any soldier should be :: CEO: That's Captain Harper.
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 23:16:43
:: sits there, leaning against the control panel, unable to move, but can tell that the reactor is shutting down ::
NAV Lt Navarro 20-May-2020 23:17:21
:: laughs along with her, glad to have been able to get Alexis's mind on something else ::
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 23:18:24
:: splutters blood again, her breathing slowing ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 23:18:54
:: carries Acacia out of the building before settling her down in the grass, kneeling to her side slowly :: MED: Slowly now..., deep breaths. ::
SCI Lt Jude 20-May-2020 23:18:58
:: keeps her grasp on Ilaihr :: CEO: I’m. I’m sorry mate. I though you could have been able to fix this...
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 23:19:08
:: can no longer see at all, but can still hear the reactor go silent ::
MED Lt Acacia 20-May-2020 23:19:35
:: pushes Grey away with a good bit of force, then vomits on the ground. She takes a few ragged breaths, wiping her mouth on the back of her hand. She crawls a few paces away, then rolls onto the ground and begins to weep ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 20-May-2020 23:20:44
:: moves to settle at Acacia's side, rubbing her friend's back gently :: MED: It'll be okay, Emily.
CO Capt Harper 20-May-2020 23:20:48
ACTION> Haggard breaths now come only every few seconds as blood trickles from Harper's nose and the corner of her mouth. Her wide green eyes completely lose their focus, staring indistinctly into the distance. As the final breath leaves her body, she whispers, "Rosie…"
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