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Atlantis / atlantis-mission
The evening of the first day of year two finds us gathering in the restaurant for a meeting to plan tomorrow's expedition to the area near the transcendence arch. Over the course of the past year, these meetings have become increasingly less formal, and usually incorporate dinner. Tomorrow's target is a small building, decidedly smaller than anything near it, so much so that it stood out as strange to Kuari from her aerial vantage. Perhaps not as exciting as some of the other buildings we've investigated, but if it's unusual, who knows what it may hold?
After 13-May-2020 00:00:00
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 21:15:34
NAV Lt Navarro 13-May-2020 21:16:02
:: in the kitchen, working on the last finishing touches of dinner ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 21:16:10
:: slept for about 4 hours, and somehow feels simultaneously more alert and like she's been hit by a train ::
SCI Lt Jude 13-May-2020 21:16:37
:: after the ride with Kuari, Linxi went up to her room to pack for her monthly trip. included in her bad was a dry towel, a bandage, water, and some jerky. she spent the rest of the time sharpening her spear before the language class, and decided to take her packed goods with her to the meeting at the arch. she planned to volunteer to get a head start. doesn’t hurt. ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 21:17:00
:: ducks back into their room to change after a quick post-class swim ::
CMO Lt Tailor 13-May-2020 21:17:03
::makes her way back home from her flora gathering expedition, stopping long enough at Ilaihr's memorial to lay out a bouquet:: Self: I miss you old friend, I hope you found peace.
MED Lt Acacia 13-May-2020 21:17:11
:: sits down at the table with a sigh, stretching her back. She opens her blue journal, skimming over and correcting her notes from the day ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 13-May-2020 21:17:22
:: returns from patrolling the area... always on the lookout. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 21:17:31
:: is awake, reluctantly, when Kate comes in :: CO: Mrrrff.
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 21:17:49
CSO: Time for the meeting, love. Good nap?
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 21:18:12
:: hauls herself up to a seated position :: CO: I'm alive.
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 21:18:27
:: sheds her scavenged Gencodian swimwear and towels off, then shakes out her hair ::
CMO Lt Tailor 13-May-2020 21:18:40
::gives a melancholy sigh and makes her way into the restaurant for the planned meeting, laying her bag of finds on one of the counters to be catalogued later::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 21:19:03
:: her hair is all jacked up on one side and there are wrinkles from the sheets imprinted on her face ::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 21:19:13
:: spent a somewhat longer time in the pool and is now sounding out Gencodian sentences to herself while standing under the shower in the spa, moving her wings around to change the angle the streams of water flow over her, flicking water all over the place ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 21:19:23
:: grins :: CSO: That is good! Buuuuut... you might want to splash your face with water and brush your hair.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 13-May-2020 21:19:25
:: is making her own way to the kitchen, perching herself on the counter to wait and relax, yawning ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 21:19:47
:: yawns in reply and drags herself out of bed ::
NAV Lt Navarro 13-May-2020 21:19:58
TAC2: Ryleigh! You're just in time to help me get the food out there.
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 21:20:32
:: dresses again and brushes out her own hair, still coming to terms with its new shorter length ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 21:20:37
:: pads into the bathroom and shuts the door behind her ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 13-May-2020 21:20:55
:: tilts her head back at the call, giving a hum of affirmation before spinning herself over the counter to slide and stand next to Navarro :: NAV: Sure, I'd be willing to help. Pile me up.
NAV Lt Navarro 13-May-2020 21:21:32
:: loads up her arms with plates of cooked fish, deer, rabbit, and vegetables spiced with whatever these spices are ::
CMO Lt Tailor 13-May-2020 21:21:52
::goes out into the dining area and takes off her warm jacket, revealing a warm sweater like garment over a pair of slim cut pants tucked into her hiking boots, takes a seat at the table, flipping her now long dark hair over her back::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 21:21:55
:: walks out from under the shower, which immediately turns off, shakes and flaps her wings dry ::
MED Lt Acacia 13-May-2020 21:22:16
:: glances up from her notes as Tailor comes in, smiling at her :: CMO: How was scavenging? Any luck?
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 21:22:53
:: gives Lexy a few minutes to see if she wants to go down to the meeting together ::
CMO Lt Tailor 13-May-2020 21:23:00
MED: Yeah, I found a few roots and mushrooms, as well as some flowers and a promising herb that I'd like to test for medicine.
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 21:23:58
:: a few minutes later, comes out, face washed and teeth cleaned, and pulls on fresh clothes before running the brush through her own sleep-wrecked hair ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 13-May-2020 21:24:13
:: is doing a balancing act, what with all the plates on her arms as she headed out of the kitchen and into the dining area, slipping plates down at each spot like she had done this before ::
MED Lt Acacia 13-May-2020 21:24:31
:: nods :: CMO: I have a few more items for the wishlist, and I stabilized their tetrazine analog today.
NAV Lt Navarro 13-May-2020 21:24:32
:: loads up some more plates in his arms and follows her out ::
SCI Lt Jude 13-May-2020 21:24:44
:: after sharpening the spear to her satisfaction, she went downstairs and waited for the rest of the crew. ::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 21:24:47
:: trots down the hallway, leaving moist paw prints for a short distance, towards the restaurant ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 21:25:03
:: looks up and notes Kate leaning against the wall by the door :: CO: Ah - you waited for me? Sorry. I'm ready now, I think.
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 21:25:44
:: smiles at Lexy :: CSO: Of course! :: takes her hand and heads out the door ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 21:26:53
:: covers a yawn with her other hand and follows along down the stairs ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 21:27:17
:: arrives at the restaurant, and is pleased to smell dinner ::
CMO Lt Tailor 13-May-2020 21:27:40
MED: Very good. ::eyes the spread, stomach growling::
MED Lt Acacia 13-May-2020 21:28:51
:: shuts her journal and looks up as well, smiling at Navarro as he enters ::
NAV Lt Navarro 13-May-2020 21:29:18
All: Bon appétit! I did try something new with the ingredients the synthesizer could provide, so I hope you enjoy!
:: has endeavored to become somewhat of a chef since there's nothing to fly ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 21:29:37
:: sits, surprisingly famished ::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 21:30:04
:: trots into the restaurant, greeting everyone with a smile, having enjoyed her swim ::
NAV Lt Navarro 13-May-2020 21:30:12
:: catches Emily's smile and returns it as he takes the seat next to her ::
MED Lt Acacia 13-May-2020 21:30:13
:: immediately starts making her plate, always excited to try Navarro's cooking experiments ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 21:30:26
XO: Hi Kuari! That was a good swim.
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 21:31:10
CO: It was! I'm tired from my flight earlier, though, maybe a bit sore.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 13-May-2020 21:31:31
:: takes a plate, making her own before taking a seat, remaining quiet while everyone else was around her ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 21:31:55
XO: You should hit the spa after dinner. :: sagenods as she takes a seat ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 13-May-2020 21:32:39
:: walks into the restaurant where everyone else is. ::
NAV Lt Navarro 13-May-2020 21:33:13
:: starts passing around the big plates for everyone to get their fill ::
SCI Lt Jude 13-May-2020 21:33:18
:: nods at the others, her spear in her hand ::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 21:33:22
:: considers Harper's suggestion as she gratefully receives her heaping plate and sits in her usual spot at the end where there is no chair ::
CMO Lt Tailor 13-May-2020 21:33:59
::grabs a plate, filling it with an array of vegetables and meat, and a few mushrooms that they've tested and found to be edible::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 21:34:50
:: starts filling up her plate as the food plates come by, and passes them along when done ::
SCI Lt Jude 13-May-2020 21:35:05
:: Linxi takes a decent amount of food, setting aside part of it ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 21:35:07
NAV: Thank you again for cooking! I look forward to trying this.
NAV Lt Navarro 13-May-2020 21:35:35
CO: Of course, capitana. :: dips his head :: I find that I enjoy it.
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 21:35:46
:: looks over at what Linxi is doing curiously ::
MED Lt Acacia 13-May-2020 21:35:46
:: nods in agreement as she takes a bite of one of the vegetables :: NAV: And it's good!
NAV Lt Navarro 13-May-2020 21:36:15
MED: ¡Gracias!
SCI Lt Jude 13-May-2020 21:36:23
:: begins eating what is on her plate ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 21:36:52
All: Thank you all for coming, though I am certain the promise of food helped.
MED Lt Acacia 13-May-2020 21:37:04
CO: Always. :: she chuckles ::
CMO Lt Tailor 13-May-2020 21:37:05
::takes an experimental bite of a long thin vegetable, combined with a slice of cured meat, resembling a bacon wrapped asparagus::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 21:37:13
:: fills her glass with water and passes the pitcher ::
:: tries the fish first and nods approvingly, the combination of Gencodian spices a new one::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 21:39:10
:: nibbles on tubers that she's come to think of as fingerling potatoes ::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 21:39:11
:: finishes off her fish first then starts chewing on the vegetables, looking around the table ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 21:39:44
:: between bites :: All: Tomorrow's mission may be interesting — an unusually small building near the arch.
CMO Lt Tailor 13-May-2020 21:40:11
::fills her glass when the pitcher comes around, and then takes a long swig of water to cut down on the gencodian spices which snuck up on her a few seconds after eating the 'asparagus'::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 21:40:45
:: nods at Harper's statement, having spoken to her earlier about her most recent find, looking at everyone else's faces to see what they think of the idea ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 13-May-2020 21:40:50
CO: The arch? :: is intrigued ::
NAV Lt Navarro 13-May-2020 21:41:32
:: quietly :: CMO: Sorry doctora, it's a little spicy, I know.
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 21:41:38
:: looks around hopefully, since she's long ago stopped assigning people to these missions :: All: Who wants to go on this one?
SCI Lt Jude 13-May-2020 21:41:44
CO: As always, Captain, I volunteer to go ahead first.
CMO Lt Tailor 13-May-2020 21:42:08
CO: What do you hope to find in this building?
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 21:42:12
:: frowns at Linxi ::
MED Lt Acacia 13-May-2020 21:42:35
:: raises an eyebrow, having grown quite fond of spice. She smiles as she fills her own glass of water :: NAV: Oh, no, señor, esta muy bueno.
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 21:42:51
:: realizes how spicy the vegetables are and stops, wondering why she didn't take a good sniff first, then grabs her water and washes off her tongue ::
NAV Lt Navarro 13-May-2020 21:42:52
:: grins :: MED: ¡Gracias!
CTO LtC Wolfe 13-May-2020 21:43:08
:: isn't not going, even if he didn't want to go. So he doesn't feel the need to say anything. ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 13-May-2020 21:43:15
:: takes a sip of her water, curious :: CO: Back to the arch? :: her gaze snaps to Linxi suspiciously :: SCI: Let a marine go first, not a science officer Lieutent.
CTO LtC Wolfe 13-May-2020 21:43:24
:: just grins a little ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 21:43:25
CMO: I do not know. But the building stands out since it so small.
All: And we will check every single building, if we have to.
SCI Lt Jude 13-May-2020 21:44:31
TAC2: I always volunteer. :: gestures at her spear and already finished pack :: TAC2: I am no less than you just because I am a science officer.
MED Lt Acacia 13-May-2020 21:44:57
:: nearly spits water out her nose. She mutters :: TAC2: Still dying to be cannon fodder? Damn, it does run deep..
CMO Lt Tailor 13-May-2020 21:46:01
::nods:: CO: Any exploration we can do would be worth it I suppose. ::still feeling a touch melancholy, it being a year since they arrived and no closer to being home::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 21:47:24
CMO: Yes, definitely. Any one of these buildings could lead us to what brought us here, so we must keep exploring.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 13-May-2020 21:48:09
:: grabs a piece of vegetable off her plate, throwing it at Acacia, giving her a glare for that statement :: MED: Not true.
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 21:48:16
:: eyes Jude at her statement, wondering, then her eyes are drawn to the fish plate. She thinks maybe it's her sore wings making her want more protein and she quietly asks someone to pass the fish ::
MED Lt Acacia 13-May-2020 21:48:28
:: smirks, grabbing the thrown vegetable and tossing it in her mouth ::
SCI Lt Jude 13-May-2020 21:48:34
CO: I can go ahead to make sure there is no danger, first. TAC2: Yet, it is true.
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 21:48:46
:: passes the fish to Kuari ::
CMO Lt Tailor 13-May-2020 21:49:08
::or it could be another shoe shop, the thought enters her head but she doesn't say it out loud::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 21:49:26
SCI: The team will stay together, since the trip is long. If there is danger, you will be better off together.
SCI Lt Jude 13-May-2020 21:50:10
CO: It is about time for my week long disappearance anyhow, as you know.
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 21:51:16
SCI: And as you know, I wish you would stop doing that, though I am in little position to stop you, at the moment. :: eyes the scar on her arm, then inclines her chin at Jude, really hoping that she doesn't lose another of her crew ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 13-May-2020 21:51:23
CO: Can I come with the group this time? :: asks hopefully ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 21:51:48
:: nods to Grey :: TAC2: Of course. It is a volunteer squad.
CTO LtC Wolfe 13-May-2020 21:52:09
:: corrects Harper :: ...ron
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 21:52:29
:: peers quizzically at Wolfe :: Ron who?
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 21:52:34
:: frets, because she has already lost a dear friend and does not want to be responsible for losing Linxi as well, though staff and rank have grown to matter less and less ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 13-May-2020 21:52:43
CO: Squad...ron. Squadron. The whole word.
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 21:52:44
:: eyes Jude sadly, having hoped their talk would have helped in some way, then looks to Grey, happy to have her volunteer ::
MED Lt Acacia 13-May-2020 21:52:47
CO: I'm in, of course. :: speaks casually between bites, looking forward to a break from reading to get some exercise ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 13-May-2020 21:53:07
:: probably isn't good at this humor thing yet. ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 13-May-2020 21:53:09
:: gives a satifised grunt at the captain's response, glancing to Wolfe and then to Kuari, before settling to finish her meal :: CTO: Oh! I get what you were trying to do, sir!
MED Lt Acacia 13-May-2020 21:53:41
:: makes a point of not looking at Linxi, not sure what she'd even say ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 21:53:44
:: blinks a few times :: CTO: Oh!
CMO Lt Tailor 13-May-2020 21:54:11
CO: I'll go, I could use a change of scenery.
SCI Lt Jude 13-May-2020 21:54:41
:: she notices Kuari’s look, but actively chooses to ignore it. she did, after all, promise herself that she would check on Ilaihr ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 21:55:04
CO: I... I could go, but it might be more productive for me to stay behind and work on the battery chemicals... Do you have a preference?
CMO Lt Tailor 13-May-2020 21:55:49
::spears another asparagus and chews it thoughtfully, ignoring the bite of the spices this time::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 21:55:55
CSO: It is alright if you stay and work.
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 21:56:14
:: scoops the fillet into her mouth and looks around again, settling on Wright then Harper, pleased that there are so many volunteers ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 21:57:52
:: hasn't gone on every mission lately either, sometimes staying behind to tend to the hotel affairs as the crew got better at reading Gencodian without her help :: All: I will stay behind this time as well.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 13-May-2020 21:58:23
:: nods, finishing her plate and rising to go wash and put it away, before returning ::
NAV Lt Navarro 13-May-2020 21:59:39
CO: I will go if needed, of course. :: tends to stay behind to cook these days ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 22:00:19
NAV: Thank you. I will leave that decision to you.
All: Then that is settled. The team leaves at dawn, as usual.
:: scoops up some more of the vegetables with her fish, the spices not bothering her ::
MED Lt Acacia 13-May-2020 22:02:34
:: finishes up her food and goes back to paging through her journal, reviewing the flagged pages of plants they still needed to find, or hadn't tested yet ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 22:02:54
:: has a bit of some kind of steak, gingerly at first ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 13-May-2020 22:02:54
:: nods, not minding the early wakeup; she's kept to an early wakeup schedule since arriving here, wanting to keep her schedule the same as much as she could ::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 22:03:53
:: looks at the vegetables still on her plate, not wanting to offend Navarro. She gets up and takes her plate to the kitchen, trying to be discreet but probably isn't ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 22:04:24
ACTION> The last of the light fades outside, but the hotel's lights stay on; they've been lasting a few hours into the night, at least.
NAV Lt Navarro 13-May-2020 22:05:52
:: didn't notice Kuari's plate ::
MED Lt Acacia 13-May-2020 22:06:29
:: finishes up her wish list and makes her way to her favorite rock by the garden plot to meditate until it's time for bed ::
CMO Lt Tailor 13-May-2020 22:07:00
::picks at the rest of her plate, and decides she's done with the meal; rises to go wash up and take care of preparations for the morning's travel::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 22:07:10
:: finishes her plate and washes down the last bites with a drink of water ::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 22:07:20
:: comes back with the plate, the vegetables having lost the color the spices gave them, and there is a bit of water clinging to the base of the pile, as Kuari had washed the spices off under the tap ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 22:08:11
:: polishes off her plate as well, patting her stomach :: NAV: Delicious, Doc!
NAV Lt Navarro 13-May-2020 22:08:45
CSO: ¡Gracias, Alexis!
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 22:08:56
NAV: Seconded! :: raises her glass ::
SCI Lt Jude 13-May-2020 22:09:01
:: takes the food she set aside, and put it into a container. she then washes her own plate ::
NAV Lt Navarro 13-May-2020 22:09:35
:: dips his head again :: CO: Thank you, too.
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 22:09:38
:: eagerly gobbles down the vegetables once she sits down, so Navarro can see her eat them ::
NAV Lt Navarro 13-May-2020 22:10:32
:: does notice the lack of spices on Kuari's vegetables, but isn't offended, since he's only an amateur chef and knows not everyone likes spicy food ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 13-May-2020 22:11:17
NAV: Wonderful as usual, thank you. :: rises to go find her friend, wanting some physical touch before the party departure tomorrow ::
NAV Lt Navarro 13-May-2020 22:11:38
TAC2: Thanks for the help serving it, Ryleigh.
:: finishes up his own plate and begins to clear the table ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 22:12:09
:: looks over at Kate :: CO: Want to come to the lab and see what I've been working on?
TAC2 1Lt Grey 13-May-2020 22:12:25
:: pauses at the doorway, cheeks tinting a faint red as she glances back :: NAV: My pleasure. :: vanishes to go find Acacia, preferably leaning on her just for the physical touch she needed ::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 22:12:42
:: is finished and helps collect people's plates ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 22:13:07
CSO: Always. And then, perhaps the spa? :: raises her voice a bit so Kuari can hear ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 13-May-2020 22:13:09
:: hands his plate to Kuari ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 22:13:34
CO: Ooooh. Spaaaa.
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 22:13:44
:: smiles, perking an ear and nods to Kate, but is concentrating on finishing her task ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 22:13:52
CO: And maybe sauna. Was there a sauna?
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 22:14:02
:: grins at Kuari and hands her the empty plate ::
CMO Lt Tailor 13-May-2020 22:14:13
::finishes up her dishes and heads upstairs to pack and get ready for bed::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 22:14:21
:: hands her plate to Kuari :: XO: Thank you very much!
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 22:14:23
CSO: No such luck.
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 22:14:37
:: sighs at Kate ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 22:15:02
CSO: At least we are lucky enough to be stuck with a pool and hot tub!
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 22:16:12
:: takes Wright's plate and adds it to her stack, then carries it to the kitchen ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 22:16:12
CO: I suppose I should be grateful for that. Come with me, though, I'm excited for you to see this first. :: grabs Kate by the hand and tries to lead her off to the makeshift lab ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 22:16:32
:: laughs :: Alright! :: is led away ::
NAV Lt Navarro 13-May-2020 22:16:45
:: starts loading up the industrial dishwasher ::
MED Lt Acacia 13-May-2020 22:16:56
:: sits cross-legged on her rock, still as a statue ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 13-May-2020 22:17:26
:: gets up from the table to patrol around the building once more before retiring to that hot tub for a bit ::
SCI Lt Jude 13-May-2020 22:18:02
:: goes out to the hotel lobby, and sits in a chair, watching the entrance ::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 22:19:15
:: brings the stack to Navarro and sets it on the counter, allowing the one with more hand dexterity to load the dishes ::
NAV Lt Navarro 13-May-2020 22:19:35
XO: Thank you, Kuari!
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 22:20:03
NAV: Sure thing, thanks for cooking!
NAV Lt Navarro 13-May-2020 22:20:46
XO: Gladly. It's fun.
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 22:23:37
ACTION> The rest of the evening and the night pass uneventfully. And then dawn's arrival is heralded by a red, partly cloudy sky.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 13-May-2020 22:24:28
:: is at the door, ready to go with a spear in hand and pack on her back, leaning against the wall as she waited for the others ::
SCI Lt Jude 13-May-2020 22:24:29
:: Linxi is already up and alive, somehow. She is standing at the door to the hotel, awaiting the others going to the arch ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 22:24:31
:: having already been on her morning run, she's packing a backpack with jerky from the synthesizer and bottles of water ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 13-May-2020 22:24:32
:: stands at the front door, observing the world around the hotel, his backpack full of deadly things on his back, and each easily accessible... with a few new additions he's come up with over the past week. ::
MED Lt Acacia 13-May-2020 22:25:25
:: has her backpack ready and her hair braided, idling down the steps to join the others as she knows she's not the last one ::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 22:25:25
:: meets everyone at the door, looking like her usual self ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 22:27:39
:: fastens the backpack closed and carries it out to the lobby :: All: Good morning, everyone!
CMO Lt Tailor 13-May-2020 22:27:46
::throws the final few things into her pack, zips her boots and comes downstairs wearing a warm coat and mittens:: All: All set.
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 22:27:55
:: is still asleep, because she's herself ::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 22:28:00
:: smiles at Harper ::
SCI Lt Jude 13-May-2020 22:28:14
:: doesn’t say anything, just gives an intense RBF ::
MED Lt Acacia 13-May-2020 22:28:32
:: smiles and waves at Harper ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 22:28:56
All: I packed a bag of jerky and water. :: holds it up :: Who wants to carry it?
TAC2 1Lt Grey 13-May-2020 22:29:16
:: grunts, leaning into Acacia before straightening again and waiting :: CO: I can, if no one else wants to.
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 22:29:25
:: offers to Harper with a lowered wing ::
NAV Lt Navarro 13-May-2020 22:29:37
:: is present at the gathering, having arrived with Emily, but isn't going ::
MED Lt Acacia 13-May-2020 22:30:25
:: has her own backpack with supplies and sample kits, so she abdicates ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 22:30:35
:: hands the bag to Kuari for her to decide ::
CMO Lt Tailor 13-May-2020 22:31:05
::is carrying the first aid supplies as usual::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 22:31:36
:: slings it onto her back, smiling at Grey, knowing Grey is able and willing but feels the load would be less for her ::
SCI Lt Jude 13-May-2020 22:31:40
:: is carrying the things she packed last night, plus the extra food and spear ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 22:31:49
All: So, as always, be careful. Those wolves get more aggressive as winter approaches.
MED Lt Acacia 13-May-2020 22:32:02
:: nods, palming her spear ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 22:32:33
All: I look forward to some great news upon your return tonight!
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 22:32:45
:: lets her expression drop, nodding, thinking of the wolves as their hunger and desperation increases with the season ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 13-May-2020 22:33:12
:: nods, securing her grip around her spear before looking at Kuari, an expression of thankfulness for taking the bag of supplies, ::
NAV Lt Navarro 13-May-2020 22:33:37
:: wraps an arm around Emily and gives her a squeeze for luck : :
CTO LtC Wolfe 13-May-2020 22:35:12
All: Stay close to me.
MED Lt Acacia 13-May-2020 22:35:26
:: returns the hug, resting her head on Navarro's chest for a moment before straightening up and following the others off to adventure! ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 22:35:36
:: surveys her crew as they are about to leave, a captain always hating to stay behind as the away team goes forth, but knows they will handle themselves well ::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 22:36:08
:: shivers, having become accustomed to the cold to an extent, but she's eager to get moving to warm up, and it's getting colder at dawn ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 22:36:13
:: slowly coming awake, rousing herself from sleep to find that she is alone, not unexpected ::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 13-May-2020 22:36:51
CTO: Yes sir. :: knows how he works, falling into place at the back of the party, two marines, and two positions taken up. She follows the party, spear in hand while scanning and listening for everything that she could hear/see ::
CMO Lt Tailor 13-May-2020 22:37:26
::zips up her coat around her neck and tucks in the scarf she made last year to get through the cold winter::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 22:38:01
:: begins leading the way as usual. She takes one last look back at Harper and nods dutifully ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 22:38:20
:: returns Kuari's nod, adding a hopeful smile :
CMO Lt Tailor 13-May-2020 22:38:49
::finds her place in the line, walking briskly in the cold, catching up with the others::
SCI Lt Jude 13-May-2020 22:39:19
:: walks with a very quick pace, almost next to Wolfe, scanning the environment ahead, keeping her spear out ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 22:39:38
:: once everyone is out of sight, she goes back inside Hotel Solace, closing the front door behind them ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 13-May-2020 22:40:20
:: stays a short step behind Kuari's front legs, moving quickly with her and watching and listening carefully ahead and alongside. ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 22:40:23
:: heads into the bathroom to groggily perform her ablutions ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 22:41:21
:: goes back upstairs, needing a shower after her run ::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 22:42:45
:: has become very accustomed to the layout of the city by now, and easily plots their course, not having to check their progress nearly so much as when they first arrived here. It's still somewhat dark when passing within the shadow of buildings, but the air slowly begins to warm and brighten ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 22:43:41
ACTION> The morning passes as the away team makes their way toward the arch and their nearby target. A few hours later...
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 22:44:57
:: gives the familiar arch a glance as they pass by, their group as a whole having studied it to quite some extent over the months, then moves past it :: AT: It's over here.
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 22:45:42
:: is now loading laundry into the industrial washers in one of the hotel's employee-only areas ::
SCI Lt Jude 13-May-2020 22:45:53
:: she glanced at the arch and clenched her jaw ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 22:46:08
:: is in the lab by herself, having failed to recruit Kate to be her lab assistant for the day ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 22:46:40
:: once the laundry is underway, she makes her way to the lab to drop in on Lexy ::
MED Lt Acacia 13-May-2020 22:47:11
:: follows along, always eyeing the ground for plants on the wish list ::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 22:48:37
:: leads the party to an unassuming building, small and without the usual decoration and engravings, a shack really compared to the rest with no windows. She stops in front of it :: AT: This! Look out plain it is! I've not seen anything like it.
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 22:49:04
:: she enters the lab and peers over Lexy's shoulder ::
MED Lt Acacia 13-May-2020 22:49:27
:: looks the building up and down thoughtfully ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 13-May-2020 22:49:33
:: searches around the building first for where threats could come from, before taking in the structure itself. :: XO: Interesting.
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 22:49:34
:: is pouring something from a flask into a beaker :: CO: I think I've got something here.
CMO Lt Tailor 13-May-2020 22:50:02
::looks curiously at the building, hoping it was worth their morning's trek::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 22:50:02
AT: Let's try the door.
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 22:50:16
CSO: Do you need help? I have gotten some cleaning out of the way already, so I am just waiting on the laundry.
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 22:51:08
CO: Bring those wires over here, I think I'm ready to test this.
NAV Lt Navarro 13-May-2020 22:51:19
:: out at the river, manning the net, now much wider and holding up pretty well, though it's been repaired several times over the year ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 22:51:30
:: dutifully retrieves the wires ::
MED Lt Acacia 13-May-2020 22:51:37
:: gets in position next to the door, preparing to heave ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 22:52:10
ACTION> When touching the metal of the door, it's cold, as expected... but a hum can be felt from within.
TAC2 1Lt Grey 13-May-2020 22:52:38
:: cocks her head slightly at the door, before moving closer to poke around the small building ::
MED Lt Acacia 13-May-2020 22:52:40
CMO Lt Tailor 13-May-2020 22:52:44
::steps to the door, ready to push::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 22:52:57
:: feels the hum under her paws and looks at everyone in surprise ::
MED Lt Acacia 13-May-2020 22:53:08
XO: Do.. do you hear that?
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 22:53:17
MED: I feel it, yes!
SCI Lt Jude 13-May-2020 22:53:19
:: Linxi stares at the door, waiting for it to be opened ::
CMO Lt Tailor 13-May-2020 22:53:19
Self: Huh.. All: Yeah, I was gonna ask the same thing.
MED Lt Acacia 13-May-2020 22:53:23
Self: Okay, yes.
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 22:53:35
:: puts in extra effort on the door :: AT: One, two, three!
MED Lt Acacia 13-May-2020 22:53:44
:: pushes the door! ::
CMO Lt Tailor 13-May-2020 22:53:49
::heaves on three::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 22:54:04
ACTION> The door screeches and groans as everyone pushes, but does start to give way.
CTO LtC Wolfe 13-May-2020 22:54:14
:: assists with the door... his deep understanding of how these doors work after dozens of times opening them. ::
MED Lt Acacia 13-May-2020 22:54:24
:: digs her boots into the dirt, putting her back into it ::
SCI Lt Jude 13-May-2020 22:54:30
:: runs at the door, in between everyone else, shoving it::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 13-May-2020 22:54:49
:: assists with the door, digging her boots into the dirt as she pushed with everything she had ::
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 22:54:58
:: finally stops straining as the door opens far enough to wedge ::
CMO Lt Tailor 13-May-2020 22:55:29
::peers through the cracked opening::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 22:55:46
:: tests the capacitive qualities of the chemical she's synthesized ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 22:56:07
ACTION> The door finally opens enough to pass through, revealing... a dark, unpowered office, though it appeared to once be a secure checkpoint, with further passage beyond the reception desk gated.
MED Lt Acacia 13-May-2020 22:56:39
:: begins searching for the source of the sound, following her ear ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 13-May-2020 22:56:40
:: walks in and looks around. :: Self: Hmm. This place seems bigger on the inside.
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 22:57:15
ACTION> The hum is louder within, though not terribly so, and can be felt more than heard.
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 22:57:37
:: doesn't know what Wolfe is talking about, but is focused on the humming, and tries to find the way forward in the darkness ::
MED Lt Acacia 13-May-2020 22:57:40
:: places a hand on the wall, sliding it up and down, silently searching ::
SCI Lt Jude 13-May-2020 22:57:43
:: walks next to the walls, hand against it ::
CMO Lt Tailor 13-May-2020 22:58:01
All: Well, it's not another shoe shop... ::trying to determine the source of the humming noise by listening on the walls::
TAC2 1Lt Grey 13-May-2020 22:58:10
:: enters, listening for the humming as she wandered forwards to the grate blocking their way forwards :: XO: Kuari, can you possibly move this?
XO Cdr Kuari 13-May-2020 22:59:04
:: puts her nose to the grate, then sits and latches onto the grating with her front claws, testing ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 22:59:30
:: is gratified when it seems to work! ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 22:59:53
CSO: That... that looks good! :: looks up from the experiment to Lexy ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 23:00:36
CO: Now the trick is to use it to build a battery... and I'm no engineer.
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 23:01:06
CSO: And we have lost our friend that is one... :: sighs sadly ::
CSO Cdr Wright 13-May-2020 23:01:34
:: deflates a bit, saddened ::
CTO LtC Wolfe 13-May-2020 23:01:58
XO: I'll be right back, Commander. :: steps outside and makes a circuit of the building, looking around for anything of note, such as a source for the hum ::
CO Capt Harper 13-May-2020 23:02:35
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